Sabertooth Philippine Domestic Cat Confined to vet for 2nd time, this time for respiratory illness and loss of appetite. Patrick Berkenkotter
Sable Black Labrador Retriever 02/06/99 Needs prayers, just turned 15 y/old is at beginning stage of renal failure. Has arthritis too. Raquel Mancera
Sadie (Ruey) Grey Domestic Cat 07/25/02 Sadie has colitis. Is grieving over Shuster; a loss in her life. Needs physical/emotional healing. Patty Wright
Sadie Beagle 12/05/03 Healing from symptoms of Cushings Disease. Beth McDevitt
Sadie Black Lab Mix She has a lump on her back (oil gland cyst) we need to find the funds to care for her. Bill & Carolyn Kutz
Sadie Border Collie 03/01/99 Has a mass in her lungs and severe arthritis Connie Beach
Sadie Border Collie 08/98 Aging hips Marlo Baxter
Sadie Boxer 10 years Suffering from congestive heart Failure Rachael
Sadie Dog 15 1/2 years Please pray for sadie Crystal
Sadie German Shepherd 9 years Was diagnosed yesterday with a baseball size tumor on her spleen Kay Dorrance
Sadie Girl (alias, Precious, Baby Girl, Nosy Rosey) Great Dane 09/19/01 Sadie was diagnosed with ostocarcenoma (bone cancer) 1 week ago. Lois Jessie
Sadie Max Airedale 05/18/04 Tumour on her heart Karen Louise
Sadie Memphis Elrifai Black Labrador Retriever 6 years Neuropathy/tumors/inflammation Lauren Ann Elrifai
Sadie Rose Miniature Schnauzer 12.4 years To the vet for an injury, but an ultrasound showed a large mass on her spleen. Be strong baby girl~ Mary Bloom
Sadie Shepherd Mix 13 1/2 years Has hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis, she is being treated with meds, but still limping some. Jody
Salem Cat Missing Zoe John and Jen S.
Sallie Lynn Semidey Tabby Cat 08/31/95 Today I am asking for your prayers and support to help me prepare for the loss of Sallie Lynn. Denise Semidey
Sally Border Collie 10 years Was picked up as a stray in Louisville area and has a head tilt. She needs a new home. Tirzah Blackman
Sally Rose Australian Shepherd Mix 12 years Sally was diagnosed with spleen and heart cancer last week Carrie
Sam Beagle Congestive heart failure Kathy
Sam Dog Home from hospital still not eating lot of meds forced feeding of nutria cal Maggie
Sam Llapsa Apso 20 years Is old and has suffered several strokes... Joani Wilson
Sam Treeing Walker Coon Hound 9 years Has a large lump under armpit. May be cancerous.not gaining weight. Need prayers! Chris Walker
Samantha American Eskimo Dog 10/01/02 Samantha was diagnosed April 11, 2013 of lung cancer. Please pray that she remains comfortable. Susan Griffin
Samantha Domestic - Tuxedo Cat 03/04/99 Is suffering from an unknown cancer, but has hung on with steroids since 08/2012. Maryann T. Jacobs
Samantha Sue Cocker Spaniel 16 years Increased thirst/urination, blood and urine tests ok, on antibiotic, just want her to feel better! Becky
Sammie American Eskimo Dog 2 years Just diagnosed with kidney failure, he is too young and sweet to lose his life. For my sister Sher Gayle
Sammie Babie Cat 06/2012 5/2/2016 Sammie was neutered and had eye surgery (L) praying he keeps his sight. Patricia and Joseph Crosson
Sammy American Medium Hair Cat 9 years Has nasal adenocarcinoma.We pray everyday that our little boy will go in peace.We love our angel. Amy and Andy
Sammy Bonnecaze Chihuahua 13 years Please pray for my nephew Sammy, he is not well and in need of special prayers Marlene
Sammy Cat 11 years Had a cancer on his face which was treated but has now spread to his lymphnode. Carol Addeo
Sammy Cat 11 years Is very sick, please pray for him. Kristine
Sammy Cocker Spaniel senior Not eating, protein low, digestive issues- in critical care unit-he is a rescue dog. Becky
Sammy Pembroke Welsh Corgi 01/05/02 Has lost the function of his back legs. We pray that the rest of his body remains healthy:) Megan & Jasen
Sammy Petrita Marrero Sy Chihuahua 13 years Sammy has unregulated Cushing's disease, an enlarged gall bladder and liver disease Sandi Marrero Sy & Vene Sy
Sammy Siamese Cat 02/95 Has arthritis in his hips and he has hypoglycymia-My BEST friend-I want him to be comfortable Lisa Heller
Sampson Dog Herniated disk and back pain Marni M.
