In Loving Memory Of Purrfect Harper

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

It was morning on the Rainbow Bridge, and morning brought with it the promise of sunny fields and warm breezes to dance across kidden whiskers. Eatbugs indulged in a leisurely stretch that started at his tail and worked it's way up to his toes. He sat down and munched a bit of catnip and reflected on his life here. It had been over a year since he came here and he had grown to think of it as home now. He hadn't forgotten his humans, in fact he went among the stars to look in on them regularly, but he had made friends here and his days were filled with games and companionship. It was a good place.

His reverie was interupted by the sound of an approaching kidden. Eatbugs looked up and smiled as his friend Imbri approached. On earth, Eatbugs would have been terrified of the huge tom, but here they were friends and often played tag together.

"Morning Eatbugs, have you taken your breakfast yet?" asked Imbri.

"No. Care to join me?". The two kiddens were making their way to find food when the colors in the sky began to shift and dance over the horizon. Eatbugs felt a tingle in his whiskers and whispered quietly, "Another of us comes". He and Imbri bowed their heads for a moment of silence. All over the Bridge kiddens and dog dogs and chirp followed suit.

As the colors of the sky grew more intense and the gentle breeze that always blew here began to sing, the kiddens raised their heads and made their way to the Gate. As they walked, they were joined by hundreds of others, of all shapes and sizes. Calico walked with Tabby and Siamese with Persian. Together they came to make welcome the kidden who came to join them. As they reached the Gate, they formed a circle and waited. Tails were linked together and the kiddens joined their voices with the music in the wind. It rose and filled the Bridge with a sound of such sadness and longing and welcome that Eatbugs was sure it could be heard on earth.

A blue flash filled the air, and when it subsided a kidden sat blinking. "Where am I" asked Purrfect.

A kidden stepped forward from the group and offered it's nose in greeting, "Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge, Purrfect.".

"The Rainbow Bridge? But, but...."

The other kidden smiled a bittersweet smile, "I know that it is difficult, but your time on earth was finished and this will be your home now, Purrfect".

Purrfect looked at the kidden, something about him seemed familiar, though he was sure they had never sniffed noses before. "How do you know my name? And what is yours?", he asked. "I know your name because I shared your humans. And my name is, well, Purrfect", he smiled. The two Purrfect's sat looking at each other and finally laughed.

"Well it's gonna get a little confusing, don't you think?"

"Well, I think we'll get used to it".

"You really knew my humans?"

"Oh yes, many many years ago. I been waiting here for them".

Purrfect's face became suddenly sad, "I won't get to see them again will I?" he asked.

"Oh yes. We wait for them here until we can be together again."

"But that will be a long time", he said sadly.

"You can see them anytime you want, I'll show you how to visit the stars and look down on the earth".

"Can they see me?"

"Notwith their eyes, but always with their hearts". And the Purrfects walked side by side onto the Bridge.

© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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