Jackson's Eyes

For Tom, Sheryl and Matthew
In Memory of Jackson, Golden Retriever

Our life was one of privilege
'til Jackson crossed The Rainbow Bridge
But the day will come when you and I
Find peace again in Jackson's eyes.

Until that time let's drift on back
'pon breezes sweet of fresh-cut grass.
Let's waft as bubbles through summer haze
And live again those Golden Days . . .

. . . A Golden Boy with face aglow
Runs and laughs with Bubble-Blo.
Streaking past this sun-kissed boy
Bounds Golden Dog unleashed in joy!

Flying, leaping through the air,
This wily dog with freaky hair
Tries snapping up those spheres of soap
He pants for more, 'I hope! I hope!'

Sharing in this Kodak scene
Are Dad and Mom (the fitness queen)
As Jackson leaps too close and high
Dad shouts, 'Hey watch out for the little guy!'

(How could these two have realized
When taken in by chestnut eyes
That caring for this furry one
Would help prepare them for a son!)

Now their son's a strapping pup
With years -- and tears -- of growing up
For clouds obscure the clear blue sky
They drift across Jack's lovely eyes.

Although he's ill Jack does not fret
He laps up all the love he gets.
There is little they will not spare
In loyal love, heroic care.

But comes one sacred August night
When Golden Dog meets Golden Light
Blessed with tears from Master's eyes
Jackson sleeps when Midnight's nigh.

With plume a-wagging, Jackson lopes.
We're left behind. We're sad, we mope.
'Cross Rainbow Bridge and to Dog Heaven
He's at Home in six minutes -- seven.

Furry angels with no reserve
Throw Jack the party he deserves.
Back on Earth we pray he's fine
To ease our worries, God sends this sign:

Forever now when daylight's stolen
And clouds assume a soft red-golden
When copper colors warm the skies
We'll feel the love from Jackson's eyes.

Like rich brown caramel, soft and sweet
Those liquid eyes were full and deep.
Depending on the eyebrows' shift
He looked quite funny and sometimes miffed!

He taught us much, that furry beast
Compassion, Humor and Love on a leash.
Throughout his life, he opened our souls
To Joy, to Sorrow -- both make us whole.

While we must grieve, let's not forget
Over the Rainbow we'll join our pet!
Yet, we feel we're not apart --
For Jack left paw prints on our hearts.

I'll never, ever forget you, Jack.   Love, Ellen

Ellen Szalinski

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