Fabio Mainecoon Cat My dear elderly cat has bad arthritis and renal failure. Please pray for him, he is in decline. Sherri
Faith Cat Thin and ill Kathleen
Faithie Black/White Tuxedo Cat 13 years She is believed to have cancer. Not eating much food Please send many prayers her way. Thank you.. Maddie
Farlie Golden Retriever 06/16/00 Has bone marrow cancer and has been in treatment for 19 months but needs all your prayers Roy
Fat Fat Cat 16 years End stage hyperthyroidism...dying Kate Kaiser-Barbee
Fatso Norwegian Forest Cat 13 years Recently diagnosed with cancer Ann
Fatties Mainecoon Cat 10 years My dear Kitty has cancer and is very frail. He is nearing the Bridge. Lisa
Feebee Cat 13 years Please pray for Feebee chronic upper respiratory infection and possible nasal tumor. We love her Carolyn
Felix Dog Was lost from transport on 2/11/2013 in Emporia VA and has not been found Grace Knoof
Feliz Grey and White Cat CRF and some IBD issues Andrea W.
Fenix Cat 9 years Born with one deformed kidney and one that never developed. Misses her buddy Purrcy very much. Deb & Corky Rittenbaugh
Fin Calico Cat 11/01/97 Chronic Renal Failure - late stage - resorted to palliative care at home. Leslie Monteyne
Finchley Westie 11 years Please pray for his speedy recovery. We love you Finchley and want you at home with us. Amy, Marc and Orly
Finnegan Labrador Retriever 14 1/2 years Finn has multiple issues and is nearing his time. He has the very best owners, Jennifer and Anthony Jennifer and Anthony and Rachel
Fiona English Bulldog 10/05/05 Prayer for healing of her pneumonia and heart base tumor, and allergies Cheryl
Fizzgig Jack Russell 03/29/00 Our little friend, has nasal cancer. we've had him since he was 5 weeks old. Don & Billie
Flash Kitchen Beagle 06/06/04 Flash is fighting bone cancer Andrew and Brandi Kitchen
Fledgling Seabright Chick Missing since 09/05/08 Candi
Flick Boxer 21st August 2002 Has been fighting mast cell cancer for 4 months and it seems she is starting to lose Andrew Aston
Flo Cat 10 years Has heart murmur level 3 Donna Geouge
Floppy King Charles 08/22/03 Much loved family pet of 9 years fighting to survive accident 2 days ago. Mary Fennelly
Florida American Shorthair Cat 14 years We just learned that Florida has stage 4 breast cancer despite being spayed we don't know how long Paula and Bill
Flossy Ferret Adrenal glan cancer, vet says she has two weeks to live Mackenzie
Flower Dutch Rabbit 05/01/08 Prayers to help her respiratory infection heal so she can get back to her normal self Merri
Fluff Cat Missing since 03/19. My sweet girl. Please guide her home safely. She is missed. :( Meg Smith
Fluffy Cat 14 years He hasn't been eating for a few days, and he's not like himself. Pray for him Jenna
Forrest Cat 3 years Missing for a week, cold weather coming Cindy
Foster Corgi/Rat Terrier 02/01/09 Is a seizure dog & since losing his friend Chance the seizures have been more & worse. Andrea Adams
Foster Jack Russell 15 years Has end stage heart failure, only weeks to live, on lots of meds, will miss him so much Jean
Fox Dog 6 1/2 years He is young 2 have a lymphoma, wenton chemo, went well for 1 month, now has fluids in belly & lung Helen Varvounis
Foxey Macy Surprise Siberian Husky 11/25/00 Please pray for comfort for Foxey as she winds down her earthly life. :( Dawn and Bill
Foxie Ann Dilute Calico Cat 03/16/10 My baby girl needs prayers, she seems to have developed a URI. Maria
Foxy Domestic Long Hair Cat 6 months Was just diagnosed with FIP. Such a sweet kitten, such a short life, most of it in a shelter. Isabelle Brous
Foxy Miniature Pincher 14 years Congestive heart failure and other heart issues Shannon Conley
Francis Rat 22 months Has a severe lung issue on strong antibiotics Donna D.
Franklin Collie 04/2000 Has a large tumor and we ask for prayers and comfort Chip Grubb
Fred Liquori Green Cheek Conure 03/10 Heartbroken and searching for his mate, Charlie Liquori, who passed on 4/5/19 Kevin and Evangeline Liquori
Fred Short Hair Black Domestic Cat 10/01/00 Has three types of cancer and there is nothing left for them to do for him Carolyn Adamsa
Freeway Fred Dog Having trouble walking though likely to recover Katherine
Friday Great Dane 2009 Is losing his ability to carry his 185 pounds of body weight. Kathy Smith
Frijol Grey W/White DSH Cat 05/2005 FeLeu+. Missing since 2006. Pls pray for his quick return or rapid cross-over to end his suffering. Angela Teresi
Frisco Sco-Sco Angel Cat 02/01/03 Frisco has CRF (renal failure) and has been battling it since Feb of 2010. Pray he stays well. Jennifer V
Fritz Dachshund Has IVDD. Pray he doesn't stay paralyzed. No money for surgery. Chris Diehl
Fritz Ginger Maine Coon Cat 13 years Developed a fast growing tumor on his chin—we want his final days to be as comfortable as possible. SKC
Frodo Cat 08/01/97 Kidney disease Lisa Nofzinger
Froyo Dog Undiagnosed disease Sam
Fudge K Siamese Cat Is quite ill and needs prayers Robin Hart