Waleis Boston Terrier 06/25/00 After Auggie went to Rainbow Bridge 1 week ago, Waleis now is ill with pancreatitis. Patricia Smith
Wally P Gator Gynan DSH Brown Tabby Cat 17 1/2 years Has Cancer. So thin, Still enjoying life, Very greatful for that. TY for your thoughts/wishes. Jenn Gynan
Wally Tabby Cat 03/19/06 Passed from alergic reaction to Doxycycline Liquid Supension. Vet mis-diagnosed. Anna R. Crown-Severa
Walter Cat 8 years Went missing on Friday, 03/14/08 Tracey Powers
Walter Yellow Tabby Cat 10 years He has gastrointestinal illness. There has not been success diagnosing the cause. Prayers needed. Valerie
Wee Whitney Siamese Mix Cat 11 years This little girl is FIV positive and semi feral health failing, pray for peaceful journey Rescue organization Janet
Wendy Mongrel 14 years Liver failure Thia Garajan
Whim Sea The Sweet Pea of the Sea (My Sweet Baby Girl) Schipperke 10/02/08 Pray my sweet baby passes peacefully, she has been my rock, now I need to be hers! Love you Mom Debra Cohen
Whiskers Cat 02/98 Prayers needed for Whiskers not feeling well. Diabetic, hyperthyroid, don't know if he's hav Becky Harmon
White Cat 18 years My son's cat is very sick with a cold. Needs healing thoughts and prayers for speedyrecovery Jodi Colpitts
Whitey Ferret Insulinoma, adrenal gland Odalys Hernandez
Wiggles Cat Missing since 08/15/08 A Tuttle
Wiggley Meyers Parrot 7 years He is in another's hands to keep him out of harm's way. Protect him dear God. Katherine
Wilbur Cat In the hospital with crystals and blood in his urine Kim W.
William Maine Coon Cat 11 years Suffering from ibd and we Re ruling out stomach cancer Amy
Willow Lab Needs prayers for healing from a virus that may leave her blind among other complications. Lisa
Willow Maine Coon Cat 14 years my cat Willow is very sick, but is slowly getting better. Would appreciate, prayers, healing though Jodi Colpitts
Willy Saanen Goat 03/15/03 Has a problem with his legs, including arthritis. His knees give out easily. Carol
Wilson Basset Hound 14 years Degenerative arithritis, can't move back legs, losing hearing and sight, liver failure, incontinent Lisa Burney
Winnie Bichon Frise's been having seizures. The vet suspects a brain mass. She needs healing prayers. Juliann
Winnie Dog Diagnosed with congestive heart failure long term prognosis is not good prayers for lots of bonus time Marti
Wolfgang Orange Tabby Cat 05/01/02 Wolfy is fighting for his life- help me make the right choices Joan Berry
Wollie Mongrel Cat 25/09/14 Dying Annessa Oberholzer
Woody Orange Tabby Cat 11 years Congestive heart failure, hypertension, blindness Elaine Buzzinotti
Wookiee Golden Retriever 2009 Pray for healing from cancer Renee
Wrangler Blue Kattie Dog 09/27/97 Broken Spine, Rear legs are parylized and incontent. She has a wheel chair, but does'nt like it. Raymond D. Holt
Wrigley Basset 10 years Pray for peace and healing as my Wrigley fights cancer in his prostate and head. Lisa
Wrigley Bernese Mountain Dog 10/23/03 to feel comfort and peace as he cope with possible cancer Hazel Kelly