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PLEASE NOTE: The Bridge List names are updated every Monday. Usually by late afternoon.

If you can't find a name you have submitted, don't resubmit the form. Check the following instead:

  Has the website been updated for this week yet? Look at the date on the top of this screen to see when it was updated.
  Was it submitted in time? All names received by 8:30 AM Monday, Eastern time, should be on the list.
  Names received after that time will appear the following week.
  Are you seeing an old version of the list stored in your browser's cache on your computer?
  To correct this problem, purge your browser's cache.

  If you still don't see the name please let me know by email.

Making corrections to something already on the list:

  Send any corrections by email. Do not use the "Add your pet" form.

Duplicates: If you notice any duplicate entries or accidentally entered a name twice please let me know by email.

Email me if you have any other questions or problems or suggestions for improvement.