L B Mixed Dog 11/04/96-10/21/10 Kathy Brown
L J Skraps Boxer 10/27/91-04/01/97 J&J Sparks
L Olde English Bulldog 08/09/03-01/02/08 Nicole Fay
L.A. American Short Hair (Tuxedo) Cat 13 1/2 years 06/18/01 Diane Adams
L.A. Labrador Retriever 08/19/92-11/14/05 Elaine & Greg
L.A. Rottweiler 12/08/90-05/05/04 Eve Bower
L.A. Yellow Labrador Retriever 08/19/92-11/14/05 Elaine Nickels
L.A.B D.O.G Nath Lab 14 years 06/01/04 Carlton & Margarette Carver
L.B Baby Black Cat 10 years 06/17/06 Alexandra & Paul
L.B. (Beezer) Blair Solid White Manx Cat Golden Yellow Eyes 01/09/92-10/15/00 Jason and Nicki
L.B. (Little Boy) Japenese Chin/Chihuahua Mix 07/23/00-10/09/00 Jeff, Jaci, Trent and Chaslee Schweitzer
L.B. Cat 6 years 12/23/12 Cheryl and Jay Peaslee
L.B. Chihuahua 06/16/88-06/21/03 Jan Gonterman
L.B. Domestic Shorthair Cat 01/01/06-03/22/16 Carolyn Crow
L.B. Orange Tabby Cat 16 years 12/17/03 Gil Jenkins
L.B. Shar-Pei 11/01/97-09/23/06 Will and Sheli Knoll
L.B. Siamese Cat 1983-12/19/95 Robert Guilbeau
L.B. Springer Spaniel 08/26/04-04/09/06 Delana
L.C (Little Cat) Calico 1974-07/93 Susan Shepard
L.C Calico Coon Cat 21 years 05/24/13 Cheryl Riccioli
L.C. (Library of Congress) Maine Coon Cat 12 years 06/01/04 Gail Roberts
L.C. Cat 08/20/05 Anne Marie and Donna
L.C. Cat 13 years 12/17/02 David Bull
L.C. Domestic Shorthair Cat 01/05/96-08/15/10 Carol
L.C. DSH Tabby Cat 07/23/02-11/22/08 Rick Vonderheide
L.C. Orange Tabby Cat 12 years 10/01/01 Cheryl Scott
L.C. Reilly Tortoise Shell Cat 10 years 04/05/11 Tricia Reilly
L.C. Shih Tzu Mix 6 years 01/09/00 Madaleone
L.D, Sheltie 12/18/86-03/08/04 Joy Angelica
L.J Jack Russell/Foxy 5 years 15/05/07 Danni
L.J. Cat 10/13/11 Karen Luskin
L.K. Siamese Cat 08/26/98-10/12/00 Elaine McIntyre
L.L Black Lab 16 years 02/23/12 Robin, Jeff, and Emily Hartman
L.L.Bean Maine Coon Cat 18 years 3 months 11/13/06 Marise LaPorte
L.P. Dobie/Shepherd Mix 02/15/89-07/21/93 Maggie Cecil
L.S. Sable Ferret 5 years 03/21/97 Dave and Debbie Les
L.T. Beagle 05/2005-04/24/17 Candice
L.T. Gray & White Cat 08/10/90-07/15/02 Steve Stratton
L.T. Lab 06/90-11/19/03 Steve, Nancy, Brian, Merri, Tim, Mike
L.T.Pima (Lucky Dog) Australian Shepherd Mix 1993(?)-07/07/03 Sharon Swab
La Boehme Domestic Short Hair Cat 08/08/00 Jane
La Feme Nikita's Whole Litter Persian Cat 07/02/04 Stephanie
La Femme Nikita Jack Russell Terrier 02/11/98-04/10/11 Sanchita Rangaswamy
La Femme Nikkita (Nikki) Shelty 10 years 07/08/08 Linda
La Foret's Rimfrost aka Rafferty best known as Raffi Norwegian Forest Cat 12/06/00-09/02/09 Mary Ellen Hannigan
La La Grant Shar Pei 04/2002-07/21/08 Krissa and Jared Grant
La Magia Dog 02/2007-05/04/07 Diego Rost & Nathalie Fuentes
La Morena Boxer 04/2009-12/20/11 Debbie
La Roo (Kishi Roo) Red and White Cat 05/81-04/08/00 Kim Gould
LaABelle American Short Hair Mix Cat with Siamese 13 years 02/10/06 Carol and Rex
Laalaa Staffordshire Terrier 16 April 1997?-02 or 03 August 2005 Keith Jones
Lab Deb
lab puppy 03/03/96 Jim Johnson
Lab X Dog 02/89-02/13/01 Lori
Lab/Husky Mix owner unknown 08/94 Terry Roy
Labatt Blue German Pinscher 04/07/05-04/05/19 Christine Pastva
Labby Lab 05/16/11 Kristi
Labete German Shepherd 1973-07/81 Lanna Stevenson
Labiche Black Short Hair Cat May 1992 - 18 May 2001 Dan Anitescu
Labis Black Cat 8 years 28th May 2015 Katerina
Labonte Labrador Retriever 10/26/96-09/24/07 Robert & Glenda Sherrill
Labrador 01/17/94 Mary Stone
Labri German Shepherd 13 years 07/11/94 Laura
Lace (Bootsie) Black Cat 16 years 11/12/06 Chrystine McKelvey & Family
Lace Border Collie 3 1/2 years 05/14/05 Braeden
Lace Brittany
Lace Cat 06/12/98-10/16/04 Jacquelyn O'Mara
Lace Marie Siamese Tiger Cat 04/04/97-11/01/03 Jacquelynne S. Sedgwick
Lace Persian Mix Cat 08/17/90-09/21/05 Sandie
Lace Sayles Golden Retriever 11 years 08/17/10 Ron, Arlene, Christian, Conner, Saber, and Snowball
Lace Siamese Cat 14 years 11/08/03 Mary Ellen Garcia
Lacee Evelyn Brittany Spaniel 10/04/95-06/15/00 Christy Sterner
Lacee Lu Cockapoo 01/07/99-04/13/10 Jes Hiott
Lacee Maltese 03/15/01-08/01/08 Andrea Greeno
Lacee Standard Poodle 12 years 03/17/99 Cricket Laszlo
Laces Black Labrador Retriever 07/01/90-02/22/02 K.T. Wong
Laces Siamese Cat 6 years 05/2009 Ana Castano
Lacey (aka Lacer, Lacey Lou) Cat 21 years 01/07/13 Alyssa Fraijo and Family
Lacey (Baby Girl) Shih Tzu 03/01/92-03/29/08 J
Lacey (Midnight Lace) White Bull Terrier 11/08/85-07/10/97 Ellen
Lacey (Whiperins Ribbons and Lace) English Setter-Orange Belton 04/04/85-05/05/99 Bobbi Kilgore
Lacey Akita 08/05/98-05/21/08 Leonard
Lacey American Eskimo Dog 05/12/06-05/09/09 Sandy
Lacey and Abbey Yellow Labs. 6 and 5 years 03/20/01 Judie Oxley
Lacey Anderson Dog 10 years 10/22/10 Cathy Anderson
Lacey Ann Cocker Spinal 10/04/97-02/09/10 Darlene
Lacey Anne Chinese Sharpei 06/02/97-02/01/05 Tammy
Lacey Aussey 05/12/88-05/06/04 Lisa Brandis Lunsford
Lacey Aussie 07/17/04-04/19/15 Sheila
Lacey Australian Shepherd 28/01/95-11/24/06 Jennifer
Lacey Australian Shepherd Mix 12 years 06/2004 Rick & Mona
Lacey Baby Doll Lindsey Shih-Tzu 01/02/93-06/06/06 Patricia Byers Llindsey
Lacey Basset Hound 03/10/91-03/30/01 Judi Bobbe
Lacey Beagle 04/01/90-04/02/04 Erika Randall
Lacey Beagle 05/14/09 Keely Espinar
Lacey Beagle 10 years 07/16/01 Denise Rahn
Lacey Beagle/Corgi Mix 02/2001-03/21/14 Jill
Lacey Beagle/Shepherd Mix 13 years 02/16/01 Chris Clawans
Lacey Bell Shih-Tzu 07/29/01-02/17/16 Terri
Lacey Belle Maine Coon Mix Cat 01/24/06 Jen Pera
Lacey Bengal Cat 09/02/05 Melissa & Justine
Lacey Bichon Poodle X 06/94-05/19/09 Millie Gryschuk
Lacey Black and White Domestic Shorthair Cat 11/01/01-04/30/11 Rhonda Magnotti
Lacey Black Lab 02/27/01 Polly Staman Duxbury
Lacey Border Collie 11/08/94-08/24/04 Bob and Donna Bonia
Lacey Border Collie Mix 01/28/04-12/14/04 Hayley
Lacey Border Collie/Wolf Mix 11/07/95-03/03/11 Brianna B
Lacey Boston Terrier 02/09/01-05/16/04 Candace Israelson
Lacey Boxer 04/03/07 Mark, Mindy, Dani, Courtney Chinworth (Iris Cener)
Lacey Boxer 06/24/96-07/29/08 Lee & Gaye McKeithan
Lacey Boy Tuxedo Short Hair Cat 15 years 05/30/13 Joan
Lacey Bulldog 12/24/02-11/12/07 Amanda Boyle
Lacey Cairn Terrier 2006-02/23/18 Peggy
Lacey Calico - Black and White Cat 2003-06/29/09 Susan Harris
Lacey Calico Kitty 05/02/97 Brenda
Lacey Cat 01/01/96-10/10/14 Deborah Robles
Lacey Cat 01/02/91-02/13/00 Kami
Lacey Cat 02/14/91-01/05/06 Barbara Wolf
Lacey Cat 04/01/96 Jackie
Lacey Cat 04/07/90-01/30/07 Dave, Sue, Logan & Rachel Warner
Lacey Cat 04/10/91-06/15/06 Kit Reddeck
Lacey Cat 05/01/99-09/17/12 Karen
Lacey Cat 05/23/00-04/05/04 Annie and Rick Champagne
Lacey Cat 06/15/92-06/18/11 Jackie Hughes
Lacey Cat 08/01/86-05/08/02 Alisa Blevins
Lacey Cat 08/01/94-11/27/10 Ellen
Lacey Cat 08/15/87-05/01/03 Kim and Rob England
Lacey Cat 09/15/87-10/12/00 Steve & Linda Shea
Lacey Cat 11/27/01-11/17/13 Raelle & Phil
Lacey Cat 20 years 01/10/06 Kate Johnson
Lacey Cat 2002-11/25/11 Andy and Luke
Lacey Cat Calico 06/06/80-06/01/88 Clara Wilson Sheets
Lacey Cat Pat Russell
Lacey Chihuahua 08/23/86-06/08/00 Emile, Laura and Misty
Lacey Cockapoo 01/04/16 Pamela Hoyt
Lacey Cockapoo 01/12/91-09/10/06 Stacey
Lacey Cockapoo 14 years 01/15/02 Dennis & Donna Carr
Lacey Cockatiel 09/99-10/26/05 Ramona
Lacey Cocker Spaniel 03/08/85-05/01/99 Elaine Brown
Lacey Cocker Spaniel 03/21/88-02/21/02 Marilyn, Nick, Nikki and Kristy Campo
Lacey Cocker Spaniel 11/13/88-02/24/03 Chris Wilson
Lacey Cocker Spaniel 12 1/2 years 12/31/02 Debbie Weppler
Lacey Cocker Spaniel 16 years 10/07/02 Lois Taddia
Lacey Cocker Spaniel 17 years 07/29/07 Crisanda
Lacey Cocker Spaniel 6 years 12/04/97 Betty M
Lacey Cocker Spaniel01/13/95-10/26/01 Lisa, Roger, Austin & McKenzie Sailors
Lacey Collie 05/30/90-03/24/04 Bonnie
Lacey Collie 06/04/88-05/04/00 K. A. Ward
Lacey Collie Mix 04/22/96-11/16/07 Lisa Rigstad
Lacey Dachshund 12/17/01-03/05/10 Kathy Hughes and Teresa St. John
Lacey Dane English Cocker Spaniel 10/03/89-06/06/00 Judy & Joe D'Arrigo
Lacey Darlin Golden Retriever 06/18/93-10/11/05 Denise Acquafredda
Lacey Dob X 04/01/95-08/09/08 Nicole McKenzie
Lacey Dobie 8 years 10/27/97 Steve and Karen
Lacey Dog 04/01/90-01/21/02 B Michael
Lacey Dog 08/24/04 Katie
Lacey Dog 12 years 02/23/03 Peggy Holz
Lacey Dog 12 years 08/14/15 Ryan
Lacey Dog 12/20/07 the Brady family
Lacey Dog 3 1/2 years 08/22/02 Amalia Orlandini
Lacey Dog Jeff and Colleen
Lacey Domestic Short-Hair (All White With Green Eyes) Cat 13 years 07/29/13 Warren and Sue
Lacey DSH Tortoiseshell Cat 15 years 02/04/10 Cory Moshman
Lacey Dwarf Hamster 3 months 11/18/04 Ricky and Terran
Lacey Elissa Doberman 11/01/08-04/16/18 Ed & LeAnne
Lacey Elkhound 14 1/2 years 11/05/10 Debbie
Lacey English Cocker 1997 Leslie
Lacey English Cocker 5 years 04/15/97 Sally Robinson
Lacey English Springer Spaniel 04/25/91-06/08/02 Mette
Lacey Fid 10/06/98 Cyndi Jones
Lacey Florida White Rabbit 03/04/95-03/19/06 Amy Spintman
Lacey German Shepherd 09/28/89-12/02/97 Lisa Mahoney
Lacey German Shepherd 1999-03/17/13 John, Kayla and Skyler
Lacey German Shepherd/Chow 01/17/00-04/29/09 Angela
Lacey Golden Retriever 01/22/00-06/16/12 Lynda Gonzales
Lacey Golden Retriever 02/02/07-02/18/09 Mike, Eileen & Samantha
Lacey Golden Retriever 02/05/07-02/18/09 Michael, Eileen & Samantha
Lacey Golden Retriever 02/10/00-12/12/09 Mary Ann, Jackie & Bobby Douglas
Lacey Golden Retriever 03/17/00-11/24/12 Colleen & Stewart
Lacey Golden Retriever 04/08/05-12/01/14 Christen Richter
Lacey Golden Retriever 06/24/97-07/16/00 Maureen
Lacey Golden Retriever 06/27/95-12/29/99 Holli
Lacey Golden Retriever 09/10/92-10/06/05 Harry and Rhonda Bring
Lacey Golden Retriever 11/14/91-06/02/00 Cheryl
Lacey Golden Retriever 12/06/00-03/31/08 The Short Family
Lacey Golden Retriever 12/17/93-08/23/04 Marybeth, Derek, & Savanna
Lacey Golden Retriever 12/21/03-04/09/08 Brandy Catton
Lacey Golden Retriever 12/29/84-11/18/99 Becky
Lacey Golden Retriever Mix 02/02/89-09/09/04 Pat Shiner
Lacey Golden/Black Lab 11/15/92-05/17/02 Carol Ruocco
Lacey Grace Bichon Friese 07/12/08-11/02/09 Evelyn MacLeod
Lacey Graff Golden Retriever 2 years 02/17/09 Samantha
Lacey Greyhound 05/28/06-12/26/11 Trish Cescolini and Don Hood
Lacey Hadley-Washburn Chinchilla Persian Cat 03/13/96-07/23/10 Janie Hadley
Lacey Halmers Golden Retriever 05/09/91-07/27/00 Tina Listro-Halmers
Lacey Hudspith Mixed-Shepherd/Chow/Golden 03/07/01-05/05/14 Barbara Hudspith
Lacey Husky/Border Collie 09/04/18 Jim Quenneville
Lacey Husky/Shep Mix 11/16/11 Ed & Dani Wicker
Lacey Irish Setter 06/24/81-06/21/91 Vivian
Lacey J Appy Horse 02/11/04 Mike, Julie, and Jaymie
Lacey J Aus. Blue Heeler 10/94-06/03/04 Ronnie & Diana
Lacey J Poodle 03/07/90-09/09/01 Cathy Brenner
Lacey J. England Maltese 06/03/93-06/03/05 Shirlie England Saylor
Lacey Jack Russell Terrier 01/06/97-01/02/00 Sunny Williams
Lacey Jade Weimaraner 06/14/88-04/22/04 Denise, James, Matt, Mark, Elise, and Aimee Rienstra
Lacey Jae Jenkins Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/06/93-02/08/07 John & Patricia Jenkins
Lacey Jane Cocker Spaniel 01/01/98-08/31/12 Mary Jo
Lacey Jane Golden Retriever 12/15/96-10/19/10 Denise
Lacey Jane Thompson Sheltie 07/24/01-03/14/11 Dorothy Thompson
Lacey Jane Toy Poodle 04/21/90-02/28/05 Lin Pojeta
Lacey Jay Schnauzer Mix 12/10/07 Walton Kelly
Lacey Joy Schnauzer Mix 01/18/98-07/19/02 Margaret Acton
Lacey Kajun Rose Presley Brittany Spaniel 09/25/01-03/10/10 Amy Presley
Lacey Kay Crompton Dachshund Mix 03/17/94-01/26/09 Karen Her Momma
Lacey Keeshond 03/26/95-12/05/09 Joanne Eudy
Lacey Keeshond 12/31/85-09/18/97 Penny
Lacey Kitten 7 weeks 06/02/00 Kristi Wilkins
Lacey Knickers GSD 03/12/95-06/18/04 Julie Botterill
Lacey Lab 11/15/12-08/26/12 Erin and Danny Whipkey
Lacey Lab/Great Dane 03/17/13 Shelley
Lacey Labrador 13 years 26/09/12 Helen MacMillan
Lacey Labrador Retriever 04/04/95-08/22/08 Debra & Bill Jones
Lacey Labrador Retriever 14 years 11/17/09 Andrea (Mommi) Pat (Daddi)
Lacey Larue Hamster 11/01/02-04/18/03 Jeff and Sandi Minor
Lacey Levy Yorkie 08/01/89-02/22/05 Kim
Lacey Lipps Cat 20 years 08/28/06 Sherry Piper
Lacey Long Haired Cat 08/15/94-09/21/99 Brenda Dupuis
Lacey Longhair Cat Diana Fike & Carly Fike, Mother & Daughter
Lacey Lou Chihuahua 08/20/94-03/11/07 Sandy and Lindsy Sims
Lacey Louise Australian Cattle Dog 05/07/01-04/25/13 Leslie Vaillancourt
Lacey Lu ( HH Chinese Crested and Peke Mix 03/20/02-04/29/11 Mom and Sawyer
Lacey Lu Whittemire Lab 12/18/05-02/16/07 Thomas & Jean Whittemire
Lacey Lucas Toy Poodle 15 years 05/03/07 Sylvia Lucas
Lacey Lugo/Mama Terrier Mix 09/16/94-02/12/13 Patricia Lugo
Lacey Mae Malamute/Wolf 07/01/86-07/09/00 Jenny Dillon
Lacey Mae Pharaoh Hound Mix 08/11/97-02/14/09 Bob and Jean Hicks
Lacey Malamute Mix 11 years 09/09/07 Ted, Jessica, TJ, and John Michael Thasitis
Lacey Maltese 01/01/99-04/27/07 Marilyn Carminio
Lacey Maltese 01/02/02-12/13/11 Vanessa
Lacey Maltese 02/04/84-06/17/97 Sue and Don
Lacey Maltese 07/01/08-07/11/10 Elisa
Lacey Maltese 08/06/98-11/19/08 Wayne & Maryann Waterbury
Lacey Maltese 12/19/00-01/02/12 Sandie
Lacey Maltese 12/26/93-01/26/09 Elaine & Jim Doherty
Lacey Marble Muffin Shih Tzu 1999-2012 Carol, Beth, Alex & Chloe
Lacey Marie Cocker Spaniel 01/31/91-09/07/03 Penny and Tony
Lacey Marie Golden Retriever 03/15/89-08/18/01 Anne Hudson
Lacey May Cat 10/14/05 Janet
Lacey May Cat 16 years 10/14/05 Janet Ogle
Lacey May Mix Mutt 03/14/03-07/10/13 Kelly McClarren & Family
Lacey Miniature Pinscher 07/08/82-06/21/82 Charlotte and Larry Troy
Lacey Miniature Schnauzer 01/11/98-10/26/01 Susan Noland
Lacey Miniature Schnauzer 03/28/99-04/16/07 Shannon Christie
Lacey Miniature Yorky 03/09/95-10/06/08 David M. Cimino
Lacey Mini-Schnauzer 05/10/98-05/16/11 Liz Stepien
Lacey Mixed Breed Dog 18 years 02/12/13 Trish
Lacey Mixed Dog 06/98-06/26/08 Linda
Lacey Mixed Dog 14 years 10/27/10 Susan Henson
Lacey Mixed Terrier 02/12/12 Trish
Lacey Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) 09/17/09-06/22/10 Michael & Trish (Dad & Mom)
Lacey Newfoundland 08/23/89-10/27/98 Tina Fisher
Lacey Nez Casanova Cocker Spaniel 10/29/07 Sandra Casanova
Lacey Orlando Labrador 16 years 11/01/09 Michael
Lacey Part Siamese Cat 07/05/91-06/05/06 Sandy Cook
Lacey Persian Cat 03/08/93-05/11/10 Michelle & Ernie Campbell
Lacey Persian Cat 12/27/90-12/13/08 Nancy Heabner
Lacey Pomeranian 02/11/96-11/28/03 David Webb
Lacey Pony 03/02/15 Kim W.
Lacey Poodle 12 year 10/26/09 Donna Keel
Lacey Poodle 13 years 10/11/06 Janet Jolliffe
Lacey Poodle 14 years Bev
Lacey Poodle 15 years 02/11/11 Penny
Lacey Poodle 8 years 01/11/05 Carol
Lacey Poodle Mix 01/05/87-11/13/00 Charna
Lacey Poodle Mix 15 years April 95 Van & Catherine Hale
Lacey Pug 4 years 1994 Nikki Lewis
Lacey Queensland Heeler/Australian Shepherd Mix 14 years 02/14/05 Sharon Ortag
Lacey Rabbit 08/94-12/13/05 Tamara Kroft
Lacey Rae Lynn Labrador Retriever 07/23/93-07/19/03 Nancy Braches
Lacey Rice Toy Poodle 04/20/04-01/14/15 Connie & Dennis Rice
Lacey Rochelle McDoogle West Highland White Terrier 09/15/92-12/19/05 S. Craig & Dianne Weinrich
Lacey Rose Sutherland Domestic Longhair Cat 20/04/11-27/10/12 Mary
Lacey Rott Lab Mix 16 years 09/23/10 Amy Saviola
Lacey Rottweiler 10 years 09/01/10 Maryann Smith
Lacey Rottweiler 10/02/00 The Pronks, Ginger and Ron
Lacey Sable Rough-Coated Collie 05/02/91-07/07/03 Brenda & Paul Nace
Lacey Saddlebred/Arabian filly 04/25/94-01/26/97 Friend of Lisa and Gary
Lacey Schipperke 06/05/89-03/31/04 Elizabeth Coleman
Lacey Schneider Mixed Shepherd 09/12/96-05/30/07 Missy Schneider
Lacey Shar Pei/Lab 07/04/93-01/28/08 Susan Johnson
Lacey Sheltie 02/10/95-07/10/06 Mary Roberts
Lacey Sheltie 09/03/89-01/08/00 Patti
Lacey Sheltie 10/22/96-04/09/07 Dubs
Lacey Sheltie 12 1/2 years 10/22/97 Leslie N. Dooley
Lacey Sheltie 8 years 05/31/06 Trina C
Lacey Shih Tzu 7 years 05/24/13 Andrea Fidler
Lacey Shitzu/Pomeranian 03/18/00-02/07/11 Amy Curtis
Lacey Shorthair Cat 2002-03/17/18 Mary Backus
Lacey Siberian Husky 05/23/96-09/08/09 Ron D
Lacey Sigel Cat 10/09/01-10/23/09 Amy Sigel
Lacey Silver Tabby Persian Cat 02/03/95-05/17/01 Howard and Elaine Ledder
Lacey Silver Tipped Persian Cat 21 years 04/21/00 Kay
Lacey Smooth Fox Terrier 05/31/97-02/25/11 Jill Bowers
Lacey Spangle Budgie 03/95-09/30/04 Susan Houck
Lacey Springer Spaniel 12 years 03/21/06 Jeannie Mitera
Lacey Springer/Cocker Spaniel 01/20/92-05/05/04 Wendy
Lacey Staffordshire Terrier 10/26/94-04/22/06 Sally
Lacey Standard Poodle 01/17/01-08/25/07 Elizabeth Scargle
Lacey Standard Schnauzer 09/15/98-03/11/10 Stephanie
Lacey Sutton Cat 08/87-10/18/02 Frances
Lacey T Beagle 01/25/00-08/04/09 Lori and Jack T
Lacey Thasitis Malamute 11 years 09/09/07 Ted, Jessica, TJ, John Michael, and Lucky Thasitis
Lacey Thouoghbred Horse 25 years 12/26/00 Jamie Harris
Lacey Too Umbrella Cockatoo 04/29/94-10/29/03 Rosemary Kinsella
Lacey Toy Poodle 01/17/00-08/07/15 Carol Gaweda
Lacey Toy Poodle 08/02/98-04/18/13 Dale Lamarca
Lacey West Highland White Terrier 08/04/94-09/23/10 Jessica
Lacey West Highland White Terrier 09/11/87-08/19/01 Sue, Phil, Jim and Cherie
Lacey West Highland White Terrier 11/28/98-04/30/10 Kathy Verduin
Lacey Whippet 02/01/06-10/22/07 Judy
Lacey Whippet/Beagle 02/14/96-08/09/11 Laurie Salmons
Lacey White Cat 01/01/96-05/01/03 Margaret Johnson
Lacey White Dog 04/21/01 Sam, Sue & Brandi
Lacey White Persian Cat 04/04/86-10/13/98 Carol and Betsy
Lacey Yellow Lab 04/01/00-06/26/11 Chris, Diane, Julianne & Molly Wakefield
Lacey Yellow Lab 08/20/94-06/09/05 David & Febra
Lacey Yellow Lab 12 years 01/13/07 The Stratton Family
Lacey Yellow Lab 14 years 12/09/11 Lee Ann Farrell
Lacey Yorkshire Terrier 01/11/92-/06/30/05 Trish Henderson
Lacey, Teacher of Heart Miniature Pincher 7 years 04/16/99 The Worthington Family
LaceyBelle Shetland Sheepdog 13 years 07/19/09 Marlene Shelstad
Lacey-Boe Golden/Lab 11/20/94-08/09/03 Becky, Ken, Nathan and Zachary Young
Laceybug 02/04/04 Bridgette
LaceyLoo Yorkie 06/15/13 Lore
Lacey's Blaze of Glory Yellow Labrador Retriever 04/01/99-12/12/02 Richard & David
Lachie Scottish Terrier 24/06/03-13/06/11 Rena & Alan Moffat
Lachlan Mousie 18 months 09/20/06 Jane Hare-Kennedy
Laci Ann Chihuahua 10/28/95-11/19/08 Donna
Laci Bichon 04/98-03/04/11 Amy N Bill
Laci Bulldog 06/29/97-05/08/08 Ken and Beth
Laci Chow Shepherd 11/15/97-01/07/99 Keith and Sally
Laci Cross 12/08/00-21/10/06 Surya
Laci Golden Retriever 08/15/90-03/16/02 C.J. & Sylvia McCarthy
Laci J Quarter Horse 12 years 12/2003 Monica
Laci Lab/Shep 06/15/08-11/17/17 Darren
Laci Lu Cat 04/14/03-02/05/12 Ashli and Jerry La Cross
Laci Maine Coon Cat 05/09/03-02/28/06 Pamela Butzier
Laci Mallapoo 13 years 02/2004 Karen Julian
Laci Maltese 1996-06/06/08 Monty and Penny Farrar
Laci Pekingese/Lhasa Apso Almost 2 years 04/12/97 Jo Ann Stoddard
Laci Poodle 10/99-10/00 Gary & Jill Jordon
Laci Robbins Shih Tzu 11/29/98-05/19/10 James and Joyce Robbins
Laci Sheltie 04/27/12-08/10/17 Christine Hudson
Laci Sheltie 05/05/07-05/11/13 Kathie and Ken Cottrell
Laci St Charles Cavalier 03/03/03-03/01/16 Rob Sommars
Laci Tortie Cat 2002-06/09/09 Frieda Nugen, Jim Nugen, Reid Wallace, Russell Wallace
Lacie Alias (Lil Boo) Yorkie Poo 02/04/98-09/10/11 Ginger McKenzie
Lacie Australian Shepherd 02/16/99-05/26/07 Bonnie Redding
Lacie Beagle 01/25/07 Joshua Whitt
Lacie Boxer 01/04/94-12/23/99 Denise Macias/trent Maestas
Lacie Ciara Parsons Ragamuffin Cat 02/26/05-05/10/10 Kimberly & David
Lacie Dachshund/Lab Mix 12 years 10/20/11 Judy Alexander
Lacie Dean American Pit Bull 06/16/06-06/02/12 Gwen Dean
Lacie English Setter 06/21/90-01/30/00 The Roberts Family
Lacie German Shepherd 01/01/87-04/21/99 Sharon Waldvogel
Lacie Golden Retriever 05/15/08 Debra Olkwitz
Lacie Lou Cocker Spaniel 10/18/02-08/05/15 Jennifer Clarke
Lacie Maltese 01/01/98-10/18/11 Kendra and Ted
Lacie Maltese/Poodle 04/61/98-08/10/10 Phyllis
Lacie May Sheltie 09/08/95-09/30/11 John, Marna, Taylor, Connor, & Serena
Lacie Miniature Schnauzer 19 years 05/26/07 Casey O'Neill
Lacie Oesterle Ferret 03/26-06/09/03 Cheryl Clair Tina Tyler Ted Bryan
Lacie Pomeranian 10 years 12/14/13 Gina Eburg
Lacie Poodle 11/28/98-06/04/13 Marsha
Lacie Poodle 12/21/14 Robert and Andrea
Lacie Schnauzer 20 years 05/26/07 Chip Stewart
Lacie Shepherd/Huskie 13 years 09/23/04 Marylynch
Lacie Silver Persian Cat 12/08/09 Anne B
Lacie Sue Golden Retriever 06/10/01-04/14/09 Cathy & Larry Crandall
Lacie Syrian Hamster 09/2003-02/15/05 Sherri Wilkerson
Lacie Tabby Cat 19 years 02/23/11 Kira, Marc and Jason
Lacie Westie 09/04/91-08/03/09 Anne Henry
Lacie Yellow Lab 07/23/02-01/10/14 Eric and Jodi Van Rhee
Lacii Terrier Mix 04/02/02-08/01/02 Donna Velez
Lack Davis Boxer 2 years 02/03/12 Angela and James Davis
Lacuna Black Berkshire Rat 2 1/2 years 06/26/05 Leesa, Sean, Lynni, Spook, Shade, Ivy, Moon, Champagne, Amaretto
Lacy & Jordon Siamese and Tabby Cats 12 years & 10 years 08/2013 & 11/2013 Charlene
Lacy (Golden Laces of Amber Waves of Grain VI) 07/04/01 Ginny Burdick-Diaz
Lacy American Eskimo Dog 15 years 06/04/09 Cynthia Novak
Lacy Ann Lhasa Apso 11 years 07/15/09 Ricki Lundstrom
Lacy Anne Pflieger Himalayan Cat 07/02/88-03/07/09 Denise Harrington Pflieger
Lacy Australian Shepherd 05/25/01-05/02/17 Mike Bonin
Lacy Baracy Pekapoo 07/07/91-03/03/09 Kevin, Janet, and Ashlee Baracy
Lacy Basset Hound Mix 15 years 06/05/07 Jen
Lacy Beagle 04/84-06/03/99 Jon Adams
Lacy Beagle 08/01/93-12/13/02 Charles H. Durham
Lacy Beth Hale Blevins Dachshund Mix 04/03/90-04/25/10 Leann Hale Blevins
Lacy Bichon Frise 2000-01/28/08 Linda and Peter Divergilio
Lacy Black Lab 05/93-07/26/08 Rob & Leslie Beier
Lacy Black Lab 9 years 02/26/07 The Seymour Family
Lacy Black Lab/Rat Terrier Mix 13 years 08/24/10 Cara
Lacy Black Labrador 10 years 12/11/17 Bernie, Bernie and Jean Mihalick
Lacy Blue Persian Cat 03/15/84-03/03/99 Laurie Sybert
Lacy Cairn Terrier 03/11/01-05/20/05 Teri Yelich
Lacy Cairn Terrier 04/24/03-04/06/11 Jill
Lacy Calico Cat 06/09/05-07/28/05 Johanna & Wawokiya Lawrence
Lacy Cat 04/16/89-05/09/11 Carole & Jeff Cardinale
Lacy Cat 11 years 01/27/09 Joyce Lebaron
Lacy Cat 1991-15/03/06 Samantha Bambrough
Lacy Cat 2 1/2 years 08/19/03 Elise Clark
Lacy Chihuahua/Pug Mix 07/15/84-12/18/02 Graham Family
Lacy Chow/Retriever 03/??/95-09/05/03 Kelli & Richard Santos
Lacy Cocker 12 years 10/22/06 Jill Don Heather Shaun Morgan
Lacy Cocker 1996 Friends of Terrill Woolsey
Lacy Cocker Spaniel 03/05/88-11/15/03 Nita
Lacy Cocker Spaniel 08/2000-01/06/12 Tina
Lacy Cocker Spaniel 10 years 01/14/11 Patsy
Lacy Cocker Spaniel 11/10/89-05/13/00 Randy Reetz & Dennis McGraw
Lacy Cocker Spaniel Mix 13 years 05/02/07 Patti Flynn
Lacy Collie 9 years 12/15/98 Bug
Lacy Cream Sharpei Toni
Lacy Doberman 10 years 07/04/04 The Mastbrook's
Lacy Doberman 8 years 03/10/00 Susan and Brad Messick
Lacy Dog 06/10/09 Jesse
Lacy Dog 07/06/91-04/10/05 Julia
Lacy Dog 12/94-10/27/06 Pamela Shaw
Lacy Dog 1985-1997 Ellen S.
Lacy Domestic Cat 04/16/89-05/09/11 Carole & Jeff Cardinale
Lacy Domestic Short Hair Cat with Russian Blue characteristics 05/01/94-11/07/01 Susan M. Korch-Appleby and Tom Appleby
Lacy Emmeluth Yellow Lab 10/30/00-10/10/11 Sue
Lacy English Setter 06/13/13 Jan Banks, Kala Borden, Lori Nichols
Lacy Farriet 5 years 05/16/03 Tina
Lacy Ferret 04/28/89-07/12/93 Dragon Run G. Bailey
Lacy Ferret Tina
Lacy Garner Cocker Spaniel 8 years 02/24/07 Kevin and Lisa Garner
Lacy German Shepherd 01/07/94-03/28/02 Chris
Lacy German Shepherd 02/14/99-06/07/06 Kitty F Dillard
Lacy German Shepherd 06/04/95-10/08/02 Marsha Napier
Lacy Golden Retriever 03/28/86-03/08/99 Sara E. Andrews
Lacy Golden Retriever Puppy 01/17/11 Jennifer & Chad Fearing
Lacy Greyhound 02/22/92-08/30/04 Meredith & Jon Resnick
Lacy Husky/Angel 1991?-05/02/05 Becky Gollannek
Lacy Irish Setter 16 years 10/18/94 The Fambrini Family
Lacy Joy Bichon Frise 05/20/93-08/27/08 Linda Leto
Lacy K Solid Brown Shih-Tzu 12/14/91-02/02/07 Amanda K
Lacy Keeshond Wolf Grey & Black 01/05/05-05/18/07 Jackie Odom
Lacy Kurtz Sheltie 12/27/97-07/28/05 Wendy Kurtz
Lacy Lab 08/20/92-12/04/04 Orv & Penny Taylor
Lacy Lab Mix 14 years 04/07/09 Cyn Reynolds
Lacy Lab/Mix 14 years 04/07/09 Cindy Reynolds
Lacy Labrador 10 years 11/01/08 Carol
Lacy Labrador Mix 12/19/12 Teresa Osgood
Lacy Labrador Mix 12/19/14 Teresa
Lacy Labrador Retriever Cross 11 years 09/29/01 Robb and Wendy Stahl
Lacy Lawson Mixed Dog 06/2000-05/20/16 Melinda Lawson Jim Lawson
Lacy Lee Smith English Springer Spaniel 10 years 01/07/06 Diane and Larry
Lacy Lhasa Apso Bichon Mix 12/12/96-01/24/08 Ruth Soucek
Lacy Lhasapoo 12/30/08-12/18/12 Missy
Lacy Lu Calico Cat 10/99-12/26/09 Jenny
Lacy Lu Sheltie Mix 07/01/00-08/22/00 Kathy Wojciak
Lacy Mae Siamese Cat 09/90-12/10/10 Tina Yousse Wheeler
Lacy Maltese 10/01/93-01/27/12 Lisa & Ronnie
Lacy Maltese/Shitzu 09/24/98-07/12/13 Judy Oliver
Lacy Metcalf Chihuahua 05/01/02-07/31/07 Karen Metcalf
Lacy Miniature Pincher 03/06/09 Craig
Lacy os Sommerset Border Collie 15 years 06/15/10 Xena Carpenter
Lacy Pacori American Shorthair Tuxedo Cat 02/06/97-10/01/05 The Pacori Family
Lacy Part Poodle/Terrier 12 years 12/25/98 Amanda O'Bryant
Lacy Peach Cocker Spaniel 1995-06/15/10 Leslie Davidson
Lacy Persian Cat 15 years 06/30/04 Jennifer Hurles
Lacy Persian/Mix Cat 15 years 06/30/04 Jennifer Hurles
Lacy Pom 08/24/09 Vicky Simmons
Lacy Pomeranian 07/26/06 Keri, Will and Garrett
Lacy Pomeranian 08/29/06-05/12/12 Bobby
Lacy Pomeranian 08/29/98-10/16/12 Louise Smith
Lacy Poodle 9 years 02/25/10 Jerra & Jim Robertson
Lacy Pug 08/23/98-07/17/02 Theresa Noggle
Lacy Red Poodle 04/13/98-10/06/12 Pat & Fred
Lacy Rose Terrier 06/23/12 Gaynell Andress
Lacy Royal Pepper Cocker Spaniel 06/21/85-11/21/99 Kay Harkness
Lacy Schnauzer/Terrier Mix 02/14/83-03/03/99 Lisa Halle
Lacy Shay Shih Tzu 11 years 08/03/02 LuAnn and Jerry
Lacy Sheltie 01/29/01-01/04/13 Wendy Ridgway
Lacy Sheltie 12 years 08/30/07 Charlene Probst
Lacy Sheltie 12/25/93-07/22/04 Patty Cooper
Lacy Sheltie 16 years 02/07/10 Donna Jackson
Lacy Shetland Sheepdog 09/13/95-08/02/06 Robin Huey
Lacy Shih Tzu 12/01/87-06/23/03 Joy Ballenger
Lacy Siberian Husky 15 years 05/28/01 Brenda R. Sloan
Lacy Silva Rottie 12/23/03-12/30/15 Rosie
Lacy Springer Spaniel 14 years 07/05/96 Jo Van Tassel
Lacy Terrier Mix 05/28/98-11/04/08 Kari, Mike, Alyssa and Brett
Lacy Terrier Mix 14 years 08/09/12 Gail & Vin Diflumeri
Lacy Tortiseshell Cat 14 years 1997 Lori
Lacy Toy Poodle 07/10/97-02/07/06 Jasmine Irish
LACY Yellow Lab 13 years 02/10/99 Kimberly G
Lacy Yorkie 01/02/99-11/22/03 Lori and Kelly Musgrave
Lacy Yorkie 07/25/98-07/12/10 Chris Counsil
Lacy Yorkie 11/30/95-10/21/11 Angela R
Lacy Yorkie/Shitzu Mix 16 years 10/01/11 Connie Pavey
Lacy, Fanny, Pawlette, Casper, Daisy, Buffy, Jekyll, Leanne, Willy, Wally, Lucy Fur, Polly Ester, Cora, Tim Cats 01/97 Merle Feaser and David Snyder
LacyJ Cat 12 years 03/22/04 Lori Martinez
Lacy's Gift of Gold (Cw) Registered Quarter Horse 3 years 01/20/96 Carrie Volden
Lacy's winter dream Duncan Siberian Husky 01/24/09 Bug Duncan
Lad (aka. Laddy Dog) Springer Spaniel 05/17/80-06/09/94 Judee & Gail Woodward
Lad Collie 04/12/89-07/11/01 Laurie and the Fullmer family
Lad Paint Horse 05/14/88-11/21/04 Kathy Moniz
Lad Pug 12/03/97-09/26/00 Jamie
Lad Smooth Haired Collie 12/25/90-07/11/02 Bonnie
Ladd Border Collie 1953-1954 Maureen
Ladd Golden Retriever 03/16/96-04/24/08 Robert L. Richardt
Ladd Horse 05/27/03 Jennifer
Ladd Irish Setter 11/19/03-02/06/17 Amy
Laddertruck Rodriguez Great Dane 8 years 01/20/14 Lori Rodriguez
Laddie Bo Sheltie 05/18/91-05/09/03 Joyce Fischer
Laddie Boy Black Cocker Spaniel 11/02/66-08/16/80 Pat Doherty
Laddie Cat 08/98 Carmen
Laddie Collie 02/03/61-14 years Trudy Thalmann
Laddie Collie 07/07/90-07/14/03 Gail Kerr and Daniel Tanner
Laddie Collie 11/03/00 Janet Stanish-Knue
Laddie Collie 16 years 07/20/02 Stephanie
Laddie Collie 17 years Jenny
Laddie Collie 1985-08/30/98 Susan Phillips
Laddie Collie 5 years 08/06/98 Sue, Roger and Kendra
Laddie Collie 6 years 1993 The Wigglesworth Family
Laddie Collie Vi Sloan
Laddie Collie/German Shepherd 08/86-04/14/97 Shannon Reuter
Laddie Collie-Shepherd 10/15/67 John O. d'Ancona
Laddie Cross Labrador 13 years 05/16/08 Claire Marie Jones
Laddie Dedmon Shetland Sheepdog 13 years 07/11/05 Jim Dedmon
Laddie Dog 04/10/84-11/08/99 Barbara Searson
Laddie Dog 15 years 01/13/01 Sharon
Laddie Golden Retriever 8 years 06/05/07 Rebekka Garcia
Laddie Hogue Sheltie 15 years 05/18/06 Remona and David Roberts
Laddie Hunton, Westie/yorkie cross, (fur ball), 7years. 18th January 2012. Denise, Mick and Rolo.x
Laddie Kennedy Yorkshire Terrier 11/01/95-02/03/07 Michael Delossantos
Laddie Lou Retriever/Collie 04/01/01-08/29/07 Lorraine Vandusen
Laddie McVerin Earl of the Highlands Scottish Terrier 05/06/88-10/31/97 Alan and Jan
Laddie Min. Collie 10 years 01/23/94 The McKnights
Laddie Miniature Shetland Sheepdog 1981 Barbara Garrett
Laddie Mixed Dog 12 years 06/12/08 Ed Rodden
Laddie Mixed Terrier 1979-1993 Sandy and Ron
Laddie Mogavero Shetland Sheepdog 09/24/94-09/06/09 Pam Mogavero
Laddie Old English Sheepdog 04/30/88-04/28/97 Gregory Wislosky
Laddie Poodle 13 years 07/19/05 Latrell Ward King
Laddie Scottish Terrier 07/25/97-01/20/09 Phyllis Posey
Laddie Scottish Terrier 11 years 12/09/07 Roberta Turner
Laddie Sheltie 04/93-08/11/08 Terri Colbert
Laddie Sheltie 05/17/90-10/03/03 Kristine Ratayczak
Laddie Sheltie 05/29/82-12/11/91 Carosone Family
Laddie Sheltie 07/12/90-03/06/03 Sharon and Robert Hartkopf LIsa Bobby Chrissy
Laddie Sheltie 09/25/09 Brendan Cahoon
Laddie Sheltie 11/12/92-05/02/98 Vickie Wright
Laddie Sheltie 11/18/85-09/29/95 Beth J Danforth-Munn
Laddie Sheltie 11/23/10 Diane Miller
Laddie Sheltie 11/25/98-09/25/13 Regina
Laddie Sheltie 12/22/01-05/21/10 Jacqueline Lavine
Laddie Sheltie 12/29/95-01/17/08 Linda Davis
Laddie Sheltie 14 or 15 years 05/01/06 C Willmschen
Laddie Sheltie 15 years 06/21/84 Molumby's
Laddie Sheltie 8 years 08/05/94 Linda Moore
Laddie Sheltland Sheepdog 08/04/90-08/30/01 Bob Sue and Kelly Everson
Laddie Shepherd Mix 10 years 07/15/09 Lila Richards
Laddie Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) 11/25/01-08/12/15 Sandra and Dean Montgomery
Laddie Shetland Sheepdog 04/21/87-09/16/98 Ruth Ann Gordon
Laddie Shetland Sheepdog 08/08/92-06/28/06 Amanda Suenkel
Laddie Shetland Sheepdog 10 years 11/16/01 Richard Sibley
Laddie Spitz 08/08/61 Lyne Charlsen
Laddie Tesdall Mixed Breed Terrier 12 years 01/04/10 Laura Tesdall
Laddie Yellow Lab 1987-1997 The Pruitt Family
Laddin Labrador Retriever 07/07/93-11/18/06 Donna Guinto
Ladds Maggie May Labrador Retriever 08/07/97-08/10/06 Steve, Kaye & Seth Ladd
Laddy Chihuahua/Papillon 13 years 05/27/03 Todd
Laddy Cocker Spaniel/Terrier/Dachshund 12/22/89-04/07/05 Julie
Laddy Morgan McTavish Westhighland Terrier 10 years 09/26/00 Elizabeth Dono
Laddy White Westhighland Terrier 04/01/85-05/11/01 Jan Penticoff
La-Dee Shorkie 06/05/05-02/11/10 James and Heather McCormick
Ladie Collie 1994 Derek Delacruz
Ladies Edge Thoroughbred Horse 04/11/95-06/29/05 Lisa Weaver
Lady & Her 6 Babies Black Lab Mix 1943-05/44 Joann M. Pochinski
Lady & Kady Mini-Schnauzers 11/22/90 & 12/14/93-10/31/06 & 05/18/05 Joe & Dee Buriegi
Lady & Puddin Collie/Shepherd Mixes Dogs 11/15/86-05/29/01 V. Adkins
Lady & Tessa Mixed Breed Dogs 23 and 22 years 09/05/08 Linda Norton
Lady & Toot Labradors 15 years 08/20/04 Kathleen B. Claypoole
Lady (aka Lady Kins) JRT 07/10/03-07/16/18 David & Gaby
Lady (aka Ladybug) Australian Shepherd Mix 03/11/15 Patti
Lady (aka Ladybug) Labrador/Pit Bull Mix 02/14/94-11/30/02 Pamela D. & Steven R. Hudson
Lady (Boo) American Cocker Spaniel 05/31/92-06/10/98 Brenda, Glenn & Princess
Lady (Boo) Cocker Spaniel 05/31/92-06/10/98 Brenda
Lady (Boo) Cocker Spaniel 05/31/92-06/10/98 Brenda, Glenn, Princess & Boo
Lady (Bookie Bear) Terrier Mix 11/26/91-11/22/99 Jen
Lady (Cayenne) Golden Retriever 08/20/96-12/27/97 Carrie Frakes
Lady (Goose) Beagle-Basset 1976-04/91 Kay L. Mason
Lady (Grace Of Carolina) Marci
Lady (Grandma Dog) Mixed Breed Dog 21 09/05/97 Juanita Hale
Lady (Joey) Sheltie 5 1/2 years 04/97 Dee Anna
Lady (Kayla) O'Shellafirth Sheltie 11/17/87-01/21/02 Lisa
Lady (Killebeg Girl My Lovely Irish Lady) Greyhound 10/23/85-02/16/96 Buck and Elsie Walck
Lady (Lady Buffie Tahoe in June) Tri Color Collie 7 years 12/16/05 Sandy Heley
Lady (Lady Bug) Collie/German Shepherd Mix 11 years 02/08/98 Sandra E. Lane
Lady (Lady Bug) German Shepherd 02/21/89-04/07/01 Barbra & Ron Vasilenko
Lady (Lady Bug) Lhasa Apso 11/29/88-01/23/05 Betty
Lady (Lady Bug) Saint Bernard 8 1/2 years 01/01/99 Susan Eckard
Lady (Lady Precious Angel) Blonde Cocker Spaniel 10 years 1997 Francoise
Lady (Ladybird) English Setter 17 years 03/31/08 Herb, Mary and Christopher Hyde
Lady (Ladygirl) Horse Sally J. Fowler
Lady (My Chaperon Lady) Old English Sheep 24/12/96-29/07/03 Shane Drobnick
Lady (Poobear) German Shepherd 05/17/84-05/08/98 D. Sink & J. Sink
Lady (Springcav Lady Sonia) English Springer Spaniel 03/22/99-08/21/08 Kathryn
Lady (Yellow Belly Wolfdog) Dog 06/89-01/2007 Sahsa and Ivan Rincon
Lady 02/27/98 Preston
Lady 04/05/94 Ginger Murphy
Lady a.k.a 'LadyJane' German Shepherd 01/05/92-03/26/07 Doreene DeRuiter
Lady Abbey Markley Graves 'Dewey' Weim 11/26/02-12/25/10 Peg & Andy
Lady Abigail Camille (Abby) Old English Sheepdog 08/11/90-07/18/02 Janice Ledbetter
Lady Abigail Masham- Abby English Golden Retriever 05/06/96-08/21/09 A.E. Hansen
Lady Abigail of Cedarwood Miniature Terrier 02/14/94-01/30/05 Alyssa Farmer
Lady Abigail Von Meadow Rottweiler 03/20/92-04/04/02 Karen St. Jean
Lady Adah Mixed Cat 11/2010 Cathy Bennett
Lady Adelhide Von Badon Heinz 57 Dog 01/18/94 Carrie Stevens Van Zoest
Lady Airdale-Doberman Mix 05/05/83-04/11/03 John R. & Judy Morgan
Lady Airedale Terrier 11/01/85-11/04/96 J McGhee
Lady aka Diggydogs Staffie X 11 years 06/13/07 Michael Pratt
Lady- aka Doo Doo Dog Terri Mix 1981-07/03/99 Jo
Lady aka Kitten Short Hair White and Gray Tabby Cat 09/02/06-01/16/08 Michaela, Connor, and Duncan Davidson
Lady aka 'Lady Jane' German Shepherd 01/05/92-03/26/07 Doreene DeRuiter
Lady aka Ladybug Cocker Spaniel 04/05/96-10/14/08 Lilly Canterbury
Lady aka Ladygizmo Boxer 01/25/94-01/04/05 Damon Dunagan
Lady aka Mommy Ladybug Shar Pei 12 years 02/20/05 Robert & Rowena O'Connors
Lady aka 'Moof' and Our 'good Girlie' Yorkshire Terrier 06/20/91-07/29/04 Linda, Paul and David Wells
Lady Akita 13 years 05/25/10 Ana and Javier Figueroa
Lady Alaskan Malamute1986-05/05/97 Barbara Leat
Lady Alexandra, Alex Cat 1 1/2 years 04/19/99 Justine
Lady All Black Part Siamese Cat 10/01/79-04/17/97 Karen
Lady Alsatian 04/29/05 Leslie Coombs
Lady American Cocker 08/01/99-04/29/09 Cathy and Chante Shepherd
Lady American Cocker Spaniel 05/31/92-06/06/98 Brenda Harrison
Lady American Cocker Spaniel 05/31/92-06/10/98 Brenda, Glenn & Boo
Lady American Eskimo Dog 05/25/87-04/15/02 Louis J. Salway
Lady American Eskimo Dog 06/01/92-05/31/04 Sandra Clark
Lady American Eskimo Dog 08/85-10/26/95 Mike B.
Lady American Eskimo Dog 15 years 08/13/99 Diony Cook
Lady American Eskimo Dog 7 years 03/23/96 Sheila
Lady American Eskimo Spitz 05/11/93-08/02/09 Charlene and Scott Jones
Lady American Long Hair Cat 16 years 02/03/09 Elizabeth Heymen
Lady American Quarter Horse 03/01/83-09/15/06 Brooke Deegan
Lady American White Shepherd-Lab/Retriever Mix 02/14/99-01/24/11 Candy Beauchamp
Lady Amstaff 2 years 05/09/02 Krista Kirshner
Lady and Annie Collie Mix 10 and 17 years 1998 and 2003 Debbie Sullivan
Lady and Bandit Kristen
Lady and Cee Cee Cocker Mix and Yorkie 15 and 14 years 05/06/06 Deborah and Marvin Del Re
Lady and Gizmo Labradoodle and Terrier, Sheltie, Other) 17 and 16 years 01/05/13 The Fussell Family
Lady and Scotty Westies 121/02/13-07/06/02 Pam and Richard Schoeck
Lady and Toot Labrador Retrievers 02/12/88-08/13/04 Kathleen Burke Claypoole
Lady and Tramp Alaskan Malamute/Shepherd Dogs Nancy and David Wise
Lady Anderson and Smokey Anderson Puppies 4 months 05/09/03 Misty
Lady Ann Campbell of Argyle Border Collie 11/05/11 Brian A. Morgan
Lady Ann Maltese 04/14/86-10/08/02 Tanya Hagaman
Lady Ann Shirley Bricker
Lady Anna Golden Retriever 03/04/96-07/05/02 Dorothy Zito
Lady Anne Badger Beagle Mix 20 years 07/16/12 Rick Bufano
Lady Anne Brittney Yorkshire Terrier 15 1/2 years 01/19/06 Melissa Franklin
Lady Anne Westie 02/20/97?-05/06/08 Donald & June Siress
Lady Appaloosa Horse 01/01/68-01/10/98 Beckie Flynn
Lady Ariadne Rag Doll Cat 07/05/08 Bob
Lady Armstrong Pug 14 years 03/12/05 Marissa
Lady Arwen German Shepherd 04/01/83-12/21/96 Cat Breen
Lady Ashley Cairn/Westie Mix 12 years 04/14/07 Ginnette Powell
Lady Ashley Chow Chow 07/89-09/11/00 Tammy, Brandon & Christopher
Lady Ashley Mix Cat 15 years 12/09/05 D Marlowe
Lady Ashley of Sayhi Golden Retriever 10 1/2 years 09/22/01 Dhari S. Gray
Lady Ashley Pekingese 11 years 03/30/98 Michael and Kathleen Santana
Lady Astor Lokey ll Basset/Dachshund 05/16/10 Heidi and Stanley
Lady Athena Bella Black Lab/ Golden Retriever 01/31/96-07/25/08 Ava Purvis
Lady Aussie Mix 03/12/89-11/27/05 Annette Piechowski
Lady Australian Cattle Dog 11/10/80-11/10/90 Karen, Shirlene, and Candy
Lady Australian Shepherd 04/16/94-10/04/08 Sue
Lady Australian Shepherd 08/98-08/15/08 Kathy Buehler
Lady Australian Shepherd 10 years 05/23/04 Shannon Olson
Lady Australian Shepherd 13 years 05/13/05 Judy Rademaker
Lady Australian Shepherd 13 years 08/09/06 Susan and Jack Owens
Lady Australian Shepherd Mix 09/95-01/19/11 Melanie Armstrong
Lady 'Babe' Wilson Border Collie Mix 17 years 06/30/06 Connie Wilson
Lady Baby Chow/Schipperke 14 years 09/08/08 Tina
Lady Bandit Golden Retriever 15 years 07/31/97 Nancy Palmberg
Lady Basenji 12/11/81-04/21/95 Geri Richman
Lady Basset Hound 05/27/91-05/05/01 Debbie Moore
Lady Basset Hound 12/15/07-02/28/12 Marlina
Lady Bassett Hound 09/10/88-07/18/00 Rita Clark, David and Michael Lewis
Lady Beagle 01/29/13 Brad & Kyoko Virden, Kikuko Nomura
Lady Beagle 05/02/87-12/24/02 Jen Bell
Lady Beagle 07/14/05 Melanie
Lady Beagle 08/09/06 Ed
Lady Beagle 09/99-09/26/11 Kimberly d Bollinger
Lady Beagle 10/09/92-06/18/10 Philip and Brenda Scott
Lady Beagle 10/13/92-01/23/05 Peter, Sarah, Michael, & Richard Story
Lady Beagle 11 years 05/11/98 Bill & Family
Lady Beagle 11/15/00-09/15/09 Chrissy
Lady Beagle 14 years 09/25/05 Sharon L Vertucci
Lady Beagle 16 years 08/04/09 Pat Santarsiero
Lady Beagle 2004 Jamie Smith
Lady Beagle Cross 1998-02/2009 Jeanne Thompson
Lady Beagle Mix 08/30/91-02/11/02 Walt and Sandy Keller
Lady Beagle Mix 11/01/94-09/20/10 Lila Goodman
Lady Beagle Pup Beagle 09/01/00-01/06/01 Pam Musgrove and Family
Lady Beagle Spaniel Mix 14 years 6 months 12/31/08 Lynne Jenrow
Lady Beagle/Lab Mix 1985-10/13/01 Janice Fielder
Lady Beagle/Mix 16 years 10/08/04 Rick & Cheryl
Lady Beagle/Terrier Mix 1990-07/08/06 Kellie and Sarah
Lady Bear Chow Chow 05/04/98-04/21/03 Mike and Judy Clear
Lady Bear Newfoundland 12 years 04/21/06 Melodie
Lady Bear 'Puppy' Lab 11 years 04/14/12 Susan Schwenk
Lady Beatrice Robbins Dalmatian 16 years 09/18/05 Sylvia Robbins
Lady Bedeker Black Lab 06/20/92-05/03/05 Renee Bedeker
Lady Bee Brittany Spaniel 16 years 09/19/98 Christie
Lady Belle Jacqueline Marie Huser Brittany Spaniel 23 years 10/14/04 Bob, Kim, and Jackie
Lady Belle Lab/Dobie Mix 03/95-04/02/11 Michelle Vasquez
Lady Belle Labrador Retriever 13 years 02/10/06 The Marchesano Family
Lady Belle Miniature Poodle 03/01/11-06/10/13 Randy Payne
Lady Belle Pekingese 04/20/93-12/22/07 Kimberly Sanders
Lady Belle Sheltie 12 years 05/27/05 Erik
Lady Belle Terrier Mix 11/06/12 Suzanne
Lady Bennett German / Aus. Shepherd 10/14/89-04/30/02 Geneva, Shirley, Paul, Ralph Bennett, Vera Dixon
Lady Bentley Rottweiler 10/05/90-07/23/02 The Wooton Family
Lady Beresford Setter Mix 13 years 02/21/10 Dianne Beresford
Lady Berghen of Benbrook Wire Haired Fox Terrier 11/05/82-12/18/98 Erna Marvelli
Lady Beryl Mignon, Shetland Sheepdog 12/31/87-12/09/97 Lora E. Hawthorne
Lady Bess English Setter 03/21/86-12/23/98 Ken and Carole Miller
Lady Beth Ridgeback/German Shepherd 14 years 04/19/10 Janice Fusco
Lady Bichon Frise 03/01/87-02/26/05 Jennifer, Natalie, Steve and Teresa Lagoda
Lady Bichon Frise 27/10/01-18/06/11 Sharon
Lady Bird Dalmatian 06/02/07 Sheila
Lady Bird Parakeet 3 years 03/09/12 Heather
Lady Black Cocker Spaniel 12/1987-12/2001 Don, Pam, Michelle and Mike Fowlkes
Lady Black Dog 1997-08/05/05 Gary & Joanne Koster
Lady Black Lab / Collie Mix 13 years 04/18/06 Kelly Loney
Lady Black Lab 01/86-06/26/99 Roy, Hilary & Whitney Parker
Lady Black Lab 02/01/05 Jim Young
Lady Black Lab 02/16/90-11/23/01 AWP
Lady Black Lab 02/19/00 Bill & Dolly, Billy & Tina
Lady Black Lab 03/04/95-05/27/05 Samantha Payne
Lady Black Lab 03/25/97-10/15/04 Betty Amador
Lady Black Lab 07/05/98-10/21/11 Rosemary
Lady Black Lab 08/30/90-08/14/04 Sue Sondergaard
Lady Black Lab 09/04/84-11/11/01 Dylan Toomey
Lady Black Lab 10/03/11 Deb
Lady Black Lab 12 years 03/23/10 LeAne Jordan
Lady Black Lab 12 years 04/25/12 Larry & Bonnie
Lady Black Lab 6 years 09/06/91 Janice
Lady Black Lab Mix 10/07/93-06/28/07 Rosemary
Lady Black Lab Mix 12/86-03/24/02 Kathy Giancotti
Lady Black Lab Retriever 08/21/96 Angie & Bill Kiker
Lady Black Lab/Rottweiler 1998-05/07/00 Susan DeShaw
Lady Black Lab/Shepherd Mix 12 years 06/06/09 Heather, Ivan & Mitchell
Lady Black Lab-Beagle 17 years 12/03/09 Mary
Lady Black Labrador 02/01/90-02/10/04 Becky Murphy
Lady Black Labrador 04/09/06-01/19/16 Ron and Barbara J Mac Dougall
Lady Black Labrador 07/96-03/14/09 Grace Frank Frankie and Nikki
Lady Black Labrador Mix 10 years 12/28/05 Sandra Lakin
Lady Blackstar Border Collie 15 years 06/05/89 Richard & JoAnn Hopewell
Lady Blonde Cocker Spaniel 6 years 12/07/01 Kimber and Phebe
Lady Blue Australian Cattle Dog 06/03/02 Sharon Roberts
Lady Blue Cat 17 years 07/02/02 Kevin Kinsch
Lady Blue Chihuahua 04/20/87-12/18/00 Lacrista Bagley
Lady Blue Doberman 9 years 03/25/07 Faith Vander Snow
Lady Blue Heeler 14 years 02/12/07 Scott & Michele Graham
Lady Blue Husky/Australian Shepherd 13 years 01/04/11 Kaylyn
Lady Blue Merle Border Collie 15 years 05/30/08 Sue Endacott
Lady Blue Nose Brindle Pit 11/21/14 David Rossi
Lady Bo Bo Poodle 10 year 05/23/05 Will Miller
Lady Bob Mixed - Long Hair Cat 15? years 03/2005 Julie Farnum
Lady Boifava Red Doberman/Chocolate Lab 12/24/86-09/18/99 Anne Cormier
Lady Bonita Duarte Terrier/Chihuahua Mix 1 year 2000 Stephanie Duarte
Lady Bonnie Belle Shetland Sheepdog 01/25/93-10/05/99 Cat Graham
Lady Boo Anne Chow Collie 03/12/92-07/26/06 Patricia
Lady Bop Black Pomeranian 11 years 03/17/97 Becky Bell
Lady Border Collie 01/10/91-07/05/10 Rebecca Stolp
Lady Border Collie 04/04/83-05/31/01 Casey and Karen Balvert
Lady Border Collie 05/16/76-07/05/90 Alan Simonaitis
Lady Border Collie 12 years 11/04/99 Susan
Lady Border Collie 17 years 01/07/14 Chuck, Sandy, Charles, and Jay
Lady Border Collie 17 years 04/20/06 Hollyn Ripley
Lady Border Collie 17 years 5 1 2000 P Bolton
Lady Border Collie 18 years 05/07/10 C & T Cameron
Lady Border Collie 1993-06/07/11 Rachel
Lady Border Collie 2003 Becky
Lady Border Collie Cross 01/10/91-07/05/10 Rebecca
Lady Border Collie Mix 05/24/94 Nicole Adrian
Lady Border Collie Mix 17 years 06/30/06 Connie Wilson
Lady Border Collie Shepherd Mix 04/94-03/19/09 The McAllister Family
Lady Border Collie/Blue Heeler 16 years 08/12/09 Laura
Lady Border Collie/Shepherd 10 1/2 years 02/23/97 Malcolm Dubois Jr.
Lady Borrega Beastie (Wee Beastie) Kerry Blue Terrier 06/22/87-09/03/99 Ann Mumford
Lady Borzoi 11 years 10/19/99 Robin, Laura and Justin Ashourian
Lady Boston Terrier 04/05/99-05/25/07 Pat & John Tubbs
Lady Boston Terrier 06/24/07 Melanie
Lady Boston Terrier 14 years 07/04/01 Amanda Moerschbacher
Lady Boxer 06/23/95-03/21/08 The Brown Family
Lady Boxer 08/14/96 Bev Lockwood
Lady Boxer 11/09/08 Cheryl
Lady Boxer 14 years 07/04/04 Janice Bennett
Lady Boxer 14 years 09/23/05 Shannon, Lisamarie, Jeff & Jacob
Lady Boxer 7 years 10/08/98 Wayne Johnson
Lady Boxer Jillian Fittinger
Lady Boxer Mix 12 years 12/31/05 Lisa Santarelli
Lady Boykin Spaniel 07/31/94-09/29/05 Kat
Lady Brandy Golden Retriever 01/20/91-12/16/04 P. M. Mfemfe
Lady Brannan Von Schott (Schatzie) Miniature Schnauzer 01/20/87-08/13/01 Carlotta Clarke/Katherine Ferer/Susan Gregory
Lady Brett Ashley German Shepherd 03/30/08-07/27/15 Sheena and Andrew
Lady Brindle Boxer 10 years 3 months 02/14/05 Sandy Garman
Lady Britney Spaniel Mix 8 years 07/02/05 Sherry
Lady Brittany 03/18/85-01/29/99 Pat & Ric Ortelli
Lady Brittany 07/08/88-11/25/00 Laurie
Lady Brittany 09/30/85-05/31/99 Laura Beer and Dennis Sobocinski
Lady Brittany Mix 09/87-09/2002 Kathleen Grigson
Lady Brittany Spaniel 01/14/89-12/20/02 Mary Turner
Lady Brittany Spaniel 14 years 10/27/99 Stan and Nancy
Lady Brown Rottweiler 03/19/02-05/08/12 Becky Brown
Lady Bucenec Johns Domestic Short Haired Calico Cat 09/08/95-01/23/08 Michele Johns
Lady Budgie 3 1/2 years 01/01/99 Michele Kaitner & family.
Lady Buffington Pekingese 02/20/85-07/26/99 J. Iles
Lady Buffy Persian Cat 01/29/78-04/18/01 Rasma, Leon and Sandy Kuplis
Lady Bug (LB) Mixed Dog 1983 10/06/98 Pam and Mick McVey
Lady Bug (Love Bug, Bug) Dalmatian 3 years 02/07/04 Jacki and Pete Hadra
Lady Bug Basset Hound 06/27/03-11/11/09 Rick Pasquini
Lady Bug Bassett Hound 07/28/00-05/27/15 Denise
Lady Bug Bassett Hound 07/28/00-05/27/15 Denise Schlauch
Lady Bug Beagle 02/23/84-07/11/00 Harry & Claudette Noll
Lady Bug Beagle 09/10/90-08/10/05 Alize Fauber
Lady Bug Beagle 9 years 07/20/04 Clara and Jim Greiner
Lady Bug Beagle Mix 01/29/98-02/07/12 Carolyn Molenda
Lady Bug Bohmueller almost 18 years 01/03/03 Holly Laney
Lady Bug Boxer 02/94-05/22/01 Bob Hodges
Lady Bug British Shorthair Cat 6 years 01/14/88 Meg Harsen
Lady Bug Cat 21 years 06/24/98 Polly Ireton
Lady Bug Chiweenie 02/11/08-02/10/17 Toni Banks
Lady Bug Cocker Spaniel 02/19/06 Jan Homer
Lady Bug Cocker Spaniel 10/09/91-10/16/01 Ginger Jordan
Lady Bug Cocker Spaniel 18 years 03/03/03 Sue and Joseph Lindley
Lady Bug Cocker/Mix 01/15/97-06/03/00 Sheila Martin
Lady Bug Dog 10/83-12/94 Lori McMann
Lady Bug German Shepherd 02/06/87-05/27/98 Sterling, Sue and Family
Lady Bug German Shepherd 06/15/10 Jessica Knapp
Lady Bug German Shepherd 15 years 02/09/00 Roena Bergman
Lady Bug Golden Retriever 11 years 09/29/03 Tammy Willets
Lady Bug GSD 02/06/87-05/27/98 Sterling and Sue Moeller
Lady Bug Haberman Border Collie 04/01/99-04/21/13 Nancy Padden Haberman
Lady bug key Chihuahua 06/01/97-05/26/14 Charlene Key
Lady Bug Lab Retriever Mix 1998-01/12/10 Joe and Irene
Lady Bug Maillet Peekapoo 11/03/05-08/17/14 Joan Maillet
Lady Bug Miniature Schnauzer 07/17/91-02/15/00 Stacey Martin Family
Lady Bug Mix Dog 03/31/98-09/24/09 Karyl Loose
Lady Bug Pomeranian 9 years 09/03/08 Amy McCarty
Lady Bug Poodle 12 years 08/16/08 Dawn
Lady Bug Pug 12 years 05/17/05 Vicki Dressler
Lady Bug Scottish Terrier 12/21/97-01/11/09 Edith C. Reed
Lady Bug Sheltie 1994 Michael Newman
Lady Bug Stalter Mixed Dog 10/24/94-05/23/10 Regina A Stalter
Lady Bug Talbot aka Bug Chocolate Lab 03/03/99-08/20/07 Janice Hamilton
Lady Bug Ter/Pdl Mix 17 years 01/03/03 Judy, Woody, Holly, Brian and Kurt
Lady Bug Vines Heinz 57 Dog 2003-09/26/11 Loren Vines
Lady Bug Yellow Lab 9 years 03/16/10 Jill
Lady Bug Yorkie 08/03/96-03/29/11 Daylon and Cindy Powell
Lady Bug, Buggy, Love Buggy Manchester Terrier 02/12/97-02/10/07 Melanie & Cecil Plemmons
Lady Bull Terrier Mix 7 years 11/30/05 Connie Haley
Lady Burgess DiBartolomeo Australian Shepherd 04/24/98-01/02/07 Deborah and Richard DiBartolomeo
Lady Burmilla Cat 03/02/98 Julie
Lady C Labrador/Greyhound 08/03/94-02/23/08 Ron Miller
Lady Cairn Terrier 07/26/14 Rose Stratton
Lady Calico Cat 18 years 1998 Kathy Haynes-Holman
Lady Calico Cat 19 years 04/21/01 Carla
Lady Capulet Miniature Schnauzer 11/07/91-10/10/96 Diana Yudisky
Lady Cassandra (Cassie) Cocker Spaniel 09/27/92-11/24/07 Dottie Cornell and Celinda Hymen
Lady Cassandra Lee Kennedy (Cassie) Yorksire Terrier 05/24/83-03/19/99 Valerie Yanoska
Lady Cassidy of Wag-a-Lot Labrador Retriever Puppy 05/27/06-06/30/06 Pam Lowman
Lady Cassieopeia Himalayan Cat 04/14/02-08/02/13 Joan Fisher
Lady Cat 02/06/00-08/17/10 Charles and Trudy Wood
Lady Cat 02/18/07 Sybren
Lady Cat 04/99 Casey
Lady Cat 05/10/92-10/11/11 Bess
Lady Cat 06/12/09 Kathryn and Kevin
Lady Cat 12 years 12/03/11 Belinda Mascolino
Lady Cat 12 years Lee & Jo Deringus
Lady Cat 13 years 10/19/15 Rebecca Evans
Lady Cat 14 years 07/01/07 Janet Cowan
Lady Cat 15 years 09/09/06 William Grant Joyner
Lady Cat 15 years 12/26/00 Kay Colbourn
Lady Cat 16 years 02/03/09 Elizabeth and David H
Lady Cat 2006 Jason
Lady Cat 8 years Colleen
Lady Cat 9 years 02/02/00 Cassie
Lady Catahoula Leopard Hound 07/16/17 James Rabiola
Lady Catherine Timmis Burmese 1969-85 Anitra
Lady Cavalier King Charles 9 years 11/19/14 Susan Szulc
Lady Chantille Basset Hound 01/15/93-09/04/08 Roger Brill
Lady Charlene Cocker Spaniel 12/16/87-01/06/99 Grace Mueller
Lady Chatterly of Wicket Old English 13 1/2 years 01/01/03 Elaine
Lady Chelsea British Shorthair Cat 05/29/87-02/10/98 Sara
Lady Chelsey Cocker Spaniel 03/05/89-04/22/00 Peg Markley
Lady Chester Bunnykins Mini Lop Rabbit 2 years 02/25/07 Meredith Barrett
Lady Chestnut Mare 04/08/98 HF
Lady Chichiwawa 7 years 02/14/02 Laura & Lance Seigfreid
Lady Chihuahua 01/86-04/03/03 Belita Nelson
Lady Chihuahua 02/26/94-09/14/08 James
Lady Chihuahua 03/09/07-03/09/10 Kelsie
Lady Chihuahua 04/21/11 Angel H
Lady Chihuahua 08/03/08-02/19/19 Maria Juarez
Lady Chihuahua 11 years 01/29/13 John and Cheryl Peaslee
Lady Chihuahua 1995-01/03/12 Lori and Roman
Lady Chihuahua Mix 05/28/05-07/13/09 Jillian and Tiffany
Lady Chihuahua Mix 14 years 03/05/03 Rebecca
Lady Chihuahua/Terrier Mix 09/01/05 Steve & Holly Moskaluk
Lady Chihuahuas/Terrier 12/19/97-06/02/03 Diane E McCoy
Lady Chloe Cocker Spaniel 07/23/97-12/23/06 Laurie & Pat Casias
Lady Chocolate Lab 8 years 08/24/10 Rob & Terry Riesz
Lady Chocolate Labrador 01/06/01-08/08/13 Denise Vanacore
Lady Chow Chow 12/09/87-02/17/04 Rana Jean
Lady Chow Mix 15 years 10/19/02 Maria Sampson
Lady Chow/Heeler 14 years 10/03/06 Karin Campbell
Lady Chow/Lab Mix 14 years 06/52/05 Anthony Decenzo Jr
Lady Chow/Shepherd Mix 08/97-11/28/04 Kathy, Sean and Wendy Boyer
Lady Chyme von Siegerhund Rottie 05/06/85-06/11/99 Sharon
Lady Clay Pit Bull 10/20/03-09/24/05 Kevin & Heather Clay
Lady Cockapoo 1995-06/30/08 Jeanne Bogusz
Lady Cocker / Poodle Mix 10 years 18/12/00 Wendy Noble
Lady Cocker Mix 02/15/80-10/19/98 Mary Jo Hansen
Lady Cocker Mix 05/07/11 Nita and Tim Farrell
Lady Cocker Mix 09/18/00 Jennifer & Kendell Keith
Lady Cocker Spaniel 01/27/90-03/17/98 Terri Vasquez
Lady Cocker Spaniel 01/92-09/29/04 Rhonda Bradburn
Lady Cocker Spaniel 02/06/99-05/31/07 Whitney and Mike Grizzell
Lady Cocker Spaniel 03/12/92-06/10/05 Julie Hammann
Lady Cocker Spaniel 03/24/90-12/11/97 Laura Wegner
Lady Cocker Spaniel 04/03/90-09/14/04 Linda and Christina Guyse
Lady Cocker Spaniel 04/16/97-11/25/08 Barb Enslen
Lady Cocker Spaniel 04/29/97-09/14/08 Valentina
Lady Cocker Spaniel 05/10/88-08/14/00 Anna
Lady Cocker Spaniel 05/13/87-08/14/00 Anna & Ed
Lady Cocker Spaniel 05/27/96-07/31/06 Nancy & Dave
Lady Cocker Spaniel 06/29/81-06/96 Peggy Harrington
Lady Cocker Spaniel 06/30/93-04/23/07 Elizabeth, Jennifer, Joanna, Dave
Lady Cocker spaniel 07/15/91-07/31/04 Sher & Ger
Lady Cocker Spaniel 07/22/88-08/02/00 Char and Mike Tessiero
Lady Cocker Spaniel 07/26/99-08/14/16 Gail Glaser
Lady Cocker Spaniel 09/18/91-06/08/04 Louise Amatucci
Lady Cocker Spaniel 09/23/95-10/19/09 Kathy Sciannella
Lady Cocker Spaniel 10/05/85-04/07/01 Elena Hanlon
Lady Cocker Spaniel 10/12/89-05/24/00 The DeSimone's
Lady Cocker Spaniel 10/13/05 Jennifer Holland
Lady Cocker Spaniel 10/29/05 Ginny
Lady Cocker Spaniel 10/31/90-08/27/03 Jessica
Lady Cocker Spaniel 11 years 02/04/00 Juliette
Lady Cocker Spaniel 11 years 03/21/02 Michelle Ann
Lady Cocker Spaniel 11 years 11/30/05 Teri Fouty
Lady Cocker Spaniel 11/18/98-01/25/00 Christy & Jeremy Haynes
Lady Cocker Spaniel 12/16/94-12/31/09 Suzanne S. Johnson
Lady Cocker Spaniel 12/25/85-08/05/99 Meaghan
Lady Cocker Spaniel 14 years 02/09/86 Cheryl
Lady Cocker Spaniel 14 years 05/10/07 Linda Sutherland
Lady Cocker Spaniel 14 years 09/17/04 Amanda
Lady Cocker Spaniel 15 years 04/30/12 Margie
Lady Cocker Spaniel 17 years 11/24/09 Brenda Saubert
Lady Cocker Spaniel 1985-08/03/99 Jim & Kathy Cooper
Lady Cocker Spaniel 6 years 07/24/06 Connie Foltz
Lady Cocker Spaniel Dpg 06/25/92-12/08/98 Ray and Dolores Kujawa
Lady Cocker Spaniel Jean
Lady Cocker Spaniel Sara M. N.
Lady Cocker Spaniel/Beagle Mix 8 years 07/07/09 Colleen B
Lady Cocker Spaniel/Shelty 14 years 12/25/02 Amber-Lee
Lady Cocker Spanier 15 years 06/08/96 Sherrie Keils
Lady Cocker, Pugsley Pug, Clyde Boston Terrier, Tom Cat, Whiskers Cat, Leo Cat, Carmen Yellow Crown Amazon, Satchmo Dusky Headed Conure. All perished 07/21/00 Mark & Susan Musser
Lady Cocker/Peke Mix 05/12/92-03/27/05 Carol Smith
Lady Cockerpoo 1998 Pat & Fred
Lady Cockerspaniel 11/25/96-04/13/10 Jana Patton
Lady Cockerspaniel Mix 11 1/2 years 06/14/07 Mary Vogt
Lady Collie 02/09/92-01/16/02 Marci Tressel
Lady Collie 02/24/96-04/13/09 Vickie Cutter
Lady Collie 09/19/89-12/13/04 Rosemarie Ramsey
Lady Collie 09/22/07 Sue
Lady Collie 11 years 10 Aug 2007 Marina McElhinney
Lady Collie 11/15/87-02/14/99 Tom
Lady Collie 12/05/12 Don
Lady Collie 13 years 01/17/07 Marci
Lady Collie 13 years 04/13/09 Vickie Cutter
Lady Collie 1955-1965 Joyce Blanchard
Lady Collie Cross 25/08/88-25/07/02 Karen Robins
Lady Collie Mix 12+ years 05/22/95 Eileen & Paul Lutz
Lady Collie Mix 15 years 09/30/03 Amanda Norejko
Lady Collie Retriever 10 years 09/21/06 Edward Barbieri
Lady Collie/German Shepherd 16 years 19/04/10 Derek
Lady Collie/Shepherd Mix 02/14/86-02/29/00 Sandra, Freddie and Andy
Lady Collie/Shepherd Mix 02/14/94-07/12/10 Matty, Ann, Liz, Thomas
Lady Collie-Shepherd Mix 14 years 06/07/98 Steve and Ella Kaye
Lady Collins Chow/Sheltie Mix 14 years 04/04/11 Diana Marie Collins
Lady Colombo Boxer 09/10/95-12/16/05 Diane Colombo
Lady Corgi Mix 06/01/01-05/08/07 Laurie and Sean Garner
Lady Cross Lab/Retriever 07/05/87 Beverley Ruby
Lady Crystal Hennessy Shih Tzu 12/04/96-05/02/07 Bobbi Jo and Mike Hennessy
Lady Cuddles Heath Cocker Spaniel 08/30/89-10/20/04 Bob
Lady Dachshund 04/16/00-06/14/12 Donna
Lady Dachshund 05/06/83-03/27/98 Janice and Dan Maguire
Lady Dachshund 07/17/91-12/22/04 Pamela
Lady Dachshund 10/04/06 Cathy Steed
Lady Dachshund 11/02/03-07/15/16 Luís Felipe Conterato da Silva
Lady Dachshund/Beagle Mix 10/96-04/01/06 Wendy Harwood
Lady Dachshund/Miniature Sheltie Mix 04/17/81-02/27/98 Sophia M. Preston
Lady Daina XIV Mini Dachshund 11/21/95-10/21/09 Debbie Mellor
Lady Daisy Duke VII aka Baby Duke Yellow Lab 06/30/00-01/24/15 Becky
Lady Dalmatian 05/31/90-10/04/04 Shannan
Lady Dalmatian 08/27/95-06/21/05 Sharon Christoffersen
Lady Dalmatian 10/2001-04/2010 Jennifer Lynn
Lady Dalmatian 12 years 07/25/08 Robbi
Lady Dalmatian 13 years 08/25/01 Jerry Collins
Lady Dalmatian 1989-01/2004 Donna Bullwinkel
Lady Dalmatian 1993 Kristin
Lady Dalmation 12 years 07/06/03 Nancy Bevans
Lady Dana Albino Ferret 03/12/98-06/28/05 Debi Sadowski
Lady Day Gray White Terrier 16 years 08/26/00 Sheryle
Lady Daze Doberman Pinscher/Laborador 04/80-07/01/95 Jackie
Lady Dee Golden Retriever 02/27/97-09/15/08 Shirley Cline
Lady Delilah Blue-Point Doberman 03/25/04-11/28/13 Tess Manns
Lady Di (Didi) Black Lab/Chow 5 years 11/13/01 Joann, Chris,
Lady Di Cat 18+ years 06/98 Vicki
Lady Di Lhasa Apsos 03/02/85-08/07/00 Charlie & Lil
Lady Di Noradel Allen Sheltie 08/22/84-04/02/97 Karen
Lady Di of Druid Miniature Yorkshire Terrier 09/08/98-01/26/01 Teresa
Lady Di Pembroke Welsh Corgi 03/22/03-03/23/06 Anniss Jackson
Lady Di Rag doll Cat 6 years 10/16/03 Pamela, Michael, and Shirley Beford
Lady Diamond (Lady Di) Jack Russell Terrier Mix 6 years 12/25/08 Teri Temple
Lady Diana Jack Russell Terrier 12/11/89-12/11/05 Susan Mary Egan
Lady Diana Shetland Sheep Dog, Sheltie 13 years 02/17/08 Glenda Seelos
Lady Diane Sheltie 12/29/97 George Prokop
Lady Dickens English Springer Spaniel 11/01/93-12/04/06 Carolyn L. Bates
Lady Dingo 8 years 07/16/06 Edna Phipps
Lady Doberman 06/18/96-03/24/04 James
Lady Doberman 17 years 01/19/99 Jeff & Suzanne White
Lady Doberman 7 years 1993 Charles Morey
Lady Doberman Pincher 03/10/84-04/17/95 Samantha Meeks
Lady Doberman Pinscher 10 years 04/16/07 Melva Jensen
Lady Doberman/Greyhound 02/01/04 Patricia and John Baerga
Lady Doberman/Lab Mix 1984-11/26/99 Beverly Bauser
Lady Doberman/Terrier Mix 11/86-05/26/00 Marian Guhl
Lady Dog 02/17/10 Jenn
Lady Dog 02/25/09-06/28/10 Tricia Berry
Lady Dog 03/12/96-05/05/07 Gerald Parker
Lady Dog 03/96 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lady Dog 04/05/87-02/28/98 Amanda
Lady Dog 04/17/06 Mary Jo
Lady Dog 05/06/02 Frances Fullingim
Lady Dog 06/18/07 Angela
Lady Dog 06/28/14 William Chesley
Lady Dog 06/90-10/01/99 Ansingle
Lady Dog 07/13/13 Beverly Snowdon
Lady Dog 08/01/97-12/18/01 Paul and Ann Johnson
Lady Dog 08/13/13 Sheila
Lady Dog 08/14/93-07/15/09 Claudette Gamache
Lady Dog 08/18/87-02/97 Laura
Lady Dog 08/26/08 Katherine Bernard Furr
Lady Dog 08/31/98 Melanie
Lady Dog 10 years 02/23/96 Carolyn & Steve
Lady Dog 10/10/95-07/11/05 Grace
Lady Dog 10/13/01-03/12/11 Michelle Garzaro
Lady Dog 10/19/18 Kevin
Lady Dog 10/27/08 The Barath Family
Lady Dog 10/77-04/02/95 Pat Wilhelme
Lady Dog 11 years 1984 F. Mundine
Lady Dog 11/17/04 Michelle
Lady Dog 12 years 01/19/99 Maureen
Lady Dog 12 years 05/16/07 George & Judy
Lady Dog 12/01/01-04/03/13 Tim
Lady Dog 12/10/15 Jenni M
Lady Dog 12/2007 Kathleen Baker
Lady Dog 13 years 02/19/02 Robin, Jim, Cody, Sue, and Joe
Lady Dog 13 years 03/24/12 Dale Collins sr
Lady Dog 13 years 08/06/08 Cathy
Lady Dog 13 years 12/02/09 Lyndsay Loake
Lady Dog 14 1/2 years 03/31/12 Felicia Menten
Lady Dog 14 years 11/09/99 Helen
Lady Dog 14 years Jim and Cathy
Lady Dog 15 years 06/05/96 Angela and Family
Lady Dog 16 years 04/12/98 Julie
Lady Dog 16 years 09/10/04 Meg
Lady Dog 17 years 07/06/04 Martin & Natasha
Lady Dog 18 years 01/26/97 Isis
Lady Dog 18 years 06/30/05 Kathy Wheet
Lady Dog 18 years 12/29/04 Mum Dad Chrissy Jeff Sharon Peter and Family
Lady Dog 1968 Ruth
Lady Dog 1980-03/02/02 T Price
Lady Dog 1982 Suzanne Hallihan
Lady Dog 1989-2000 Mel Rivera
Lady Dog 1995 Kalsey
Lady Dog 4 years 15/07/04 David Parkes
Lady Dog 5 years 07/21/00 Marshall and Carrie
Lady Dog 8 years 11/22/99 J
Lady Dog adopted 06/03/93-11/05/97 Nicholas and Samantha
Lady Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lady Dog Dachshund X 01/01/93-08/11/09 Randy Payne
Lady Dog Donnalee C. Hilden
Lady Dog German Shepherd 02/86-04/15/99 Theresa & Donna
Lady Dog Gibson Standard Poodle 11/23/99-02/10/03 Ned and Judi
Lady Dog l999-06/06/03 Ramona Dickson
Lady Dog Mixed Doberman 02/22/86-07/14/00 Sterling Hill
Lady Dog September 1994 Nancy Salzer
Lady Dog Sheltie Mix 08/01/91-12/22/02 Maryann
Lady Domestic Cat 12 years 02/26/06 Debbie Warren
Lady Domestic Long Hair Cat 02/24/94-01/02/04 Ophelia Ho
Lady Domestic Short Hair - Black, Brown & White Cat 24 years 09/03/09 Pati & Mike Ferraro
Lady Domestic Shorthair Black Cat 18 years 04/97 Frank & Karen
Lady Dominique (Nique) 1/2 Arabian Pinto Horse 06/01/94-11/26/04 Sharon Lee Blondy Brinkley
Lady Dominique 1/2 Arabian Pinto Horse 06/01/94-11/26/04 Sharon Lee Blondy Brinkley
Lady Doughty Australian Cattle Dog 07/01/99-12/31/07 Janice Doughty
Lady Drifter German Shepherd/Timber Wolf 10/07/99-03/15/04 Mark & Paula
Lady Dubette Grey and White Persian Cat 14 years 02/22/02 Mollie Milesi
Lady Duchess Collie-Shepherd Mix 05/05/86-06/26/02 Jeanne, Joe, Angie
Lady Earl Anglo-Arab Horse 05/02/71-03/26/04 Maryann Madden
Lady Eboni German Shepherd 11/28/87-07/07/97 Gram Hanger
Lady Eko German Shepherd 01/25/04 Anne
Lady Elaine Greyhound 05/88-05/20/99 Baker Family
Lady Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beauchamp Black Lab 07/06/06 Deborah Weston
Lady Elizabeth Amber Cocker Spaniel 06/19/88-05/27/99 CC
Lady Elizabeth Calico Cat 05/28/00-11/07/09 Margarita Vega
Lady Elizabeth Dog 10/30/88-12/07/00 Jeremy White
Lady Emily Yvonne Siamese Cat 08/1995-01/12/03 Madelyn (Magé) Apken
Lady Emma J Rotti 05/27/96-03/27/07 Lisa and Mike Hanney
Lady English Cocker Spaniel 13 years 06/08/06 Byron, Joan, Nana, Bailey & Aimee
Lady English Cocker Spaniel 17 years 08/02/04 Lynn
Lady English Mastiff 1998-03/06/09 Jessica Weston
Lady English Pointer 04/25/12 Yvonne And. Roland and Tramp
Lady English Shepherd 01/21/94-09/27/08 Mark and Kim Smith
Lady English Shepherd 14 years 06/20/06 Beverly Dean
Lady English Springer 07/14/98-08/18/10 Karla
Lady English Springer Spaniel 01/04/02 Sandy O
Lady English Springer Spaniel 01/26/04 Julianna Tramontana
Lady English Springer Spaniel 02/19/86-04/19/99 Dawn Procter
Lady English Springer Spaniel 12 years 06/30/09 Scott Bronson
Lady Ericka Boxer 08/22/87-06/01/99 Len, Lois and Jim
Lady Eskimo/Papilon 04/01/88-05/13/02 Bj Wioskowski
Lady Evening Sunshine (Sunnie) Lhasa Apso 04/01/85-01/07/98 Bridget & Mike Taylor
Lady Felix Collie Mix 08/01/96-06/26/08 Monica Felix
Lady Fernandez Toy Poodle 09/01/00-11/28/09 Megan & Madison Fernandez
Lady Ferret 01/15/91-08/26/00 MaryAnn Becker
Lady Ferret 6 years 04/16/10 Jaqueline Desantana
Lady Ferret 7 years 1995 Jane
Lady Ferret adopted 12/26/97-07/29/98 Kevin Bonner
Lady Finnish Spitz Mixed 19 years 06/15/11 Scotty
Lady Fitina Picasso Doberman 08/16/95-08/06/08 Cathy L Pepple
Lady Fletch of Bayberry Springer Spaniel 10 years 05/07/00 Rich and Karen Sonneborn
Lady Fox Terrier Mix 15 years 01/28/95 Karen T.
Lady Frac Doberman 02/17/93-07/25/05 Yvonne Phillips
Lady Francis Tinkerbelle Pomeranian 05/12/95-06/18/09 Maria and Les
Lady Frazier Mixed Dog 14+ years 08/27/07 Sybil
Lady French Toy Poodle 10/21/94-04/06/08 Beverley
Lady Fretwell English Rabbit 06/16/00-May Amie Fretwell
Lady Freya Rag Doll Cat 07/05/08 Bob
Lady Frost Underwood Beagle 09/20/93-07/05/07 Jack and Carolyn Thacker
Lady Gaburo Norwegian Elkhound 01/14/94-11/19/08 Michelle Gaburo
Lady Gadriela of Lothlorien IV Shetland Sheepdog 02/93-09/30/99 Beth
Lady Gaga Australian Shepherd 02/09/08-03/12/15 Jennifer Wilkins
Lady Gaga Havana Rabbit 12/13/09-11/20/16 Rhoda Dignin
Lady Gaga Mix Cat 09/16/10 Hayley Coleman
Lady Galadriel Domestic Short Hair Cat 11 years Cheryl Bellrose
Lady Galdrien of Lothorien IV Sheltie 09/30/99 Kathy
Lady German Shepherd 01/05/97-04/15/08 Diane
Lady German Shepherd 02/98-02/25/13 Andrea McNally
Lady German Shepherd 03/09/92-03/21/01 Carole Daigle & Gary Bayers
Lady German Shepherd 03/14/13 Jim Samuelson
Lady German Shepherd 05/09/87-11/28/01 Jeanne Bollenbacher
Lady German Shepherd 06/07/93-01/28/03 Lynn & Bobby
Lady German Shepherd 07/18/13-01/25/19 John Garrett
Lady German Shepherd 08/87-02/20/02 Judy Berrios
Lady German Shepherd 10/10/95-07/11/05 Grace
Lady German Shepherd 10/10/95-07/11/95 Grace
Lady German Shepherd 10/12/01-03/15/12 Tammy
Lady German Shepherd 10/95-07/11/05 Grace
Lady German Shepherd 10+ years 09/08/96 Ryan Clinite
Lady German Shepherd 12 years 2001 Tanya McMillen & Family
Lady German Shepherd 12/23/96-06/19/10 Chris
Lady German Shepherd 13 years 01/06/95 Robin and Gary, Friends of Kerryanne Toth
Lady German Shepherd 14 years 06/01/11 Joe and Betty
Lady German Shepherd 14 years 06/28/98 Gawitch
Lady German Shepherd 15 years 02/16/06 Virginia Brotherton
Lady German Shepherd 16 years 04/22/14 Stephen and Tammy McLean
Lady German Shepherd 1975-05/85 Mark Merrill
Lady German Shepherd 1977-06/10/92 Jo-Ann M. Pochinski
Lady German Shepherd 1980 Jim Arthur
Lady German Shepherd 2 years 06/25/08 Luther Odom
Lady German Shepherd 6 years 03/15/99 Terri Pennington
Lady German Shepherd 9 years 1995 Bill, Gail and Howard
Lady German Shepherd 9 years 2005 Gail and Howard
Lady German Shepherd Black Lab Mix 04/04/92-10/25/06 Radford and Kathy Swearingen
Lady German Shepherd Dog 07/31/94-02/18/02 Maria, Gary & Angelica
Lady German Shepherd Dog 11/05/02-11/05/08 John & Sandy
Lady German Shepherd Dog 12/26/97 Alyssa Bell
Lady German Shepherd Mix 1995-2004 Linda Gallahger
Lady German Shepherd X Terrier 13 years 8th April 2009 Babs Bufton
Lady German Shepherd/Collie Mix 1989-01/30/04 Laurie
Lady German Shepherd/Dobermann 12 years 09/08/03 Marta Yera and Kathy Clark
Lady German Shepherd/Lab 11/24/90-08/14/06 Sabrina L
Lady German Shepherd/Retriever X 1989-05/03/07 Kathy
Lady German Shepherd-Husky 13 years 05/14/03 Wendy
Lady Ginger Creme Mather Brittany Spaniel 13 1/2 years 12/10/00 Susan Barone
Lady Ginger of Turk-Wire Wire Hair Fox Terrier 15 years 11/20/02 Victoria Fleming
Lady Ginger Poo Pomeranian 02/01/80-06/28/96 Kathy Elamon
Lady Ginger Toy Poodle 06/21/94-06/09/98 Christa
Lady Girl (aka Joey) Sheltie 12/92-05/97 Dee Anna
Lady Girl Beagle Amy White
Lady Girl Clifton German Shepherd 13 years 09/25/03 Cindy & Doug Clifton
Lady Girl Golden Retriever 13 years 10/01/07 Debby
Lady Girl Golden Retriever/Lab 07/29/96-03/14/10 Debbie
Lady Girl Stratton Lab Mix 06/07/96-05/31/05 The Stratton Family
Lady Godiva Chihuahua 12/21/05-08/27/09 Whitney Romans
Lady Godiva German Giant Bearded Dragon Late Teens-03/09/05 Noreen
Lady Godiva Kaur Dachshund 06/18/97-06/01/05 Satinder Kaur Sandhu
Lady Godiva Lop Eared Rabbit 09/04/00 Judy Fallon
Lady Gold Cocker Spaniel 05/30/02 by Al & Eileen Haverlock
Lady Golden 05/15/87-09/15/00 Anthony M Patchett
Lady Golden 09/02/06 Victoria Hall
Lady Golden 12 years 08/2005 Mom Gayle and Dad Carl
Lady Golden Lab 07/02/95-05/23/05 Jim & Diana Kuhn
Lady Golden Mix 01/01/02-01/31/04 Tom & Hope Norman and Renee
Lady Golden Mix 06/01 Al & Linda Denis
Lady Golden Mix 14 years 12/23/13 Cathy, Clark and Jeff Gallagher
Lady Golden Retriever / Collie Mix 07/01/92-08/25/05 Tara
Lady Golden Retriever 01/31/05 Candice T. Bradford
Lady Golden Retriever 02/17/91-03/28/04 Gary Adornato
Lady Golden Retriever 02/20/03 Maryann Smith
Lady Golden Retriever 03/01/85-02/28/00 Dick & Jenny Montgomery
Lady Golden Retriever 03/26/12 Gary Chambers
Lady Golden Retriever 05/2010/96-07/03/09 Jeffrey Edie
Lady Golden Retriever 07/01/08 Sherri
Lady Golden Retriever 07/05/02-12/19/07 Erin
Lady Golden Retriever 07/05/02-12/19/07 Erin P
Lady Golden Retriever 07/06/02-12/19/07 Erin
Lady Golden Retriever 07/06/02-12/19/07 Erin P
Lady Golden Retriever 09/24/93-04/01/06 Debi & Lou Forte
Lady Golden Retriever 10/14/06-03/26/13 Susan and Gerald Keown
Lady Golden Retriever 12 years 01/10/12 Raychel Ackley
Lady Golden Retriever 12/01/91-03/16/06 Lynn Hudson
Lady Golden Retriever 14 years 03/02/12 Billie West
Lady Golden Retriever 15 years 08/20/04 Sharon Kelley
Lady Golden Retriever 17 years 06/03/06 Lisa
Lady Golden Retriever 3 years 10/30/05 Dawn Moore
Lady Golden Retriever Mix 08/09/11 Bonnie Tryonoviech and Lori Lee
Lady Golden Retriever Mix 11 years 03/28/05 Tracy L. Brimhall
Lady Golden retriever Mix 1994 Mama Goose
Lady Golden Retriever/Collie Mix 05/94-05/13/03 Lynn
Lady Golden Retriever/Collie Mix 14 years 2006 Jenni
Lady Golden Retriever/German Shepherd Mix 09/89-02/08/03 Linda F
Lady Golden Retriever/Lab 09/24/91-02/28/05 Paula, Dave, and Ben
Lady Golden Retriever/Newfoundland 09/16/90-07/14/01 Laura & Terry Porritt
Lady Golden Sun Ray - Sunny Golden Retriever 06/17/04-06/27/08 Dee Blann
Lady Grace English Springer Spaniel 05/19/10 Rosane Garczek
Lady Grace Labrador/Shepherd Mix 03/11/80-01/21/95 Linda
Lady Gracie Beagle 03/17/96-10/02/07 Gram Hanger
Lady Gracie Blue Cream Cat 02/27/07-12/24/09 Sarah
Lady Gray & Blk Cat with 4 White Feet 07/07/89-09/21/06 Maryann Kaehler
Lady Gray Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/29/18 Nancy Hart
Lady Great Dane 01/16/99-02/14/09 Terri DeBono
Lady Great Dane 6 years 12/07/99 Patricia Weber
Lady Gregory Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lady Grey Domestic Short Hair Kitten 04/14/04-05/17/04 H. Baddley
Lady Greyhound 02/22/90-06/23/97 Erika Stone
Lady Greyhound 03/05/05-06/03/14 Kerry
Lady Greyhound 03/19/04 Joan E Bush
Lady Greyhound 05/03/93-30/10/02 Colin Mitchelmore
Lady Greyhound 08/05/02-01/11/11 Alison
Lady Greyhound 1995-01/04/10 Maria
Lady Greyhound Mix 07/19/95 Janet Skulina
Lady GSP 08/04/90-06/05/02 Natalie
Lady Guinivere Siamese Cat 05/02/95-02/12/10 Crystal Rose
Lady Guyse Blonde Cocker Spaniel 14 years 09/14/04 Tina
Lady Guyse Cocker Spaniel 14 years 09/14/04 Tina
Lady Gwen Black Lab 12 years 03/29/12 Jana
Lady Gwenevere of Camelot Miniature Long-Haired Dachshund 10 years 11 months 12/16/08 David Stous
Lady Gwineviere Munchkin Cat 02/2001-07/25/14 Pat Sanchez & Maggie Murray
Lady Half Alsatian 07/07/98-08/30/08 Oksana Pervezentseva
Lady Harding Beagle/Huskie Mix 04/01/95-05/19/08 Beth Harding
Lady Harley Greyhound 06/03/93-05/08/03 The Betti/Santelli Family Sheryl, Jack, Matt, and Erica
Lady Harlie Davidson Cat 15 years 08/24/09 Jabi and Crawford
Lady Hawk Cooper’s Hawk approximately 2 years 12/12 11 Dottie
Lady Hawk Harris Hawk 17 years 10/97 Jeanette, Cyndi
Lady Hazel Blackwood Basset Hound 10 years Georgette & Joey Wait
Lady Heather Westie 02/01/87-12/27/98 Len Gorson
Lady Heloise (Boo Boo) French Lop Rabbit 10/06/02-06/04/03 Gail Laviolette
Lady Hewitt Lab 12/89-06/25/07 Mary Hewitt
Lady Hillary BullDog 7 years 06/14/98 Terri McPherson
Lady Horse 37 years 10/30/02 Karri Hulme
Lady Horse Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lady Hunt-Donahue Cocker Spaniel (Black) 08/18/93-09/11/09 Rachel Donahue
Lady Huskey 1983 11/98 M.J.
Lady Huskie 07/96 Brenda
Lady Husky Mix 12 years 02/07/08 Kace E. Coady
Lady Husky/ Chow Mix 02/04/94-02/24/12 Dottie
Lady Husky/Border Collie 10 years 03/04/08 Lansdowns
Lady Husky/Collie/German Shepherd Mix 12/25/91-11/16/03 Robert Young
Lady Husky/GSD Mix 06/03/99-10/07/10 Sanja Pahole
Lady Husky/Shepherd 05/16/91-02/24/03) Diane Novelli
Lady Husky/Shepherd 16+ years 04/30/08 Dick Frederick
Lady Husky/Shepherd Mix 09/14/85-08/02/97 Vicki
Lady Husky/Shepherd Mix 16 1/2 years 11/02/98 Geraldine Harrison
Lady Husky/Wolf 4 1/2 years 02/15/92 Wayne Shumway
Lady Husky/Wolf Mix 13 years 02/17/03 Michael Zweifel
Lady Italian Greyhound (Mix?) 4 years 06/30/12 Christina Morrison
Lady Italian Greyhound 12/27/03 Fran and Jay
Lady Italian Greyhound 4 years 06/30/12 Christina Morrison
Lady Italian Greyhound 9 years 05/24/09 Nichole
Lady Ivana Dog 06/12/91-12/14/03 Patricia
Lady Jack Russell 02/22/96-03/10/03 Mary Emminger and family
Lady Jack Russell 14 years 11/30/11 Susan Lorna
Lady Jack Russell 14 years 11/30/11 Susan Newton
Lady Jack Russell Puppy 11/27/02-11/27/03 Tina Marie Hoffman
Lady Jack Russell Terrier 02/22/89-10/24/97 Fred & Kelly Krause
Lady Jack Russell Terrier 10/21/92-04/13/04 Susan Work
Lady Jack Russell Terrier 11/19/97-06/25/06 Valerie Roton
Lady Jane Ashley Parti Cocker Spaniel 03/30/91-12/08/04 Barbara A. Usher
Lady Jane Calico Cat 01/01/91-03/14/01 Lori Dankel
Lady Jane Calico Cat 7 years 03/30/12 Stephanie & Les Gilbert
Lady Jane Carruthers Grey Cat 15+ years 07/26/03 Diane
Lady Jane Cat 14 1/2 years 04/10/96 Andrea Hall
Lady Jane Cat 14 years 02/10/04 Michael and Dayna Jacobson
Lady Jane Cinnamon Chow Mix 04/89-05/01/97 Donna
Lady Jane Coleman Dog 14 years 03/20/09 Adam and Polly Coleman
Lady Jane Fox Terrier Cross 16 years 04/01/10 Bridget Harris
Lady Jane Grey British Blue Cat 01/01/03-04/12/05 Tayler and Rosemary
Lady Jane Grey Russian Blue Cat 1987-01/17/09 Sandra M. Kingsley
Lady Jane Himalayan/Siamese Mix Cat 09/01/86-03/21/05 Tiffany
Lady Jane Horse 04/05/00 Carol
Lady Jane Horse 31 years 04/05/00 Carol Halstead
Lady Jane Kelpie X 10/94-01/10/11 Linda & Phil
Lady Jane Lab/Collie 9 years 02/11/05 Leah
Lady Jane Mainecoon Cat 02/26/04 Lisamarie Peifer-Leadbitter & Family
Lady Jane Marie Black Lab Mix 09/11/84-12/30/98 Tia & Mommy
Lady Jane Miniature Collie 3 years 04/13/01 Debbie Moreland
Lady Jane Mixed Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab 3 1/2 years 06/19/02 Dee Hardy
Lady Jane Poodle 04/91-17/10/06 Emma Roberts
Lady Jane Sheltie 03/24/88-04/07/04 Lora Horngren
Lady Jayne Shetland Sheepdog 09/08/93-07/11/05 Denise Holland
Lady Jean Boxer 09/11/97-05/08/09 Jeanny Smith
Lady Jenae Dalmatian 12/04/90-02/21/07 J. Gunter
Lady Jennifer Shields of Mount Burgess American Cocker Spaniel 10/21/50-09/15/65 Kathleen Shields Douglas
Lady Jenson Miniature Schnauzer 04/10/92-09/16/04 The Friedman Family
Lady Jessica Keeshond 01/84-05/18/98 Deborah P.
Lady Jessica Pasco Rottweiler 07/25/95-09/09/05 Denise Pasco
Lady Jones (Jonesey) Mini. Doberman 01/01/83-07/12/97 Karen and Bud Jones and Family
Lady Joop Salas Pit/Boxer 02/01/94-11/08/05 Salas Family
Lady Judy McGuire Black Lab Mix 12 years 01/28/05 Kelly, Dan, Diane, and Tim
Lady Juliette Lisette Italian Greyhound 01/12/01-12/24/03 Ericca Wright
Lady K Collie-Golden 05/09/99-05/02/06 Nancy Rae Nitzberg
Lady Kady Shepherd 05/20/05 Jessica
Lady Kaleigh Casey Golden Retriever 03/13/94-12/23/03 Wanda Casey-Dicks
Lady Kate Niccole, aka Katie Golden Retriever 07/08/93-10/02/04 Shanna N. Rackham
Lady Kate of Cashel Hill Doberman Pinscher 03/24/82-12/26/97 Brady Goin
Lady Katerina (Katie) German Shepherd 12/13/93-08/14/04 Bob Mackey
Lady Katherine Talbot Labrador Retriever (Chocolate) 06/04/95-11/18/09 Janice Hamilton
Lady Kathryn Nicole Cocker Spaniel 07/17/85-02/21/00 Jeanne
Lady Kay Pittbull 05/16/91-11/26/98 Melissa
Lady Keesha Marie Keeshond 03/21/88-05/09/04 Sheila Cassada
Lady Keesha Renee Roberts Keeshond 05/06/92-01/18/06 Vicki Roberts-Caudill
Lady Keeshond 09/21/87-09/19/99 Debi & John Kelley
Lady Keesie Keeshond 01/15/96-07/13/09 Pepeiao and Ruth Beauchan
Lady Kendall of Khaos Dachshund 04/10/98-01/11/04 Teresa Willis
Lady Kight Brittany 02/14/95-06/07/04 Jim & Ceal
Lady Kimberly Aster Shelty 14+ years Linda
Lady King Charles Spaniel 15 years 09/17/10 Jackie Waters
Lady Kira Blue-Eyes Siberian Husky 12/10/87-02/14/04 Mona, Tom & Lesley Disalvo
Lady Kirby Pekingese 06/2005-09/27/09 Kayla Kirby, Bekka Bryant, Annie Kirby & Ella Bryant
Lady Kodiak Riptide American Eskimo Dog 12/29/91-05/27/07 Ame Strube
Lady Lab / Husky 11/25/95-01/04/09 Dan Bowers
Lady Lab 01/04/00-09/18/10 C.H. and Debbi Atha
Lady Lab 02/04/06-06/08/09 Erik
Lady Lab 05/17/91-06/05/06 Julie Bernhart
Lady Lab 08/01/93-04/10/07 The Lennons
Lady Lab 10 years 04/06/07 Annie
Lady Lab 17 years 11/07/02 Kisha
Lady Lab Mix 03/17/08 Susan Y. Chamberlain
Lady Lab Mix 04/15/87-07/20/99 Kathie
Lady Lab Mix 05/25/92-08/22/02 Kathie
Lady Lab Mix 13 years 07/02/04 Danielle C
Lady Lab Mix 13 years 11/25/03 Judith McKinney
Lady Lab Mix 16 years 06/26/06 Dolores Neroni
Lady Lab/Bassett Hound Mix 2003 Ann Marie and Ray Rierson
Lady Lab/Chow 03/10/94-04/16/07 JoAnne
Lady Lab/Chow Mix 06/21/98-02/03/12 Alicia, Emilia, Ricky, Louie
Lady Lab/Hound Mix 11 years 09/11/09 Rebecca
Lady Lab/Rottie Mix 02/28/86-01/18/03 Matt, Lynn and Sara Capoccia
Lady Lab/Springer Spaniel 04/30/97-12/31/11 Brenda
Lady Labadodle 10 years 10/01/18 Jeannie
Lady Labrador 06/05/97-02/25/11 Lynn Nelligan
Lady Labrador Retriever 12/16/91-03/07/04 Tom & Kathie Wright
Lady Lab-Shepherd 12 years 08/21/01 Mark and Cheryl Senker
Lady Lacy Maltise 06/14/88-12/13/03 Jim and Belle Lane
Lady Lacy O'Cheeks Shi-Tzu 13 years 09/06/13 Ann & Bill Pedersen
Lady Lala Poodle Terrier Mix 2 years 03/20/08 Kelly Allen Segedi
Lady Lambros Dog 14 1/2 years 07/12/97 Chris Lambros
Lady Lapso Apso 17 years 05/05/03 Louis Rodriguez
Lady Lassie Collie 12/05/84-24/07/99 Jamie
Lady Laurentide C.Dooper Cocker Spaniel 10/23/89-00/27/07 Cooper
Lady Lee Golden Retriever 3-4 years 01/28/00 Litty
Lady Legault Shepherd Husky Mix 02/05/94-03/18/05 Mary Legault
Lady Legault Shepherd Mix 02/05/94-03/18/05 Mary, Vincent and Mellissa
Lady LeKeisha 'KiKi' Jackson Canine/Terrier 03/10/02-10/03/11 Anita Jackson
Lady Letawsky Sheltie 15 years 1998 Yvonne
Lady Lexie Lee (Ole Lady) Shih Tzu 12/12/88-09/02/99 Jen Fleischmann
Lady Lhasa Apso 15 years 03/08/05 Zenda Sparks and Lasao Family
Lady Little Yorkie 05/30/90-07/18/07 Loretta & Ernest Little
Lady Llasa Apso Mix 07/31/07 Jeremy Monroe
Lady Long Haired Cocker Spaniel 10/26/95-11/01/98 Jennifer Dewitt
Lady Long Haired Dachshund 08/23/90-09/27/04 Janice Finley
Lady Lou Lab 09/08/91-02/10/03 The Scott Family
Lady Lou Lab 11/98-04/03/08 Keith Dough
Lady Lou Terrier 02/01/91-01/15/07 Michele Tuel
Lady Love Laso Apso 08/15/16 Dennie Love
Lady Love Retriever Mix approx. 11-12 years 12/19/00 Meg Halsey
Lady Love Shepherd/Black Lab 02/05/91-09/08/06 Don, Teri and Cristina Madieros
Lady Lucas Sheltie Mix 04/13/88-04/25/02 Gail
Lady Luck Chihuahua 05/29/00-03/23/03 Shawne Ortiz & Frank Lagunas
Lady Luck Pit Bull 12/15/01-12/23/02 Jack & Michelle Bush
Lady Luck Rott/Shep Mix 4-7 years 11/15/98 Gray
Lady Lucy Lovelylocks Cocker 04/15/87-05/08/04 Al Reisner
Lady Lucy Min Pin 09/21/10 Rennetta Mickelson
Lady Mabeline Cat 13 years 10/07/06 Rebekah
Lady MacBeth (Mac) Border Collie Mix 08/09/01-06/05/15 Kristine A
Lady Macbeth Pug 8 years 06/07/05 David Yarema
Lady Macbeth Quaker Parrot 01/01/99-03/25/17 Kimberley
Lady MacBeth Robert Australian Shepherd 11/16/01-05/15/03 The Robert Family-Keith, Paula, Keithie, Chris & Kyle
Lady Madonna Siamese Cat 08/86-12/14/01 Tim Miejan
Lady Maggie Mae Yorkie 10/12/01-12/04/12 The Minervini Family
Lady Maghan German Shepherd 06/13/10 Craig and Doloris Thompson
Lady Maine Coon Cat 05/18/80-07/09/99 Lisa, Betsy, and Jon
Lady Maine Coon Mix Cat approximately 11 years 11/02/02 Donna E. Ploss
Lady Malabreigh Golden Retriever 03/27/86-06/12/92 Diane Marince
Lady Malamute 12 years 1988 Linda L. McLallen
Lady Malamute 15 1/2 years Nov. 1994 Nelia Lyda
Lady Malamute 4 years 1989 Lynne Janzen
Lady Maltese 7 years 03/21/94 Angela Oberschelp
Lady Maltese Poodle 06 May 2006-26 Feb 2011 Christa
Lady Maltese/Poodle Mix 12/17/06-06/28/09 Zoila & Natalie
Lady Maltese/Silky 10/29/08 Victor
Lady MaMa (Martha) Moggy Cat 03/08/14 Ashley Nicholas and Georgina Omelasz
Lady Margaret Dog 6 years 01/19/02 L C
Lady Margaret of Page Manor (Maggie) Collie 11 years 03/09/99 Cheryl
Lady Margo Pat Samoyed 08/23/99-01/27/07 Rosemary Forbes
Lady Marie Collie 12/02/02 Brekke Morrow
Lady Marie Fox Terrier 03/09/96-10/2012 Kyle Deitrick
Lady Marion Black Sable Ferret 05/04/03-12/11/03 Carol
Lady Marion Black Sable Ferret 05/04/03-12/11/03 Carol Owens
Lady Mary Margaret Saint Bernard 08/15/99-07/14/07 Sheri
Lady Maxine of Aberdeen Labrador Black 07/25/94-01/10/09 Ann Marie Ferrara
Lady McCune Black Lab 04/01/06 Amanda, Ben, Baby, & Doc McCune
Lady McCune Black Lab 16 years 04/01/06 Amanda & Ben McCune
Lady McDuff Sreittmatter Shelty 05/28/00-10/29/11 Cindy Strittmatter
Lady McGrath Black Lab 05/15/07 Rose, Jamie, Meghan
Lady McMaster Standard Poodle 10/02/03-03/10/14 Susan McMaster
Lady Megan of Narragansett UD (Meggie) German Shepherd Dog 03/25/89-09/10/03 Elaine Soares
Lady Meghann Beagle 10/24/82-07/23/97 Bruce Cornely
Lady Millicent the Minx aka Minxie Cat 05/25/07-04/18/11 Emma Rowe
Lady Min. Collie Mix 1980-1996 Birdie Conant
Lady Ming Chinese Shar-Pei 13 years 11/21/03 Barry & Marie
Lady Miniature Collie and Dachshund 04/17/81-02/27/98 Sophia M. Preston
Lady Miniature Golden Retriever 06/03/06 Cindy Keas
Lady Miniature Poodle 11/02/92-05/05/06 Amy
Lady Miniature Schnauzer 01/94-08/03/08 Jerry Schnetz
Lady Miniature Schnauzer 03/86-02/2004 Monte & Denise Byers
Lady Miniature Schnauzer 07/03/05 Kelsey
Lady Miniature Schnauzer 11/29/01-08/29/09 Angeles Negrete
Lady Miniature Spaniel/Mix 2-3 years 07/20/04 Connie Van Groos
Lady Miniature-Red Dachshund 11/06/86-12/05/02 Greta Brannan
Lady Miranda American Eskimo Dog 08/08/99-02/09/01 Diane Osborne
Lady Misty of Woodhaven English Springer Spaniel 05/01/97-08/16/10 Betsy Walker
Lady Mix Dog 12/10/92-10/27/06 Benjamin Riquelme
Lady Mix Dog 13 years 03/07/96 Kelli
Lady Mix Dog 15 years 05/02/08 Linsted Family
Lady Mixed - Part Cocker Poo 05/05/96-06/09/06 Henry Welch
Lady Mixed Aussie/Cattle Dog 11 years 04/16/94 Pat
Lady Mixed Beagle/Hound 15 years 02/11/05 Alan Jones
Lady mixed breed 02/03/78-03/22/95 Donnalynn Mitura
Lady Mixed Breed 12 years 08/15/99 Gina
Lady Mixed Breed Bulldog 14 years 01/19/02 Gunnarsson Family
Lady Mixed Breed Dog 05/01/89-01/23/01 The Warnocks
Lady Mixed Breed Dog 11 years 10/09/03 Lorraine
Lady Mixed Breed Dog 11/02/99 Nell Al and Joe Link
Lady Mixed Breed Dog Spring 99-01/04/01 Lynne
Lady Mixed Breed White and Black Dog (almost like a Border Collie) 16 years 04/08/02 Ken and Lisa Hoffman
Lady Mixed Cat 07/04/91-12/29/09 Amanda Spears
Lady Mixed Cat 14 years 12/29/13 Cher
Lady Mixed Cat 19 years 12/15/10 Jim Jasinski
Lady Mixed Chihuahua 04/21/96-03/07/11 Frances Batista
Lady Mixed Dog 01/28/01 Mary Ballard
Lady Mixed Dog 02/13/05 Debbie Ebeyer
Lady Mixed Dog 02/17/75-05/01/95 Tammi Potts
Lady Mixed Dog 04/06/85-02/19/96 Jim Garbers
Lady Mixed Dog 04/93-04/17/06 Judy Zelno
Lady Mixed Dog 08/13/06 Beth Casterline
Lady Mixed Dog 10 years 11/20/10 Linda Taylor
Lady Mixed Dog 10/83-11/06/97 Debbie Wagner
Lady Mixed Dog 12 years 08/28/04 Sabrina Murray
Lady Mixed Dog 14 years 19/04/07 Sarah Winston-Jones
Lady Mixed Dog 15 1/2 years 10/27/02 Vicki Coggins
Lady Mixed Dog 18 years 02/24/07 Cathy, Doug, and Jacob Bayer
Lady Mixed Dog 1968 Thacker Family
Lady Mixed Dog 7 years 2005 Sabrina
Lady Mixed Golden Retriever 05/03/01-06/15/13 Nancy and Phil Langowski
Lady Mixed Lab 17 years 12/28/06 Coleen O'Mara
Lady Mixed Sheltie Cocker Shepherd 17 years 04/17/10 Pam Hughes
Lady Mixed Small Black Shepherd 9 years 04/10/05 Denise
Lady Moon Doggie Lab/Retriever 11/24/03-12/05/06 Karen Beth
Lady Morgan Fawn Black Mask German Boxer 07/20/02-12/10/05 Joyce & Fred Powell & Teresa & Jim Foltz and Children
Lady Mouse Tabby Cat 03/93-12/28/11 Terrie Ann Wallace
Lady Multi-pedigreed Dog 04/01/87-04/08/96 Patty and Gus Gil
Lady Mutt 02/14/92-12/05/06 Bonnie Clinansmith
Lady Mystyka Angelique Cross Nulter American Cocker Spaniel 05/07/95-04/12/08 Melissa Nulter
Lady Nan German shepherd 10 years01/11/03 Amy Wagner
Lady Nance and Chuck Nance Cocker Spaniels 10 years and 9 years to 03/23/03 Karen
Lady Natasha Blonde Cocker Spaniel 12/07/82-03/02/98 John & Denise Patrishkoff
Lady Natasha Brittany Elliott Cocker Spaniel 03/31/90-03/02/05 Misty, Jeff, Andrew & Amanda
Lady Natasha Maturo Cocker Spaniel 04/29/98-03/05/11 Robyn Reuhl
Lady Neehsa Crimson Siberian Husky 02/21/80-05/25/00 Tom & Lesley DiSalvo
Lady Newfy/Golden Retriever 11 years 07/14/01 Laura
Lady Niemas Crystal Jade (CJ) Rott 07/05/92-02/08/03 Wayne and Karla Whetzel
Lady Noir Black Lab 11 years 08/21/08 Pace Family
Lady Or Sweet Pea Border Collie 09/20/82-05/21/00 Betty M Minn
Lady Orange Orange & White Tuxedo Cat 06/10/03-03/20/14 Rosemary Arias & Fur Family
Lady Pankuch Cocker Spaniel 10/99-06/2012 Leticia Teuma
Lady Papillion 03/17/10 Janice Melanson
Lady Parkhurst Papillion 05/20/10 Robin Parkhurst
Lady Part Beagle around 1 year 12/09/02 Paula Powell
Lady Part Border Collie 8 months 05/01/01 Karla
Lady Patches Aust Shepherd/Border Collie Mix 9 years 05/16/11 Golda J
Lady 'Peanuts' German Shepherd 09/19/93-05/09/05 Kristyn Malloy
Lady Pebbles Shetland SheepDog 06/06/86-09/30/00 Kris Wersal
Lady Pebbles Stramaglio Miniature Poodle 06/28/97-12/21/11 Luann Stramaglio
Lady PebblesPuss Tortie & White (Calico) Cat 13 years 16/08/10 Lisa French
Lady Pegasus (aka Peggy, Pegus) Golden Retriever 12/20/02-02/26/11 Peggy and Mary
Lady Pembroke Welsh Corgi 9 years 01/30/11 Deanna B
Lady Penelope aka Penny aka Penny-Poo Miniature Pinscher 10/18/98-05/29/12 Guy Gerhard
Lady Penelope Siamese Cat 10+ years 02/08/09 Karen Davis
Lady Penelope Tuxedo Cat 02/22/96 Elizabeth Gresham
Lady Pepperdine Poo Beagle 03/01/87-03/12/04 Greg and Kathy Gillespie
Lady Peridot Dilute Torti Cat 06/30/07 Sherry Guerra
Lady Peridot Dilute Torti Cat 12 years 06/30/07 Shelly, Sherry and Jose Guerra
Lady Phoenix aka Fee Fee Chow Chow 11/23/04-11/22/12 Kathy
Lady Pit Bull 04/19/86-10/08/98 Sharon Eurich
Lady Pit Bull Mix 05/05/00-08/17/14 Helen Vanek-Bigelow
Lady Pit Bull/German Shepherd Mix 14 years 09/14/08 Jen
Lady Pitbull 05/16/91-11/26/98 Melissa
Lady Pitbull 06/05/89-05/11/04 Billjr, Laura,Billiii, & Greg
Lady Pitbull/Shepherd Mix 1988-08/25/02 Ginger Wilson
Lady Pittbull 12/15/90-08/21/00 Tim Schaffer
Lady Pom Mix 15 years 05/14/12 Deb Stednitz
Lady Pomeranian 01/01/99-17/05/11 Sherron and Gayle
Lady Pomeranian 01/03/96-01/11/02 Tasvir
Lady Pomeranian 05/16/91-04/18/04 Lorraine Pellerin
Lady Pomeranian 07/23/20024-04/26/16 Cathy Carpenter
Lady Pomeranian 17 years 01/16/91 Gerri Himberger
Lady Pomeranian Mix 03/25/06 Xaymara Santos
Lady Pomeranian01/16/98 Ellen Willyard
Lady Poo Black Lab 10 1/2 years 12/02/03 Nancy C
Lady Poodle 06/25/91-12/01/05 Katharina Wehrli
Lady Poodle 09/22/87-04/30/03 Sharon Miller
Lady Poodle 12/28/02-07/29/09 Janel
Lady Poodle 14 years 05/06/03 Kay
Lady Poodle 17 years 05/05/04 Layvonne Hodge-Haugabook
Lady Poodle/Maltese Mix 08/06/04-10/15/09 Fara
Lady Prancer's Passion (Lady or Ladybug) Samoyed 02/27/90-08/16/00 Mynizhoni
Lady Priscilla English Springer Spaniel 14 years 06/05/04 Nancy Manahan
Lady Prisilla Puchi Lhasa Apso 16 years 02/11/97 John and Marcia MacDonald
Lady Puddles Chihuahua 10/93-02/11/12 Lynn
Lady Puppy-Dog Willard Cocker Spaniel 12/16/92-08/05/08 Barbara Willard
Lady Pups Dachshund Mix 12/25/89-02/17/04 Gretchen Hutmacher
Lady Quarter/Walker Mix Horse 27 years 10/05/05 Martha Mann
Lady Queensland Heeler 15 years 06/04/07 Susan
Lady Ragdoll Type Cat 11 years 11/08/06 Betty Lou Wacko
Lady Rat Terrier 05/09/12 Sherri
Lady Rat Terrier 07/28/13 Larry Mathena
Lady Rat Terrier 15 years 03/15/12 Nancy
Lady Rat Terrier 2 years 09/06/09 Stacy
Lady Rat Terrier 8 years 05/02/12 Renate Frieze
Lady Rat Terrier Mix 2 years 06/24/06 Debra Long
Lady Rebecca Horse 07/26/01 Sandi Knapp
Lady Rebel Cox Dog 03/14/12 Angelia Cox
Lady Red Pitbull Terrier 10/28/08-01/2009 Jackie Moore
Lady Reid Cockapoo 09/24/11 Bridget & Natalie
Lady Rianna Golden Retriever 6 years 11/29/04 Jennie & John
Lady Rincon Mix Breed Dog 17 years 01/07/07 Sasha P. Rincon
Lady Rodenbeck Cocker Spaniel 08/85-12/05/04 Karen
Lady Romano (Bunny Girl) English Springer Spaniel 05/10/92-07/30/07 Sabrina
Lady Rose aka Rosey Weimaraner 01/25/02-05/03/10 Jennifer Oberste
Lady Rose Cat 17 years 11/13/97 Nancy Gaulke
Lady Rotti/Shepherd/Mix 8-9 years 06/27/08 Pam
Lady Rottie 11/05/91-03/11/98 Rottie Tara
Lady Rottie Jeanne
Lady Rottweiler 03/15/00-07/15/10 Jim McNaughton
Lady Rottweiler 05/22/92-07/30/02 Lisa Buonadonna
Lady Rottweiler 07/24/04 Christina
Lady Rottweiler 7 years 03/16/98 Tara Jung
Lady Rottweiler 9 1/2 years 03/19/09 Elise, Roger & Lisa
Lady Rottweiler Mix 12/25/94-06/08/05 Diane Yantzer
Lady Rottwieller 09/90-07/28/02 Melissa Mikkelsen
Lady Roxanne Eaker (Roxie) Boston Terrier 10/09/98-11/08/07 Bill, Pam, Susianne, and Zac Eaker
Lady Ruby Doo Golden Retriever 07/01/02-04/18/13 Nancy Lonardo
Lady Ruby Wiener Dog 10/02/00-02/13/13 Lynn Clemens
Lady Sable German Shepherd 07/15/96-09/13/06 Tamara Williams
Lady Sadie 14 years 11/07/96 Bonnie & Bob
Lady Sadie Dog Cairn Terrier 11/28/91-11/12/03 Regina
Lady Sadie Golden Retriever 11/03/01-05/31/13 Tysa Lonaker
Lady Sage LaBella Schnauzer 8 years 04/07/01 Joanne Sawicki
Lady Samantha Moran German Shepherd 01/03/93-02/19/03 Johnnie Tankersley, Jr
Lady Samantha Yellow Labrador Retriever 11/15/90-11/02/03 Cheryl, Tim & Alex
Lady Santos Mixed Dog 02/18/98-05/05/15 Glora & Teresa Santos
Lady Sawcuhk Sheltie 13 years 1991 Marie Maskiew
Lady Schipperke 04/94-06/19/10 Colene
Lady Schipperke 07/03/93-12/09/06 Pat Boggs
Lady Schipperke 08/23/10 Liz
Lady Schnauzer-Mix 04/25/07-07/17/07 Gallucci
Lady Scottie 01/01/99-06/26/12 Jenifer Nehmer
Lady Shadow Wheeler Miniature Schnauzer 08/18/87-09/14/07 Mary Ann Wheeler
Lady Shakespeare Shaggy Bear Old English Sheepdog 05/23/86-08/29/98 Mercedes Ilagan
Lady Shannon English Springer Spaniel 10/14/05-04/21/12 Paula Brooks
Lady Sheltie 04/15/94-12/07/05 Candra
Lady Sheltie 06/24/93-10/25/05 Frank Nunez
Lady Sheltie 07/22/88-06/06/05 Jana and Rick Gunselman
Lady Sheltie 09/09/97 Linda V.
