Lacey Jane Cocker Spaniel 01/01/98 For the best quality of life til her last breath - and the ability to say goodbye til we meet again Mary Jo Powers
Lacey Mini Schnauzer Has Cushings disease and she is failing, think she is ready to cross The Rainbow Bridge. Diana Jackson
Laci Kane Porter Miniature Poodle 04/09/07 She has a thyroid problem. She is my Emotional Therapy Dog. I have been sick for 2 yrs, she helps Norma Courtois
Lacie Puppy Undergoing heartworm treatment Linda
Lady Kotton Spotted Tabby/Siamese (Mix?) Cat June/July 2001 Her back hurts and she cannot eat. I desperately want her cured so she can eat and enjoy life! Heidi Christensen
Lady Tara Cashel Thompson Siamese Cat 01/05/06 Our Lady Tara is having separation Axiety since Sir King had Past on. Any Prayers are appreciated. Tim and Marie Thompson
Larry Lurcher 07/13/00 Osteosarcoma - we are not amputating his leg but making his remaining time comfortable and happy Sharon Meredith
Latte Tortie 10 years Jaw tumor Aubrey
Laurel Dog 05/29/10 Missing, to return very soon Vijayalakshmi.R
Lazlo Cat Emergency surgery to remove spleen Dottie B.
Lazy Bones Basset Hound 02/23/17 Severe arthritis, blindness, deafness. Kalla
Le' Purr Tabby Cat 05/01/00 Purr may have renal failure....... we are trying other meds and food. Jean
Leader Cat 12/22/10 Missing from night of 05/09/2011, he must return tonight itself safe and sound Vijayalakshmi.R
LeChat Domestic Cat 08/15/03 Suffers from glaucoma. Need healing. Eric Pellerin
Lee Pekingese 15 years 5 months Cancer/Tumor Barbara Little
Lemieux Maine Coon Cat Prayers for having cancer for Lemieux... and may he die a painless death. Michelle
Leo Goel Boxer 04/24/06 Lymphoma on chemo for 1 yr 26 days now in neutropenic sepsis Shiv and Aparna
Leo Yorkie Mix 20 years Mobility issues Debbie
Leonardo daVinci (Leo) Toy Poodle 03/16/98 Is 13 yrs old. he Is deaf, almost blind, has arthritis and frequent ear infections. Doug and Marlene Almstead
Lester Lue English Bulldog 10/27/09 He has Lymphoma and it's getting close to his time to cross over. Phena Cason
Leviathan German Shepherd 09/11/00 Dislocated hips, dislocated shoulder. Kevin Curtin
Lexi Cat 15 years Has hyperthyroidism, is on meds and is holding at 6 pounds. Nikki
Lexi Cat 2 years fluid in chest.. Further tests tomorrow Maria
Lexi Hicks Shitzu 15 years Lexi and I lived in toxic black mold and now she has cancer. I am on disability and funds are low. Tina Hicks
Lexi Silky Terrier 9 1/2 years Is in end stage chronic kidney disease, any prayers are appreciated, I love her so much. Sue Williams
Lexie Chocolate Lab- Mountain Cur Mix 4 years Epilepsy & odd behaviors from this disorder Theresa
Liam Cat needed to have infection drained Lori S.
