Paddington Bear Singer Lab Mix 11 years A miracle to give us more time from scar tissue affecting his spine. Jen
Paige Cat approximately 12 years Nephritis vet suspects cystitis still on antibiotics Lori
Paladin Carolina Moon Nike Clayfield, Yogi Bear German Shepherd Dog 05/07/02 Please pray for Yogi Bear. She has cryptosporidium which is not responding to treatment. Gloria S Rice
Panda Shih Tzu 02/13/01 Mostly blind & deaf. Not sure if she is in pain. Still wags tail when petted or held. Rose McDowell
Panda Weekly Pomeranian 11/21/08 Panda needs some gentle thoughts and prayers to help her. It is not time for her to go yet. Laurie & Jon Weekly
Pasiley Dachshund 8 years Can't use her back legs, had a disk problem in her back Carol Ann
Patch Kelly Mix Dog 01/26/01 He is suffering from arthritis and is 10 years old and has a hard time getting up. Jenette Kelly
Patches Cat 9 years Tumor on neck Julie
Patience Dog 01/20/08 Healing - has had two major seizures Betty Beam
Paws Cat 4 years Possible brain tumor/infection in brain Anita
Peaches Buff Tabby Cat 09/18/94 Peach is ill & she'll be going to the Bridge next wkend, if she doesnt get worse. Pls purr 4 her. Barbara Embry
Peaches DSH-Brown Tabby Cat 10/96 Severe arthritis, megacolon, just diagnosed with Kidney disease Mary Cromoton
Peaches Lab Mix 12 years I just found out my Peaches has a disc problem in her back also has 3 very large bladder stones. Susan Browning
Peanut (Honey Girl) Yorkie 10/05/98 Peanut has CHF, enlarged liver and Heart and coughs all the time, she's struggling but happy Sharon
Peanut Akridge Chihuahua 14 years My fur baby has been diagnosed with Cushing disease. Please pray for a speedy recovery. Thanks Sandra Akridge
Peanut Butter Sugar Glider 10 weeks Our new baby escaped into the woods and beaches around Bethany Beach. We hope he stays safe. Stephanie Dallas and Jeffrey Bongiovani
Peanut Lab Shep Mix 08/18/04 Diagnosed with Addison's Disease Cindy Porcaro
Peanut Rat Terrier 9 years He needs prayers . He is devestated over the loss of his brother , and refuses to eat. Andrea Breau
Pearl also known as Mangia Pug 11/08/04 Pearl has nerve damage in fault her back legs she is having trouble walking Kellie
Pearl Australian Terrier 12 years Just lost her long-time companion, Mattie, and battling her own serious illnesses. Nancy Johnson
Pearl German Shepherd Dog 09/04/03 Diagnosed with cancer on Feb 21, 2013 Lisa Eimer
Pebbles Domestic Shorthair Cat 13 years Has kidney disease stage 4. We give subcutaneous fluids, everyday. pray Joanne Meyers-Rivera
Pebbles Yorkie 06/20/02 Prayers needed for Pebbles (serious kidney issues plus other problems). Please pray for her. Shannon Grinaway
Pebbles2 Dalmatian 01/05/99 She was a rescue off of our road, she was my Guardian Angel...Now I make sure she is painless... Nancy Bowen
PeeWee Liquori Parakeet 7 years Breathing problems, staph infection, possible tumors Kevin & Evangeline Liquori
Peewee Mainecoon Cat 17 years 's health is failing quite rapidly. Renee Hahn
Penny Mixed Breed Dog 01/01/02 Has diabetes and is not responding to insulin Jeff C
Penny Short Hair Cat Prayer that she will going peace and without pain. And know how much she is loved. Norma
Pepe Chihuahua/Min Pin Mix Elderly, deaf, and almost blind Debbie
Pepe Tabby Cat 16 years Is in late stage kidney disease Grace Knoof
Pepper Golden Retriever 07/27/98 Is losing her sight, hearing and she has arthritis among other things Please pray for her Joyce
Pepper Schnauzer 11/06/94 Prayer Patricia Mason
Pepper Terrier X 1998 Slowly loosing the ability to get up. Tries hard, but it is getting to be too much for her Barbara Wolfe
Peppermarie GSD 13 1/2 years Tomorrow we will be taking our beloved girl to the vet to be put asleep. Maryanne T. Haffner
Peppino Domestic Shorthair Cat 9 years Papa has lymphoma and has come out of a very short remission so we are no longer treating. Praying Rose Ann Zuba
Percie Nyssa Persian Cat 01/17/03 She needs help walking Justine Nyssa
Percy Cat 06/30/07 MSRA infection on nail bed on back right paw from broken nail Joan
Percy Cat 06/30/07 Thickening of wall of small intestine, suggestive of IBD or lymphoma. Also infarcts on kidneys. Joan
Percy Cat 6 years Bladder stone Joan
Percy Priscilla Elizabeth Topaz Pug 05/21/00 Prayers for no pain and suffering with cancer Tana Pierce
Pete Pembroke Welsh Corgi 08/04/02 Has cancer. He needs healing thoughts. Jill Rust
Petey Cat 3 years Has been missing for two weeks. Please God guide Petey home to me. Judy
Petey Domestic Long Hair-Tuxedo Cat 5 1/2 years Went missing on 7/26/09 Laura
Petey Italian Greyhound Mix? 16-18? years Old age, cancer & form of canine Alzheimers. Loren & Teresa Knapp
