Rabbit Manx Cat 6 months Diagnosed with feline infectious peritonitis Stephanie
Radar Cat 06/17/07 He has pancreatic diabetes and doc says he's end stage; I just want a little more time with him Jessie Kellt
Ragamuffin Lhasa Apso 02/08/99 Weight loss, severe arthritis, tired Connie Beach
Raisin Schnauzer 13 years Has arthritis in spine and rt leg. Needs prayers very badly Sally Cary
Raja Pom 13 years Renal problem Archana
Rampa Tabby Cat 21 years To be content in his twilight ending days and free of discomfort or pain Lorraine
Ranger Border Collie Bruised when his person’s truck blew a tire and rolled Gloria O.
Rascal Cat FIP progressing and she’s not eating Dottie B.
Raven Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/30/09 Renal carcinoma; has had kidney removed, chemo and is starting radiation Brandy Sholtis
Rayito Siamese Mix Cat 11/07/97 Fluid build up around his kidneys, in pain, not sure to euthanize or to allow aspiration of fluid, Irene
Razzle Dazzle Greyhound 11/23/03 Osteosarcoma right front leg Irene M. Suver
Reba Rottweiler 11/16/03 Elbow dysplasia as a result of two TPLO surgeries in each back leg. Pray for comfort and no pain. Beth Hustedde
Rebel Boxer 12/27/00 Recently started having seizures, rapidly losing feeling in hind legs, & incontinence issues Meredith, Brian and Mya
Reesa Marie Cocker Spaniel 9 years Possible ear infection Brad and Marion Hale
Reilly Lab 7 years Has lympoma. he has. been receiving chemotherapy since the end of 2010. Vera. Gooding
Remmy Russian Blue Rat 1 year Beloved Remmy is suffering from Epileptic Siezures - possibly from a Brain Tumour. Kay Bryant
Reni Bernese Mt Dog 07/07/05 Acutely ill with canine hepatitis, please include her with healing thoughts and good wishes Melinda Johnson
Rescued Mother Dog and 14 Puppies Mother has a bacterial infection Sheryl G.
Reupert German Shorthaired Pointer 9 years Please pray for Reupert, he was diagnosed with ostocarcomia-bone cancer in leg. Love him so much Judie
Rex Border Collie/Husky 03/30/96 Is almost 16. He has had trouble walking for a while, but now he can hardly stand up. Beryl
Rex Domestic Short Hair Cat 16 years Arthritis and breathing problems Lisa
Reynaling Pekinese 11/21/99 Prayers for Reyna that she heal and is able to spend more time with her family. Garcia Family
Ricky Cocker Spaniel 15 years kidney failure and just found out he may also have cancer Charlotte Cleary
Ricky Servel Cat Hind leg needs to be amputated due to low calcium which caused fractures Kim W.
Rico Greyhound Puppy High temp stopped eating and chest filling with fluid Lori S.
Riley Australian Shepherd 05/06/11 Has acute leukemia Anne
Riley Cancer as well as a slipped disc being treated with homeopathic treatments Lisa
Riley Cat 20 years Has not been eating properly the last week, he is drinking a lot of water, going to vet today Debra
Riley Lab/Golden Mix 01/01/92 Please pray for Riley. He has cancer and he is fading...fast... So hard to believe he will be gone Marilyn F. Williams
Riley Small Munsterlander 10 years Undergoing cancer surgery this week to remove a sarcoma. Praying for a full recovery. Diane
Riley Wheaten Terrier 08/20/96 He's gently moving to The Rainbow Bridge, lost his friend, Ohshi, 4days ago.Love & support. Maggie Sealtiel
Rio Bernese Mountain Dog 11 years Getting old and tired Tammy
Ripley Domestic Shorthair Cat Congestive heart failure due to left ventricular hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Rebecca F
Rivke Cat almost 19 years Health issues but stable Marlene and Ira
Robbie Catahoula Cattle Dog Puppy Coccidia still fighting for his life Amanda
Robyn Chihuahua 17 years Please pray for her as she has cancer and it's a matter of days if not hours to depart without pain Chris & Deb Gomez
Rockcee Rat Looks like rockcee has some kind of tumor, it started off small but grew fast Michelle Maezes
Rocky (Rock-N-Roll) Gynan Pitty Mix (Black W/ a bit of White) 5 years Tore his front dewclaw badly. Multiple daily bandage changes. Hoping he heals quickly. Jenn Gynan
Rocky Cat 12/22/10 Missing from 07/30/2011 Vijayalakshmi.R
Rocky Dog 14 years Bone, Liver, Cancer Julieta
Rocky DSH Dark Gray Cat 9 years Continued prayers for healing after surgery, waiting on pathology Joanne and Tim
Rocky Road Cat 03/25/10 Just diagnosed in late stage kidney failure-may God give both Rocky Road and I more time together Joan Villa