Lady Sheltie 12/15/99-02/02/02 Carmolette Cluff
Lady Sheltie 14 years 06/11/10 Alvin and Susan
Lady Sheltie 8 years 8 months 02/26/09 Staci
Lady Sheltie Mix 08/23/83-08/09/98 Judi Schiff
Lady Shelty 14 years 12/12/05 Ron and Janice Wiedemann
Lady Shelty 15 years 2002 Chris
Lady Shep./Collie 04/14/93 Florida shelter fire
Lady Shep/Collie Mix 01/90-04/25/00 Ruth Ernst
Lady Shepherd & Collie Mix 04/16/79-03/16/93 Pati & Bob
Lady Shepherd 15 years 11/24/11 Devona Marsh
Lady Shepherd Beagle Mix 14 years 09/27/03 Dennis Goward
Lady Shepherd Mix 06/04/89-05/01/07 Mary, Dave, Jamie, Kyle, DJ & Buffy Helmick
Lady Shepherd Mix 09/21/95-06/10/08 The Hunter Family
Lady Shepherd Mix 12 years 09/2008 Winslow Family
Lady Shepherd Mix 14 years 08/08/05 Joann Davis
Lady Shepherd Mix 2 years 08/14/08 Tracy
Lady Shepherd Mix 5 years 06/14/11 Vince, Pamela & Aubrey Doty
Lady Shepherd Mix 8 years 02/07/06 Sara Sauve
Lady Shepherd/Collie 14 years 05/18/07 Teri
Lady Shepherd/Collie Mix 14 1/2 years 03/04/97 The Griffin's
Lady Shepherd/Huskie 13 years 1990 Lacey Family
Lady Shepherd/Lab 05/01/96-11/16/06 John Roach
Lady Shepherd/Lab 10 1/2 years 11/16/06 John
Lady Shepherd/Lab Mix 02/2001-02/2003 Deirdre Levesque
Lady Shepherd/Lab Mix 9 months 09/30/01 M. Kelley
Lady Shetland Sheepdog 01/19/98-06/22/12 Karen Seiler
Lady Shetland Sheepdog 01/20/00-06/09/00 Lori Murphy
Lady Shetland Sheepdog 09/10/91-09/29/95 Helen Layton
Lady Shetland Sheepdog 10 years 07/17/10 Bella, Johnny, Kristi, John
Lady Shetland Sheepdog 10 years 08/12/02 Kathy & Ray Yockey
Lady Shih Tsu 09/92-02/09/01 Kathy
Lady Shih Tzu 1 April 2002 Cynara Austin
Lady Shih Tzu 12 years 02/26/01 Dawn Dorsha
Lady Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Mix 14 years 11/11/09 Keeva
Lady Shih Tzu Poodle Mix 14.9 years 06/15/09 Denise Coscia
Lady Shih Tzu Puppy 06/07/02-09/08/02 Rae Lee
Lady Shih-Tzu 1992-12/22/03 Judy
Lady Shih-Tzu01/19/99 Maureen
Lady Shitzu 14 years 10/02/10 Kathy Medina
Lady Shorthair Domestic Cat 9 years 09/04/09 Amanda
Lady Siamese Cat 01/79-09/28/98 Barb Drewette
Lady Siamese Cat 12 years old Jo in Utah K. Newman
Lady Siberian Husky 02/97-03/04/10 Connie Hardgrove
Lady Siberian Husky 05/01/97-03/30/11 Don Packer
Lady Silver Silver and Gray Tabby Cat 12 years 04/14/10 Robin Rittweger
Lady Skye Keltsie Scottish Terrier 04/29/89-01/27/00 Madeline MacDonald
Lady Skylar Shadow Doberman 09/01/97-11/30/98 Tom and Louise Snowden
Lady Slovinski Siberian Husky 13 years 06/23/04 Matt
Lady Smith English Shepherd 01/21/94-09/27/08 Mark Smith
Lady Socrates Smith 'Socs' Boston Terrier 04/05/97-06/16/12 Evelyn Smith
Lady Soitz 17 years 04/22/08 Vicki Burnett
Lady Sophia Samantha Old English Sheepdog 07/05/99-01/29/11 Joan
Lady Sophie Brown Labrador 09/29/00-12/17/11 Joan Hoose
Lady Spaniel Mix 14 years 12/02/10 Kathy Mizner
Lady Spaniel Mix 1991-02/21/07 Chris McCarren
Lady Spaniel/Lab Mix 15 years 06/16/01 Gina
Lady Spanish Hunting Dog 9 years 06/05/04 Sallyann Moorey
Lady Spikey Lee Ridgeback 07/01 Mike & Autumn Lee
Lady Spring Spaniel/Mix 01/01/87-03/09/02 Marvina, Tim and David Marcoe
Lady Springer Pointer 13 years 04/03/10 Bairnsfather Family
Lady Springer Spaniel 05/11/89 Pat & Bill
Lady Springer Spaniel 08/01/90-08/30/03 Dave, Susanne, Emilee and Heather
Lady Springer X 11/01/79-09/21/94 Dan
Lady Springer/Pointer/Retriever Mix Liver & White 05/03/95-08/07/05 Stephanie Chappell & Kyle Allen
Lady St Bernard 01/02/02-10/12/11 Charles Levasseur
Lady St Bernard 4 years 06/26/97 Joe and Dawn Henry
Lady St. Bernard 01/02/04-10/12/11 Tracy Reynolds
Lady Staffie 06/09/01-14/04/12 Claire
Lady Stafford Terrier Or Pit Bull 09/2002-06/27/12 Trudy and Dennis
Lady Staffordshire Bull Terrier 8 years 06/12/04 Susan Biggs
Lady Staffy 8 1/2 years 06/12/04 Susan Biggs
Lady Stanley Black Labrador 7 years 03/23/03 Jancie Stanley/Michael Stanley
Lady Stark Blonde Cocker Spaniel 03/15/92-08/08/99 Sylvia
Lady Stark Thoroughbred Mare 22 years 07/04/98 L G Larosa
Lady Stewart Toy Poodle 05/31/96-03/17/13 Susan Stewart
Lady Sugar Creek Great Pyrenees 09/21/93-05/11/07 Jennifer and Jason
Lady Sugaree of Wesley English Springer Spaniel 10/05/88-01/24/00 Lynn & Pam Husen
Lady Sulfur Crest Cockatoo 18 years 06/11/00 Jacqueline Duhlmeier
Lady Sunset Casey of Thia (Casey) Himalayan Persian Cat 08/14/84-12/21/98 Cynthia Sinclair
Lady Sweet Lady Shepherd/Terrier Mix 1971-08/29/86 John S. Jurewicz
Lady Sweetheart German Shepherd 10/92-07/93 Jeri & Mike Dunlap
Lady Tabby Cat 04/03/11 Mahamati
Lady Tabby Cat 11/04/86-08/26/07 Joan
Lady Tabitha Ambre Dauch-a-poo 02/01/92-08/03/04 Samantha
Lady Tabitha Persian Cat 05/14/89-08/06/07 Lori Choman
Lady Tank Bulldog 03/07/15-03/16/18 Nikki F
Lady Tarango English Cocker Spaniel 10/01/09-11/29/11 Chris Tarango
Lady Tasha Labrador 07/04/85-10/27/99 Cindy
Lady Tasha Singa Kabru (Tasha) Lhasa Apso 15 years 01/11/01 Gayle, Pat, Nellie, Steel-E
Lady Tasha's Selene German Shepherd 06/03/91-01/26/04 Gina Corte
Lady Tedlock Poodle 10 years 10/14/07 Joanne Tedlock
Lady Terrier 16 years 08/26/00 Sheryle
Lady Terrier Mix 02/11/82-05/26/98 Jean Boguszewski
Lady Terrier Mix 11/26/78-11/05/96 Olivia & Don Garrison
Lady Terrier Schnauzer Mix 14 years 03/25/07 Brad Helin
Lady Tess I Boxer/German Shepherd 7 years Marie Rolla Heinzman
Lady Thalia Dachshund 07/22/95-06/22/06 Marianne Almås
Lady The Queen German Shepherd 15 years 05/25/10 Dagmar Lake
Lady Thoroughbred Horse 17 years 08/23/05 Lauren
Lady Tibetan Terrier 05/26/01 Patricia Chenier
Lady Tortoise Cat 10/29/07 Lucille Colon
Lady Tortoise Shell Longhair Cat 05/06/05 Cindi Cousino
Lady Tortoiseshell and White Cat 17/04/91-09/02/12 Jeanette
Lady Toy Poodle 06/13/99-12/28/06 Terry Levesque
Lady Toy Poodle 14 years 09/08/07 Keli
Lady Toy Poodle 19 years Connie Bailey
Lady Tri Colour Border Collie Cross 16 years 17/08/07 Corinne Edwards
Lady Trixie Spike Golden Retriever 13 years 05/29/10 Amanda Hallock
Lady Tuman Golden-Collie 05/11/94-06/21/11 Rhonda H. Tuman
Lady Tuptim Siamese Cat 1988-11/1997 Barbara Dagger
Lady Turkish Angora Cat 09/94-01/02/08 Leonor & Christina Semaan
Lady Uhl Domestic Shorthair Cat 01/01/96-04/15/10 MaryKay & Patrick Uhl
Lady Uma Chubby Chompers English Bulldog 06/06/00-02/13/09 Marty Ramey and Brian Jones
Lady Val Reese Labrador Retriever 10 years 11/04/06 Sheri A. Van Reysen
Lady Valentine Borzoi 08/06/98 Harcourt Family
Lady Valentine English Springer Spaniel 12/29/90-12/30/01 Lowery
Lady Van De Garthe Yorkie 06/11/92-06/26/06 Alice
Lady Vella Cocker Spaniel 01/27/94-01/12/06 Anthony, Rosalie and Christina Vella, MariaandDavid Samra
Lady Verte Tabia Abyssinian-Tabby Cat 03/10/93-07/25/13 KKSB & BB & LPSB
Lady Victoria Dreamcatcher (Torie) Beagle 09/18/01-12/14/09 Rio Lynne Garcia
Lady Victoria Rose Lhasa Apso 03/14/98-05/07/12 Lenora Rose
Lady Westhighland White Terrier 19 years 08/93Carla MacInnis Rockwell
Lady Whippet 08/15/97-07/03/05 Buddy, Sheri & Ashley
Lady White Cockapoo 03/01/81-09/02/97 Melissa
Lady White German Shepherd 13 1/2 years 11/98 JD Hadh
Lady White German Shepherd 2000 Sterling
Lady White Sheltie 01/01/84-09/06/97 Mark and Susan White
Lady Whitesel Sayre Golden Retriever 04/07/93-02/12/01 Holly
Lady Wicket Showsha Lhasa Apso 08/23/86-03/08/02 Jackie Croce-Bires
Lady Winifred Guinevere Scottish Terrier 11/06/78-08/92 Judie Forestiere
Lady Winifred of Stockton 'Winnie' Airedale Terrier 10/20/98-07/09/11 Pam and Chuck
Lady Winnie Boxer Girl 12/31/96-05/03/03 Eileen Castro
Lady Xena Rottweiler 7 years 12/13/03 Betty and Kirstie Camacho
Lady Yakir of the Three Turnip's Dalmatian 10/10/99-26/11/12 Aleida Vermeulen
Lady Yellow Lab 01/09/94-11/26/03 Melissa
Lady Yellow Lab 05/15/90-11/19/02 Tony & Mary Sulkoski
Lady Yellow Lab 10/01/99 Michael
Lady Yellow Lab 10/27/91-03/06/03 Margie and Jim
Lady Yellow Lab 14 years 02/22/12 Connie Lenoir
Lady Yellow Lab 9 years 12/28/13 Janice Wittman
Lady Yellow Lab. 04/15/95-06/19/98 Etta, Joe, and the kids
Lady Yellow Lab/White German Shepherd Mix 11/24/05-03/21/18 Chris & Margaret
Lady Yellow Labrador 01/16/91-02/04/03 Emily, Liz, Sara, Jerry
Lady Yellow Labrador Retriever 15 1/2 years 09/03/13 Anna Jessen
Lady Yorkie 1991-06/18/04 Lynn
Lady Yorkie 5 years 06/01/97 Linda
Lady Yorkie01/16/87-04/27/00 John, Jacque, and Maggie Melin
Lady Yorkshire Terrier 03/07/90-12/30/05 Helen Lord
Lady Yorkshire Terrier 04/05/91-08/06/03 Normand Cote
Lady Yorkshire Terrier 13 years 11/23/99 Tiana
Lady Yorkshire Terrier 15.04.1991 to 06.08.2003 Normand
Lady Yorkshire Terrier Hazel
Lady Yukiko Maltese 09/13/78-10/11/92 Keimi and Don
Lady Zoe the IV (Zoe Bug Bawden) Yorkshire Terrier 08/14/05-09/02/10 Amanda Bawden
Lady Zoe Zinnia Beagle 06/01/96-09/06/09 Jennie
Lady Zoey Yorkshire Terrier 05/04-12/26/05 Karen
Lady, Dixie, Lucky, G, F, Buddy, Tippy DOB-puppies E.D.&M.PierceWebster
Lady, Little Angel Pomeranian/Terrier 12 years 02/23/04 Calvin & Valerie
Lady, Misty, Tippy, Copper, Tara, Tanya Mixed, Husky, Greyhounds Last 30 years to 1990 On... Chuck Vleck
Lady, My Precious Girl Black Labrador Retriever 02/12/88-08/20/04 Kathleen B. Claypoole
Ladybell Chow Chow 01/05/04 Traci
Ladybell Sheltie 12 years 11/16/07 Jill Wright
Ladybelle Brindle-Colored Mixed Breed Dog 02/20/11 Michelle Daniel
Ladybird Burmese Mix Cat 09/22/82-11/14/99 Shari Greenberg
Ladybird Grey Cockatiel 08/22/98 Susan Burgess
Ladybird Poodle Mix 01/04/05 Vanessa Valenzuela
Ladybird Rattie 10/27/02-01/06/06 Velvet Wilson
Ladybud Lab 2001-08/2002 Anna Svec
Ladybug ( Mixed Breed Dog 12/11/16 Robin Impson
Ladybug (Bug) Chihuahua 10/96-06/21/09 Janet Seay
Ladybug Aussie/Cocker 15 years 06/13/05 Barbara Edwards
Ladybug Australian Shepherd/Border Collie 02/14/96-03/17/07 Carrie Lewis
Ladybug Basset Hound 10/04/02-09/16/11 Cristina and Justin
Ladybug Begapoo 04/14/05-08/14/08 Pat and Jim
Ladybug Black Labrador 14 years 08/15/09 Maryann Gazdzik
Ladybug Blue Merle Sheltie 10/02/86-06/06/00 Sue Brewer
Ladybug Border Collie Mix 13 years 04/29/09 Vicki & Rachelle
Ladybug Boxer 04/15/98-11/25/11 Linda Jones
LadyBug Boxer 10/30/00-03/02/10 Lyn Sherer Clark
Ladybug Cat 04/17/98-06/29/10 Gina Vega
LadyBug Cocker Spanial 01/21/00-09/18/14 Karen Warner
Ladybug Dachshund 09/22/02-10/12/02 Janet K. Banks
Ladybug Dalmatian 09/09/82-01/29/98 Deborah and Bruce Hall
Ladybug Dog 03/06/06 Micki
Ladybug Dog 06/18/09 Andrew
Ladybug Dog 08/24/00 Gay
LadyBug Domestic Short-Hair Tortoise Cat approximately 7 years 01/10/12 Harold Glueck
Ladybug English Springer Spaniel 16 years 02/14/05 Debby Walden
Ladybug German Shepherd, Hound 16 years 07/29/04 Yvette
Ladybug Golden Cocker Spaniel 15 years 09/2001 Carmel and Jo
Ladybug Golen Retriever Mix 8 years 11/96 The Broussard Family
Ladybug Gray Striped Tabby Cat 1996-02/25/06 The Hinnenkamps
Ladybug Lab around 02/2010-02/13/11 Michael and Erica Begatto
Ladybug Lab Mix 12 years 06/05/09 Heather D. Buck
Lady-Bug Lab/Shepherd 12 years 08/21/01 Mark and Cheryl Senker
Ladybug Labrador 09/16/88-10/04/02 Betty, Mindy, Jennifer and Ken Tunnell
Ladybug Labrador Retriever-Chocolate 10 years 06/06/00 Paula Woods
Ladybug 'Lady' Labrador 13 years 04/16/10 John Marris
Ladybug Lynxpoint Siamese Cat 10/30/11 Sheri Mealhouse
Ladybug McCann Min-Pin 02/20/99-07/29/08 Darlene McCann
Ladybug McShane Boxer 07/18/99-02/23/11 Erin McShane
Ladybug Mini American Eskimo Dog 03/17/92-02/29/08 Linda Lea
Ladybug Miniature Schnauzer 07/91-02/14/00 Stacey
Ladybug Mixed Dog 08/12/05 Wendy, Jeff, Michelle, Jason
Ladybug Mixed Dog 11 months 05/07/07 Susan Jones
Ladybug Oki-Mix 10/20/90-09/25/04 The Blades Family
LadyBug Pomeranian 01/25/05-08/18/12 Paul & Mary-Lou Hagelberg
Ladybug Pomeranian 03/30/06 The Stiffler Family
Ladybug Pomeranian 25 Jan 05-18 August 12 Paul & Mary-Lou Hagelberg
Ladybug Pomeranian Patricia and William
Ladybug Pug 05/26/06-11/08/06 Curt & Lauren
Ladybug Pug 09/07/03-04/06/16 Jeanine Parent
Ladybug Ragdoll Cat 05/2011-11/2015 Marcia Frangione
Ladybug Rat Terrier Chihuahua Mix 02/05/04-04/21/16 Missy Munro
Ladybug Rat/Chi 03/02/05-04/03/12 Tina Kelso
Ladybug Rottie 01/12/95-08/28/03 Brigette.Dancer
Ladybug Shorthaired Red Mini 15+ years 08/09/00 BLP
Ladybug Siamese Cat 07/05/98-02/04/11 Katherine Westgerdes
Ladybug Spaniel Mix 06/16/99 Cathy
Ladybug Spaniel/Border Collie Mix 11 years 11/26/00 Barbara & Spencer Lyon
Ladybug Teacup Poodle 10/19/97-02/21/05 Linda Hakenson
Ladybug Terrier 09/2014 Carolyn Spaulding
Ladybug Terrier Mix 15 years 09/24/11 Don
Ladybugs Rotweiler 9 years 02/05/04 Nikki Yarnall
Ladybun Collie Cross 16 years 17/08/07 Corinne Edwards
Ladybyrd Black Lab 11/04/02-01/29/05 Sharon Hamm
Lady-Byrd German Shepherd 12/13/91-12/18/99 Ron & Janice Fallon
LadyCat (Sweetie Girl) Gray Tabby Cat 3 years 2 mo 11/04/97 Sharon
LadyCat Cat 09/13/98 Monique
Ladyday Porter Cocker Spaniel 17 years 01/29/08 Richard & Joyce Porter
LadyDog Shepherd Mix 11 years 03/13/98 Cate Guyan & Family
Ladydom Yorkie 10/10/91-11/13/01 Linda Dyer
Lady-Fair Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab 11/94-11/24/04 Diana Bill Steve & Heather
LadyG Border Collie/Chow 12 years 09/09/05 MWise
Lady-Girl 2 German Shepherd 13-14 years 01/17/01 Grey Le Cuyer
Ladygirl American Cocker Spaniel 07/22/99-02/21/12 Kathi F
Ladygirl Beagle 11/10/97-06/13/12 Elizabeth & Sal Piazza
Ladygirl Wooten Rotwiller/Akida 11/20/97-11/26/05 Laura Wooten
Ladyhawk German Shepherd 10 years 08/05/99 Sarah
Ladyhawke Gordon Setter 06/16/91-04/16/03 Beth Chambers
Ladyhawke Hawk 07/16/05 Dana & Steve & Trentyn
Lady-Ladybug Sheltie 11/18/93-01/02/05 Royce and Linda Roper
Ladylike Hanoverian Horse 02/01/94-09/03/10 Linda Hackney
Lady-Lou Miniature Poodle 03/17/88-12/31/04 Mary Pfeffer
LadySarah Doberman Pinscher 09/10/95-07/13/07 Genevieve A. Emidy
Ladysmith Airedale Terrier 03/17/96-02/17/04 Paul Diggins
LadyWise Husky Shep Corgi Mix 16 years 01/20/05 M Wise
Laela Graves Pitbull Mix 09/28/12 Pam Veenstra (Aunt)
Laela Shepherd-James Blue Merle Australian Shepherd 08/01/01-01/14/12 Rob Shepherd & Michael James
Laertes Budgie 07/25/01-11/01/10 Romany Hackford
Lafite Black Cat 13 years 03/30/00 Lisa Vallez
Lafitte American Domestic Shorthair Cat 8 months 03/21/01 Kristin
Lafitte Holland Lop Rabbit 10/02/91-11/05/99 Ame and Steve
Lafonda Mixed Puppy 07/2010-10/2010 Gudd Syliboy
LaGemini's Laksmigold of Joyvn (Squeaky/Lil Girl) Shaded Golden Persian Cat 16 years 02/19/12 Laura Stutts
Lager Basset Hound 04/15/16-10/04/16 Leigh Meunier
Lager Saint Bernard 06/15/98-10/30/99 Pamela
Lagniappe Golden Retriever 08/29/87-02/13/00 Dane & Michelle Hatchett
Laguna aka Gooey Cat 06/02/87-08/01/05 Monica Curry
Laguna Mirage Airedale Terrier 01/91-08/03/05 Beth Goldstein
LaHosa Peruvian Paso 12/28/96 Peg Kirkeby
Lai Blue Pit Bull 8 years 07/11/12 Blanca
Laidi Collie 8 years 08/28/98 Marianthi & Yorgos
Laika Alaskan Malamute 01/01/93-01/24/06 Marcelo del Puerto
Laika Aussie Mix 09/01/96-06/07/05 Lori Kurtz-Larkin
Laika Belgian Mallinois Mix 02/17/03-11/21/17 Eyelin S Huerta Guizar
Laika Black Lab/German Shepherd 13 years 03/02/96 Janet
Laika Border Collie 15 years 04/23/08 Debbie Lopes
Laika Borzoi 03/07/99-11/06/12 Mimi
Laika Borzoi 3 years 02/98 Pat Hardy
Laika Boston Terrier 06/25/06 J.Pratt
Laika Dalmatian 8 years 07/26/11 Alla/Anya
Laika Dog 06/23/16 Maria
Laika Dog 11/29/93-01/27/06 Ray and Joan and Matt Ulmer
Laika Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Laika Husky 07/31/03 Jessica
Laika Karelian Bear Dog 13 years 12/25/14 Richard Donovan
Laika Mutt 06/23/16 Maria
Laika Russian Blue Cat 03/07/88-07/17/06 The Erickson Family
Laika Russian Space Dog 1957
Laika Sheltie 14 1/2 years 04/28/07 Khani Adams-Young
Laika Yellow Lab 11/30/93 Ray and Joan xnd Matt Ulmer
Laila Aponte Domestic Short Hair Cat 08/08/06-04/12/10 Selena Aponte
Laila Boxer 03/15/04-08/19/13 Kelly, Jan and Arty
Laila Boxer 12/21/10-07/09/12 Debra Deutchman
Laila Boxer 12/27/08-09/19/17 Sherri
Laila Cane 01/01/89-01/05/01 Giusy
Laila Chihuahua 04/04/07-11/11/16 Natasha, Leticia, and Emmanuel Gelin
Laila Dog 02/06/05-12/08/18 Sarah Briedis
Laila Swart Cat 01/01/97-12/21/05 Michal
Lailani Black Silver Martin Rabbit 02/22/10-10/31/11 Melissa Gruenler
Lainey Golden Retriever 05/12/97-12/27/05 Susan Degnegaard
Lainey Lhasa Apso 9 years 4 months 03/19/12 Frank and Linda
Lainey Saint Bernard 07/23/01-08/29/07 Melissa Osborne
Lainey Shepherd Mix 03/15/89-03/30/02 Carvi
Laing Grey Cat 1974 Linette S. (LS)
Lainie (or Lainey) -pronounced Lay-nee mongrel cross, black Labrador, bit of Collie and something else 19 years 01/14/11 Julian Bates
Lainie Berenz Bassett Hound 13 years 01/11/09 Tom & Ann Berenz
Lai's Ohana AuMakua GSD 1/21/97-08/20/00 Twila Lai
Laisee Dachshund 03/25/08-05/04/13 Susan Woo
Laishka Poodle 06/09/01-07/06/10 Anna
Laka Part Siamese Cat 15 years 11/08/10 Faith
Lake Black Lab 01/25/98-09/09/11 Scott Hanna
Lakeeta Lu Ishaya Shih Tzu 01/09/97-02/03/09 Pattie
Laki Mix Terrier 06/08/04 Carol Kurachi
Laki Pomeranian 01/22/09 Margaret K
Lakima APBT 12 years 24/05/06 Celeste Rogers
Lakoda Koani (playful friend) Wolf Hybrid 02/28/94-05/04/08 Robert and Lisa
Lakota - aka Kota Ger Shep Mix 05/29/05 CC Rosati
Lakota 01/18/02 Robin
Lakota Agouti Rabbit 10/30/99 LR
Lakota Alaskan Malamute 04/22/94-05/24/05 Daurene Palma
Lakota Alaskan Malamute 11/11/99-02/12/10 Cheryl LaFrance
Lakota Alexander Von Geus Doberman 11 years 02/12/99 Sherrill Solum
Lakota and Rascal Dogs 12/20/08-10/01/15 Maggie Hensley
Lakota Belgian Shepherd 07/03/94-02/17/03 Wendy Bruens
Lakota Black Great Dane 01/16/95-10/15/00 Jessica
Lakota -Coty Cat 6 years 11/14/01 Jenny Harrington, Koani Ross
Lakota Danise German Shepherd 12/03/02-10/04/13 Brigiette Danise
Lakota Dugan German Shepherd Dog 12/11/95-10/98 Lori Mehesan
Lakota German Shepherd 02/06/15 Kevin Curtin & Roberta Marich
Lakota German Shepherd 06/04/92-02/02/24 Anthony Morgan
Lakota German Shepherd 06/18/98-09/30/05 Ann
Lakota Greyhound 01/09/93-08/12/02 Liz Ribas
Lakota Himalayan Cat 8/24/20019/-09/18/15 Barbara Gallo
Lakota Hybrid Wolf/Shepherd 13 years 04/28/08 Paula and Joe
Lakota Labrador 13 years 09/09/11 Robert & Vickie Allshouse
Lakota Little Wolf Siberian Husky/Timberwolves Mix 04/02/05-07/18/16 Karla Carey
Lakota Malamute Mix 6 years 06/24/06 Becky Lindsay
Lakota Marie Hound-Dee Dog 14 years 10/20/04 Jeni, Niki & Darien
Lakota Murphy Shepherd Mix 01/07/00-12/28/11 Darby Murphy
Lakota New Zeeland White Bunny 10/99-08/28/06 Cappi Duncan
Lakota Ortiz Cockapoo 02/05/05-02/18/08 Efrain Ortiz
Lakota Pitbull 12/17/92-01/10/06 Cindy Packard
Lakota Rotti 6 1/2 years 01/24/05 Lori Ann
Lakota Sheltie 08/13/99-03/13/09 Pamela Chandler
Lakota Shepherd Mix 03/13/95-01/21/10 Caroline Wilson
Lakota Siberian Husky 06/02/00-09/28/03 Renee Strickland
Lakota Siberian Husky 07/30/04 Lisa and Angel Mantchev
Lakota Siberian Husky 15 years 10 months 09/24/12 Don
Lakota Sioux German Shepherd 01/19/04-03/06/16 Christie Gengler
Lakota Sioux Hoffman English Lab 07/31/02-12/23/09 Larry and Marian Hoffman
Lakota Wolf 01/06/90-07/25/06 Joe
Lakota Wolf Hybrid 03/02/97 Jesse Richardson
Lakota Wolf hybrid 09/01/96 Bob Deeds
Lakotah Shepherd/Husky Mix 08/2008-10/23/08 Rachel Michak
Lakots Maine Coon Cat 05/25/96-05/21/11 Connie Hill
Lal Siamese Cat 9 years 11/05/05 Catherine McNamara
Lala Cat 06/22/05-19/10/05 Julián Llantén Trujillo
Lala Cat 08/11/03 Shirley Nef
LaLa DSH Cat 10 1/2 years 01/10/16 Holly Fairweather
Lala Licker Lab 7 years 10/02/15 Gabrielle Seidenberg
Lala Lucy Dodge American Black/White Long Hair Cat 03/25/83-05/30/06 Phyllis Dodge
LaLa Mixed/Poodle 11/21/02-06/27/13 Faye H Brown
Lala Persian Cat 05/09/12 Carlos
Lala Pixie Rat 02/2013-09/27/14 Mary
Lali DSH Cat 08/05/12 Anne
Lali Pop Lee Teacup Yorkie 11/30/08-06/23/12 Samuel & Lisa Lee
Lali Westie 04/28/89-12/06/97 Debbie A.
Lalique Birman - Lilac Lynx Point Kitten 04/16/07-06/09/07 Deborah Powell
Lalique Great Dane 8 years 02/18/05 Tim & Ralph Karau
Lalique Great Pyrenees 8 years 08/15/00 Paula and Bill Schroeder
Lallie Sheltie 05/18/94-02/25/05 Ormiston
Lalo Mixed Dog 10 years 10/27/05 Ana Haget
Lalu Spitz 04/09/11-10/18/17 Goutam Mandal
Lalya Silva Husky 02/16/13 Virginia Silva
Lama Maine Coon Cat 15 years 06/04/03 Brenda & Cody
Lamar a.k.a. Lamarshmallow Domestic Long Hair White Cat 08/01/02-05/14/14 Rhonda Magnotti
Lamar Chesapeake Bay Retriever 11/14/04-05/18/18 Trish Carney
Lamar DSH Cat 05/11/92-05/11/97 B. Leytem
Lamar Full-Sized, Rough Coat Collie (Tricolor) 08/06/05 Sharyn Belk
Lamar Thomas Shih Tzu 01/20/86-02/17/00 Michelle Constantini
Lamb Black Short Hair Cat 10/03/06 Beverly Johnson
Lamb Chop (Pyramid Bark At The Moon) Chinese Crested Dog 05/26/99-10/24/10 Kim Lovewell
Lamb Chop Bichon 1 year 05/15/13 King Family
Lamb Chop Poodle 02/26/09 Anne and Michale
Lamb Chop Toy Poodle 11/06/07 Judith Morrison
Lambchop Apricot Toy Poodle 14 years 06/02/05 Robert Eisenhardt
Lambchop Cat 12/30/04 Annette Marchionni
Lambchop Cat 1972-1989 Lani Burch
Lambchop Dog 2009 Jessica
Lambchop Guinea Pig 04/19/07-12/10/07 Judy
Lambchop Maltese 18 years 05/25/09 Wendy and Larry
Lambchop Poodle-Mix 02/14/87-10/08/01 Blakidsuzn
Lambchop Red-Bellied Parrot 15 years 08/10/11 L
Lambchop Samoyed 07/11/87-05/26/02 Joan Brooks
Lambchop Teacup White Poodle 18 years 09/2002 Vivian Johns
Lambeau Adams Golden Retriever 10/01/97-06/14/10 Danielle and Vicki Adams
Lambeau Border Collie/Sheltie 01/06/94-01/16/09 Colleen Busche
Lambeau Chocolate Lab 06/07/96-08/01/02 Sue
Lambeau Domestic Shorthair Cat 16 years 06/18/03 David
Lambeau Labrador Retriever 11/07/13-03/24/14 Danielle Carioti and Chris Haines
Lambeau Pembroke Welsh Corgi 07/23/96-06/26/09 Amy Kargus
Lambeau Pomeranian 05/15/98-11/26/07 Rebecca Miller
Lambert Havanese 02/18/05-04/26/14 Kaylene and Kirk
Lambert Mini-lop Rabbit 04/28/99 San Diego House Rabbit Society
Lambi Pie Terrier/Poodle Mix 12/30/87-07/18/03 Jean Ann Dorrell and Eric Long
Lambie Bichon 11/13/17 Julie Kuwabara and Chuck Lacson
Lambie Pie Greyhound 12/10/04 Tina & Bob Wiepert
Lambo Golden Retriever 9 years 09/13/04 Lloyd & Gloria
Lamby Cat 17 years 07/18/97 Lisa
Lamby Dog 11/18/08 Laura
Lamby Lamb 01/02/09-08/02/09 Anne Marie
Lamby Lamb 01/02/09-08/02/09 Anne Marie Tellen
Lamin Tymar (aka Hia) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 10/23/89-07/11/02 Julie
Lamings Sparkling Breeze German Shorthaired Pointer 02/12/00 Ruthann
Lamont DLH Cat 16 years 07/28/05 Liz Nowak
Lamont Domestic Short Hair Cat 18 years 10/01/00 Rebecca Hamilton
La-Moon German Shepherd 12/27/86-09/13/99 Monika Bertuccelli
Lamotte Buff/Orange Tabby Cat 12 years 12/19/03 Rebecca
L'Amour Chihuahua 03/29/78-01/24/95 Pat M. G.
Lampião Brazilian Terrier 08/17/03-12/31/10 Carlos Jorge
Lamplighter's Woodlyn Axl Rose Hairless Chinese Crested Dog 05/07/98-04/24/99 Loreen Evans
Lana Ana Golden Retriever 09/01/01-06/28/12 Sandra Flynn
Lana Belgian Malinois 1/22/92-12/19/01 Pam Weigert
Lana Dog 02/09/07-03/10/12 Omar, Alexander
Lana Fraktul
Lana Golden Retriever 03/20/02-05/27/12 Dana L. Macy
Lana Great Dane/Lab mix 01/05/94-01/05/96 Ginny Libertine
Lana Irish Setter 11 years 03/19/01 Martha
Lana Malamute/Wolf 03/17/95-10/01/03 Pam Farris
Lana Mix Dog 09/15/96-02/14/05 Carol Hirsch
Lana Mixed Dog 09/15/97-02/14/05 Carol
Lana Quarter Horse 04/11/81-12/30/00 Susan Carson Bradway
Lana Shepherd 05/08/10 Daniel O. Vasquez
Lana Shih Tzu 13 years 29/07/08 Emily
Lana Siamese Cat 15 years 10/25/12 Alannah Davis
Lana-lu Harper Clarke Yorkshire Terrier 04/28/92-10/31/06 Isabelle Clarke and Kendra Moyes
Lanbur CPO Of Fayr Wynds (Chief) Sheltie 08/20/84-10/28/97 The Duffey Family
Lanbur's Magic Murphy Shetland Sheepdog 03/07/88-08/11/01 Mary Ann White and Melissa Matthews
Lance aka Golden Boy Golden Retriever 16 years 08/03/17 Andrea Hitz
Lance American Shorthair-Maine Coon Cat 07/01/95-01/29/05 Judy Neese
Lance Australian Shepherd 08/23/86-11/27/00 Davida Oberman
Lance Bichon Frise 07/16/97-12/07/06 Maryellen Schook
Lance Black Lab 06/08/91-10/16/04 Jerry and Kathy Thomas
Lance Black Lab 10/15/04 Debbie and Gordie
Lance Blond Cocker Spaniel 12/09/88-07/21/01 Susan White
Lance Cat 05/09/95-28/07/09 Elizabeth
Lance Cat 2 years 02/10/05 Alex
Lance Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lance Chow/Shepherd 10/29/10 Maria Lazarus
Lance Cocker Spaniel 09/10/90-01/10/08 Loyd Goolsby III
Lance Cocker Spaniel 12 years 03/12/09 Lisa Coates
Lance Doberman/Pitt Bull 12 years 06/05/99 Valerie R. Van Horn
Lance Dog 09/15/11 Chris
Lance Dog 9 years 05/20/16 Sophie Malloy
Lance DSH Cat 09/24/92-06/19/10 Patti and Joe Fuchs
Lance English Setter 06/15/97-06/03/10 Sandy Stanko
Lance French BullDog 02/28/97-07/09/99 Trish Berresford
Lance German Shepherd 13 years 10/08/07 Jen and Guy
Lance German Shepherd Mix 01/12/09 Sarah McClure
Lance Golden Retriever 02/01/89-02/19/99 Nancy
Lance Golden Retriever 04/07/89-09/05/00 George Leifert
Lance Golden Retriever 05/24/90-04/22/05 Carol Best & Ed Melaragni
Lance Golden Retriever 06/22/05-06/12/12 Evelyn Jaffe
Lance Greyhound 08/16/94-06/10/08 Inna Krasnovsky
Lance Jarreau Pitbull 01/03/01-01/02/10 Jessie An Diane Jarreau
Lance Kight Brittany English Springer Mix 02/14/93-04/09/05 Jim & Ceal
Lance Lab Mix 07/04/88-12/28/03 Dawn Marie Gerhardt
Lance Lhasa Apso 8 years 12/22/07 Keith and Marlaine
Lance Petrone Golden Retriever 11/08/02-04/28/10 June Petrone
Lance Pomeranian 01/01/94-11/05/10 Judi Grant
Lance Rat 01/26/14-05/12/17 Sue and Morgan
Lance Rooster 02/14/00-09/19/00 A J
Lance Rott / Chow 11/05/97-07/12/08 Mike Presta
Lance Schnauzer 09/08/94 Ron & Billie Anne Brainard
Lance Scotland Shelty 06/17/98-06/05/10 Nancy Ryan
Lance Sheltie 10/21/00 Karen
Lance Shih Tzu 09/30/98-07/22/13 Dottie Mitchell
Lance Tabby Cat 01/01/96-04/03/03 Melissa and Paul
Lance Tabby Cat 10/08/14 Luis and Steffi Galindo
Lance Von Hoffman Doberman 06/06/88-01/13/99 Julie Hoffman
Lance White Long Haired Mutt 14 years 06/30/05 Abbey and Chuck
Lance Yellow Lab 04/16/96-11/16/09 Pam Surette
Lance Yorkie 08/08/82-07/20/95 Debbie Bilow & Margaret Maxwell
Lance Yorkshire Terrier 02/03/98-06'12/99 Beth Arnold
Lancelot (Fatman) Cat 08/29/96-10/01/99 Datroubl
Lancelot aka Lance Siberian Husky 08/01/95-04/23/08 Marshall & Mary Ann Dozier
Lancelot Alaskan Malamute 10/08/01-04/04/15 Ed & Belinda Orta
Lancelot Basset Hound 11/10/99-12/29/06 Claudia Morales
Lancelot Black Persian Cat 10/87-05/10/02 Cathy, Steve, Brian, Christie, Eric, Maddie
Lancelot Black, Short-Hair Cat 04/86-05/21/04 Bunny M
Lancelot Blue & Gold Macaw 12 years 09/01/03 Rossanna Waggle
Lancelot Boxer 04/28/00-05/16/05 Lori
Lancelot Cocker Spaniel 08/27/97 Martha and Kevin
Lancelot Dog 09/04/84-11/18/99 Toni Thompson
Lancelot Domestic, Short Hair Cat 04/10/91-08/02/07 Ann Scattergood
Lancelot DSH Cat 04/20/84-04/02/99 Jill Forrest
Lancelot DSH Cat 5 years 07/17/02 Michelle
Lancelot English Mastiff 31/01/01-20/07/09 Simone, Craig, Shanae, Justyn, Khy, Cole
Lancelot Golden Retriever 06/24/95-12/31/07 Jennifer
Lancelot Golden Retriever 09/24/98-01/14/06 Laurel & Larry
Lancelot Golden Retriever 11/22/92-05/05/03 Gord Gottfredsen
Lancelot Irish Wolfhound 05/09/11 Jeff
Lancelot Jr., Blazelle, Lance, Anna Ferrets Still Born-04/05/04 Carol Owens
Lancelot Maine Coon Cat 21 years 03/12/10 Sandra O'Rourke
Lancelot Morford Siberian Husky 04/23/92-08/12/02 Steve & Dona
Lancelot Orange Tabby Short Hair Cat 03/96-10/10/05 Michelle Wilson
Lancelot Sliwinski Cock-a-poo 08/23/00-12/06/10 Flo and Laura Sliwinski
Lancelot Tan Cat with White Paws 06/01/01-01/19/18 Miriam Katz
Lancelot Yellow Lab 11/30/88-08/18/98 Kathy Lortscher
Lancelot Yorkie 10/03/90-11/14/06 Gary / Jason
Lancelot Yorkshire Terrier 04/18/02-05/06/02 Traci and Rik Parks
Lancer GSD01/10/85-08/27/98Sarah
Lance's Five Cats 03/24/97 Lance
Lanci Pomeranian 12 years 07/12/04 Caressa McCarthy
Lancie Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/19/93-05/25/04 Lynda
Lancy Siamese Cat 03/25/10 Michelle
Landacre's Lord Spencer Sheltie 07/07/92-07/15/06 Chris and Karen
Landacres Prince Shiloh Shetland Sheepdog 06/05/86-05/09/01 Karen and Chris Landacre
Lander German Short Hair 1992-02/20/06 Karen Groft
Landisbanki DSH Cat 05/82-02/25/99 M K Rasmussen
Lando Cat 2 years 05/24/12 Courtney & Taylor
Lando Lab/Chow Mix 2 years 06/98 Maisy
Landon Guinea Pig 2 years 03/29/14 Maggie
Landon Orange Cat 11/12/02 Holly Campbell and Chad Davidson
Landorren Shepherd/Collie Mix 13 years 01/28/01 Launi
Landry Black & White Longhair Cat 07/14/83-08/30/99 Phillip
Landry Dog 08/03/06-08/09/10 Shea and Josh Ingram
Landry Golden Retriever 06/01/01-12/25/11 Brian & Amy Smith
Landry Great Dane 11/03/07-02/05/09 Monica Boyer
Landry Maltese 08/08/90-07/03/07 Robyn McGee
Landry Maltese 08/08/90-07/03/08 Robyn
Landry Maltese 08/08/90-07/03/08 Robyn McGee
Landry Maltese 08/08/90-07/08/08 Robyn
Landsea Newfoundland 11/08/91-01/31/99 Brittany and Ken Yuzyk
Landy Australian Shepherd 06/17/97-09/03/99 Rosie
Landy DSH Tabby Cat 09/04/04-09/05/06 Amanda Murphy
Landybug Dog 08/07/210-09/20/10 John Harrelson
Lane Guinea Pig 02/15/00-12/17/04 J. Evans
Laney Black Lab 3 years 02/17/16 Angela
Laney Black Labrador Retriever 14 years 12/15/09 Bethany, Jim, Chase, Sasha and Bella
Laney Bug Dalmatian 8 years 10/24/07 Chuck & Denyse
Laney Davis West Highland Terrier 05/11/03-09/04/16 Margaret Davis
Laney Flanery Purebred Mutt 10/31/90-07/11/03 Teresa
Laney Golden Retriever 01/17/97-02/04/13 Timothy Fergot
Laney Lab-Cocker Mix 09/30/94-10/23/06 Sylvia Galvan
Laney Marino Rottweiler 07/01/01-01/01/07 Chrissy Marino
Laney Sharpei/Shepherd Mix 10 years 12/15/09 Jackie Bremmer Forbeck
Laney Sleger Boxer 05/23/08 Maryjo Sleger
Laney Whippet 12/07/96-06/05/04 Sandy, Glen, Jill Johnson
Laney Yellow Lab 09/24/12 Joel Greenstein
Laney Yellow Lab 12 years 07/31/11 Lynda Black
Laney Yellow Labrador Retriever 10/30/00-10/19/07 Kevin, Alyssa, Abby, & Ashley
Laney Yorkie 11/21/97-07/24/05 Janice Anderson
Lang Norwegian Fjord Horse 05/2001-09/2010 Deborah Stai
Langgou Chow Chow 1996-06/29/02 Richard, Elda & Mia Carlson
Langlichhund Babe Lincoln ML a.k.a Lincoln Mini Long-Haired Dachshund 12/18/96-08/21/07 Monika and Les Rieger
Lani Cabrera Chihuahua Puppy 10 months 02/28/12 Staci Cabrera
Lani Cat 13 years 12/20/04 Popoki
Lani Doberman Mix 10/08/92-08/04/00 Lili Gallinucci
Lani Domestic Short Hair Cat 12 years 05/11/08 Kirsi Arvila
Lani Ferret 12/31/06-10/23/14 Joan Sargent
Lani Kaye Bichon Frise 03/27/89-07/06/06 Lynn
Lani Yellow Labrador 11/08/94-10/25/06 McKenzie, Shannon, & Doug
Lanie Girl Doxie 05/93-11/11/09 Elayne Gallegos
Lanie Golden Retriever 07/12/00-01/30/09 Alan and Sherry Day
Lanikai Miniature Schnauzer 04/25/92-09/24/07 Rita Bell
Lanky DSH Black Cat 2013 Gabriele
Lanner Chesapeake Golden Retriever 11/20/11 Michael and Lori Fisher
Lanny Black and White DSH Cat 11 years 04/10/11 Karen
Lanny Sheltie 14 weeks Sept. 1994 Cindy Hanlon
Lansing Mixed Dog 17 years 07/16/08 Kim Powe
Lansky German Shepherd (Golden Sable) 11 years 10 months 1 December 2002 Susan Brennan-Hodgson
Lanta German Shepherd 03/1993-07/09/06 Susan
Lantana Mixed Kitten 3 weeks 08/01/07 Dre & Vicki Robertson
Laomo Black Lab/Golden Mix 02/19/99-02/17/99 Susan
Laomo Black Lab/Golden Retriever Mix 02/19/99-02/17/07 John and Riley
Lãon Rat 2 months 05/27/11 Laurine
Lapis Birman Cat 08/01/89-03/06/07 Julia Richardson
Lapka Treadway Black Labrador 10 years 03/06/10 Judy Treadway
Lappu Cat 7 years Sandy
Laptop Cat 04/95-06/19/97 Cindi
LapTop Yorkie 3 days 07/23/93 Isabel Gordon
Lara Ashley Russian Blue Cat 12/06/86-10/05/99 Sally & Paul Bahner
Lara Belle Briggs Boston Terrier 04/26/00-07/16/10 Shannon Fortenberry
Lara British Bulldog 15/09/96-24/07/04 Lois Donaldson
Lara Cat 3 years 19.02.00 Sumaya Löwenich
Lara Dachshund 02/06/94-01/12/07 Talwars
Lara Dalmatian 03/06/97-01/17/07 Evelina
Lara German Shepherd 05/97-09/04/07 Diane Snell
Lara German Shepherd 06/09/05-06/2007 Annie
Lara German Shepherd 9 years 10/04/12 Louise
Lara Golden Retriever 11/09/97-13/05/08 Martin & Rob
Lara Husky Pet Rat 08/01/03-01/25/03 Tiina
Lara Maine Coon Cat 05/30/11 Matthew A. Spynda
Lara Mongrel 02/07/02-07/07/15 Gill and Malcolm Ash
Lara Norwegian Forest Cat 2000-12/02/05 Diana Hartig
Lara Papillion 08/15/97-10/29/13 Darlene Thomas
Lara Saluki Lurcher 6 years 02/20/13 Sharon
Lara Tortoise Shell Cat 09/16/03-06/20/11 Tony
Lara-Angelica Beagle 06/22/00-10/15/11 R Leslie
Larado Jack Russell Miniature Poodle 01/21/01-11/25/17 Ashley Stevens
Larah's Lady Isolde (Izzy) German Shorthair Pointer 13+ years 10/05/96 Sarah Louie
Larahs Lord Tristan German Shorthair Pointer 09/30/88-01/28/97 Sarah Louie
Laramie Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Laramie Lab 12 years 07/14/95 Mark & Amy Gray
Laraul Blue Breed Fancy Rat 11/2015-05/2016 Shirley and Kevin Sams
Lardy Barncat 02/04/00 Jessica Lamb and Lianne and John Lambertus
Laredo German Shepherd 01/17/87-04/11/97 Rob Silver
Laren Tabby Cat 14 years 10/15/07 Lisa
Large Chow 08/28/11 KimW
Large Dog 06/18/03 Karen
Large Marge Mixed Dog 03/08-02/10/10 Max M Will
L'Argent Hanoveria Horse 08/23/87-12/13/08 Dorann
Largo Springer 03/28-12/27 Jannie
Larisa Cat 02/01/04 Amy Smith
Larissa Shepherd Mix 12 years 02/27/01 Jo Anne Rando-Moon
Lark (Topbrass Windjammer Lark) Golden Retriever 07/02/80-06/10/96 Amy Doersam
Lark Golden Retriever 07/02/80-06/10/96 Amy
Larke Torti DSH Cat 2 years 07/06/00 Sue, SVHS
Larkin Golden Retriever 05/08/91-01/14/03 Donna Weiland
Larkin Kuvasz 01/02/02-12/16/12 Jackie and Dennis
Larkin Rose Black and White Tabby Cat 02/13/10-01/29/11 Sue Bohl
Larkin Rottweiler 12/12/90-12/15/94 Patrice
Larkspurr Orange Classic Tabby Cat 15 years 08/10/03 Showey
Larlyn's Sammy Yorkie 04/26/91-06/13/04 Larraine
Larlyn's Scarlett Yorkie 06/06/86-06/13/99 Larraine
Larnach Westie 1970-1978 Malik Haig
Larosa mini dozer (dozie) Long Hair Dachshund 09/24/02-08/16/18 Georgianne Larosa
Larry aka Tubbs English Bulldog 02/05/10 Monica Watrin
Larry Australian and Alaskan Malamute 12 years 08/25/07 Sandra Kay Fuller
Larry Beagle 06/17/00-12/13/11 Jennifer Fox
Larry Beagle 12 years 07/24/08 Eva Bull
Larry Beagle 14 years 01/27/07 Lisa
Larry Bella Dutch Dwarf Bunny Rabbit 03/14/07-04/09/14 Janet
Larry Berard Gray Tabby Cat 1993-10/26/11 Valerie & Barry Berard
Larry Bird Cockatiel 07/03/06 Kathryn Trauger
Larry Bird Dove 1997-02/18/12 Maryann DeMatty
Larry Bird Keet 03/15/94 2 years Bob Guyan
Larry Bird Lovebird about 10 years 02/13/99 Rob & Nancy Carr
Larry Bird Muscovy Duck 10/15/02-09/25/05 Rondelle Weyand
Larry Black Lab/ Dobie Mix 1998-04/28/12 Lisa Tuvell Hauguel
Larry Blue Peachface Lovebird 14 years 07/05/09 Pamela Owens
Larry Blue Peachface Lovebird 15 years 07/05/09 Pamela Owens
Larry Call Cocker Spaniel 05/08/96-11/04/08 Angie Call
Larry Cat 05/01/11-07/07/13 Susan Milan
Larry Cat 05/01/94-04/04/08 Edie Pierce
Larry Cat 05/20/00-04/23/13 LeAnn
Larry Cat 05/28/03-05/19/12 Michele Moore
Larry Cat 06/13/05-11/13/05 Danielle Lilkas
Larry Cat 06/95-01/14/03 Amadea Botel
Larry Cat 08/04/02-11/29/07 Sonya Webb
Larry Cat 18 years 05/31/05 Susan Morrill
Larry Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Larry Chihuahua 08/01/94-09/01/12 Phyllis Marabeti
Larry Clay Long Hair Red Cat almost 6 months 02/08/02 Danny, Stephanie, and Cleo
Larry Collie/Shepherd 1950s-1973 Kevin Ousley
Larry Cream and White DSH Cat 06/11/02-07/01/06 Angela
Larry Critcher Cat 1989-08/05/98 Rose
Larry David Lane Red Standard Poodle 10/06/02-01/12/12 Marc and Rochelle Lane
Larry Davide Ferret 04/01/07-01/13/12 Bubba Shapiro
Larry Defilippis Bichon Frise 04/14/98-01/14/11 Shana Defilippis
Larry Doberman 12 years 04/18/96 Jim & Margery Cooper
Larry Dog 03/21/05 Emily
Larry Dog Pit Bull/Red Bone Coon Hound Mix 1/22/99-11/02/02 Buddy and Marlene Carter
Larry Domestic Long Hair Cat 4 years 05/10/97 Adrienne O'Barr
Larry Domestic Longhair Cat 13 years 06/2009 Sherry
Larry Domestic Short Hair Black and White Cat 08/14/08 Paula
Larry Domestic Short Hair Cat 05/18/95-03/09/03 Ophelia Ho
Larry Domestic Short-Hair Cat 06/28/86-10/04/05 Elionora
Larry Domestic/Siamese All Black Cat 09/10/03-04/02/03 Isabel Smith
Larry DSH Calico 02/09/97 Mark Legassie
Larry Dwarf Hamster 03/21/11-02/23/13 Carrie L.Davis
Larry Frank Xoloitzcuintli Dog 08/14/01 Art, Linda, Grandmas: Kim & Mildred
Larry Grey and White Cat 07/11/06 Bob Martin
Larry Healy West Highland White Terrier 13 years 03/30/09 Elizabeth Healy
Larry Iguana 17 1/2 years 04/11/12 Stephanie
Larry Lurcher 07/13/00-12/01/11 Sharon
Larry Mackerel Ginger Tabby Cat 5 years 12/14/09 Kristin
Larry Orange Medium Hair Tabby Cat 03/17/91-05/09/07 Kristopher Hollinger
Larry Orange Tabby 05/06/84-09/17/96 Barbara
Larry Orange Tabby Cat 2001-05/05/06 Becky
Larry Pomeranian 09/05/94-08/28/10 Jason Sankey
Larry Poodle 01/05/92-06/27/03 Debbie Baker
Larry Pug 06/07/07-09/08/18 Linda Myers
Larry Rat Terrier 1989-09/08/08 Melissa Haeffner
Larry Short Hair Gray and White Cat 02/07/03 Hank Desaix
Larry Short Hair Tabby Cat 13 years 12/28/08 Mary Pollara
Larry Siberian Husky 07/06/88-01/21/01 Kristine, John, Laura and Jack
Larry Striped Tiger Short Haired Cat 04/01/90-11/19/02 Terra Sturn
Larry The Labrador Yellow Lab 11/06/08-11/15/08 Daniel and Meghanne
Larry White Tiger Kitty Cat 06/97-05/28/01 Christine Fetterhoff
Larry Yellow Lab 14/09/85-01/05/94 Pam Cook
Larry Yellow Tiger Cat 04/03/96-05/12/98 Lisa and Blake Jordan
Larry, (Boots, Bear, Little, Baby) Cat 3 years 05/12/11 Reba
Lars Blue Grass-Parakeet 1986-1996 Ilse Barmentloo
Lars Dog 02/2012 Maria Paola
Lars Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/09/98-08/13/07 Debbie
Lars Edwards Liver Spotted Dalmatian 08/02/96-12/05/08 Kristi Marie Kahl Edwards and Paul David Edwards
Lars German Shepherd 09/09/06 Nicci
Lars Miniature Poodle 07/06/91-07/02/09 Melinda and Mark Koster
Lars Norwegian Forest Cat 01/05/05-04/02/15 Margaret
Lars Orange Tabby Cat 8 years 07/17/07 Abby
Lars Rottweiler 6 years 11/06/05 Dave, Carol, and Joe
Lars Shorthaired Orange Tabby Cat 10 years 07/29/03 Bobbie Hamlin
Larsen Lab/Shepherd 12/29/91-05/28/03 Pam Holmes
Larsen Shepherd/Lab Mix 12/29/91-05/28/03 Pam Holmes
Larsey Grey and White Cat 06/04/89-10/26/06 Karen and Terry Roberts
Larson Black Lab / Border Collie Mix 15 years 05/10/08 Scott Riesebosch
Larson DSH Cat 05/17/85-10/07/04 Jennifer L
LaRue (My Sweet LaRue) Retriever 09/29/88-07/19/00 Joanie
LaRue Dog 14 years 03/15/10 Rick - Doug - Nancy - Torie
LaRue Tabby Cat 11 years 05/03/14 Mish
Larynda sugar baby Sutherland Chihuahua 01/04/99-03/14/12 Larry Sutherland
Lasa Siberian Husky 08/06/93-02/25/02 Valerie Cronin
Lasagna Tortie Tabby Cat 09/87-07/01/08 Barb.Ward
Lase Cat 06/28/90-02/09/09 Ginia
Laser American Staffordshire Terrier 11/17/84-01/06/98 Holly
Laser Cat 02/2001-12/28/05 Simon Ong
Laser Labrador-Mixed 02/28/12 Sulit Family
Laser Oriental Short Hair Cat 07/2006-12/05/02 Sam, Sunil, & Niki Khandwala
Laser Shelty 07/04/86-07/12/00 Trudy & Mike Haire
Laserhead Cat 04/01/83-06/02/03 Laura A. Lewis
Lasey Cat 10 years 2010 Destiny
Lasey Taylor Isle of Skye West Highland White Terrier 10/04/97-07/06/09 Laurie, Steve, Melissa, and Michele
Lashaya Domestic Short Hair Black Cat 20 1/2 years 04/09/05 Laura Troxell
Lasher Black Lab Mix 14 1/2 years 05/20/08 Paige Armstrong
Lasher Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/17/94-04/09/05 Michelle Carey
Lasher Whippet 09/03/93-07/29/06 The Pantaleone Family
Lasi Sheltie/Chow Mix 01/12/99-05/19/07 Della M. Stone
Lasianaga Russian Tortoise 11/09/02-10/06/03 Amy Loughrey
Laska Dog 11 years Bettina Pullin
Laska Siberian Husky 10/02/06-01/25/17 Shelley and Dan Taylor
Lasky Shirley Bricker
Laslo German Shepherd Mix 16 years 09/26/07 CJH and Oliver
Lasmin Syrian Hamster 09/13/02 Diana Chen
Lasombra British Shorthair Cat 04/19/12 Mike Grigsby
Lass Border Collie 1954-1967 Maureen
Lass Pembroke Welsh Corgi 02/22/90-07/19/02 Jacqueline Lamarche
Lass Rough Collie 14 years 12/31/08 Colleen Shirley
Lassie Abby Cat 12/26/91-11/21/03 Mickie V
Lassie Alsatian 08/10/80 Amanda
Lassie Ballantyne Collie 13/07/04 Duncan
Lassie BC/JRT 15 years 08/10/13 Annette
Lassie Beland Corgi 10/08/04 Genieva Beland, Debra Beland, Michael Beland
Lassie Belgian Shepherd 16 1/2 years 10/02/03 Hazel Smith
Lassie Bell Collie Cross 01/05/92-26/04/06 Mary and Jamie Bell
Lassie Border Collie 14 years 04/11/11 Catherine Burns
Lassie Bordercollie 07/21/01-09/10/09 Peter Leslie Groom
Lassie Cerrito Collie 10 years 07/14/05 Kathy Cerrito
Lassie Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix 07/10/96-08/02/10 Jessica Z
Lassie Collie 02/26/97-08/11/08 Marion Illich
Lassie Collie 03/14/02 Jim & Barbara Leggette
Lassie Collie 03/14/83-01/04/96 Emily Johnson
Lassie Collie 03/20/85-04/14/00 Denny,Cathy,Patrick & Ryan Miller
Lassie Collie 05/05/96-02/15/01 Julieann
Lassie Collie 10 years 04/09/03 Jim, Chris, Keith & Kullen Clarke
Lassie Collie 10/10/96-07/28/03 Adam J.
Lassie Collie 10/28/77 Val
Lassie Collie 12 years 03/08/10 Calder
Lassie Collie 12 years 1998 Shelley Soileau Savoy
Lassie Collie 13 years 08/25/05 Dawn Ketteringham
Lassie Collie 14 years 05/04/07 Amanda Wilson
Lassie Collie 15 years 07/22/95 Brenda Friend
Lassie Collie 17 years 04/28/08 Rhonda Byers
Lassie Collie 1950s-1960s Jessica, Burt, BJ, June & David
Lassie Collie 1956-1967 Deb Wadkins
Lassie Collie 1963 The Hoduliks
Lassie Collie 1991-09/2002 Debra, Colby, and Celina Ryan
Lassie Collie 21 years 10/23/10 Treve & Sharron Ellis
Lassie Collie 4 years 10/15/99 Ingrid Thompson
Lassie Collie Mix 15+ years 08/79-11/22/94 Debbie Springsteen
Lassie Dachshund/Collie 17 years 12/29/04 Justin, Madelin, Len & Elaine
Lassie Dog 03/20/91-10/09/02 Terri Mitch
Lassie Dog 06/07/03 William Conley
Lassie Dog 07/26/00 Angua
Lassie Dog 14 years 04/13/09 Willard Gann
Lassie Dog 15 years Anne Roberts
Lassie Dog 16 years 01/22/00 The Kemp family
Lassie English Springer/Border Collie Mix 02/11/88-05/31/00 Vanessa
Lassie German Shepherd and Collie Mix 12/25/95-01/20/09 Jena
Lassie McCollough Sheltie 10/26/93-02/20/10 Cindy McCollough
Lassie Mitchell Sheltie 03/20/91-10/09/02 Terri
Lassie Mixed Dog 12 years 08/27/07 Val Puch
Lassie Murray Collie 15/01/92-31/05/09 Sarah Murray
Lassie Pomeranian 05/01/96-11/14/09 Dwight & Susan Anderson
Lassie Purebred German Shepherd 12 years 05/11/98 Julie Longfellow
Lassie Rainbow Sheltie 04/98-02/98 Gerald Randle
Lassie Retriever/Shepherd Mix 14 years 05/20/08 Sean, Kass and Carly
Lassie Rough Collie 05/22/92-01/30/02 Marnie Ruigrok
Lassie Roy Collie 1955-01/22/69 Karen Anne Roy
Lassie Sable/White Collie 13 years 08/10/98 Anne Chimenti
Lassie Scottish Terrier 11 years 11/04/00 Taylor Family
Lassie Sheltie /Border Collie 01/05/97-01/31/12 Jennifer and Bobby
Lassie Sheltie 02/05/99-02/19/08 Jeff Kiessig
Lassie Sheltie 04/03/92-09/13/02 Kathy Carpenter
Lassie Sheltie 05/95-05/13/11 Patrice Unger
Lassie Sheltie 07/98 Christy
Lassie Sheltie 08/22/93-03/23/06 Joe and Cathy Adiletta
Lassie Sheltie 11/13/09 Gabby
Lassie Sheltie 12 years 06/19/02 David and Erin Graglia
Lassie Sheltie 13 years 10/23/05 Ken, Lynette, Geoff and Jon Phillips
Lassie Sheltie 18 years 1982 Jean Everett
Lassie Sheltie 6 years 07/95 Alice Matheny
Lassie Sheltie 8 years 12/20/00 Monte
Lassie Shetland Sheepdog 03/04/84-04/26/86 Nancy L. Ross
Lassie Shetland Sheepdog 10/13/88-10/09/01 Stephanie
Lassie Tabby Cat 19 years Mothers Day 2008 Terry Dennis
Lassie Terrier 07/02/04 Erin and Joe McMichael
Lassiy Dog 04/12/07 Eli
Lassy Barrera Roa Dog 04/15/99-20/03/07 Laurac Barrera
Lassy Pal Mixed Dog 12/06/00-08/09/14 Subodh Pal
Last Chance Arab Horse 1980-2008 Deborah Stai
Last Chance Collie/Shepherd/Golden/Wolf 03/31/96-08/15/05 Jerry McCoy
Lasya Ferret 12/08/96-04/26/98 Melanie
Lat-Dat Ginger Cat 2007 Jasmine Hoaianh Vu
Late Norwegian Forest Cat 10/22/99-01/01/09 Cheryl L.Evans / Jamie MacInnis
Latha Mongrel 7 years 21/Sept/1994 Wani Muthiah
Latif Arctic Fox (Fox) Turkish Angora Cat 05/23/90-12/07/98 Steve Funk
Latigo Border Collie 12 years 10/10/96 Kimberly V.
Latka Cat 1995-10/99 Lynn Weissberg
Latka LuLu Aloo Choudhury Chihuahua 09/04/04-06/08/07 T. Choudhury
Latke Cat 18 years 12/24/11 Phyllis Eskow
Latke Miniature Schnauzer 10/08/96-04/07/08 Robyn
Latke Sturm Black and Tan Coonhound 11/17/04-07/26/13 Mike and Rachel Sturm
Laton Lab Mix 11months 12/21/00 Sue, SVHS
LaTorch Appaloosa Horse 05/02/86-09/12/06 Mandi
LaToya Dachshund 05/14/92-05/11/09 Mark & Tina Akers
Latoya Teacup Poodle 01/11/89-05/05/04 Linda John-Scheder
Latoya Toy Poodle 01/11/89-05/05/04 Linda John-Scheder
Latshaws Famous Amos Miniature Schnauzer 08/05/97-08/12/08 M. + J. Hauer
Latte Cat 4 months 08/17/04 Ann & Nick
Latte Cocker Spaniel 08/08/96-01/26/13 Melody
Latte Corgi/Beagle 03/17/98-05/14/07 Linda & James
Latte Dachshund 13 years 01/03/12 Tom Spelce
Latte' Fancy/Teddybear Hamster 09/2008-10/15/10 Carolejane Barrett
Latte Ferret 05/06/09 Erika Wood
Latte Golden Retriever 14 years 11/2008 Angela, Gina, Christy, Anthony
Latte Hooded Rat 10/19/06 Daniel Colli, Kim Phan
Latte Labradoodle 01/16/99-01/25/04 Jackie Merker
Latte Long Hair Chihuahua 13 years 09/20/11 Roger Smith
Latte Lynx Siamese Cat 7 years 08/27/13 Donna and Craig
Latte Maltese 12/08/96-06/01/06 Sally and Bob Hill
Latte Meowser Turkish Van Cat 10/04/14 Joe S & Lylian Y
Latte Min Pin 09/25/00-02/10/12 Rege and Sue
Latte' Mixed Cat 13 years 01/22/10 Lana
Latte Mixed Dog 12/15/00-12/20/02 Jettie Slater
Latte Mouse 3 months 04/12/09 Stella
Latte Russian Dwarf Hamster 10/13/99-01/16/99 Jillian
Latte Shihtzu 07/12/97-03/08/12 Ruth Superneau
Latte' Siamese Kitten 8 months 06/04/04 Karen
Latte Siamese Manx Cat 8 years 10/18/02 Bev Rydell
Latte Siamese Mix Cat 06/01/98-08/15/10 Maribeth K
Latte Siamese Mix Cat 11 months 03/21/03 Carla Brown
Latte Tortie Cat 10 years 06/10/14 Aubrey
Latte Toy Poodle 07/05/07-07/06/18 Alicia Casapao
Latte Vo Nguyen Terrier 12 years 11/28/16 Tham Vo
Latte Yellow Lab 02/20/97-05/15/12 Kristin
Laughlin Cat 10/31/89-07/15/00 Ann Reagan
Laughlin Maltese Terrier 04/86-12/18/93 Clair de Lune
Laura Cat 17 years 05/09/05 Eric
Laura DSH Cat 07/15/07 Patty O'Dell
Laura Gray Short-Haired Half Russian Blue Cat 08/15/87-07/19/00 Tanya Crist
Laura Greyhound Mix 05/01/00-02/07/04 Bill and Tina
Laura Hamster 07/29/96-04/21/00 Christy
Laura Jack Russell 13 years 04/20/13 Dulce
Laura Lynn Siamese Cat 13 years 10/31/03 Clementine & Tony Bentley
Laura Palmer Gray and White DSH Cat 01/28/05 Colleen
Laura Rzecinski Jack Russell Terrier 08/90-10/12/04 Eileen
Laura Staffie 2 1/2 years Julie Shaw
Laura Std. Poodle 05/88-01/96 Diane Laratta
Laura Tortie Cat about 14 years 10/23/06 Jenn and the House of Dreams
Laura Vom Leinstal Rottweiler 09/11/86-10/96 Liz Harkon
Laurance Domestic Short Hair Cat 13 years 12/09/98 Renee Davis
Laura's Jazzy Jordan Miniature Schnauzer 13 years 06/23/05 Laura White
Laura's Shooting Starr (Starr) Choc. Lab. 03/01/97-09/30/00 Topie Lulu
Laurel (Ballerina Cat) Calico Cat 12/84-09/27/99 Linda and Richard Grimm
Laurel (Nanish - Nana-Roo) Basenji 15 years 11/14/98 Kevin & Rhoda Byrne
Laurel Ann Dog 07/29/96 Blair Wingfield
Laurel DLH Gray and White Tabby Cat 1991-11/15/09 Robin S
Laurel Golden Retriever 11/12/86-08/04/98 The Beucler Family
Laurel Indian Mutt 05/29/10-05/07/11 Vijayalakahmi.R
Lauren Bacall Nunley Chihuahua 01/30/94-09/22/06 Kelly
Lauren Cat 11 years 09/10/10 Clare
Lauren Cocker 05/91-07/01/03 Tania Rivaux
Lauren Dachshund, Standard Wirehair 06/14/91-02/20/07 Maryanne Santomauro
Lauren Fantail Gold Fish 6 years 08/22/09 Brad and Marion Hale
Lauren Floppy Girl Williams Dachshund 07/05/02-05/08/13 Don and Terri Williams
Lauren Pena Dog 04/27/08-01/04/18 Mary Pena Emig
Lauren Pomeranian 9 years 04/04/99 Michelle Hoeft
Lauren Shih Tzu 09/15/88-06/05/00 John and Laura
Lauren Weimaraner 11/05/95-02/19/06 Janet Cebrick
Lauren York Miniature Schnauzer 07/15/90-01/07/03 Robert
Laurence Cat 16 years 03/05/04 Hazel Faragher
Laurence Cat Traci' Pederson
Laurence Krug Dumbo Rat 04/01/07-06/19/09 Kevin Matthews & Mai Fung
Laurens Ketaru's Song of the South Rhodesian Ridgeback 10 years 03/03/01 Amanda
Laurie Golden Retriever 06/01/93-06/24/04 Daniel
Laurie Jean Shih Tzu/Chihuahua Mix 11/06/99-02/06/00 Gena Taylor
Laurine German Shepherd Kelsey 06/01/97-06/20/09 Laurine Muzzey
Lautty Bicolour Syrian Hamster 1999-10/03/00 Laura Stark and Scott Henderson
Lava Lhaso Apso 09/01/96-11/03/08 Sandy Gagnon
Lavagirl Chocolate Lab 05/03/08-07/23/08 Heather Kahl
Lavanti Persian Cat 02/25/90-09/06/08 Richard Barth
Lavatch Black Short Hair Cat 06/21/92-05/26/06 Marla
Lavendar Blue Siamese Cat 20 years 07/18/08 David Hogan
Lavender American Guinea Pig 1 1/2 years 01/17/05 Katie Defelice
Lavender and Mr. Deewkoms American Guinea Pigs 2005 Katie Defelice
Lavender Fuzzy Lop Bunny 2 years 10/15/15 Michelle Tinkham
Lavender Lucy Doberman 07/05/95-02/23/09 Karen Graham
LaVergne Black Lab 10/13/92-07/12/01 Ricky Guevara
LaVergne Guevara Black Lab 10/13/92-07/12/01 Ricky Guevara
Laverne & Shirley Hamsters 2 years 1984 Carol & Joan
Laverne Cat 15 years 10/07/97 Helene Gross
Laverne Cat 18 years 03/19/00 April & Bruce
LaVerne Cat 6 years 04/02/19 Jay & Cheryl Peaslee
Laverne Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Laverne English Mastiff 04/06/03-01/02/09 Clint, Kim, and Fiona Smith
Laverne Maguire Cat 12/25/94-03/08/00 Phoebe
Laverne Rat 3 years 03/26/08 Jamie Dayton
Laverne Sharpei 02/27/97-03/06/97 Liz Halat
Laverne Tabby/Russian Blue Mix Cat 10/03/82-02/12/99 Emily Leone
Laverne3 Australian Cattle Dog 03/15/98-05/28/13 Kathy Griffin
Lavinia Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 07/07/05-08/02/07 Dianne Surrey
Lavinia Gray Tabby Cat 04/02/91-10/24/08 Elizabeth Berrey
Lavitra Cat 4 months 03/2012 Stacey Graham & Mackenzy McAbee
Lavon's Magic Cinder aka Jake Standard Poodle 07/06/91-06/13/05 Laurie Hartley
Lawa'i Shar-Pei 07/16/97-04/02/09 Kamala and Son Haaheo Cockett
Lawana Siberian Husky 11-12 years 09/30/05 Jeff, Gina, Peyton and Brodey - and Roger, Too
Laweezy Boo Boo White Ferret 10/16/08 Candice Kirn
Lawrence (LT) Orange Tabby Cat 16 years 11/28/08 Jean Tremont
Lawrence Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/01/90-10/20/08 Marie Novak
Lawrence Mixed Long Hair Cat 14 years 06/22/00 Marian Miller
Lawrence of Arabia Tabby and White Shorthair Cat 12 years 03/22/09 Patti Balian
Lawrence Ooi Ren-Ren Pit Bull 10/01/94-11/27/04 Ooi Chia-Yi and Family
Lawrence Rabbit 05/21/05 Leslie and Jack
Lawrence Short Hair Orange Tabby Cat 08/29/91-04/17/91 June A. Stephens
Lawrence Tortoiseshell and White Boar Guinea Pig 24/02/00-20/01/03 Sarah Waugh
Lax Dalmatian 6 years 09/20/04 Elizabeth P. Glixman
Lay Grace Lab/Shep Mix 01/01/81-01/17/95 Linda
Laya Australian Shepherd 17 years 09/27/06 Antonio
Laya Rottweiler 9 years 03/14/02 Courtney
Layaway American Pit Bull 03/07/06-03/12/12 Lydia
Layce Lhasa Apso 09/18/90-09/29/04 Rhoda
Laycie Labrador 06/10/96-08/11/07 Ed Smith
Laydybug Cat 15 years 02/25/03 Ellen
Laying Hens (5) 8 months 09/05/08 Candi
Layka German Shepherd 06/13/84 12/18/98 Chris
Layka Pekingese/Poodle Mix 02/22/96-12/15/10 Moraima
Layka Rottweiler 06/11/88-08/24/00 Mark
Laykeh Cat 10/17/11 Sandi
Laykeh Cat 10/17/11 Sandi G.
Laykeh Cat 11 years 10/17/11 Sandi
Layla (Witchie-Poo) Himalayan Cat 02/13/03 Sylvia Sollid
Layla American Mixed Breed Dog 03/05/01-10/27/13 Dave & Charlotte
Layla American Pitt Bull Terrier 03/2006-05/31/14 Esther Gonzalez
Layla American Short Hair Cat 08/2003-04/22/17 Alnisa Sharif
Layla Australian Shepherd 11/03/93-10/18/05 Amy Warlick
Layla Barnett Tibetan Spaniel 12/13/92-11/28/07 Sharon and Joel Barnett
Layla Beagle Coon Hound 08/01/09-08/25/11 Thomas Kelly
Layla Bell Part Siamese Cat 20 years 06/10/07 Christy Craig
Layla Bengal Cat 06/29/11-03/27/12 Angela Stemmer
Layla Black Cat 18 years 04/14/09 Donna and Sean K
Layla Black Cat 22 years 01/18/14 Barbara J. Sullivan
Layla Black Lab 4 years 02/22/06 Darren and Mary
Layla Bloodhound 11/26/06-12/09/07 Bill Christine Mark Katie and Sarah
Layla Border Collie Mix 11/30/94-07/06/06 Rachel
Layla Boxer/Mix 07/30/03-02/05/18 Rudi Rae
Layla C. Johnson Cocker Spaniel 11/03/01-10/17/12 Samantha
Layla Cairn Terrier 11 years 01/10/12 Layla
Layla Calico Cat 10/04-03/22/06 Jamie Scott
Layla Caliope Boxer 05/19/07-06/27/08 Jamie Guajardo
Layla Cat 07/16/08 Reydavid
Layla Cat 11/22/08 Carolina Cortes
Layla Cat 15 years 12/09/07 Clint Jones
Layla Cat 21 years 04/16/05 Linda Abuelghanam
Layla Chesapeake Bay Retriever 10/27/06-10/03/12 Christine
Layla Chihuahua 15 years 04/21/16 Janelly
Layla Cocker Spaniel 03/25/08-12/09/09 Jennifer Yoder
Layla Cocker Spaniel 12 years 03/21/00 Kerry
Layla Cocker Spaniel 13 years 09/10/07 Joe, Michelle, Ben and Sidney Cruz
Layla Dog 05/28/03-12/28/14 Kristine A
Layla Dog 08/24/96-06/24/10 Louise
Layla Dog 09/99-01/13/10 Mary Plummer
Layla Dog 13 years 09/06/15 Doreen Burchard
Layla Dog 9 years 02/06/99 Debby
Layla Domestic Long Hair Cat 8 years Maybe? 05/24/08 Pamela Austin
Layla Domestic Short Hair Cat 12 years 11/01/88 Sandra Palmer
Layla Domestic Shorthair - Black Cat 06/15/86-11/15/97 Lisa Gorzelany
Layla Domestic Shorthair Cat 1 1/2 years 06/08/02 Michael Dunton
Layla Fleenor Mix Dog 05/22/99-05/29/11 Nicole Fleenor
Layla German Shepherd 02/04/07-27/05/11 Alina, Raluca & Florin
Layla German Shepherd 7 years 04/15/09 Cindy Haden
Layla German Shepherd Mix 5 years 04/08/16 Jennifer Lynch
Layla Golden Retriever 04/14/97-10/24/07 Megan and Jay
Layla Greyhound 02/29/04-06/23/12 Kim Hendricks
Layla Havanese 10/15/11-10/01/12 Ian Lambeth
Layla Himalayan Rabbit 09/05/05-12/06/06 Sean
Layla Irish Setter 13 years 13/09/07 Lesley McRoberts
Layla Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mix 03/10/10-06/29/10 Aniston & Skylar McCall
Layla Jack Russell Terrier Mix 06/28/08-08/21/17 Susan Phillips
Layla Jean Doberman 05/22/83-10/15/95 Bob Linnenhbom
Layla Lab 01/10/15 Roberta
Layla Lab 13 years 03/08/10 Terry & Patti
Layla Lab Mix 1999-12/30/13 Carolyn Hannan
Layla Leary Irish Setter 06/18/04-08/02/18 Angela Leary
Layla Lou Boxer 17 months Brandi
Layla Mae Shih Tzu 03/24/03-07/14/04 Linda Jones
Layla Malamute/Border Collie Mostly 02/14/94-01/20/06 Lucinda Davis/paul Maseman
Layla Maltese 13 years 06/01/06 Brenda
Layla Mancini Samoyed 06/20/88-04/28/03 Jill Fella (Formerly Mancini)
Layla Marie Boxer 10 years 02/25/17 Chelsea
Layla Marie Mixed Doberman/Lab 8 years 06/20/12 Morgan Lamb
Layla Marini Boxer 03/27/00-03/07/03 Marc and Vicki
Layla Mini Goldendoodle 07/29/07-07/30/18 Sharon Conroy
Layla Miniature Pinscher 09/15/04-09/02/07 Jen Malhame
Layla Mixed Breed Dog 02/12/93-02/10/08 Cherie Collins
Layla Moggy Cat 13 years 11/23/16 Deirdre Mullane
Layla Moody Golden Lab Mix 2 years 02/16/12 Robert Moody and Melissa Henderson
Layla Part Maine Coon Cat 10/90-07/13/04 Eileen & Tim
Layla Parti Cocker Spaniel 09/11/99-01/17/12 Johnnie and Michelle
Layla Payne Havanese 11/17/94-06/13/08 Rhonda Payne
Layla Persian Cat 03/2008 Brian and Colleen Twohig
Layla Puggle 8 months 01/01/07 Brooke & Devin
Layla Ragdoll Cat 05/28/03-12/06/08 Susan
Layla Ray McFalls Calico Mix Cat 4 months 07/12/10 Angela
Layla Rotti/Shepherd 04/07/90-05/17/03 Rev. Annie Mantz
Layla Rottie Mix 10 years 06/22/11 Shauna
Layla Rottweiler 01/24/99-08/10/06 Kelley and Nick Citro
Layla Rottweiler 7 years 08/22/11 Christy Estabrook
Layla S. Brown Yorkie 02/22/10-02/03/14 Bobbie Jo Brown
Layla Samoyed 01/24/99-12/13/06 Tina Klaugh
Layla Schipperke/Chow 06/11/02 Robin Mundt
Layla Schnauzer 04/06/93-08/31/03 Belinda Moss
Layla Shepherd/Collie Mix 07/04/77-03/23/93 Randy Rakowski and Elizabeth West
Layla Siamese Mix Cat 10/30/02-09/20/08 Jessica Lewis
Layla Snow Hille Boxer Puppy 06/14/07-03/15/08 Lauren, Austin, Matthew & Beasty
Layla Solid Gray American Shorthair Cat 07/25/04-08/14/13 Jennifer Andersen, Keri & Drew Taggart
Layla Spitz 15 years 1985 Kathy Davis
Layla Tabby Cat 04/12/15 Thomas
Layla Terrier Mix 10 years 05/06/12 Natalie
Layla Triston Boxer 09/01/05-09/29/09 Alberto, Vanessa and Marcus
Layla Weltch Corgie/Sheltie almost 8 years 08/12/99 Velvet
Layla Yellow Lab 06/18/08-05/19/18 Megan Rose
Laylah British Short Black Haired Cat 02/02/05-17/02/14 Deborah Wheelwright
Laymon Tan Rabbit 04/19/06-06/17/06 Maggie Huhnstock
Layne Balinese Cat 13 years 08/11/04 Jennifer and Shawn DeCesari
Layne Cockatiel 11 years 04/11/05 Jamie, Mike, Wrathbone and Samantha Baird (As Well As The Rest Of The Extended Family!)
Laynie Brown Pug/Shi-Zu Mix 01/26/05-07/19/10 Kristen Brown
Laynie Pooh Dog Whippet 12/15/99-11/30/08 Mary & Charlie Hopkins
Laysha Miniature Schnauzer 09/15/99-06/01/06 Aracelis Caraballo
Laz Cat 04/15/02 Denise
Laz Orange Tabby Cat 11 years 12/14/06 Rhonda Jongsma
Lazarath Boxer 04/01/98-05/02/09 Jamie and Stacy Baldwin
Lazarina Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/08/93-11/23/03 Kathy Andros
Lazarita Golden Retriever 03/18/90-06/30/03 Daisy
Lazaro De Fex Lab 06/02/98-06/16/11 Marta De Fex
Lazarus (aka Lazzy) Cat 14 years 06/29/14 Theresa N
Lazarus (Lazzy) Fox Terrier Mix 09/24/93-08/27/11 Sally, Rick, Wayne, Nick, Jasper
Lazarus (Peanut) DSH Cat 2 1/2 years 01/29/04 Linda Kloran
Lazarus Aby/Tabby Mix Cat 8 years 01/02/08 Gena Schwam
Lazarus ana JuJu Bull Terrier 05/07/08-09/17/08 Wende Higgins
Lazarus Cat 08/94-06/19/96 Fiona S.
Lazarus Cat 10/14/06-04/30/08 Cindi
Lazarus Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lazarus Choc. Lab/Dobie Mix 7 years 03/11/02 Iris Davis
Lazarus DSH Cat 04/20/91-12/14/03 Melanie and Jeff
Lazarus French Brittany Mix 7 years 06/16/07 Sandy and Michael
Lazarus Hansen Beagle Mix 05/01/93-02/28/09 Kelly Hansen
Lazarus Moreau Rottweiler 05/18/95-07/25/06 Tracy
Lazarus resembles Russian Blue Cat 18 years 05/27/14 Suzanne Smith
Lazarus Rottweiler 11/21/02-07/31/13 Kerrie
Lazarus Siamese Cat 01/09/03 Sarah Massamore
Lazarus Siamese Cat 13 years 01/09/03 Sarah Massamore
Lazaurs Siamese Cat 14 years 01/09/02 Sharon Davis
Laz-E-Boy Turbo Domestic Shorthair Cat 07/27/98-04/19/99 Amanda and Keith Reed
Lazer Cat 10/88-10/2009 Nanette Redetzke
Lazer Miniature Poodle 03/02/90-04/09/04 Lori Farina
Lazer Miniature Poodle 16 years 01/25/94 B Hivner
Lazer Poodle 03/02/90-04/09/04 Lori Farina
Lazer Rottweiler/Shepherd Mix 8 years 03/15/01 Teresa
Lazer Sheltie 06/96-03/06/06 Sara Nelson
Lazer The Doodlebrain Border Collie 07/10/96-10/17/11 Lin Shaye
Lazi Cat 06/21/95-11/25/01 Donna Roeske
Lazlo Brown Tabby Cat 05/26/13 Renee W
Lazlo Dachshund 13 months 09/21/10 Lily
Lazlo Dog 10/29/97 Wendy Theriault
Lazlo Orange Tabby Cat 12/29/91-11/04/09 S Parrott
Lazlo Walker Coon Hound Mix 10/90-09/08/00 Elizabeth Britton
Lazlow Tiger Cat 14 years 06/28/02 Doris, Kendall, and Earl Barnes
Lazour Sheltie 1 1/2 years 05/10/01 Jack Craven /dale Adams
Lazy Boy Shepherd Lab Mix 14 years 02/03/19 Amanda Arnold
Lazy Daisy Mae Davis Old English Sheepdog 01/18/73-12/26/86 Willis & Robbin
Lazy Daschund 01/25/00-05/08/06 Alyssa
Lazy Dazey Basset Hound 11 years 02/23/17 Kalysta Crawford
Lazy Dazey Dachshund/Chihuahua/Brindle Pit Puppy 01/22/06-01/26/06 Chris
Lazy Goldfish Fish 07/13/07-07/21/07 Darylyn Paleski
Lazy Gray Tiger Cat 15 years 04/20/02 Mike & Amy
Lazy Poodle 16 1/2 years 06/11/99 Norman and Leah Mitchell
Lazy Roland Cat 10 years 07/20/08 Quentin Roland
Lazyriver Shiloh Golden Retriever 03/25/98-08/07/06 Suzan Norrie
LB Cat 02/14/98-02/27/14 Mike Line
LB Flinn Long Hair Dachshund 08/28/96-02/10/06 Terry and Don Flinn
LB Kitty 11/27/00 Cathy
LB Yorkshire Terrier 03/19/86-09/01/03 Mary Marcelli
LBC (Little Black Cat) Mixed Cat 2 years 07/17/08 John and Karen
LBD (Little Brown Dog) 06/06/02 Barbara Gibson
LBee Bouvier Des Flandres 11/21/03-11/19/05 Holly Dressler
L-bird aka Mo-Mo & Mollie Cockatiels Mo-Mo 11/21/Mollie - 12/31/14 Mary
L'Bo Potcake 03/30/98-05/11/10 Heather Simpson-Forbes
LC Blue Tabby Cat 12 years 08/05/10 Misty
LC Mixed Dog 06/25/91-10/14/05 Sue Caplinger
LD Border Collie/Husky Mix 11/15/01-10/01/07 Diane R. Peters
LD Chartreux Cat 02/01/09-01/21/19 Kellie and Bryon
LD Cocker Spaniel 14 years 03/21/09 Judy Hildebrand
Le Bleu White, Short Hair, With Special Blue Eyes... Kitten 03/06/14 Jusrin Doan
Le Feet Poodle 2005-10/31/09 Danielle
Le Tigre Silver Tabby Cat 03/01/07-10/01/11 Erika Stone
Lea Bear Earsing Chihuahua 06/21/12-05/2017 Mike Earsing
Lea Black Chow 12/11/89-10/29/04 Sandy Storms
Lea Brown/Black/Tan Cat 05/01/89-03/10/05 Jill Roberts
Lea Calico Cat 1 years 17/11/09 Deb C
Lea Cat 04/13/85-02/12/99 Saus
Lea Dog 14 years 08/13/04 Katrina
Lea Mix Dog 11/03/92-06/13/02 Susan Runkle
Leach Short Hair Cat 09/15/00 Cherie and Ray Fite
Leader Cat Vijayalakshmi.R
Leader Twin Cat Vijayalakshmi.R
Leaffy Cocker Spaniel/Corgi/Sheltie Mix 09/03/88-04/14/03 Suzanne M. Mackey
Leagle Beagle Beagle 06/13/93-01/20/05 Martha Duran
Leah (Star) and her five unborn puppies Sheltie 2 1/2 years 07/09/95-01/20/98 Trella Hastings
Leah Abyssinian Cat 11 years 05/05/11 Patricia
Leah aka Dolly Maltese/Kairne Terrier 14 1/2 years 06/25/05 Linda, Sherri and Christine
Leah aka Princess Leah Sussex Spaniel 04/01/99-04/04/11 The Ruffing Family and The Webb Family (Her First Family)
Leah Black Short Haired Cat 03/96 Cathi Decker-Ruben
Leah Black Shorthair Cat 06/06/90-09/04/06 Laure, Evan,and Lindsey
Leah Border Collie 12/20/88-06/10/04 Kathy Gmitter
Leah Calico Cat 04/27/04-07/17/08 Terry and Jason Pearcey
Leah Calico Cat 10 years 04/07/09 Rosemary
Leah Cat 11 years 12/29/11 Sharon Edgett
Leah Collie 06/16/06-04/16/15 Sarah Nain
Leah Dachshund 12/21/09 Melissa Ewing
Leah German Shepherd 10/23/98-06/28/11 Anne, Mariah, Rick and Kevin
Leah German Shepherd/Husky Mix 11/03/89-08/09/03 Karen Moldovan
Leah Golden Retriever 11 years 07/98 Patti Johnson
Leah Golden Retriever 2003-12/11/09 Richard & Helene Dogherty
Leah Grace Allen Domestic Medium Hair Cat 08/27/02-10/20/09 Shannon and Ben Allen
Leah Gray and White Cat 18 months 11/01/07 Jonie & other Calmar staff
Leah Greyhound 12/08/96-02/06/08 Robert Rayburn
Leah Kitten 5 months 10/18/02 Lora Leach
Leah Lab 08/17/99-05/29/12 Gina Derose
Leah Lab/Husky Mix 12/15/06-04/12/16 Susan Rosemarin
Leah Lhasa Apso 14 years 08/16/03 Marvin & Lesleigh Johnson
Leah Maine Coon Cat 04/15/95-01/01/12 Kathie Fahey
Leah Maine Coon Mix Cat 04/93-12/16/00 Mary & Bud Gaut
Leah Maria Rag Doll Cat 05/01/86-04/29/08 Ronnie
Leah Mary Dubecheck Wertman Yellow Lab Mixed 07/14/05 Don and Beverly
Leah Mixed - Lab, Terrier, Kelpie, etc. 05/01/02-09/23/13 Rachel Humphrey
Leah Peah Balinese/Burmese Cat 03/90-05/04/07 Suzanne Smith
Leah Pitbull Oct 9th-10/17/09 Sandy
Leah Rottweiler 11 years 12/2011 Simon & Maria Reekie
Leah Rough Collie 02/17/87-02/13/00 Dianne Herold
Leah S. 'Big Girl' Rhodesian Ridgeback 13 years 03/28/03 James Steinberg
Leah Sheltie 06/09/86-09/13/99 Mike Mikkelsson
Leah Shepherd/Lab Mix 12 years 03/10/08 Jody
Leah Shihtzu 1996-2010 Jane Lusk
Leah Siberian Husky 11 years 2007 Jill Missal
Leah Staffie 14 years 09/05/11 Katie & Lewis
Leah Standard Poodle 08/06/00-04/21/06 Patrick Woltemath
Leah Syrian Hamster 20 months 08/23/11 Liz
Leah Tabby Cat 10 years 06/07/06 Kate Schum
Leah Tabby Cat 21/08/04-14/04/05 Nadine & Mario Liebenberg
Leah Tortoise Shell Cat 12/08/09-14/06/11 Dom
LeahGirl Greyhound 8 years Fall of 2002 Genny
Leahona's Chelsea Orion English Setter 12/08/88-11/28/01 The Galbraith Family
Leaky DLH Kitten 04/2005-06/04/05 Lorene Black
Lealah Tortie Cat 03/15/04-01/26/09 Sal and Laura Fiore
Leanna McKiddy Toy Poodle 09/18/01-04/10/17 Jim & Ann McKiddy
Leannah Gerbil 05/15/99-06/02/01 Jenna C
Leannder Devon Rex 04/29/02-11/21/02 Taren Fiegert
LeAnne Guinea Pig 5 years 01/18/08 Rebecca Semon
Leap DLH Cat 17 years 05/10/09 Keith Morgan
Leap'e Cocker Spaniel 02/27/88-12/02/02 Cindy Bates
Leapy Campbell Mottled Hamster 7 months 14/09/05 Michelle Loo
Leary Lab/Chow 03/22/96-12/22/11 Melissa and Robbie Williams
Leary Lee Dog 04/01/91-03/04/01 Mike Anderson
Leary Lee Dog 04/10/91-03/04/01 Mike & Evelyn
Leather Lab 15 years 07/07/97 Paula and Gary Smith
Leather Long Hair Cat 15 years 04/99/99 Lolita and Daisy Toupee'
Leavitt Kitten 6 weeks 04/14/03 Gina
Leavon Garth Cat 1987 Joy
Lebar Jack Russell Terrier 02/13/87-02/14/05 David, Vicky, Ivy, and David Jr
Lebbis European Shorthair Cat 05/01/99-11/14/11 Harry Pater
Lebowski Roborovski Hamster 01/10/08 Kes
Lebschan Dog 15 years 02/26/04 N. Sterkenburg
Leche and Chokka Cats 04/08/93-05/28 and 06/01/00 Jesse and Tracy Gordon-Chabarria
Lechter Domestic Long Hair Cat 10 years 2000 Tom Decker
Lecksea Miniature Beagle 07/2002-09/01/04 Catrina Neal
Leda Sheltie 08/20/99-01/12/07 Maggie and Derek Webster
Ledfoot Domestic Cat 1988-03/06/09 Susan Weitzel
Ledger Golden Retriever 12 years 11/25/05 Joan Noel on behalf of Bidniak Family
Ledgie Sharpei 11/01/92-08/11/08 Dawn Thom Pson
Ledo Labrador Retriever (Yellow) 04/06/91-07/27/98 David Pierce
LeDoux 3 1/2 years 07/10/00 Jennifer and Ray A.
Lee Anne Smith Border Collie 01/15/98-01/07/04 Lee Anne Smith
Lee Comstock Beagle Mix 15 years 12/14/09 Rachel and Mary Mould
Lee Dachshund 01/08/00-10/03/14 Mark, Nicole & Patrick
Lee Doberman 11/96-02/2009 Elizabeth
Lee Hero Pomeranian 12/26/16 Rebecca Lee
Lee Lee Dog 10/03/93-02/21/00 Toni Thompson
Lee Lee Mixed Dog 09/01/04-03/08/13 Melanie
Lee Maltese 19 years 09/21/12 Elaine
Lee Manucia Abrahams Golden Retriever X Travelling Man 04/03/83-06/02/95 Gloria Manucia
Lee Martin Yorkie 04/15/92-11/06/07 Phil
Lee Miniature Pinscher 13 years 5 months 03/29/18 Janeen Nichels
Lee Siamese Cross Cat 07/01/04-06/01/09 Lisa Stickdorn
Lee Spotted Tabby Kitten 10 weeks 08/08/07 Amanda McGill
Lee Wuertz Dog 12 years 02/02/05 Dorrie, Mamie, and Tara
Leeah Dog 04/11/98 Debbi
Leeah Sweet Blue Chihuahua 06/07/85-06/22/01 Norma Ev Malone
Leeah Sweet Malone Chihuahua 06/22/01 Eva
Leeb English Mastiff 04/06/01-11/19/12 S.A.S
LeeBob Cat 17 years 04/16/05 Cheska Walter
Leecey Terrier/Cross 25 years 08/05/13 Melanie
Leecey Terrier/Papillion 1994-04/05/13 Melanie Simpson
Leechi Shihtzu 9 years 09/18/89 Genie Mastropierro
Leef (Balleef Aziza) Arabian Colt Horse 05/13/01-11/06/01 Vickie
Leeja Belle Wagner Somali Cat 07/17/88-09/30/01 Stephanie
Leek Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Leela Alexandra Moore German Shepherd 06/13/88-07/05/99 Jill
Leela Cat 04/01/87-05/17/04 Jeanne Willoughby
Leela Dog 12 years 7 months 07/19/07 Randy & Karen
Leela Himalayan Cat 03/21/86-01/05/03 Paula and Jim Bartley
Leela Mew Cat 14 years 12/26/94 Susan Mudgett & Eric Johansson
Leela Pitbull Lab Mix 12/18/05-06/20/06 Amanda Hoxie
Leela Russian Blue Cat 11/08/07-09/02/08 John
Leela Sheltie 13 years 08/26/97 Michael Bromka & Sondra Sage
LeeLee (Mathilda) Long Hair Tabby Cat 08/96-10/17/05 Rick, Kathy, Taralee, Samantha & Raymond -The Angelos-
Leelee Bengal Cat 06/03/15 Jan Remington
LeeLee Mixed Dog 10/04/93-02/21/00 Toni
LeeLee Tabby Cat 04/26/97-02/06/12 Adrienne & Robert
LeeLoo Chavez Bull Terrier 08/01/99-06/13/11 James Chavez
Leeloo Hassabou Chihuahua 14 years 03/31/12 Lauren and Ahmed Hassabou
Leeloo Nemeth Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/25/97-11/30/11 Sally Nemeth
Leelue Cat 14 years 09/10/14 Tabatha
Leema Rotti 11/10/94-01/07/03 Maria Antonuccio
Leemo Orange Tabby Cat 01/95/96-03/01/99 Alvaro Fuentes
Leenie Aussie 02/27/02-11/09/03 Heike
Leeo Bandit Schnoodle 08/26/06-03/19/12 Darlene Bentley
Lees Bo Jackson Yellow Lab 08/06/00-05/07/12 Steve and Angie
Lee's Diabolic Pooka Bear Saint Bernard 05/04/74-04/16/83 Roger Lee
Lee's Kitten 09/01/00 Vicki Cleaver
Lee's Michael Du Mischief (Mikki) Rottie 11/30/85-08/16/97 Lee
Lees Shepherd Collie 1990-03/04/02 Barry Schorfhaar
Leesha Mixed Dog 13 years 04/20/08 Penny Troutner
Leetle Cat 11 years 1998 KAnderssen
Leeto Kitten from The Whiskers’ Syndicate 07/31/15 Lori S.
Leeward Sophie Norwegian Forest Cat 10/96-10/99 Vicki McCarroll
Leeza Mix Dog 12 years 04/08/05 Tom/sidney
Lefka BoomerDog 11/06/99 Joke Wohler
Lefte Doberman 11 years 10/16/10 Dawn
Lefty American Shorthair Cat 04/15/93-12/07/07 Loretta Majoy
Lefty Bishon 14 years 02/21/02 Janet
Lefty Cat 03/31/97 Roxanne
Lefty Cat 10/12/08 Jennifer
Lefty Cat 11 years 07/17/11 Diane
Lefty Cat 5 years 03/10/06 Angel
Lefty Doberman 02/01/04-12/02/04 Sandy Riley
Lefty Dobie/Shepherd 17 years 04/06/01 Nancy & Marty Cohen
Lefty DSH Cat 08/21/92-06/09/97 Valerie and John G.
Lefty Golden Lab Mix 13 years 11/11/99 Mandi Martin-Fox
Lefty Jack Russell 1996-02/16/07 Breeze Baker
Lefty Little Wing Sun Conure 04/11/97-05/03/99 Amanda
Lefty Logger English Springer Spaniel 17 years 07/07/07 Leah
Lefty Longhaired Domestic Cat 13 years 06/20/11 Peter Georgeu
Lefty Mixed Miniature Schnauzer 8 years 01/09/12 Gary Hendershott
Lefty Poodle 08/04/92 Tom Pollock
Lefty SharPei 02/02/07/97-03/09/97 Liz Halat
Lefty Tibetan Spaniel 06/30/96-12/27/12 Dan Abrahams
Lefty Tuxedo Cat 19 years 06/08/09 Rose
LeftyLou Black Lab Mix 11 years 10/25/13 Melissa & Richard Pozzi
Legacy (Legs) Greyhound 02/02/92-12/27/98 Kathe Fritz
Legacy Campbell's Hamster 07/1999-04/09/02 Pam Bowyer
Legacy Cervi Standard Poodle 06/27/04-02/16/11 Debbie Cervi
Legacy Silver Chalice CD (Challey) Sheltie 14 years 09/23/97 Tim & Deb Henrikson
Legacy Standard Schnauzer 10/01/96-06/30/07 Cheryl and Adam Campbell
Legacy Tennessee Walking Horse 03/30/06-09/10/10 Jaime Clough
Legal Limit Lab 04/04/03-10/02/08 Theresa Poole
Legend American Bull Mix 14 years 01/22/08 Alisa Jones
Legend Black Lab 06/08/95-11/26/07 Gail & Wayne Smith
Legend Brown Tabby Cat 03/01/05-09/06/06 Amanda Portelli
Legend Chocolate Lab 07/04/98-12/07/10 Monica Byars
Legend Chow Chow 06/03/96-02/07/11 Cheryl and Jim
Legend Chow Mix 17 years 12/30/11 Annise Mabry
Legend Colorpoint Shorthair Cat 08/05/10-15/09/10 Krishan Jude Arasu
Legend Golden 11 years 07/07/14 Pamela Clay
Legend Golden Retriever 08/06/98-09/17/07 Jen Flanigan
Legend Labrador Retriever 05/06/96-03/25/00 Diana & Jim Daugherty
Legend Minature Pinscher 06/14/99 Julie Nall
Legend mm spririt n dee sky Golden Retriever 11/18/03 Dee Kincaid
Legend Newfoundland 09/96-12/11/06 Paul
Legend of Copper Siberian Husky 02/02/96-08/04/02 Kathy Guminski
Legend Rottweiler 11/11/95-03/21/04 Dee
Legend Shar-Pei 10/31/95-08/11/08 Felicia Thompson
Legend Sheltie 04/16/98-02/12/08 Dawn, Sid, Courtney and Katrina Devereaux
Legendary Zack Von Meadow Rottie 08/23/86-08/27/97 Daylynn
Legend's Casey Jones (Seige) Horse 09/28/98 Judy & J L Buffet
Legend's Jethro In Tuxedo Tibetan Mastiff 07/31/95-10/05/04 Sheila Frank
Lego Cat 08/04/94-03/01/12 R & P
Lego Domestic Short Hair - Calico Cat 05/2006-03/21/07 Cindy
Lego Great Pyrenees 9 years Josh
Lego Northshore Labrador 01/10/06-01/22/07 Adianti
Legolas Russian Blue Mix Cat 06/19/05-02/08/12 Jennifer Black
Legolas Schnauzer 03/29/02-10/21/04 Joergen Bech Frandsen, Denmark
Legs (aka Turkey) Flemish Giant Rabbit 05/03/08-08/05/12 Anita & Toby Croft
Legs Orange Tabby Cat 08/01/06-06/29/14 Shayna Stein
Legs Siamese Cat 04/07/88-03/12/02 Donna Estes
Lehla Poitras Rottweiler 04/02/02-10/13/10 David & Elisa Poitras
Lehla Poitras Rottweiler 04/03/02-10/13/10 David & Elisa Poitras
Lehlo Rhodesian Ridgeback 04/10/04-08/23/13 Cheryl
Lei Lei Hamster 6 months 08/21/98 Josh Huehner
Leia Ann English Springer Spaniel 04/27/96-02/03/08 Roz and Arnie Weiss
Leia Beagle Mix 07/07/98 Linda Young
Leia Boston Terrier 02/11/97-12/24/05 Anna D. Powers
Leia Bulldog 12/03/16 Tse, Stella
Leia Cat 02/14/06-09/28/10 Andy and Pam
Leia Cat 19 years 05/21/97 Kim Heikkinen
Leia Cat 3 months 09/28/00 Sue, SVHS
Leia Chow Chow 12/98-03/06/13 Geoff Chabre
Leia Dog 10 months 01/08/11 Carlos
Leia DSH Black Cat 16 years 07/23/07 Mary and Diana
Leia Golden Retriever 01/09/13 Shari & Phil Fronckel
Leia Golden Retriever 01/19/01-07/30/13 Rossy
Leia Grey Tabby Cat 02/14/07-12/28/16 Kim & Richard Roberts
Leia Mainecoon Cat 10 years 04/22/11 Susan
Leia Maltese 11/12/15-09/20/17 Melissa
Leia Miniature Dachshund 03/11/00-01/25/14 Windy Queen
Leia Mixed Breed Dog Julie Roth
Leia Rosenberg Teacup Yorkie 13 years 01/02/15 Arlene Rosenberg
Leia Rottweiler 05/17/90-11/13/02 The Warner Family
Leia Shih Tzu 04/2007-09/22/13 Christopher & Michael
Leia Simba M-L Siberian Husky 04/19/99-03/01/12 Kim Merendino
Leia Tabby Cat 12/16/03-06/19/05 Jacqueline
Leia Yorkie 04/01/07-03/06/12 Shasta, Chris and your sisters Little Bit and Maya
Leia Yorkshire Terrier 04/09/86-03/22/00 L. Bacher
Leiah English Bulldog 12/15/96-12/30/08 Steve & Sharon Mitchel
Leib Dachshund 08/20/91-11/20/03 Jodi and Andy Seila
Leiba Gravely Toy Poodle Puppy 12/11/09-06/05/10 Samantha Gravely
Leibchen Schipperke 03/12/94-11/15/06 Deette Nelson
Leibschoen Dachshund 10/16/93-04/17/05 Raelene and Jerry Mutz
Leica American Staffordshire Terrier 11/09/09 Dennis Cruz
Leica Cat 03/19/01 Sybille
Leica Dog 09/01/83-12/03/98 Phil & Desiree Henley
Leica GSD 7 years 05/13/94 Diane Holliday
Leif Flame Point Birman Cat 3 years Sarah Diehl
Leigh Horse Spring 1995 Pammie H.
Leigha Black n'White Cat 12/27/91-06/18/06 Judi Shalom
Leighcy Shih Tzu 17 years 01/07/08 Kathy Jorgenson
Leighla Newfoundland 01/14/05-02/01/08 Jeff and Denise
Leika German Shepherd 02/14/90-03/03/00 Karen Dixon
Leika von Wetzlar German Shepherd 08/04/94-03/04/06 Max Fischbach
Leila Bagus Cat 09/04/10 Ayesha Bagus
Leila Bautista Boxer 03/25/04-10/16/12 The Bautista Family
Leila Black Lab 08/17/02-10/30/18 Sarah Kus
Leila Border Collie Mix 07/01/06-03/16/07 Emily
Leila Cat 4 years 10/10/98 Sandra
Leila Cat 8 years 03/23/12 Erik and Jennifer Kaufmann
Leila Coiro Cockatiel 09/17/95-06/07/01 Jacky, Rob, Lindsey, Morgen, Benny, Baby, Dutchess and Schatzy
Leila Ginger Cat 02/10/09 Leila
Leila Lab/Chow mix 12 years 01/29/99 Liz and Tom
Leila Lynx Point Siamese Cat 4 years Gina and her daughter
Leila Mixed Dog (Puppy) 07/20/03-12/27/03 Kayla
Leila Pitt Bull Mix 9 years 01/02/11 Adel Martinez
Leila Rottweiler 12/07/91-06/20/00 Maryann
Leila Siamese Mix Cat 1996-08/30/97 DC
Leila Smooth Fox Terrier 10/21/02-07/15/10 Debbie Davis
Leila Torte Cat 11/15/09-05/02/14 Michelle
Leila Tortie Cat 01/14/08-05/02/14 Michelle
Leila Zebra Bird 05/22/98-10/16/99 Louise Lacroix
Leilani Dog 07/06/93-09/27/08 David Reis
Leilani Domestic Short Hair Cat 01/15/96-02/14/12 Elizabeth Roberts
Leilani Langely Dachshund 08/18/04-04/24/09 Gisele Langely
Lei-Ling Shar-Pei 05/07/92-06/21/99 Suzanne
Leinenkugelhoneygoldnugget aka Kugels aka The Perfect Dog Golden Retriever 01/04/96-08/13/07 Kellyann Dougherty
Leisa Germen Shepherd/Husky 06/27/92-08/11/01 Kati
Leisha Rottweiler 09/11/01-07/14/04 Elinore Frising
Leita Snyder Black Labrador 04/12/96-04/03/09 E. Snyder
Leiza Mix Dog 16 years 05/26/13 Terri
Lejla Malamute/Husky 13 1/2 years 05/21/13 Vanessa Scott-Sabic
Lejna Cat 05/12/96-10/24/08 Jen Graham
Leka Verciani Black Lab 15 years 08/18/10 Claudia Verciani
Lekcie Boston Terrier 14 years 08/20/01 Denny Bickel
Lekka Mixed Breed Dog 04/15/83-04/05/95 Margo
Leksey Labrador 02/18/06-12/14/11 Mike Anderson
Lela Ann Long Shitzu 8 years 02/28/07 Kim C. Long
Lela Cat 8 months 12/13/10 Mark
Lela Chihuahua 7 years 09/20/11 Veronica Corral
Lela My Baby Girl Husky Mix 8 years 04/16/04 Helen and Chris
Lela NDB 13 years 08/11/14 Maria Lucia and Mauro Pierro
Leland Cocker Spaniel 13 years 07/05/10 Kathy
Leland Umana Cat 04/06/05-04/08/05 Amanda and Carlos
Lele Cat 19 years Jim and Debra Little
Lele Cat 19 years Jim Little
Lele Domestic Longhair Cat 04/09/94-08/22/11 Jimi Vickers
Lele Pom/Fox Mix 09/10/05-08/14/16 Donna Padgett
Lelele Dog 12/31/07 Neal Yamauchi
Lello Cockatiel 03/25/94-01/21/07 Tony, Angelina, and Tiana
Lellow Miniature Fox Terrier 05/17/97-01/01/12 Marilyn May Craig
Lellow Orange Tabby Cat 18 years 1997 The Hoppert Family
Lelo Ku Poodle Mix 11/06/02-10/11/03 Karen
Leloo Rael German Shepherd 03/11/85-08/30/95 Denise M.
