A Beautiful Unnamed Stray Dog 06/05/07 Stephanie Callahan
A Blazing Tradition American Paint Horse 01/14/00-06/01/05 Ray and Kem Ragan
A Cocker Spaniel & Yellow Lab 10/12/94-07/14/06 Kathy Fox
A Devall Lab 30/11/02-18/08/07 Jen Devall
A Fawn a Fox and a Cat named Ashe 10/07/15 Katherine W.
A J Best One Greyhound 06/03/94-12/06/04 The Shimshak Family
A Little Angel German Shepherd 08/20/98-08/29/98 Kim
A Nameless Friend Cat 10/09/08 Darby Hinshaw
A Nameless Kitty Domestic Gold Cat 02/18/03 CJ Stover
A Ribbon Albino Stripe Ferret 11/27/96-07/03/03 Karen Anson
A&W Rags Yorkie Terrier 10/28/85-01/23/02 Wayne & Anna Volker and Floy Stutzman
A. Ailey P Bichon 02/14/95-10/07/12 M.Paulina Odwyer
A. Gore Mixed Cat 04/2007-08/26/14 Mary Ann
A. P. Hill (Ambrose) Blood Hound 01/10/17 Barbara and Stephan Cicippo
A.A.B. Golden/Silver/White Kitten 2 weeks 11/09/03 Annie Smith
A.C. (Attack Cat) Tabby Cat 13 years 01/21/97 Cindi Williams
A.C. Black & White DSH Cat 06/22/86-10/13/00 Maxine Miller
A.C. Cat 03/27/10 Amanda
A.C. Golden Retriever 10/31/93-12/16/02 Andrea Baker
A.C. Lab Mix 04/14/93 Florida shelter fire
A.C. Pit Bull 8 years 07/15/11 Cynthia Hovey
A.C. Ragdoll Cat 01/01/93-11/10/09 Heidi Wittmann-Clemintone
A.D. Border Collie 12/01/89-07/08/04 Nina and Jim Green
A.J Chihuahua 08/27/06 Christina/Ramona
A.J. (Almond Joy) Cocker Spaniel 04/15/88-05/23/98 Cheryl Williams
A.J. (L'Il One) DSH Gray Tabby Cat 1 year 01/25/95 Cy Sawyer
A.J. (Tuxedo Boy) McEntee Tuxedo Cat 19, July 1985-06/2005 Ann McEntee
A.J. Abyssinian Guinea Pig 06/29/10 Krysten
A.J. aka Booger Face Cocker Mix 11/15/91-10/03/05 Tammy Gourley
A.J. aka The Tasmanian Devil Behind the Front Door Himalayan 12 years 08/12/07 Karen Arpaio Okeefe
A.J. Alan Jackson Yellow Lab 07/20/02-09/11/16 Tim Mayer
A.J. Axl Domino Damion Great Dane 09/21/90-02/07/00 Shawn Blease
A.J. Beagle/Boxer 08/01/07-09/27/08 Christine Daley
A.J. Cat 11/27/06 Scott
A.J. Cat 12/2000-10/14/01 Chris
A.J. Cat 4 weeks 09/13/04 Sommer
A.J. Cat 9 years 03/21/96 Al Crespin
A.J. Choc. Lab 02/21/00-11/27/12 Kimberly Hall
A.J. Collie 28/05/09 Emma
A.J. Dalmation 11 years 06/13/02 Summer
A.J. Domestic Shorthair Cat 01/23/12 Kathleen Whittaker and John S. Hoover
A.J. Helicopter Miniature Schnauzer 08/27/89-05/28/01 Alene Jewell
A.J. Lewis Abyssinian Guinea Pig 1997-06/21/05 Carey Lewis & Sue Stevens
A.J. Lhasa Apso 15 years 03/25/07 Maryann
A.J. Long-Haired Tiger Cat 19 years 11/04/05 Schiminske
A.J. Manx Cat 17 years 04/19/04 Joann
A.J. Rat Terrier 11/24/98-01/16/15 Dee Morgan
A.J. Shepherd Mix 10/09/97-05/26/12 Cathy Ashton
A.J. Short Hair Domestic Cat 13 years 02/05/01 Gina and Tom Van Lone
A.J. Shorthair Domestic Gray Stripe Cat adopted 06/91-06/14/03 Tom, Nancy & Ted Dingman
A.J. Tabby Cat 03/25/08 Dave and Kathy Ingraham
A.J. Weimaraner 08/11/95-03/03/06 Donja
A.K. Calico Cat 13 years 12/21/04 Colleen
A.K. Solid Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 06/15/85-02/18/99 Teri Adint
A/J (a.k.a. Boobies) Labrador Retriever 04/16/99-05/23/03 Dwight/Cammie Fuller
Aa Vega Berkshire Rat 1.3 years 11/20/07 Jessica
Aada Elizabeth Cat 01/30/01 Bill & Melissa Binford
Aage Irish Wolfhound 06/08/89-06/30/96 Tina Otto
AAiden (M'Lady's Wild Eyed Southern Girl) Flame Lynx Point Himalayan Persian Cat 08/15/07-03/14/09 Meredith Fallow
Aaliyah Black Kitten 06/02/05 Scott and Teresa
Aaliyah Rat Terrier 09/03/03-07/01/16 Michelle and Doug
Aamy's Princess of Purrs Lucy Loo Himalayan Torti Cat 09/26/01-05/22/15 Amy Bee
Aare Yellow Lab 06/22/86-11/27/98 Nancy
Aaron (Missie Windrift's Li'l Ladner) Golden Retriever 04/23/84-07/24/96 Debbi French
Aaron Alexander Gordon DSH Cat 10/94-10/06/06 Ingrid Gordon
Aaron Black Persian Cat 9 years Mary Louise
Aaron Brindle Greyhound 1 1/2 years Renee McCartin
Aaron Cat 20+ years Chris DeCarlo
Aaron Domestic Cat 6 months 10/05/01 Erika
Aaron Elliott-Still Dog 08/88-09/15/00 Marie & Mark
Aaron English Cocker Spaniel 25/06/03 Vicki Moulds
Aaron Golden/Lab Mix 04/15/97-09/18/05 Mike and Linda Cathey
Aaron James Lambert Tabby Cat 03/17/10-07/15/17 Jamie Lambert
Aaron Maltese 06/28/96-07/29/00 Bonnie Reeser
Aaron Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle Mix 13 years 03/05/06 Camille
Aarp Parrotlet 12/11/03-01/13/04 Ray & Sym Gallucci
Aasha Sheltie 01/12/94-10/12/08 Denine
Aba Terrier/Chow Mix 05/01/99-02/20/12 Herb, Kristy, and Maggie
Abagail Aussie Shepherd 01/09/90-09/22/02 Faith, Neil, Nik, Joshua Varrone
Abagail Florence Cat 04/97-05/03/10 Kari Gilbert
Abagail German Shorthair Pointer 15 years 02/13/12 Will Iam
Abagail Grey Tabby Cat 07/85-10/18/01 Julie Pambianco
Abagail Iris McRedden Mutt 6 years 12/31/05 Chuck Redden and Keith McAllister
Abagail Sarah Basset Hound 11/12/97-07/05/11 Tony & Kathie Luzader
Abagail Shih/Poo 09/19/95-01/09/08 Donna de Fusco
Abagail Springer Spaniel 04/04/94-04/04/04 Kathy Hosey
Abagale Jacobs Boston Terrier 9 years 05/27/06 Verla Jacobs
Abagayle St. Bernard 06/24/95 Lillian
Abandoned Bunnies Spot, Brownie, Spotty, Feisty and Peter Days Old Bunnies 05/07/07-05/12/07 Kristy
Abandoned day old Kitten 08/29/98 Marina
Abaron Rottweiler 02/21/93-06/02/03 Barbara Hendricks
Abba Cat 08/16/98-02/26/07 Maria
Abba Dachshund 11 years 03/17/09 Michael Eric Prock
Abba Egyptian Arabian Horse 05/01/80-12/13/08 Lisa Stefanuik
Abba Golden Retriever 09/09/89-10/21/03 Kathie
Abba Tealca Cat 03/05/14 Josie
Abbagail Labrador Retriever 14 years 03/07/01 Debbie Burns
Abbagale Rottweiler 02/23/91-10/15/99 Evelyn
Abbe (Abra Abracadabra) Tibetan Terrier 01/01/81-08/07/99 Sharon Lewis
Abbe Gayle Quarella Golden Retriever 05/19/03-09/14/11 Dawn & Steve Quarella
Abbe Rottweiler 02/19/00-01/28/01 Donna Shepherd
Abbe Tibetan Spaniel 02/28/87-01/06/04 Ann Lister
Abbee Lee Masching Ragdoll Mix Cat 06/96-06/15/77 Jeanne Masching
Abbegail Dog 07/11/96-07/08/97 Ann Miller
Abbercrombee Sue Cocker Spaniel/Blue Heeler Cross 07/04/88-03/29/00 Lisa Boury
Abbey (Babygirl) Kitten 8 weeks 08/09/98 Judy
Abbey (Poo Poo) Boxer 02/97-07/23/08 Mark & Robin
Abbey 11/15/02-11/19/02 John Van Orden
Abbey 8 years Candace Graham
Abbey Abyssinian Cat 03/05/97-08/10/06 Maureen Cusack
Abbey Akita 8 years 01/01/10 Sally-Lou, April and Brandon and Taishou
Abbey All Black Cat 06/04/08 Debbie - Mom
Abbey and Max Alsatians 2006 Debra Brian Smith
Abbey Bauer Dog 12 years 02/10/12 Colleen Bauer
Abbey Beagle/Bassett 12 1/2 years 02/18/04 Charlie & Joni
Abbey Berry German Shepherd 8 years 10/23/08 Amy Dumont
Abbey Biagini Basset Hound 10/21/01-12/19/09 Paula Biagini
Abbey Bichon 16 years 01/18/12 The Faubels
Abbey Bichon Frise 02/04/88-01/15/03 Judy, John & Peepers Collins
Abbey Black Lab 04/11/96-05/22/07 Joe & Michelle Deyear
Abbey Black Labrador 08/13/04-07/13/05 Stacie Jordan
Abbey Black Labrador Retriever 07/01/05 Debbie & Roy White
Abbey Blue Heeler 15 years 02/06/08 Terry Anne Wiebe
Abbey Border Collie 03/18/96-09/28/09 Theresa McManus
Abbey Border Collie 17/09/03-13/02/15 Susan Hopkins
Abbey Boston Terrier 09/09/98-12/24/08 David, Terry, and Matt
Abbey Boston Terrier 11 years 07/11/18 Danny & Deb Smith
Abbey Boston Terrier 13 years 08/24/01 Carole and Carole Ann
Abbey Boxer 04/24/94 Waggoner family
Abbey Boxer 07/29/95-10/12/01 Ray and Sandra Maffett
Abbey Boxer 10/12/99-05/15/07 Lori and Chris
Abbey Boxer 11/23/13-04/26/16 Kris Hancock
Abbey Brittany Spaniel 1986-12/06/00 Cindy, Bill, Jayme
Abbey Brown Tabby Cat 09/89-01/19/09 Tom and Karen Waters
Abbey Caggiano Klebine a/k/a Poopsie Brittany Spaniel 04/01/97-06/25/08 Camille Caggiano, Joe and Anna Klebine
Abbey Cairn Terrier 05/28/98-06/08/09 Lou
Abbey Cairn Terrier 08/19/88-08/25/04 Mark and Annie Pepper
Abbey Cardigan Welsh Corgi 01/23/90-08/23/00 Julia, Joe, and Heather Duschek
Abbey Cat 02/14/95-08/26/10 D.M. Drage
Abbey Cat 03/20/89-02/20/10 Susanne B.L
Abbey Cat 07/01/89-09/13/96 Sylvia
Abbey Cat 08/16/02 Alesia C. Vassallo
Abbey Cat 10 years 09/21/96 Vicki Dunmore
Abbey Cat 10/26/12 Nancy & Jack
Abbey Cat 17 3/4 years 02/07/11 Marcia
Abbey Catahoula 12 years 04/24/16 Meredith McGibbon
Abbey Chihuahua 16 years 07/10/10 Traci Hooper
Abbey Choc Lab 05/05/90-11/26/01 Jerry, Jill & Sky Lester
Abbey Choc Lab 09/03/94-06/29/04 Jen, Betty, and Bill Marty
Abbey Chocolate Lab 005/05/91-11/26/01 Jerry, Jill and Skyler
Abbey Chocolate Lab 02/02/96-12/24/99 Laura Restle
Abbey Chocolate Lab 09/03/94-06/29/04 Jen, Betty, and Bill
Abbey Chocolate Labrador Retriever 09/08/92-12/12/05 Julia Bailey
Abbey Cocker Spaniel 03/05/89-03/05/97 Sonny
Abbey Cocker Spaniel 11/01/86-10/06/03 Lora Walsh
Abbey Cocker Spaniel 1989-02/01/05 Karen Miller
Abbey Cocker Yorkie Mix 11 years 01/25/12 Deborah
Abbey Crocker Spaniel 15 years 04/29/11 Debby Tolocko
Abbey Dachshund 01/15/01-01/31/05 Jon & Annie Skeem
Abbey Dachshund 14 years 04/22/15 Genevieve
Abbey Dalmatian 02/26/87-11/24/97 Larry and Denise
Abbey Doberman 11/20/09 Judy
Abbey Dog 11 years 10/16/06 Ken, Kelly and Kyle Sifford
Abbey Domestic Cat 15 1/2 years 08/06/07 Lisa Chandler
Abbey Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/01/94-10/11/11 Sandra
Abbey Domestic Short Hair Cat 13 years 08/30/04 Beth & Rick Armstrong
Abbey Domestic Shorthair Cat 12/06/99-05/22/11 Rebecca, Derek & Andrea
Abbey Elizabeth Wineland Dachshund 01/21/13 Betty Wineland
Abbey English BullDog 11 years 09/19/97 Diane
Abbey English Setter and German Short Haired Pointer J07 09 1996-10/27/10 Bernice Blake
Abbey Ferret 7 years 12/31/14 Vicki Kennett
Abbey Fisher Airedale 06/01/91-09/21/04 Jonathan David Fisher
Abbey Gale Cat 7 years 09/21/12 Jed Chandler
Abbey German Shepherd 01/10/99-02/04/09 Christine Hergenhahn
Abbey German Shepherd 10 years 09/12/99 Diane & Kris & kids & Mel & Mary
Abbey German Shepherd 11/01/90-05/28/04 David Groth
Abbey Ginn 03/15/94-06/17/03 Karri Fox
Abbey Golden Retriever 03/06/95-04/28/02 Julie Birschbach
Abbey Golden Retriever 05/05/02-07/12/10 Cathy C
Abbey Golden Retriever 05/12/08 Mary and Gary
Abbey Golden Retriever 07/22/96-05/20/08 Caroline Barry
Abbey Golden retriever 12 years 04/29/96 The Beck Family
Abbey Golden Retriever 12/23/03-12/19/06 Tracy Baker
Abbey Great Pyrenees 10/27/02 John & Teresa Pedersen
Abbey Hall Cat 05/19/87-12/02/02 Kim Hall & Kendall Hedges
Abbey Haverkate Border Collie 07/17/97-06/04/12 Kelly (Mom); Nonnie (Grandmon)
Abbey Heffernan Border Collie 01/31/03-06/11/11 Theresa & Mark Heffernan
Abbey Himalayan Cat 05/20/95-06/21/07 Pam and Chris Reaume
Abbey Hound Mix 02/01/00-07/01/13 Dolores Bartholomew
Abbey Irish Wolfhound 10 years 10/16/01 Terry McKnight
Abbey Jo White Scottish Terrier 11 years 04/11/03 Max
Abbey Keeshound 04/07/87-08/07/99 Ann Emerson
Abbey Lab 01/13/00 Rena Baugher
Abbey Lab 1989-09/05/02 Paula Ruggeri
Abbey Lab Mix 11/16/01-08/24/09 Donna Mooney
Abbey Lab/Setter mix 12 years 03/07/02 Jackie
Abbey Labby Nu Nu Fish Labrador Retriever 9 years 12/17/06 Laurie and David Lessig
Abbey Labrador Retriever 07/04/93-08/21/06 Jean Fiester
Abbey Lane Airdale 05/01/90-07/06/01 Andy and Darlene
Abbey Long Haired Tabby Cat 01/94-07/29/01 Chris Long
Abbey Lynn Terrier Mix 01/05/92-02/09/07 Colleen Longman
Abbey Mae Bassett Hound 06/09/94-03/22/02 Shannon
Abbey Maine Coon Cat 07/04/85-07/13/01 Pam Caughman
Abbey Maine Coon Cat 14 years 08/27/14 Grace Van Ness
Abbey McDermott Labrador Retriever (Black) 08/18/94-09/20/09 Meghan McDermott
Abbey McKee Lab/Cocker Mix 01/01/95-01/21/09 Tasha McKee
Abbey Miniature Pinscher 01/04/01-09/16/06 Susan Acosta
Abbey Miniature Poodle 14 years 04/95 Terry Little
Abbey Mixed - Collie, Golden, Chow 8 years 12/11/07 Jim Weekly
Abbey Mixed Breed Dog 01/24/99 Carrie Walker
Abbey Mixed Dog 04/11/93-07/03/06 Leslie Wallace
Abbey Mixed Dog 11/2002-09/30/04 Barbara Lazarus
Abbey Mixed Dog 14 years 01/14/08 Valerie Kimble
Abbey Mixed-Australian Shepherd 16 years 10/01/98 Jan Larson
Abbey Newfoundland 08/31/93-04/25/07 Terry Sweitzer
Abbey of Mallard Lake Yellow Lab 01/03/92-07/12/04 Buddy, Danika, Lexi, Tucker
Abbey Old English Bulldog 2 years 03/24/12 Mickey Brennan
Abbey Orange & White Tabby Cat 12/25/99-01/28/10 John and Jane
Abbey Perry Babyface Persian Cat 12/08/08-07/03/01 Don and Barbara Perry
Abbey Persian Mix Cat 13 years 10/03/06 Rhonda Bartlett
Abbey Peterson Dog 02/14/94-07/23/09 Andrew Peterson
Abbey Poodle 11 years 03/23/06 Donna Farris
Abbey Poodle 12/14/92-03/10/09 Rebecca
Abbey Poodle Shitzu 14 years 04/01/09 Roseann Rowan
Abbey Powell (aka Abber Dabbers, Abigale Van Puppy) 1/2 Chow, 1/2 Australian Shepherd 12/08/94-05/06/13 Jim & Terrie Powell
Abbey Pug 10/10/98-06/27/06 Elizabeth Scala
Abbey Rat Terrier 14 years 10/12/09 Cheryl Clawson
Abbey Reed Scottish Terrier 8 years 12/01/97 Charles Dinklocker
Abbey Road Cocker Spaniel 09/10/88-06/05/04 Sue Obrist
Abbey Road Durr Lab 09/09/09-04/23/12 Kristal M. Durr
Abbey Road Golden Retriever 03/13/02-10/10/14 Beverly Garner
Abbey Road Mixed Dog 10/21/12 Maryellen Blankenship
Abbey Road Pooka Bear English Mastiff 07/12/88-01/23/98 Roger Lee
Abbey Road Westie Poo 07/11/96-08/16/11 Eva
Abbey Rose Gerace Beagle, German Shepherd Mix 02/25/12 Karalynn Gerace
Abbey Rose Golden Retriever 11/27/95-01/19/01 Jan Penticoff
Abbey Rose Hall Beagle/Pit Bill/Boxer Mix 01/23/92-09/19/05 Laura Hall
Abbey Rose Jack Russell Terrier 01/27/96-05/18/12 Dan and Cindy McClary
Abbey Rose Lilac Point Snowshoe Siamese Cat 08/04/10-07/30/14 Yvette M
Abbey Rott 5 1/2 years Kerry and Steffan
Abbey Rottweiler 09/10/92-03/20/99 Patti and Craig
Abbey Rottweiler 8 &1/2 years 02/06/08 Lisa Melluso
Abbey Rudy Mix Dog 07/16/92-09/13/08 Kristin
Abbey Schnauzer 04/25/90-09/29/99 Kara and Mitchell Stern
Abbey Schnauzer 14 years 10/27/11 Kate Worley
Abbey Scotty 05/02/92-12/02/05 Debra Dillon and Diana McCambridge
Abbey Scotty Terrier Mix 02/15/99-07/02/11 Stacie McColez
Abbey Sebastian America Shorthair Cat 5 1/2 years 08/08/97 Joan Conley/ Pilot Towers
Abbey Shar-Pei 10/10/94-07/31/05 Lori & Kris
Abbey Sheltie 08/31/94-02/20/11 Gail Roark
Abbey Shepherd Coyote Mix 17 years 02/27/12 Wayne
Abbey Shepherd Husky X 02/28/92-02/21/05 Lucy and Don Casmey
Abbey Shepherd/Whippet Mix 01/17/08 Cheryl Binder
Abbey Sherwood German Shepherd/Border Collie 02/04/96-12/13/07 Tina Sherwood
Abbey Shetland Sheepdog 04/01/96-12/24/09 Karen
Abbey Shih Tzu 12/06/97 Allyson Williams
Abbey Shihtzu 03/17/01-04/08/06 Roxanne Brodeur
Abbey Shi-Poo 02/17/05-02/06/15 Terri and Cherise
Abbey Shi-Tzu 04/08/06 Rox Brodeur
Abbey Shitzu 06/30/06 Auntie June
Abbey Short Hair Cat 05/26/06 Steve and Gale Smith
Abbey Springer 11/15/01-11/19/02 Janice & John Van Orden
Abbey Springer Spaniel 11/15/01-11/19/02 Heather Cooper
Abbey Staton Mixed Black Lab 06/01/01 Margaret
Abbey Sumner Golden Retriever 16 years 06/15/06 Janine & Katie Sumner
Abbey Tabby Calico Cat 05/27/17 S. King
Abbey Tabby Cat 02/14/85-12/02/02 Tracy, Ed & Jessica Charlier
Abbey Tabby Cat 04/16/00-02/21/08 Nicole DiGaetano
Abbey Taylor Cocker Spaniel 11 years 01/13/11 Mom Michele Daddy Bud
Abbey Terrier Mix 12 years 11/21/10 Bob and Kathy Sisley
Abbey Tortie Cat 04/06/02-12/23/12 Brenda Shipp
Abbey Tortoise Shell Tabby Cat 14 years 06/17/06 Dana
Abbey Toy Poodle 03/18/06-10/09/15 Marzelle Hinrichs
Abbey Watts Cat 08/28/01-12/09/15 Patrick Watts/ Lauren Leach
Abbey Weim 11/26/02-12/25/10 Peg & Andy Graves
Abbey Westie 03/13/90-12/05/05 Carol & Dave
Abbey White Pomeranian 5 years 05/24/06 Chris Lovelace
Abbey X Breed Dog 11 years 21/03/12 Desir'e Friedland
Abbey Yellow Lab 07/03/08-07/06/08 Rebecca Campbell
Abbey Yellow Lab 11 years 05/31/08 Peggy and Larry Czelusta
Abbey Yellow Lab 13 years 11/13/10 Rodney & Kristin Grubb
Abbey Yorkie 02/14/94-01/30/05 Henry Harris
Abbey Yorkie 03/24/97-03/30/01 Polly
Abbey Yorkie 12/28/98-09/03/10 Peggy Russell
Abbey Yorkshire Terrier 08/01/90-01/25/05 Sandi and Don
AbbeyGail Driggers Border Collie/Sheltie 04/19/00-09/05/07 Keith Driggers
Abbeygayle Cocker Spaniel (American B/W Parti-) 09/16/92-09/21/08 Lori Ward
Abbi Dog 14 1/2 years 05/03/12 Alice Oscason
Abbi Italian Greyhound 2 years 05/06/01 Brian & Julia Scott
Abbi K'Lar Gottschall Pug 04/13/95-10/22/07 Ken and Mickey Gottschall
Abbi Levine Siberian Husky 08/25/85-12/31/99 Sherry
Abbi Maltese 02/27/00-05/28/12 Karen Truss
Abbi Rottweiler 8 years 08/05/06 Sue
Abbi Toy Poodle 07/16/98-04/04/07 Ginny Milgo
Abbi White Llaso 12 years Jac
Abbianne Yorkshire Terrier 10/09/96-12/15/09 Claudia M. Kroll
Abbie (Abbie Lee Fancy) Sheltie 05/30/81-04/01/98 Janice, Michael Terry, Katie & Mary
Abbie (Ab-E-Normal) Akita-Shepherd Mix 04/13/87-09/03/00 McDougal
Abbie (Abster) Black Labrador 02/20/05-08/28/15 Dennis & Paulette Fisher
Abbie (Abster) Black Labrador 08/28/15 Dennis & Paulette Fisher
Abbie Abbysarrian 08/27/01 Regan
Abbie Airedale Terrier 07/26/83-04/30/97 Jan McNamara
Abbie Beagle 05/03/97-09/11/12 Barb and Todd Crump
Abbie Bichon Frise 02/25/98-09/07/04 Brandie Baker
Abbie Black Lab Mix 15 years 04/09/06 Karen Mikkelson
Abbie Black Lab/Border Collie 13 years 11/24/06 Henry Zywiol
Abbie Black Longhair Cat 12 years 02/22/10 Annie
Abbie Blalock Grey Tabby Cat 03/96-12/2004 Kimberly Dye
Abbie Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel 14 years 9 months 05/24/08 Geri
Abbie Cat 09/15/98-04/20/10 Caron Allen Taira
Abbie Cat 20 years 05/19/11 The Bryan Family
Abbie Cat 21/12/91-29/08/08 Barbara Turner
Abbie Cat 30/01/13 Paula, Gary and Rudy
Abbie Chocolate Lab 05/02/98-06/04/14 Kathy
Abbie Chow/Shepherd 04/16/95-00/29/04 Stacy
Abbie Cocker Spaniel 04/15/98-09/15/08 Barb
Abbie Cocker Spaniel 08/19/88-09/22/00 Lynley Masterton
Abbie Cocker Spaniel 09/97-02/21/09 Jenni Freeman
Abbie Cocker Spaniel 11/01/96-11/08/11 Yvonne Hale
Abbie Cocker Spaniel/Lab 04/12/01-08/15/12 Michele
Abbie Collie 11/03/05 Mary Cox
Abbie Collie/Golden Retriever Mix 10 years 12/15/06 Dorothy
Abbie Dachshund 3 years 08/23/02 Joan
Abbie Dog 04/23/85-01/08/01 Nisi Staley
Abbie Dog 04/84-01/18/00 Shelly Weininger
Abbie Dog 06/20/00 Renee
Abbie Dog 17 years 11/20/08 Autumn and Darrell
Abbie Dog 2 years 04/03/07 John and Stacey Friday
Abbie Dog 7 years 05/06/04 Amanda Lile
Abbie Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/01/94-05/27/10 Gayle, Brett, Tyler and Hayden
Abbie Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/15/88-04/24/03 Kathy
Abbie Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/16/05 Henrietta Hutchings
Abbie Domestic Shorthair Cat 20 years 02/10/09 Lisa Leutheuser & Joseph Saul
Abbie Flat Coated Retriever 05/01/99-06/25/12 Andrea
Abbie Foxley Cocker Spaniel 1995-2005 Wendy Foxley
Abbie Gail Dachshund 08/12/91-03/03/05 Carolyn, Barney and Amy
