In Loving Memory Of Alexander Blair

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

A flock of chirps was dancing lazily over the Rainbow Bridge. As kiddens lounged in the grass below and watched the show, two parakeets swooped from the group and executed two perfect barrel rolls. The kiddens cheered and clapped their paw paws.

Eatbugs was laying beside Jasmine, who at the moment was daintily cleaning her toe tufties, and laughed at the antics of the chirps. "Hey Eatbugs," called Imbri, "You want to try THAT among the stars tonight?". "No thank you!", laughed Eatbugs, "I'd wind up tail over nose!".

Over in the grove of willows Picnic and AJ were judging the "wiggle butt pounce" contest for the peepers. Little Dots swished his tail once and then wound up for his wiggle. His little back legs pumped twice and then he pounced. Picnic and AJ clapped their paws and then whispered solicitously with each other as Nickie took his position to go next. Little Dots puffed his chest fur with pride, knowing that the judges were discussing his superior form and expert execution. In fact, the conversation went something like this:

"How are we gonna judge this thing? They're all cuter than queen's whisker!" said Picnic.

"I don't know, but I'm not going to be the one to tell any of those little faces they didn't win, that's for sure." said AJ sneaking a peek at all those expectant little peeper faces.

"I know, why don't we have a Best Wiggler, Best Pouncer, Best Wind Up, of each?"

"Good thinking!"

They turned their attention back to the peepers, cleared their throats judiciously and nodded for Nickie to proceed.

Over in the grassy fields, Pris was giving Isolde a very thorough ear washing as Virginia and Boots played a friendly game of paw-swipe with Noki and Red.

It was, in short, another beautiful day on the Rainbow Bridge. Kiddens and their furiends found all manner of activities to keep them occupied and the sound of laughter could be heard drifting over the breezes.

The chirps had decided to take a break and Eatbugs stood up and stretched. He was padding his way to the kibble bowls when he saw Pitty Pat jump to her feet and swing her head back and forth, as if she was scanning the horizon for something he could not see. He was about to ask her if she was alright when he felt the familiar tingling in his whiskers. "Oh Pitty Pat!", he cried, "It will be alright. I promise!".

Her eyes were filling with tears, "My human! Oh Eatbugs, my human..."

Eatbugs took her by the paw and walked with her towards the Gate. Charlie Brown and all her siblings quietly fell into step with them as they went. One by one the kiddens of the Company came to join them. Noki and AJ walked with Spunkie and Rocky. Dino and Max walked with Creamsickle and Pooska. Miss Kitty and Putt Putt helped the peepers along, as Persefino and Beethoven walked silently behind them.

The Company of Kiddens came to the Gate and formed their circle. Tails were twined and heads were bowed as each kidden remembered in their hearts the day of their Welcoming. They remembered, too, the Great Promise of the Creator, that love was eternal and that the bonds formed on Earth would be renewed in the fullness of time.

As the Welcoming song began its sad, sweet refrain, the Company lifted their purrs to give comfort to the grieving human heart below and to sing Welcome to the one who came. Pitty Pat lifted her purr into the wind and sang with all her heart to her human below. She sang of the beauty of the Rainbow Fields and the companionship of kiddens and she sang of love and warmth and comfort.

When the Welcoming Song reached its crescendo, the now too familiar blue light flashed across the Gate, and in it's wake sat a handsome gray tom. Alexander blinked and then looked out over the Company of Kiddens and bowed his head. Pitty Pat and her siblings ran to him. "Don't be sad, Der", she cried "It will be alright. We are together and you will never, ever hurt again. I promise". Alexander raised his head and said quietly, "But Mom? Pitty she was so sad." "I know. I could feel it, but Der she knows you are here. She misses you, but she couldn't let you hurt anymore. Oh Der, we'll see her again. Promise." With that she gave him a face lick and turned to let the Company make their welcome.

When all the greetings had been made and noses sniffed and promises of hockey games and face washes made, the Company turned and headed back to the Rainbow Fields. Pitty and Der sat for a moment at the Rainbow's Edge and purred their thoughts homeward to Earth. "Mom? Mom, please don't be sad. I am home. I am well and I am waiting". And Der turned and followed Pitty Pat to his new home.

© Copyright 1995 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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