In Loving Memory Of Prissy Dressler

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

Rainbow Bridge was a flurry of activity. Kiddens were lining up for their tummy rubs and active games of chase a chirp were in progress. Laughter rang through the heavens as the angels were delighted by the antics of the kiddens. Peepers had discovered that angel robes and toes were as much fun as kidden tails. Eatbugs was panting, happily, with exertion as he took a break from chasing the chirp on a stick. Spunkie settled in beside him. "How do you like this new development?", she asked, her fur resplendent from it's brushing.

"It's wonderful" huffed Eatbugs trying to catch his breath, "but nobody can swing a chirp like my Mommy Consta".

Spunkie nodded, "But it IS nice until they get here". Eatbugs nodded.

The Lady Virginia approached them and settled herself in to groom her fur. She looked at Eatbugs with an intensity that made him squirm. Her eyes were like pools of golden water, seemingly without bottom. He looked away from her stare and thought for a moment he'd done something wrong. He was about to ask when he felt a tingling in his whiskers. He turned an ear to the wind and listened intently. Faintly he heard the first strains of the Welcoming Song. He looked up at Virginia and she nodded sadly. "What's wrong?" asked Spunkie.

"Another comes" said Eatbugs quietly.

Spunkie bowed her head.

A short distance away a kidden was squirming delightedly under a tummy rub when she suddenly jumped up. Her fur bristled and her whiskers ached. She shook her head and stood for a second before she understood. She let out a wail. "Momma, momma" said her peepers as the came running, "What's wrong, momma?" Miss Priss gently licked her babies and quietly explained.

"Oh momma" they cried.

"It will be all right. We will be here for her. Come, let's go to greet our sister". She gathered up her babies and joined Eatbugs and the others as they journeyed to the Gate.

When they arrived at the Gate, Miss Priss and her peepers went to the front. Eatbugs and the others settled in behind. He turned to speak to Lady Virginia when he noticed hundreds of kiddens sitting quietly in a circle around the company. There were kiddens of all colors and sizes. There was the little tabby who'd come a few days ago, still looking thin, but happy. Eatbugs looked up at Lady Virginia with a questioning stare. "They are the strays, little one. The kiddens who lived their lives unloved by humans".

"Is the new kidden a stray?"

"No. She found a human to love. They come to greet her, but they also come for a higher purpose. They come to give honor to a human who opened her heart to their sisters and who grieves for the lose of the one she found too late."

Eatbugs understood.

The flash of blue light came and the kiddens stepped forward to meet Prissy. Miss Priss and her peepers purred loudly and washed her face. The company gave her greetings. As they led her into her new home, Eatbugs stayed behind watching the unmoving strays. At first it was too faint to hear, but slowly their song lifted itself on the wind. It whirled and danced it's way to earth and to the heart of a human. "We love you".

As she reached the gate Prissy raised her head to listen, smiled and joined the singing.

© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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