Abbie Gayle Glennon Yorkie Lhaso Apso 01/04/09-04/24/11 Jan Glennon
Abbie German Shepherd 13 years 06/06/04 The Tripp Family
Abbie Girl Waits Maltese 10/22/98-04/22/08 Kathy Waits
Abbie Golden Retriever 02/19/90 Nancy & Dennis
Abbie Golden Retriever 02/19/90-01/20/00 Nancy
Abbie Golden Retriever 11/24/11 The Holloways
Abbie Golden Retriever 12/28/92-08/06/07 Carolyn
Abbie Golden Retriever 17 years 06/29/07 Dominic Pillitteri
Abbie Gray/White Tabby Cat 07/25/04-11/20/18 Jennifer Andersen, Keri & Drew Taggart
Abbie Great Dane 08/27/08-04/05/10 Bobby, Sky, Nico
Abbie Guido Cat 12/09-06/25/10 Janis Guido
Abbie Hamster 11/04/09-05/27/11 Pat Grosse
Abbie Himalayan Mix Cat 07/13/88-05/22/06 Susan H. Ollan
Abbie Husky/Irish Setter 03/14/90-10/14/04 Keith and Fatima Gendreau
Abbie Irish Setter 12 1/2 years 11/04/94 Joanne Williams
Abbie Isabella Perkins Brouty Pom-a-poo 09/12/03-10/12/06 Karley, Sue, Mike, Justin, Krystal, and the whole family
Abbie Jack Russell 7 years 12/62/06 Angela
Abbie Klaus American Toy Fox Terrier 01/01/74-06/19/03 Sue
Abbie La Cava Golden Retriever 09/05-07/04/01 April La Cava
Abbie Lab-Setter Mix 07/02/94 Rod Adams and Jack Coakley
Abbie Laine Labrador 07/03/00-02/03/07 Traci Hamby
Abbie Lewis Lab Mix 07/17/04-03/21/16 Chris & Veronica Lewis
Abbie Lhasa Apso 03/18/83-01/22/00 Char Remiszewski
Abbie Lhasa Apso 1989-2005 Diane
Abbie Mackenzie Johnston Australian Shepherd / Border Collie Mix 02/11/02-05/09/13 Pamela Johnston
Abbie Maine Coon Cat 05/30/88-02/08/06 Jenna
Abbie Mini Dachshund 11/28/02-08/31/05 Vickie Corley
Abbie Mini Schnauzer 07/21/03-09/14/14 Lisa Widner
Abbie Miniature Blond Cocker Spaniel 05/96-01/26/07 Sally E. Watters
Abbie Miniature Schnauzer 04/13/98-11/23/10 Heidi
Abbie Mixed Breed Dog 06/14/92-07/05/09 Sandy Robbins
Abbie Mixed Breed Dog 13 years 12/10/08 Carolyn Lawrence
Abbie Mixed Dog 01/14/12 Lynn Dinsmore
Abbie Nutter Miniature Doxie 11 1/2 years 09/09/04 Marla
Abbie Part Lab,part Husky 04/04/95-11/25/03 Marie Patterson
Abbie Patched Tabby Cat 09/15/98-04/12/10 Caron Allen Taira
Abbie Peek-a-poo 10/28/02-03/24/06 Gay & Mallory McCain
Abbie Pence aka Abbiecake Australian Shepherd 10/05/98-12/16/10 Dave and Denise Pence
Abbie Persian Cat 11/2000-09/2014 Pam Shaouy
Abbie Pug 04/26/98-10/13/09 Miranda
Abbie Pug 08/12/89-02/09/02 Mike & Pat Harper
Abbie Pug 08/12/89-02/09/02 Pat and Mike Harper
Abbie Puleo Chow Mix 08/02/96-07/01/06 Diana Puleo
Abbie Rat Terrier 10/06/00-05/03/16 Heather Marie Drummond
Abbie Shepherd Mix 05/17/93-04/27/06 Melinda McCloud
Abbie Shetland Sheepdog 02/19/91-10/01/04 Dawn Buhlman
Abbie Shih Tzu 11/21/91-07/20/07 Kala, Russ, Olivia, Chloe and Evan
Abbie Siamese Cat 03/24/97-03/29/08 Caryl
Abbie Slater Jack Russell Terrier 12/01/01-02/14/13 Michelle Slater
Abbie Small Black Lab 09/13/11 Mary Gnidovic Dergance
Abbie Springer Spaniel X 04/01/88-01/21/02 Susan Legault
Abbie Star English Bulldog 10/01/00-06/25/11 Eric Hall & Paula Najmulski
Abbie Tabby Cat 18 1/2 years 03/07/11 Mary Moran
Abbie Tabby Cat 5 years 2008 Sarah
Abbie Terrier Mix 12/11/92-03/11/08 Lori
Abbie Toy Poodle 12 years 12/29/03 Lori
Abbie Vizard Beagle/Terrier X 12/28/10 Katie Vizard
Abbie Wagner Lab/Blue Heeler Mix 05/02/98-11/08/09 Louise Wagner
Abbie Yellow Lab 10/20/98-03/31/06 Doris Dunigan
Abbiegail Sheltie 02/08/96-06/11/04 Doris Singleton
AbbieYoYo Tiger Tabby Cat 04/02/04-11/2008 Ashley Hartman
Abbigail Adams (Abby) Morgan Horse 06/30/76-09/15/04 Tanya Greeder
Abbigail Australian Shepherd 11/05/95-12/21/05 Rick & Lori Retzlaff
Abbigail Lasobichon 10/04/90-07/19/04 Trudy
Abbigail Lilly Chasteen German Short Hair Pointer 02/01/01-03/20/10 Cheryl Chasteen
Abbigail Lomas-Seery Puggle 11/28/06-12/22/07 Justine Lomas and Ed Seery
Abbigail Nicole Barnhart Cocker 11/88-01/03/03 Tracy Barnhart
Abbigail Persian Cat 02/24/94-04/20/10 Elizabeth Selimi
Abbigail Shizshu 02/14/97-08/05/12 Kathy & Jessica Hoover
Abbigail Tabby Cat 18 years 04/30/03 Dorothy Diehl
Abbigail Von Fluffy Shih Tzu 02/14/97-08/25/09 Deanna Dz
Abbigal (Abby) Bumgarner Seal Point Cat 01/07/96-03/04/08 Kimberly Bumgarner
Abbigale (Abby) Ashlyn's Simply Elegant Smooth Coated Chihuahua 08/30/05-03/29/08 Ashley Wilson & Jody Floyd
Abbigale Great Dane 11 years 04/17/09 Tracy Kindle
Abbigale Teacup Chihuahua 2 years 04/14/10 Marla Wells
Abbigial Bichon Frise 07/13/95-02/22/11 Greg, Susan & Alyssa
Abbis Erectus (Abby) Torti Point Cat 10/15/80-1997 Deen Brabant
Abbot Boxer 9 years 11/14/03 Dick Warner
Abbott Brittany Spaniel 06/26/93-04/27/07 Beth Hibbard
Abbott English Lab 05/16/98-05/19/10 Gail & John Hagen Jr
Abbott Grey/White Tabby Short Hair Kitten 7 months 12/01/06 Heather Brookins
Abbott Parakeet 2 years 07/25/98 Mary
Abbott Tiger Cat 06/26/10 Carol, Pat & Eric Waddington
Abbott Wilson Rotti 10/15/97-07/30/06 Teresa Wilson
Abby - Short for Abandoned Kitty Cat 01/23/06 Karen, Ginger, Tink, Friday, Homey, Honey, & Lyonel
Abby & Jerry DSH Cats 18 and 11 years 06/29/09 Stephanie Maglietta
Abby (Abba-Dabby) Welsh Corgi Mix 08/97-07/29/00 Catherine Vade Bon Coeur
Abby (Abbers, Abby Dog, Flabs, Flabstrononomous) Golden Retriever / Cocker Spaniel Mix 12/01/98-10/11/08 Marge, Darrym, Manndy, Alyssa, Tyler, and Grandma Kay
Abby (Abby Lynn) Shetland Sheepdog 16 years 10/12/10 Mary and Tim Knepple
Abby (Aberlee, Lee) Domestic Short Hair Cat 1995-09/21/09 Rachel Scinta
Abby (Abigail Ray Peavey) Rottweiler 03/31/00-12/09/03 Ray & Rhea
Abby (Abigail) Bassett Hound 01/15/93-09/23/07 Joan Fogel, Lauryn Fogel, Becky Morton
Abby (Abigail) Brittany Spaniel 08/12/96-05/10/09 Denise
Abby (Abigale) Turkish Angora (Mix) (Pure White, Long Hair) Cat 2006 Julie & Doug Horn
Abby (Babba) Golden Retriever 09/09/89-12/20/00 Linda Wunschel
Abby (Boo Boo) Cat 12 years 12/22/05 Teresa Concannon
Abby (Duder) Australian Shepherd 12/06/91-01/16/00 Carleen Dannecker
Abby (Grey Lips) Black Dog 09/27/92-09/27/02 Vicki and Ken Talbot
Abby (Miss Gail) Black Lab Mix12 years 12/23/02 Brian Thompson and Julie Clay
Abby (Onyx's Little Abigail) Miniature Schnauzer 01/14/00-03/27/04 Tim, Jennifer & Brianna Turner
Abby (Sherwyns Wild Rose) Shetland Sheepdog 08/03/97-11/18/11 Judy Snow
Abby (Trinity's Miss Abigail) Shetland Sheepdog 03/02/94-08/16/04 Lori Kallas
Abby 08/13/92-08/30/00 Ames
Abby 08/31/86-11/23/99 Lynda Friede
Abby 09/25/78-07/31/95 Dee Bartholomew
Abby A Mini Dachshund 16 years 05/20/06 Christy & Teresa Adams
Abby Abyssinian Cat 05/31/93-04/20/07 Patty Olczak
Abby Abyssinian Cat 12 years 05/25/10 David & Lisa Grunewald
Abby Abyssinian/Tabby Mix Cat 02/14/95-10/04/06 Kate
Abby Adams Shih Tzu 11 years 04/13/06 James Adams
Abby Afghan Hound 07/09/84-05/01/95 Missy Stone
Abby Airedale 06/21/97-01/10/04 Susan Mountrey
Abby Airedale 11/27/01-12/14/04 Doug
Abby aka Little Gray Monster Schnauzer 07/12/00-12/31/06 Phyllis
Abby and Boots Labrador Retriever and Border Collie 14 years and 11 years to 03/2001 and 03/03/11 Gary and Susan Bogarad
Abby and Cleo Dogs 17 and 10 years to 03/01/10 and 04/10/10 Jess
Abby and Cleo Dogs 17 and 10 years to March 1 and April 11 Jess
Abby and Her Six 2 Week Old Pups Lab Mix 12/24/02 Al and Linda from AARF
Abby Andrews Brittany Spaniel 1999-02/19/11 Erin & Brian Andrews
Abby Ann Wilson Boston Terrier 09/09/99-07/10/11 Darlene Wilson
Abby Applehead Siamese Cat 1989-06/07/04 Alicia Wilson
Abby Australian Heeler Mix 03/2002-05/09/12 Eric
Abby Australian Shepherd 12 1/2 years 07/25/00 Jenny Jenkins
Abby Australian Shepherd Tri Color 9 years 12/29/07 Jim and Kathi Bernier
Abby Australian Shepherd/Collie 9 years 01/01/04 Gerald Chadderdon/Denise Kravitz
Abby Australian Shepherd/German Short Haired Pointer 02/14/89-12/16/03 Amy & Dan
Abby Australian Terrier 06/08/92-10/04/05 Guy and Jan Oboler
Abby Australian Terrier 06/11/93-12/27/09 Linda and Terry McGovern
Abby Banasik Corgi Mix 01/01/01-10/18/15 Carol Banasik
Abby Basset Hound 09/03/89-10/21/01 Jeanne Roberts
Abby Basset Hound 16 years 12/21/12 Wendy Roberts/Kevin Loyer
Abby Bassett Hound 07/04/97-10/14/10 Micki
Abby Bauer Dog 02/10/12 Colleen
Abby Beachner Mix Dog 16 1/2 years 02/11/05 Kristi Beachner & Family
Abby Beagle 03/17/97-02/18/09 Cindy
Abby Beagle 08/14/99-06/20/13 Heidi
Abby Beagle 12 years 11/2010 Caitlyn
Abby Beagle 14 years 09/05/12 Philipp and Ingrid
Abby Beagle 17 years 04/09/09 Barbara and Steve Carter
Abby Beagle/Spaniel Mix 08/95-01/19/08 Ellen Schwetschenau
Abby Bearded Collie 06/14/99 Deidra Hellwig
Abby Beck Welsh Corgi 01/03/03-05/20/05 Elizabeth Beck
Abby Behrle Mixed Dog 17 years 03/18/10 The Behrle Family
Abby Belgian Shepherd 14/12/93-16/01/08 Erin and Kate Sinclair
Abby Bell Yellow Labrador 11/03/03-12/21/16 Sarah Bell
Abby Berkshire Rat 02/26/06 Stacy
Abby Biathrow Beagle 05/08/12 Deb and Howard Biathrow
Abby Bichon 05/22/95-05/06/07 Dana
Abby Bichon 06/15/90-11/18/04 Sharon and Chuck Dendinger
Abby Bichon Frise - Shih Tzu 03/25/06-08/08/17 Annabelle & Allyson Lovelock
Abby Bichon Frise 01/18/06 Gregg, Brenda, Matthew & Nathan Barfield
Abby Bichon Frise 07/13/10 Terri Caradulis Lindemanne
Abby Bichon Frise 09/11/96-06/29/13 Barb Kepins
Abby Bichon/Shitz 09/22/16 Ray & Trudy Newton
Abby Bishop Terrier 08/15/96-01/02/10 John Bishop
Abby Black & White Cat Summer of 1998 Rena
Abby Black & White Kitten 02/97-05/18/97 Kayla & LaNita M.
Abby Black & White Springer 07/84-08/08/98 Kathy
Abby Black Cockermix 04/24/93-11/13/03 Brad and June Burke
Abby Black Lab / Golden Retriever Mix 11/01/97-07/07/12 Deborah Ricard
Abby Black Lab 02/19/03-08/28/14 Aubree' Parent
Abby Black Lab 03/25/97-01/02/07 Lori Simmons
Abby Black Lab 04/05/93-02/23/98 Wendy
Abby Black Lab 04/26/04 Andrea Olufson
Abby Black Lab 04/91-06/04/04 Janie Hegedus
Abby Black Lab 07/92-01/09/05 Jason Z
Abby Black Lab 08/23/99-06/05/08 Betsy Harrison
Abby Black Lab 08/29/91-01/12/03 Jennifer
Abby Black Lab 10/13/94-07/15/08 Pauletta
Abby Black Lab 10/23/12 Andrea
Abby Black Lab 11 years 01/06/07 Steve and Candy
Abby Black Lab 13 years 04/06/13 Justin
Abby Black Lab 7 years 09/04/06 Kurt, Molly, Haley, Katelyn, & Jacob
Abby Black Lab Mix 07/04/93-08/09/08 Pearl & Jim
Abby Black Lab Mix 11/01/97-11/24/08 Larry, Karen, and Blaine
Abby Black Lab Mix 12 years 12/00 The Hannon Family
Abby Black Lab Mix 7 years 09/28/01 Neil Hayes
Abby Black Lab. 12/14/90-01/22/05 John & Carol Cline
Abby Black Lab/Akita Mix 03/03/96-01/30/06 Lynda Hudmon
Abby Black Labrador 01/95-11/11/00 Krista
Abby Black Labrador 11/84-11/98 Kris
Abby Black Labrador Retriever 05/92-08/08/99 Floyd and Trudi Edwards
Abby Black Labrador Retriever 12/09/02 Holly, Betsy, & Herb Polgue
Abby Black Labrador/Corgi 04/11/13-04/08/16 Jeffrey Family
Abby Black Mutt 06/08/03-10/07/07 Tom and Pam Holder and Family
Abby Black Pug 12 years 03/31/05 Mae Sakharov
Abby Blue Point Siamese Cat 01/09/85-11/11/94 Janise McNeely
Abby Border Collie 11/92-08/06/01 Dawn & Kent
Abby Border Collie 14? years 04/02/09 Pat Unice
Abby Border Collie 15 years 01/13/10 Tracy Dunham
Abby Border Collie Mix 06/2003-05/29/18 Julann Sheppard
Abby Border Collie/Chow Mix 14 years 06/03/13 Julie
Abby Border Collie/Corgi 2010-05/05/12 Susan, Charles and John Richardson
Abby Border-Collie & Malamute Mix 12/93-01/11/09 Ronald Andrew Davis, II
Abby Boston Terrier 07/25/03 Suzanne
Abby Boston Terrier 08/16/93-02/03/03 Gail Fulmer
Abby Boston Terrier 09/09/82-03/17/95 David Roberts
Abby Boston Terrier 11 years 12/17/09 Debbie
Abby Boston Terrier 11/12/12 Christy Skillen
Abby Boston Terrier 1997-2009 Erin and Marcie Griffin
Abby Boxer 10/01/09-10/14/09 Joseph & Julissa Howe
Abby Boxer 12/27/97 Thompson Family
Abby Boxer 2 1/2 years 08/03/08 Mindi
Abby Boxer 9 years 06/14/10 Mary Glenn Costley
Abby Boxer Mix 03/17/01-08/07/08 Ruth
Abby Boxer Mix 10/99-01/27/12 Arquitt Family
Abby Boykin Spaniel 04/15/92-08/28/06 Steve Mann
Abby Brindle Dane 1 year 06/95 Tony & Kim Sharples & kids
Abby Brown Long hair Cat 15 1/2 years 03/21/93 Cheryl Healy
Abby Brown Tabby Cat 03/15/87-04/30/02 Jennifer Davidson
Abby Brown Tabby Cat 10/27/09 Lynda and Rick Karlis
Abby Bunny 03/15/01-04/09/04 Sue Pel
Abby Cairn Terrier 06/19/17 Adrienne Strode
Abby Cairn Terrier 13 years 01/25/03 Patty Dodd
Abby Calico /Tabby Cat 10/31/95-01/20/14 Susan, Rick, and Eliot
Abby Calico Cat 02/14/94-06/12/07 Scott & Michelle
Abby Calico Cat 04/91-12/24/07 Katie Cleary
Abby Calico Cat 10 years 01/26/05 Linda
Abby Calico Cat 10/20/04-06/21/12 Lil & Mike
Abby Calico Cat 20 years 11/06/17 Georgia Ledesma
Abby Calico Shorthair Cat 18 years 05/07/07 Judy Criswell
Abby Campbell Husky X 01/01/92-13/01/05 Alex & Finola
Abby Casella Golden Retriever 11/20/96-05/31/05 Marlene Casella
Abby Cat 01/06/10-08/13/10 Fatima
Abby Cat 01/10/01-11/22/13 Sandy Chaffin
Abby Cat 01/20/02-10/03/03 Ruth A
Abby Cat 01/25/98-03/08/12 Diane Featherstone
Abby Cat 02/14/94-10/15/08 Ashley
Abby Cat 04/01/95-06/23/09 Patti Roettger
Abby Cat 04/18/03-09/18/04 Renee' and Charley
Abby Cat 04/2001-11/04/11 Jillian
Abby Cat 04/24/09-06/12/09 Daniel Bowman
Abby Cat 04/28/86-01/07/94 Mary
Abby Cat 05/07/94-03/28/11 Keith & Linda
Abby Cat 05/93-07/31/12 Kay
Abby Cat 06/12/01 Donna & Curt Gomer
Abby Cat 06/20/06-05/12/07 Laura and JB Barat
Abby Cat 06/22/96-02/16/10 Rosemary Whitehead
Abby Cat 06/30/86-01/05/06 Anne Taschetta
Abby Cat 07/03/89-07/21/97 The Eccleston Family
Abby Cat 07/09/11 Brian Whitney
Abby Cat 08/15/93-01/12/08 Sue C
Abby Cat 09/11/96-03/07/07 Neely Family
Abby Cat 09/18/01-05/30/07 Melissa and Tom Sealock
Abby Cat 1 year 09/16/07 Cheryl
Abby Cat 10 years 05/16/07 Lisa Chapman
Abby Cat 11 years 04/29/11 Terry Turner
Abby Cat 11 years 06/26/04 Erika Small
Abby Cat 13 years 05/21/15 Katherine W.
Abby Cat 14 years 06/13/10 Jen Kendrick
Abby Cat 15 years 01/24/09 Sweet/Cushman Family
Abby Cat 15 years 01/26/04 The Maguires
Abby Cat 15 years 06/18/05 Art Bell
Abby Cat 15 years 08/12/02 Betty Hegedus
Abby Cat 16 years 03/05/04 Karen D
Abby Cat 16 years 04/11/19 Pam and John
Abby Cat 16 years 08/22/06 Kristi Lisa Kim Glen Tuck
Abby Cat 17 years 11/29/11 Jay and Cheryl Peaslee
Abby Cat 1998-09/12/13 Robert & Miranda Griffin
Abby Cat 6 years Emmy
Abby Cat 7 years 03/12/98 Amy and Craig
Abby Cat 7 years 03/23/06 Gayle H
Abby Cat 8 years 05/31/04 Sarah & Scott Dowless
Abby Cat Gray Tabby Cat 03/06/00 Lee and Carolyn Rister
Abby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 5 years 04/16/12 Liz
Abby Chi 7 years 07/01/14 Debbie
Abby Chihuahua 01/15/04-11/12/04 Heather R
Abby Chihuahua 7 years 11/16/10 Joy Bokuniewicz
Abby 'Chiweenie' 12/11/10-07/23/16 Justin
Abby Cho Lab/Border Collie 12/26/00-08/13/10 Larry & Rose Mary Richardson
Abby Chocolate Lab / Golden Retriever 12/04/02-03/02/17 Karen Robons
Abby Chocolate Lab 02/06/92-06/06/02 Ed & Jennifer Siler
Abby Chocolate Lab 07/04/94-12/20/08 Loretta and Kris Kent
Abby Chocolate Lab 11 years 06/09/10 Barb, Rich, Danielle & Emily
Abby Chocolate Labrador 07/26/01-08/27/03 Lisa Shiers
Abby Chow/Husky Mix 15 1/2 years 08/11/10 Desiree
Abby Chow/Lab Mix 2 years Ed Powers
Abby Cock-A-Poo 01/20/87-05/17/02 Duane and Arlene Greiner
Abby Cockapoo 1.75 years 01/18/07 Vanessa
Abby Cocker 01/05/02-03/24/13 Karen
Abby Cocker Mix 03/21/92-12/16/06 Lisa Peluso
Abby Cocker Spaniel 01/03/89-05/31/05 Janelle Vergari
Abby Cocker Spaniel 01/30/04 Randy
Abby Cocker Spaniel 02/22/91-06/06/05 Anna
Abby Cocker Spaniel 03/24/93-05/21/09 Rhona Pinkney
Abby Cocker Spaniel 03/31/00-01/12/12 Jim and Paula Throop
Abby Cocker Spaniel 03/31/00-01/12/12 Paula Throop
Abby Cocker Spaniel 04/21/00-05/12/10 Georgie
Abby Cocker Spaniel 05/10/90-06/26/01 Gayle Treat
Abby Cocker Spaniel 07/04/96-04/29/08 Jamie Heichelheim
Abby Cocker Spaniel 08/28/02-10/24/17 Gary Wells
Abby Cocker Spaniel 10/11/97-12/17/10 Shauna Peterson
Abby Cocker Spaniel 12 years 01/16/06 Troy Grover
Abby Cocker Spaniel 12 years 06/10/10 Linda Gillespie
Abby Cocker Spaniel 15 years 04/10/07 Curt Santner
Abby Cocker Spaniel Mix 12/94-01/11/07 Peg Olson
Abby Collie 11/25/94-05/2008 Carrie
Abby Collie 13 years 04/19/11 Melissa, Bonnie, and Francis
Abby Cooper DSH Cat 08/22/04-03/23/07 Katie Cooper
Abby Cooper Welsh Corgi 11 years 08/17/13 Stephen Cooper
Abby Corgi Jack Russell Mix 11/11/08-09/05/14 Lynne Pieroni
Abby Corgi/Terrier/Beagle Mix 04/10/92-12/31/09 Valerie Laudermilch
Abby Dabby Cocker/Cavalier 11 years 10/06/17 Ginger Pung
Abby Dachshund 01/05/10-06/02/17 Brenda Parker
Abby Dachshund 02/12/89-02/17/07 Ed & Francine Jones
Abby Dachshund 05/10/17 Amanda & David Casale
Abby Dachshund 07/10/98-08/11/11 Tina Mohart
Abby Dachshund 11/17/96-07/07/09 Tracy
Abby Dachshund 12/09/87-05/11/97 Andrew, Shawn & Taylor
Abby Dachshund 12/12/06-09/21/11 Kathy King
Abby Dachshund/Chihuahua 9 years 06/11/11 Yvonne and John Gefrich
Abby Dale Schnoodle 11/19/02-12/03/12 Marge Tarasovich
Abby Dalmatian 04/03/85-10/21/99 Debbie Dyson
Abby Dalmatian 12/17/95-11/05/03 Mish
Abby Dalmatian 6 months 01/07/03 Emmy
Abby Dalmation 8 and 1/2 years 10/19/95 LK Carey
Abby Darnell Grey Shorthair Cat 7 years 11/05/13 Lucretia Darnell
Abby Doberman 01/18/96 Linda Dulak
Abby Doberman 8 years 9 months 09/26/02 Patti and Steve Cox
Abby Dog 02/15/11 Patty
Abby Dog 03/28/94-12/28/09 Sue & Tawn
Abby Dog 03/91-04/12/06 Bruce & Judy
Abby Dog 04/08/98 Kristie
Abby Dog 05/08/12 Deb Biathrow
Abby Dog 06/05/02-05/16/12 Susan
Abby Dog 07/04/00-05/12/16 Karen
Abby Dog 07/30/16 Katy
Abby Dog 09/16/13 Mark and Connie Adams
Abby Dog 10/11/11 John and Victoria McKee
Abby Dog 10/12/99-09/20/13 Christine Magliocco
Abby Dog 11 years 3 months 09/16/10 Diane Lucia
Abby Dog 11/19/04 Mommy, Sissy, Bubby
Abby Dog 11/25/95-05/17/11 Karen Bradshaw
Abby Dog 13 years 09/24/15 Chris & Raquel
Abby Dog 2 years 11/22/06 Jack
Abby Dog 5 weeks 08/31/04 Arlyn Rull
Abby Dog 5 years 01/28/99 Tam Nesbit
Abby Dog Feb 1996 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Abby Dog Shih Tzu 12/01/99-01/23/00 Annette Stuckey
Abby Domestic Cat 05/08/92-08/07/02 Paula Siedlaczek
Abby Domestic Short Hair Cat 16 years 11/14/97 Megan Ford
Abby Domestic Short Hair Cat 7 years 11/14/07 Jaime Bailey
Abby Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/01/00-08/22/08 Sandy and David Jones
Abby Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/12/09-09/07/10 Judy Hahn
Abby Domestic Tabby Cat 01/11/89-05/11/06 Judy Kiekens
Abby Domestic Tortoiseshell Cat 6 months 09/24/99 Carol Wall
Abby Don Silky Terrier 11/14/97-07/13/14 Cheryl
Abby Doo Orange Tabby Cat 03/01/00-08/22/08 Sandra Jones
Abby DSH Cat 19 years 11/23/06 Lauryea and Emma
