Dabby Campbell DSH Cat 04/2004 Has a blood clot in legs and mass on chest cavity. I need a miracle Natahnya Campbell
Daddy-O Cat Tummy issues Kim W.
Dahlia Black Persian Cat 05/12/98 Prayer for Dahlia, Mary, family. Dahlia is in kidney failure & has cancer. In her last months Mary, Family
Daiquiri Shih Tzu 01/15/98 Healing of stroke and grieving for loss off her brother Kahlua who just passed. Bruce & Susan Willmore
Daisy Basset Hound 16 years Prayers for mom as we just put down my sister Zyla and I am not well and will be meeting Zyla soon Judi Oday
Daisy Dog Prayers she is sick Auntie Rolande
Daisy Duke Chocolate Lab 02/15/03 Suffering panic attacks,dementia & arthritis in her hips. Connie Spurgeon
Daisy Papillion 7 years Epilepsy; enlarged heart Danielle F
Daisy Pitbull Stolen from Oakland SPCA while being walked by a volunteer Marni M.
Daisy Riley Dog 12/29/00 My best friend that watched me grow up since I was 12 years old has been diagnosed with Kenny
Daisy Smooth Haired and Blond Guinea Pig 5 years Diagnosed with cavian leukimia. May have months or weeks Heather Cutler
Daisy Springer Spaniel 15 years Has severe arthritis in her spine and mobility is difficult. She is very old for her breed. Sherry (Daisy's Sissy)
Dakoda Dog Has bone cancer and we just pray he is not in pain, Travis,Holly,Allee,Peyton Charles Rebeiro
Dakota DSH Tabby/White Cat 16 years Recently diagnosed with asthma, on antibiotics and steroids for now, keep positive healing thoughts Silvana and Family
Dakota Golden Retriever 9 years Was diagnosed with acute liver failure Friday 2/15/13 Susan Greenwood
Dakota Irish Setter 08/27/05 Please pray for a peaceful transition. I am sending my beautiful Dakota to the Bridge on Monday 6/2 Maryjo Stahl
Dale Earnhardt Gaston Black Lab 01/31/06 Dale has cancer and will not be with us much longer. Marty
Dancer Burmese Cat almost 15 years Thyroid re-check 02/28/13 lost some weight started on heart meds Gloria
Dandy Balinese Cat 18/12/07 Mourning for his littermate who died 02/03/2913'. Dandy may be affected by the same liver disorder. She and Alyce
Dantecat Domestic Shorthair Cat Heart failure or cancer - from happy to very sick in just a few days, trying our best to save him. Nancy
Dasia Siamese Blue Point Cat 09/15/06 Has breast cancer and only has months/weeks left to live Maria
Dawson Dalmatian 12/27/03 Has been diagonosed with in lay mans terms is called wobblers syndrome. Jill (Busterdsmom)
D-Bo Great Dane 12/09/09 Sadly suffers from wobblers and hip dysplasia Amanda & Ivan
December's Lil Miss Magnolia (Maggie) Rough Collie Sable and White 12/28/01 Severe arthritis Diane and Steven Fisher
Delilah Cat Not eating after URI losing weight Christine B.
Denver Flame Point Siamese Cat 04/04/02 Kidney issues, there are good days and bad days, this winter has been rough and his weight is down Ann Hunsinger
Derecho Domestic Shorthair Cat 07/05/13 Please help Derecho who has Cerebral Hypoplasia regain his mobility and live a happy life Chris DeWitt
Dessert Yorkie CHF Eating and doing pretty well under the circumstances Marti
Dewey Cat 08/19/97 For Dewey's peaceful transition to the Rainbow Bridge. She is loved so much. Stephanie Iacovelli
Dewey Maine Coon Cat 7 years Just diagnosed with Renal Failure. We are praying that he makes it through this! Stephanie & Ron
Diamond Dash Demonspawn English Bull Terrier 04/28/09 She needs alot of prayer, we love her very much but she's gravely I'll and slowly slipping away. Agnes Kipilla
Diego Donkey Rescued from bad situation very thin and lethargic Gloria O.
