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Special Friend

I came home from work; after a long hard day
but the house felt so empty; I couldn't stay
So I grabbed my coat; and hopped in the car
then drove to the park; it wasn't to far

I walked down the path; and spotted a bench
then it started to rain; guess who got drenched
I dried the bench; then sat down to rest
I looked up in the tree; and saw a bird's nest

I watched two dogs; take a break for a drink
as my mind started wandering; I started to think
I thought about times; from back in the past
when the fun we had; would last and last

The kid's would see us; as we walked in the park
and they'd come a runnin; as you let out a bark
With your friendly bark; and wagging tail
off you'd all go; play on the trails

You were so kind and gentle; never a pest
in everyone's book; you were simply the best
Always there; for one in need
as you did your best; to do a good deed

I got up from the bench; and walked to my car
then drove back home; it wasn't very far
I walked in the house; and pulled up a chair
then opened a window; to get some fresh air

I went to the kitchen; to get a drink
then sat in the chair; and began to think
My life has been blessed; since the day we met
to me you are one; very special pet

The Lord decided; to put us together
I'll always be thankful; for ever and ever
You are my star; my guiding light
my eyes and ears; in the black of night

I look to the day; we'll be together again
just me and my very; special friend

John Quealy

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