Abby DSH Red Tabby Cat 09/01/86-02/22/03 Heidi Strauss-Robinson
Abby Dunn Cat 06/01/94-02/02/07 Lynn
Abby Eagles Black Lab 03/15/96-10/24/11 April Eagles
Abby Ebony Oriental Shorthair Cat 04/17/97-01/30/04 The McCowan Family
Abby English Bull Terrier 06/29/01 Wendy & Jeff Barrett
Abby English bulldog 11/19/93-03/08/02 Barbara Alberti
Abby English Bulldog 4 years 3.22.12 Kelly Waggoner
Abby English Springer Spaniel 04/25/91-08/20/02 Anthony, Carol & Tabby
Abby English Springer Spaniel 05/12/96-01/24/11 Cindy Cross-Greenia and Micheal Greenia
Abby English Springer Spaniel 07/16/91-02/14/07 Stephen and Theresa Mitnik
Abby English Springer Spaniel 08/16/96-12/14/08 Amy Callahan
Abby English Springer Spaniel 08/21/90-04/24/04 Barb Kroenig
Abby English Springer Spaniel 09/13/98-05/14/13 Cristina Gentile
Abby English Springer Spaniel 10/31/94-01/16/03 Becky, Karl, Sami, Daisy & Dollie Woltersdorf
Abby English Springer Spaniel 11/21/94-03/16/09 Patty and Walt McKenney
Abby English Springer Spaniel 11/23/10 Cindyrae
Abby English Springer Spaniel 11/30/87-07/25/00 Diane & Steve
Abby Fabiano-Mazur Golden Retriever Puppy 07/14/09-02/01/10 Linda Fabiano-Mazur
Abby Fawn Boxer with White Booties 9 1/2 years 04/17/13 Joyce
Abby Fee Pomeranian 8 years 06/06/09 Tammy Fee
Abby Ferret 09/2003-03/17/04 Kathie
Abby Fite Black Pug 11 years 07/28/11 Connie Fite
Abby Flying Squirrel 12/94-04/2003 Bretney
Abby Foster Golden Retriever 13 years 11/30/06 Steve, Deb, Ben, Hannah and Matthew Foster
Abby G Mixed Dog 01/05/94-05/05/02 Kathy
Abby Gabbriellini Australian Shepherd 08/20/00-01/27/09 Chelsi Gabbriellini
Abby Gail Dog 14 years 12/07/11 Brian Bergman
Abby Gail Gerringer Westie 05/28/92-03/04/08 Jim Gerringer
Abby Gail Miniature Pinscher 08/2001-05/07/11 Monica Ufholz
Abby Gail Torte Cat 13 years 07/22/12 Nadine Neufeld
Abby Gails Rat Terrier 02/19/02-11/08/04 Melissa Childres
Abby Gale Black Lab 11/23/96-11/06/08 Heather Yates
Abby Gamble Labrador 9 years 11/06/08 Shirley Anne Gamble
Abby Gayle Schauf Himalayan Cat 07/08/04-10/24/09 Diane and Gary Schauf
Abby German Shepherd 01/11/95-05/02/06 Susie & Roger Plymale
Abby German Shepherd 03/11/86-04/26/99 Leigh Hamilton
Abby German Shepherd 05/02/97-11/03/00 Tammy Galarneau
Abby German Shepherd 05/16/96-05/05/01 Kay and Steve Dexter
Abby German Shepherd 07/22/96-02/01/07 Blair LaMere
Abby German Shepherd 12 years 1999 Megan Carbaugh
Abby German Shepherd 12/12/88-03/26/01 Laurie
Abby German Shepherd/Huskie 15 years 01/17/04 Becky Grupe
Abby German Sheppard 9 years 08/23/09 Laura F
Abby German Short Hair Pointer 04/01/00-07/22/12 Dubois Family (Rob, Rachael, Elizabeth & John)
Abby Gerrity Shitzu 12/08/98-08/06/09 Kelly Gerrity
Abby Girl Cocker/Chow Mix 05/12/94-10/27/07 Linda
Abby Girl Golden Retriever 10 years 04/18/11 Candy and Edra Parker
Abby Girl Retriever/Lab Mix 07/04/98-01/16/12 Carol, Randy & Brandon Restauri and Boo
Abby Girl Rottweiler 05/97-06/23/07 Craig, Judy and Leah
Abby Girl Tiolengco Pug 11/19/10-09/29/11 Pamela May Tiolengco
Abby Golden Ret X 06/15/93-05/24/04 Susie
Abby Golden Retriever / Border Collie 01/07/07-11/16/13 Julie Mark & Colton Shipticki
Abby Golden Retriever / Border Collie 01/07/07-11/16/13 Julie Shipticki
Abby Golden Retriever 01/11/02 Michael, Lisa, Emily
Abby Golden Retriever 01/18/93-10/13/04 Mark and Jim
Abby Golden Retriever 01/18/94-10/13/04 Mark Holmes
Abby Golden Retriever 02/08/94-06/05/01 Lmg
Abby Golden Retriever 03/07/94-06/12/08 Donna Walker
Abby Golden Retriever 03/96-02/11/09 Linda McCreight
Abby Golden Retriever 04/13/01-07/30/03 Kim, Kathleen and Kamilla Pedersen
Abby Golden Retriever 04/15/99-01/11/11 Steve Walters
Abby Golden Retriever 05/06/02-09/27/11 Linda Wunschel
Abby Golden Retriever 05/09/98-12/10/98 Brenda Neldon
Abby Golden Retriever 07/09/04-12/21/11 Paul, Heather, Kyle, & Taylor
Abby Golden Retriever 07/09/92-01/29/03 Marilyn Gawelek
Abby Golden Retriever 07/12/04-05/24/05 Terry and Jodi Pierskalla
Abby Golden Retriever 08/03/86-08/16/98 Carolynne & Jerry Forster
Abby Golden Retriever 09/19/99-01/14/11 Pat Barnes
Abby Golden Retriever 10 1/2 years 07/16/01 Norman Neel
Abby Golden Retriever 10/04/88-07/06/97 Michael Chaliff
Abby Golden Retriever 10/25/93-04/24/08 Kas Sheehan
Abby Golden Retriever 10/99 Joanie, Ron, Greg and Roscoe
Abby Golden Retriever 11/12/02-12/03/09 John Price
Abby Golden Retriever 11/25/91-06/07/04 Krissy
Abby Golden Retriever 13 1/2 years 01/19/01 Marsha Hoffman
Abby Golden Retriever 14 years 07/05/10 Billy & Michelle Beckett
Abby Golden Retriever 15 years 05/13/11 Chris Stewart
Abby Golden Retriever 3 years and her babies 02/12/12 Marla
Abby Golden Retriever 5 years 03/09/08 Meredith and Mike
Abby Golden Retriever 8 years 10/10/11 Scott and Amy Lattea
Abby Golden Retriever Gale Bartley
Abby Golden Retriever/Aussie Mix 11/2008-02/13/09 Mary Jo Sartorius
Abby Golden/Aussie Shepherd Mix 09/29/99-10/24/11 Doug Adams
Abby Grace Horne Boxer 2 years 02/27/07 Jenni and Tony
Abby Gray Cat with touches of orange. 20 years 02/18/10 Skippy
Abby Great Dane 01/01/94-01/29/03 Lisa Ballou
Abby Great Dane 11 years 2000 Amy
Abby Great Dane 7 years 09/23/14 Tricia
Abby Great Dane Cate
Abby Greyhound 03/20/11-06/15/15 Janice Sandy
Abby Greyhound 11 years 03/30/09 Doris Waters
Abby H Border Collie 10/99 Walt & Beth H
Abby Harper Toy Poodle 9-10 years 10/13/06 Sheila Harper
Abby Hebert Dachshund 04/05/05-07/16/18 Mark, Ryan, Ty & Rylie Hebert and Boudreaux, Our Surviving Doxie Who Misses Our Abby
Abby Heyden American Eskimo Dog 11/17/92-07/16/02 Debra
Abby Hiergesell Dog 09/23/90-07/26/02 Sharyn & Ted
Abby Horse 25 years 05/09/11 Jane James
Abby Husky Mix 08/13/04 Grace
Abby Innis-Foy Boston Terrier 12/24/97-10/02/07 Cheryl Moore
Abby Irish Setter 08/19/00-07/01/14 Celeste Kane
Abby Irish Setter 15 years 03/16/12 Cindy and Bill
Abby Irish Wolfhound Mix 05/01/01-12/01/08 Bonny Dieter
Abby Italian Greyhound 10/10/09 Marty and Rachel
Abby Jack Russell 12/20/04-06/10/09 Adrienne Smith
Abby Jack Russell 15 years 09/26/12 Annie Moore
Abby Jack Russell Terrier 02/27/01-07/26/13 Lisa
Abby Jett Schnauzer 06/30/97-02/21/11 Jen
Abby Jo Dachshund 02/09/87-05/11/97 Shawn Martin
Abby Jo English Springer Spaniel 05/03/91-09/24/04 Carol Smith
Abby Jo Sheltie 9 years 02/25/99 Laura Pennington
Abby Jo Shih-Tzu-Poo 07/24/97-06/02/11 Gail
Abby Jo Yorkshire Terrier 12/08/99-12/26/02 Dorothy & Bob
Abby Joslin Domestic Short Hair Tortoiseshell Cat 08/30/820-02/08/02 Debra
Abby Keller Shih Tzu 10 years 01/06/18 Misty Keller
Abby Kitchen Beagle 05/24/03-08/09/13 Andrew and Brandi Kitchen
Abby Kitten 8 months 12/13/97 Cinder
Abby Kitten 9 weeks 05/11/03 Vanessa
Abby Kitty 04/18/98 DA Hattori
Abby Klepach Brussels Griffon 13 years 06/14/10 Sharon I. Klepach
Abby Knoell Yellow Lab Mix 02/14/12-03/17/18 Linda Knoell
Abby Krichmar Chinese Shar-Pei 12/13/94-03/26/05 Galina Krichmar, Michael Reznik and Michael Royzman
Abby Lab 01/02/14 Angie
Abby Lab 01/31/98-06/12/11 Al and Anna Lee Troichuk
Abby Lab 02/06/03-04/13/08 Kris
Abby Lab 02/06/06 Bobbie & Jim Zuretti
Abby Lab 02/94-06/05/02 Mom, Dad, Kari Courtney, Adam and Andy
Abby Lab 03/12/06-03/31/11 Graig and Sharon Smith
Abby Lab 06/05/02-11/18/11 Anne Richardson
Abby Lab 07/04/95-11/03/08 Lauren
Abby Lab 08/25/05-10/31/16 Brian and Kaylie
Abby Lab 09/14/93-12/22/02 Debbie & Robert
Abby Lab 10/99-07/23/11 D and D
Abby Lab 14 years 02/29/12 Ashley
Abby Lab 3 years 03/30/28 Ann-Elizabeth
Abby Lab Mix 07/04/03-03/20/17 Vince
Abby Lab Mix 07/92-08/15/05 Cheryl
Abby Lab Mix 11/97-04/02/12 Diane
Abby Lab Retriever 02/16/98-06/13/11 Jerrica Carter
Abby Lab/ Foxhound Mix 01/20/95-11/15/07 Michelle Nelson
Abby Lab/Shepherd Mix 7 years 10/31/11 Melissa
Abby Labrador 08/09/09 John Sherwood
Abby Labrador 09/23/99-12/13/10 Brandi
Abby Labrador 12/02/96-02/06/06 Bobbie & Jim Zuretti
Abby Labrador Mix 09/23/05 Mary Bradford
Abby Labrador Retriever 01/08/00-06/14/01 Kerry and David Thorne
Abby Labrador Retriever 01/28/01-03/29/14 Francesca Anatra
Abby Labrador Retriever 04/98-10/2010 Linda
Abby Labrador Retriever 06/18/91-06/07/99 Stacy
Abby Labrador Retriever 12/14/94-01/27/08 Carolyn Thomson
Abby Labrador Retriever 6 years 06/17/05 Tammi Hughes
Abby Lane Collie 04/30/96-07/13/07 Mary Plunkett
Abby Lazo Jack Russell Terrier 5 years 05/08/08 Barbara Lazo
Abby Lee Cocker Spaniel 04/10/06-01/02/17 George Parks
Abby Lee Parks Cocker Spaniel 04/10/06-01/02/17 George & Debra Parks
Abby Little Woofer Napoli Maltese 09/30/96-01/21/11 Peter Napoli
Abby Long Hair Calico Cat 3 years 03/02/03 Rena and Mike
Abby Long Hair Gray Cat 6 months 01/28/99 Joelle
Abby Loretta Dog 03/01/92-07/05/07 Therese
Abby Lou Border Collie Mix 08/31/02-10/27/10 Sue Andress
Abby Lou Brown Tabby Van Cat 08/08/06 Teri
Abby Lou Mixed Cat 12/01/91-09/29/03 Jackie Trent
Abby Lou Poodle 08/24/89-04/08/04 Sally Ousley
Abby M Yellow Lab 07/04/97-06/16/05 Jennifer
Abby Mac Lane English Bulldog 11/21/94-01/20/00 Carolyn Wade
Abby MacVane Springer- Spaniel Lab Mix 01/27/05 Chris
Abby Mae Whitman Chesapeake Bay Retriever 04/28/12 Debb Whitman
Abby Mahaffey Doberman 9 years 12/10/13 Judi Mahaffey
Abby Maine Coon Cat 11/23/09 Christy
Abby Maine Coon Mix Cat 11/21/94-11/04/97 Marcia Edwards
Abby Malamute 03/02/92-09/08/02 David Capps
Abby Malamute 08/10/02 David and Wendi Capps
Abby Maltese 04/15/03-07/27/15 Doreen Martucci
Abby Maltese/Shitzu Mix 06/28/09-12/01/09 Katie
Abby Maltipoo 08/01/95-07/30/10 Randy Dockery
Abby Manx Mix Cat 04/11/95-09/20/98 Judy Hibbitts
Abby Marie Aussie/Golden Mix 07/11/02-06/06/11 Tina Fisher
Abby Marie Grey/Wht Lop Bunny 5 years 07/05/00 Janie Landes
Abby Martin Golden Retriever Mix 10 years 09/23/09 Cori Martin
Abby Martone Black Lab 02/2004-08/17/05 Denise Martone
Abby Martone Lab 08/17/05 Denise Martone
Abby McBride Tabby Cat 11/11/00-12/04/12 Patty McBride
Abby McGehee Mixed Breed Dog 9 years 09/03/06 Bobbi, Dale, Becca, Rachel & Ruth McGehee
Abby McQuillan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 10 years 3rd Oct 2010 Mags Rachel McQuillan
Abby Medium Size Short Haired Shepherd Mix 08/22/05 Lisa Flynn-Tesno
Abby Melpakam Maltese 08/24/09 Parth, Rebecca and Sophia
Abby Min Pin 8 years 09/07/07 Kristin Corbin
Abby Min. Doxie 01/19/99-10/27/99 Ardie Louderback
Abby Minature Poodle 10/86-03/25/00 The French Family
Abby Mini Dach 11/28/82-10/12/97 Rosemary Krause
Abby Miniature Dachshund 12 years 11/17/09 Pam Wilson
Abby Miniature Poodle 08/26/91-06/22/07 Kevin, Kathy and Erin and Allie
Abby Miniature Poodle Adopted 01/27/96-10/21/02 Rea
Abby Miniature Schnauzer 03/29/97-11/17/03 Brian, Chrissi, and Connor
Abby Miniature Schnauzer 07/11/96-08/16/11 Furman, Shirley & Bill
Abby Miniature Schnauzer 13 years 07/30/06 Joe Moore
Abby Miniature Schnauzer 15 years 09/05/05 Nora
Abby Mini-Lop Rabbit 10/23/92-04/27/98 Karen Couture
Abby Mix Breed Dog 16 years 12/04/16 Erika Bueno
Abby Mix Dog 12 years 04/28/15 Jen
Abby Mix Dog 16 years 12/15/11 Susie Gawthorp
Abby Mixed Breed Dog 01/10/98-12/20/10 Kemp
Abby Mixed Breed Dog 3 years 02/18/98 Janeen
Abby Mixed Bull/Boxer 11/01/08-07/18/13 Rhonda
Abby Mixed Cat 11/17/01 Don and Susan Mitchler
Abby Mixed Dog 04/01/95-03/18/09 Carolyn Coleman
Abby Mixed Dog 10/11/91-08/22/07 Judy
Abby Mixed Dog 10/22/97 Gary Klinger
Abby Mixed Dog 14 years 03/22/10 Paula Lee
Abby Mixed Dog 14 years 10/22/04 Judy Bowman
Abby Mixed Dog 14 years 11/26/11 Tom and Wendy
Abby Mixed Dog 6 1/2 years 01/23/11 Lyndsey Myers
Abby Monaghan Black Poodle 11/24/89-03/27/99 Angela & Hans
Abby Moore Gray and White Long-Haired Cat 04/24/94-12/07/05 Stacy J. Moore
Abby Mountain Cur 10 years 04/2007 Betty Pannell
Abby Mutt 11/2002-02/04/16 Amy Fedrick
Abby Nicholson Yorkie 05/01/04-03/10/11 Martha Nicholson
Abby Norwegian Elkhound 09/29/90-10/03/04 Patti Oneill
Abby Old English Sheep Dog 1984-1995 Courtney McDonald
Abby Old English Sheepdog 04/06/91-10/06/01 Curt Hottle
Abby Old English Sheepdog 08/11/86-10/15/97 Patrick
Abby Olde English Bulldog 03/21/06-08/08/15 Michele
Abby Olson Red Golden Retriever 01/03/13 Sonya, Tony, Brittany and James Olson
Abby Orange Tabby Cat 03/2000-08/22/08 Sandy Jones
Abby Orange Tabby Cat 04/19/94-07/22/10 Emily, Katie, and Mommy
Abby Orange/White Persian Cat 10/22/04 Christopher L
Abby Osborne Mini Dachshund 4 years 01/11/09 Janet Osborne
Abby Ozuna Black Lab 01/27/01-07/30/05 Anicia Ozuna
Abby Pabby Collie Mix 12 years 02/22/13 Joann & Jon S
Abby Part Maine Coon Cat 7 years 08/20/08 Leslie
Abby Pekinese/Sheltie Mix 01/17/03-09/24/05 Alyssa, Amber, Amy, Kathaleen, Ted
Abby Pekingese 08/08/09 Cecilia
Abby Pembroke Welsh Corgi 04/01/16 Carla Smith
Abby Perfect Golden Retriever 10/22/92-02/23/09 Linda Ferguson
Abby Persian Cat 03/11/00-06/10/07 Shirley Mudd
Abby Persian Cat 06/01/03-11/01/18 John and Linda Carney
Abby Persian Cat 8 years 12/23/08 Becky Deck
Abby Pitbull 05/01/00-05/03/08 Charlene, Richard, Matt Meyer... Christa, Matthew, Jeremiah Settlemyre
Abby Pollock Cat 14 years 11/02/04 Pat
Abby Pollock Tabby Cat 14 years 11/02/04 Pat and Marty
Abby Pom Mix 06/24/91-08/17/04 Rebecca Martin
Abby Pomeranian 12/01/08-04/25/12 Donna
Abby Pomeranian Mix 06/19/83-08/28/04 Rebecca Martin
Abby Poodle 03/01/96-06/18/07 Debbie Feynman
Abby Poodle 03/28/99 Angela
Abby Poodle 04/05/02-03/02/06 Cyndi & Rob
Abby Poodle 07/30/98-07/29/09 Vera Marquis
Abby Poodle 08/12/90-06/22/07 Erin
Abby Poodle 09/11/01-10/18/07 Roxanne Webb
Abby Poodle 12/11/89-10/05/05 Alan & Chris
Abby Poodle, Maltese, Lhapso Mix 14.75 years 03/52/12 Mindy
Abby Poodle/Terrier Mix 2 years 09/29/00 Patricia Stafford
Abby Pug 06/11/12 Theresa
Abby Pug 06/13/02-04/24/13 Shirley Horton
Abby Pug 10/25/10 Melinda
Abby Pug 11/13/90-06/23/04 Colleen Long
Abby Puppy 01/20/03-04/20/03 Kari Anderson
Abby Pure White Angora Cat 17 1/2 years 11/29/97 Molgaard Family
Abby Ragdoll Cat 08/05/93-05/29/05 Karen Dean
Abby Rat Terrier 02/19/94-07/27/07 Debbie & Jerry
Abby Rat Terrier 12 years 04/02/14 Mandy Truitt
Abby Red Bone Hound 12/08/98-07/20/10 Daryl Miller
Abby Rex Dwarf Rabbit 1 1/2 months 10/27/06 Jessica Comeau
Abby Reynolds Lab/Basset 08/2005-11/06/13 C. Reynolds, T. Reynolds
Abby Rhodesian Ridgeback 12/10/98-20/01/09 Anne Coates
Abby Rice French Bulldog 9 1/2 years 11/26/11 Mary Rice, Kris Rice
Abby Rice Toy Poodle 09/18/98-03/17/09 Connie & Dennis Rice
Abby Rogers Tabby Siamese Cat 18 years 10/26/04 Terri Rogers
Abby Rose & Shilo Hound Mix Puppies 9 months 01/10/01 Johnnie & Amber Messer
Abby Rose Bauknecht MinPin 05/10/00-05/30/12 Angie
Abby Rose Kitten 02/25/05-04/07/05 Kryssi Lee
Abby Rose Samoyed 12 years 09/03/06 Thomas Ulbert
Abby Rose Shetland Sheepdog 01/19/01-05/20/11 Jimmy and Jerri Palechka
Abby Rose West Highland White Terrier 04/21/94-07/14/10 Cindy Platz
Abby Rottie/Lab Cross 05/01/98-01/29/05 Amy Renaud-Mutart
Abby Rottweiler 02/01/00-05/07/15 Steven and Teresa Smith
Abby Rottweiler 02/01/98-05/07/15 Teresa Smith
Abby Rottweiler 11 years 09/12/09 Mommy, Eric, Tara & Grandma
Abby Rottweiler 13 years 04/02/06 Lois and Steve
Abby Rottweiler 6 years 01/99 Karen
Abby Rottweiler 8 years 04/05/09 Maggie
Abby Rottweiler/Australian Shepherd 10 years 03/09/01 Mike & Kim Protani
Abby Ruden Cat 04/20/12 Ron and Lynn Ruden
Abby Rutty Mix 08/13/03-12/09/16 Jennifer Whatley
Abby Samoyed 4 years 02/24/95 Ruth Ann Melson
Abby Schardt Domestic Cat 08/16/90-01/26/09 Kara Schardt
Abby Schnauzer 07/31/02-04/22/11 Freda
Abby Schnauzer 1 year 11/14/09 Kristi
Abby Schnoodle 10/99-06/01/12 Jim Joan Broadbent
Abby Scottie 11 years 06/04/01 Virginia Anderson
Abby Scottish Terrier 01/23/95-01/02/07 Amy McGowan and Family
Abby Scottish Terrier 07/98 or 99 to 03/25/12 Sharon Calderone
Abby Scottish Terrier 14 years 01/02/10 Anthony B. Moore
Abby Shar Pei 8 years 08/24/15 Grace
Abby Shavatt Cockatiel 01/06/96-09/15/12 Donna Shavatt
Abby Sheltie 01/14/98-04/30/99 Tina Heffner
Abby Sheltie 03/02/94-08/16/04 Lori Kallas
Abby Sheltie 04/03/10 Jerry & Grace Werline
Abby Sheltie 05/01/91-01/21/01 Michael and Paula
Abby Sheltie 05/25/97-08/31/10 Sheree Williams
Abby Sheltie 06/22/98 Donna Jo
Abby Sheltie 06/98-11/17/11 The Gastons
Abby Sheltie 1 year and 2 months 21 of Sept. 2002 Christy
Abby Sheltie 13 years 11/17/11 Ashley Zervos
Abby Sheltie Mix 9 years 10/28/11 Kathryn
Abby Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback 07/01/11-12/03/17 Mikaela Roadcap
Abby Shetland Sheepdog 06/21/94-12/24/04 Cathy Olejnik
Abby Shetland Sheepdog 08/07/97-08/04/06 Terry Russell
Abby Shetland Sheepdog 08/13/92-08/30/00 Amy
Abby Shetland Sheepdog 13 years 12/12/07 Christine Hudson
Abby Shi Tzu 07/31/01-01/28/09 Kimberly Wicks
Abby Shih Tzu 04/08/08-07/14/16 Bev & Terry Banks
Abby Shih Tzu 04/29/92-10/08/08 Lauren
Abby Shih Tzu 05/24/02-12/22/16 Diana Charlsen
Abby Shih Tzu 07/11/09 Tim and Scott
Abby Shih Tzu 10/28/93-06/20/05 Tim Smith
Abby Shih Tzu 11/09/09 Chelsea
Abby Shih Tzu 13 years 03/10/11 Lucinda
Abby Shih-Tzu 09/11/95-01/29/10 Anne Azzollini
Abby Shih-Tzu 11/06/97-11/27/13 Antoinette Fry
Abby ShihTzu 12/12/03-09/07/13 Kim McCarty
Abby Shitzhu 11/91-05/17/04 Harry & Sherry
Abby Shitzu 15 years 03/28/08 Marti Gould
Abby Shitzu Cross 06/10/00-11/02/13 Jacki Dickinson and Jesse and Mom and Dad
Abby Shitzu-Terrier Mix 03/87-03/18/02 Charles H. May
Abby Short Hair Cat 7 years 07/20/98 Lindsey
Abby Short Hair Domestic Cat 15 years 10/24/08 Billie Berenbaum
Abby Siamese Cat 05/20/96-06/07/10 Marta Jorgensen
Abby Siamese Cat 09/18/08 Patty
Abby Siamese Cat 8 years 09/25/05 Stuart
Abby Siamese Mix Cat 10/96-01/08/07 Summer and Bryson
Abby Siberian Husky 4 years 07/12/05 Kim Scriven
Abby Skinner Blue Heeler 2 years 02/03/13 Maddison Skinner
Abby Snoodle 02/25/15 Christina
Abby Snowshoe Burmese Cat 3 years 08/21/04 Jerry and Valerie Meyer
Abby Spaniel Mix 10 years 01/28/09 Barbara
Abby Spaniel, Pointer, Beagle Mix 05/25/91-02/20/06 Pat & Joe Tabone
Abby spaniel/Terrier 12/15/81-09/20/98 Al Richie
Abby Spits/Poo 17 years 01/03/10 Jess
Abby Spitz 18 years 12/30/99 Julie
Abby Springer Spaniel 05/30/07-06/01/11 Kim and David Robertson
Abby Springer Spaniel 06/15/91-01/05/09 Stevie Zeestraten
Abby St. Bernard 06/21/11-07/05/12 Marna Kirkerud Korstadhagen
Abby Standard Poodle 05/03/09 Sheila Hubbard
Abby Standard Poodle 07/23/94-11/28/07 Cindy Fawcett
Abby Standard Poodle 11/30/97-06/18/09 Gary and Jane Conner
Abby Stewart Golden Retriever 01/04/97-05/13/11 Robert & Cheryl Stewart
Abby Stubbs English Springer Spaniel 17 years 12/22/08 Linda Stubbs
Abby Stump Beagle adopted 07/21/08-02/01/11 Joan Stump
