Icicle Kitten Infectious disease that hasnít been diagnosed still not doing well Lorri M.
Ike American Pitt Bulldog 12 years Our Ike just began having seizures. He lost control of himd legs and can barely walk. Kim Bowers
Ilsa Cat 01/01/09 Feline leukemia Barbara Vatza
Indy Plotthound 15 years Aging pet losing mobility. sore on her rump that is having difficulty healing. Gil Hodges
Indy Shiba Inu Puppy Slipped his collar and was hit by a car improving and eating now Bailey
Inga Miniature Schnauzer 01/15/00 Aging, with pancreatic issues, epilepsy and fatty tumors... she's just getting older... Joe Williams
Inu Mix Dog 8 years A severe case of acute pancreatitis Ying-fun Cheung
Irma (pronounced Earma) Tuxedo DSH Cat 11/2007 Missing since 11/2017. Last seen frail & emaciated. Pray for her quick return or rapid cross-over. Angela Teresi
Isabella Persian Cat 09/01/93 Her left rear leg is almost lame. She has difficulty walking. Kathleen Luciano
Isis Kitty Mixed Maine Coon Cat 03/10/00 An easy passing to Rainbow Bridge Cooky
Izzabella Cat Cancer Linda McInnis