LeMew Cat 04/01/93-11/29/08 Peggy Zinser
Lemew Maine Coon Cat 12 years 06/11/07 Wendy Willard
Lemieux Calico Cat 14 years 01/06/10 Gail
Lemieux Cat 05/15/93-06/19/08 Jim Tedford
LeMieux Schroeder Cat 17 years 01/21/13 Julia Schroeder
Lemieux Tabby Cat 09/93-06/16/03 Jennifer and Kenya
Lemieux Watt Basset Hound 10 years 10/25/08 Bryan
Lemiuxe Cat 11/01/95-01/01/07 Leigh Ann Vruggink
Lemma Chesapeake Bay Retriever 2013-04/19/17 Kate Cenci
Lemmon Brock Bichon Frise 07/29/02 Erich Ostrowski/Joshua Brock
Lemmy Basset Mix 03/11/16 Stephen Patterson
Lemmy Cat 02/19/00-01/02/13 Debra and Duncan
Lemmy Ferret 03/03/02-03/18/07 Julie and Pete
Lemmy Mutt 01/01/96-02/07/08 Lori Marler
Lemon & Lime Parakeets 01/21/07-11/29/10 Shelby Smith
Lemon Beagle 09/14/96 Jennifer Carter
Lemon Beagle 15 years 1986 Mary Redmond
Lemon Drop Yellow Parakeet 6 months 12/2004 Scott Scheucher
Lemon Marshal Ferret 10 years 2013 Sean
Lemon Pied lovebird 10/95-10/06/00 Sandy Newfield
Lemon Snowpaw Cat 05/03/01-13/06/11 Freya Szreter Kelly
LemonDrop Parakeet 12/22/00 Beth and Aaron Allen
Lemony aka Sweet Chunquito Tonk Mix Cat 09/27/04-10/10/09 Cade
Lemony Cat 01/01/13-02/07/17 Destinee Thornton
Lemurs 12/01/13 Sean and family
Len Len Cat 4 years 01/07/04 Bev Rob and Jason
Len Poodle 17 years 05/02/98 Len, Mel and Donut
Lena Bena Beagle 03/01/96-08/08/10 Charlotte
Lena Black Dog 2 1/2 years 02/22/97 Linda Busch-Kerr
Lena Blue Heeler Mix 2 years 02/25/09 Jonya Jackson
Lena Brown Tabby Cat 08/26/11 Cora Lynn Russell
Lena Calico Cat 11 years 03/16/12 Marissa
Lena Canary 1 year 01/27/54 Diane
Lena Cat 07/05/96-06/26/05 Cindi Romano
Lena Caucasian Ovcharka 06/90-03/11/04 Vicki Anderson
Lena Cheyanne Siberian Husky 10/27/94-09/23/97 Robbin M. Aesque
Lena Collie 1/29/93-09/06/03 Jennifer and Rick Moore
Lena Dalmatian 05/21/95-05/15/06 Kim Gauger
Lena German Shepherd 13 years 11/29/16 Dan and Chris West
Lena Jimison Pug 01/91-11/15/06 Zenaida Jimison
Lena Labrador 03/15/95-06/21/98 Scott
Lena Labrador Retriever 10/28/91-02/10/07 Nancy Forrest
Lena Medero Chow/Akita Mix 20 years 03/07/09 Jennifer Medero
Lena Norwegian Lundehund 07/04/95-12/04/03 Lena
Lena Orange Faced Lovebird 11/18/05-10/10/05 Rachel Rudich
Lena Pekinese 04/19/12 Joyce n Kim
Lena Presley Hudgins Dog 13 years 12/06/07 Sarah Hudgins
Lena Samoyed 03/23/96 Cindy K. Young DVM
Lenard British Bulldog 06/08/07 Kathy Ballingall
Lenard Iguana 10/12/06 Kayla & Michael Willim
Lencho Chihuahua 04/16/96-10/10/06 Jaime Montemayor
Lencho Montemayor Chihuahua 05/16/96-08/10/06 Jaime Montemayor
Lenfant, Baby Cat 14 years 12/27/03 Rosie
Leni Cat 12/12/14 Lorri M.
Leni Pishy Polda Maine Coon Cat 07/19/03-04/11/05 Oloun
Lenni Bird 01/18/08 Kristi & Susan
Lennie Bay Colt 12/21/66 Nora
Lennie Bulldog 11/07/00-07/25/10 Pam McNeil
Lennie Lee Black Short Hair Cat 1992-11/06/10 Gaynor Jayne
Lennie Lee Domestic Short Hair Black Cat 18 years 11/06/10 Gaynor Jayne Marsh
Lennie Nubian Goat 10 years 08/28/10 Cleide
Lennie Robinson Multipoo 05/27/04-02/05/17 Georgiana Robinson
Lennier Cat 04/97-08/12/98 Rocco Rizzo
Lennon American Cocker Spaniel 06/20/94-07/03/10 Leiah
Lennon Cat 08/26/96-05/12/10 Jennifer
Lennon Cat 1996-10/2002 Sian
Lennon Domestic Cat 2 years 12/03/16 Jennifer
Lennon DSH Cat 04/01/01-02/12/15 Desiree Rolfe
Lennon German Shepherd 11/24/94-02/19/05 Becki Nation
Lennon Golden Retriever/Saint Bernard 06/10/08 Sue and Heather Zimmerman, Shawn McCleary, and Thomas Ingram
Lennon Grey Tabby Cat 11 years 10/10/99 Alix Thomas
Lennon Lab Boxer Doberman Mix 06/26/98-12/27/10 Amanda Stark
Lennon Linonsky Quartaroli Black Lab 10/95-12/07/08 Elaine
Lennon Maine Coon Cat 06/01/01-05/11/13 Allison Mangini
Lennon Rat Terrier/Chihuahua 11/10/12-08/16/13 Beth Young
Lennox Boxer 06/25/03-12/30/11 Merita
Lennox Bulldog-Labrador Cross 7 years 11th July 2012 Maria Burke
Lennox English Springer Spaniel 06/06/85-01/08/99 Cindi
Lennox German Shepherd 10/15/04-08/12/14 Kelley Taylor
Lennox Gray Tabby Cat 10/16/00-03/01/03 Debra
Lennox Lewis Tabby Cat 2 years 08/02/14 Mina Lewis
Lennox Pitbull 07/12/02-11/14/12 Jesse Scapillato & Sarah Templain
Lennox Rottweiler 08/29/99-06/10/08 Nancy Read
Lennu European Cat 04/16/91-07/30/08 Kirsi Vainio
Lenny Barn Swallow 04/08/12 Becky Caye
Lenny Black and White Cat 03/19/01 Brent Wildey
Lenny Black DSH Cat 04/91-08/22/01 J. Klein & D. Helfand
Lenny Black Lab/Chow 7 years 12/02/97 Greg and Christie Lose
Lenny Butt DSH Cat 04/01/90-10/10/07 Lara
Lenny Cat 02/13/10 Elizabeth
Lenny Cat 04/05/98-07/06/13 Sabine Bruno
Lenny Cat 10/06/08-07/07/09 Kira
Lenny Cat 12/03/03 Nicole
Lenny Cat 18 years 04/01/98 Bernie & Becky Bullinger
Lenny Cat 7 years 05/05/09 Melissa Watts
Lenny Cockatiel 3 years 09/05/09 Amy Price and Karen Fitz
Lenny Dingo/Akita 12/14/86-08/19/00 Sue O'Kane
Lenny Domestic Longhair Cat 06/17/97-11/14/02 Patrick Ayres
Lenny Domestic Shorthair Cat 07/01/02-06/09/09 Jill L
Lenny Domestic Shorthair Cat 17 years 09/30/02 Daniel E. Skourup
Lenny DSH Cat 10/2002-02/10/10 Acacia Lo
Lenny DSH/Buff Cat 06/92-05/22/03 Melanie
Lenny Ferret 6 years Nick
Lenny German Shorthaired Pointer 04/11/95-01/22/11 Terri
Lenny Giant Green Iguana 5 years 08/10/99 Nan Simon
Lenny Guinea Pig 2 years 05/18/15 Laela
Lenny Hines Flat Coat Retriever 10/10/00-03/23/10 Katie Hines
Lenny James Cat 18 years 03/23/01 Abby
Lenny Kitten 9 weeks 08/99 Melissa
Lenny Lewis Rotty 7 years 03/10/10 Christine Andrew
Lenny Maine Coon Cat 09/01/08-09/05/12 Mam, Dad, Beth
Lenny McGrail Ginger Cat 05/05/04-09/02/08 Chris and Erin
Lenny Mix Cat 11 years 02/29/08 John Steven
Lenny Mixed Dog 14 years 06/18/09 Nancy
Lenny Morales Maltipoo 06/12/07-04/06/18 Patricia
Lenny Orange Domestic Short Hair Cat 17 years 07/17/97 Jamie Primanti
Lenny Orange Tabby With White, Possibly Some Abyssinian Cat 07/06/96-02/19/13 Maryanne and Paul Feyer
Lenny Pekingese 07/30/93-01/2002 Sandy
Lenny Pit Bull 07/10/17 Stephanie Andrews
Lenny Pointer Mix 5 years 05/07/07 Susan W. and Mary E.
Lenny Pom 03/27/01-11/16/09 Shelley
Lenny Poodle 06/07/81-10/26/99 Henry Dicarlo
Lenny Poodle Shih Tzu Cross 14/07/06-08/06/13 Liz
Lenny Shep/Border Collie 15 1/2 years 08/30/96 Don & Ruth Peterson
Lenny Silky X Maltese 25/10/93-30/12/10 Helen & Stephen
Lenny Somali Cat 12 years 30 August 2011 Lisa
Lenny Terrier Mix 04/07/96-07/11/12 Michelle Noriega
Lenny Yevgeny DLH Orange Cat 05/01/09-03/28/10 Nyrja Goldbard
Lenny Yorkshire Terrier 01/13/91-03/10/07 Cheryl Wombacher
Leno Yellow Labrador Retriever 06/28/98-06/16/99 Lee Ann Sestito
Lenon Dachshund 15 years 03/26/18 Miriam
Lenore Cat 09/13/09 Curtis
Lenore Cat 1990-03/14/08 Dan Dunscombe
Lenox West Highland White Terrier 09/09/87-11/20/99 Debbie Altman
Leo & Indy Maine Coon Cats 13 months & 9 months an '07 & April '07 Tricia Keegan
Leo ( Hawks Soaring Here's Galileo ) American Bulldog 01/01/06-02/03/17 Brad & Debbie Parson
Leo (Dooze) Yorkie 04/16/92-12/02/02 Christopher Grubbs
Leo (lil buddy) Brown Mackerel Tabby Cat 15 years 10/26/99 Jim Morris
Leo (the Lion) Maine Coon Cat 16 years 09/03/10 Pat & Larry Weiser
Leo (The Timid) Beaver Toy Poodle 12/30/88-04/25/02 Nancy
Leo a.k.a. BoBo, Little Man, Friend Husky 10 years 03/28/08 Tom and Amy McD
Leo Alaskan Malamute 03/10/98-08/27/02 Millie Rodriguez
Leo American Shorthair Cat 2000-10/27/16 Sandra Sugano
Leo American Shorthair Cat 9 years 04/06/09 Audrey
Leo Appendix Quarter Horse 05/13/83-05/22/05 Sara Moreland Knight
Leo Basset Hound 9 years 02/13/15 Mary Tipping
Leo Beagle 08/89-02/23/04 Cindy
Leo Beagle, Dalmatian, Pit Bull Mix 02/04/09-03/09/19 Chris Baker
Leo Bengal Cat 05/01/06-05/20/10 Linda Cunningham
Leo Bibo Roffey Bullmastiff 11/20/09-04/15/13 Shawn & Charlene Roffey
Leo Bichon Friese 03/01/00 Laura Lois
Leo Bichon Frise 17 years 08/27/09 Bill and Stacey Montgomery
Leo Black & White Long Hair Cat 16 years 02/05/04 Jeana, Alice, & James
Leo Black and White Domestic Cat 08/2000-05/21/14 Kelly
Leo Black Cat 04/01/91 1/21/98 Loa Sweat
Leo Black Shorthair Cat 10/06/02-07/05/12 Toby Owen
Leo Black/Brown Tabby Cat 3 years 06/01/08 Jacqueline Kimball
Leo Bloodhound 07/23/00-10/07/05 Sharon Danforth
Leo Blue Point Himalayan Cat 15 years 03/16/06 Connie Rice
Leo Blue Russian Kitten 4 months 22 September 2007 Pauline Corcoran
Leo Boxer 24/02/09 Miranda Freeman
Leo Boxer 5 years 24/02/09 Theresa Newman
Leo Brown Tabby Cat 04/01/03-03/27/09 Jackie
Leo Brown Tabby Cat 12+ years 08/30/08 Sue
Leo Buddy Harris OciCat 3 years 08/92 Morrissey Family
Leo Bulldog 06/17/96-12/04/00 Cindy M
Leo Cangialosi Beagle 10/17/02-04/29/12 D. Cangialosi
Leo Cat 02/20/00-04/30/07 Rick Lentz
Leo Cat 04/01/84-09/16/99 Sue Gilliland
Leo Cat 04/05/06-08/23/13 Ron Bose
Leo Cat 04/20/91-10/08/02 Teresa
Leo Cat 06/01/08 Bridget
Leo Cat 06/15/05-06/20/05 Bria Andrew
Leo Cat 06/20/09-05/08/10 Kristen
Leo Cat 07/2008 Frankie
Leo Cat 08/01/03-08/09/18 Cindy
Leo Cat 08/01/13-08/17/14 Karly Keim
Leo Cat 08/07/82-01/02/98 Marlene Besso
Leo Cat 08/14/91-06/13/07 Philip Germani
Leo Cat 08/15/98-03/03/14 Becky Anthony
Leo Cat 08/96-07/99 Amy Rogers
Leo Cat 09/01/99-10/22/16 Anthony Cifelli and Debbie Schepis
Leo Cat 09/05/92-03/16/96 Lisa, Shimon, Katy and Eric
Leo Cat 09/17/01-04/09/03 Michelle and Larry
Leo Cat 09/25/00-09/29/00 Fabio E Chiara
Leo Cat 09/29/07 Deb
Leo Cat 09/29/14 Christine Simmons
Leo Cat 1 year 03/31/06 Bonnie Guerra
Leo Cat 1 year 07/23/11 Brendan & Jessie
Leo Cat 10 1/2 years Marianne & John Aldridge
Leo Cat 10 months 06/12/98 Patrick Pearce
Leo Cat 10 years 12/12/94 Carol Mainzer
Leo Cat 10/19/00 Stan and Goldie
Leo Cat 11/11/97-10/18/05 Andréa Mara Kraetzer
Leo Cat 11/26/87-10/07/04 Judy Fabrizio
Leo Cat 12 years 08/21/10 Paula and Wayne
Leo Cat 12 years 28/12/09 Susan Hart
Leo Cat 14 years 01/10/09 Connie and Monica & Nat
Leo Cat 16 years 05/22/12 Carl and Steve
Leo Cat 1993-06/05/05 Janis Krizmis
Leo Cat 2001-07/26/17 Jo Anne Kikel
Leo Cat 21 years 04/23/15 Samantha G.
Leo Cat 21 years 10/20/03 Jill Fineran
Leo Cat 6 years 02/09/98 Steve
Leo Cat 9 years 02/25/04 Jackie Dabbs
Leo Cat Karyn B
Leo Cat Sam
Leo Cavalier 2000-02/09/12 Ellen Epstein
Leo Chihuahua 05/01/90-07/16/09 Heather
Leo Chihuahua 11 years 07/22/17 Ghazaleh Gonzalez
Leo Chinese Crested Dog 01/19/09 Scott Chamberlain
Leo Chinese Shar Pei 11/17/98-01/09/09 Jeri
Leo Chow 07/92-07/2005 Elizabeth Asmussen
Leo Chow 14 years 11/23/04 Keith, Bev and Tony Huelsman
Leo Chow Chow 13 years 07/28/05 Tanya & Doug Webb
Leo Cocker Spaniel 05/06/92-01/09/09 Tina and Bill
Leo Cocker Spaniel 08/08/98-11/23/10 Kayla R
Leo Cocker Spaniel 08/23/90-03/12/05 Andy and Casey
Leo Cocker Spaniel 12/25/89-03/15/05 Sammie Angel
Leo Collie Mix 07/06/11-10/08/11 Geri Oldham
Leo Cornish Rex Cat 8-9 years 10/12/99 Marilyn and Carl Boro
Leo Courtney Maine Coon Cat 04/01/96-10/15/12 Christina Courtney
Leo Cricchio Cat 11/11/15 Jennifer and Tony Cricchio
Leo Cunningham Ragdoll Cat 11/22/97-08/23/08 Mary Cunningham
Leo DLH Black Cat 02/15/17 Gabriele
Leo DLH Cat 06/01/98-12/19/00 Selena Walker
Leo DLH Cat 08/01/95-10/14/06 Linda Boumarafi
Leo DMH Cat 07/24/98-05/01/11 Joanna Jesperson
Leo Dog 02/04/04-10/15/12 Trish
Leo Dog 03/09/00 Sheila Gross
Leo Dog 06/26/15 Patricia A. Rondeau
Leo Dog 10/07/06 Kathy G
Leo Dog 14 years 05/08/02 Winston
Leo Dog 2003 Whitney & Rona Perry
Leo Dog 23/12/99-20/01/10 Mummy
Leo Dog October 1995 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Leo Dom. Longhair Cat 12/28/98-06/10/12 Karyn
Leo Domestic Short Hair Cat 10/31/99-03/01/10 Tracy
Leo Domestic Short Hair Cat 16 years 03/02/08 Tony Kekalos
Leo Domestic Short Hair Orange & White Cat 07/31/98-09/14/11 Robert Kinsey
Leo Domestic Short Hair/Siamese Cat 11/15/97-03/25/14 Amy Faust
Leo Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/31/05-12/07/05 Pat Troccoli
Leo Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/10/15-07/26/17 Jodi & Robert
Leo Domestic Shorthair Cat 20 years 12/08/08 Joanne De Marzo
Leo Domestic Shorthair Cat 6 1/2 years 11/01/09 Suzanne Dees Taylor
Leo DSH Cat 05/92-05/28/04 Lisa Perrine
Leo DSH Cat 10 years 07/04/04 Mike Lawrence
Leo DSH Cat 17 years 09/05/09 Vivian
Leo DSH Cat 3 years 06/30/04 Jennifer Hurles
Leo DSH Kitten 03/12/07 Samnatha
Leo Dwarf Hamster 18 months 06/01/99 Pamela Bricker
Leo English Bulldog 01/02/04-10/08/12 Patty
Leo Fawn Bullmastiff 02/20/95-12/27/01 Gerry
Leo Ferret 09/28/06-02/11/11 Stephanie Bruhl
Leo Flame Point Siamese Mix Cat 14 years 04/13/05 June
Leo Flynn Samoyed 14 years 04/14/09 Mary Wise
Leo Frazier Labrador Retriever 11 years 11 months 08/15/17 Este Frazier and Son Jonathon Frazier
Leo Geer Chihuahua Mix 12/01/00-01/01/07 Megan Geer
Leo German Shepherd 04/03/95 Sal
Leo German Shepherd 04/96 Diana
Leo German Shepherd 15 years 02/04/13 Trish Wilkins
Leo German Shepherd 18 years 1989 Cindy Hamilton
Leo German Shepherd 2003 Charles
Leo Ginger Tabby Cat 10/05/05-08/12/06 Leo
Leo Golden Retriever 03/07/92-05/17/02 Kristin Smith
Leo Golden Retriever 04/15/94-05/06/07 Jim & Pam Stout
Leo Golden Retriever 06/15/99-08/23/09 Mei & Navid
Leo Golden Retriever 10/17/89-02/23/01 Mike Perzin
Leo Golden Retriever01/10/92-11/05/99 Janice, Greg and Paul
Leo Golden Retrievers 4 years 08/10/09 Melissa J Root
Leo Graham Siberian Husky 11 years 02/14/13 Linda Graham
Leo Gray and White Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/01/97-04/13/11 Kathy Guinn
Leo Gray and White Shorthair Cat 14 years 05/15/11 Kathy Guinn
Leo Gray Boston Terrier 08/21/92-05/29/05 Penny Gray
Leo Gray Long Hair Cat 08/02/99-12/15/04 Mom, Dad, and Chloe
Leo Gray, Black and Gold Tiger Striped Cat 7 years 1980s Corinne
Leo Great Dane 03/01/03-09/12/09 Judy Brem
Leo Grey & White Short Haired Cat 06/24/94-01/10/09 Monica Tripodi
Leo Grey and Black Tabby Cat 19 years 05/11/11 Dianne Moore
Leo Grey and White Cat 08/24/01-03/23/07 The Neely Family
Leo Greyhound 07/15/97-03/26/08 Lori & Mike May
Leo Gump B&W DSH Cat 09/01/05-03/13/09 Jennifer Snwo
Leo Harlequin Great Dane 11 years 13th November 1999 Mairi Yule
Leo Himalayan Cat 04/17/07 Aimee Kunau
Leo Himalayan Cat 1989-1997 Frankie Lee
Leo Hunter Ginger Tabby Cat 04/17/14-10/23/15 Carmen Hunter
Leo Huskisson Ginger Cat 13 years 18/12/11 Anna Huskisson
Leo Husky 02/07/16-06/29/18 Kori Granville
Leo II Himalayan Cat 02/26/96-05/23/07 Pauline Kasper
Leo Italian Greyhound 13 years 01/14/11 Miranda
Leo Italian Greyhound 6 years 08/18/12 Stephanie and Edie
Leo Jack Russell 1997-10/16/06 Carol Knight
Leo Jack Russell Terrier 01/01/02-11/14/06 Eileen Guest
Leo Jack Russell Terrier 01/05/99-31/12/16 Carole Smith
Leo Katz Gray Tabby Cat 04/19/90-03/19/09 Stacey
Leo Kincade Mixed Dog 01/05/01-03/04/13 Jaden Kincade
Leo Lab Mix 1988-01/15/01 Bev, Steve, Stephen, Christi, and Rusty
Leo Labarge Dog 11/2008-04/13/09 Bradly LaBarge
Leo Lhasa Apso 01/08/88-07/19/02 Dee
Leo Lilybear DLH Cat 05/01/83-11/06/00 Maura Sisson
Leo Lionhead Bunny 2 years 11/27/10 Jennifer Medina
Leo Lloyd Carillo Diego Maria Velasquez Wijas German Shepherd Mix 15 years 06/29/99 Deborah
Leo Long-Haired Orange Tabby Cat 10 years 12/06/96 Carol
Leo Long-Legged Jack Russell 08/15/02-10/26/12 Willow
Leo Lou Lockwood Cat 2 years 12/11/10 Rita
Leo Lynx-Point Siamese 02/28/84-08/28/89 Michelle
Leo Maine Coon Cat 02/01/94-12/06/11 Tammy Smart
Leo Maine Coon Cat 04/24/04-03/30/10 Kimberly
Leo Maine Coon Cat 04/25/05 Nancy Conigliaro
Leo Maine Coon Cat 07/73-07/18/76 Dayna
Leo Maine Coon Cat 12 years 02/07/04 Jennifer Jurgrau
Leo Maine Coon Cat 7 years 07/09/00 Mary Whitt
Leo Maine Coon Mix Cat 03/26/04-02/13/06 Christina M Valentino
Leo Maine Coon Mix Cat 05/01/99-04/21/04 Marina Adler
Leo Maine Coon Mix Cat 13 years 05/16/02 Sara, Bumper, & Mochi Pyle
Leo Maine Coon Stubtail Cat 8 years 03/20/08 Arnold R. Warren
Leo Mainecoon Cat 1985 07/04/00 Mark McArdle
Leo Mainecoon X 9 years 02/24/96 Ellen Jackson
Leo Maltese 03/08/98-09/19/04 S. A. Lewis
Leo Martin Yorkie 06/30/09 Phoebe Martin
Leo McClellan Snow Leopard Cat 03/20/93-03/04/08 Renee & George
Leo McClintock Shih Tzu 05/27/11 Nicole McClintock
Leo McCombs Yorkshire Terrier 08/27/11 Jenny McCombs
Leo McCormick Tabby Cat 5 years 12/02/12 Devin McCormick
Leo Mini Schnauzer Carol
Leo Miniature Pinscher 04/20/99-11/26/13 Melissa Dussault
Leo Miniature Poodle 3 years 03/29/07 Ginger
Leo Minpin 26/07/90-26/05/06 Carrie Spence
Leo Mix Dog 06/92-07/12/04 The Andersons
Leo Mixed Breed Cat 06/16/98-04/12/02 Sandy Defrancesco
Leo Mixed Breed Cat 13 years 11/08/02 Rebecca Mastoras
Leo Mixed Cat 4 years 06/04/07 Korinne
Leo Mixed Dog 05/26/02 Ted & Dana Zeiher
Leo Mixed; White + Creme Kitten 05/09/04-07/06/04 Katie & Chris Duncan
Leo Moggie Cat 13 years 03/07/17 Shell
Leo Moscovy Duck 08/08/87-02/09/99 Eric and Louise Piazza
Leo Nelson Chow Mix 04/01/07-04/11/16 Richard, Debra, George and Jacob Nelson
Leo Norwegian Forest Cat 10 years 10/06/96 Synøve Johanne Skogstad
Leo Old English Sheepdog 04/24/94-07/03/07 Marilyn Downs
Leo Olejarz Manx Cat 03/10/04-04/12/08 Laura and Bill Olejarz
Leo Orange and White Tabby Cat 04/17/90-09/25/06 Linda
Leo Orange Calico Cat 17 years Kati Maureen and Henry Santiago
Leo Orange Domestic Shorthair Cat 11/01/89-01/07/08 Joy Seda
Leo Orange DSH Cat 08/01/10-07/27/15 Evan Fandel
Leo Orange Tabby 7 years 08/10/96 Cheryl Hoffer
Leo Orange Tabby Cat 02/2005-05/01/06 Heather Pekkala
Leo Orange Tabby Cat 03/08/78 03/12/98 Shawna
Leo Orange Tabby Cat 03/17/98-08/10/15 Martina Stella student
Leo Orange Tabby Cat 06/10/06 Donna Hurley
Leo Orange Tabby Cat 07/2011-09/20/11 Alice, Ron, Amanda and Jake
Leo Orange Tabby Cat 08/19/91-11/06/07 William Burton
Leo Orange Tabby Cat 09/14/09 Catherine
Leo Orange Tabby Cat 10/2008-09/29/09 Joanne
Leo Orange Tabby Cat 14 years 09/19/11 Nina Krietemeyer
Leo Orange Tabby Cat 1999-08/99 Lacey Cannon
Leo Orange Tiger Cat 1992-03/05/98 Barry, Ethan, and Alexandra
Leo Orange/White Tabby Cat 05/18/09-10/21/14 Jaryn
Leo Pekingese 11 years 09/06/13 Erin Erturk
Leo Peo Grey Cat 15 years 10/27/07 Lisa and Art
Leo Perez Yorkiepoo 04/08/12-02/15/16 Shanika Perez
Leo Persian Cat 08/15/99-11/12/13 Laura
Leo Pomeranian 06/05/90-12/02/09 Sandra Allgeier
Leo Pomeranian 10/05/05-07/26/11 Penny & John Casey
Leo Pomeranian 12/25/04-05/10/16 Elizabeth
Leo Pomeranian 14 years 08/25/10 Florence and Vincent Metzel
Leo Pomeranian 16 years 04/18/04 Roger and Andrea Florkowski
Leo Pomeranian Mix 04/15/95-12/17/10 Phil and Hae Ra Rynn
Leo Poodle 14 years 12/24/09 Tina Gregory
Leo Pug 01/04/04-03/04/06 Sherry Gilbert
Leo Pug 02/17/94-09/02/02 Sarah
Leo Puppy 03/10/14 Amanda
Leo Quarter Horse 05/24/72-11/17/98 Jeri
Leo Quarter Horse 1983-04/12/08 Ackerman Family
Leo Rat 12/01/08-02/13/09 Ariel Fredrickson
Leo Red Chow Chow 11/22/90-02/23/06 Yolanda Arroyo
Leo Ross Dalmatian 04/13/93-04/07/07 Anne Ross
Leo Rough Collie 1993-22/10/05 Janeen
Leo Rough Collie 1993-22/10/05 Janeen Kearney
Léo Roux Cat 03/29/04 Celine Poulin-Lape
Leo Shih Tzu 06/01/15-03/19/19 Marlene Dos Santos
Leo Shih Tzu 09/03/87-07/09/00 Perkowski Family
Leo Shih Tzu 15/08/05-24/03/19 Helen Ip
Leo Shih Tzu 16 years 08/17/17 Andrea
Leo Shihtzu 4 years 02/14/14 Maddie
Leo Shih-Tzu 5 years 05/03/12 Brenda McNew
Leo Short Hair Domestic Cat 14 years 02/18/08 Sandi K
Leo Shorthair Brown Tiger Stripe Cat 08/18/98-11/26/11 Jennifer and Tony
Leo Shorthair Cat 12 years 11/04/08 Susan
Leo Siamese Kitten 7 months 07/07/17 Abigail Puetz
Leo Siamese/Brown Tabby 3 years Winter of 96 Leah Frost
Leo Siberian Husky 08/2002 Jess and Maggie
Leo Singapura Cat 01/11/09-08/03/11 Teresa Casper Ferm
Leo Spitzig Cocker Spaniel 12/08/03-10/01/09 Cari Spitzig
Leo Sprinkle Black Grey Tabby Cat 9 years 02/18/08 Carolina and Todd
Leo Sprinkle Cat 06/01/98-02/18/08 Carolina Sprinkle
Leo Standard Poodle 08/10/94-04/23/06 The Saulnier Family
Leo Standard Poodle 09/13/11 Deanna Yamane
Leo Standard Poodle 12 years 02/06/06 Linda
Leo Standard Schnauzer 07/90-04/19/01 Carol, Vinnie, Danielle and Vincent
Leo Stewart Moggy Cat 16 1/2 years 09/06/10 Vicky Stewart
Leo Tabby Cat 01/01/10-21/05/13 Sarah Schulz
Leo Tabby Cat 05/01/00-03/21/01 Sylvia Parisotto, Randolph Hudson, Lexi
Leo Tabby Cat 07/05/04-03/07/05 Sylvia
Leo Tabby Cat 07/05/04-03/07/05 Sylvia Michael & Monique
Leo Tabby Cat 07/06/10 Diana Fronsdahl
Leo Tabby Cat 08/95-06/99 Traci
Leo Tabby Cat 09/01/94-01/31/09 Jen Learned
Leo Tabby Cat 10 years 01/31/10 Christine
Leo Tabby Cat 12 years 10/10/06 Tony Fulton
Leo Tabby Cat 12/01/06 Michael McAuliffe
Leo Tabby Cat 12/21/03 Grace and Matt
Leo Tabby Cat 13 years 05/07/14 Angie Tankersley
Leo Tabby Cat 14 years 04/30/06 George and Stephanie
Leo Tabby Cat 15 years 05/14/05 Tim Evans
Leo Tabby Kitten 6 months 03/08/11 Jessica Marie Edwards, Curtis James Perry
Leo Terrier 11/10/00-09/12/07 Wanda
Leo the Lion Cat 05/03/98-08/14/07 Kristina
Leo the Lion Chow 11/01/01-10/07/11 Larry Glenn
Leo The Lion Persian Cat 2001-03/15/07 Jen Williams
Leo The Lion Quiroz Orange Tabby Cat 07/17/01-05/02/15 Cynthia M. Quiroz
Leo The Lionheart Cat 09/01/97-09/24/09 Joe Magness
Leo Tiger Cat 07/05/90-05/01/02 Bonnie Cloutier
Leo Tiger Cat 16 years 12/12/08 Jennifer Campagna
Leo Toy Chihuahua 07/22/94-07/25/06 A. Isabel Rolo
Leo Toy Poodle 28/03/04-05/08/10 Mariann Nordheim
Leo von Briarwood Rottie 06/17/94-01/19/98 Dee
Leo W Greyhound 05/28/89-10/03/01 Ethel Whitehurst
Leo Waldstein Domestic Shorthair Cat 16 years 09/22/98 Lana Thompson
Leo Westra West Highland Terrier 07/2000-08/2012 Mikayla Westra
Leo White Cat 07/01/78-07/17/91 Shelley
Leo Yellow DSH Cat 3 years 06/30/04 Jennifer Hurles
Leo Yellow Labrador Retriever 15 years 02/04/07 Lauren Tomasso
Leo Yellow Tabby Cat 1992-2006 Tony Fulton
Leo, Our Lion Hunter Rhodesian Ridgeback 11/25/93-09/28/01 Gene & Jan Farnsworth
Leodardo Side-Blotched Lizard 09/28/98 Rachel and Molly
Leon Bandrich Llasa Apso Mix 05/08/74-12/24/84 Lilia Bandrich
Leon Cat 1 year 02/11/99 Mary
Leon Cat 12+ years 10/17/96 Lynda Mabry
Leon Chocolate Lab 10/27/93-02/12/08 Shelley Rogillio
Leon Domestic Long Hair Cat 11 years 11/13/97 Gabrielle
Leon Domestic Long Hair Cat 13 years 01/24/16 Jeanne and Guerry
Leon Domestic Med Hair Cat 01/11/95-04/29/13 Lois & Kenneth R Calfo Sr
León European Shorthair Cat 15/03/02-25/12/03 Diana Hartig
Leon German Shepherd 08/18/00-10/17/11 Diane
León Golden Tabby Cat with Grass-Green Eyes 01/31/99-10/16/03 Teresa Sabín
Leo'n Great Pyrenees/Retriever Mix 03/03/95-11/09/04 Melissa Weger-Espinosa
Leon Greyhound 13 years 05/04/12 Jill West
Leon Kitty Seal Point Mix Cat 06/16/09 Barbara Parrigon
Leon Lab Shepherd Chow Mix 7 years 11/24/05 Rebecca and Brian
Leon Leonberger 03/09/00-10/26/05 Sona Janderkova
Leon Mittman Orange Long Hair Cat 03/28/00 Sal
Leon Orange Tabby Cat 07/01/01-06/29/09 Lisa and Erik Hoffmann
Leon Orange Tabby Cat 07/23/03 Kim Freer
Leon Orange Tabby Cat 08/84-09/05/01 Philippa & Paul
Leon Ragamuffin Cat 7 years 08/31/10 Stephanie
Leon Seal-Point Siamese Cat 13 years 10/16/01 Linda Shorter
Leon Tabby (Yellow With A White Tummy and White Paws) Cat Early Summer of 1994-06/19/07 Dan Scott & Francisco Negron
Leon Vallejo Italian Greyhound 09/30/94-05/22/07 Marilyn Vallejo
Leon Wood Cat 19 years 02/16/01 Joanne Kuchinski
Leon, My fat cat Solid Black With Piercing Green Eyes Cat 8 years 07/28/08 Ruben Padilla
Leona Cat 08/05/86-09/21/06 Mary Ray Worley
Leona Golden Retriever/Collie Mix 16 years 10/03/09 Kerry Holiday
Leona Great Dane 13+ years 12/02/14 Carmen Brown
Leona Holland Lop Rabbit 3 years 09/09/98 Debbie
Leona Johnson Dachshund/Pug 03/08/12-10/08/15 Sean, Misty, and Deveron Johnson
Leona Pit Bull Mix 09/16/01-02/08/10 Nancy & Richard Locke
Leona Tuxedo Tabby Cat 04/05/99-12/14/10 Crystal Shannon
Leonard Ahmed Dog 1994-2011 Mary
Leonard Black & White Tuxedo Cat 04/14/88-03/09/00 Allen & Imogene Young
Leonard Cat 05/05/09 Mary Jo
Leonard Cat 07/06/96-01/24/09 Katy Storrs
Leonard Cat 7 years 06/13/08 Dee and Ron
Leonard Cocker Spaniel 11 years 10/01/00 Sandra Madden
Leonard Cocker Spaniel 11/23/87-06/23/02 Paula C. Fava
Leonard Dog September 1995 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Leonard Fancy Rat 03/11/09-05/25/11 Amanda and Matt
Leonard Grey Tabby Cat 10/01/87-06/06/05 Ellen Henion
Leonard Lion 09/15/97 Boise Zoo
Leonard Short Hair Tiger Cat 10 years 03/17/11 Debbie
Leonard Tonks Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat 8 - 9 years 12/20/12 Mary Patrick
Leonard Y. Goldbard M. Long Haired Orange Tabby Cat 10 months 03/28/10 Nirya
Leonard Yorkshire Terrier 03/02/85-05/29/01 Steve Anderson
Leonardo Andre Bichon Frise 12/04/98-01/10/14 Teresa Haino
Leonardo Black Shorthair Cat 10/31/05-07/18/12 Mendy and Steve
Leonardo Cat 01/03/89-15/03/05 Maya De Beer
Leonardo Cat 03/01/89-03/16/05 Maya De Beer
Leonardo Cat 19 years 08/26/14 Patricia
Leonardo Cat 4 years 07/15/09 Liz
Leonardo Cocker Spaniel 5 1/2 years 11th August 05 Julie, Jack, Candi & Claudia Bainbridge
Leonardo DaVinci Ward Schnauzer 11years Bonnie Ward
Leonardo Domestic Shorthair Cat 06/10/09 Corinne Kephart
Leonardo Ortiz Bassett Hound 02/26/01 Wendy and Porfirio
Leonardo Tuxedo Cat 11 years 28/03/11 Chris
Leonardo's Good Fortune - a.k.a. Leo German Shorthair Pointer 6 years 02/15/04 Deana Hansen Danis
Leone European Shorthair Cat 3 years 4 months 23/10/18 Kayewana Govoni
Leone Golden Retriever 09/29/90-11/30/99 Jo O. Young
Leonidas aka Scrambles aka Chewy Bite Ems Maine Coon Cat 2 years 03/06/12 Catheryn
Leonidas Blue Heeler 08/01/06-06/15/09 Lori Cain & Demetrius Bereolos
Leonidas Snowshoe Cat 12 years 01/26/16 Danielle
Leonie Striped Short-Hair Domestic Cat 09/01/71-04/15/89 Lynn, Georg, Leah
Leontine Price Cat 7 years 04/04/01 Jan Running
Leopardo Nevado De Costelot Snow Leopard Ocicat Cat 04/27/89-12/06/00 Cy Sawyer
Leopold Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/24/94-03/09/07 AJ
Leopold J. Honey-Bunny Maine Coon Mix Cat 07/17/08 Kelly Godfrey & Eric Norcross
Leopold Mini-Lop Rabbit 7 years 04/09/06 Alexis M. Rodhouse
Leopoldo my love Domestic Short Hair Cat 03/17/77-08/94 Hortencia
Leos Siamese Mix Cat 02/12/10 Lindsay Ray
Lepchen 09/27/98 Dhhaf
Lepe Alvarado Cockapoo 14 years 04/03/11 Sally Alvarado and Family
Leping Shihtzu 12/07/89-12/01/01 Ann Rogers
Leroy & Lacey Britney Mix Dogs 07/16/06-11/13/07 Andrea Miley
Leroy (Little Man) Jack Russell 05/99-05/01 Cheryl, Abbey and all your family
Leroy aka Butters Golden Retriever 10/15/04-12/01/14 Kim Doran
Leroy Alabaster Black Lab 07/04/00-09/21/08 Allyson, Bob, Laura, and Jill
Leroy American Short Hair Cat 11/15/97-07/02/10 Jenny
Leroy American Staffordshire Terrier 03/18/99-03/16/01 Tina
Leroy Am-Staff 05/18/99-03/17/01 Tina & Dakota
Leroy Bassett 03/25/13 Phyllis
Leroy Beagle 7 years 11/22/10 Lisa
Leroy Black Cat 12 years 05/94 Sue R. Mulligan
Leroy Black Lab Mixed with Great Dane 12/08/98-12/04/10 Michelle Duren
Leroy Black Long Hair Cat 12/25/90-12/28/98 Linda Lowe
Leroy Black Short Hair Domestic Cat 04/06/90-04/04/06 Paulette and Dale Albaugh
Leroy Boxer 04/21/89-06/01/00 Terry Turner
Leroy Brown Adams Dogue de Bordeaux 12/24/00-10/16/04 Kelli
Leroy Brown American Pitbull Terrier 01/24/97-03/30/10 Jeanne
Leroy Brown Chihuahua 07/13/04-05/18/12 Melissa Potts
Leroy Brown Collie/Retriever 04/01/91-12/09/02 Carrie English
Leroy Cardigan Welsh Corgi 04/10/92-04/02/07 Laura
Leroy Cat 04/19/91-09/09/05 Sandi & Barry Roth
Leroy Cat 07/20/08 Tannabella
Leroy Cat 15 years 04/27/98 Rhonda
Leroy Cat 2010-12/23/16 Nia Holston
Leroy Chihuahua 07/13/98-09/02/13 Brenda
Leroy Chocolate Lab 06/06/99-12/31/07 Tina
Leroy Cockatiel 05/01/79-08/16/00 Lynn, Don, Ally, & Katie
Leroy Cocker Spaniel 4 years 08/25/00 Laurie Cohen
Leroy Domestic Cat 11 1/2 years 06/26/99 Pattie Austin
Leroy Domestic Longhair Cat 05/25/92-04/16/08 Laurie Rice
Leroy English Short Haired Guinea Pig 01/01/09-01/21/12 James
Leroy Giant Schnauzer 03/28/83-10/10/96 Karen
Leroy Ginger Cat 12 years 03/29/94 Chris and family
Leroy Grey Stripe & White Cat 12 years 11/24/02 Pam M.
Leroy Grey Tiger Stripe Cat Summer 1983-04/10/98 Debbie Lawson
LeRoy Heeler 11/25/99-09/21/10 Linda Palacios / Jonathan Milam
Leroy Jack Russell X Staffy 7 years 01/06/04 Keryn
Leroy Lab 01/01/90-10/07/00 Bev & Bill
Leroy Longhair Domestic Black Cat 04/15/13-05/05/14 Kristie
Leroy Longhair Domestic Cat 04/2012-05/2013 Kristie
Leroy Maine Coon Cat 20 Ish-11/12/05 Janet and Peter
Leroy Miniature Schnauzer 02/2011 Tom and Theresa Hughes
Leroy Mixed Black Lab 05/01/09-04/08/16 Cortnie Edgar
Leroy Morse Long Haired Dachshund 15 years 09/09/04 Jeannette
Leroy Mutt 2007-10/04/11 John Kramer
Leroy Orange Tabby Cat 01/26/04 Martha B
Leroy Perry Labrador Retriever 01/2011-04/07/13 Sherry
Leroy Pug 05/28/04-12/11/05 Debbie
Leroy Rat 2 years 05/29/09 Mary Lou Hauser Eck
Leroy Reed Boston Terrier 05/12/96-07/09/06 Karen Reed
Leroy Short Hair Cat 04/06/90-04/04/06 Paulette and Dale Albaugh
Leroy Tabby Cat 02/18/03 Jacqueline Larson & Jodey Castricano
Leroy Tennessee Mule 42 years 04/17/98 Bonnie Shields
Leroy Terrier Mix 14 years 04/30/11 Bridgette Dobson
Leroy Winte Basset Beagle 12/14/02-09/20/14 Jennifer Lynn
Lesha Dachshund 17 years01/18/02 Jan
Leshem Russian Blue Cat 2 years 11/2006 Anna Marie Tsikhlakis
Lesi Boxer 06/01/05-07/12/13 Laura
Leska Fox White German Shepherd 07/01/91-05/17/05 Kelly A. Fox
Lesley English Springer Spaniel 12/20/95 Jan Flagg
Lesley Shepherd/Rottweiler Mix 12/31/97-04/17/05 Nan Row
Leslie Ann Calico Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/01/00-09/12/06 Deborah Paul
Leslie Dark Golden Syrian Hamster 10/2002-07/07/03 Paul
Leslie DMH Cat 07/02/94-11/18/98 Heather
Leslie Michelle Tabby - Gray Cat 10 years 2005 D. Schafer
Leslie Shepherd 06/20/93 Jan & Mike Fukuda
Leslie White/Gold Cat 2 weeks 03/14/01 Philip Cheong
Lessa Cat 1991-08/27/04 Peter Vandemotter
Lessa Mixed Cat looked like a Russian Blue 10 years 08/99 Rob Purcell
Lessa Tortoise Calico Cat 10/94-03/15/99 Liz Lovejoy
Lesse German Shepherd 09/04/09 Jaime Hartman
Lessie Dog 12/09/07 Edwin Yiing
Lestahdt Von Hackett Rottwieler 08/28/05-01/08/09 Brent and Churee
Lestat American Hairless Terrier 04/22/06-01/24/18 Heather Gabriele
Lestat Black and Grey Tabby Cat 18 years 2 months 08/06/05 Mara
Lestat Black Lab/Dalmation 01/12/96-10/22/00 Kate
Lestat British Shorthair Cat 07/92-05/20/01 Demise & Karynn
Lestat Cat 08/15/98-05/28/03 Brandi D.
Lestat Cheeky Monkey Wolf/Rottweiler 06/24/92-11/10/06 Marcy, Jason, Rowyn, Keagan, Eirinn and Rory Shortuse
Lestat Cross Lab 07/26/89-01/11/02 Maggie Greene
Lestat DSH Tortie Cat 20 years 07/23/13 Chanda Venable
Lestat Facente German Shepherd 04/24/96-02/15/06 James Facente
Lestat German Shepherd 03/19/95-11/24/02 Jared & Linda
Lestat Kat Cat 10/31/94-05/10/06 Amy Chirico
Lestat Mixed Cat 7 years 07/10/00 Roni Collins
Lestat Nowicki Golden Retriever/Border Collie 08/03/94-06/29/06 Katherine Nowicki
Lestat 'Pickles' Juarez Black Cat 5 years 01/02/11 Patrick and Family, Mojo
Lestat Randle-Flint Corgi Mix 12 years 10/05/05 Sheri and Rob Randle-Flint
Lestat SH Tortoise Cat 15 years 08/14/09 Andy & Beckie
Lestate and Buddy Dalmatian and Chihuahua 10 1/2 years and 4 years 09/09/15 and 29/10/15 Tracey Grey
Lestat-Listie Black and Grey Tabby Cat 18 years 2 months 08/06/05 John-Christian
Lester Australian Shepherd/Greyhound 11/26/04-05/05/06 Duffer Henne
Lester Black & White Cat 11 years 04/01/07 Debbie Colbert
Lester Black Longhair Cat 13 years 06/23/00 Cheryl Bedford
Lester Black Shorthair Cat 1988-01/09/04 Barry Hazen
Lester Black, Gray, White Long Hair Tabby Cat 1996-06/01/02 David and Ana Turner
Lester Bogart Shih Tzu 06/16/87-09/11/98 Michelle Constantini
Lester Boston Terrier 07/07/88-05/04/99 James Hook & Peter Schmitt
Lester Cat 11 years 03/11/05 The Sandstrom Family
Lester Cat 19 years 01/22/08 Jennifer & Bill
Lester Dog Boston Terrier 07/07/88-05/04/99 James Hook & Peter Schmitt
Lester Domestic Short Hair Cat 7 years 01/03/18 Jun Casaclang
Lester Grey, Orange, White Tabby Cat 5 years 02/24/00 Sue, SVHS
Lester Haddock Cat 08/15/91-06/03/06 Blaine Haddock
Lester Maine Coon Orange and White Cat 11 years 04/12/09 Leenie Bachman
Lester Newfoundland 02/24/85-03/11/03 Lizette Reyes & Ken Marvin
Lester Pug 6 years 06/08/04 M Duffy
Lester Siamese Cat 12/11/73-03/91 Christy R
Lester Tan & White Cat 06/06/89-10/07/02 Scott Percifull
Lester Tuxedo Cat 08/01/84-05/05/04 Kit Warfield
Lestor Orange, Part Minx Kitten 05/01/10-03/10/11 Kathy Adams
Leta Beagle Mix 01/01/90-04/04/05 Sherry Vaccaro/Mike Manning
Lethal Spurlin Shep Mix 03/2006 Lisa Spurlin
Letia Chihuahua Mix/Boricuan Sato 14.25 years 02/08/17 Jen Markovics
Letizia Gamper Clark Black Mix 08/93-09/2004 Ingrid Clark
Leto Parrotlet 02/12/04-03/26/07 Ray & Sym Gallucci
Letta Yellow Lab 10/19/86-05/05/00 Reetta Lähteenmäki
Letter Perfect aka Heather Thoroughbred Mare 08/07/88-08/98 Katie Tyler
Lettie Gineman Lab 04/30/02-04/02/11 Teresa Gineman
Le-Ty Shih-tzu 11/04/85-04/28/97 Lenore
Leu Horse 10/04/98 Alysia
Leuke Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/07/00-06/07/01 Gayle
Lev Yellow Labrador Retriever (Dudley) 08/22/84-09/10/99 Caron, Karl and Suki
Levanthias Orange Tabby Cat 06/10/73-06/10/77 Rad
Levi 08/01/88-07/09/00 Michelle and Bruce
Levi aka Baby Buddy Cat 03/2002-04/06/13 Lance & Rhonda Peters
Levi Akita/Husky Mix 6 months Nita Kolze
Levi American Bulldog 12/02/00-01/07/08 Keith Eilertsen
Levi Arabian-Quarter horse 04/10/86-11/07/99 Sherry
Levi Australian Shepherd Mix 08/03/12 Ellice
Levi Basset Hound 07/17/96-01/18/10 Deborah
Levi Beagle 04/07/07-01/31/19 Ramsey Lillard
Levi Black Cocker Spaniel 06/26/93-04/02/09 Michelle
Levi Boomer Gundldach Australian Akita Mix 8 years 04/12/07 Larry and Mary Gundlach
Levi Border Collie 07/27/04 Mary Sciurba
Levi Border Collie Mix 1991-12/26/02 Nancy Danowski
Levi Border Collie/Australian Shepherd 02/02/98-04/26/00 Dave & Virginia
Levi Boxer 10/30/95-08/22/06 Rob and Leah Fisher
Levi Cairn Terrier 3 years 12/13/94 Debbie Reay
Levi Cat 03/20/87-12/31/04 Linda Muhlbauer
Levi Cat 06/88-01/02/09 Lisa M. Tippie
Levi Cat 6 years 01/10/12 Sue
Levi Chichenko Springer Spaniel 06/10/93-01/30/07 Sherry Chichenko
Levi Chocolate Lab 03/19/07 Diana & Rich
Levi Collie 11/05/99-02/22/12 Cynthia Heyman
Levi Collie 12/10/98-04/22/06 Teresa
Levi Cross Jack Russell 16 years 02/2005 Jacky Humphries
Levi Dachshund 03/98-10/07/11 Pam Golden
Levi Dachshund 9 years 04/12/12 Nancy Woolsey
Levi Dalmation 11/01/95-02/12/01 Angie Goreham
Levi Dog 02/25/10 Julie Sanderson
Levi Dog 03/10/04 Terry and Marilu
Levi Dog 06/10/11 Gary and Leynee' Ensminger
Levi Dog 06/12/84 11/12/91 Bud & Elaine Cripe
Levi Dog 12 years 03/18/97 Nick Kuzy
Levi Dog O T
Levi Domestic Long-Hair Black and White Cat 08/13/98-10/13/99 Pamela
Levi Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/25/05-11/24/10 Greg and Tasha Broom
Levi DSH Cat 9 years 02/01/07 Aubrey Clark
Levi Dunn Miniature Schnauzer 06/08/07-01/14/19 Bobbie Dunn
Levi German Shepherd 04/27/98-02/01/08 Laraine Ward
Levi German Shepherd 07/02/93-10/02/03 Joe Topp
Levi German Shepherd/Husky 06/29/07-09/27/09 Jill Showman
Levi Golden Retriever 04/05/95-04/17/08 Phil and Jeannie Ridenour
Levi Golden Retriever 04/28/89-03/19/05 Carol Lowry
Levi Golden Retriever 09/07/93-10/18/02 Lori and Steve
Levi Golden Retriever 09/15/97-10/04/05 Tanya Fleming
Levi Golden Retriever 12/07/02-11/30/11 Dennis Pissott
Levi Golden Retriever 1988-02/17/98 Mary and Danny Lawman
Levi Great Dane 08/19/99-06/02/08 Dave Saucier
Levi Green Weimaraner 14 1/2 years 09/18/18 Eric, Brandy, Ashton, Kaleb
Levi Jack Russell Terrier 02/07/00-07/23/06 Michael Tarlini
Levi Jack Russell Terrier 161/2 years 10/01/12 R. and L. Mazzenga
Levi Jefferies Golden Retriever 12/21/98-09/02/04 Becky & Alan
Levi Johnson-Overbay Chihuahua 10/19/08-07/30/10 Kara Johnson/ Rufus Overbay
Levi Joseph Siamese Cat 04/96-07/26/11 Sharon Lyons
Levi Lab Mix 12 years 02/26/97 Seamedic
Levi Labrador Retriever 04/18/02-03/27/10 Rebecca
Levi Long-Hair Chihuahua, Black, White & Tan. 11 years 07/11/08 Leigh and Rick Marquez
Levi Lurcher 14 years 10/09/07 Amanda McClurg
Levi Maltese 14 years 10/22/09 Janet
Levi Maxwell German Shepherd 08/06/96-08/25/08 Mike and Beth Maxwell
Levi Min Pin 12 years 11/02/08 Jayne and Michelle
Levi Minature Schnauzer Mix 09/01/88-07/31/01 Patricia Rasey
Levi Minpin/Beagle 5 months 08/08/06 Heather and John Eric
Levi Mix Poodle/Griffon 09/16/93-06/05/09 Deb
Levi Mixed Dog 15 03/4 years 06/05/09 Deb
Levi Moggy Cat 29/04/95-10/07/06 Terri Webster
Levi Neave Blue Heeler, Ridgeback 06/16/00-08/23/16 Sara Neave
Levi Pepper's Kindred Spirit Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 05/08/00-06/02/07 Janice Griffith
Levi Pomeranian 02/14/01-05/13/12 Kelly
Levi Pomeranian 10/19/00-08/16/10 Debbie Coté
Levi Ragdoll Cat 6 years 04/07/07 Lisa Semonick
Levi Rott/Great Dane 10 years 01/25/07 Debbie Comer
Levi Rottweiler 01/01/95-08/25/02 Lucinda, Charles, Scott & Michael
Levi Rottweiler 06/23/04 Wanda
Levi Rottweiler 10/14/95-06/23/04 Charles & Wanda
Levi Rottweiler 10/14/95-06/23/04 Wanda
Levi Rottweiler 10/15/95-06/23/04 Wanda
Levi Rough Collie Blue Merle 12/16/03-04/11/14 Diane and Steven Fisher
Levi Sheltie 1994 Kym
Levi Shepherd/Doberman/spaniel Mix 07/04/87-07/17/01 Marie Mason and Family
Levi Shih Tzu 01/31/01-03/18/14 Teri and Abby Scott
Levi Shih Tzu 04/15/99-12/11/11 Heather
Levi Shih Tzu 10/26/99-07/30/12 Karen Ziske
Levi Siamese Cat 10 months 07/07/00 Julie
Levi Siberian Husky 01/16/02-04/17/12 Patrick T
Levi Siberian Husky 3 years 01/03/98 Bubbles
Levi Siberian Husky/Wolf/Shepherd 15 years 11/21/06 Kim Allen Josh Jess & Athena Sam & Artoo
Levi Silver Tabby Cat 12 years 04/15/01 Jeannie E. Hess
Levi Staffordshire Bull Terrier 17/11/93-12/06/08 Michelle Lennox
Levi Stewart Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Levi Tabby Cat 03/37/94-04/03/07 Jill Lewis
Levi Tabby Cat 1990-07/31/04 Brian & Linda Hardbarger
Levi Toy Poodle 12/13/13 Kim Faver
Levi Toy Poodle 19 years 04/06/04 Renee Hovis
Levi Tri-color Standard Rough Collie 12/18/84-12/18/98 Sheila Rogers
Levi Wallaby 6 years 07/05/05 Teresa
Levi Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever Mix 01/15/87-07/02/99 Bobbi & Dave Pasternak
Levi Zachary Himalayan Cat 05/18/89-05/16/05 Linda Witt
Leviathan (Lambie) German Shepherd Dog 09/11/00-04/30/11 Kevin Curtin & Roberta Marich
LevII Dog 12/30/97-06/09/11 Barbara Hurst
Levka - Lu Cat 5 years 04/25/00 Varya
Levon Cat 02/10/94-03/26/02 Vicki and Kristen
Levy Bull Terrier 11 years 06/10/05 Kelly and Craig Brown
Levy Maine Coon Cat 01/09/96-09/17/05 Tineke
Lew Cat 03/15/95-02/25/96 Diane King
Lew Mixed, Part Maine Coon Cat 12 years 10/13/06 Wendy Walker
Lewenna Springador 01/05/11-17/10/13 Sue Carscadden
Lewie Maine Coon Cat 01/01/94-05/01/09 Joe, Dorthea, Jennifer, and Kay
Lewie Miles Domestic Cat 03/97-08/25/12 Trish Miles
Lewie Mix Cat 15 years 05/21/07 Carmen, Logan, Luke, and Jeanette
Lewis Akita/Labrador 08/01/71-11/14/85 Donna Brooks
Lewis Bassett American Short Hair Tabby Cat 11/11/05-05/11/08 Jim Bassett
Lewis Bassett Hound 8-9 years 06/30/09 Stella Neill
Lewis Boxer 27/06/94-23/07/08 Mr & Mrs Bradshaw
Lewis Brown Tabby Kitten 5 months 02/25/10 Teresa Wright
Lewis' Calico Special (Callie) Australian Shepherd 12/05/85-01/01/00 Robin Waldrop
Lewis Cat 03/26/89-01/10/03 Charlotte and Lynn
Lewis Cat 11 years 04/07/11 Amy M
Lewis Cat 12/30/92 Anne
Lewis Cat 14 years 02/17/11 Marnie
Lewis Cat 18 years 09/09/07 Shannon
Lewis Cat 7 1/2 years 10/20/01 Mel & Jake
Lewis Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lewis Dachshund 13 years 04/18/08 Lynn S. Longtine
Lewis Dog 17 years 11/16/02 Gabriel
Lewis German Shepherd 07/08/00-06/27/08 Barry, Debra, Samantha, Jennifer and Christopher
Lewis Golden Retriever 13/09/01-03/06/09 Jodie, Jason, Annalise, Finley and Samuel Brown
Lewis Guinea Pig 2 years 12/10/11 Alicia
Lewis Orange Tabby Cat 7 years 06/11/04 Thalia Ryer
Lewis Red English Bulldog 08/24/91-06/26/03 Stefanie
Lewis Russian Blue Cat 08/97-09/17/98 DC
Lewis Silky Terrier 12 years 02/10/03 Susan Goree
Lewis St Bernard Mix 04/01/00-01/15/10 Cheryl Watkins
Lewis Tiger Striped Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/27/96-06/03/02 Lisa McCorkle
Lewis White Cat 8 years 09/95/02 Lexi Emerton
Lewisburg German Shepherd/Spaniel Mix 09/01/99-05/10/05 Katie
Lewisburg Hines Mix Dog 09/01/99-05/10/05 Katie Hines
LewJack Siberian Husky 06/19/98-02/27/12 The Taylors
Lewus G Pig (Lewy) Albino/Grey Roan Guinea Pig 01/01/02-10/14/02 Danielle
Lewy Vuitton Dillon Lynx Point Siamese Cat 6 years 10/12/09 Jennifer Dillon
Lex All Black German Shepherd 5 years 09/18/99 Deidre
Lex Australian Cattle Dog /Border Collie 02/10/94-01/25/07 Debbie Randolph
Lex Australian Shepherd 15 years 11/23/09 Cindie
Lex Boxer 04/14/15 Jose Maria Lasso
Lex Boxer 08/14/99-02/28/08 Jerry and Blake
Lex Cat 03/01/03 Mike
Lex Cocker Spaniel 06/03/01-08/08/15 Jeff & Susie
Lex Doberman 08/23/00-04/13/12 Mandie Harding
Lex Doberman 8 years 04/04/09 Dori
Lex Doberman/Shepherd 04/15/93-12/26/03 Ann
Lex German Shepherd 11 years 03/30/01 Kim Henry
Lex Golden Retriever, Whippet Cross 14 years 03/06/09 Stacey Astin
Lex Guinea Pig 08/15/02-03/29/04 Jon & Jennifer Conroy
Lex Lab Mix 11/26/02-02/17/14 Toni
Lex Luthor Mixed Dog 2 years 02/26/18 Nicole Miller and Anthony Robinson
Lex Shepherd/Lab Mix 13 years 05/14/06 Lori and Bob Quirk
Lex White and Black Short Hair Cat 11 years 06/09/01 Amy & Kevin
Lexa Dog 10/21/90-09/22/01 Dotty
Lexe German Shepherd 03/02/01-08/03/10 Andi
Lexee Domestic Longhair Cat 06/01/85-06/16/00 Lisa Ann Boyd
Lexi - Alexandria Eugenia Bichon Frise 01/08/96-08/14/09 Barb Carmellini
Lexi Abyssinian Cat 15 plus years 07/12/07 Karen & Scott Curtis
Lexi Afghan Hound 2 years 01/02/97 Sue Roman
Lexi Airedale Terrier 05/23/04-10/07/05 Melissa Meyer
Lexi aka Pookie Bear German Shepherd/Border Collie Mix 7 years 08/13/11 Sherry L. Stevens
Lexi American Eskimo Dog 11 years 01/05/10 Kayce
Lexi American Eskimo X Collie 07/16/04-12/07/07 Samantha Fisher
Lexi Arnold Schipperke 01/29/95-09/10/11 Ron and Susie Arnold
Lexi Austin-Farrell Calico Cat 07/14/97-08/24/08 Korentha & Jay Farrell
Lexi Australian Shepherd Mix 10 years 04/23/12 Cindi Edwards
Lexi Basset Hound 11/17/99-04/06/07 Mom, Lauren, Jen & Danielle Bifulco
Lexi Bassethound/Lab Mix 9 1/2 years 03/20/01 Wendy and Mark McPherson
Lexi Bazlen Leonberger Puppy 07/20/03-05/18/04 Lisa
Lexi Beagle 10 weeks 06/30/09 Samantha
Lexi Beagle/Minpin Mix 11 years 02/03/10 Larry
Lexi Bichon 2004?-09/12/06 Anne
Lexi Bichon 2004-09/12/06 Anne
Lexi Bichon 2004-09/12/06 Anne Culpepper
Lexi Bichon Frise 06/92-02/27/07 Jessica
Lexi Bichon Frise 06/92-27/02/07 Jessica
Lexi Bichon Frise 9 1/2 years 10/27/09 Linda Scott
Lexi Bichon Frise 9 1/2 years 12/18/06 Lila & Neil
Lexi Bichon Frisee Puppy 10/09/03-03/11/04 Marina & George Niznik
Lexi Black and White Cat 07/2009-02/01/13 Amanda V. Jones (Mama)
Lexi Black and White Cat 10/20/03-04/25/05 Katy and Kevin Zeier
Lexi Black Lab German Shepherd Mix 9 years 05/25/10 Tyler Alan Bennett
Lexi Black Labrador Retriever 11/03/97-04/10/08 Renee F. Black
Lexi Black Pug 13 years 04/01/09 Scott Pytluk & Richard Rupp
Lexi Blue Persian Cat 04/03/14 Cindy
Lexi Border Collie Mix 12/08/03-02/16/18 Gary
Lexi Boxer 02/01/99-11/17/12 Cindy
Lexi Boxer 03/15/05-02/07/17 Jennifer
Lexi Boxer 05/05/10-05/20/13 Jen, Rob & Kendall
Lexi Boxer 12/04/04-08/29/07 Nathan & Julia
Lexi Bucklin Border Collie 03/28/04-02/27/09 Andrew, Jessica & Avery Bucklin
Lexi Calico Cat 10/02/10-01/25/19 Alan Gilmour
Lexi Cat 04/01/06-06/17/07 Teri Friedler
Lexi Cat 07/10/09 Ray
Lexi Cat 07/15/10 Kathy
Lexi Cat 07/26/05-05/13/06 Jessica
Lexi Cat 08/31/83-06/26/00 Ingrid
Lexi Cat 12 years 04/29/11 David Brennan
Lexi Chi/Terrier 8 years 01/25/11 Sara Johantgen
Lexi Chihuahua 02/24/13 Teresa Brunner
Lexi Cockapoo 07/15/97-02/23/13 Luara Clark
Lexi Cocker Spaniel 04/01/98-03/28/02 Michael and Sheila Burke
Lexi Cocker Spaniel 06/08/96-10/04/09 Alan and Bekki
Lexi Cocker Spaniel 12 1/2 years 07/31/06 Donita
Lexi Cocker Spaniel 15(?) years 06/07/02 Juanita
Lexi Cocker Spaniel Juanita
Lexi Dachshund 10/18/07-08/01/16 Megan Kelley
Lexi Dachshund 10/18/07-08/01/16 Michelle, Megan, Matthew
Lexi DeYoung Black Netherland Dwarf Mix Bunny 07/23/98-03/22/12 Jan & Don DeYoung
Lexi Doberman 06/05/09-02/12/11 Shirley Stutson
Lexi Dog 04/09/04 Bob and Shelia Rasmussen
Lexi Dog 1 year 8 months 11/05/09 Laura and TJ Lewis
Lexi Dog 2 years 09/09/09 Leslie Ritter
Lexi DSH Cat 15-18 years 01/24/08 Cindi
Lexi Easterday Mixed Dog 4 years 02/12/14 Audrey Easterday
Lexi Elizabeth Dixon Fancy Rat 3 1/2 years 02/04/13 Mary, Matt, Debbie, and Thomas Dixon
Lexi Fox Terrier 11/08/94-10/08/09 Vickie Meffert
Lexi Fritz Dog 02/05/02 Eric Dorn & Jewel Ferrara
Lexi German Shepherd 17 years 10/12/10 Greg
Lexi German Shepherd and Lab 12 years 03/21/16 Josephine
Lexi German Shepherd Cross 4 years 08/31/00 Sue, SVHS
Lexi German Shepherd Mix 08/2000-07/09/10 Shannan
Lexi German Shepherd Mix 12/31/00-10/07/06 Viola Lee
Lexi German Shepherd Mix 12/31/99-10/07/06 Viola Lee
Lexi German Shepherd Mix 15 years 01/08/16 Julie Bird
Lexi German Shepherd Mix 8 years 12/23/02 Norma
Lexi Golden 2000-12/17/06 Brian Kunda
Lexi Golden Retriever 02/01/01-05/23/03 Carrie & Bill Pepper
Lexi Golden Retriever 08/20/08 Frank Melissa Austen Amanda and Connor Hegedus
Lexi Golden Retriever 10 years 02/10/12 Mike
Lexi Golden Retriever Mix 03/09/01-09/25/09 Kelly
Lexi Greyhound 11/17/91-03/03/99 Matt & Holly Steinhauser
Lexi Hicks Shihtzu 1998-2013 Tina Hicks
Lexi Husky 03/01/08-12/25/17 Kasey and Stefanie Marsland
Lexi Indian Dog 02/09/01-01/21/08 Jessie
Lexi Jack Russell 1 year 3 months 06/08/09 Pam
Lexi Jack Russell Cairn Terrier 07/12/04-03/12/19 Jamie McDonald
Lexi Jack Russell Terrier 02/02/12 Kathy and Kyle Orlando
Lexi Jack Russell Terrier 06/27/11-02/27/13 Leah Ashpool
Lexi Jane Turner- May Tortoise Shell Long Hair Cat 03/94-04/30/11 Marta May
Lexi Jo Black Lab 02/14/01-08/04/03 Heather
Lexi Jones Rat Terrier 09/06/11 Pam Jones
Lexi Kock-Rynearson Dachshund 15 years 02/12/10 Heidi Rynearson
Lexi Lab 01/01/07-07/26/09 Whitney Harris
Lexi Lab/Chow Mix 06/22/96-04/04/12 Deborah Aylor-Polisoto
Lexi Lab/Dachshund Mix 08/01/11-03/25/14 Julie B
Lexi Labrador 05/27/07-09/24/16 Janet
Lexi Labrador Retriever 04/16/01-03/19/12 Amy & Mike
Lexi Lipke Toy Poodle 06/14/07-12/06/09 Hanna
Lexi Lou Tabby Cat 14 years 04/02/13 Melissa Keaton
Lexi Lu English Cocker Spaniel 05/28/02-02/20/12 Benny
Lexi Lynn American Eskimo Dog 08/14/90-11/29/02 Brenda J Plourde
Lexi Macartney English Springer Spaniel 15 1/2 years 07/04/09 Patty Macartney
Lexi Maine Coon Cat 7 years 04/87 Beth Morgan
Lexi Maltese 11/24/04-11/03/07 Amy Huntington
Lexi Maltese 12 years 05/10/10 Denny DePalma
Lexi Maltese 12 years 09/21/07 Dennis Duffner
Lexi Maltese 7 years 04/14/09 Ron and Sheila Smith
Lexi Marie Ross Tabby Cat 02/18/06 Jodi Ross
Lexi Marks Cocker Spaniel 02/07/13 Nancy Marks
Lexi Mini Pincher 05/01/04-07/06/06 Adelaide Laurie
Lexi Mini Rex Rabbit 12/97-06/02/98 Stacie Martin
Lexi Miniature Poodle 16 years 10/26/11 Mary Henneberry
Lexi Miniature Schnauzer 09/03/92-06/29/06 Donna Lane
Lexi Mixed Dog 01/03/03-12/20/07 Stephanie Goldfarb
Lexi Mixed Dog 1 year 07/14/02 Jennifer Fried
Lexi Mixed Dog 10/08/09 Amy
Lexi Mixed Dog 5 months 12/15/08 Brandy Peace
Lexi Mutt 01/31/94-02/17/07 Jeanne Keating
Lexi Newfoundland 02/11/06-06/21/16 Kristin, Andy, Peyton, Eliza, and Kai Smith
Lexi Oriental Shorthair Cat 09/29/98-09/15/09 April Hardenbol
Lexi Pendleton Maine Coon Cat 05/97-12/01/10 Perry A Pendleton
Lexi Pit Bull Terrier 12/15/98-04/04/04 Toni Mazzochi
Lexi Poge Chihuahua 5 years 08/20/15 V Clarke
Lexi Pom 10/97-08/25/07 Beth Hall
Lexi Pomeranian 05/10/91-06/16/04 Lisa Friedman
Lexi Poodle 02/24/94-02/16/12 Pegge Rieger
Lexi Pug 10/31/98-08/03/11 Nina Deuskar
Lexi Puggle 09/21/07-03/29/13 Ashley, Eddie, Dustin and Carson
Lexi Pyr/Husky 7 years 02/20/17 Sue and Ray
Lexi Rat Terrier 07/19/01-02/29/08 Linda, David, Michael & Kayla
Lexi Rottie 08/27/03-12/08/04 Phyliss
Lexi Samoyed 12 years 03/22/17 Al, Paula, and Brendan
Lexi Schumacher Chihuahua 09/21/14 Zarah Rivera
Lexi Shar Pei 06/18/98-08/12/02 Beth A. Berk
Lexi Sheltie 10/20/04-01/27/05 Renee
Lexi Sheltie/Border Collie 07/28/96-03/27/08 Jenny Schultz
Lexi Shepherd Mix 12/31/99-10/07/06 Viola Lee
Lexi Shepherd/Lab Mix 11/20/98-05/17/12 Cindy
Lexi Shih Tzu 07/13/93-10/02/10 Matthew Hisko
Lexi Siamese Cat 02/11/90-09/27/06 Carman Grimes
Lexi Siberian Husky 10/01/08-02/06/09 Alicia
Lexi Teacup Chihuahua 12/15/98-12/15/11 Wendy Walsh
Lexi Toot Boston Terrier 2 years 05/23/13 Vicki & Paul Mengelkamp
Lexi Weimaraner 6 years 07/20/09 Cindy
Lexi Westie 07/28/98-05/04/12 Pat Schirmang
Lexi Wirehaired Terrier 04/15/08 Kaye Smith
Lexi xie Chihuahua 02/22/02-02/03/10 Wayne Xie
Lexi Yellow Lab 02/06/04-06/23/10 Sharon and Wayne
Lexi Yorkie 03/24/08-01/16/12 Brittany Hubert
Lexi Yorkie 11/90-09/12/00 Camille
Lexi Yorkshire Terrier 12/28/95-07/11/09 Colleen
Lexi Yorkshire Terrier 15 1/2 years 11/11/09 Madeliene Eggleton
Lexi, aka nuestro Guapisimo Gato, Flauschi-Flauschi, Lexi-Kater, Mäuse-Kater, Härzblettli Tiger Cat 05/94-11/12/11 Stefanie and Andy
LexiBee Mixed Cat 03/28/06-10/11/17 Valerie DeLapp
Lexie - Ornbaun's Electra Charged Labrador Retriever 05/12/99-06/10/12 Karen Johnson
Lexie (Alexandra) Silky Terrier 05/12/89-12/10/06 Brad Grube
Lexie April Joy Black Lab 04/27/96-10/09/96 Kelly
Lexie Belle German Shepherd 05/31/01-10/09/12 Donna Fines
Lexie Bichon Frise 09/05/90-02/18/10 Bonnie Graham
Lexie Birman Cat 12/31/195-05/06/05 Laura R
Lexie Birman Cat 8 years 05/06/05 Laura Kirkpatrick
Lexie Border Collie 01/20/07 Sharon Becker
Lexie Border Collie 09/12/98-01/23/06 Alan Teague
Lexie Boston Terrier 06/03/01-12/08/14 Steve & Joanne Gilmore
Lexie Boxer 12/04/98-07/25/11 Teresa Rodgers
Lexie Calico Cat 05/01/01-05/22/03 Phil & Betsy
Lexie Calico Cat 06/26/86-02/02/04 Sharon
Lexie Carr St. Bernard 8 years 08/14/06 Michelle Carr Kay
Lexie Cat 03/1999-10/2003 Alison Chambers
Lexie Cat 08/22/00-02/27/11 Janelle
Lexie Cat 09/2010 Ally
Lexie Cat 12/01/06-11/16/16 Janie & Sheila
Lexie Cat 12/30/05 Jen, Travis, and Sydney
Lexie Chesapeake Bay Retriever 01/28/92-04/16/02 Sheila and Eric Woodruff and Lottie
Lexie Chihuahua 07/11/11 Melody Rose
Lexie Chihuahua 2003-06/09/12 Sue
Lexie Chihuahua 4 months 06/19/06 Misty Starks
Lexie Chow / Shepherd 9 1/2 years 10/02/06 Eva
Lexie Cocker Spaniel 03/13/96-07/29/08 Sonny York
Lexie Cocker Spaniel 06/14/93-08/05/05 Holly DutenhaferTricia Johnson
Lexie Cocker Spaniel 08/16/89-08/21/06 Pamela Bakowski
Lexie Cocker Spaniel 11/17/96-03/14/09 Dawn Webber
Lexie Corgi 05/06/13 Sue Gullikson
Lexie Dalmatian 09/95-04/14/10 Nancy
Lexie Dingo 05/96-30/09/11 John Gray
Lexie Doberman 11 years 03/02/07 Betty Dodson
Lexie Dog 07/20/98-02/20/12 Sharon Wood
Lexie Dog 2 years 12/13/13 Nicole, James, Joyce, Kaitlyn
Lexie Dog Norfolk, Va. Shelter
Lexie English Springer Spaniel 11/29/94-04/05/04 Angie & Butch Conley
Lexie Ferret 5 years 12/29/04 Ryan and Sarah Rhodes
Lexie German Shepherd 12/02/99-01/04/01 Leigh Hamilton
Lexie German Shepherd 12/21/96-04/14/08 Cynthia L Jacobsen
Lexie German Shepherd Lab Mix 10/31/04-06/14/09 Thomas Nowicki
Lexie Golden Retriever 03/04/95-11/05/06 Susan Wedeman
Lexie Golden Retriever 05/08/99 9 years Barbara Hodges
Lexie Golden Retriever 05/31/96-01/17/08 Melissa Walsh
Lexie Golden Retriever 09/11/00-06/25/10 Robin H
Lexie Golden Retriever 12/17/98-09/16/09 Marlene Pelltz
Lexie Golden Retriever 12/17/98-09/16/09 Marlene Peltz
Lexie Grey and White Long Hair Cat 6 years 10/05/08 Lisa Mae Dewaard
Lexie GSD 3 1/2 years 05/18/07 Andrea
Lexie Hartley Chihuahua Terrier Mix 02/09/08-12/09/09 Jessica Hartely
Lexie Himalayan Rat 1 1/2 years 11/20/07 Jess
Lexie Jack Russell 13 years 11/08/13 Garry Lee
Lexie Jack Russell Terrier 05/05/99-06/20/16 Mary Hampton
Lexie Jack Russell/Rat Terrier 14 years 05/03/18 Denise Thibodeau
Lexie Kimura Yorkie 05/95-09/15/06 Amber Ambrose, Cynthia Kimura, Myra Aucoin, Burney Aucoin
Lexie Longhair Tortishell Cat 11/11/95-07/25/05 Melanie & Darren Withers, Parker & Samantha, & Charlie Kitty
Lexie Lou Cocker/Border Collie 09/97 09/98 Mary Buechel
Lexie Lou Siberian Husky 12 years 04/03/15 Mike Lichtenwalter
Lexie Louise Bichon 8 years 01/09/15 Bonnie Eckard
Lexie Lu Shepherd Mix 03/13/09 Michele Poling
Lexie Lulu Smith Lab 08/31/02-12/01/12 Christie Smith
Lexie Maciel Dog 02/14/11 Kathy Maciel
Lexie Maine Coon Cat 11/13/07 Elizabeth Heelan
Lexie Maltese 2 years 07/11/95 Bev Bianco
Lexie Marie Bessette Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/31/99-05/05/10 Jackie Bessette
Lexie Marie Warren Rottweiler 12/10/97-04/01/08 Sharon Warren
Lexie Martin Yorkshire Terrier 02/25/05-03/06/12 Leanne Martin
Lexie Mini Dachshund Puppy 11/15/08-08/10/09 Megan Himes
Lexie Miniature Schnauzer 01/09/99-03/31/10 Amanda & Kurt Baker
Lexie Miniature Schnauzer 01/27/96-01/24/08 Maria Turner
Lexie Miniature Schnauzer 08/02/07-04/04/18 Renee
Lexie Miniature Sheltie 06/01/06-04/07/19 Debi
Lexie Mixed Dog 05/15/98-02/03/12 Shirley Homan
Lexie Mixed Dog 2007 Karen
Lexie Nichols Mixed Dog 06/10/99-07/02/11 Crystal Nichols
Lexie Pearl Westie 15 years 2007 Danielle Goldglantz
Lexie Persian Cat 4 years 10/11/03 Alison Chambers
Lexie Pit Bull 01/17/00-02/11/06 Carissa Nixon
Lexie Pointer Rottweiler Mix 08/12/09-12/29/18 Jennifer Carlstrom
Lexie Pomeranian 03/17/02-10/06/05 Lee and Barbara Ryglinski
Lexie Pomeranian 10 years 12/18/12 Beth Mills
Lexie Poodle 02/84-07/01/00 Libby and Deanna
Lexie Pug 04/01/07-01/17/08 Yvonne Goldman
Lexie Pug 05/28/03-12/17/11 Amber Cwikla
Lexie Pug 8 years 02/06/11 Kathy Rajcevich
Lexie Ragdoll Cat 2 years 11/09/08 Monica & Mike Feltes
Lexie Rottweiler 1 1/2 years 12/19/00 John Allen
Lexie Rottweiler 11/01/92-04/21/00 Tiffanie
Lexie Schnauzer 07/07/89-06/23/02 Lynn
Lexie Sheltie 05/03/98-07/09/13 Whitney and Jill Martin
Lexie Shep and Husky 05/09/94-10/16/06 Cindy
Lexie Shetland Sheepdog 12 years 05/12/11 Kristine
Lexie Shih Tzu 05/14/93-01/19/04 Jill Collins
Lexie Shih Tzu 12/22/95-05/31/10 Rhonda Matlak
Lexie Shih-Tzu 16 years 10/02/10 Kathleen Johnson
Lexie Shitzhu 07/03/95-09/06/09 Melissa Rashbaum
Lexie Siamease Cat born 12/95, died Jan 22, 2003 Cheryl Steffen
Lexie Staffordshire Bull Terrier 13 years 20th Dec 2006 Fiona
Lexie Steve & Deb Fenske
Lexie Thomas American Staffordshire - Pit 02/14/99-02/05/12 Tifany Thomas
Lexie Tortoiseshell Mix Cat 8 years 09/10/07 Jill Borden
Lexie Tri-Color Collie 10/23/93-06/22/05 Frank & Bev Hess
Lexie Vincent Cocker Spaniel 14 years 07/06/09 Sarah Vincent
Lexie Weimaraner Puppy 10/26/08-11/21/08 Rachel Peebles
Lexie Westie 6 1/2 years 11/ 15/11 Vanessa
Lexie Whippet 10/21/97-01/15/11 David, Christy & Carson
Lexie Yellow Lab 11/10/02-03/08/13 Dan, Lori, Jacob & Sydney
Lexie Yorkie 10 years 10/18/09 Molly
Lexie's Midnight Star Black Lab 10/30/96-01/24/98 The Cargile Family
Lexilou Mixed Dog 01/01/00-04/10/15 Karen Smith
Lexington (Lexi) Golden 02/02/07 Cecelia Smith
Lexington (Lexie) Rotty/Shepherd 03/15/96-02/27/05 Amy Chagnon
Lexington German Shepherd 10 years 12/26/97 Shelley
Lexington June Dalmatian 03/23/95-05/17/02 Steve & Deb Fenske
Lexis Cat 16 years 08/27/10 Edna Taber
Lexis Denson Deer Chihuahua 07/15/01-11/05/11 Jim & Subrena Denson
Lexi's Jet Girl Doberman Pinscher 08/20/05-03/12/12 Celie Horne
Lexis Johnson Boxer 07 years 10/52/09 Patricia Johnson
Lexis Johnson Boxer 5 years 10/52/09 Patricia Johnson
Lexis Pit/Boxer 02/07/03 Mary Peret
Lexis Pomeranian 03/18/96-06/14/06 Cynthia Lesko
Lexis Rottweiler 12/92-07/01 Sabrina Alexander
Lexis Vom Junggessellental Rottweiler 12/22/92-08/01 Sabrina Alexander-Hoover & Michael Hoover
Lexis Wood Oriental Short Hair Cat 06/12/12 Lynn
Lexis Yellow Lab 06/00-06/2006 Jenne Garrett
Lexter and Shelby Cats Laurin Heineman
Lexter Cat 12/14/88-06/19/06 Laurin
Lexus (Lexi) Gelinas Chihuahua 01/06/07-10/11/15 Sandy and Gerry Gelinas
Lexus aka: Pinky Lee, Pinker Stinker, Lex, Lexus from Texas, Litlle Lex Boxer 09/15/98-2007 Stephanie Shackleford
Lexus American Bulldog 09/14/14 Tajah Woolard
Lexus American Red Nose Pit Bull 06/01/02-09/25/08 Her Mommy Julie
Lexus Australian Shepherd 06/02/00 Stacy Hamilton
Lexus Beagle Mix 13 years 05/26/09 Phyllis Goodwin
Lexus Belgian Sheepdog 12/19/96-04/07/09 Cheryl Chambers
Lexus Belgium Malinois 09/29/93-02/14/05 Marvin & Donna
Lexus Bernese Mountain Dog 12 years 9 months 12/26/08 Susanne
Lexus Black Lab - German Shepherd Cross 12 years 11/12/13 Lisa Thompson
Lexus Black Lab 08/13/99-09/24/12 Bridget
Lexus Black Labrador Retriever 07/25/97-01/14/02 The Corsi Family
Lexus Boxer 02/05/99-07/22/03 Pam & Larry
Lexus Burton Tabby Cat 09/97-12/06/10 Will Burton
Lexus Cat 04/01/09 Marcie M
Lexus Cat 06/10/97-04/14/00 Jennifer Woods
Lexus Chihuahua 10 years 11/08/11 Jim & Subrena Denson
Lexus Chow Mix 15 years 11/06/06 Erin
Lexus Dalmatian 04/03/92-12/30/04 Jenn Martello
Lexus Doberman 09/16/97-11/21/07 Michelle
Lexus Doberman Pinscher 11/09/95-08/26/07 Monciela & Tom Vlahos
Lexus Dog 01/28/13 Carrie Bowers
Lexus Dog 04/08/92-07/07/08 Arlene
Lexus Dusz Domestic White Cat 12 years 08/04/09 Laura Dusz
Lexus Flatcoat Retriever 11/17/04 Andrea Hampton
Lexus German Shepherd 07/10/01-03/10/05 Laura Hamm, Chris Horton, Vicki Hamm
Lexus Giant Schnauzer 05/01/95-01/06/04 Kelly and Wayne
Lexus Golden Retriever 4 years Mitch
Lexus Himalayan Cat 12 years 05/18/12 Beth & Josh
Lexus Hunter Mixed Dog 12 years 05/21/10 Victoria Hunter
Lexus Kasten Shepherd/Rott Mix 03/15/97-06/07/10 Tracy
Lexus Keeshond 12 years 05/25/10 Cristine Kennedy
Lexus Labrador/Border Collie 07/04/98-09/23/11 Karen
Lexus Lamberti Boxer 04/15/99-03/07/11 Lamberti Family
Lexus Lou Chihuahua 01/06/07-10/11/15 Sandy and Gerry Gelinas
Lexus Marie Lab/Golden Mix 02/19/03-01/02/04 Justin Gibson
Lexus Marie Martinez Cocker Spaniel 01/03/02-02/11/13 Emily Martinez
Lexus Mini-Doxie 04/05/02-03/05/08 Susan & David
Lexus Missy Rottie 06/15/94-08/17/09 Val & John Mazzeo
Lexus of Kenwood Vizsla 07/11/94-03/07/03 Carol Herbert
Lexus Pitbull Mix 07/01/96-11/08/10 Lynn
Lexus PixieBob Cat 9 years 08/16/11 Kari Maguire
Lexus Poodle 12/31/93-05/19/09 Starr Moffett
Lexus Rottweiler 10/07/96-08/23/10 Jessica Colon
Lexus Rottweiler 11 years 07/27/09 Doris
Lexus Rottweiler 1997-01/2008 Janet Evans Webb
Lexus San Nicolas Bulldog 6 years Juan and Chris San Nicolas
Lexus Shar Pie 02/01/97-07/13/09 Jamie Colvett
Lexus Sherren Collie Mix 1997-09/14/11 Colleen Sherren
Lexus Thalmann DSH Cat 13 years 10/21/06 Anne Thalmann
Lexus Thomason Black Cocker Spaniel 07/25/99-01/25/09 Mark, Cathy and Kirsten Thomason
Lexus Trumbach Pitbull 14 years 11/25/11 Chris Trumbach
Lexus, GoldenAcres Keys To A Treasure Golden Retriever 04/12/99-10/30/11 Melinda Davis
Lexx Dog 5 years 04/27/97 Liz Pelonzi
Lexxi Cocker Spaniel 1995-12/27/04 Donna
Lexxi Domestic Cat 4 years 04/24/06 Jessica
Lexxi Lou Pug Mix 12/30/01-12/23/11 Amanda
Lexxie Golden Retriever 10/07/07-12/04/09 Sylvie Keringer
Lexxus Great Dane 02/05/11 Patti Boman (Erik and Dawn's Girl)
Lexxus Siberian Husky 12 years 10/06/04 Lisa Shimota
Lexy Bichon 12/30/90-11/04/05 Pat
Lexy Black American Cocker Spaniel 28/02/99-07/02/02 Tuula Pajak
Lexy Black Labrador 10/12/97-05/15/07 Tyler Smith
Lexy Black Labrador Retriever 10 years 01/10/16 Brian Tellier
Lexy Border Collie 03/10/96-04/26/09 Karen Larson and Richard Murray
Lexy Calico Cat 1991-12/13/03 Angi Kridler
Lexy Cat 12 years 06/29/06 Kellee
Lexy Chinese Hairless Crested Dog 07/10/94-11/02/09 Dawn N
Lexy Cockatiel 02/28/95-05/25/06 Cheryl Denton
Lexy Cocker Spaniel 11/14/98-03/18/08 Liz Bachtle
Lexy Cocker Spaniel 3 years 04/28/09 Cindy Benner
Lexy Domestic Long Hair Tuxedo Cat 10/96-07/08/12 Lempy
Lexy Golden Retriever 01/03/99-04/24/08 Jennifer and Donald
Lexy Hatch (aka Lexus, Boo Boo, Noodles, Doodles, Woowooz, Noonooz, Lambchops, Baby Boo) Dalmatian 01/18/01-07/21/15 Jessica Julian (Daughter), Riley and Marla Hatch (Parents)
Lexy Jo Schwarte Beagle 03/13/05-09/18/05 Stacy & Dameian Schwarte
Lexy Kitten 07/24/02 Jen
Lexy Lab. Retriever 14 years 09/23/00 Clark Thomas
Lexy Labrador Retriever 06/08/02-09/08/05 Angie
Lexy Lahso Apso 18 years 2008 John Stower
Lexy Lamelle Lhasa Apso 6 years 02/11/07 Karen Lamelle
Lexy Lipke Toy Poodle 05/14/07-12/06/09 Hanna Lipke
Lexy Maine Coon Kitten 7 months 10/26/10 Stephanie
Lexy Max Golden Retriever 07/11/09 Don, Julie, Kayla & Olivia Max
Lexy Mixed Dog 04/01/98-02/16/12 Sharon
Lexy Pebbles Edwards Rottweiler/Lab 04/15/96-09/28/08 The Edwards Family
Lexy Pup 3 years 10/04/00 Jessica
Lexy Rat Terrier 11/21/93-12/20/04 Theresa, John, Ian Fowler
Lexy Rottweiler 08/07/93-06/29/00 Theresa
Lexy Sable Ferret 5 years 03/26/98 Merriwether Olejniuk
Lexy Shar Pey/Chow 9 years 05/30/07 Stephanie Merton
Lexy Sheltie Puppy 09/03/03-01/06/04 Amy
Lexy Siamese Mix Cat 16 years 07/31/06 Lisa Altman
Lexy Tabby Cat 02/01/16 Victoria
Lexy Terrier Mix 10/31/94-07/13/11 Lyla Babcock
Lexy Yorkie 08/16/05 Lindsay Conner
Lexy Yorkie 5 years 01/04/06 Patty
Leya Doberman 07/08/98-08/17/10 Diana Cats
Leyla Horse 14 years 10/04/08 Maiccu Kostiainen
Leyla Rat Terrier 07/03/05-10/31/09 Jacqueline Lipka
Leyla Tabby Cat 8 months 04/03/02 Natalie Hermosillo & Natalie Hermosillo
Leylah ABDA Chocolate Brindle American Pitbull Terrier 10/29/00-07/07/06 Adrian Kumanji
Leyna Cat 08/07/87-08/16/05 Luanne
LG (Little Girl) Cat 7 years 11/30/16 Cheryl and Jay Peaslee
LG American Short Hair Cat 03/24/99-10/26/02 Diane Virginia Avery
LG Cat 05/22/13 JR
LG Cat 24 March 99 to 26 October 02 Diane V. Avery
LG Domestic Short-Hair/Tortie Cat 03/24/99-10/26/02 Diane V. Avery
Lhasa Lhasa Apsa 19 years 11/26/04 Judy Odom
Lhasie Llasa Apso 11/08/89-10/18/04 Judy Knopf
Lhotse Blue Point Himalayan Cat 03/27/83-05/28/01 Jennifer Hurd Claerr
Lhotse Lhasa Apso 07/10/88-08/27/03 Elynn and Tony Clayton
Lhotse Samoyed 10 years 05/12/11 Larry Tusoni
Li Li Shih Tzu 01/12/02 Glenita Domansky
Lia German Shepherd 11.6 years 10th September 2008 Sue Carter
Lia Torty Cat 05/05/11-02/01/12 Suzi M
Liam 10/29/96 Debra Mcguire
Liam ASH Cat 1 year 03/26/04 Linda Kloran
Liam Beck Shih-Tzu 07/20/97-04/14/14 Tricia Nixon
Liam Black Lab 10 1/2 years 04/17/19 Ken Milligan
Liam Borzoi 09/15/02-07/02/12 Tina Whisnant
Liam Cat 02/17/08-01/04/16 Brittany Vaughan
Liam Cat 05/26/99-01/24/01 Jenny Cann
Liam Cat 5 years 11/22/07 Nick
Liam Cat at The Whiskers’ Syndicate 04/22/16 Josie L.
Liam European Shorthair Cat 03/28/94-03/13/06 Milanca Kooij
Liam Longhaired Domestic Cat 04/01/06-06/23/07 Mommy (Kim)
Liam Mix Dog 18 years 04/01/14 Carla Suel
Liam Nowlan Shepherd, Husky, Lab Mix 03/05/99-06/07/12 Lynne Nowlan
Liam Watchers Tuxedo Cat 09/14/06-11/16/07 Laura Watchers
Liamy Barnes English Bulldog 12/06/98-12/29/08 Karen Barnes
Li-An Chow 10/02/03-04/20/06 Cec
Liao Pekingese 12/21/06 Linda Cribb
Libbey Boston Terrier 07/11/01-12/12/11 Andrea
Libbi Golden Retriever 12/17/03-11/18/14 Amy
Libbie Basset Hound 03/07/09 Patrice Hartigan
Libbie Lou Sailors Tri Color Cocker Spaniel 07/13/02-12/15/11 Lisa
Libby (Elizabeth) Brittany 14 years 08/13/09 Luke, Cheryl and Dave
Libby (Fantique's Liberty Belle) Shih Tzu 06/02/98-04/30/14 Sharyn Blair
Libby (Liberty) Pug 10/15/02-07/31/07 Jaime Harrison
Libby (Yibby) Cat 01/08/88-03/12/04 Shelley, Doug, Sara, David & Megan
Libby a.k.a Libby Bear, Libby Dog, Sweet Cheeks Golden Retriever 09/01/94-11/01/07 Maureen, Annmarie and Michelle
Libby aka Fur Doggie DSH Cat 05/23/89-10/01/04 Sue and Joseph Lindley
Libby aka Libby the Maxi-Beagle, Pinkerton, Pinka, and Pinky 08/24/95-08/28/09 Harold, Ruby & Danette
Libby aka Liberty Rosebelle Golden Retriever 06/16/02-06/06/08 Deb & David and Gretchen
Libby American Eskimo Dog 15 years 7 months 03/02/10 Chuck & Kathy Spooner
Libby American Eskimo Spitz 11/12/13 Linda
Libby Australian Cattle Dog 10/97-10/20/08 Tina
Libby Australian Shepherd 05/89-03/09/04 Aileen Zanteson
Libby Australian Shepherd 07/04/87-04/05/99 Chandler M. Brown
Libby Beagle 07/18/01-04/22/13 Lani
Libby Beagle and Schipperke 07/04/01-10/22/13 Leah
Libby Beige-Striped Cat 17 years 03/03/03 Mommy and EJ and Cleo
Libby Bichon Frise 04/10/99-11/19/09 Donna Lackey
Libby Bichon Frise 10/83-06/06/00 John, Esther and Beau
Libby Black and White Maine Coon Cat 16 years 11/29/01 Brenda
Libby Black Domestic Short Hair Cat 05/18/93-06/01/11 Kimberly Fiddler
Libby Black Lab/Shepherd 05/15/85-05/22/99 Kate
Libby Border Collie 03/26/95-07/30/09 Joanne Eudy
Libby Border Collie 12/25/91-10/01/03 Sandy & Jim Lane DVM
Libby Boxer 02/21/02-10/2004 Lore and Carl
Libby Boxer 03/14/90-05/27/01 Edy & Tony
Libby Boyd Beagle 02/24/12 Lori Boyd
Libby Calico Cat 18 years 06/94 Diane and Steve
Libby Calico Cat 19 years 10/10/15 Jay and Cheryl Peaslee
Libby Calico Kitten 06/03/99 Rachel
Libby Cat 07/04/96-06/01/10 Maria
Libby Cat 1 1/2 years 03/23/00 Sue, SVHS
Libby Cat 10/07/91-12/08/09 Michele
Libby Cat 11 years 11/14/95 One4anmls
Libby Chihuahua Mix 17 years 11/29/14 Bob, Gretchen and Andrew
Libby Chihuahua/Rat Terrier 09/01/83-01/25/99 Kent and Vicki
Libby Choc Lab 08/13/97-08/09/06 Frank Pennucci
Libby Chow 15 years 08/10/07 Lou and Donna Marino
Libby Christian Golden Retriever 07/27/98-06/26/09 Vhonda Christian
Libby Cocker Spaniel 02/07/06 Lorelei Rounds
Libby Cocker Spaniel 05/22/06-12/07/12 Nancy Carter
Libby Cocker Spaniel 07/04/99-10/10/11 Cathy
Libby Cocker/Terrier Mix 08/15/90-12/28/95 Christine Bailey
Libby Collie Cross 10 years 11/08/03 Wayne & Patty Haworth
Libby Dachshund 01/24/94-10/15/08 Brie Rogers
Libby Dachshund 16 years Jim and Sylvia
Libby Dee Taylor Fox Hound Dog/daughter 07/22/04 Monica and Erik
Libby Doberman 03/17/98-01/15/09 Christy
Libby Dog 05/31/94-02/23/06 Danny Ciccariello
Libby Dog 06/27/89-01/13/05 Jamie and Doug Henry
Libby Dog 10/14/15 Pat & Fred
Libby Dog 11/06/94-06/02/09 Maribeth Clark
Libby Dog 2 years Vicki & her sister Terri Onorato
Libby Domestic Long Hair Cat 07/04/99-04/13/05 Beatriz
Libby Domestic Longhair Cat 07/01/97-08/30/10 Jackie Cochran
Libby English Mastiff 7+ years 02/04/05 Patty & Heather Leis
Libby English Springer Spaniel 01/27/03 Adopted-07/29/07 Phil and Pam Brown
Libby Fawn Pug 4 1/2 years 07/31/07 Jamie & Lori
Libby German Shepherd/ Golden Retriever 01/14/03-07/15/03 Jeff & Amy
Libby German Shorthair 04/22/97-08/07/08 Brenda S. Adams
Libby Girl Siamese Cat 06/88-02/04/04 Barbara Flynn
Libby Golden 09/09/04-07/29/16 Ellen Eaton
Libby Golden Retriever 01/21/01-11/01/11 Andrew Donalds
Libby Golden Retriever 05/09/04-02/23/06 Amy and Gary
Libby Golden Retriever 06/19/01-07/20/10 Zack, Zoe, Joel, Ellen
Libby Golden Retriever 12/05/01-08/25/14 Diana Pico
Libby Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab 01/01/98-07/13/06 Josh, Laura & Jeff Ukowich
Libby Golden/Lab/Cocker Mix 10/01/83-08/13/98 The Becks
Libby Gray Tabby Cat 04/01/80-10/31/00 Sandy
Libby Guy Border Collie 02/13/09 Barb O'Connell
Libby Hound 07/17/12 Donna Thomas-Krabbe
Libby Hound Mix 07/01/01-03/15/12 Chris Buell
Libby Jack Russell 02/01/01-05/28/05 Gary Brophy
Libby Jewel Mixed Dog 03/04/92-03/30/09 Beth and Mollie
Libby Joy Lab/Rotti/Bulldog 07/30/06-02/18/07 Jenn
Libby Lab 08/06/04-10/15/11 Jen
Libby Lab 10 years 05/18/10 Irene Kipp
Libby Lab 11/11/00-09/20/12 The Holien Family
Libby Lab 13 years 02/01/14 Chuck, Sandy, Justin, Charles
Libby Lab Mix 05/02/04-10/12/06 Sarah Tidd
Libby Lab/Pit Mix 11 years 04/11/01 Gail Costa
Libby Labrador 02/97-08/12/09 Debbie M & Jim D
Libby Labrador Retriever 04/17/91-08/10/03 Tom
Libby Labrador Retriever 05/18/97-11/13/04 Danielle Kemmerly
Libby Leigh Daqulanto Cat 11/27/96-04/10/08 Donna Daqulanto Jarmel
Libby Lejins German Shepherd 08/15/00-08/02/08 Margaret Lejins
Libby Lobstein Cocker Spaniel 01/29/07 Lisa Lobstein
Libby Long Haired Chihuahua 10/2001-05/11/11 Ashley Potter
Libby Loo Wilson Boston Terrier 9 years 12/21/07 Diana Wilson
Libby Lou Dachshund 11/15/05 Jill Russell
Libby Lou English Bulldog 06/26/04-03/07/14 Jamie & Billy Lohman
Libby Lou Ferrell Chihuahua 04/18/95-03/14/10 Halli Jade Winsett
Libby Lu Maltese/Chihuahua 04/17/08 Janne Swearengen
Libby Lu Shin Tzu 10/20/04-12/20/16 Lisa Doerge
Libby Lumley Dog 07/04/99-10/10/11 Cathy Lumley
Libby Madonna Pit Bull Mix 9 years 03/26/10 Scott Madonna
Libby Maine Coon Cat 15 years 01/26/19 Pamela F
Libby Maltese 06/10/92-02/11/09 Pat and Greg and Megan Allmendinger
Libby Mini Dachshund 08/28/98-03/02/12 Kurt & Robin Jones
Libby Miniature Pinscher 10/14/01-03/26/05 Connie Qual
Libby Miniature Schnauzer 14 years 03/06/04 Debby Lauber
Libby Mixed Cat 06/15/12 Sandy Hamlyn
Libby Montana Dachshund 02/18/01-04/05/05 Linda Madzey
Libby Newfoundland 09/13/95-08/06/07 Marilyn and Jack Stewart
Libby Norfolk Terrier 12/12/92-11/09/06 Susan & Helene Wolk
Libby Nova Scotian Duck Toller Retriever 05/12/96-03/28/05 Catone Family
Libby Pit Bull Mix 4 years 01/25/17 Natalia
Libby Pomeranian 03/24/91-01/22/02 Dorothy Peters
Libby Pug 03/15/08-10/23/09 Theresa Wimberley
Libby Pug 3 years 10/2009 Theresa Wimberley
Libby Rottweiler 04/10/04-01/30/10 Laura Sorrells
Libby Rottweiler 10/11/92-04/09/99 Carol
Libby Schnauzer 12 years 02/08/99 Linda Madison
Libby Schnauzer/Toy Fox Terrier 05/28/91-06/27/08 Carol Thurber
Libby Schulz Dog 09/22/93-07/12/08 Amy & Dan Schulz
Libby Shaggy White Terrier/Jack Russell Mix 1 1/2 years 07/24/03 The Long Family : Cathy, Lindsay, Charlie, P.D., & Rambo
Libby Sheltie 03/03/95-04/10/03 Sheila
Libby Sheltie 04/27/12-08/22/17 Christine Hudson
Libby Sheltie 10/10/92-10/23/06 The Solomon Family
Libby Sheltie 10/13/88-12/20/99 Randi
Libby Sheltie 11/07/87-04/05/01 Diana
Libby Siamese Cat 12/03/01-04/09/11 Russ Sawyer
Libby Siamese Cat 6 years 03/03/03 Jody Pettersen
Libby Siberian Forest Cat 04/04/02-09/08/07 Sandy, John, Jarred and Faith
Libby Smooth Coated Collie 02/17/06-01/01/14 Anita
Libby Springer Spaniel 07/19/83-09/03/97 Gail Sanders Palestine
Libby Sue Hamlyn Tuxedo Cat 03/01/95-06/15/12 Randy, Sandy, Emma and Lily
Libby Tabby Cat 11 years 10/07/10 Melissa
Libby Tabby Cat 12/02/92-06/17/07 Bonny
Libby Tabby Siamese Cat 11/01/94-02/19/07 Dana Moseley
Libby Terrier Cross Rachel Conway
Libby Terry Border Collie/Blue Heeler 13 years 11/24/07 Matt, Kathy and Heather Terry
Libby 'The Goose' Miniature Schnauzer 10/01/00-09/12/06 Sam and Kathy Purll
Libby Wayloo Tabby Cat 19 years 03/14/07 Jo
Libby Westie 06/15/89-12/10/04 Melissa Cole
Libby Yellow Lab 10/02/00-10/11/10 Lisa Gruenthal
Libby Yellow Lab 11/13/07 Jack, Lisa, Allie, Katie, and Brianna
Libby Yellow Tiger Cat 05/18/00-01/06/07 Lew & Eunice Wescott
Libby Yorkie 17 years 04/25/14 Mike & Jerri
Libby Yorkie Poo 07/04/96-03/14/08 John and Sandy Gostkowski
Libby Yorkshire Terrier 05/28/94-08/24/08 Janie Johnson
Libby Yorkshire Terrier 11/14/95-02/15/09 Lori Howerton
Libby-Liberty, Belle of Amherst Black Toy Poodle 03/16/89-10/12/01 Ron & Marilyn
LibbyLouise Tonkinese Cat 04/01/99-03/13/05 Patty and Dennis Magyar
Libert Grace Newfoundland 04/05/10-06/13/18 Samantha
Libertine Black Berkshire Rat 12/2005-01/08/08 Jennifer Risenburg
Liberty (aka Libby) Dalmatian 12/04/93-10/27/04 Danielle & Keith Andres
Liberty (Libby) APBT 02/2002-11/27/02 Kerstin Ballard
Liberty (Libby) Miniature Schnauzer 07/27/01-09/08/11 Brian & Jenny Tschirhart
Liberty (Libby) White Sheltie 11/04/96-01/01/09 Mark and Sue White
Liberty Arab Horse 07/04/99-10/20/06 Joe & Mary Lamphere
Liberty Belle Golden Retriever 05/26/95-09/23/00 Marcia and Sebastien
Liberty Belle Great Dane 03/29/04-09/15/09 Jackie Brown
Liberty Belle Pug 04/27/98-02/16/08 Juli Kruszynski
Liberty Belle Yorkie-Poo 03/20/02-02/06/06 Betty Reed
Liberty Black Lab 12/01/10 Barb
Liberty Bluepoint Siamese Cat 07/04/90 Missy
Liberty Boxer 7 years 02/10/04 Anne Taylor
Liberty Cat 6 months 12/28/01 B A Malone
Liberty Chinchilla 4 years 01/19/06 Kristy Graham
Liberty Cocker Spaniel 10/19/01-03/07/06 Kelly Drackert
Liberty Conure 10/31/77-07/19/02 Roseann & Frank Yurasits
Liberty Coonhound 10 years 12/28/06 Sharon McGuire
Liberty Dalmatian 05/21/93-08/15/06 Kathy Hankins
Liberty Dog 07/04/00-01/07/12 Gisele
Liberty Dog 14 years 05/25/01 Rebecca Fouts
Liberty Fire Wolf Hybrid 01/05/91-03/04/95 Cindy
Liberty Golden Retriever 05/08/98-12/03/08 Debra
Liberty Golden Retriever 07/07/04-10/25/04 Leslie
Liberty Great Dane 03/08/02-11/15/11 Kristin, Patrick, Grace, and Trent
Liberty Great Dane 09/17/01-11/23/10 Lisa, Katie Tyler and Matt
Liberty Great Dane 6 1/2 years 07/23/10 Amy Chambers
Liberty Greyhound 04/15/02-03/16/12 John and Michael Reinert
Liberty Heather Schnauzer 07/04/90-04/20/06 Peg Kishel
Liberty Labrador Retriever 10 years 10/17/11 Audra & Mike Guthrie
Liberty 'Libby' Brooks Shepherd/Lab Mix 04/12/01-07/26/13 Mandy Brooks
Liberty 'Libby' Schulz Terrier Mix 07/12/08 Dan and Amy Schulz
Liberty Lovedog Chihuahua 07/03/02-09/29/07 Marianne Costello
Liberty Maine Coon Cat 10/21/93-02/24/06 Justine Owens
Liberty Maltipoo 11/09/10-07/23/13 Susie
Liberty Miniature Schnauzer 11/17/08-06/28/08 Nathaly Torres
Liberty Miniature Sicilian Donkey 07/04/04-09/26/04 Christine Lawrence
Liberty Mixed Dog 07/04/82-01/03/98 George, Joy, and Danielle Johnston
Liberty Pit Bull 10/28/07-02/21/09 Karen Ramsey
Liberty Pointer/Lab Mix 1 1/2 years 10/05/00 Sue, SVHS
Liberty Rottweiler 10 years 03/22/12 Rob & Jolene VanMalsen
Liberty Schnauzer 07/02/90-04/20/06 Peg
Liberty Shetland Sheepdog 02/08/99-04/26/12 Dwight Morrison
Liberty Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier 06/14/02-07/02/06 Pat
Liberty White and Black Short Hair Cat 10 years 03/01/10 Trisha
Liberty-Libby Lou Boxer 11 years 06/2008 Nadine
Liberty's Sable of Bear Pond Black Labrador Retriever 02/07/87-07/19/02 Mary Jane and Walt Moeller
Liberty's Summer Tiller Golden Retriever 05/24/97 Tracy Fink
Libi Cat 09/27/07 Candice
Libra Laxineta Westie Mix 19 years 6 months 06/02/07 Paul Laxineta
Libra Libby Cat 10/08/91-12/07/09 Michelle Velez
Library Carter Grey Tabby DSH Cat 05/00-05/08/09 Holly Carter
Libris White Cat Cheryl
Lic Black Shorthair Cat 06/89-04/02/02 Brianna
Lic Cat 11/01/82-01/15/99 Beckie Flynn
Lica Japanese Spitz 8 years 22/08/04 Sharon Bennett
Lichen Green Anole Lizard 2 years 09/20/01 Danielle Cameron
Lick Cat 15 years 07/09/04 Michele Cocchiaro
Licker Jet-Black Cat 15 years 08/01/02 Carmen & Mark
Licker Orange Tabby Cat 9 years 11/17/02 Kimberly Conners
Licker Rodent 03/2005-05/11/09 PJ
Lickety Split Arabian Horse 03/21/79-01/28/05 June, Jennifer, and Family
Lickity Chihuahua 04/11/06-11/15/07 Angie Allen
Lickity Grey Domestic Shorthair Cat 4 years 11/09/03 Daniel Rogers
Licks Cat 06/19/02-05/31/05 Robyn Wagner
Licky Dog (Pindah Lickoyee) 15 years and 8 months 09/27/02 Henry Reilly
Licky Ricky Chihuahua 04/08/00-09/02/11 Gabby
Licky Short Haired Black Guinea Pig 04/01/00-12/22/07 Tracye and Aly
Licorice & Callie Black & White Labs 14 1/2 & 14 years 10/2004 & 08/2004 Sharon Lacy
Licorice (Dinger-Doo) German Shepherd/Chow Mix 04/08/98-06/30/11 Ali Montano
Licorice (Licky) B&W DSH Cat 18 years 01/04/02 Louise Fitzpatrick
Licorice (Licky) Cat 16 years 07/13/03 Linny & Ed Price
Licorice (Licky) Shepherd 12/18/82-10/03/98 Peggy Baxter
Licorice (Our Lic) Black Cocker spaniel 01/15/04 The Kent Family
Licorice B&W Longhair Tuxedo Cat 12 years 09/27/05 Miriam Katz
Licorice Black Cat 16 years Linny & Ed Price
Licorice Black Cat 26 years 07/29/02 Alyssa
Licorice Black Domestic Short Hair Cat 1988-2006 V.B & J. W
Licorice Black DSH Cat 15 years 10/15/12 Liz
Licorice Black Lab 10 years 02/25/04 Aimee
Licorice Black Lab 4 years 09/31/06 Jessica, Samantha & Derek
Licorice Black Lab Mix 12 years 10/19/04 Paula Martin
Licorice Black Short Hair Tabby Cat 1991-09/07/00 Christina Peplow
Licorice Border Collie Mix 15-16 years 08/24/06 Lisa, Ray, Anna & Daniel Eberle-Mayse
Licorice Boston Terrier/Chihuahua 12/25/95-09/25/09 Kristi
Licorice Boxer 06/07/90-07/29/98 Carol Dunn
Licorice Cat 02/04/15 Lori
Licorice Cat 04/13/12 Janet Burns
Licorice Cat 06/11/10 Dorothy Acquaviva
Licorice Cat 07/04/85-01/23/01 Melanie and Kristin Larocque
Licorice Cat 08/14/89-03/25/99 Eileen Kelly
Licorice Cat 08/15/07 Lauren
Licorice Cat 08/15/96-02/26/15 Elizabeth Portillo
Licorice Cat 11/04/00-09/12/05 Lori Stave
Licorice Cat 16 years 07/04/00 Whitney
Licorice Cat 17-18 years 06/10/10 Dorothy Acquaviva
Licorice Chihuahua Mix 1978-05/11/92 Wendy Griggs
Licorice Chow/Collie 09/25/97-09/05/12 Cindy and Jerry Wigglesworth
Licorice Cock-A-Peek-A-Poo 09/11/81-08/23/99 The Hoseks
Licorice Cocker Spaniel 8 years 05/13/04 Judi Beckendorf
Licorice Cocker Spaniel Melissa
Licorice Dog 03/22/84-07/09/96 Felicia D'Elia
Licorice Dog 03/25/12 Barbara Stillinger
Licorice Dog 06/21/89-09/26/04 Pattie Weldon
Licorice Dog 2 years 09/09/97 Sara Ford
Licorice Dog 8 years 01/15/11 Ed Carp
Licorice Dog Carol
Licorice Domestic Longhair Cat 03/21/00-04/11/14 Diane Calkins
Licorice Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/02/05 James Sumner / Greg Chiappelloni
Licorice Domestic Short Hair Cat 9 years 05/16/93 Robin
Licorice Dwarf Bunny 1999-06/12/04 Susan Reese
Licorice European Black Bear Hamster 2 years 09/25/05 Jenna
Licorice Jang Chinese Shar-Pei 10 years 09/28/10 Dianne
Licorice Lab Mix 14 years 05/13/00 Nancy Brancato
Licorice Lederhosen Leregger Long Hair Kitten 08/26/01-10/21/01 Susan & Jennifer
Licorice Lhasa Apso 14 years 05/31/06 Darren Hurley and William Jette
Licorice Licky Cat 9 years 07/21/07 Chris Moore
Licorice Madalinski Shih Tzu 06/13/01-01/24/15 Polly Madalinski
Licorice McDevitt Cat 4 years 02/19/18 Renee McDevitt
Licorice Mini Schnauzer 9 years 03/03/07 Judy
Licorice Miniature Poodle 1/73-03/91 Meuski
Licorice Mixed Breed Dog 14 years 03/16/02 Nancy & Bob Graef
Licorice Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 12/17/04-02/13/13 Ro Giammanco
Licorice Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 8 years 02/13/13 Rosalie Lowe
Licorice Poodle 08/12/83-01/28/98 Julie and Jassen
Licorice Poodle 09/21/00-03/11/12 Debragail
Licorice Pug 09/18/04-02/23/15 Kali Cozyris
Licorice Romeo Valmont Yorkie Poo 12/14/97-01/02/13 Jacqueline Valmont
Licorice Scottie/Cocker Mix 19 years 03/04/88 Jo K Youngs
Licorice Shih Tzu 08/01/90-02/06/05 The Cabral Family
Licorice Shitzu/Poodle 01/22/86-10/29/02 Liza
Licorice Short Hair Domestic Cat 19 1/2 years 05/13/02 Deborah & Marty Emerick
Licorice Sperring DSH Cat 06/22/10 Avalon Sperring
Licorice Tuxedo Shorthair Cat 06/13/95-12/22/08 Tory
Licorice Yorkie Poo 12/14/97-01/02/13 Jacqueline Valmont
Licorice Yorkie/West Highland Terrier Mix 07/01/09-07/19/14 Jeani Chase
Licos German Shepherd 6 years 06/15/06 Loreen E. Maloney
Lic-Wish Birman/Siamese Mix 02/90-10/02/96 Elizabeth Bly & Todd Allard
Lida Tabby Cat 13 years? 03/14/11 Linda J
Lidda Zale Cat 05/06/11-04/13/15 P L
Liddie German Shepherd 12/17/02 Theresa
Liddle Italian Greyhound Mix 08/01/86-05/15/04 Laura Erickson
Liddle Kiddle aka Lilly, Nana, Lillispod Maine Coon Cat 03/26/98-07/04/13 Pattie and Brian Burthe
Liddy Black Labrador 13 years 03/97 Jean
Lidi Viszla 14 months 03/04/02 Amie Killorin
Lido Siamese Cat 16 years 10/30/08 Jaymie Mo'e
Liebchen American Eskimo Dog 03/09/00-06/01/18 Lynn Ancona and Jay Kessel
Liebchen Burmese Cat 09/26/00-04/28/09 Alan Sieja
Liebchen Doberman 05/05/05-10/28/10 Joyce Pfenning
Liebchen Doberman Pinscher 11/88-05/08/01 Barbara Lewis
Liebchen Lady Black Schnauzer 04/12/86-10/31/94 Robert H. & Mary Lou Braasch
Liebchen Rottie 10/14/89-10/27/97 Renice Razman
Liebchen Siberian Huskey 10/17/82-09/16/93 Ron & Brenda Wilkes
Liebchen Von Straub German Shepherd 11/27/97-01/02/09 Jane Hornsby
Liebchen's Ebony Delight Black Toy Pomeranian 10/22/89-07/30/00 Vicki Pittman
Liebchien GSD/Wolf Mix 04/29/88-07/17/97 Samantha Miller and family
Liebe Powers-Meadows Shepherd/Border Collie 04/21/03 Paula Powers
Liebe Yellow Lab 14 1/2 years 02/17/08 Kim, Ralph, Morgan, and Madison Godshall
Liebehaus' Diamond N The Ruf (Cody) 07/21/95-04/04/00 Theresa Randolph and Steve Robinson
Liebenkatze Groucho Persian Berta
Liebenkatze Kitten #1 Newborn Kittling 08/20/96 Berta & Lee
Liebenkatze Kitten #2 Newborn Kittling 08/20/96 Berta & Lee
Liebenkatze Midnight Lace Persian Berta
Liebes Yellow Lab 11/17/95-12/08/00 Sandit
Liebeslieder (Lovesong) Tuxedo Cat 10/01/98-08/13/99 Tim Shilling
Liebschen Schnauzer 1991-02/09/98 Jackie and Jim
Liebschon Miniature Schnauzer 06/13/93-01/01/06 Lorkit Wellington
Liege Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 16 years 02/19/01 Linda Moore
Liesel German Shepherd Dog 09/10/11 Bill and Kathi McNew
Liesel Grimes Terrier (Black and brown) 03/01/89-07/08/04 Leona Grimes
Liesl Dachshund 01/15/03-05/08/08 Barbara
Liesl German Shepherd 03/07/81-07/07/95 Becky Gollannek
Liesl Mini Schnauzer 2001 Pamela
Liesl Miniature Schnauzer 10/26/00-08/05/11 Rhonda & Alex L
Lieutenant Domestic, Black Fur and Amber Eyes Cat 03/14/95-01/09/07 Leslie Bell
Liezel Dachshund 06/15/98-06/29/12 Christy Peacock
Life of Riley Golden Retriever 12/27/99-11/16/06 Linda
Liffey Hungarian Puli 05/10/96-06/20/07 Mary McKinley
Liffey Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier 8 years 06/28/07 Jan and Terry Griffith
Liffey Tibetan Terrier 14/12/90-26/09/03 Sally O'Brien
Lifo Toy Poodle 04/15/87-06/24/02 Jerry and Kathy Devine
Light Domestic Short Hair Cat 10 years 07/02/07 Linda Berkley
Light Orange Domestic Short Hair Cat Fall 2003-03/08/07 Susie
Lightening Bassett Hound almost 14 years Don Lynne and Drew
Lightening Sheltie 11/25/97-02/17/09 Doug & Janice
Lightening Shepherd Golden Lab Mix 17 years 11/17/99 Mike, Linda and Bandit the cat
Lighter Knot Labrador Retriever-Pit Bull Mix 13 years 10/2002 Dianna, Joel, Jodi & Sugarbaby
Lightfoot Cocker Spaniel 02/12/90-08/04/98 Tina, Ron & Jason Urban
Lightfoot Dachshund/Cocker 13 years 01/18/03 Kathy/darin Buck & Family
Lightfoot Tabby Cat 15 years 06/29/01 Teri
LightFoot Wolf-Neufoundland 12/12/92-06/30/99 Doc & Muggie
Lighting Husky/German Shepherd Mix 5 years 03/07/96 Alisa Danielle Scates
Lighting Shepherd 14 years 06/30/03 Carol & Jerry
Lighting Tabby Cat 2 years 09/10/99 Maggie Mcguigan
Lightining Dutch Rabbit 07/01/00-11/24/02 Danielle
Lightning (Timon) Cat 6 1/2 years 04/12/03 Jaclyn, Andrea, Valerie, and Paul King
Lightning Alaskan Husky 7 years 05/06/98 M. Bonham
Lightning and Davey and Snappy Dachshunds 06/1993 and 06/1993 and 07/1993 to 07/2007 and 12/24/08 and 02/14/09 Connie Peracca
Lightning Australian Shepherd Mix 05/17/07 David Motz
Lightning Basset Hound 03/20/98-03/13/04 Tracy
Lightning Basset Hound 13 1/2 years 11/29/05 Jay
Lightning Bassett Hound 11 years 04/17/08 Sharon Ketelhut
Lightning Bolt Garter Snake 3 years 05/05/05 Conal Herron and Family
Lightning Bombay Cat 09/09/00-05/27/09 Jo Ann
Lightning Border Collie Mix 11/18/04-07/17/05 Kimberly Noel, DVM
Lightning Bug Cat 14 years 11/10/08 Jenny Weston
Lightning Calico Cat 06/01/92-09/16/10 Fred, Mary and Inez
Lightning Cat 1 1/2 years 09/09/07 Rosalba Monterrosas
Lightning Cat 1 1/2 years 09/09/07 Rosalbamont and family
Lightning Cat 13 years 02/29/04 Dawn Pace
Lightning Cock-a-Poo 05/89-06/11/02 Amy Kubin
Lightning Collared Lizard 3 years 04/30/99 K Shaskan
Lightning Crown Tabby Cat 05/11/89-12/31/07 Sarah
Lightning DLH Cat 05/23/97-07/02/07 Karen Littrell
Lightning Doberman Pinscher 10/30/02-05/05/09 Jan and Gary
Lightning Dog 08/02/04 Rose
Lightning Domestic Shorthair (Tuxedo) Cat 05/11/97-05/15/13 Katie Mayer
Lightning Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/01/04-05/13/16 Carolyn Crow
Lightning Domestic Shorthair Tabby Cat 05/11/89-12/31/07 Judith Crown
Lightning DSH Cat 05/10/90-01/29/01 Kim, Harley, Nathan & Aimee Eisner
Lightning English Bulldog 05/30/05-01/20/11 Elizabeth Inglese
Lightning Fox Terrier 6 months 01/31/10 Krissy
Lightning German Shepherd 06/16/93-01/20/06 Mitzi Brown
Lightning German Shorthair Pointer 09/22/05 Roy & Darlene Reese
Lightning Lab/Cocker Spaniel Mix 15 years 07/09/05 Michael Nagler
Lightning Labrador Retriever 07/01/99-10/07/11 Elizabeth Skelton
Lightning Lou Teddy Bear Hamster 12/25/00-03/30/04 Arielle and Zachary Garber
Lightning Mainecoon/Russian Blue Cat 19 years 06/24/05 Joan, Gary, Richie, Tyler & Alyssa
Lightning Mcqueen Bunn 07/15/03-04/06/07 Carla Caramiello/Chris Barry
Lightning Mini-lop Bunny 08/12/95-02/26/02 Kelly Loth
Lightning Pug 9 years 02/09/01 Harry
Lightning Rat Terrier 05/23/96-03/08/06 Janet
Lightning Rattie 2001-11/04/02 Shannon, Zachary and The Rest Of The Ratties
Lightning Sheltie 10/2002-06/13/14 Brian
Lightning Siberian Husky 06/01/99-08/22/01 Vonnie, Randy, Lukie, Allen, Timber & the Kitties
Lightning Silver Tabby Cat 08/01/93-08/27/11 Margaret C
Lightning Strikes Twice Yazzie German Shepherd 10/07/16 Joe Yazzie
Lightning Swordtail Fish 09/26/08 Evelina
Lightning Tabby Cat 04/01/96-11/15/09 Trisha
Lightning White Shepherd 06/15/00-03/27/11 Sherry Starcher
Lightning Yellow Lab 06/06/01-07/15/11 Monica, Ron, Codi. Brett & Emily
Lightning/Baby Siberian Husky 04/20/98-03/15/06 Shirley Hleck
Lightyear Beagle Mix 12/97-12/07/06 Jennifer Vogt
Ligthtning Silky Terrier 06/94-08/07/10 Susan Greenwald
Likus Schnauzer 1 year 07/19/00 Jessica
Lil Anne Cat 08/94-07/08/03 Jason & Michelle Patton
Lil' Ashley Persian Feline 07/29/88-12/17/02 Cheryl Sievers
L'Il Babes Pembroke Welsh Corgi 07/09/97-02/11/11 Tania Zabinski
Lil Baby Leela Teacup Cat 2 years 07/06/10 Andrea Duncan
Lil Baby Liz Green Horned Mountain Dragon 12/26/09 Cindy & Rick
Lil Bandit Scooter-Tai Pug 02/03/01-05/27/01 Debbie & Michael Fleming
Lil Bear Boo Boo Siamese Mix Cat 02/01/08-12/03/10 Colleen Moceri
Lil Bear Tabby Cat 05/2003-01/2013 Maribeth & Jeff Winter
Lil' Beast 'Baby' Maltese 04/24/08-06/14/10 Julie
Lil Bit 4 years 09/03/05 Frances Moseley
Lil Bit American Eskimo Dog 12 years 08/26/03 Asenia Hedgecoth
Lil' Bit American Short Hair Black Cat 01/85/07-07/26/07 Diane Harris
Lil bit Bald Eagle 01/29/11-03/08/12 TW
Lil Bit Black and White Cat 07/95-02/24/07 Tricia Lozano
Lil Bit Border Collie/Aussie Shep 31 Jan 02 J
Lil' Bit Cat 02/92-04/29/06 Lisa Hazen
Li'l Bit Cat 1987-07/24/02 Crystal Masters, William R. Whittenton, III
Li'L Bit Chihuahua 06/06/06-10/26/12 Danielle Cockrum
Lil' Bit Chihuahua 6 or 7 years 05/03/99 LeeAnn Bullard
Lil Bit Chiweenie 12/07/09-05/05/10 Kerri Smith
Lil Bit Cock-A-Poo 15 years 10/02/98 Faith & Wally
Lil' Bit Collie 10/10/89-03/16/00 Terry, Cheryl, Jennifer and Mark
Lil Bit Dachshund 05/15/97-11/12/03 Sandy Doss
Lil' Bit Daschund Mix 01/04/90-12/05/02 Bud and Evelyn Ducote
Lil Bit Dog 11/17/03-12/30/12 Debbie Horn
Lil Bit Domestic Short Hair Cat 1 year 06/10/05 Adair Leonard
Lil Bit Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/01/04-01/10/06 Virginia Parisi
Lil Bit Feist 12/12/09 Laurinda Cooper
Lil Bit Ferret 04/10/90-05/2000 Donna Sakers
Lil Bit Generic 09/27/04 Jim and Lisa Barth
Lil Bit Hayes Small Mix 04/2000-03/09/12 Dennis
Lil Bit Ireland Beagle Mix 02/28/15 Will Ireland
Lil Bit Kitten 2 1/2 weeks 07/01/16 Stephanie M.
