Yankee Australian Shepherd 7 years Please pray for Yankee. He is the rescue of a dear friend of mine. He is the sweetest boy ever. Beth Flanigan
Yim Peng Shih Tzu 06/08/98 Transitional cell carcinoma, bladder cancer, gradual loss of function, watching for failing health Jan Wigdahl
Yogie Rhodesian Ridgeback (Ridgeless) 10/31/05 Has severe hip arthritus and has cancer and is suffering from congental heart failure Rachel Powell
Yolanda Tabby Cat 01/01/02 Leg amputated due to osteosarcoma, but cancer came back. Pls pray for healing/remission. Mary G
Yorkie May have swallowed a bone Kim
Yuri Fawn Pug 07/02/04 Has been diagnosied with pulmonary neoplasia resulting from mesothelioma. Please pray for him. Elias Fojas