Haggis Rat Terrier/Scottie Is my mother's dog, who I love very much. Please pray that she'll get better. Sophia Duvall
Hal Martin Tuxedo Cat 2 years Went missing when I moved 2-wks ago. Pray for him to see the light and return home. Evelyn Phillips
Haley Domestic Shorthair Calico Cat 05/15/00 Diabetic, lower urinary tract disease Julie
Halftail DSH Cat 15 years Disappered last Wed. July 1, 2015. We have coyotes and other preditors. He needs found. Angela
Hallee Boxer 07/13/02 Hallee (aka Buffy) has just been diagnosed with Lung Cancer... MikTam
Halo Great Dane 10/27/99 He's outlived his life expectancy by 3 years already. His legs are giving out and he's hurting. Sarah J. Van Bibber
Halter Black Lab Mix Partner has Addison's. I am on disabilty, please pray we will be able to pay to keep him alive. Bill and Carolyn Kutz
Hambone Chase Cat My beloved cat Chase, aka Hambone is at least 19 years old and is in pain and failing health. Pray Dana Marlow
Hamster Missing after auto accident KimW
Hank Great Dane Yellow Labrador Cross 02/17/06 Osteosarcoma of left distal radius Gaby Herman
Hank Quarter Horse 20 years Squamous cell cancer of sinus, trouble breathing, poor appetite, losing condition. Need prayer. Deby Evans
Hannah Great Pyrenees 6 going on 7 Cancer journeying to the Bridge 1/13 or 1/14 Heidi
Hannah Irish Wolfhound/Lab Mix 6 years Osteosarcoma, in need of prayers for a gentle peaceful passing, that will be soon. Julia and Family
Hannah Siamese White Tortie Cat 22.10.10 My litte hannah hit by a car Gerry
Hans Boxer 12/15/07 Was diagonosed with Lymphoma on 1/20/2011. please pray for him to be our miracle baby!!! Diane Mellott
Happy Boston Terrier 02/99 Has nearly lost all of his vision Jeff and Kelli
Harley (my short snorty girl) English Bulldog 05/25/02 Pain due to age and: Hip Displasia, Knee Ligaments, Shoulder injury, Arthritis Kristi
Harley Bassett Hound Missing since Christmas Joe
Harley Domestic Shorthair Cat 06/09/00 Surviving cancer pain-free Ann Margaret
Harley English Bulldog 08/26/03 Cancer of the lymph nodes Christine Mauri
Harley Syrian Hamster Hasnt been well for a few days,his time may have come, hope he passes peacefully <3 Grace
Harlie Dog Recovering from poisoning Kim W.
Harmony Long Hair Cat 16 years Diabetes Beth and Ruth Quisenberry
Harold Maine Coon Cat 12 years IBD and arthritis Rachael Proffitt
Harry Flame Point Siamese Cat 11? Years Has developed cystitis, he needs prescription food and vet care and insurance. Destitute Bob Martin
Harry Potter Cat 8 years Harry is very sick-has had stomatitis for years, and now treatment is not working. Lisa Heller
Harry Westie 12 years Heart and lung condition June Roy
Hayden Jack Russell 11 years Has lymphoma pray for my baby & for me to have the strength to do the right thing when it's time. Lorraine
Hayley Spaniel Mix 14 years My sweet girl has TCC (bladder cancer) and it has spread to her lung. I am devastated. Jody
Haynes Aussie 06/05/98 Bone cancer Linda Boileau
Hazel Tricolor Cat 15 years Praying for my Hazel who has CKD and her health is declining. Reuven
Henry Cat 16 years Hopes that Henry will survive and that cancer treartment may help Reverend Beth Mandelbaum
Henry Dog 12/02/01 Has cancer and has been having a tough time lately. He has been too sick to resume his chemo Susan Milan
Henry Siamese Snowshoe Cat Please pray for Henry, he is in liver failure, Kelly and Eddy Torres
Herbie Exotic Shorthair Cat 04/15/03 That he be healed from his infection. Lani Burch
Hercules Rottweiler Is fighting cancer and is receiving chemo. His cancer is not curable. I love him Diane
Hershey Mixed Cat 9 years Has trouble with her hind legs making it hard for her to jump like she used to… Tracy Orth
Hershey Shih Tzu 11/23/05 My sweet boy has been diagnosed with a tumor on his lung. Liz
Heshy Chocolate Lab Prayers for healing please. Thank you I am very grateful. Susan Connolly
Hey Baby Mixed Breed Dog 10 years Diagnosed with Renal Failure Pam
Hezekiah (Kiah) Howard English Mastiff 12/24/98 Kiah is struggling with hip arthritis and shortness of breath and some urinary incontinence. Ron Howard
Higgins Miniature Chocolate Poodle 01/17/97 My baby is shutting down does not eat cannot control his bowels and has congestive heart failure Terri Bianco
Hitchy Domestic Short Hair Cat 4 years Is missing - please help bring her home - I love and miss her so very much! Trish Blegen
Hollie Dog Fighting illness Linda
Holly Beagle Whippet Mix 02/01/05 Spinal Meningitis Suzanne
Holly Black Lab 12/25/06 Nasal cancer, has received radiation treatments. She has had a bad few days. Needs prayers to help Mary Quirk
Holly Dog Has just been diagnosed with arterial fibrillation. Lesley
Holly Golden Retriever 11/20/02 Has aggressive tumour on steroids and painkillers Lesley
Homer Boston Terrier 10/31/01 Has a heart base tumor Sarah & Art
Homer Cat Unable to maintain his balance possible liver involvement Gwen and Laurence
Homer DSH Cat 13 years Is in renal failure. I give him sub-cu fluids 2x a week. 2 much Phosphorus in FF Food. Stephanie Maglietta
Honey Bunny Golden Retriever 12 years Multiple health problems, hope for recovery from infection. Cancer survivor. Kat Pearthree
Honey Calico Cat 8 years Has cancer and is still hanging in there. We need your prayers. Thank you! Gerry Honig
Hootie French Bulldog 4 years Hard time eating Patti & Judy Sage
Hootie Watson Dog 14 years HOOTIE is suffering from Kidney failure, pray she is not in pain. Her eyes are still bright Clay Watson
Hoover Dog 9 years Arthritis thyroid problems but meds are working trouble walking Amy and Leif
Houdini Siamese Cat 01/13/05 Has a severe throat problem. Possibly cancer. He is at home with those he loves. Renee Chandler
Hudson Schnoodle 10 years Had cancer, hoping radiation was successful Craig
Huey Cat 15 1/2 years Either pancreatic disease or lymphoma Erin Hoffman Yang
Hunter Black Lab Mix 9-10 years Seizures, high blood pressure, mass on paw needs to be removed. Amanda
Hunter German Shepherd 09/18/98 Has bad hip dysplasia Donna Zaksewicz
Huntew Basset 15 years Diagnosed yesterday with stage 4 cardiac murmur, right sided heart failure and ascites Gma Laura Hall
Huxley Kitten Calicvirus Desiree
Hyena Ferret Sick ferret coping with loss of her buddies Odalys