Lil Bit Kitten 7 weeks 11/19/98 Nancy
Lil' Bit Lynx Point Cat 04/24/94-12/02/09 Cricket Mascarenas
Lil Bit Maine Coon Cat 02/87-01/31/07 Judy M. Brent
Lil Bit Miniature Schnauzer 08/16/99-06/21/08 Kathy Pope
Lil Bit Mixed Breed Dog 01/93-06/28/10 Anna Hamel
Lil Bit Mutt 04/18/08 Sherri
Li'l Bit Queensland Border Collie 03/13/94 Mickey & Brian
Lil Bit Rat Terrier 08/10/95-02/04/10 Kathy & Billy Beecham
Lil Bit Rottweiler Puppy 02/09/07-04/13/07 Sheila Harkness
Lil' Bit Scottie 01/31/04-02/14/06 Priscilla Jester
Lil' Bit Shetland Sheepdog 01/21/94-04/24/07 Rich and Dawn Copley
Lil Bit Shih Tzu 15 years 06/05/09 Haven & Bob
Lil Bit Silky Terrier 08/25/99-12/11/13 Barbara
Lil Bit Teacup Poodle 09/03/92-06/23/06 Shelly McCoy
Lil' Bit Tortoiseshell Tabby Cat 07/02/97-03/25/06 Colby and Fran Haskins
Lil Bit Yorkshire Terrier 04/26/01-12/12/02 B
Lil Bit Yorkshire Terrier 04/26/01-12/13/02 B
Lil' Bit Yorkshire Terrier 07/13/97-10/27/99 Tery Magrini
Lil' Bit Yorkshire Terrier 10/15/99-12/30/11 Pati Griffin
Li'l Bit-a-Chocolate 'Bubba' Chihuahua 10/12/93-07/01/09 Michele Boyd
Lil' Bits DSH Cat 04/06/05-06/18/07 Kevin Black
Lil Black Chow 03/01/08-03/01/14 Karen Baker
Lil' Black Purrvette Black Persian Cat 06/27/95-04/13/09 Julianna Szczesny Potocki
Lil Boo Shih-Tzu 04/27/96-09/09/11 Lisa Thompson
Lil' Bouncer Buddy Burton Yorkshire Terrier 04/10/02-03/01/15 Monique Burton
Lil Boy DSH Cat 14 years 12/24/11 Derek Cantamessa
Lil' Boy Kitten 12/05/97-01/05/99 Allyson
Lil Brewster DSH Cat 05/01/04-01/28/10 Frank Passarelli
Lil' Brown Face Cat 03/15/03 M. Berrong
Lil Buck Jack Russell Terrier 04/12/94-10/16/04 Cheryl
Lil' Bunny Dutch Bunny 02/01/04-06/08/09 Elaine Padilla & Sean McLean
Lil Calico Cat 07/12/02 15 years Steve and Robin Sans
Lil Cat 10 years March 1 Alexis
Lil Chief Bulldog 03/18/04-07/16/06 Linda Kleinschmidt
Lil Chihuahua 05/22/00-02/16/04 Laurie Moore
Lil' Coco Beans Dog 06/84-01/19/99 Lisa B Bruner
Lil Cooper Dude Dachshund 06/26/00-09/23/00 Kelli
Lil Cracker Calico Cat 06/18/01-10/03/03 Betsy Hayes
Lil D Teddy Bear Hamster Billy
Lil Daffy Doodle Mini Rabbit 08/01/07 Kristen Perkins
Lil Darlin Cairn Terrier/Chihuahua Mix 08/10/98-04/30/07 Kent Fletcher
Lil' Dog Violet Cocker Spaniel Mix 13 years 10/23/06 Char Wallace
L'il Doogie Long Haired Mini Dachshund 09/07/01-05/23/09 Carmelle LaMothe
Lil Dude Angrisani Cat 1 years 04/15/05 Nina
Lil Dude Cat 12/04/04 Vicki Sharp
Lil' Dude Persian Mix Cat 08/14/03-07/30/05 Carla M. Nichols
Lil' Feet Kitten 5 weeks 06/13/03 Brooke Harris
Lil' Fella Black Pygmy Goat 3 years 01/17/01 Sheila Larue
Lil Fella Maine Coon Cat 03/15/00-03/12/05 Racheal Parrish
Lil Giget Woodley Teacup Chihuahua 01/20/17-07/27/17 Chuck and Terri Woodley
Lil Girl American Terrier 12 years 07/20/11 Gary Bigelow
Lil Girl Blonde Striped Skunk 05/02/02-12/11/10 Peri Hall
Lil Girl Blue Russian Cat 06/96-03/01/09 Mona Foley
Lil' Girl Calico Cat 14 years 09/17/10 Craig & Liz Hunt
Lil Girl Cat 15 years 05/26/11 Jason Miller
Lil Girl Dog approx. 16 years 09/02/07 Terry Lynn
Lil Girl Rat Terrier 11/22/08-11/19/11 Denise Rogers
Lil Girl Tuxedo Cat 04/99-08/18/10 Christine
Lil Golden Nugget of Pied Piper Yorkie 04/24/99-10/30/14 Roz Jones
Lil Grey Cat 22 months 04/21/12 Hannah, Janice and Larry
Lil' Gurl Pit Bull/Beagle 07/2003-12/17/03 Myra, Nakiah, and Makayla
L'Il Guy aka Antonio Rough-Haired Cavy 07/08/02-07/24/08 Ellen Garrison
Lil Guy Aussie Shep Mix 01/07/99-01/07/12 Roni
Lil Guy Boston Terrier 07/29/11-05/28/11 Michele
Lil Guy English Bulldog 8 years 05/11/06 Tammy Irons
Lil Guy Kitten 3 Hours-04/26/10 Jaimie Woolley
Lil Hossie Rott 05/10/98-12/01/05 Karen Baker
Lil' Howser Wowser Cranford Dapple Dachshund 07/09/94-03/18/04 Chris, Diane, Jason, and Amber
Lil Joe Border Collie/Australian Shepherd 12/10/96-01/06/07 Tracie & Colin Dalton
Lil' John White Tailed Deer 4 years 11/08/06 Brooke
Lil' Key Key Meow Meow Domestic Short Hair (Black) Cat 03/15/04-12/06/08 Natalie and Isabella
Lil' King David Shar Pei 06/09/92-04/08/03 Kathy McCoy
Lil Kitty Cat 09/17/07 Lori De Salvo
Lil Kitty Kitten 07/08-08/24/08 Susie Kuzoian
Lil Kitty Solid Black Cat 1 year 08/23/10 Lisa Sims
Lil Lady Boston Terrier 12/20/06-04/02/07 Michael
Lil Loki Cat 03/98-07/29/00 Tarisa Champion
Lil Love DSH Kitten 6 weeks Renee McCartin
lil LuLu malty goulart Maltese 11 years 10/22/09 Lester Goulart
Lil Mama Domestic Shorthair Cat 01/25/07 Patty Laswick
Lil Mama Short Haired Domestic Cat 15 years 08/18/13 Martin, Virginia, Joseph & Shelley Genovese
Lil man (peanut) Ferret 7 years 11/20/15 Shelby Strain
Lil Man Cat 10 years 01/13/16 Max and Cari Hill
Lil' Man Chihuahua 03/06/08-09/27/08 Alma
Lil Man Cocker Spaniel 01/19/04-12/08/06 Marsha Cumbass
Lil Man Mixed Breed Cat 05/17/97-07/27/07 Joanne Rafferty-Ayoup
Lil Man Pit Bull 03/04/08-09/04/16 Deborah
Lil Man Silky Terrier 12/17/92-08/08/09 Tracy A. Rogers
Lil Megan Yorkshire Terrier 06/21/03-07/06/11 Sandie Miller
Lil Miracle Manayse Pom Pomerian 10/29/95-04/29/02 Nelson Hereid
Lil Miss Lulu Persian Cat 04/08/07-01/12/12 Mandy Perez
Lil Miss Muffit Maltese 03/02/04-09/08/09 Judy and Peter D'Angelo
Lil Miss Regie Rae Lhasa Apso 05/12/02-12/01/12 Teresa McFall
Lil Miss Sassy Cat Persian Cat 08/12/96-03/01/04 Becky
Lil' Miss Witty Kitty Cat 12 years 02/18/08 Cherilyn and Matthew
Lil Mom Mixed Cat 10 years 08/19/17 Betty Wertz
Lil Momma Black Bear Hamster 07/04/05-02/21/07 Renee Beckman
Lil' Ms. Bree Shetland Sheepdog 03/02/98-07/14/11 Joyce Van Buskirk
Lil Muffin Yorkshire Terrier 04/01/92-05/12/03 Sandie Miller
Li'L Mystic Chandler Yorkie 01/29/99-03/16/09 Deanna Johnson
Lil One Calico Cat 15 years 03/24/05 Audrey and Bill
Lil Orange Fuzzy Kitten 10/07/06 Don, Rhonda & Lisa
Lil Paw Poodle& Shizchu Mix 15 years 09/22/17 Audreanna
Lil Paw Rue Jackson-Leslie Albino Lop Rabbit 08/02/97-11/23/04 Sandie & John
Lil Peaches Hoochie Koo Peaches for short Rottweiler 04/15/96-11/07/06 Brenda Kendrick
Lil Petey Maltese 11/14/95-10/25/05 Karla
Lil Pizzer Cat 1993-03/10/07 Kimberly A. Stefanik
Lil Porkchop DSH Cat 08/16/05 Lorene Black
Lil Punkin Chihuahua 10/04-10/30/06 Heather
Lil Punkin Toy Fox Terrier 04/17/96-12/26/10 Shane Rogers
Lil' Puppy Doberman 06/01/94-12/11/01 Donna Berger
Lil' Puppy Hound Mix 08/01/88-12/16/98 Sheryl, Gary & Sean Whaley
Lil Puss Cat 07/04/96-05/31/04 Mary Pinkerton
Lil Puss Domestic Long Hair Kitten 06/21/04-02/21/05 Tim Leali
Lil Rammie Pie Yorkshire Terrier 04/25/05-06/23/12 Sharon Jill Gordon
Lil Rascal Shetland Sheep 07/12/94-05/12/06 Melanie Wilkes
Lil Rat Schipperke 09/17/93-11/19/07 Jeane B
Lil Red American Cocker Spaniel 02/04/08-04/03/14 Connie
Lil Red American Staffordshire Bull Terrier 07/04/07-02/09/19 Gayle
Lil Red Domestic Short Hair Cat 03/01/04 Lori
Lil' Red Goldendoodle 06/23/05-07/12/05 Jp Bytsura
Lil Ricki Maine Coon Cat 17 years 05/26/09 Nancy Jo Adams
Lil RJ Discon Dalmatian 03/2008-09/05/09 Scott Greaves Discon
Li'l Rocky Ferret 4 1/2 years 09/28/06 Debbie
Lil' Rok Chihuahua/Pomeranian 02/14/00-05/13/12 CE
Lil Rott Toy Rat Terrier 14 years 07/17/12 Jovane Henry and Amanda Petit
Lil' Roy Dachshund Puppy 10/13/04-10/18/04 Maria Lara
Lil Rusty Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lil Sadie Mix Puppy 2 months 04/21/07 Gail Simon
Li'l Samantha Sue 'Sammie' Cocker Spaniel 12/07/93-03/14/06 Greg & Connie Rovik
Lil Scrap Pitt/ Rott Mix 4 years 12/28/07 Terri Maddox
Lil Sea Striped Gray Cat 1 year 8 months 06/20/05 Tami, Chris, Tianna
Lil Shay Mini Dachshund X Chihuahua Puppy 11/16/11-11/28/11 Marijean & Kaylin
Lil Sheltie 03/02/96-07/06/05 Mary Ellen
Lil Siberian Husky 12/98-07/26/10 Rick Paul
Lil' Skeeter Bug Papillion 10/92-12/96 Amy
Lil Smart Alec Boston Terrier 8 years 11/30/00 Isa A. Jones
Lil Smooth Fox Terrier 04/12/01-02/10/12 Tresa Brown
Lil' Spike Bearded Dragon Lizard 10 years 08/30/09 Elaine Padilla & Sean McLean
Lil' Spike Cocker Spaniel Mix Puppy 10/01/05-12/02/05 D.L. Cobb
Li'L Squirt Mixed Siamese Cat 08/19/93-02/15/12 MaryAnn Powell
Lil Stuff Pomeranian/Long Hair Chihuahua 07/18/98-10/21/04 Gina, Jazz, and Patty
Lil Sweetheart Kitten approx 3 months 06/15/08 Maria
Lil Sweetums Girl Calico Cat 7 years 06/24/01 Laurie & Adam Barksdale
Li'l Thang Cat 05/19/88-03/26/02 Gina Dell'Grottaglia
Lil' Tinker Baby Parakeet 03/03/11-03/24/11 Joann M. Pochinski
Lil' Tort Kitten 07/19/10-07/25/10 Joann Pochinski
Lil' Tuffy Cat 10/31/11-10/29/11 Madison Rose Scott
Lil Vic Kitten 03/01/03-07/24/03 Dorothy Habres
Lil Vic Kitten 4 1/2 months 07/24/03 Habres Family
Lil' Wayne Chiweenie 06/08/08-07/02/10 Patricia Taylor and Lorelei Christie
Lil' Ween Dachshund 04/28/01-01/24/12 Dana, Randy, and Cara
Lil white girl Siamese Kitten 03/29/10-04/11/11 Francine
Lil 'Zoey' German Shepherd Puppy 04/15/10-08/14/10 Kimberly Wolff-Heron
Lila aka Baby Doll Pug 10 years 03/22/05 Lindsey, Mark & Isaac
Lila American Shorthair Cat 8 years 02/16/12 Frances and Vilma
Lila American Shorthair/ Siamese Tortie Mix Cat 15 years 05/10/11 Christine Hamel
Lila Basset Hound 08/11/02-01/07/12 John and Gail Brennan
Lila Belle Gerstein Chihuahua 12/2009-11/30/15 Dona Gerstein
Lila Black & White Tuxedo Cat 12 years 08/07/16 Miriam Katz
Lila Cat 08/06/05 Ginger
Lila Cat 1985-07/02/01 Ann Shapiro
Lila Chihuahua 01/21/14 Sharon Natcher
Lila Dog 08/01/98-01/19/01 Therese Hunt
Lila Dog 16 years 06/16/96 Mary Gore
Lila Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/14/98-06/10/13 Edward
Lila DSH Cat 14 years 09/05/17 Selena Walker
Lila Golden Retriever 05/03/06 Jean
Lila Golden Retriever 10/31/00-10/14/12 Marissa Russell
Lila Greyhound Retired Racer 9 years 09/22/08 William Hibel
Lila Leavitt Golden Retriever 03/01/03-03/06/17 Doug Leavitt
Lila Mae Norwegian Elkhound 1982 Gary and Lorraine
Lila Mae Siamese Cat 06/01/79-07/30/95 Kelly Clarke
Lila Marcel American Eskimo Dog 03/02/12 Tanya Garcia, Sylvain Marcel
Lila Mutt 14 years 01/15/08 Sally and Erich
Lila Newfoundland 05/26/98-05/15/05 Tracey Brazaitis
Lila Persian Cat 03/19/98-09/27/02 Phyllis Davis
Lila Pincher Miniature 17/10/03-10/03/17 Titika Daskalaki
Lila Pomeranian 09/09/06-05/06/08 Dana Johnson
Lila Poodle 17 years 07/02/12 Theresa Wedekind
Lila Rabbit 2 years Windhorst Family
Lila Ragdoll Cat 10/21/09 Randall Endicott
Lila Rose Tiger Tabby Cat 07/03/10-02/14/16 Amanda F
Lila Sheltie 06/21/98-08/05/13 Trish McKeen and Andrew Kay and Irene Caldwell
Lila Silver Tabby Cat 11/86-11/04/03 Dava Waite and John Peaslee
Lila Victoria Dachshund 01/15/02-09/03/09 Yilda Rivera
Lila Wilson Mixed Persian Cat 5 years 02/21/06 Gina
Lila Wilson Tabby Cat 2 years 03/04/07 Amanda Ferrer and Peter Wilson
Lilac Cat 05/80-08/95 Susan Harris
Lilac Domestic Shorthair Cat 5 years 03/09/18 Alyshia J Bohannon
Lilac DSH Kitten 05/15/02-07/11/02 Sandra Craig
Lilac Mixed birman Cat 05/15/87-06/03/91 Sandy Sweet
Lilac Siamese Cat 08/16/07 Shelley Sylvestre
Lilac Torti Cat 2 years 09/21/00 Sue, SVHS
Lilah Cat 06/10/09-08/20/09 Vanessa
Lilah DSH Kitten 05/15/02-07/08/02 Sandra Craig
Lilah Min Pin 1998-10/2010 Coco Tidwell
Lilah Whippet/Lab Cross 13 1/2 years 11/01/05 Karen & Bruce Jones
Lil'Babe Kitten 3 months 12/04/08 Jo-Ann M. Pochinski
LilBear German Shepherd 01/19/08-02/19/16 Norman and Carolyn
Lil'Beau Schipperke 2 or 3 years 02/02/08 Veronica
Lil-Bit Peachface Lovebird 03/02/99-03/25/99 Elaine Witmer
Lil'Bit's Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/15/97-01/31/07 Jo-Ann Pochinski
Lilbluboy Blue Persian 09/05/95 Berta
Lil'BoyBou Chow Chow 08/05/95-06/16/06 Scott & Julie
Lilee Siamese Cat 01/05/02-03/22/11 Lesley
Lileee Tabbico Cat 16 years 05/01/12 Mel and Suzanne
Lilfoot DLH Cat 12/93-09/29/08 Wendye
Lil'Girl Domestic Shorthair Kitten 04/2006-08/2006 Jo-Ann Pochinski
Lil'GirlBou Chow Chow 08/05/95-05/06/06 Scott & Julie
Lil'Guy Renzelman Shitzu 11/11/95-01/20/12 Wendy
Lili Anne German Shepherd 11 years 05/27/08 Angela and Rich and Grandma and Zach
Lili Arie Mason (Ophelia von denBlauen Bergen Long-Coated German Shepherd 12/22/04-07/18/09 Sarah Scroggins Mason
Lili Bean Long Haired Cat 15/12/08-29/05/95 L Short
Lili Black Cat 13-15 years 04/19/07 Sara & Levy
Lili Cat 04/14/04-09/17/06 Eric and Felisa
Lili Cat 09/18/07-06/18/08 Marie-Jose Margaux, Maxime Jean-Marc
Lili Cat 17 years 06/23/04 Paula Langille
Lili Dog 10/18/02 Marie Trueluck
Lili German Shepherd 10 years 05/14/05 Martin Frankel
Lili Golden Retriever Mixed With Cocker Spaniel 01/01/06-14/01/10 Leila
Lili Hoffmann (Lulabelle) Pomeranian Mix 11/2002-05/14/06 Sally Hoffmann
Lili Holland Lop Bunnie 09/17/98-12/08/04 Marie-Paul Chartre
LiLi Jack Russell Terrier 14 years 08/05/01 Abby & Bill
Lili Lab/Chow 10/01/96-10/26/09 Barbara Burch
Lili May VonBlon Toy Poodle 12/09/99-05/26/05 Kim Vonblon
Lili Mini Dachshund 01/05/03-09/23/08 Charlotte, Ellen and Lola
Lili Miniature Pinscher 15 years 09/16/13 Becky Shelton
Lili Pequinese Champagne 12 years Mauro & Maria Lucia Pierro From Ibipora, Pr, Brazil
Lili Pomeranian Mix 11/03-05/14/06 Sally and Bryen Hoffmann
Lili Poodle 06/10/94-08/16/08 Pamela Bell
Lili Precious Horstead Pug 04/17/05-07/31/09 Corrine Horstead
Lili Rhodesian Ridgeback 10/26/11 Cath & Mike Kingswood
Lili Scottish Terrier 11/25/02-05/10/14 Sheryl, Brian, Frieda S
Lili Shar Pei 03/07/07 Jon and Ona
Lili Shit Tzu 14 years 10/05/05 Beverly Vacin
Lili Short Hair Domestic Cat 04/16/96 Candace Archer
Lili Siamese Cat 02/13/81-07/21/01 Liz and Don Robison
Lili Tabby Cat 07/96-10/22/08 Charlotte Melleno
Lili Tortoiseshell Cat 07/21/96-02/20/13 Susan
Lili Turkish Angora Cat 04/30/98-02/21/06 Pat Hasek
Lili Tweenie Shorthaired Dachshund 08/24/90-11/01/07 Allyson Artman
Lili Vonblon Black Poodle 10 or more years 05/26/05 Doris Mabry
Lili White German Shepherd 08/14/96-08/15/05 Mary Hess
Liliah Cat 07/10/07 Stephanie Demello
Lilie GSD 03/15/04 Rockie and Mindy
Lilie Pug 06/21/10-03/10/13 Michelle & Garrett Davey
Lililouise Miniature Schnauzer 05/21/94-02/07/05 Kiva McEwen
Lilith (Big Pig) Sheltie Guinea Pig 4 years 04/02/02 Alison Carter
Lilith Beagle 09/14/95-03/24/09 Marcia Cosentino
Lilith Great Dane 4 years 10/19/01 Jennifer and Greg Hazen-Symonds
Lilith Jones American Shorthair Cat 2000-08/17/13 Connie Jones
Lilith Lee Solis Bennett (Lil) Shih-Tzu 05/12/99-04/07/03 Bennett Family
Lilith Rose Marie Roerick Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix 9 years 06/16/17 Cynthia Roerick
Lilith Rose Taliachild Manx Cat 05/01/99-03/26/16 Courtney Righter
Lilith Shetland Sheepdog 09/22/97-11/21/09 Darlene Barber
Lilith Shiba Inu 10/26/95-08/13/12 Marie Houghton
Lilith Silverwind She Devil Yorkshire Terrier 14 years 11/21/03 D. Buzy-Pucheu
Lilith-Ann Tabby Cat 18 years 09/20/10 Jen Pascoe
Lilja Siamese Mix Cat 07/06/03-09/06/07 Bethany Hoernfeldt
Lil'Kitty Cat 16 years 11/10/07 Laura
Lilkittyy Tabby Cat 03/15/96-10/21/11 Angie
Lil'L Man Shih-Tzu 2009-2009 Gabby
Lill Pupp Pinscher 06/06/01-06/06/11 Jie
Lillabelle Mini Schnauzer 05/01/05-12/14/11 Rebecca Pettersson
Lillacs Tortoiseshell Cat 03/23/93-10/31/96 Betty Langdon
Lillbusan Cat 6 years 06/08/96 Lisa
Lille Fis Siamese Cat 06/14/07-05/14/08 Birgitte
Lilleman Iller/ferret 12/28/01-07/25/07 Christel Berglund
Lilleven DMH Calico Cat 03/01/01-09/14/09 T M Sauer
Lilli Bean Sable Ferret 12/25/07 Tama C Merrell
Lilli Cat 09/01/91-04/02/09 Mirna
Lilli Dog 12 years 26/01/00 Heike Brehler
Lilli Domestic Short Hair Gray Cat 10/01/03-11/30/07 Sharon Galloway
Lilli DSH Cat 03/01/95-11/15/08 Kathy Buehler
Lilli DSH Cat 11/97-12/02/14 Cindi Bliss
Lilli Dunderdale Golden Retriever 14/07/04-20/04/11 Jenny Dunderdale
Lilli German Shepherd/Wolf 03/19/16 Sue Adams
Lilli Jack Russell Terrier 07/07/92-04/13/04 Nick Olson
Lilli Jack Russell Terrier 13 years 06/17/09 Rebecca
Lilli Maltese Mix 01/05/95-08/12/08 Justin, Patti & Christopher
Lilli McDonough Dachshund 9 years 01/05/12 Cheri McDonough
Lilli Poodle 02/29/12 Wendy L Entwistle
Lilli Ragdoll Cat 2 years 05/10/02 Karen
Lilli Shepherd/Sheltie 8 years 03/15/07 Kathy C
Lilli Yorkshire Terrier 10/05/91-05/19/06 Linda/Tim Kenney
Lillian (Lil) Chartreux Cat 11/12/97-04/18/13 Devona Marsh
Lillian American Short Hair Cat 04/13/96-04/13/11 Suzanne Hilton
Lillian Cat 08/20/05 Best Friends' Animal Sanctuary
Lillian Cat 10/30/91-05/21/10 Nancy Zimerowski
Lillian Cooper Pekingese 06/26/12 Wanda Sims Cooper
Lillian Gerbil 12/25/12 Diadra Lynn
Lillian German Shepherd 2005 Carol
Lillian Grace ~ Lily Maltese 12/18/07-03/28/09 Angie
Lillian Jack Russell Terrier 08/13/92-03/10/06 Margot Hill
Lillian Margaret Airedale Terrier 05/25/99-05/01/05 Suzanne Iorio
Lilliandra (Lily) Calico Cat 12 years 11/21/01 Bill and Mike
Lillibet 8 years 02/23/97 Sophia Rob
Lillie Adopted Housecat Cat 10/17/92-07/30/05 Scott Ewing
Lillie American Short Hair Cat 1997-02/06/08 Ruby and Doug
Lillie American Short Hair Solid White Cat 13 years 10/08/09 Donna
Lillie Anquetil Burmese Cat 11/01/02-01/26/12 Anouska Anquetil
Lillie Bear Kazee Chihuahua 04/02/04-05/01/12 Mary and Tom Kazee
Lillie Belle Morgan Dash/Pekinese 06/05/97-06/22/09 Kathy Morgan
Lillie Bichon/Poodle 07/17/01-02/20/09 Cheri
Lillie Cairn Cross 23/07/05-05/05/14 Lee
Lillie Cat 16 1/5 years 11/13/03 Kym Porter
Lillie Cat 2 years 04/01/06 Kristy
Lillie Chihuahua 03/17/08-02/05/16 Kathy Mudge
Lillie Chocolate Lab 12/16/94-04/01/07 Natalie & Warren
Lillie Darwin aka Sindy Thoroughbred Horse 06/10/78-05/07/04 Aline Nachtigall
Lillie Dutch Rabbit 01/27/06-05/30/09 Ray Baker
Lillie Filipek Dog 11/24/03-11/03/17 Mary Jo
Lillie German Shepherd 11 1/2 years 02/27/12 Nicole
Lillie Golden Retriever 03/01/96-06/15/10 Vanessa Smith
Lillie Golden Retriever 03/31/99-04/21/05 Susan Dumas
Lillie Golden Retriever 09/02/01-05/26/13 Rhonda
Lillie Gray Cat 12 years 10/15/11 Dana Triplett
Lillie Great Pyrenees 13 years 03/19/07 Edie
Lillie Jack Russell Terrier 10/27/03-11/11/04 Luke and Jane
Lillie Lab/Springer Spaniel Mix 03/28/98-10/12/03 Ella Blair Cunningham
Lillie Locke Kitten 07/17/02-01/15/03 Nicola and Andrew
Lillie Long-Haired Tortie-Tabby Cat 18 years 01/24/06 Julia Mundy
Lillie Mae Border Collie/ OES Mix 03/26/98-05/11/09 Barb Wilburn
Lillie Marie Manx Cat 08/04/01-06/23/04 Angie
Lillie Miniature Pincher 4 months 10/19/05 Joy
Lillie Mixed Guinea Pig 5 years 30/01/07 Heather
Lillie Mixed Lab 10/15/92-06/01/05 Julie and Jon
Lillie Mixed Terrier 05/13/99-05/17/03 Joyce Cruz
Lillie Moore Aust. Shepherd 12/24/89-01/18/06 Jesse
Lillie Palm (Bucket) Mixed Dog 09/08/93-05/19/07 Marilyn Wardrep
Lillie Pekingese01/10/93-05/23/03 Rhonda Jackson
Lillie Pomeranian, Wolf Sable 05/19/01-05/17/03 Alp and Audra
Lillie White Mixed Cat 10 years 10/07/04 Rose Marie
Lillie White Wean Bichon Frise 03/06/97-02/03/09 Debbie Wean
Lillie Yellow Lab/Siberian Husky Mix 6 years 08/18/00 Susan
Lilliehammer 2000 Lori
Lilliehammer Jack Russell Mix 06/18/00 Ed and Lori Schmid
Lilliemae Miniature Dachshund 8 1/2 years 09/24/06 Laura Gillis
Lillilinski - Lilli Bug Shar Pei 02/19/00-04/12/11 Mary Lou and Star
Lilliput Great Dane 02/23/03-10/14/07 Meg Harry
Lilliputt Cat 09/04/97-01/01/03 Darcey Cooke
Lillith (aka Lilly Cat, Neener, Minnie, Tee Tee) Cat 03/99-08/22/11 Carrie
Lillith Bell Pug 10 years 11/04/01 Emily
Lillith Gray Tabby Cat 09/01/98-09/15/01 Cathie Perrault
Lillith Katherine Chihuahua/Terrier Mix 14 years 09/15/11 Sharon Durniak
Lillith Persian Cat 12/03/96-09/27/00 Marit Fosen
Lillo Black Mixed Breed Dog 9 years 04/22/10 Nada Vergili
Lilly & Noodle Scottish Fold Cats 09/25/04 Shannon Swinney
Lilly (aka Lillian Desdemona Dolphin Aschner Levine) Short Haired Tiger Cat 8 1/2 years 12/10/02 The Levine Family
Lilly (BooBoo) Dog 11/01/05-06/26/09 Susan Graham
Lilly (Leelu) Dog 1 year 08/13/99 Pat McLean
Lilly (Lillian Ann Russell) Jack Russell Terrier 12/05/85-02/06/01 Patt & Gene Thompson
Lilly (Lilly Pad) Miniature Schnauzer 01/08/98-10/02/00 Maggie Salazar
Lilly (Little Girl Vail) Dog 03/01/01-12/26/06 Charles and Christy Vail
Lilly Airedale 05/11/92-09/29/03 Laurie Mathews
Lilly Akita Lab Mix 16 years 12/21/16 Tracy and Emily Delyea
Lilly Alaskan Klee Kia 10/22/04-08/28/06 Bobby & Wendy Parkhurst
Lilly American Eskimo Dog 09/15/01-01/08/19 Marti Jeffers
Lilly American Shorthair Cat - White with Black Spots 6 years 05/24/11 Anne Loranger
Lilly Amico Boxer 09/26/08-10/15/13 Stephanie and Brian Amico
Lilly Ann Sowers Boxer 09/28/07-11/10/08 Christina Sowers
Lilly Anne Leftwich Cat 1992-03/29/11 Marla
Lilly Annette Blue Heeler, Pit Mix 11/22/91-09/25/07 Shelly Reisig, Dawn O'Connor (Passed 2006)
Lilly B. Mine Clydesdale-Shire Cross 6 months 08/03/97 Dorian H.
Lilly Bassett Hound 4 years 02/08/09 John Topaloff
Lilly Bea Annibelle Bloodhound 04/17/98-05/12/00 Jason Sopko
Lilly Beagle 07/27/92-04/13/09 Nancy
Lilly Bean Austin Chihuahua 10/31/95-09/01/06 Tressia Austin
Lilly Bear Toy Poodle 15 years 03/18/13 Kmberly
Lilly Bella Shih Tzu 11/10/08-03/17/16 Norma Ramirez
Lilly Belle Santos Morales Yorkshire Terrier 11/10/06-07/25/07 Glorivette Santos & Alex Morales
Lilly Berneese Mountain Dog 1 year 09/01/07 Sharon, Kaitlyn, Kelsey & Marty
Lilly Bichon Frise 08/29/95-05/24/11 Laura Sanchez
Lilly Bichon Frise 10/23/89-08/01/01 Sam Edwinson
Lilly Bichon Frise 11/17/99-03/22/15 Lisa
Lilly Black & White Short Fur Cat 18/06/11-06/08/13 Aimee & Kirsten Tomkins, Kiaya Heslington
Lilly Black and White Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/14/81-09/14/97 Becky Young
Lilly Black Lab 2 years 01/14/10 Emily Perrotto
Lilly Black Lab Mix 07/98-08/15/11 Alex
Lilly Blue Heeler 08/18/07-01/05/09 Liz Harrigan
Lilly Bowman Rabbit 01/24/05 Megan
Lilly Boxer 01/31/14 Daryl & Angela
Lilly Boxer 03/17/97-06/28/08 Cathy Shields
Lilly Boxer 04/22/08-01/05/10 Brittany Altman
Lilly Boxer 05/13/08-11/19/18 Richard and Brenda Stell
Lilly Boxer 9 years 06/13/12 Brenda
Lilly Boxer/Ridgeback 10/31/96-09/07/07 Helen Garvey
Lilly Braun Cat 06/11/09 Arianna Shaunie Chris
Lilly Brown Tabby Cat 02/01/12-12/08/18 Anne Fedak
Lilly Budgie 1 month Julia Webb
Lilly Bug Golden Retriever 11/01/06-01/30/09 Sherry
Lilly Bug Whittemire Mixed Terrier 01/01/03-06/27/09 Thomas & Jean Whittemire
Lilly Bugg Cat 04/14/86-07/15/05 Eric Hallquist
Lilly Calico Cat 05/25/11 Aimee
Lilly Calico Cat 12 years01/15/01 W J Wiles
Lilly Cat 06/29/03-03/30/05 Julia
Lilly Cat 07/41/98-07/23/15 Nikki Alex
Lilly Cat 08/19/05-10/20/05 Marie Severtsen
Lilly Cat 08/2009-10/13/11 Jenna C and Daniel B
Lilly Cat 09/01/00-08/11/01 Dan Suzi Walter
Lilly Cat 10 years 03/01/09 Alexis
Lilly Cat 10 years 03/01/09 Alexis N
Lilly Cat 13 years 06/09/01 Bonnie Greer
Lilly Cat 16 years 05/21/17 Amy Marie Eno
Lilly Cat 17 years 07/31/16 Gloria Statham
Lilly Cat 17 years 10/14/17 Haley
Lilly Cat 18 years 07.26.17 Monika Gross
Lilly Cat 4 years 10 months 04/25/12 Elaine
Lilly Cat 9 years 05/22/08 Doug & Susan Graft
Lilly Catahoula 06/19/08-06/22/09 Lisa
Lilly Chic 03/03/00 Debbie Bennett
Lilly Chihuahua 10/03/00 Debbie
Lilly Chihuahua Mix 01/01/01-08/24/06 Abe & Johnette
Lilly Chihuahua Mix 8 years 04/27/04 The Andersons
Lilly Chocolate Lab 04/07/97-03/25/11 Angie Bloor
Lilly Chocolate Lab 12/21/00-03/23/11 Kayla, Larry, and Debi
Lilly Chow/Lab 03/04/94-01/23/08 Valerie
Lilly Chow-Lab 03/04/94-01/23/08 Valerie
Lilly Cocker Spaniel 08/03/93-18/05/05 Claudio
Lilly Cocker Spaniel 08/28/90-12/28/04 Sandi Massey
Lilly Collie 11 years 10/08/05 Cassidy, Sam, Kelly, Christy, Tracey, Diane, Ron
Lilly Crimson Wing Parrot 10/05/11-12/15/13 Ali
Lilly Dalmatian 11/09/91-01/28/01 Carey
Lilly Dog 06/16/05 Bob, Eva and Lindsey
Lilly Dog 08/99 Book
Lilly Dog 11/09/09 Jeannine LeMay
Lilly Dog 11/09/11-07/06/15 Victoria Menashy
Lilly Dog 18 years 06/13/08 Laura Facciolo
Lilly Dog Joanne
Lilly Domestic Long Hair Cat 15 years 09/02/09 Lori & Sonny
Lilly Domestic Longhair Cat 03/2001-10/16/04 Carole
Lilly Domestic Short Hair Cat 1 year 6 months 04/04/16 Anna Parsonson
Lilly Domestic Short Hair Cat 7 years 05/09/10 Veronika McDonald King and Geoff White
Lilly Domestic Short Haired Cat 19 years 02/22/11 Mike Brooks
Lilly Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/15/04 Nancy and Lisa
Lilly Domestic Tortoiseshell Cat 9 years 04/09/11 Marianne
Lilly Donkey 03/02/16 VRB
Lilly DSH Cat 01/10/12 Teddi
Lilly DSH Cat 09/15/96-11/18/09 Betsy Ladely
Lilly Dwarf Lionhead Bunny Rabbit 01/2006-03/26/09 Tracy Woolrich
Lilly English Bulldog 03/26/04-02/08/11 Jennie, Charlie, Mikey and Christopher
Lilly English Springer Spaniel 06/02/08-02/06/11 Melissa Cashman
Lilly Feral Cat 10 years 11/28/14 Loreta Williams
Lilly Ferret 12/12/99-01/26/02 Deidra N
Lilly Flat-Coated Retriever 08/30/06-02/28/17 Mickey Neher
Lilly Fluff Dalh Cat 17year 11/05/03 Jan Penticoff
Lilly Fortuna Maine Coon Cat 06/03-06/06/05 Sherry Fortuna
Lilly Furbaby 09/29/97 Alfie Luna & Linda Jordan
Lilly German Shepherd 09/03/01-09/10/12 Megan
Lilly German Shepherd Mix 04/05/97-08/17/13 Paul Buehler
Lilly Girl American Staffordshire Terrier 06/11/18 Cheryl Henderson
Lilly Girl Pomeranian 7 years 10/18/13 Denise & Sal
Lilly Golden Retriever 08/29/02-06/22/07 Tiffany & Andy
Lilly Golden Retriever 1999-09/30/09 Scott, Annie, Brandon, and Brockton Russell
Lilly Golden Retriever 4 years 08/20/08 Sloan Becker
Lilly Golden Retriever 9 years 07/29/10 Kat Fredrickson and Sande Kirkland
Lilly Great Dane 11/11/96-12/05/07 Joann Rogers
Lilly Greyhound 09/18/96 Hollie
Lilly Guinea Pig 06/01/07-10/03/08 Laura Betts
Lilly Guinea Pig 07/22/07 Nicole
Lilly Guinea Pig 4 years 10/22/14 The Coopers
Lilly Haavik Beagle 06/06/00-02/15/12 Ashley, Joey, Larry, Marie
Lilly Haight Abdela Staffy 04/04/07-06/13/15 Caren Abdela
Lilly Harris Poodle 14 years 04/10/14 Jim
Lilly Hart Shar Pei 16/09/06-07/11/10 Carolyn
Lilly Holland Lop Bunny 8 years 02/01/16 Joanna
Lilly Huffman Bichon 12/29/18 Frank Huffman
Lilly Huffman Bichon Friese 12/29/18 Frank Huffman
Lilly Irish Setter Mix 09/11/89-07/27/97 Diana and Roger Weiss
Lilly Jack Russell 09/21/04-06/21/07 Katie Gale
Lilly Jack Russell Terrier 12/18/95-06/10/97 Virginia
Lilly Jean Fielitz Cairn Terrier 12/03/99-06/27/04 Donna
Lilly Kate Pug 10/05/99-02/18/14 Brian & Debbie Howshar
Lilly Kitten 06/01-02/01/02 Candra
Lilly Lab/Chow 03/03/94-01/23/08 Valerie
Lilly Lab/Chow 03/04/94-01/23/08 Valerie
Lilly Lab/Husky? Cross 04/01/02-21/03/04 Carly Peterson
Lilly Lab/Shep Mix 12/06/99-09/10/11 Denise Brown
Lilly Labrador 10/01/00-11/15/13 Ruthie
Lilly Labrador 13 years 09/24/11 Carlos Martinez
Lilly Labrador 14 years 06/01/10 Barbara Holly
Lilly Labrador Retriever 11/25/08-05/11/16 Nancy Clift
Lilly LambChop Tortie-Point Siamese Mix Cat 08/13/81-03/27/00 Rose
Lilly- Lilly Pad Pitbull and Boxer 6 years 03/01/12 Tony, Carla, Kasie, Desirae, Monte, Anthony
Lilly Lion Short Hair Cat 1 years 13/03/11 Coady
Lilly Lizard 6 years Steven
Lilly Long Hair Grey Part Persian Cat 2 years 24th May 2002 Shell
Lilly Long Hair Silver/Blue Kitty 03/13/04-10/02/04 Suzanne Kittle
Lilly Lou and Gunner Bulldog and Bullmastiff 9 and 11 years 13/11/07 and 25/11/06 Jacquie Penn
Lilly Lou of Lawson Valley Australian Cattle Dog 09/21/03-12/19/05 Darla Jordan
Lilly Lou Williams Miniature Pinscher 13 years 06/08/10 Michelle Williams
Lilly Maine Coon Cat 2004-07/08/15 Kat
Lilly Maltese 04/06/93-06/16/07 Betsy and Lilly
Lilly Maltese 09/07/88-01/06/14 Patricia, Steve, Katie & Patrick Tadolini
Lilly Maltese 09/14/07-07/25/14 Luana Tamagnone
Lilly Maltese 11 months 06/24/09 Candace Filip
Lilly Maltese 14 years 09/11/10 Joy
Lilly Maltipoo 03/10/95-08/19/09 Lynne Clayton
Lilly Marie Shipoo 03/14/01-02/21/14 Erica L
Lilly Mccarthy Border Collie 03/24/99-02/09/07 Christie, Dean, Sara, Shane & Chloe
Lilly Medium Hair Tuxedo Cat 04/99-09/12/16 Tamara
Lilly Mini Lop Rabbit 08/2001-02/28/05 Alycia Piper
Lilly Miniature Dwarf Horse 12/29/04 Pam Katnik
Lilly Miniture Schnauzer 01/08/98-10/03/00 Maggie Salazar
Lilly Mix Dog 05/31/09 Dave Collins
Lilly Mixed Dog 09/11/10-07/28/11 Rob, Kirsten, Kelsey and Mitchell Davis
Lilly Mixed Dog 09/17/09-12/15/09 Nicole
Lilly Mixed Dog 12 years 09/16/14 Beth Hickman
Lilly Moggy Cat 12 years 06/07/12 Janet
Lilly Monster Villarreal Chi 10 years 06/14/11 Veronica Villarreal
Lilly Murphy Westie Puppy 10/2005-02/2006 Jennifer, Shawn, Anna Grace & Abbie Murphy
Lilly Muted Calico Cat 04/01/95-04/17/14 Jill
Lilly Nibbles Coton de Tulear 11 years 01/04/12 Marie
Lilly Noel Bichon 10/16/97-11/18/09 Donna Labagh
Lilly Noel Tinsman Chihuahua 09/27/06-12/29/10 Barbara Tinsman
Lilly Norwegian Elkhound Mix 17 years 03/27/13 Kari
Lilly of the Alley Blue & white Domestic Shorthair Cat 11/01/90-05/13/98 Sherry Lynn Scales
Lilly Ovenshire English Bulldog 12/18/14 Cheryl Ovenshire
Lilly Pad Black Labrador Retriever 10/10/96-03/08/06 Nina & Don Sawyer
Lilly Parakeet 1 year 09/29/06 Jennifer, Lauren, Olivia, Cj and Achoo
Lilly Part Persian White Cat 16 years 02/28/04 Boyd & Joyce Bruce
Lilly Pederson Dachshund 6 years 05/08/17 Pam Pederson
Lilly Persian Cat 06/09/09 Lesley and Kent Cobb
Lilly Pixie-Bob Cat 03/22/03-03/08/08 Gail Provo
Lilly Polatty Siamese Kitten 7 months 11/21/97 Leslie
Lilly Pomeranian 6 years 10/14/07 Brenda
Lilly Poodle 04/16/91-03/04/05 Jill Crown
Lilly Pooh Maltese 03/30/11 Ainsley & Ro Dayan
Lilly Princess Cat 1992-03/28/11 Marla June
Lilly Puff Kitten 7 weeks 06/16/10 Goins Family
Lilly Pug 05/21/04-11/01/09 Katie Windsor
Lilly Pug 12 years 01/21/08 Craig Gartman
Lilly Pug 15 years 02/13/15 Joni
Lilly Pug 7 years 07/29/15 Wendy
Lilly Puggle 12/15/08-11/21/11 Nerina Bellinger
Lilly Puppy 03/24/13-06/05/13 Robin Hobson
Lilly Ragdoll Mixed Cat 07/11/09 Jennifer Williams
Lilly Rainey Zebra Finch 3 1/2 years 11/10/03 Kristin Hansen
Lilly Rat 2 years 12/25/07 Chris and Mark
Lilly Rat Terrier 16 years 04/24/08 Shelly
Lilly Rex Rabbit 21/06/95-16/03/98 Nicky Rowlands
Lilly Ridgeback/Boxer 10/31/96-07/09/07 Helen
Lilly Rose Cat 10 years 03/08/08 Linda
Lilly Rose Maltese 06/13/95-09/06/09 Yoli
Lilly Rufle Cat 05/06/13-03/18/16 Lisa Rufle
Lilly Seal Lynx Ragdoll Cat 03/24/07-08/20/08 Nicholas, Natalie, Nina, Nick, Donna, Lucy Muzzicato
Lilly Seal Point Siamese Cat 07/01/00-07/04/10 Sam Leyva
Lilly Sheltie 05/21/88-10/21/02 Cori Olsen
Lilly Sheltie 7 years 02/10/13 Jenni Wilkinson
Lilly Shepherd 16 years 01/31/08 Eileen
Lilly Shitootle 12/22/00-02/20/08 Kathy
Lilly Short-Hair American Cat 11 years 03/04/07 Mary
Lilly Siamese Cat 10/19/87-06/06/06 Jean Zbinden
Lilly Smooth Fox Terrier 06/27/98-11/04/08 Robyn Quinn
Lilly Springer Spaniel 03/03/06-06/22/06 Rashell Coleman
Lilly Springer Spaniel Mix 03/01/03-10/30/17 Sandra Jones
Lilly 'Sweets' Robbins Siamese Cat 17 years 09/04/04 Laura
Lilly Taylor Springer Spaniel Mix 10 years 03/19/09 Tara Taylor
Lilly Teacup Poodle 04/01/04-06/27/10 Galia Spychalska
Lilly Teacup Yorkie 07/29/07-05/15/18 Casey & Julie
Lilly Teddy Bear Hamster 02/05/02-02/12/02 Sam Temple
Lilly Thomas Yellow Labrador Retriever 04/05/98-12/30/09 J.K., David and Cooper
Lilly Tiger Cat 16 years 07/13/10 Pat & Dan & Kevin
Lilly Tonkinese Cat 24/10/04-04/12/17 Michael, Jo,(Mum) John (Dad) & your fur brother Ollie
Lilly Tortoise Shell Cat 08/24/10 Jayme & Rob
Lilly Tortoise Shell Cat 17 years 02/19/04 Nancy Sowers
Lilly Tortoiseshell and White Calico Cat 03/21/05-09/01/09 Kate Kaufman
Lilly Toy Poodle 03/27/97-11/27/04 Linda Jones
Lilly Turkish Van Angora Cat 07/07/94-05/27/09 Lisa Johnson
Lilly Umbrella Cockatoo 12/17/97 Mary
Lilly Veiled Chameleon 01/19/11 Betty Balser
Lilly Velasquez Tortoiseshell Persian Cat 16 years 04/16/02 Linda and Victor
Lilly Von Steupf Mini Long Haired Dachshund 10/01/84-05/15/00 Terri & Randal
Lilly Welsh Terrier 07/18/86-07/01/98 Steffy
Lilly Willy Dog 10//1/2010-02/17/16 Beka
Lilly Yellow Lab 07/24/14 Christine
Lilly Yellow Lab 2 years 09/15/00 Courtney Lopes
Lilly Yorkie 11/08/93-07/31/14 Janet Smalley
Lilly Yorkshire Terrier 05/89-02/04/04 Nisa and Craig Ford
Lilly Yorkshire Terrier 22/01/07-31/07/07 Lynne
Lilly, Diablo & Star Rabbits 3 years 02/26/04 Angela Henshaw
Lilly, Mia, Lucky Yorkie, Maltese, Poodle 02/96 to 2011, 2008, 2011 Cindy
Lillybean Tabby Cat 04/12/01-05/24/08 K. A. Green
Lillybell Butterscotch Golden Lab 09/25/00-10/09/08 John & Kimberly & Kent & Mackenzie
Lillybelle Beagle/Lab 11/98-01/08/13 Jean, Patrick and Jeff
Lilly-Ella Lab 07/31/06-10/23/09 Tessa
Lillyfoot(less) Beagle 4 years 03/30/08 Marcy Thomas
Lilly-Jean Wiley Chi-Weiner 10/05/98-03/17/08 Ron and Linda Wiley
Lilly-Pea Snyder Domestic Long Hair Tortoise Shell Cat 03/07/99-09/09/14 Cheryl A. Snyder
Lilly-Rothbys Victorie Rose Yorkie 10/31/06-04/12/08 Kim Gierlach
Lillys the Last One Shih Tzu 09/07/03-01/12/06 Denise Farley
Lilo & Stitch Cats 05/10/04-03/08/05 Freyja & Anna
Lilo American Shorthair Torti Cat 17 years 01/05/18 Roswitha
Lilo Bleu Russian Cat 08/10/02-04/28/03 Sandy
Lilo Brussels Griffon 07/04/05-11/04/13 Connie and Liz Claussen
Lilo Calico Cat 2 years 08/17/08 Reid
Lilo Cat 08/18/03-02/06/12 Alaina, Mom, Jimmy
Lilo Cat 9 years 02/06/12 Alaina, Linda, & Jimmy
Lilo Chihuahua 10/01/01-07/11/09 Sophia
Lilo Ferret 01/28/07-06/12/10 Brett Staffa
Lilo Ferret 3 years 08/18/11 Donna
Lilo Gonzalez Beagle 02/2005-11/17/07 Rossana
Lilo Great Dane/Husky Mix 4 years 02/08/19 Ashlee & Jamie McConnell
Lilo Himmie Cat 12 years 09/23/16 Audrea Gustafson
Lilo Louise Chinese Pug 12/03-10/13/05 Amber Legan
Lilo Maine Coon Cat 08/18/02-02/06/12 Linda, Alaina and Jim
Lilo Mixed Cat 10/2005-06/24/08 Eric Knight
Lilo Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 09/17/03-10/13/11 Miko and Dennis Marshall
Lilo Rat 11/30/02-11/19/04 Brandy
Lilo Ratcliff Beagle 03/28/05-02/17/11 Gilbert Ratcliff
Lilo Reinert Ferret 2001-07/22/07 John, Michael and Jeremy Reinert
Lilo Tropical Hermit Crab 4 months 09/15/02 Tina Thomas
Lilone Poodle 14 years 11/02/10 Jennifer
Lilone Poodle 14 years 11/03/10 Jennifer Engle
Lil't Cat 11/86-05/25/01 Rosemary Alexander
Lilttle Bit Chihuahua 06/25/94-11/26/05 Chell
Lilwing Skedadle April Storm - April Australian Shepherd 11/14/03-03/23/06 Laura Sommerville
Lily - Tiger Lily Marie Calico Cat 18 years 05/17/10 Jolee Suskovic
Lily (Babyboo) Golden Syrian Hamster 9 months 12/24/04 Tasha McQuade
Lily (Happy Beautiful Lily) Shih Tzu 08/12/08-09/18/11 Tammy & Gordon Konecny
Lily (Heart and Soul) Quarter Horse 03/19/03-09/14/15 Chartrand
Lily (Lily Queen, Lilis) Lop Bunny 1999-08/17/99 Stephanie Pereira
Lily (Lily-bug) Australian Shepherd 03/23/15 Beth, Carl, Ben, Dynamite and Maysie
Lily (Low Rider) Mini Dachshund 01/28/99-05/03/03 Jerry & Jane Hull
Lily (Pookie) Miniature Pinscher 02/02/00-12/11/02 DeLois Mick
Lily (Tigerlily) Brown/Black Striped Madonna Domestic Shorthair Tabby Cat 09/98-07/02/10 Jennifer Enge & Kenneth Cirac
Lily aka Sweet Lil Boxer 10/02-01/09/09 Marshall and Megan
Lily aka Sweet Pea Chocolate Point Siamese Cat 09/25/05-09/08/11 Shirley Anderson and Michel Tetrault
Lily American Eskimo/Yellow Lab/Chow 04/03/04-03/01/08 Denise, Mark and Jessica Martalock (Bailey Too)
Lily American Shorthair Cat 05/31/93-10/15/05 Janice & George D'Aiuto
Lily American Shorthair Cat 5 years 09/20/13 Joanna and Vicki
Lily and Buttons Lion Head and English Spot Mix Rabbits 06/02/06-10/13/06 and 10/11/06 Bekah
Lily and Her Puppies Chihuahua 06/29/04 Katrina Ling
Lily and Rosi Shelties Dogs 11 years 07/13/07 Angie and Mum
Lily Ann Domestic Shorthair Cat 02/28/99-05/18/13 Debra & John
Lily Ann Domestic Shorthair Cat 02/28/99-05/18/13 Debra & John Policarpo
Lily Ann Marie Brandle Dachshund/Pug Mix 10/2008-05/05/14 Jenna Marie Brandle
Lily Ann Policarpo Cat 02/28/99-05/18/13 Debra Policarpo
Lily Anne O'Keefe Boxer 08/22/05-10/03/09 Kirsten O'Keefe
Lily Austrailan Shepherd 2 years 03/22/01 Sue, SVHS
Lily Australian Shepherd 14 years 05/2007 Marypat and Jack Parks
Lily Australian Shepherd 14 years 06/30/06 Virginia Dean
Lily Bailey Bernese Mountain Dog 09/29/12 Stephanie Ellis
Lily Baker Min Pin 11/17/95-03/23/11 Megan Baker
Lily Bart Pembroke Welsh Corgi 11/12/07-04/13/09 Crystal Baker
Lily Basset 03/15/12 Heather Murphy & Bryan Murphy
Lily Beagle 03/03/04-12/06/10 Stephanie Walko
Lily Beagle 03/06/04-12/06/10 Stephanie Walko
Lily Beagle 04/03/97-07/25/09 Ava Karen Roman
Lily Beagle 05/24/01-01/01/10 Janet
Lily Beagle 10/03/02 Michelle and Frank Summers
Lily Beagle Puppy 01/13/03-06/08/03 The Castro Family
Lily Beagle/Terrier Mix 03/19/07 Janel & Scott
Lily Bean Chihuahua/Mexican Hairless 03/27/02-03/08/09 Kyle & Matt
Lily Beaner (Bit O Conclusive) Paint Horse 07/24/04-08/28/05 Fait Kehl
Lily Bear Black Lab 5 years 12/19/13 Carrie Toldo
Lily Bell Yellow Lab 10/30/00-05/15/13 Jane Ashley Pace
Lily Belle (Lily) Cat 5 years 04/08/13 Cheryl Sherwin
Lily Belle Cairn Terrier 13 years 03/04/19 Julie Dunbar
Lily Belle Sheltie 01/01/99-12/04/08 Stephanie
Lily Bernese Mountain Dog 01/22/94-06/30/98 Laura and Dave Verbarg
Lily Bichon Frise 10/30/11 Julie Archual
Lily Bichon Frise 11/29/06-11/19/15 Emily Murphy
Lily Birman Cat 06/2000-06/05/13 Christopher & Karen Huneke
Lily Black America Shorthair (or Burmese) Cat 1987-01/27/97 Torrance Bartholomew
Lily Black and White Cat 3 years 02/23/01 Laura L. Goodwin
Lily Black Cat 13 years 11/04/99 Laura M.
Lily Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/15/02-01/20/17 Kerry Kretz
Lily Black Persian Cat 04/2001-10/2002 Cynthia Sinclair
Lily Blue Seal Point Himalayan Cat 12 1/2 years 12/23/11 Cecelia Harvey
Lily Bluetick Coonhound Mix 06/08/01-05/11/05 Katherine Lauer
Lily Border Collie 05/04/91-04/24/07 The Simpson Family
Lily Border Jack Russell Terrier 04/16/93-07/02/02 Marilyn
Lily Boston Terrier 01/31/00-11/10/10 Leslie La Nasa
Lily Boston Terrier 08/04/95-07/05/09 Diane
Lily Boston Terrier 14 years 12/30/17 Nancy and Keith Tilley
Lily Boxer 03/30/11 Renee
Lily Boxer 06/25/05-06/28/12 Amy, Ryan, and Harper
Lily Brown Tiger Stripe Cat 1/81-10/29/96 Linda Keith
Lily Buggles Torbie Cat 07/01/02-09/07/16 Sue
Lily Bulldog 09/21/99-02/18/11 Bernata Slater
Lily Bullmastiff 5 years 08/13/13 Nick Sawczyszyn
Lily Bunny 02/14/07-12/26/15 Anita
Lily Burmese Cat 06/02/96-11/29/08 Cassandra
Lily Butterfly Rottweiler 07/17/97-02/23/06 Samantha Marino
Lily Calico Cat 02/01/92-06/23/05 Jessica Lover
Lily Calico Cat 03/11/98-01/10/05 Kevin, Andrea, Kam and Nyssa Lee
Lily Calico Cat 04/25/17-12/18/18 Barbara
Lily Calico Cat 4 years 07/14/06 Jo and Brett Pritchett
Lily Calico/Tabby Cat 1 year 09/28/00 Sue, SVHS
Lily Campbell's Dwarf Hamster 02/05/05 Jillian Angelica
Lily Cat 01/01/18 Cindy Miller
Lily Cat 03/16/15 Lisa
Lily Cat 04/23/08 Hazel Lecouteur
Lily Cat 05/01/01-01/03/06 Sharon Walton
Lily Cat 05/05/01-01/03/06 Sharon Walton
Lily Cat 05/15/83-08/07/07 Colleen
Lily Cat 06/01/00-08/29/14 Alys
Lily Cat 06/03/06-07/11/09 Cheyenne
Lily Cat 06/20/10 Cody
Lily Cat 06/25/12 Sarah
Lily Cat 07/09/04 Chris
Lily Cat 09/07/02-10/01/06 Allie Seagle
Lily Cat 09/96 Donna Baker
Lily Cat 1 1/2 years 02/27/18 Ali Fernandez
Lily Cat 10 years 1988 Barbara Pietrowiak
Lily Cat 10/01/97-12/28/10 Susan Valz
Lily Cat 12/03/14 Steve
Lily Cat 13 years 09/30/04 Anna Erbes Family
Lily Cat 17 years 07/21/08 Joyce Bak
Lily Cat 18 months 07/26/03 Daryl Metzger
Lily Cat 18 years 25/03/11 Lauren Hancock
Lily Cat 2 years 10/17/06 Megan
Lily Cat 3 years 07/17/05 Kathy Heinze
Lily Cat 7 years 03/14/04 Tracey Campbell
Lily Cat 8 years 04/22/05 Meagan
Lily Cat 8 years 06/26/10 Tracy Laska
Lily Cat 9 years 06/24/05 Cindy Grant
Lily Chi 01/14/96-10/20/11 Jack
Lily Chihuahua 01/02/07-01/07/11 Kim Pope
Lily Chihuahua 01/20/17 Phil McCarty
Lily Chihuahua 03/01/05-03/03/06 Kevin C
Lily Chihuahua 10/02/08-05/17/13 Heather Elias
Lily Chihuahua 15 years 09/20/99 Nikki
Lily Chihuahua 2 years 07/13/06 Rita
Lily Chihuahua Mix 01/17/99-01/20/05 Danielle and Brad Mugridge
Lily Chihuahua/Dachshund 19 years 08/19/14 Kristen
Lily Chinese Crested Dog 11/20/85-10/13/99 Anne Dennis
Lily Chocolate Lab 12 years 03/20/14 David Zychowski
Lily Cocker Spaniel 05/08/94-11/01/05 Mary Connelly
Lily Cocker Spaniel 06/01/99-04/06/09 Catherine Brumley
Lily Cocker Spaniel 06/12/96-09/01/00 Sara
Lily Cocker Spaniel 09/08/04-03/20/17 Carrie Reed
Lily Collie/ Springer Cross 11 years 19/04/12 C Reilly
Lily Collie/Springer Cross 11 years 19/04/12 C Reilly
Lily Coton de Tulear 06/05/06-05/09/07 Katie
Lily Craig Shorthair Cat 10/28/94-10/06/11 Sandy Craig
Lily Criswell Jack Russell Terrier 07/01/02-03/24/07 Carissa Criswell
Lily Dachshund 06/03/03-04/29/04 Lesley
Lily Dachshund 06/03/08-10/15/10 Jennifer
Lily Dachshund 10 years 24 Sept. 2004 Erik, Alyssa, Matt and Barbara
Lily Dachshund 14 years 09/09/03 Estelle & Harry Munro,
Lily Dachshund/Corgi Mix 02/2000-09/11/11 Scott Vincent
Lily Dale Greyhound 09/20/96-01/13/09 Jerry and Leah Davis
Lily Dalmatian 06/06/96-12/15/04 Brian Tuson
Lily Dalmatian 12 years 03/27/10 Rossi Family
Lily Dalmatian 15 years 12/30/05 Suzy Anderson
Lily Depuy Augustyniak Boxer 06/02/04-05/23/16 Mike and Jenny Augustyniak
Lily DMH Cat 04/06/98-01/05/13 Keri Carbert
Lily Doberman 10/05/99 B.
Lily Doberman 1981 Gloria Manucia
Lily Dog 01/03/94-02/18/09 Robert
Lily Dog 02/15/18 Dora
Lily Dog 02/26/06-01/14/10 James and Laura
Lily Dog 03/21/98 Duane Pecci
Lily Dog 03/30/10 Amanda
Lily Dog 04/13/90-10/12/05 Nathalie Lombart
Lily Dog 04/18/10 Kristina
Lily Dog 05/2016 Anne
Lily Dog 08/17/04-08/17/09 Carl & Denise
Lily Dog 11/25/05-01/08/07 Gracie
Lily Dog 11/26/12 Jessica M
Lily Dog 18 years 02/28/04 Kitty Fleming
Lily Dog 4 years 10/16/07 Christina Ciszek
Lily Dog 8 years 02/12/11 Cindy Symons
Lily Domestic Short Hair (Pure White) Cat 15 years 10/24/08 Leah
Lily Domestic Short Hair All White Cat 19 1/2 years 07/12/02 Mary Ellen Frye, Dana Harris, Lous Nassavera
Lily Domestic Short Hair Cat 05/20/05-10/07/13 Jasmine
Lily Domestic Short Hair Cat 15 years 05/14/16 Janie Harrison
Lily Domestic Short Hair Cat 7 years 12/28/06 Connie Paxson
Lily Domestic Shorthair Cat 16 years 05/12/05 Heather & Phyllis
Lily Doxie 15 years 12/13/08 Lisa Crandall
Lily DSH Cat 03/04/12 Leanne B
Lily DSH Cat 03/2001-04/18/06 Jennifer Finn
Lily DSH Cat 04/06/98-01/05/13 Keri Carbert
Lily DSH Cat 05/97-08/16/99 Amy Verngren
Lily DSH Cat 07/22/04-01/08/12 Steph & Greg
Lily DSH Cat 10/89-05/04/05 Dawn
Lily DSH Cat 18 years 08/08/13 Claire Peach
Lily DSH Cat 2 years 03/18/06 Susan Lyday
Lily DSH Cat 3 years 04/27/00 Keith and Amanda Weaver
Lily Dwarf Bunny 01/01/01-04/14/10 Rebecca Sid
Lily Dwarf Rabbit 8 years 01/06/04 Joey Gallo
Lily Elizabeth Pug 06/21/99-02/08/11 Krista
Lily Elizabeth Sheltie 01/18/95-07/23/08 Barbara and Noel
Lily Elizabeth Sheltie 01/18/95-07/23/08 Barbara and Noel Hill
Lily Emma Rhodesian Ridgeback 08/24/97-10/18/08 Kathryn and Geoffrey Baker
Lily English Bulldog 09/21/99-02/18/11 Bernata and Kevin Slater
Lily English Cocker Spaniel 01/08/99-14/01/14 Lindy Quin
Lily English Mastiff 05/09/96-10/12/00 Mrs. Di Murray
Lily English Setter 06/22/97-01/27/10 Becky Strong
Lily English Springer Spaniel 12/01/89-08/15/03 Jennie
Lily Ferret 05/29/07 Amy D
Lily Ferret 08/24/01 Mary Nell Joyce
Lily Fey Cat 10/22/01 M Waldsmith
Lily Fleur Toy Poodle 05/07/82-03/19/00 Muriel Lippman
Lily Foxhound 12 years 05/21/12 Jenny
Lily Gerbil 01/06/01-10/12/03 Rachel
Lily Gerbil 10 months 03/27/09 Laura
Lily German Shepherd 06/24/06-03/02/12 Krista Schenewerk
Lily German Shepherd 3 years 08/01/10 Mary Czinner
Lily German Shepherd Mix 15 years 04/01/11 Diana Wakelyn
Lily Girl Adams Mini Doxie 04/26/92-08/03/05 Madeleine Adams
Lily Girl Boxer 6 years 06/27/04 Monique and Brian
Lily Golden Lab/German Shepherd 10 1/2 years 06/03/08 Katherine Brevik
Lily Golden Retriever 01/19/01-11/28/09 Brian, Karen, Zach, Chelsea and Rosie
Lily Golden Retriever 02/06/08-08/22/18 Jan Schlorff
Lily Golden Retriever 02/14/00-05/29/03 Michelle Hoctor
Lily Golden Retriever 04/29/00-12/24/04 Kim and Phil
Lily Golden Retriever 06/28/06-10/27/15 Amy & Brian Smith
Lily Golden Retriever 08/03/02-03/04/11 Jim Murphy
Lily Golden Retriever 08/18/00-09/09/01 Annie, Larry, Emily, Peter and Molly
Lily Golden Retriever 08/20/11 Katie
Lily Golden Retriever 10/18/04-09/10/12 Meghan
Lily Golden Retriever 11/12/99-02/06/12 Peggy
Lily Golden Retriever 4 1/2 years 04/05/99 Tom & Chris DePoto
Lily Golden Retriever 91/2 years 01/08/98 Kayla Foss
Lily Golden Retriever/?? (Mutt) 05/11/94-05/07/08 Lisa Weber
Lily Golden Retriever/Lab 11/24/01-06/03/05 Kathy Burcina
Lily Gonzalez Cat 6 years 05/2010 Autumn
Lily Grace & Kittens Cat 1 years 05/26/06 Vicki and Kristen Sharer
Lily Grace Cat 2 years 11/20/04 Corrie Carroll
Lily Grace Teleis Domestic Longhair Cat 07/19/00-12/16/13 Dorothy Cullen
Lily Gray Tabby Cat 12/03/14 Steve
Lily Great Dane 01/14/03-05/01/06 Yvonne Navarro and Weston Ochse
Lily Grey, Domestic Longhair Cat 04/90-12/29/06 F. Villa
Lily Greyhound 01/26/08 Gail Rios
Lily Greyhound 08/18/92 Joe Skidel
Lily Greyhound 12 years 08/08/16 Rose Haywood
Lily Grimshaw Boxer 08/01/05-05/14/18 Staci and Giles Grimshaw
Lily Guinea Pig 02/28/02-12/13/04 Jake, Lynn, Kristyn, Tom
Lily Guinea Pig 07/28/11 Sarah
Lily Guinea Pig 3 years 05/04/01 Julie Colon
Lily Guinea Pig 7 years 01/04/05 Angelika Wilk
Lily Gundlach St. Bernard 3 years 07/08/09 Jennifer Gundlach
Lily Himalayan Cat 01/12/10 Linda Shaw
Lily HiRose Pomeranian 02/24/92-07/28/03 Yukie
Lily Ho Persian Mix Cat 03/01/91 Gladys
Lily Hooded Agouti Rat 05/2000-09/06/02 Jennifer Eldred
Lily Huff Chihuahua 02/16/12 Penny & Kent Huff
Lily Huntington Maltese 07/13/94-11/28/09 Shirley & Bob Huntington
Lily Italian Greyhound 04/11/05-08/07/10 Al Pierce
Lily Jack Russell 06/13/96-07/16/10 M. E. Wall
Lily Jack Russell 10/09/03-09/08/07 Shannon H
Lily Jack Russell Dig 16 years 04/01/13 Anne Jones
Lily Jack Russell Terrier 02/22/97-12/12/07 Kathy Klos
Lily Jack Russell Terrier 2 1/2 years 03/03/10 Jennifer
Lily Jean Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/01/01-02/24/12 Laura
Lily Johnson Black and White Cat 06/85-12/23/02 Linda
Lily Kate Domestic Shorthair Cat 2011 Brenda Higinson
Lily Kitten Kitten 10 weeks 09/22/08 Nikki Bee
Lily Knoell Yellow Lab 01/02/96-08/24/09 Linda Knoell
Lily Kreighbaum Allen Calico Cat 07/2010-02/05/13 Bernadette Allen
Lily Lab 13 years 10/72/16 Jennifer M
Lily Lab Collie Cross 01/01/95-07/05/09 Sally Robertshaw
Lily Lab Shepherd 2 1/2 years 11/15/06 Frances, Howie and Jake
Lily Lab/Husky/Collie 14 years 02/28/07 Deborah Haas
Lily Labradoodle 6 years 07/28/12 Elizabeth
Lily Labrador 03/01/99-02/29/12 Joy Germack
Lily Labrador 06/17/06-06/22/17 Sandy Cowle
Lily Labrador Retriever / Cocker Spaniel Mix 08/05/02-02/09/08 Karen and Tom
Lily Lab-Shepherd Mix 3 years 11/02/98 Ellen St.John
Lily Lange Beagle 05/24/01-01/04/10 Janet Lange
Lily Langille Dog 04/06/87-11/15/96 Judy
Lily Lanner Moss Golden Retriever 11/23/02-12/12/10 Kimberly Lanner, Jeff Moss, Malia Lanner
Lily Lassiter Black Lab 11 years 09/03/15 Kelly and John Lassiter
Lily Lee Cat 15 years 02/28/09 Ann Ours
Lily Lhapsa-Mix 03/04-03/26/07 T. Pettet
Lily Lhasa Apso 02/02/06-03/05/09 Janet Ratcliffe
Lily Lilac Point Siamese Cat 02/10/94-06/27/11 Donna Gibson
Lily Ling-Ling Havanese Mix 10-12? years 07/29/10 Anita Levine
Lily Lively Lamont Yorkie 04/21/91-03/16/04 Joyce Lvely
Lily Lou Dachshund/Basset Hound 2 years 03/19/11 Jennifer McGreevy
Lily Lou Pembroke Welch Corgi 06/03/00-12/30/12 Betty & Vicki
Lily Maine Coon Cat 15 years 09/22/03 Sharon Lawrence
Lily Maine Coon Cross Cat 05/05/95-05/19/07 Barbara
Lily Maltese 06/19/13 Lam Mac & Lan Mac
Lily Maltese 08/03/07 Jane Carter
Lily Maltese 08/20/11 Bree
Lily Maltese 10 years 12/25/00 M F Monahan
Lily Maltipoo 07/09/14-09/07/17 Norma & Amado Vasquez
Lily Maltipoo Puppy 6 weeks-06/08/12 Melanie Harless
Lily Mayers aka Lil, aka Pudding Norwegian Forest Mix Cat 19 months 08/28/08 Carol Mayers
Lily Miniature Dachshund 06/24/06-08/02/07 Lisa Miller
Lily Miniature Pinscher 01/01/06-09/13/17 Carin and Pat Inclema
Lily Mix Dog 10 years 06/24/11 Natalie
Lily Mix Dog 20 years 05/30/10 Janet Lee Hillis
Lily Mix Dog 7 years 02/06/09 Kimberly
Lily Mix Puppy 05/03/16-05/11/16 Nina Harbison and Family
Lily Mixed Breed Dog 08/12/09 Marie Demian
Lily Mixed Breed Dog 12/04/99 Lisa Mirabello
Lily Mixed Breed Manx Cat 03/25/97-11/16/07 Iris Lynch
Lily Mixed Cat 1993-06/21/11 Deb Cornett
Lily Mixed Dog 10/14/98 Terry Barrall
Lily Mixed Dog 11/09/10-10/13/11 Rebecca Bradley
Lily Mixed Dog 16 years 02/06/12 DLR
Lily Mixed Dog 2000-03/27/10 Nancy
Lily Moppett Bichon Frise 08/25/00-08/25/16 Janet L
Lily Mouse 01/11/10 Bonni Hall
Lily -my Goosey Cat 1 year 10/07/11 Karen
Lily Newfoundland / Mastiff 12/21/08-11/02/13 Beth Miller
Lily Newfoundland 05/01/97-01/25/06 Holly and Larry
Lily Noel Bichon Frise 12/25/97-03/08/13 Norma Taylor
Lily Normal Winter White Hamster 12/08/12 Alicia
Lily Norwegian Elkhound 05/15/95-02/12/05 Lee, Sheri & Dorian
Lily Norwegian Elkhound 05/25/95-02/12/05 Sheri Newman
Lily Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever 11/19/99-12/23/11 Claire Paulson
Lily Ochman Mixed Dobe/Shepherd 09/29/12 Bob and Nancy
Lily Oconnor- Lily Girl, Lily Poo, Gorgeous Lily, Beautiful Lily, Pretty Girl, Tiny Lily (C Cat 06/16/10 Marcia & Michael O'Connor
Lily of The Fields Mastiff 5 years 04/28/03 Mary Jane and Rich Wilkin
Lily of the Valley Yellow Labrador Retriever 04/03/05-06/04/05 Crystal & Scott Dutzel
Lily Old English Sheepdog 7 years 04/11/10 Jill Sims
Lily Olde English Bulldog 5 years 07/26/09 The Marquis Family
Lily Omalley Westie 04/22/02-08/09/09 Christie North
Lily OSh White 03/19/97-07/02/02 Jennifer and Matthew Eduardo
Lily Papillion 03/12/08-11/16/09 Julie Wall
Lily Parakeet 08/01/03-11/12/05 Jacqueline Widick, Alyn and Marjory Nielsen
Lily Part Maine Coon Cat 2 1/2 years 04/01/05 Dianna, Courtney, Neil, Katie, and Jackie
Lily Patters Welsh Corgi 02/08/06-11/23/10 Tiegs Family
Lily Pekipoo 7 years 08/09/11 Sandra
Lily Pembroke Corgi 05/07/99-05/31/11 Pamela Washington
Lily Penelope Mousington Mouse 07/06/06-08/08/08 Diana Barbour
Lily Perea Dachshund 04/13/96-09/11/10 Jonathan Perea
Lily Peusion Kircher Cockatiel 07/23/98-07/10/06 Mare & Dennis Kircher
Lily Phipps Cat 3 years 06/07/06 Kieryn and Leana
Lily Pit Mix 07/29/13-08/21/17 Lauri
Lily Pitbull/Lab 08/20/07 Mari & Jim Moloney
Lily Pomeranian 02/10/05-05/20/05 Krysta Buhner
Lily Pomeranian 05/08/09-03/12/12 Lucy Anne
Lily Pomeranian 19 years 07/12/10 Connie, Homer and Sisley
Lily Pony Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lily Poodle 4 years 12/15/06 Kerry Stark
Lily Pug 06/08/03-01/06/12 Nichole La May
Lily Pug 07/27/05-12/26/12 Tracy Westrick
Lily Pug 08/02/11 Andrew
Lily Pug 08/10/03-10/31/11 Karen Franklin
Lily Pug 11 years 03/17/10 Sharon Judd
Lily Ragdoll Cat 12 years 07/09/16 Kara
Lily Raisin Zurawka Ocicat Cat 10/17/95-12/09/07 Ruth Zurawka & Jim Tauberg
Lily Rat 1 years 01/01/12 Laurine
Lily Rat Terrier Mix 12/25/06-12/13/16 Rhonda G
Lily Rose Cat 13 years 06/14/06 Pamela Tomasello
Lily Rose Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 06/02/06 Donna Sivatta
Lily Rose Chihuahua 01/13/04-02/28/19 Andrea Sirianni
Lily Rottweiler 07/17/97-02/23/06 Samantha Marino
Lily Rottweiler 10 years 05/09/08 Kath Parks
Lily Rottweiler 6 years 04/27/09 Larry and Jamye Harris
Lily Ruth Voss Pug 14 years 03/28/06 Kathleen Voss
Lily Sable Ferret 06/08/05 Tricia and Josh
Lily Sachs Yellow Labrador 14 years 08/09/05 Sherrie Beth Sachs
Lily Satin Syrian Hamster 06/29/15 Roisin Roberts
Lily Scarlett Chinchilla Persian Cat 07/13/07-03/23/10 Anne Berbling
Lily Schipperke 11 years 12/29/03 Satu Jarvi
Lily Schipperke 12/22/02-11/14/18 Lori Pearman
Lily Scottish Fold Cat 1 year6/12/97 Mary & Family
Lily Shane Cocker Spaniel 06/16/14 Peter
Lily Shar Pei 11/15/98-07/25/11 Debi Pitcock
Lily Sheltie 04/23/92-03/01/95 Rebekah Grommes
Lily Sheltie 05/10/94-10/22/05 Heather Pye
Lily Sheltie 05/10/95-02/09/97 Jaye L.
Lily Sheltie 07/12/11 Gregg and Elise
Lily Shepherd/Golden Mix 05/17/93-06/04/03 Kathi Stein
Lily Shetland Sheepdog 04/12/98-08/14/12 Bethlyn
Lily Shih Tzu 05/25/98-05/02/12 Ruth Superneau
Lily Shih Tzu 06/01/94-12/13/07 Sara and Rod
Lily Shih Tzu 07/20/97-08/20/09 Maggie
Lily Shih Tzu approx. 13 years 09/26/03 Renee' Lee Greco
Lily Shih Zu/ Spaniel Mix 07/13/14 Rich Cvetan
Lily Short Hair Cat 5 months 04/08/14 Kyle
Lily Shorthair Cat 06/13/05 Patrick Malone & Al Maguire
Lily Shorthair Tiger Cat 19 years 10/03/97 Bob & Lisa Bioski
Lily Short-Haired Grey Tabby Cat 1995-08/2009 Lisa Tuvell Hauguel
Lily Siamese Cat 02/15/12 Jena Johnson
Lily Siamese Cat 6 months 11/23/99 Alison & Nancy
Lily Siamese Mix Cat 19 years 11/24/18 Jeanne & Michelle Decosta
Lily Silky Terrier 03/15/07-07/16/12 Naila Nazer and Jeff Pedersen
Lily Snider American Shorthair Cat 2003-06/30/16 The Snider Family
Lily Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 08/01/97-09/11/12 Larisa Elzon-Kaya
Lily Springer Mix 15 years 03/18/05 Michele and Mark Dahl
Lily Squirrel Terrier 05/18/08-10/04/10 Charli Rowland
Lily St. Bernard 04/19/06-07/08/09 Jennifer Gundlach
Lily Steiner Greyhound 08/01/05-04/08/18 Kim and Kevin Steiner and Fur Devon Rex Cat Siblings Hamilton and Winston
Lily Swartz Labrador Retriever 01/05/04-06/21/17 Sherry Swartz
Lily T Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever 03/01/94-04/07/04 Carol
Lily Tabby Cat 05/01/04-08/05/11 Lori Callahan
Lily Tabby Cat 05/04/03-07/20/06 The Mayers Family
Lily Tabby Cat 06/15/97-01/09/12 Angie Baker
Lily Tabby Cat 07/23/05-08/19/06 Sonny
Lily Tabby Cat 08/23/93-12/20/10 Eileen & Read
Lily Tabby Cat 10/06/02-03/06/12 Barbara Luhouse
Lily Tabby Cat 14 years 11/05/08 Karen Kious
Lily Tabby Cat 15 years 08/07/03 Terry
Lily Tabby Cat 16 years 03/22/11 Vanessa Manz
Lily Talbot American Longhair Cat 03/14/95-09/14/15 Nanette Talbot
Lily Terrier Mix 08/04/07 Jessica
Lily Terripoo 10 1/2 years 11/15/15 Valerie Mackett
Lily Thompson Long Hair Domestic Cat 20 to 23 years 04/26/10 Glenn & Cathy Thompson
Lily Tiger Cat 14 years 08/05/09 Lisa Tuvell
Lily Torbie Cat 07/2002-09/07/16 Suzanne
Lily Tortie Cat 11 years 03/11/07 Lisa and Scott Van Leer
Lily Tortoise-Shell Short-Hair Domestic Cat 04/01/90-04/07/00 Lynn, Georg, Leah, Gigi
Lily Tortoiseshell/Tabby Cat 9 years 11/07/05 Jan
Lily Toy Fox Terrier/Chihuahua Cross 02/24/04-05/15/07 Kimberly and Shannon Eliason
Lily Toy Poodle 1985-10/08/00 Jan & Don
Lily Tri-color Dutch Rabbit 1 1/2 years 10/25/02 Tran, Nga, Tina and Family
Lily Turkish Van Cat 07/14/06-09/26/07 Caroline and Chris
Lily Tuxedo Cat 06/07/07 Carla
Lily Tuxedo Cat 11/29/02-01/23/09 Cheryl Vodzak
Lily Valentine Australian Shepherd Puppy 3 months Kat Lloyd
Lily Van Gilder Medium Haired Tabby Kitten 03/27/12-11/20/12 Theresa, April & Heather Van Gilder
Lily von Lillith American Shorthair Cat 3 years 08/05/10 Ellen Thorp
Lily Webb Flame Point Siamese Cat 11/12/92-10/04/06 Roni and David Webb
Lily Weimaraner 10 years 09/18/08 Sheri
Lily West Highland White Terrier 01/29/97-11/10/11 Robin and Kevin
Lily West Highland White Terrier 14 years 08/27/18 Carol M
Lily West Highland White Terrier 22/10/02-09/08/17 Pamela Annund
Lily Westie 11 years 08/24/11 Erin
Lily Whippet 02/26/09-09/09/09 Marc and Nan Burton
Lily White Borg Mutt 08/11/98-01/11/13 Julianne Borg
Lily White Cat 11 years 24th September 2002 Geraldine Wheatley
Lily White Domestic Short Hair Cat 03/15/00-08/31/02 Linda Charter
Lily White DSH Cat with Orange Markings 1 year and six months 05/11/03 Geri Ann Sefton
Lily White Yellow Lab 01/08/00-11/23/09 Laura Spenia & Charles Whelan
Lily Willy Beagle/Weiner 17 years 10/2012 Misty Genetta
Lily Wilson Tortoise Calico Cat 09/23/91-12/08/09 Tracy Wilson
Lily Wire Dachshund 4 years 2 years Judy & Rollie
Lily Yaeger (Boo Boo Bear) Yorkshire Terrier 10 years 8 months J.
Lily Yates Golden Retriever 08/15/04-07/11/12 Jessica Yates
Lily Yellow Lab 06/26/97-09/10/09 Elizabeth Slichter and Jamie, Aubrey & Andrew Allen
Lily Yellow Lab 12 years 04/19/07 Cara
Lily Yorkie 07/17/07-12/11/17 Angela
Lily Yorkie 10/08/95-05/11/09 Bella
Lily Yorkshire Terrier 05/15/98-11/09/11 Phillip Knight
Lily Yorkshire Terrier 06/15/05-07/09/11 Shawn & Erica Russell
Lily Yorkshire Terrier 12/05/91-02/14/99 Amber and Peter Kim
Lily Yorkshire Terrier Puppy 03/03/12-07/28/12 Christine Cupstid
Lily Zuniga Chihuahua-Italian Greyhound Mix 07/13/12-10/05/12 Tori Zuniga
Lily, aka Lily Bear, aka The Mayor of Mohawk Lab/Hound Mix 11/01/97-06/27/11 Molly Bonnell
Lily, aka Princess Liliuokalani White and Brown Tabby Cat 4 years 02/22/19 Barbara
Lily, Archie Macaw and Yellow Head Amazon 2008 TG
Lily, Jasper, Nora, Nema 2 Dogs, 2 Cats 04/29/11 Amy Sasek Haba
Lilyana Guinea Pig 5 years 05/08/00 Rita
LilyAnn Policarpo Domestic Shorthair Cat 02/28/99-05/18/13 Debra & John Policarpo
Lilyannabell Maltese 10/01/11-01/06/13 Sue and Paul Kenny
Lilybell Dog 09/14/01-04/16/10 Lory
Lilybelle Schnauzer 11/22/93-05/01/99 Bengtson/Keim Family
Lily-Bits Maltese 10/01/99-08/09/05 Tim, Kim, Mike, Scott, Deanna & Daisy
Lilydipper Beagle 15 years 8 months 03/17/12 Jason, Josette, Olivia and Jonas
Lilygirl Maltese 02/10/94-12/03/99 Alice Hill
Lilylu German Shorthair Pointer 08/14/97-08/05/10 Rhonda K. Fiske
Lima Sandy Pupdee Delight Lab/Chow 09/09/05-12/31/14 Brea Williams
Lima the Former Leader Dog Black Lab 13 years 07/21/05 Showey Howey
Lime Glowfish 11/15/09-03/08/10 Anna Cullinan
Limitations Greyhound 10/09/98 Kritkare
Limmen Cat 09/26/08 Vicky Terreros
Limon Budgie 31.12.2013 Berna
Limpy Rottweiler 04/11/08 Fred & Cathy
Lina Bernese Mountain Dog 05/23/98-10/05/98 Debbie Tripp & Peter Brown
Lina Black Lab 05/15/91-06/15/05 Pokorny Family
Lina Black Smoke Persian Cat Evelyn
Lina Boxer 09/22/78-12/25/90 Elisabeth
Lina Cat 01/04/15-05/21/17 Florence Chau
Lina Cat 03/16/12 Caroline Radlow
Lina Cat 05/20/90-11/20/06 Bob & Susan
Lina Dachshund 06/30/96-04/20/10 Inga Frederich
Lina Lab/Border Collie Mix 11/26/96-07/02/09 Jim Yeager
Lina Reyes Chihuahua/Shitzu 9 years 05/16/12 Cheryl Reyes
Lina Shar Pei 07/17/02-04/25/08 Vivian Rose
Lina Shih Tzu 13 years 02/19/12 Trish Maynard
Lina Siamese Cat 6 years 09/20/11 Paola Rogue
Lina Tri Coloured Guinea Pig 11/21/06 Jennifer Jobagy
LinC Dog 14 years 12/09/10 William
Linc Shaded Silver Persian Cat 05/10/88-08/04/99 Lynda Burton
Lincare Sweeney Cat 06/15/10-09/12/11 Dsusan Sweeney
Lincoln Alaskan Malamute 09/30/89-05/17/02 Brent & Liz Long
Lincoln American Pit Bull Terrier 12/09/03-04/06/06 Leigha
Lincoln American Stafford 04/06/09-02/17/12 Shione and Kevin Hill
Lincoln Baby Pygmy Goat 11/04/06-01/07/07 Starr Craft
Lincoln Beagle/Australian Shepherd 2 years 01/01/05 Kathy Clarkson
Lincoln Black Knobbed Sawback Turtle 02/16/03 Keri
Lincoln Boxer 03/2001-12/16/06 The Ortega's
Lincoln Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lincoln Chamberlain-Keenan Golden Retriever 08/14/99-03/02/10 Autumn Chamberlain-Keenan
Lincoln Chessie Bay 06/30/09 LJ, Steve, Lindsay, Chase, Carson
Lincoln English Springer Spaniel 02/12/84-09/02/97 Judy Cramer
Lincoln Gancer Frohnsdorf Orange and White Tabby / Manx Cat 1 03/4 years 07/30/10 Jodi & Lars Gancer Frohnsdorf
Lincoln German Shepherd 02/10/01-11/09/10 Ken and Janice Atzrott
Lincoln German Shepherd 20/03/99-12/03/09 Mark Tomlinson
Lincoln Giant Schnauzer 12/28/88-03/10/00 Barb, Marty, Brian, Erin
Lincoln Gilbert American Staffordshire Terrier 02/11/02-02/26/06 Melissa Gilbert
Lincoln Golden Retriever 11 years 05/09/05 Steve, Laura
Lincoln Lab Basset Mix 8 1/2 years 06/04/02 Linda Laud
Lincoln Leonberger 05/31/03-01/06/13 Karen Mordus
Lincoln Maxwell Holland Lop Rabbit 7 years 05/20/05 Laura Brown
Lincoln Mouse 09/95-02/21/98 Andrew
Lincoln Orange Tabby 07/24/95-09/01/96 Bruce and Tracey Morley
Lincoln Poodle 08/10/92-11/16/04 The Hamiltons
Lincoln Shetland Sheepdog 01/05/95-04/01/98 Jeanne Wall
Lincoln Siberian Husky 12/06/05-05/10/13 Diane Caldwell
Lincoln Thoroughbred Horse 03/25/82-09/25/96 Jennifer
Lincoln Tunnell Dachshund 12/02/07-04/08/11 Leanne Tunnell
Lincoln, Pinky Chessie 18 years 06/18/10 Laura Jane Hedderman-Allen
Linda Alaskan Malamute enero 1999-30/05/11 Mari Carmen
Linda and Tammy Dogs 04/08/06 Mariela Reyes
Linda B&W Spaniel Mix 11/20/07-08/05/15 Rachel Yeshurun
Linda Black Cat Beautiful Eyes 17 years 08/04/99 America Gonzalez
Linda Cat 02/02/98-07/17/09 Christy Zamboni
Linda Cocker/Terrier/Poodle Mix 07/15/84-06/17/98 Rachel Laiche
Linda Dachshund 03/21/95 Maggie
Linda Dog 15 years 07/27/15 Amar
Linda Findlay Guinea Pig 10/12/01-11/24/01 Elizabeth
Linda Lu QH Horse 05/19/99-06/14/09 Shawn Marg
Linda M Buckland Tabby Cat 15 years 07/07/06 Linda
Linda Raskin Bird 04/22/90-08/25/06 Linda Raskin
Linda Shepherd Mix 09/30/00-06/16/10 Karen
Linda Terrier Mix 1980-04/12/97 R. Rose
Linda Toy Poodle 2 years 02/22/07 Daisy
Linda's Dog Poodle 17 years 02/05/98 Linda
Linda's Midnight Beau Poodle 9 years 05/31/00 Linda G. O'Haver
Lindbergh Holland Lop Rabbit 1 1/2 years 11/25/04 Karen & Kevin Heavrin
Linde Calico Cat 9 years 08/02/11 Kathryn
Lindholme Lady Lace aka Lacey Irish Water Spaniel 02/14/97 Jean Collier
Lindhome's Aer Abel Irish Water Spaniel 1 1/4 years Jim and Lexi
Lindie Jo Basset Hound 12/29/94-10/15/07 Angie Olson
Lindie Papillon 04/25/92-03/17/03 Elizabeth Hunt
Lindie Rat 2 years 3 months Sue
Lindsay Ann Manx Cat 08/89-03/12/07 Karen Godfrey
Lindsay Bouvier De Flanders 07/29/92-04/28/04 Wendy and Alasdair Turnbull
Lindsay Cairn Terrier 07/13/83-05/13/95 Susan Bonfiglio
Lindsay Cat Sky
Lindsay Gross Wirth Poodle 11/19/96-06/19/05 Cindy & Annie
Lindsay Labrador Retriever 12/27/93-08/21/02 Marti Livinghouse
Lindsay Lou Fleetwood Yorkshire Terrier 06/30/96-10/11/12 Linda Fleetwood
Lindsay McDowell Bichon Frise 16 years 06/25/07 Michael McDowell
Lindsay Medium Haired Brown Tabby Cat 07/01/05-05/13/13 Audrey Moses
Lindsay Michaels Yorkie 11/22/98-12/15/06 Graham Michaels
Lindsay Millsaps Persian/American Cat 05/16/87-02/17/02 Kent, Melody & Winston
Lindsay Nutmeg Gerbil 12/02/05-03/02/06 Kylee Dickey
Lindsay Phillips Westie 07/98-01/16/12 Sandy Phillips
Lindsay Pug 06/27/12 Alexandra and Blake
Lindsay Sheltie 12/07/97-06/10/08 Melinda
Lindsay Shetland Sheepdog 7 years 03/31/96 Linda Reed
Lindsay Springer Spaniel Mix 15 years 04/02/04 Jeff, Ann, Nathan, Becca Robinson
Lindsey (aka Lindsey Loo) Pekingese 12 years 12/18/09 Linda E
Lindsey Beagle 08/18/93-01/17/10 Bryan Mercer, Richard Wilson
Lindsey Beagle 10/13/99-08/01/04 Bethany Medor
Lindsey Beagle Mix 10/04/88-10/01/98 Barbara, Christa, and Benjamin
Lindsey Black Cocker Spaniel Feb? 1990-11/17/02 Christy
Lindsey Cat 08/25/06 Kara Elliott
Lindsey Cat 12 years 09/07/12 Deb B
Lindsey Chow / Collie Mix 02/19/16 Troy Brown
Lindsey Domestic Cat 02/14/89-10/14/03 Jackie Palazzolo
Lindsey Domestic Long Hair Cat 07/19/95-10/04/11 Ellen Wilson
Lindsey Kemnitz Mini Shih Tzu 10/15/95-07/19/11 Shannon Kemnitz
Lindsey Lab Mix 9 years 06/29/98 Sharon
Lindsey Luisa (Shady Lady Lil' Bit of Pepper) Shetland Sheepdog 01/09/88-03/10/99 Terri, Brian and Jacob
Lindsey Maltese 08/23/00-12/31/10 Paul and Sun Pok Morse
Lindsey Pug 12 years 12/29/09 Monica Barker
Lindsey Shetland Sheepdog 12/15/92-06/06/08 Tom Linn
Lindsey Stewart Scotish Terrier 01/01/90-11/29/00 Janis Fihing
Lindsey Yorkie 12/06/96-11/12/06 Patrick Ryan
Lindsley Siamese Tabby Cat 17 years 01/09/99 Lee & Mark Garcia
Lindy (Jacglen's Dralion) Scottish Terrier 04/18/01-09/10/05 Jacki Forkel
Lindy Beagle Mix 05/26/96-08/19/09 Jean Francis
Lindy Black and White DSH Cat 18 1/2 years 05/08/09 Terri Windt
Lindy Border Collie 11/09/90-04/27/01 Tracey
Lindy Brittany Spaniel 03/01/83-10/22/99 Debby, Andy, Erin, & Danny Szajta
Lindy Cocker Spaniel 01/98-01/04/10 Crystal and Joe Elliott
Lindy Cocker Spaniel 10/15/89-07/17/04 Sue
Lindy Collie 12/31/01-01/19/15 Sandy G
Lindy Dog 10/12/05 E. Webb
Lindy Domestic Long Hair Cat 13 years 2001 Lee, Marc, and Val Denning
Lindy Francis Beagle Mix 05/19/96-08/19/09 Serena Francis
Lindy German Shepherd 13 years 07/27/10 Beth Erman
Lindy Golden Retriever 12/17/08 Nancy
Lindy Kitty Tortoiseshell Short Hair Cat 21 years 04/24/04 Kathy H
Lindy Lakeland Terrier 14 years 09/07/99 Janis
Lindy Lee Black Long Haired Domestic Cat 17 years 08/02/06 Lois Strong
Lindy Lou Dog 16 years 03/17/10 Abbey
Lindy Mix Dog 03/02/95-01/06/09 Jacky
Lindy Mixed Akita and German Shepherd 12/25/00-11/22/03 Rosa and Rene
Lindy Persian mixed Cat 03/23/81-08/24/98 Marlene and Gordon Hein
Lindy Rhodes Bichon Frise 11 years 01/15/12 Chris & Janie Rhodes
Lindy Samoyed 7 years 07/29/95 Ruth Ann Melson
Lindy Tabby Cat 20 + years 09/01/07 Mary Kay Wallace
Lindy Tortoiseshell Cat 20 years 04/24/04 Laura St.Clair
Lindy Toy Maltese 07/25/89-07/07/05 Maria B
Lindy Vivo American Pit Bull 12/31/02-12/28/04 Megan Greenlee, Casey
Linebacker Cat 04/01/89-07/21/08 Carolyn Alms
Linford Bunny 04/95-07/Feb/2000 Paul Garnham
Ling Blue Point Siamese Cat 10/19/86-12/07/04 Joe and Heather Kolodziej
Ling Brown Tabby Cat 05/02/91-04/12/08 Kathleen Tarr
Ling Cat 07/08/92-08/10/07 Kathleen & Bonnie Bienenstein-Swadling
Ling Himalayan Cat 11/14/93-07/12/10 Jackie Jones
Ling Ling Cat 14 years 06/06/98 Natalie M. Quick
Ling Ling Chinese Crested Dog 04/29/11-05/01/11 Leslie Shewach
Ling Ling Chinese Shar Pei 12/14/93-04/06/00 Klarissa Barimo
Ling Ling Pug 04/15/99-09/08/14 Mary-Ann and Alan
Ling Ling Tabby Cat 01/15/84-03/23/05 Barbara Maxwell
Ling Mixed Cat 12/01/11 Nick
Ling Sealie Siamese 15 years 09/28/06 Kim Huff
Ling Shiz Poo 05/02/07 Daniella
Ling Siamese Cat 06/20/98-06/09/03 Maureen Graham
Ling Siamese Cat 06/28/99-08/03/01 Jennifer and Beau Clark
Lingling Border Collie 02/15/98-08/03/98 Joe Bush
Lingling Lin Shihtzu 13 years 07/08/08 Lynn Damico
Ling-Ling Lynx Point Siamese Cat 05/02/87-07/09/99 Debbie Berliner
Lingling Mini Lop Rabbit 11/20/99-12/21/04 Beverly Benson
LingLing Munschauer Pearson Siamese Cat 18 years Dia H. Nicolatos
LingLing Oriental Red Cat 01/30/08-12/31/08 Brenda Katzer
Ling-Ling Peke 1-95 The Cutler Family
Lingling Pekingese 07/04/88-01/11/03 Elaine Keen
Link Albino Ferret 04/02/99-05/12/02 Kevin Metzger
Link Bengal Cat 07/04/05-03/15/12 Kimberly Catherine
Link Cat 16 weeks 11/09/07 Janet Holthaus and Son, Dan
Link Cat 4 1/2 years 10/12/06 Jennifer Case
Link Collie 13 years 7 month 09/13/09 Alex
Link Dog 14 years 10/05/09 Daniel, Kelly, Tia and Jaxon
Link Ferret 08/18/10 Robin & Tom Benoit
Link Great Dane 03/01/03-11/03/06 Heather Wilburn
Link Iguana 7 years 10/00 AJ
Link Jack Russell Terrier 10 years 03/12/10 Carly
Link Siamese Cat 2001-03/13/07 April
Linka Huskey/German Shepherd 01/05/02-28/08/06 Rikke
LinkAnn DSH Cat 10/01/93-01/30/11 Amanda Radtke
Linka-Pufi-Misi-tuerca Sue
Linkin Shepherd Mix 14/01/09-17/08/14 Lynn Young
Linkin Tabby Cat 9 months 11/19/05 Marsha
Links Tiger Stripe Cat 10/01/83-02/19/03 Nancy Wittendorfer
Linky D Tabby Cat 05/15/98-04/10/10 Carolyn Dennis
Linky Dog 02/14/00-01/21/14 Diane Ogden
Linky Girl Blue Russian Cat 15? years 10/20/10 H. A. Parker IV
Linn (Little Linn) Short Haired Guinea Pig 6 years 09/21/05 Carina Smith
Linnie Cat 02/13/12 Nikki Savio
Linnie GSD/Yellow Lab 13 years 01/26/11 Cindi Lane
Linniepete Talbott Cocker Spaniel 14 years 11/17/02 Christy Jo
Lin's Rocky Ja English Bulldog 01/01/03-05/05/04 Linda Kleinschmidt
Lint DMH Cat 09/09/99-09/25/12 Cindy
Lint Tortoiseshell Cat 8 years 07/28/07 Meghan
Linus Appaloosa/Throughbred Horse 05/16/00-11/11/03 GiGi
Linus B Witham Red Tabby Cat 03/30/90-10/10/05 Stephanie Witham
Linus Beagle X 02/12/96-04/09/96 Tamara
Linus Black Lab/Wolf 06/25/95-10/21/04 Jim & Pam McCollister
Linus Black Lab/Wolf 06/25/95-10/21/04 Pam McCollister
Linus Border Collie 05/01/92-03/11/06 Gene, Pam, Sarah, Amanda, Maggie
Linus Border Collie 8 years 09/08/12 Chris, Robby, Chelsea, Blair
Linus Boston Terrier 06/10/05 Susan and Mark Musser
Linus Boston Terrier 07/21/97-10/16/99 Ronda
Linus Buff Tabby Cat 04/97-12/21/07 Diane Rodgers
Linus Bullmastiff 12/08/04-10/01/12 David Yarnes
Linus Cat 01/04/96-11/07/09 Carol M
Linus Cat 04/29/16 Sam Wright
Linus Cat 05/20/99 VK
Linus Cat 05/28/12 Wendy
Linus Cat 06/30/97-01/28/10 Heidi B
Linus Cat 08/81-07/14/98 Suzanne
Linus Cat 11 years 01/11/12 Rachel
Linus Cat 19 years 07/08/13 Lynn
Linus Cat 1980 Peppi
Linus Cat 2002-05/07/12 Lorraine
Linus Cat less than 1 year 02/03/06 Best Friends' Animal Sanctuary/Joni
Linus Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 01/01/03-12/20/04 Tiffani Gavin
Linus Chihuahua 01/01/90-04/08/02 Patricia Wright
Linus Chocolate Labrador 02/24/98-04/22/11 Shon, Marisa, Tyler and Madeline Oldefest
Linus Cockatiel 04/06/96-12/29/02 Jenn & Chris Plasse
Linus Dachshund 14 years 05/18/09 Greta Kirkland
Linus Dog 03/20/08 Jenni
Linus Dog 05/07/10-04/17/12 Pam Danielson
Linus DSH Cat 07/03/07-07/15/07 Cathy Merrigan
Linus DSH Cat 17 years 02/12/97 Maryanne Dubbs
Linus Ferret 1998-02/19/04 Gena Glider
Linus Grey Tabby Cat 14 years 12/17/99 Lisa Caffee
Linus Greyhound 12/30/07 David & Carol Kopp
Linus H. Bradford Black/White Tabby Cat 03/30/87-10/22/01 Alice and Jessica
Linus Hamster 4 years 04/06/04 Krista
Linus Lab 13 years 02/26/09 Linda
Linus Lab/Wolf 06/25/95-10/21/04 Jim & Pam McCollister
Linus Maine Coon Cat 1985-11/21/05 Joe Collier
Linus Miniature Dachshund 09/23/91-01/25/05 Billy Fisher
Linus Minus Shih Tzu Mix 12 years 03/15/16 Anna Marie O'Quinn
Linus Mixed - Border Collie, Labrador 11/15/00-12/31/07 Melissa McClain
Linus Mutt 14 years 02/01/00 Consuelo
Linus Orange Tabby Cat 90/89/03/10/02 Dana Dmytro
Linus Orange/White Tabby Cat 17 years 04/26/13 Warren L
Linus Pembroke Welsh Corgi 07/17/95-07/04/06 Claire & Carol Smith
Linus Persian Cat 09/20/91-06/17/04 Donna M. Watts
Linus Persian Cat 1989-01/17/05 Martina
Linus Pink Eyed White Rat 01/08/01 Petra, Jeff and Snoopy Croft
Linus Pit Bull Terrier 04/20/07 Susan W
Linus Pomeranian 04/10/05-05/29/08 S
Linus Pug 02/24/05-12/05/10 Judy Battaglia
Linus Rottie/Golden Mix 06/10/98-03/21/10 Courtney
Linus Russian Blue Mix Cat 05/09/98-10/11/00 Christie Owens
Linus Shih Tzu 03/20/98-02/24/12 Diane McCullough
Linus Shitzu 03/01/07-02/01/09 Karen Kohlruss
Linus Siamese Mix 21 years 10/94 Rita Geer
Linus Siamese Mix Cat 05/08/02-10/23/13 Kristi Lorsung
Linus Siamese Mix Cat 06/23/00-08/24/09 Liz Black
Linus Tabby Cat 06/15/08-10/21/08 Melysa & Sam
Linus Tabby Cat 18 years 10/10/06 Sylvia Prats
Linux Cat 11 years 05/24/12 Linda
Linux Hermenegildo Yorkshire Terrier 08/08/98-10/13/04 Sergio Garrido
Linwick's To Be Or Not To Be (Tobe) Shetland Sheepdog 12/03/95-03/31/04 Robert Roush
Linwood Beagle-Collie Mix Spring 1985-08/05/99 Alvah, Chuck, Dan
Linx Cat 01/01/07 Clora M Phillips
Linx Red Point Siamese Cat 14 years 08/16/12 Gary Baebler
LinZee Dog 01/01/96-07/07/06 Linette & Butch Theemer
Linzy Sue Black Domestic Short Hair Cat Spring/Summer 2003 to 07/16/12 Susan Livingston
Linzzee Pop Tart Pomeranian 07/06/96-04/11/02 Diane & Chris DelleCave
Lion Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lion Long Hair Tabby Cat 07/04/90-02/05/09 Frank Pessin
Lion Pekingnese 01/09/91-04/01/04 Linda
Lion Pembroke Welsh Corgi 04/11/05-05/20/17 Chiwa Kataoka
Lion Pointer Ginger and White 17 years 1989 Ari
Lion Pomeranian 03/31/12 Maria
Lion Veiga Pomeranian 2003-03/31/12 Maria Veiga
Lionel Airedale 10/18/86-02/26/99 Diane Rose / L.J Leovic
Lionel Black Burmese Cat 08/90-07/07/06 Laura Williams
Lionel Cat 03/15/01-12/04/08 Carla
Lionel Cat 3 years 11/30/07 Luthien
Lionel Cat at Colony Cats 06/26/16 Lori S.
Lionel Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lionel Dillon Chow 06/26/92-09/05/06 Leah Carrefour Ne Wolfwind
Lionel Ginger Cat 18/19 years J.J. Fam
Lionel Kitten approximately 6 years Carol Laurie and Alida
Lionel Kitty Medium Hair Domestic Cat 13 years 07/11/17 Mary
Lionel Persian Cat 04/12/89-11/22/04 Ann Darnold
Lionel Rat 2 years 1 month 09/26/12 Mariie
Lionel the Cat Cat 08/07/09 Robyn
Lionheart Tortoise Cat 18 years 02/23/14 Betty Demirtas
Lion-L LH Beige Cat 02/28/89-04/08/00 Robin R
Liono P Cat 03/17/01-04/20/03 Liz & David (Mom & Dad)
Lionsgate Poison Passion (Niki) Rottie 02/04/96-01/07/00 Stephanie
Lionus Orange Cat KimW
Lipou Cat 6 years 15 September 2015 Marina
Lips Parakeet 11/86-07/23/97 Diana
Lipton Boston Terrier 12/15/87-07/01/01 Donna Gardner
Liquorice Guinea Pig 11/24/03 Clive Reddin
Liquorice Misty Penny Patches Shep Poodles and Mix Breed Dogs Donna Robinson
Liquorice Poodle 02/18/81-07/31/99 Donna Robinson
Liquorice Self Black Cross Guinea Pig Two 1/2 years 16/09/00 Hannah T
Lira Chinese Sharpei 10/88-11/25/00 Donna Hewitt
Lira May Montrose Sweetie Domestic Longhair Calico Cat 1989-04/12/05 Derek/Jennifer Montrose, Sr
Lira 'Sweetie' Montrose Longhair Calico Cat 1993-2005 Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, DJ, Cali
Lisa Ann Lab/Chow/Shepherd Mix 11/05/91-07/17/04 Linda Boentgen & Eddie Dunlap
Lisa Australian Shepherd 02/03/94-02/27/08 Judy & Gene Gore
Lisa Berns Collie 03/06/10 Tabatha & Gary
Lisa Black and White Tabby Cat 3 1/2 years 10/23/11 Malinda
Lisa Brown Tabby Cat 11/90-12/02/97 Susan Whitt
Lisa Brown Tabby DSH Cat 06/10/98-06/19/08 Cara
Lisa Cat 01/01/91-05/16/09 Jarg Propach
Lisa Cat 06/01/89-02/13/07 Jeremy Atkinson
Lisa Cat 09/15/01-04/03/02 Ellen Episcopo
Lisa Chi 07/12/79 Linda Morales
Lisa Chow/Shepherd Mix 16 years 09/03/05 Jon Holichek
Lisa Cockatiel 5 years 10/17/09 Margarita Castaneda
Lisa Dach 14 years Morgan
Lisa Dog 01/20/80-03/29/97 Ralph Leonard
Lisa Dog 14 years 08/29/07 Maria and Michael Goglio
Lisa Dog 16 years 07/06/99 Sandy Willison
Lisa Domestic Cat 20 years 10/22/14 Diana Gokalp
Lisa Domestic Shorthair Cat 07/16/03-09/27/04 Brenda Lyons
Lisa Domestic Shorthair Cat 14 years 12/01/03 Pam, Jose, Erin, & Patrick
Lisa DSH Calico Cat 06/10/98-12/26/05 Cara
Lisa DSH Torti Shell Cat 18 years 03/26/04 Bernadette Wolf
Lisa German Shepherd 12 years 04/29/11 John Isbister
Lisa Golden Retriever 10/99-04/2010 Steven High
Lisa Kudrow Wanzor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 13 years 12/30/09 Mom, Wayne, Michelle & Lola
Lisa Lhasa Apso 09/19/88-11/23/05 Joanne Pasmore
Lisa Lynn Cat 1981-2001 Carrie Nickerson
Lisa Marie II Sheltie Collie 04/02/86-02/17/00 Virgie Drozek
Lisa Mix Dog 18 years 06/12/06 Paul & Holly Prichard
Lisa Mongrel 08/14/02 Joanne Holmes & Adrian Carter
Lisa Pomerainian 15 years 05/12/03 Stephen & Gloria Cram
Lisa Poodle 01/17/70-03/03/84 Claudine Reczek
Lisa Pug 06/23/97-06/12/06 Sissel
Lisa Rat 01/10/04 Kate
Lisa Russian Blue Mix Cat 04/01/90-01/02/04 Erin
Lisa Scottish Terrier 03/92-04/20/01 Barry, Charissa, Shoshannah, and Wolfgang Ebersole
Lisa Scottish Terrier 12 years 04/20/01 Barry, Charissa, Shoshannah, and Wolfgang Ebersole
Lisa Siberian Cat 07/27/99-07/30/13 Manfred Maximilian
Lisa Silver Sable Ferret 10/24/96-10/31/97 Susan, Bill and Nikki Linden
Lisa Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 05/07/89-06/13/99 Audrey Plowes
Lisa Spaniel Mix 12/20/89-01/10/04 Melissa Dobbelaar
Lisa Tabby Cat 1993 Paul and Deborah
Lisa Turkish Angora Cat 11/82-08/06/99 Pat and Jack Savage
Lisa Turner Shepherd Mix 08/22/97-06/09/10 Kenny Turner
Lisa Yellow Mixed Dog 04/28/97-07/13/11 Angelina B. Deans
LisaAnne's Cpr Charlie Black Lab 10 years 09/24/02 LisaAnne
Lisa-Marie Greyhound 01/25/97-03/23/12 Jaime Vaza
Lisamarie Miniature Schnauzer 09/11/94-07/27/08 John F. Kiriacon
Lisamarie Miniature Schnauzer 12/01/94-07/27/08 John Kiriacon
Lisette Cat 08/03/84-12/23/02 Sheila
Lish Lorayne Burns
Lisha Japanese Chin 17 1/2 years 07/01/06 Ava Isaacson
Lishi Dog 10/15/82-02/15/01 Melanie Ducote
Lisie Banks Poodle/Bichon 8 1/4 years 06/20/10 Sylvia Banks
Lisji My Blue Evan Kerry Blue Terrier 01/16/98-11/10/07 Sandy Sutton
Lis'Ka Sheltie/Norwich Terrier Mix 17 years 06/27/16 Kathy M
Lisle German Shepherd-Collie Mix U.S. Army
Lissa Golden Retriever 11 years 05/04/07 Stephanie
Lissabelle Rat 01/18/06-02/17/07 Dori McLean
Lissie (Ulysses S. Mutt) 11/10/93-01/10/95 Connie Hastings
Lissie Rat 02/15/04-04/09/07 Lotti
Lister Hedge Hog 11/22/00 Sue & Carl Lacour
Lister Min Pin Ron Langley
Lister Miniature Pinscher 10/31/97 to between 10/31 and 11/05/98 The Elliott and Snider Families and Susan
Lister Siamese Cat 02/14/94-12/01/09 Darlene Lane
Listo Jack Russell 16 years 09/29/12 Tandra Castro
Liszek Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/01/87-05/10/04 Maria
Liszek DSH Cat 10/01/87-05/10/04 Maria Swora
Lita Am Bulldog 5 months 10/05/08 Kelli Staples
Lita Beagle/Samoyed 11/2000-08/11/11 Ray Pefferman
Lita Blue Russian Cat 31/03/04-11/03/11 Rachel
Lita Boo and Bernie Jack Russell and Mixed Dog 09/29/07 and 08/29/08 Betty
Lita Brown Hooded Rat 1 1/2 years 12/05/99 Chris Robins
Lita Brown Tabby Cat 16 years 04/10/06 Chris
Lita German Shepherd 08/88-06/2002 Joe
Lita German Shepherd 10 years 09/15/11 DeAnn
Lita German Shepherd 13 years 06/2002 Joe
Lita Golden Retriever 11 years 04/11/12 Denise Cantarutti
Lita Greyhound 06/28/98-03/04/11 K. Ramins
Lita Herrera Applehead Siamese Mix Cat 08/20/01-09/04/13 Miriam & Carlos Herrera
Lita Hiegel Whippet/Shepherd Mix 7 1/2 years 09/21/02 Amanda and Peter
Lita Mae Black Lab 11 years 04/26/00 Dawn, Jim, Donnie and Melissa
Lita Molina Mixed Cat 1994-12/05/04 Mark & Mindy
Lita-Bug Black Cat 7 years 02/15/99 Cynthia and Clint Fields
LiThai Lilac Siamese Cat 02/02/78-08/16/97 Leona L. Leo
Lit'l Bit aka LB Terrier Mix 02/15/98 Deb Swann
Litl' Bit Shih Tzu 14 years 08/17/05 Kathy Needles
Lit'L Bit Toy Poodle 01/03-07/26/05 Al Richardson
Litla Dyrid (Junior) Black Siamiese Cat 11/15/95-05/05/97 Erla K. Sig
Litlan Owens Mixed Dog 17 years 10/12/06 Karen Owens
Litle Peanut 5 wks 03/94 Maureen
Litle Puppy 3 weeks Gretta
Litsa Mutt 04/17/95-08/27/09 Leni
Littbit Terrier 10/05/91-12/07/05 Heather
Litte Prince Tyler Shetland Sheepdog 12/27/91-08/02/05 Kim Rushing
Litter of foster Kittens L. Miller and daughter Mouse
Litter of Kittens Lori
Litter of Sheltie Furbabies/Holly 08/78 Patty Bybee
Litters of Kittens (5) Lori
Littla Dyrid Cat Erla Sig
Little (Nuggy) Boy Yorkie 03/17/82-03/15/99 Mr. and Mrs. B
Little (we lovingly pronounced Liddle) Domestic Long Hair Cat 04/25/13-11/04/13 Sarah, Humberto, Miss Kitty, your mom, brothers & sister
Little A Lionhead Rabbit 06/29/07-01/31/08 Laura Perez
Little Abnor Yorkie 07/05/98-11/2005 Myrna Sievers
Little Adidas Boy Yorkshire Terrier 05/05/95-09/29/08 Donna Casey
Little Albino Ferret 09/22/10 Tammy & Taryn
Little Alex Half Black, Half Persian Cat 2005-09/09/11 Carissa Horton
Little Angel Bichon Frise Puppy 10/13/02-10/27/02 Dawna Teal
Little Angel Cat 06/28/14 Patricia
Little Angel Cat 10 years 11/17/93 Gail Beebe
Little Angel Domestic Short Hair Kitten 6 months 01/09/04 Annamae, John, Tiffany, Sandra, Samantha, and Aubrey Russo
Little Angel Min Pin 4 years 01/07/12 Suzie Ariel
Little Angel QH Horse 04/02/13-04/02/13 Angela Boley
Little Angel Shorthair Kitten 06/05/04-08/09/04 Dinah & Henry
Little Angel Sugarglider 05/08/98 Anne & Gang at Ash Grove Preschool
Little Angel, Evie, Jann, and Bobby zebra finches 12/98 01/99 Gail
Little Angora Cat 04/2005-06/16/06 Raquel A. Guerrero
Little Ashley Persian Cat 07/29/88-12/17/02 Cheryl A. Sievers
Little B Orange Tabby Cat 05/01/99-01/25/10 Patricia Cirell
Little Ba Pit Bull 08/06/94-05/16/04 Lynn Wells
Little Ba Pitbull 08/06/94-05/16/03 Lynn Wells
Little Baby Cat 07/23/99 Laura
Little Baby Cat 20 years 01/15/00 George & Natalie M. Quick
Little Baby Girl DSH Cat 08/24/96-05/07/97 Patty Smith
Little Baby Orange Long-Haired Tabby Cat 17 years 07/22/07 Jane Parsons
Little Baby Tabby/Tortie Cat 10/15/00-02/24/06 Lynda Miller
Little Bart Black Short Hair Cat 14 years 12/07/04 Ina
Little Bart Dog 12/06/01 Ray & Marlin Brewer
Little Bean Baby Rat 11/24/03-11/25/03 Sharon Smith
Little Bear 3 years 11/09/03 Mary Horton
Little Bear Bernese Mountain Dog 09/18/95-05/2002 Ellen Kippel and Kenyon Donohew
Little Bear Burmese Cat 11 years 08/29/05 Jennifer Barrett
Little Bear Chow Chow 05/24/90-10/08/00 Karen Argus
Little Bear Chow Chow 1990-10/08/00 Karen Argus
Little Bear Dog 01/86-05/18/98 Tara Labenberg
Little Bear Domestic Short Hair (Black) Cat 12/26/11 Joe and Linda Morrison
Little Bear Ferret 3 years 12/10/99 Laurie
Little Bear Ferret 7+ years 12/19/11 Jason and Jessica
Little Bear Foxy Doxie Cocker 01/31/84-10/23/98 Duane & Judy Guite
Little Bear Keeshond 05/23/97-06/03/01 Dana M. D'Agostino
Little Bear Kitten 1 month Barbara Buckley
Little Bear Lab Mix 11/27/97-01/19/12 Randa Allen
Little Bear Lab/Chow 16 years 02/29/12 John Means
Little Bear Lhasa Apso 14 years 02/24/09 Jenny Pond Muckerman
Little Bear Mini Ausie Shepherd 10 1/2 years 04/14/00 Phil & Georgia Sunderhaus
Little Bear Mixed Dog 11/23/89-03/05/04 Carol
Little Bear Parsons Chow 09/14/87-05/10/05 Mari Parsons
Little Bear Pom 06/04/93-05/02/05 Evangeline Uriyu
Little Bear Pomeranian 03/03/03-02/16/18 Ava and Adam
Little Bear Pomeranian 16 years 05/02/02 Emily
Little Bear Pomeranian 2 years 05/25/06 Christine
Little Bear Pomeranian/ Long Haired Chihuahua 12/16/00-03/28/09 Ben Nolan
Little Bear Pug 12/25/98-06/12/08 Debbie Cipolla
Little Bear Puppy 4 weeks Sherry Parks
Little Bear Puppy approx 3 months 06/11/03 Nancy, Amanda, and Beau
Little Bear Rot Mix. 06/25/10-10/15/10 Terry Nicoll
Little Bear Sable Ferret 5 years 01/05/05 Jessica Coon
Little Bear Schipperke 10 years 05/18/11 Nonie McCandless
Little Bear Shepherd Mix 6 weeks 08/12/99 Kristen and Vicki
Little Bear Siamese Cat 17 years 06/05/06 Cheryl Garley
Little Bear Sib. Hamster 2 years 04/09/94 L Pooh Crawford
Little Bear West Highland White Terrier 02/28/92-02/08/07 Pat Malloy
Little Bear Wire Hair Terrier 1 1/2 years 12/19/o1 Jonathon
Little Bear Woodrow Pommy 3 years 04/23/09 Kim Woodrow
Little Bella Cat 03/27/87-02/06/05 Teresa Lichioveri & Family
Little Bella Yorkie 01/05/11 Soua
Little Belle Cat Arvilla Vickers
Little Belle Snowshoe Siamese Cat 09/25/97 12/23/98 Morgan
Little Bennett Chihuahua 10/09/14 Jane Phillips
Little Benny Cat 20 years 05/10/04 Anne Thompson
Little Berry Siamese Mix Kitten 05/08/02-07/02/02 Carmen
Little Biddy Buddy Tiger Kitty 09/30/97-10/20/11 Mollie Kennedy Campbell
Little Big Man DSH Cat 05/98-07/17/05 Hester Fuller
Little Big Man Terry/Poodle 10/27/92-05/15/98 Morgan
Little Big Mouth Gr Tiger Cat 06/20/12 Carrie
Little Bird 01/08/99 Nancy
Little Bird Cockatiel Oiseau
Little Bird Mynah 09/12/08 Rick
Little Bird Sparrow 07/20/98 Gail
Little Birdie Budgie 17 years 05/30/07 Mama Margo Gariepy
Little Birdman Parrotlet 05/17/03-02/01/03 Catherine
Little Bismarque (Bissy) Yorkie 05/21/94-10/07/03 Sue Sammons
Little Bit (Hannah) Dachshund 7 weeks 07/27/93 Nancy N.Bischoff
Little Bit 11 years 04/30/94 Sandra Wentzel
Little Bit aka Biddy Chihuahua 01/01/00-08/16/15 Lynnen Johnsey
Little Bit and Whisper Ponys 10/05/99 F.
