In Loving Memory Of Bonkers Dressler

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

A gentle breeze danced across the Rainbow Fields and lifted Eatbugs fur as he lay dreaming in the sun. He smiled and turned his whiskers into it. "Morning Eatbugs", said Tyler settling into the sunny patch, "Whatcha smiling for?". Eatbugs chuckled, "Well I went to the stars to check on the peepers I sent Mommie Consta. They are keeping her busy". Tyler grinned, "Oh I bet they are!". He remembered how Kiki the Wild Peeper kept his mom jumping. G'Max, snoozing near them gaffawed, "You should see MY humans! They've got peepers everywhere". Over in the tall grass, Nermal and Marmalade were engaged in a game of hid and swipe, while Little and Rocky played pouncies. Freyja, Max and Dino were nibbling grass and comparing notes as to which types had the best flavor.

It was, as are all days on the Rainbow Bridge, a quiet and happy one. For as far as the eye could see kiddens were enjoying their daily pursuits, napping in the sun, playing with furiends or snacking on the abundant treats that always seemed to be there. Occasionally a dog dog or a ferret or some other creature loved and missed by humans would visit. There are no borders on the Bridge and, while each type of creature had it's own fields to roam, furiendships soon were formed and such vists were always welcomed. Today, April the ferret was leading the peepers on a merry chase and Cinnamon and Cherie were happily giving rides. "Wheeeeeeee" cried Tiny Bubbles, "Goes faster!!!!". Cinnamon grinned and loped along. Nickie was happily chasing a chirp. He swiped with a paw paw and brushed a tail feather. The chirp turned and landed in front of him chirping agitatedly "Chrrrpppp, You KNOW the rules!". "I is reawwy sorry", said Nickie looking at his paw paws, "I didn't mean to, reawwy". He looked so dejected that the chirp had to laugh. "Well, chrrrp, okay, let's go. But watch the tail feathers, would you??" and with that she flapped her wings and took off with Nickie in merry pursuit.

In the sunny patch, Isolde and Virginia had quietly padded up to lay beside Eatbugs. He looked up into Virginia's wise eyes and caught a glimpse of sadness there. He closed his eyes and bowed his head..another would be coming. Virginia reached out and gave him a gentle earlick, "Yes Little One, another will come". Eatbugs sighed. "It is the Way of All Things, Little One," said Virginia in her gentle voice, "All creatures must come here in their own time. My sadness is for those left behind and for the parting. Someday you will understand". Eatbugs nodded. He did understand a little. This was a good place and there was so much love here, but still the sadness when another kidden had to leave the warmth of their humans. He felt the change in the wind and the now all too familiar tingling in his whiskers. Quietly he stood and with Isolde and Virginia, began to make his way towards the Gate.

The Company of Kiddens assembled around them, each leaving their games and naps to make Welcome for their new furiend. Uncle Butterball and Suzie Q walked with Charlie. G'Max and Katie walked with Mister and Sally. Virginia stopped to allow Miss Priss, Prissy, Nermal and the rest of the Dresslar kiddens pass before her. Eatbugs looked up at Virginia, "Oh no!". She nodded sadly. Isolde whispered gently in his ear, "Yes, Little One, Aunt Marilyn is sad again". A tear rolled down the corner of Eatbugs' nose, "So many....".

As they reached the Gate, Eatbugs turned and saw hundreds of kiddens assembled in the circle. Kiddens of every color and breed sat quietly with heads bowed. Eatbugs joined his voice to their purrs of comfort and sent it forth onto the wind to carry comfort to the human hurting below. They sang forth welcome to the kidden that would come and sang to ease the loss for the humans that loved him.

In the center of the Gate the flash of blue light appeared and subsided. A beautiful tortie male sat blinking. He looked up to see the Rainbow and heard the gentle purring and all fear melted away from him. Miss Priss stepped forward and gave her nose in greeting. "Welcome, Bonkers, to the Rainbow Bridge". He sighed and a tear rolled down his cheek. Prissy gently licked it away and Whiskers curled his tail around him. Nermal drew in near and the peeper threw their paws around him. "It's all right, Bonkers" said Prissy, "We will be your family now. And we will be together until we can be with Mom again." Bonkers felt their love wash over him and felt his sorrow fall away. "It isn't forever?". "No", said Nermal, "We will see her again and someday we will be together for ever and always". Bonkers felt such love and warmth that the sadness could not stay with him. He looked up and saw the hundreds of kiddens and the beauty that surrounded him and felt the last of the world's hold on him melting away. "Come," said Miss Priss, "Let us introduce you to your new family". And with that she took him by the paw and led him home.

© Copyright 1995 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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