In Loving Memory Of Spunkie Rudden

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

Eatbugs was lounging in a sunny patch with Picnic. He turned his face into the light and was enjoying the warmth on his face as Picnic recounted the antics of his youth. Eatbugs chuckled from time to time. He enjoyed listening to his friend's tales, such an exciting life he had. Picnic was recalling a particularly entertaining encounter with poodle when Eatbugs felt a tingling in his whiskers. Eatbugs bowed his head as the odd feeling crept over him. When he looked up, Picnic was silent and solemn. Eatbugs nodded in answer to Picnic's questioning look. "Another of us comes", he said in a voice so quiet that Picnic barely heard.

Silently the two friends rose and, once again, made their solemn journey to the gate. The wind began to stir around them as the gentle music which constantly danced in the breeze changed to the clear sad song that announced the coming of a friend. Wordlessly the kiddens walked, acknowledging with their eyes the others as they joined the procession. Smokey and Isolde, Puppie and Mister, Tinky and Imbri, Tiny Bubbles and Rocky. From their games and their rest, from their conversations and meals the kiddens came to bid welcome to yet another friend. At the gate the kiddens formed a semi-circle and began their vigil. Each of them reflected on their arrival to the Bridge; each remembering the humans for whom they now waited and the loved ones left behind. Heads were bowed and tears were shed for those now facing separation and loss.

A flash of blue light appeared before them. As it faded a lovely girl kidden sat before them. She looked around, blinking. Quietly, a beautiful dark kidden stepped forward from the assembly. Ebony walked silently to her sister and gently licked her face, "Oh Spunkie", she said in a husky voice, "Welcome, sister, to the Rainbow Bridge".

Spunkie looked up into her sister's eyes and felt an odd mix of emotions, joy and sorrow, fear and relief.

Ebony nuzzled her softly, "It's all right Spunkie. We are together now and together we will wait for mom". Spunkie nodded and nuzzled Ebony.

Ebony turned and presented Spunkie to the group. One by one the kiddens came to give nose greetings and to bid their friend welcome. Eatbugs was about to give his greeting when a loud noise caused him to jump. The kiddens all turned to find the source of the rather strange sound to find themselves facing a rather embarrassed duck. "Er, excuse me", said Dudley, "I'm sorry if my quacking disturbed you. I only wanted to greet my friend".

The kiddens stared at the duck, then at Spunkie, then at the duck. Spunkie blushed slightly and said, "He's a very NICE duck". The kiddens moved aside and Dudley came forward to pay his respects.

When the greetings and welcomes had been given, the kiddens turned to lead Spunkie to her new home. She hesitated and tapped Ebony on the shoulder. "But Ebony", she said, "What about mom?".

Ebony's eyes held a wistful look, "Don't worry", she said, "We will be together again. In the meantime, we can see her from the stars."

"Can she see us?", asked Spunkie.

"She can if she looks with her heart", said Ebony. And together the sisters crossed through to the Rainbow fields.

© Copyright 1995 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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