In Loving Memory Of Picnic Williamson

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

The sun was rising over the Rainbow Bridge. The sky was painted in the most remarkable colors and the honey hued morning light filtered through the branches of the trees. The air was filled with the faint sound of music as the kiddens rose from their slumber. Greetings were exchanged and laughter rang through the air as hungry kiddens joined with friends to break their fast.

Eatbugs was looking for his friends Mouschi and Rocky to share his morning meal with. He danced his tail to Beethoven as he passed. She was busy showing the dumpster kiddens, as they were lovingly called, around their new home. Their eyes still wide at the love and amply supply of food they found here.

Eatbugs had found his friends and settled in to a tasty meal, when the now familiar feeling came over him. He looked up at Mouschi, who silently nodded and bowed his head. Eatbugs and Rocky bowed their heads in silence and waited as the sound of the breeze changed. The too familiar music, echoing of loss and sorrow, swelled around them. Slowly the friends arose and made their way to the gate. As they walked, one by one, their company grew.

Moki and Smokey joined them first, then Mister and Beethoven, Lucky, Tinky and Imbri, and little Tiny Bubbles. One by one, each of the kiddens bound by the love of their humans for each other joined to welcome yet another to their ranks.

The kiddens stood in a circle around the gate and began their vigil. Tiny Bubbles let out a small cry and wiped a tear from her eye. Smokey gave her a soft earlick and purred to comfort her. One by one the other kiddens joined in and the sound of their purring played a gentle counterpoint to the plaintive song of the breeze.

The air shifted and the colors of the sky danced as a bright blue flash appeared before them. When the light faded a kidden sat before them. He sat in silence for a moment, listening to their purr. He looked from face to face taking in the sorrow in their eyes. Then he did the most unexpected thing. He laughed. The kiddens stopped their purring in amazement. "Jiminy Christmas", said the kidden, "Why all the long faces?". Lucky stepped forward, "We've come to welcome you to the Bridge." Picnic smiled at Lucky, "Thank you. But please, no sad faces. I had myself quite a life! I squeaked by coming here a half a dozen times and still managed to live a full and happy life. It was time. I knew that." Lucky clapped Picnic on the back and said, "Then no sad faces. Welcome friend"

The other kiddens clapped him as well and greetings were exhanged all around. As the kiddens turned to lead him over the bridge, Picnic looked back once more at the earth. He would miss his humans, but he would wait. He would miss his buddy Shadow, but he would wait. He turned and crossed over with his new friends. "Dids you reallys haves adventures???" asked Tiny Bubbles. Picnic laughed a hearty laugh, "Indeed I did. Why I remember the time...."

And with the little kitten hanging on his every word, the gentle old tom stepped through the gate to his new home.

© Copyright 1992 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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