Lido Cat 11/18/00 This sweet, loving boy is coping with advanced renal failure. He's trying to hang on but declining. Lisa
Liesel Dachshund 14 years Was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Liz and Olive
Lil' Mama Pitty 07/02/07 Prayers...She is weakening from cancer but still not suffering. Please pray for her 2 feel well. Lindsey Musick
Lillie Cat 03/20/08 She is missing 5 days. Please pray that she will come back. I miss her so much. Elizabeth Ornsby
Lilly Mae Beagle 11/01/01 Has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure. Lots of prayers for my Beagle baby. Connie
Lilo Cat 03/28/07 Was diagnosted with kidney issues back in July, 2010. Jenn
Lilo Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit 09/17/03 May have leukemia and is losing vision in both eyes Miko Marshall
Lily Cat 2 years Our sweet girl has been missing for almost 3 weeks now. Please pray she comes home. Holly B
Lily Lilac Point Siamese Cat 02/10/94 Diagnosed with kidney failure and liver problems/declining rapidly. Donna Gibson
Lily Mae Dob/Rot 02/13/06 She has dietabetis and gets insulin 2 times a day & special diet Betty Hamilton
Lily Mini-Dachshund 04/25/12 Diagnosed with lymphoma at 1.5 years old Alex Suihkonen
Lima Rottweiler Mix Has Diabetes, and has had several corrective eye surgeries. Sharon Chun
Link Jenday/Sun Conure Hybrid 5 years Won't eat much, puffy feathers, extreme weight loss, sleeps all the time, won't respond to stimulus Cordelia
Linzy Cat 9 years Very Sick cat. Need prayers for her to get well. Thank you very much. Susan Livingston
Lionel Cat at Colony Cats May have had a stroke Lori S.
Little Awesome Autumn Mist Tortoise Shell Cat Rescued 11/23/09 Autumn has been diagnosed with Feline Lukemia Jan Ault
Little 'Gweedie Love' Beagle/Terrier Mix Rescued 08/25/95 Basically going blind and deaf. Jan Ault
Little Man Kitten 6 months Was born with the Feline Leukemia virus. We are fighting it but I know it may not work. Tennia Kilmer
Little Snicker Doodle (Snickers) Yorkshire Terrier 10 years Snickers was diagnosed with stage 4 chronic renal failure. Prayers are needed. Brent
LittleMan White Siamese Cat 3 years Missing since 11/23/16 S Clarke
Liza Shetland Sheepdog 01/2005 Is dealing with an inoperable tumor in her bladder and enjoying life one day at a time. Ginny Jackson
Liza Shetland Sheepdog Is beginning the end of her fight with bladder cancer, not interested in food, sleeping a lot. Ginny Jackson
Lizzy Chihuahua 05/31/10 Non-regenerative anemia and they don't know what's causing it Kathy Blanch
Lizzy Dog 10 years Developed cancer. Darlene
Loki Black German Shepherd 10/24/13 He was diagnosed today with a severe case of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. He is hospitalized now Jack and Traci Edwards
Loki Manx Cat 14 years She has a large tumor on her shoulder which has gotten bigger. Vet thinks it might be cancer. Lori
Lola Dog Has 3 bites against her, she will be euthanized Craig
Lord Benjamin Domestic Shorthair Spotted Tabby Cat 06/08/02 Injured back and just not well Heidi Helene Christensen
Lord Benji Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/08/02 He has trouble peeing and has osteoarthritis in his back Heidi Helene Christensen
Loreena Kitten Adams Russian Blue Type Cat 02/14/97 17+ yrs old - age-related health issues Mark and Rebecca Adams
Lotus Rat 04/28/11 Une petite pensée, beaucoup de courage et une bouffée d'oxygène. Elle se noie dans ses poumons. Laurine
Loui Tonkinese Cat 21 years My cat Loui is amazing, but has not been feeling well from old age. Kami Laura
Louie Bichon/Mix 19 1/2 years He's always been deaf, he's going blind, and he's fading. I'm losing my best friend. Bailey
Louie Lab/Border Collie 04/01/00 Has mast cell cancer. Praying for more time with him. Don Barrows
Louis Domestic Shorthair Cat 5 years Needs everyone's prayers & kind thoughts toward healing--congestive heart failure and blood clot. Rebecca A. Lowry
Lovie Formerly 'Radford's Lovable Durrer' Yorkshire Terrier 11/10/95 Lovie is deaf, nearly blind, and gradually losing the use of his hind legs Richard N. Moore
Lucca Dog 15 years Cancer Kathy
Lucie and Leo Cats FHR upper respiratory infections Lucie responding well to meds Leo is a bit slower to respond Sheryl G.