Sampson Dog In pain from slipped disc Marni M.
Samson Walters Miniature Poodle 13 years Type 2 Diabetic, and blind/Severe Cataracts Gemma Walters, Virginia Geoffrion
Sandi Maine Coon Mixed Cat 08/93 20 Years old, kidneys weak, recently stopped eating and must be hand fed, vet recc'd hospice care Shelagh Collins
Sandy Australian Cattle Dog/Siberian Husky 2 years Was bit by a Groundhog, protected but on a 45 day watch. Pray for her and my family to get through. Caitlin B
Sandy Shepherd Has degenerative spine/leg arthritis. Debra
Sanjaya Himalayan Persian Cat Lost as of 4/1/11. I think she got out when carpet cleaners were here. She will be scared. Meredith Fallow
Sapphire Weimaraner 06/09/00 Diagnosed with sarcoma cancer in shoulder. He just turned 13 and already has gone through so much. Briget & Kevin
Sara Part Siamese Cat 10 years Diagnosed with lymphoma tumor on.left side of nasal passage Susan Brochin and Tom Shott
Sara Siamese Cat 10/24/06 She has a large tumour that is growing very rapidly and the prognosis is not good. Susan Kasendi and Albert Belanger
Sasha Border Collie Mix 14 years Please pray that my Sasha's Cancer is healed. Isabel Valuja
Sasha German Shepherd 09/2000 Siezeres Sashii
Sasha GSD 8 years Recently diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. So hard for her to get around, but still playful Susan Szydlowski
Sasha Kitten 04/07/11 Has megacolon and bladder problems Shontay
Sasha Labrador Retriever 10 years And I lost her brother Saturday. She also has bladder problems and arthritis. Cynthia Campbell
Sasha Minpin Mast cell tumor progressing quickly into Bonus Time Carol
Sasha Sheltie 10/11/00 Please pray for my Sasha she has cancer and may not have long to live. Kathy Carroll
Sasha Siamese Cat 05/01/91 Chronic Renal Failure/Liver Failure/Heart Murmur Lindsey White
Sasha Siberian Husky 11/03/98 Elderly dog, severe arthritis in hips. Valorie Smith
Sasha Yorkie 09/08/04 She is blind in one eye & has cataract in the other-starting ot have trouble seeing-needs prayers Debbie
Sassie Tortoiseshell Cat 04/21/93 Has cancer and is preparing for her journey across the Rainbow Bridge. Please send good vib Lorita Nixon
Sassy Cat Doing better diagnosis is most likely Vestibular Syndrome Kim
Sassy Cat Trying special food for urine crystals Ariel D.
Sassy Cat UTI Ariel D.
Sassy Dog 12 years Pneumonia Debby
Savannah Dog May have tumor on her pancreas and producing too much insulin being put on steroids and glucose Lynda H.
Savannah Dog Pancreatic cancer not doing well Lynda H.
Savannah Isabella Boxer 06/10/08 Chronic Staph Infection, Diabetes, lost spleen Carol Miller
Sawyer Terrier Cross Parvo Heidi
Schooch Black and White Tuxedo Cat Christmas 1996 Hyperthyroid/constipation/since 2008/special diet/herbs/body shutting down now Marcella and Schooch
Schooch Cat 17 years Williams is in Renal failure and has a very sore leg not sure if this is connected Kathleen Williams
Scooter Dog 21 years Not doing well Misty N.