Little Bit Angora Cat 18 years 05/15/11 Mel
Little Bit Basset Hound 04/95-08/17/07 Ashleigh
Little Bit Beagle 3 years 03/28/03 Joy Cromartie
Little Bit Black Guinea Pig 04/23/97 David Theilbar
Little Bit Boston Terrier 12? years 04/11/14 Jonathan Swift
Little Bit Bunny 07/99 Brenda
Little Bit Calico Cat 13 years 11/10/14 Jenny M.
Little Bit Calico Cat 17 years 04/13/99 Jodi Patchen
Little Bit Calico Cat 1997-03/30/10 Judi, Wayne and Family
Little Bit Castillo Cat 02/19/10-03/24/11 Zeon and Sylvia Castillo
Little Bit Cat 07/03/98-12/17/99 Cathryn Videto
Little Bit Cat 07/23/12 Kelley B
Little Bit Cat 08/03/12 Melody
Little Bit Cat 1 1/2 years 07/08/07 Mickie Loonam
Little Bit Cat 10/87-04/06/06 Melinda Hall
Little Bit Cat 12/14/01-06/26/05 Staci Compher
Little Bit Cat 5 years 06/78 J. Pearson
Little Bit Cat 6 1/2 years 07/15/07 Kathy
Little Bit Cat 7 weeks 08/23/09 Paul Geiser
Little Bit Cat 8 years 01/29/99 Linda DiMaggio
Little Bit Cat 9 years 09/24/07 Donna
Little Bit Cat approximately 3 years 08/28/03 Sharon Tootle
Little Bit Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Little Bit Chihuahua 05/18/93-08/06/09 Betty Wetter
Little Bit Chihuahua 08/25/87-06/28/04 Steve Campanella
Little Bit Chihuahua 10/05/12 Natalie Mitchels
Little Bit Chihuahua 12 years 02/20/04 Stephanie Barksdale
Little Bit Chihuahua 13 years 04/09/04 Toni
Little Bit Chihuahua 14 years 04/08/10 Stacy Brown
Little Bit Chihuahua/Rat Terrier 11/05/98-03/21/08 Annette Smitt
Little Bit Dachshund 03/03/91-10/12/06 Melene
Little Bit Dachshund 07/22/16-01/31/16 Pam Carter
Little Bit Dachshund 07/31/06-09/25/06 Jonathan and Miranda McMahon
Little Bit Dachshund/Chihuahua/Brindle Pit Puppy 01/22/06-01/26/06 Thelma
Little Bit Dalmatian 01/10/95-03/11/03 J.T. & Janice Hinton
Little Bit Dean Pomeranian 05 years 04/04/06 Theresa and Gary
Little Bit Dog 07/09/91-06/25/02 Amanda Shipman
Little Bit Dog 13 years 12/29/10 Heidi Stephens
Little Bit Dog 16 years 10/22/14 Wanda Sims Cooper
Little Bit Domestic Shorthair Cat 19 years 02/02/91 Pat Buell
Little Bit DSH Cat 03/31/95-01/24/08 Sandy and Walt Keller
Little Bit DSH Torbie Cat 07/13/05 Carole Sime
Little Bit Dwarf Hamster01/10/97 Lee
Little Bit Feist Dog 06/10/95-07/17/07 Joni Sowers
Little Bit Ferret 06/05/09 Nora
Little Bit Ferret 1986-06/01/93Carole McCraig
Little Bit Grey Shorthair Kitty 05/07/03 Jeanne Holden
Little Bit Grey Tabby Cat 14 years 07/21/12 Gloria Statham
Little Bit GSD Beagle Mix 01/01/02-03/11/15 Lisa Murphy
Little Bit Guinea Pig 6 years 06/19/06 Cindy Chester
Little Bit Half Abyssinian and White Cat 09/06/89-02/11/06 Jennifer Andrews
Little Bit Half Chihuahua and Half Poodle 05/01/87-04/05/01 April
Little Bit Hound 05/99-10/18/03 Terry Turner
Little Bit Jack Russel 01/08/89 Larry Gibson
Little Bit Jack Russell 05/19/05-05/12/11 Denita Conway
Little Bit Jack Russell Terrier / Beagle 06/97-01/12/07 Rosemary Campbell
Little Bit Jack Russell Terrier 03/25/92-11/12/08 Barb Furano
Little Bit Keeshond Mix 07/01/89-12/20/03 Beth
Little Bit Kinney Chihuahua/Mix 17 years 01/16/02 Brenda and James
Little Bit Kitten 07/02/96-08/02/96 Carol Johnson
Little Bit Lab 02/10/96-01/14/08 Shannon Stevens
Little Bit Liberty Stray Kitten 07/04/09-08/20/09 Monica Stine
Little Bit Long Hair Tabby Cat 19 years 07/03/07 Bobby & Terry Ford
Little Bit Lutino Cockatiel 07/20/95-03/12/00 Emily T
Little Bit Maltese 05/01/84-08/31/01 Donna Schwark
Little Bit Mini Dachshund 14 years 05/09/97 Peggy Short
Little Bit Mini Pin 8 years 02/10/10 C Black
Little Bit Mix Dog 18 years 07/14/11 Hope Gibson
Little Bit Mixed Domestic Shorthair Cat 16 years 07/23/10 Jerry Marchand
Little Bit Mutt 13 years 10/10/08 Shannon Gerlinger
Little Bit Mutt a 15 years Jason Schwartz
Little Bit of Joy Dachshund 06/23/88-07/14/03 Pat Fulbright
Little Bit of Love Shih Tzu 05/12/93-03/24/02 Lenny and Bambi
Little Bit of Nothing Cat 06/2000-06/12/06 Roxanna Koller
Little Bit Orr Maltese 13 years 11/12/06 Ruth Ann Orr
Little Bit Poodle 04/28/90-05/98 Debi Harrell
Little Bit Poodle Mix 05/74-06/29/89 Jan Naumes
Little Bit Pug 01/21/01-04/24/12 Jennifer Harris/Jason Pettis
Little Bit Quarter Horse 20 years 01/05/98 Frosty
Little Bit Rottweiler 05/09/98-03/19/07 Jeannette Speyrer
Little Bit Scottish Fold Cat 05/30/91-05/23/01 Michael & Kimberly Jorgenson
Little Bit Shepherd Mix 12/05/96-03/04/08 Sharon
Little Bit Shepherd/Husky Mix 10 years 04/26/04 Kathy Waldren
Little Bit Shepherd/Mix 01/07/09 Hosea Jefferson
Little Bit Shih Tzu 05/12/93-03/24/02 Bambi
Little Bit Shih Tzu 14 years 12/27/04 Pat
Little Bit Shihtzu 13 years 08/25/05 Kathy Needles
Little Bit Shitzhu 14 years 11/15/05 Tammy Meredith
Little Bit Short Hair Cat 07/11/85-08/22/00 S.
Little Bit Siamese Cat 05/31/01-10/26/07 Sarah Slusher
Little Bit Siamese Cat 10/15/94-01/16/09 Cindy Huffman
Little Bit Siberian Husky 10/15/89-02/07/01 Margaret Smith
Little Bit Tabby (Shorthair Mixed Breed) Cat 18 years 08/27/10 Joanne
Little Bit Tabby Cat 03/20/75-07/07/92 Brenda Collins
Little Bit Tabby White and Grey/Black Cat 16 years 07/23/10 Jerry Marchand
Little Bit Terrier Mix 05/02/93-12/05/07 Maggie Wagner
Little Bit Terrier Mix 14 years 10/22/01 Cynthia Grundies
Little Bit Terrier Mix 3 years Beth
Little Bit Toy Poodle 10/19/86-10/07/02 Olga, Cyndi, & Nora
Little Bit Toy Poodle Karla Loy
Little Bit Tuxedo Cat 06/13/08 Rick Merritt
Little Bit Walker Hound 05/29/99-10/18/03 Terry Turner
Little Bit White/Gray Patches Long-Hair Cat 11 years 09/20/08 Juanita & Rita Woods
Little Bit Yorkie 02/14/93 Scott
Little Bit Yorkie 10/10/94-01/31/12 Sandy Iverson
Little Bit Yorkshire Terrier 14 years 04/05/02 Judy and Ronnie James
Little Bit's (Cupcake) Yorkshire Terrier 02/27/86-11/02/02 Ron & Kitty Proudfoot
Little Bits DSH Cat 12 years 08/09/12 Amy Marie Eno
Little Bitt Dog 04/29/09 Smith
Little Bitt Welsh Corgi 11/26/09 Steve White
Little Bitty and Spotboy Dogs 17 and 18 years 10/30/08 and 08/22/08 Debbie Fitzpatrick
Little Bitty Bit German Shepherd 11/04/02-08/14/06 Donna & Richard Stewart
Little Bitty Kitty 07/23/00 Tina
Little Bitty Maltese 07/05/05-12/12/06 Carol Hobbs
Little Black Black Cat 12 years 2011 Catherine
Little Black Cat 11/05/00 Steve R. Mitchell
Little Black Cat Cat 12/96-12/97 Linda Grimm
Little Black DSH Cat 08/29/09-12/17/09 Gabriele
Little Black Kitten 6 weeks 05/21/98 Sharon
Little Black Kitten Cat 10/03/04 Deborah
Little Blackie Cat 11/06/08 S. Horn
Little Blackie Little Silvertop Pomeranian Tom C. Ambrosia
Little Blacky Black Star Chicken 06/22/08-09/16/10 James Shewmaker
Little Blue Bear Blue Pomeranian 2 years 2000 The Moen Family
Little Blue Parakeet 1992 Amanda Maranon
Little Blue Point Oriental Cat 02/14/98-10/21/06 Torrance Bartholomew
Little Bob Dog 12/02/99-03/24/08 Pamela
Little Bobber Pug 01/21/96-05/24/11 Caroline Nordstrom
Little Bobbit Tuxedo Kitten 3-4 months 10/17/11 Beth Meyers
Little Bobtail Shih-Tzu 3 days 05/12/97 Scarlett
Little Bonnie Chihuahua/Spitz Mix 12/10/91-04/01/07 Linda Braithwaite
Little Boo Bichon 11/01/96-11/27/10 Debbie Hall
Little Boogles Cat 18 years 02/01/17 Jill
Little Boy / Buddy Shepherd/Mix Puppy 07/20/04-09/03/04 Christina
Little Boy Black/Tiger Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/89-04/07/02 Laura & Don
Little Boy Boo Bear Yorkshire Terrier 03/21/87-04/28/01 Valerie & Bob Kiesel
Little Boy Cat 15 years 09/11/09 Susan
Little Boy Cat 5 years 02/12/12 Todd and Shannon Duffey
Little Boy Chihuahua 03/19/09-07/05/10 Brenda Couron & Ron Roufs
Little Boy Dark Lemon Agouti Guinea Pig/Cavy 3 years 06/20/05 Iris and Jeremy
Little Boy Domestic Short Hair Cat 19 years 01/09/05 Maggie and Cliff
Little Boy English Springer Spaniel 02/04/98-06/18/02 Anne Lindsay Carpenter
Little Boy Gray/Black Shorthair Cat 1982-08/06/99 Vic and Kelly Lombardi
Little Boy Green Eyed Tabby Cat Lynn Bush
Little Boy Kitten 06/01/01-08/21/01 Lara Hogan
Little Boy Kitty Tabby Cat 13 years 08/20/08 Linda Smith
Little Boy Max Yorkshire Terrier 12/17/05 Sue Zook
Little Boy Orange American Shorthair Cat 14 years 01/09/10 Kathy and Fred Luurtsema
Little Boy Orange Tabby Cat 16 years 12/18/09 Michelle
Little Boy Part Persian Domestic Short-Hair Cat 20 years 08/30/05 Ellen Jane Wolf
Little Boy Sayao Siamese Cat 12/14/09 Mary Anne & Art Sayao
Little Boy Sealpoint Siamese Cat 16 1/2 years 04/29/08 Suzanne & John
Little Boy Short Hair Black and White Cat 14 years 10/26/16 Rex Tegio and Patty Kelly
Little Boy Sid Panda Color Ferret 2 years 11/02/01 Suzanne (Lily) Isham
Little Boy Spencer Cat 5 years 12/16/09 Lisa Spencer
Little Boy Tabby Cat 18 years 01/26/04 Nina M. Erwin
Little Boy, Tess, and Baby Kittens 3 weeks 07/31/10 Lynn Fletcher
Little Boys' Brandy Golden Retriever 09/13/83-09/02/99 Margaret, Joe & Rob Van Hook
Little Brandi Brown Ears Cocker Spaniel 10/04/88-01/08/97 Leslie, Gary, Lindsay and Taylor
Little Brindle Kitten 07/04/02 Dianne
Little Britches Domestic Longhair Cat 6 years 10/12/09 Charlene Burns
Little Britches Domestic Shorthair Cat 13 years 10/19/98 Jewell White
Little Britches Shihtzu 03/2001-01/26/06 Sonja Brewer
Little Bro Min Pin 12/19/02-08/16/03 Chloe, Dawn and Marion
Little Brown Bunny 10 years 04/28/02 Eleanor Whitney
Little Brown Puppy Mixed Dog 1980s Arathi
Little Brown Tabby Cat approximately 6 months Casey
Little Brunzo English Bulldog 9 years 09/03/11 Leo Rigatuso
Little Bud German Shepherd 5 months 06/2002 Brandon Latham
Little Bud Manx Cat 16 years 01/99 Laurie & Rick
Little Bud Toy Poodle 19 years 01/06/06 Inez Rodriguez
Little Buddha Belly American Shorthair White Cat with Buff Spots 06/2015?-01/29/16 Torrance Bartholomew
Little Buddy Cat 10/30/06-03/03/07 Jen Linguri
Little Buddy Chihuahua 09/12/98-00/13/03 Ruth
Little Buddy Dog 15 years 08/23/05 Kimberly Barker
Little Buddy Golden 08/21/10 Randy, Donn, Matt
Little Buddy Gray DSH Cat 13 years 09/27/11 Rick
Little Buddy Hamster 2004 Kayla Rodriguez
Little Buddy Hedgehog 08/05/01 Lori D. Hall
Little Buddy Maltese 06/22/96-04/06/11 Kent Westbrook
Little Buddy Orange Tabby Cat 01/24/01-04/18/01 Rick, Carolyn and Kim
Little Buddy Raber Long-Haired Dachshund 17 years 02/20/08 Greg Raber
Little Buddy Springer Spaniel/Border Collie Mix 16 years 05/09/03 Diane Harris
Little Buddy Teacup Poodle 08/92-04/02/05 Darrell & Robin
Little Buddy Terrier Mix 10 years 08/23/05 Vic and Nancy
Little Bugger Cream Burmese Cat 02/05/86-05/13/04 Darla Deen
Little Bunny Dwarf Rabbit 06/15/07-02/21/10 Christine Graves
Little bunny Foo-Foo Bunny 11/29/16 Reyna
Little Bunny Rabbit 12/10/05-12/13/05 Lauren
Little Buster Blue Yorkshire Terrier 03/09/89-10/09/96 Sherrian and Bruce McClung
Little Butchie Odd-Eyed White Cat 10/02/89-10/26/00 Briana
Little Button Blue-Green Budgie 06/07/01 Pauline & John
Little Captain Nicolai Schipperke 09/11/01-2006 Myrna & Paul
Little Cashew Tortie ASH Cat 05/15/98-12/04/98 Kathy and Jim Thornton
Little Castillo Cat 02/19/10-03/25/11 Sylvia Jass
Little Cat 10/89-05/20/04 Liz Maggio
Little Cat 16 years 01/11/09 Colleen
Little Cat 17+ years 03/04/99 Dianna, Terry and family
Little Cat 8 years 11/04/06 Victoria Mowbray
Little Cat Cat 08/30/96-04/18/01 Jim, Kathy, Christy & Trey Jenkins
Little Cat Cat 17 years 08/20/08 Lisa Roth
Little Cat Cat 3 weeks 11/28/05 Beth and Chris H
Little Cat Fearsefriskums 14 years 09/12/99 Ev, Bob & Family
Little Cat Tabby Cat 16 years Ruth Howard
Little Ceasar Minature Schnauzer 02/25/91-02/26/97 Angela Camardo
Little Charles Baby Cockatiel 02/18/04-03/10/04 Sarah Anikin
Little Chef Rattus Rattus Rat 07/02/08-07/16/08 Bryan Boyce
Little Chihuahua 2 years 06/20/10 John Thornton
Little Chihuahua Becky
Little Child Mixed Dog 17 years 11/09/03 Susan
Little China Girl (Puggy) Shashoni Warner
Little Cookie Black & White Shorthair Cat 0219/92-08/20/02 Diane Koro
Little Cookie Pie Papillion 05/15/97-03/17/06 Donnie & Peggy Black
Little Cool Hand Luke Chihuahua 08/08/98-10/11/09 Greg and Donna Thrash
Little Courage Cat 6-8 weeks 08/22/08 Lillie
Little Cow Abby Guinea Pig 03/18/06 Mondy
Little Crow Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 07/02/08-11/22/17 Ashley
Little Daisy Ann Red dachshund 06/06/88-07/06/01 Victoria Fairfield
Little Darling DSH Cat 04/2002-10/21/06 Lorene
Little David Chihuahua 09/13/85-11/26/98 Toby Kouns
Little Debbie Boston Terrier 09/07/95-03/29/08 Alina Handley
Little Debbie Light Tortoise Shell Cat 8-9 years 07/08/12 Anastasiya and Tyler Webb
Little Debbie Papillion 10 months 07/04/06 David & Virginia Brezza
Little Dickens DLH Cat 04/06/90-06/17/07 Sharon Raftis
Little Diego Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 12 years 07/18/11 Greg & Ellen Berg
Little Diego Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 13 years 07/18/11 Greg & Ellen Berg
Little Diego Domestic Shorthair Cat 12 years 07/18/11 Greg & Ellen Berg
Little Diego Shorthair Cat 12 years 07/18/11 Ellen Berg
Little Ditto Gin Chihuahua 06/90-11/05/99 Mary L. Espinoza
Little Dixie Neopolitan Mastiff 12 years 08/2003 Beth Barton
Little Dog 09/17/13 Katherine
Little Dog 16 years 06/25/05 Cassandra, Lisa, Mom, and Dad
Little Dog 1995 Barbara McCray
Little Dog 1999-07/14/07 Ronnnie Collins
Little Dog Dachshund 1 year 10/2003 Samantha Crawford
Little Dog Dog 02/03/84-05/19/97 Ann Walker
Little Dog Dog 04/04/05 Carol Vduran
Little Dog Dog 10 years 02/27/12 Lizzy K
Little Dog Dog 10 years 02/27/12 Lizzy Kurtz
Little Dog Emile Dog 04/17/93-08/17/09 Phil & Kristen
Little Dog Kowalski aka Doodles Shih Tzu 12 years 07/10/14 Debby Kowalski
Little Dog Lil Siberian Husky 12/98-07/26/10 Rick Paul
Little Dog Mickel Lhasa Apso 11 years 02/21/01 Kathi and Ann
Little Dog Shihtzu 10+ years 06/05/08 Valerie and Colin
Little Dolly Rose Maltese 11/22/90-05/11/98 Leslie & Rosalie Nicholson
Little Dolly the First Boxer 04/29/94-05/31/04 Jennie Brown
Little Domestic Cat 17 years 07/18/11 Courtney
Little Domestic Shorthaired Cat, 05/05/93-09/15/03 Michelle Kerilla
Little Dot Cat 08/94-11/14/94 The Standart family
Little Dot Chihuahua 04/24/06-08/23/06 Lana Melvin
Little Dove Bird 11/26/09 Izabela Tworowska
Little Dragon (Piddles) Shar Pei/Pitbull 11/25/00-02/09/07 Cindy Boyer
Little Dude Black and Tan Mixed Breed Dog 2005-08/17/17 Joan Hansen and Family
Little Dude Boxer 04/24/02-12/17/12 Jasmine
Little Dude Cat 9 years 02/02/00 Bruce Berg
Little Dude Fritts Siamese Cat 07/02/91-07/30/10 Susan Fritts
Little Dude Siamese Cat 17 years 05/23/03 Fiona Cruz
Little Dude Tabby Cat 5 years 02/09/10 Brandon Fresia
Little Duffy Shanahan Abyssinian Mix Cat 03/17/04-01/01/05 Laura Thomas
Little Duke Kitten 03/12/00-03/26/00 Kathy, Guy, Mike, Bonnie, Marvin, Jake, Sweetie, Anakin, Rufus, Fred and Chynna
Little Dukey Sealpoint Siamese Cat 17 years 07/05/00 Theresa Geissler
Little Ecoh Ocicat 08/04/01-02/10/02 Mariesa
Little Ed Ragdoll Cat 04/15/99-01/29/10 Virginia Uhrmann
Little Fart Cat 03/2002-12/27/07 Melissa
Little Feat Lab/Collie Mix 15 years 12/19/03 Maureen and Mike Roby
Little Fiery One Fish 1/03/99 J Slat
Little Fishie Betta Fish 11/01/11 Vickie L
Little Flight Thoroughbred Horse 20 years 12/23/06 Andrea
Little Flower Domestic Cat 5 years 08/18/16 Geralyn
Little Flower Mongrel 08/11/99-08/20/16 Anna Marie
Little Fluff Norwegian Forest Cat 04/23/05 MJ Plastiras
Little Foot American Eskimo Dog 10/16/89-05/11/02 Carl, Valerie, Chance Hanepen and Neptune and Louie
Little Foot Cat 02/23/11 Brett Knutson
Little Foot Dwarf Mix Bunny 8 years 06/2003 Steven & Terry
Little Foot Grey & Tan 'Turtle' Shell Cat 03/17/02-08/24/05 Francine
Little Foot Grey Tabby Cat 03/2005-08/22/08 Mary & Paul Demarest
Little Foot Malaysian Box Turtle 07/05/97 Meghann and Sarah Louie
Little Foot Peach Front Conure 12/02/00 Linda Moose
Little Foot Schnauzer 12/11/95-03/2009 Donna Bowman
Little Foot Tabby Cat 01/06/96-04/22/99 Jennifer Opie
Little Fox Pomeranian 03/06/02-05/21/13 Carol A Walker
Little Fox Pomeranian 05/16/95-12/10/08 Trina
Little Fred Schnauzer 14 years 03/12/05 Fred & Margrette Heth & June Knutson
Little Friend Tiger Kitten 03/24/07-04/13/07 Steph
Little G Siamese Cat 18 years 12/02/05 Raymond and Denise
Little Gecko Leopard Gecko Gayle Highpine
Little Georgia at 04/14/09 Nancy
Little German Shepherd/Rottweiler 01/11/03-03/05/04 Jovonni and Jacinda
Little Giant Ben 5 years 09/11/98 Robert, Patty & Family
Little Gil English Bulldog 08/16/08-07/17/11 Janette
Little Girl (Girlie) Golden Retriever 05/19/96-02/08/08 Sara and Larry Minton
Little Girl a.k.a. Reject Cat 11 years 06/24/99 DeeA
Little Girl aka Reject Tabby - Brown Cat 9 years 06/24/99 Deea
Little Girl and Tiny Cats 04 years 03/03/00 and 04/22/00 June Knott
Little Girl Baby Boy Brown Alexis #2 Min Pin Tom C. Ambrosia
Little Girl Border Collie 05/18/93-02/06/06 Lisa Foster Slaton
Little Girl Burmese Cat 04/98-03/22/01 Beth Ulloa
Little Girl Calico Cat 03/93-09/30/09 Chrissy
Little Girl Calico Cat 3 months 09/11/05 Carole
Little Girl Cat 05/06/00 Katie and Chris
Little Girl Cat 06/30/00-07/18/03Sue
Little Girl Cat 11 years 10/18/04 Kerrie Jalbert
Little Girl Cat 12 years 07/15/07 Kathie
Little Girl Cat 16 years 09/22/94 J Bynum
Little Girl Cat 18 years 4 Mo. 10/29/02 William Galbreath
Little Girl Cat 8 months 12/06/12 Debbie
Little Girl Chihauhau 04/13/90-11/26/01 Raymond Howard
Little Girl Chihuahua 04/13/90-11/26/01 Raymond Howard
Little Girl Chihuahua 1993-09/04/01 Ralph
Little Girl Chinese Praying Mantis 10/30/98 LG
Little Girl Cock-a-mo 11/18/97-12/26/11 Deborah V. Datts
Little Girl Cockatiel 11/03/16 Elaine Gagnon
Little Girl Cockatiel 1986-04/18/00 Debbie
Little Girl Deer Chihuahua 09/10/88-09/30/00 Kathy Phairis
Little Girl DLH Cat 09/12/04 Rachel and Colin Workman
Little Girl Domestic Pet Skunk 05/015/04-09/06/06 Sharon Hradisky
Little Girl Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/15/94-11/30/09 Vivian
Little Girl Domestic Short Hair Cat 12/27/92-08/26/12 Brian Leaskey
Little Girl Golden Mix 10/82-07/29/02 Helene Gudmundsson
Little Girl Grey Tabby Cat 9 years 08/09/98 Donna Maness
Little Girl Hagans Rat Terrier 07/15/98-05/19/06 Terry and Tami Hagans
Little Girl itty kitty Mixed Breed Cat 15 years 07/2012 Julann Sheppard
Little Girl Mix Breed Dog 12/17/04 Tammy
Little Girl Mix Cat 7 years 11/12/00 VQ
Little Girl Mix Dog 02/07/98-07/04/99 Stephanie Shackleford
Little Girl Mix Puppy 07/19/04-09/02/04 Christina
Little Girl Pom 14 years 04/03/19 Lisa
Little Girl Pom/Shitzu 05/12/02-03/14/07 Ann M Ayo & Dave Ruggiero
Little Girl Pug pug newborn 09/09/96 Marianne
Little Girl Quarterhorse Foal 3 mos 10/29/98 P.T.
Little Girl Rough Collie 03/24/85-10/27/98 Mark Abrams
Little Girl Schipperke 16 years 04/18/17 Susan Smith
Little Girl Siamese Cat 04/15/84 Willi
Little Girl Siamese Cat 11 years 09/23/11 Teresa (AWP)
Little Girl Silver Tabby Cat 7 months 09/20/01 Felicity
Little Girl Springer Spaniel 06/25/03 George & Tami Enos Family
Little Girl Squirrel 08/2003 Wendy McKiernan
Little Girl Sugar Glider 2001-03/11/01 Sandra Cathey
Little Girl Tabby Cat 09/96-04/22/07 Carlos and Judy Quintana
Little Girl Terrier JRT 10/09/98 Cate
Little Girl Tonkinese 04/28/95-02/03/97 Caryn & Jerry Williams
Little Girl Tortoise Shell Cat 03/21/01-08/02/11 Timothy Colbert
Little Girl Tortoise Shell Cat 08/22/98-04/01/05 Sherry Avery
Little Girl Tweek Mixed Cat 06/10/98-11/28/05 Beverly and Tom Olson
Little Girl Yorkshire Terrier 15 years 02/12/12 Alexandra Kirk
Little Goat Brown and White Goat 1997-12/03/99 Ilse Barmentloo
Little Goldfish 02/16/05 Tracy
Little Goof Kitten 8 months 02/06/06 Lori Riola
Little Gray Cat 07/07/09 Michelle Campanelli
Little Gray Girl Domestic Gray Rat 11/06/04-11/06/06 Tiffany & Travis Christy
Little Gray Kitty Gray Persian Cat 08/22/91-09/17/02 Erika
Little Gray Mixed Kitten 03/30/08-06/16/08 Moriarty Family
Little Gray Momma and Kitten Feral Cats 07/97 Martha
Little Gray One DSH Kitten 06/01/00-10/30/00 Linda
Little Gray Russian Blue Cat 1978-10/22/99 Pauline Wilcox Moore
Little Gray Russian Blue Mix Cat 03/06/04 Damon and Alicia Chappell
Little Green Head Mallard Duck 06/28/04-02/13/08 Stephanie Bartlett
Little Grey aka Breenie aka Brindle aka Brindlefly Mixed Cat 10/88-04/2005 Jamie Zuschlag
Little grey Cat Chris and Galena
Little Grey Cat Kim
Little Grumpy Hamster Donna and Amanda
Little Guss Mouse 9 weeks 05/31/04 Tracy Combes
Little Guy (De Niro) Canadian Goose 05/09/05-06/11/05 Cookie Morales
Little Guy 03/15/03 Rick
Little Guy Apricot Toy Poodle 13 years 03/24/07 Patricia Johnson
Little Guy Black Cocker Spaniel 05/12/91-04/30/01 Ann Ham
Little Guy Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/01/97-08/14/10 Kyle Irrgang
Little Guy Cat 06/01/87-12/04/03 Kristen Nelson
Little Guy Cat 10/15/93-05/25/07 Judy Callaghan
Little Guy Cat 14 years 10/23/02 Laura Cowan
Little Guy Cat 16 1/2 years 09/16/09 Dalia Vasiulis
Little Guy Cat 18 years 07/05/05 Debbie
Little Guy Chartreuse/American Shorthair Cat 11/05/81-12/21/99 Bruce Epperson
Little Guy Chihuahua 06/25/98-12/01/12 Laurie
Little Guy Dachshund 4 years 10/13/07 Devinne and Russ Howard
Little Guy Doberman 11/13/89-06/23/97 Voni Mitchell
Little Guy Dog 4 1/2 years 08/28/09 Kara
Little Guy Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/15/93-05/24/07 Judith A. Callaghan
Little Guy DSH Cat 15 years 05/18/08 Jaymie
Little Guy Finch 11 years 08/26/07 Roxanne
Little Guy Flame Point Siamese Cat 2 years 08/23/16 Candy
Little Guy Grey and White Cat 11 years 06/28/09 Christine Hudson
Little Guy Holland Lop Rabbit Linda Soleau
Little Guy Kitten 06/25/01 Kathy Roudybush
Little Guy Miniature Poodle 7 years 07/24/99 Kurt, Lisa, Jessica and Sarah Muller
Little Guy Mixed Dog 11/24/03 Kathleen
Little Guy Orange Tabby Cat 08/30/98-08/20/08 Randy, Eileen and Dainty, His Little Sister
Little Guy Rabbit 07/13/97-07/13/11 Jillian Hart
Little Guy Seal Point Siamese 04/10/82 12/29/95 Maureen Hickey
Little Guy Siamese Flamepoint Cat 11/15/02-01/07/15 Lee Polansky
Little Guy Tabby & White Cat 08/01/91-03/11/10 Suzi Schmidt
Little Guy Terrier Mix 05/01/87-12/27/99 Gail, Jerry, and Nicki
Little Guy Waymack Yorkie 6 years 11/25/96 Mike Waymack
Little Guy Yorkie 05/30/93-09/19/08 Randy and Diane Stewart
Little Guy Yorkshire Terrier 03/27/96-03/18/06 Carol and Ron Ekstrom
Little Gypsy Star English Bulldog 05/23/06-08/15/07 James and Marsha Edwards
Little Haas Abe Caudle Cocker Spaniel 02/12/90-07/25/04 Melissa
Little Halloween Kiepurr Long Hair Mix Cat 18 years 9 months 09/08/98 Ron & Roxanne Kant
Little Harley Chihuahua 07/07/02-10/21/02 Ashley Lytton
Little Harry Chang Pekingese 02/27/94-10/05/06 Harry D Horovitz
Little Heart Shetland Sheepdog 11 years 07/05/02 The Reeves Family
Little Hen Peacock 03/30/17 Bill & Carolyn Kutz
Little Hens 4 Chickens 07/07/09 Susan
Little Herb Tabby Cat 2 years 04/16/04 Frank
Little Himself Cottontail Wild Baby Rabbit 02/11/06 Mather Family
Little Hobbes Guinea Pig 04/23/97 Gary & Barbara
Little Honey Goldfish 05/26/97-11/10/08 L. Barta
Little Honey Miniature Dachshund 02/26/95-03/01/06 Cathy Fleming
Little Honey Starr Shetland Sheepdog 11/01/96-12/14/09 James Ellenberger
Little Hootie Lhasa 05/06/88-11/16/02 Florence Eklund
Little Image Mustang 1967-1992 Kim
Little Injured Black Kitten Kitten 12/02/05 Marvin Grubbs
Little Jack Brown Coton de Tulear 2 1/2 years 09/26/09 Liz Raybould
Little Jack Jack Russell Terrier 03/19/01-12/17/02 Tammy Tyler
Little Jack's Cactus Max Chocolate Lab 13 years 07/02 Michael and Kathy Jordan
Little Jackson Boy Black Pomeranian 3 years 05/11/96 Phyllis
Little Jake English Pointer Puppy 06/03/10-06/09/10 James Mills
Little Jax Chihuahua 26/09/11-10/02/12 Erin Waltham
Little Jodymidge Short Haired Domestic Cat 07/28/04-02/19/05 Rae Killebrew-Amadio
Little Joe Beagle 06/30/99-08/07/11 Mary and Dan
Little Joe Black Manx Cat 6 weeks 06/16/98 Sharon
Little Joe Cairn Terrier 03/22/93-01/28/10 Theresa
Little Joe Dalmatian 07/04/02-10/15/15 Brett Nave
Little Joe GSD/Chow Mix 03/05/95-07/15/96 Lacrista Bagley
Little Joe Horse 11/27/06 Renee
Little Joe Shorthair Cat 05/22/01-04/01/12 Dan Vasil
Little Joe Tabby Cat 08/08/99-05/02/08 Sara Ventura
Little Joey Mainecoon Cat 10/02/99-08/16/05 Frank
Little John Ragdoll Mix Cat 6 years 09/18/11 Carl & Maryann Miller
Little Jon Cat 02/25/00-04/02 Toni and Theresa
Little Joseph Lhasa Apso 09/08/88-08/05/02 Gary & Debbie McFadden
Little Josh Horse 04/05/13 Katherine
Little Keekee Malti -Poo 5 years 02/17/14 Keatra Fuller
Little Key Key Tiger Striped Cat 07/12/01-11/16/03 Jennifer and Vanessa Kirtz
Little Kia Boxer 09/02/06-07/28/14 Wanda
Little Kim Black Kitten 09/20/05-04/09/06 Stacey & Mackenzy Graham
Little King Chihuahua 10 years 11/02/97 Nate Todd and Ryan Kemble
Little Kitten Dee and Bosco
Little Kittens (2) Kittens Roseanne
Little Kitty 03-29-93 Holly Wright
Little Kitty 04/80-09/24/99 Anne Taschetta
Little Kitty aka Silly Maybelline the Acid Queen Persian X Cat 19 years 03/23/99 Susan Mudgett & Eric Johansson
Little Kitty Calico Tabby Cat 17 1/2 years 09/12/16 Barbara McCoy
Little Kitty Cat 03/31/97-03/31/13 T Wilkinson
Little Kitty Cat 07/09/07 Christina
Little Kitty Cat 08/04/05-07/14/07 Paul, Erin and Jackie
Little Kitty Cat 15 years 07/27/05 Ruthellyn Elliott
Little Kitty Cat 1986-02/22/03 Anna, Dan, Reege, & Star Loewensteiner
Little Kitty Cat 6 years 04/22/03 Heidi Brockmeyer
Little Kitty Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/06/93-03/10/01 Donna Cox
Little Kitty Domestic Shorthair Cat 2 years 02/11/10 Lyall
Little Kitty DSH Cat 10 years 05/20/00 Jamie Dziak
Little Kitty DSH Cat 16 years 2003 Nicole
Little Kitty Gray and White Tiger Cat 05/01/06-01/27/07 Laurie Muscheck
Little Kitty Lee Cat 10/28/98 LauraLee
Little Kitty Mainecoon/Siamese Cat 03/03/99-02/14/08 Dan & Ruth Sauve
Little Kitty Mixed Cat 05/15/12 Beth Meyers
Little Kitty Orange Tabby Cat 03/94-08/10/11 Terri, Eric.and Brendon
Little Kitty Short Hair Cat 2007-08/25/07 Theresa Kelley
Little Kitty Tabby Cat 02/01/82-11/17/97 Bonnie Sheehan
Little Kitty Tiger Cat 13 years 12/13/00 Joy Brown
Little Lady - Lady Bug Greyhound - Red Brindle 08/12/03-07/18/10 Annette
Little Lady British Shorthair Cat 02/27/97-09/01/99 Karen
Little Lady Chihuahua 08/16/93-05/20/08 Krystal M. McDaniel
Little Lady DLH Calico Cat 01/99/11-08/29/11 Dayna & Doug
Little Lady Dog 20 years 08/31/02 M Wise
Little Lady Golden Retriever 1981-11/08/96 Mark Merrill
Little Lady Peebles Dachshund 10 1/2 years 11/12/10 Lista Faircloth
Little Lady Sable Sheltie 11/02/99-06/01/00 Dianna Perregaux
Little Lady Sheltie 09/28/92-08/30/00 Denise Leslie
Little Lady Shih-Tzu 03/18/95-12/02/07 Dannette Jean Rager
Little Lady Tabby Cat 10 years 03/09/12 Cindy, Mom & Glenn
Little Lady White Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/06/92-01/02/06 Paulette, Danielle, Thomas and Catherine
Little Leo Campbell DSH Black/White Cat 08/2004-12/16/13 Natahnya, Leandria, Larry Campbell
Little Leo Hensley Jack o Beag 03/19/08-02/03/12 Jennifer Hensley
Little Leo Kitten 4 weeks-10/19/16 Katherine O'Toole
Little Lil Chi/Rat Terrier 05/2001-10/04/17 Leslie Quigley
Little Lillie Langtry Puppy 07/31/07-09/30/07 Judith Ann Harrison
Little Lilly Dog 08/03/00 Debbie Bennett
Little Lily Siamese Cat 13 years 04/24/10 Mary & Tim
Little Linnette Greyhound 03/18/87-12/07/01 LMH
Little Linzy Hart Yorkie 07/01/91-10/06/04 Deborah
Little Little Brandy Poodle 03/01/88-09/06/04 Trina
Little Lizzie Luci Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 01/16/01-05/09/07 Judie Luci
Little Lord Sebastian Yorkie 04/27/02 Sharon
Little Lost Boy Cat 12/18/96 Consta Jenkins
Little Lost Girl Miniature American Eskimo Dog 08/96 Louise Reynolds
Little Lost Kitty Cat 06/19/08 Catherine
Little Louis Domestic Shorthair Black Cat with Green Eyes 06/01/93-06/13/01 Carla Karr
Little Luck Tabby Cat 04/15/93-06/08/09 Melanie
Little Luckie Shih-Tzu 07/03/10-08/26/12 Joice & Ann Kelley
Little Lucky Dog 2 1/2 years 12/17/99 Anita Leung
Little Lucky German Shepherd 08/04/92-19/03/07 Rob and Julia Manning
Little Lucky Siamese Kitten 03/14/13-05/14/13 Bob and Vicki Lee Card
Little Lucy Marie German Shepherd/Coyote Hybrid 07/04/01-06/21/13 Robyn Cass
Little Luv Muffin Cocker Spaniel 08/26/98-02/07/11 Kim
Little Mac Cat 05/12/93-10/04/07 McDearmont Family
Little Maddie Sheltie 12 years 06/08/12 Debra & Amy Helmick
Little Mama DLH Cat 10/29/11 Terry Miltier
Little MaMa DMH Cat 06/08/01-02/13/10 Maryjane Nickolaus
Little Mama Maggie Snugglenoze Kitten 05/28/97 Martinez Family
Little Man a/k/a Big Boy ADS Cat 13 years 01/02/05 Laura
Little Man Akita Mix 12 years 07/24/10 Michael Rodriguez
Little Man Albino Ferret 5 years 04/30/04 Michell and Jamie O'Neal
Little Man American Shorthair Cat 12/15/02-02/05/03 Renae
Little Man Aussie Mix 1995-11/24/11 Vickie and Jack
Little Man Beau Poodle 02/18/07-04/26/07 Cecil and Charlotte Tipton
Little Man 'Black Beauty' Black Short Haired Cat, Yellowish Green Eyes That Change 05/14/01-14/07/17 Andrea Renée Blackett
Little Man Brinkman Cat 2002-2008 Gary and Jackie Brinkman
Little Man Cat 04/21/88-09/23/00 Emily
Little Man Cat 06/28/04-01/31/06 Lucy
Little Man Cat 07/26/06-02/18/14 Christine
Little Man Cat 07/26/06-02/18/14 Christine & Levi
Little Man Cat 1 year 05/11/02 Stephanie Morris
Little Man Cat 11/18/94-06/17/02 Stephanie Spanier
Little Man Cat 12/01/01-01/13/08 Heather Campbell
Little Man Cat 3 years 08/21/06 Linda Kirby
Little Man Cat 5 years 12/16/04 Jessica Williams
Little Man Chihuahua 01/24/11 Sue
Little Man Chihuahua 06/13/17 Richie
Little Man Chihuahua 06/24/07-02/10/08 Amanda
Little Man Chihuahua Mix 01/24/88-06/12/03 Mark & Kelli Modisette
Little Man Cocker 7 years Nixon Cline
Little Man Collie/Cocker 08/15/92-10/01/00 Sandi Massey
Little Man Dachshund 01/04/97-03/28/05 Dawne
Little Man Dog 12/27/92-10/13/04 Verda Foster
Little Man Domestic Cat 07/94-04/15/09 Katie
Little Man Domestic Long Hair Cat 14 years 02/14/16 Cathy Hoyt
Little Man Domestic Shorthair Cat 10 years 11 months 23 March 2000 Karen Rickenbach, Lily, Camus
Little Man Drozd Pearl Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster 02/08/07 Shannon
Little Man DSH Cat 04/01/95-09/26/09 Marie
Little Man DSH Tabby Cat 06/15/00-03/21/12 Sherri Martin
Little Man Estes Jack Russell and Pekingese 6 years 07/08/15 Tim and Traci Estes
Little Man Grade Horse 49 years 12/13/04 Donna Ryan
Little Man Great Dane 11/.03/05-04/13/14 Kim
Little Man Heller Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/15/94-06/18/09 Michael and Debbie Heller
Little Man Lab 1 year 01/12/88 Denise Ketchum
Little Man Lab-Mix 08/03/01-03/28/03 Terri & Von Claxton
Little Man Longhair Chihuahua 3 years 04/26/12 Deniese Dick and Shawn Robinson
Little Man Manx Cat 06/22/01-12/15/11 Marlyanne
Little Man Manx Cat 10/15/01-12/10/04 Charles and Marlyanne
Little Man Medium Hair Cat 07/2002-11/25/09 Jessica
Little Man Miniature Dachshund 7 1/2 years 10/15/08 Larry & Susan Jones
Little Man Miniature Horse 26 years 02/06/09 Kathryn
Little Man Miniature Schnauzer 11/16/01-01/10/02 Kellye Ferguson
Little Man Mix Dog 1 years 04/21/05 Connie
Little Man Orange Tabby Cat 01/21/96-05/07/12 Dave
Little Man Orange Tabby Cat 01/21/96-05/07/12 Dave Cernugel
Little Man Orange Tabby Cat 10 years 08/07/09 Delana Gray
Little Man Pit Bull Terrier 7 years 08/27/08 Linda Gulley
Little Man Pitbull 06/13/10-06/05/12 Dora
Little Man Rottweiler 05/15/01-05/17/10 Karen Duncan
Little Man Sable Ferret 2 1/2 years 08/19/99 Penny Miller
Little Man Saint Bernard 04/25/04-08/30/10 Kathleen Sears
Little Man Sam Black Toy Poodle 04/17/87-04/30/01 Jane
Little Man Standard Dachshund 04/17/03-01/17/08 Mickey & Melissa Dunn
Little Man Tabby - Gray Striped Cat 20 years 09/13/04 Nina M. Erwin
Little Man Tabby Cat 4 years 05/21/07 Rebekah Hughes
Little Man Tabby Kitten 07/24/00-07/28/00 Stephanie Jacox
Little Man White and Gold Cat 17 years 09/05/00 Catherine
Little Man White With Orange Cat 09/07/01-11/28/02 Elizabeth M. Ginn
Little Man Winter White Dwarf Hamster 12/11/13 Jenn
Little Mao Russian Blue Cat 11/92-11/25/96 Dee Walter
Little Mariah Tabby Cat 2003 Janel
Little Mark Shorthair Tabby Cat 8 years 11/03/97 Sheri
Little Max Black Longhair Cat 10 years01/12/99 Kelly
Little Max Kitten 10 months10/15/06 Joni Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Little Me Himalayan Persian Cat 08/15/06-04/12/11 Meredith Fallow
Little Megan Albino Rat 1 year 04/23/04 Sarah
Little Mercy Me Black Labrador Retriever 11/26/05 Ashley Bloodworth
Little Merry Sunshine Lhasa Apso Mix 02/21/99 Zoe Gaylord
Little Mia Parakeet 10/11/08 Blue and Judy
Little Mick Cat 01/08/85-02/15/02 Cheryl
Little Mickey Longhaired Dachshund 04/21/07 Don & Donna Edwards
Little Mikey Waymack Yorkie 16 years, 5 months, 2 Days 02/02/13 Mike Waymack
Little Miko Himalayan/Siamese Cross about 3 years 01/18/02 Toby
Little Mis DSH Cat 06/15/92-07/02/01 Kathleen Ford
Little Miss Annie Greyhound 12/15/96-01/20/04 Jane Accardo
Little Miss Bear (and unborn babies) Black Bear Hamster 03/2010-05/2010 Carrie L.Davis
Little Miss Cat 01/01/93-03/20/09 Jennifer
Little Miss Cat 02/05/10-07/22/13 Rob
Little Miss Cat 06/10/02-03/08/11 Alanna
Little Miss Daisy Duke Basset Hound 05/20/95-09/24/02 Tom Dukarm
Little Miss Dixie Donahue Black & Silver Miniature Schnauzer 11/27/98-02/03/05 Julie, Patrick, Bridget, and Chad Donahue
Little Miss Edy Grey Striped Tabby Cat 06/25/98-11/01/02 Alberta and Rick Crespo
Little Miss Gingersnap Dachshund 12 years 02/21/07 Laura White
Little Miss Ginsu (Missy) Pekinese 06/02/83-06/27/99 Beverly and George Hopkins
Little Miss Incredible Corkie DSH Tabby Cat 03/07/90-03/21/05 Heidi Helene Christensen
Little Miss Jack Russell 9 years 01/09/08 Christine Stamper
Little Miss Katie Yorkie 06/29/92-12/07/04 Earline Dunham
Little Miss Lady Bug Golden Retriever 06/22/98-03/17/00 Beverly Staiger
Little Miss Lucy Long Haired WhiteandTan Fluffy Tail Cat 18 years 08/2005 Dave and Maria
Little Miss Maggie Mae Basset Hound 10/01/98-01/30/12 M.Dean
Little Miss Maine Coon Cat 04/24/05 Mj Plastiras
Little Miss Maltese/Poodle Mix 19 1/2 years 07/02/95 Nancy Mullin
Little Miss Medium Lengh Grey & White Cat 12/20/99 Lois Phifer
Little Miss Merry Moozer Cummings Calico Cat 09/25/87-03/04/06 Joan Marie Cummings
Little Miss Mini Dog 13 years 05/17/10 Holly Hoskins
Little Miss Mini Maltese 10 years 01/07/10 Laura Z
Little Miss Muffet Dog 10/25/86-03/15/03 Mitch and Sharon
Little Miss Muffin Poodle 05/04/81-12/11/92 Gini Blasens
Little Miss Muffin Toy Poodle 06/21/86-05/19/04 Thomas D'Amico
Little Miss Muffin Toy Poodle 06/21/86-05/19/04 Tom D'Amico
Little Miss OMuffin Toy Poodle 11/30/93-12/14/08 Janice & Tim Barigian
Little Miss Patches Silky Terrier 05/28/83-04/07/95 Laurelle Welborn
Little Miss Priss Cocker Spaniel 09/12/89-11/27/98 AV
Little Miss Quarter Horse 36 years 05/29/17 Lisa Brisse
Little Miss Scarlett Silky Terrier 15 years 04/14/05 Melanie R
Little Miss Scottish Terrier 12 years 10/04/03 Sam Blythe
Little Miss Silly Sally Beagle 03/10/03-12/07/09 Kathy Bakker
Little Miss Skitty Kitty (Skitty) Cat 09/92-04/03/01 David A. Perreault, Rn
Little Miss Sophie Tucker Haigh-Rozie Corgi 14 years 10/01/07 Mike Haigh & Rob Pagliaro
Little Miss Sunshine (Sunny) Lab Mix 01/04/93-01/11/06 Alma Hall
Little Miss Sunshine Calico Siamese Mix Cat 05/14/12 Peggy, Colleen, Christian, Don
Little Miss Tinker Toy II Pomeranian 11/06/94-08/16/09 Linda Tomkinson
Little Miss Tuffy Miniature Schnauzer 14 1/2 years 12/12/03 Gina
Little Miss Vida (Cow Cat) Cat 09/18/00-05/27/01 Mick / Simpson Family
Little Miss Wilcox Mix Cat 06/10/02-03/08/11 Alanna
Little Missy Chihuahua 04/04/14 Stephanie
Little Missy Maine Coon Cat 08/10/05-10/15/07 James R. and Shirley Kiniry
Little Mister Kitty American Domestic Shorthair Tabby Cat 5 years 10/15/03 Dave Bowman
Little Mister Parakeet 08/05/02 Linnzi Hargesheimer
Little Mister Poodle Mix 04/14/93 Florida shelter fire
Little Misty Rose Boston Terrier 07/01/93-10/16/05 Diana Chike
Little Mixed Cat 01/89-02/09/07 Ev and Joe
Little Mo Hamster 11/2012-2014 Shirley and Kevin Sams
Little Mo Siamese Mix Cat 22/09/12-26/09/14 Carly & Michel Kroll
Little Mocha Cocker 01/11/94-04/01/04 Tammy Vanderslice
Little Moe All Black Short Haired Cat 03/07/97 Noah's Ark Shelter
Little Moggy Cat 20 years 08/20/14 Georgina Schofield
Little Molly Moo Best 17 years 10/26/04 Karen Cook
Little Momma Cat 10/02/03 Leah
Little Momma Cat 13 years 01/22/09 Mark Ranney
Little Monday-Man the Traveling Squirrel Eastern Gray Squirrel 09/01/99-10/09/07 Angie and Doug
Little Mother Brown Tabby 1981-10/92 Rosemary Currie
Little Ned Domestic Cat Summer 2006-01/27/07 Susan Crawford
Little Nemo Rabbit 09/11/01 Valerie
Little Newt Newt 09/29/08 Blue and Judy
Little Nitey Cat 01/1996-04/14/00 Bob
Little No Name Bird 04/03/00 Rhonda
Little Noel Hope Kemper Bichon 12/25/02-01/31/12 Carol Kemper
Little Nugget Yorkie Terrier 08/08/02-08/12/10 Nugget
Little O Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/25/06-02/20/09 Joanne
Little O Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/25/07-02/22/09 Joanne
Little Odie Shih Tzu 06/10/96-06/20/05 Jeff and Deb Block
Little Old Man Miniature Dachshund 12 years 11/01/04 Lynnette Spratley and Randy Ikner
Little Ole Jack Dog 01/15/87-08/29/05 Janet L. Law
Little One aka Tito Tito DSH Cat 17 1/2 years 11/30/11 Ana Haget
Little One Albino Cat Janice Naughton
Little One American Ragdoll Cat 7 years 02/15/10 Monica Obando
Little One Berman/ Persian Cat 12/07/99-10/05/11 Christina Collier
Little One Black DLH Cat 3 years 1993 Chantal Gray
Little One Black SH Cat 05/04/89-11/10/04 Vickie
Little One Bourke's Parrot 1 year 12/25/04 Kathy Wells
Little One Calico Persian Cat 6 years 02/02/04 Judy Long
Little One Cat 08/24/04-03/20/05 Kristina
Little One Cat 09/09/95-20/10/11 Catherine
Little One Cat 10 years 02/08/04 Steve
Little One Cat 10/27/04 Scott & Sherry
Little One Cat 8 months 04/04/98 Elaine
Little One Cat Debbie Brennan
Little One Cat February 9-10, 2000 Elizabeth
Little One Chihuahua 10 years 11/13/08 Mary Lou and Hunter Eck
Little One Dachshund 11/28/99-02/12/14 Stephanie Wright
Little One Diluted Calico Cat 12-13 years 11/26/01 Kevin Benstock
Little One Domestic Long Hair (Grey and White) Kitten 3 months 2002 Penny
Little One Domestic Short Hair Cat 6 years 07/19/00 Don Beissel
Little One Ferret 01/01/05-02/06/11 Joyce B
Little One Ferret 03/99-04/19/03 Dave Bowers
Little One Ferret 05/17/04 Ronnie Dicomo
Little One German Shepherd 12 years 02/10/03 Robert, Joyce and Barbara Mastromarino
Little One Gray Chinchilla 2 weeks 05/03/04 Cathy Merrill
Little One Grey Kangaroo 7 years 05/01/01 Amc
Little One Heinz 57 Dog 11/09/10 Laurie Lindsey
Little One Kitten 1/02/97 Anne Kasper
Little One Kitten 1/02/98 Anne Kasper
Little One Kitten 11/12/05 Sally Cress
Little One Kitten 6 months 08/25/03 Elizabeth Duggan
Little One Maine Coon Cat 16 years 12/22/02 C. Mallow
Little One Mixed Cad 09/14/93-12/13/09 Lucy
Little One Mixed Cat 04/01/04-06/07/04 Kristy
Little One Mixed Cat 10 months 05/20/11 Sandra Linto
Little One Mixed Dog 17 years 10/12/06 Karen Owens
Little One Mouse 3 Months Jason
Little One Newborn Kitten 10/03/98 Jan
Little One Part Siamese Mixed Cat 07/01/01?-06/18/02 AMC
Little One Pomeranian 11/84-12/84 Jack & Shirley Brinkley
Little One Poodle 07/06/96-08/01/04 Bob and Roxann Bitterman
Little One Rat 5 weeks 09/09/99 Kerri Pienschke
Little One Red-Eared Slider Turtle 01/01/06-05/31/06 Crystal Wilson
Little One Short Haired Calico Cat 03/79-02/16/96 Kim
Little One Tabby Cat 02/01/96-10/14/12 Kim McKinney
Little One Tortie Cat 5 years Deb & Family
Little One Toy Poodle 11/04/98-03/23/09 Alexandra Dauphinee
Little One Tuxedo Cat 12 years 09/26/04 Ellen Yaeger
Little One White Albino Cat 08/01 Janice Naughton
Little One White Toy Poodle 1985-07/04/00 Lisa Larsen
Little One Wild Quail 10/12/98 Lee Ann
Little One Yorkie 04/2000-08/04/11 Cole & Suzi
Little Orange Cat 05/03 06 Kelly
Little Orange Girl Cat 2 years 11/07/02 Karen & Friends
Little Orange Guy Cat 12 years 01/25/01 Karen & Friends
Little Orange Kitty Kitten about 7 months 12/14/97 Mary and Evie
Little Orange Tiger Kitten 05/27/01 Elbow
Little Orphan Andy Kitty 18 years 1997 J. Williams
Little Orphan Annie Cat 17 1/2 years 05/22/99 Leigh
Little Orphan Annie Dachshund/Chihuahua/Brindle Pit Pup 01/22/06-01/22/06 Lisha
Little Orphan Annie Pit Bull 09/07/91 09/04/97 Trisha Clabo
Little Orphan Annie Siamese Mix Cat 06/2011-06/20/13 The Starbuck Family-Tami, Ray, Mike, Missy, Lindsay & Rico
Little Oscar Borzoi Stillborn 04/22/98 Edna
Little P DSH Cat 05/15/05-06/30/07 Lorene and Kevin Black
Little Patapons Cats 02/2012-03/2012 Jose Luis Ancona Ortiz
Little Paul Poodle Mix 04/24/88-12/01/03 Laurel McGuire
Little Pea Kitten 07/17/01-07/19/01 Jody Kocisko
Little Peanut- DSH Cat 04/14/04-02/12/05 Lori
Little Peep DSH Cat 04/01/05-04/02/07 Christi
Little Peep Sparrow 09/17/08 Kevin and Lori
Little Peep Wood Duck 2 weeks 07/10/02 Bill
Little Petie Barfield Tabby Cat 10/01/07-11/10/07 Torrance Bartholomew
Little Pig Guinea Pig 3 years 06/02/08 Kelly Nancy Hess
Little Pilea Fluff Shih-Tzu 05/28/96-06/28/09 Kathy Mortensen
Little Pink Rat 3 Hours-12/07/04 Leesa, Sean, Lynni, Mommy Champagne, Auntie Moon, Spook, Kamikaze Cheesecake, Lacuna, Minerva, Shade and Ivy
Little Poodle 2 years 10/26/10 Karen Piran
Little Prancing Bailey Shih Tzu 06/15/99-01/28/14 Dennis Walker
Little Pretty Hill Tabby Cat 01/10/01-04/09/09 Darrell Hill
Little Prince Albert of Duke Dale Maltese 03/12/97-04/21/09 Dale Bowman
Little Princess Cocker Spaniel 08/06/90-09/15/99 Kathy and Todd
Little Princess Daisy Miniature Longhaired Dachshund 03/24/93-07/09/05 Linda Bush
Little Princess Lacy aka 'Lacy Lou' Yellow Lab 06/20/04-01/05/13 Marsha and Michael
Little Princess Reba Pekingese 10/27/98-05/19/12 Caralee Lockhart
Little Princess Yorkie 12/02/00-06/01/10 Arthur Payton
Little Puff Kitten 03/28/01-03/29/01 Dave, Kat, Pixel, Tasslehoff, Mandrake, Pippin, Little Bit, Simba, Qibbles, Sandy, Duchess, Gandalf, Dalamar, Cassie, Jack, and Taleisin
Little Puffy Jennifer M Karr
Little Pug Girl Pug 04/14/06 Irene Franke
Little Pup Jack Golden Retriever 09/17/92-10/06 Kathleen
Little Purk 1991 Bob and Nancy
Little Purrcilla Kitten 05/29/00 Jan
Little Rascal Cat 6 months 02/11/11 Dominick and Niki
Little Rascal Cockapoo 02/26/68-Spring 1982 Beth (Pollard) Cottrell and Liz Pollard
Little Rascal Cocker Spaniel 01/10/96-09/15/09 Kathy Coutts
Little Rascal Cocker Spaniel 02/10/96-09/15/09 Kathy Coutts
Little Rat 2 years 05/05/09 Lauren & Matt
Little Red Domestic Short Hair Cat 08/01/95-07/09/13 Oleh Kaniuka
Little Red Doschaund 15 years 07/09/01 M Weinstein
Little Red Doxie 05/09/01 Myra Weinstein
Little Red Doxie 17 years 03/22/18 Debbie Autry
Little Red Man Orange Tabby Cat 12 years 10/16/99 Sherry Brogan
Little Red One Fish 01/06/99 JS
Little Red Rabbit 04/27/97-09/02/02 Shirley Kerr
Little Red Rudolf aka Rudy Daschund 11/06/89-12/27/00 Diane Gaffney
Little Richard, Voodoo Children, Sweat Pea, Panda Goldfish and Pufferfish 03/00-04/00 Michele and Jon
Little Richie Domestic Shorthair Kitten 6 weeks-06/05/15 F. Hsu
Little Richie Turtle 08/01/89-01/19/16 Patricia, Danica, Kenneth and Kenyatta Royster
Little Ricky Ferret 2001-02/14/07 Leslie Donley
Little Ricky Shih Tzu 05/01/08-06/07/18 Karen Rayne
Little Ricky Tabby Cat 05/05/06-06/28/08 Candace
Little Ricky Weber Cocker Spaniel 12/27/95-02/25/06 Elizabeth Allshouse
Little Rikki Cat 17 years 02/01/05 Belinda and Tim
Little River Debonier (Debbie) 16 years 02/24/98 Linda
Little Robin (LR) 06/21/99 Shannon Reuter
Little Robin Kalahari Robin 06/12/06-05/06/07 K
Little Rocky Tabby Cat 10/14/00-09/29/01 The Eng Family
Little Rotty Puppy Dog 7 weeks 1/26/98 Natalie
Little Runt 500 and Peppy Miniature Poodles 01/13/88-02/17/04 Deb Preciado
Little Runt Rottweiler 3 years 2004 Diane Parks
Little Russell Cat 5 years 05/2012 Stacey Graham & Mackenzy McAbee
Little Russell Cat 6 years 05/31/12 Stacey Graham & Mackenzy McAbee
Little Sammy Orange Tabby Girl About Town Orange Cat 12/01/93-03/17/11 Colleen McElroy
Little Sarge Dachshund 12/15/85-06/26/03 Greg Presley
Little Sassy Cat 03/08/03 Tony & William
Little Schmidt Beagle 08/15/92-06/05/93 Jo-Ann
Little Schnit Urban Orange Tabby Cat 07/2000-08/03/07 Mary Ann Urban
Little Scoutie Weimann Domestic Short Hair Black Cat 03/24/91-07/24/08 Barbara Weimann
Little Scrappy Chinchilla One day old 03/21/94 Chinskate
Little Scrappy Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/15/05-05/16/06 Mikey
Little Screamer Orange Tabby Kitten 06/30/10-07/2010 Gabriele
Little Sensei Grey Cat 5 years 09/14/07 Carole
Little Shadow Black Cocker 16 years 08/30/02 Katrina Bell
Little Shadow Furlong Cocker Spaniel 13 years Little's
Little Sheba Black Cocker 17 years 03/05/02 Katrina Bell
Little Shihtzu 06/05/08 Valerie and Colin
Little Siamese Cat 02/99-10/29/05 A & R Graham
Little Simon Toy Rat Terrier 03/24/96-12/27/11 Micaela
Little Sir Echo Dachshund 15 years 05/11/72 Peggy Short
Little Sister Cat 07/81-04/18/99 Cyd Dunning
Little Sister DSH Gray Cat 05/97-08/20/09 Christina Weiss
Little Sister Mixed Calico Cat 00/25/95-09/06/01 Sara, Alaina, Victoria
Little Skooter Puppy Teacup Poodle 14 years 02/23/04 Donnatipton
Little Smith Panda Ferret 08/26/99-12/28/05 Celeste Lefave
Little Sneaky Pete Sancho Pug 04/15/94-08/28/03 Patricia A. Mieth
Little Socks Too Pomeranian 9 years 07/16/08 Penni
Little Sophie Fancy Pants - Fluffaroo -Woofies Lhasa Apso 09/13/99-04/03/08 Kathy Figuieras
Little Soul Kitten Vicki
Little Special Kitten 06/22/00-06/25/00 Mary Ann Sanford
Little Spot Black American Cat 04/14/06-09/22/09 Deborah Greiner
Little Stranger White Cat with Pale Grey Patches 08/17/07 Helen Paschalis
Little Stray Kitten Kitten 05/16/06 Sarah
Little Stupid Siamese Mix Cat 06/09/05 Cyndi and Keith
Little Sugar Miniature Dachshund 04/04/95-09/22/06 Linda Pratt
Little Suka Liu Miniature Pinscher 08/12/88-07/01/02 Richard C. Jeanguenat
Little Sumo Alaskan Malamute 01/28/03 Al and Linda
Little Sweetheart Pigeon 2000-10/12/06 Torrance Bartholomew
Little T Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/04/98 Feline Infectious Peritonitis Laura Hickman
Little T Domestic Shorthair Cat 07/31/95-03/04/98 Laura Hickman
Little Tabby Cat about 14 years The Wilson family
Little Tabby, Gray & White Cat 11 years 12/24/03 Christy
Little Tan Kitty Sikora-Hughes-Sikora Cat 12/26/98-09/14/04 Jill Sikora & Tiffany Hughes
Little Terrier Mix 04/04/84-02/28/98 The Carducci Family
Little Tess Cat 3 months 12/29/02 Lim Yee Peeng
Little The Cat 08/22/08 Sheralynn
Little Thing Cathy & Chris
Little Thumper Cottontail Rabbit 05/12/04 Jane, Carla, and Sandra
Little Thunder - Sammy Shetland Sheepdog 04/05/95-12/02/06 Tina Burgess
Little Tiger Kitten 02/15/03 J Gaspar
Little Tinkles Part Maine Coon Cat 06/07/07-05/02/08 Michelle Kleber
Little Toby Toy Poodle Runt 02/16/89-10/22/02 Bernice Eresman
Little Tom 05/2004-11/04/07 Linda
Little Tom DSH Cat 05/01/04-11/04/07 Linda King
Little Tom Tom Tabby Cat 3 Weeks-05/17/14 Cindy Williams
Little Tommy Johnson Boston Terrier 11 years 08/16/10 Janet Wilson
Little Too Late Lab Mix Puppy 04/15/97 Lisa Bradley
Little Tori Rabbit 01/18/04 Kimberly
Little Tortie Tortie Cat 07/23/02 Marion
Little Tortoise Shell Cat 05/08/09 Kevin
Little Tuxedo Cat 02/04/98-02/24/16 Betty and Bobby
Little Tuxedo Cat 1992-12/26/01 Grace Benfer
Little Tyke Black Cat 8 years 05/01/02 Shannon & Larry
Little Tyke Blk/White Domestic Short Hair Cat 11/12/96-04/05/99 Jerry Long and Cheryl Foerch
Little Tyke Cat 13 years Jenn
Little Vadoo Tabby Cat 14 years 02/29/12 Kathi
Little Vixen Miniature Pinscher 10/25/02-01/08/03 Stacy Lash
Little Weeble Kitten 09/20/07-10/07/07 Rachel
Little Wewus Parrotlet 04/2006-01/18/07 Ann Sykes
Little White Dog 2 years 08/26/00 Midvalley Animal Clinic.
Little White Kitten Cat 6 months 08/02/97 Lewis C.
Little White Tip Kitten 11/25/00 Molly
Little Wicket Ewok (Wickie) Yorkie 11/12/88-05/16/01 Connie Grimm
Little Willy Golden Retriever 10 years 07/06/04 Dot Prideaux
Little Woner Cat Josie
Little Woody Chihuahua/Jack Russell 11/23/03-11/26/08 Debbie
Little Woody Chihuahua/Jack Russell 11/26/08 Debbie
Little Yellow Fellow DSH Cat 14 years 05/18/07 Donna Allen
Little Yorkshire Terrier 10/30/00-11/28/12 Sandra
Littlebear Bichon Friese 10/01/98-08/30/13 Deb Newman
Littlebear Manx Cat 09/23/05-11/20/05 Agnes Allen
LittleBill, Nikk, Dudley, Andrew, Christopher, JR, Slam and Madeline Cats Jan
Littlebit & Snoop Dogs 04/2005 Carolyn Sparks
Littlebit Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/09/85-04/24/04 Brenda Darling
Littlebit Cat 11/25/11 Hope & Dwayne
Littlebit Dachshund 3 1/2 years 03/31/06 Eric McIntosh
LittleBit Horse Kay
Littlebit Jack Russell Terrier 05/01/98-06/11/10 Liz Galindo & Deb McKenney
Littlebit Kestner Miniature Dachshund 07/17/98-07/06/02 Shakira
Littlebit Mixed Breed Dog 03/26/98-03/30/12 Jay Plogger, Melinda Baniky
Littlebit Mixed Pastel Tortie Cat 16 years 01/31/06 Carol
Littlebit Poodle 01/20/95-03/26/10 Penny Skinner
Littlebit Poodle 17 years 03/26/10 Penny Skinner
Littlebit Rat Terrier 07/01/88-11/18/03 Maureen
Littlebit Walker Poodle 01/15/93-03/25/10 Penny, Jamie, Aaron
Littlebit Walker-Skinner Poodle 01/18/94-03/26/10 Penny Skinner, Jamie Walker
Littlebit Yorkie 10/28/04-04/13/18 Joanne Gibbons
Littlebit Yorkie-Poo 10 years 06/25/10 Brandie Luther
Littleblackbunny Little Black Polish Rabbit 5 years 04/04/12 Jeanne
Littleboy English Bulldog 09/19/07 Charla and Carl Anthony
Littleboy Tabby Cat 18 years 01/26/04 Nina M. Erwin
LittleBug Jack Russell 07/23/05-03/21/06 Angie Keahey
Littlecat Shorthair Cat 02/05/10 Susan and David
Littledude Tabby Cat 11 years 10/24/08 Shelley Cortez
Littlee Lovebird 05/13/00-12/12/04 Mark & Margie Indigaro
Littlefoot & Pebbles Anoles 2 or 3 years Littlefoot: 05/14/99, Pebbles: 06/01/99 Scott
Littlefoot Cat 1 yr 1991 Jennifer
Littlefoot Cat Abt 11 years 11/21/04 Crystal and Mark Plummer
Littlefoot Mix Dog 10/04/95-04/21/12 Kathryn
Littlefoot Siamese Cat 07/11/02-04/12/15 Kim Axiak
Littlefoot Tortishell Cat 16 years 01/08/06 Cindy Hauss
Littlegirl (Beeps) 07/12/83-03/08/00 Peezy
Littlegirl Mainecoon Cat 03/06/15 Mary
LittleGirl Terrier Mix 07/12/83-03/08/00 Tracy Lindemer
Little-Guy Siamese Cat 1975-06/04/93 Mark & Denise
Littlehead Cat 4 years 09/09/03 Heather
Littlejohn Cat 8 years 08/01/97 Paul and Linda
Littlely Toy Poodle 15 years 02/03/94 Jaqueline White
Littleman Bengal Cat 13 years 01/05/12 Gina
Littleman Chihuahua 05/07/00-07/08/05 Jill & Sable Sleasman
Littleman Doxie 01/15/98-12/08/03 Roy and Marta Depasquale
Littleman Erwin Tabby Cat 1984-09/13/04 John & Nina
Littleman Terrier Mix 06/17/05-01/29/06 Don Streat
Littlemann Yorkie 12/04/98-08/03/10 Angela Wilcox
LittleMindyKat Domestic Shorthair Cat 12/22/86-07/25/05 Scott & Marcia Foster
Little'n Cat 3 years 12/01/10 Clay Parker
Littleone Mainecoon Cat 08/90-10/98 Betty
Littleone Sable Ferret 3 1/2 years 11/05/01 Janet L Desimone
Littleone Siamese Cat 12 years 12/15/08 Domenique Glover
LittlePit Chihuahua 05/01/89-10/10/02 Dolores and Edward Reese
Littles Black Lab 01/01/91-06/22/04 Theresa Wood
Littles Daza DSH Cat 12 years 03/27/06 Ang Daza
Littles Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/04/04-09/25/15 Jacki Sandberg
Littles Greyhound 10/07/94-11/18/07 Melissa Kalaus
Littles Greyhound 10/08/94-11/18/07 Melissa Rosenkilde
Littlest Angels 4 black&tan puppies died at birth 10/30/94 John Evers & Chuch Minter, friends of Roy Wilson
Littlestinker Shepherd Mix 06/93-11/04/08 Marty Eikelberg
Littlestuff Seal Point Siamese Cat 09/05/89-09/22/06 Elizabeth Sprague
Littlestuff Siamese Cat 09/05/86-09/21/06 Elizabeth Sprague
Littleton Russian Blue Cat 04/20/99-05/09/01 John Terrell and Kede Eddins
Littlewitches Magic Wizard of Magicadabra Bi-Color Persian Cat 02/23/87-07/03/03 Heidi Marks
Littlle Bit Chihuahua 12/2010-07/14/11 Roxanne Dewey
Litttle Bit (E. B. T. - Ugga Buggie) Boston Terrier 9 years 12/04/09 Darrell (Bub) & Patty Hall
Liver Grey Tabby Cat 11/27/04 Amy
Livey Welsh Pembroke Corgi 06/09/99-05/27/06 Debra
Livingston Chihuahua-Terrier 12 years 01/11/09 Deneen Carter
Livingston Domestic Short Hair - Tuxedo Cat 26 years 02/17/07 Ann Spicer
Livingston Jumbo Dumbo Rat 05/21/07 Shalene Shimer
Livvie Maltese 10 years 02/2010 Helen Cornelius
Livvy Birman Cat 10 years 23/04/10 Amber Justin Samantha and Imogen
Livvy Cat 2 years 12/11/07 Tom Trigger
Livvy Tabby Mix Cat about 4 years 03/19/02 Elizabeth and Larry
Livy Cat Feb 1988 Marion Hale
Liz Black Persian With Silver Tipping Cat 07/25/91-10/26/07 Cindy Lange and Family
Liz Lilac Point Siamese Cat 16 years 04/14/07 Doris
Liz Rottweiler 10 years 03/03/12 John Williams
Liz Shih Tzu 11/12/88-05/21/99 Jim & Bonnie
Liza American Shorthaired Tabby Cat 13 years 02/14/10 Tara and Eric
Liza Black Cat 6 months 07/30/05 Mary Delaney
Liza Black Labrador 1/29/91-03/07/03 Leslie Kimbel
Liza Blue aka Boo Boo, Boozny Boozny Pizza Pizza. Boo Black DSH Cat 03/09/03-12/03/16 Stephanie Maglietta
Liza Boston Terrier 09/27/07-01/11/12 Chuerii
Liza Cat 9 years 09/16/08 Larry
Liza Cocker Spaniel 24/02/91-10/06/06 Marica Šerek
Liza Domestic Longhair Cat 04/02/85-04/18/02 Sallie Strine
Liza Fila 06/28/99-07/14/08 Brenda Chandler
Liza German Shepherd 07/04/99-10/28/09 Marcy Becker
Liza German Shepherd 1998-10/28/09 Marcy Becker
Liza Jane Boudreaux Tuxedo Cat 12/30/95-10/01/99 Lesley Boudreaux
Liza Jane Cardigan Welsh Corgi 02/07/92-01/27/07 Boyle Family
Liza Jane Cat 9 years 04/18/01 Larson Family
Liza Jane Crafton Cat 12/22/08 Angela Crafton
Liza Jane Tortishell Cat 06/28/00 Kimberly
Liza Labrador 04/04/14 Parminder Singh
Liza Labrador Retriever 07/02/03-05/29/13 Srishtik Datta
Liza Marke Short Hair Cat 12/05/09 John & Virginia Marke
Liza Miniature Schnauzer 12 years 05/18/99 Anne Beck
Liza Mixed Cat 12.15.1999-05.10.2019 Blaž Pezdir
Liza Parrotlet 11/05/08-05/13/10 Pinky
Liza Shetland Sheepdog 01/25/05-02/26/17 Ginny Jackson
Liza Striped Tabby Cat 17 years 08/22/99 Elizabeth Perry
Liza Yablon Gray Tabby Cat 4 1/2 years 02/14/07 Sharon Yablon
Lizabeth Schnauzer 12 years 07/28/13 Ed & Bonnie Mays
Lizbet Pomeranian 1 July 1992 - 17 September 1999 Paul and Mary-Lou
Lizbeth Black Lab 01/01/91-03/05/05 Melissa Filbeck
Lizette Afghan Hound 03/05/87-02/03/97 Stuart Holland
Lizy Eastwood American Eskimo Dog 06/03/02-02/28/18 Bob Eastwood
Lizyanne Cairn Terrier 07/21/97-03/31/08 Marie A. Mayer
Lizz Russian Dwarf Hamster 2 years 02/22/12 Maddy
Lizza Pekingese 06/17/86-09/23/03 Kristian Black
Lizzard Green Iguana 3 years 04/11/01 Carmen
Lizzi Black Labrador Retriever 09/23/99-10/26/09 Jay
Lizzi Boo Shih Tzu 06/12/95-12/01/09 Fiona
Lizzi Miniature Dachshund 10/17/99-11/08/11 Chelsea
Lizzie (Elizabeth Anne) Basset Hound 3 years 06/12/01 Bruce & Linda Jones
Lizzie (Woodriver's Queen Elizabeth) Airedale Terrier 1/24/92-06/15/00 Amy Wahl
Lizzie Airedale 1/24/92-06/15/00 Amy Wahl
Lizzie Apple Davis Cockapoo 7 years 12/22/08 Sharon & Rich Davis & Debbie Applebaum
Lizzie Australian Shepherd 09/09/84-05/27/99 Marcie and Brian Gillaspie
Lizzie Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy 6 months 05/11/06 Madalena Hutcheson
Lizzie Bear Miniature Schnauzer 5 years 09/30/05 Michele Elliott
Lizzie Bell Yorkie 07/21/00-06/30/16 Lori
Lizzie Black Cat 07/18/88-05/03/02 Stephanie Maglietta
Lizzie Border Collie 03/26/98-08/25/05 Mavis Pancoust
Lizzie Boston Terrier 08/19/00-04/15/11 Debbie
Lizzie Boxer 11 years 09/27/04 Lisa Rankin
Lizzie Bunny French Lop Rabbit 7 years 03/25/00 Ann Sternberg
Lizzie Calico Cat 20 years 07/02/02 Margaret O'Connor Flanigan
Lizzie Cat 06/10/90-09/15/99 Jennifer
Lizzie Cat 06/19/97 Dan and Amby
Lizzie Cat 11/85-05/15/02 The Astheimer family
Lizzie Cat 12 years 01/15/05 Donna Dickinson
Lizzie Cat 12 years 10/18/04 Paula
Lizzie Cat 12/01/92-09/20/11 Pat and Tom
Lizzie Cat 15 years 02/19/01 Nancy
Lizzie Cat 20 years 7 months 03/29/10 Andrea Stripling
Lizzie Chihuahua- Terrier Mix 04/01/99-05/23/14 Deb and Dave
Lizzie Chihuahua/Dachshund 07/04/00-11/17/06 Gloria Hill
Lizzie Chow Mix 11/96-09/20/11 Thelma
Lizzie Dog 02/15/03-06/03/12 Jody
Lizzie Dog 11/28/13 Ben
Lizzie Domestic Cat 1 year 03/05/06 Kathryn
Lizzie Domestic Long Hair Tuxedo Cat 20 years 03/05/01 Christine Budd
Lizzie Domestic Short Hair Tortie and White Cat 14 years 04/10/04 Kerry
Lizzie Domestic Tortoiseshell Cat 07/20/00-08/04/06 Sharon K. Susie
Lizzie English Bull Terrier 08/29/89-07/20/03 Louise Newlove
Lizzie English Springer Spaniel 13 years 11/13/02 Rita, Nick, Angela & Christa
Lizzie Franklin Carin Terrier 19 years 10/25/03 April
Lizzie German Shepherd 03/26/09 Tanya Freimark
Lizzie German Shepherd, Husky, Collie Mix 1996-01/05/11 Colby Agostinella
Lizzie Girl Scottish Wild/Japanese Fighting Rat 02/13/92-06/08/96 Meaghan Edwards
Lizzie Golden Retriever 02/07/03-12/25/14 Mark & Jan Schreiber
Lizzie Golden Retriever 02/27/01-12/03/14 Alison Russell
Lizzie Golden Retriever 10/23/01 Kimberly
Lizzie Golden Retriever 14 years 11/10/11 Julie Taylor
Lizzie Greyhound 06/92-06/2005 Rita
Lizzie Greyhound 12 years 12/09/06 Deb Hanna
Lizzie Guinea Pig adopted 12/2003-03/06/10 Carrie L. Davis
Lizzie Hooded Rat 9 months 05/20/05 Elizabeth
Lizzie Hound & Lab Mix 12 years 05/03/06 Leora Hand
Lizzie Italian Spinone 11/05/91 Chelsea Keene
Lizzie Jack Russell Terrier 10/18/96-06/20/11 Sandy
Lizzie Jo Miniature Schnauzer 11/11/93-12/17/06 Candy Murdock
Lizzie Kinnane-Marsh Border Collie X 12 years 01/07/05 Lauren Marssh
Lizzie Lhasa Apso 14 1/2 years 08/25/06 Karen
Lizzie Lou Lou Bassett puppy 08/01/96 Lynda
Lizzie Lou Slayback Pembroke Welsh Corgi 05/07/09-08/24/10 Rachael Slayback
Lizzie Mae Balinese Cat 10/07/98-05/12/05 Mary, Amanda and Katie Krahn
Lizzie Maltese 08/19/99-09/23/08 Jim and Debbie
Lizzie Mariner Sonyc Crossroads Golden Retriever 06/29/98-03/17/07 Kathy Carbone
Lizzie May Bluetick/Beagle 3 years 11/06/10 Monica May
Lizzie Mini Lop Rabbit 10/10/07-25/03/16 Katie
Lizzie Miniature Pinscher 01/31/05 Carol Shelley
Lizzie Miniature Schnauzer 12 years 12/25/08 Kris and Val
Lizzie Mixed Dog 12/05/14 Bob, Denise & Amanda
Lizzie Mongrel 15 years 02/26/ 13 Annette Corcoran
Lizzie Mouse 1 1/2 years 2007 Lily Masters
Lizzie Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 10/01/98-05/07/05 Cheryl
Lizzie Nicoletti Siberian Husky/ Human 01/01/02-03/05/10 Eileen, Rob, Ryan and Abby
Lizzie Pug 02/01/98-03/25/13 The Mitchon Family
Lizzie Red Mini Dachshund 17 years 03/10/06 Suzanne Mehaffey
Lizzie Schnauzer 04/13/92-10/22/06 Steven and Laurie Underwood
Lizzie Scottish Terrier 7 years 11/15/09 Diane
Lizzie Scotty 2 years 07/19/97 Dawn
Lizzie Short Hair Domestic Tabby Cat 10/30/01-10/30/12 Cindy Burkett
Lizzie Springer 11/03/88-11/06/95 Melissa Post
Lizzie Stratfordshire Terrier 04/24/12 Sarah, Dan, Alyne, Mike and Elyse
Lizzie Tabby Cat 12 years 10/22/16 Betsy
Lizzie Tish Lab/Jack Russell Terrier 5 1/2 years 05/30/08 Elaine Wilkinson
Lizzie White Dog 14 years 08/01/18 Judy White
Lizzie White German Shepherd 11 years 04/20/01 Jean Tate
Lizzie Yellow Lab 04/29/06-01/18/08 Richele, Les & Lauren Hergenrother
Lizzie Yorkie 11 years 12/08/12 Kelly & B. J. Fox
Lizzie Yorkshire Terrier 12/13/93-06/16/05 David and Mary Payne
Lizzie, Lily, Scruffy, Sherman, Tommie, Aussie Dogs 01/97 Merle Feaser and David Snyder
Lizzy and Jenny Cats 1992-1998 Miss O'Shaughnessy
Lizzy Beagle 01/25/99-08/20/14 Mary Jo O'Neil
Lizzy Black Lab 13 years 04/09/09 Barbara Peterson
Lizzy Black Labrador Retriever 2004 Kathy
Lizzy Border Collie/Collie Mix 03/29/92-10/12/04 Kathi Stauffer
Lizzy Boston Terrier 4 years 11/14/04 Sherri Tennessen
Lizzy Boxer 04/23/07 Jackie, Gaby, Christie, Melissa, Monica, Yaneisi, Joel, Mom, & Dad
Lizzy Bronze Tabby Cat 7 years 12/02/17 Eelco & Rob
Lizzy Calico DSH 03/26/01-01/02/12 Mom Amd Macy N
Lizzy Cat 1 year 12/13/07 Candice
Lizzy Cat 2002-07/22/09 Vivian
Lizzy Cat 4 months 08/02/01 Stacy Nice
Lizzy Cat 4 years 03/13/07 Cortney & James
Lizzy Chocolate Lab 04/13/97-01/14/12 Phil, Karen, Matt, & Phillip
Lizzy Dalmatian 8 years 11/29/99 Sandy
Lizzy Dog 13 years 02/01/10 The Kasper
Lizzy Dog 1984-04/19/00 Kim Morgan
Lizzy Iguana Lizard 05/15/02-05/15/05 Jamika
Lizzy Lizzard Cat 11/2000-04/07/05 Amy Sunden
Lizzy MaeBelle Sunshine Catahoula 04/09/09-11/12/15 Deanna Rowen
Lizzy Mainecoon Cat 11/17/08 Roger & Renne Klay
Lizzy Miniature Schnauzer 07/12/01-07/10/16 Mary Gerald
Lizzy Mix Dog 06/15/04-01/15/11 Doug, Toni and Lindsay Conwell
Lizzy Mixed Dog 08/10/04 Carolyn
Lizzy Pembroke Welsh Corgi 07/26/04-09/06/10 Colleen
Lizzy Pomeranian 08/04/04-09/06/11 Michelle Largen
Lizzy S Domestic Long Hair Cat 12 years 07/07/09 Danielle
Lizzy Shepler Iguana 10/00 Karen Commings
Lizzy Siamese Cat 1 year 07/18/10 Kim Jaster
Lizzy T (Elizabeth Taylor) Gray Tabby Cat 19 months 09/10/06 Elizabeth French
Lizzy Tabby Cat 03/13/86-02/08/00 Becky Harter
Lizzy Terrier/Mix 4 years 10/25/05 Lucy Magalich
Lizzy White Terrier 12 years 26 Sept. 2003 Vaneetr and Hawa
Lizzy White With Grey and Orange On Head Cat 05/10/87-05/15/02 Lew Ross
Lizzy Yorkiezu 04/02/08-11/10/17 Suzanne Douglas
Lizzybelle Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lizzyebee Beagle Mix 12/18/06 Carrie
LJ Cocker Mix 13 1/2 years 02/04/00 Patty and Willie
LJ Cocker Mix 13 1/2 years 02/04/00 Patty and Willie Sabon
LJ Lab 05/27/01-12/20/10 Sandy
Ljubinka Bichon Frise Cross 10 years 04/01/08 Amanda Raymond
LK - Little Kitty Domestic Short Hair Cat 10/29/16 Angela Long
L-Key Delyellyn Loyd Norwegian Elkhound 03/16/69-01/17/85 Delilah Loyd Mahon
Llady Sugar King Brittany 03/12/96-07/24/09 Darlene King
Llibby Ulmann Yorkie 17 years 04/25/14 Mike & Jerri
Llittle Britches Cat 13 1/2 years 10/19/98 Jewell
Lloyd British Blue Cat 12/08/09-09/10/10 Jane
Lloyd Chocolate Lab 08/01/03-06/11/11 Jay Roy
Lloyd Lilac Point Balinese Cat 02/21/03-09/29/13 Chai Chen
Lloyd Matney-Schell Maltese 08/24/93-07/15/04 Ren and Mark
Lloyd vom Wassermann Rottie 02/96-12/97 Rhonda
Lloyd Zero Matney Schell Maltese 08/24/93-07/15/04 Ren Matney and Mark
Llyan 1/2 Siamese Cat 04/87-08/29/01 Kathie and Tom Wright
Llyan Siamese Cat 02/20/86-08/29/01 Tom
Loard Sparke of Debra Place Lahasa Apsos 08/18/92-02/22/04 Gil & Celeste Wels
Loba Cat 04/19/01-11/05/12 Tina Rios
Loba Dog 14 years 12/07/08 Sue Heise
Loba German Shepherd 13 years 09/03/04 Mariam, Hannah, Ziad, Maria, Tarek, Ivonne
Loba Siberian Husky 13 years 05/03/04 Tracy & Troy
Lobe Border Terrier 10 years 06/07/98 John
Lobito German Shepherd 11/12/78-04/28/88 Victor Tapia
Lobo Alaska Malamute 15 years Fam. Juarez Garcia
Lobo Alaskan Malamute/Australian Shepherd Mix 17 years 09/25/99 Emily
Lobo Australian Shepherd / Bernese Mountain Dog 12/01/03-08/10/18 Bob Lapo
Lobo Bandrich Mixed Dog 12/08/84-02/14/97 Lilia Bandrich
Lobo Black Lab 07/20/86-12/27/96 Diane V
Lobo Black Lab 08/93-07/06/07 Lupe Garcia
Lobo Blue Heeler 15 years 01/27/03 Tamra
Lobo Brown and White Pit Bull 2002-2002 Kathy Pelletier
Lobo Carolina Dog 2008-01/09/17 Debra LaPalm
Lobo Cat 02/11/07 Chris A
Lobo Cat 1973-1974 Denise & Jimmy
Lobo Cat 20 years 10/94 Vicki
Lobo Chihuahua 09/16/02 Jill
Lobo Chihuahua/Poodle 08/01/98 Kelly Ann Matuseski
Lobo Chow Mix 16 years 06/07/09 Mom and Dad, Steven and Alicia
Lobo Dalmatian 04/10/94-11/19/04 Shelly Snow
Lobo Dog 07/31/95 Jason Moore and family
Lobo Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lobo German Shepherd 01/01/88-08/24/00 Sharon Hobson and Jim Bagnall
Lobo German Shepherd 02/01/01-05/15/10 Denise Benner
Lobo German Shepherd 08/03/94-04/20/07 Mary O'Connell
LoBo German Shepherd 08/16/64-04/15/76 Paula Brinkman
Lobo German Shepherd 14 years 03/23/09 Karen Cary
Lobo German Sherpard 06/94-02/13/09 Dan and Holly
Lobo Husky 04/24/17-09/23/17 Kelly Ruiz
Lobo Husky Mix 1976-12/21/87 Mary Jo Hansen
Lobo Keeshond 11/17/98-09/14/03 Leona
Lobo King Pomeranian Poodle 09/29/88-09/03/07 Gretchen
Lobo Lab 09/13/08 Marilyn
Lobo Malamute 1989-11/12/03 Johann Tafertshofer
Lobo Malamute Mix 04/92-03/27/99 Cindy
Lobo Persian Cat 15 years 11/20/97 John Sullivan
Lobo Red Heeler 09/07/04-11/10/06 Bill, Sharon & Courtney
Lobo Rottweiler 02/11/94-06/14/06 Frank and Linda
Lobo Rottweiler 1997-06/01/08 Maria
Lobo Russian Blue or Chartreuse Cat 09/22/05-2 years Cindy
Lobo Shepherd 10/24/86 Debora
Lobo Shepherd Mix 02/05/72-06/28/84 Sylvia and Larry
Lobo Shepherd Mix 04/21/92-02/22/02 Dorothy & Stu Ross
Lobo Shepherd-Collie Mix 06/04/94-02/17/07 Phil Zangari
Lobo Siberian Husky 02/02/97-03/12/06 Rob and Jenna Moreno
Lobo Siberian Husky 03/04/97-03/12/01 Fran Johnston
Lobo Siberian Husky 07/19/94-12/10/08 Bridget G. Kotz
Lobo Siberian Husky 08/04/91-06/17/05 Barbara Tetrp
Lobo Siberian Husky 12/07/95-08/20/09 Patrice & Joe D'Angelo
Lobo Siberian Husky 15 years 12/27/99 Cecilia Juárez
Lobo Siberian Husky 4 years 02/14/07 Gary & Ella
Lobo Siberian Husky 5 years 04/02/11 Alberto Pardo
Lobo The Main Man Hairpig Guinea Pig 12/10/03 Isabelle
Lobo Tyler 02/13/86-12/02/02 Libby
Lobo Wolf 09/16/99-05/24/02 Samantha
Lobo Wolf, Sheep Dog Cross 01/21/94-05/95 Brett Ballendine
Lobo Wolfdog 11/15/03 Nancy Little
Lobo, Pee-Wee, Damianne, Francis and Little Babies Cats 02/08/09 Cindy and Ric
Lobos Parker Greyhound 03/14/92-11/19/04 Tomi-Ann Parker
Lobos Tabby Cat 12 years 1998 Kim Boyd in Oregon
Loc Dog 11/77-08/93 Scott & Debbie Cole
Loc Guinea Pig 4 years 2007/12/18 Phuong
Loca Cat 01/15/91-12/27/10 Suzan
Loca Pitbull Mix 1996-06/10/13 Emily
Lochie Bearded Collie 01/01/94-12/13/10 Sue
Lochie Guinea Pig 3 months 08/12/12 Donna Wilson
Lochie Saint Bernard 10/12/96-05/20/02 Susan, Judy & John
Lochlyn Anne Cat Lisa Barnett
Lochvier's Sweet Lavender Sophie Golden Retriever 13 years 08/08/04 Ellen Elgart & Anne Thomas
Loci Rott 01/07/09-02/15/09 Chad Stanphill and Cassie Liggins
Lockers Cat 01/10/03 Kym Mai
Lockie Bichon X Poodle 12 years 10/2005 Beth Veall
Lockie Mae Thoroughbred Mare Horse 05/12/75-11/14/00 Janelle and Mike Wilson
Locksley English Springer Spaniel 02/07/93-04/23/08 David and Diane Gilmore
Locksley Pug 04/06/92-05/17/06 The Jarrett Family
Locksley Rat 02/22/96-02/13/98 Al and Jeanne Baker
Loco American Staffordshire Terrier 15 years 04/19/10 Jill Joanides
Loco American Striped Shorthair Cat 07/31/82-07/23/01 Pegi Frostholm
Loco Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 14 years 03/31/09 Deb Schmidt
Loco Blue & Gold Macaw 12/24/05 Becki & Rod Dillon
Loco Cockatiel 18 years 02/22/12 Brigitte Sabinash
Loco King Charles Cavalier Spaniel 5 months 04/22/94 Roy Wilson
Loco Pug 11/05/01-03/24/14 R. Burke
Loco Rotty-Pit 02/15/95-09/30/04 Rick Dutton
Loco Tuxedo Long Haired Cat 4 years 12/06/06 Heidi
Loco Weimaraner 11 years 10/17/08 Eric Griffin
Locs Cat 15 years 09/27/09 Samira Naranjo
Lodi Cat 10 years, 8 months 11/20/01 Kathy Light
Lodi Dachshund Mix 01/20/98-11/04/09 Linda Sasser
Lodi Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lodi DSH Cat 03/11/90-09/22/02 The Castro Family
Lodish Boston Terrier 09/25/94-12/24/07 Ken and Michelle
Lofgren DMH Cat 12 years 02/12/04 Flo
Log Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel Mix found Xmas 1993-03/20/08 Maria B. and Ken C.
Logan African Gray Parrot 04/19/07-02/23/09 Loyce Henderson
Logan Augustus Magestic Shetland Sheepdog 08/15/02-02/17/10 Travis Lawson
Logan Australian Shepherd 07/14/96-10/16/08 Paula Deroo
Logan Basset 12/11/14 Dan Hamilton
Logan Beagle Mix 04/95-05/27/11 Tyann C
Logan Bears Raney Beagle 01/31/94-11/16/07 Cathy Raney
Logan Black Lab Mix 01/01/93-11/08/07 Rebecca Gimbut
Logan Black Lab/Terrier mix 14 1/2 years 05/09/01 Gina and Bill Sickles
Logan Border Collie 21/04/01-03/11/03 Tracey Rymer
Logan Boxer 03/01/04-01/30/13 Joan
Logan Boxer 08/02/98-01/27/09 Bonita
Logan Boxer 3 years 24/10/10 Shirley Munro
Logan Boxer 8 years 07/05/11 Lisa Pla
Logan Brittany 10/06/03-09/03/08 Erin
Logan Bull Mastiff 04/25/04-04/04/06 Jenni & Brian Robertson
Logan BullDog 10 years 01/11/99 Lynda
Logan Calico Cat 17 1/2 years 06/03/09 Prudence Jones
Logan Cat 04/01/10-08/12/11 Paulette Siegel
Logan Cat 07/02/01-03/09/02 Natasha and Garry Potticary
Logan Cat 19 years 01/18/18 Samantha Bortnak
Logan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 16/02/01-29/03/10 Cathryn Bennett
Logan Chow/Lab 09/14/10 Katy Kelley
Logan Christie Cutler Beagle 1/24/94-12/08/01 Lynn Anne & IanMatthew
Logan Cobb Chocolate Lab 11/24/98-11/15/04 Kristin
Logan Cocker Spaniel 10/30/93-10/02/99 D Ciafardin
Logan Corgi 4 years 06/26/01 Cheryl
Logan Dalmatian 12/20/97-10/25/09 Kevin Martin
Logan Doberman 12/14/01-04/28/09 Jennifer Zappone
Logan Doberman 7 years 07/28/00 Gregg Schatzman
Logan Dog 02/21/01-03/31/12 Judy Bard
Logan Dog 09/17/95-02/03/02 Bob & Nancy Knarr
Logan Dog 11/25/04 Ryan
Logan Dog 14 years 08/21/12 Lynn
Logan Domestic Short Hair Cat 18 years 04/17/13 Tracey Douglas
Logan English Sheepdog 1989-2003 Christopher
Logan English Shepherd 15 years 09/07/11 Debra, Jim, Dylan and Ava
Logan English Springer Spaniel 11/20/00-12/28/04 Ruth & Steven
Logan Ferret 06/07/10 Paulina Brown
Logan German Shepherd 04/02/87-05/05/08 Jeannine Nicholson
Logan German Shepherd 07/04/08-09/21/11 Wayne, Ann & Evelyn LaForge
Logan Gerrie
Logan Golden Retriever 07/23/95-09/09/02 Susan
Logan Golden Retriever 11 years 11/07/06 Steve, Sharon, Jessica, Jenna Hamilton & Camryn
Logan Golden Retriever 12/04/94-02/16/01 Laureen
Logan Golden Retriever 13+ years 11/02/09 Deb Murphy
Logan Great Dane 09/29/99-01/27/07 Carol McGrath
Logan Grey Tabby Cat 14 years 11/01/04 Jacqueline Kimball
Logan H Lab/Ridgeback Mix 08/12/97-05/22/07 Jennifer Harney
Logan Husky 1 year 06/06/10 Chayo Tapia
Logan Isle Rhapsody In Blue Ryun Bryce Sheltie 04/16/98-06/10/04 Aimee Nantt
Logan Jackson Westie 01/01/03-11/19/16 Bobby and Keisha Jackson
Logan James Cocker Spaniel 10/25/95-07/28/01 Gabriella
Logan Kowalski Bull Mastiff 3 years 05/15/14 Kristin & Kourtney Kowalski
Logan Lab Mix 10/14/85-07/15/00 The Wilson Family
Logan Labrador Retriever 05/12/96-11/02/06 Paul, Peggy, Matt & Ava
Logan Labrador Retriever 05/16/99-09/10/11 Kalli
Logan 'LuLu' Min Pin 16 years 02/16/11 Jennifer
Logan Maine Coon Cat 11 years 07/13/10 Beth Anne Qualls
Logan Matthew Doberman 12/16/09 Byrne Ray
Logan Norwegian Elkhound 12 years 06/20/05 Deana
Logan Octodon Degu 05/2000-01/2001 Heidi Berry
Logan Parrot Prof Sykes
Logan Quarter Horse 04/19/02-07/11/11 Emily Snyder
Logan Red Heeler 13 years 03/16/09 Caitlin
Logan Rottweiler 01/21/00-11/27/09 Elise Nichols
Logan Shar Pei/Lab 1/23/94-07/04/00 The Martinez Long Family
Logan Shar-Pei 7 years 11/22/96 Susan and Dick Hubbell
Logan Tabby Cat 04/01/10-08/12/11 Paulette Siegel
Logan Tabby Cat 04/05/06-05/27/11 B. Morilak
Logan Tabby Cat 14 years 11/01/04 Jackie Kimball
Logan Tiger Mix Cat 9 years 12/08/05 Kate, Zach, Aiden, Mulder, & Mercedes
Logan Toy Poodle 01/01/95-06/26/08 Kari
Logan Vachino Poodle 07/19/94-06/10/08 Tammy Vachino
Logan Walsh Black Lab Mix 03/15/92-06/09/06 Brenda Walsh
Logan Whippet Australian Cattle Dog Mix 12 years 11/07/07 Chris Bilello
Logan White and Cinnamon Longhaired Cat 05/13/98-09/07/03 Steve and Mary Delaney
Logan White Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/30/97-10/25/00 Gary Zaboly
Logan Williams Pembroke Welsh Corgi 11/06/08 Julie Williams
Logan Wolf Mix 9 years 11/11/09 Chris Hanks
Logan Wolverine Souder Domestic Short Hair Black Cat 06/12/13-08/29/17 Craig D. Souder
Logan Yellow Lab 12 years 02/26/05 Chris Ciara Peck
Logan Yellow Lab/Cocker Spaniel Mix 03/04/09 Elisabeth
Logan Yellow Six-Toed Cat 12/16/84-05/30/02 Georgia Hurt
Logan Yorkshire Terrier 11/17/05-12/22/13 Rita and Valdi Cocetta
Loganberry Airedale Terrier 01/23/05-01/30/13 Liz Van Ramele
Logan's Buzz Lightyear - Buzz for short Yellow Labrador 09/11/21-04/18/16 Carole Schander
Logi Bernese Mountain Dog 17/07/97-19/03/09 Margret and Brian
Logjam's Pajtas Ember 06/93 Kay Maves
Logos Cat 10 years 12/18/00 Linda
Loie Bernese Mountain Dog 02/19/05-04/26/08 Micki Mooney
Loiro Blue Front Amazon Parrot 30 years 03/24/00 Anne Porter
Lois Becker Mutt 11/29/95-04/10/10 Frannie
Lois Cat 02/03/95-09/20/04 Penelope
Lois Dalmatian 07/04/93-05/02/07 Leanne O'Brien
Lois Diehl Greyhound 04/26/95-06/28/08 Brian Diehl
Lois Oriental Shorthair Cat 09/01/97 03/25/99 Roxy
Lojack Pug 8 years 04/29/13 Sharon
Lok Lok Dog 1999-03/00 Maggie
Loka-Mai Valens Mask and Mantel - Bicolour Cat 8 years 12/29/10 Kaialise Mattiozzi
Loke Curly Coated Retriever 05/16/97-04/16/07 Maria Olsson
Lokee Pomeranian 08/15/98-02/26/07 Jodee Wedgeworth
Lokey Boxer Puppy 11/15/04-04/19/05 The Johnson Family
Lokey Flamepoint Siamese Cat 9 years 12/18/04 Sheryl, Steve, & Ashley
Loki (aka Bear Boy) Grey Tabby Cat 5 years 09/23/02 Christopher Batts
Loki (Paw-Paw) Black Cat 16 years 04/25/02 Nancy, Craig, Zed, Zane Smith
Loki [aka el loco bobo] Silver Tabby 03/01/95-03/01/02 Nancy Naan
Loki Abyssinian Cat 03/08/04-06/26/12 Yvonne Spencer
Loki Abyssinian Cat 03/15/09-11/09/15 Cory
Loki Abyssinian Cat 08/24/08-04/04/10 Amy French
Loki aka El Loco Bobo Silver Tabby 03/01/95-03/02/02 Nancy Naan
Loki aka El Loco Bobo Silver Tabby Cat 03/01/95-03/02/02 The Mom and Bill
Loki Akita 08/16/96-02/18/02 Bob & Pat Perkins
Loki Akita 12/26/87-11/27/00 Jessica Perry
Loki Alaskan Malamute 03/18/00-03/07/09 Sean and Cheryl
Loki Alaskan Malamute 04/11/13-11/29/15 Shawn Wei
Loki Alaskan Malamute 8 years 10/16/13 Sandra Holmes
Loki Albino Ferret 02/01/99-07/14/03 Brandy
Loki Alexander Ferret 4 years 04/06/06 Tracie Bolin and Matt Makuley
Loki American Pit Bull Terrier 03/17/09-08/12/11 Felecia Wagner and David Davis
Loki American Short Hair Cat 15 years 10/16/17 JoAnn
Loki and Pandora Rhodisian Ridgebacks 14 years 02/09/04 Carol Ross
Loki Ash Silver Tabby Cat 10/28/84-03/05/01 Millicent
Loki Aussie Mix 3 years Renee McCartin
Loki Australian Shepherd 06/21/06 Joyce Hutcherson
Loki Australian Shepherd 13 years 01/01/12 Suzy and Scott Riccon
Loki Balmar's Fanfare Le Rebelle PBGV 02/17/98-05/19/07 Elizabeth & Patrick Pasky
Loki Belgian Malinois 10 years 12/16/06 Jami ('Aunt Jami' to Loki)
Loki Belgian Sheep Dog 11/01/97-08/06/07 Jena
Loki Bengal Cat 08/13/12-01/03/13 Jacqui Rudisill
Loki Black & Tan Doberman Pinscher 04/13/92-11/23/01 Claudine Persing
Loki Black Lab 06/15/97-06/11/11 Mary, Lianne & Matt
Loki Black Lab 10 years 04/03/11 Dave Warnica
Loki Black Lab 10/31/05-12/10/08 Prue Drolet
Loki Black Long Hair Mix Cat 02/14/00-01/08/07 Lisa Loy Vandezande
Loki Black Short Haired Cat 12 years 07/14/11 Dan Burdick & Mike Vint
Loki Blue and Gold Macaw 04/17/07-05/12/08 Allison and John
Loki Border Collie 10/30/00-10/31/14 Connie & Don Paulak
Loki Boxer 04/11/11 Sarah & Matt
Loki Boxer 07/01/83-08/02/96 Marcia Cohen
Loki Brown Sable Ferret 12/98-01/02 Ryan, Killer, Kincaid, Lil8, Qb, Luka, and Niblet
Loki Brown Tabby Cat 07/93-01/17/02 Gerry and Pat Longman and Family
Loki Calico Cat 03/23/92-07/31/01 Erin Meehan
Loki Calico Cat 16 years 07/28/05 Cheri
Loki Calico Cat 21 years 04/12/94 Sidni Pacilli
Loki Cat 01/30/12 Caraol Ware
Loki Cat 03/31/94-08/2006 Beverly
Loki Cat 04/18-04/25/14 Elsa
Loki Cat 08/01/04-08/26/08 Reid Jutras
Loki Cat 09/02/16 Jarrod Brothers
Loki Cat 10/04/05-09/06/07 Kara
Loki Cat 11/17/16 Leslie
Loki Cat 17 years 08/30/10 Barb & Ben
Loki Cat 3 years 07/26/02 Porscha Butler
Loki Cat 8 years 05/09/96 Lisamarie
Loki Catahoula/Rottweiler 03/05/04-07/20/17 Dee
Loki Chinchilla 11/19/17 Amanda Moser
Loki Chow Mix 13 years 06/20/05 Phil
Loki Cockatiel 8 years 07/13/03 Diane Grant
Loki Dark Sable Ferret 11/06/94-04/18/01 Jacquie Rodgers
Loki DLH Cat 9 years 05/31/11 Jeffrey Gades
Loki DMH Kitten 03/21/13-02/03/14 Taylor and Jonathan
Loki Doberman 01/09/92-12/16/03 Monika Churchill
Loki Doberman 04/04/92-11/23/01 Claudine Persing
Loki Doberman 11 years 04/05/05 Catherine Geraghty
Loki Doberman 11 years 08/05/94 Sue Gordon
Loki Dog 06/10/87-03/13/99 Chas Donna
Loki Dog 07/06/85-03/29/99 Mikel
Loki Dog 11/20/08 Kerri
Loki Domestic Long Hair Cat 05/04/04-09/24/04 Sandy & Robert Zobel
Loki Domestic Shorthair Cat 9 years 09/30/06 Anita Bemis
Loki Domestic Shorthair Kitten 09/28/13-12/27/13 Kim Ronkainen
Loki Edwards-Schlee Black German Shepherd 10/24/13-04/23/17 Jack Edwards and Traci Schlee
Loki English Mastiff 02/29/00-02/09/08 Joey
Loki Ferret 03/20/09 Marilyn and Lisa Logan
Loki Ferret 05/03/04 Jolie
Loki Ferret 09/14/13-03/29/16 Erik
Loki Ferret 11/27/92-04/23/97 Teresa Lombardi
Loki Ferret 6 years 09/05/10 Cheveta
Loki French Bulldog 08/23/09-09/16/12 Cale & Mark
Loki German Shepherd 04/11/95-05/05/99 Love
Loki German Shepherd 05/10/98-24/03/11 Hilary
Loki German Shepherd 05/10/98-24/03/11 Hilary Brand
Loki German Shepherd 11/14/02-01/26/12 Joe & Nancy
Loki German Shepherd 4 years 03/05/07 Lewis Palmer
Loki Golden Border Collie Mutt 09/21/10-02/20/11 Ruby W
Loki Golden Retriever/German Shepherd Mix 11 years 09/19/08 Elizabeth Bowers
Loki Golden-Chow 04/26/07-02/27/12 Racheal
Loki Gray Tabby Cat 06/02/82-10/13/98 Carole Green
Loki Great Dane 04/2007 Roxanne and Summer Torres
Loki Great Dane 09/28/06-03/12/08 Joyce Brenc
Loki Greyhound Feb. 1989-01/24/95 Svana Lara Hauksdottir
Loki Hatchard Cocker Spaniel 13 years 09/15/05 Dawn Hatchard
Loki Hendricks Cat 5 years 07/17/13 Gladys Hendricks
Loki Himalayan Mix Cat 12/08/00-07/24/10 Claire & Eric
Loki Husky 11/09/93-07/25/09 Jesse Clow
Loki Irish Setter 04/24/95-09/30/09 George Meier
Loki Jack Russell Terrier 06/20/05-06/19/10 D. Devora
Loki Johnson Norwegian Elkhound 10/25/11-Sep 10,2013 Mary and O.J
Loki Keeshond 12/08/06 Kelly Hepburn
Loki Lab 12/16/97-06/03/12 Jackie
Loki Lab Akita Collie 7 years 04/13/12 Bethany Aurand
Loki Lab Mix 12/17/06-10/18/09 Sara
Loki Lab Mix 13 years 07/19/08 Victoria
Loki Long Haired Dachshund 01/10/92-02/18/08 Heidii Poplick
Loki Maine Coon Cat 11/16/05 Rita J. Wymore
Loki Maine Coon Mix Cat 10/10/94-11/17/99 Justis
Loki Manx Cat 03/99-09/24/13 Lori K
Loki Manx Cat 04/16/00-04/10/10 Hisham Keightley
Loki Manx Cat 15 years 09/24/13 Lori Kaiser
Loki McLean Lab Mix 05/01/14-05/09/19 Elissa McLean
Loki Mix Cat 06/01/03-04/15/11 Melissa
Loki Mix Cat 15 years 08/28/97 Marcy and JoAnn
Loki Mix Dog 02/26/04-05/02/14 Chris S, Crystal S. and David L.