Rogan Irish Setter 03/22/02 He has been diagnosed with two splenic masses, and we aren't operating on him. He needs prayers! Celeste Kane
Rolly Polly Puppy Attacked by an American Bulldog has sutures but lost a lot of blood but stable Monique
Roofus Ros Chocolate Lab 03/07/06 Roofus was diagnosed with right lung cancer on December 2, 2011. His coughing continues to worsen. Doug Ross
Rook German Shepherd 01/20/06 His back legs are paralysed Barbara Clayborne
Rooney Labradoodle 03/06/11 He is fighting a terrible bacterial infection. Tracy Hackbarth
Rooney Ryan Cocker Spaniel 04/16/02 Sadly missing his companion,Shadow,Rooney is deaf and looks for her with anticipation Cindy Ryan
Rosa Chihuahua 8 years Liver and kidney disease Anne
Rosco Long Hair Chihuahua 12 years Has an enlarged heart and going into heart failure, my heart is breaking along with his. Gigi & Sami
Roscoe Cana Corso 04/19 /09 End of life/comfort measures. Neoplasia is diagnosis Michelle Gill
Rosie Beagle Mix 12 years Unexplained coughing Kelli
Rosie Boxer 4 years Only 4 yrs old and kidneys are failing. Vet amazed Rosie is still alive. Praying for a miracle. Debbie
Rosie Calico Cat 8 1/2 years Heart disease Marie Arsenault
Rosie Corgi/Jack Russell 11 1/2 years Has mast cell tumors, 15 tumors removed, so listless, doesn't eat of walk outside Valerie
Rosie Dachshund 05/01/00 Enlarged heart, kidneys and liver having an ultra sound. Karen
Rosie Domestic Short Hair Cat 14 years Missing 12 weeks never leaves property,please pray for her safety,and to find her. Susan
Rosie Lionhead Rabbit Gastric disturbance probably due to hair impact Kim W.
Rosie Mogie Cat Feline Renal Failure Gillian Moore
Rosie White & Black Domestic Cat 14 years Missing for 3 weeks, pray she is safe. Susan
Rover de Guzman Shepherd Mix 10/28/11 Healing prayers for my baby boy. Please pray for a miracle for my baby who has cancer. I love him. Karlo de Guzman
Roxanne Golden Retriever 01/26/03 Kidney Failure Shauna
Roxie Boston Terrier Escaped from yard Teresa
Roxie Mixed Dog 12 years Has cancer going thru kimo therapy Diane
Roxie Yorkie 13 years Was just told she has cancer on July 3rd Joyce
Roxy Domestic Cat 10/10/14 Please pray. My sweet girl is listless and not eating. Possibly feline leukemia. Sue McCorkle
Roxy Domestic Short Hair Cat 12/30/98 Kidney failure Nadine
Roy Miniature Poodle 14 years My wee Roy is fading fast .. he is crippled with arthritis .. is it his time ? .. I can't bear this Maureen
Ruby Fell Terrier 16 years Heart failure, arthritis, mobility problems Rachael Chadwick
Ruby Pekingese Battling chronic pancreatitis and may have other serious issues going on LaDonna
Ruby Shorthair Cat 2 years Special prayers for her tonight Leila
Rudolph Winchester Johnson DSH Manx Cat 09/27/04 Rudy had lost a little weight, so I took him to the vet. It turns out he has kidney problems. Tiffany Johnson
Rudy Chihuahua 15 years Missing for two days, heart problems, arthritis, deaf,gets confused. Miss him terribly Emma Jeffrey
Rudy Yorkie Diagnosed today with CKD stage 2/3 -hopeful to contain to a 2 with diet-please pray for him Carol Hall
Ruffian's Pride Thoroughbred/ Morgan Horse 5 years Laminitis Ann Lawrence
Rufus Lopez Tomko Standard Poodle 06/12/98 Degenerative Myelopathy since 2009. You try so hard my sweet Angel, mummy will never give up on you Erika
Ruger Lab/German Shorthair 01/10/00 Is fighting an unknown illness maybe cancer! Kathy Cipriani
Russell Cat Suddenly developing acute renal failure Jean
Ruster's Fabulous Paso Doble Giant Schnauzer 07/12/01 He is a seizure dog that developed Bromide toxicity. He seems to be shutting down. Wayne & Marie Crowder
Rusty and Tiki Siamese Cats 6 years and 5 years Been missing since july,they are good boys,pray they come home safe.thier the center of my heart. Darrell Hill
Rusty Brittany 14 years Is in Congestive Heart Failure. Prayers needed that this disease won't progress too quickly Joanne Wagner
Rusty Quarter Horse 19 years If his swelling does not go down he w have to b put down Patti
Rusty Siberian Husky 06/01/04 Back legs aren't working well, trouble walking,currently having acupuncture. Sandy Collins
Ruthie Cat 13 years Renal disease declining quickly Sandi
Rye Maltese 10/24/05 Was diagnosed with diabetes in Feb 2009, developed cataracts and is now blind. Shaeralee McCutcheon