Lucky and Faith Dogs Bitten by a snake. In hyperbaric chamber Jamie
Lucky Angora Rabbit 07/2010 Splay legs due to neorological disorder. Crystal U
Lucky Beagle Has seizures Peter and Jen
Lucky Cat Missing Squeeky Amelia Peggy and Marguerite
Lucky Charles Altazin Mixed Chow 13 years Lucky has cancer of the soft tissue in the upper gums of the mouth. Carl Altazin
Lucky Davis Mainecoon Cat 12/01/03 The sweat gland adenocarcinoma has returned, Metastasis will occur at some point. Andrea
Lucky Domestic Shorthair Cat 13 years Is having various age-related health problems at frequent intervals. Kristin, Kari, Linda, Ken
Lucky Doyle Robinson American Eskimo Spitz 07/04/92 We have to send our loyal baby to the rainbow bridge at 2pm EDT today..please pray for him Patty Doyle
Lucky Mini Pinscher 2006 Prayers needed for illness (arthritis) Sara Garcia
Lucky Orange Tabby Cat 1 1/2 years Injured hind leg /hip needs healing Natalie Keyes For Daughter Amanda Devasher
Lucky Perry PitBull 01/2000 Diagnosed with Bone Cancer 01/15/2013 Melenda Perry
Lucky Puppy R Nose Pit/Am. Bull 14 years Diagnosed with Liver cancer ,lg tumor in stomach,, & lymphoma Laurie, Melissa, Jeff & Victoria Ray-Burke & Plume
Lucky Shibu Inu Missing since 08/11/08 in Chester NJ June
Lucy Beagle Bowers Beagle 11/11/04 Has been ill, now has stopped eating Cathy Bowers
Lucy Border Collie 7 years This is my husbands dog and Lucy has seizures Sarah
Lucy Cat 06/26/14 Was unable to walk, paralysis hind legs after having had her spayed Casey Shandor
Lucy Cat Escaped through a window after spay needs to come back home where she will be safe Dottie
Lucy Dog 07/21/06 Diagnosed w/ insulinoma approx 6 months to live, new complications diabetes and pancreatitis. Amanda
Lucy German Shepherd 11/2006 Has had an on going problem with an eye infection. Deb Wadkins
Lucy Mini Poodle 16 years Is deaf, a little demented, has respiratory problems and just lost her soulmate, little Sammy. Lorrie & Robert
Lucy Orange Tabby Cat 04/18/11 Hyperesthesia (rolling skin disease) Terri Shields
Lucy Pug 06/17/03 Blind with diabetes Jennifer Reid
Lucy Rat Terrier Prayers for healing please. Thank you. <3 Susan Connolly
Luigi DSH White and Black Cat Was lost from transport in Petersburg VA on 2/16/2013 and has not been found Grace Knoof
Luigi Persian Cat 04/17/96 Close to end kidney disease. Need help to keep him comfortable and know when he's ready...:( Darci DeLain
Luis DSH Cat 03/15/13 He will not eat or drink. The vets are still trying to figure out what's wrong with him. Amy Naranjo
Luke Skywalker Rodriguez Boxer 07/15/08 My poor Luke Skywalker had a stroke a week ago and is slowly getting worse. I love him so much! Jessica Rodriguez Martinez
Lulu Chow Chow 01/04/97 Help with arthritis pain and old age. Ivo Watts-Russell
Lulu Jalbert Tuxedo Cat 16 years End stage kidney failure JP Maclaren
Lulu Tuxedo Cat 16 years Prayer to help her fight a last battle with cancer. Eric
Luna Cat 1 1/2 years Very sick with fluid in lungs. Won't eat. On antibiotics Need LOTS of prayers PLEASE!! Lisa
Luna Cat 9+ years Thoughts, prayers and comforting energy for Luna who is facing her last stage of earthly life. Amy
Lupe Poodle 09/09/03 Bladder cancer Caio
Luther Cat 12 years I pray Luther's tests tomorrow (1/20/2017) reveal that his kidney disease isn't far advanced. Rickie Boguille
Lyza Dog 14 years My Lyza was diagnosed with mast cell tumor and must undergo surgery, she also has liver issues. Kathryn Holloway