Abby Sue Sheltie 09/07/90-03/02/06 Judy Offman
Abby Syrian Hamster 10/13/06-05/04/08 Angela
Abby Tabby Cat 06/24/05-12/09/09 Cassidy
Abby Tabby Cat 09/01/00-06/17/06 Pamela & David Trounstine
Abby Tabby Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/01/95-06/16/07 Michelle
Abby Tabby Maine Coon Longhair Tabby Cat 15 years 04/04/12 Dave and Nancy Meeks
Abby Tabby/Maine Coon Cat 03/07/95-12/19/13 Stacy
Abby Taylor Toy Poodle 13 years 07/25/09 Larry & Joanne Taylor
Abby Terrier 06/90-12/01/99 Glen and Jessie Lachowitzer
Abby Terrier Mix 05/31/93-03/26/07 Steve and Cheryl
Abby Terrier Mix 11/07/91-11/28/04 Juanita and Lynn Bainter
Abby Terrier Mix 14 years 08/06/13 Cathy Veasey
Abby Terrier Poodle Mix 17 years 02/12/04 Elizabeth
Abby Terrier/Schnauzer etc... 05/30/92-04/27/97 Ann and Bill Bacin
Abby the Coast Guard Dog Lab 03/12/08 Jody
Abby the Labby Black Lab 11/10/91 07/14/97 Linda
Abby Torti Tabby Cat 02/26/06-02/06/15 Lori and Mike
Abby Tortie Cat 07/28/00-01/24/09 Jan
Abby Tortoise/Tabby Cat 15 years 12/08/97 Marian/Lollie
Abby Toy Poodle 03/02/08-04/17/08 Cathy Ray
Abby Toy Poodle 06/15/01-01/12/08 Bruce and Dometta
Abby Toy Poodle 07/23/99-12/15/06 Sheryl Romero
Abby Toy Poodle 11 years 07/28/05 Jeannie
Abby Toy Poodle 12 years 05/28/15 Karen
Abby Toy Poodle 15 1/2 years 12/14/94 Tiny Cobweb
Abby Toy Poodle 16 years 01/30/12 Joanie
Abby Toy Poodle 16 years 12/14/09 Marsha
Abby Toy Poodle 8 1/2 years 08/09/05 Karen Roback
Abby Tuxedo Cat 05/10/06-09/15/07 Cheryl M. Melton
Abby Tuxedo Cat 2005-03/17/16 Olivia
Abby Vaschak Dog 14 years 07/30/06 Jennifer Vaschak
Abby Vizsla 02/29/96-02/22/10 Brian
Abby Vizsla 12/07/97-11/04/03 Helen, Dick & Doug
Abby Wafford Chihuahua 12 years 01/13/09 Kristi Wafford
Abby Weimaraner 03/26/95-03/10/04 Toby Smith
Abby Weimaraner 08/01/88-06/11/00 J Taulman
Abby Weimaraner 10/24/1999 (came To Us, 12/26/99)-01/18/10 The Beatty Family (Bev's Dog)
Abby Weimaraner 11 years 11/03/17 Joyce Pennington
Abby Weimaraner 12/13/00-02/27/12 Selena & Kelsey Dorrough
Abby Weimeraner 07/04/03-06/26/05 Joe and Sheri
Abby West Dog 13 years 03/06/03 Grandma Zetta
Abby West Highland Terrier 03/30/97-02/17/08 Georgeann and Ken Buck
Abby West Highland Terrier 08/22/83-11/04/98 Nigel Morgan
Abby West Highland White Terrier 11 years 12/11/09 Bonnie
Abby West Highland White Terrier 9? years 01/2005 Lois Vonhofsteder
Abby Westie 01/31/05 Lois
Abby Westie 03/25/91-12/30/04 Bruce and Debra Auer
Abby Westie 06/12/95-03/24/04 Cindy and Angel
Abby Westie 17 years 07/06/09 Deborah
Abby Westie Westie 179?-01/31/05 Lois
Abby Westie/Cocker Mix 17 years 08/12/05 Marti Geck
Abby Whippet 15 years 01/21/18 Lisa
Abby White Dog 13 years 01/12/04 Tammie
Abby White Domestic Shorthair Cat 13 or 14 years 02/16/02 Phil Moskal
Abby White Shepherd 1993-08/09/05 Cheryl Parker
Abby White/Gray Medium Hair Cat 02/2004-01/05/05 Maryellen
Abby Whitt Brown Tabby Cat 16 years 04/04/11 Susan
Abby Wire Fox Terrier 17 years 08/28/10 Rose
Abby Wire Hair Fox Terrier 13 1/2 years 07/10/01 Dick & Fran Gonzalez
Abby Wire-Haired Fox Terrier 12/21/89-04/10/03 Wayne Frees and Janet Freer
Abby Wittwer Shih Tzu 04/21/94-07/18/07 Tom and Mari Pat Wittwer
Abby Wylie White Capped Pionus 5 months 09/01/04 Kelsey, Julie
Abby Yellow Field Lab 1990-07/09/04 Linda Anderson & Derek Greenwood
Abby Yellow Lab 04/01/89-02/16/02 Susan Eanes
Abby Yellow Lab 04/18/00-05/19/13 Charmaine Brecklin
Abby Yellow Lab 06/01/01-08/07/13 Mike and Laura
Abby Yellow Lab 06/29/95-03/17/09 Shannon StClair
Abby Yellow Lab 08/20/03-12/23/11 Michael
Abby Yellow Lab 10/07/00-04/03/17 Laurie D
Abby Yellow Lab 11 years 11/19/10 Lorie Siegele
Abby Yellow Lab 14 years 07/09/04 Linda Anderson
Abby Yellow Labrador 04/19/91-11/23/01 Lori Ralph
Abby Yellow Labrador 12 1/2 years 05/30/15 Tim and Gerri
Abby Yellow Tabby Cat 8 years 09/24/11 Susie McAllister
Abby Yorkie 04/21/97-11/23/08 Beth
Abby Yorkie 09/26/00-07/29/09 Susan Worrall
Abby Yorkie 10 years 01/13/07 Marianne
Abby Yorkie 10 years 07/11/11 Bryan & Kris
Abby Yorkie Mix 08/29/18 Greta Bumford
Abby Yorkie/Pom 04/14/81-06/20/95 Barbara McCray
Abby Yorkshire Terrier 05/01/99-12/03/08 Donna Miller
Abby Yorkshire Terrier 10/02/93-09/21/10 Rhonda
Abby Yorkshire Terrier 12/14/00-07/25/13 Elaine & Harry Batty
Abby Yorkshire Terrier 3 years 12/31/00 Annette
Abby, Abbette, Trollup, Run Around Sue, Baby Girl Jack Russell Terrier 12? years 07/14/10 Tom and Marti Hoth
Abby, Gabby, and Tessie Dogs 01/04/00 Barb, Marilisa, Jim and Danny
Abby-Dahria Maine Coon, Persian Cat 10 years? 05/04/05 Diana Stallings
Abbydoo Yellow Labrador Retriever 02/21/02-11/08/09 Karen and Bill Hayward
Abbye Blue Heeler 06/04/10-02/12/11 Stephen and Debi Reid
Abbyegayle Cocker Spaniel 08/15/90-01/12/07 Pat Mack
Abby-Gail English Springer Spaniel 13 1/2 years 03/19/14 Sue
Abbygail Hull Shepherd Mix 13 years 01/20/07 Mary Hull
Abby-gail McGlory Part Chow 14 years 07/10/12 Jasmine McGlory
Abbygail Minpin 10/15/00-09/29/08 Chelsey Doyle
Abbygail Part Pit & Part Chow 1990?-01/28/05 Ann Schaefer
Abbygail Smith Shitzuh 10/10/00-07/15/13 Sherry Smith
Abbygalia Basset Hound 1993-1994 Rita Griffin,Ericka,& Joey
Abbygirl English Springer Spaniel 10 years 06/23/05 Bonnie
Abbygirl German Shepherd Rottweiler 02/14/00-07/28/09 Eva Burris
Abbygirl Yorkie 01/08/91-06/18/07 Becky
Abbylou Peke 15 years 04/15/09 Jodie
Abby's Boy Yellow Lab 5 weeks Lori, Aug, Abby, and Sarah
Abby's Pup (baby girl) Yellow Lab 2 weeks 05/28/97 Lori, Aug, Abby, Sarah, and all her aunties and uncles
Abby-VK Himalayan Cat 06/05/94-02/06/06 Bob, Eva and Lindsey
Abcde (Abby) Dalmatian 15 years 01/16/10 Crystal & Larry Kidd
Abdi Multese Terrier X 06/02/91-02/22/99 Simon & Kelli
Abe Black Lab 9 weeks 04/07/05 Courtney Murrell
Abe Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Abe Golden Retriever 04/15/95-05/24/08 Amy
Abe Himalayan Rabbit Found 08/14/99-02/09/02 Sheila and Andrew Ross
Abe Lab, Chow Mixed 02/12/93-01/03/10 Walterman Family
Abe Mix Dog 2 years 02/14/08 Tkach Family
Abe SH Manx Tabby Cat 17 years 11/11/12 Karen
Abe Sheltie 1993-02/10/06 Mary Bischoff
Abe Springer Spaniel 11 1/2 years 08/03/96 Dennis Wierzbicki
Abe Terrier/Beagle Mix 17 years 02/12/07 Janna LaPenter
Abe Vann Dog 01/08/08-03/11/12 The Vann Clan
Abe Yellow Lab 03/12/95-04/13/10 Julie Raedeke
Abednego aka Benny DSH Cat 09/09/99-11/23/06 Nicholas and Melanie Griffin
Abee Coon Cat 10/2002-02/28/05 Christina Latimer
Abel Brooks Collie/Golden Lab 06/21/98-02/20/06 Sheron Brooks
Abel European Short Red Hair Cat 04/06/94-03/05/08 Jos Jitta
Abel Jack Russell Terrier 06/2004-07/20/05 Brandy Heller
Abel Mixed Rotweiler & something else. 11 years 05/06/13 Laura H
Abel Shepherd Mix 10/01/10-02/11/12 James Earl
Abel Siamese Cat 13 years 01/12/10 Ricky Ogg
Abel Yellow Lab 12/31/05 Teresa Hanks
Abelard Cat 08/91-10/30/99 Arlan and Martha Renner-Schultz
Abendstern's Fredo (Fred) 07/29/91-12/20/96 Liz Harkon
Abercombie Cocker Spaniel 11 years 01/30/10 Marja Rogers
Abercrombe Black Lab Mix 11/04/85-08/29/98 Guillerm
Abercrombie and Fitch American Shorthair Cats 14 years 11/1/2009 And 12/30/2009 Debbie Karst
Abercrombie Bunny 02/85-12/02/98 Elena Herasme
Abercrombie Cat 15 years 10/11/02 Betsy Moon
Abercrombie Dachshund 12 1/2 years 09/25/03 Donna
Abercrombie DMH Cat 12/18/04 Sheila Hilliard
Abercrombie Domestic Shorthair Cat 01/31/99-05/03/14 Annette, Alan, Lindsay, Ashley, Savannah and Kylie
Abercrombie Lynn (Abby) Rottie 10/16/85-03/24/98 The Luster family
Abercrombie Seymour Cruikshanks Abyssinian Cat 12/15/76-06/21/84 Les Abrams
Abercrombie Westie 07/02/93-01/07/08 L.A. Murphy
Abercrombie Yorkie-Poo 15 1/2 years 06/12/04 Cindie Greg and Max Windsor
Abercromby Lab/Mix 11/04/85-08/29/98 Alice Kwiecinski
Aberdeen (Abby) Marie Doberman Pinscher 08/01/88-04/07/01 Jen Aubrey
Aberdeen Josie Scottish Terrier 06/19/02-03/11/13 Kim Rainey
Abernathy, Aber Cat 02/89-02/16/99 Janis, Jason, Erin & Caroline
A-Bet Yorkshire Terrier/Toy Fox Terrier/Toy Australian Shepherd 03/04/07-05/13/07 Alex Lam
Abey Black & White Cat 2 1/2 years 12/19/98 Ann Lotter
Abi Boxer 10/15/00-12/30/11 Cindy Smith
Abi Cat 05/04/07 Lucy
Abi Doberman 4 1/2 years 11/07/94 Sharon Gartshore
Abi DSH Cat 11/11/09-12/02/18 Danielle Bord
Abi Grace Golden Retriever 11/30/99-05/03/10 Barbara Morris
Abi Husky/Shepherd 04/15/95-03/22/06 Dolores Mittelstadt
Abi Kitten 6 months 10/20/99 Caley
Abi Tabby Cat 14 years 08/05/08 Cassandra Croft
Abigail (Abbey) Anne Andrew Cat 02/12/01-06/02/08 Bria Andrew
Abigail (Abbie, Big Girl) Cat 07/01/99-06/27/14 Dorothy and Paul
Abigail (Abby) Grace Nicole Bolden Yorkie 07/26/99-11/22/09 Renee Koettel Bolden
Abigail (Abby) Lotis Chocolate Labrador Retriever 10/23/90-10/09/06 Jeff and Patty Peters
Abigail (Abby) Persian White Cat 12 years 06/26/06 Dana Urick
Abigail (Abby) Pomeranian 01/01/99-06/20/99 Layla & Chris Brewster
Abigail (Abby) Schnauzer 9 years 12/08/00 Candi Fiebig
Abigail (Abby) Tabby/Mix Cat 12 years 10/28/02 Sandy Ward
Abigail (Abi) Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 05/29/99-12/31/07 Ingrid Dahlquist
Abigail (Babygirl) Cat 05/02/03-02/24/11 Judy H
Abigail Abby Puppy Dog Smith Golden Retriever 3 years 09/20/09 Zarina Smith
Abigail Adams English Bulldog 12/95-09/13/04 Anne Taylor
Abigail aka Baby Ab Standard Poodle 04/07/97-12/19/05 Sue Vieweg and Jim Bertocchi
Abigail aka Fluffy-Butt Cat 7 years Kris & Dave Suzuki
Abigail American Long Hair Cat 8 years 10/29/04 Jacqueline Thompson
Abigail Ann Matsko Shitzu 09/13/85 Laura
Abigail Anne aka Peeschie Dach/Beagle Mix 11/30/95-02/17/09 Jay and Patricia
Abigail Australian Shepherd 04/06/89-09/16/03 Diane Figueroa
Abigail Basset Hound 11 years 08/26/09 Ronnie Hatley
Abigail Bassett Hound 06/15/97-07/10/10 Cara, Grandpa and Grandma
Abigail Bassett Hound 06/15/97-07/10/10 Tom & Carolyn Erickson, Cara Medley
Abigail Beagle 05/19/95-04/24/10 Gebhardt Family
Abigail Beagle 06/08/00-10/30/15 Miriam K
Abigail Beagle 10/11/95-09/30/08 Cindy, Gary & Sarah
Abigail Biagini Basset Hound 9 years 12/19/09 Edward Biagini
Abigail Birman Cat 7 years 12/03/06 Edna Coles
Abigail Black Labrador Retriever 12/23/00-10/20/12 Julie Longbrake
Abigail Bosworth Cat 01/12/12 Amanda Prata
Abigail Boxer 01/29/06-02/19/11 Joey, Janeal, Jolie, Jaxon & Vito
Abigail Brown Tabby DLH Cat 17 years 02/27/11 Terri Windt
Abigail but better know as Abby American Cocker Spaniel 11 years 01/22/11 Shana
Abigail Casey-Rice Toy Poodle 10/02/98-07/20/10 Billy Casey Billy Rice Janet Casey
Abigail Cat 03/93-01/27/12 Jennifer
Abigail Cat 04/02/95-1998 Christine Starr
Abigail Cat 04/30/06-08/27/09 Kim Adams
Abigail Cat 04/82-05/14/98 Sharon Ann Bass
Abigail Cat 05/03/01 Linda
Abigail Cat 06/20/11 Kimberley Mays
Abigail Cat 12/28/86-05/19/03 Kathryn Maffia
Abigail Cat 3 years 04/17/08 Charmaine Peralta
Abigail Cat 3 years 04/2005 Julie Jackson
Abigail Cat 5 years 09/30/00 Cindy Simpson
Abigail Cat Deborrah J
Abigail Cattail Tortie Cat 10/01/03-11/14/13 Julie McCormick
Abigail Chesapeake Bay Retriever 06/06/96-03/11/09 Barbara Johnson
Abigail Chow, Corgi Mix 10 1/2 years 06/14/05 Nikki & Aamanda
Abigail Christina Siamese Cat 07/30/14 Heidi
Abigail Cocker Spaniel 02/27/97-05/21/10 Cindy
Abigail Dachshund 12/14/93-07/17/08 Marilyn, Larry, Lainie, Mitzi and Jonathan Goldman
Abigail Dachshund 13 years 09/13/09 Jennifer
Abigail Dachshund Mix 1989-01/09/06 Teresa
Abigail Dalmatian 09/14/90-10/18/00 Mark Ladner and Sue Dudiak
Abigail Dog 06/23/95-11/26/07 Amy
Abigail Domestic Short Hair Cat 10/12/00-06/11/16 Victoria Arduini
Abigail DSH Cat 14 years 10/04/98 Sue B.
Abigail English Cocker Spaniel 01/27/84-12/15/95 Jennifer
Abigail English Pointer 06/09/93-10/24/01 Eric and Kay Sternberger
Abigail Evangeline Rottweiler 10/27/03-11/22/10 Stacey
Abigail Ferret 03/27/06 Elizabeth
Abigail Ferret 08/30/02 Amber & Mike
Abigail Ferret 2 years 06/15/00 John & Carolyn Woodward
Abigail Fiut Hall Basset Hound 1988-08/07/99 Tricia
Abigail German Shep Mix 06/15/95-08/19/10 Dana Pryce
Abigail German Shepherd 12 years 08/31/ Pat
Abigail German Shepherd Mix 06/15/95-08/19/10 Dana Pryce
Abigail German Short-hair Pointer 12/28/89-05/26/98 Lori Rose
Abigail Ginger Gualtieri Poodle 01/22/91-10/27/06 Tom Gualtieri
Abigail Golden Cocker Spaniel X Labrador 10/18/97-05/12/08 Anja
Abigail Golden English Cocker Spaniel 27/01/84-15/12/95 Jennifer
Abigail Golden Retriever 06/96-09/11/07 Louise & Dale
Abigail Golden Retriever 14 years 11/13/08 Dana
Abigail Golden Retriever Mix 06/05/99-05/01/13 Maria, Richard Sr, Richard Jr, Elizabeth
Abigail Grace Basset Hound 13 years 01/07/04 Kimberly and David Wykoff-Formosa
Abigail Grace Silky Terrier 08/01/16 Andrea Engle
Abigail Grimes DSH Cat 15 years 09/09/04 Galen and Joanne
Abigail Grubbs Harden DSH Cat 12 years 06/26/15 Marvin Grubbs and Gil Harden
Abigail Guinea Pig 01/22/02-03/18/04 Holly
Abigail Himalayan Cat 02/09/95-10/08/12 Karen Stanley
Abigail Hoke English Spaniel 03/05/05-11/23/16 Jami
Abigail Husky-Beagle Mix 14 years 08/08/11 David and Lisa Shatzer
Abigail Isabella Japanese Bobtail Cat 8 years 01/07/04 Debbie
Abigail Jean Kraemer Lab 02/94-06/05/02 Keith, Paula, Kari, Courtney, Adam and Andy
Abigail Jennifer (AJ) Tuxedo Cat 05/2004-01/09/16 Steve
Abigail Joy Lab Mix 13 years 04/09/18 Tonia Callahan
Abigail Lab/Samoyed Cross 02/15/93-05/11/04 Kim and Benn
Abigail Lhasa Apso 03/18/98 Sealpup
Abigail Long Haired Mix Cat 20 years 03/11/02 Mary
Abigail Lou Wolf-Hybrid 04/02/04-08/07/12 Amy Pemberton
Abigail Louise Green Chihuahua 12/12/97-02/04/12 Brenda Green
Abigail Lynn a.k.a Abby Abyssinian Guinea Pig 03/02/07-09/08/09 Olivia White
Abigail Lynn Boxer Mix 05/23/07 Chris Ovington & Frank Clarke
Abigail Lynn Matthews Black Labrador Retriever 11/19/00-06/16/11 Jolene Matthews
Abigail Lynn Rat 01/2008-10/05/08 Amy
Abigail Madison (Abby) Airedale 05/06/00-08/11/00 Mary, Chris and Cody Chrisman
Abigail Madolyn Labrador Retriever 08/07/97-09/28/09 Diana Morrissey
Abigail Mae Golden Retriever 8 years 05/28/14 Denora
Abigail Maltese 08/14/03-09/01/17 Sherri
Abigail Marie Mini Lop Bunny 05/01/95-07/05/00 Janie Landes`
Abigail May Candelaria Dalmatian 1996-12/28/09 Henry & Peggy Candelaria
Abigail Mazelin Lhasa Apso 01/08/96-04/24/10 Ginny and Mike Mazelin
Abigail McCall Yorkie 08/17/05-12/12/09 Elaine McCall
Abigail Mini-Poodle 15 years 10/12/98 Ty
Abigail Mixed Dog 03/26/93-12/10/08 The Floyd Family - Linda, Eric and Jennifer
Abigail Multi-color, Short Hair Cat 10/82-06/29/98 Carol Hicks (Bricks)
Abigail Nicole Siamese/Tabby Cat 03/14/95-11/14/05 Sara Davis
Abigail Nunn Cocker Spaniel 01/01/90-07/10/06 Don and Barbara Nunn
Abigail of the Prairie Springer Spaniel 02/02/03-12/26/06 Molly
Abigail Orange DSH Cat 18 years 03/11/12 Andy and Beckie
Abigail Parker Yorkshire Terrier 05/31/04-06/18/14 Randy & Ashley Parker
Abigail Penelope Streett Yorkie 12 years 01/19/10 Jeannie, Rowland and Kayla Streett
Abigail Persian Cat 02/08/90-07/16/08 Tony and Faye Fazio
Abigail Persian Cat 06/05/94-02/21/06 Lindsey McGlone
Abigail Peterson (Larkspur Turnabout) Lakeland Terrier 01/08/87-11/23/00 Bret
Abigail Pollock Cat 14 years 11/02/04 Pat and Marty
Abigail Proctor Short Mixed Puppy 01/12/11-02/18/11 Rena Lou Short
Abigail Rabbit 01/15/99-09/18/10 Susan
Abigail Ray (Abby) Peavey Rottweiler 7-8 years 12/10/03 Ray & Rhea
Abigail Ray Peavey Rottweiller 7 years 12/09/03 Ray & Rhea
Abigail Remeta Labrador Retriever 01/21/97-06/18/10 Jennifer Remeta
Abigail Rose Bassett Hound 12/22/88-10/10/96 Kim Crider
Abigail Rose Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 06/10/99-01/07/12 Linda Emmett
Abigail Rose Pyles Corgi 13 years 11/06/16 Nate Pyles
Abigail Rose Springer Spaniel 01/17/03-05/27/12 Michael & Barbara Zigler
Abigail Rose Tillman Boxer 11/25/02-12/29/08 Angela Tillman
Abigail Rozmus Toy Poodle 18 years 11/02/09 Linda and Bob Rozmus
Abigail Scotty 10/30/03-04/22/19 Janie
Abigail Sheltie 03/14/91-01/09/04 Laura Valdmets
Abigail Sheltie 1980 - 1989 Patty Bybee
Abigail Sheltie 4 years 07/25/05 Amy
Abigail Sheltie 7 years 01/23/07 Will Bailey
Abigail Shetland Sheepdog 06/16/94-04/23/01 Frances Wells
Abigail Shetland Sheepdog 14 years 09/30/06 Scott and Daina Dickmeyer
Abigail Shih-Tzu 7 years 10/07/06 Diane Mikkelsen/seth Raymond/Brianna Stuerzl
Abigail Short-Haired Tortishell Cat 09/30/95-08/17/99 Josh and Angela Glasgow
Abigail Springer Spaniel 09/21/81-02/18/96 Paige Ellis
Abigail Sutton Dog 09/12/11 Sally Sutton
Abigail Sweet Harmony Boston Terrier 08/16/93-02/03/04 Gail Fulmer
Abigail Sweetdreams Husky 6 years 11/21/97 Alison E Schettini
Abigail Tabby Cat 03/03/92-02/20/09 Chad, Shanon, Elena & Anna Ramirez
Abigail Tabby Cat 11/01/96-10/30/11 Jane Schumacher
Abigail Tortoise Shell Calico Cat Pamela Pumphrey
Abigail Tortoiseshell Cat 19 years 05/22/06 Marlo Vigadi
Abigail Toy Fox Terrier 01/11/95-31/01/10 Vicky Nonas Daniel Mewett
Abigail Turkish Angora Cat 16 years 10/19/08 Aly and Adam
Abigail Van Barkin/Abbie Black Labrador Retriever 07/05/98-09/13/11 Mary Dergance
Abigail White Mixed Mare Horse 01/01/99-10/20/05 Chandra Venegas
Abigail Wright Yorkshire Terrier 07/04/06-03/03/10 Leslie Wright
Abigail Yellow Lab 5 years 11/10/03 Jaime Bugarin
Abigail Yorkshire Terrier 01/13/00-08/19/07 Paula Carroll
Abigail, Abi Corgi 11/07/04-04/12/15 Sue Schober
Abigaile Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel 04/91-10/07/97 Jennifer Marie Smith
Abigailmalariable Cat 03/15/03-01/04/16 Liz
Abigal Golden Retriever 01/01/99-05/11/12 Melissa Bonfanti
Abigal Puppytail Lab Mix 01/15/96-03/25/10 Theresa Shafer
Abigal Yellow Labrador 10/26/92-04/13/06 Annette Wenger
Abigale 2 years 09/04/02 Michelle A. Barrette
Abigale Elizabeth Barnes English Springer Spaniel 04/27/99-07/24/09 Jennifer & Frank Barnes
Abigale Madison Mullins Cocker Spaniel 03/13/00-07/22/11 Richard and Susan Mullins
Abigale Medium Hair Domestic Cat 12 years 02/22/10 Kipannia
Abigale Murphy Cat 11 1/2 years 07/14/04 Stacie
Abigale Pugwena Pug 06/12/90-01/16/01 Sue Meek
Abigale Retriever 04/98-01/15/12 Betsy, Mike Freiberger
Abigale Rose Brittany 07/20/99-08/12/11 JoJo Madlung
Abigale Saint Cloud Mini Dachshund 10/02/08 Gene & Ann Hamilton
Abigale St Cloud Min. Dachshund 10 years 09/02/08 Gene & Ann Hamilton
Abigale Von Beagle (Abby) Beagle 07/18/88-08/19/05 Leila King
Abigale Weimenhimer Bratt Soperak-Scott Rottweiler 06/24/91-08/14/06 Hilary Soperak
Abigale Yellow Lab 12/24/97-05/12/99 David, Sherry & Sedona
Abigeál Clover Belle European Shorthair Cat 7 months 02/07/11 Jessica and Riccardo