Loki Mix Dog 10/23/91-08/01/01 Sherri
Loki Mixed Dog 04/01/96-05/25/12 Lisa and Brent
Loki Mixed Terrier 11 years 01/28/04 Linda Ritchie
Loki Momma Labrador Retriever 13 years 02/06/12 Sara, Eddy and Lily
Loki Mutt Cat 11/01/02 Steve, Deb and Orion
Loki Newfoundland 17 months 06/24/05 Joel Hassell
Loki Norwegian Elkhound 02/89-09/02/02 Keith Greenwod
Loki Norwegian Elkhound 10/25/11-09/10/13 Mary
Loki Norwegian Elkhound 10/31/88-04/16/03 Lisa Farrell
Loki Norwegian Elkhound 12/15/95-06/20/98 Bonnie Hooker
Loki Norwegian Forest Cat 03/23/89-01/17/03 Richard and Carolyn Melbourne
Loki Norwegian Forest Cat 06/29/97-03/31/16 Anne
Loki Oriental Short Hair Cat 06/01/10-01/16/12 Rissa
Loki Part Javanese Cat 01/15/96-08/21/98 Sande
Loki Part Maine Coon, Part ?? Cat 10/03/94-08/09/06 Pam Kazlauskas
Loki Pit Bull 03/10/04-08/20/17 Corey
Loki Pit Bull 05/08/13-05/07/14 Nikki & Joe
Loki Pixiebob Cat 04/13/09-01/07/10 Tina Zelinka
Loki Pug 13 years 09/27/13 Mark Rovet
Loki Pug Mix 7 years 10/25/15 SF
Loki Redbone Hound / Chow Mix 5 months 01/01/04 William and Amy Tillman
Loki Rottweiler 12/14/84-08/96 Sue Westhead
Loki Schnauzer Mix 14 years 06/07/10 Ivonne
Loki Sheltie 04/28/10-04/28/10 Jeanne
Loki Short Hair Tabby Kitten 3 months 06/06/04 James & Priscilla Forman
Loki Siamese Cat 01/12/94-01/25/12 Jennifer Manz
Loki Siberian Cat 08/19/09-11/04/13 Stephanie
Loki Siberian Husky 08/08/94-02/14/08 Teresa Baldwin
Loki Siberian Husky 12/05/05-05/18/17 Julie Krebs
Loki Siberian Husky 28/12/01-31/07/06 Jon Seaton
Loki Silver Tabby Cat 07/01/98-11/03/07 Kris Whitby
Loki Sr Siamese Cat 19 years 12/07/01 Melissa and Stevann S
Loki Standard Podle 11/18/88-10/26/98 Lee Sellman
Loki Toy Poodle 7 years 05/13/06 Gina Davila
Loki Toy Rat Terrier 05/03/01-02/16/02 Mark & Nan Fuller
Loki Turkish Van Cat 02/10/14-10/06/18 Paula
Loki Tuxedo Cat 02/12/10 Irene Rains
Loki Tuxedo DSH Cat 12 years 07/10/14 Claire & Thomas
Loki White Shepherd 11/22/06 Dave and Tina
Loki Wolf Hybrid 04/02/90-05/27/05 Jeri Shelly
Loki Yellow Labrador Retriever 05/05/89-08/15/01 Nancy
Loki Yellow-Sided Conure 03/22/15-05/31/16 Sara Elsayed
Lokie O'Callaghan Long-Haired Calico Cat 12 years 04/28/09 Geneva O'Callaghan
LokII Ragdoll Cat 05/18/10-10/18/16 Lachlan Simpson
Loki's Rolling Thunder (Rollie) Black Labrador Retriever 03/26/96-08/10/04 Julie, Dan, and Carolynn
Lokka Cockapoo 01/09/08-05/10/13 Pamela
Lola (Bean) Moonshine Abyssinian Guinea Pig 07/05/05-02/21/09 Donna, Gayl & Keith (Mommy, Sissy & Brother)
Lola (Buddy) Beagle 08/2003-03/08/08 Jeff and Corinn
Lola (What She Wants She Gets) Havanese 11 1/2 years 07/31/15 BreAnna Ehlers
Lola African Grey 15 years 12/28/12 Becky Lewis
Lola aka Queeni Gokbudak Keeshond 01/31/94-03/05/11 Kurt and Chris Gokbudak
Lola Ambersett Misty Moon Irish Setter 17/07/97-22/01/08 Marilyn and Bill Hurr
Lola American Shorthair Double-Coated Tuxedo Cat 08/15/94-01/10/13 Juanita & Rita Woods
Lola American Staffordshire Terrier Puppy 17 weeks 04/24/07 Dominique King and Luke Lawrentschuk
Lola and Betty Texel Guinea Pigs 2007-06/82/08 Philip
Lola and Lela Domestic Shorthair Cats 04/2002-01/26/05 Kristine and Nathan
Lola Angulo Black Cocker Spaniel aprox. 10 years 10/29/02 Erika
Lola Baby Cocker Spaniel 09/22/92-10/29/14 David and Linda
Lola Banana Pug 10/23/96-05/06/02 The Krenek Family
Lola Barbosa Rat Terrier 10/96-08/16/12 Carol Barbosa
Lola Beagle 03/17/00-05/21/11 Denise
Lola Beagle 06/21/98-03/24/14 John Janachek
Lola Beagle Mix 05/05/99-03/08/04 Rosie Strickland
Lola Beagle/Shiba Inu 03/26/03-12/06/10 Andrea King & Chip Sarna
Lola Bear Golden Retriever 12/04/08-12/19/16 Stu & Annie
Lola Bear Yorkiepoo 1 years 07/21/09 Cary Lynn
Lola Belle Beagle 04/17/05-05/04/06 Aimee Dickerson
Lola Belle Boxer 03/01/00-10/29/10 Laura Gehrke
Lola Belle Chihuahua 03/06/11-07/22/11 Elizabeth Ward
Lola Belle Mini Dachshund 04/30/06-05/13/07 Deb Elmore
Lola Bernese Mountain Dog 03/31/93-01/20/00 Sarabi
Lola Bichon Frise 07/2007-05/11/12 William
Lola Black and Tan Coonhound 1 1/2 years 05/31/09 Jennifer E
Lola Black Lab01/10/84-11/17/96 Pete DiPasquale
Lola Black Labrador 09/15/95-01/08/11 Carla
Lola Black Pug 11/12/02-05/21/11 Lori Zelenko
Lola Blond Doxie Cross 07/27/02 Yvonne, Brittney, Heidi, Corkie, Schatzi
Lola Bloodahula 03/04/05-04/01/18 King and Ginger Sony
Lola Bloodhound 1 1/2 years 04/2008 Dylan and family
Lola Blue Heeler 06/18/06 Michael Patti
Lola Blue-Tick Hound 04/16/02 Jennifer
Lola Boone DSH Cat 11/14/11 Maureen The Petsitter
Lola Boston Terrier 01/12/12-07/30/12 Shahana
Lola Boston Terrier 08/04/04-03/05/16 Connie & Hugh
Lola Boston Terrier 7 years 10/13/12 Jaye Perry
Lola Boxer 01/08/96-10/18/04 Zoe & Angel Lacabe
Lola Boxer 02/06/12 Carrie
Lola Boxer 05/23/12 Rosalba Nunez
Lola Boxer 3 years 02/26/11 Becky
Lola Boxer/Bulldog 11 years 03/28/03 The Ku Family
Lola Brazilian Terrier 08/17/03-01/12/14 Regina, Liliana and Mauricio from Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
Lola Brown Pitt Bull 01/01/02-07/04/03 Holly and Evy
Lola Bruno Boston Terrier 05/13/98-04/30/11 Maggie Bruno
Lola Bunny 08/23/04 Pamela and Jason
Lola Bunny 6 weeks 01/05/11 Sheamar Kissoon
Lola Calico Cat 04/01/00-04/30/01 Trish & MJ Coyne
Lola Cat 03/15/02-09/01/13 Catalina
Lola Cat 06/15/04-11/08/07 Amanda
Lola Cat 06/28/14 Elyse Kopel
Lola Cat 08/23/81-11/17/95 Ellen Crockett
Lola Cat 1 1/2 years 04/16/09 Jessie Watson
Lola Cat 11 years 01/12/95 Bob & Ann
Lola Cat 12 years 03/19/19 Elise
Lola Cat 3 years 03/07/08 Cynica
Lola Cat 3 years 05/13/04 Courtney Thomas
Lola Cat 6 years 01/15/11 Maureen Madeux
Lola Cat 7 years 04/03/09 Marci, Joe, Jackson, Madelyn & Harley
Lola Cat 8 months 11/05/10 Adriana
Lola Cat Jenn
Lola Cat Magdalen
Lola Chesara Dark Lola Rottie 01/03/03 Hunter Family
Lola Chihuahua 02/16/97-03/22/10 Jeanne
Lola Chihuahua 04/02/15 Bethany S
Lola Chihuahua 07/18/04-06/24/12 Jeanie Fraga
Lola Chihuahua 07/20/99-02/12/01 Nancy Mazza
Lola Chihuahua 08/09/07-12/03/13 Jesse Scapillato & Sarah Templain
Lola Chihuahua 09/04-02/01/15 Zeke and Michelle Escobar
Lola Chihuahua 09/08/03-10/29/07 Becki
Lola Chihuahua 09/26/98-10/15/13 Lori A
Lola Chihuahua 10/05/02-09/21/14 Craig, Randy, & Terry
Lola Chihuahua 11/14/00-06/12/10 Stacia
Lola Chihuahua 9 years 07/13/13 Theresa and Mark Hall
Lola Chiweenie 06/28/09 Emmie Dimayuga
Lola Chocolate Lab 10/25/02-04/29/07 Kelly & Henry McGovern
Lola Cocker Spaniel 03/17/06-06/12/11 Kristian
Lola Collie 13 1/2 years 6th August 2012 Kenneth
Lola Dachshund 03/17/99-01/24/09 Susan Crone
Lola Dachshund 04/01/12-04/12/18 Nicole
Lola Dachshund 10/10/90-11/24/06 Chloe and James Phipps
Lola Dachshund 8 years 02/18/14 Shelly
Lola Dallas Pit Bull/Lab 3 years 05/26/11 Derek and Crystal Whalen
Lola Diamond Del Valle Short Haired Guinea Pig 5 years 09/14/07 Jessica
Lola Doberman 04/15/90-02/14/99 Donna Hudson
Lola Doberman 09/08/02-01/16/12 Adri Thompson
Lola Dobie 5 months 11/14/12 Wendy
Lola Dog 07/18/13 KimW
Lola Dog 08/23/00 Harry
Lola Dog 10 years 08/22/07 Laurie, Tim, Jessica, and Taylor
Lola Dog 11/28/10 Michelle & Gabriel
Lola Dog 12 years 01/08/18 Alexis
Lola Dog 12 years 01/14/03 Shelley Guilfoos
Lola Dog 12 years 07/07/15 Julee
Lola Domestic Gray Brown Shorthair Cat 19 years 03/05/13 Jenn, Chris, and the girls
Lola Domestic Long-Hair Grey Cat 11 years 03/06/18 Mike, Gayle & Rachele Soja
Lola Domestic Short Hair Cat 8 years 01/26/11 Cindy Johnson
Lola Domestic Shorthair Cat 14/10/00-01/02/13 Val Johnson
Lola Dove Bulldog 09/09/93-04/26/04 Elisabeth Karlin
Lola DSH Cat 10/06/06 Melba Housden
Lola DSH Cat 21/07/12-07/05/17 Joanna
Lola DSH Tortie Cat 07/01/01-01/25/16 Selena
Lola Dunn Pug 01/20/05-01/20/09 Sarah Dunn
Lola Dwarf Rabbit 06/08/11 Cara Corzo
Lola English Bulldog 01/11/04-11/08/13 Angela Moore
Lola English Bulldog 08/05/09-12/21/10 Cindu Paulose
Lola English Bulldog 10/10/17 Sarah Catania
Lola English Mastiff 7 years 04/26/13 Darran Cherep
Lola Faeder Pug 6 years 01/06/12 Cecile
Lola Feliciano Teacup Yorkie 8 years 01/28/12 Christine L. Feliciano, Cynthia Feliciano
Lola French Mastiff 12/06/03-07/09/10 Maya
Lola Friday Torres Toy Poodle 06/27/12 Ivan Torres
Lola German Shepherd 01/08/99-04/21/10 Barbara
Lola Gilligan St. Bernard 04/19/06-06/26/08 Chris Gilligan
Lola Gold, Silver and White Tabby/Tiger DSH Cat 04/88-11/01/01 Susan Mauch
Lola Golden Retriever 11 years 03/28/17 Gabrielle Knoll
Lola Golden Retriever 12/02/01-08/15/14 Harriet and Joyce
Lola Golden Retriever 12/02/01-08/15/14 Harriet, Joyce and Simon
Lola Grant Chocolate Lab 02/04/01-12/05/12 Warren Grant
Lola Gray Cat 07/29/05-05/11/06 Kristen
Lola Greyhound 08/01/97-05/28/05 Lauren Irene, Allison & Emily Zani
Lola Greyhound 12/30/98-04/14/12 Lene' and Chuck Haney
Lola Guinea Pig 01/25/02-05/28/07 Megan
Lola Haflinger Pony 4 years 14/12/07 Rebecca Menz & Andrew Carr
Lola Hamster 17/06/10-09/03/13 Emily
Lola Hamster 26/02/14-08/03/16 Viivi
Lola Havanese-Mix 07/02/00-01/21/05 Judy Umberger
Lola Italian Greyhound 07/04/05-10/17/15 Irene Colletti
Lola Italian Greyhound Mix 09/25/14 Chris Thompson
Lola Jack Russell Terrier 08/31/02-10/14/06 Christine Norman
Lola Jazz Terrell-Tiffanigold's Touch of Velvet Pembroke Welsh Corgi 08/19/02-05/25/09 Kristina Terrell
Lola Jones Syrian Hamster 12/11/13 Anna Jones
Lola Kelly Miniature Dachshund 03/15/92-05/24/05 Marianne/Michael/Shawn
Lola King German Shepherd 08/19/98-11/26/10 Patricia Cuti
Lola Kitten 10 weeks 10/21/07 Cory Moshman
Lola Lab 10 months 03/09/05 Tiffany
Lola Lab Mix 1 years 09/12/05 Kelly
Lola Labrador 01/01/00-10/25/13 Lisa and Brian Saylor
Lola Labrador 02/14/02-09/05/14 Sabrina, Brigette and Marlie
Lola Labrador 08/28/00-05/05/15 Rocky
Lola Labrador 08/28/01-05/05/15 Rocky Mambro
Lola Labrador Retriever 11/27/99-09/05/02 Gina
Lola Lakeland X Border Terrier 13 years 24 October 2016 Susan Sweeney
Lola Light Sussex Chicken 2 years 03/31/01 Emily Barchyn
Lola Long Hair Hamster 12/24/05 Lisa Pizzolo
Lola Lopez Mosher Shih Tzu Mix 07/03/04-06/16/12 Mike & Lorena Mosher
Lola Loria-LeBlanc Tabby Cat 09/02/92-11/12/09 Huguette LeBlanc
Lola Lou Dog 07/04/04-05/27/17 Jessica Sensor
Lola Love Bean West Highland Terrier 04/2006-01/18/08 Maarit, Jason & Kalib
Lola Lovelips Little Pembroke Welsh Corgi 03/30/03-09/09/12 Naviya Schuster-Little
Lola Madden Pit Bull Mix 01/01/09-08/19/15 Amanda Madden
Lola Mae English Mastiff 4 years 05/25/09 Debbie and Mickey Rykowski
Lola Mae Maltese Poodle 05/15/08-10/08/09 Kerry Lee
Lola Mae Yorkie 02/01/03-10/29/03 Jennifer and Will
Lola Mallard Duck 06/28/04-11/24/08 Stephanie Bartlett
Lola Maltipoo 10 months 04/15/13 Grace K
Lola Martino Shitzu 09/15/03-01/24/14 Wanda Martino
Lola Mini Schnauzer 10 years 09/29/15 Jen and Marilyn
Lola Miniature Dachshund 06/11/07-13/10/10 Laura
Lola Miniature Pinscher 07/04/98-01/13/02 Sonia, Jim and Jack
Lola Miniature Schnauzer 02/19/15 Shala, Alex, Chyna and Michael
Lola Miniature Schnauzer 02/22/02-09/05/12 John and Candice Hale
Lola Miniature Yorkshire Terrier 01/15/05-01/20/06 James & Sabra
Lola Mix 04/05/12-08/13/12 Eunice Vela
Lola Mix Dog 03/30/14 Joe Daly
Lola Mix Dog 04/05/12-08/13/12 Eunice Vela
Lola Mix Dog 05/30/10-08/07/11 Brenda
Lola Mix Dog 7 years 07/29/10 Ana Haget
Lola Mixed Dog 04/12/07 Terri Arellano
Lola More DSH Cat 05/24/08-08/15/10 Jen and Kevin More
Lola Mut 4 months 10/05/02 Alfredo Luquin
Lola Odette Liberty Schnauser/Lab Mix 05/28/91-01/02/03 Garvin-Barberena
Lola Olde English Bulldogge 10/11/10-04/12/12 Angie Simmons
Lola Palmer German Shepherd Dog 07/2008-09/12/17 Doreen Palmer
Lola Palooza Dachshund 03/16/04-01/27/17 Krystn
Lola Pastel Calico Cat 9 years 12/06/09 Patty
Lola Patrick Anderson Chihuahua 06/19/02-12/01/17 Eileen Anderson
Lola Patterdale/Poodle 04/09/10-10/08/12 Catherine
Lola Pek-a-shiht (Pekenese/Shih-tzu) 6 years 05/22/04 Shannon Bradley
Lola Peke Mix 11/04/13 Bevrly Painter
Lola Pitbull 04/09/04-09/28/12 Brandi
Lola Pointer Mix 10 years 04/12/08 Marcy
Lola Poodle 03/19/96-12/17/09 Jose F Vazquez
Lola Poodle 03/19/96-12/17/09 Susan, Fernando, Raquel, Nick
Lola Pug 05/03/04-11/21/10 Nancy McTiernan Stephen
Lola Pug Pug 06/06/98-06/09/07 Ashlei & Walid
Lola Puggle 03/29/05-05/26/18 Alison Teague
Lola Rabbit 04/09/11-10/07/15 Samantha
Lola Rabbit 12 1/2 years 10/21/11 Gerda Stuyck & Marcel Osier
Lola Ramos Persian Cat 01/21/05-06/06/10 Doraliz Ramos
Lola Red/Rust Doberman 7 years 12/10/00 Annie Grossi
Lola Rotti 08/11/00-02/21/12 Jeri Bonessi
Lola Rottie X 14 years 12/20/11 Lynda
Lola Ryan Miniature Sheltie 08/11/11 MaryAnne, Darren, Mara and Kelsey Ryan
Lola Santa Ana Shih-Poo 3 months 11/28/07 Caroline Santa Ana
Lola Santo Chihuahua 08/28/09-10/03/16 Catarina Santo
Lola Schardt Domestic Cat 03/06/15-11/19/15 Kara Schardt
Lola Shepherd Mix 04/01/08-01/20/17 Margie
Lola Shihtzu 05/16/05-06/12/09 Wanda
Lola Siamese Cat 07/14/09-09/28/09 Jessica Mas de Labrada
Lola Siberian Husky 03/03/07-12/05/17 Ray Jacoby
Lola Sneaux Bichon Frise 10/28/04-04/23/05 Genie
Lola Syyrialainen Hamsteri 26.2.14-8.3.16 Viivin
Lola Tabby Cat 09/10/11 Daniela Valdevenito
Lola Tabby Cat 10 years 01/11/16 Abby
Lola Tortie Cat 07/04/92-07/15/11 Cathy Shikler van Ingen
Lola Tortie Point Javanese Cat 04/2006-11/27/08 Gita
Lola Tromer American Pit Bull Terrier/ Bull Mastiff Mix 07/19/04-06/02/16 Jessica Tromer
Lola Tuxedo Cat 19 years 02/20/13 Suzanne Smith
Lola Valentine Chorkie 12/12/09-08/24/10 Holly Williams
Lola Velcro Stowell Gray Squirrel 09/23/06-12/22/06 Dale & Ellen Stowell
Lola Wagner McCluskey King Charles Cavalier Spaniel 02/26/06-05/29/07 Wendi Wagner McCluskey
Lola Westie/Schnauzer/Etc 05/29/98-06/03/08 Lea Adams
Lola Wizman Poodle 05/16/01-07/14/11 Valerie Wizman
Lola Yorkie 10/15/08 Rebecca Clayton
Lola Yorkiepoo 07/28/02-06/07/12 Robin Tucker
Lola Yorkshire Terrier 7 years 9 months 27/03/06 Kelvin
Lola-Boy American Bobtail Cat 02/14/02-06/05/17 Cindy Rollins
Lolabug Scottish Terrier 04/01/06-09/16/13 Linda
Lolah Rhodesian Ridgeback 9 years 03/29/09 Christine Starkweather
Lolapuppy Lab Mix 12/16/94-04/28/08 Johanna
Loli Australian Shepherd 10/05/01-12/03/11 Adolfo Criado
Loli Labradoodle 11 years 06/01/16 Tracey Anne
Loli Yorkie 1996-03/2005 Maria de Cabral
Lolinho Anna Zühlke
Lolita 07/17/96 Marie and Andy Diamond
Lolita Belgian Schaefer 08/29/96-11/19/97 Diana Jankovichova
Lolita Boogerita a.k.a. Boogers a.ka. Buckets a.k.a Fluff Love a.k.a Fluff the Magic Dragon a.k.a Moo Goo Gai Pan a.k.a Moony a.k.a. Miss Boogs a.k.a. The Boog a.k.a. Da Boo Princess Persian Cat 04/01/94-01/03/06 Candace Carter
Lolita Chihuahua 10/19/94-08/08/05 Denise and Chris Averill
Lolita Dog 10/15/08-04/01/18 Nayda
Lolita Dog 2013-09/11/13 Irving Bravi
Lolita Gonzalez Standard Schnauzer 02/15/15-03/11/16 Zsanae Rios, Sarah Gonzalez
Lolita Miniature Dachshund (Black & Tan) 08/31/15 Kirk Lewis
Lolita Mix Cat 11/21/02-05/25/04 Andu Ferreyra
Lolita Pomeranian 2001-07/24/10 Gina
Lolita Siamese Cat 2 years 12/26/13 Isabel Rincón
Lolli Bichon Frise 06/21/93-04/16/04 Nancy Kunz
Lolli Chihuahua/Corgi 20 years 4 Mos 06/03/00 Keri R
Lolli Corgi/Chihuahua 20 years 4 months 06/03/00 Keri Roberts
Lolli Flemish Mix Bunny 02/16/07 Megan & Phillip
Lolli Greyhound 10/25/05-12/22/15 Michael Wasuck
Lolli Kirk Lab/Shep X 06/21/90-12/18/03 Judi
Lolli Parakeet 06/03/98-04/30/08 Melanie J. Bisson
Lollie (Little Man) Ginger Cat 13 years 07/08/07 Gil, Robbie and Matthew Hamill
Lollie Border Collie Mix 6 years 07/08/04 John L & Karin Stubbs
Lollipop (Sweet) Paletta Cat 1991-08/2008 Paletta Family
Lollipop [popper] Chocolate Lab 07/04/97-10/01/07 Linda, Dennis, Angel Bear
Lollipop Basset Hound approx 7 years 10/29/04 Jennifer Ronson
Lollipop Boxer 06/85 Catherine Barford
Lollipop Cat 06/01/96-04/16/10 Eileen Deery
Lollipop Dog Sept. 1996 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lollipop Guinea Pig 01/14/97-10/03/99 Amanda Wall
Lollipop Johnson Cat 04/26/07-07/18/15 Sue Johnson
Lollipop Johnson DMH Cat 04/15/11-03/05/16 Tiffany Johnson
Lollipop Kitten 4 months 09/03/07 Marguerite
Lollipop P. Johnson Mutt Cat 04/26/07-07/18/15 Sue Johnson
Lollipop Pearl Winter White Hamster 06/22/16 Jia Yi, Jia Qi and family
Lollipop Poodle 04/17/91-06/21/08 Jill Schwartz
Lolly Black Lab 9 years 04/07/96 Betsey De Vane
Lolly Cat 12 years 15/10/07 Emma, Darren, Bradley, Dillon and Holmsey
Lolly Cat 19+ years 08/31/09 Susan
Lolly Chihuahua 05/11/02-06/23/16 Cliff Wagner
Lolly Dog 08/27/06 Maria
Lolly Greyhound 03/07/96-03/20/03 Diane Harvey and Melissa Baker
Lolly Lhaso Mix approx 9 years 11/22/00 Nancy & Don Verschoore
Lolly Long Hair Chihuahua 10/13/98-01/15/09 Lisa
Lolly Mini Pin 12 years 12/24/10 Kristine
Lolly Shih Tzu 08/20/15 Jackie Stonebraker
Lolly Siamese Cat 03/10/80-03/04/97 Liliana Grasso
Lolly Tabby Cat 15 years 12/22/04 Jennifer Beltran
Lolly Terrier Mix 04/86-08/31/02 Kandice and Michael Rowland
Lolly Vellek Cocker Spaniel 02/06/09-01/31/17 Vickie Vellek
Lollypop Domestic Tuxedo Shorthair Cat 11/16/84-06/19/98 Amanda
Lollypop Link-Sweigart American Cocker Spaniel - Buff 08/31/97-06/14/10 Pati Link and Butch Sweigart
Lollypop Poodle 01/20/95-11/30/12 Maryann Edmonds
Lollypop Rat 2 1/2 years 07/23/06 Dylan and Janis
Lolo Dachshund 12/27/97-04/06/12 Steven Salta
Lolo Dog 11/01/05-02/02/07 Melanie Barber
Lolo Domestic Short Hair Black Cat 2 years 02/03/10 Daniele Desane
LoLo Shiatsu 12/09/01-04/25/14 Mary Foret
Loman Rex-Semi Hairless Rat 2 1/2 years 06/15/06 Jessica
Lon Chee Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lon Shiba Inu 12 years 11/10/02 Kenichi, Marianne and Maggie
Lond Rocha Chihuahua/Dachshund 10/24/11-05/21/12 Cassandra Rocha
London Doberman 04/19/97-09/26/00 Jean Earley
London Domestic Short Hair Cat 05/99-01/10/03 Jackie Pluim
London Husky Mix 7 years 03/26/07 Desiree
London Miller Guinea Pig 08/2010-10/05/11 Avery, Brooke, Cherie and Chris Miller
London Poodle/Schnauzer Mix 2006-07/17/09 Sheri Berry
London Skye Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/13/02-12/01/10 Rachel Tingler
London St. Bernard 05/12/07-08/25/12 Alexandra
London Tortoise Cat 09/11/13-10/18/13 Lina, Jim, Alaina
Londy Sheltie 17 years 05/09/02 Mary and Chuck Allen
Lone Cat 04/21/94-05/01/03 P.B. Muller
Lonely Girl Kitten Linnea Danielsen
Loner Maney Dog 12/21/01-02/02/10 Kathy & Neil Maney
Loner Rat 4 months 2001 Hayden
Loner Tabby Cat 06/01/91-05/07/04 Marianne
Lonerock Beemer Ragdoll Cat 1 1/2 years 10/21/92 Nancy Gerke
Lonerock Max In A Million Ragdoll Kitten 7 Months 12/19/97 Nancy Gerke
Lonesome & Loser Beagles 1975 Frankie Lee
Lonesome Austrialian Shepherd Mix 09/81-01/17/00 Mr and Mrs C.H. Collins
Lonesome Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 14 years 08/08/09 Sherry
Lonesome Cat 18 years 01/09/04 Gunnar & Nancy Tonnessen
Lonesome Cocker Spaniel 06/14/86 The Shaws
Lonesome Dee Stephans
Lonesome George Cat 15 years 02/11/99 Brad and Marion Hale
Lonesome George Kunekune Piglet 11/18/97 Katie
Lonesome Tabby/Calico Mix Cat 22 years 04/27/13 Cassie Ashcraft
Loney Rabbit 9 years 03/10/09 Joanne
Long Island's Mirassou Rottweiler 08/07/87-10/28/96 Paul T. Vesely and Vincent C. Di Lauro
Long John Silver Congo African Grey 04/03/15 Bryan Bowers
Long Shot Puppy 04/13/02-04/15/02 Meredith Suhr
Longfeller 'Longy' Cat 15+ years 10/2007 Harold Watts
Longfellow Cat 5 1/2 years 04/27/99 Mommy, Daddy, Anderson, Penelope, Mariah, and Tony
Longfellow Mixed Dog 4 years 05/2?/13 Sandra Smith
Longhair Grey and White Cat 04/08/01 Lynn Coggshall
Long-Hair Tabby Cat Karen
Long's little Petey Boy Poodle 6 years 05/23/00 Linda P. Long
Longtail Torti-Calico Cat 2003-05/29/08 Cindi
Loni Dog 04/10/09 Maureen
Lonnie Cat 10/15/00 Lorrie
Lonnie Huskie Mix 04/10/87-12/30/97 Jane Hardiman
Lonnie Sheltie 08/11/88-01/14/99 Keith Berry
Lono Bubby Shuster Black Cat 13 years 09/01/07 Lisa Buchanan Modika
Lony Pomeranian 04/22/02-05/30/11 Sharda Graham
Loo Lah Mixed Breed Dog 07/22/05 Joann Reagan
Loo Loo Akita 11/08/95-07/14/08 Harv and Patti Haigh
Looby Loo Persian Blue Cat 06/04/94-01/05/08 Ophelia
Looby West Highland White Terrier 01/16/08-10/29/17 Carol Everett
Looee Flamepoint Siamese Cat 05/17/90-07/10/06 Maddie & Lou
Loofah Domestic Shorthair Tiger Cat 10/11/88-03/03/04 Kathi Stein
Looka (Lookout of Elvencur Keep) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 04/05/00-06/13/06 Jo Ann Spencer
Looker Greyhound 01/95-07/18/05 Sue & Ed Bulsza
Lookie Cat Summer 2002-12/04/07 Jocelyne Rigal
Looky Cocker Spaniel 04/16/18 Josie
Looloo Kinsman Cat 21 years 01/03/15 Megan Kinsman
Looloo Shihtzu 01/09/01-06/27/09 Connie Dimondi
Loomis Boxer 11/08/12 Bryan Fraley
Loomis Cat 10/09/08 Joy
Looney Brown Spotted Bengal Cat 08/09/95-06/21/04 Gill Allen
Looney Toones Burmese Cat 19 years 11/26/08 Diana Newton
Looney Tunes Giant Schnauzer 06/23/00-09/29/00 Barbara Layton
Looney Yorkie 11/25/07-12/08/08 Gisella Lino
Loopie Cat 16 years 01/14/11 D.D., H.D. A.d
Loopie Ferret 08/97-09/27/01 W Chitwood
Loopie Quarter Horse 23 years 12/19/09 Stephanie
Loopy Clark Cat 16 years 12/28/14 Stephanie & Dale Clark
Loopy Motz Keeshond 05/07/99-06/17/06 Christy Motz
Loose Greyhound 01/10/99-05/15/11 Cindy
Loose Lucy Sable Ferret 3 years 06/04/95 Bea Karl & Doug
Looseleaf (Louie) Maltese 07/22/87-10/01/99 Kevin and Nancy Curry
Loosha Rottweiler 05/04/00-03/25/11 Linda Teza
Loosie Dawg Black Lab Mix 02/94-04/22/99 Cynthia
Loosy Brown Tabby Cat 07/04/96-05/16/05 Tiffany Ligon
Loot Blue Heeler 11/17/93-12/06/05 Mark Hanks
Looty Pekingese 09/28/89-06/02/04 Wendell and Eva Seal
Loowit Domestic Medium Hair Cat 03/07/95-10/04/07 Val Bate
Lop Mini-Lop Bunny 04/01/94-09/17/97 Robin and Len
Lopez Blue Tortie Cat 06/14/05 John and Kathy Lonquist
Lopez Tan and White Shorthair Cat Late Summer 1995-07/27/09 Rebecca Hellrich
Lopita a.k.a. Orangie Orange Marmalade Cat 05/12/01-11/10/08 Joe H
Lopsy Black/White Lop Rabbit 03/92-04/19/00 George and Connie
Lopsy Cat 04/22/08-08/12/09 Kevin Black
Lopsy Cat 08/26/08 Elizabeth Price
Lora Lynne Lhasa Apso 03/28/99-12/22/08 Jeanne Windham
Lora Poodle 06/18/93-02/10/04 Yana, Alex and Liza
Loraine Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Loralei Mix Dog 09/98-08/05/10 Diana Bolejack
Lora's Schanni Storma Celae 05/01/74-1977 K. Bristol
Lora's Winnifred T. Poohbear 02/03/76-08/88 K. Bristol
Lorays Tonka Mike (Mike) Black Labrador 10/17/88-08/23/00 Lori and Raymond Lajoie
Lorcan Australian Shepherd 04/19/07-07/29/07 William Welch
Lord Anubis Acadian Newby Doberman Pinscher 04/09/04-01/04/10 Kathi Carpenter
Lord Aragorn Himalayan Cat 04/05/08-10/31/13 Ellen Betina Mohr
Lord Ashwin Persian 05/20/99 Marie van Nood-Beving
Lord Balboa Leffler Boxer 05/27/89-10/11/97 Ginnie, Scott, Rebecca, Melanie
Lord Baldr Rag Doll Cat 07/05/08 Bob
Lord Barclay Roughcoat Collie 5 1/2 years 04/28/96 Elizabeth
Lord Beau Robert (Beau) Pug 08/23/91-03/21/02 Kathleen A Earley
Lord Benedick Cockatiel 06/06/98-12/23/03 Linda G. Richard
Lord Bentley Maltese 03/11/96-09/18/00 Sean & Debbie
Lord Brandon of Kensington (Brandy) Dog 10/78-04/93 Richard Schtulberg
Lord Bryon Ragdoll Cat Alexandra Martin
Lord Butterscotch Dog 04/17/83-08/09/96 Claire Dunigan
Lord Byron Bullmastiff/Boxer Mix 11/24/00-04/25/12 Susan Benning
Lord Byron Mastiff 10/18/05 Tom Hoffman
Lord Byron Snow White Odd-Eye Shorthair Cat 09/91-08/03/04 Marie & Eric Freeman, Kramer and Mimi
Lord Celeborn [Borny] Norwegian Forest Cat 10/22/02-11/14/05 Pat Meyer
Lord Cody of Prince Blaze 'Cody' Sheltie 11/08/92-01/16/09 Tracey
Lord Collie 04/23/94-04/01/07 Ariela Baram
Lord Darcy Baggins Part Blue-Persian Cat 12/27/85-08/16/05 Jan and Maureen
Lord Devon Lamont Burmese 1969-81 Anitra
Lord Dustin of Tannenbury Cocker Spaniel 14 years 06/09/05 Marie and Mark Thailing, Anna, Josh and Alie
Lord German Shepherd 12/20/12 Bogdan Hociung
Lord Griffey Forsyth English Springer Spaniel 04/20/03-01/22/12 Carey Forsyth
Lord Julius Ceasar Cairn Terrier 08/26/99-11/23/14 Linda L Cox
Lord Kensington of York Davis (Kensi) Yorkshire Terrier01/19/90-08/12/02 Sherri
Lord Nelson Kitwin Cocker Spaniel (Buff) 14-20 years 06/26/07 Paul and Suzanne Kitwin
Lord Odie Von Wagner Chocolate Labrador Retriever 12/06/94-11/20/97 Krista Von Wagner
Lord Plushbottom Maine Coon Cat 9 years 03/25/00 Terrence and RoseMarie McInnes
Lord Poppany Cocker Spaniel 01/05/89-07/03/97 Kathy & Irv Smith
Lord Red Doberman 12/23/93-01/30/04 Anthony Mulei
Lord Sampson Beagle 15 years 08/31/08 Pamela Jones
Lord Shelby Golden Retriever 04/20/07 Pat Rainer and Ann Tutt
Lord Staffordshire 14 years 01/09/12 Thomas Mora
Lord Stryker of Pyrame Bull Mastiff 07/23/04-03/30/07 Sthorm Pyrame
Lord Thor Chow Chow 10/14/88-11/04/03 Caren Cook
Lord Toby The Engine Rider (Toby Lynn) Dalmatian 10/11/91-07/30/03 Scott & Laura Lord
Lord Vladimier Sagemond Yates (Sagie) Cocker Spaniel/Chocolate 03/01/90-10/26/01 Belinda A. Weber
Lord William Hugh (Pooh) Calvert Dalmatian 02/12/91-03/22/02 Samantha & John Hillmer
Lordy Boy Doberman 12 1/2 years 06/05/03 Kim and Dan
Lordy Lad Husky X German Shepherd 03/2004 Sascha Richardson
Loreal Meredith Persian/Himalayan Mix Cat 05/89-09/26/05 Anne Meredith
Loredda Golden Retriever Mix 1992-11/17/03 Pammy & Jimmie
LorEd's Midnight Crush (call name, Romeo) Black Miniature Poodle 01/13/98-05/05/11 Carol P.
Lorelei Cat 06/01/81-06/28/99 Connie & Harry Chin
Lorelei Great Pyrenees 05/21/84-07/30/94 Christine & Bill Livingstone
Loren Olivor Himalayan Cat 04/89-10/31/06 Mimhops
Lorenzo B&W Long Hair Cat 19 years 10/14/06 Anne
Lorenzo Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/05/97-05/09/12 Rickie, Luther, Bryce & Beulah
Lorenzo DSH Cat 1984 Kathi Stein
Lorenzo Himalayan Cat 06/06/93-09/16/09 Emilio
Lorenzo Jack Russell Mix 04/01/15-09/22/15 Nelson Massari
Lorenzo Maltese 08/24/94-01/17/11 Linda Schepise
Lorenzo Miniature Dachshund 01/13/93-06/10/07 Glen Heppner
Lorenzo Pomeranian/Yorkshire Terrier 9 years 10/25/11 Brandon
Loretta Aussie Mix 19 years 11/05/05 Lucy Erickson
Loretta Border Collie 06/08/07 Melonie & Troy
Loretta Cat 09/20/10 Pina
Loretta Domestic Longhair Cat 13 years 01/23/00 Elizabeth
Loretta DSH Black & White Cat 09/01/83 Tamara Dormer
Loretta Marie Black Lab/Golden Retriever 11/17/92-01/18/00 Jane, Phil, Rick, Jennifer, friend of Sophie, Lattimore and Moe.
Loretta Pug Puppy 12/09/02-02/05/03 Christopher Randall
Loretta's Special Joy Boxer 03/25/91-12/23/02 Spencer
Lori Black Lab 8 years 11/19/09 Mike
Lori Cat 19 years 04/21/05 Mary, Kelli,Dave
Lori Darlin' Australian Shepherd/Norwegian Elkhound 04/01/90-06/13/08 Cindy
Lori Darlin Missouri FoxtRotter Horse 05/05/97-06/15/98 Cindy Coffman
Lori Schnauzer 08/17/94-11/13/06 Allen and Brenda
Lori Seal Point Siamese Cat 17 years 02/17/91 Sharp Family
Lori Tortoise Shell Cat 12 years 02/08/09 Martin Lambert
Lorien (Nimrodel of Lothlorien) Domestic Longhair Blonde Cat 03/30/91-08/18/05 Cyndi Nelson
Lorien Domestic Shorthair Tabby Mix Cat 07/16/03-07/06/09 Jerome Crumlish
Lorilei Dog 12/22/00 Tony
Lori's Dancing Desperada In Blue aka Bandit Australian Shepherd 13 years 12/07/03 Lori
Lori's Kitty Tortie 10/26/96 Lori
Lorito Bird 17 years 02/25/11 Nadia
Lorna Terrier/Poodle Mix 03/20/95 Arminell
Lornich's Foxy Goliath GB The White Knight of Second Chance Dobes Doberman 10/13/94-12/12/04 Sherri Trimble
Lornie Calico Persian Cat 06/10/01-05/09/07 Idayu Jais
Lorordene Dwarf Robovoskii Hamster 2 years 03/14/10 Cathy Horan
Lorr Murphy Alaskan Husky 13 years 08/02/05 Kevin & Maureen Murphy
Lorraine Black Lab 07/06/91-02/12/04 Dave Petrovic
Lorraine Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lorraine Long Hair Cat 09/13/09 Annie Myers
Lorraine Yachai March Siamese Cat 7 years 03/27/11 Matthew, Kimberly, Thad, Joey
Lorry B. Cat 9 years 07/02/12 Bea
Loso Dog 02/14/10-04/11/12 Kayla Santiago
Lost Black, Green-Eyed Domestic Shorthair Cat 8+ years 10/16/12 Francis Mitchell
Lost Dog 11/21/00 Sue Roman
Lost In Palmetto (Little Girl) Abyssinian Kitten 04/17/98-07/27/98 Debbie Feltham
Lost in the Fog Thoroughbred Horse 4 years 09/17/06 Karen Dalton-Wemp
Lost In The Fog Thoroughbred Horse Pepper
Lostris Cat 05/12/01-08/31/06 Marilyn Rodriguez-Lopez
Lot Cat 02/27/85-03/02/02 Anne
Lothar Collie 02/12/95-06/12/08 Caterina C
Lothlorien Arwen Evenstar (Arrie) Golden Retriever 12/13/85-10/12/00 Barbara Kersten
Loti Terrier 06/27/03 Tamar
Lotje European Shorthair Cat 05/25/02-01/09/05 Alice
Lotsa Newfie 07/19/86-07/13/98 Marilyn Howton
Lotte Miniature Schnauzer 10/30/87-11/06/03 Gaylene & Craig Lusby
Lotti Chihuahua 10 years 01/13/17 Kathryn Holloway
Lotti Lionheard Burmese Cat 09/96-09/14/07 Jane Keef
Lottie - Seabreeze's Lady of Shalott Shetland Sheepdog 05/18/98-04/02/08 Heidi Fellner
Lottie B. Basset Hound 11 years 03/02/98 Arhillside
Lottie Cat 01/85-11/08/02 Alice
Lottie Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lottie Chihuahua 8 years 02/14/11 Pam Olink
Lottie Chow Chow 08/19/99-08/25/08 Mac & Phyllis Akins
Lottie Da Lhasa Apsos 09/28/98-07/06/04 Jo Routley
Lottie German Shepherd 5 years 03/15/13 V Clarke
Lottie Golden Retriever 05/22/90-01/10/03 Karen, Joe, Amanda and Jimmy Maher
Lottie Jack Russell 09/20/07 Paula Harris
Lottie Labrador 09/05/93-01/19/08 Sheila and Eric Woodruff and Cassie
Lottie Labrador Retriever 07/07/95-06/26/06 Olive Tripodi
Lottie Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 12/17/89-04/30/98 Stephanie Cartledge-Brown
Lottie Tortoise Shell Cat 01/15/85-11/08/02 Alice
Lottie's Kittens Marianne Mays
Lotto African Grey Parrot 23 years 03/27/05 Penny and Marshall Klein
Lotto Cat 16 years 10/21/12 Lynn Lorenzetti
Lotto Cocker Spaniel 04/82-10/01/05 Travis, Cindy and Donny Williams
Lotto German Shepherd 09/06/00-10/28/13 Howard Ogden
Lotto Mongrel 8 weeks 03/04/07 Chia-Yi
Lotto Parrotlet 11/08/05-03/01/08 Ray & Sym Gallucci
Lotto Rat Terrier 09/23/94-10/28/99 Susan Turner
Lotty Birman Cat 20 years 25/05/02 James Windsor
Lotus Blossum Creme European Burmese Cat 09/16/98-10/03/01 Joan K. Brenan
Lotus Cat 11 years Ruth Roan
Lotus Rat 1 year 01/01/12 Laurine
Lotus Rat 11/10/97 Evie Fieseler
Lotus Rottie 09/07/98-03/21/10 Barb Teal
Lotus Stich the First Moggie Cat 9 years 11/19/07 Colette Julian
Lotus White Domestic Shorthair Cat 1985-03/99 Patricia Ribbel
Lotus, My Hero Bunny 04/21/98-01/24/03 Kimberly
Lou American Pit Bull Terrier 12/09/03-03/28/06 Ronnie & Leigha
Lou Black Lab 01/01/93-01/12/06 James Sheehan
Lou Blue Fronted Amazon 10 years 04/30/04 Kathy Cumberledge
Lou Border Collie 09/08/93-07/07/08 Myra Morton
Lou Border Collie 10/13/94-03/01/10 Rod & Debbie
Lou Brittany 11 years 12/12/00 Joy Horton
Lou C. La Plante German Shepherd 06/01/00-11/07/11 Jack & Sue La Plante
Lou Cat 16 years 05/24/06 Joe Becker
Lou Cat 18-20 years 12/22/95 Sandra Jones
Lou Cobb Mainecoon Cat 9 years 09/05/10 Bridgete Cobb
Lou Cocker Spaniel 13 years 09/21/09 Judy Dashkovitz
Lou Costello Mixed Breed Dog 12/12/92-11/22/02 Marlene & Bill Wise
Lou Dog 9 years 12/01/06 Nancy McCarthy
Lou Guinea Pig 4 1/2 years 11/01/06 Jamie Marscin
Lou Hound Mix 12 years 02/21/19 David Casasola
Lou Labrador Retriever 10/15/91-01/12/04 Ricci
Lou Lou Basset 10 years 08/11/09 Cathy
Lou Lou Brindel Greyhound 14 years 1996 Gina
Lou Lou Bulldog 9 years 1 Dec. 2000 Nora Timmis
Lou Lou Calico Kitty 2.75 years 08/25/04 Marcie Ramirez
Lou Lou Chow Mix 08/12/98-01/26/08 Patricia Swearingen
Lou Lou Dog 16 years Patricia Rondeau
Lou Lou Great Dane Cross 12/28/12 Kelly Manley
Lou Lou Yorkshire Terrier 10/03/10 Rebecca Lee
Lou Myers Lab Mix 12 years 06/25/13 Rox
Lou Orange Tabby Cat 01/30/83-12/26/02 Jeanine Taseff
Lou Pit Bull Terrier 11 years 06/11/05 Susan B.Ream
Lou Rat Terrier 02/17/08-12/20/09 Cindy Helton
Lou Red Guinea Pig 02/14/05-07/14/08 Stephanie Fry
Lou Rottweiler 05/21/04 Claire Charlier
Lou Scottish Terrier 11/11/93-05/16/05 Michelle Wales
Lou Shepherd Mix 03/15/98-06/25/06 Linda Rathke
Lou Sun Conure 03/07/07-04/12/12 Kerra Zacarias
Lou Tennent German Shepherd Dog 5 years 09/25/99 Marlene Snyder
Lou Walker Coonhound 4 years 01/11/08 Susan Ricketts
Lou Yorkie 03/12/92-08/16/04 Rose Cawley
Loua Siamese Cat 09/25/05-03/15/09 Ashley, Patrick & Calleah
LouAnn Westie 06/07/91-03/11/06 Sherry
Lou-Bear Golden Retriever 9 years 07/12/96 Casey
Loud Mouth Rat Terrier 10/02/12 Clara Marie Jerome
Louden Lab/Greyhound Mix 10/15/02-01/25/14 Jay and Erin Miller
Loudmouth Cat 07/21/10 Laura
Loudmouth Russian Blue Cat 18 years 02/18/09 Allison Mann
Loudmouth Smoke Egyptian Mau Cat 01/15/96-07/10/02 Peg O'Connor
Loudy Persian Cat 04/30/91-11/25/07 Tiffiny
Louey Cattle Dog Mix 10/11/01-01/31/13 Sue Norden
Loui Kitten 05/23/16 Sohaila
Louie (Little Man) Tuxedo Shorthair Cat 05/15/82-12/15/99 Camilla
Louie (Lucky Louie) Shepherd, Rott, and Wolf 05/31/99-08/17/10 Mary Fox-Schreiner
Louie ('M Luke 'N Good De L'Ouest) Bouvier des Flandres 03/24/88-05/23/97 Barbara Luke
Louie (Red Dog) Mixed/Part Lab Part ?? 14 years 06/09/08 Ruth and Glenn Lacy and Dog Chewy
Louie African Grey Parrot 11/01/89-01/29/06 Patty Wohl
Louie Agouti Guinea Pig 08/12/07-12/02/08 Becky
Louie Alaskan Husky 6 years 02/04/03 Valarie Grossart
Louie Alcorn Chihuahua 05/30/10-05/03/11 Cody, Tina, Nicole, and Jeff Alcorn
Louie American Eskimo/Shihtzu Mix 07/2002-05/09/10 Staci
Louie and Dewey Tabby Cats 16 and 17 years 2004 and 2005 Nancy Hutson
Louie and Gomer Teddy Bear Hamsters 04/24/97, 03/17/97 Sandy Lee
Louie and Mikey Guinea Pigs 06/00 Kim Harves
Louie Basset Hound 05/28/12 Mary Dolce
Louie Basset Hound/Husky Mix 11/15/03-01/02/09 Emily Gear
Louie Beagle 02/01/07~02/18/15 Gerri and Aron Phillips
Louie Beagle 02/01/07-02/18/15 Gerri and Aron Phillips
Louie Beagle 05/23/01-08/03/10 Fran Smith
Louie Beagle 12 years 10/06/13 Killian Family
Louie Beagle 13 years 08/07/07 Bob & Kathleen Aikens
Louie Bearded Dragon 07/25/01-12/29/01 Mandy
Louie Bichon Frise 04/12/91-12/12/06 Mary Lou Kopcsak
Louie Bichon Frise 07/18/90-01/23/06 Jim and Janice Capp
Louie Bichon/Havanese 08/14/05-02/14/07 Maria and Josh
Louie Bird Pekin Duck 05/15/03-08/21/05 Rondelle Weyand
Louie Black and Tan Mini Dachshund 02/11/00-04/04/02 Miguel and Tonya Betancourt
Louie Black and White Cat 7 years 06/13/04 Suzanne Upton
Louie Black Cat 04/19/92-08/12/98 Tricia
Louie Black Cat 05/05/04 Dave Lafontaine
Louie Black Cat 06/10/82-11/30/98 Sandy and Jordan
Louie Black Cat DSH 09/97-08/26/00 Tish Pierce
Louie Black Lab 12 years 12/26/15 Art
Louie Black Labrador 03/26/95-04/11/06 Erica
Louie Blom Domestic Shorthair Tuxedo Cat 1997-04/09/13 Keith and Kay Blom
Louie Bloodhound 01/01/99-10/28/04 Nancy Seanor
Louie Bloodhound 02/14/97-03/13/07 Brett Klindowrth
Louie Blue - Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/14/99-06/11/10 Cathy Norman
Louie Boglen Terrier 05/24/05-01/05/08 Adam and Lauren
Louie Boston Terrier/Cocker Spaniel Mix 02/21/05-05/17/18 Angie, Kaitlin, Robert Blue
Louie Boxer 02/10/98-04/25/07 Lori and Joe Hyde
Louie Boxer 23/03/05-07/12/05 Julie and Jon Hope
Louie Brown Labrador and Shepherd Mix 10/05/86-06/16/01 Dolly B. Chapman, Shannon Hoyt
Louie Bucklew Bishon Frise 07/10/99-11/18/10 Janice Bucklew
Louie Bull Mastiff 09/14/96-03/18/03 Bridget
Louie Bulldog 03/2005-03/14/13 Kalleah
Louie Bumgardner Pomeranian 10 years 04/05/11 Becky Bumgardner
Louie Cat 03/01/92-05/23/07 Liane
Louie Cat 03/15/02-11/25/09 Julie Barnes
Louie Cat 03/24/02 Kari Cargill
Louie Cat 04/01/92-05/23/99 Emilie and Mike D'Agostino
Louie Cat 05/10/10 Robin
Louie Cat 05/30/08-09/30/17 Anita Tambellini
Louie Cat 06/01/93-08/24/05 Mary Stone
Louie Cat 08/19/04 Carrie and Anders
Louie Cat 11 years 11/06/07 Carol
Louie Cat 11/08/80-02/07/99 Linda Medura
Louie Cat 12 years 12/04/08 Shelley
Louie Cat 12/01/98-06/18/14 Patriicia Pinto
Louie Cat 18 years 11/80-02/07/99 Linda Medura
Louie Cat 19 years 08/04/15 Jay and Cherly Peaslee
Louie Cat 4 years 04/05/06 Mike, Debi, Daniel, Lyssa & Austin
Louie Cat 6 months 16/09/05 Jaqi
Louie Cat Dennis A. Dinkel
Louie Cat Mary
Louie Cat Valerie Q. D.
Louie Chandoha Tabby Cat 05/15/92-01/21/08 Dalia Vasiulis-Chandoha
Louie Chanel Chihuahua 09/11/06 Susan Bryant
Louie Chesapeake Bay Retriever 8 years 11/12/07 Angie and Roy Holmstrom
Louie Chihuahua 02/15/05-10/16/06 Ariella Rubinger
Louie Chocolate Lab 05/01/00-08/12/14 Kristine and Richard
Louie Chocolate Labrador 11/04/01-02/01/14 Catherine
Louie Chow Mix 08/21/10 Patty Hatfield
Louie Cockatiel 10 years 06/02/13 Joseph Lani
Louie Cocker Spaniel 7 years 12/05/00 Rene Ward & Family
Louie Cocker Spaniel Mix 04/18/02-07/28/07 The Hutchings/Minalga Family
Louie Cocker Spaniel Mix 08/12/05 Natasha Mone
Louie Coleman Grey DSH Cat 12 years 05/19/02 Monika Foster
Louie Collie/Shepherd Mix 12/11/99-10/21/10 Cheryl Albaceli
Louie Cox Tuxedo Cat 16 years 03/07/06 Colleen & Jonathan Cox
Louie Crested Gecko 2 years 09/14/07 Kim
Louie Da Woo Toy Poodle 02/19/97-04/17/08 Sylvia and Mike
Louie Dachshund 06/14/11 Heidi Hagen
Louie Davis Bulldog 11 years 02/02/19 Angela and Billy Davis
Louie Dog 05/15/94-10/11/04 Jason McArthur
Louie Dog 08/14/14 Brenda-Lea Petersen
Louie Dog 14 years 11/19/04 Kris Stokes
Louie Dog Black Labrador 03/2017-07/04/17 Deanna Cramm
Louie Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/04/00 Karen Begovich
Louie DSH Cat 12/07/06 Merle Feeser
Louie English Bull Terrier 13 years 09/19/07 D Oneill
Louie Erwin Cocker Spaniel 07/22/05-08/19/16 Nisa Erwin
Louie Fanali Sheltie 12/30/09 Theresa Wood
Louie Fayad Lhasa Apso 16 years 12/12/11 Samira Fayad
Louie Ferret 12/94-01/08/99 Christine Theriault
Louie Ferret 2003-03/25/10 Beverly Moreau
Louie Fielding Mix Dog 9 years 01/16/09 Sharon Fielding
Louie Flame Siamese Cat 09/18/10-11/30/15 Wendy, Mike, Erica
Louie Flatcoated Retriever 28/02/95-12/10/02 Brenda Abbett
Louie French Bull 11/08/04-03/14/13 Connie
Louie Galluzzo-Wozniak Lab Rottie 11/04/01-03/24/13 Kim & Mike Wozniak
Louie German Shepherd 12 years 08/11/10 Bill, Rachel and Luke
Louie German Shorthaired Pointer 12/24/74-05/28/96 Sheilah Lavelle
Louie Girl Black Lab 11 years Autumn 1991 Sue Mallery
Louie Golden Doodle Puppy 11/12/12-04/29/12 Jenny-Lou Campbell
Louie Golden Retriever 03/10/96-10/27/07 The Holtz Family
Louie Golden Retriever 04/06/12 Michelle Entelisano
Louie Golden Retriever 14 years 01/23/10 Karen Brown
Louie Great Pyrenees 04/03/04-02/02/12 Mary Pointer/Ruby Pond
Louie Great Pyrenees 11/10/02-08/09/12 LS
Louie Grey and White Domestic Cat 10/90-08/17/07 Michelle
Louie Grey Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/01/00-10/16/17 Nick Brown
Louie Grey Tabby Shorthair Cat 7 years 12/09/07 Patty Black
Louie Guillory Ferret 09/08/08-12/14/11 Godiva Guillory
Louie Guinea Pig 04/04/04-07/12/10 Denise & Ric Sabatini
Louie Hocking Cat 04/13/91-07/25/03 Shannon, Houie and Doug
Louie Hunter Golden Retriever 8 July 2001-3 April 2013 Catherine and Terry Hunter
Louie Iguana 05/07/08 Michael and Cathy
Louie Italian Greyhound 12 years 03/15/12 Heather & Scott
Louie Jack Russell Mix 10/20/04-12/15/11 Julia & John Pollard
Louie Jessup Hawkhead Parrot 01/31/09-06/26/10 Rachel & Matthew Jessup
Louie Kitty 12/90-05/17/06 Jerry & Stefanie
Louie Lab 11/24/08 Michelle Wilcox & Rich Anderson
Louie Lab 12 weeks 06/12/10 Channing Palacios
Louie Lab/German Shepherd 13 years 02/27/08 Gerald Spencer
Louie Labradoodle 07/24/05-11/17/11 Tina Clemmon
Louie Lensing Toy Poodle 12 years 04/24/12 Barbara
Louie Lensing Toy Poodle 2002-04/24/12 Barbara
Louie Leopard Boy Bengal Leopard Cat 04/16/95-08/01/10 Cathy
Louie Lhasa Apso 09/12/96-04/18/08 Shannon
Louie Lhasa Apso 16 years 06/27/12 Catherine
Louie Lhasa Apso Mix 06/84-07/30/98 Dario & Suzanne Popalardo
Louie Lickity Split Shih-Tzu 12 years 08/13/13 Hank and Deb
Louie Lou Long Haired Tuxedo Cat 9 years 05/12/11 Tom Habasco
Louie Lou Sheltie 06/04/95-11/27/07 Cynthia Osborne & William Del Grosso
Louie Louie Rendon Poodle 09/21/08-03/16/09 Hector and Giselle
Louie Louie Rottweiler 08/12/97-01/30/98 Don and Laura Turnbull
Louie 'LouLou' Teacup Poodle 05/15/02-07/06/11 Leslie Longley
Louie Lyons Shitzu 4 years 06/30/14 Steve Sandy Molly Sasha
Louie Maine Coon Cat 02/25/91-11/09/02 Linda Lazier
Louie Maine Coon Cat 05/18/10-02/04/13 Michele
Louie Maine Coon Cat 06/11/94-02/12/04 Jodee Triplett-Towar
Louie Maine Coon Cat 14 years 09/03/11 Maureen Raines
Louie Maine Coon Cat about 15 years 02/15/03 Josie and John Fowler
Louie Maine Coon Mix Cat 03/15/86-05/05/99 Donna Phillips
Louie Maltese 10/09/91-11/08/06 Samantha and Lisa
Louie Mastiff Mix 11/17/00-01/19/08 Maria Arellano
Louie McClean Mixed Dog 14 years 03/11/14 Cody, Kelly and Peter McClean
Louie Merlo Boxer 06/01/99-06/07/07 Josie
Louie Min Pin 07/13/99-10/11/08 Bonnie
Louie Mini Schnauzer 08/04/95-03/31/04 Karlie Manos
Louie Miniature Schnauzer 08/04/95-03/31/04 Karlene Manos
Louie Mixed Breed Dog 1980-07/12/98 Kelly Williams
Louie Mixed Cat 10+ years 07/17/08 WMC
Louie Mixed Dog 02/92-07/05/07 Kerri
Louie Mixed Dog 06/04/89-01/14/06 Kevin Donovan
Louie Mixed Dog 13 years 03/11/16 Lynne Gillis
Louie Morgan Yorkie 08/02/15 Mitch Morgan
Louie Neapolitan Mastiff 04/06/00-08/15/13 Bob & Janet
Louie Newman Jack Russell Terrier 08/13/93-09/22/06 Phoebe Newman
Louie Newman Papillion 12 years 12/08/06 Jerry & Barbara Newman
Louie North American Wild Cat 04/26/86-12/10/04 Dwight and Ilona Rawlins
Louie Nunez Cat 2 years 09/24/06 Kelly and Armando Nunez
Louie Orange Tabby Cat 06/30/88-12/24/01 Jill Alter
Louie Orange Tabby Cat 10 years 10/11/04 Jason & Deborah Reynolds
Louie Orange Tiger Cat 18 years 12/14/18 Wesley Sulek
Louie Oriental Cat 7 years 11/04/11 Tamina Roberts
Louie Ortega Yorkie 11/13/03-06/05/08 Dee Ortega
Louie Parakeet 02/24/19 Montello Family
Louie Parker Black Lab Mix 12/06/98-06/12/06 Kathy & Todd Parker
Louie Pederson Beagle 01/17/99-02/26/12 Lelah Pederson
Louie Pelusi Mini Dachshund - Blue and Tan Dapple 03/25/01-01/06/06 Susan Pelusi
Louie Pitbull 01//01/03-06/10/16 Liz
Louie Poodle 07/03/75-08/15/87 The Tyndall Family
Louie Poodle 8 years 12/03/13 Pati
Louie Poodle Mix 1988-06/08/01 Milton Finley
Louie Pug 03/30/08-03/25/16 Ryan Moynihan
Louie Pug 08/26/95-07/09/07 Debra R Cardinal
Louie Pug 09/21/06-07/06/12 Yvonne Bennett
Louie Pug 16 years 06/05/12 Mary Mullen
Louie Puggle 04/10/05-01/29/18 Carrie
Louie Puggle 04/15/05-03/01/19 Paula
Louie Quaker Parrot 07/07/92-07/07/99 Breni
Louie Rabbit 01/03/93-06/08/08 Fiona
Louie Rat Terrier / Miniature Dachshund 07/17/05-06/17/08 Donita L. Hayes
Louie Red Toy Poodle 1 year, 5 months, 20 days 07/20/01 Sheri Ross & David Anstine
Louie Rene Strauser Bichon Frise 04/29/07 Andy & Family
Louie Rex Rabbit 05/01/98-06/22/05 Anita
Louie Rex Rabbit 11 1/2 years 06/07/07 Chris
Louie Rottweiler 04/11/08 Fred & Cathy
Louie Rottweiler 05/12/95-05/20/01 Leslie Perez
Louie Sable Ferret 04/14/98-08/08/02 Michelle
Louie Schanuzer Mix 4-23-95 Gilda
Louie Scottish Terrier 03/31/98-01/12/09 Dena
Louie Scottish Terrier 03/31/98-01/12/09 Jason, Dena, Payton and Patrick
Louie Sheltie 11/24/93-06/23/06 Cheri, Jim, Dalton & Carli
Louie Shepherd Mix 13 years 05/10/05 Kris
Louie Shepherd/Mix 05/28/90-10/19/02 Bernadette, Peter, Gene, Maggie, and Matt
Louie Shih Tzu 09/12/97-10/19/12 Jennifer O
Louie Shih Tzu 10/01/07-01/22/08 Lauren
Louie Shipoo Dob 03/24/08 Jean Collier
Louie Shi-Tzu 03/16/94-04/11/09 Diane Herr
Louie Short Haired Domestic Cat 06/20/02-11/28/04 Carol
Louie Short Haired Orange Cat 18 years 02/27/14 Maria
Louie Short Haired Tabby Kitten 7 months 03/07/03 Audrey Murray
Louie Siamese Cat 1968 Kathi Stein
Louie Siberian Husky 5 months 12/2004 Jane McDermott
Louie Solid White and Pink Cat 2 years 02/22/01 Susan Bizzell
Louie Springer Spaniel 9 years 03/26/04 Jennifer and Mark Salvati
Louie Standard Poodle 01/16/00-01/16/09 Anita & Roger Sweeney
Louie Standard Poodle 03/25/14-01/22/18 Shirley Wilt
Louie Standard Poodle 06/14/97-04/06/12 David, Amy, Marcie, Hannah, and Caleb Gira
Louie Standard Poodle 14 years 01/14/03 Sandy
Louie Tabby Cat 09/89-11/24/99 Patricia & Gene Kline
Louie Tabby Cat 12 1/2 years 10/22/02 Gina and Corey Thompson
Louie The Basset Basset Hound 07/30/97-06/15/09 Stanley & Nancy Matys
Louie The Doberman 11/08/92-08/16/04 Chad, Gabrielle, Tim, Tiana
Louie Toy Poodle 08/14/99-03/18/04 Kelly Long
Louie Toy Poodle 11 years 02/08/12 Lisa Jalet
Louie Tuxedo Cat 9 years 05/12/11 Tom Habasco
Louie Tymchak Golden Retriever 01/24/03-11/04/14 Pam TymcHak
Louie Umbrella Cockatoo 02/09/96-05/01/02 Bobbie Sollazzi
Louie Weenie Dog 12 years 08/20/16 Dawn Lindsay
Louie White Short-Hair Domestic Cat 18 years 04/03/04 Jackie Schulhofer
Louie Willcox Yorkie 05/17/01-09/22/11 Robin Standke
Louie Wonderful Mixbreed 5 months 01/12/06 Winnie and Ryan
Louie Yellow Lab 01/22/02-02/09/13 The Sharrow Family (Al, Karen, Ryan & Lindsay)
Louie Yorkie 06/17/99-03/02/08 Rita Goff
Louie Yorkie 09/04./09 Kathrin
Louie Yorkie 18+ years 12/26/96 Glenn & Ginger Lyons
Louie Yorkie Poo 08/01/07-10/03/07 Susan Gore
Louie Yorkie/Shi-Tzu Mix 03/2002-03/03/17 Bob Smith
Louie Yorkshire Terrier 12 years 10/18/98 Carole Weber
Louie-Alouette's Tar Heels' Flyer Whippet 07/04/94 Suzy Neff
Louie-My Louie Bearded Dragon 05/2008-04/24/10 Momma- Debbie Price
Louigi Shi Tsu 18 years 03/01/93 Ann Jimenez
Louigi Shih-tzu 03/01/93 Antonio and Ann
Louis (Pronounced Louie) Blue Eyed Seal Point Siamese Cat 03/25/85-05/01/87 Mary Anne
Louis American Short Tail Cat 9 1/2 years 12/09/08 Larry D. Goodeaux, Jr.
Louis and Max Labs Dogs 04/07/05 Michael
Louis and Tommy Dobermans 13 and 8 - 1997 and 2001 Trevor and Angie
Louis Angora French Lop Rabbit 09/01/94-07/14/01 Michele
Louis B. Brown Short Hair Tabby Cat 11/11/09 Jim Delsing & John VandeWalle
Louis Bantam Pekin Rooster 07/01/99-04/05/10 Allison Merrick
Louis Basset Hound 12/01/95-04/19/10 Ashleymarie McManus
Louis Black Working Spaniel 11/06/04-10/06/18 Karen Wood
Louis Bloodhound 20 months 11/06/09 Mark, Sandra, Missy, Giselle, Zach and Jordan Perry
Louis Blue Abyssinian Cat 08/07/14 Greg Welch
Louis Briard 7 years 12/27/06 David Walters
Louis Budgie 15 years 12/01/10 Peggy
Louis Burmese Cat 17 years Kate Wadee
Louis Burmese Cross Cat 07/09/05 Scott Layne
Louis Casaburi Evans Siamese Cat 03/17/99-04/16/12 Melissa and Chris Evans
Louis Cat 02/06/95-22/09/97 Julia Edwards
Louis Cat 05/15/90-03/07/08 Myra & Stephen
Louis Cat 07/09/95-03/13/12 Leslie Rutter Mille
Louis Cat 17 years 04/02/12 Pauline Gallagher
Louis Cat 4 years 05/26/06 Patty
Louis Chow/Golden Retriever Mix 2006-07/15/12 Marcy Huey
Louis Corgi-Yorkie Mix 09/09/07-08/21/09 Jaye Pflueger
Louis Doberman 05/24/84-05/04/97 Angie & Trevor
Louis Doberman 09/02/90-07/17/98 Bev
Louis Doberman 13 years 04/05/97 Angie and Trevor
Louis Doberman 13 years 04/05/97 Trevor & Angie Anderson
Louis Doberman 1984-1997 Angie and Trevor
Louis Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/20/06 Debra Wiest
Louis DSH Cat 12/06/97-06/23/12 Karen
Louis DSH Tuxedo Cat 6 years 05/09/11 Rebecca A. Lowry
Louis Du Maurier Auburn Cat 7 years 11/11/98 Pam, Kim & Valerie
Louis F P Jr Cat 10/2007 Best Friends Pahrump Staff and Volunteers
Louis French Bulldog 05/24/99-03/21/12 Val
Louis German Shorthair Pointer 16+ years 06/23/09 Wanda Woodworth
Louis Ginger Tabby Cat 29/07/05-22/09/07 Jean Hunter
Louis Himalayan Mix Cat 04/29/89-03/16/07 Don Singleton
Louis Holland Lop Bunny 04/27/11-10/07/13 Grace
Louis J Pug/Boston Terrier 11/03-05/12/08 Jen
Louis J. Cat Maine Coon Cat 06/24/84-07/11/04 Larry Koogle
Louis Jack Russell/Pug 5 years 09/24/11 Mallory
Louis Joseph Pug 03/11/03-06/17/16 Tory
Louis Kibodeaux-Padilla American Shorttail Cat 12/07/08 Larry Goodeaux
Louis Kitten 03/2006-05/17/06 Sarah
Louis Labrador 14 years 07/08/08 Christine Knott
Louis LeBeau Cat 03/17/00-10/07/10 Sharon Evans
Louis Maine Coon Cat 02/14/80-01/24/97 Roberta Prusiensky
Louis New Zealand White Rabbit 06/11/05 Kelly and Keith Buccini
Louis Orange DSH Cat 11/99-01/31/12 Liz and Olive
Louis Pit Bull 3 years 12/01 Mindy
Louis Pit Bull 8 years 05/12/95 M. Adkins-Weger
Louis Poodle X 08/02/99-03/24/10 Kate Linden
Louis Pug 12 years 06/09/05 Casey Sendek
Louis Quatorze Siamese Mix Cat 15 years 02/29/12 Cheri Pugh
Louis Rabbit 10 1/2 years 09/08/13 Shelly
Louis Rat 09/04/15-11/06/18 Sue
Louis Red Tabby Cat 06/2000-04/2010 Cheska Walter
Louis Rhodes Black Cat 18 years 08/20/09 Barbara Rhodes
Louis Short Haired Dachshund 2004-12/08/17 The Catania Family
Louis Siamese Cat 04/10/04-01/07/06 Jessica S
Louis Siamese Cat 19 years 03/21/11 Sandra
Louis Tabby Cat 01/15/02-09/25/12 Henry
Louis Tabby Cat 10/14/00-01/27/15 Freddy King
Louis V Shorthaired Grey Cat 01/07/05-30/08/06 Megan Scrimger
Louis Victory Brown 3-Legged Grey Tabby Cat 01/10/93-11/11/09 Jim and Van
Louis Victory Dalmatian 07/15/09-01/19/11 Kathy Allred
Louis Vuitton Standard Poodle 07/11/15-10/09/15 Tracy Smith
Louis Welsh Terrier 13 1/2 years 07/25/03 Jan, Joe and Kelley Kneib
Louis Wu Domestic Shorthair Cat 18 years 04/01/07 Lisa Leutheuser & Joseph Saul
Louis Yellow Cat 04/2002-04/15/16 Amy
Louis Young Appalachian Mountain Spaniel 14 years 11/06/12 Jay Young
Louisa Maude Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/02/97-01/22/09 Bonnie Valentine
Louisa Pomeranian 11/20/90-03/31/05 Scott Spetter
Louisa Razminnie Christensen Calico Cat 13+ years 09/02/05 Amy Christensen
Louisa Yorkshire Terrier 04/14/89-04/19/04 Susan Nolan
Louisa-Grace 06/30/89-03/29/05 Lisa Le Brecht
Louisa-Grace Le Brecht Grey & White Longhaired Tabby Cat 06/30/89-03/29/04 Lisa Le Brecht
Louise - Liberty's Return Engagement Silky Terrier 10/03/98-01/25/09 Mark Robitaille
Louise (Weezer) Mixed Terrier 11/30/90-11/04/06 David Westrick
Louise Akita/German Shepherd Mix 11 years 06/04/07 Andi, John, Sara, & Matt
Louise American Long Haired Tuxedo Cat 16 years 12/08/07 Julia
Louise Beardie 10/18/95-11/21/05 Charles & Letty
Louise Buff Orpington Chicken 4 years 06/22/15 Diane Tyler
Louise Calico Cat 09/01/91-09/02/03 Cynthia Haynes
Louise Calico Cat 15 years 07/02/08 Donna and Sean K
Louise Cat 05/01/00-03/08/16 Lynda Sherriff
Louise Cat 3 years 11/04/07 Sara
Louise Domestic Longhair Cat 13 years 07/01/06 Michelle Wallace
Louise DSH Black Cat 10 years 11/23/14 Jeanne Fletcher
Louise DSH Grey and White Cat 06/87-08/20/99 Cynthia and David Boulia
Louise English Springer Spaniel 04/05/98-05/11/14 Kathy Ferguson
Louise Ferret 7 1/2 years 09/25/05 Lisa & Bjorn
Louise French Bulldog 05/03/07-10/14/08 Joy Silverstein
Louise Great Dane 11 1/2 years 03/28/09 Ruth, Jim and Kitty Wampus
Louise Greyhound 11/03/03 Marcia and Amanda Gehring
Louise Kitten 4 wks. 04/93 Sherry & Randy Nash
Louise L. Siamese Mix Cat 09/29/88-08/13/03 Lauri Damm
Louise Labrador 09/17/98-08/12/11 Mike & Sue Townsend
Louise Mama Cat Sharon
Louise Marie Krufka Domestic Cat 06/01/90-08/09/09 Lavinia Krufka
Louise Mixed Dog 12 years 11/13/08 Audrey Aikman
Louise Mouse 10/31/11 Kyra
Louise Pekinese 13 years 06/29/07 Hilde
Louise Pug 08/29/99-04/04/15 Cindy Lehouiller
Louise Rabbit 02/21/08 Kim Sheehan
Louise Siamese Cat 21 years 03/27/10 Ashley Burbey
Louise Tabby and White Cat 8 ? years 07/12/05 Lisa
Louise Tabby Cat 03/01/92-09/02/04 Steven M. Smith
Louise Tabby Cat 05/21/07 Deborah
Louisiana Terrier 11 years 09/11/11 Jeana Thorpe
Louisr Springer Spaniel 06/05/98-05/11/14 Kathy Ferguson
Loulou DSH Cat 06/2013-10/10/16 Sheila Owen
Lou-Lou Newfoundland 10/28/95-01/15/09 Eileen Wentworth
Loulou Shih-Zu 02/17/87-04/22/02 Linda Laurendeau
Lou-Lou Zac Kelpie X 1 1/2 years 12/10/02 Greta Martin
Loulu Siamese Mix Cat 02/14/92-03/13/07 Kirsten Holland
Loup Garou Schnauzer 01/09/05 Julia A. Galdis
Loupie - Loup Tabby Cat 16 years 08/21/08 Michelle and Chris
Lourdes Persian Cat 13 years 10/07/09 Angel Fain
Louwan's Regal Delite (Jeannie) Shih Tzu 03/01/87-08/21/02 Marcia
Louy Chocolate Lab 12/12/98-12/26/07 Austin Nate Melissa Karlee Smith
Lovable Rabbit 10 years 09/28/08 Margie Brown
Lovalot's Gold Booty Yellow Labrador 06/15/83-11/15/97 Val McClellan
Love Buttons Cat 05/13/09-06/25/12 John W. Antonowicz Sr and Family
Love Cat 06/27/16 Katherine W.
Love Cat 17 years 06/29/01 Barbara & Kim Turpin
Love Chihuahua 08/23/02 David Romero
Love Chihuahua 11/28/13 Dellalee Valdez / Lucas Martinez
Love Chocolate Balinese Cat 6 years 11/29/96 Robin
Love Lab Shepherd 08/25/11 Lauren Alpert
Love Lop Bunny 11/02/01 Ken
Love Million Tiger Mix Cat 04/2000-06/05/13 Lynne Million
Love n Kisses Doberman 08/15/95-12/25/02 Bill & Jan Leon
Love Newborn Mini Dachshund 09/11/98 Coats Family and Rottie and doxie family
Love Pomeranian 4 years 05/04/10 E.B & D.B.
Love Spitz 12 years 01/10/03 Betty Bloodworth
Lovebear Black Newfy 07/98 Dr. Ann
Lovebud Mini Lop Rabbit 10/09/98-02/12/05 Marilyn Walker
LoveBug Cat 06/17/07 Casa de Calmar
Lovecat Torti Cat 04/09/90-10/20/05 Ammy Theobald
Lovejoy White Westie Westhighland Terrier 14 years 07/20/06 Dotty F
Lovely Cricket Pekingese 10/22/89-04/27/03 Ginger & David
Lovely Gray Feral Kitty Cat Winter 2009 Mary Macdonald (Project Bay Cat)
Lovely Lisa Black Cat 21 years 08/13/07 Jim and Billie
Lovely Little Lady Basset 3 years 10/16/97 Vi Potter
Lovely Terrier Mix with Spitch around 10 years 2000 Mark
Lovely Yorkshire Terrier 07/10/11-07/04/12 Marcos Lima
Loveman White Kitty 11 years 07/31/87-09/01/98 Meg Halsey
Lover Cat 04/26/04 Eddie
Lover Collie Mix 16 years 09/12/11 Bart and Veronica Gibbons
Lover Dog 02/25/04 Pattie Rapoza
Lover Dog 09/29/98 Lea
Lover Macintosh Short-Haired Cat 1997-04/01/15 Allana MacIntosh
Loverboy 10 years 04/02/02 Marlene
Loverboy Black Labrador 12/06/03-10/25/11 Mary Birmingham
LoverBoy Cat 9 years 02/13/09 Anna Siroky
Loverboy Chocolate Oriental Cat 04/09/83-09/15/90 Maggie
Loverboy Gray Cat 8 years, 11 mo. 02/07/99 Heather
Loverboy Tabby Cat 02/16/04 Jennifer
Loverly Flame Point Himalayan Cat 10/85-04/06/98 Kim and Randy
Loverly Persian Cat 14 years 01/01/06 Leslie
Love's Mindy Lu Scolton Brittany 11/11/91-09/17/02 Sally A. Scolton
Love's Taffeta (Taffy) Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier 04/06/89-11/18/96 Mannette Raines
Lovey (Lovey Dovey) Guinea Pig 6 years Lewis Conklin
Lovey Airedale 04/08/85-09/14/98 John Donohie
Lovey aka Hottsy Mini Rex Bunny 8 years 04/16/10 Kristi, Oce, Curz, Case, Noodles, Sydney, and Lil Kitty
Lovey American Shorthair Cat 12/10/88-11/22/06 Dorothy B. Raught
Lovey Beagle/Basset Hound 03/18/13 Christina Ramsey
Lovey Beagle/Basset Hound Mix 14 years 03/18/13 Christina Ramsey
Lovey Blue/White Parakeet 1995-03/26/04 Amy Verngren
Lovey Budgie 01/01/05-08/12/06 Silvia
Lovey Calico Cat 04/03/91-02/05/02 Marion Connaughton
Lovey Cat 01/07/05 Laurie Norman
Lovey Cat 05/10/98 Ruth
Lovey Cat 10/10/11 Ashley R
Lovey Cat 15 years 06/02/03 Katie Yach
Lovey Cavanaugh Mixed Breed Lab 12/08/97-06/02/07 Gloria & Thomas Cavanaugh
Lovey Chihuahua 01/26/96-08/18/11 Toni
Lovey Coffey Dog 10/23/94-04/11/08 Tammy Coffey
Lovey Dalmatian 10 years 07/2005 Tina Ruggiero
Lovey Dilute Tortie Cat approximately 2 years 05/09/12 Lori
Lovey Dovey Guinea Pig 6 years 06/01/03 Lewis Conklin
Lovey Dovey Wild Dove 10/16/08 Lori and Kevin Black
Lovey Fox Terrier Mix 11/87-03/12/00 Vanessa Hamilton-Highfield
Lovey German Shepherd Mix 4 years 10/20/06 Jeana Tim Ashley Kari
Lovey Great Pyrenees 13 years 02/27/10 Jana Skipper Crosby
Lovey Guinea Pig 2006-01/16/08 Terry & Cindy
Lovey Himalayan Cat 14 years 05/07/07 Laura Greenwood
Lovey Kitty Cat 08/27/94-08/10/09 Elizabeth M. Ryder
Lovey Lab Mix 01/89-10/12/04 Jim and Betsy Daspit
Lovey Lhasa Apso 17 years 09/08/04 Pam and Bill Lamphear
Lovey Long Hair Cat 08/01/88-06/22/05 Tammy Littrel
Lovey Lovebird 3 months 06/23/02 Doreen and Ronnie
Lovey Lovebird 3 years Kristen
Lovey Muted Calico Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/05/94-04/14/08 Sharon McCluskey
Lovey Pomeranian 03/14/98-05/05/06 Connie Shelton
Lovey Shepherd/Malamute 07/01/03 Larry Abgarian
Lovey Short Hair Domestic Cat 04/01/01-09/24/14 Connie
Lovey Westie 01/28/03-04/16/15 Deanna
Loveydog Doby/Shepherd Mix 02/14/91-05/25/05 Donna Rumley
Lovie Blue Eyed Chinese Crested Dog 03/04/98-12/14/01 Wanda Jimenez
Lovie Californian Bun 10/26/98-08/12/04 Glenn & Ginger Lyons
Lovie Cat 04/15/89-11/09/07 Stefjo Nutt
Lovie Cat 05/25/01-11/22/08 Jennifer Schnoes
Lovie Domestic Grey Cat late 1988-04/28/00 Elizabeth Castano
Lovie Faun Cat 10/91-09/26/06 Arlene Faun, Alisa & Erin
Lovie Greyhound 06/94-08/24/07 Carol Caputa
Lovie Maltipoo Puppy 04/03/07-04/02/08 Christine Lopez
Lovie Mixed Cat 06/08/93-08/08/05 Debbie Halloran
Lovie Persian Mix Cat 08/20/93-11/02/11 Jenny
Lovie Sheltie 05/29/94 Tonie Rinella & Karen Munster
Lovie Tan Chihuahua 171/2 years 1989 Simon and Wanda Gorman and Family
Lovins Cat 10/2010 Brandy Turner
Lovka (Oaklara's Ggalovka) Borzoi 06/28/87-04/13/98 C. Michalak
Lovo Chow-Chow/Collie Mix 10/31/90-06/07/04 Veronica Perez
Low Rider Cocker Spaniel Mix 06/06/03-07/12/04 Krista E
Low Ryder Whippet 05/15/04-07/24/11 Steve Neighbors
Low Tabby Cat 08/17/00 Ann Byrne
Lowe Ocicat 13 years 07/06/07 Tom and Monica Spetnagel
Lowery Miles Orange Tabby Cat 08/01/00-09/06/04 Holly
Lowe's Jet Black Samantha Labrador Retriever, Black 03/29/91-01/21/05 Teri Lowe
Lowgrey Chow Chow 04/08/92-08/08/05 Helen Simpson
Lowie Mixed Dog 11 years 05/07/08 Cheryl, Scott and the kids
Loxley Border Collie 13 08 2005 Dave
Loxley Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/01/91-04/14/09 CJ Barwin
Loxley Lovett Calico Cat 2000-12/05/06 Linda Wehrle
Loxley Lovett Domestic Shorthair-Calico Cat 2001-12/05/06 Linda Wehrle
Loynt Lab/Shepherd Mix 01/14/96-09/02/08 Carol & Steve Jaworski
Loz Gerbil 09/07/95-09/02/99 Matthew Farr
Loza Tabby Cat 16 years 08/24/09 Sana
LP Blue Gray Persian Cat 19 years 09/01/05 CW & Patty Beardsley
LP Cat 10/31/84-02/22/00 Lilly
LP Dog 07/15/93-06/01/08 Bree Bourque
Lt Columbo DSH Cat 04/05/97-05/01/06 Steve and Lori
LT DSH Cat 17 years 03/06/06 Jane
Lt Joe Leaphorn Bengal Cat 02/24/14 Constance
Lt Joe Leaphorn Bengal Cat 06/07/01-02/24/14 Constance
LT Lab Mix 3 years 10/12/07 Kelley Hines
LT Lab Retriever 04/20/86-07/15/00 Pat O'Rourke & Sis
LT Lab/Border Collie Mix 12 years 02/18/12 Lisa Tilley
LT Mix Dog 18 years 10/25/11 Chase McQuarry
Lt. blue boy Rottweiler 1 1/2 lbs. 11/08/94 B. Jones
Lt. Commander Worf Rotty 06/01/93-03/24/03 Kerry Barnes, Kate Liston
Lu (Lucy/Lucifer) Mixed Cat 2 years 02/25/03 Steve, Charlotte, Doug, and Laura MacDiarmid
Lu Golden Retriever 1986-10/06/98 Jerry & Nancy
Lu Ling Chow Chow 12/06/98-03/20/03 Randy, Judy, Cubby, Lacey, Molly, and Muffy
Lu Lu Basset Hound 06/29/99-10/17/05 Teri Campbell
Lu Lu Davis Siamese and Gray Tabby Cat 11/93-09/10/08 Karen L Black
Lu Lu Dog Mike and Jennifer
Lu Lu German Shepherd 03/05/10-03/31/11 Jonathan Nee
Lu Rabbit S Greenglas
Lu Rottweiler 11/28/94-11/18/01 Jud Walker
Lu Tortoise Shell Cat 07/03/02-06/12/16 Nicole
Lua Albino Ferret 05/13/01-06/12/08 Delphine
Lua Ragdoll X Tonkinese Cat 12/12/01-22/11/11 Annalise Costello
Luane Black & Tan Coonhound Mix 10/15/99-02/01/16 Deborah
LuAnne Yellow Tabby Cat 03/01/03-10/09/09 Pat Collins
Luar Cocker Spaniel 10/08/01-05/02/15 Maria Eugenia Rondas Pimenta
Luba English Mastiff 03/15/95-06/12/03 Monica
Luba Golden Retriever 04/10/88-03/10/01 Kathy & Bill Harper
Luc Kitton Cat Amber Schalke
Luc~E~Fur Tabby Cat 09/26/99-10/06/10 Denise Wiles
Luca 08/05/88-09/13/99 S
Luca aka Lucie Shorthair Tabby Cat 08/2002-07/20/12 Rosa Ortiz
Luca American Bulldog 8 years 06/02/11 Ed, Karel, Del
Luca Bella German Short Haired Pointer 14 years 5 months 01/12/15 Joe and Karrie
Luca Cat 25/02/05-10/12/14 Renate
Luca Chihuahua 9 years 04/13/06 Marissa Panigrosso
Luca Dog 16 years 10/01/16 Matthew
Luca Flame Point Siamese Mix Cat 11/27/07 Cyndi
Luca German Shepherd 07/25/11-02/28/13 John Oliveri
Luca German Shepherd 09/01/99-05/08/08 Sarah
Luca Husky Shepherd Mix 11/21/02-11/19/08 Julia Schneider
Luca Kucinski-Stewart Domestic Long Hair/Tiger Stripe Cat 12/25/92-03/16/07 Rich Kucinski & Tommy Stewart
Luca Northern Inuit Dog 4 years 10/13/07 Lisa
Luca Norwegian Elkhound 13 years 08/02/12 Patti
Luca 'Our Little Man' Minpin 04/19/07-03/22/10 Mary and Bev
Luca Pit/Akita 12/16/01-05/20/02 Teresa House
Luca Ragdoll Cat 07/19/95-05/17/11 Pamela Devereux
Luca Samoyed 11/21/00-11/27/10 Donna M
Luca Skywalker Shorthair Calico Cat 05/02/00-12/09/10 Jim Williams
Luca Toy Fox Terrier 06/21/02-07/14/16 Ann Patterson
Lucas & Tomas Cats 08/2006 & 10/2006 Delia
Lucas aka Bubba, Chachi, Mr; Lukee Black & Tan Coonhound 08/30/04-12/13/08 Rod & Greg
Lucas Alaskan Malamute 03/28/20-09/24/07 Ashley Key
Lucas Alexander Yellow Labrador Retriever 11/22/86-02/08/01 Jill Alexander Black
Lucas Allen Workman Dog 9 years 05/15/03 Clarence & Carole Workman
Lucas American Bulldog / Lab 05/03/04-04/30/14 Debbie Bishop
Lucas Arriaga Pug 04/29/16-12/07/16 Sara, Meadow, Roy & Kobe
Lucas Baron Dog 01/16/93-11/20/07 Celina Baron
Lucas Beagle (Beagle Basset) 2 years 04/30/10 Krissi and Robert Mattison
Lucas Black Lab Mix 1 year 06/11/02 Rick Williams
Lucas Black Labrador Service Dog 04/02/88-06/11/01 Paula Bollen and Susanna Hakes
Lucas Blue Eyed White with Black DSH Cat 06/16/99-12/29/11 The Neely Family
Lucas Blythe Miniature Dachshund 18 years 08/2003 Nikki and Joyce Blythe
Lucas Bonatz Miniature Schnauzer 06/19/02-11/19/09 Robert and Nancy Bonatz
Lucas Bordeaux Dog 8 years 12/12/09 Roy Ilmer
Lucas Border Collie 12 years 12/28/05 Barbara Hanson and Guy Belanger
Lucas Border Collie 13 years 08/12/08 Alisa
Lucas Boxer 04/22/96-06/02/07 Heather Hazlett
Lucas Buck Siberian Husky 08/08/98-03/01/02 Debbie Slater
Lucas Buck Tabby Cat 16 years 10/14/12 Carol Heiderman
Lucas Bullmastiff 6 years 02/06/10 Jessica Pierce
Lucas Cat 02/20/06-06/01/08 Carrie
Lucas Cat 03/31/08-02/26/09 Aja
Lucas Cat 2 years 10/31/16 Stacy Rutherford
Lucas Cat 7 weeks 05/07/06 Diane E. Hartley
Lucas Cat 8 years 2005 Karen and Summer
Lucas Chihuahua 06/20/16 Troy
Lucas Chihuahua Puppy 12/14/07-02/22/08 Marcela
Lucas Clay Shepherd Mix 07/01/16-06/07/17 Sherry
Lucas Clemtoya Cat 13 years 10/10/95 Mel and James Clement
Lucas Cocker Spaniel 24/12/84-29/08/96 Angela Restrepo
Lucas Collie 11/06/02-08/30/11 Joyce Blanchard
Lucas Dachshund 04/14/92-01/23/08 Kristen
Lucas Domestic Shorthair Cat 14 years 11/20/03 Kathy J. Gambill
Lucas Domestic White Short Hair Cat 18 years 12/14/09 Michele Sandridge
Lucas DSH Cat 07/08-11/12/10 Daphne and David Lockmanese
Lucas Dvorak Wilson Cat 13 years 06/2004 Paula and John Wilson
Lucas Flat-Coated Retriever 04/03/98-04/26/05 Richard Herre
Lucas German Shepherd 10 years 06/30/09 Margie Gray
Lucas German Shepherd 12/25/95-11/28/00 Ana and Heineman
Lucas German Shepherd/Doberman Mix 10/31/06-10/26/14 Michele
Lucas Golden Retriever 07/19/89-06/19/99 Jan
Lucas Golden Retriever 11/11/87-09/12/99 Charlene
Lucas Havanese 12 1/2 years 06/21/14 Linda and Larry
Lucas Hensarling BUB Labrador Retriever 02/01/97-07/29/07 Tracy Hensarling
Lucas Husky 10 years 05/27/99 John & Maria Anderson
Lucas King Miniature Fox Terrier 12/90-10/13/06 Gaynell King
Lucas Kingston Cat 03/98-06/28/02 Raeven
Lucas Kopec German Shepherd 04/2002-09/06/10 Nicole and Chad Kopec
Lucas Lab Mix 01/01/99-01/11/11 Ana Haget
Lucas Lab Mix 06/31/03-01/16/15 Juan & Patricia Gallo
Lucas Lee Black Lab 08/23/06-07/12/11 Julie Lee
Lucas Llanten American Shar Pei 12/08/97-12/09/06 Julian Llanten Trujillo
Lucas Lutino Cockatiel 01/19/93-11/27/02 Chase Neumann
Lucas Maine Coon/Abyssinian/DSH Mix Cat 02/14/01-09/24/05 Lisa Butler
Lucas Martin Cat 1995-05/13/11 Jackie Martin
Lucas Mehelich Cat 01/2006-05/27/08 Nicole Mehelich
Lucas Mixed Breed Dog 06/13/86-08/11/99 David
Lucas O'Keeffe Cat 06/30/11 Tara DeVito
Lucas Parakeet 4 years 10/13/99 Carol & William Wleklinski
Lucas Pekingese 04/04/86-03/03/01 Ayla Nix
Lucas Poodle-Mix 03/80-03/09/99 Steve Pierce
Lucas Rhodes Harrier Terrier 10/31/15-09/18/18 Staci Rhodes
Lucas Rodriguez Cocker Spaniel 05/27/01-25/01/08 Lucas
Lucas Salazar Poodle 10/31/91-09/10/08 Maria Salazar
Lucas Samoy/Collie 01/02/96-01/07/06 Pam and Chester
Lucas Sheltie 01/28/94-04/02/07 Julie Brooks
Lucas Siamese Cat 12/26/01-01/09/09 Darla Carriger
Lucas Springer Spaniel 09/27/03-01/25/04 Lori & Elliott
Lucas Springer/Lab 10/01/91-11/17/06 Jeanette Ditlefsen
Lucas T. Chubby Butt Puppy Labrador 09/23/94-12/17/04 Jennifer
Lucas Toy Fox Terrier 12/20/90-10/13/06 Gaynell King
Lucas Tuxedo Cat 05/05/94-07/13/03 Kristi Stone
Lucas Umbrella Cockatoo 09/10/99-01/10/00 Karen
Lucas Vicktory Dog 05/05/15 Katherine W.
Lucas Weimaraner 9 years 08/08/08 Alda & Jason Nye
Lucas Woodard Cairn Terrier 04/24/00-11/26/06 Shree' Woodard
Lucas Yellow Collar Macaw Chico
Lucas Yorkie Terrier 07/26/07-04/02/16 Patricia Ann Medina
Lucca Dog 08/26/14 Kathy
Lucca German Shepherd 01/01/92-04/23/07 Bonnie Harris
Lucca Rottweiler 10/12/91-20/08/02 Jayne and Peter
Lucci Cocketiel 1997 Vivian
Lucci Mainecoon Cat 02/14/94-03/29/09 Jodie
Lucci Part Persian Tortoiseshell Cat 12 years 06/25/04 Erica Hayes
Luce Calico Fantail Goldfish 09/24/99 Annie
Luce Cat 12/14/93-09/07/07 James McDonald
Lucecita Dog 6 years 01/04/18 Sara
LuCee Golden Retriever 05/23/05-03/05/15 Beth Wilson
Lucee Shar Pei 07/25/97-06/24/03 Debra Nelson
Lucee Toy Poodle 07/11/95-09/22/07 Lauren
Lucero aka Papito Tibetan-Spanial 04/01/98-05/03/15 Aviva Torres
Lucero Chihuahua 12/22/06-06/27/17 Sandra and Angel Rodriguez
Lucero German Shepherd 02/10/98-27/07/09 Juan
Lucero Greyhound/Black Lab Mix 06/06/01-08/26/04 J. Limas
Lucey Pug 05/03/99-09/02/09 Sonia
Luchtain Star Royal German Shepherd 03/17/03-06/30/08 Noreen Berlier
Luci (Lucifer) Schipperke 10/23/87-04/23/00 Robert and Rose Tempel
Luci (Lucinda Fu Fu) Toy Poodle 12/31/95-03/01/08 Gretchen
Luci American Foxhound 03/03/06 Sue Vickery
Luci Bengal Cat 02/27/02-12/17/10 John and Lauren Terrell
Luci Blue Heeler 8 years 09/28/05 Julie Bon
Luci Cat 04/02/08 Jean Collier
Luci Cat 05/14/98-10/21/05 Karen Zebrauskas
Luci Cocker Spaniel and Poodle Mix 11/02/95-08/25/05 Jackie & Glen Smith
Luci Dachshund 02/25/98-09/23/07 Melanie, Philip and Jennifer Becker
Luci Dachshund 12/25/81-12/01/98 Ken Quillen
Luci DMH Cat Spring 2000-06/02/18 Janet Renaud
Luci Dog 13 years 07/11 Heidi
Luci Fiedler Black/White English Springer Spaniel 02/10/98-11/20/08 Judy Fiedler
Luci Girl Black Labrador 17 years 10/2006 Jason & Weldon
Luci Grey Tabby Cat 19 years 02/19/09 Jen Pettus
Luci Lou Mountain Feist Dog 08/14/06-08/18/18 Vicki
Luci Lu Yellow Labrador 01/11/02-07/15/12 Devon & Jackie Bowers
Luci Mae Golden Retriever 09 years 11/18/05 Justin & Michelle Gibson
Luci Marie Terrier/Beagle Mix 01/90-11/24/06 T. Gili
Luci Minar Irish Wolfhound 08/13/01-08/11/09 Dave & Terry Minar
Luci Mixed Breed March 1995 Linda
Luci Onorato (Painted Paws by Lici) Cocker Spaniel 10/22/91-02/24/98 Mom, Dad, Socks and Emily Ann
Luci Peke-a-poo 03.31.2006-05.25.2012 Ann McDowell
Luci Ratty a little over 2 years 01/2005 Sonja Steis
Luci Shadymists Lucille In Flight Golden Retriever 09/25/98-05/21/09 Coleen
Luci Yorkie 06/07/04-09/21/06 Liz O'Brien
Lucia Bala Cat 09/19/03-03/31/17 Rebecca and Matt Bala
Lucia Cat 12/92-08/23/09 Kathryn
Lucia Cat 2 years 06/01/00 Sue, SVHS
Lucia Dog 05/31/98 Sue
Lucia Domestic Short Hair Cat 10/25/08-02/19/10 Christine and Jeff
Lucia German Shepherd 09/10/96-08/17/02 Carleen and Mark Mackenzie
Lucia Himalayan Cat 07/24/05-10/17/10 Mary Dom
Lucia Rottweiler 15 years 05/11/02 Joyce and Tony Cerundolo
Lucia Shih Tzu 11/22/06-04/19/18 Ramona Levey
Lucia Tortoiseshell Calico Cat 14 years 05/19/01 Laura Grzelewski
Lucia Tortoiseshell Cat 18 years 08/09/04 Sue Hale
Lucian American Pit Bull 03/04/10-12/28/11 Kira
Lucian Dalmatian 01/01/06-01/06/08 Mary DiBlasi
Lucian Labrador 03/05/96-01/23/06 Sandy
Luciano DSH Solid Black Kitten 5 weeks 06/20/05 Michele Picard
Luciano Goncalo/Richardson Bengal Cat 04/93-10/31/06 Kevin & Brian
Lucias Fera Black & White Short Hair Cat 4 years 09/15/09 Shannon Fera
Lucie American Cocker Spaniel 04/17/99 Lisa Hadler
Lucie American Shorthair Cat 08/01/01-07/02/06 Sharon and Katie Young
Lucie Beagle 03/02/92-05/27/03 Andrea Dempsey
Lucie Black Cat 14 years 24/03/10 Trina
Lucie Black Lab 01/10/01-12/10/12 Raine
Lucie Black Lab/Springer 08/88-10/09/02 India
Lucie Blassengale English Springer Spaniel 01/04/94-02/24/11 Michelle Blassengale
Lucie Border Collie 04/30/95-05/13/06 Denise Witzig
Lucie Cat 06/23/07-10/12/11 Donnamarie, Roger and Angela
Lucie Chihuahua 03/28/98-08/20/12 Maggie
Lucie Chihuahua 17 years 04/07/11 Jack
Lucie Chihuahua/Terrier Mix 07/05/11-01/04/14 Alberto Morales
Lucie Cockatiel 02/15/95-09/30/06 Karla Elias
Lucie Cocker Spaniel 12/30/93-03/28/09 Leigh Johnson
Lucie Goose American Shorthair Cat 5 years 11/26/01 B Jansen
Lucie Guinea Pig 6 years 02/08/05 Sarah Birdsall
Lucie JRT Mix 03/17/01-08/12/08 Shari Hagewood
Lucie Katie Blue Heeler 01/25/09-05/05/13 Shirley Gallatin & Ed Smith
Lucie Labrador Retriever 12/06/97-07/16/07 Judy
Lucie Labrador/Doberman 25/11/90-02/11/02 Lynne Gilvear
Lucie Lucifer Domestic Shorthair Black Cat 08/31/99-04/16/12 Laurie McInnis
Lucie Lynn Miniature Pinscher 02/27/03-04/24/04 Barbara Holt
Lucie Maine Coon Cat 07/05/95-01/10/07 Jeanne
Lucie Marie O'Connor Cat 04/05/89-01/2003 Sharon
Lucie Miniature Schnauzer01/12/89-07/16/99 Deidra Daley
Lucie Poodle 07/17/14-10/27/14 Sharon Levy
Lucie Rottweiler 05/25/99-08/18/12 Debbie McDermott
Lucie Smets Boxer 10 years 02/21/01 Jennean
Lucie Toy Poodle 07/06/84-06/10/99 Jen Jen
Lucie Tuxedo Cat 08/03/90-07/16/09 Gail Salvato
Lucien Cockatiel 02/14/99-05/18/99 Annie Couture
Lucien Grun Pig 12/07/04 Kevin Blagden
Lucien Italian Greyhound 10/16/09 Danielle
Lucien Pomeranian/Chihuahua 03/25/07-07/18/08 Mellissa, Julien, Ethan, Rayvenne, Thomas, Zane, Kiki, Hannah Blais
Lucien Stafoo Davis De Cirrus Beauceron 07/13/95-06/24/04 Linda & Claude Davis
Lucifee Black DSH Cat 14 years 07/07/97 Sara Berger
Lucifer (Lu, LuLu) Tabby Cat 05/2004-08/28/05 Toni Priore
Lucifer Black Cat about 13 years 07/10/95 Christine Gorniak
Lucifer Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 1984-12/25/98 Diane MillerLu
Lucifer Black DSH Cat 15 years 08/23/10 Ruth Thieryung
Lucifer Black Lab 08/18/87-05/14/05 Robb Geesen
Lucifer Black Long Haired Cat aith Green Eyes 06/88-08/08/03 Ruth Copley
Lucifer Bombay Cat 10/01/97-12/05/98 Tracy Buchanan
Lucifer Budgie 09/95-05/21/02 Laura
Lucifer Burmese Cat 10/05/99-12/07/13 Karen Smith
Lucifer Cat 04/01/94-04/11/11 Rachel Jordan
Lucifer Cat 15 years 01/07/00 Jeanne Vajna de Pava
Lucifer Cat 18 years 09/25/97 Barbara & Kim Turpin
Lucifer Cat 1973-1992 Claire McConnell
Lucifer Cat 2006-06/26/12 Lindsay Smith
Lucifer Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/03/07-07/23/12 Tonya Ballard
Lucifer Ferret 12/01/02-12/02/09 Robert and Sandy Zobel
Lucifer Fish 2 1/2 years 10/25/99 Lauralee
Lucifer Kitten 03/08/09-05/29/09 Hayley MacDonald
Lucifer Lab Labrador Black 08/17/87-05/14/05 Robb Geesen
Lucifer Manx Cat 01/03/03-08/15/17 Melody
Lucifer Morkie 07/31/06-11/23/08 Shadia Jabboury
Lucifer Rapczak Black and Brown Terrier Mix 04/07/88 Kim Rapczak
Lucifer Rottweiler 09/27/91-09/14/02 Patti Skarda
Lucifer Scarlet Macaw 09/02/00 Nancy Gavin
Lucifer Siamese Sealpoint Cat 9 years 1979 Alice Noll
Lucifer Siamese X Cat 16 months 2001 Dayna Henley
Lucifer the Baby Cat Williams Black Cat 08/01/96-02/21/02 Scott and Heather
Lucifer-Lucy-Bad Kat Calico Cat 19 years 06/01/06 Larry Shapiro
Lucifer-Tiger Cat 8 years 05/25/11 Wanda and Bill
Lucile Alabama Donovan Bulldog 08/22/04-04/20/07 Carly Donovan
Lucille Anna Orange Tabby Cat 15 years 08/19/12 Susan Mills
Lucille Bunny Rabbit 8 years 11/23/10 Lara, Peter, Jens and Lily Byer
Lucille Camille Tortoise Shell Cat 7 years 10/22/04 Roblynn, Chris and Mama Cat Sliwinski
Lucille Cat 05/30/93-07/21/05 Paul C. Phinney
Lucille Cat 08/06/97-04/04/11 Brittany Heinz-Sanderson
Lucille Cat 08/25/89-06/28/05 Annie
Lucille Kitty 1992-01/04/06 Barry Hayes & Ethan & Alexandra
Lucille Lab/Dalmatian Mix 03/05/13 Cindy Schwarz
Lucille 'Lucy' Van Pelt Conrad Belaski Basset/Westie Mix 03/17/90-07/17/07 Wendy Belaski
Lucille Miller Rottweiler 05/05/08 John E. Miller
Lucille Mills Dachshund 04/01/06-03/07/11 Sherry Mills
Lucille Mouse 001/02/04 Stephanie
Lucille Too Moggie Cat 13/04/97-16/01/12 Sue Blakemore
Lucille, Jamie, Gizzie Kittens 04/18/08 Doris Doyle
Lucinda Brit (Britney) Springer Spaniel 12/03/87-04/10/02 Erin Syversen
Lucinda Brit a.k.a. Pretty Brit Springer Spaniel 01/01/85-04/10/02 Gaute & Erin Syversen
Lucinda Short-Haired Domestic Brown Tabby Cat 19 years 08/13/13 Elizabeth P
Lucious Lilly Luv Bug Bulldog 09/26/02-04/14/13 Graceann
Lucius Abyssinian Guinea Pig 6 years 03/27/14 Kristen Williams
Lucius German Shepherd 10 years 08/12/06 Krystof Krakowiak
Lucius Seal Lynx Point Siamese Cat 12/10/85-05/09/00 Ann & Dave King
Luck Suto All Black Cat 06/24/06-02/10/18 Akio & Kyoko Suto
Lucka Black & Grey Tabby Cat 07/04/02-02/02/14 Brandee
Luckables Shetland Sheepdog 04/03/03-10/13/06 Alexandra
Luckee Boxer 03/08/03 Audrey & Bryan Copeland
Luckee Maine Coon Cat 01/08/11 Linda
Luckette Corgi-Sheltie 18 years 03/19/98 Robin McGrath
Luckey American Eskimo Dog 12 years 11/14/07 Katie Guild
Luckey Ann Domestic Shorthair Cat 15 years 07/19/17 Melissa Goulet
Luckey Boston Terrier 08/20/90-04/06/99 Sherry Aubert
Luckey Cat 1986-10/02/01 Dave & Cindy D'Arche
Luckey Cocker Spaniel 11 years 03/26/11 Robin Balzani
Luckey Lab Mix 07/06/01-09/03/15 Gail Stone
Luckey Puppy Border Collie 08/30/00-04/16/07 R. Marshall
Luckey Sue Crisman Yorkie/Scottie 17 years 04/08/98 BedTime
Lucki aka Kieser Shiba Inu 12/07/06-10/30/07 Stephanie
Lucki Dog 13 years 05/01/12 Angelique
Lucki Domestic Tabby Cat 05/90-05/15/04 K.Gomez
Luckie Bennett Dog 07/07/??-07/06/02 Gramma Tami
Luckie Cat 04/97-09/25/99 Pamela Cash
Luckie Cat 07/18/92-03/20/01 Denise Flanigan
Luckie Cat 19 years 08/21/99 Lopax
Luckie Cohn Lab/Beagle 06/06/01-05/31/07 Ricki and David Cohn
Luckie Ferret 03/13/06-03/08/07 Heather, Hayley, Jody and Bill
Luckie German Shepherd 08/06/11 Jimmy
Luckie German Shepherd 12/85-03/20/99 Karen & Steve
Luckie Golden Retriever Collie Mix 05/29/94-09/14/08 Joselle & Daisy Palacios
Luckie Jack Russell Terrier 10 years 12/01/16 Lorie
Luckie Labrador Retriever 8 years 03/06/01 Lisa Robles
Luckie Rainbow Lane Tabby Cat 09/26/96-07/06/09 Barbara J.M. Bartholomew
Luckie Shetland Sheepdog 11/11/85-11/26/00 Joe, Lynn, Andrew & Laura Strickland
Luckie Shih Tzu 15 1/2 years 01/16/10 Yvonne Levely
LuckLuck Shieff Dog 14 years 02/20/15 Gail and Bud Shieff
Lucks War Jet - Raider Quarter Horse 28 years 2010 Zachary Eastep
Lucky & Flicka Husky/Greyhound German Shepherd Mix 01/11/10-01/22/11 Christina
Lucky (aka Lucky Boy, Luckster) Dog 06/98-01/2008 Lisa
Lucky (aka Luckydog1, Mister Lucky2) Part Lab 10/93-10/10/09 Tyler
Lucky (aka LuLu, Nono, Princess Noki, Loki) Pom 04/07/06 Dr Fe Desposito
Lucky (Baby) Little Guy Baby Bunny 3 Weeks 06/07/01 Niecy Lee
Lucky (Boo-Boo) Siamese Mix Cat 04/27/05-12/15/08 Sonja and Dale
Lucky (Buddy Cat, Luckster, Duckster, Lucky Ducky, Ducky, Buddy) Brown and Black Tiger Cat with a bit of cream on her chin 10/2003-02/16/08 Sarah and Craig
Lucky (Goose) Doberman Mix 1985-08/10/99 Joyce
Lucky (Ick Doo) Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/23/95-08/28/01 Kelly
Lucky (Kee) Black Shorthair Cat 05/22/85-09/24/03 Lynne Currey
Lucky (Kitty) Cat 2 1/2 years 03/02/12 Haripriya
Lucky (Kitty) Green Domestic Short Hair Cat 1958-1979 Kim Green
Lucky (Luciano) Yellow Tabby Cat 02/93-02/02/01 Catherine
Lucky (Luckaboom) Mixed Breed Dog 11/96-03/14/02 Kristy and Kevin
Lucky (Luckers) Yorkshire Terrier 01/01/75-11/17/88 Freddie
Lucky (Luckster Littlebritches) Longhaired Dachshund 08/06/93-10/01/04 Sherley & Carolyn Brown
Lucky (Lucky Boy) Cocker Spaniel 16 years 08/16/12 Andrew & Jenn
Lucky (Lucky Puck) DSH Cat 2010 Stacey Milochik
Lucky (Luckyboy) Tabby/Amerian Shorthair Cat 05/27/96-08/28/01 Marcy Bryant
Lucky (Momma Cat) Cat 9 years 11/03/09 Sam, Matthew, Ryan, Anya & Drusilla
Lucky (My Lil' Boo) Toy Poodle 12 years 06/21/12 Linda, Stephanie, Rocky, Aunt Dotty, Uncle Jimmy and family
Lucky (poo poo licky luck) Dachshund/Cocker Spaniel 15 years 12/19/11 Heather Field
Lucky (Prince Lucky Charm) Yorkshire Terrier 16 years 12/02/99 Avis and Nick DiBuo
Lucky (The Best) Shepherd Lab Mix 03/03/91-09/14/02 Steve
Lucky (The Cat) DSH Cat 03/06/92-02/06/05 Bryant Mullinix
Lucky .Mai Japanese Chin 14 years 01/12/07 Jennifer.Mai
Lucky 02/01/04 Brittany
Lucky 03/19/00 Patricia A. Weaver
Lucky 03/88-08/31/98 Judy Hince
Lucky 11/2000 Angela H.
Lucky 12/31/98 Shirley Norman
Lucky 13 Border Collie 06/06/02-11/09/04 The Ross Family
Lucky 2 1/2 years 01/27/95 Robyn Martin & Family
Lucky 2 Black Cat 05/15/91-04/29/01 Janet and Gary
Lucky 3 Legged Orange Tabby Cat 05/23/13 Amanda Devasher
Lucky 57 Mix Cat 09/07/12 Mark Tomon
Lucky 7 Summer Velvet Maddie Caine Brown and White Rex Bunny 07/02/12 Sharon and Tim Caine (Mom and Dad) and Bunnies
Lucky 7 Summer Velvet Maddie Caine Brown and White Rex Bunny 07/02/12 Sharon Caine
Lucky Abraham Mix Dog 09/04/10-02/05/12 Thomas Abraham
Lucky Abyssinian Cat 11 years 01/99 Barbara Brent
Lucky Ainu 08/21/93-04/25/08 Roger Guerrero, Maxwell and Lulu
Lucky AJ Mixed Black Lab 02/14/02-08/26/15 Dean Team
Lucky aka Fluffy Mix Dog 02/10/08 Jane Feldman
Lucky aka Kermit Kitten 09/26/99-12/21/99 Jill Collins
Lucky aka Momma Cat 06/24/01-12/28/04 Deborah
Lucky All American Dog 16 years 08/07/00 Laura & John Schoonover
Lucky Alvarez Lab Mix 12 years 08/03/06 Bino and Angela Alvarez
Lucky American Pit Bull Terrier 01/14/08-04/17/09 Jacky Yeo
Lucky American Short Hair Cat 05/05/91-12/16/08 Karen
Lucky American Short Hair Cat 9 years 02/03/97 Patricia and James
Lucky American Short Hair Tabby Cat 04/05/95-12/27/10 John Allen
Lucky American Shorthair Cat 03/16/06 Patricia Riddle
Lucky American Shorthair Cat 09/15/93-05/13/09 Marsha & Larry Marshall
Lucky and Cody Lab Dogs 2001 Pam
Lucky and Lady Dogs 06/29/85-05/05/00 Carolyn
Lucky Appaloosa Red Roan Horse 24 years 01/01/11 Hermione
Lucky Appaloosa-Quarter Horse 28 years 10/17/07 Brooke
Lucky Apso Lapso 02/22/06 Evelyn Sheldon
Lucky Aussie Shepherd/? Mix 05/13/05 Daniel L. & Karen E. Lee
Lucky Austrailian Shepherd With Some Border Colly 01/17/04 Addison
Lucky Australian Shepherd 05/01/01-01/25/08 Joni Benkusky
Lucky Australian Shepherd 06/20/86-11/28/99 Steve Campanella
Lucky Australian Shepherd Mix 07/2001-11/26/05 Francesca
Lucky Australian Shepherd, Spaniel Mix 12 years 07/22/10 Cheryl Russell
Lucky Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler 08/10/99-08/05/09 Kenny, Pam, Jordan & Chelsea
Lucky Azevedo Jack Russell 10/28/02-01/30/08 Tish Azevedo
Lucky B Lab Mix 11 years 03/12/14 Lisa
Lucky Ballard Lab 05/24/04-03/23/05 Jennifer
Lucky Bandit Kitten 05/25/00-10/12/00 Kristen N
Lucky Bandrich Mixed Dog 12/08/84-08/08/01 Lilia Bandrich
Lucky Barber Flat Coated Retriever 02/04/93-11/17/08 David, Kathy and Dj Barber
Lucky Basham Mini Collie 01/28/04 Tammy
Lucky Beagle 02/16/97-12/10/04 Yamile & John Llano
Lucky Beagle 03/09/05-12/26/10 Jodi
Lucky Beagle 03/20/13 James Lenaghan
Lucky Beagle 04/01/97-09/20/10 Sandy Pegg
Lucky Beagle 06/27/95-08/03/08 Michael & Stacey Fanning
Lucky Beagle 07/01/00-03/09/12 Gina
Lucky Beagle 07/16/95-10/27/00 Debby & Art Lacey
Lucky Beagle 10 years 11/16/05 Kelly
Lucky Beagle 12 years 06/26/13 Mary
Lucky Beagle 12/27/89-05/15/08 Bonnie, Amy & Ben
Lucky Beagle 13 years 07/31/12 Lynn Kondash
Lucky Beagle 14 years 02/10/14 T.G
Lucky Beagle 15 years 03/16/07 Rowellyn
Lucky Beagle 15 years 08/14/06 Charlie Smisson
Lucky Beagle 15 years 12/17/04 Chris Davis
Lucky Beagle 1993-2001 Nora
Lucky Beagle 5 years 07/03/06 Dave, Lori & Morgan Ingram
Lucky Beagle 5 years 12/26/07 Virgil
Lucky Beagle 7 years 09/30/12 Liz
Lucky Beagle Mix 01/01/93-07/09/09 Rachael
Lucky Bean Tabby/White Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/93-21/01/04 Margaret
Lucky Bear Cocker Spaniel Mix 15 years 03/05/05 Karin & Chuck Collins
Lucky Bear Dog 08/11/10 Eric K
Lucky Belle Cat 12/04/96-05/24/01 Kimberly W
Lucky Bengal Cat 05/15/05-11/06/07 Lanette Selix
Lucky Bernal Choodle 02/17/02-04/24/19 Kathy & Larry Bernal
Lucky Beshan Mix 15 years 06/30/99 Lohja
Lucky Bichon 02/25/00-02/21/17 Christina/Paul
Lucky Bichon 2 years 12/03/94 Melanie
Lucky Bichon Frise 06/11/96-07/11/07 Heidi Peter
Lucky Bichon Frise 07/08/02-05/03/10 Victoria
Lucky Bilbrey Courtney Pembroke Fluffy Corgi at least 16 years 07/12/11 Dan & Christy Courtney
Lucky Bird Rainbow Lorikeet 4 years 21/10/00 Leisa Wheeler
Lucky Bit Miniature Pinscher 11/10/01-01/11/06 Thresea
Lucky Black & White Cat 12 years 10/10/03 Marie, Hank, Grandmom, Ernie & Isabella
Lucky Black & White Tuxedo Cat With a White Spot On His Back 03/89-01/06/04 Michelle and Marc Shortess
Lucky Black American Shorthair Cat 5 years 08/30/16 Bill & Sherri White
Lucky Black and White Cat 05/06/06-05/12/08 Melissa Menard-Goldberger
Lucky Black and White Short Haired Cat 01/03/15-20/12/15 Donna Borland
Lucky Black and White Short Haired Cat 12 years 06/15/97 Lindsay Henderson
Lucky Black and White Tabby Cat 1994-11/20/08 Diana Chance
Lucky Black Cat 01/22/11 Lucky
Lucky Black Cat 03/17/99-05/26/05 Andrea, Cheryl, Mikey & Gary
Lucky Black Cat 08/31/97-11/07/07 Sue Duckworth
Lucky Black Cat 10 years 06/19/10 Joe Raybern, Jr
Lucky Black Cat 11/00-04/21/01 Sue
Lucky Black Cat White tip on his tail 04/05/99 Nancy Arnold
Lucky Black Chow 11/21/88-10/23/96 Paul, Cindy, & Rachel
Lucky Black DLH Cat 05/13/98-07/03/98 Cheryl Alexander
Lucky Black Domestic Short Hair Cat 05/92-06/08/05 Mary Jane Robers
Lucky Black Domestic Short Hair Cat 22/03/12 Natasja Dumay
Lucky Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/20/00-01/04/08 Susan Brown
Lucky Black DSH Cat 11/17/98 Robin Figlin and Amie, Barney and Bodhi
Lucky Black DSH Cat 8 years 11/27/09 Sandra Bickley
Lucky Black Hooded Rat 01/17/99-05/03/01 Linda Van Essen
Lucky Black Lab 01/10/92-09/11/06 Jesse Kaplan
Lucky Black Lab 01/19/08 Lisa
Lucky Black Lab 03/15/93-02/20/05 Kimberly York & Carey Sloan
Lucky Black Lab 04/08/94-05/07/07 Jeanne Vaillancourt
Lucky Black Lab 06/04/02-06/14/12 Aunt Sharon
Lucky Black Lab 06/06/96-08/20/09 Evelyn Cottam
Lucky Black Lab 06/15/84-02/03/02 Sue and Rob Phelan
Lucky Black Lab 09/01/90-11/22/02 Cynthia Cunningham
Lucky Black Lab 11 years 02/14/04 Rae Anne, Tim, Tom, Kazia & Joshua
Lucky Black Lab 11 years 11/04/07 Janet S
Lucky Black Lab 11/25/86-05/09/98 Kim M. Coleman
Lucky Black Lab 12 years 09/08/11 Rick Paras
Lucky Black Lab 12/15/08 Sandra
Lucky Black Lab 14 years 05/06/02 The Lyon's
Lucky Black Lab 18 years 05/2011 Toni
Lucky Black Lab 3 years 12/17/06 Joni Goodrich
Lucky Black Lab Beagle Mix 07/16/08 Mark, Cheryl, Champ, Heather, Trace, Markie, and Stephanie
Lucky Black Lab Mix 02/10/11 Kathy Summerville
Lucky Black Lab Mix 05/01/04-05/19/11 The Amon Family
Lucky Black Lab Mix 12 years 09/29/10 Caitlin and Carol
Lucky Black Lab Mix 12/04/93-08/23/08 Lillian Fowler
Lucky Black Lab Mix 14 years 02/10/11 Kathy Summerville
Lucky Black Lab Mix 14+ years 08/02/08 Cindy, Dan, Julia & Jesse
Lucky Black Lab/Greyhound Mix 07/05/99-01/30/01 Jennifer & Zachary
Lucky Black Labrador 11 yearsJake Chocolate Lab 02/03/87-03/21/00 MJ Ray 03/19/00 Norm Wroton
Lucky Black Labrador 15 years 01/13/11 Sandra
Lucky Black Shorthair Cat 08/01/92-09/29/07 Wanda Lemons
Lucky Black Tuxedo Cat 10 years 17 Nov 98 Mary Redmond
Lucky Black, Gray, White Cat 03/04/00-05/30/06 Mercedes
Lucky Black, long Hair Mix Cat 07/25/05 Angela Potter
Lucky Blonde Cocker Spaniel 04/20/96-12/09/11 Sue Landsberg
Lucky Blue Merle Aussie/Border Collie Mix 02/97-03/01/10 Mo & Craig Carlson
Lucky Blue Tick Hound 01/18/95-10/22/08 ADC - Tucker Unit (Prison Dog Kennel)
Lucky Bomber Parakeet 09/24/00 Austin Richardson
Lucky Boo Boo Boy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 02/05/93-02/15/04 Dennis & Yvonne Izumi
Lucky Border Collie 01/29/96-11/16/09 Bob
Lucky Border Collie 03/01/94-06/24/05 Melissa Carrasquillo
Lucky Border Collie 03/28/08 Toni
Lucky Border Collie 07/06/93-04/22/99 Kathy
Lucky Border Collie 07/06/93-04/22/99 N. Schlotzhauer
Lucky Border Collie 12 years 09/05/03 Margo
Lucky Border Collie 15 years 01/15/14 Kelsey Wagner
Lucky Border Collie Australian Shepherd Cross 05/29/96-08/25/09 Andrea
Lucky Border Collie Mix 02/23/12 Barbara Brady
Lucky Border Collie Mix 14 years 11/26/09 Lynn
Lucky Border Collie/Brittany Spaniel 14 1/2-15 years 10/24/14 Sylvia and Jimmy Miller
Lucky Border Collie/Shepherd Mix 05/01/91-11/29/02 Patrick and Jodi Harris
Lucky Bost Sheltie 06/15/08 Shelly
Lucky Boston Terrier 12/01/05-06/10/18 Linda Suntrup
Lucky Boxer 01/21/93-02/29/08 Tara Asbell
Lucky Boxer 05/10/11 Jean & Luanne Elie
Lucky Boxer 08/03/06 Edna Phipps
Lucky Boxer/Mix 06/29/00-08/31/11 Jenni
Lucky Boxer/Pit Mix 06/93-11/17/08 Carolyn
Lucky Boy American Cocker Spaniel 7 years 11/02/12 Alice
Lucky Boy American Shorthair Tabby Cat 05/24/96-08/27/01 Marcy B.