Scooter Dog Needs prayers for a complete recovery from a coyote attack the Barnes family
Scooter Maltese 16 years After seizures, Scooter will not eat or drink. Just laying around. Jacob
Scout Boston Terrier 15 years Struggling to recover from a brain infection. A wonderful and beloved member of our family. C. Mullin
Scout Domestic Short Hair Cat 03/06/06 Was diagnosed with cancer. My heart is broken. Kara Rowe
Scout Golden Retriever 11/04/01 He has a tumor/growth in his colon. He is also losing weight and muscle mass as he gets older. Alyssa Nelson
Scrappy Dappy Doo Pit Shepherd Mix 9 years My baby has Lymphoma, my heart is shattered. Pray for her, please. I can't lose her. Sandi Babcock
Scrappy Shih Tzu 13 years Was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with cancer Janet & Jeff
Scruffmeister Peke/Cairn Terrier Mix 15 years Lung Disease worsening prayers Ann Shea
Seabright Chick Missing since 09/05/08 Candi
Sebastian Maine Coon Cat 04/99 Hypethyriodism & possible kidney issues. I just laid my doggie baby to rest- need extra prayers Sarah Hopper
Sebastian Siamese Cat 16 years Renal disease and grieving loss of my other pug, Otis Eileen Domnitz
Semora Husky Mix 9 years Need prayers for my girl semora,she was diagnosed with bone cancer two month ago and not doing well Petra
Seth Guinea Pig 01/04/04 Epileptic and has a grade 2 heart murmur Donna Wilson
Seven (Cacha and Byby) Like iliva green litle black and yellow dark Cat 17 years Pray for her Plase bacause she get sick Maria Rosa Ruiz
Sgt Pepper Domestic Short Hair Cat 05/31/93 Is ill and needs some healing prayers to get better and stronger Dawn/Judesmom
Sgt Pepper Tabby Cat 05/31/93 18yr old baby slowing down...loss of appetite, tiredness. he's now showing his age. Dawn/Judesmom
Shadow aka Nan Blue Russian Cat 14 years He has lost a lot of weight, gone blind, and is becoming very weak. Please pray for us!! Sarah Brinkman
Shadow Ann Lab Chow 12 years My big girl has lost her hearing and half of her eye sight. Praying for her to get better. Mike Zimmerman
Shadow Black and White Domestic Short Hair Cat Very sick..may have FIP Joe and Linda Morrison
Shadow Burmese Cross Cat 07/07/96 Shadie was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. No hope of survival at her age. Please pray. Alicia
Shadow Cat 08/01/96 Increasing number of seizures and poor appetite Joan
Shadow Cat 13 years Three legged kitty Michele
Shadow Cat approximately 9 weeks Fracture of right femur immediately below the ball healed improperly preventing bowel movements without pain Gabriel
Shadow Cocker 16 1/2 years Control of pain due to arthritis & malignant oral melanoma. Paul Ferraro
Shadow Dog Elderly and spine is fusing-she has trouble walking and standing-arthritic Eric
Shadow Domestic Cat 10 years Possible Large Cell Lymphoma DonnaMarie Traina
Shadow Golden Retriever 09/01/04 Is suffering with subcutaneous hemangiosarcomas (cancer) Collen
Shadow Lab Mix 15 years Had her first severe seizure and they believe she has a brain tumor. She has started meds. Marcia
Shadow Labrador 12 or 13 years Prayers, just diagnosed with a splenic tumor. Ellen K
Shadow Toy Poodle 5 months Please pray for my puppy, shadow, who has epilepsy. He's my man, best friend, and my son Melissa Naiborhu
Shain Orange/White Tabby DSH Cat 05/2013 Missing since 07/2015. Pls pray for his quick return or rapid cross-over to end his suffering. Angela Teresi
Shalimar Siamese Cat 08/23/11 Has a diaphramatic hernia due to abuse. Short life span. Pray she goes in peace. Thanks. Barbara
Shaman Pug/Chihuahua Mix 12/14/02 Was diagnosed with Diabetes two weeks ago. Please pray for his health. Morgan Teichmiller
Shamrock Cat 03/17/08 Cancer Shannon Myers
Shana Cat 17 years Losing weight and infection in front leg Sandi G.