Petie Plecha Domestic Longhair Cat Sick, has stopped eating, known to have mass in abdomen Bob Hentschel
Petie Rabbit 4 years May have a form of lung cancer. He's not doing well... please say a prayer for him. Robyn
Pettie Poodle 09/23/07 Suffering with very bad teeth Lisa Thomas
Petunia Greyhound 12 years Has developed a tumor on her pancreas that appears cancerous. Melissa Kalaus
Phantom Tuxedo Cat 05/03/02 Our darling is losing weight, very sick. Vet says liver damage. We are heartbroken. Marilyn McGuire
Phoebe Miniature Fox Terrier 9 years Is missing, escaped from boarding kennels. Please Pray for her safe return Jan Hanlon
Phoebe Pitbull Mix 14? years She might possibilty have liver problems and possible cancer(?). Please pray for her!! Laura Disque
Phoenix Maltese 2 years Our little girl Phoenix suffers from a rare liver birth defect (Porto Systemic Shunt). Rick & Monica
Pigeon Domestic Short Hair, Grey Tabby Cat 12 years Beginning stages of renal failure Erin Harris
Pigeon Russian Blue Mix Cat 3 years Missing and has health concerns (URI/cleft palate) Barbara Nelson
Pinky and the rest Cats 3 years Sweet little guy who always waited in same spot and now missing along with others due to construct Evangeline Liquori
Pinky Cat 04/01/00 Is my deceased son's furbaby and has bleeding nodules on her belly. Joanne Bocci
Pinuki Bernese Mountain Dog 08/02/03 Soft tissue swelling on left side of neck, pray for treatable diagnosis Ileane
Piper Lab Mix Puppy Got out of the yard Katherine W.
Pixel Domestic Long Coat Cat 03/21/08 She disappeared on 5/30. I'm pretty sure she was taken. Pray for return or protection from harm. Deb N
Pixie Miniature Dachshund 13 years Ulcerated skin problem under her front left leg which bothers her very much Kathy
PJ Yellow Tabby Cat 14 1/2 years Has an enlarged liver and has lost weight. Melissa
Police Dog Heatstroke Heidi
Pookie Maine Coon Mix With Orange Tabby Cat 8 years My big guy, my baby, has bone cancer of the spine, hiding, we just want him happy during this time. Roberta Jean Vengley
Posie Dachshund 9 years Sudden onset of pancreatitis/liver disease Patti
Pouch White DSH Cat Went missing on 03/09/2012 ...Plz come home Pouch... Lisa
Precious Dog She is anemic & fighting an infection. We have 2 months of careful care Lisa
Precious T Hemmingway Cat 03/23/10 Precious's Kidney functions are bad She hates the rx diet Angela Clark
Pretinha Não Definida Cão 13 anos Ela tem um caroço muito grande na barriga. Igor Rodrigues Bastos
Prince Conley Maltese 11/24/07 he passed away a couple days ago from old age Shaun and Karen Conley
Prince Red Nose Pitbull 4 months Need for prayer Olga Cabanellas
Princess Belle Dog Feeling uncomfortable and whimpering possible arthritis in her tail or spondylosis Judy
Princess Shepherd Mix 14 years Back hip arthritis Donna King
Pua Orange Persian Kitty 10/19/00 Diagnosed tonight (1/31/14) with liver cancer. Please pray for us. Ann Konigsberg
Puck Border Collie Is a decorated search and rescue dog that has been missing since July in San Diego. Lori Warwick
Puddy Cat 13 years She's sick and needs your prayers. This little bundle has given me 13 years of unconditional love. Kait Hubbell
Puddy Foo Foo Domestic Shorthair Cat 8 years Was diagnosed with cancer and given a year to live. Pray she doesn't suffer. Jason Ferguson
Puma Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/16/00 Chronic heart and IBD/pancreatitis Mary
Puma Manx Cat 16 years Was recently diagnosed with spleen cancer. Irina
Pumba Rat He needs help to overcome the mourning of his brother and also his respiratory desease Marina
Pumpkin Cat 05/03/14 Prayers for Pumpkin. He has feline leukemia. He is my child! Ashley
Pumpkin Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/2003 My sweet baby is in kidney and heart failure. Please keep Pumpkin in your thoughts & prayers. Maura Rahman
Pumpkin DSH Cat 10/30/00 Her liver is severely enlarged. Medication is not helping. Vet suspects cancer. Carrie and Jon
Punkin Orange Tabby Cat 12 years Has been diagnosed with oral cancer. Please pray for him. Debbie Starzec
Punkin Yorkie 8 years Please Please pray for our family dog Punkin who is sick w/cancer. She is our light and joy. Nicole Zeoli
Puppies (10) Exposed to and fighting parvo virus Amanda
Puppup Shizu 2000 Connective tissue with possible cataract. Peggy
Purr Cat almost 18 years Thyroid tumor Katherine W.
Purrcy Baker Turkish Van Cat 08/2003 Purrcy has a large tumour in his chest, one lung has collapsed. Please pray for him to stave off… Laure Baker
Purrty Ricci Domestic Shorthair Cat 9 years Grieving over the death of his best kitty friend. FIV positive, bladder problems. Pat Ricci
PyRHO Poodle 9 years He has arthritis really bad Mamie Heard