Lucky Boy Black Longhaired American Cat 03/2001-08/2006 Kalia Lauren
Lucky Boy Brown (Sexy Boy) Blue Dog 01/06/09-07/23/11 Monica C
Lucky Boy Cat 05/01/00-02/12/07 Diane Gonzalez
Lucky Boy Cat 08/01/96-05/20/99 Sam
Lucky Boy Cat 12/09/03 Bob Willard
Lucky Boy Greyhound 06/07/01-12/23/09 Steve, Joy and Jessica Hansen
Lucky Boy Mini Schnauzer 01/25/95-05/10/10 Art Sadagursky
Lucky Boy Toy Affenpincher 11/01/87-06/15/06 Sheila Pietras
Lucky Boy Tsikhlakis Johnson Dog 12 years 04/03/14 Anna Maria Tsikhlakis and Christos Johnson
Lucky Bridger Cat 09/32/12 Gordon & Pat Bridger
Lucky Brittany 06/96-01/02/08 Angie Simms
Lucky Brittany 07/15/00-10/16/11 Debra Parma
Lucky Brittany 07/19/01-02/04/13 Pat & Ric Ortelli
Lucky Brittany Spaniel 15 years 04/13/12 Crystal
Lucky Brittany Spaniel/Border Collie 12/97-05/12/09 Brian Kelley
Lucky Brittney 9 years 09/18/06 Mary Wilds
Lucky Brooks Pomapoo 04/17/93-04/22/06 Faye Brooks
Lucky Brown Shih Tzu 1999-06/01/08 Ron and Maria Regalado
Lucky Bubba Wilson Sheltie 02/06/04-01/26/16 Inez Wilson
Lucky Bubbles Long Haired Domestic Cat 04/13/98-09/30/01 Jennifer and John
Lucky Buck Or (Buck-Buck) Chihuahua 05/09/03 Richard, Blanche & Tyler Staton
Lucky Budgie under a year old 01/29/04 Katie Zurbrick
Lucky Bugner English Mastiff 12 years 09/10/04 Christine Christy
Lucky Bun Bun Rex Bunny 9 years 05/28/13 Deborah Lindsey
Lucky Bunny 04/2007 Isabelle Masters
Lucky Bunny 08/26/99-01/17/00 Zach
Lucky Bunny 31/08/91-10/02/00 Jane Dickson
Lucky Bunny Chong American Rabbit 2000-07/11/08 The Chongs
Lucky Bunny Rabbit 11/01/12 Kirsten and Kaia
Lucky C. 14 years 03/25/02 Julie
Lucky Cairn Terrier 02/14/10-05/19/12 Rebecca Conway
Lucky Cairn Terrier 100/29/96-03/10/12 MJ & Bill
Lucky Calico Cat 02/01/87-06/24/05 David Moor
Lucky Calico Cat 03/03/08 Dom
Lucky Calico Cat 06/01/08-08/23/15 Carol
Lucky Calico Cat 08/11/97-06/05/15 Cheryl
Lucky Calico Cat 09/15/90-09/02/07 Sue Boettcher
Lucky Calico Cat 10/29/05 Kris & Steve
Lucky Calico Cat 18 years 01/03/09 Valerie and Larry
Lucky Campbell American Shorthair Cat 08/01/92-05/20/05 Leslie Campbell
Lucky Campbell Cat 12/92-06/18/08 Bill & Nikole Campbell
Lucky Captain Hook black Lab 11 years 1987 Lori
Lucky Carlson White Mutt 06/20/83-10/10/96 Marjorie, Barry, Alex
Lucky Carlton Persian Mix Cat 10/97-03/24/12 Doreen and Wendell Carlton
Lucky Cat (Luckster, Ducky, Duckster, Ducky Cat, Snucky, Snuckster, Buddy Cat) Domestic Shorthair Brown and Black Tiger Cat with a tiny bit of cream on her face 10/25/03-02/16/08 Craig and Sarah M
Lucky Cat 01/01-02/20/06 Alison Helliker
Lucky Cat 01/02/87-11/08/05 Susan Hartsesnuk
Lucky Cat 01/05/98-09/26/07 Joni, Dennis, Anthony, Russell, Sean
Lucky Cat 01/08/87-21/08/05 Susan Hart
Lucky Cat 01/12/11 Vicky, Bob, & Rachel
Lucky Cat 01/22/10-09/30/18 Angeles Sanzano
Lucky Cat 02/01/90-05/18/09 Flo Aiken
Lucky Cat 02/14/85-02/19/99 Pete
Lucky Cat 03/04/95 Jeanette
Lucky Cat 03/10/10-10/02/10 Mark
Lucky Cat 03/16/06 Patricia Riddle
Lucky Cat 03/17/94-02/09/10 Lisa
Lucky Cat 03/17/99-06/26/05 Andrea
Lucky Cat 03/25/06 Carole Troy
Lucky Cat 03/93-10/12/10 Michelle Schumacher
Lucky Cat 03/99 Annette
Lucky Cat 04/06/09 Ashley
Lucky Cat 04/08/86-03/20/06 David C. Hackney
Lucky Cat 04/14/07-07/10/09 Sky Bivins
Lucky Cat 04/30/17 Mary Grace
Lucky Cat 04/96-08/2007 Dana
Lucky Cat 05/01/82-06/17/98 Lori Smith
Lucky Cat 05/01-05/10/09 Jayme Sullivan
Lucky Cat 05/04/93 Mary Howarth
Lucky Cat 05/15/08 David, Rachael, Louise, Joseph
Lucky Cat 05/21/85-02/23/01 Audra Tozzi
Lucky Cat 06/01/93-06/14/02 Kathy
Lucky Cat 06/01/94-02/18/12 Michelle & Buddy
Lucky Cat 06/01/97-01/17/14 Mary Millican
Lucky Cat 06/15/99-10/24/09 David L Davis
Lucky Cat 06/20/88-11/12/05 Michiko
Lucky Cat 06/22/02-11/23/03 Marshall
Lucky Cat 06/28/08 Gary & Nancy Turner
Lucky Cat 06/30/03-07/10/04 Carrie Beth
Lucky Cat 07/01/03-10/22/10 Jay, Paige, Matt, and Holly
Lucky Cat 07/04/89-11/17/06 Diane Simpson
Lucky Cat 07/08/98-11/10/11 Rosa
Lucky Cat 07/17/87-06/12/98 Ding-Le-Wun
Lucky Cat 08/10/01-07/26/13 Sherry Stepanek
Lucky Cat 08/15/85-02/19/99 Diane and Greg
Lucky Cat 08/15/92-01/24/09 Mike Taddeo
Lucky Cat 09/01/98-08/01/09 Ruperto Ballester
Lucky Cat 09/08/87-07/21/97 Andrea Spindell
Lucky Cat 09/14/10 Evelyn Tan
Lucky Cat 09/19/88-05/06/01 Jackie Arnold
Lucky Cat 09/2000-08/13/11 Jeannette Hermann
Lucky Cat 1 1/2 years 11/25/99 Jelena
Lucky Cat 10 years 03/08/98 Mary Ellen
Lucky Cat 10 years 06/15/99 Jose Vidal
Lucky Cat 10 years 11/23/99 Joan and Johanna Foley
Lucky Cat 10/14/09 Katie
Lucky Cat 10/27/88-07/14/01 Sheila Eckstein
Lucky Cat 10/94-01/15/08 Kathy
Lucky Cat 11 months 03/08/08 McDowell Family
Lucky Cat 11/15/11-04/07/14 Heather Harvey
Lucky Cat 11/17/12 Emory Simmons & Matthew Burr
Lucky Cat 11/28/10-10/14/16 Serena Chan and Janice Chan
Lucky Cat 12/04/01 Raymond
Lucky Cat 12/08/13 Erin
Lucky Cat 12/12/07 Christine Coombes
Lucky Cat 12/24/04 Alan Jones
Lucky Cat 13 years 07/15/10 Kelli Flores, Sharon Hackett and David Cray
Lucky Cat 14 years 04/20/03 Melissa McAughty
Lucky Cat 14 years 09/11/97 Pam Hamerski
Lucky Cat 15 years 08/11/07 Jennifer Holley
Lucky Cat 15 years 09/09/00 Cindy Yates
Lucky Cat 15 years 09/15/10 Pat and Don
Lucky Cat 15 years 09/16/05 Jessica
Lucky Cat 15 years 8 months 02/26/12 Jackie
Lucky Cat 16 years 01/25/05 Susan Chitwood Barton
Lucky Cat 16 years 04/20/12 Stacy Swentko
Lucky Cat 16 years 09/25/07 Lucretia Darnell
Lucky Cat 16+ years 09/28/10 Darryl, Gale & Joshua Blenner
Lucky Cat 17 years 12/30/05 Robert Wilson
Lucky Cat 18 1/2 years 07/13/01 Ken, Belinda, Ashley, and Gary Kundin
Lucky Cat 18 years 02/03/08 Heather B. Habelka
Lucky Cat 18 years 06/19/10 Andrea Thatcher
Lucky Cat 19 years 07/19/06 Vicki McCarroll
Lucky Cat 19 years 11/01/06 Julia Englehart
Lucky Cat 1991 Suzanne Hallihan
Lucky Cat 1992-1993 Brianne
Lucky Cat 1999-04/17/10 Sherry Horne
Lucky Cat 2010 David
Lucky Cat 2012 Michelle Cox
Lucky Cat 21 years 1998 Sandy and Family
Lucky Cat 21/05/89-18/02/02 Karen Key
Lucky Cat 26 years 10/01/16 Alfred and Barbara Lucchese
Lucky Cat 4 1/2 years 09/09/11 Katrina
Lucky Cat 4 years 09/05/06 Glynis
Lucky Cat 5 years 04/11/03 Deborrah Oliveri
Lucky Cat 5 years 05/16/10 Karen Moon
Lucky Cat 8 years 06/19/98 Hollie
Lucky Cat 9 years 08/95 Vicki
Lucky Cat Kim
Lucky Cavaretta Black Lab Mix 12/23/01-11/28/12 Joanne Cavaretta
Lucky Charlie of Lexington Toy Poodle 10/04/91-02/06/05 Karen Morales
Lucky Charm Black and Tan Coonhound 07/25/86-09/25/04 Joy Nolte
Lucky Charm Chihuahua 03/24/12-06/10/12 Julie Guenkel
Lucky Charm Lab/Pointer 12/18/83-06/12/99 Debra, Doug, Brad, Mary
Lucky Charm Murray Golden Retriever 15 years 03/02/11 Vicki
Lucky Charm Nolte BlackandTan Coonhound 07/25/86-09/25/04 Joy Nolte
Lucky Charm, Red Dog Golden Retriever 03/17/95-12/02/02 Adriana
Lucky Charmer Shetland Sheepdog 04/22/88-10/28/96 Amber D. Gates
Lucky Charms Pony 05/18/71-09/15/05 Kathy
Lucky Cheese Lab.Ret. 05/02/95-01/10/98 Angie Harding
Lucky Cheeseburger Stray Cat 01/26/04 Dakota & Riley
Lucky Chihuahua - Terrier 11/04/11-11/08/11 Jim & Subrena Denson
Lucky Chihuahua 04/08/01-09/29/11 Sarah
Lucky Chihuahua 04/25/00-04/12/09 Vanessa
Lucky Chihuahua 05/95-08/26/06 Debbie Setzer
Lucky Chihuahua 10/12/08-03/22/19 Gabby Reynoso
Lucky Chihuahua 10/15/89-05/31/04 John & Loretta Hampton
Lucky Chihuahua 10/23/02 Amy Riley
Lucky Chihuahua 11 years 08/09/16 Sheila Haysmer
Lucky Chihuahua 11/13/95-03/30/09 Brooks & Lynn H
Lucky Chihuahua 3 years 1997 Candi Cole
Lucky Chihuahua and Pincher 10/2008-03/31/13 Elizabeth
Lucky Chihuahua Mix 04/19/04-01/28/09 Amber Velasquez
Lucky Chocolate Appaloosa Horse 15 years 05/06/99 Lynn
Lucky Chocolate Lab 04/04/00-12/17/01 Michael and Lisa
Lucky Chocolate Lab 7 years 10/05 Danny & Lani Obrien
Lucky Chow 9 years 11/30/06 Anne Mowery
Lucky Chow Chow 01/25/93-06/21/04 Edythe F. Barr
Lucky Chow Chow 05/29/07 Andrew Lee
Lucky Chow Mix 03/01/00-03/14/12 Candy Graham
Lucky Chow Mix 04/28/06 Rosann Mazzella Girard
Lucky Chow Mix 11 years 01/21/09 Mom, Dad, Drea, Damian, Puff, Lala, Sonny & Fredo
Lucky Chow/Lab 05/05/92-01/31/09 Loretta, Bill, Billy, Michael & Joseph
Lucky Chowchow 08/12/97-11/30/06 Beth
Lucky Chow-Shepherd Mix 13 years 08/12/09 Victor Cosme
Lucky Cockapoo 12 years 06/20/03 Kathy
Lucky Cockapoo 14 years 06/07/05 James & Monique McIntosh
Lucky Cockapoo 16 1/2 years 01/04/12 Luwana Hart
Lucky Cockapoo/Terrier 14 years 07/13/97 Wm. Simpson & Family
Lucky Cockatiel 02/15/08-01/12/09 Donna Lesnak
Lucky Cockatiel 04/91-01/2006 Joyce Budnick
Lucky Cockatiel 08/02/16 Kathleen Andersen
Lucky Cockatiel 10 years 10/31/00 Brigitte Sabinash
Lucky Cocker Mix 16 years 07/25/00 JMC
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 01/17/00-01/14/08 Susan Allan
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 01/25/95-02/23/07 Colleen Camasta
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 04/01/91-11/08/02 Mark Bartels
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 04/27/06 Jose Rojas
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 08/22/06 Sharyn and Joanne
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 09/13/97-05/28/12 Diane and Sam Pruitt
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 09/27/08 Mark Pincumbe
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 11 years 08/01/05 Elizabeth Smith
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 11/01/96-11/19/11 Mary Cordero
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 11/05/99-04/13/06 Carrie Erlandson
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 15 years 03/19/08 Bryan Hamrick
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 15 years 05/27/08 Randy, Jenny, Jason & Justin
Lucky Cocker Spaniel 16 years 08/16/12 Andrew & Jenn
Lucky Collie 09/27/95-02/23/08 Laurie Ann Turner
Lucky Collie 11/07/91-10/13/02 Pam Schwetz
Lucky Collie 3 Months 02/07/00 Jim & Kathy Early and family
Lucky Collie Husky Mix 13 years 07/22/08 Erica
Lucky Collie Mix 07/27/95-04/18/09 Richard, Connie, Sean, and Renee
Lucky Collie/Husky 10/22/00-04/11/11 Sharon
Lucky Coonhound 02/23/02-06/08/05 Ellen Daulton
Lucky Corgi 12/13/09 Connie Warren
Lucky Corgi-Beagle Mix 07/01/93-04/03/08 Rosalie Woodard
Lucky Crook Golden 07/03/00-08/02/11 Joan Crook
Lucky Cross 21/01/12 Jean
Lucky Cross-Pomerainian 04 March 2000 Grace
Lucky Crybaby Dog 09/22/06-11/05/06 Yee Mun & Yee Yang
Lucky Cullen-Venn Dog 11/11/04 Joanne Cullen-Venn & Dave Venn
Lucky D Dog Dog 03/01/91-12/15/02 Debra Lapointe
Lucky D Wagenmaker Toy Poodle 17 years 09/07/11 Lynne Wagenmaker
Lucky D. Dawg Border Collie Mix 9 1/2 years 11/11/04 Candice Kelly
Lucky D. Dawg Border Collie Mix 9 1/2 years 11/11/04 Candy Kelly
Lucky Dachshund 02/28/02-10/24/14 Kelly
Lucky Dachshund 03/21/98-09/04/08 Jennifer
Lucky Dachshund 05/27/02-11/30/15 Wayne and Linda Brantley
Lucky Dachshund 06/30/99-05/25/06 Renee
Lucky Dachshund 07/11/98-01/10/09 Mikaela, Mary, Joe
Lucky Dachshund 09/26/02-04/27/12 Kenny, Virginia & Jennifer
Lucky Dachshund 11 years 04/13/16 James & Michele Prout
Lucky Dachshund 12 years 05/12/09 Glyniss
Lucky Dachshund 8 years 01/11/09 Jason Bloom
Lucky Dachshund 9 years 12/21/15 Michelle Kovacs
Lucky Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix 15 years Frances Barlitt
Lucky Dachshund/Pomeranian 05/15/03-11/07/15 Marguerite
Lucky Dales X Thoroughbred Horse 32 years 02/15/06 Alex Sam Chris Sean Becca
Lucky Dalmatian 05/30/94-02/15/05 Amanda & John Herring, Jon & Linda Nelson
Lucky Dalmatian 07/23/96-02/08/10 Nicole Pippin
Lucky Dalmatian 08/99-01/04/07 Joanne
Lucky Dalmatian 10/04/06 Cynde Cox
Lucky Dalmatian 10/06/90-12/05/07 Stephanie Lorraine Lewis
Lucky Dalmatian 12 years 12/06/06 Lisa Hartman
Lucky Dalmatian 13 years Summer 2010 Robert Richards
Lucky Dalmatian 14 years 02/04/16 Henry and Caroline
Lucky Dalmatian Mix With Black Lab 10 1/2 years 10/18/07 Lova Adler
Lucky Dalmation 6 years 11/07/96 Melynda
Lucky Daniel German Shepherd 16 years 04/06/13 John & Donna Daniel
Lucky Darnell Cat 16 years 09/25/07 Lucretia Darnell
Lucky Dawg Cattle Dog 12/92-07/29/04 Cathy De Rusha
Lucky Day Mixed Lab 03/10/98-09/02/11 Stephani
Lucky Deane Golden Retriever 09/15/96-04/18/07 Susan Deane
Lucky Desert Doggie Desert and Lhasa Mix 11 years 02/09/04 Michelle Dannen
Lucky Dew Cat 05/08/88-08/18/01 Kathy
Lucky Diaz Pittman Rottie 10/28/09 Bertha M. Diaz
Lucky Dlamation 04/10/95-02/22/03 Jasmine Free
Lucky DLH Cat 16 years 12/19/04 Jim and Carol McDonald
Lucky DLH Cat 17 years 01/14/04 Sheila and William Ford
Lucky DLH Cat 20 years 11/15/05 Michelle
Lucky DMH Calico Cat 05/17/99-04/09/10 Candy Murray
Lucky DMH Cat 05/04/12 Melanie
Lucky Doberman Mix 10/98-08/27/11 The Dieppa Family
Lucky Doberman-Huskie Mix 07/13/83-09/06/96 Dorann LaPerch
Lucky Dog !2/01/89-10/01/03 Barry Silver
Lucky Dog 01/06/09-07/23/11 Monica
Lucky Dog 02/21/91-12/13/05 Margie Enriquez
Lucky Dog 03/03/03 Nancy
Lucky Dog 03/17/95-01/27/06 Tammy
Lucky Dog 04/01/95-09/15/09 Angelia
Lucky Dog 05/31/10 Stephen and Victoria and Charlotte Worth
Lucky Dog 08/04/92-19/03/07 Julia Manning
Lucky Dog 08/07/08 Deb M and family
Lucky Dog 08/17/14 Cindy Yang
Lucky Dog 08/25/06 The Knapp Family
Lucky Dog 09/89-07/17/02 Patricia A. Branham
Lucky Dog 1 year 12/25/00 Tami Sharp
Lucky Dog 11 years 01/09/04 Connie and Craig
Lucky Dog 11/01/98-11/02/08 Cris A., Tigger & Cody Bear
Lucky Dog 12/25/90-02/06/06 Robert Altenhain
Lucky Dog 13 years 01/07/06 Ildiko Fordos
Lucky Dog 13 years 10/13/05 Jeff Thornton
Lucky Dog 14 years 05/29/99 Robert and Joyce DeVinney
Lucky Dog 14 years 07/10/14 Julie and John
Lucky Dog 14 years 07/14/08 Patricia Stallings
Lucky Dog 14 years 08/20/10 Esmeralda Silvestre
Lucky Dog 14 years 09/28/09 Jimmy
Lucky Dog 15 years 03/26/09 Sirena Bosarge
Lucky Dog 15 years 07/24/06 Lisa and Brian
Lucky Dog 15 years 11/06/95 Brian Harvey
Lucky Dog 16-18 years 31/06/12 Anne Bellew
Lucky Dog 17 years 03/27/01 Gina
Lucky Dog 17/06/95-02/09/09 Sab
Lucky Dog 19 years 11/24/12 Christine Benedetti
Lucky Dog 7 years 08/31/06 Gresko Family
Lucky Dog 7 years 12/16/04 Brigitte
Lucky Dog Airedale Terrier 11 years 09/18/97 Rick Paul
Lucky Dog Beagle 01/01/93-01/18/08 Laura Ellington
Lucky Dog Cattledog Mix 09/16/01-05/27/10 Deanna Fellman
Lucky Dog Doberman 10 or 11 years 05/27/08 Christine Lowe
Lucky Dog Dog 11/06/89-12/08/03 Pat Randall
Lucky Dog Golden Retriever 10 years 08/23/98 Amie Wiseman
Lucky Dog Lab/Shepherd Mix 01/15/99-09/17/02 Brian, Maggie, Jeff, Joey, & Holli
Lucky Dog Mixed Dog 09/08/96-02/12/12 Sharon Cooper
Lucky Dog Mixed Dog 14 years 06/07/11 Vickie Clark
Lucky Dog Peterson Labradoodle 03/01/07-11/20/10 Vanessa Peterson
Lucky Dog Terrier Mutt 12/25/93-07/29/08 Cherie Quellhorst
Lucky Dog Tri Colored Beagle 8 years 06/15/95 Angela
Lucky Domestic Cat 04/15/02-12/11/15 Joann M. Pochinski
Lucky Domestic Cat 2007 Brenda J Metz
Lucky Domestic Cat 4 years 03/2004 Joann Porter
Lucky Domestic House Cat 1980 Janelle
Lucky Domestic Long Hair Cat 06/01/99-04/06/14 Danielle Romich
Lucky Domestic Longhaired Tabby Cat 02/14/93-10/31/09 Cathy
Lucky Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/01/99-06/23/15 David Hecht
Lucky Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/02/97 Lillian Lundy
Lucky Domestic Short Hair Cat 09/21/95-09/23/01 Milan and Mariz Balejka
Lucky Domestic Short Hair Cat 10 years 03/12/99 Amy Darling
Lucky Domestic Short Hair? Kitten Mid/Late 2009-01/10/10 Erie Shores Humane Society
Lucky Domestic Shorthair Black & White Tuxedo Cat Gillian Walmsley
Lucky Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/21/01 Stacey Carroll
Lucky Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/14/93-08/08/08 Denise Orange
Lucky Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/23/95-08/28/01 Kelly McKendry
Lucky Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/28/10 Jennie
Lucky Domestic Shorthair Cat 10 years 09/16/09 Dave and Melissa Post
Lucky Domestic Shorthair Cat 11 years 07/06/00 Hugh Keel
Lucky Domestic Shorthair Cat 7 years 07/02/04 Melissa Turner
Lucky Doo Cat 02/24/12 Kristy
Lucky Dourm Tsamparlis German Shepherd Dog 02/16/03-03/21/16 Maggi Dourm & Jim Tsamparlis
Lucky DSH - Pure Black Cat 04/01/89-10/11/02 Candace Davis
Lucky DSH Black Cat 05/13/98-02/01/00 Rick Vonderheide
Lucky DSH Black/White Cat 03/90-10/2004 Maryellen
Lucky DSH Cat 01/12/11 Laura Fleming
Lucky DSH Cat 05/12/88-11/13/99 Julie R.
Lucky DSH Cat 05/20/93-02/20/05 Rena Jones
Lucky DSH Cat 06/13/08 Sharon and Jack
Lucky DSH Cat 07/04/91-09/13/08 Sunny Springer
Lucky DSH Cat 11/14/02 Stephanie Gray
Lucky DSH Cat 12 years 08/79 Lynnkossen
Lucky DSH Cat 2 years 06/13/07 John and Sharon
Lucky DSH, Black Cat 01/01/96-09/23/08 Lynne & Bob Sparks
Lucky DSH-Gray Tabby Cat 05/2002-07/2002 Cy Sawyer
Lucky Duck Duck Porter Shih Tzu 01/11/10 Elizabeth
Lucky Duck Irek Catahoula 02/14/98-01/15/07 Renae Irek
Lucky Dude My Baby Maltese 03/03/66-01/27/09 Kay Moore
Lucky Duken Shetland Sheepdog 9 years 05/27/04 Heather Nicole
Lucky Duong aka Lucky Gonzalee Dog 12 years 04/01/13 Vy Duong
Lucky Dutch Rabbit 4 years 01/16/05 Shirl
Lucky Earl Jones Cocker Spanial 10/10/99-04/08/14 Tammy Jones
Lucky Ecker Border Collie Mix 11/2002-09/22/03 Georgie Ecker and Laura Harper
Lucky Effrom Johnson Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/15/00-07/08/11 Brittany Johnson
Lucky English Springer Spaniel 05/08/93-08/24/02 Faith
Lucky English Springer Spaniel 06/15/91-03/29/04 Kathy Applegate
Lucky Everett Domestic Long Hair Cat 04/19/98-02/14/09 Nancy Everett
Lucky F. Cat 05/91-11/28/98 Andrea F.
Lucky Ferret 3 years 06/22/06 Kristy Thompson
Lucky Ferret 9 years 03/20/09 Hanik Family
Lucky Fish Schnauzer 05/27/89-01/20/02 Sara Fish
Lucky Flat Coated Retriever 13 years 01/22/04 Jennifer Jones
Lucky Florida White Rabbit 06/03/97-04/19/98 Ann Bledsoe
Lucky Fox Terrier Mix 03/17/91-05/04/05 Eileen Johnson
Lucky Fred Siamese Cat 16 years 04/05/92 Allison H Cole
Lucky Frid Bichon 1999-12/19/14 Claudie & Randy
Lucky Friedman Lab Mix 10/2000-07/31/13 Judy Friedman
Lucky Fuller Dalmatian/Mix 05/10/95-08/23/10 Nancy Groff
Lucky Fyfe Cook Dog 8 years 01/25/11 Nick and Sam Fyfe Cook
Lucky Gale Mutt 10/31/93-05/16/10 Amy
Lucky Gauthier Lab/Border Collie Mix 12/10/97-07/07/08 Ray, Cindy, Joe and Tyler Gauthier
Lucky Gene English Springer Spaniel 13 1/2 years 09/22/98 Naomi Hersh Clackum
Lucky Gerbil 01/31/97-01/03/01 Sarah
Lucky Gerbil 3 years 08/22/11 Kyla
Lucky German Shep Mix 04/26/97-06/30/11 Patty Lager
Lucky German Shep.& Akita Mix 01/01/93-06/08/03 Gin and Dan Peiser
Lucky German Shepherd 00/18/96 Emmy Murphy
Lucky German Shepherd 02/14/02-10/03/14 Effie Colida
Lucky German Shepherd 03/04/04-05/15/10 Tanja
Lucky German Shepherd 04/12/95-06/18/05 Dennis Fehling and Pam Bigoni
Lucky German Shepherd 04/15/97-11/11/04 Rob Silver
Lucky German Shepherd 11 years 01/15/04 Steve Grad
Lucky German Shepherd 11 years 01/23/08 Gerry, Monica, Jocelyn, Ashley Hudon
Lucky German Shepherd 12/02/03-05/24/06 Lynn Zervakos
Lucky German Shepherd 12/19/00 Alice
Lucky German Shepherd 16 years 09/19/99 Howard & Marion Pierce
Lucky German Shepherd 2000-12/26/11 Vahona Richardson
Lucky German Shepherd 9 1/2 years 06/23/01 Shirl
Lucky German Shepherd Cross 5 years 09/19/08 Tim Hirsch
Lucky German Shepherd Mix 02/08/91-04/24/04 Kim McCarthy
Lucky German Shepherd Mix 04/01/05 Jeannie Yoshida
Lucky German Shepherd Mix 04/08/92-03/19/07 Julia and Bob Manning
Lucky German Shepherd Mix 1 1/2 years 12/14/01 Abby M
Lucky German Shepherd Mix 12 years 08/28/05 Anna Pflieger
Lucky German Shepherd Mix 12/12/98-11/29/12 Bob Runion
Lucky German Shepherd Mix 15 years 07/06/11 Dorothy Mezzina
Lucky German Shepherd/Blue Heeler 15 years 02/11/13 Sheila Mason
Lucky German Shepherd/Border Collie Cross 04/14/06-08/22/18 Mary Pattullo
Lucky German Shepherd/Chow 08/20/95-03/24/04 Samantha
Lucky German Shepherd/Chow Mix 12 years 12/22/07 Mary & Bob
Lucky German Shepherd/Collie 02/08/90-04/24/04 Katie, Kim, Mommy, and Daddy
Lucky German Shepherd/Collie 11 years 07/13/09 Karen Strausser
Lucky German Shepherd/Golden Retriever Mix 02/2008-04/02/09 Angela Sandlin
Lucky German Shepherd/Rottie 13 years 10/11/02 Lauren
Lucky German Shepherd/Rottweiler Mix 14 weeks 12/21/07 Amina & Blake
Lucky German Short Hair Pointer Mixed With A Collie 04/13/95-08/07/09 Jacqueline & Dennis Johnson
Lucky German Shorthair Pointer 12/14/94-12/13/02 Patti Willis
Lucky German Shorthair Pointer 2000-01/03/13 Emily Petrucci
Lucky Gilmour Black Cat 14 years 09/29/09 Beth Gilmour
Lucky Ginger and White Cat 07/20/06 Kym Smith
Lucky Ginger Tom Cat 01/11/05 Diane Faria
Lucky Girl Basenji Boxer Mix 12/25/96-04/15/03 Stephen Fossati
Lucky Girl Flat Coat Retriever 05/02-06/15/05 Jacki, Fred, Theresa and Michael
Lucky Girl Golden Retriever 06/01/02-02/10/02 Pat Cross
Lucky Golden 03/20/09 Aw
Lucky Golden Hamster 18 months 08/10/02 Emily Heavrin
Lucky Golden Lab 12 years 11/04/05 Roger, Karen & Ryan Swanson
Lucky Golden Ret 02/28/02-09/08/14 Cindy Henschel
Lucky Golden Retrevier 04/07/93-12/17/00 Sarah Jondreau
Lucky Golden Retriever 01/20/04-01/19/13 Marilyn Powell
Lucky Golden Retriever 02/17/99-08/26/11 Rita
Lucky Golden Retriever 03/21/97-10/27/03 Lynn & Beth Farmer
Lucky Golden Retriever 04/20/97-03/27/09 Jeremy & Missy
Lucky Golden Retriever 04/27/00-09/28/09 Jenny Pope
Lucky Golden Retriever 07/02/02-07/20/09 Brad & Penny
Lucky Golden Retriever 07/11/85-05/02/97 Vicki, Timothy, Fannie, Lisa, and Christina Yin
Lucky Golden Retriever 08/18/98-10/23/05 Patti
Lucky Golden Retriever 10 years 10/22/99 Mary Patulak & Robyn & Terry O'Toole
Lucky Golden Retriever 10/11/06 Nancy, Jeff, Amy, Bob, Aunt Betty
Lucky Golden Retriever 11/11/90-06/03/01 Elad
Lucky Golden Retriever 11/16/03-08/13/12 Laima and Jeff Lohman
Lucky Golden Retriever 12 years 01/25/11 Maria
Lucky Golden Retriever 12/07/90-07/13/99 Erin Phillips
Lucky Golden Retriever 13 years 06/05/07 Meri Lee Testa
Lucky Golden Retriever 13 years 07/01/97 Marilyn Meyer Severino
Lucky Golden Retriever 14 years 10/29/08 The Walter Family
Lucky Golden Retriever 14 years 2003 Patricia Fernandez
Lucky Golden Retriever 15 years 12/18/96 Sharon Hogan
Lucky Golden Retriver 11/11/90-06/03/01 Elad
Lucky Golden/ Lab Mix 03/27/02 Pam Anderson
Lucky Goldie Shelty/Poodle 04/28/03-04/21/03 Jonathon Goldie
Lucky Gonzalez Cocker Spaniel 01/09/99-02/03/10 Yanira Gonzalez
Lucky Goose 2 years 2011 Debbie P
Lucky Gordon Setter 13 years 10 March 2009 Karen Nelson
Lucky Gordon Setter Mix 14 years 01/14/10 Ann and Mark
Lucky Gray and White Shorthair Cat 06/95-04/29/00 Ava
Lucky gray tiger Cat 12 1/2 years01/10/95 John Shanko
Lucky Great Dane Shepherd Mix 06/02/11 Kim Madden
Lucky Green Iguana 03/26/03 Dana Ishiyama
Lucky Grey and Orange Tabby Cat 03/21/84-09/18/03 Mary and Pat
Lucky Grey Cat 16 years 11/2003 Stu and Carol
Lucky Grey Cat 1986-11/18/04 Sandy and Walt Keller
Lucky Grey Tabby Cat 01/01/88-01/26/99 Tina
Lucky Grey Tabby Cat 18 years 11/09/00 Mary MacLeod
Lucky Grey Tabby/Blue Eyes Domestic Medium Hair Cat 03/08/00-03/19/13 Marc & Doris Adler
Lucky Greyhound 03/05/12 Alyssa Giordani
Lucky Grogan Golden Retriever 01/15/15 Matthew, Ann, and Chris Grogan
Lucky GSD (Gentle Giant) 08/20/79-08/09/92 Sally Compton
Lucky GSD/Malamute Mix 1985-07/25/97 Rocapela-Montague Family
Lucky Guinea Pig 4 years 08/13/00 Caitlin Ashley
Lucky Guinea Pig 6 years 12/97 David & Susan Thielbar
Lucky Half Chihuahua, Half Pomeranian 10/01/16 Amy
Lucky Half Tortie Half Tabby Cat 08/15/00-11/30/17 Kathy Becker
Lucky Hamster 6 years 12/23/06 May Hope
Lucky Hamster Kelly C.
Lucky Hernandez Maltese 05/31/14 Raul Hernandez
Lucky Hlousek Collie X Shepherd Mix 9.9 years 08/08/97 Joyce and Kevin Hlousek
Lucky Ho Mixed Dog 1992-05/24/04 Ginny Ho
Lucky Honey Bear Hamster 09/08/07-04/28/10 Billy
Lucky Horse 15 years 06/16/82-11/06/97 Jacquelyn
Lucky Hound Mix 03/22/17 Jennifer Miller
Lucky Hound/Cocker Mix 06/91-12/03/98 Clara Landau
Lucky Houston Black Persian Cat 03/15/92-04/29/09 Kirstie Houston
Lucky Huskie/Shepherd Mix 11/01/96 Dave and June Singer
Lucky Husky John & Kathleen Taylor
Lucky Husky Mix 10 years 07/12/07 Teri Graves
Lucky Husky Mix 14 years 01/14/09 Doug and Jeanne Bollenbacher
Lucky Husky, Shepherd, Collie 10 years 04/16/18 Alf, Lisa, Jaymie, Logan and Katie
Lucky Husky/ Lab 11+ years 11/25/08 Sean & Wendy Brown
Lucky II Budgie 05/19/04-05/22/04 Katie Zurbrick
Lucky Irish Setter 12/31/82-12/02/97 Sharon Henry
Lucky Jack Russell Mix 13 years 02/23/14 Joe Pettee
Lucky Jack Russell Terrier 12 years 11/06/99 Paul Coe
Lucky Jack Russell Terrier 12/25/03 Faith
Lucky Jack Russell Terrier 13 years 04/22/11 Cindy Hamilton
Lucky Jack Russell/Beagle 07/04/92-01/14/08 B
Lucky Jack Russell/Beagle Mix 07/04/92-01/14/08 Steve, Jenny, Ethan & Aly Brown
Lucky Jack Tiger Cat 04/20/00-02/29/16 Laurie Dunlap
Lucky Jackmack Yellow Labrador Retriever 07/15/98-12/08/08 Sheri Jackmack
Lucky James Morrison Collins Mixed Terrier 16 years 01/28/11 The Collins Family
Lucky Jet Black Cat 05/04/98-02/01/00 Rick V
Lucky Joe Labradoodle 10/04/99-09/14/07 Patricia
Lucky Johnson Lab 01/13/90-07/17/05 Harold & Laurie Johnson
Lucky Julius Rapscallion Miniature Schnauzer 03/17/95-01/27/06 Tammy
Lucky Kaur Dog 6 years 01/09/13 Catherine Beattie
Lucky Keeshond 18 years 07/29/05 Stacey
Lucky Kemp Domestic Black Cat 07/01/98-07/01/13 Kristin Kemp
Lucky Kimball Mixed Border Collie 10 years 01/03/05 Jan
Lucky KimmWhit
Lucky King Shepherd Doberman Mix 04/04/07-09/09/14 Elicia
Lucky Kitten 07/11/03-11/08/03 Curt, Lynne, Lisa Ratliff
Lucky Kitten 07/15/02 Julie Loera
Lucky Kitten 07/16/99 Nancy
Lucky Kitten 09/14/03-09/18/03 Larry & Sarah
Lucky Kitten 11/16/08 Tricia
Lucky Kitten 3 weeks 04/17/04 Barbara
Lucky Kitten 9 weeks 10/08/00 Krissy Cochran & Paul Malone
Lucky Kitty Black Cat 09/17/96-05/18/09 Jennifer Royce
Lucky Kitty Cat 02/25/92-03/19/11 Julie Allen-Feltenberger
Lucky Kluttz Beagle Mix 08/20/91-08/09/04 Steve and Debbie
Lucky Knapp Pyrenees/Shepherd Mix 03/14/94-08/14/06 Bev Knapp
Lucky Lab 05/26/00-07/16/12 Doug and Susie
Lucky Lab 06/21/04 Kristi Dalka
Lucky Lab 08/09/98-04/21/13 Jason Sughrue
Lucky Lab 10/24/10 Jennifer
Lucky Lab 10/31/94-02/28/03 Mike
Lucky Lab 11 years 05/26/05 Randy and Linda
Lucky Lab 12 years 09/01/12 Anna
Lucky Lab 2 years 07/23/17 Robyn
Lucky Lab 5 years 05/19/08 Christie C
Lucky Lab 6 years 08/16/99 S Anaya
Lucky Lab 9 years 10/22/08 Jessica, Ted, TJ, and John Michael Thasitis
Lucky Lab Cross 1974/75 - 1987 Justin Deborah Greg & Mark Kahrs
Lucky Lab Mix 08/01-12/19/03 Tony, Chris, Maria, Julie Medina
Lucky Lab Mix 10 years 08/06/08 Nancy
Lucky Lab Mix 10 years 10/14/10 Heather
Lucky Lab Mix Puppy 5 months 12/12/11 Eleanor, Terri, Bill
Lucky Lab X Bassett 11/15/01-11/22/08 Cindy Fisher
Lucky Lab/Collie 01/15/95-06/13/08 CJW
Lucky Lab/Collie 01/15/97-06/13/08 Connie
Lucky Lab/Husky 03/05/97-10/10/12 Hawk Hemingway
Lucky Lab/Pit Mix 05/97-02/28/00 Donna, Tony, John & Kelly
Lucky Lab/Shep Mix 09/01/98-07/02/08 Darren
Lucky Lab/Shep Mix 10 years 09/05/07 Carolyn Lutza
Lucky Lab/Terrier 04/10/87-05/28/03 The Kaiser Family
Lucky Lab-Chow Mix 15 years 04/27/08 Rick, Judy, Kerri, Kali, Kyler & Beau
Lucky Labordor 02/18/95 Joseph John Bruno
Lucky Labrador 06/08/99-02/24/11 Lynn Merone
Lucky Labrador 14 years 08/08/11 Sue C
Lucky Labrador 15 years 12/15/11 Lisa Sharp
Lucky Labrador Retriever 01/15/98-07/29/08 Karl Barwin
Lucky Labrador Retriever 05/31/95-06/26/08 Leann & Shawn Walther
Lucky Labrador Retriever 08/2006-05/22/15 Bonnie Furlong & Gomez Family
Lucky Labrador Retriever 09/06/96-01/19/08 Nancy
Lucky Labrador Retriever 11/20/00-05/27/15 Diane McQueen
Lucky Labrador/Alston Cross 10/06/00-26/11/13 Elizabeth Smith
Lucky Lady Alexandra DLH Cat 05/01/84-03/12/97 Angela Dinkle
Lucky Lady Golden Retriever 02/02/10 Phoebe
Lucky Lady Lowrider Norwegian Elkhound Mix 11 years 04/25/10 Susan
Lucky Lady Mixed Dog 6 years 08/14/06 Pati & Bob Woodring
Lucky Lady Samantha Hurd Bedlington Terrier 04/01/96-11/18/08 Elizabeth Hurd
Lucky Lapp Yorkshire Terrier 05/05/75-11/17/88 Freddie Lapp
Lucky Laquitara Dog 12/25/00-09/26/09 Joseph Laquitara
Lucky Lhasa Apso 05/28/02 Karen Colee, Anne Colee
Lucky Light Orange Tabby Cat 02/82-06/25/98 Jim Lewis
Lucky Linneman Brown and White Dalmation 10/89-11/07/96 Melynda and Dan
Lucky Long Hair Chihuahua 03/15/95-05/31/06 Jennifer Zolikoff
Lucky Long Haired Chihuahua 15 years 08/15/18 Karen Roff
Lucky Long Haired Domestic Cat 5 years 05/03/11 Ray & Sallie Williams
Lucky Long-Haired, Black and White Cat 06/05/04-06/23/06 Teresa
Lucky Lop/Rex Rabbit 10/31/07-07/17/15 Elizabeth Kuhlmann
Lucky Lotso 11/01/99-09/15/11 Christina Rommel
Lucky Lou Akita 08/97-05/15/11 Alicia
Lucky Lou Smith Collie 14 years 11/27/09 Jeff and Dian Smith
Lucky Louie Mir Golden Retriever and Border Collie 11/13/00-06/26/04 Robert, Claire, Nicole, Jackie, Ryan, Jessica, Honey
Lucky Louie Mixed Beagle and Doberman 07/04/89-07/26/02 Stacy Gattis
Lucky Lucy Kitten 1 week 09/22/06 Tony & Ryan
Lucky 'Luh- Luck' Cockapoo 8 years 06/2006 Jenny, Mark, Brit and Tipp
Lucky Luke Beane Lab Mix 8 years 01/10/11 Pamela Beane
Lucky M Shepherd Mix 08/10/95-06/08/09 Toni
Lucky M. Poodle 1 year01/18/98 Danita Marrs
Lucky Mahoney Bichon Frise 10/04/91-11/28/07 Lisa Mahoney
Lucky Maine Coon Cat 05/01/88-08/23/99 Tom & Dianne Kleinert
Lucky Maine Coon Cat 10 years 05/05/06 Melissa
Lucky Maine Coon Cat 11/20/05 Madeleine Kivell
Lucky Maine Coon Cat 14 years 02/02/00 Tom and Rose Hayden
Lucky Maine Coon Cat 14 years 09/11/15 Jason Lau
Lucky Maine Coontail Cat 09/05/88-08/08/03 Linda Berkshire
Lucky Mainecoon Cat 02/20/92-10/27/08 Marlene
Lucky Maltese 09/06/96-12/24/07 Denise
Lucky Maltese 12/25/96-07/19/10 Jeanne
Lucky Maltese 15 years 06/11/04 Donna Jacobs
Lucky Maltese Mix 8 years 06/18/08 Janet Shears
Lucky Maltese Poodle Mix 1 year 10/11/12 Mina Donahue
Lucky Maltese/Bichon 15 years 2006 Mom Bobbie
Lucky Mandi Million Collie 01/28/91-03/07/02 Sherry Brown
Lucky Marie American Shorthair Cat 14 years 06/12/07 Diane
Lucky Marie Beagle 12/04/94-11/03/04 Corey Cullimore
Lucky Mark Savant Grey Short-Haired Tabby Cat 19 years 05/13/13 Kay Savant
Lucky Martinsen Orange Cat 10 years 05/12/06 Janelle Martinsen
Lucky Maxwell Red Pomeranian 10/21/88-06/10/95 Dale & Bonnie Maxwell
Lucky Mayo Cat 07/08/09 Pam Mayo
Lucky Mazzantini Black Cat 06/99-04/28/12 Patrick Mazzantini
Lucky McCormack Shepherd Mix 08/10/95-05/08/09 Greg McCormack
Lucky Mcgill Golden Retriever/Irish Setter 07/04/00-04/17/04 Bear & Diane
Lucky Mckenzie Belgium Dwarf Rabbit 10/24/03-02/24/11 Anthony Mckenzie
Lucky Mezzina Mixed (German Shepherd/Chow-Chow) 16 years 07/06/11 Maria Przyborowski
Lucky Min Pin 6 1/2 years 09/12/08 Terrilee Tygart
Lucky Min. Poodle 13 years 09/10/07 Judy Brannan
Lucky Mini Lop Rabbit 06/10/03-04/23/06 Karen Reed
Lucky Mini Rex Bunny 5 years 10/12/04 Jennifer and Dan
Lucky Mini Schnauzer 06/04/00-10/02/10 Jill
Lucky Miniature American Eskimo Dog 03/03/87-09/09/01 Kelly Gieselman
Lucky Miniature Dachshund 02/98-08/31/16 Kristie Thill
Lucky Miniature Dachshund 04/01/90-01/05/03 Donald Myrick
Lucky Miniature Dachshund 06/19/13 Allan
Lucky Miniature Dachshund 11/01/99-02/22/07 Larry & Karol Hinsley
Lucky Miniature Dachshund 18 years 10/11/11 Julia Mendes
Lucky Miniature Poodle 12/03/96-09/09/10 Sarah C. & James B.
Lucky Miniature Schnauzer 06/10/05-09/08/07 Debbie Kreider
Lucky Miniature Yorkshire Terrier 11/15/09 Garry
Lucky Mini-Lop Bunny 03/01/95-06/19/02 Adam
Lucky Mix Cat 07/07/05-02/06/09 Brian, Tracey, Becca, Jessica
Lucky Mix Dog 01/15/96-05/17/11 Miyoshi & Yoshitami
Lucky Mix Dog 01/17/98 Rosemary Brown
Lucky Mix Dog 06/22/99-09/17/05 Kathy
Lucky Mix Dog 20 years 02/19/10 Murdock Family
Lucky Mix Dog 5 years 06/22/07 Jocelyn Stdenis
Lucky Mix Dog 8 years Hella Frazer
Lucky Mixed - Charcoal/Grey Striped Cat 16 years 12/23/04 Alan
Lucky Mixed - Terrier/Poodle 10/11/91-11/07/08 Su Edwards
Lucky Mixed Benji Type 12 years 05/09/03 Sandi
Lucky Mixed Breed 12 years 08/01/06 Christina Wyman
Lucky Mixed Breed 17 years 08/26/95 Anne and Cyrus Mejiia
Lucky Mixed Breed 1961-1978 Brasca family
Lucky Mixed Breed Black Cat 6 years 07/10/17 Johnny Lane
Lucky Mixed Breed Dog 04/00-09/01/00 Jo Ann and Travis White
Lucky Mixed Breed Dog 04/00-09/91/00 Jo Ann and Travis White
Lucky Mixed Breed Dog 05/90-03/12/04 Arthur, Janet, Amber, Chris
Lucky Mixed Breed Dog 6 months 06/54 Diana Surmitis
Lucky Mixed Breed Lab 13 years 02/17/99 Michael D. Meyer
Lucky Mixed Cat 04/04-05/22/04 Makayla
Lucky Mixed Cat 5 years 04/14/09 Michele
Lucky Mixed Collie 14 years 06/15/05 Suzette
Lucky Mixed Dog (Mutt) 03/21/06-04/07/18 Francis Fahy
Lucky Mixed Dog 01/01/91-11/26/06 Sue & Steve
Lucky Mixed Dog 02/19/16-03/06/16 Margaret Powell
Lucky Mixed Dog 04/11/93-12/13/00 Liz, Zack, Stephanie Brown, Ronnie McNeill
Lucky Mixed Dog 06/10/10 Rose
Lucky Mixed Dog 10/08/98-11/23/12 Debbie Deaton
Lucky Mixed Dog 10/20/03-12/02/03 Tafari Newsome
Lucky Mixed Dog 11 years 09/18/07 Gary Cremer
Lucky Mixed Dog 12 1/2 years 10/24/03 Lin and Mike Pope
Lucky Mixed Dog 12 years 06/07/07 Rhonda Ungericht
Lucky Mixed Dog 12/26/02 Janet Sever
Lucky Mixed Dog 12/26/03 Pat and Woody Thompson
Lucky Mixed Dog 1987-1999 Rosella
Lucky Mixed Lab and Cocker Spaniel 16 years 01/28/06 Usha Peddamatham
Lucky Mixed Terrier 02/01/96-04/19/11 Robert
Lucky Mixed, Part Persian Cat 01/2003-03/03/14 Kathy Doucette
Lucky Moggy Cat 18 years 1 Aug 2005 Susan
Lucky Moggy Cat 18 years 22/08/05 Susan
Lucky Mongrel 15 1/2 years 07/11/07 Daniel Moore
Lucky Montes Lab/Shepherd Mix 08/20/02-09/01/12 Juan-Carlos
Lucky Moynihan Tuxedo Cat 08/01/92-08/01/05 Lauren Moynihan
Lucky Mutt 01/10/87-10/25/93 Carolyn Morgan
Lucky Mutt 09/13/90-08/19/05 Jagger & Vida
Lucky Não Definida Cão 2 anos Igor Rodrigues Bastos
Lucky Napolean Goober Douglas American Eskimo Dog Mix 2 years 06/11/12 Johna
Lucky Neardie 02/14/00-08/23/07 Kathy and Ben
Lucky Nipo White, Deaf Cat 02/24/02-11/2005 Becky Holland
Lucky Nonnenman Maltese 07/18/03-02/19/14 The Nonnenmans
Lucky Norwegian Elkhound 1990?-02/19/06 Tracy Stephens
Lucky Norwich Terrier 02/20/93-02/27/09 Denise Holland
Lucky Nygard Choc Lab 1990-01/14/05 Aunt Jackie Stendeback
Lucky O'Donnell Lab 09/01/07-08/30/15 Kathy O'Donnell
Lucky of Western Hills Beagle 13 years 1966 Kim
Lucky Old English Sheepdog Mix 08/21/85-09/15/00 Eileen
Lucky or My Lucky Boy Domestic Medium Hair Cat 04/29/00-01/23/08 Stacey
Lucky Orange and White Tabby Cat 03/15/13-08/02/15 Kayla
Lucky Orange Domestic Tabby Cat 07/01/86-11/07/86 Lenore Schoolfield
Lucky Orange Tabby Cat 04/20/14 Janet Gallagher
Lucky Orange Tabby Cat 06/17/09-05/31/10 Kristi
Lucky Orange Tabby Cat 10/09/08 Jim Carrington
Lucky Orange Tabby Cat 11/13/02-01/25/06 Jane Dryden
Lucky Orange Tabby Cat 6 months 07/01/09 Danielle and Family
Lucky Orange Tabby Short Haired Cat 12 years 04/17/09 Karen Lewicki
Lucky Orange Tiger Stripe Cat 06/13/88-12/30/05 Normajean & Robert Wilson
Lucky Ortiz-Cruz Maltipoo 04/04/03-11/09/14 Liz Ortiz and Miguel Cruz
Lucky P Johnson Jack Russell Terrier 11/03/03 Danny, Nancy, Boogs, Katie
Lucky P. Cocka-Poo 11/07/91-04/28/98 Family
Lucky Palomino Pony 10 years 08/20/09 Debbie Glen
Lucky Papillion 01/15/01-03/22/11 Art Walsh
Lucky Papillion 10/21/05 Gretchen
Lucky Parakeet 06/06/96-01/15/01 Mercy
Lucky Parakeet 06/06/96-01/15/01 Mercy Rodriguez
Lucky Parakeet 06/15/00-06/14/02 Jan Gonterman
Lucky Parakeet 10/17/05 Lisa Reynolds
Lucky Parakeet 12/25/10-12/17/15 Deanna & Brad Pare
Lucky Parakeet 4 years 03/22/01 Beth Meadors
Lucky Part Persian Cat 03/03/18 S
Lucky Patrick Hamster 06/02/06-11/02/08 Pat Grosse
Lucky Patterdale 15 years 05/23/12 Joyce Malcomson
Lucky Pegg Beagle 04/01/97-09/20/10 Sandy Pegg
Lucky Pekingese Mix 14 years 03/07/12 Judy
Lucky Pembroke Corgi 10/2003-09/07/12 Thalia Chung
Lucky Pembroke Welsh Corgi 06/11/14-05/08/14 Lily
Lucky Persian Cat 07/03/01-11/09/02 Crenny
Lucky Petersen Tabby Short Hair Cat 10/15/91-02/06/08 Jared & Maria Petersen
Lucky Piddlar Lorikeet 03/26/12 Pamela Wickham
Lucky Pit Bull 12 years 02/09/04 Billy Martin
Lucky Placke Tuxedo Cat 10/27/04 Karen
Lucky Plucky Pleco Fish 12 years 12/06/13 Jessica Stevens
Lucky Pointer 8 years 07/16/08 Tonia, Johnny and Tommy Johnson
Lucky Pom 04/07/06 Dr Fe Desposito
Lucky Pom 14 years 03/06/11 Patty & Dennis Clark
Lucky Pomchi 5 years 07/04/14 Marcia R
Lucky Pomeranian 02/01/02-01/12/09 Nancy Z
Lucky Pomeranian 03/08/98-07/08/10 Bill McElveen
Lucky Pomeranian 03/22/91-02/07/05 Frankie Davis
Lucky Pomeranian 04/14/91-09/07/02 Sheila Stephens and Ian Levstein
Lucky Pomeranian 09/28/11 Duane Goedecke
Lucky Pomeranian 10 years 08/01/15 Candy
Lucky Pomeranian 10/15/06-06/23/12 Lois Krupowies
Lucky Pomeranian 13 years 01/01/09 Lisa Vitagliano
Lucky Poodle 05/12/98-09/20/07 Judy Brannan
Lucky Poodle 11/12/86-04/05/03 Amy Smith
Lucky Poodle 8 years 03/29/96 Greg and Peggy Licari
Lucky Poodle Mix 11/10/11 Linda Treanor
Lucky Poodle-Terrier 02/15/94-07/14/06 Tom & Patty Elliot
Lucky Poopalotta Shar'pei-Labrador 10/01/98-03/02/00 Michele
Lucky Princess Golden Retriever 11/14/94-03/04/04 Lynn Rogalny
Lucky Pug 02/09/99-02/01/12 Sabria Summers
Lucky Pug 16 years 05/20/97 Linda and Jack Craig
Lucky Puppy Lab Mix 11 weeks 05/20/98 Mommy, Daddy, Alix, Gallagher, Gabby
Lucky Pyrenese/Shepherd 03/21/94-08/15/04 Bev & Tom Knapp
Lucky Quaker Parrot 02/07/06 Lisa & Shannon, Josh, Krystyna & Frank
Lucky Quarter Horse 10/31/93-04/17/06 Jeanne
Lucky Quarter Horse 1984-08/31/95 Linda Maglione
Lucky Rabbit 02/16/13 Junior Escamilla
Lucky Rabbit 03/01/98-11/08/02 The Shields Family
Lucky Rabbit 05/19/90-07/10/96 Sherry Frantz
Lucky Rabbit 09/24/06 Kristin & Stephen
Lucky Rabbit 1997-02/16/05 Kelly Krueger
Lucky Rabbit 7 years Marianne Cassidy
Lucky Rag Doll Cat 11 or 12 years 09/06/99 Taryn & family
Lucky Ragdoll Cat 02/06/06-02/24/06 Judi Gaither
Lucky Ragdoll Kitten 2 weeks 02/24/06 Judi
Lucky Rat Terrier 7 years 11/17/13 Linda and Luis Aviles
Lucky Rat Terrier/Lab Mix 14 years 07/2014 Joslynn
Lucky Ray Cat 2 years 01/22/04 Paula & Jeremy Adkins
Lucky Ray Dobermann 13 years 06/25/10 Anuradha
Lucky Red Ocicat Cat 01/04/95-12/07/04 Heidi Milano
Lucky Red Tabby Cat 10/24/96-03/04/08 Debbie Hhickey
Lucky Reeves Vandervoort Cocker Mix 06/13/94-02/18/03 Jessica
Lucky Ridgeback/Shepherd Mix 13 years 10/09/10 Carroll Miller
Lucky Rock Dog 11/08/04 Lisa Chalian-Rock
Lucky Roo Oates-Welch Orange Tabby Cat 08/15/00-12/07/16 Tammy and Patrick Welch
Lucky Rossi DSH Cat 01/10/91-03/04/02 Pam Hendricks
Lucky Rot/Pit 09/08/02-11/14/13 Dawn and Sherman
Lucky Rot-Dob-Lab-Chow 07/02/99-10/08/09 Nena & Terry Kesling
Lucky Rottweiler 05/04/99-04/12/10 Jeff Alberico
Lucky Rottweiler 11 years 05/11/10 Gabriella Goldenchteine
Lucky Rottweiler German Shepherd Lab Mix 10 years 04/19/11 Brittany
Lucky Rottweiler Mix 06/02/07 Breslin
Lucky Rottweiler Mix 10 years 07/16/04 Janiviy Chang
Lucky Rottweiler/Pitbull Mix 09/13/03-06/25/07 Edna Alfonso
Lucky Roy Chesapeake Retriever 11/28/11 Robin Young
Lucky Russian Blue Cat 05/11/05 Tebrown
Lucky Russian Blue Mix Cat 02/01/00-08/20/04 Julie
Lucky Saint Bernard 02/95-08/27/00 Deb Roeder
Lucky Sam Fancy Mouse 03/01/96-10/02/98 Jen Timm
Lucky Samuels Beagle 05/23/93-09/22/07 Janie Samuels
Lucky Santangelo Martinez Lab 08/10/93-03/18/06 Laura, Andrea & Jerry Martinez
Lucky Sausse Oneofakind-Ahoula 03/01/98-02/02/06 Gene Sausse
Lucky Schnauzer 07/02/98-07/04/07 Elisangela
Lucky Schnauzer 10/29/00-09/30/12 Maureen Friedberg
Lucky Schnauzer/Basset 14 years 12/2008 Jane Duchacek
Lucky Scott Tabby-Mix Cat 02/98-03/30/06 Mercedes Scott
Lucky SH Tabby Cat 09/08/07-09/11/07 Courtney Reder
Lucky Shar Pei 11/04/08 Cassandra Putman
Lucky Sharpei /Bull Terrier 05/01/99-11/25/13 Karen
Lucky Sheltie 01/13/90-02/18/05 Mollie Riley & Don Wesley
Lucky Sheltie 02/22/97-03/05/10 Sheila & Bill Wilson
Lucky Sheltie 05/11/94-07/16/01 Kelly Couch
Lucky Sheltie 05/16/68-02/78 Carol and Barry Grossman
Lucky Sheltie 11/07/98-06/21/05 Terri Mitchell
Lucky Sheltie 1990?-05/2002 Ken Thompson
Lucky Shelty 07/28/04 Robert Groff
Lucky Shep and Husky 12 years 04/29/97 James M. Coughlin
Lucky Shepeherd Airedale Mix 12/31/98 Shirley Norman
Lucky Shepherd 14 years 11/14/04 Pat Gummere
Lucky Shepherd Lab Mix 07/04/01-04/10/10 The Lane Family
Lucky Shepherd Mix 01/20/00-01/28/11 Jan Leidiger
Lucky Shepherd Mix 03/25/98-03/05/14 Jackie Stinnett
Lucky Shepherd Mix 04/14/06-07/26/13 Edith Sanchez
Lucky Shepherd Mix 06/02/03 Dayna Scarbrough
Lucky Shepherd Mix 07/01/93-10/05/02 Jim and Laura Sandford
Lucky Shepherd Mix 08/10/95-05/08/09 Toni
Lucky Shepherd Mix 08/14/97-08/11/09 Sara Morris
Lucky Shepherd Mix 12/12/98-11/29/12 Bob Runion
Lucky Shepherd Mix 7 years 10/13/00 Linda and Nicole
Lucky Shepherd/Blue Heeler 14 years 11/14/02 Penny
Lucky Shepherd/Blue Heeler Mix 08/01/89-11/14/02 Penny
Lucky Shepherd/Husky 06/01/97-05/06/09 Marianne Duquette
Lucky Shepherd/Lab Mix 05/06/83-09/23/98 Gale Young
Lucky Shetland Sheepdog 01/31/92-11/26/01 Amy, Mom and Dad
Lucky Shetland Sheepdog 02/10/99-06/10/09 David & Sherri
Lucky Shetland Sheepdog 04/12/92-07/23/05 Vincent/deborah/sarah
Lucky Shetland Sheepdog 08/04/03 Sandra Woodhouse
Lucky Shetland Sheepdog 09/09/00-03/19/12 Kristin
Lucky Shi Tzu 11/30/95-07/20/06 Benjamin Lam
Lucky Shiatzu 14 years 05/28/18 Cheryl Leffler
Lucky Shiba Inu 09/23/95-08/28/11 Chris
Lucky Shih Tzu 01/30/06-09/07/16 Yolonda
Lucky Shih Tzu 01/97-07/26/12 Ana Placeres
Lucky Shih Tzu 1998(?)-11/13/03 Jessica
Lucky Shih Tzu 6 months 05/04/10 Rose Carrizales
Lucky Shih Tzu 7 years 05/04/18 Marian Brown
Lucky Shih Tzu/Promeranian 09/15/83-11/18/00 David & Dixie Tee
Lucky Shih-Tzu Poodle 09/30/96-01/17/09 Michael J McIntyre
Lucky Shitz Zsu 10/07/06 Shannon and Steve
Lucky Shitzu 1999-09/30/08 Deb Nadeau
Lucky Short Hair Cat 17 years 11/17/98 Robin
Lucky Short Hair Domestic Cat 11/27/09 Sandra Bickley
Lucky Short Hair Domestic Cat 2001-05/05/09 Victor
Lucky Short Haired American Tabby Cat 06/15/92-08/26/05 Mike
Lucky Short Haired Domestic Cat 09/18/00-12/30/09 Linda Hartman
Lucky Short Haired Tabby Kitten 09/08/07 Courtney Reder
Lucky Short-Hair, B&W Cat 08/19/04-12/27/10 Roland
Lucky Shumaker Short Hair Part Siamese Cat 06/04/95-08/16/04 Karen
Lucky Siamese Cat 05/20/99 Elaine and Martin
Lucky Siamese Cat 10/13/87-05/14/03 John & Viviane Bastien
Lucky Siamese Cross Cat 19/09/88-06/05/01 Jackie Arnold
Lucky Siberian Kitten 6 weeks 2009 Ashley Hartman
Lucky Silky Terrier 7 1/2 years 06/03/00 Bill, Susie, Rayn & Evan
Lucky Singapore Mix Kitten 5 weeks 05/14/01 Clodya K
Lucky Sissy Shiloh Hildie Lk 4 Dogs and a Cat 04/29/07 Sandra Hurd
Lucky Skye Terrier 06/03/10 Debra and Hayden Kosowan
Lucky Smith Short Hair Multicolored Domestic Tabby Cat 04/01/05-12/06/06 Sarah Smith
Lucky Smooth Fox Terrier/Manchester Mix 01/25/97-07/28/00 Linda Cline
Lucky Spaniel Mix 02/15/93-11/17/08 Kathy and David Barber
Lucky Spaniel Mix 05/95 Barbara Lensing
Lucky Spaniel Mix 1996-03/18/10 Todd H./Uncle Robby
Lucky Spencer Mix Dog 07/30/99-06/06/11 Kitt Spencer
Lucky Springer Spaniel 05/96 Michael Clodgoe
Lucky Springer/Husky Mix 13 years 06/17/11 Ken and Shirley
Lucky St Bernard 08/08/08 Addie L
Lucky Staff. Terrier 01/30/14 Csilla
Lucky Standard Schnauzer '94-01/06/06 Emily
Lucky Star Bobtail Cat 08/17/01-2003 Angelia & Michael
Lucky Star Borzoi 02/19/91-12/20/99 Amanda Thomas
Lucky Star Pit Bull / Lab Mix 12 years 03/22/05 Lilli
Lucky Star Sheltie 05/07/85-07/15/00 Angela
Lucky Stars Kerry Blue Terrier 07/16/98 Mark Jurikson
Lucky Steeves Schnauzer 11/97-06/12/09 Herb & Donna Steeves
Lucky Stewart Benge Maine Coon Cat 04/11/00-06/29/14 Alex & Dawn Benge, Brittany Stewart
Lucky Sue Boxer 11/96-09/2003 The Wells Family (Chuck Wells, Kathy Wells, Alan Doody, and Amanda Knight)
Lucky Sullivan Cat 6 years 05/15/06 Tanya Sullivan
Lucky Sweater Blue-Cream Tortoiseshell Cat 05/13/90-11/13/02 Laura Wagenhoffer
Lucky Syrian Hamster 08/08/10-11/27/11 Beka
Lucky Tabby (White/Black/Gray) Cat 08/01/91-08/30/08 Donna, Walter, Jeff Lowich
Lucky Tabby Cat 01/97-07/05/99 Terri, Charles, Steven and Krystle
Lucky Tabby Cat 02/12/95-07/26/12 Deborah Clowers
Lucky Tabby Cat 03/21/94-01/02/11 Jm
Lucky Tabby Cat 06/15/05 Tim
Lucky Tabby Cat 07/01/97-03/26/07 Michael, Christina, Victoria & Jonathan
Lucky Tabby Cat 07/03/92-06/02/04 Stephanie
Lucky Tabby Cat 09/19/04-09/18/08 Leslie and Alan
Lucky Tabby Cat 13 years 07/28/99 Mary
Lucky Tabby Cat 18 years 06/07/12 Kathy Stanbery
Lucky Tabby Cat 1990-12/17/08 Torrance Bartholomew
Lucky Tabby Cat 2 1/2 years 07/05/97 Arden
Lucky Tabby/Maine Coon Cat 06/12/89-03/05/02 Lee, Dayna, Shannon and Ashley
Lucky Terrier 01/14/11 Marti
Lucky Terrier 29/07/99 Duncan Ballantyne
Lucky Terrier Mix 02/26/93-06/16/13 Timothy Wirth
Lucky Terrier Mix 03/25/07 Susan Z
Lucky Terrier Mix 06/15/90-09/10/04 Jim and Mary Beth Fiorio
Lucky Terrier Mix 10/31/98-03/06/15 Robert Lang
Lucky Terrier Mixed 06/98-09/17/05 Kathy
Lucky The Second Budgie Katie Zurbrick
Lucky Theobald Conlin Irish Wolfhound 11/23/93-11/03/07 Karen Theobald Conlin
Lucky Tiger Cat 07/86-03/20/02 Karen Begovich
Lucky Tiger Tabby Cat 05/13/89-12/08/02 Cheryl
Lucky Tiger Tabby Cat 11/04/94 Wolf
Lucky Tollett Dog 01/22/10 The Tollett Family
Lucky Tom Lab/Shepherd Mix 1993-09/24/03 Sue Taylor
Lucky Tom Taylor Shep/Mix 12? years 09/24/03 Sue
Lucky Tortoise Shell Cat 8 years 09/17/02 John
Lucky Toy Manchester 1959-1964 Lisa Bradley
Lucky Toy Poodle 06/04/91-06/14/02 Charlotte Smith
Lucky Toy Poodle 06/25/97-03/02/09 Alicia
Lucky Toy Poodle 12 years 04/22/04 Mike, Gwen, Sheri, and Tess Purkey
Lucky Travis Wirehair Fox Terrier 10/28/05 Lynne Travis
Lucky Tri Colored Cat 19 years 01/03/09 Valerie and Larry
Lucky Tuesday White German Shepherd 03/08/10 Candyce and Curtis Gerrard
Lucky Tuxedo Cat 04/17/98-09/18/98 Claudia Pauletti
Lucky Tuxedo Cat 08/01/93-08/01/05 Lauren
Lucky Tuxedo Cat 09/03/99-11/09/08 Mary Langus
Lucky Tuxedo Cat 15 years 02/14/01 Alan Sesko
Lucky Tuxedo Cat 18 years 01/14/10 Kathleen
Lucky Tuxedo Cat 9 years 05/10/09 Jeannette Quiel
Lucky Tuxedo Cat app.1989-03/16/02 Juliet
Lucky Unknown 04/03/11 Peter M. T. Fong
Lucky Valentino Chihuahua 09/21/94-06/01/10 Cheryl Smith
Lucky Valuja Dalmatian 11/03/92-01/31/08 Isabel L. Valuja
Lucky VanderElst Husky 12/05/08 Jeremy
Lucky Vegas Roas Basset Hound 7 years 04/05/10 Holly Dahlmann
Lucky Weirmeraner 4 years 10/10/06 Elisha-Ann
Lucky Welsh Springer 18 years 03/28/98 Linda Steele
Lucky West Highland Terrier 07/20/94-04/29/12 Robin
Lucky West Highland Terrier 13 years 10/02/04 Sharon
Lucky West Highland Terrier 17 years 12/2016 Alice O Toole
Lucky Westhighland White Terrier 11/13/00-07/11/08 Han An
Lucky White Angora Cat 07/04/95-09/28/05 Carole & Davidgeorge
Lucky White Cocker 10 years 09/16/01 Karen
Lucky White Tabby Cat 15 years 06/01/10 Lee Wesselt
Lucky White with Black Eye Mutt 12 years 09/07/90 Mike Dallas
Lucky Wild Bird Baby House Sparrow 03/4 weeks 05/19/02 Jackie Vazquez
Lucky Wildberger Dachshund 10/25/04-01/07/07 Rochelle Wildberger
Lucky Wilkinson Schnauzer 07/04/98-01/03/11 Jeanine Wilkinson
Lucky Williams Calico Cat 15 years 04/19/12 Sharron Williams
Lucky Winzor Dachshund 01/24/96-08/03/98 Janice Posey
Lucky Wisenbaker Domestic Short-Hair, Black Cat 05/10/98-10/23/03 Andie and Wes
Lucky Ye German Shepherd 04/25/06-06/16/09 Linda Ye
Lucky Yellow Lab 03/17/95-04/25/08 Kerri, Kevin, Kathy and Ron
Lucky Yellow Lab 06/05/93-08/27/07 Serena, Charlene, Trama, Trampa, Manny, and Goliath
Lucky Yellow Lab 14 years 02/06/13 Marcy
Lucky Yellow Lab 2 years 97/12/16 Dan
Lucky Yellow Labrador Retriever 06/28/02-05/25/08 Sarah Tronson
Lucky Yellow Parakeet 02/06/09 The Butura Family
Lucky Yorkie 11/03/00-06/01/12 Elsie Diefenbach (Mommy)
Lucky Yorkie 13 years 10/21/12 Anke Montgomery
Lucky Yorkie 7 1/2 years 07/28/11 Elizabeth and Nolan Misch
Lucky Yorkie 7 years 11/2006 Ber Lee Dawn
Lucky Yorkie Poodle Mix 12/18/95-03/24/11 Janine
Lucky Yorkshire Terrier 01/10/02-05/25/09 Frances Lamoureux
Lucky Yorkshire Terrier 07/10/01-07/16/10 Janette & Michael Bell
Lucky Yorkshire Terrier 11/03/00-06/01/12 Elsie Diefenbach
Lucky Yorkshire Terrier 11/21/96-08/27/11 The Cimoli Family
Lucky Yu American Eskimo Dog 10/19/92-11/09/08 Supo
Lucky, aka The Luckster Mixed Terrier 04/06/99-03/13/13 SE
Lucky, and Kori Cats 11 and 2 years 05/18/08 Josephine Soleas
Lucky, Bambi, Mildred Siamese Cats 12/20/89-10/12/97 Kagan Hull
Lucky, Damian, Rhianon, Oats 2 and 3, Vanilla 1, and 2 Mix, Dobe, Lab X, 2 DSH, 2 DLH 06/06/95 Karen Bartlett
Lucky, Lucky Duckie Boxer 8 years 08/03/06 Dianna Weaver
Lucky, Spike, B The B 06/28/04 Sherry Nelson
Lucky, Tai Pan, Ol Blue Dogs 15, 10, 5 years 1997, 1996, 1994 Mom and Pop Wagoner
Lucky. aka: Luk Luk, Black Dog, Tuby Tuba Lab 08/01/17 Greg
LuckyBob Caldwell Golden Retriever 11/01/96-11/20/09 Robin, Dean, Kandace, Brandon, Justin, Whitni, Jacob and Jaeli
LuckyBoy of Manhattan Brittany Spaniel Mix 1992-01/30/08 Ildiko
LuckyBun White Dwarf Bunny 06/30/96-06/07/00 Diane and Family
Luckycharm Toy Poodle 10 years 09/07/09 Shari
Luckydog Chowchow 08/12/97-11/30/06 Beth
Luckydog Lab Mix 10/04/10 Amy Capps
Luckydog Maltese 06/12/00-06/23/12 Stacy Mernka
Luckydog Terrier 14 years 01/07/11 Anita Kay Derryberry
Lucky-Doodle Cocka-Peeka-Poo Mix 15 1/2 years 03/10/00 Darrel Coley
LuckyGirl Hayes Tabby Cat 17 years 03/21/10 Michelle Hayes
Lucky-Jack Rotti/Lab X 07/24/99-07/20/09 Sandra Maldeis and Tim Campbell
Luckylady Beach Beagle Mix 13 1/2 years 10/14/08 Ray & Elsa Beach
Luckylou Poodle Bishon Mix 17 years 12/28/14 Terri Slotterback
LuckyLou Poodle/Bichon Mix 02/01/00-12/28/14 Mary Slotterback
Lucky-Luck Cat 5 years 04/11/03 Deborrah Oliveri
Lucky's Un-named brother Jack Russell/Beagle 07/04/92 B
Lucky'U'Love Chow/Shepherd Rescued 12/21/03-10/08/10 Jan Ault
Luckywoo American Eskimo Dog 08/2008 Joanie Rectenwald
Lucrecia Gamper Clark Black Mix Dog 08/93-01/2008 Ingrid Clark
Lucretia Borgia Kitten 09/06/10 Dana Pryce
Lucretia MacEvil Pug 12 years 03/01/12 Amy Camenzind
Lucrezia John LJ Prussian Rex Bunny 8 years 06/20/15 Charisse Linnell Morton
Lucus Saint Bernard 5 1/2 years Gina Bowditch
Lucy & Pokey Cats 06/85-02/98 Michele Davin Ben
Lucy (aka Hunny Bunny) Shih Tuz Mix 10/01/90-05/22/01 Lindy Wheeler
Lucy (aka Lucihtia, Lucilla, Lit'L Girl, Best Girl) Tri-Color Shetland Sheepdog{sheltie 12/26/89-05/16/03 Robert and Maureen McLellan
Lucy (Goosie Girl) Dachshund 11/30/93-06/23/09 Rich, Sue & Jack
Lucy (Lucygoozy) Grey-Cream Tortie Cat 05/20/14-01/20/17 Gabriele
Lucy (Lula) Cat 14 years 10/10/05 Sam Kennedy
Lucy (My Lucille Margaret) Beagle 09/09/88-12/22/00 Louise Ceccarelli and family
Lucy (Uuucy-Puuuussy) DSH Cat 08/08/95-12/27/08 Jay Sena
Lucy (Woocey) Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund 07/05/90-08/13/02 Debbie Hadley
Lucy (Woofie) Lab/Springer 10 years 01/07/10 Barbara Milkovits
Lucy 1 Mixed Dog 10/18/79 Jacki
Lucy 2 Terrier 07/10/96 Jacki
Lucy 9 years Noelle Nasca
Lucy Abate Pug 06/21/02-06/02/09 Susan Abate
Lucy Abyssinian Cat 06/08/92-05/18/04 Mel & Linda Eakin
Lucy Airedale 7 years 07/06/11 Anne Cardwell
Lucy aka Daisy Dog 12/10/91-12/26/00 Kay
Lucy aka Dooders Teacup Chihuahua 06/2006-01/28/17 Valerie Ward & Wyatt Ward
Lucy aka Lu Lu Belle Toy Poodle 10/14/09-10/08/15 Angela Wendt
Lucy aka Lucy Goose Blonde DSH Cat 07/31/06 Stephanie Maglietta
Lucy aka Shorty Cairn Terrier 02/15/99-01/11/07 Maureen Harrington
Lucy aka The Grilla Cocker Spaniel 12/30/82-10/27/97 Denise Washick
Lucy American Bull Dog 01/03/04-08/22/08 Laura Walton
Lucy American Bulldog 11 years 03/09/15 Brenda Coomes
Lucy American Bulldog Mix 03/04/05-11/04/16 Jason and Melanie Phillips
Lucy American Domestic Shorthair Cat 12 years 06/22/05 Laura Gerhard
Lucy American Eskimo Dog 07/26/92-07/25/07 Pam Bailie
Lucy American Pit Bull Terrier 08/07/97-09/06/07 Dave and Charlotte
Lucy American Tabby Cat 11 years 07/05/09 Derek
Lucy Anderson Cat 13 years 02/24/15 Linda and Derriel Anderson
Lucy Anderson Kitty Lou Grey Tabby Cat 13 years 02/24/15 Linda and Derriel Anderson
Lucy Anderson Shepherd Mix 02/07/86-11/08/02 Sherry and Bobby Anderson
Lucy Ann Black Lab 13 years 08/27/10 Bill & Mary Bradley
Lucy Ann Draeger Shih Tzu/Pomeranian 02/27/04-07/19/13 Tara Lidenberg
Lucy Ann Lab Mix 02/02/98-10/25/08 Gina
Lucy Ann Orange and White Tabby Cat 06/01/93-04/01/08 Sally, David, James
Lucy Ann Schnauzer 10 years 02/10/18 Kelly Colosky
Lucy Anne Shi Tzu 06/20/02-10/18/12 Jim & Gisela Spires
Lucy Auman Dog 12/06/02 Andrea
Lucy Aussie 11/04/04 Michelle Novitski
Lucy Aussie Shepherd 2 years 04/19/06 Ariel
Lucy Aust Shepherd, Chow Mix 15 years 06/10/09 Kerry, John and Alex
Lucy Australian Cattle Dog 10/04/06 Kris Paige
Lucy Australian Shepherd 01/05/00-05/10/07 Jimmy Grems
Lucy Australian Shepherd 02/15/88-03/25/02 Alan and Susan Pearce
Lucy Australian Shepherd 07/01/05-04/20/07 Cathy
Lucy Australian Shepherd Cross 1993-06/2008 Tom
Lucy Australian Shepherd Mix 04/18/00-10/10/10 Dawn Ferguson
Lucy Australian Shepherd Mix 09/14/93-11/24/08 Doug Ferguson
Lucy Australian Shepherd Mix 12/10/93-06/22/10 Richie Sunavinvivat
Lucy B. Garrow Black Lab/Shepherd Mix 10/21/01-04/16/17 The Garrow/Calabresi Family - Harold, Tess, Bob & Robin, Maria & Tony, Baxter, Java, Sam
Lucy Bagoosey Terrier Mix 18 months 01/28/00 Heather & Michael Shatilla
Lucy Balinese Cat 03/15/95-04/29/10 Robyn LeDrew Davis
Lucy Barnes Pekingese 05/07/88-01/20/04 Troy Barnes/Mike Azzaro
Lucy Barney Beagle 09/30/05-12/12/09 Mike Barney
Lucy Basenji 01/04/01-01/20/12 Brenda
Lucy Basset 04/02/90-05/16/01 Woody and Jayne Wood
Lucy Basset Hound 01/28/03-07/20/10 Eric, Christa & Braden Downing
Lucy Basset Hound 05/30/00-03/24/10 Paul
Lucy Basset Hound 09/01/92-01/22/08 Lois
Lucy Basset Hound 15 years 02/14/08 Shari Sartoris
Lucy Basset Hound 8 years 03/21/99 Debbie
Lucy Bassett 10 years 01/11/08 Henry & Stephanie Damigella
Lucy Bassett 16 years 05/03/95 L'Roy Family
Lucy Bassett Hound 12/26/98-08/26/10 Joseph and Linda Parilla and Gigi
Lucy Bassett Hound 15 months 09/23/96 Lynn Mueller
Lucy Beagle 01/08/99-06/21/14 Bernadette Capelle
Lucy Beagle 01/97-05/06/00 Anissa Ledbetter
Lucy Beagle 02/22/96-11/03/06 Scott Kuykendall
Lucy Beagle 02/27/06 Steve Blaylock
Lucy Beagle 03/01/95-07/13/05 Rebecca Campbell
Lucy Beagle 04/01/99-06/09/11 Roger and Jayme Klauser
Lucy Beagle 04/06/01-04/25/17 Tammi
Lucy Beagle 04/15/95-01/09/07 The Ortiz Family
Lucy Beagle 05/07/96-09/13/04 Nancy and Greg Olsen
Lucy Beagle 06/05/92-07/12/07 Mary Alice and Monte
Lucy Beagle 06/20/04-04/28/07 Deb White
Lucy Beagle 07/02/07 Christina and Michael Ryder
Lucy Beagle 07/07/98-11/04/11 Emily Divine
Lucy Beagle 08/06/99-08/24/12 Noel, Ken, Kyle and Raquel
Lucy Beagle 10/14/97-02/18/13 Casey Brown
Lucy Beagle 11 years 06/14/12 Pat
Lucy Beagle 11/07/96-04/23/10 Janet May
Lucy Beagle 11/26/00-08/12/11 Traci and Brian Melashenko
Lucy Beagle 12/2002 Gail Montague
Lucy Beagle 12/25/03-06/10/15 Kevin
Lucy Beagle 14 years 11/17/16 Kaela
Lucy Beagle Mix 08/09/16 Stephanie Reddin
Lucy Beagle Mix 1992?-09/02 JLP
Lucy Beagle Mix 2005-08/25/14 Debbie Young
Lucy Beagle/Bassett Hound 07/30/01-07/01/07 Andy, Myrt and Alton Perry
Lucy Beagle/Spitz Mix 1986-10/27/95 Heather Daniels
Lucy Beagle/Terrier 03/26/87-06/29/98 Sherry Bruner
Lucy Bean Golden Retriever 13 years 02/05/10 Heather
Lucy Bear Caboose Cat 09/21/00 Heidi
Lucy Bedell Mixed Cat 04/15/01-10/12/17 Kay Bedell
Lucy Bedell White Short Hair Cat 04/15/01-10/12/17 Kay Bedell
Lucy Bee Durham Dalmatian 03/27/94-02/04/08 Robin Durham
Lucy Bell English BullDog 08/24/89-03/17/99 Huska's
Lucy Bella English Springer Spaniel 09/09/09-06/19/10 Leigh, Seth, Barb, & Kermit
Lucy Bella West Highland White Terrier 10/24/03-07/21/15 Erin
Lucy Belle (Loolee) Mann Cat 04/24/92-04/04/03 Diane Rudnick Mann
Lucy Belle Airedale Terrier 06/04/00-10/02/11 Kristina Davis & Kevin Lawrence
Lucy Belle Black Lab 05/21/02-12/24/08 Cheryl James
Lucy Belle Chow/Corgi Mix 08/03/92-10/21/09 The Ownby's
Lucy Belle Dachshund 12/25/90-02/01/05 Joan
Lucy Belle Dog 2 years 04/03/06 Danielle
Lucy Belle English Bulldog 06/28/01-07/12/09 John, Rebecca, Nathan and Joshua Pagano
Lucy Belle Grey/Beige Tabby Cat 09/09/95-04/17/04 Jeannette R
Lucy Belle Harlow Pit/Lab Mix 08/07/04-10/22/18 Britney Harlow
Lucy Belle Lhasa Apso 04/98-12/07/12 Ricki Lundstrom
Lucy Belle Pug 07/01/05-12/02/11 Michael Harasiuk & DeAnn N. Able
Lucy Belle Tabby Cat 20 years 08/05/12 Midge James
Lucy Belle White Angora Cat 12 years 1990 Andrea
Lucy Bichon 10/12/12-04/06/16 Michelle
Lucy Bichon Frise 11/23/98-10/23/11 Steve
Lucy Bird 06/11/87-06/11/00 George
Lucy Bird 11/95 Lisa Bird
Lucy Birman/Siamese 09/09/97-01/11/97 Jacqueline Phillips
Lucy Black & Silver Tabby Cat 05/89-04/18/02 Rita Riley
Lucy Black & Tan Coonhound Mix 13 years 5 months 11/30/16 Lauren Reiter
Lucy Black American Short Hair Cat 07/22/14 Susan
Lucy Black and White Cat 7 years 01/23/08 Dianne
Lucy Black and White Dachshund 11 years 08/10/06 Emily and Daisy Mae
Lucy Black and White Domestic Shorthair Cat 13 years 05/14/00 Melanie Duncan
Lucy Black and White Longhair Cat 01/01/97-08/07/11 Julia Hare
Lucy Black Cat 1 year 12/01/96 Debra Jinks
Lucy Black Headed Caique 28 years 09/23/09 John and Bob
Lucy Black Lab 01/01/00-05/01/11 Alan and Kristin
Lucy Black Lab 01/18/03-02/13/10 Margo
Lucy Black Lab 02/10/12 Kim
Lucy Black Lab 04/16/98-12/20/08 Marilou Harrison
Lucy Black Lab 05/05/04-11/22/17 Mary Nunez (aka Meg)
Lucy Black Lab 06/10/94-07/17/98 Mary
Lucy Black Lab 06/30/94-08/29/05 Jerry and Lisa
Lucy Black Lab 1 year 07/24/06 Danny
Lucy Black Lab 10/01/03-12/07/07 Nathan
Lucy Black Lab 10/30/90-07/07/05 Debbie & Thom Fryar
Lucy Black Lab 12 years 07/04/09 Carol
Lucy Black Lab 7 years 12/13/07 Kim, Eric and Allison
Lucy Black Lab Mix 11 years 11/03/03 Shirley
Lucy Black Lab Mix 11 years 11/07/13 Radka Langley
Lucy Black Lab Mix 12/15/95-06/21/08 Marian Ciolino
Lucy Black Lab Mix 12/95 Tim & Victoria
Lucy Black Lab. 02/14/05-11/04/09 Diane Justice
Lucy Black Lab/Australian Shepherd 11/15/89-10/22/04 Lizzie Verbel
Lucy Black Lab/Border Collie 02/14/06-07/06/10 Sharon Tavares
Lucy Black Lab/Border Collie 07/28/97-05/11/04 Carisa
Lucy Black Lab/Border Collie Mix 16 years 4 months 12/28/11 Michelle, Mike, Eric & Linda A
Lucy Black Lab/Redbone Coonhound 07/25/10-03/29/10 Karen
Lucy Black Lab/Setter Mix 03/23/92-11/09/05 Grace C. Lewis
Lucy Black Labrador 04/12/83-01/06/98 Wendy Bolton
Lucy Black Labrador 06/01/94-06/30/05 Lisa
Lucy Black Labrador 13 years 02/21/15 Laura Eady
Lucy Black Labrador Retriever 12/19/91-07/28/02 Anne-Marie and Phoebe
Lucy Black Long Haired Cat 12 years 06/25/08 Jeanne Trench
Lucy Black Pug 02/01/96-06/29/09 Alicia Ammirata
Lucy Black Sharpei 10/13/90-12/09/93 Toni James
Lucy Black Shorthair Cat 1978-1997 Miriam Hewitt
Lucy Black/White Cat 13 years 02/98 Michele
Lucy Blck/Whte Domestic Shorthair Cat 15 years 09/01/97 Jane and Scott Davis
Lucy Blonde Cocker Spaniel 07/28/94-12/26/08 Charlotte Cleary
Lucy Blossoms McLeod Pomeranian-Shizu-Cocker Mix aka (Pomasheitcock) 02/2016-08/20/16 Matthew McLeod her dada
Lucy Blue Heeler 01/01/99-10/08/12 Jessica Kauffman
Lucy Blue Heeler 11/11/11 Rebecca and Greg Boyle
Lucy Border Collie 01/11/95-06/03/07 N. Schlotzhauer
Lucy Border Collie 03/28/93-09/16/07 De Enck
Lucy Border Collie 11/14/99 Heather Martinez
Lucy Border Collie 11/15/92-07/08/03 Tammy
Lucy Border Collie 12/10/02-03/01/05 Kim Muonio
Lucy Border Collie 14 years 03/21/09 Barbara
Lucy Border Collie 16 years 08/22/08 Fiona Dunk
Lucy Border Collie 18 years 05/08/09 Clive.Abell
Lucy Border Collie 28/07/12 Christie
Lucy Border Collie Ausi Cross 06/01/04-01/25/11 Bob Lange
Lucy Border Collie Mix 05/05/97-12/28/07 Sarah
Lucy Border Collie Mix 06/01/93-05/13/12 Dave and Patty Peterson
Lucy Border Collie Mix 07/29/06 Olga
Lucy Border Collie Mix 10 years 01/05/08 Hope Borovik
Lucy Border Collie/Lab Mix 04/25/06-01/30/07 Kari
Lucy Border Collie/Mix 11 years 02/06/07 Ron Collier
Lucy Border Collie/Springer Spaniel 03/01/90-04/09/02 Olivia
Lucy Borzoi 12 years 10/26/98 Diane B.
Lucy Bossen Grey Calico Cat 6 years 05/15/00 Kirk & Laura Bosen
Lucy Boston Terrier 02/03/15-07/22/15 Emily
Lucy Boston Terrier 04/30/98-01/26/00 Tracy Smith
Lucy Boston Terrier 05/04/95-05/04/10 Anne Taylor
Lucy Boston Terrier 05/93-05/2003 Larry Johnson
Lucy Boston Terrier 10/04/16-01/29/18 Terri and Jerry
Lucy Boston Terrier 10/15/82-10/28/97 Terry, Jerry and Jeff
Lucy Boston Terrier 12/27/89-05/16/02 Russell Frick
Lucy Boston Terrier 13 years 8 months 08/10/10 Cherie Bagwell
Lucy Boston Terrier 7 years 08/22/09 Melanie
Lucy Boston Terrier Mix 04/08/95-02/22/08 Angelina Lancaster
Lucy Bouvier 09/12/92-12/17/99 Lana MacInnes
Lucy Boxer 03/10/00-05/15/11 Sarah & Art
Lucy Boxer 03/17/90-04/06/99 Kim Stafford
Lucy Boxer 04/09/07-05/04/12 Lisa Woodward
Lucy Boxer 06/02/96-02/16/09 John Strampp/Francisco Apodaca
Lucy Boxer 06/03/01-10/10/12 Jessica
Lucy Boxer 06/13/91-01/20/99 Sandi & Joel Thompson
Lucy Boxer 09/22/91-03/09/01 Tanja, Rich, Nat, Kev, Kam, Max & Brandy
Lucy Boxer 10/28/05 Eddie from Staten Island
Lucy Boxer 12 years 02/04/07 Pat and Ray
Lucy Boxer 12/13/98-09/20/08 Cindy M
Lucy Boxer 12/22/88 11/17/98 Cheryl & Richard
Lucy Boxer 2004-07/13/11 Al, Terri, and Allen Dobranic and Jessica Fortuna
Lucy Boxer 22/12/91-31/11/01 Elaine, Nick, Sam Kim Kelly
Lucy Boxer 7 years 01/04/06 Janice Bennett
Lucy Boxer 8 1/2 years old 10/15/2017 Elise, Jim, Addison, Andrew, and Mazie
Lucy Boxer 9 years 17 December 1999 Liz Duggan
Lucy Boxer Dog (Puppy) 11 weeks 03/15/07 Samantha & Trey Nicholas
Lucy Boxer Mix 03/09/95-06/20/05 Christine
Lucy Boxer Pit 2 years 09/05/09 Cowmama48
Lucy Boxer/Cattle Dog 15 years 02/05/16 Marisbel Salazar
Lucy Boxer/Hound Mix 1980-12/13/95 Donald F. Rock, Jr.
Lucy Boxer/Terrier Mix 02/14/94-12/21/05 Jonell Stetz
Lucy Bradley Bullmastiff 5 years 10/17/05 Katy and Mark Bradley
Lucy Brennan Miniature Jack Russell 14 years 25/06/04 Jackie
Lucy British Bulldog 09/21/96-10/16/99 Carole
Lucy British Short Hair Cat 03/17/88-09/20/07 Irene Crosthwaite
Lucy British Short Hair Cat 06/04/87-05/31/07 Carol Redfern
Lucy Brittany 03/08/03-06/14/10 Sue Brewer
Lucy Brittany 05/11/98-07/16/12 Candice Kramer
Lucy Brittany Spaniel 9 years 06/21/01 Debbie and James Fraliex
Lucy Brooks Dog 05/13/01-10/26/14 Sharon Brooks
Lucy Brouillette Hound/Shepherd 13 1/2 years 08/20/10 Arlene, Don, Justin, Nicole, Austin Brouillette
Lucy Brown Part Great Dane and Labrador 03/23/93-07/15/07 Darrell Brown
Lucy Brown Poodle 04/23/85-09/20/97 Lory Shea
Lucy Browne Cocker 08/01/96-02/26/08 Sharon Browne
Lucy Bucy Labrador 04/26/04-02/25/11 Robert and Laura Bucy
Lucy Budgy 14/03/89-10/05/03 Cassie
Lucy Bulldog 08/20/91-11/20/01 Whit & Dani Procter
Lucy BullDog 2 years 09/98 Sue & Paul
Lucy Bullmastiff 6 years 05/25/11 Hillary
Lucy Bullmastiff 9 1/2 years 04/14/05 Karen, Mark & Sister Maggie
Lucy Burgess Yorkie 12 years 05/12/11 Karen and Jon Burgess
Lucy Burmese Cat 11/21/95-03/09/02 Wendy Shomer
Lucy Burmese Cat 18 years 13/08/12 Angela Anthony
Lucy Burmese Mix Cat 7 years 02/28/05 Marc, Genia, and Gary Key
Lucy C. Samuels Dog 01/05/90-10/11/01 Jackie Samuels & Edward Cutter Sr.
Lucy Cairn Terrier 05/16/89-04/04/03 Kim
Lucy Cairn Terrier 06/30/91-06/16/06 Jo-An, John & Karen
Lucy Cairn Terrier 12/09/89-10/20/05 Sarah McDowell
Lucy Cairn Terrier 18 years 05/07/08 Mary M
Lucy Calico Cat 01/01/04-12/12/07 E. M. LaBelle
Lucy Calico Cat 02/05/97-09/02/03 Sandra Fustman
Lucy Calico Cat 02/15/98-09/14/09 Michelle
Lucy Calico Cat 03/84-08/31/02 Becky Witt
Lucy Calico Cat 04/09/87-09/05/07 Marilyn and Jerry Briner
Lucy Calico Cat 06/14/00 Stan Kozak
Lucy Calico Cat 06/15/02-07/15/03 Tabatha Joyce
Lucy Calico Cat 07/04/89-02/21/03 Pamela Griggs
Lucy Calico Cat 07/95-02/02/06 Laura
Lucy Calico Cat 08/06/00-02/17/16 Simone
Lucy Calico Cat 15 years 04/06/02 Ron and Marie Thomas
Lucy Calico Cat 16 years 04/30/01 Sherri
Lucy Calico Cat 17 years Margo
Lucy Calico Cat 2 years 09/13/99 Amanda Newnom
Lucy Calico Cat 5 years 04/29/09 Kristin and JP
Lucy Calico Cat 6 years 10/19/16 Lori
Lucy Calico Cat 9+ years 08/01/12 Nancy Bazil
Lucy Calico Persian Cross Cat 05/91-06/26/97 Leanna Hoskins
Lucy Candela (aka Thunderbolt of Odanadru) Boxer 10/01/00 Stephanie Candela
Lucy Cardenas nickname: Tuki Maltese 10 years 03/25/17 Daniel and Loyda Cardenas
Lucy Cardigan Welsh Corgi 08/21/89-09/11/04 Charles Buki
Lucy Cardigan Welsh Corgi 11/08/92-05/30/06 Sol Rabushka & Kathleen Ahner
Lucy Carolina/American Dingo 03/30/03-03/16/12 William/Glori
Lucy Carson aka Lucy~puppy Himalayan Terrier Cross found 11/19/95-10/26/07 Drika Carson and Family
Lucy Cat 01/03/86-22/08/04 Karen
Lucy Cat 01/15/00-12/06/07 Heather
Lucy Cat 01/31/16 Amanda
Lucy Cat 01/90-10/2007 Scott and Julie Youmans
Lucy Cat 02/11/96-07/26/07 Wendy, Greg and Renee
Lucy Cat 02/14/86-07/29/03 Michelle
Lucy Cat 03/05/01-07/09/12 Andra
Lucy Cat 03/15/94-08/13/07 Mike & Kendra Conner
Lucy Cat 03/17/94-06/21/02 Cari E. Sauter
Lucy Cat 03/94-10/16/99 Glory
Lucy Cat 04/01/89-05/20/07 Mimi
Lucy Cat 04/02/02-06/02/12 C.C.
Lucy Cat 04/12/99 Mitch
Lucy Cat 04/21/91-03/20/04 Valerie
Lucy Cat 04/23/93-07/23/11 Danielle Frizzi
Lucy Cat 04/25/99-05/23/03 Will and Dylan Carter
Lucy Cat 04/28/16 Whitney
Lucy Cat 05/01/02-08/08/02 Amanda
Lucy Cat 05/05/95-07/04/06 Mary Paulson
Lucy Cat 05/08/05-06/04/12 Tara Gittere
Lucy Cat 05/15/97-01/29/00 Kristi & Jeff
Lucy Cat 05/2003-08/2011 Montalbano
Lucy Cat 05/22/96-06/13/06 Barbara Firrone
Lucy Cat 05/27/95-05/19/10 Mary Johnson
Lucy Cat 05/88-08/21/07 John Fitzpatrick
Lucy Cat 06/11/97 Scotty
Lucy Cat 06/24/99 Beth Davis
Lucy Cat 07/01/03-10/07/10 Victoria Sysol
Lucy Cat 07/21/09 Jennifer Hawkins
Lucy Cat 07/21/14-09/19/15 Barry
Lucy Cat 07/30/09 Frances
Lucy Cat 08/02/93-06/21/10 Kathy Schwartz
Lucy Cat 08/04/95-06/25/04 Robert & Barbara Wells
Lucy Cat 08/11/01 Rhonda & Don
Lucy Cat 09/25/10 Sue
Lucy Cat 1 1/2 years 03/18/01 Harmony
Lucy Cat 10/03/98-09/03/00 Jocelyn Thomas
Lucy Cat 10/18/96-09/19/11 Kristen
Lucy Cat 10/98-06/07/99 Traci & Mary
Lucy Cat 11 years 02/04/02 Donna and Ken
Lucy Cat 11/15/05-02/27/07 Maggie
Lucy Cat 12 years 08/13/10 Tammy
Lucy Cat 12/02/04 Caunedhiel
Lucy Cat 12/22/08 Liv
Lucy Cat 13 years 03/29/06 The Santrock Family
Lucy Cat 14 years 03/20/14 Jennifer
Lucy Cat 15 years 06/15/95 Pat Strang
Lucy Cat 15 years 07/2006 Pam
Lucy Cat 16 years +/- to 07/18/12 Lizbeth & Cameron Brown
Lucy Cat 16 years 05/17/00 Kathleen E. Johnson
Lucy Cat 16 years 09/02/18 Catherine and Paul Despot
Lucy Cat 16 years 10/29/10 Mary Conroy
Lucy Cat 16 years 11/05/11 Jennifer Wilson
Lucy Cat 17 years 06/01/05 Pam
Lucy Cat 18 years 03/06/10 Cheryl Massaro
Lucy Cat 18 years 04/05/02 Mommy and Daddy, Ron & Marie
Lucy Cat 18 years 11/17/12 Lynn
Lucy Cat 1981-09/01/96 Daphne Gourlay
Lucy Cat 1998-04/21/11 Cathie
Lucy Cat 2 1/2 years 04/08/07 Karon
Lucy Cat 2 years 04/27/08 Don and Inger
Lucy Cat 2 years 09/13/99 Mandy
Lucy Cat 20 years 03/07/07 Mary Ellen Howley
Lucy Cat 20 years 05/13/07 Lorraine
Lucy Cat 2001-08/05/06 Oleg and Inna Belenki
Lucy Cat 3 years 03/08/96 Dani Cook
Lucy Cat 3 years 05/06/07 Nancy Wilkins
Lucy Cat 4 years 03/10/08 Bea
Lucy Cat 7 years 06/30/16 Jennifer Anthony
Lucy Cat 7 years 07/30/10 Jill O'Sullivan & Ed Beagle
Lucy Cat 8 months 03/29/06 Sharon Hinton
Lucy Cat 8 years 01/99 Mary, Wendy, and Keela
Lucy Cat 8 years 04/30/08 Mike, Pam, Jeff
Lucy Cat 9 years 03/05/04 Lynn
Lucy Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lucy Cat under 1 year 02/03/06 Best Friends' Animal Sanctuary/Joni
Lucy Cattle Dog Mix 01/27/12 Laura De La Cruz
Lucy Cavalier 10/26/84-02/07/96 Eimear & Albert Dawson
Lucy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 4 years 25/03/08 Danielle
Lucy Chessie 5 years 03/05/10 Barbara
Lucy Chihuahua - Cocker Cross 09/15/07-12/01/16 Cathy Pepin & Christine Cretchley
Lucy Chihuahua 01/30/00-01/08/14 Susan Kay Oleson
Lucy Chihuahua 02/14/97-01/29/09 Bill Siebert and Paul Winkel
Lucy Chihuahua 04/09/93-06/12/03 Martha Simerson
Lucy Chihuahua 05/03/02-05/14/16 Valerie
Lucy Chihuahua 07/08/97-04/30/12 Delores and Oscar Medina
Lucy Chihuahua 08/11/09 Emily
Lucy Chihuahua 10/28/02-07/19/07 Jerry
Lucy Chihuahua 12 years 07/08/17 Alejandra
Lucy Chihuahua 27/09/90-08/02/04 Lynne Green
Lucy Chihuahua Jack Russell 1991-02/05/11 Tara
Lucy Chihuahua Min Pin or Miniature Pinschuahua 01/01/97-08/11/11 Joe and Mitzi Hackfeld
Lucy Chihuahua Mix 02/2008-12/16/11 Seth and Mia Nadreau
Lucy Chihuahua/Jack Russell Mix 01/17/11 Kim and Lauren Cribb
Lucy Chihuahua/Rat Terrier 11 Mos-10/23/00 Linda Nolen
Lucy Chihuahua+Pomeranian 10/02/01-08/20/12 Misti Greene
Lucy Chinese Shar Pei 12/08/96-11/21/06 Amy Savage
Lucy Chinese Shar-Pei 06/17/95-08/08/01 Paul Lowrey and Mike Smith
Lucy Chocolate Dappled Miniature Dachshund 05/26/03-05/04/06 Barb, Butch & Lauren Hainsworth
Lucy Chocolate Lab 03/17/99-05/07/09 Bob & Lucille Leskanic and Your Doggie Sisters Oakley & Nacho
Lucy Chocolate Lab 04/20/00-12/22/11 Annie Langguth
Lucy Chocolate Lab 05/01/98-10/25/09 Mark, Laura, Sarah, Jessica
Lucy Chocolate Lab 06/13/90-11/22/02 Susan Redmond
Lucy Chocolate Lab 7 years 04/08/07 Tina Dillon
Lucy Chocolate Lab/Weimaraner 08/05/97-07/15/08 Jacqueline Baker Dabney
Lucy Chow Chow 11 years 03/15/06 Cyrethia Ross
Lucy Clark Golden Retriever 01/08/01-12/28/10 Lorie Clark
Lucy Cleo. Garcia Bassett Hound 03/12/94-01/18/06 Debbie, Jamie, James 2 and Joshua Garcia
Lucy Cobos Golden Retriever 07/21/06 Andrea Cobos
Lucy Cockapoo 01/11/91-04/24/08 Carol Haugh
Lucy Cockapoo 12 years 1987 Michelle French
Lucy Cockateil 5 years 06/17/99 Jacki & Tommy Kozon
Lucy Cockatiel 05/93-12/06/00 Sue Olund
Lucy Cockatiel 2009 Barbara Stevenson
Lucy Cocker 03/29/95-09/23/09 Lisa Anglin
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 03/23/03-08/13/16 Diane
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 04/18/83-01/12/99 Mike Kucharik
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 07/04/90-04/21/08 Kathlyn A. Sprague
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 07/09/03-05/27/10 Melanie and Eric Peek
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 07/25/89-09/30/04 Vilma
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 07/28/94-12/26/08 Charlotte Cleary
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 09/15/97-06/21/06 Susan
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 09/90-01/31/00 Paula Kraemer
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 10 years 02/18/00 Kris Murphy
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 12 years 12/06/06 Judy, Bruce, Stephanie, Ian, Lauren Perkins
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 14 years Tara Lee
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 7 years 07/16/11 Jessica
Lucy Cocker Spaniel 8 years 01/21/10 Crissy and Brian
Lucy Cocker Spaniel/Poodle 15 years 12/13/14 Kathy Dolan
Lucy Collie - Smooth 02/15/99-08/03/11 Cynthia Heyman
Lucy Collie 04/22/92-05/27/05 The Day Family
Lucy Collie 10 years 12/11/09 Chris and Sally Ringsred
Lucy Collie 10/96-06/12/09 Roxanne Swisz
Lucy Collie 14 years 08/12/09 Clare J
Lucy Collie 15 years 09/14/09 Susan
Lucy Collie Mix 12/20/96-06/29/11 Doralee
Lucy Collie X GSD 13 years 12/03/10 Dawn Hutter
Lucy Collie X J Russell 3 years 01/17/14 Joanna
Lucy Collie/Alsatian/Sheltie Mix 18 years 10/15/09 Pat Foreman
Lucy Collie/German Shepherd Mix 09/25/90-07/03/02 Simon
Lucy Collie/Shepherd Cross 03/01/91-01/01/07 Eileen Baird
Lucy Conway Torti Cat 07/2002-07/15/16 Blair Conway
Lucy Coonhound about 11 years 02/11/02 Laura-Grace Orfinger
Lucy Corgi-Mix 06/21/07 Dell and Gary
Lucy Cross-Terrier 08/01/03 David Potts
Lucy Dachshund 04/21/90-03/05/06 Debra Bumgarner
Lucy Dachshund 05/02/07 Susie Johnson
Lucy Dachshund 05/15/11-02/09/13 Catherine
Lucy Dachshund 07/99-10/12/04 Sammy
Lucy Dachshund 10 1/2 years 02/28/12 Sandy Perreault
Lucy Dachshund 10/28/99-02/27/11 Shirley Sommars
Lucy Dachshund 12 Yoa-06/02/05 Terri & Ron Plenge
Lucy Dachshund 13 years 10/30/11 The Pascoe & The Arnold Family
Lucy Dachshund 18 years 11/14/05 Rick
Lucy Dachshund Mix 14 years 03/03/07 Elaine Engler
Lucy Dachshund/Terrier Mix 05/17/06 Kristin
Lucy Dacshund 07/01/89-01/17/00 Anne Marie
Lucy Dagenhard Bassett/Springer 05/06/87-02/19/01 Tom and Colleen Dagenhard and Family
Lucy Dallas Beagle 12/16/90-10/07/07 Lenore Dallas
Lucy Dalmatian 01/10/94-12/30/08 Jane and Eric Johansen
Lucy Dalmatian 01/2010 Larry and Julie Horn
Lucy Dalmatian 03/23/09 Vasiliki
Lucy Dalmatian 05/25/08 David Jewell
Lucy Dalmatian 1 year 01/07/03 Emmy
Lucy Dalmatian-Pointer 12/28/11 Judy Flaherty
Lucy Davis Chow Chow 12/08/08 Keith Davis
Lucy Davis Lopez Shih Tzu 14 years 03/18/11 Lori Lopez
Lucy Devon Rex Cat 03/05/03 Linda
Lucy Dew Black Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/2002-10/03/17 Kathy Dew
Lucy Dewitt Siamese Cat 11/02/81-09/02/99 Leann Dewitt Scoretz
Lucy Diane Maltese 11/08/91-07/27/05 Jane Starkman
Lucy Dingo 2 years 03/13/11 Aly
Lucy DMH Cat 14 years 08/31/10 Kim Carroll
Lucy Doberman 01/13/95-04/24/06 Ellen Seifert
Lucy Doberman 1986-1999 Paul
Lucy Doberman Pinscher 09/01/07-10/23/15 Carl
Lucy Doberman Pinscher 11/22/89-06/27/01 Jim, Mickey, Clint & Raven
Lucy Dog 01/01/11 Val Paxton
Lucy Dog 01/17/12 Amy and Mike -Mom and Dad
Lucy Dog 01/19/08 Jenny B
Lucy Dog 02/09/13 Mwenda
Lucy Dog 02/14/95-02/01/11 Ashley, Kenny, Lynette
Lucy Dog 02/15/13-03/09/14 Mary Self
Lucy Dog 02/18/17 Dimitris K
Lucy Dog 04/14/79-10/20/91 Nancy Glanz
Lucy Dog 06/01/96-02/28/11 Gina
Lucy Dog 06/10/85-09/05/00 Julie Barks
Lucy Dog 06/25/02-04/27/10 Samantha Burket
Lucy Dog 07/04/96-11/23/10 Kitty Weisman
Lucy Dog 07/18/01-10/05/06 Heather Weigel, Jay Weigel and Calvin Jobe
Lucy Dog 07/23/05 Rebecca Kuchar-Smalland Scott Small
Lucy Dog 08/2011 Jojo
Lucy Dog 09/07/08 Margi Tiecke
Lucy Dog 09/18/91 J Slaughter
Lucy Dog 09/19/00-07/29/16 Steven & Kathleen Gross
Lucy Dog 11/28/11 Rich and Connie Behers
Lucy Dog 11/99-02/23/15 Ric
Lucy Dog 12/14/07 Judy Rogers
Lucy Dog 13 years 02/14/05 Ronnie and Jean
Lucy Dog 14 years 11/21/12 Robin Maddox
Lucy Dog 14 years 12/10/00 Linda
Lucy Dog 14 years 31/08/05 Lyn Brown
Lucy Dog 15 years 05/11/10 Barbara
Lucy Dog 16 years 06/11/10 Kathryn
Lucy Dog 18/03/96-30/10/01 Ana Byrne
Lucy Dog 2 years 10/01/07 Vicky
Lucy Dog 3 years 01/19/08 Jenny
Lucy Dog 4 years 07/2008 Dottie
Lucy Dog 6 years Anne Roberts
Lucy Dog almost 8 years 06/26/00 Bill and Amy Summers
Lucy Dog Fox Terrier 05/07/94-13/02/10 Claire & Warren Peel
Lucy Dogge Part Poodle 16 years 11/07/03 Barbara Snyder
Lucy Domestic Cat 10/01/98-04/08/09 Saundra
Lucy Domestic Long Hair Cat 15 years 12/28/17 Camille Protano
Lucy Domestic Long Hair Cat 2002-02/28/12 Regina Canal
Lucy Domestic Long Hair Cat 8 years 03/15/98 Judy Beamish
Lucy Domestic Longhair Cat 07/01/96-07/12/05 Roni Krautheim
Lucy Domestic Longhair Cat 10/16/84-06/14/00 Mary & Tony Dasilva
Lucy Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/16/87-02/18/04 Russell and Lisa
Lucy Domestic Short Hair Cat 03/87-11/09/06 Pat
Lucy Domestic Short Hair Cat 10/08/05-01/08/12 Katie Jones
Lucy Domestic Short Hair Cat 11 years 11/25/09 Monica
Lucy Domestic Shorthair Mixed Cat 02/97-02/18/08 Dave Mills
Lucy Doxie 03/15/90-02/28/04 Marilyn Schoos
Lucy DSH Black and White Cat Janet M. Israel
Lucy DSH Cat 03/11/91 Kathi Stein
Lucy DSH Cat 06/96-04/13/09 Jamie Ford
Lucy DSH Cat 11 years 2001 The Dupuis Family
Lucy DSH Cat 12/18/97-12/22/12 Laurie Stone
Lucy DSH Cat 15 years 04/10/11 Alyssa, Pat, Molly
Lucy DSH Cat 22 years 06/05/10 Fiona Kidd
Lucy DSH Dilute Calico Cat 5 years 11/20/12 Ashley Anderson
Lucy Eckert Jack Russell 11 years 07/06/07 The Eckert Family
Lucy Edith Cat 03/06/86-09/13/03 Beverly Ketchum
Lucy Egyptian Mau Cat 9 years 05/14/14 Frankie Lawson
Lucy Elizabeth Lab/Dalmation mix 01/01/91-11/10/99 Gloria and Janie Rosen
Lucy English Bulldog 9 years 09/18/11 Odle Family Page Michelle Ty Jordan
Lucy English Mastiff 12/26/03-04/17/10 Tim Shannon and Anamary Batista
Lucy English Pitbull Mix 04/19/87-11/08/99 Rick and Bev. Whiteside
Lucy English Spaniel 10 1/2 years 11/30/04 David Hsiang
Lucy English Spring Spaniel 20/05/14 Jeanette Morrison
Lucy English Springer Spaniel 02/17/90-10/08/04 Marybeth Bannon
Lucy English Springer Spaniel 06/07/96-01/07/08 Cyndy
Lucy English Springer Spaniel 10/10/86-01/04/01 Diane
Lucy Evelynn Orange Tabby Cat 05/24/86-04/11/01 Madison Friedlander
Lucy Ewe 6 years 10/96 Linda
Lucy Faith Pixler Dachshund 02/07/03-06/19/14 Jill Pixler
Lucy Fancy Mouse 06/17/99-12/30/00 Danielle
Lucy Fawn-Colored Mix 01/91-06/14/02 Donna Freeman
Lucy Feist Dog 10 years 06/15/11 Kenneth Holland
Lucy Ferrell Black Lab 11 years 12/17/07 Alexis Ferrell
Lucy Ferrell Lab 12/17/07 Deirdre Ferrell
Lucy Ferret 04/14/11-01/17/13 Brooke
Lucy Ferret 08/31/06-04/07/14 Joan Sargent
Lucy Ferret 12/97-05/2006 Becky Narver
Lucy Ferret 1999-01/18/07 Gena Glider
Lucy Ferret 3 years 05/12/04 John Pedersen
Lucy Ferret 7 years 09/27/04 Mindy
Lucy Ferret 9 years 03/12/07 Leila Taylor
Lucy Finch 10/11/07 The Mayberry Family
Lucy Finch 4 years 07/03/04 Ilene
Lucy Fitzsimons Mutt 07/24/94-11/16/10 Pat and Annette Fitzsimons
Lucy Flat Coated Retriever 04/16/02-12/30/14 Jaynie
Lucy Flat Coated Retriever/English Shepherd 8 years 11/16/18 Darlene
Lucy Fox Terrier 01/95-09/09/09 Andrea S
Lucy Fox Terrier 12 years 11/24/05 Kate
Lucy Fregone Golden Retriever 05/19/96-12/30/06 Cheryl and George Fregone
Lucy Fur DSH Tabby Cat 09/01/94-12/02/08 Tom Glinskas
Lucy Garza Cat 8 years 10/08/15 Nadia, Selyna, Fortino, Maria & Fortino Sr
Lucy German Longhaired Pointer 15 years 09/07/04 Peggy Dodd
Lucy German Shepherd 08/05/97-06/17/11 Mary and Ed Hiller
Lucy German Shepherd 10 years 04/23/15 Justin Williams
Lucy German Shepherd 12/13/04-02/25/07 Tim Campa
Lucy German Shepherd 13 years 12/12/07 Vicki & Guy
Lucy German Shepherd 7 years 02/19/02 Mary Hall
Lucy German Shepherd Mix 09/28/92-11/13/01 Rhonda Kintzel
Lucy German Shepherd/Beagle 14 years 08/27/12 Donna W
Lucy German Shepherd/Lab 14 years 05/24/05 Emily
Lucy Gettinger Yorkshire Terrier 02/27/00-06/10/09 Ruby Gettinger
Lucy Gibson Springer Spaniel 02/05/94-12/24/07 Midge and Herb Gibson
Lucy Gilmore Golden Retriever 14 years 09/14/08 Rod, Lisa, Bob, Matt and Lauren Gilmore
Lucy Girl Border Collie 12/15/98-06/24/99 Herzog Family
Lucy Girl Dog 08/12/94-12/21/07 Diane Padgett
Lucy Girl Mini Dachshund 7 1/2 years 03/12/09 Daryn Mayers
Lucy Girl Puppy Mutt Dog 05/04/88-06/23/01 Therese
Lucy Golden 08/10/94-10/14/05 Ellen Gordon
Lucy Golden 09/06/93-03/22/07 Jeff & Judy Rusiecki
Lucy Golden Hamster 10/23/07 Judy
Lucy Golden Ret 7 years 02/23/11 Kalina Matusiewicz
Lucy Golden Ret. 11/20/90-10/16/98 Emily and Emmett Adcock
Lucy Golden Ret. 13 years 10/13/98 Michael
Lucy Golden Ret. 7 years 02/23/11 Kalina
Lucy Golden Retiever approx 8 years 09/03/02 M
Lucy Golden Retriever 01/11/97-06/05/10 Tammy
Lucy Golden Retriever 02/04/05 Hayley and Julie
Lucy Golden Retriever 02/2011-07/01/17 Janet McCrindle
Lucy Golden Retriever 03/15/11 April
Lucy Golden Retriever 03/29/91-12/25/03 Diane Lewis
Lucy Golden Retriever 05/07/04-12/03/15 Chris Burkart
Lucy Golden Retriever 05/19/94-04/17/05 Mary Ann Samuelson
Lucy Golden Retriever 08/02/03-27/01/14 Victoria and Jamie Hand
Lucy Golden Retriever 08/08/07-11/14/08 Tracy Fancovic
Lucy Golden Retriever 08/31/98-04/11/09 Lisa Earhart
Lucy Golden Retriever 09/12/06 Susan Berk
Lucy Golden Retriever 09/29/06-07/10/11 Erin
Lucy Golden Retriever 10 years 09/02/08 Nicola Martyn, Jack and Seth
Lucy Golden Retriever 10/28/96-09/10/03 Lanny Hiday
Lucy Golden Retriever 11/16/95-09/15/08 Shelly Braden
Lucy Golden Retriever 11/94-06/17/04 Carol Willman
Lucy Golden Retriever 12 1/2 years 05/12/11 Emily Trantolo
Lucy Golden Retriever 12 years 04/08/02 Nancy and David Smith
Lucy Golden Retriever 12/05/90-08/06/04 Lorie Cercone
Lucy Golden Retriever 12/19/89-07/21/00 John Cavalluzzi
Lucy Golden Retriever 13 years 06/15/06 Natalie
Lucy Golden Retriever 7 years 09/2004 Lynn Sloan
Lucy Golden Retriever adopted 1994-09/14/08 Carrie L.Davis
Lucy Golden Retriever/Border Collie Mix 10/07/03 Trish and Tom
Lucy Goldfish 2003-08/27/08 Ray Homewood and Rose Smart
Lucy Goldie 10 years 05/05/97 Graeme Leighton
Lucy Goldie Mix 12 years 08/24/02 Patricia J Tonkin and Golden Opportunities Golden Retriever Rescue
Lucy Gomez Dachshund 03/06/02-07/02/06 Richard, Susan, Sara, Connor
Lucy Goodman Australian Shepherd, Queensland Heeler. 13 years 11/12/09 Eric Goodman
Lucy Goose DSH Cat 07/31/06 Stephanie Maglietta
Lucy Goosey Canadian Gosling 05/14/02-06/09/02 Christy Swartz
Lucy Goosey Pritchard Yorkie 07/04/06-04/27/16 Eddie and Ron Pritchard
Lucy Goosey Torti Point Himalayan Cat 13 1/2 years 05/22/15 Amy, Brian and all the kids
Lucy Gray Byrd Russian Blue Cat 08/01/00-03/03/06 Madelyn and Lavato
Lucy Great Dane 05/15/87-08/02/98 Bob
Lucy Great Dane 08/17/96-01/02/04 Cindy Shiffer
Lucy Great Dane 08/23/03-07/29/07 Brad and Anita Edmonds
Lucy Great Pyrenees 03/10/91-12/18/01 Rgiuffre
Lucy Greater Swiss Mountain Dog 09/05/00-02/04/06 Allison and Justin Blanford
Lucy Grey and White Cat 12/07/03 Yolanda.
