In Loving Memory Of Lucky Bowen and Beethoven Dubbs

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

Eatbugs and Beethoven were sitting under a tree. Eatbugs had been showing his new friend around the Rainbow Bridge and she was beginning to adjust to her new surroundings. They were finishing their evening meal before Eatbugs took her out to teach her how to travel among the stars. He and his friend Imbri did it all the time.

"You mean I can go and visit the earth?", said Beethoven.

"Yes" said Eatbugs, "I go and sit on the moon and look down on my humans all the time. It makes me feel closer to them."

Beethoven looked excited, "You mean I can see my family? That they're not really gone?".

"Yes. As long as they hold you in their memory, you can hear them. I go there lots." They had finished their meal and were preparing to leave when the feel of the breeze in their whiskers changed. Eatbugs bowed his head.

"What's wrong, Eatbugs?", said Beethoven. "Another kidden is coming." replied Eatbugs, "Listen and you will hear the music. It always comes to help sooth the kidden in it's passage. Come on. We have to go greet them." He walked silently with Beethoven at his side. They sat quietly as the music grew louder. Eatbugs sighed and quietly said, "I think it is one of our friends."

"How do you know?" "I can't put it into words, but when you've been here a while, you'll understand. It is simply a way of knowing."

The music swelled and the lights around the Bridge began to shift in color. There was a bright flash of light and a kidden sat blinking at the gate. He blinked and sat for a moment before cautiously trying to move. He took a step and then stopped. The pain that had become so much a part of him was gone. He took another step and then another. A handsome black and white kidden stepped forward from the crowd and walked toward the new arrival. The new kidden's face lit up "Charlot!" He ran forward and touched noses with his old friend. "Lucky, my brother, I have missed you. Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge." They touched noses again and exchanged nuzzles and ear licks. Charlot led Lucky through the gate and brought him to the waiting kiddens. "My friends, this is my brother Lucky." said Charlot. One by one the kiddens came up to touch noses. One by one each kidden welcomed their friend to the Bridge.

As the kiddens moved onto the Rainbow Field the crowd thinned and Lucky found himself surrounded by a small group of kiddens. Charlot turned to him, "These are the kiddens that are tied to us by the love and friendship our humans shared. They will help you take the final step".

Lucky took a step toward the center of the circle, hesitated and looked back over his shoulder at Charlot. Charlot nodded to his brother. Lucky went to the center of the circle and sat. The kiddens all linked their tails and Lucky felt a surge of love surround him. He closed his eyes and felt a tingling in his whiskers. Suddenly he felt the presence of his humans. Their sadness washed over him. He took a breath and gathered his will "Don't be sad for me," he said, "I needed to leave. I will be here for you always. I love you", he turned and crossed into the Field, surrounded by kiddens and overwhelmed by their love.

© Copyright 1992 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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