In Loving Memory Of The Johnson Peepers

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

It was morning on the Rainbow Bridge. The kiddens had arisen from their slumber, stretched leisurely in the morning sun and had their morning meal. The older kiddens were gathered around with peepers in paw for their morning baths. "Now please do hold still, Tiny Bubbles," said Peanut as he tried to clean her whiskers.

"Buts we gotsa go plays!" she replied, squirming.

"Yeah and we gotsa kill some tails and plays chasey" piped up Consta, deftly avoiding Pris' sandpapery tongue.

The older kiddens simply smiled and continued their labors. Miss Priss was sitting in the middle of a pile of peepers looking dismayed. She her right paw on one tail and her left on two and was trying to catch another. Picnic laughed at the sight of her and sauntered over, "Now, ma'am, you look like a kidden who could use an extra paw (not to mention a tongue)". She smiled as he caught up the errant peeper and began to give it a vigorous washing. "Aw, shucks", said the peeper scrunching his eyes up tight and wrestling madly to escape.

Eatbugs turned to Isolde, "Was I ever that bad?" he said laughing.

Isolde rolled her blue eyes, "And then some!" she chuckled, "But I have to confess that Goliath was much worse". She sighed and looked out over the bridge. She savored the sweet warmth that memories of her life on earth always give her and a smile painted the corners of her mouth. She was about to make commentary on 'Listy's habits when something caught her attention.

"What in the world", said Miss Priss as her peepers all stopped squirming and stood stock still. She looked around and all the peepers were doing the same. Her brow knit in concern, "Honey what's wrong?". Her peepers looked up at her but made no answer. Their tiny faces were masks of sorrow and tears were forming in their eyes. The peepers all stood up and ran to each other. They started to sing a song of great sadness and longing and then turned and together made their way to the gate.

The Welcoming Song had begun in the wind and the older kiddens all bowed their heads for a moment, sadly understanding the peeper's behavior. Then they too began their journey to the gate. When the adults arrived, they found the peepers in a circle still singing. Their song lifted on the wind and joined in the Welcoming Song, creating a melody of such beauty and sorrow that the kiddens wept to hear it. Tails were joined and heads were bowed as the kiddens waited to welcome those who would come.

The blue light flashed over the Bridge, leaving in it's wake two tiny peepers.

"They are so young" gasped Eatbugs.

"Too young" sighed Virginia, a tear rolling down her face.

The two little kittens stood trembling and clinging to each other mewing. Miss Priss' peepers went over to them and cuddled up close to them, "Don't worry. You is home now" said one of them.

"Yes, there are lots of nice kiddens to take care of you" said Consta.

"And we can play chasies" said Tiny Bubbles.

The older kiddens had come to stand around the peepers and purred to comfort them. The peepers looked up and felt the warmth and felt the love and no longer felt afraid. Gently they were lifted on strong kidden shoulders and carried to their new home.

© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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