Valerie/ aka Houdini Gray Chinchilla 7 months Shine a light for Valerie to come out of hiding, Comfort and peace for her Dad Karen, Jackie, Elaine, Linda Marianne (Wolves)
Velvet Miniature Pinscher Mix I would be grateful for prayers for healing. Thank you so much. Susan Connolly
Venti Dachshund 11 years Has a 2 inch mass on his spleen. Prayers and positive thoughts are needed. Aimee
Venus Doberman Pinscher 12 years Prayers for me to deal with her upcoming death. She has two weeks to live and it's tearing me apart Craig Knight
Vinni Brown Tabby DSH Cat Missing since 10/25/2017. Pray for his quick return or rapid cross-over to end his suffering. Angela Teresi
Vinny Boston Terrier 08/08/05 This boy needs everything to me please pray for him Shelley
Violet Beagle 10 years She has kidney problems Sue
Violet Pit Bull shelter fatigue Robert A.
Vixen Schipperke/Corgi Mix Is an older dog with a bad chest cold. I pray for her to get better. Irene Liddle