Abigial Renee Chihuahua 16 1/2 years 04/05/10 Susan and Jim Serwan
Abigirl String is my Thing Cat 03/25/97-09/18/98 Shelley and Linda
Abilene Great Dane 4 years 2 months 01/28/10 Carolyn and Milo
Abilene's Lone Starr Von Wos German Shorthaired Pointer 04/14/91-07/21/04 Lee Wos
Abilgale Bichon Frise 12 years 11/12/04 Debbie
Abilgale Brown Chocolate Labrador 07/07/88-11/15/97 Val McClellan
Abira Mix Dog 12 years 11/13/06 Steve
Abita Domestic Short Hair, Gray Cat 4 years 07/05/10 Jenn and Chet Lester
Abita Romeo Greyhound 10 years 03/23/09 Leah Pena
Abiy Irish Setter 10 years 12/29/04 Teresa
Abiy Long Hair Guinea Pig 4 years 07/07/11 Christina Broeker
Abla Point Nose Siamese Cat 11/14/99-04/25/00 Tony Saba
Able Yellow Lab 12/31/05 Teresa Hanks
Able Yellow Tabby Cat 04/09-10/2009 Micaleb Hewkin
Abner Appaloosa Horse 1984-07/30/14 Shannon
Abner Black & White Tuxedo Cat 03/28/97-11/16/05 Sue
Abner Black Lab Mix 11/15/96-11/03/09 Dawn Svatora
Abner Brown Yorkie 12/05/94-08/30/05 Tracy Brown Wright
Abner Cat 04/07/08-02/19/08 Sandee
Abner Cat 12 years 12/05/00 Dave and Kathy
Abner Cat 3 years 07/25/10 Amanda Lamb
Abner DSH Black and White Tuxedo Cat 07/07/06-11/05/08 Laura and Ian McHugh
Abner DSH Cat 04/10/04 Jodi
Abner Dwarf Rabbit 06/16/03 Julie, Scott, Dillon and Derek Roberts
Abner German Shepherd 07/08/95-07/23/04 Renee
Abner Lab 06/26/92-12/09/05 Kathleen
Abner Miniature Schnauzer 11/05/02-04/24/13 Kristel & Russell Ingram
Abner Tabby Cat 01/09/99-01/01/04 Kim Jent
Abner Yellow Kitten 06/26/99-10/13/99 Sandy and Keelia
Abone Mixed Dog 10/09/86-11/12/02 Cheryl & Guy
Aboo Ferret 4 years 03/0898 Laura M. Hutchinson
Aboo Oriental Shorthair 1 1/2 years 04/12/95 Dawn Rayho
Aboobakka Cat 14 years 04/26/00 Meagan
Abra Beagle 03/92-03/06/00 Sue & Russ Brown
Abra Boxer 11/08/95-12/10/05 Duane, Deb and Gibson
Abra solid Black Cat 1994 Connie Harvey
Abracadabra Old English Sheepdog 12 years 09/05/09 Cynthia Reidinger
Abraham (Abe) German Shorthaired Pointer 04/16/94-04/24/01 Al
Abraham (Abe) Maine Coon Mix Cat 12/24/96-11/30/12 Devona Marsh
Abraham Beighley Brown Short-haired Tabby w/ white feet 05/30/94-06/25/05 Christie Beighley
Abraham Betta Fish 3 weeks 04/11/02 Linda Noel
Abraham Black Labrador 05/04/91-06/11/04 Kevin & Valerie Malmgren
Abraham Boxer 06/30/90-11/20/03 Linda Baldwin
Abraham Cat 02/97 Doris Aubinger-Hebert
Abraham Cat 03/24/12 Brandy Pruitt
Abraham Cavalier King Charles 02/03/99-23/11/02 Belinda Cook
Abraham DLH White and Orange Cat 05/05/10-10/06/13 Angel Ruppert-Stratton
Abraham Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/24/96-05/11/11 Bob Owen
Abraham Gould Malamute Cross 03/07/93-03/07/07 Todd Gould
Abraham Grey Tiger Cat 05/96-01/05/97 Deanna Haas
Abraham Kitten 09/08/05 Debbie
Abraham Mixed Lab 11/01/90-11/17/03 Suzanne Sheier
Abraham Pit Bull Mix 11/94-04/11/06 Karen Bowser
Abraham Rocket Calico Cat 09/01/99-08/27/03 Behn Kelly
Abraham Shih Tzu 18 years 03/24/09 Sasha
Abraham Short Hair Cat 04/24/94-06/11/08 Marilyn
Abraham Vaughn Springer Spaniel 5 years 07/14/00 Pamela Phelps
Abrahamm Rat 06/10/96-01/06/99 Vaness
Abralyns Arisingstar V Barny UDX Miniature Schnauzer 05/27/87-03/23/00 Marty Zarge
Abraxas Schnauzer 07/21/06-01/09/19 Ricardo Aranzaens
Abril Dog 09/23/06 Alberto
Absinthe Siamese/Alley Cat 04/2003-09/01/03 Amber
Absolut Doberman Pinscher 07/19/92-03/22/98 Beth Reese
Absolut Domestic Shorthair White Cat 07/01/89-08/16/01 Darcalyn & Kevin
Absolut Tabby Cat 15 years 02/03/10 Michael Levesque
Absolute (aka Abby, Abbs) American Staffordshire Terrier 8 years 09/18/04 Eric & Kim
Absolute Horse 23 years 04/14/12 Ashley
Absolute Mix Dog 01/01/93-01/19/04 Robert Tyler and Michael Witkowski
Absurd Greyhound 12.6 years 0/04/97 Gary and Susan Williams
Abu Abyssinian Cat 11 years 07/2000 Natalie N
Abu Barnes Siamese Cat 06/15/10 Cynde Barnes
Abu Basenji 1993-01/25/10 Joanne
Abu Cat 02/15/05-12/23/05 Mary-Ann
Abu Cat 16 years 04/15/09 Alec
Abu Cat 5 years 09/11/01 Laura Neff and family
Abu Dhabi Hamster 10/27/93-03/07/96 Gabrielle
Abu Domestic Longhair Cat 16 years 12/26/07 Charles Bacon
Abu Domestic Shorthair B/W Cat 06/15/93-10/17/09 Karen
Abu Ferret 11/93-08/06/01 Michael & Ginnylynne
Abu Polydactyl Hemingway Yellow Tabby Cat 10/10/98-06/15/07 Christine Davidson-Fields
Abu Siamese Cat 1993-03/25/13 Carol
Abu Siberian Husky 10 years 01/03/00 Karen Ferrara
Abu Std. Poodle 04/10/88-12/01/98 Liz
Aby German Shepherd 10/17/09-06/05/11 Shonda Hall
Abygail Boston Terrier 16 years 08/14/15 Cassandra
Abyroads Charlie Brown Ruddy Abyssinian Cat 4 years Sheila Dentico
Abyroad's Sweet Rosie O'Grady (Rosie) Red Abys. Cat 03/03/90-03/17/97 Sheila Dentico
Abyss DSH Cat 05/12/95-06/11/04 Karyl Robbins
Abyss Rat 01/05/96-09/15/99 Marion Guennou
Abyssinian Kitten Diana
AC American Shorthair Cat 12 years 05/11/09 Martha Simons
AC Bouwmeester Domestic Long Haired Cat 01/13/93-01/19/06 The Little Family
AC DSH Cat 03/14/91-09/01/09 Susan Mills
AC Siamese Cat 13 years 12/02/01 Barbara Call
Ac Terry Border Collie Mix 1993-12/29/08 Michelle & Nick
Acaba American Eskimo Dog 02/23/84-01/02/00 Sheri Ziner
Acacia Cocker Spaniel 01/30/94-03/24/10 Denise
Acadia (aka Chimeric Amadeus, Woobie) Belgian Tervuren 12/07/98-04/11/06 Stephanie and Liz
Acadia aka Chimeric Amadeus RL1, Woobie Belgian Tervuren 12/07/98-04/11/06 Stephanie Case and Liz Smith
Acadia Golden Retriever 03/14/89-08/20/02 Joan Tallman
Accession Number 4194 House Finch 2 months? 07/31/05 Ingrid Plooy
Ace (Ace v Huggy Bear) Rottweiler 05/03/89-04/27/94 Jim and Maureen Hicks
Ace (Acey-Ducy) Cat 1991-10/25/08 Kathy
Ace (aka Sweet Boy) Cat 06/01/04-06/27/06 Adriana Gomez
Ace (Puss) Dog 05/26/88-04/18/99 N1852
Ace (Softy-Fur) Maine Coon Cat 06/29/86-05/13/02 Karen
Ace aka Fatboy Domestic Short Hair Cat 16th July 2009 Rose
Ace Bar King (Doc) AQHA Gelding 29 years 03/14/00 Brenda Bateman
Ace Basenji 06/18/02 Corrine Thomas
Ace Beagle 11/14/93-11/27/04 Suzanne
Ace Bengal Cat 16/06/05-27/03/11 Kathryn Chambers
Ace Bird 06/07/13 Douglas Mata, Carlos Mata
Ace Bisig German Shepherd 12 years 01/20/10 Misty Hester
Ace Black Lab 07/19/05 Jake
Ace Black Lab 12 years 04/24/08 Jennifer
Ace Black lab 15 years 03/17/00 Chris Miller
Ace Black Lab Mix 01/31/03-07/15/09 Tina and Harold
Ace Black Lab Mix 16 years 06/24/09 Barbara
Ace Black Labrador Retriever 2 years 1981 The Larson Family
Ace Black Long Haired Cat 07/08/90-03/17/02 Linda Sue Lee
Ace Blue Nose Pit Bull 4 years 05/08/16 Stephanie
Ace Border Collie 10/18/01-03/24/09 Esther D
Ace Boston Terrier 03/02/04-03/04/05 Amanda
Ace Boston Terrier 11/20/89-01/18/01 Amy
Ace Boxer 8 years 09/04/06 Suzanne Maye
Ace Bulldog 09/99-12/29/01 Karen
Ace Cat 03/08-07/08/10 The Coats Family
Ace Cat 04/01/92-03/05/07 Chris Fortin
Ace Cat 10/05/01-08/07/02 Crystal
Ace Cat 12 years 04/12/12 Michelle & Ray DiDonato
Ace Cat 14 years 04/16/05 Craig & Tammie Stephens
Ace Cat 15 years 02/04/00 Rosemarie & Peter Greene
Ace Cat 15 years 03/05/07 Chris/Fergus McFortin
Ace Cat 1998-12/20/11 Mike
Ace Cat 2 years 02/20/98 Dave G. & Family
Ace Chesagroves Aces High At Bearcreek Chesapeake Bay Retriever 02/16/96-07/05/05 Heather and Lyall Black
Ace Chocolate Lab 05/10/96-02/12/12 Robert & Suzan Lavoie
Ace Cock-a-Poo 10/09/85-09/01/01 Patricia
Ace Cockatiel 11 years 10/27/05 Donna Raskin
Ace Cocker Spaniel 14 years 02/06/05 Heather Pearsall
Ace Collie 03/22/96-03/09/08 Karen May
Ace Cunneely Mixed Dog 13 years 08/29/05 Cunneely/Schweitzer Families
Ace Dachshund 11/18/97-05/06/04 Paul and Julie
Ace Dismuke Tea Cup Chihuahua 4 years 11/18/08 Emerald Skrent
Ace Doberman/Rottweiler 9 years 02/2003 Ann
Ace Dog 12 years 2000 Jennifer
Ace Dog 15 years 05/21/07 Susan
Ace Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/2004-10/08/05 Jan
Ace Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/08/92-02/06/07 Brian Leaskey
Ace Domestic Shorthair Cat 4 years 11/21/06 Susan Hilton
Ace English Mastiff 02/29/92-06/27/06 Diane Pachuta
Ace Ferret 6 years 09/28/09 Jesse
Ace Fish 1 year Josephine
Ace Foley Lacoste Boxer 04/03/06-12/25/07 Bruce Lacoste
Ace Frehley Kelly Mix Dog 04/15/00-06/14/12 John & Kim Kelly
Ace Gerbil 3 years 11/28/10 Christina
Ace German Shepherd 02/02/12 Lexi Freeman
Ace German Shepherd 12/07/95-04/27/10 Robyn Cline
Ace Golden Retriever 01/28/03-07/03/12 The Sciucco Family
Ace Golden Retriever 04/08/02-12/12/09 Erin Ganzzermiller
Ace Golden Retriever 9 years 03/10/09 Adam
Ace Golden Retriever/Chow Mix 04/96-04/2009 Dawn Taylor
Ace Golden Retriever-Loyal 02/08/93-02/11/05 Carol Ziegler-O'Regan
Ace Gordon Setter 1976 Arthur F Sintef II
Ace Great Dane 05/90-10/01/00 Pat Morrison
Ace Greyhound 07/01/93-01/13/06 Shea Swanson
Ace Hall Domestic Short Hair Tuxedo Cat 02/95-08/09/02 Debby, Jacob and Ryan, MamaCat, C-BO and Princess
Ace Harrier 05/23/02-02/17/16 Gwin Willis
Ace House Boxer 02/10/02-01/02/12 Jeff, Austin & Camille
Ace Jones Greyhound 11/04/96-10/18/11 Randi
Ace Keish Hound Terrier (Mix) 11 months 10/06/98 Kristen Henry
Ace Kelpie/Blue Heeler 15 1/2 years 10 September 2011 Katerina
Ace King Black Lab 05/25/98-04/06/11 Kathy King
Ace Labrador Retriever 07/08/02-08/30/11 Gary & Cindy Sholly
Ace Labrador Retriever 15 years 07/08/04 Shelley Tantau
Ace Mario American Shorthair Cat 03/04/92-06/27/06 Andrea
Ace Min Pin 02/15/05-06/12/17 Joanne Wilds
Ace Minature Schnauzer 11/22/86-04/07/02 Larry Gee
Ace Miniature Alaskan Husky 10 years 12/28/90 Faith
Ace Miniature Schnauzer 03/08/96-09/03/09 Susan Karn
Ace Mixed Breed 07/09/04 Clare
Ace of My Heart Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 1 years 04/01/06 Donna
Ace of Spades Pit Bull 10/15/06-03/06/10 Jill Caine
Ace Olson Yellow Lab 7 years 11/17/09 Sheila, Jackie and Kenny
Ace P. Kojak Dog 03/31/10 Jill Kojak
Ace Parakeet 8 years 12/17/03 Lauren Gehl
Ace Paul Sheltie 06/10/95-03/27/11 Leon and Bessie
Ace Pitbull / Dachshund Mix 12 1/2 years 11/18/09 Terry Smith and Family
Ace Pom 14 1/2 years 12/01/09 Evelyn
Ace Pug 09/15/04-10/26/16 Peter Corning
Ace Pug 14 years 01/24/10 Jack and Cheryl Sontag
Ace Quarter Horse 09/14/00 Kimberly Reis
Ace Quarter Horse 22 years 06/04/02 Debbie Overstreet
Ace Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix 9 years 12/16/00 Kathleen Beres & Miller Einsel
Ace Rottweiler 10/12/95-07/30/02 Rose Marie Gartland
Ace Rottweiler 1991-03/07/99 Keith & Vickie Clark
Ace Rottweiler 2 years 10 months 10/19/99 Marsha Arnould
Ace Samoyed 03/19/01-05/23/08 Gary, Aimee, Gabby, TK, & Eryn Savieo
Ace Schnauzer 11 years 08/13/09 Susan and Caroline
Ace Shar Pei 07/01/09 Sean McWhirt
Ace Short Haired Dachshund 13 years 01/24/05 David Rynders
Ace Siamese Feline Son 19 years 02/07/06 Miranda August Long
Ace Siamese Mix Cat 1989-03/24/07 Lori
Ace Tea Cup Chihuahua 02/52/08-02/01/10 Elizabeth Pompa
Ace Teddy Guinea Pig 1 year 10 months 02/16/17 Louis Siegel
Ace The Kitty ASH Cat 16 years 08/2002 Janice Olson
Ace Tindle Shorthair Orange Tiger Cat 08/30/96-12/09/10 Jonathan Tindle
Ace Toy Fox Terrier 05/05/97-03/15/11 Judy Loretelli
Ace Tuxedo Cat 05/02/16-09/15/17 Debbie Weiss
Ace Ventura Black Lab Mix 06/06/98-08/14/10 Laurie Vissenberg
Ace White German Shepherd 11 years 07/18/06 Diane & Bob Lamas
Ace Yellow Lab 02/04/08 Melinda Vasquez
Ace Yellow Lab 10/2004-11/30/11 Brooke Johnston
Ace Yellow Lab 2 years Denise Foos
Ace Yellow Labrador Retriever 11/24/04-04/29/16 The Paulsen Family
Acer Australian Shepherd/lab Mix 15 years 05/02/09 Floyd Burkett
Acer Poodle 07/31/10 Joanne
Acer Tea Cup Chihuahua 06/10/11-09/02/11 Tia
Aces High At Bearcreek Chesapeake Bay Retriever 06/30/05 Lyall and Heather Black
Ace-Scirroco's Extortion Whippet 07/04/94 Suzy Neff
Acey DSH Gray and White Tuxedo Cat 04/01/00-11/03/07 Cindy Cohn
Acey Siamese (Blue Point) Cat 1968-1976 Karen L. Morris
Achelpen Argentine Saddle Horse 08/27/96 Cora
Acheron Black Cat 09/2007-02/22/09 Samantha
Achilles aka Budda English Mastiff 05/25/06-01/15/17 Mandi
Achilles American Short Hair Cat 4 years 09/02/08 Brittany Morey
Achilles Black Lab 08/06/83-04/06/98 David Jarboe
Achilles Blue Mastiff 4 years 04/12/10 Annette Nogueras
Achilles Cat 5 years 08/30/02 S
Achilles Domestic Cat 5 years 04/30/09 Megan Thibault
Achilles Germ Shep/Rott 02/08/06-06/29/06 Reanna & Al
Achilles Horse 4 mos 11/03/98 Cindi
Achilles John Blue Point Himalayan Cat 10/31/98-09/21/96 Sandy
Achilles Lobetos-PacariemGkahur American Bull Dog 07/20/08-06/01/12 Shantelle Lobetos PacariemGkahur
Achilles Rat Terrier 4 years 02/28/09 Shannon Collins
Achilles Rottweiler 08/06/04-03/25/10 Barbara Bernard
Achilles Shiba Inu 03/14/97-09/14/09 Scott Leon
Achoo Frangione Cat 8 years 09/26/18 Marcia Frangione
Aciekins Bichon Frise 04/29/95-02/05/09 Karen Torbett
Acki German Shepherd 14/04/03-03/07/15 Inês
Acorn Cat 08/15/94-07/25/11 Helen Warren
Acorn Cat Best Friends Animal Society
Acorn Yellow Labrador Retriever 14 years 03/14/04 Beth and Kate
Acosta's D'Sighn Rottie Joe Ana & Frank
Acosta's Gandolf Alejandra (Alex) Rottie 04/09/89-12/23/98 Grace GaRotts
Acosta's Johanna Kary Rottie 1983-1994 Grace
Acosta's Matchig Jason Rottie 07/29/87-12/20/97 Grace GaRotts
Acosta's Nala American Dream Rottweiler Puppy 04/30/01 Julie A.
Acosta's Oro Negro Johansson (Joe) Rottie 07/29/87-10/10/98 Grace
Acreage's Abigail Westhighland White Terrier 04/23/87-11/06/00 Rosemary McEwin
AC's Naughty Newtinski Boston Terrier 10/96-07/06/07 Carol, Alex, Noah, Bella and Festus
Action Jackson Drew Shih Tzu 12/01/00-01/13/17 Michelle L Clay
Acton Cat 03/09/93-08/15/07 Michele Barasso
Ada Dog 11/21/16-01/25/17 Alyssa Salvosa
Ada Kitten 03/07/07-08/12/07 Rebecca Ray
Ada Ruggerio Red Doberman 6 years 01/24/09 Marti & Vicki Carey
Adagio aka Dooner Golden Retriever 11/18/88-09/30/90 Rigel Morgan
Adagio for Strings (Sammy) Lilac Point Birman Cat 01/23/03-10/25/06 Rebecca Dubray and Craig Harris
Adak Siberian Husky 11/10/82-09/23/95 Robert Yetter
Adalaide Adalaide 12 years 01/17/03 Sherry Ballantyne
Adalida Chocolate Lab 1 year 10/24/97 Louis and Laura
Adam a/k/a Mister Guy Tabby Cat 02/27/88-12/08/03 Dave Mills
Adam Airedale 02/22/11 Lauren
Adam American Guinea Pig 07/2006-03/12/11 Margaret Young
Adam American Guinea Pig 3 years 04/18/02 Tanya Cullen
Adam and Mack Yellow Lab and Cocker Spaniel 02/12/08 Jon Lopez
Adam and Una Cats 02/2000 Jan Running
Adam Arabian Horse 07/02/07 Chris
Adam Black and White Cat 4 years 07/30/13 Luke
Adam Blue Russian Cat 08/26/05 Carla Philips
Adam Border Collie 4 years 2002 Torey Stewart
Adam Boxer Mix almost 10 years 02/28/09 Geri
Adam Burmese Cat 14 years 01/17/07 Courtney & Simon
Adam Cat 07/13/00 Jan Running
Adam Chihuahua 01/01/04-01/09/04 Peter White
Adam Domestic Longhair Black and White Cat 08/08/89-04/11/06 Casey and Marie
Adam Domestic Short Hair Cat 13 years 07/03/08 Stacey
Adam Domestic Shorthair Cat 02/04/90-02/07/05 Elissa Soulia
Adam Frenchie 05/07/10 Shelly
Adam German Shepherd 5 years 09/08/07 Linda Thomas
Adam Greyhound 03/09/89-10/26/01 Marianne
Adam Jack Russell 19/11/01-08/01/16 Stephen Hirst
Adam Kitten 09/08/05 Debbie
Adam Lee Chihuahua 10/20/99-02/28/08 Marilyn McGee
Adam Malamute 01/06/04 Tish & Sara Renninger
Adam Michael Black and White Cat 04/02/05-03/27/10 Jill
Adam Murley Cat 17 years 03/08/08 Miranda Murley
Adam New Zealand Lab Rabbit 06/27/97-04/11/03 Cynthia
Adam Paddy Paws Rottweiler 04/03/95-12/12/03 Judy Spooner
Adam Parakeet 9 years 09/19/00 Carol
Adam Paul Golden Labrador Guide Dog 07/13/01-09/10/11 Christina Hartmann Benchoff
Adam Pom 07/15/95-11/05/09 Roxanne
Adam Robert Valder Toy Poodle 08/13/92-08/30/07 Joyce and Roger Valder
Adam Singapura Cat 04/03/93-11/11/04 Kent Harris
Adam Wilson Shih Tzu 10/2000-10/25/05 Misty Wilson
Adam Yorkie 7 years 06/18/04 Betty Kryszewski
Adamina American Shorthair Tuxedo Cat 2001-11/21/10 Sarah Cole and Kevin Nenstiel
Adams Ace Morgan Horse 21 years 09/01/74-08/15/95 Donna M.
Adams Candy Bar Appaloosa Horse 04/11/85-10/26/07 Paige L Walker
Adams Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/07/96-02/01/06 Amy Theisen
Adam's Magic Ryde Labrador Retriever 1982-04/11/90 Ben Parry
Adar Greyhound 10/02/93-06/30/04 Mary Jane Peterson
Adayh Chrystal Tabby Cat 13 years 04/08/17 Jan
Adda Aussie/Minicollie 06/15/98-07/11/11 Christina Hall
Adda Mixed Australian Shepherd 06/15/99-07/11/11 Christina Hall
Addaceus Mix Dog 06/01/95-03/26/10 Tracy Spann
AdDee Peke Mix 1991-2007 Dee Hinkle
Adderley Cat 06/21/04-01/27/08 Kendra & Kenton Marino
Addicus Shep Mix 10/01/06 Philippa
Addie 2000 Lori
Addie Australian Cattle Dog 13 years 09/02/97 Paul
Addie Australian Cattle Dog 2 1/2 years 10/31/99 Lisa and Clay Cooper
Addie Australian Shepherd 08/15/94-05/26/08 Jeff Stuckey
Addie Australian Shepherd 10/11/89-03/20/03 Laura Martyns
Addie Benvenutti Corgi 6 years 10/13/08 Anna Hamel
Addie Black Lab 08/19/97-04/08/09 Russ, Kim and Rudy
Addie Black Minilop Rabbit 7 years 05/18/04 Jan Rebmann
Addie Cairn Terrier 02/05/05-02/23/12 Karen
Addie Cairn Terrier 07/08/02-01/18/13 Carole Weber
Addie Clare Black Labrador Retriever 09/03/03-07/02/09 Ricky and Brenda Long
Addie Cockapoo 18 years 08/26/03 The Hess family
Addie Cocker Mix 7 years 05/21/00 Lori Schmidt
Addie Cocker Spaniel 12/16/92-11/28/04 Chris, Jen, Drew & Ella
Addie Collie Mix 10/26/97-01/16/12 Cheryl DiNino
Addie Dachshund 12/27/95-05/09/06 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Baker
Addie Doberman 12/04/94-11/04/02 Jim
Addie Dog 09/12/14 The Gould Family: Kim, Alex, Kendall, and Landon
Addie Girl Lab Mix 02/14/01-02/20/03 Raejene Riley
Addie Golden Retriever 04/29/87-03/01/99 Anna Somers
Addie Golden Retriever 11/30/15-07/15/16 Karen
Addie Hairless Chinese Crested Dog 07/28/08-04/27/14 Mom and Zebby Neely
Addie Kinscherff Dog 06/06/04 Jamie
Addie Lab/Shepherd 08/2001-03/31/11 Jay, Donna, Nathaniel, Emily, Marissa
Addie Lambrecht Rat Terrier 9 years 09/20/15 Ana Lambrecht
Addie Longhaired Dachshund 16+ years 03/01/04 Donna/Nathan/Jessica
Addie Louden Chocolate Lab 04/01/07-03/16/15 Luke Louden
Addie Lynn English Springer Spaniel Body/Heeler Mentality 01/21/97-02/22/11 CJ Milder
Addie May Beagle Mix 07/1986-05/29/99 Frank and Jana Rogers
Addie May Dog 07/86-05/29/99 Jana Rogers
Addie Mixed Cat 03/15/91-06/26/06 Mara McCabe
Addie Pug 12 years 12/12/18 Angie Trickel
Addie Rat Terrier 11/24/10 Phyllis Barrow
Addie Rex (Chinchilla) Rabbit approximately 10 years 03/06/12 Pam
Addie Rottweiler 05/73-02/13/00 Rick & Bobbi Nelson
Addie Shetland Sheepdog 06/27/99-03/01/09 Kim Gallentine
Addie Whippet 02/23/89-07/30/04 Deborah Alderink
Addie Wirehaired Dachshund 02/12/98-06/05/99 Pam B.
