Oddball Dalmatian 12/16/00 Has hip dysplasia, and is unable to walk at the moment. Elaine
Odie Emaciated Siberian Husky Puppy Katherine
Odin Dog Tumor on spleen Guardian Angels and BFAS
Oliver DSH Cat 05/2012 Contracted FIP and is fading away quickly Helit
Oliver Himalayan Cat 12/01/99 Intestinal and bowel problems. Two surgeries so far. D. Ariane Nelson
Olivia Papillon 12 years Diagnosed with Cardiovascular Disease Deanna
Ollie Chinese Crested Dog 5 years He has been missing since May 14, 2011 Renee Roth
Ollie Guinea Pig 01/06/08 Abscess on neck needing antibiotics as turned into oestomyelitits Donna Wilson
Ollie Maltese 04/22/09 Is Otis's brother and Otis partially paralyzed Ollie Kathy and Edward Pelletier
Onyx Shepherd/Husky Mix 9 years Has Stage 3 hemangiosarcoma. Praying that she has a good quality of life as long as possible. Destine
Orange T Orange Tabby Cat 15 years His special problems are old injuries that still cause some pain and he is 15 years old. Catherine L Piner
Oreo (aka Kiddles) Tuxedo Domestic Shorthair Cat 06/14/93 Slight hearing vision/hearing loss and diminished cognition, having frequent accidents, diabetes Muriel Supples & Kyle Bennett
Oreo Cat Cystitis KimW
Oreo Cat Prayers for my friend Timmy, his kitty Oreo is failing rapidly due to a neurological condition Mary Jo Murphy
Oreo DSH Tuxedo Cat 15 years Older kitty who needs some positive thoughts, appetite decrease and weight loss Julie
Oreo Papillion 1 year Just gave birth to 3 puppies several days ago. She doesn't want to eat, and drink right now. Debbie
Osa Solarina Cat 03/22/09 Osi is FelV positive, she needs prayers to immunize or stay sane for lots of years, she’s only 2 y. Cory López
Oscar Albino Rabbit 2 years Was from a hoarder and was one of 86 in abarn. He severyly injured his leg and without mHad Kathleen Bourdelais
Oscar Bichon Diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease and CHF on meds which are helping his heart work as efficiently as possible Brian and Don
Oscar Dachshund 01/94 Experiencing problems with just growing old Martha
Oscar Dachshund 08/08/01 He is blind and he also having trouble with holding his bowel movements and hard time walking!! Carol & Gary
Oscar Dachshund Cushing's disease Nina
Oscar Doodles Rotti Boxer 7 years Just got diagnosed with heart cancer Rose
Oscar Grey American Shorthair Cat 08/07/00 Is 11 and is need of prayers for his bladder problems. Thanks so much! God bless! Barbara
Oscar Miniature Dachshund 6 years Bruised spinal cord, partial paralysis in hind legs, incontinence as a result Courtney
Oscar Tabby Cat 6 months Feline leukemia virus Eileen
Osoa Chow/Boxer 10/21/96 Going Blind/ Hearing Issues/ Hard to Walk Eddie
Otis Dog 18 years Blind no teeth starting to decline Robert
Owly Philippine Domestic Cat Has deep wound on chest. Very thin and weak. Confined 8/13/2016 at clinic. Please pray for her! Patrick Berkenkotter
Oz Greyhound 09/15/03 My sweet 12yr old grey will pass soon from liver failure. Enjoying the final days. So so sad. Rick Kaminski
Ozzi Ferret 01/11/06 Is an older ferret, 9.5 years old suffering from various diseases. Daliya Greenfeld
Ozzie Pekingese 02/05/05 Lives with chronic colitis Jenny Dobbuns
Ozzy Yorkie 05/03/03 Bowel obstruction, nurological problems Lauri Brady