In Loving Memory Of Persefino Kotrla

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

A gentle breeze was blowing over the Rainbow Bridge. It set the tall grass to swaying and danced leaves across the fields. Eatbugs and Noki were playing kill the leaf, pawing each new prey as it danced before them. Noki wiggled his butt and pounced on a particularly enticing leaf, wrestling it to the ground with glee. Eatbugs laughed and pounced upon his friend. A game of wrestlies ensued as the furiends rolled in the grass, bunny kicking each other and giggling wildly.

"Would you look at those two", tsked Miss Kitty, "No dignity whatsoever".

Pooper laughed, "Well maybe not....but it sure looks like they're having fun", he said eyeing Miss Kitty with a twinkle in his eye.

"You wouldn't!", she exclaimed.

"Wouldn't I?", laughed Pooper. Miss Kitty giggled and called out over her shoulder, "Well, you'll have to catch me first!". And the chase was on....

In the grassy field just beyond the willows, the peepers were lining up for rides. Rocky, Mister and Boo Boo were heaving peepers up to their shoulder and trotting merrily around the field. Little Dots and Pouncequick were squealing with glee, "Giddyup!", "Wheeeeee", "Faster, faster Mr. Rocky!". The rest of the peepers, being peepers, had started a rousing game of tail pounces while waiting their turn.

Under the willow trees, Picnic, Max and Boots were swapping old war stories, each tale growing a bit in the telling. "Well, this mouse was the biggest darned mouse you ever saw," said Picnic, "why it was nigh on as big as a dog dog..." Boots and Max rolled their eyes, while thinking up suitable 'embellishments' for their tales.

It was, in short, a day like all days on the Rainbow Bridge. It was a day filled with love and laughter, with companionship and pleasure. Kiddens of every color and size gamboled through the grassy fields, climbed stout limbed trees and rolled in catnip so sublime that none on earth can hold its equal. Old furiends and new lazed in the warm sun savoring quiet moments or tore across green velvet fields in rousing games.

Eatbugs was about to pounce on Noki's tail when he felt the now all too familiar tingling in his whiskers. He stopped in his tracks and bowed his head. Noki blinked at his furiend and whispered in a tiny voice, "Another? So soon?". Eatbugs nodded sadly. He and Noki shook the grass from their fur and side by side made their way to the Gate. The Company of Kiddens fell silently into step with them as they went. Pris and Isolde walked with Puppie and Skunk. Dino and Max walked with Beethoven and Spunky. Sweetie Grey Mother and Sweetie Yellow Mother helped the peepers along.

As the Company came to the gate they wordlessly formed their circle. They linked tails with their furiends and lifted their purrs up to the wind to join in the Welcoming Song. Its sweet sad music swirled in the air around them, dancing its way to Earth to call another home. Eatbugs cast his glance around the gathering and sighed, they were so many now. His heart was heavy as he thought of all the humans aching for the love the Company before him. He thought of his humans and of the humans now grieving for the one who comes. As a tear rolled quietly down his cheek, he felt a nudge at his shoulder and looked up into the wise and beautiful eyes of Virginia. "Be not so sad, my Little One", she said, "for the sorrow is transitory, but love? It is eternal. It is as immutable as the stars themselves, my little friend. The sorrow of loss and the ache for love cannot hold the heart, human or kidden, forever. Love must, as the Creator of All Things has promised, conquer sorrow. In its own march of days, the love for this kidden will push sorrow from a human heart and the love this kidden has known will take its rightful place. It is not our passing that marks our march upon the Earth, Little One. It is the love we carry with us". Eatbugs heard her words and in his heart he knew them to be true.

He looked up as the flash of blue danced across the gate and in it's wake sat a handsome tom. He blinked at the Company of Kiddens and said, "Where am I?". Virginia walked forward and offered her nose in greeting. Persefino was hestitant at first (he'd never been big on group meetings), but he felt a strange warmth emminating from this queen. He touched noses and felt a wave of love and acceptance wash over him. He blinked again and looked harder at the gathering before him. Virginia smiled, "Welcome, Persefino, to the Rainbow Bridge".

Perse stared at her for a moment and then turned his head towards the Rainbow. " humans?" was all he could say.

Virginia gently nuzzled his ear, "don't worry", she said, "you will see them again. It is the Great Promise. The love that you have known is not ended, merely changed for a time. In the fullness of days you will see your humans again". He looked out over the fields and smelled the sweetness of the air and sighed and smiled.

And as Virginia took him by the paw to lead him to his new home, the Company of Kiddens lifted their purrs once more. The gentle harmony of so many voices rose on the wind and drifted softly towards the Earth and it sang with a sweetness so tender as to touch the heart of any human. So many voice joined in love wove its way to the earth to the heart of grieving humans and it whispered to them "He is home and he waits".

© Copyright 1995 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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