Abbie Australian Cattle Dog X Schipperke 04/23/97 Has been diagnosed with heart failure. Marijean Whyte
Abby Cat 13 years Diagnosed with lung cancer Katherine W.
Abby Pekingese 08/09/96 Congestive Heart Failure, Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis Sarah S
Abby Whippet Has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Lisa
Abigail (Babygirl) Cat 05/02/03 My babygirl has severe asthma and we were told she has tumors in her lungs..She is declining fast o Judy Hill
Aceituna Cat 08/01/10 Aceituna needs prayers to immunize her body from the FelV she tested positive, shes only 1 year old Cory López
Achilles DSH Cat 11 years Was recently diagnosed with true leukemia. I pray his last days are happy and comfortable. Dorothy
Addy German Shepherd 09/2004 Grade 2 carcinoma (breast cancer) Sarah & Mike
Agate Cat In renal failure and anxious, please pray for calm, peace, and and as many days as possible to be w Taylor and Kathei
Agatha Cat Sick with calicivirus Josie
Aisha German Shepherd 7 years Mammary and lymphatic cancer, praying for restoration of her health and a long healthy life. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez
Albany Cat Losing weight Sandi G.
Albert Golden Retriever 10/19/02 Recently diagnosed with brain tumor Sharon Anderson
Alexis DSH Cat 15 years Prayers as she is no longer in remission from lymphoma. attempting a rescue protocol. Cassie
Alf Puppy Missing since 10/08/08 in Pawtucket RI Tinnuhana
Alfie Cat 01/05/04 Diagnosed with oral cancer. Let him have the remainder of his life pain free and free of fear Gabrielle Redford
Alistair Cat Eye infected needing to gain weight Christine B.
All The Dogs of Chouteau Pound Pals Our small shelter is suffering a distemper outbreak Don Barbee
Allie Golden Retriever 04/04/05 Inflammation of the cerebellum and lungs. 7 vets cannot determine cause. On steroids. Please pray Mary Fenyus
Allie Terrier Mix 1995 Had seizures last night, no longer uses her legs. Thanks for prayers. She is very sweet & special. SWAK (Steve William Annabelle Kathryn)
Almond Cat Bad eye ulcer Lorri M.
Alpha Pug 14 years Possible cancer. Praying for good news and good prognosis. Best dog of all time. Mommy loves you. Anya Lester
Amadeus Orange and White Cat 17 years Needs prayers for survival and thrival. Rachel Neff
Amber Bullmastiff 04/10/04 My little girl has just been diagnosed with cancer Ruth
Amber H Dachshund 15 years I am posting this for my 96 year old nan, her dog is ill. please pray for her. x Sophie Taylor
Amber Lynn Bradley Strauss Toy Poodle 07/14/99 Amber has Congestive Heart Failure and is not doing well at all. Appreciate any prayers. Brad
Ambermoon Pomeranian 09/15/97 Old age is hitting her and her eyesight. She also is diabetic...Please pray for her.. Thank you. Denise
Amelie Rose Chihuahua Had a seizure Lynda H.
Ana Banana aka Anastasia Black DSH Cat 02/01/04 KIDNEY FAILURE found in 08 curled up in dec 6 degrees.bin abused. Lost her fel family in past :( Stephanie Maglietta
Anastasia Persian Cat 03/02/92 She is showing signs of arthritis and dementia. Kathleen Luciano
Andre Siamese Cat 06/01/08 Diabetes Stacey Orillion
Andy Yorkshire Terrier My little old boy has cataracts, is getting deaf, and getting hard to get around. He's 14. Prayers Barbara Ferrell
Angel Black Lab Missing 06/30/2013 because of fireworks… Come home girl… Reginia, Keith, Don & Rhonda
Angel Border Collie Mix 12/01/02 Prayers for better health,heart problems Christina Naugle
Angel Cat 03/94 Is a CRF kitty. Jennifer Murphy
Angel Dalmatian 1995 Please pray - she is sick, still eating - but please pray we need a miracle Caroline K Malloy
Angel Dobie/G. Shepherd 01/01/99 S old, mostly blind n deaf,incont,and taking seizures. She is going to cross bridge tmrrw Kathleen Quinn-Farber
Angel Mutt Has cancer and has gotten very very bad, we can tell the end is anyday now for her. Schaefer Family
Angel Persian DLH Mix Black Cat 3 years Congenital Heart Problems and Heart Failure AWP Teresa
Angie Rat 2 years Une bouffée d'oxygène pour respirer, quelques mois de plus avec nous. Laurine
Angus (Gus) Mixed Cat 6 years Diabetes; requires injections twice a day Doug Humphries
Angus Great Dane 9 years Osteosarcoma Dina P.
