In Loving Memory Of Little Hobo

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

Eatbugs was dancing across the evening sky. He had gone to check on his humans. When he was sure all was well with them, he went in search of his friends. Tinky and Imbri were playing tag when Eatbugs found them. "Tag you're it", said Tinky laughing as she leapt across the sky. Eatbugs took off running as Imbri and Tinky ran before him.

When the first rays of the sun began to color the sky, the three friends made their way back to the Rainbow Bridge. They joined Miss Kitty and Picnic for a leisurely breakfast and then went in search of a sunny spot for a nap. Life went on at the Rainbow Bridge. Kiddens played in the tall grass and chirps, no longer frightened sang gentle songs to them. Catnip grew wild and there was plenty of food and fellowship.

As the friends lay basking in the morning sun, Imbri raised his head and turned his whiskers into the wind. "What is it, brother?", asked Tinky. Eatbugs, too, had roused himself. His face was a mask of concentration.

Imbri turned to Tinky, "Come, we must go to the gate", he said sadly.

"The gate? Not another of our family", a tear formed in the corner of her eye.

Imbri twined his tail around her, "It will be all right little one, but we must be there to welcome him".

With that the friends rose and sadly made their way to the Rainbow Gate. As they traveled, a company of kiddens formed behind them. Isolde, Puppie, Sorry, Tiny Bubbles, all of those kiddens that had become friends traveled to welcome the newest kidden.

When they reached the gate, they sat with the heads bowed. They listened as the music in the wind changed to the bittersweet welcoming song. In silence they sat, each remembering the sorrow and loss and fear they felt at their arrival. Each waiting patiently to calm those fears and ease the sorrow of their new companion.

The lights over the Bridge danced and swirled. Colors more beautiful than ever seen on earth painted the sky. The colors came together with a flash of blue. As the light faded a little black and white tom sat on the Bridge. He blinked and looked around him and then let out a sorrowful cry. Imbri came quietly forward and purred gently to the frightened kitten. "It is alright, little cousin", he said in his tenderest voice, "You are safe now. The pain is gone. No one will ever hurt you again." Little Hobo looked up in the the eye of the gentle tom and felt his fear begin to melt away.

"We will be your family now", said a pretty little Siamese beside him, "I am your cousin Tinky, welcome to the Rainbow Bridge". Tinky nuzzled his ear and the little tom couldn't help but purr.

"I am Eatbugs, welcome", said a cream and amber tom with the biggest blue eyes Little Hobo had ever seen.

One by one the kiddens stepped forward and gave Little Hobo their welcome. They presented their noses in greeting. They gave him words of comfort and promises of companions ship. They told him where the best sleepy spots were and when the hockey games started and where the catnip grew the best. Little Hobo was overwhelmed at the kindess and the warmth that surrounded him.

At last, when the last kidden had given his greeting, Imbri turned to Hobo, "Come, it is time to enter your new home."

Little Hobo looked up at the tom and his sister. He knew that he would like his new home, and the kiddens had all been so kind, but something still troubled him.

"What's wrong, little one", asked Tinky.

"My mom", said Hobo, "Will I ever see her again?" His little voice trembled.

Tinky gave him a face lick, "Of course you will. That is why we are here, to wait for our humans until we can be together again." Hobo looked at Imbri and Eatbugs, who nodded solemnly to him.

"And you can see them anytime you want. We'll teach you. It's easy", said Eatbugs.

"Can they see me?", asked Hobo.

"They can see you with their hearts. In time, when the pain has healed, they will feel you in their hearts and know that you are here and waiting" said Imbri.

Little Hobo cast a look over his shoulder at the world below. He would miss his mom and his dog dog friends, but knowing they would be together again fill his heart with joy. He turned and looked at his cousins, "Did I hear that there's catnip here?".

Imbri laughed and took his cousin by the paw, "Yes, there is catnip here, and grass and....." And together the four friend crossed through the gate into the Rainbow Bridge.

© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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