Addie Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever 12/01/84-10/14/97 Jana, Dwayne and JT
Addison Beagle/Hound Mix 01/10/07-03/14/16 Suzanne Hall
Addison Boston Terrier 02/04/01-12/10/13 Edward/David
Addison Cat 04/23/14-10/27/14 Michelle
Addison Cat 11 1/2 years 10/05/99 Barton Chamberlain
Addison Cat 17 years 06/30/08 Don & Fina Bruce
Addison Cat 17 years 06/30/08 Fina Bruce
Addison Corgi Chihuahua Mix 03/01/02-08/26/05 Lori & George
Addison Gray Tabby Cat 04/01/97-08/08/99 Karen Heckman
Addison Grey Tabby Cat 2 1/2 years 08/08/99 Karen Heck & Family
Addison Lhasa Apso 12/02/06 Kathy and Bill Dougherty
Addison Lhasa Apso Mix 05/28/09 Michelle
Addison Maltese 01/04/92-11/27/04 Denise
Addison Part Siamese Cat 16 years 10/15/02 Irene
Addison Pit Bull Mix 9 years 10/28/12 Jen Bettuchy
Addison Rhodesian Ridgeback 9 years 05/07/96 Pamela Spaulding
Addy Belle Biggs Border Collie 4 years 12/30/06 Megan
Addy Boxer 07/95-03/04/06 Joe, Amy, Allison, Josh Estey
Addy Burmese Kitten 06/98-07/27/99 Karen
Addy Calico Cat 08/01/93-08/29/01 Steve Soares
Addy Cat 14 years 04/08/10 Ceci
Addy Catahoula 03/17/95-01/06/95 Laura and Troy
Addy Cocker 12 years 04/05/14 Kristi
Addy Ferreira Pug 05/17/10 Paula Marsh (Cousin)
Addy German Shepherd 09/2004-06/29/11 Sarah & Michael
Addy Irish Setter 5 years Kristen
Addy Poodle 01/22/10-11/14/11 Todd
Addy Rottweiler 12/07/03-10/29/11 Sheila
Addy Rottweiler 6 years 06/08/07 Chris
Addy Torti Kitten 06/09/03-10/05/03 Jenny
Adelade Beta Fish 1987-1990 Jason
Adelaide Cat 03/01/09 Kathleen Lacasse
Adelaide Dog July 1996 Best friends Animal Sanctuary
Adele Yorkie 01/18/01-12/10/09 Carrie Bruss
Adelie Brittany Springer Cross 05/01/93-02/15/08 Kareen and Chip Kalvin
Adelie Tabby Cat 03/01/94-12/28/09 Scott Gibson
Adeline Schweiger Cat 06/28/09 The Freds
Aden Lott Cat 4 years 07/18/11 Caroline Lott
Adena Uslander and Alexis Uslander Rottweilers 10/28/97 and 11/21/93-10/12/08 and 10/08/06 Michael Uslander and Debbie Pucci-Uslander
Adena Uslander Rottweiler 10/28/97-10/12/08 Debbie and Michael Uslander
Adesina Doberman X 05/15/01-06/25/08 Merrie Baldus
Adi Boxer 6 years 24/08/15 Julie Wood
Adi Dog 10/03/05-02/17/14 Caitlin, Nathan, Mama, Auntie Joan, Grammy and Bunny
Adi Domestic Medium Hair Cat 06/01/99-09/28/00 Scott Oglesby & Magen Douglas
Adidas Border Collie 08/14/99-10/24/10 Maria Estrada
Adidas Cat 21 years 06/09/97 The Pons Family
Adidas Long Haired Polydactyl Cat 15 years 06/23/07 Dalee Camp
Adidav (Addie) Vizsla 06/01/98-06/23/08 Geri Connelly
Adie Staffie Mix 10/18/94-11/19/08 Nancy Wetherington
Adina Blue Chow 04/23/96-12/15/03 Hurst Family
Adio German Shepherd 10/31/04-02/06/08 Andy Zink
Adira Cat 06/98 10/99 Marie O'Leksy
Adirondack's Daisy Mae Beagle 09/01/96-02/10/11 Paul T. Vesely and Vincent C. DiLauro
Adirondack's Lucy Irish Wolfhound 10 years 01/24/13 Paul T. Vesely and Vincent C. DiLauro
Adirondack's Peachy Keen Rottweiler 07/04/95-12/01/06 Paul T. Vesely and Vincent C. Di Lauro
Adirondack's Princess Lucy Doberman 02/01/99-01/19/08 Paul T. Vesely and Vincent C. Di Lauro
Adirondack's Tai Chi Doberman 12/06/80-09/15/89 Paul T. Vesely
Adison Siamese Cat 04/11/97-07/07/10 Kristy Williams
Adler 'Addie' Calico Cat 16 years 2006 Lynessa & Barry
Adler Rock's Attitude (Blitz) Rottie 03/16/89-01/02/97 David & Jackie
Adler Rock's Attitude Rottweiler 03/16/89-01/02/97 David and Jackie Medeiros
Admiral Bird Parakeet 12/16/95 Cate Guyan
Admiral Brown Vancil American Water Spaniel 15 years 04/07/09 Marilyn, Dan, Eddie, Carly
Admiral Byrd Nanday Conure 2006 Marj
Admiral Fawn Boxer 11/19/90-02/06/98 Pam, Gary & Randy Geldmeier
Admiral Gage Gryphon (Gryphon) Newfoundland 05/06/97-07/31/99 Angela S. Baker
Admiral Halsey Dune Cat 04/02/96-09/26/11 Rich & Diane Sartore
Admiral Labbie 10/24/09 Steve
Admiral Springer Spaniel 10/07/91-03/12/04 Erika & Jim
Admiral Tony Yorkie 13 years 07/11/05 Shirley Peak-Manuel
Ado Tuxedo Cat 2 1/2 years 11/13/98 Scott
Adobe Chocolate Lab 03/06/06-01/31/15 Carol Culton
Adobe DSH Cat 08/28/94-01/12/11 Betty & Pat
Adobe Konrardy-Fiske (Sweet Boy) Cat 03/21/08 Peter and Paul
Adobe Somali/Turkish Van Kitten 10/01/07-08/30/08 Lindsay
Adolf (Augie Dog) Long Hair Daschound 14 years 09/27/99 Jean
Adolf Am Staff Bull Terrier 6 years 05/27/96 Stephanie
Adolf German Shepherd 05/06/96-05/20/08 Lita and Jim Watson
Adolf Pug 08/26/95-03/16/12 Sissy Cocrani
Adolf Watson German Shepherd 12 years 05/19/08 Lita and Jim Watson
Adolph Black and White Cat 08/15/95-02/14/97 Keli Watts
Adolph Dog 16 years 07/24/04 Pat Marine
Adolph German Shepherd 02/20/90 Janet Biersack
Adolph German Shepherd 03/11/95-01/03/02 Julie & Mark Taylor
Adolph Leroux English Bulldog 05/07/00-06/29/05 Denise Jiles
Adolph Min. Schnauzer 02/04/86-06/04/94 Judy & Dennis Farlow
Adolph Rottweiler 11 years 09/10/02 Duane and Susie Steubing
Adolph Rottweiler 11/03/91-12/03/99 Scott McQuillen
Adolph Shepherd/Dane Mix 16 years 07/24/04 Sarah-Jo Musmacher/Russ & Theresa Hoffman
Adonis Doberman Pincher 04/30/02-01/08/05 Mary Bierlein
Adonis Rottie Mix 09/16/93-12/23/02 The Chappell Family
Adonis Rottweiler 02/17/06 Jay Flannigan
Adonis Shar Pei 06/91-08/92/00 C Haddan
Adonis, aka Don Don Abyssinian Cat 18 months 08/17/04 Bette & Sue
Adonis, Dixie, Charlie, George, and Arthur Maine Coon, Abby, Mixed, Chihuahua 4 Cats and a Dog 10, 5, 20, 5, 12 years 01/62/94 Patricia Wanzenried
Adonna Black Cocker Spaniel 12/14/92-08/19/03 James & Tracy Emerson
Adora (Adoration) Rough Tri Collie 02/11/00-01/17/13 Debra and Shauneen McEnturff
Adora Devon Rex Cat 08/04/86-09/22/00 Jo
Adora Siamese Cat 18 months 04/16/98 Jeanie & Joe
Adora'belle Chihuahua 12/10/06-05/17/08 Melissa
Adrain (Benny) Haseth German Shepherd Mix 14 years 03/14/03 John, Donna, and Sarah
Adrain aka Benny German Shepherd Dog Fourteen years 03/14/03 Donna John and Sarah
Adraine and Rocky Wittman Shepherd Husky Mixes 06/15/89-09/27/04 and 02/15/05 George and Sheree Wittman
Adria Dog 14 1/2 years 11/05/02 Deborah A. Leone
Adrian (aka The Babedrian, The Purrball) Calico Cat 6+ years? Fall of 2004 Sarah McIntosh
Adrian 'Aggie' Black Lab /Terrier Mix 15 years 01/02/16 Shari Gurian
Adrian Boxer 03/08/99-02/29/08 Keith
Adrian Bulldog 03/99-07/07/01 Cindy M
Adrian Cat 12 years 10/22/04 Kimberly O'Flaherty
Adrian 'Froggy' 'Bishop' Cat 04/14 Anna Marie Tsikhlakis
Adrian J. Bird Siamese Cat 03/25/74-12/04/86 Beth
Adrian Mix Cat 25/11/12 Ashleigh Parker
Adrian Pit Bull 03/31/94-02/16/03 Monica Branley
Adrian Sue Stone French Bulldog 01/01/08-04/10/09 Mary Schneiter, Lawrence Stone, Leah Schneiter, Tayla Burke, Keith Fowler
Adrian Towle Pit Bull 10/95-11/25/01 Charo Buckless
Adriane and Rocky Wittman Husky / Shepherd 06/15/89 to 09/27/04 and 06/15/89 to 02/15/05 George and Sheree Wittman / mom and dad
Adriane Wittman Shepherd / Husky 06/15/89-10/27/04 George and Sheree Wittman
Adrianne Rotty 07/05/00-03/18/10 Sharon
Adric Guinea Pig 09/02/97 D R Stanczyk
Adric Tabby Cat 17 years Jay
Adrien Cat 01/29/89-02/23/01 Robin
Adrien Rottweiler 07/17/04-04/09/12 Kim
Adrienne Comeau Black Domestic Long Hair Cat with Soft Green Eyes 03/12/92-03/11/02 Mary and Russ
Adrienne German Shepherd 02/25/09 Sherry Deutschman
Adrienne German Shepherd 12 1/2 years 02/19/04 Joanne Hamilton
Adrienne Peke 14 years 04/28/08 Frick Family
Adrienne Rott 01/02/92-12/05/03 Jenny R
Adrienne Wirehair Fox Terrier 07/14/92-06/29/01 Helen Davis
Adub Tortie Cat 1 year 09/30/04 Judith and Katrina
Aduby Haupt Chihuahua 11/12/03-09/20/16 Maura
Aebee Cross Breed Japanese Spitz, Terrier 11/24/07-12/25/07 Alvin
Aebi Labrador 12/14/02-03/12/13 April, Cassie and Jeff
Aelfric Chihuahua 10/05/03-04/12/05 Melanie B.Taylor
Aengus Coonhound 6 years 04/03/00 Kerry
Aeon Tabby Cat 16 years 10/12/13 Lulu Hoeller
Aerial Gray Tabby Cat 18 years 03/01/11 Ed and Vickie Barnes
Aerial Roberts Taylor - justa shade wild Miniature Pinscher 06/20/96-08/29/11 Selina Roberts - Taylor
Aeriel Dog 12 years 06/15/18 Diane
Aeriel Paul-Eberstein Calico Cat 07/31/11 Heather Paul
Aeril Min Pincher 07/17/97-02/22/11 Sue Gazaway
Aeris American Spitz 08/24/00-04/23/13 Samantha
Aeris Siberian Husky 02/26/03-09/02/13 Ann
Aero Bars and Wheels Yellow Labrador Retriever 07/28/92-10/17/05 Tom and Pam Gabriel
Aero Black Lab/Rottie Mix 03/10/05 Suz W
Aero Kangaroo Joey 1 year 04/07/05 Gwyn Beaumont
Aeron Cat 03/31/94-01/2007 Beverly
Aerosmith Major Thunderbolt (AMOS) Solid Black American Cocker Spaniel 02/23/93-11/12/02 Skye McCrory
Aescy Shih-Tzu 11/26/95-05/30/14 Dawn
Aeterno Corusco Rat 23/02/01-09/01/04 Lexi
Affa Dog 01/11/89-20/10/98 Carola
Affe von Lawhorn German Shepherd Dog 07/27/97-05/25/09 Patricia Lister-Golin
Afgan Hound just under 12 years 06/05/95 Clay & Jeri Jennings
Aflie Pitbull Terrier Mix 4 1/2 years 12/15/09 Maxine & Brian
Africa Cat aka Affy Taffy 1976-1992 Sheryl
Africa Giant Schnauzer 02/28/99-07/16/09 Ana Keith
Africa Kitten 06/30/82-10/07/02 Sandra Matesic
Africa Manx Cat 17 years 07/30/10 Kathy Madson
Africo Cat 03/10/02-04/26/03 Mónica Monti
Afrika Alston Domestic Short Hair Cat 13 years 03/28/05 Phyllis M. Alston
Afrin Williams Pug 09/02/97-06/14/11 Carmen
Afro Black Lab 10/02/99-02/14/12 Diane Packard
Afrodite Shorthair Black Cat 08/99-09/00 Abby Hess
Afryka Japanese Chin Mix 12/26/92-05/18/02 Rock Coalridge
Aften Marie Golden Retriever 9 1/2 years 10/22/97 B and J
Afton Cat 04/07/92-10/26/04 Devani Scheidler
Afton Maltese 05/06/94-02/20/12 Mary Miner
Afton Sheltie 06/21/86-08/09/00 Gerard
AG Cassidy Weimariner 15 years 02/13/04 Anne Garceau
Aga Dog 16 years 05/28/02 Kasia
Agadir Chestnut, Warmblood/Quarter Horse 26 years 06/28/05 Susan
Agador Spartacus Sun Conure 04/96-05/10/05 Deidre Martinez
Agamemnon (Aggie) Black Cat 11 years 07/01/97 Hannah
Agamemnon Red Factor Canary 08/01/03-07/22/04 Jessie
Agape Dachshund 04/15/04-11/22/05 Tina Flanagan
Agape Siamese and Tiger Mix Cat 05/25/98-11/10/99 Lynn, Robert, Kymba, Rasscal, Pati, Kati, Hershey, Tiggerrrr-lily, Moonshadow, Midnight, Banditt and Harlequin
Agaporni (AGA) Basset Hound 09/21/14 Orlando Quesada
Agarn French Bulldog 6 years 05/13/17 Sharon G
Agassi Siamese Mix Cat 16 years 10/27/07 Steven Palmer
Agate Cat 3 months 07/02/02 Janet Callahan
Agatha & Christie Domestic Shorthair Black Cats 10/31/86-02/02/99 Rita
Agatha (Aggie) Calico Longhair Cat 1 1/2 years 1984 Melinda Crane
Agatha (Gitzy) Black and White Cat 12 years 12/12/97 Vickie Timmers
Agatha Calico Cat 09/20/03 Sarah Connors
Agatha Cat 01/31/95 Margaret McGeown
Agatha Cat 05/01/91-08/25/03 Lucy Bishop
Agatha Cat 10/01/86-12/15/98 Rita
Agatha Cat 14 years 1995 Hannah
Agatha Choc Point Siamese Cat 27/04/06-03/10/12 Andrea & Geoff
Agatha Christie Domestic Tortoiseshell Cat 07/15/07-12/19/11 Monica
Agatha Christie Scottish Terrier 10/13/85-01/02/98 Linda Bartolotta
Agatha Daschund 11/06/81-10/25/98 Karen M. Ross
Agatha DSH Cat 10 years 11/24/97 Mayumi and Chris
Agatha Jane (Big White) German Shepherd 16 years 12/97 Peg Whetstone
Agatha Kitten 08/20/14 Josie
Agatha Marie Shepherd Mix 04/20/93-04/10/02 Terry & Jim Pells
Agatha Scottish Terrier 10/22/98-12/09/10 Meredith Norton
Agatha Seal Point Siamese 16 07/94 Lorene Boyes
Agatha Yorkie 04/06/08-11/11/11 Karla
A-Gee Pekingese Puppy 10/01/02-11/29/04 Chris & Aji
Agel Orange Tabby Cat 11 years 12/31/83 Kathy Thornton
Agent Mulder Rottweiler 10/09/98-04/13/06 Shelley Deiss
Agent Orange Cat 6 years 12/18/98 Sheryl Dunn
Agent Rhodesian Ridgeback 04/22/98-11/19/09 ReneeLC
Agent Scully Rottweiler 06/08/98-09/19/07 Shelley Deiss
Aggie (Agatha Christie) Sheltie/Husky Mix 02/83-10/29/98 Nancy L. Rollins
Aggie (aka Waggie) Dog 03/91-02/13/02 Rona Bradley
Aggie Bassett 9 years 01/29/97 S. Nawojczyk
Aggie Bergeron Wennie/Cocker Spaniel Mix 04/01/09 Karie D Bergeron
Aggie Black and White Shorthair Cat 12/06/97-08/10/10 Heather and Michael Cleary
Aggie Black Labrador Retriever 06/24/00-09/18/03 Brian & Sue & Brian, John & Sean Snediker and Magellan
Aggie Black Pug 08/22/11 Johnny and Angela Zavodny
Aggie Brown Throated Conure 06/94-12/04/04 Nancy George
Aggie Calico Cat Terry Smith
Aggie Carter Mini-Dachshund 07/26/06-01/03/11 Ronald and Cathy Carter
Aggie Cat 01/23/08 Nell Connell
Aggie Cat 04/22/94-04/16/07 Rev Carmella
Aggie Cat 15 years 07/07/09 Randy, Beth, Melissa, Matthew, Jake, Chris
Aggie Chinese Sharpei 05/23/00-01/12/12 Kathy Pineo
Aggie Chow Mix 09/01/96-07/11/07 Sharen Naico
Aggie Chow/Cocker Spaniel 14 years 08/04/04 Karen Rob Zeke Max
Aggie Cocker Spaniel 11/85-01/99 Dlwnv
Aggie Dog 05/20/00-01/25/13 Geoff F
Aggie Dog 10/01/12 Wilson
Aggie Domestic Longhair Cat 7 years 09/06/05 Mark Higgins & Nancy Oringer-Higgins
Aggie English Mastiff 06/01/89-10/20/00 Patti and Bill
Aggie Jack Russell Terrier 12/11/89-03/27/07 Pat Hollenack
Aggie Keeshond 04/28/86-05/06/00 Charlotte Thomas
Aggie Labrador Retriever 04/07/83-05/31/93 Patricia Kolb
Aggie Lucky Trouble White, Gray and Brown Tabby Cat 05/01/04-06/07/11 Andy and Anna Domek
Aggie Mae Scottish Terrier 08/16/03-12/16/11 Christine Kowalski
Aggie Mixed Breed Dog 6 years 05/11/98 Betsy
Aggie Mix-Lab 04/01/97-08/05/08 Judy Santini
Aggie Moran Cocker Spaniel 01/16/83-02/17/99 Mark Gehringer
Aggie Pug 04/02/00-10/30/09 Laura Morrison
Aggie Pug/Lasa 08/07/02-09/02/12 Daniel Gatti
Aggie Scotch Terrier 08/17/11 Angie
Aggie Sheltie 02/13/12 Phyllis Donovan
Aggie Yorkie 08/13/09 Theresa Myers
Aggie Yorkshire Terrier 06/05/97-10/04/10 Randy, Debi, Kaila and Sam
Aggro Cat 06/2009-04/15/19 Ray
Aggro Pit Bull 9 years 27/12/13 Judy Tricker
Agi Shepherd/Sharpei Mix 05/02/00-06/23/04 Mia Christopher
Agido Cat 09/25/03-08/16/14 Peggy Page
Agnes Angolian (Long Haired Black) Cat 10/15/96-02/13/06 Veronika Hering
Agnes Barger Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/15/04-06/01/10 Kathy Barger
Agnes Basset Hound 9 years 08/31/96 Shelly
Agnes Boxer 08/31/88-01/05/01 Susan Houck
Agnes Bull Terrier 08/03/99-12/05/00 Marlee MacLeod
Agnes Calico Cat 05/01/92-11/10/05 Julie Lantrip
Agnes Cat 04/10/04-01/11/14 Kelly
Agnes Irish Wolfhound 06/05/98-04/27/04 Tina Otto
Agnes Katherine Toy Poodle 21 years 09/23/06 Joy and Tom
Agnes Lab 06/29/88-11/22/99 Jeanne & Rick McNeil
Agnes Rottweiler 05/17/02-03/16/09 Ben Hebert/Delaney Davis
Agnes Wickfield Chihuahua 03/31/94-06/29/10 Cathy Knapp
Agness Grey Tabby 14 years 06/12/96 Christy Roberts
Agogo Ferret 03/20/05-08/01/07 Moejj
Agro Foxy Cross Mini Foxy 08/06/05-06/06/13 Melissa Phillips
Agua Dulce's Old Bay Cap'n Turco Portuguese Water Dog 08/29/08-07/04/11 C.S. Morris & J.B. Goldberg
Aguila Chablis (Aggie) Horse 1988-1996 Samantha Cross
Agus Maxwell Oyler Shetland Sheepdog 05/20/04-02/10/05 Barbara
Agustus (Auggie) Great Dane 03/27/03-12/31/07 Cheri
Ah B Mongrel 07/05/06 Jacky Chan KK
Ah Bit Dutch Rabbit 01/01/91-03/29/92 Ng Li Li
Ah Boy Shi Tzu 12 years 12/12/07 Karing Tan
Ah Bun Bulldog 03/08/16 Christopher Li
Ah Choi Dog CW Poon
Ah Dor Tang 10/24/96 Fanny AU
Ah Fei Shih Tzu 1995-01/23/11 Tim Chan
Ah Ming Dog 24/02/10 Cheah Wai Kuan
Ah Two Black Exotic Shorthair Cat 13 years 04/14/15 Joseph Boey
Ah Wong The Happy Albino Ferret Albino Ferret 06/17/09 Morgan Miki Cmk
Ahab Black and White Shorthair Cat 01/29/99-02/03/03 The MacPhail Family
Ahab DMH Cat 13 years 04/22/12 Daniel
Ahee Red Heeler 04/19/96-02/16/07 Tammy
Ahji Shih Tzu Late 1990's-08/17/10 Cathy Yun
Ahktoy Black Cat 17 years 09/20/89 Lois Phifer
Ahle Megre s Lone Star aka Sammy. Paint Gelding Horse 04/22/85-11/01/07 Sebastian Conner
Ahmar Cat 09/12/15 Christina Muscat
Ahmet Parakeet 7 years 09/27/06 Bryan Russell
A-Hong Bird 2 years Becky
Ahren Keating Dalmatian 08/22/96-11/11/10 Kevin & Susan Keating
Ahuken Abyssinian Cat 2 years 08/22/13 Lisa McGill
Ahura Edwin Kay Seal Point Himalayan Cat 05/29/95-10/23/05 Leigh Ann Frink
Aias Long Haired Tabby Cat 09/05/03-11/21/11 Marni
Aida (Ida) Hall Black Lab 13 years 10 months 10/18/16 Susan Carter Hall
Aida Calico Cat 03/08/00-02/06/07 Pat
Aida Marie, Ellis, Little Cloud, Spot (Budgies) and Beanie (Zebra Finch) 07/21/01 Chiara
Aida Mixed Dog 1977 Paul Ferraro
Aidan Boxer 02/01/11-05/11/15 Laura
Aidan Red Tabby Cat 09/14/91-08/14/00 Damien
Aidan Staccato Barnes Pug 09/03/10-10/23/11 The Barnes Family (Angela, Gary, Michael, Candice & Chelsea)
Aidan Yorkshire Terrier 09/18/98-05/01/03 Rachel Sackowitz
Aideen American Shorthair Cat 05/01/04-06/01/04 Leslie
Aiden Kooper DSH Cat 09/03/08-05/10/10 Karistren Flint
Aiden Michael Rat 05/2006-07/30/08 Amy Short
Aiden Walker Doberman Pinscher 3 years 04/07/07 Gemma Zanowski
Aidia Greenwing Macaw 03/99-10/04/99 Dena
Aife Havana Cat 01/17/99-03/01/00 Karen Sweedman
Aigner Yorkie 01/27/86-04/13/01 Jeff & Steph Myers
Aijo Akita 10/12/96-03/11/11 Barb Carney
Aijo Diament Shih Tsu 01/01/99-07/28/09 Harry Diament
Aiken Chocolate Lab 02/06/09 Chip & Brantley
Aiki Dog 01/16/93-01/28/03 Michael Black
Aikido Siamese Cat 12/07/85-08/10/09 Valerie Forst
Aikman Cat 6 1/2 years 06/06/00 Stephanie & Ashleigh
Aikman Meyer German Shepherd 10/24/92-10/12/04 Sabrina
Aikman Pomeranian 04/15/95-04/22/06 Shannon Schwarz
Aiko Akita 08/08/92-11/11/03 Malcolm and Kathleen Mitani
Aiko American Eskimo Dog 10/02/95-08/02/11 Megan
Aiko Black and White Shorthair Tabby Cat 04/89-10/28/07 Flavia Bellu
Aiko Black Lab 02/17/94-02/27/09 Rachel and Jason
Aiko Border Collie/Beagle Mix 14 years 11/01/07 Lauren
Aiko Cat 17 years Steven & Mariko Hirano
Aiko Chocolate Point Siamese Cat 07/24/87-07/28/04 Roy Davis Furr Jr
Aiko Dog 07/09/95-12/04/09 Mary Anne Ibera
Aiko Dutch Shepherd 04/01/03-05/26/17 Robert Mowry
Aiko Husky/Malamute 12 years 11/20/02 Randy King
Aiko Mixed Dog 9 years 10/18/97 Heidi Menzel
Aiko Mutt (She looked like a Reindeer) 03/07/01-01/08/08 Nikki Snyder
Aiko Pure Breed Taos Mut 06/91-01/19/04 Mary Finnell
Aiko Rottie 04/06/88-03/20/99 Mike & Dianna
Aiko von der Silberhutte Rottie 14 years 11/97 Karen & Joe
Aiko Whippet Mix 07/09/95-12/05/09 Danny and Mary Anne Ibera
Aiko Yorkshire Terrier 03/02/13-08/15/16 Tiffany Cariaso
Aileron DSH Cat 02/92-11/11/99 Lee Clayton
Aileron Golden Retriever 07/11/89-09/08/00 Peggy Walz and Greg Haines
Aileron Lab/Collie Mix 15 1/2 years 02/01/96 Nancy and Jeff
Aileron Minature Dachshund 06/20/86-10/05/97 Jan Peterson
Aileron Tuxedo Cat 09/08/13 Andy and Preall
Ailey Rabbit 12/21/07 Jodey
Ailis Girl Boxer 11/22/02-02/25/06 Eileen Lubas
Ailko Dog 11 years 11/16/99 Denise
Aillee Yellow Labrador 09/02/96-02/06/10 Nancy & Charles Booth
Ailsea Cockapoo 11/05/05-08/15/09 Kathy Gartshore
Aimee Cat 07/15/93-12/05/11 Barb & Bob
Aimee Cat 20 years 06/28/07 Joanne, Jim, and Family
Aimee Hannegan Sheltie 07/12/11 Bob and Sue Hannegan
Aimee Labrador Retriever 04/21/93-07/30/08 Cory
Aimee Mae St. Bernard and Rotty Mix 06/14/90-07/18/00 Lori Boyer
Aimee Mixed German Shepherd 10 years 07/23/09 Richard Zwibel
Aimee Orange Tabby Cat 08/05/03-12/20/10 Lisa Klene
Aimee Poodle 08/69-09/83 Darla & Ed Duffy
Aimee Sue Darlin' Luv Yorkie Poo 09/30/89-04/23/05 Mary Lou Mattioli
Aimee Sue Pit Bull Mix 15 years 09/28/12 Jennifer Montgomery
Aimee Sue Yorkie 06/21/98-04/29/13 Judy & Jim
Aimie Mix Puppy 06/23/04-09/02/04 Leslie Billiot
Aimie Siberian Husky 04/73-10/79 K. Ray
Aimilou Bichon Frise 9 years 12/27/16 Dee Wals
Aina Cat 9 years 06/04 Leena Rauttamo
Aina Cat 9 years 2003 Leena Rauttamo
Ain't Miss B Haven aka Mama Qh Horse 28 years 04/29/09 Betsy Wilkinson
Ai-Qu Siamese Cat 05/04/04 Elena & Dad
Air B. Cocker Spaniel 06/09/87-07/01/03 Colleen Gamble-Dully
Air Bud 10 years 02/98 Movie star
Air Jordan aka A.J. Calico Cat 04/15/91-11/02/07 Florence Doyle
Air Ripley Kelpie Border Collie Mix 05/10/99-12/20/09 Trish Perondi
Aira Ferret 9 years 10/12/09 Robin Benoit
Airborne Black Cat 12 years 02/16/02 Debra Y. Harrington
Aireanna Smith Min Pin 05/23/00-10/05/11 Skip and Joyce Smith
Aireanne (My Lady Aireanne Nicole) Rottie 10/05/91-11/02/98 Tamara
Airel Mixed Dog 11/90-07/02/00 MaryAnn Kerns
Aires Min Pin 12/07/98-02/03/13 Karen
Aires Min Pin 12/07/98-12/03/12 Karen
Airey African Grey 03/24/12 Angie Mokritsky
Airon Yorkshire Terrier Perro 03/08/08 Martha Tomei
Airplane DSH Cat 02/15/04 Traci
AirRaid Domestic Short-Hair Cat 20 1/2 years 11/08/04 Dr. Heide Sedwick
Airtime Kate Dalmatian 06/03/95-01/14/01 Shari Griffin
Aisha Border Collie 12 years 11/09/02 Sian, Mel, Kane and Geoff
Aisha Calico Cat 22 years 01/97 Laurie Demers
Aisha Clanclan of the Ctrl Ctrl Calico Cat 8 years 09/12/10 James and Beth
Aisha German Shepherd 02/14/04-01/01/12 Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez
Aisha Lhasa Apso 06/04/84-10/15/99 Sherry Wade
Aisley Drahtaar 01/03/18 Shannon
Aive Siberian Husky 7 years 06/14/03 Amanda
Aj (Amazon Jane) Yorkshire Terrier 08/14/02 Sherry and Kelly
AJ (Andrew Joseph Knouckles Martindale) DSH Cat 03/01/86-02/27/07 Kim Martindale
Aj (Arrogant Joe) Australian Shepherd 12/22/89-10/19/01 Aimee Rogers
AJ (Sybells AJ of Sharmel) Golden Retriever 03/27/83-11/21/95 Joyce M. Sybell
AJ All American 03/11/02-01/13/17 Dave Tuai
AJ American Eskimo Dog 02/10/85-01/07/97 Sharon Daye
Aj American Eskimo Dog 03/05/95-04/03/08 Lindsey Spiel and Family
AJ Boston Terrier 17 months 04/12/09 Amanda
AJ Cat 15 years 12/23/10 Pam Jaronik
Aj Cockatiel Linda
AJ Dalmation 06/16/99-10/24/00 Kathy, Ashley, Justin, Bob & Cinnamon
AJ Dalmation 7 years 10/07/00 Becky Jo Crone
AJ Dog 07/04/96-04/12/12 Deb
AJ Dog 08/23/90-03/24/04 Janet De Malio
AJ Dog 11 years 09/27/03 Stephanie Faiella
AJ German Shepherd 06/89-06/09/98 Tairedd
AJ Golden Retriever 07/91-01/20/03 Donna, Mike and Rocky Darks
AJ Golden Retriver 03/91-06/15/99 Judy D
AJ Greear & Andy Greear Yorkies 12 & 13 years to 07/23/11 & 12/98 Shelby Greear
AJ Grey & White Cat 12/19/81-11/10/97 Rose Zagaja & Family
AJ Greyhound 07/14/90-07/15/04 Joan Huff
AJ Greyhound 13/04/94-07/10/04 Julie Cooper
AJ Harrison kidden 10 years 07/04/94 Carole Harrison
AJ Kitten 05/01/10-08/08/10 Sue Hillman
AJ Kitty (Miss Almond Joy) Tabby Cat 10/10/84-10/19/97 Debbie,Jim,Tavia,Hershey and Tyler
AJ Kitty Tuxedo Kitty Cat 14 years 10/09/05 Anne Canty
AJ Lab 12/14/91-07/09/04 Karen & Dave Tones
AJ Labrador 6 1/2 years 08/19/95 Bret Cannyn
AJ Maltese 02/04/84-04/14/99 Cindy
AJ Miniature Schnauzer 05/05/98-02/15/11 Charlene Swainamer
AJ Mixed Dog 08/23/90-03/24/04 Janet Demalio
AJ Peke 12 years 10/10/79 Helen
AJ Pembroke Welsch Corgi 06/12/99-06/16/03 Heather Oberdick
AJ Pembroke Welsh Corgi 12 years 09/22/07 Anna Brown
AJ Pomeranian 1972-02/88 David Rupright
AJ Portuguese Podengo Mix 17 years 11/10/06 Anna Saunders
AJ Samoyed 9 years 05/09/07 Tami
AJ Sheltie 05/29/94 Larry and Joan Ford
AJ Sheltie 14 years and 10 months 07/12/02 George Spence
AJ Short Hair Domestic Tabby Cat 15 years 08/15/05 Carol Cassetti & Stephen Harris
AJ Silky Terrier 04/01/92-08/04/04 Linda M. Elliott
AJ Springer Spaniel 10/31/94-03/14/08 Allan Balog
AJ Tibetan Terrier 12/18/93-01/30/04 Dolbrooks
AJ Whippet 01/01/98-04/30/11 Lori Henderson
AJ Zarzamorro Brillante (Brill) Long Haired Chihuahua 06/10/93-04/25/03 Retta McKenzie
Aja (Sargent of the White River Mist) Samoyed 11/20/89-12/30/99 The Attlesey Family
Aja (The big bear bubs) Long Haired German Shepherd 04/23/93-08/22/02 Diana & Rick Gruzas
Aja American Staffordshire Terrier 12 1/2-05/14/04 Bruce
Aja Calico Cat 05/01/84-06/20/86 Teresa Strizich
Aja Cat 11/30/98-07/20/11 Nancy G
Aja Cat 21 years 08/97 Pam Connell
Aja Del Chow Mix 13 years 03/06/13 Lisa Del
Aja D'elle Black Lab 09/08/97-04/18/12 Bekah Mulder
Aja Doberman Pincher 13 years 07/09/05 Lisa Koski
Aja Dog 13 years 06/15/05 Laurie Vaden
Aja Domestic Short Hair Grey and White Cat 11/30/98-08/16/11 Nancy Gordon Mariani
Aja DSH Cat 3 months 09/22/14 Andrea Cooper
Aja Golden Retriever 16 years 09/29/03 Karen Timpo (Katy)
Aja Great Dane 07/25/04-02/24/15 Bekah M
Aja Great Dane 09/26/83-07/21/95 Virginia M. Marzean
Aja Kea Lani Balle Shi Tzu 12/14/94-06/12/10 Marlene Balle
Aja Korean Jindo Mix 01/01/00-04/20/12 Rhonda Selesnow
Aja Laughlin Great Dane 01/31/06-11/07/10 Starrla Laughlin
Aja Marie Great Dane 02/16/94-03/12/02 Karen and Doug
Aja Rehr Schipperke 6 years 11/09/04 Cheri
Aja Romagnoli Dog 08/18/89-04/17/03 Felicia
Aja Rottweiler 10 months 02/10/00 Sue, SVHS
Aja Rottweiler 9 years 01/15/07 Theressa and Scott Charles
Aja Saldivar Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/07/09-11/24/09 Miranda Saldivar
Aja Seal Point Himalayan Cat 07/01/07-12/17/07 Caroline Hallereau-Williams
Aja Siamese Lynx Point Mix Cat 01/01/00-06/09/05 Dawn and Shannon Kimball
Aja Siberian Husky 08/20/03 The Herzings
Aja Snow Leopard Bengal Cat 7 years 09/19/06 Sheila Knuth
Aja` Bermese Cat 02/96-111/21/02 Carol Wall
Ajabear Chow Chow 04/15/94-07/07/09 Wm Slade
Ajar Grey Cat Allie
Ajax Birman Cat 18 months 06/11/04 Ruthann and John Stocks
Ajax Black Lab 11/12/95-11/01/06 Julie
Ajax Boston Terrier 9 years 06/96 John Cox
Ajax Boxer 04/07/93-09/04/05 Sandi Rezner
Ajax Cane Corso 9 months 09/08/09 Marc Roach and Michelle Schuelke
Ajax Cat 04/01/92 Patricia Fisher
Ajax Cat 04/22/81-09/04/96 Lisa
Ajax Cat 14 years 04/15/16 Danielle and Wade Keifer
Ajax Cat 16 years 08/18/07 Bruce Altimar
Ajax Cattle Dog Mix 14 years 11/10/17 Holly and Brent Oglesbee
Ajax Corgi Mix 2004-05/30/10 Kim
Ajax Dalmatian Mix 10/08/91-11/30/04 Krissi Cruickshank
Ajax Doberman 12 years? 09/06/06 Chrissy, Tim and Zachary
Ajax Doberman Pinscher 07/22/93-08/17/99 The Heier Family
Ajax Dog 09/13/00 Paul Layton
Ajax Dog 14 years 08/24/01 Deb
Ajax Domestic Long Haired Cat 11 Or 12-10/25/05 Wendy Voorheis
Ajax German Shepherd 6 years 05/30/04 Severtsen Family
Ajax German Shepherd County Police Dog 09/96 Florida
Ajax German Shepherd puppy 6 months 05/02/96 LA Shelter
Ajax Golden Lab 04/07/01-04/23/10 Jenifer M
Ajax Jack Russel Terrier 15 months 12/02/98 RN
Ajax Jack Russell Terrier 08/13/94-05/09/02 Sweetpea
Ajax Korat Cat 7 years 08/29/09 Jodette Szafran
Ajax Long Haired Dachshund 08/03/92-09/20/04 Marilyn
Ajax McDonnell German Shepherd 09/15/00-07/12/12 Yvonne McDonnell
Ajax Munster Bush Boxer/Border Collie Mix 4 years 11/14/10 David and Elizabeth Bush
Ajax Murphy Labrador 13 years 12/27/12 Debra
Ajax Naspo German Shepherd 09/11/07-11/30/07 Bob Pac Sr
Ajax Odd-Eyed White Cat 15 years 07/12/97 Lisa Derek and Stephanie Peterson
Ajax Odysseus Scottie 04/78 Cynthia G. Brundage
Ajax Palomino Gelding Horse 09/14/89-10/22/98 Margaret Hillman
Ajax Rottweiler 10/18/95-05/24/06 William Riddle
Ajax Schipperke 06/16/01-03/19/10 Mary & Barrett Johnson
Ajax Schipperke 13 years 12/16/03 April Whitwell
Ajax The Dog Shepherd / Chow 08/15/96-12/31/05 Suzanne Paul
Ajax the Wonder Cat Medium Hair Blue Cat 19 years 08/04/08 F. R. and Di Wagner
Ajax Turkish Angora Cat 09/93-12/23/99 Holly and Jason Simmons
A-Jay Sheltie 10/09/85-02/12/98 Jerry Schefter
Ajenace Choc Lab 12 years 04/22/11 JL
Ajia Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/03-03/06/04 Jonathan, Kristina, & Taylor Grucza; Paula Grucza
Ajia Samoyed 07/31/95-09/26/04 Heather Marie
Ajpaqui Rottweiler 03/23/90-09/09/02 Vince and Kathy Augusta
Akadia Lil' Bit of Turbo Speed Shelti 10/96-05/03/99 Pearl Morrow
Akai American Eskimo Dog 02/27/94-08/11/08 Morawski Family
Akai Black Panthress Cat 03/17/83-07/20/00 Brett Thomas Pritchett
Akai Doberman 13 years 10/20/96 Jim
Akari's Snowyi Bear Fang-Yi Samoyed 01/15/95-05/16/08 Janice Fang-Yi
Akasha Brittany Spaniel 05/06/96-03/30/09 Mylene Molina
Akasha Cat 14 years 10/20/18 Lisa Horrell
Akasha DLH Kitten 01/23/06-05/25/06 Tevaites Fearnley
Akasha Dmh Cat 05/15/02-05/21/03 Ramey
Akasha Doberman 07/07/04-07/10/12 V. Capalite
Akasha Dog 11 years 01/20/07 Candice
Akasha Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/29/96-06/14/11 Deborah Bales
Akasha German Shepherd 12/20/95-02/08/03 Art, Maggie, Shelly,and Michael Stinson
Akasha Josephine Palmer German Shepherd 01/28/04-06/23/08 Chelsea Palmer
Akasha Mixed Cat 4 years 01/12/08 Lisa
Akasha Pug 10/30/91-06/05/04 Faith
Akasha Russian Blue Cat 12/01/05-11/22/14 Annie Bishop
Akasha Shepherd Mix 08/02/94-02/05/08 Dyan McCool
Akasha Tabby Cat 11 years 07/19/11 Dave Hensley and Debbie Marks
Akasha Tabby Cat 12 years 02/20/09 Susan Davidson
Akasha Tortoiseshell Cat 1990-12/08/02 Madalena Hutcheson
Akasha Tuxedo Cat 11 years 10/16/05 Valarie, John, & Furdaughter-Izzy
Akasha Woo (aka Woogie Woo, Woogie Stink-a-boogie) Chinese Shar-pei 11/26/89-05/13/00 Michelle L. Maher
Akaya Shiloh Shepherd 04/12/04-04/25/12 Linda
Akayuki Guinea Pig 5 1/2 years 10/10/12 Stacey Brault
Akeem Abbysinian Cat 01/87-01/21/04 Kathleen Grigson
Akeem Golden Retriever 05/95-08/20/04 Amber Burggraf
Akeija Golden Retriever 15 years 02/01/02 Vanja Hacquard
Akeija Golden Retriever Vanja Hacquard
Akela Black German Shepherd 06/10/91-07/12/03 Alison Loukeh
Akela Blume Wolf-Malamute 06/16/98-01/14/11 Janet Blume
Akela Malamute/Wolf Hybrid 11/07/85-09/14/99 Lina, Mike and Kyra
Akela Siberian Husky 07/21/00-08/16/06 Tony & Terri
Akela Walden Wolf Hybrid 03/18/93-04/21/05 Mike, Deb, Brian
Akela Wolf 04/23/83-05/18/92 Rafi
Akhnaten Montana The Great (Montana) Abyssinian Cat 7 years 10/04/10 Rob Stone
Aki Akita 13 years 07/16/03 Matthew.