Ankha Cat 07/07/93 Nearly 18 years of joy, and now her little life is drawing to a close. Help her to go in peace. Ian
Anna Bullmastiff 8 years My big girl Banana is suffereing from a histiocytic neoplasm with metastasis in her lungs. No treat Ralph Gonzalez
AnneMette Ragdoll Cat 04/17/09 Prayers for AnneMette for she has cancer... Claudia
Annie Dog 6 years Probable cancer of the mouth Joan
Annie Golden 8-9 years My friend's beautiful Golden was diagnoised with pigmented uveitus - serious for Goldens Michele For Sue
Annie Golden Retriever 12 years Please pray for Annie. She is having trouble breathing and is very weak. Jill & Kathy
Aphrodite Cat Diagnosed with stomatitis and an ulcer in her throat treating with steroids Erin J
Aphrodite Cat Really lethargic lately no appetite not drinking and dehydrated Malinda
April Elliott Cat God, Please be with Dave and Patty, as they have a sick baby and having to put her to rest on Wed. Dave and Patty Elliott
April Grey Tabby Cat 02/29/00 Has been losing weight steadily & in pain after eating. Vet suspects stomach cancer. Denise Dodd
Aracuna Missing since 09/05/08 Candi
Aramis Deacon Mongy and Niayah Pit Bull Puppies 8 weeks Poisoned 10/13/12 Katherine
Arby Pomeranian Arby is suffering from kidney failure. He doing okay for now but send prayers for him and Nicole. For Nicloe from Bonnie (Termy's mom)
Archie Black Lab 11 years Has anal sac cancer and is going through chemo Amanda Cecil
Arianna Himalayan Persian Cat 04/03/10 Diagnosed with feline pain failing fast... Meredith Fallow
Arky Choc Lab/ Pitt 10 years Dont know yet. Could be serious Patrick Coons
Arrow Collie 14 years Needs prayers - tumor on his heart, arthritis, colitis. Happy Easter Arrow! I love you! Gail
Arthur Cat 15 years Weight stabilized but getting picky about his food Sandi G.
Arthur Golden Retriever 12+ years Prayers for his arthritis to relax its grip on him; let him have some movement and energy back Sarah Johnson
Ash Cat Diagnosed with FIP Josie
Ash Russian Blue Cat 06/12/99 Cardiac disease Jenn
Ashley Deshaw Russian Blue Cat 05/93 Needs to eat is very weak Darwin & Judy
Ashlly Cat 14 years He's gotten bone skinny in the last several months and he may have a urinary tract infection. Camille
Aspy Dog Given some bonus time Aubrie K.
Asti Lab Age 16 and very arthritic Bruce & Susan Willmore Scolianni
Astro Lab Mix 09/06/09 Has terminal bone cancer, getting worse. Too soon to say goodbye. Just went through this in 2010. Grace Jakubowski
Athena Dog 11/30/07 Fighting Osteosarcoma Marlene Lund
Athena Domestic Long Hair Cat 16 1/2 years Chronic renal failure and also dealing with the recent loss of her faithful companion of 11 1/2 years Nicole
Aurora Tabby Cat 03/08/03 Aurora's oral melanoma came back despite treatment. Trying chemo next week. Pls pray for success. Mary G
Aurthur Cat 15 years Kidney values and hyperthyroidism stable still losing weight Sandi G.
Aussie Catahoula Prayers for healing would be appreciated. Aussie is fighting a severe infection. Cheryl Granger
Austin Chihuahua 02/21/04 Enlarged Heart Murmur, Enlarged Liver, Collapsed Trachea, Congestive Heart Failure. Cynthia McGreevy
Autumn L. Potamus Gynan Boxer (Brindle) SF 8 years Surgury to remove a mammary abnormality. Also currently has non operable Cancer-Mast Cell tumors Jenn Gynan
Avalanche Great Pyrenese Dog . 7 1/2 years Has osteosarcoma I am losing him too quickly. Dawn Stowell
Avatar Domestic Cat 02/26/97 Family pet missing need prayers for him to come home Teresa and Chris
Azure Ragdoll Kitten 3 months Pneumonia and Bowel Problems AWP Teresa