Shana Cat Has gained weight and is eating Sandi
Shana Cat Tested positive for Feline Leukemia Sandi G
Shane Sheltie Dearest Shane, We will do whatever it takes to have you comfortable and pain free. You picked us, Cari Galin
Shannon Irish Setter Just diagnosed with cancer Mike and his wife
Shao Tao Pug/Jack Russell Terrier 09/99 My girl is a diabetic and has received insulin for 2 1/2 years now She has cataracts and cant see Kimberly D Bollinger
Shaq Ledesma Jack Russell Mix 01/30/00 Congestive Heart Failure Sina Ledesma
Shatzy Pom/Mini American Eskimo Dog 8 years Going blind from SARDS Lori
Shaye Yorkie X Chihuahua 02/12/11 At vets with Kidney Stones with other things going on. He is very sick & may die. Prayers needed Marijean Whyte
Shayla Seal Point Siamese Cat 03/25/96 Prayers needed for my Shayla. Shayla is in her last stage of a very aggressive tumor in her mouth Beth Bartlett
Shayna Cat Missing since 02/12/10 Mary Jo
Shea (Bert) Levinson Pembroke Welsh Corgi 12/18/00 Shea was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy and has been progressing rapidly. Kelly and Adam Levinson
Sheba Domestic Long Hair Cat 09/26/96 She is being treated for Congestive Heart Failure Jennifer Metzenbauer
Sheba Tuxedo Cat 10/23/95 Is a senior with aches & pains, she needs special prayers every day. Jan
Sheika Black DSH Cat with white tuft on neck Missing since 11/2017. Pray for her quick return or rapid cross-over to end her suffering. Angela Teresi
Sheila Cat 04/15/01 My kitty is sick right now,she has stopped eating and drinking. She needs your prayer's. Judy G. and Maria A.
Shelby Miniature Pinscher 02/26/97 Just diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Losing her fur brother in July broke her heart. Pat Van Glahn
Shelby Yorkie 06/12/01 Has collapsed trachea and bronchi condition and 2 disc herniations. Needs healing thoughts Catherine H
Sherman Bichon 11 years My fur baby is very sick! He has a fever, eyes swollen shut, and enlarged gland. Pray for Sherman! Jan
Sherman Hound Diagnosed with cancer Heidi
Sherman Leep Poodle 04/27/01 Diabetic with beginning of kidney disease Carol M Leep
Shetan Morgan Horse 07/04/04 Fractured his rear left hind leg Tammy Lawrence
Shilah Russian Blue Cat 10 years Renal Failure Cynthia Raha
Shiro White With Blue Eyes Cat 04/14/94 Has advanced breast cancer and seems to be getting closer to passing away. Celeste
Shiza Yellow Lab Has a form of congestive heart failure. Please pray that she does not suffer! Angie
Shmankie Jack Russell 04/07/99 Our precious fur baby is sick Trina and Jeffrey
Shorty Black Hooded Rat 1 year Lost all strengh,Is too weak to eat and drink.Doctors are clueless.Needs a boost of energy. Natascha Tagunoff
Shorty Jack Russell almost 12 years Heartworm positive Kelly S.
Shy Shy Domestic Medium Hair Cat 10/31/10 Chronic ear infection Thomas Hall
Si (Stop It) Cat Dry form of FIP one or two years likely prognosis barring secondary issues Mary
Siana Siamese Cat 11 years Has been to the dr twice needs prayers to heal breathing problems Jacque Brecheisen
Siao Pen Yo Golden Retriever 14 years She is suffering from cancer. Please pray for her. Ying-Fun Cheung
Sidney Niki Russian Turtle 04/12/06 Our baby girl has been missing now for several days, is possibly lost outside. Please keep her safe Darci and Michael and All The Pets
Sierra Cat Late term pregnancy and possible infection Josie
Sierra Mustang Horse 1983 Liver failure Angela
Signal Dog Diagnosed with bone cancer Katherine W.
Silly Chihuahua 13 years Please pray as we find out if our dogs Mammary Tumor is cancer and if it has spread. Kristal & Harvey
Simba (formerly known as Catman) Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/02/13 Chronic Kidney Disease, 3rd stage Maureen
Simba Short Hair Cat Survived car hit Kimberly
Simon Maine Coon Cat 03/01/11 Please pray for Simon, he's a sweet 1 year old cat who just got diagnosed with FELV Jan
Sissy Love Cat 1999 Missing Shawna
Six bottle baby kittens from The Whiskers’ Syndicate need prayers to get healthy Josie L.