Aki Mouse 11/12/02-04/05/04 Karen Wilson
Aki Sheba Ina 03/07/92-06/09/06 Roy & Ebe Martinez
Akia Chow Chow 12/12/93-03/17/07 Olivia
Akia Siberian Husky 24 September 1995 - 12 November 1998 Sylvia Burnard
Akilah Siberian Husky 12/31/09-07/22/14 Samantha Hampton
Akim Labrador 01/07/97-05/12/10 Ellen Marguerite
Akim Siberian Husky 15 1/2 years 11/17/13 Clare, Robert and Barbara
Akima Shiba Inu 08/07/15 Donna & Aiko
Akio Akita 01/27/06-05/04/18 Marva Smith
Akira (Tokoeka's Akira The Wise Man) Black Chow Chow 12/25/00-04/11/02 Wend & Shelby Reyn, Jason Vilon
Akira Akita 05/29/99-09/30/00 Kimberley
Akira Akita-Malamute-Wolf Cross 05/20/95-07/03/09 Sharon Amos
Akira Cornish Rex Cat 31 October 2007-21 March 2009 Estee
Akira Dinic Shep/Akita Mix 13 years 05/04/03 Helen
Akira Dog 12 years 03/25/13 Kay
Akira DSH Cat 1993-11/02/09 Melissa Taylor
Akira German Shepherd 09/18/03-09/01/12 Linda Walker
Akira Lynn Diehl Japanese Akita 6 1/2 years 03/02/07 Chuck & Valerie Diehl
Akira Mix Breed Cat 1 year 06/14/14 Pat
Akira Rose Black Siamese Cat 01/31/86-09/19/03 Caroline Peck
Akira Rottweiller 06/30/96-11/09/01 Karen Baker
Akira Shiba Inu 08/07/15 Donna and Aiko
Akira Siberian Husky 01/02/99-10/29/02 Michelle Beall
Akira Siberian Husky 2002-03/27/05 Carla Nilsen
Akiri Ocicat 03/13/04-06/25/05 Vibeke Lind
Akita Akita 01/10/98-10/06/98 Joanne Matthew
Akita German Sheepdog 04/26/96-01/05/09 Jan-A. Opdahl
Akita Wolf Hybrid 01/05/96-09/14/04 Bill Abernathie
Akiva (Hebrew for Peter) Black Shorthair Kitty with a Little White Spot on his Neck 04/97-10/10/02 Pastor Lisa Dahlen
Akiwu Collery Wolf Cross 11/14/94-01/14/09 Leah Collery
Akria Pitbull 08/29/04 Ashley and David
Aksel Norwegian Forest Cat 05/04/00-07/28/01 Susan Klovstad
Aktivist Hairless Mouse less than 1/2 year 09/12/03 Helen
Akua Dog 12 years 10/28/13 Linda Copes
Akua Lab Golden Mix 03/30/00-03/13/15 Amy
Akuma Cat 03/27/08-09/17/13 Jessica and Leighton
Akuna German Shepherd Mix 07/2013-10/04/13 Alyssa Brown
Akyra Pit Bull 04/16/03-08/06/14 Ruth aka Mama
Al 02/94-05/94 Keating Family
Al and Mercedes Orange and Tortie Kittens 10/24/99 Denise Lewis
Al Bichon 02/26/08 Becky King
Al Bonce Short Grey Tuxedo Cat 04/04/97-07/06/10 Elizabeth Burns
AL Bulldog 03/24/90-05/24/01 Ed Carrier
Al Bundy Red Doberman 10/11/95-04/17/06 Sarah & The Kids
Al Burke American Longhair Tabby Cat 16 years 05/31/03 Gina & Kevin
Al Capone Australian Shepherd Mix 06/23/03 Britni Walker
Al Capone Doberman 07/23/92-06/02/99 Pam
Al Capone Mom and Justine
AL Cat 14 years 10/21/08 Mary
AL Domestic Cat 6 months 12/24/06 Melissa
Al E Cat British Bi-Color Blue Cat 13 years 08/06/05 Sarah Buie
Al E Kat Tuxedo Cat 04/01/93-02/10/11 Alice & Peter Hayes
Al E. Cat Orange Tabby Cat 14 years 11/05/11 Jeri
Al E. Kat Tabby Cat 14 years 02/15/97 Gail
Al E. Oop Maine Coon Cat 02/17/92-03/17/03 Lisa & Terry Slobodzian
Al Figaro Maine Coon Cat 03/21/09 Charles Percoco
Al Gore Yellow Tabby Cat 06/11/93-09/28/06 Diane Matters
AL Half Black Lab, Half English Springer Spaniel 10/26/92-09/24/07 Claudia, Elena, John, Jennifer, Allison
Al Lise, Craig & Abbey
AL Long Hair Cat 06/30/03 Curtis D. Martin
Al Pachino Chocolate Point Siamese Cat 09/13/99-12/27/07 Osmara
Al Pachino Chocolate Point Siamese Cat 12/27/07 Osmara
AL Persian Cat 17 years 11/28/09 Meg
AL Pitbull/Boxer X 9 years 12/28/03 Shelly Hollywood
AL Silver Tabby Persian Cat 03/19/86-01/20/00 Ruthann and John Stocks
Alabama Abigail (Abbie) West Highland White Terrier 03/19/87-04/15/02 Lawton, Lonna Lynn and Mary Hannah
Alabama Cajun Husky/Shepherd 14 years 12/23/99 Candi Southall
Alabama Jean Pit Bull/Boxer 05/19/02 Bob and Terri
Alabama's Valentine (Bama) Fox Terrier 02/14/82-08/02/02 Roy & Connie Jenkins
Alabaster Cat 04/99-04/25/15 Alithia
Alabaster Treen (Ali) Cocker Spaniel 01/01/90-11/28/03 Richard & Tracy
Alacazam Cat 02/09/88-02/15/01 Cheryl Poller
Aladdin Cat 05/01/08-07/30/08 Melanie Delaney
Aladdin Cat 09/15/09-09/10/10 Bill, Dana, Jamison, Micah & Sarina
Aladdin Chow/Collie 01/29/98-01/22/11 B.K.
Aladdin Collie/Chow Mix 01/29/98-01/22/11 Bill Kenney
Aladdin Giancarlo Perez - Mimi Dog 11/25/05-07/20/07 Zulay Perez
Aladdin Kaufman Afghan Hound 08/19/95-10/08/06 Beth Kaufman
Aladdin Orange Tabby Cat 10/92-11/16/98 Vickie Barnes
Aladdin Roborovski Hamster July 96 - 31 Sep 96 Caroline
Aladdin Shih Tzu 13 1/2 years 12/23/05 Kathy Winger
Aladdin Siamese Cat 09/04/07 Mary and Ken
Alafair Longhaired Tabby Cat 10 years 02/23/10 Melinda Martinez
Alakazaam Dwarf Rabbit 08/2005-02/20/11 C.P.K.
Alan Cat 12 years 08/03/12 Barbie Firkus
Alan Cat August 1995 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Alan Greyhound 07/16/97-04/15/09 Susan
Alan Kitten 08/13/05 Debbie
Alan Mouse 08/28/04-05/11/05 Alexandra Luppens
Alan Peach-Front Conure Julie Ferguson
Alan Sheep 12/93-03/16/09 Kathleen
Alana Domestic Short Hair Black Cat 12 1/2 years 08/11/14 Leslie Card
Alang Alang Cat 1992-09/05/08 Linda 'Nana' Marple
Alani German Shepherd 02/2000-06/09/11 Lee
Alanis Weimaraner 03/15/01-01/16/12 Bobby
Alan-Michael Spaulding Dachshund 04/13/08 Rosemarie
Alaric T. Visigoth Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/90-07/02/11 Sandra Palmer
Alaric's Blue Max Rottweiler 06/26/87-07/30/98 David & Jackie Medeiros
Alaska 75% Husky, 25% Collie 11/25/98-10/23/07 Matt Edwards
Alaska Bates-Gilbert Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/26/88-01/15/05 Walt, Cheri & April
Alaska Bean McClure Great Pyrenees 12/26/96-04/03/07 Marilee McClure
Alaska Border Collie 12/07/98-06/12/07 Mary Ann Hunsaker
Alaska Dog 03/16/13 Melissa
Alaska Dog 12/05/96-05/05/08 Kerry Kewley
Alaska Dog Connie Mayhew
Alaska Husky 03/16/97-01/03/12 Louise
Alaska Husky 07/05/00-08/24/10 Tim and Lisa Hudgins
Alaska Husky 07/10/09 Donna
Alaska Jane Frangione White Cat 11/29/10-09/17/17 Marcia Frangione
Alaska Malamute Mix 13 years 09/97 Chandra Halpin
Alaska Quarter Horse 04/01/10 Sam
Alaska Russian Dwarf Hamster 11/15/99-12/31/99 Jillian Cutright
Alaska Samoyed 01/01/97-08/24/09 Yvette
Alaska Silent Whisper Siberian Husky 7 years 07/25/07 Thomas Himinez
Alaskan Cat Siena
Alaskan Malamute mix 05/26/93-11/01/01 Carrie
Alaskan Snow Alsatian 13 years 02/16/09 Murad Syed
Alatar Starling 05/87-03/10/04 Rich & Kelli Kersell
Alazai Pitbull 08/23/11-05/21/12 Christine
Alba Bichon Frise 22/11/11 Zaira, Marco, Susy, Murray
Alba Dog Val's Mum
Albany White and Grey Tabby Cat 04/03/05-08/10/05 Terri Stone
Albee 07/19/88-03/09/99 Jim
Albee Domestic Gray Rabbit 7 3/4 years 12/14/11 Colleen A. Williams
Albee Jack Russell 02/28/98-12/09/05 Amie Haiz
Albee White Short Hair Cat 04/01/00-08/25/04 Jim Swanson
Albert - Albert Theodocious the Brute Pembroke Welsh Corgi 11/07/96-01/11/10 Susan, Gil, and David Morgan and Cameron McConnell
Albert (Al) Beagle/German Pointer 06/15/89-09/05/01 Jo Ann & David Kinane
Albert (Alby) Calico Cat 01/02/06-12/12/06 Jennifer M
Albert (brother to Richie) DSH Cat 02/97-02/23/11 Nate
Albert 03/09/94 Patricia Witter
Albert Albino Ferret 10/25/06-08/12/09 Shauna Ryner
Albert Basset Hound 09/08/06 Michael Miller
Albert Beagle 11/20/09 Jenn Hobbs
Albert Beagle puppy 9 weeks 1982 Kelley Shull
Albert Belle Pug 07/07/96-08/26/08 Christine
Albert Bichon 10/90-01/19/06 Stefani and Lou Laporta
Albert Black and White Cat 03/18/90-12/24/07 Sally Patterson
Albert Black and White Mixed Breed Cat 09/18/90-07/18/01 Ken Adams
Albert Bulldog 05/18/06 Cecelia Holman
Albert Cairn Terrier 05/04/91-03/23/07 Norma Ludwig
Albert Cat 04/87-07/31/99 Anna and Mike Wachala
Albert Cat 05/01/95-04/01/02 Amy Bell
Albert Cat 05/82 Jack and Pat Saunders
Albert Cat 06/01/92-08/24/09 Karen
Albert Cat 08/10/94-08/20/99 Kate
Albert Cat 13 years 04/06/06 Marion Warn
Albert Cat 14 months 09/27/99 Dorothy Noble, Aggie and Armond
Albert Collie Mix 1997 Susie Small
Albert Dachshund 01/19/99 Susie
Albert Dachshund 15 years 04/24/89 Renee Cosby and Audrey Johnson
Albert Dog 05/01/94-01/09/09 Susan MacMullin
Albert Dog 10/82-07/02/98 April
Albert DSH Cat 03/03/94-04/23/10 Mark MacDonald
Albert Eclectus Parrot 10 years 07/01/11 Jennifer and James Blough
Albert Eppelheimer Poodle 06/06/97-11/03/11 Janice Eppelheimer
Albert Golden Mix 01/09/92-11/2002 The Fanning Family
Albert Gray and White Shorthair Cat 1986-11/11/00 Deborah Phelps
Albert Grey & White Rabbit 5 years 04/21/01 Carole & Mike Bouchard
Albert Grey Cat 03/29/14-12/19/16 Brenna and Kelly Taggerty
Albert Hamster 2 years 06/02/03 Christina
Albert Hoover Dachshund 01/21/18 Lorraine Hoover
Albert Jacobs Mini Rex Rabbit 6 years 12/10/09 Lisa Jacobs
Albert Lab Mix 08/29/09 Amy Oleinick
Albert Lakeland Terrier 11/05/92-05/10/05 Lesley
Albert Maine Coon...all Black Cat 02/10/04-10/10/08 Lilly Canterbury
Albert Maltese 1991 08/05/96 Heidi Doherty
Albert Miniature Dachshund 10/15/00-09/04/07 David E. Meads
Albert Newnum Silky Terrier 14 years 02/05/06 Nancy Andreasen
Albert Orange Tabby/Short Hair Cat 06/01/91-07/06/10 Carolyn
Albert Pembroke Welsh Corgi 11/07/97-01/11/10 Susan Morgan
Albert Pitbull 02/15/07 Shea Avery
Albert Pomeranian 1996-03/26/00 Paula and Chris
Albert Ross Cat Fall, 1985-04/30/99 Amy E. Hasbrouck
Albert Samoyed 10/04/84-12/29/98 U. Vales
Albert Shih Tzu 10/07/04-05/21/16 Gail Atkinson
Albert Siamese 1984-1996 Mike & Barbara
Albert Silky Terrier 14 years 02/05/06 Nancy, Josh, Jessi and Kellye
Albert Springer Spaniel 05/12/04 Jasmine
Albert Terrier/Pit Bull 06/85-08/15/01 Tamera Minnick
Albert Two Syrian Hamster 04/19/03 Diana Chen
Albert White Collie 12 years 12/02/07 Cathie Haertter
Albert Windsor Tabby Cat 09/28/98 Karen Rosenbaum
Albert, Quince of Quincy Bull Terrier 1991-10/31/02 Robert P. Kirshner and Jayne Loader
Alberta Dog 11/92-05/10/02 Bonnie Glushon
Alberta Rose Tyrone Dalmatian 07/15/96-04/14/04 Fenne Kieken
Alberto Cat 13 years 10/18/08 Lynne
Alberto Cat 13 years 12/28/17 Samuel Bass, Lynda Bass, Faith Bass
Albert's Bonny Fiona West Highland White Terrier 04/25/93-06/02/02 Lois E. Albert
Albertus Cat 1 years 07/07/13 Robin Wells
Albie Albino African Pygmy Hedgehog 3 years 07/29/00 Kim and Bob Roberts
Albie Bichon 11/24/91-01/03/04 Dianna
Albie Kraver Bichon Frise 02/02/96-12/29/07 Harriet Kraver
Albie McNaught Burmese Cat 20/09/05-27/09/18 Barbara McNaught
Albie Mixed Dog 06/13/90-01/30/02 Judy, Louis and Bradley Mogol
Albie Mogol Mixed Dog 06/13/90-01/30/02 Judy, Louis and Bradley
Albie Otis McDonald Miniature Schnoodel 08/15/00-10/10/12 The McDonalds
Albie Pom 11/07/97-08/01/07 Regina
Albin Misko Maltese/Shitzu 05/09/99-11/09/07 Rory and Liam
Albini Mongrel 12/03/95-05/05/03 Richard Sunderland
Albion Cat 16 years 03/21/05 Alexis
Albird Parakeet 6 years 07/19/96 Brad and Marion Hale
Albondiguita (Penny) Chocolate Labrador Retriever 03/01/02-05/13/04 Lynn and Michael Hudson
Albuquerque Basset 02/18/97-02/03/06 Frank & Billie Wilson
Albuquerque Cat 03/19/85-10/04/08 Donna Stern
Albus Netherland Dwarf and English Spot Rabbit 05/11/08-03/24/15 Lisa L Wei
Alby aka Albinator Miniature Schnauzer 07/09/99-02/24/00 Dwight Courange
Alby Lloyd Mixed Breed Cat 02/23/13 Valerie Lloyd
Alby Syrian Hamster 04/10/01 Diana Chen
Alden Standard Poodle 11/01/96-09/08/07 Sandra
Alderbrooke's Nugget Golden Retriever 12/19/99 Eva & Hans Phillips
Aldo Mixed German Shepherd 14 years 05/14/05 Diana De Ronchi
Aldo Shepherd/Lab Mix 08/15/86-03/10/98 Sandra Etzel
Aldo von Sidodadi Haus Pomeranian 11/05/98-09/16/10 Lukas Adam
Aldous Cat 04/05/09 Susan
Alea Snman My Only Brutus Logan Golden Retriever 06/19/93-02/13/09 Kathryn Bullock
Alea Vapors Russian Blue Cat 09/96-07/25/09 Roslyn Bellisario
Aleana Marie Collins Collie/Shepherd Mix 11/06/93-02/28/01 Kevin, Rhonda & Scooter
Alec (aka: Tickle Cat, Ishalish, Lishy, Miss Lish) Tortoise Cat 04/95-07/99 Lisa Edgar
Alec Cat 11 years 10/10/05 Dennis Bliss
Alec Cat 3 or 4 years 05/14/03 Debbie
Alec Cat 3 years 11/25/01 Teddy Davenport
Alec Chihuahua 16 years 14/17/02 Weiling
Alec Cross Breed Dog 01/10 Natalie and Abhishek
Alec German Shepherd 05/27/90-02/14/99 Anita
Alec Guinea Pig 2 years 06/06/92 Lisa
Alec Westie 12/28/09 Leslie Tulo
Alecia (aka Mitchell's Snowy Alecia) American Eskimo Spitz 04/27/92-08/01/02 Joe, Cathy, and Joey Mitchell
Aledo Lab 04/01/11-07/26/13 Annette, Mike and Wesley Kenyon
Alee Lou Brake St. Bernard Mix 07/15/09-01/02/10 Jo and Jim Barake
Alegra Terrier Mix 11/05/12 Gloria Nieto
Alegra's Blue Chip Stock Labrador Retriever Judy Trevino
Alegra's Ciara Labrador Retriever 11 years Judy Trevino
Alegra's Cracklin Rosie Labrador Retriever 15 years Judy Trevino
Alegra's Dancin' In The Dark Labrador Retriever 14 years Judy Trevino
Aleister Cat 05/03/03 Yvonne and John
Aleister Cat 06/26/11 Casey
Aleister Cat 11/15/09 Carol
Aleister Domestic Short Hair Cat 03/01/99-10/04/08 David and Janice Jones
Aleister Jimmy Page Rat 12/25/02-09/05/05 Barbi White
Aleister Jordan Buff Tabby Cat 20 years 12/31/16 Jon Jordan and Kristy Jordan
Alejandra Esteban Terrier 13 years 01/10/07 Pilar Esteban
Alejandrina Guinea Pig 04/96-06/24/00 Marge Lund
Alejandro Manuel Mini Poodle 08/01/80-01/28/94 Pedro & Richard
Alejandro Sable Ferret 06/03/05 Cathy Merrill
Alekey Lou Shi Tzu 10 years 09/04/10 Ron LaPorte
Aleksandra aka Sasha Maine Coon Cat 05/08/00-06/19/06 Donna Pecoraro
Aleksi Leach American Eskimo Spitz 03/05/98-02/27/15 Karen Leach
Alemao Dog 14.02.1985 - 21.04.2002 Patricia
Alenja Dog 09/10/86-11/05/99 Henrik Due Sjørslev
Alenoush my sweet white wave Dog 01/04/12 Gloria
Alesia Tri-Coloured (Sheltey - Collie) 11 years 03/11/05 Gilbert McCraw
Aleta Kitten Leah
Aleta Norwegian Elkhound 02/01/82-12/12/96 Pam and Tom McNamara
Aletta Marie Standard Poodle 05/02/91-02/12/07 Wendy Henning
Aleutia Tucker Red Abby Cat 04/18/10-09/15/11 Dee, Chaz, & Tristen
Alex - Alexandra Bassett Hound 05/05/94-02/04/09 Irma Garcia
Alex - Stevie's Kitty Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/03/76-10/03/07 Patrice Stevens
Alex (aka Pongo) Dalmatian Black/White Patched Ear 10/09/94-05/04/02 Kelly Kennedy
Alex (aka Raspberry Nose) Cat 07/04/98 Alycia Keating
Alex (Albin) Bichon Frise 11/25/93-06/14/03 Mommy, Daddy, Speckles and Daffodil Rose (Peggy & Chris Carter)
Alex (Alexandra Renee) Eskie 08/12/94-04/20/03 Brian and Lynn Irwin
Alex (Big Al) Golden Retriever 12/20/98-01/14/11 Christy, Bill, Briana and Stephanie Walton
Alex (Bubby) Yorkie 07/30/90-04/25/00 John Brezinski
Alex (Chocolate Valentine) Pomeranian 5 years 12/11/03 Loreen Evans
Alex (Doodles) Sheltie 11/07/87-02/25/99 Kathryn Morgan
Alex (JoJo) Pomeranian 01/26/93-08/12/08 Samantha Sharp
Alex (Lexi Lu) Miller American Eskimo Dog 14 years 01/15/07 Maria, Daniel
Alex (Little Buddy) Cocker Spaniel 09/02/88-05/31/03 Kathy
Alex (Little Buddy) Cocker Spaniel 09/02/88-05/31/03 Kathy Waldrup
Alex (Lupina's King Alexander) Yellow Lab 03/20/94-01/18/03 Mary Ann Watson
Alex (our little bear) Belgian Shepherd Mix 12/08/98-08/08/11 Deborah Owens
Alex 02/14/89-07/27/02 Barbara
Alex 11 years 04/97 and Ivan 9 years 11/97 Newfoundlands Scott
Alex 11/03/89-12/06/99 Arlene Williams
Alex 12/02/95 Robin Walker
Alex A.K.A. Big Al Malamute 5 years 02/21/02 Brenda and Eric
Alex Abyssinian Cat 16 years 12/08/09 Tina Gregory
Alex African Grey Parrot 02/96-03/15/01 Catherine Shepherd
Alex African Grey Parrot 1989-10/20/08 Dominique and Sarah Woodworth
Alex Agersborg English Springer Spaniel 12/12/95-11/03/09 Karen Agersborg
Alex Airedale 12/26/992-08/31/06 Janet
Alex aka Alexandria Jean Toy Apricot Poodle 16 years 07/03/03 Sam
Alex aka Baba Cat 19/04/03-25/05/07 Sylvie Lecomte
Alex aka Buppy Japanese Bobtail Mix Cat 08/17/95-02/01/07 Heather G
Alex Alexandra Cocker Spaniel 05/01/90-04/27/06 Alex
Alex American Eskimo Dog 1997-04/11/02 Amy & Sara
Alex American Short Hair Cat 10/02/01-08/13/18 Jackie B
Alex and Alex German Shepherd and German Shepherd/Berner Sennen 1997/09/11 and 1990/03/04-1997 and 1999 Tanya
Alex and Ozzie Beagle Mix Dogs 9 years 10/17/06 Rhonda Goodland
Alex and Zoey Grey Tabby and Britney Cats 15 and 14 years 07/14/07 Kelly Frey
Alex Anker Tiger Striped Cat 08/01/09-03/06/10 Erin and Shannon
Alex Austrailian Shepherd 11/02/90-06/02/03 Karen Gill
Alex Beagle 07/93-03/10/01 Kim Hoffman
Alex Beagle/Cocker Mix 10 years 10/23/98 Jan
Alex Beagle/Shepherd 11 years 10/07/08 Traci
Alex Belgian Sheepdog 8 years 06/26/06 Jeff, Sara and Grace Johnson
Alex Bichon Frise 10/27/85-06/08/00 Darlene Taylor
Alex Big Black Dog Young Dog 08/07/00-07/23/12 Steve & Terri Young
Alex Black & White Cocker Spaniel 9 years 12/23/05 Kathy R. Moss
Alex Black and White Tiger Cat 02/95-07/04/98 Alycia Zaldumbide
Alex Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 06/20/91-12/19/03 Kristen Ness
Alex Black DSH Cat 11/01/89-01/02/05 Lisa & Jeff
Alex Black DSH Cat 13 years 09/05/06 Jayne
Alex Black Lab 02/04/12 The Keslar Family
Alex Black Lab 03/13/00-10/27/06 Bridget & Joan
Alex Black Lab 04/14/91-07/03/06 Si & Denise Moorehead
Alex Black Lab 05/21/92-05/30/06 Carol Mack
Alex Black Lab 11 years 09/30/96 Jill Deming
Alex Black Lab Golden Retriever 16 years 06/03/99 Vik & Skipp
Alex Black Labrador 03/21/83-01/20/97 Sandy Cowles
Alex Black Labrador 06/84-03/98 Pam