Diesel English Mastiff 02/11/05 Has hemangiosarcoma. We pray 4 his comfort & knowing when he is tired and ready to go. Susan and Ron Bullock
Dino Domestic Short Hair Cat 10 years Has been diagnosed with Feline Aids and Cancer this week. He has been given 2 more months to l Michelle
Diogi Domestic Long Hair Cat 13 years Just prayers. my cat is sick and they don't know what's causing it. such a great friend,companion. Chris
Dissa Campbell Calico Cat 08/28/09 Dissa was diagnosed with oral SCC cancer. Please pray she can be cured Natahnya
Dixie Darling Boston Terrier 04/15/06 Dixie has a tumor growing out of her nose and in her ears. There is no help for her. Debbie
Dixie Lee Beagle 14 years End stage kidney failure and cancer Patty and Steve Clark
Dixie Mix Breed Dog Bad hair loss Ariel M.
Dizzy Chow/Lab 18 or 19 years My dog has 7 of 9 symptoms for dementia. He isn't who he once was. I wouldn't see it, now I do. Sharlee Glenn
Dizzy Half Siamese Cat 09/06/98 Diagnosed with probable brain tumour. Katie
DJ Boxer 10 years 11 months Love, DJ is fighting cancer James
Doffie Dog around 16 years Develop arthritis and sometimes he can not move as his mind tells him to do. Roxana Ramos
Domino Cat Missing for almost a week Gloria O.
Donna Noble Kitten from The Whiskers’ Syndicate sick with Chlamydia Lori S.
Doogle Black Lab 12 years Has Bone Cancer. Lisa
Doogle Black Lab 12 years My Mother just found out that her furbaby has Bone Cancer. Lisa
Dora (Pandora) Silver Ferret 07/26/05 Our girl has insulinoma and we have one hope left of trying a new medication. Wendy Clarke
Dora Rottweiler 9 years We love you from the bottom of our hearts. We want to do well during surgery tomorrow. Mimi & Lexi
Dotty Terrier/Beagle 07/28/07 Was rescued and has severe anxiety and depression.She needs prayers please Barbara Bocci
DoubleB Domestic Longhair Cat Kidney failure Cindy Colella
Dozer Dog 6 years Had spleenectomt for cancer Anita
Dozer French Bull Dog 10 years Degenerative Disc Disease Pinched Nerves Radiating Joan Skwarczynski
Drake Lab 02/16/01 Is starting treatment for cancer on 3/9/11. Please pray for us. I love him so. Susan
Drambuie Cat 19 years Likes his wet food in a pile in the middle of the dish love him like I did and still do forever Debbie Ward
Dub Irish Setter Leg fractured in hiking accident Gloria O.
Duchess Cattle Dog Recovering from having part of her ear ripped off Amanda H.
Dudey of Goa-Way Orange Tiger Cat 06/19/11 Keep him safe as he is an outdoor baby until we can afford to make him an indoor baby Becky Schweitz and Chuck Smith
Dudley Boxer 10 years Suffering from cardiac mass Rachael
Dudley James Yellow Lab 6 years Dudley has seziures sometimes very bad he is on meds but he is our sweet little boy Tom and Mary Fournier
Dumpsterrcat DSH Cat Been missing since May 21, 2001, Pray for him to return home... Don & Rhonda
Dusty Cat 8 years Please pray for our Dusty. He has strained his left front paw. We love him so much. Billy & Cynthia
Dusty Cat Is 12 years old and not feeling well today. Please pray for him. Billy
Dusty German Shepherd 08/16/00 His last days are here because he has cancer and other problems,I am not ready to let him go Hanni
Dusty Shihtzu 04/27/97 Pray that he has no pain and we love him dearly Maria and Giulio
Dweezil Chihuahua 13 years Has congestive heart failure and a . He is struggling . . . I love him so much Bonnie