Lucy Grey Cat:01/13/97 David E Paterson & Laure Paterson
Lucy Grey/Orange Tabby Cat 2 years 04/13/03 Heather Hasty
Lucy Guinea Pig 09/09/10 Dawn Stead
Lucy Guinea Pig 17 November 2005-23 March 2012 Elizabeth Chambers
Lucy H DSH Cat 06/2007-03/30/12 Walt & Beth H
Lucy Hamster 03/07/04 Punky
Lucy Hamster 07/15/09-12/25/09 Pat Grosse
Lucy Haras Chihuahua 05/27/96-05/10/07 James E and Myong S Haras
Lucy Hart Golden Retriever 11/20/94-10/10/06 Stuart Hart
Lucy Hawaiian Poi 02/14/87-01/18/02 Rick Emens
Lucy Haynes Dachshund 07/17/97-07/17/14 Sherry Haynes
Lucy Heeler/Aussie 10/14/07-02/08/12 Corey C
Lucy Heinz 57 Dog 17 years 05/99 Susan
Lucy Henderson Bassett Hound Mix 9 years 08/17/11 Robin Henderson
Lucy Himalayan Cat 09/04/98-12/21/12 Kelli
Lucy Himalayan Cat 9 years 09/12/07 Vicki Clark
Lucy Himalayian Cat 10/10/90-07/03/00 Sharon Harrington
Lucy Hogg Cat 02/10/00-11/20/07 Kimberly
Lucy Holland Lop Bunny 04/2009-07/20/09 Norah Santana
Lucy Holland Lop Rabbit 3 1/2 months 07/20/09 Norah
Lucy Horse 12/04/98 Sherry Shelton for Mack and Tracie Farmer
Lucy Hound Mix 06/94-08/02/07 Deede James
Lucy Hound Mix 12 1/2 years 12/23/13 Phillip and Mari
Lucy Hunter 04/20/97-10/13/02 Jodi
Lucy Husky, Bordercollie 6 years 07/2005 Phil and Holly Porter
Lucy Husky/Lab Mix 03/17/10-10/16/11 Ericka Middleton
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Chihuahua 03/22/96-12/11/03 Roberta Womack
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Scottish Terrier 07/12/94-12/28/03 Marilyn Reed
Lucy Instant Golden Ret 01/10/08-01/13/18 Anita Instant
Lucy Irish Terrier/Kerry Blue 07/04/90-01/12/99 Fiona
Lucy Isabella Gray Short Hair Mix Cat 01/24/97-01/24/08 Donna and JW
Lucy Jack Russel 12 years 08/17/16 Lisa Langsteiner
Lucy Jack Russell 02/28/91-05/29/07 Laura and Gemma Rose
Lucy Jack Russell Beagle 11/17/09 Christi
Lucy Jack Russell Pekingese 2005-08/24/13 Summer Eubanks
Lucy Jack Russell Terrie 07/27/95-04/08/11 Deparko Swift
Lucy Jack Russell Terrier 04/29/04-05/30/09 Drew
Lucy Jack Russell Terrier 06/06/86-05/01/01 Beth Ballentine
Lucy Jack Russell Terrier 07/15/96-06/18/05 Ruth Bohnhoff
Lucy Jack Russell Terrier 10/15/96-02/15/09 The Morenos
Lucy Jack Russell/Terrier 18 years 07/29/13 Janice Colvin
Lucy Jane (Pooter) Miniature Long-Haired Dachshund 11/13/91-05/03/06 James and Doris Waddell
Lucy Jane Blassett (aka, Lab Bassett Mix) 13 years 08/24/10 Jill Jankowsky
Lucy Jane Chihuahua 06/19/96-12/23/08 Dave & Connie Wade
Lucy Jane Rat Terrier 04/01/03-08/02/06 Ronda Cameron
Lucy Jean Beagle 09/01/98-03/17/05 Gail Wilkening
Lucy Jean Jones Boxer 5 1/2 years 11/20/09 Hilda Jones
Lucy Jo Cairn Terrier 05/16/89-04/04/03 Kim, Lou, Sean, Brian, and Craig
Lucy Jo Rothschiller Miniature Schnauzer 10/08/98-09/03/07 Jill Rothschiller
Lucy Joe 'Precious' Cocker Spaniel 15 years 06/30/05 Tammy Adams
Lucy Johnson Labrador 11 months 01/28/02 Shaunnika
Lucy Jones American Staffordshire Terrier 03/17/08-11/04/16 Charles Jones
Lucy Joy and Oliver Dog and Cat Collie and Mainecoon 05/23/13 Lynne Johnson
Lucy Jrt/Beagle 01/12/02-05/08/03 Mannie & Fredi
Lucy Justice Doberman 2 1/2 years 11/08/05 Jessica-Miranda-Michelle
Lucy Katz German Shepherd 05/31/09 Jeff & Melissa Katz
Lucy King Charles Cavalier 05/09/93-14/10/02 Marilla Clephane
Lucy King Charles Cavalier Spaniel 12/11/12 Kristina Perez
Lucy Kitten 09/07/07-08/06/08 Doris Doyle
Lucy Kitty 1992-02/22/06 Sandy
Lucy L Chihuahua/Terrier 10/18/08-12/02/14 Marcia
Lucy Lab 02/01/05-12/29/06 Carolyn
Lucy Lab 13 years 09/12/11 Madisyn
Lucy Lab Mix 02/90-11/01/02 Carol & Tim Gabbert
Lucy Lab Mix 05/06/06-03/15/13 Kim
Lucy Lab Mix 11 years 02/27/10 Jana Skipper Crosby
Lucy Lab Mix 11/02/02-02/22/04 Judy
Lucy Lab Mix 12/10/02 Mark Berg
Lucy Lab Mix 5 years 10/18/15 Jeff and Tammy Humphries
Lucy Lab retriever 1982-1998 Debbie
Lucy Lab Shepherd Mix 01/12/91-02/18/06 Liz Wise
Lucy Lab/Chow 11/17/04-09/24/10 Michelle Grillo
Lucy Lab/Dalmatian 03/05/14 Jasmine S
Lucy Lab/Mix 08/26/09 Charles, Jean & Josh Lowey
Lucy Lab/Mix 12 years 08/26/09 Charles & Jean Lowey
Lucy Lab/Rot 7 years 02/06/01 Tina
Lucy Lab/Shepherd Mix 01/12/91-02/18/06 Liz Wise
Lucy Labrador 04/02/02-10/14/11 Rob Norcross
Lucy Labrador 5 years 11/08/11 Mike
Lucy Labrador 7 years 06/08/07 Margaret Anne Cameron
Lucy Labrador Retriever 04/01/96-04/04/06 Sandi & Mike Bittinger
Lucy Labrador Retriever 04/12/01-12/11/09 Lindsay McDermott
Lucy Labrador Retriever 06/15/07 Terry Henson
Lucy Labrador Retriever 11 years 11/30/08 Adam Morel
Lucy Labrador Retriever 11/20/91-11/12/03 John Stanford
Lucy Labrador Retriever 12/17/96 Donna Doyle
Lucy Labrador Retriever Mix 06/02/86-12/31/94 Sandy Captyn
Lucy Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever Mix 11/03/00-11/08/06 Diane Sakurai
Lucy Lab-Spaniel 6 years 03/30/09 Jaime and Todd Baum
Lucy Lahsa 07/02/89-07/05/04 Kelly Beauchamp
Lucy Lakeland Terrier 08/08/00-03/24/10 Rodney
Lucy Lea Boston Terrier 10/08/06-11/21/06 Kathie & Randy Worthy
Lucy Lee O'Donnell Maltese 07/10/87-04/28/05 Carol O'Donnell
Lucy Lee Shih Tzu 01/27/96-07/07/09 Marsha Thornburg
Lucy Lener Pit Bull 03/01/08 Sandy
Lucy Lerner Pit Bull 11 years 03/01/08 Lynne and Larry Lerner
Lucy Lhasa Also 12/96-07/14/11 Jill
Lucy Lhasa Apso 06/16/91-10/15/05 Barbara & Irv Friedman
Lucy Lhasa Apso 06/28/97 Margaret Briggs
Lucy Lhasa Apso 10/29/94-08/11/10 Eleanor
Lucy Lhasa Apso 10/29/94-08/11/10 YN, Joanne and Eleanor
Lucy Lilac Burmese Cat 13 years 14/04/12 Alice
Lucy Lilac Point Siamese Cat 02/24/99-03/04/13 Beth Bartlett
Lucy Lillo Ang Pug 02/28/98-03/02/07 Brigid Patton
Lucy Ling pekinese 13 years 05/99 malia
Lucy Lionhead Rabbit 2 1/2 years 05/26/07 Kim
Lucy Little Guinea Pig 05/05/04-23/05/08 Joan Rampton
Lucy Liu Shiz-Tsu / Cocker aka Cockertsu 12/05/00-10/18/12 Jeff Rackley
Lucy Liver Dalmation 9 years 12/12/87-01/04/97 Cyn Good
Lucy Livingston Bouvier Bunny Lop Rabbit 1994-07/31/04 Dorothy Diehl, Mary Herzog
Lucy Llasa Alpso 14 years 03/20/10 Kristin, Nana Sharon and Debbie
Lucy Locket Yorkshire Terrier 10 years 06/2006 Karen & Dave Pedley
Lucy Lockette Siamese Cross Cat 04/17/99-01/08/11 Judy Gordon
Lucy Lohr Part Border Collie 9 years 10/17/06 Joyce Caldwell
Lucy Long Hair Grey Cat 5 years 06/09/97 Teresa Servidio
Lucy Long Hair Mix Cat 14 years 02/04/04 Michelle Barnett
Lucy Long Haired Dachshund 06/28/96-10/04/09 Dawn Sisco
Lucy Long Haired Marmalade Tabby Cat 10/21/11 BJ Buckland
Lucy Long Haired Orange Domestic Cat 01/02/04 Monica and Jim Bosacki
Lucy Longhair Mini Doxie 10/14/88-04/20/04 Charlsie & Ken Land
Lucy Long-Haired Tabby Cat 4 1/2 years 06/27/98 Marie Wemett
Lucy Loo Min-Pin 14 years 05/14/13 Ryan, Sandy, & Moose Pause
Lucy Loo Pit Bull 6 months 12/09/10 Jill Caine
Lucy Lou Basset Hound 03/01/03-08/24/03 Retta Roberts
Lucy Lou Bassett Hound 11/02/99-12/28/11 Michelle
Lucy Lou Bassett Hound 3 years 12/04/12 Tracy Bates
Lucy Lou Blue Heeler 09/25/01-10/10/03 Cheryl Elder
Lucy Lou Calico Cat 11/87-08/31/98 Mary
Lucy Lou Coon Hound 08/95-02/06/08 Carol Kirkland
Lucy Lou Dog 05/01/08-01/21/10 Love, Tim, Melissa, Madison and Adalyn
Lucy Lou English Springer Spaniel 08/31/86-06/11/00 Amanda Ward
Lucy Lou Estes Pug 11/18/93-12/19/06 Laura Lee
Lucy Lou Jones Mixed Dog 5 years 08/03/11 Lynetta Jones
Lucy Lou Leitz Yorkie 11 years 04/02/12 Lori
Lucy Lou Mixed Yellow Lab 01/17/15 Jennifer Mon
Lucy Lou Pitbull 16 years 11/27/09 Cheryl & Don Hartzog
Lucy Lou Prickett Bullmastiff 07/28/05-05/25/11 Hillary and Keith Prickett
Lucy Lou Puppy 08/15/99-12/21/00 Kelli & Rudy Padias
Lucy Lou Tabby Cat 4 years 10/15/06 Cindy Holden
Lucy Lou, Lucky, & Susie Q Kittens 06/25/10-06/26/10 Joann Pochinski
Lucy 'Lou-Lou' Forbes Dachshund 10 years 03/15/07 Angie Forbes
Lucy Love Sprowl Diluted Torty Cat 06/18/02-10/01/08 Jim & Jenny Sprowl
Lucy Lu Beagle 14 years 11/30/05 Vickie and Kristy Kuhlman
Lucy Lu Cat 07/98-07/2012 Betty
Lucy Lu Cat 13 years 07/07/15 Chris Reinke
Lucy Lu Cat 17 years 05/27/11 Katy
Lucy Lu Collie Mix 6 weeks 05/26/07 Tania Kinnaman
Lucy Lu Labrador Labrador Retriever 03/31/04-04/05/13 Ken Koch
Lucy Lu Mastiff 06/01/02-11/08/10 Kristen
Lucy Lu Mixed Chihuahua 02/14/06-07/07/09 William Bowen
Lucy Lu Papillion 06/18/12 David Benjamin
Lucy Lu Rottweiler 04/19/02-05/03/12 Sherry Hacker
Lucy Lu Rush Chihuahua 13 years 02/18/10 The Rush Family: Cheryl, Ed, Abi, Sean, Amanda, Ed
Lucy Lu Shihtzu 03/18/06-03/03/14 Kari Zaeska Rood
Lucy Lu Siamese Cat 10 years 08/09/10 Heidi
Lucy Lu Terrier/Poodle 11/15/01-02/13/11 Becky
Lucy Lu Yorkie 09/18/02-11/21/11 Jenny Garrigan
Lucy LuLu Basset Hound 03/27/98-11/25/08 Thomas Desmond and Michael Whittington
Lucy Lulu Bell Curry Wheaten Chow Mix 02/08/07-07/31/15 Monica Curry
Lucy Lulu Maltese ShihTzu 07/01/13-08/25/14 Margaret & Peter Robertson
Lucy 'Lulubear' Sabo Dwarf Bunny 01/12/11-08/30/14 Jesse Sabo
Lucy Luu Boston Terrier 11 years 09/10/06 Christina Schunk
Lucy Lynch Cairn Terrier 9 years 08/01/98 Connie
Lucy Lynx Point Siamese Cat 06/10/89-06/16/02 Elizabeth West and Randy Rakowski
Lucy MacLean Beagle 12/93-02/2010 Sue and Steve MacLean
Lucy Mae Levy Miniature Schnauzer 05/19/93-05/28/05 Susan Levy
Lucy Mae Rupp Bassett Mix 09/04/94-05/15/09 Ginger
Lucy Mae Shank Border Collie 02/11/08-03/22/18 Colette Shank
Lucy Mae Yellow Lab 09/22/88-09/11/03 Ricky and Brenda Long
Lucy Maier Shepherd/Lab Mix 04/98-06/20/07 Bob, Sandi, Joe and Gina Maier
Lucy Maine Coon Cat 02/00-03/30/02 Dan, Cheryl, & Daniel Pease
Lucy Maine Coon Cat 05/15/14 Corinne
Lucy Maine Coon Cat 9 years 03/25/13 Beth Ann Flanigan
Lucy Maine Coon Mix Cat 04/04/94-04/27/09 Mary Simpson
Lucy Maine Coon X Cat 04/02/11 Basia & Howie Horrocks
Lucy Maine Coon/ Norwegian Forest Cat 09/05/99-08/20/12 D.Z.
Lucy Maltese 01/06/03-08/14/09 Tommy & Amee Edgar
Lucy Maltese 02/01/90-05/12/00 Glenda Keller
Lucy Maltese 05/03/11 Jennifer
Lucy Maltese 05/95-01/30/08 Jane
Lucy Maltese 10/26/05-09/22/17 Regina Bacchi
Lucy Maltese 12 years 12/23/14 Margaret Napier
Lucy Maltese 2 years 06/19/00 Micki Collins
Lucy Maltese 4 1/2 years 09/01/11 Libby Grace, Brandi, Curt, and Lee
Lucy Maltipoo 05/31/94-05/24/08 Linda Freeman
Lucy Malti-Poo 11/24/94-04/28/05 Kathey
Lucy Manchester Terrier 11/01/95-07/11/05 Debbie
Lucy Mangham Ferret 09/26/96-10/27/04 Dawn
Lucy Marie Beagle/Basset Hound 10 years 02/24/04 Mark Neer & Dan Good
Lucy Marie Boxer Mix Cat 14 years 06/27/03 Deborah
Lucy Maroney Dog 09/05/11 Beth Maroney
Lucy Martin Border Collie 12 years 08/18/12 Chris and Jennifer Martin
Lucy May Blanche Russian Blue Cat 01/01/93-09/15/05 Gregory Neilson and Scott Revord
Lucy May Long Hair Cat 12 years 08/21/01 Brandon Arbogast
Lucy McCall Dog 3 years 03/01/10 Paul McCall
Lucy McCarl Hamster 2 years 05/12/07 Mat and Jess McCarl
Lucy McGillacuddy Cairn Terrier 01/11/02-10/12/14 Mace & Amey VanBlaircom
Lucy McGregor Abyssinian Cat 16 years 11/02/08 Roz McGregor
Lucy McNugget 3 Legged Lab/ Pointer Cross 11/11/97-05/06/05 Stephanie, Ricky, and Star
Lucy Megan Stanley American Bulldog 12/08/04-03/27/06 Dawn, Jason, Taryn, Jaryd, & Baylee
Lucy Melton aka Lucy Lu, Button Nose Peanut, Princess, Little Bit, Love of my Life Shih Tzu 03/27/98-08/26/09 Mark and Linda Melton
Lucy Michel American Eskimo Dog 3 years 10/14/09 Regine Michel
Lucy Miller Cat 15 years 07/21/00 Judy & Julio Gallardo
Lucy Min Beagle 05/12/08 Doug, Maryellen, Devon, Maddie, Chase
Lucy Min Pin 12/17/96-04/11/06 Marissa & Bob Cadia
Lucy Min Schnauzer 11/19/09-07/12/11 Jane Slivchak
Lucy Mini Lop Rabbit 7 years 06/26/02 Karen Heschel
Lucy Mini Poodle 14 years 03/09/12 Lauren, Brian and Kaley Phipps
Lucy Mini Schnauzer 04/2009-04/08/10 Emilee Britton
Lucy Mini Schnauzer 08/25/00-06/14/10 Trini Chavez
Lucy Miniature Beagle 05/12/08 MaryEllen, Doug, Devon, Maddie and Chase
Lucy Miniature Cream Coloured Poodle 06/24/85-03/05/99 Michelle Loftus
Lucy Miniature Dachshund 03/15/09-08/27/09 Lori and Jim Baughman
Lucy Miniature Dachshund 11/24/00-12/25/05 Alan, Susie, Amy and Sarah
Lucy Miniature Pinscher 02/14/00-05/07/04 Lesley Baragary
Lucy Miniature Pinscher 12 years 04/02/11 Michael Epifano Paula Bitzine
Lucy Miniature Schnauzer 01/95-06/13/05 Barbara, Gabe and Cody Vaughan
Lucy Miniature Schnauzer 02/22/97-08/23/07 Todd, Kristin, Ryan and Katelyn
Lucy Miniature Schnauzer 05/10/99-10/19/11 Kristen Cardell
Lucy Miniature Schnauzer 05/19/93-04/07/08 The Love Family
Lucy Miniature Schnauzer 09/14/05-08/30/16 Jeanne Roberts
Lucy Miniature Schnauzer 10/17/99-08/06/13 Natalie
Lucy Miniature Schnauzer 10/22/95-10/03/07 Mary Wynn
Lucy Miniature Yorkie 12 years 11/29/06 Kellie Chick
Lucy Miniature Yorkshire Terrier 12 years 05/07/06 Teresa
Lucy Mini-Schnauser 09/22/95-08/02/96 Dave & Marva Merandi
Lucy Mix Cat 10/25/90-01/14/10 Julie Solell and Eric Mensing
Lucy Mix Dog 07/22/06 Dee Dawson
Lucy Mix Dog 10/01/03-03/23/09 Amy
Lucy Mix Dog 13 years 12/12/13 Amy
Lucy Mixed Border Collie/Pitbull 12 years 06/24/09 Roberta Juarez
Lucy Mixed Breed (Chihuahua and Terrier) 11/13/03-09/29/09 Katie Ward
Lucy Mixed Breed 17 years 02-95 Pat Hoffman
Lucy Mixed Breed 2 months 01/25/07 Judy Copen
Lucy Mixed Breed 2 years old Amy
Lucy Mixed Breed Lab 1/99-09/21/99 Lisa Wall
Lucy Mixed Cat 04/01/94-10/13/10 Janice & Wally McKinney
Lucy Mixed Cat 06/03/04 Ruth Lavish
Lucy Mixed Cat 14 years 06/09/09 Myrtle
Lucy Mixed Cat 1993-04/28/11 Jill
Lucy Mixed Dog 04/09/09-06/21/10 Shelley Branconnier
Lucy Mixed Dog 08/15/93-10/21/03 Donna Piepho
Lucy Mixed Dog 08/23/85 S.E. Jones
Lucy Mixed Dog 11/2002 Tonya Riley
Lucy Mixed Dog 12/21/00-02/11/04 Zach, Laura and Philip
Lucy Mixed Dog 13 years 06/04/07 April
Lucy Mixed Dog 15 and 1/2 years 04/07/04 Lynn Tester
Lucy Mixed Dog 16 years 10 months 12/29/16 Maggie Ehrlich-Bell and Bruce Bell
Lucy Mixed Dog 7 - 8 years 04/24/07 Deborah Tzarfaty
Lucy Mixed Dog 9 years 07/21/09 Bobbie & Gary Kilbride
Lucy Mixed German Shepherd/Black Lab 09/27/98-11/29/11 Tracey
Lucy Mixed Lab 07/17/10 Theresa
Lucy Mongrel 02/20/00-10/28/02 Amy & Mark
Lucy Morkie 01/06/10-01/04/11 Ryan and Lindsay
Lucy Mutt 06/04/10 Kate and Greg Morris
Lucy Mutt 10 years 04/25/11 Miranda Michael Maureen Julian
Lucy Mutt 10 years 07/22/02 France
Lucy Mutt Cat 09/20/12-05/14/13 Brittany Morley
Lucy Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 01/30/08-09/29/09 Emma
Lucy Newfoundland 04/06/00-08/19/09 Michelle Archambault
Lucy Newfoundland 11 years 03/19/12 Donna
Lucy Newfoundland 2 years 06/25/04 Debbie Oppermann
Lucy Newnom Calico Cat 2 years 09/13/99 Bob, Pam, and Amanda
Lucy Noel Maine Coon Cat 14 years 08/16/00 Susie
Lucy Nolan Cocker Spaniel/Beagle Mix 10 years 05/30/09 Dana and Gary Nolan
Lucy Norwegian Forest Cat 07/24/00-10/11/12 Tammy
Lucy O'Brien Mixed Dog 01/13/10 Emily Obrien Remley
Lucy of Dragon Run Ferret 05/18/90-04/29/93 D. Dahlen
Lucy Old English Mastiff 09/06/95-03/19/07 Amy Donovan
Lucy Old English Mastiff 11/10/06-08/08/10 Patricia
Lucy Orange Tabby Cat 04/18/11-04/14/14 Terri Shields
Lucy Orange Tabby Cat 1 year 10/04/02 A. Newsome
Lucy Orange Tabby Cat 14 years 01/08/01 Joanne
Lucy Orange Tabby Cat 1999-04/15/04 Donna Sovaiko
Lucy Orange Tiger Cat 10/10/03-01/03/12 Sharon Scattaglia
Lucy Orange/White Domestic Short Hair Cat 03/01/93-06/28/10 Kelley Vail
Lucy Ott Cat 14 years 09/17/10 Shelley Ott
Lucy Pacheco Shih- Pooh 2 1/2 years 05/26/12 Melanie Pacheco
Lucy Palms Cat 10 years 10/2007 Yvonne C. Gillespie
Lucy Papillion 02/08/99-06/06/12 Beverley Bishop
Lucy Papillon 03/16/96 Alfie
Lucy Parakeet 3 years 06/18/98 Wendy
Lucy Part Pit Bull and Lab 10 years 06/11/08 Karen Lischner
Lucy Part Siamiese Cat 04/01/99-12/29/03 Cheryl Gronning
Lucy Peekapoo 04/01/90-08/28/02 Christine Marie Therese Day
Lucy Peekapoo 06/03/97-06/23/99 Trecia
Lucy Peekapoo 07/24/96-03/24/98 Kelli
Lucy Pekenese 02/20/01 Lori Mintz
Lucy Pekingese 05/07/88-01/20/04 Mike Azzaro and Troy Barnes
Lucy Pembroke Welsh Corgi 01/17/097-02/07/06 Nicki Lombardo
Lucy Pembroke Welsh Corgi 07/07/01-03/25/11 Marty Beerman
Lucy Pembroke Welsh Corgi 07/15/92-11/16/06 Lanny Astgen
Lucy Pembroke Welsh Corgi 07/22/84-09/01/98 Judy, David, Sam & Isabel
Lucy Pembroke Welsh Corgi 09/28/92-04/05/08 Pamela
Lucy Pembroke Welsh Corgi 12/15/91-07/06/01 Kelly, Linda, Jayne, Wilkes, Puddin', and Enid
Lucy Penoncello Dachshund 05/28/96-08/09/08 Gina & Scott Penoncello
Lucy Persian Cat 04/24/87-05/27/06 Dolores Bright
Lucy Persian Cat 04/27/97-07/16/13 Cathy Gross
Lucy Persian Cat 10 years 09/24/07 Dina
Lucy Persian Cat 14 years 07/17/00 Roger Tulloch
Lucy Persian Cat 18 years 05/16/11 Donna Hauge
Lucy Persian Mix Cat Tori Gregory
Lucy Persian/Tabby Cat 3 years 10/28/00 Scott and Trina
Lucy Peters Black Labrador 4 years 05/01/07 Debbie, Heather, and Sue
Lucy Peterson Black Lab 10 years 05/17/11 Linda Peterson
Lucy Pinscher-Mix 14 years 06/08/05 Anne
Lucy Pit Bull Mix 09/2003-03/10/14 Melissa
Lucy Pit Bull/Beale Mix 05/97-10/10/12 Lynn
Lucy Pit Mix 15 years 01/05/11 Brick
Lucy Pitbull Mix 15 years 11/27/00 Cheryl Hartzog
Lucy Pitbull, 11 years 03/01/08 Larry and Lynne
Lucy Pointer Mix 04/21/01-11/15/01 Stacey & Jason
Lucy Pointer Mix 09/28/96-08/30/12 Mary and John Hargadine
Lucy Pomeranian 01/10/90-07/16/05 Lisa & John Marino
Lucy Pomeranian 16 years 04/03/99 Andea F.
Lucy Pomeranian/Poodle 08/12/02-01/17/05 Yolanda, Nick, Ili, Jenny, Carlos
Lucy Poodle 01/12/04-08/15/07 Marie
Lucy Poodle 02/01/96-06/28/09 Nick, Diana, Marie, and Alex
Lucy Poodle 02/15/97-04/09/12 Dave
Lucy Poodle 03/24/87-03/14/05 Charlie & Sharon Mann
Lucy Poodle 06/24/86-03/05/99 Michelle Loftus
Lucy Poodle 06/27/82-04/08/97 Maribeth
Lucy Poodle 12/07/93-06/22/12 Amanda Lion
Lucy Poodle 14 years 04/02/09 Ralph Schreiber
Lucy Poodle 15 years 01/18/14 Bev & Mike
Lucy Poodle 15 years 12/15/09 Jason Sankey
Lucy Pooh Sutton Cocker Spaniel 11/01/00-06/16/12 Dennis, Denise, Chelsea
Lucy Poppet Leonard Maltese Cross 02/22/94-07/07/05 The Leonard Family
Lucy Potemra Boston Terrier 04/09/98-08/06/12 Frank and Eileen
Lucy Potochniak Siberian Husky 08/15/91-06/01/04 David
Lucy Prairie Dog 04/2003-02/12/05 Tari Mether
Lucy Price Shih Tzu 10/08/96-03/31/07 Lisa Price
Lucy Pritchard Yorkie 07/04/06-04/27/15 Eddie and Ron Pritchard
Lucy Pug 02/10/94-09/11/06 Jerry Wallace
Lucy Pug 03/05/09 Candy & Mike Schmitt
Lucy Pug 05/03/16 Billy
Lucy Pug 09/20/95-08/19/11 Dru Williams
Lucy Pug 09/21/85-08/05/94 Peri Anne Goodwin
Lucy Pug 11 years 09/18/07 Sandra Givelber
Lucy Pug 11/11/05 Rebecca
Lucy Pug 11/27/03-05/09/06 Shane & Leanne
Lucy Pug 17 years 02/11/04 Robert Hardman
Lucy Pug 8 years 05/28/09 Marsee Patterson
Lucy Puppy 05/03/09-07/10/09 Anita Rakestraw
Lucy Puppy 12/30/09-03/09/09 Annie
Lucy Pygmy Goat 12/24/07 Heidi
Lucy Q Black & White Domestic Shorthair Cat 1990-09/10/09 Sandra
Lucy Quinn aka Lulu Belle Shih Tzu 2 years 10/17/09 Nichol Quinn
Lucy Rabbit 05/15/06-20/12/13 Timothy Guest
Lucy Rabbit 09/30/06 Renee
Lucy Rabbit 24/03/04-13/10/06 Nick
Lucy Rabbit 6 years 08/06/10 Amy
Lucy Ragdoll Cat 14 1/2 years 12/09/11 Jeanne Theusch
Lucy Rat 02/2009 Kimberley and Mark
Lucy Rat 18/05/06-31/03/08 Rachel
Lucy Rat 2010-04/10/12 Suzanne Woodring
Lucy Rat Terrier 04/16/14 Philipp and Ingrid
Lucy Rat Terrier 09/12/94-09/24/07 Loretta D Steffy
Lucy Rat Terrier 16 years 11/22/04 Niki and Lauren Murry
Lucy Raynor (A.K.A Mama's Love Bunny) Tri Color Beagle 1987-08/04/01 O.J., Donna, Josh, Bailey, Pabo, Peaches, Birdie and Tator
Lucy Red Poodle 4 years 08/07/00 Kay
Lucy Rennie Cat 14 years 08/29/12 Rita & Andy
Lucy Retriever 13 years 7 July 2004 Harriet Newman
Lucy Reynolds Beagle/Springer Mix 05/18/90-03/26/06 Reynolds/Matz/Jensens
Lucy Ricardo Ruff Terrier Mix 16 years 01/27/09 Donna Ruff
Lucy Richards Lab 10 years 08/05/09 Janet Richards
Lucy Richmond Old English Bulldog 08/08/00-02/06/13 Scott, Annie & Fiona Richmond
Lucy Robb Boston Terrier/Mix 06/08/11 Creyana
Lucy Rodgers Pug 11/15/98-08/04/09 Christina Rodgers
Lucy Rodosky Willett Beagle Circa 1997-05/25/09 Katie Rodosky
Lucy Rogers Yellow Labrador Retriever 06/25/10-06/28/10 Caitlin Rogers
Lucy Romano-Pupis Pembroke Welsh Corgi 12 years 12/16/17 Lisa Romano - Pupis & John Pupis
Lucy Roque Lab/Pit Mix 01/26/95-12/31/09 Amy Colegrove
Lucy Rose nickname Lil Mixed Breed Dog 07/95-25th September 2007 Valerie Sharp
Lucy Roseberry Shar Pei 01/20/08-08/2010 Holly Roseberry
Lucy Rottweiler 12 years 01/02/10 Paul, Nichole and Tracy Lyczak and Julie Fanslow
Lucy Rottweiler 12 years 03/23/14 Kimberly Contreras
Lucy Rottweiler/Lab Mix 08/26/01-03/08/12 Wendy Briesch
Lucy Rotty 19/10/99-03/07/11 David Shaw
Lucy Rowell Lab/Retriever Mix 04/01/93-08/10/10 Teina Rowell
Lucy Roy Robert Shih Tzu 05/30/97-08/14/04 Ann C. Slater
Lucy Russian Blue Cat 4 years 03/15/01 Mark Schenkel
Lucy Russian Blue/Siberian Mix Cat 2 months 10/24/18 Jamie Li
Lucy Russian Desert Tortoise 11/16/10 Catherine
Lucy Savage Poodle 11/03/06-05/08/10 Megan and James Savage
Lucy Schnauzer 08/28/18 Drew
Lucy Schnauzer/Beagle 9 years 05/10/06 John, Susan, Noah, Schmidt
Lucy Schnoodle 07/07/04-02/04/11 Kim, Mike, Abby & Morgan
Lucy Schrecken der Strasse Perser Cat 04/12/97 Eisi
Lucy Scottish Terrier 11 years 12/08/08 Betsy and Jim Conway
Lucy Seal Point Ragdoll Cat 04/13/97-01/22/02 Elizabeth Garrett
Lucy Shar Pei 02/08/11-02/09/18 Kelly
Lucy Shar Pei 11/08/09 The McGillycuddy Family
Lucy Shar Pei 11/09/99-11/08/10 Eva Heather Jim
Lucy Shar Pei Mix 04/93-03/23/08 Kris Fultz
Lucy Shar-Pei - Lab Mix 1997-10/05/09 Aimee, Richy, Ashley & AJ
Lucy Sheltie 01/01/96-03/28/08 Kim and Joe Baumgartner
Lucy Sheltie 06/15/97-03/05/12 Robert Plath
Lucy Sheltie 10/26/97-11/15/04 Jamie
Lucy Sheltie 13 years 01/29/09 Rebecca Ashley Teague
Lucy Shep/mix 9 months 11/12/93 Michael & Elizabeth Fischer-Morgan
Lucy Shepherd 03/15/83-02/04/97 Barbara R. Brown
Lucy Shepherd 19 years 07/07/95 Furperson
Lucy Shepherd English Merino, Choc Ag Guinea Pig 07/06/99-01/29/05 Alix
Lucy Shepherd Mix 02/26/97-02/07/09 Judy Fried
Lucy Shepherd Mix 11/07/98-09/10/01 The Yannucci Family
Lucy Shepherd/Collie Mix 4 years 07/01/06 Laurie Dornacher
Lucy Shepherd/Lab 06/16/07-12/17/11 Pattie
Lucy Shetland Sheepdog 10/04/04-04/29/17 Donnie, Beth, Matt, Cara and Lauren
Lucy Shi Tzu X Jack Russell 12/26/94-07/30/05 Kenn Greenberg
Lucy Shiba Inu Mix 10/31/96-12/18/06 Marilyn Vargas
Lucy Shih Tsu 06/15/92-03/22/08 Anthony Sanfilippo
Lucy Shih Tzu 01/31/00-11/30/10 Lori and Dalton Lusk
Lucy Shih Tzu 05/29/02-09/09/11 Gail Gobeille
Lucy Shih Tzu 06/22/09 Carmela Tucci
Lucy Shih Tzu 10/03/99-10/27/09 Joyce Keller
Lucy Shih Tzu 4 years 03/24/11 Connie Schmitt
Lucy Shih Tzu 7 years 12/27/11 Beth
Lucy Shih Tzu Poodle Cross 01/04/99-02/28/14 Cathy Veness
Lucy Shih Zhu 6 years 12/27/11 Beth
Lucy Shih-Tzu 05/03/90-10/05/06 Miriam and Charlie Marshall
Lucy Shitzu 12 years 05/04/04 Jennifer B
Lucy Shitzu 14 years 10/17/14 Tami
Lucy Short Haired Domestic Cat 08/11/03-09/11/09 Sandi Fazzalaro
Lucy Shorthair Cat 04/02/90-01/08/03 Lizz Albertini
Lucy Shorthair Tortie Cat 09/2002-09/23/03 Jerome & Jane Jackson
Lucy Siamese Cat 11/27/90-09/14/08 Jennifer Adams
Lucy Siamese Cat 13 1/2 years 1985 Marilyn
Lucy Siamese Cat 15 years 12/2002 Annie Smith
Lucy Siamese Cat 16 years 06/25/09 Rachel
Lucy Siamese/Hilmalayan Cat 08/96-11/25/98 Loreen
Lucy Siberian Husky 17 years 03/27/07 Michael and Rhonda Ricketts
Lucy Silver Tabby Cat 16 1/2 years 09/05/09 George Mabbutt
Lucy Simmons Chihuahua 2005-2010 Heather
Lucy Snow Cat 10/08/11 Jane Keenor
Lucy Spitz 17/06/95-23/03/12 Suman
Lucy Spoon Dalmatian 9 years 05/11/09 Connie & David Spoon
Lucy Springer Spaniel 03/06/91-09/07/06 Lisa Johnson
Lucy Springer Spaniel 06/05/13 Anne Martin-Berry
Lucy Springer Spaniel Mix 04/15/92-02/13/03 Gene and Wanda Labombard
Lucy St. Bernard 03/20/01-07/11/01 The Gibbel Family
Lucy St. Bernard 11/01/01-03/12/12 J
Lucy Staffordshire Terrier 08/16/96-01/17/11 Nancy
Lucy Staffy Cross 14 years 21/03/11 Jo Bignold
Lucy Standard Black Poodle 11 years 09/29/97 The Paul Family
Lucy Standard Poodle 03/89-01/09/00 Heidi Shaw
Lucy Standard Poodle 11/03/03-09/05/11 Rosemary White
Lucy Striped Black and White Cat 13 years 04/26/04 Kelly Deadmon
Lucy Sue Bassett Hound 03/20/12 Chris Ovington
Lucy Sue Dog 08/19/96-06/04/11 Marsha
Lucy Sun Conure 12 years 12/29/09 Tony Casas
Lucy Sutton Dachshund 09/07/04-12/18/14 Sandra Sutton
Lucy Swiss Mountain Dog 09/05/00-02/04/06 Allie and Justin Blanford
Lucy Tabby 3 years 07/11/96 Maefield
Lucy Tabby Cat 01/11/03-12/05/10 Mindy
Lucy Tabby Cat 05/86-11/13/03 Amy
Lucy Tabby Cat 05/93-03/05/05 Kimberly Damp
Lucy Tabby Cat 09/08/11 Hghgh
Lucy Tabby Cat 1 1/2 years 10/12/00 Sue, SVHS
Lucy Tabby Cat 12/02/98-04/23/09 Sarah Tye
Lucy Tabby Cat 12/17/89-11/26/99 John McCann, M.D.
Lucy Tabby Cat 14 years 2010 Paul and Janice
Lucy Tabby Cat 15 years 12/09/13 Linda Novakowski
Lucy Tabby Cat 20 years 06/04/13 Sandy and Nancy
Lucy Tabby Cat 2006 Cathy
Lucy Tabby Cat around 20 years 02/03/00 Tina B
Lucy Taufield Maltese 03/02/03-04/18/13 Jackie Taufield
Lucy Tavares Black Lab/Border Collie 02/16/06-07/06/10 Sharon Tavares
Lucy Teddy Bear Hamster 1 1/2 years 05/2004 Rebecca
Lucy Terrier 07/01/07-02/12/10 Russ and Dustin
Lucy Terrier Mix 12/25/97-06/21/00 Glenn and Sheila Cowart
Lucy Terrier Mix 13 years 01/29/09 Maria
Lucy Terrier Mix 13 years 05/07/05 Debbie
Lucy Terrier Mix 13 years 09/14/04 Kevin & Laurie Lawhon
Lucy Terrier Mix 13 years 11/30/01 Paul and Shelley Wolf
Lucy Terrier Mix 1978-1991 Bill and Char Downing
Lucy Terrier Mix 2003-10/28/09 Carol Hulbert
Lucy Terrier Mix 6 years 09/17/09 Carol Hulbert
Lucy Terrier X 1994-06/25/04 Riss
Lucy Terzigni Schnauzer/Poodle 03/15/89-11/18/04 Linda
Lucy The Golden Lady Golden Retriever 08/16/97-05/03/09 Patti Wierzbicki
Lucy The Goose Cocker Spaniel 10/12/97-08/20/11 Nancy
Lucy Tibetan Terrier 08/10/06 Ellen Shedlarz
Lucy Tillotson Long Hair Chihuahua 09/10/99-09/08/13 Becky and Sam
Lucy Tonkinese Cat 14 years 12/06/06 Carleen Dannecker
Lucy Torti Cat 07/13/06-10/29/07 Sylvia Harper
Lucy Tortie Cat 04/26/96-11/06/07 Lisa Quiroga
Lucy Tortie Cat 04/89-09/17/98 Cheryl and Terri
Lucy Tortie Cat about 13 years 04/16/07 Jenn and Mark
Lucy Tortoise Shell Tabby Cat 18 years 04/21/09 Nancy Scates
Lucy Tortoiseshell Calico Cat 04/94-10/29/12 Karen Holton
Lucy Tortoiseshell Cat 19 years 04/17/00 Kelly Bowman
Lucy Tortoishell Cat 12/28/98-04/03/09 Katrina Gillies
Lucy Tourtus Cat Labor Day-02/13/08 The Mentlick Family
Lucy Toy Poodle 03/11/02-08/09/16 Naomi Nitta
Lucy Toy Poodle 04/04/91-06/05/99 Patricia
Lucy Toy Poodle 05/27/91-02/28/04 Jean Arnold
Lucy Toy Poodle 14 years 10/04/09 Hsv
Lucy Toy Poodle 18 years 03/2004 Deb Slaton
Lucy Trace Border Collie Cross 10/22/00-12/04/06 Sandra Trace
Lucy Turkish Angora Kitten 10/01/06-09/30/07 Debbie
Lucy Turner Tabby Cat 02/27/08-10/03/11 Gary & Nancy Turner
Lucy Turtleshell Tabby Cat 05/01/91-01/16/05 Dottie Mathis
Lucy Tuxedo Cat 14 years 08/21/10 Tracey and Charlie Gsvind
Lucy Umbrella Cockatoo 09/15/97-04/01/12 Laurie
Lucy Vizsla 06/10/96-09/09/07 Tom and Sue Ferguson
Lucy Voye Black Lab/Greyhound 04/15/92-08/09/07 Suzy & David Voye
Lucy Walter Wagner Mack Border Collie 10/17/03-12/15/05 Jamie Walter, Kathy Wagner, Donald Mack
Lucy Walters Collie Cross 17 Feb 2006-15 April 2016 Lisa Walters
Lucy Weber Maltese 11/23/04-04/01/10 Lee Anna Weber
Lucy Wehunt Haynes Miniature Dachshund 08/14/00-07/17/14 Sherry Haynes
Lucy Weimaraner 12/08/03-05/12/08 Megan Scribner
Lucy Weimaraner 13 years 01/26/16 Amy
Lucy Welsh Cross Horse 08/07/78-15/09/03 Barbara J Tyler
Lucy Welsh Cross Horse 08/07/78-15/09/03 Barbara Tyler
Lucy West Highland White 03/09/00-05/27/08 Marion Murray
Lucy Westie 06/23/92-12/20/02 Santon
Lucy Westie 10 years 11/20/12 Andy Bonime & Linda Kirland
Lucy Westie 10/25/95-09/03/09 Sue, Dave, Ruth and Harry Stones
Lucy Westie 15 years 05/06/16 April Fiur
Lucy White and Black Shorthair Cat 14 years 09/01/97 Jane and Scott Davis
Lucy White Boxer 03/01/08-01/29/10 Kimberly McGhee
Lucy White Calico Cat 17 years 06/15/01 Cathy Burton Crocker
Lucy White Lab 1 month 08/21/05 Courtney Price
Lucy White Lab. Mix 04/14/01 Claire Suz Pat & Chris
Lucy White Rabbit 02/98 Janet
Lucy White Schnauzer 10/22/95-10/03/07 Mary Wynn
Lucy White Tail Deer 05/27/99-10/16/99 Sue
Lucy White-McGraw Calico Mix Cat 04/05/01-03/27/10 Leslie
Lucy Whyte Lab/Dalmatian 05/01/96-04/20/09 Catherine
Lucy Wick Tabby Cat 10 years 01/28/05 Dawn
Lucy Wilson Boxer 06/2000-10/18/11 Dana Wilson & Doug Platter
Lucy Winters Cat 10/31/03-06/05/05 Stacy Winters
Lucy Wire Fox Terrier 01/01/94-03/28/05 Debi
Lucy Wire Haired Terrier Mix 11/13/00-09/17/14 Kim Guy
Lucy X Breed Dog 09/15/98-03/07/05 Jenni Elliott
Lucy Yellow Lab 02/27/96-04/11/06 Karen Dickson
Lucy Yellow Lab 04/22/01 Chris, Pat, Claire and Suzanne Southward
Lucy Yellow Lab 09/13/02 Will and Zeke
Lucy Yellow Lab 09/23/82-04/24/96 Mary Rich
Lucy Yellow Lab 10 years 2 months 9 /13/09 Scott & Linda Kuhlman
Lucy Yellow Lab 12/15/10 Ashley and Rachel
Lucy Yellow Lab 7 years 05/27/10 Stephanie
Lucy Yellow Labrador 7 years 8 June 2007 Margaret Anne
Lucy Yorkie 01/09/06-11/07/11 Kim Hardy
Lucy Yorkie 07/01/93-05/12/05 Christine Majers
Lucy Yorkie 09/11/05-08/03/10 Edward Fast
Lucy Yorkie 10 years 08/12/12 Carolyn
Lucy Yorkie 12/18/12 Darlene Herman
Lucy Yorkie 12/21/97-12/23/07 Pennie and Doug Hull
Lucy Yorkie 12/23/93-10/01/08 Deborah Gleason
Lucy Yorkie 1996-04/23/12 Terri Nelson
Lucy Yorkie 5 years 02/23/12 Vicky Billington
Lucy Yorkie-Maltese 08/05/04-12/02/06 Megan
Lucy Yorkshire Terrier 03/15/95-12/21/09 Preston Phillips
Lucy Yorkshire Terrier 09/11/05-08/04/10 Adrienne Baumgartner, Lucy's Mommy
Lucy Zebra Finch 01/03/91-05/23/99 Tina Fischer
Lucy, My Baby Girl Cat 2004-03/10/08 Bea Fisher
Lucy, nicknamed Lulabelle, Lully Beagle 07/03/94-07/19/06 Michael Patrick Cripps
Lucy, Otis, Boo, Mickey Aussie. Pug, Bassett, Persian Cat 3 Dogs 1 Cat 11, 16, 12, 17 years 2007 Cindy Orr
Lucy, The Prairie Cat, Motor Purrs Himalayan Torti 09/26/01-05/22/15 Mama & Daddy: Amy & Brian
Lucy’s Kittens 03/02/12 Dottie
Lucybug Cat 1952 Pimento LP
Lucyfur Cat 11 years 2001 Rob
Lucyfur DMH Cat 1990-09/26/05 Ann & Pat DiPuccio
LucyGirl Black Lab Mix 16 years 07/25/08 Terese Weisenberger
Lucy-Girl Lab/Retriever 05/13/98-11/04/06 Lori Diana Hunt
Lucy-Jill Brittany Spaniel 09/85-05/06/00 Stacy
Lucymae Golden Retriever 12/97-06/08/11 Amy Barth
Lucy-Noony Dogs 14 years Anne Roberts
LucyPooh American Cocker Spaniel 11/01/00-06/16/12 Denise, Dennis, Chelsea Sutton
Lucy-Purr Siamese Cat 19/05/92-02/02/11 Jan Maydan
Lucy's Pup 1 Day 04/06/01 the Diamond Family
Luda & Biggie Guinea Pig 06/09/14 Meygan Ngo
Luda Staffordshire Terrier 15 years 11/13/15 Dianne Swecker
Ludacris Osco Mix Dog 11 years 03/05/12 Janeth Osco
Ludde Poodle 04/15/95-10/19/04 Malin
Ludek Starling 02/01/08-12/11/08 Izabela Tworowska
Ludi Basset 4 years 02/26/94 Joye Lepeschkin
Ludi Budgie 1996?-2000 Jennifer
Ludi Ferret 10/01/02-08/02/08 Valentina
Ludka American Shorthair Calico Cat 18 years 02/20/06 J. Nuzzo
Ludo Ferret 2006-04/26/09 Hannah
Ludo German Shepherd Mix 9 months 09/25/15 Kala Lunger
Ludwig Dachshund 04/12/94-10/27/07 Cheryl & Charlie Duval
Ludwig Dachshund 1994-2007 The Duval Family
Ludwig Domestic Longhair Cat 09/01/90-05/01/05 Pamela
Ludwig German Shorthair Pointer 02/14/92-04/29/04 Amanda Rivas
Ludwig Labrador/Border Collie 01/30/00-12/19/08 Andrew Lechman
Ludwig 'LW' LaBree Tabby (Black and White Tuxedo) Cat 02/11/08-03/03/13 Melvin LaBree
Ludwig Maltese 10/01/94-10/25/06 Dexter Lishon
Ludwig Nepomuceno Bassett Hound 05/07/00-02/15/02 Louie & Lorraine
Ludwig of Limehouse (Duke) Rottie 11 1/2 years 07/18/95 Frank Adelgard
Ludwig Welsh Corgi 01/19/91-08/23/04 Jennie Hower
Ludwig Westie 13 years 11/23/05 Sid Korpi and Anthony Kaczor
Ludwig, Yoda, and Peter Kittens 5 weeks 07/97 Susan Mudgett & Eric Johansson
Ludzka Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 8 1/2 years 03/19/07 Maria Elena Ortega Jimenez
Lue Lue Fancy Hamster 1 1/2 years 04/11/10 Jenna
Luebek's Olympia V Hodenhof UD. (Elsa) German Shepherd 04/21/88-06/20/96 Sally Luebke
Luebke's Katia Vom German Shepherd 9 years 06/28/95 Sally Luebke
Lueling Auretta Dog 15 1/2 years 04/28/04 Richard
Luella Ferret 1/93-04/15/00 Sandy and Danny Barcelona
Lues Mixed Breed Cat 11/23/13 Jennifer
Luey (The Boss) Stutes DSH Cat 1990-09/30/09 Cyndi Stutes
Luey Chow Chow 06/24/87-04/05/03 Lorfetta Spaulding
Luey Golden Retriever 13 years 06/11/15 Dick and Edye
Luey Olson Bessler Black Cat 1996-04/09/01 Carolyn
Lugar German Rottweiler/Mastiff 04/93-10/2003 Maria
Lugar- Tarrah's Shadow American Rottie 07/13/91-07/30/03 Lisa [mom]chris Chance Chase
Luge Ferret 6 years 05/31/00 Laura Hutchinson
Luger Doberman 11/71-12/82 Sylvia Gartland
Luger German Shepherd 05/10/98-02/11/11 Ronald Kujawa
Lugger's Sherfire Cherry Bomb Labrador Retriever 10/25/95-04/23/08 Susan
Lughna Cat 06/01/09-11/03/09 Kate Ellis
Lugnut Bulldog 06/03/03-07/18/07 Stephanie Rameika
Lugnut English Bulldog 02/10/06-10/29/17 Elizabeth
Lugnut Orange Tabby Cat 05/20/98-11/05/03 Jennifer Arnold
Lugnut Pomeranian 16 Sept 06-1 Apr 16 Arlton & Mary-Lou Hagelberg
Lugnut Ragdoll/Siamese Cat 6 years 11/29/15 Melissa Morris
Lugnut Tabby Cat 06/05/01-04/29/02 Kelley and Erik Dade
Lugosi Mini Rex Rabbit 02/17/07-08/17/10 Laura Bailey
Luhenry Longhair Black Cat 01/30/15 Janet Kientz
Lui Bird 1990 Cathi Decker-Ruben
Lui Lab-Eskimo Mix 5 years 10/20/00 Mark Shane
Lui Lui Pomeranian 10 years 27-July-05 Mummy & Doris
Lui Orange America Short Hair Cat 18 1/2 years 11/01/13 Kayoko Nakajima
Luighi German Shepherd Mix 12/25/98-03/20/07 Melina Schneider
Luigi - Gigi L'amoroso Domestic Short Hair Cat 08/07/10 Lory
Luigi (Louie) Black & White Calico Cat 04/06/00-06/15/01 Cliff and Jo Renison
Luigi (Poopoo Bear, Poopoo Lu, Poolu) Cat 14 years 10/19/05 Monique Swift
Luigi Ablanedo Ferret 2 years 11/19/07 Darlene Ablanedo
Luigi aka Fat Cat and Chunkalunks Domestic Short Hair: Tuxedo Grey and White Cat 10 years 10/11/18 Apryl and Dave Salerno
Luigi Argente Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster 02/2005-05/06/05 Jillian Angelica
Luigi Bichon Frise 01/06/94-05/19/06 Cindy and Mike Bush
Luigi Black W/ Grn Eyes Cat 11 years 05/31/00 Lisa Turnquist
Luigi Border Collie 10 years 01/09/12 Connie Dooley
Luigi Boy Black and White Cat with green eyes 06/26/86-02/12/04 Luigi
Luigi Boy Black/White Cat with Green Eyes 06/26/86-02/12/04 Pamela Lupica
Luigi Cat 09/19/09-06/04/18 Kerri
Luigi Cat 11/15/92-02/08/09 Doug Murray
Luigi Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 04/2005 Deb
Luigi Chihuahua 08/03/95-08/20/06 Dawn
Luigi Cocker Spaniel 04/84-03/16/00 Ann Cimillo
Luigi Cocker Spaniel 16 years 03/16/00 Ann Cimillo
Luigi DSH Tabby Cat 10 years 03/25/19 Janet
Luigi English Springer Spaniel 03/31/96-05/02/06 Michele Covelusky
Luigi Fancy Rat 2 years 03/08/11 Carrie L.Davis
Luigi Guinea Pig 6 years 12/28/15 Catherine Truda
Luigi Hebert Guinea Pig 11/07/05-08/30/05 Chris Hebert
Luigi Italian Greyhound 07/20/90-07/24/00 Christine Fellacher
Luigi Italian Greyhound 10/15/96-02/14/08 Tara
Luigi Italian Greyhound 27/12/06-11/09/10 Christina
Luigi Lhasa Apso 15 years 03/94 Andy Simko
Luigi Maltese 10/12/93-10/03/07 Betty
Luigi Orange Tabby Cat 06/02/89-07/26/08 Maria
Luigi Podolsky Yorkie 03/09/98-04/29/09 Linda Podolsky
Luigi Rocco DeFilippis Bichon 06/19/00-01/15/12 Shana, Steve, and Cleo
Luigi Rotweiler 07/21/03 Kristina
Luigi Shepherd Mix 11/89-10/29/04 Melissa Abato
Luigi Tabby Cat 11/29/03 Pete & Deanne Schimming
Luigi Tabby Cat 12 years 11/11/15 Donna
Luigi Tuxedo Cat 13 years 02/22/17 Silvia
Luigi West Highland Terrier 02/20/95-04/28/09 Veronica Acosta
Luigi Yorkie 08/25/04-11/24/12 Tony Mirato
Luis Boston Terrier 09/02/01-01/28/13 Clara
Luis Boston Terrier 09/02/01-02/28/13 Nibbow
Luis Cocker Spaniel 08/10/02-08/30/15 Kamila
Luis R Glaves Boston Terrier 09/02/01-01/28/13 Clara
Luiz Domestic Shorthair Cat 06/2002-06/23/07 Catina Franklin Sweedy
Lujac German Shepherd 09/91-06/2004 Candace Thompson
Lujac German Shepherd 12 years 07/22/04 Candace Thompson
Lujack Grey Tabby Cat 14 years 06/07/09 Scott Summers
Lujack Irish Setter /Lab 05/28/84-02/13/98 Sylvia and Larry
Lujza Mixed Breed Cat 09/13/91-06/11/09 Zsuzsanna Szoke
Luka Bella Siberian Husky 13 years 12/06/17 Debbie and Mike Harback
Luka Black Lab 02/20/97-06/11/01 Gailene & Derham
Luka Cat 07/01/00-07/31/07 Jen Guyer-Wood
Luka Dog 02/28/99 Nanci Richards
Luka Green Budgie 04/16/01 Angela Townsend
Luka Mixed Breed Dog 12/19/87-03/05/99 Jennifer
Luka Rottweiler 11 years 06/03/04 Kell
Luka Syrian Hamster 2 1/2 years 01/14/12 Samantha Whitehouse
Luka White Short Hair Cat 18 years 06/28/08 Kris Azzarello
Lukas Beagle 06/01/96-03/06/08 Alice
Lukas Beagle 06/03/94-12/28/04 Herb Bischoff
Lukas Chihuahua 10 years 11/04/03 Cindy Barrett
Lukas Schnauzer 07/07/89-05/19/04 Maria Consuelo Marino
Lukas Surrel Somali Cat 2 1/2 years 12/14/12 The Busse Family
Luke - Marko's Youth Gone Wild Collie 05/12/88-06/27/00 Justis, Claudia and Barry
Luke & Barry-Barry Cat Brothers 20 years 01/11/05 Dianne
Luke (A.K.A. Boo) Yellow Lab/ Beagle Mix 03/03/97-10/03/00 Heidi Barrett and Family
Luke (a.k.a. Lukie) Gerbil 3 years 06/09/05 Elizabeth Anne
Luke (Lukesifer, Bubba) English Pointer 11/23/10-05/28/12 Amanda, Wayne, and Dawn Stover
Luke 13 years DME
Luke aka Bubba Joe Yellow Lab 1999-03/22/11 Brian, Katherine & Katelyn Spillman
Luke and Canela Doberman Pinscher 08/15/98-01/08/10 Virginia
Luke and Leia Baby Minks 1 month 06/12/16 Carla
Luke Aussie 06/19/90-07/22/05 Carol Hand
Luke Aussie/Chow Mix 01/99-04/19/08 Susan & Lauren
Luke Austin Bouvier des Flandres 07/23/01-01/21/10 Carolyn Austin
Luke Australian Shepherd 12 years 8 months 08/27/07 Terry Imbach
Luke Australian Shepherd 12/21/93-09/30/06 Reid Thomas
Luke Bassett - Beagle 15 years 11/01/09 Ben
Luke Beagle 03/20/97-06/09/10 Sarah, Alex, Matt, and Best Doggie Friend, Shooter
Luke Beagle 12/11/13-09/10/18 Karen and Mark Savage
Luke Beagle 12/11/13-09/10/18 Mark Savage
Luke Beagle Mix 2009 Jennifer, Joe, Justin & Jacob Heberlie
Luke Bearded Dragon Lizard 07/96-08/15/99 Mechelle
Luke Bernese Mountain Dog 03/22/05-11/15/05 Jason, Stacey and Hailey Sioui
Luke better known as Duker Probably Antipodean Cat 10 years 03/07/05 Melissa Hill
Luke Bichon 11/05/05-02/07/07 Melissa, Mike, Zach and Adam Webster
Luke Black - Golden Retriever Mix 4 years 9 months 09/30/07 Lynne Sanford
Luke Black & White Cat 2000-08/18/11 Viviana Loera
Luke Black Lab 05/18/00-12/2010 Avey Family
Luke Black Lab 06/11/04 Julie Lewis
Luke Black Lab 11 years 06/13/05 Melissa MacCarthy
Luke Black Lab 11/01/02-09/01/14 Joseph and Joyce Fye
Luke Black Lab 8 months 09/18/00 Matthies Family
Luke Black Lab Mix 08/30/06-04/21/15 Sheila
Luke Black Lab Mix 13 1/2 years 04/16/14 Carol
Luke Black Labrador Retriever 10 years 11/10/04 Wes Morrill
Luke Black Labrador Retriever Vietnam
Luke Blue Cat 9 weeks 06/19/08 Louise
Luke Blue Dobie 09/01/88-05/21/96 Richard and Randy
Luke Blue Point Cat 09/09/93-06/05/98 Jamie Rich
Luke Border Collie 07/01/94-07/28/08 Joanne Harrity Bradbury
Luke Border Collie 08/16/95-06/12/07 Suzanne & Jessica Mills
Luke Border Collie 12/31/93-09/01/08 Margaret Drury
Luke Border Collie 13 1/2 years 07/10/13 Susanne
Luke Borzoi 11/16/92-06/16/97 Lynn Gorney
Luke Boxer 09/12/09-11/01/11 Mandy Lloyd
Luke Boxer 12/07/99-01/02/06 Kyle Cruz
Luke Boxer 6 years 05/18/09 Kerri Diogo
Luke Boxer 6 years 10/21/03 Lisa & Paul
Luke Bull Terrier 01/01/90-09/27/02 Robert
Luke Bullmastiff 12/08/05-03/07/07 Christina Diamantopoulos
Luke Cairn Terrier 18 years 11/15/13 Anthony A
Luke Cat 04/2002-09/2008 The Fossaluzza Family
Luke Cat 06/15/15-09/10/16 The Meade Family
Luke Cat 12/01/12 Leroy Kintzel
Luke Cat 3 years 05/10/07 Kristen
Luke Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 2007-2015 Shirley Jones
Luke Chocolate Lab 02/28/97-09/10/00 Sharon Goettl
Luke Chocolate Lab 04/96-01/05/09 Shawlee Manning
Luke Chocolate Labrador Retriever 03/07/97-10/15/07 Mike Kirtio
Luke Chocolate Labrador Retriever 10 1/2 years 10/15/07 Mike Kirtio
Luke Chow Mix 03/94-04/04/07 Sandra Collins
Luke Cockapoo Beagle 18 1/2 years 01/23/99 Peg, Becky and David Blau-Kirk
Luke Cockatiel 1 year 05/98 Dayna Pitcher
Luke Collie 12/21/98-04/09/11 Cally
Luke Collie 14 years 05/31/05 Anna McLaughlin and Neil McLaughlin
Luke Dalmatian 04/29/95-08/08/09 Nadia Gallas
Luke Dalmatian 08/1995-05/11/99 Pat Smith
Luke Doberman 03/15/01-08/04/08 Randall A Kisner
Luke Doberman 05/29/13 Kathryn
Luke Dobie 10 years 03/30/12 Wendy
Luke Dobie 10 years 03/30/12 Wendy Schwertfeger
Luke Dog 09/28/12 Wendy
Luke Dog 15 years 01/21/98 Jeanne
Luke Dog 16 years 02/27/04 Elizabeth
Luke Dog 2 years 5 months 08/21/09 Mivy Lee
Luke Dog Golden Retriever 02/06/98-02/24/00 The Hans Family
Luke Domestic Long Hair Cat 03/89-11/12/08 Kittye
Luke Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/16/96-08/29/09 Tasha
Luke DSH Grey/Black Cat 11 years 4 months 06/13/13 Julie
Luke English Springer Spaniel 10/26/87-06/28/02 David, Debbie and Jenna Everhart
Luke Farnell Cocker Spaniel 15 years 08/20/05 Michele
Luke Fawn Boxer 07/14/89-07/29/00 Michelle
Luke Garcia Dog 14 years 06/14/07 Amy, Tom, Grayce, Oscar & Humphrey
Luke German Shepherd 10 1/2 years 06/11/12 Andrea & Roger Florkowski
Luke German Shepherd 10 years 12/29/12 Melanie, Eli, Hailey and Suki
Luke German Shepherd 10/21/00-04/15/11 Nancy Dole
Luke German Shepherd 11/01/06-03/31/15 Tyler Shepard
Luke German Shepherd 12/15/95 Jason Jermane
Luke German Shepherd 1992-10/17/03 Robin
Luke German Shepherd Mix 8 years 11/22/05 Margo & Doug
Luke German Shepherd The Thibaults
Luke German Shepherd/Beagle 13 years 09/05/10 Danielle Murphy
Luke Golden 04/96-10/07/08 Leslie Reis
Luke Golden Mix 07/05/00-05/29/12 Paula Intranuovo
Luke Golden Retriever 02/02/05 Kathleen
Luke Golden Retriever 03/01/00-12/25/07 Michaela and Ron Rekowski
Luke Golden Retriever 03/09/95-01/20/07 John and Patricia Lattig
Luke Golden Retriever 06/11/92-07/08/05 Sharon
Luke Golden Retriever 06/14/96-02/23/05 Christy, Peggy, Margaret
Luke Golden Retriever 06/28/06-11/15/17 Amy & Brian Smith
Luke Golden Retriever 07/07/98-02/07/08 Theresa Cox
Luke Golden Retriever 07/25/95-12/03/95 Gary and Kelly
Luke Golden Retriever 10 years 12/03/05 Jill and Vincent Barnes
Luke Golden Retriever 11/12/04-12/20/12 Nanette and Richie
Luke Golden Retriever 7 months 07/02/00 Barbara, Ted, and Jane Mathias
Luke Golden Retriever.14 years Spring of 1992 The Yarbroughs
Luke Goldendoodle 05/30/05-10/14/16 Kathryn Farmer
Luke Great Dane 9 years Edna
Luke Greenwood Golden 07/09/97-07/05/11 Linda Greenwood
Luke Greyhound 9 years 11/22/05 Leah Reynolds
Luke GSD 11/14/11 Shelly
Luke Husky Collie Mix 03/01/03-03/24/15 Lyn Danson Smith
Luke Husky Cross 14 years 07/04/05 Cynthia
Luke Jack Russell 17 years 09/12/13 Erin Ford
Luke Jr. (L.J.) Black and Tan Fiest 07/15/97 07/13/98 Billie Smith
Luke Keeshond 12/28/91-03/22/04 Millie Pap
Luke Keeshond, Norwegian Elkhound 11/07/99-01/28/10 Canle Family
Luke Kelly Australian Shepherd 04/2001-03/31/09 Emily Kelly
Luke Kitten 05/10/08-07/23/08 Sami and Paul
Luke Lab 04/15/97-08/19/13 Larry and Dianna
Luke Lab 05/17/96-07/09/08 Karen & Larry
Luke Lab/Rottie Cross 11/15/96-08/26/05 Kirsten Biggs
Luke Lab/Springer 02/22/91-08/15/05 Carol
Luke Lab/Terrier 12/25/88-01/14/04 Deidre Feeley
Luke Labrador 12/10/99-08/31/09 Jimmy Davis
Luke Labrador 13 years 10/31/00 Paula Popham
Luke Labrador Retriever 03/17/02-03/31/12 Mark, Marilyn, Holly, Kelly
Luke Labrador Retriever 12/27/91-02/18/05 Jenni K
Luke Lane Long Haired Chihuahua 09/18/13 Kandice Lane
Luke Lankford Beagle/Pekinese 09/15/94-08/25/10 Diane and Joe Lankford
Luke Llama Deb
Luke Lucas Boston Terrier 02/11/96-10/27/06 Patricia Lucas
Luke Lukie Rup American Staffordshire/Kelpie 12/02/99-04/06/12 Judith
Luke Lynx Point Siamese Cat 4 months 10/30/10 Allen & Stacy McDaniel
Luke Mahoney English Mastiff 04/19/95-13/15/05 Loriann
Luke Maltese/Poodle Mix 02/04/99-08/24/01 Robyn Elias
Luke McNellis Black Lab 07/27/92-05/11/08 Ronda McNellis
Luke Meyer Black Lab 05/04/00-02/04/10 Mackenzie Meyer
Luke Miniature Dachshund 6 years 04/06/07 Kathy and Mike Johnson
Luke Miniature Poodle 17 years 07/05/04 Laura Lois
Luke Mixed Breed Dog 08/86-03/31/00 Pam Fannon
Luke Mixed Dog 2004-Fall of 2005 Mari & Mike Shaw
Luke Mixed Dog 5.6 years 20/10/04 Havar
Luke Mutt 03/05/02-03/17/09 Sue
Luke Mutt 12 years 05/15/07 Glenn
Luke Orange Tabby Cat 03/20/06-07/31/11 Natasha Stirling & Sean Sydnor
Luke Orange Tabby Cat 03/28/97-09/07/01 Regina Wolfe
Luke Orange Tabby Cat 04/12/09-04/24/12 Gabriele
Luke Park-Strahan Tabby Cat 08/18/07-07/29/08 Aaron Park & Robin Strahan
Luke Pawlett Boxer 05/16/96-06/02/07 Byron and Lauvern Pawlett
Luke Petrillo Domestic Shorthair Cat 17 years 08/20/09 Rhonda, Lisa, Gina
Luke Poodle 08/25/97-02/17/02 Linda C
Luke Portuguese Water Dog 08/20/98-06/20/98 Amanda Myers
Luke Pug 05/06/12-09/17/12 Charles Baines
Luke Pug 05/07/93-09/17/12 Charles Baines
Luke Pug 07/03/96-02/18/13 Trpy Casper
Luke PW Corgi 02/20/08 Cindy Orlopp
Luke Quarter Horse 01/01/85-11/09/10 Jo Meyer
Luke Ray Yellow Lab 03/19/07-01/07/12 The Ray Family
Luke Redbone Hound 12 years 05/21/99 Murphy
Luke Reutzel Jack Russell 8 years 07/06/11 Stacy Reutzel
Luke Rottweiler 08/05/00-05/11/07 Ann Glynn
Luke Rottweiler 10/09/06 Luke
Luke Rottweiler 11/07/98-12/24/06 Karen & Chuck Bognanni
Luke Rottweiler 7 years 08/15/07 Danielle Hornberger
Luke Schipperke 10/09/84-12/14/99 Jeff Morton
Luke Shay Cat 03/17/93-07/23/09 Janie Shay
Luke Sheltie 01/16/88-10/21/03 Savoy, Brenda and Trevor
Luke Sheltie 10 years 04/25/04 Cristi Brick
Luke Sheltie 12 years 03/10/06 The Birkholz Family
Luke Sheltie 1980-1993 Maureen
Luke Shepherd Mix 1991-03/28/00 Christine
Luke Shih Tzu 07/04/95-12/96 Mary Ramsower
Luke Shih Tzu Adopted 02/12/06-09/30/08 Audrey
Luke Short Hair Tabby Cat 11/05/10 Sara Stamps-Elmore
Luke Siamese Cat 11 years 06/15/04 Solveig Freeman
Luke Siamese Mix Cat 02/09/92-10/14/98 Yvonne & Randy Zich
Luke Siberian Husky 05/03/06 Ken and Mary Ann
Luke Siberian Husky 12/01/97-07/05/10 Rick Paul
Luke Siberian Husky 14 years 09/28/06 Mark Pagano
Luke Sky Walker Dalmatian 19/09/99-29/03/10 Sue Lee
Luke Sky Walker Dalmatian 19/09/99-29/03/10 Susan Lee
Luke Skywalker Jack Russell Terrier 10/08/01 Clarissa
Luke Skywalker Lesley Rough Collie 10/11/02-07/24/11 Claudia
Luke Skywalker Long-Haired Orange Tiger & White Cat 03/01/04 Lisa Vallez
Luke Skywalker Smith Black and White American (Big Boy) Cat 01/01/06-12/31/18 Brandi Smith
Luke Tabby Cat 12 years 04/18/12 Kim and David Price
Luke Vizsla 05/10/99-03/25/10 Sheila
Luke Wallace Rottweiler/Cocker Spaniel 9 1/2 years 11/20/13 Kathie Wallace
Luke Walsh Lab 14 years 02/12/14 Mimi
Luke Weimeraner 09/10/05 Aunt Teri Debruhl
Luke Weimeraner 11/17/96-10/29/07 Sherry Springs
Luke West Highland Terrier 06/05/07 Shelby Carey
Luke White Cat 07/04/95-08/14/06 Dave Ireland, Joe Turby
Luke White Cat With Green Eyes 07/04/95-11/11/06 Dave
Luke White German Shepherd 10/15/00-03/19/11 Nuckolls
Luke Yellow Lab 01/27/16 Tom Clements
Luke Yellow Lab 04/29/00-07/27/13 Trish Blegen
Luke Yellow Lab 08/25/94-12/12/05 Linda Dow
Luke Yellow Lab 10/13/13 Judy Recca
Luke Yellow Labrador 02/23/04-01/27/12 Lori
Luke Yellow Labrador 12/15/96-10/19/08 Stephen & Karin Blair
Luke Yorkshire Terrier 06/27/03-02/11/13 James, Brenda, Jacqueline, & Mac
Luke, Buster, and Princess Pug, Dachshund, and Chichau. Dogs 2, 4 and 6 or 5 to 07/08/06 Janet Rutkowsky
Luke, Lukey, Lukers Aussie/Chow 01/99-04/19/08 Susan & Lauren Sewell
Luke-Leeb Siamese/Ragdoll Cat 08/12/94-08/13/07 Mary Ann Saracino Gregory Saracino
Lukey Albino Ferret 7+ years 02/09/07 John Rich
Lukey Aussie 11/04/05-09/11/10 Wilda
Lukey Black Labrador Mix 18-19 years 09/15/99 Mara Mamet
Lukey Boy Rex Fancy Rat 05/2015-06/20/16 Shirley and Kevin Sams
Lukey Dal-Pitt Mix 05/15/01-03/16/09 Sarah & Jason Conner
Lukey Labrador Pitbull Mix 02/10/02-07/05/10 Karen Kenehan
Lukey Lhasa Apso 8 years 09/24/07 Lena
Lukey Luke Pembroke Welsh Corgi 06/12/92-08/21/04 Rob Ballou
Lukey Shepherd Collie Mix 05/21/01-12/21/11 Nicole & Isabella
Lukey Yellow Lab 05/05/98-06/06/08 Lauren Garcia
Lukie Astarita Maltese 07/11/90-04/22/06 Buddy, Char,Allison
Lukie German Shorthair Pointer 10 years 10/04/03 Di, Ken,Scott and Steve Rosen
Lukie Poodle 07/07/97-07/13/14 Robert Wanner
Lukie Short Hair Kitten 04/24/06-03/15/07 Roxann Contrenchhis
Lukrezia Ferret 1 1/5 years 1992 Carola Hundt
Lukzy Staffordshire Bull Terrier 30/01/99-07/07/08 Fiona Cortez
Lula Bassett Hound 14 years 12/20/12 Jackie Souza
Lula Bell Snauzer/Poodle Mix 14 years 04/02/00 Sheri Pedersen
Lula Belle Retriever Mix 09/14/10 Leonard, Barbara & Zoe
Lula Calico/Tortoise Shell Cat 08/88-07/01/06 Sharon Cardamone
Lula Cat 04/01/88-11/07/02 Joanne Van Vranken
Lula Dachshund 3 years 12/25/95 Bill and Karen
Lula Dog 03/30/07 Albert
Lula Mack Chihuahua 7 years 12/23/11 Mary Mack
Lula Mulherin Abyssinian/ Grey Tabby Mix Cat 1996-07/16/13 Wendy Mulherin
Lula Persian / European Cat 01/02/87-26/10/04 Monica
Lula Springer Spaniel 14 years 11 months 02/24/05 Cynthia Dubois
Lula V Pit Bull Lab 06/27/16-01/11/18 Leslie
Lule Ferret 05/02/12 Ria, Polly and Zero
LuLing Pug 04/14/03-03/01/08 Sherrie
Lullabell Cat 04 29/06 Kelly
Lullaby Free Spirit Husky 01/25/08 Jacqueline Brown
Lullaby Guinea Pig 3 years 09/08/88 Jeanne, David, Gail
Lullaby Mutt 04/15/92-01/30/00 Lisa Singh
Lulo Bond Mixed Dog 14 years 9 months 11/10/18 Jose
Lulu (Lulubelle) Doxie Mix 4-5 years 12/23/05 Heather
Lulu (Mr. Lulu) Cat 09/03/02 Roena Bergman For Laney
Lulu Abyssinian Cat 07/01/97-02/08/10 Virginia and Rowy
Lulu Airedale 03/99-02/12/11 Thomas Krauãÿ
LuLu American Eskimo Dog 07/27/98-01/16/13 Lynn Ancona & Jay Kessel
Lulu American Staffordshire Terrier 07/01/99-04/11/14 Suzanne
Lulu and Sisters Domestic Shorthair Cats 01/29/05 Suzanne Dunham
Lulu Aussiepoo 11/25/08-04/28/10 Raye
Lulu Basset Hound 01/28/00-09/07/11 Janice
Lulu Basset Hound 08/10/05-03/02/06 Tammy Hahn
Lulu Basset Hound 12 years 12/16/01 Chris
Lulu Beagle 03/14/07 Emily
Lulu Beagle Mix 3 years 09/07/05 Lisa McGinnis
Lulu bell Mogotsi Chihuahua 2011-12/26/14 Pulani Mogotsi
Lu-Lu Belle Blue Nose Pitbull 11/01/03-09/27/09 The Chavez- San Nicolas Family
Lulu Belle Boxer/Sharpei 6 years 09/26/00 The Thompsons
Lulu Belle English Bulldog 04/2005-02/02/11 Adda Avila
Lulu Belle Golden Retriever 09/12/01-05/09/10 Andrea Laskowski
Lulu Belle Pug 06/16/99-09/12/12 Judith Nelson
Lulu Belle Pug 12/19/99-07/25/00 Debbie Dyson
Lulu Bichon Frise 12/10/00-07/25/16 Susan Buckley
Lulu Bird 1 1/2 years 11/26/95 Lisa Bird
LuLu Bird 1 year Rhonda
LuLu Bird 10/95 Lisa Bird
Lulu Bjork Nelson 05/12/09 Denys & Eric
Lulu Black & White Cat 03/07/96-02/10/07 Chris Kennedy
LuLu Black & White Tuxedo Kitten 04/07/12 Veronica Garcia
Lulu Black & White Tuxedo Short Hair Cat 12/20/91-08/18/01 Mary Ann Samolyk
Lulu Black Hooded Rattie 2.6 years 19 December 2001 Charlotte and Gillian
LuLu Black Lab 10/20/00-04/16/14 Rick Lukosky
Lulu Black Lab Mix 16 1/2 years 11/19/10 James Miller
Lulu Bleeke Mixed Dog 12 years 10/13/08 Alice Kapchonick and Chris B
Lulu Border Collie 05/01/07-04/26/15 Shayna & Cindy Stein
Lulu Border Collie/ Lab Mix 04/22/11 The Nitz Family
Lulu Boston Terrier 11 years 07/05/16 Debra Knutson
Lulu Bouvier 02/08/00-03/16/09 Rachel Richards
Lulu Boxer 10 years 11/07/09 Deborah Nolan
Lulu British Shorthair Cat 14 months 8.04.17 Karen
Lulu Bulldog 01/16/06 Gina & Paul
Lulu Bulldog 07/25/97-09/13/03 The Brown Family
LuLu Bulldog 10/17/83-05/21/99 Billy Ray and Deby Evans
Lulu Bunny 04/2009-02/07/11 Amy
Lulu Burmese Cat 03/17/13 Emma
Lulu Calico Cat 04/05/95-10/30/06 Casey & Shawn
Lulu Calico Cat 13 years 11/26/07 Cathy Lavelle
Lulu Calico Cat 5 years 01/30/12 Jessica Myrick
Lulu Camille & Meggie Rose Tibetan Terriers 01/26/87-10/03/00 and 11/18/00 Lorna & Paul Cathcart
Lulu Camille & Meggie Rose Tibetans 01/26/87-10/03/00 and 11/18/00 Lorna & Paul Cathcart
Lulu Camille Tibetan Terriers 01/26/87-10/03/00 Lorna and Paul Cathcart
Lulu Canis Griffon 02/97-28/11/12 Lampros Stavrou
Lulu Cat 03/2002-12/27/04 Jake & Danielle
Lulu Cat 11/30/13 Linda Loushine
Lulu Cat 11/31/06-05/07/07 The Rupert/Ilie Family
Lulu Cat 12 years 14 Nov 2006 Carole Davies
Lulu Cat 8 years 01/02/09 Sabine Peters
Lulu Cat 8th September 2011-14th August 2014 Coomaree Templin
Lulu Chihuahua 11/07/03-06/05/17 Miranda Riddle
Lulu Chihuahua 4 years 06/20/11 Loriann Seybt
Lulu Chihuahua 4 years 08/04/88 Lesby
Lulu Chihuahua 4 years 08/24/88 Lesby Lemonde-Berrios
Lulu Chinese Sharpei 11/15/07-08/20/09 Carol Lopez
Lulu Citron Cockatoo 09/01/02 Frankie
Lulu Cockapoo 16 years 01/26/10 Bernice Blake
LuLu Compton Pomeranian 09/24/97-07/19/08 Laura Compton
LuLu Comton Pomeranian 07/19/08 Linda Compton
Lulu Dachshund 13 years 02/08/16 Claire
Lulu Dachshund Mix 2008-02/02/13 Ariana Ramirez
Lulu Dalmatian 09/99 Anne Zimmerman & Bob Morgan
Lulu Diluted Calico Cat 12 1/2 years 03/01/10 Linda
LuLu Dog 06/20/08 Rob
Lulu Dog 09/09/06-03/20/12 Megan Reid
Lulu Dog 1998 Anthony Njoroge
Lulu Domestic Shorthair - Tiger Cat 06/98-02/28/14 Marilyn Debold
Lulu Dry Shitzu 04/01/96-02/07/10 Robert and Sue Dry
Lulu DSH Cat 02/01/10-11/05/10 Bettina and Brandan Rowe
Lulu DSH Cat 06/99-09/04/07 Diane Donahue
Lulu English Bulldog 07/30/09 CJ
Lulu English Bulldog 08/06/93-02/15/05 Susanne
Lulu English Bulldog 09/13/99-07/09/10 The Mazer-Schmidt Family
Lulu English Springer Spaniel 10 years 07/26/04 Margaret and Bob
Lulu Flat Coat Retriever Mix 11/10/01-11/27/11 Darleen Perkowski LoBasso
Lulu German Shepherd 17 years 09/10/03 John Brown
Lulu German Shepherd Mix 06/13/90-10/07/99 Sari Kadison-Shapiro
Lulu Girl Flat Coat Retriever Mix 11/11/02-11/27/11 Darleen
Lulu Golden Retriever 12 years 09/02/09 The Luyet Family
Lulu Golden Retriever 12/16/01-06/13/18 Joan Schomburg
Lulu Golden retriever 7 1/2 years 06/96 Mary Brooks
Lulu Great Dane 03/05/90-07/06/96 Tina
Lulu Greyhound Canine 12/10/02-05/25/06 Robin Peters
Lulu Haydel Beagle 02/14/93-01/14/05 Terri
Lulu Hays Basset Hound adopted 2000-12/12/07 Roxann Hays
LuLu Hazen Calico Cat 1987-07/05/10 Denise Erickson
Lulu Jack Russell Terrier 10 years 03/28/09 Linda Rhea
Lulu Jimenez Chihuahua Mix 12/26/02-01/18/11 Joann Zaldivar
LuLu Lab Mix 03/01/06-03/25/11 Bailey Family
LuLu Lab Retriever 13 years Lori Mintz
Lulu Lab/Chow Mix 12/28/98-02/08/09 John and Susan Harris
Lulu Lasa Apso 17 years 06/04/11 Karlie
Lulu Lovebird 8 months 12/08/00 Ginger
Lulu Makanani Black Shepherd 02/03/96-10/29/01 Kyra
Lulu Maltese 01/01/96-07/10/07 Karen Bowdish
Lulu Maltese 03/10/18-05/14/18 Gilbert and Jan Colmenero
LuLu Maltese Cross 04/11/12 Gail Atkinson
Lulu Maltese/Poodle 15 years 10/23/01 Boukie Jones
Lulu Mini Dachshund 09/09/94-07/16/05 Nicole Highhouse
Lulu Mini Pinscher 11/25/95-10/17/04 Colleen & Jay Jenkins
Lulu Miniature Pincher 2 years 09/15/08 Jurate Liutvinskaite
Lulu Mix Dog 12 years 11/04/97 Chrissy Westlund
Lulu Mixed Dog 06/01/00-07/02/09 Sarina and Stephen Le Sieur
Lulu Mixed Dog 10 years 07/09/09 Trenda Burton
LuLu Mixed Dog 10/02/01-01/10/13 Bonnie Toungblood
Lulu Mixed Dog Flora
Lulu Parks Boston Terrier 13 years 01/26/11 Janie Parks
Lulu Pekingese 11/17/97-01/03/12 Steven
Lulu Pekingese 8 years 09/04/13 Diane Smith
Lulu Pembroke Welsh Corgi 04/23/99-05/13/08 Carolyn Bowhay & Robert Whalen
Lulu Pembroke Welsh Corgi 11/05/98-02/03/04 Mary Beth Alger
Lulu Persian Cat 06/13/98-04/05/11 Kristin Smith
Lulu Persian Cat 23 years 08/28/98 Chris
Lulu Pit Bull 04/03/04 Kim Grant/Dave Sterzing
Lulu Pitbull 5 years 12/02/08 Shonna Quigley
LuLu Pomeranian 10/03/05-11/02/07 Trish Nash
LuLu Poodle 05/22/00-04/23/16 Patricia and Joseph Crosson
LuLu Poodle 11/10/01-07/12/12 Becky Benson
Lulu Poodle 12/01/93-09/22/08 Lynda Greenwood
Lulu Pug 02/24/94-06/24/06 Judy Severe
Lulu Pug 03/28/88-05/09/05 Joanne Carlson
Lulu Pug 10/2003-12/01/04 Michael and Anita Baggett
Lulu Pug 8 years 05/2012 Callie
Lulu Puss Orange Tabby Cat 6 months 01/17/02 Sylvia Sollid
Lulu Ragamuffin Chihuahua 09/22/03-11/10/04 Alicia and Joey Mullins
Lulu Rat 01/06/06-04/11/06 Alesha
Lulu Rat 02/25/17 Calista
Lulu Rat Terrier 12/12/06 The McCrary's
LuLu Rat Terrier 14 years 07/19/18 Lee
Lulu Rottie 8 years 09/98 Corinne & Tom
Lulu Rottweiler 11/95-10/19/03 L. R. Nixon
Lulu Schnauzer/Poodle 1991-11/23/03 Thomas Lam
LuLu Schroeder Great Dane 2 years 02/26/10 Janelle Schroeder
Lulu Schulz Dog 01/22/98-01/10/10 Amy & Dan Schulz
Lulu Schweikart Boxer 07/03/06-02/09/09 David and Denise Schweikart
Lulu Scottish Terrier 03/26/00 Beth Campbell
Lulu Scottish Terrier 10/18/10 Susan Bernacchi
Lulu Semi-Longhair Domestic Cat 21/07/07-07/07/07 Tracey Anderson
Lulu Sheepsdoogle 03/21/13-02/08/17 Shelley Lear
Lulu Shihtzu 04/04/05 Geraldine Teichelman
Lulu Shorthair Calico Cat 09/21/12 Claude
Lulu Tabby Cat 05/02/90-07/07/06 Cheryl
Lulu Tabby Cat 07/11/97-01/31/14 Janet Higgins
Lulu Tabby Cat 18 years 01/11/05 Elizabeth
Lulu Tabby Cat 18 years 05/04/10 Rudy
Lulu Tea Cup Poodle 08/08/03 Rocky Lofendo
Lulu Thorn Westie 02/23/11-11/26/15 Karen Thorn
Lulu Tiger Shorthair Cat 4 1/2 years 08/02/11 Kathyrn
Lulu Tortoiseshell Cat 10/95-06/15/07 Ronnie, Debbie, Ashley
Lulu Tortoiseshell Cat 4 years 30/02/11 Alice
Lulu Tuxedo Cat 11/11/04 Sylvia
Lulu Twinkie Yorkie 02/22/02-12/11/09 Nancy & Marilyn
Lulu Welsh Terrier 14 1/2 years 07/12/11 Barbara Casciegna
Lulu West Highland White Terrier 10/19/91-10/09/07 Diana Rissetto
Lulu White Shorthair With A Few Black Spots Cat 21 years 02/27/09 Janys
Lulu Yellow Lab 02/04/99-11/29/06 Jeanne Vaillancourt
Lulu Yellow Lab 11/06/08-11/12/08 Daniel and Meghanne
Lulu Yorkie 2 years 06/10/12 Richard Schneider
Lulu Yorkshire Terrier 02/02/99-08/12/13 Wanda Ejbeh
Lulu Yorkshire Terrier 11 years 11/27/09 Linda Hayakawa
Lulu Zebra Finch 3 years 02/01/14 Allyson Lovelock
Lulubelle (The Beans) Russian Blue Cat 04/01/05-06/20/12 Allison, Greg, Bam Bam, Maybe & Woody
LuluBelle aka the Beans aka LuluAnjou aka LuluL'Orange aka LuluBall Russian Blue Cat with small patches of white under her arms & at her bikini area 04/01/05-06/20/12 Allison J Bauman & Greg Cascio
Lulubelle Boston Terrier 09/25/99-06/30/99 Marge Tjpr
Luma Doberman 12 years 03/31/10 John Steven
Lumann Crossbreed (Labrador, Border-Collie) 04/07/90-05/05/04 Siv Helen Hansen
Lumann Crossbreed Labrador/Collie 07/04/90-05/05/04 Siv Helen Hansen
Lumber German Shepherd 5 years 03/23/08 Dave
Lumber Mixed Dog 3 years 12/19/03 Rich Lavoy
Lumbo Dog 17 years 09/11/98 Stephanie Vess
Lumi Shepherd Mix 12 years 09/14/09 Janet
Lummy Shorthaired Grey Tabby Cat 8 years 05/19/06 Roberta Hiner
Lump LH Chihuahua Mix 12/19/84-04/19/09 Amy
Lump Pug 11 years 08/11/15 Angel
Lumpi Cat 04/10/13-10/28/13 Ute Arens
Lumpy Basset Hound 12 years 02/10/09 Richard and Jennifer Schu
Lumpy Black & White Cat 16 years 06/25/05 Doug & Karen Griswold
Lumpy Black Lab 8 years 10/31/91-08/10/00 Elaine, Charlie, Amy, Alisa, Bull, Koko, and Riggs
Lumpy Blond Cocker Spaniel 14 years 03/12/02 The Moseley Family
Lumpy Cat 05/12/97-04/27/04 Andy
Lumpy Dalmatian 11/14/95-02/19/10 John and Rich
Lumpy LuLu DSH Cat 04/04/04-08/20/09 Margo Verikas
Lumpy Norwegian Forest Mix Cat 20 years 11/28/10 Bill, Sally & Tami Jarrett
Lumpy Quaker Parakeet 03/17/86-02/14/99 Vicki, Becky, and Rascal
Lumpy Rabbit 9 years 09/28/98 Jim Renda
Lun Od Jadra Irish Setter 04/18/89-02/23/03 Jelena Kreitmayer
Luna - Lu Lab 01/01/95-08/25/11 Sandi Gornic
Luna (aka Luna Tuna) Ferret 10 months 09/22/01 Angie George
Luna (Lu Bear) Chihuahua 08/17/04-06/22/17 Jonas & Swetlana Abrahams
Luna (LuLu) Cocker Spaniel 17 years 06/04/07 Jenny & Mike Berrill
Luna (Lunes Martes Mierceles--LunaBuna) Black DLH Cat 05/2005-01/11/16 Natahnya Leandria Larry Campbell
Luna a.k.a. Loony Toons, Lunatic, Looners German Shepherd 01/21/00-10/05/10 Peter
Luna aka Mama Grey Silver Tabby Cat 09/08/00 Sherry Eldridge
Luna Akita 10/10/02-02/07/07 Shannon
Luna Akita/Chow 09/14/01-06/21/10 Leslie Chavez
Luna American Pitbull Terrier 04/18/98-02/23/13 Eric Robbins & Lila Robbins
Luna Australian Cattle Dog 04/26/91-05/16/05 Lori and Dave
Luna Australian Shepherd 05/18/07-01/25/12 Camilla Corrigan
Luna B DMH Gray and White Cat 05/05/87-09/22/05 Carol
Luna Balinese Siamese Cat01/17/95-12/02/97 Robin Jordan
Luna Basset Hound 11 years 06/01/10 Juan Carlos Lillo
Luna Beagle 04/11/01-05/15/05 Sheila
Luna Beagle Puppy 06/08/09-08/17/09 Natalie W
Luna Bean Cat 18 years 01/11/07 Donna and Sean K
Luna Belle Dwarf Hotot Rabbit 06/02/11-07/22/18 Katelyn
Luna Birman Cat 09/13/82-03/13/03 Shelley & David
Luna Black & White Rat 04/01/06-01/11/08 Michele Carrion
Luna Black and White Shorthair Cat 05/01/04 Christina Sullivan
Luna Black Cat 4 years 03/15/05 Cindy Armijo
Luna Black DSH Cat 14 years 07/14/11 Kelly A'Neal
Luna Black DSH Kitten 08/25/07-05/30/08 Allison Shaw
Luna Black Labrador 14 years 11/25/11 Ignacio
Luna Black Labrador Retriever 14 years 11/25/11 Ignacio
Luna Black Maine Coon Cat 14 years 09/26/15 Amanda
Luna Black Rabbit 4 years 06/02/18 Carlee Carbone
Luna Black With White Spot Cat 11/90-04/21/09 Nessie Broaten
Luna Blue Heeler, Australian Cattle Dog 07/10/98-03/06/12 Joe Russell
Luna Blue/Cream Tortoiseshell Cat 2012-02/21/19 Ari
Luna Border Collie 16 years 05/07/12 Debbi
Luna Border Collie Puppy 3 months 02/21/12 Heather
Luna Border Collie/ Lab Mix 13 years 04/21/09 Laurie Wexler
Luna Boxer 08/02/05-04/21/15 Jen Barnes
Luna Bulldog Terrier Mix 12 years 05/28/18 Marlene Peralta
Luna Bullmastiff 10/10/05-06/02/06 Sonia & Anthony
Luna Calico Cat 6 years 07/30/06 Connie & Richard
Luna Callahan American Eskimo Spitz 12/10/05-01/24/07 Jacob and Amanda Callahan
Luna Cane Corso Mix 01/14/16 Leslie Pattee Longstreet
Luna Carolina 02/06/07 Jesse O'Quinn
Luna Carrin Terrier/Poodle Mix 04/04/05 April Hansen
Luna Cat 01/01/94-07/21/06 Connie & Jesse
Luna Cat 05/01/01-06/02/10 Kelli
Luna Cat 06/14/11-04/08/14 Samantha
Luna Cat 06/28/11 Robin and Bob
Luna Cat 07/2000-06/2010 Talia Donenberg
Luna Cat 08/09/06 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary/Joni
Luna Cat 08/13/01-11/12/16 The McInturff's
Luna Cat 09/01/96-06/01/07 Dave & Tracey Mullenhour, Krysten DeWeese and Andrew Pyles
Luna Cat 10/28/98-03/06/12 Steven Gull
Luna Cat 11 months John Tareese and children
Luna Cat 11/11/15 Christina Hall
Luna Cat 15 years 01/03/11 Suarez Ramos Family
Luna Cat 15 years 06/30/09 Carol Ann
Luna Cat 5 years Todd & Wendy Gummer
Luna Cat 6 years 08/27/04 Thalia Ryer
Luna Cat 8 years 02/82/14 Jolene Gordanier
Luna Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Luna Champagne Ferret 1 1/2 years 20/05/09 Emma Webber & Family
Luna Chihuahua 7 years 05/15/16 Marie
Luna Chinchilla 11 years 08/23/12 Tom & Robin Benoit
Luna Chow/? 03/11/04 Ron and Terri Hollan
Luna Cocker Spaniel 03/12/99-04/20/03 Kim and Rich
Luna Collie Mix 12/01/99-07/01/11 Gregory and Diana
Luna Criolla Cat 7 Años-01/07/14 Angela Aza
Luna Daquino Cat 08/06/03-04/09/15 Michael Daquino
Luna de la Rosarita Great Pyrenees 07/04/02-06/17/13 Keryn Munson
Luna Devon Rex Cat 01/04/03-02/12/12 Vicki
Luna Doberman 03/08/99-06/17/99 Steve
Luna Dog 02/2010-01/17/14 Kent Carthey
Luna Dog 05/05/13-03/15/15 Cristian
Luna Dog 05/05/13-03/15/15 Cristian Campis
Luna Dog 06/90-04/30/12 Mary
Luna Dog 07/19/02-03/16/15 Sarah Martella
Luna Dog 12.12.2008-17.04.2011 Vedran & Ana
Luna Dog 14 years 04/09/06 Maggie Moyer and Jason Mowery
Luna Dog 3 years 12/2012 Patricia Smith
Luna Domestic Medium Hair Cat 04/15/96-07/23/07 Hollie and Mike
Luna Domestic Short Hair Cat 13 years 01/10/17 Michelle Anzivino
Luna Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/01/12-11/17/14 Britney
Luna Domestic Shorthair Cat 17 years 01/11/14 Virginia Florendo
Luna Domestic Shorthair Cat 3.8.11-9.12.12 Jovanna & Francisco Tapia
Luna DSH Cat 12 years 7 months 03/05/13 Christine Bellotti Gaechter
Luna DSH Cat 20 years 05/10/08 John & Kelly Weaver
Luna Dwarf Bunny 11/09/10 Sean Chuang
Luna Dwarf Rabbit 06/06/03 K.T. Taylor
Luna European Shorthair Cat 04/16/08-05/07/09 Diana Schuurke-Henriques
Luna Ferger Labgolden Mix 10/17/09-10/27/17 Jessica Ferger
Luna Ferret 11/11/14-07/19/15 Katherine Duque
Luna Ferret 12/24/95-06/04/02 Paige
Luna German Shepherd 01/01/00-10/09/11 Laura Feeley
Luna German Shepherd 13 years 05/09/12 Maria
Luna German Shepherd/Beagle 06/26/94-06/14/06 Bonney Carey
Luna Golden Retriever 02/02/05-10/18/09 George
Luna Golden Retriever Mix 4 1/2 years 08/16/08 Brenda Poorbaugh
Luna Golden Tabby Cat 08/14/97-01/31/12 Adrianne Barton
Luna Gray Tiger Cat 2 years 12/07/06 Loraine
Luna Great Dane 01/20/10-07/22/17 Nic
Luna Greenberg Greyhound 12 years 12/31/07 Golden Autumn
Luna Guinea Pig 01/22/09-08/29/15 Maria S
Luna Guinea Pig 11/25/99-01/28/00 Pam Bowyer & Jason White
Luna Hall Grey and White Cat 03/11/01-07/29/07 Carrie Hall
Luna Hedgehog 08/01/09-10/07/10 Justin Armand Kho
Luna Hedgehog 08/01/09-10/07/10 Justin Kho
Luna Hedgehog 08/01/10-10/07/10 Justin Kho
Luna Hedgehog 7 years 01/28/04 Mindy
Luna Himalayan Cat 07/94-05/08/04 Barbara De Angelis
Luna Holstein Calf 01/16/01-12/28/01 Yvonne Bodard
Luna Husky 02/26/07 Sabine & Frank Savona
Luna Husky Siberiano Perro 02/03/97-23/07/11 Marisol
Luna Husky-Shepherd Mix 14 years 02/02/06 Amy Sparks
Luna Jack Russel Terrier Bill and Marty
Luna Japanese Akita 13 years 02/20/10 Hilary and Mike
Luna Labradoodle 12/21/05-09/23/11 Amanda
Luna Labrador Retriever 06/30/00-10/10/11 Carolina Piedrahita
Luna Labrador Retriever 08/01/00-12/17/13 Jim Hagood
Luna Labrador Retriever Mix 6 years 10/04/11 Cindy
Luna Labrador/Pitbull Mix 3 months 09/08/11 Jocelyn
Luna Lab-Shepherd Mix 12/14/02-07/26/03 Lisa Worsley
Luna Light Gray Syrian Hamster 2 1/2 years 04/21/09 Waya
Luna Longhair Calico Cat 09/81-04/10/98 Kim Wilbur
Luna Lop Rabbit 12 years 09/21/10 Jay and Jeanette Lyerly
Luna Lop-Eared Dwarf Bunny 08/01/11-09/09/17 Rachel and Donna
Luna Lucce (Moonlight) Domestic Cat 03/2001-01/03/03 Ashley Nevins
Luna Lucce Cat 03/01-01/03/03 Momma Andrea
Luna Lucce Domestic Cat 03/01-01/03/04 Luna
Luna Luna 5 Holsteiner Horse 06/15/96-12/03/05 Katariina Husman
Luna Lunetti Tortoise Cat 07/31/00-09/02/11 Emanuela Trebbi
Luna Mae Calico Cat 13 years 12/06/01 Debbie & Frank Preedy
Luna Maine Coon Cat 2 years 08/19/04 Lucy
Luna Maine Coon Cat 2 years 2002 Lucy Phipps-Kaye
Luna Maltese 08/21/94-02/02/10 Julie Comins
Luna Maltipom 05/05/07-04/14/08 Nadine Felix
Luna Manx Cat 8 years 06/01/98 John, Marion,Mitchell and David Klingler
Luna Marie Loire Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 11/13/96-10/05/11 Kat, Panda & Terry
Luna Mastin 11/12/10-10/04/13 Micky van den Bosch
Luna Mini Lop Rabbit 8 years 08/26/11 Mike K
Luna Mix Dog 9 years 08/09/03 Jamie and Eden
Luna Mixed Border Collie 15/04/04-24/03/14 Orietta Franchi
Luna Mixed Breed Cat 08/10/03-08/13/04 Mindy Neidermyer
Luna Mixed Cat 07/07/94-12/27/13 Teri Garofalo
Luna Mixed Cat 08/97-01/06/11 Michael and Nancy Moore
Luna Mixed Dog 02/27/00-11/18/16 Caroline
Luna Mixed Dog 05/25/01-11/05/13 Giovanna
Luna Mixed Dog 06/21/93-10/11/07 Erin
Luna Mixed Dog 12/16/98-08/29/15 Serena Barbato
Luna Mixed Dog 8 years 12/08/14 Lyn Lavasseur
Luna Mottola Chihuahua 08/11/04-12/13/15 Caroline
Luna Persian Cat 09/05/85-10/03/00 Cynthia & Jim Chapman
Luna Pointer 1981 Beatriz Brito
Luna Pumkin Head Bittle Cat 07/07/87-09/09/02 Lisalee Bittle
Luna Queensland/Aussie Mix 01/09/01-07/01/06 Tanja
Luna Ragdoll Cat 12/07/04-10/27/12 Marie Anne
Luna Rain Shimkonis Lakin Cat 07/05/05-01/07/10 Rev. Ericka Shimkonis
Luna Rat 02/23/05-07/19/08 Bea Bowers
Luna Reider Tabby Cat 7 years 12/30/08 Lisa Reider
Luna Rhodesian Ridgeback 01/30/03 Dale Oconnor
Luna Ridgeback/Boxer 06/2011 Luna's Family
Luna Rottie Mix 03/31/98-01/11/10 Courtney
Luna Savanah Monitor Lizard 1 year 07/15/04 Kristy Huffman
Luna Schnauzer 10 years 12/05/09 Isaac and Beate Macias
Luna Scottish Wolfhound Mix 8 years 12/08/12 Renate Rapp
Luna Shepherd Mix 1996-02/07/08 Erin Bergstrom
Luna Short Haired Black and White Cat 15 years 06/26/12 Anastasia
Luna Shorthair Cat 12/14/14-11/10/15 Romario
Luna Siamese Mix Cat 8 years 06/24/10 Sharon
Luna Siamese Tabby Cat 07/99-01/20/16 Susan
Luna Siberian Husky 03/29/03-02/05/14 Vanessa
Luna Siberian Husky 09/01/01-02/12/13 Greta Mo
Luna Siberian Husky 13 months 12/07/16 Mandy Bissell
Luna Siberian Husky Puppy 01/21/18-08/10/18 Nicole Kennedy and Robbie Korson
Luna Snodgrass Beagle 05/21/05-03/18/13 Dennis Snodgrass
Luna Solid White Mix Cat 11 years 11/29/04 Sandra Morris
Luna Spellman Cockatiel 03/02/91-08/11/07 Carmie Spellman
Luna Stanley Russian Blue Mix Cat 03/07/00-06/03/13 Sarah Stanley
Luna Sugar Glider 12/11/01 Christina
Luna Tabby Cat 07/17/90-11/00 Mary Ellen Drayer
Luna Tabby Cat 13 years 2008 Eileen
Luna Tabby Cat 1999-06/08/01 Rhonda
Luna Terrier 08/01/97-03/12/08 Vanessa
Luna Terrier Mix 06/20/88-08/91 Lindsay Day
Luna Toons Siberian Husky 11/27/05-10/07/06 Allison Todd
Luna Tortie Hemingway Cat 05/28/93-05/08/07 Cathy Carr
Luna Tortoise Shell Cat 1 1/2 years 06/16/09 Yesennia
Luna Tortoiseshell Cat 09/21/12 Pat Crawford
Luna Tri-Color, Torti Cat 18 years 03/08/13 Cindy Plaster
Luna Tuna White Haired Cat 05/24/01-02/26/06 Doug, Diane & Troy
Luna Tuxedo Am. Short Hair Cat 04/16/04-12/14/10 Joie Rose
Luna Tuxedo Cat 06/05/99-03/22/01 Cathy Knoop
Luna White Labrador 16 years 18/12/13 Donna Tescher
Luna -Wintuks Jewel of the Chandlers Alaskan Malamute 05/21/05-09/30/13 Hallie & Ken Chandler
Luna Wirehaired Dachshund 04/23/05-03/26/11 Amber
Luna Wolf 01/09/90-08/20/05 Cheryle & Howard
Luna Wolf 11/20/03-01/17/04 Molly Bischoff
Luna Yellow Lab 05/05/97-07/04/02 Rich and Molly Murphy
Luna Yellow Lab 10/14/02-01/17/07 Gerlie
Luna Yoney Boxer Mix 1/01/02-09/19/03 Ann
Luna Yorkie 10/23/02-10/03/08 Teresa Watson Floyd
Luna Zee Hoffa Black Lab 04/01/93-01/16/09 Lilith Mary Anne Nix
Luna, Norman, Cookie Dog, Cat, Dog 02/25/07 Nina Prall
Lunar Airedale 12/10/01-07/03/13 Ellen Germain
Lunar Cat 16 years 11/17/11 Laura Gillespie and Harry & Milo Arnold
Lunar Turkish Angora Cat 04/2002-06/07/18 Elizabeth Fall
Lunas Siamese Cat 08/07/96-08/31/09 Tabitha
Lunch Betta Fish 06/08/97 Andi Apple
Lunch White Cat 01/09/90-02/22/08 Kaori Yamamoto-Hackney
Lundy James Cockapoo 10 years 04/10/00 Ann Marie
Luner Domestic Short Hair Cat 7 years 09/01/10 Chalky
Lunita Cat 04/25/12-05/24/13 GP
Lunkers Toy Poodle 08/03/96-07/31/12 Darci
Lunkers Toy Poodle 08/03/96-07/31/12 Darci Stone
Lunna Australian Shepherd 10 years 05/11/11 Heidi Clark
Lunn's Katherine Juliana (Katie) Irish Setter 03/26/89-01/17/01 Marie Ochocki
Lunns Repeat Performance Molly Irish Setter 08/05/99-07/09/04 Marie Ochocki
Luno Cat Tuxedo Cat 01/09-03/17/10 Jessica
Lunsford's Gotta Have (Faith) Lab Mix 03/08/02-08/14/04 Louanne & Charles
Lunsford's Gotta Have Faith Black Labrador 03/15/02-08/14/03 Louanne Lunsford
Lunsford's Southern Lexus (Lexi) Miniature Schnauzer 12/03/04-09/06/05 Louanne & Charles
Luntah Bartz Siamese Cat 10 years 09/25/07 Steve Bartz
Lupa Chihuahua 10/2000-04/23/04 Pam Shepherd
Lupe Chihuahua 01/30/06 Danielle
Lupe Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lupe Golden Retriever 07/12/02 Minou
Lupe Gray Kitten 07/18/07-11/18/07 Nicole Haffey
Lupe Mini Lop Rabbit 5 years 05/31/07 Raine Johnson
Lupe Shepherd Mix 15 years 02/28/04 Amy Weil
Lupe Tabby DSH Cat 04/14/11 Tracey
Lupe Yorkie Mix 8 1/2 years 09/03/11 Shawne
Lupi English Springer 15 years 06/28/08 Maryann
Lupi Sheltie Mix 05/89-06/06/98 Clare and Bill Sebok
Lupi Tabby Cat 14 years 07/18/08 Walid
Lupie Cat 3 months 09/28/00 Sue, SVHS
Lupie Cat 9 years 05/08/09 Melissa Kuppler
Lupie German Shepherd 12/31/93-04/06/05 Nancy Carpenter
Lupin Alaskan Malamute 03/26/07-09/15/07 Earl, Mary and Kim Shaw
Lupin Grey Cat 15 years 05/31/95 Jodey Castricano
Lupine Cat 05/01/15-12/18/16 Katena and Trevor
Lupine Cat 09/01/84-11/13/02 Paul & Kathy
Lupine Grey Tabby Cat 09/01/84-11/13/02 Paul and Kathy
Lupine Siamese Barn Cat 01/26/94-05/14/05 Jon & Deb Pease
Lupis Collie/Shepherd Mix 14 years 01/10/99 Stephen & Cindy McMahan
Lupita Salinas Chihuahua 16 years 06/13/05 Elisa Salinas
Lupita Turtle 20 years 06/18/06 Angela Restrepo
Lupo Dog 02/01/90-06/17/03 Lori
Lupo Rottweiler/German Shepherd 01/10/02-01/30/13 Lucie Lalli
Lurch Cat 03/08/89-08/08/01 Andy & Spring & Tia & Skid
Lurch Cat 10 years 06/18/00 Sylvia and Miguel
Lurch White Fronted Amazon 04/82-02/24/05 Karen
Lurven Cat 05/27/98-06/30/10 Kristine Andreassen
Luschious Tre Rice Black Lab 08/12/04-05/03/17 Carrie Rice
Lush Cat 05/05/11 Jason and Jay
Lush Cat 10 years 02/16/99 Mark
Lusha Lucinda Chamberlain Jack Russell 03/08/12 Cassidy Chamberlain
Lushy Norwegian Forest Cat 19 years 07/03/07 Marcy Leavitt
Lusia Cat 15 years 10.09.2013 Marcus
Lussie Cat 1997 Susann
Lusty Jackson Boxer/Basenji 04/01/93-07/13/05 Julie Jackson
Lusya Cat 20/04/02-07/01/09 Anna Zelanika
Lutchi Dog 2008 Anthony Njoroge
Lutece of Mariposa - Tessie Bichon Friese 10/19/90-01/10/08 Carole & Larry
Lutfisk Shih Tzu 10/07/81-03/25/95 Roberta
Luther (Louie) Cat 10/20/00-08/02/15 Peggy and Jeff
Luther Beagle 08/20/11 Kelly
Luther Bichon 15 years 02/06/05 Jean Carlson
Luther Black & White Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/03/04-02/21/17 Rickie (Daddy), Bryce, Beulah & Stanley
Luther Black & White Short-Haired Cat 03/21/83-09/21/98 Sue & Gerry Fitzmaurice
Luther Black and White Short Haired Cat 24th April 1995 - 1st March 1999 Joanne and Kevin
Luther Black Lab 11/12/03-04/17/13 Barb DeYear
Luther Boxer 05/26/01-09/20/05 Tammy Wollyung
Luther Boxer 09/16/05 Joanne
Luther Brown and White Tabby Cat 06/25/90-07/03/06 Mary Ellen Drayer
Luther Bynx Cat 11/13/15 Elisa Rodriguez
Luther Cat 04/95-05/99 Joanne Firth
Luther Cat 08/04/93-09/06/11 Greg, Shelly, T.J.
Luther Cat 16 years 20 July 2007 Vanessa and Martin
Luther Cocker Spaniel 12/27/97-02/21/09 Dottie Moore
Luther Cocker Spaniel 13 years 02/21/09 Mary Ann
Luther Collie Mix 06/2007 Jessica Fortuna
Luther George Yellow Lab 05/19/94-01/13/11 Pam Tilton
Luther Golden Retriever 05/10/01-10/11/10 Ryan
Luther Golden Retriever 09/28/96-10/07/05 Cherie Nault and Dan, Owen and Ethan Nault
Luther Great Dane 09/10/06-04/12/08 Addie
Luther Iguana 04/2007 Betty Johnston
Luther Lab and Basset 11 years 10/27/03 Dana
Luther Labrador Retriever 03/03/92-10/11/98 Gary Boone
Luther Miniature Pinscher 10/05/91-01/25/05 Greg & Jackie Feeney
Luther Miniature Schnauzer 04/13/91-04/12/05 John, Alisa, and Natalie Wilkinson
Luther Paul Chow 11/09/04 Amy Wagner
Luther Pinkerton Lab/Blue Tick Mix 8 years 11/26/03 Terrie Pinkerton Barry
Luther Samoyed 09/19/05 Glen Enander
Luther Thomas Bassett Hound Adopted 11/01/96-05/05/99 Lisa Adams
Luther Tuxedo Cat 06/28/87-08/12/03 Jennifer Evans
Luther Ty Basset Hound 04/07/97-12/30/05 Patti Wheeler, Jason Muskett
Luther Winston Springer Spaniel 04/28/91-10/12/07 Leslie
Luther Yellow Lab 05/19/94-01/14/11 Pam & Julie
Luther Yellow Lab 10/22/05-12/01/16 Melanie Baker
Luthor Great Dane 11/04/97-10/12/04 Mike, Melanie, Chesley & Randi Maynard
Lutin English Setter Mix 7 years 09/17/96 Katrina Hannah
Luv Le's Bold and Beautiful Shetland Sheepdog 1/29/96 Bonnie
Luvee Sprite Sandi Danaher
Luvi Persian Cat 19 years 12/24/09 Angel Dionne
Luvie Cat 02/18/09 Tricia Bailey
Luvie Love Morkie 02/19/14-02/20/15 Dani Love
Luvie Siamese Cat 08/04/17 Sandra Snow
Luvvy Alaskan Malamute/Shepherd Mix 09/96-03/31/05 Brandi Rhodes
Luvy Cat 11/15/03 Dawn
Lux Cat 1 years 12/31/12 Lucretia Darnell
Lux Kitty Black Cat 4 years 09/05/06 Carmen Alex Rosenzweig
Lux White Long Hair Cat W/Gray Spots and Gray Fluffy Tail 1 year 12/31/12 Lucretia Darnell
LuxCarl DSH Cat 03/23/04-03/27/16 Heather Rehurek
Luxor Black Labrador 09/25/95-11/14/06 Grace Torres
Luxor Rat Terrier 13 years 11/2012 Laurie
Luxor Rat Terrier 13 years 11/24/12 Laurie Ryan
Luxsie Orange Tabby Cat 11/87-05/18/00 Laurie Luker
Luxxy Lab 13 years 03/23/14 Molly
Luxy Chihuahua Mix 12/07/06-02/02/10 Suki
Luz Mix Dog 12 December 2001-13 November 2008 Erika
Luzi Pam Hamerski
Luzie Rabbit 3 years 04/04/03 Christine
LWFT, Little White Fluffy Thing, aka Carlota Bichon Frisé 01/94-02/07/06 Michael Schmidt
L-Wood Boxer Mix 02/14/97-04/30/04 Ruth Kanies
Lyca Dwarf Lop Bunny 3 years 07/03/12 Kirsty
Lyca Shadow Blue Chihuahua 11/16/16-03/21/17 Jody and Christopher Davis
Lyca Swartz German Shepherd 06/07/15-12/14/15 Zack Swartz
Lychee Maltese 04/11/06-01/14/07 Jackson and Marie
Lycos.com Border Collie 02/26/99-04/03/06 Vicki Tan
Lydia aka The Lyd aka Monkey aka Itty Bitty Lydie Kitty Dilute Tortie Persian Cat 15 years 07/05/08 Margo Steurer
Lydia Ann Singleton Shih Tzu 09/10/05-10/16/16 Anita Singleton
Lydia Bearded Dragon Lizard 04/07/05 Ashley Wilkin
Lydia Black Labrador/Mix 09/03/85-10/06/00 Laura, John and Adrienne Colburn
Lydia Black Long Haired Cat 06/15/97-03/22/10 Perry and Gena Orr
Lydia Boxer/Setter 11 years 04/11/08 Thomas P. and Katharine Moore
Lydia Calico Cat 02/14/94-10/10/07 Pamela Getner
Lydia Calico Cat 09/27/04 Violet
Lydia Cat 03/01/02-04/11/14 Stacy Acosta
Lydia Cat 2 years Jorja Hernandez
Lydia Chihuahua 15 years 08/03/05 Diana Vega
Lydia Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/01/95-01/27/12 Laura Carlson
Lydia Domestic Shorthair Cat 5 months Barbara and Jim Tschudy
Lydia DSH Cat 10/10/96-04/20/05 Aimee Peterson
Lydia Ferret 4 years 05/26/97 Sterling killian
Lydia Lamb Dog 02/17/01-05/08/14 Therese
Lydia Love Lowe Yorkie 03/06/97-09/08/09 Carolyn Lowe
Lydia Mackerel Mainecoon Tabby Kitty 6 years 03/21/02 Valerie Crumley
Lydia Maltese 07/31/90-08/30/01 Andrea Olufson
Lydia Mixed-Breed Dog 1 year Nancy
Lydia Price Mixed Beagle 19 years 08/19/13 J.A.P.
Lydia Rat Terrier 08/15/95-07/20/01 Barry and Nancy Kerr
Lydia Shorthaired Calico Cat 09/27/04 Violet R Schulert
Lydia Siamese Mix Cat 01/01/97-07/11/12 Jenny and Sean
Lydia Tabby Cat 10/03/05-12/30/07 Carrie and Greg
Lydia Tortoise Shell Cat 02/98-08/11/11 Joe & Lisa Mastalir (Ma n Pa)
Lydia Welch Cardigan Corgi 15 years 07/01/17 Fran
Lyko Norwegian Elkhound 10 years 07/26/98 Anna Maria Tsikhlakis
Lykolean Angora Mix Rabbit 11 months 05/05/11 Ali Peterson
Lyla Belle Darley Jack Russell 09/18/03-03/12/12 Brooke
Lyla Dog 03/09/18 Chris and Megan
Lyla Golden Retriever 07/07/02-08/07/07 Pam
Lyla Husky Siberian 02/05/97-12/01/10 Suzanne de Cock
Lyla Shepherd/Chow X 2 years 03/08/04 Andrea and Mike
Lylah Cat 02/01/97-09/21/08 Jano & Paul Dornisch
Lylah Dog 12 years 04/19/19 Sara Cornejo
Lylah Pitbull Mix 6 years 03/16/16 Eric C
Lyla's Lorelei Thoroughbred Mare 03/22/74-03/13/92 Dede Maloney
Lyle Black Lab 01/01/93-11/02/03 Darlene
Lyle Black Lab 10/12/05 Darlene
Lyle Cat 08/92-08/04/00 Wendy and Stefan Paula
Lyle Dog 06/06/99-12/10/03 Jessica Miller
Lyle Domestic Long Haired White Cat 1985-05/11/04 Gigi Lange
Lyle Mastiff/Mix 6 years 07/97 Jenny Bennett
Lyle Mixed Cat 10/17/06-02/11/08 Bradley Pheil
Lyle Schnauzer 01/29/05 Ken Macbeth/gila Koch
Lyma Bean English Bulldog 08/12/00-09/27/12 Karee and David
Lyma Orange Tabby Cat 04/92-05/13/11 Yvonne Thomas
Lyn Smith German Shepherd 2 years 09/22/08 Gregory Smith, Radiah Rondon, Antwon Tanner, Geegee and Adonis
Lynchmanns Shadow German Shepherd 11 years 08/24/01 Cathy Monday
Lynda Ann Guinea Pig 06/08/02-05/28/05 Victoria
Lynda Ann Robeson Guinea Pig 06/08/03-05/20/06 Victoria Jewel
Lynda Brancaleone Old English Sheep 06/29/94-01/14/06 Lynda Brancaleone
Lynda's Wonderful Pookie Poodle 02/18/70-03/24/85 Lynda Braun
Lynde Golden Retriever 06/28/87-09/25/00 Kelly
Lynden Dog 15 years 03/07/05 Denise & Allan
Lyndie Bichon Frise 12 years 05/31/06 Beth Peterson
Lyndon Greyhound 01/01/97-03/01/06 Lee & Carrie Hartz
Lyndsey Dougherty Chihuahua 09/2002-05/04/15 Joy Dougherty
Lyndsey McCoy Maine Coon Cat 05/08/10 Mason and Ellen McCoy
Lynette Dog 10/96 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lynette's Baby Girl Dog 12 years 10/29/08 Paula
Lynford Burmese Cat 07/08/00-05/04/11 Susanne and Richy
Lynk Ferret 12/01/99-10/08/03 Shyla
Lynn Rough Sable Collie 10/24/95-02/10/03 Leslie
Lynne Chicken 03/23/11-01/06/13 Wade
Lynnette Shih Tzu 13 years, 4 months 08/26/08 Marguerite Elford
Lynnie Doberman 1 1/2 years 11/04/99 SVHS
Lynryd Skynyrd & Bear Schnauzer and Lab 12 & 11 years to 06/04/12 & 06/03/12 Bettina Brown, Angela Apponey, Mother/Daughter
Lynsey Terrier/Poodle/? Mix 05/29/86-05/13/02 Jim and Kathye Brammann
Lynus Tabby Cat 19 years 11/99 Joy Close
Lynx Cat 06/88-03/10/01 Diane & Michael Whitty
Lynx Cat 13 years 02/14/05 Nancy Rosenbaum & Gil Glass
Lynx Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Lynx DSH Cat 10 1/2 years 04/24/04 Jayne
Lynx Grey Tiger Mix Cat 1984 11/90 Deborah
Lynx Lynx Point Siamese Cat 06/28/89-11/21/98 Laura & Doug
Lynx Manx Cat 04/27/83-07/14/05 Sandy Winn
Lynx Mixed/Tiger Colouring/Tabby Cat 07/99-02/26/13 Randy and Janie Miller
Lynx Moodhe, aka Lover Boy, Monsterboy Tabby Cat 08/98-11/14/14 Connie Moodhe, Athena Holman
Lynx Oriental Lynx Point 12/02/93-04/13/94 Lisa & Eric Heft
Lynx Short Hair Gray & White Tabby Cat 08/29/91-04/15/01 June A. Stephens
Lynx Tabby Cat 02/25/91-09/02/99 Jane Lore
Lynx Tabby Cat 2 years 07/04/11 Cindy Williams
Lynxa Cat 08/24/11 Stephanie Gearey
Lynxx aka Sonny Boy Brown Tabby Cat 04/15/01-11/27/10 Maria
Lyoko Black Lab 10/31/05-04/09/09 Melissa Gamba
Lyonel, and That's Final Cat 03/17/02-02/14/11 Karen and Friday
Lyon-Lyth Lyons Whippet 07/04/94 Suzy Neff
Lyons' Against The Wind (Belle) Whippet 08/01/92-03/16/04 Mary Grant-Bell
Lyra Betta Fish 1 year 07/02/06 Tracy Clouthier
Lyra Bouvier des Flandres 04/2004-11/18/11 Simpson
Lyra Cat 5 years 10/08/09 Kelly Jeske
Lyra Irish Wolfhound 4 years 05/04/06 Will
Lyra Oriental Shorthair Cat 02/07/96-08/02/01 Jeanne Greuter
Lyric Butler Dachshund 15 years 03/20/09 Virginia Butler
Lyric Cat 07/05/07 Carrie
Lyric German Shepherd Mix With Pit Bull 02/02/11-08/09/11 Cyndi Garcia
Lyric Maine Coon Mix Cat 07/11/96-04/21/07 Megan
Lyric Rottweiler 11/05/94-10/15/02 Sharon
Lyric Thoroughbred Horse 04/23/84-04/07/17 Karen Kimmerly
Lyssa Golden Retriever 01/10/78-06/10/88 Nancy Bovey
Lyssia Lab 06/18/01-01/29/13 Marsha Nelson
Lyta Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle 09/25/04 Robin A Hershey
Lyta Tortoise Shell Kitten 06/05/05 Christy Venn
Lyte Greyhound 06/01/96-06/03/06 Leandra McLean
Lyzze Weimaraner 12/30/02-07/31/12 Lynne Whitaker