Sketo Rat Terrier 13 years Needs healing of diabeties. John Samsock
Skippy Chow Mix 06/24/06 Has large, unoperable tumor by his spleen. He is not in any pain at this time. Diana
Skippy Yorkie/Shitzu Suffering from heart failure Kathy Southard
Skittles ACD/Mix 11/13/92 Darlin' old girl, leg swelling won't go down, poss. tumor. Hope 4 infection & drugs work! Love her Deb & Doug
Skooter Lee Cocker Spaniel 01/21/06 Skooter is now my special little tripawd. His front left leg had to recently be amputated. Lori Tingle
Skully Rat 2 years La vieillesse l'emporte, mais tu restes forte. Laurine
Sky Mountain Dog 18 years Prayers & blessings for a calm, pain free passing on. Sarahjane Mullenix
Skye West Highland White Terrier 11 years Has grade 5 lymphoma, needs your prayers to help us make the right choices for her treatment option Ann James
Skylar Sheltie 15 years Has throat cancer. He's been thru so much last year seeing his brother attacked and killed. Rosanna
Skyleen Border Collie She has a severely enlarged heart and very high blood pressure. Greg Jensen
Smokey (Biggie) Domestic Shorthair Cat 07/15/03 Smokey's lungs have filled up with fluid and recently got drained. He may have FIP. Karolyn
Smokey Arctic Wolf, Malamute, and Shepherd Mix 01/09/07 My beloved Smokey is having surgery on Tuesday to remove a tumor so she can hopefully walk again. Jim Mesojedec
Smokey Gray Shorthair Cat 07/01/95 Diagnosed with chronic renal failure last week Mary Jo Raulerson
Smoky Bear Cat 05/96 Prayers for a calm, peaceful transition for our guy. Kelli Santos
Smoky Maine Coon/Russian Blue Cat 12 years Intestinal Lymphoma, dying of cancer Lisa Miller
Snickers Cat Lesion on the spine causing loss of control of her back legs Amanda H.
Snoopy Maltese 12 years Just found out Snoopy has lymphoma. Please keep him your prayers. Raymond
Snoopy Shih Tzu 9 years I pray that Snoopy has a comfortable life. He has a tracheal collapse and bronchial disease. Lina
Snoot Schnauzer My Little Schnauzer has cancer I am heart broke please pray for my baby Ricky Ray
Snot Random Breed Cat Thoughts, spells, prayers, etc. for comfort during kidney problems, poss. chronic renal failure Wil Drake
Snowball and Snowflake Kittens that are sick Lorri M.
Snowball Cat Pneumonia Priya
Snowdrop Mini Lop Rabbit 01/07/11 GI Septis be strong little one Emma
Snowflake Mixed Dog 12/24/11 Maybe prayers if it can help, he might be gettting testicular cancer, his uncle got it to so i dont Ian Binda
Snowshoe Siamese Cat 19 years End stage cancer Katherine W.
