In Loving Memory Of Mister Thompson

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

Rocky's head was swimming. There was so much to see and so much to learn about his new home and Tiny Bubbles talked at a remarkable pace. "And heres is wheres wes plays hockeys, does you likes to plays hockey? We cans play sometimes ifs you wantses to!". Rocky laughed. The sadness was already beginning to fall away from him. His new found friends were never far from him and their comfort and welcome washed over him. Tiny Bubbles was dancing impatiently as Rocky stopped to exchange greetings with Eatbugs and a large one-eyed tom called Imbri. "Greetings, Rocky. Imbri and I are going to play among the stars later. Would you care to join us?" asked Eatbugs.

Before Rocky could answer a change came over the bridge. The pale blue sky seemed to shift and the colors of the rainbow seemed to dance before him. The strange music he had heard earlier was back, like the tinkling of delicate bells and the sad, sweet sound of a lone voice singing. Eatbugs and Imbri exchanged glances and bowed their heads. Tiny Bubbles followed suit, "Sos soons?" she asked in a plaintive voice.

"What's happening?" asked Rocky.

Eatbugs looked up with a sad face, "Another of our friends is coming to the bridge. Come, we must welcome him." With that he turned and walked to the edge of the bridge. As they walked Rocky noticed all his new friends had joined them.

They reached the end of the bridge and waited. The colors swirled brightly and the music, carried on the wind, rose and became so wistful that Rocky felt something pull inside him. He watched as the light gathered into a blinding flash and subsided. A kidden stood where the light had been and stared in amazement at the gathering. "Where am I?" he asked.

Rocky turned to Eatbugs, "May I?"

Eatbugs nodded and Rocky approached the tom. "I am Rocky, Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge." Mister stood silently. The Rainbow Bridge. He understood and bowed his head. He tried to remember what had happened, but all that he could recall was the warmth of his human mom and her love washing over him. He took a step forward and stopped. The pain was gone. His legs were steady again and the illness that had been stealing his strength day by day was no longer a part of him. He looked up at the kiddens around him in amazement.

"There is no illness here, no pain," said a handsome tom, "I am Mouschi, welcome".

One by one each of the kiddens came up and presented their noses in greeting and one by one they welcomed him to the Bridge. Mister blinked, there were so many of them. The cream and amber kidden named Eatbugs smiled at him, "You will come to know us my friend. We will guide you and keep you company until your humans come for you."

Mister turned and looked at him, "I will see my humans again?!"

"Of course," said Eatbugs, "We wait for them here."

Mister thought for a moment, "Does my mom know?"

Eatbugs looked wistful. "I think so, I think the special ones understand."

Mister closed his eyes and thought with all his might, "I am here mom, I am waiting." He hoped his mom could here, he hoped she understood. He turned and together with all of his new friends, he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

© Copyright 1992 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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