You can register your username for the Chat Room.

(This will have NO effect on Message Board Registration)

Registering your Chat Room user name is totally optional.
You do NOT need to register a user name to use the Chat Room!

On the other hand, if you want to make sure that nobody else can enter the Chat Room with your user name you may register your user name to secure it with a password.
Once registered you use the Chat Room exactly as before.
The only difference is after you enter your user name, you will be asked for your password.
This is how the registration process works when you click on the link below:
Step 1 Enter the name you want & your email address. (Be very careful to enter your email address correctly)
Step 2 Respond to the email you get with the activation code.
Step 3 You receive another email with your assigned password. (You can change the assigned password to whatever you want by using the same link below.)

Click on the link below to begin registration:
(Be sure you do not have pop-up blocking enabled)

Click Here to Register your Name / Change your password / Recover a lost password.