Snowy Cat Little Snowy is suffering from a brain tumour and may be in considerable pain. Please pray for him J and Family
Snowy Domestic Shorthair Cat 16 years Has a brain tumour. He may be in pain. Please pray for him. T
Snuggles Polish Rabbit 11 years Please pray his brothers, sister & great grandparents are waiting for him. Cathy, Jennifer & Moka Bear
Socks Cat 08/15/97 Stomach cancer Pamela Meholik
Socks DSH Cat 10/01/92 Trouble walking, blind eye, Judy Walker
Socks German Shep/Malamute Mix 01/29/03 Arthritis and Hip Dysplagia since 6 mo old Mandy Fessel
Soco DSH Cat 19 years She's nearing the end and I ask for your prayers for her and my family. Mike
Solomon Betta Fish 3 years Pray for healing of my betta fish solomon David K
Solomon English Mastiff 12/07/01 He has a massive ear infection with two different strains of bacteria.Being treated with antibiotic Sandy Allen
Sonny Body failing although his spirit is still fighting Sam
Sonny Hound Mix 12/01/00 Has a tumor on his spleen and, although doing ok, he is growing tired and getting thin. Lauren Lewek
Sonny Lab/Rottweiler 06/09/98 Numerous tumors, mobility issues, missing his cousin, MaggieDog who died from cancer Tantie
Sonny, Bunny, SonBun, Buns Chinese Crested Dog 4 years Sonny was a healthy happy boy diagnosed with lymphoma and lost his sight. Recieving chemo. Nancy and Ron
Sonya Brittany 07/05/98 Congestive Heart Failure Klloyd
Sophie Cat 04/05/04 Chronic kidney disease and arthritis Joan
Sophie Green-Cheeked Conure Parrot 1 year Broken foot, broken wing Michelle
Sophie Hedgehog Is passing away from squamous cell carcinoma in her mouth Stephanie Drewa
Sophie Marie Dog 05/01/03 Diagnosed with cancer Leah Panganiban
Sophie Milam Newfoundland 10/15/05 Prayers for easy days ahead, old age has crept on her & her days are numbered :( Melissa Milam
Sophie Orange Tabby Cat 10/18/97 She is my special orange girl. She needs prayers to help her as she is losing weinght rapidly. Sandra
Sophie Scottish Terrier 02/12/00 She is having neurological issues. Losing use of all 4 legs. Cant stand or walk. Susan
Sophie Yorkshire Terrier 08/14/02 Is a rescue that we have since she was 6 months old. Just diagnoised w/spleenic cancer. :( Keri
Sophy Cat 15 years Possibly has oral cancer Ilona Zambal
Sparky Blake Chihuahua 10/31/01 Sparky has health problems, I love him so much! He lost his brother not long ago on 5/14/15. Angela Blake
Sparky Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/01/98, one of our 9 kitties, went missing on May 11, 2010. Praying for her safe return. Lee Leier
Sparky Maltese 07/04/04 Stay happy my love play with your furry friends. Some day I will see you again. In my heart always Bonnie Drago Recher
Sparky Maltese/Shih Tzu 08/07/03 Cancer - inoperable due to age Isabel Ybanez
Sparky Poodle Has cancer - needs prayers for mercy Sparky
Special Trey Williams DSH Cat 09/13/00 Trey's cough seems to be getting worst and last night he was short of suspects lung Kathleen Williams
Speedy Cat 's hind legs where crossed one under the other. Grisel
Spice Chappelear Grey & White Cat Spice needs to have a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. He also has renal disease. Iris Chappelear
Spice Doberman 06/2001 Is ill pray for no pain and for her to know we love her and will meet again Katrina Hobson
Spike Brindle Mix 7 years Thin and having difficulty keeping food down back legs very weak and wobbly Marla
Spike Fisher Dog He is sick,not doing well at all Tony
Spike Jack Russell Mix Autumn 2008 Has occasional seizures John Charles Robinson
Spike Miniature Dachshund 04/17/05 Seizures Lorang Family
Spike Mix Dog 09/2003 Spike is blind and he also has a bad kidney. He falls down stairs and smashes into everything. Amy Levene
Spirit Domestic Short Hair Tuxedo Cat 03/16/09 MRSA Stacey Orillion
Spongey Border Collie & Lab Mix 4 years Going blind.. Needs prayers Debi & John Kelley
Spook Labrador 07/09/09 He has a brain tumour and cluster seizures and there is no cure I just wish him a smooth journey Julie Ann Stokes
Spot Pit Bull 13 years He has cancer The Powells
Spotty Pom Mix Finnish Sptiz 25 June 2004 Diabetic Linda Laurendeau
Spunky Jean Border Collie Mix 06/23/03 She is starting to lose the use of her back legs despite all the doctors have done to help her Julann Sheppard
Spyder Cat hyperthyroidism hoping his meds work Linda S.
Spyder Husky 08/13/09 Pneumonia Eileen
Spyder Rice Doberman 04/23/07 Spyder is our very brave boy fighting lymphoma. We love him very much and cherish our time with him Elaine Grimes
Squealy Dan (aka Squeals) Maine Coon Cat 05/02/05 Squeals just lost his brother, his littermate. He has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Prayers. Kelly Bills
Squid Cat Diagnosed with Bates Body and swelling her hind legs Lorri M.
