In Loving Memory Of Princess Dianne Bivens

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

Eatbugs was lounging in a clump of tall grass. The sun was shining on his fur and he squeezed his eyes in contentment. He'd spent the morning playing with the peepers and had just finished getting his brushing and was now content to sit and savour the warmth on his back.

"Mind if we join you?", asked Mister and Spunkie.

"Not at all," said Eatbugs. "Those peepers can certainly wear a kidden out", laughed Spunkie.

Eatbugs chuckled, "You can say that again. Why my tail has been most effectively "killed" at least a dozed times today".

Mister looked up from grooming his toe tufts, "Indeed, and I've given more piggy back rides today. I just wish Consta would stop, er, using her 'spurs'", he chuckled.

Imbri came over to join the group, his face a mask of concern.

"What's the matter, Imbri?", asked Eatbugs.

"I'm worried about Sire Anthony. He hasn't come for breakfast in two days and he didn't want to play chasies. Something is troubling him, but he won't say what it is!".

Eatbugs started to reply when he felt a strange tingling in his whiskers. He turned his face into the breeze and listened hard. Sadly he turned to Imbri, "It will be all right my friend. I know what is wrong with Anthony. He is holding vigil."

"Holding vigil?", said Imbri, "You mean like I did for Tinky?".

Eatbugs nodded, "He is helping to guide his sister to us. Come, it will not be long now". The kiddens all stood and started their journey to the Gate.

As they waited they saw Sir Anthony approach, with the Circle of the Elders around him. Virginia walked shoulder to shoulder with him, speaking to him in a low and comforting voice. They settled themselves within the group of kiddens and bowed their heads as the Welcoming Song began to play upon the wind. The sound danced among the leaves and swirled around the kiddens, a melody of love and longing. It whirled among the kiddens and it's clear, bittersweet strains touched the heart of everykidden. It sang of love and loss and endings, but it also of joy and welcome and beginnings.

At last the music and the dancing lights reached a crescendo and a flash of blue light appeared. When it subsided a kidden sat looking at the circle of kiddens around her. Her eyes searched from face to face until she found the one she sought. Her face lit up and her heart was light, free now from her earthly pain. Sire Anthony rose and approached his beloved sister. "Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge, Princess Di", he said and nuzzled her ear.

"Oh Anthony!" she cried, "It was just like you said! I wasn't afraid at all. I felt you with me. Oh Anthony!". She buried her face in his fur and purred.

He smiled and wrapped his tail protectively around her, "All will be well now. There is no pain here, no illness. And we will be together always."

She looked up into his face, "But our human?"

He smiled and gave her a gentle lick, "We will be together again, little one. We will wait for her until it is time for us snuggle with her again."

She smiled at him and purred.

The kiddens of the Rainbow Bridge approached the pair one by one and gave nosey greetings and welcome. And at length, Sire Anthony guided his sister to their new home.

© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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