Squirk! Tabby Cat 15 years Squirk suddenly crashed and has renal failure, hope he pulls through tonight and comes home.... Sue and John
Squish Maine Coon Cat 6 years? His back was broken as a kitten and he has severe arthritis KC Curry
Sshadow Medium Haired Brown Tabby Cat 05/08/14 Blockage of the intestines Marianne
Star Cat 02/23/03 Has cancer. Angela
Star German Shepherd 05/12/01 She is having problems with her back end and she is also blind Nancy Dole
Starr Unequal pupils vet can’t determine cause Kris
Stat the Black Cat Cat 10/15/96 Stat is 17 years old and is missing. I pray for his safe return and that he has not suffered. Barbara Maria Driscoll
Stats Arabian 27 years Growth in mouth that was removed is growing back not cancerous Lynda H.
Steffy Pom 13 years She is having spine and nerve problems. Archana
Stevie Aussie Shepherd Mix 12-13 years Born Blind Scott & Julie DeWeese
Stevie Domestic Grey Cat 6 months Blind Stevie Owen
Stewart Maltese X Shitsu X Lhasa Apso 15 years Total night blindness, painful hips, mesothelioma, early CSD, minor stroke Katherine Lugg
Stirling DSH Cat 12 1/2 years Prayers for Stirling. She was just diagnosed with oral feline squamous cell carcinoma. Charmaine Bouford
Storm Tabby Cat 1 year Our cat, Storm, did not come home Tuesday night. He has never been away this long. We are sad. Naomi Larsen
Stormy Bengal Cat 02/02/06 Has high liver functioin and needs to loose weight. Now she is limping due to her weight. Iva Bircher
Stormy Miniature Schnauzer/Catahoula Mix 11/06/06 Had a soft tissue sarcoma removed from his left front leg. Praying it hasn't spread. Jeanne Roberts
Street Cat Needing prolapsed rectum repairs Lori S.
Streisand and Dezie Horn Miniature Dachshund Dezie Streisands Baby Brother 09/11/11 Please lord help little dezie eat for he misses his big sister. give us all strength Teresa Horn
Sugar Beagle Mix 13 years Heart, tumors, sight, knee Robi
Sugar Cat Almost 19 years Lung cancer Lori
Sugar Dachshund Not doing well although blood work normal Kathy W
Sugarbear Respiratory problems Jean
Sully Snoodle Vet’s stopped Chemo Suzanne
Summah Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 3 years Hip dysplaysia, Kathy
Summer Miniature Pinscher 2009 Neurological issues affecting her balance Glen
Sunny Apolo Mixed Dog 05/14/00 I'm praying for my mom's dog, Sunny Apolo. He has been diagnosed with Canine Cardiomyopathy… Lucy Kessler
Sunny Dog Missing did not look healthy the last time he was seen Tinnuhana
Sunny Jack Russell 14 years Has a tumor that is filling his tiny abdomen so he can't eat but tiny meals anymore. Cheryl
Sunshine Calico Cat 16 years My baby has hyperthyroidism. She also is very old and somewhat frail. Megan Payne
Sunshine, or Sunny Cockatiel 04/92 Prayer would be appreciated, although we have had him much longer than expected life expectancy Denise S. Dixon
Sushi Blue Cream Persian Cat 06/08/97 Is now palliative. The vets cannot do any more interventions. She is very thin and weak. Katherine O'Toole
Sweet Pea Collie 2000? Old, weak, neglected until he found me. Possible thyroid (and other?) cancer. Bad hips. Kristin
Syd Eskipoo 09/05/04 He has low thyroid that has caused a couple of lumps on his neck. This could turn out as cancer Edith Skelton
Sydney Corgi Mix 14 or 15 years She has a collapsing trachea which is getting worse as she gets older Pam
Sydney Deakin Australian Shepherd 14 years Sydney needs alot of special care, Her age makes it difficult for her to get around Liz
Sydney Sheltie Kidneys failing in a 14 year old sheltie, please pray Linda
Sydney Wire Fox Terrier 13 years Congestive heart failure taking its toll, now liver disease - Please pray for my sweet boy. Katherine
Sylvester Cat 01/01/91 I love my amazing 20-year-old cat. He has a huge tumor and it is bad. Please pray for him!!! Judy Kline