Alex Black Labrador 14 years 07/20/05 Adrian and Jennifer Hunter
Alex Black Labrador Retriever 12 1/2 years 03/22/04 Sue and David
Alex Blalock Orange/White Tabby Cat 05/01/98-09/23/99 Kimberly A. Blalock
Alex Blue Point Himalayan Cat 10/06/95-09/25/99 Michelle
Alex Blue Point Siamese Cat 11 years 11/24/97 Rich and Karen Carr
Alex Boner Perkins Beagle Terrier Mix 08/10/94-12/13/08 Staci Perkins
Alex Border Collie 10 years 11/15/02 Megan & Sam San Agustin
Alex Border Collie 15 years 08/08/05 Deb and Stan
Alex Boxer 03/09/97-06/18/99 Annie
Alex Boxer 04/21/95-10/11/06 S. and L. Neff
Alex Boxer 4 years 12/15/08 James J. Worry, II, PA-S
Alex Brandemeir Cocker Spaniel 06/23/90-11/05/05 Elizabeth and Jonathan Fink
Alex Bulldog 9 years 03/03/08 Glenn Ward
Alex Cairn Terrier 01/17/93-04/21/04 LouAnn and David
Alex Calico Cat 14 years 06/04/02 Darla
Alex Calico Cat 15 years 03/01/08 Jennifer M. Daley
Alex Calico Tortoiseshell Cat 14 years 10/02/05 Jan
Alex Cat 01/01/80-04/16/97 Kathy Depew
Alex Cat 01/31/08 Jane White
Alex Cat 03/05/84-01/11/02 Lisa Hindmarsh
Alex Cat 03/2008 Lisahi
Alex Cat 03/99-07/21/07 Susan Crosby
Alex Cat 04/01/96-07/02/06 Connie Crowl
Alex Cat 04/04/90-07/26/05 Andres Zlotsky
Alex Cat 04/20/93-02/02/08 Amanda Ackerman
Alex Cat 04/22/88-08/20/03 Nikki & Paul
Alex Cat 04/98-11/14/98 Scott, Beth, Grace & Anna
Alex Cat 05/16/93-12/02/01 Pamela and Glenn Aveni
Alex Cat 05/2002 Helen Jantos
Alex Cat 05/24/86-12/14/06 Darla
Alex Cat 06/25/94-03/01/11 Clemmer Family
Alex Cat 06/86-02/25/04 Ellen & Steph
Alex Cat 08/10/99-08/04/18 Ryan
Alex Cat 08/20/13 Kelley
Alex Cat 08/23/96-04/06/12 Jenn
Alex Cat 10 1/2 years 09/09/99 Tina
Alex Cat 10 years 12/01/00 Sue Watson
Alex Cat 10/22/14 Leig
Alex Cat 11 years 08/12/99 Karen
Alex Cat 11/04/06 Tom
Alex Cat 11/25/00 Karen
Alex Cat 12 years 01/12/98 Helen Skiver
Alex Cat 12 years 07/25/08 Mary Dutchess
Alex Cat 14 years 04/24/09 Dan & Anita Baker
Alex Cat 15 years 03/29/04 Linda Nail
Alex Cat 15 years 07/05/07 Mary & Bill
Alex Cat 15 years 11/05/10 Charlie and Karen Sherback
Alex Cat 16 years Clsyldy
Alex Cat 17 years 01/05/12 Christine Marley
Alex Cat 2000 Sandy
Alex Cat 5 years 05/29/95 Becky
Alex Cat 5 years 07/13/99 Priscilla
Alex Cat 7 1/2 years 08/07/97 Maria Pendolino
Alex Cat 9 years 02/04/99 Linda and Bobby
Alex Cat 9 years 05/05/07 Susan Dean
Alex Cat 9 years 6 months 07/19/00 Lisa Winsett
Alex Cat almost 9 years 03/94 Michele Schwartz & The Palmisano family
Alex Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Alex Cat Mot
Alex Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 06/09/02-07/10/10 Melissa and Brian
Alex Chihuahua 8 months 07/20/02 Maria
Alex Ching Siamese Cat 05/17/87-11/27/06 Lin Stephens
Alex Chocolate Lab 13 years 02/15/11 Beth
Alex Chocolate Point Siamese Cat 03/31/94-07/03/10 Robin Lynn
Alex Chocolate Point Siamese Cat 05/30/03 Lynn Fletcher
Alex Chow Chow Mom, Dad & Darlene
Alex Chow/Rotweiler/Lab Mix 02/27/95-02/27/04 Nicole
Alex Chow/Shepherd 06/23/11 Tiana
Alex Chow/Terrier 01/31/01-09/28/05 Elizabeth
Alex Cocker Spaniel 01/89 08/23/99 Connie & Gary
Alex Cocker Spaniel 04/02/89-09/10/99 Carolyn DeGroff
Alex Cocker Spaniel 04/05/91-05/07/05 Nancy Alexander
Alex Cocker Spaniel 05/06/00-06/05/03 Laurie Anderson
Alex Cocker Spaniel 08/04/94-10/02/01 Christine Basilone & Brian Treolo
Alex Cocker Spaniel 08/08/93-07/22/06 Deborah
Alex Cocker Spaniel 08/90-06/15/04 Roberta Giordano
Alex Cocker Spaniel 09/17/84-12/17/97 JoAnne Showers
Alex Cocker Spaniel 10/17/72-07/03/89 Pegi, Jim, Carriann, and Jim Isman
Alex Cocker Spaniel 10/17/72-07/03/89 Pegi, Jim, Carrie, and Jim Isman
Alex Cocker Spaniel 10/23/88-03/31/03 Sherrie, Matt, Nathan and Otis
Alex Cocker Spaniel 12/01/98 BL
Alex Cocker Spaniel 15 years 06/30/03 Ken & Cyndi Epplin
Alex Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Collie 03/17/89-01/13/04 The Eterno Family
Alex Cocker-Poo 13 years 01/09/99 Terri & George Bangs
Alex Cockerspaniel 08/16/90-06/15/04 Roberta Giordano
Alex Cocketiel 1997 Vivian
Alex Coleman Cat 09/19/85-09/23/05 Susie Coleman
Alex Collie Mix 10/01/01-05/28/12 Moe
Alex Collie/Golden Retriever Mix 08/01/87-07/23/03 Bill Schulz
Alex Cooley White Golden Retriever 04/06/89-02/27/07 Julie White
Alex Corgi 14 years 19 May 2010 Larry Hughes
Alex Country Cat 04/29/00 I. Marjorie Sisson
Alex Dachshund 02/26/90-05/17/07 Michelle
Alex Dachsund/Spaniel Mix 10/80-06/95 Rebecca Williams
Alex Dalmatian 10/26/94-03/01/07 Robin
Alex Dalmatian 11/20/94-01/19/99 Cindy
Alex Dalmatian 12/92-08/28/06 John J. Hlavaty
Alex Dalmation 01/16/86-04/09/95 Cynthia and Don Zupanec
Alex Dalmation 08/26/96-05/11/99 Tim
Alex Dalmation 14 years 11/10/03 Carol Shaw
Alex DLH Cat 06/95-05/22/05 Dan & Chris
Alex Doberman 05/93-04/11/03 Gayle Browning
Alex Doerflein Shetland Sheepdog 01/15/94-12/13/01 Jennifer & David
Alex Dog 01/02/04 Tammy & Mike
Alex Dog 01/23/01 Christine
Alex Dog 03/25/99 Donna and Rob Ash
Alex Dog 05/26/85-04/27/99 Wanda Blankinship
Alex Dog 08/20/98-01/09/08 Kevin
Alex Dog 11/04/89-12/06/99 Arlene Williams
Alex Dog 16 1/2 years 05/82-10/28/98 Louraine Hanry and Lesa Judie
Alex Dog 1992-2000 Michelle, George, Dominick & Rocco
Alex Dog Terrier Mix 16 years 03/25/99 Rob and Donna Ash
Alex Domestic Long Grey Hair Cat 04/20/94-10/18/08 Melissa Amadin
Alex Domestic Long Hair Cat 03/03/85-01/10/02 Ilene Slatko
Alex Domestic Medium Hair Cat 05/01/95-08/21/97 E Stagg
Alex Domestic Short Hair Cat 01/90-12/27/01 Denise & Ron
Alex Domestic Short hair Cat 04/01/92-04/26/99 Michael C. Hollandsworth
Alex Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/20/90-09/29/08 Nancy
Alex Domestic Short Hair Cat 10 years 07/31/09 Misty
Alex Domestic Short Hair Cat 9 years 06/15/07 Kari Kaiser
Alex Domestic Shorthair Cat 06/01/98-02/13/10 Christine Koumaras
Alex Domestic Shorthair Cat 07/96-04/21/10 Michelle Garcia
Alex Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/01/88-12/02/05 Amanda
Alex Domestic Shorthair Cat 19 years 11/23/12 Jennifer
Alex Domestic Shorthair Tabby Cat 07/25/85-05/16/02 M.J. McCann
Alex DSH Black Cat 07/13/89-08/23/03 Bill Sutherland
Alex DSH Cat 04/13/10 Steve Cpx
Alex DSH Cat 09/10/88-04/08/02 Bonnie
Alex DSH Cat 11/07/92-06/20/09 Stephanie Maglieta
Alex DSH Cat 15 years 12/06/05 Alison
Alex DSH Cat 1989 Marty Thomas
Alex DSH Cat 7 years 09/28/09 Hannah Gregory
Alex Dutch Rabbit Spring 1990-06/04/99 Nancy Morrison
Alex E Von Misery Rottweiler 04/20/92-07/05/02 Teresa Forbes
Alex Egyptian Calico Cat 14 years 10/20/05 Jan Duffy
Alex Elkhound, Husky, Chow Mix 15 years 04/26/10 Cathy
Alex English Springer Spaniel 08/01/96-05/22/09 Doug & Peggy Bradfield
Alex Exotic Shorthair Persian Cat 05/07/97-05/19/10 Andrea Stevens
Alex Farless Border Collie 10 years 01/13/12 Marvin and Geraldine Farless
Alex 'Flooch' Border Collie 04/15/88-11/21/03 Kellie Kirby
Alex Foy Rat Terrier 06/05/89-04/18/08 Nancy Foy
Alex German Shepherd 04/29/98-06/25/10 Stephanie
Alex German Shepherd 06/90-01/22/00 Tina Deaton
Alex German Shepherd 11 years 12/13/11 Shea Bunch & Family
Alex German Shepherd 9 1/2 years 10/22/00 Sandra
Alex German Shepherd Dog 04/02/99 Sarah
Alex German Shepherd/Black Lab 07/29/11 LJ, Steve, Lindsay, Chase, Carson
Alex German Shepherd/Lab Mix 15 years 07/14/08 Joann Roskoski
Alex German Shorthaired Pointer 11 1/2 years 02/14/00 Cindy Vincent
Alex Golden Collie Mix 14 years 03/21/05 Lisle Nolan
Alex Golden Lab Retriever Mix 05/15/09 Georges
Alex Golden Retriever 01/16/95-08/22/03 Lori Schmidt & Jim Anthony
Alex Golden Retriever 02/08/00-07/17/10 Kelly Kaiser
Alex Golden Retriever 04/05/95-03/15/07 Megan Modric
Alex Golden Retriever 04/09/97-11/19/07 Troy and Susanne Langer
Alex Golden Retriever 04/12-90-02/03/03 Ronald Welcom
Alex Golden Retriever 04/1989-04/2003 Mom, Dad, Sara, Bethany and Brad
Alex Golden Retriever 05/19/90-06/07/03 Carol
Alex Golden Retriever 05/19/90-06/07/03 Carol Griffin
Alex Golden Retriever 07/22/93-07/07/07 Mary Lynn Kelley
Alex Golden Retriever 08/12/86-08/13/99 Brian, Gary & Nancy Bowser
Alex Golden Retriever 10/12/90-10/28/00 Brenda Crocker
Alex Golden Retriever 10/14/90-05/24/04 Deb Hall
Alex Golden Retriever 10/19/90-02/04/01 Bobbie Gorman
Alex Golden Retriever 10/24/90-11/04/99 Kelly Harler
Alex Golden Retriever 11/15/87-01/04/02 Nick Olson
Alex Golden Retriever 12 years 08/19/99 Matt DePinto
Alex Golden Retriever 12 years 11/12/05 Ann Black
Alex Golden Retriever 12/04/85-10/20/99 Christy Godwin
Alex Golden Retriever 12/10/03 Patricia Coffman
Alex Golden Retriever 1992-04/06/05 Mitchell and Dana Beaver
Alex Golden Retriever/Lab Mix 09/01/99-01/13/12 Heidi, Bruce, Cullen, and Alisa
Alex Golden/Chow Mix 13 years 04/13/07 Marge & Jack
Alex Grant Chihuahua 02/06/01-03/30/15 Christine, Gary, Andrew and Oscar Grant
Alex Gray Tabby Cat 08/2001-06/06/11 Tara
Alex Gray Tabby Cat 08/87-05/01/02 Teresa Stapelberg
Alex Great Dane 10/31/99-02/16/09 Connie Gold
Alex Grey Tabby Cat 08/2001-26 July 2008 Sarah Sandiford
Alex Grubbs-Harden Tabby Cat 5 years 08/18/04 Marvin Grubbs and Gil Harden
Alex Guinea Pig 08/98 Kimberly S.
Alex Half Rot Half German Shepherd 12/12/96-06/30/09 Lissy Diller
Alex Half Siamese/AlleyCat 05/01/86-06/10/96 Clint & Lisa Ross
Alex Hall Beagle 13 years 08/11/07 Christine Hall
Alex Hallman Miniature Poodle 11/23/03-05/28/18 Brenda Hallman
Alex Hamster 01/08/10 Isaiah Wright
Alex Hamster 08/20/98 AJC
Alex Himalayan Cat 02/24/11 Lindsey
Alex Himalayan Cat 04/24/91-12/29/07 Monique
Alex Hound 12/20/02-11/14/13 Tami and Paul
Alex Hound 13 years 01/14/08 Mark Bland
Alex Hunter Labrador Retriever 05/18/01-01/22/09 Scott Hunter
Alex Husky 15 years 08/15/03 Mark D. White
Alex Husky Mix 03/03/95-04/29/08 Heidi Wills
Alex Italian Greyhound 14 years 09/06/07 Van Robinson and Glenn Lezon
Alex Italian Greyhound 14 years 10/13/02 Meredith Manning
Alex Jennifer Maltese Mix 16 years 12/23/10 Sharon
Alex Keeshond 02/15/90-09/08/05 David and Vesna Swift
Alex Keeshond 06/06/96-12/06/11 Laurie and Craig
Alex Kelpie Mix 10 years 02/23/09 Mike and Sara
Alex Kitten 09/08/05 Debbie
Alex Lab 11 years 12/18/98 SAllwoods
Alex Lab 14 years 02/26/01 Jeanette and Robert Kingins
Alex Lab Mix 02/92-07/19/02 Mike, Heidi, Jerry and Alexander
Alex Lab Mix 9 1/2 years 01/29/99 Renu
Alex Lab/Boxer Mix 14 years 08/04/01 Dawn & Ken Urbanczyk
Alex Lab/Retriever/Shepherd Mix 09/21/93-02/22/08 Eduardo Fernandez
Alex Lab/Shepherd/Great Dane Mix 01/01/86-06/21/99 Anne
Alex Labrador 04/07/17-01/14/18 Marie
Alex Labrador 10/12/91-12/12/07 Art Walsh
Alex Labrador Retirever/Mix 09/87-12/23/97 Denise
Alex Labrador Retriever 03/17/82-09/20/95 Carla M. Eagler
Alex Labrador Retriever 05/12/95-02/14/08 Nan, Gary
Alex Labrador Retriever 1984-03/02/98 Pam Doedli
Alex LH Calico Cat 11/04/00 Pat Crawford
Alex LH Red Tabby 09/23/78-03/09/95 Cheryl Healy
Alex Lhasa Apso 07/01/88-02/19/05 Arnetta Lybrook
Alex Lhasa Apso 07/23/91-10/06/08 Deborah-Rose
Alex Lhasa Apsos 07/15/85-08/14/99 Rene'
Alex Lhaso Apso 10/28/88-08/21/01 Chris Ann Black
Alex Long Haired Domestic Cat 07/04/87-07/20/04 Jessica Kitzinger
Alex Loomos Orange Tabby Cat 08/90-09/22/03 Nikki
Alex Lorakeet 2 years 12/29/12 Jade
Alex Maine Coon Cat 04/30/06 Billie
Alex Maine Coon Cat 05/08/00-12/25/14 Donna Pecoraro
Alex Maine Coon Cat 06/2003 Fredi
Alex Maine Coon Cat 08/16/16 Pamela B
Alex Maine Coon Cat 11/11/91-01/20/04 Joe & Alan
Alex Maine Coon Mix Cat 2 1/2 years 08/2006 Patty Brandt
Alex Maine Coon Mix Cat 4 years 04/29/12 Kip Shows
Alex Maltese 03/20/92-04/20/04 Roxanne
Alex Maltese 07/21/03-01/17/12 Gwen Weddington
Alex Maltese 08/29/86-07/15/01 Kris & Steve
Alex Maltese 09/09/96-02/19/07 Diane
Alex Maltese 10/19/99-07/30/05 Sherri & Walt Hicks
Alex Maximillion Pickel Golden Retriever 08/06/99-06/17/07 Dean & Carol Pickel
Alex McCalyne Golden Retriever 03/26/92-10/30/03 Cindy McCalyne and Dave Flaugher
Alex Michael Golden Lab 01/01/90-07/04/00 Mary Anne and Dan
Alex Michelle Golden/Shepherd 06/20/89-06/09/02 Deb
Alex Miller Bichon 01/09/92-04/11/08 Joey and Vicki Miller
Alex Minature Schnauzer 02/15/96-07/23/03 Fran Hitchcock
Alex Miniature Dachsund 8 years 02/04/98 Ashley
Alex Miniature Pinscher 10 1/2 years 08/18/04 Laurie Ortiz
Alex Miniature Pinscher 10/25/94-08/18/04 Laurie
Alex Miniature Schaunzer 05/31/91-07/24/03 Kakki & Darrell Bird
Alex Miniature Schnauzer 15 years 04/06/97 Jules DeSimone
Alex Mix Dog 1982-07/27/94 Pat Riebesel
Alex Mixed Bulldog 1989-12/17/05 Steve Green
Alex Mixed Dog 07/10/92-12/11/05 Phil Lloyd
Alex Mixed Dog 12/99-05/25/09 David Meyer
Alex Mixed Dog 15 1/2 years 07/23/06 Robin, David, Beth, Adam, Tom, and Buddy
Alex Moreton Bearded Collie 22nd April 2009 Carl Moreton
Alex Neff Boxer 04/21/95-10/11/06 S. Neff
Alex Orange Cat 9 1/2 years 11/28/99 Bill and Lynn Sullivan
Alex Orange Tabby Cat 05/01/97-04/05/03 Robert Weaver
Alex Otto & Carrie Ottop Dog 04/24/98 & 01/20/00 to 03/23/12 & 04/06/12 Andrea & Leslie
Alex P Keating Yorkie 11/04/06 Deborah Feegel
Alex P. Kitten American Shorthair Cat 03/02/93-11/04/07 Marta May
Alex P. Kitten Domestic Medium Hair Cat 07/10/03-08/18/04 Nathan & Stephanie Hartopp
Alex P. Kitten Rotherforth Cat 03/17/89-01/06/02 Robin R.
Alex Parrot 2 years August 1994 Mimi
Alex Peckford Cat 13 years 10/10/12 Cindy
Alex Peke 11 years 08/01/00 Kelly S. and family
Alex Pekingese 12 years 07/17/95 Patricia Morton
Alex Pembroke Welsh Corgi 06/04/94-09/11/04 Michelle
Alex Pembroke Welsh Corgi 09/18/84-12/09/97 Judy and David Descutner
Alex Perez Domestic Long Hair Black and White Cat 9 years 08/07/04 Ryan
Alex Phillip (Scott) Collie 14 years 11/28/00 Craig Ronan
Alex Pit Bull Terrier Runt 09/20/99-10/03/09 Nancy, Sydney, Brian and Theresa
Alex Pomeranian 14 years 04/10/06 Susan Lopez
Alex Pomeranian 16 years 05/27/09 Jennifer
Alex Pomeranian Marian & Michael Hood
Alex Poodle 02/05/98-08/24/09 Sue & Randy
Alex Poodle 02/14/90-05/06/04 Frank
Alex Poodle 07/19/89-03/20/06 Sherry Seymour
Alex Poodle 15 years 01/26/04 Kenny Burrow
Alex Ragdoll Cat 07/01/89-06/16/06 Sherron Laurrell
Alex Rat 05/05/05-07/21/08 Branette Shelby
Alex Rat 2 1/2 years 08/08/02 Hannah Freeman
Alex Rat Terrier 03/12/96-01/06/11 Robi
Alex Rat Terrier 06/17/10 John & Deanna Fenlaw
Alex Rottie 6 mo. 05/98 Jan Arlene Elizabeth Reynolds
Alex Rottweiler 02/21/97-05/13/05 Lisa Gorzelany
Alex Rottweiler 04/01/89-30/03/95 Cicci Henriksson
Alex Rottweiler 05/09/96-03/07/05 Laura Justice
Alex Rottweiler 08/10/94-01/26/01 Clint & Terryann
Alex Rottweiler Carol Mitchgander
Alex Rottweiler-Labrador 12/01/96-10/22/08 Jim Boitano
Alex Russian Blue Cat 03/07/86-06/03/02 Denis Sanders
Alex Samoyed 11/12/88-08/28/01 Rick and Karin Lowman
Alex Scottish Terrier 09/27/06-10/02/13 Lindy Garrard
Alex Scottish Terrier 11/20/86-10/09/98 Laura M Mallon
Alex Scottish Terrier 12 years 10/09/98 Laura
Alex Sheltie 04/09/91-03/01/05 Pam
Alex Sheltie 08/10/87-06/07/02 Jim & Julie Buckler
Alex Sheltie 10/31/99-01/09/06 Hank Ellithorpe
Alex Sheltie 12 years 03/13/07 Carol Lair
Alex Sheltie 12 years 05/07/98 Jim and Cheri Garrett
Alex Sheltie 12/18/95-12/16/08 Rick, Becky and Jesse
Alex Sheltie Collie 1988-10/29/99 Barbara Sue
Alex Shepherd Malamute 09/02/92-06/01/06 Chris Tooley
Alex Shepherd Mix 1989-01/24/03 Lynn Walsh
Alex Shepherd/Box Mix 10/31/97-04/01/09 Lori, Allen and Mary
Alex Shetland Sheepdog 07/05/90-01/26/99 Pam Willis
Alex Shih Tzu 02/24/06 Allison
Alex Shih Tzu 08/16/04-08/18/16 Cynthia Panelas
Alex Shih Tzu 10/28/94-11/25/08 Susan Martin
Alex Shih Tzu 11 years 07/10/09 Lucinda
Alex Shit-Zu 12/95-04/17/09 Sandy Vanvliet
Alex Short Hair Cat 18 years 12/13/10 Aly & Adam
Alex Siamese Cat 11/18/87-12/27/98 Karen Kennedy
Alex Siamese Mix Bobby Anderson
Alex Siamese Mix Cat 04/2005 Valerie Crawford
Alex Siberian Huskey 11 years 04/23/04 Mike Lingenfelter
Alex Silver-Shaded Persian Cat 10/03/92-07/16/10 Amanda Devine
Alex Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier 11/26/98-06/08/06 Tracey Dilella
Alex Stallworth Shitzu 03/12/93-05/02/04 Felicia
Alex Standard Poodle 13 1/2 years 04/15/06 Jill and Alan Isaacs
Alex Sussex Spaniel 06/12/92-10/22/00 Jackie Jozwiak
Alex T Domestic Mix Cat 10/16/92-04/11/08 Denise & Keith
Alex Tabby Cat 03/04/99-07/16/07 Elizabeth and David
Alex Tabby Cat 06/01/03-06/19/08 Sean Beckettg
Alex Tabby Cat 09/20/85-10/04/02 Jill
Alex Tabby Cat 15 years 04/09/05 Chris
Alex Tabby Cat 1998-12/07/08 Torrance Bartholomew
Alex Terrier Mix 4 years 12/05/98 Eric
Alex The Greatist Dachshund 7 1/2 years 02/27/10 Patty Pietu
Alex Thoroughbred Horse 27 years 05/01/09 Mike, Mary, and Laura
Alex Timmons White German Shepherd 06/15/01-10/06/12 Cheryl
Alex Torbie DSH Cat 17 years 12/18/02 Marie
Alex Toy Poodle 02/20/97-02/21/13 Natoma
Alex Tuxedo Cat 2001-02/24/16 Linda
Alex Wallace Cocker 11/14/94-09/15/00 Marilyn
Alex Weimaraner 10/23/87-01/17/98 Jackie
Alex Wells American Eskimo/Spitz 12 years 07/03/02 Martha
Alex West Cat 03/23/09 Sheila West
Alex Westie 04/19/00-04/29/13 Marlene
Alex Wheaten 08/22/98-04/28/11 Lucy
Alex Wheaton Golden Retriever Mix 07/25/99-08/31/06 Kimberly Mason
Alex Whippet 04/15/93-10/01/04 Chirleen Michelini
Alex Whippet 05/02/97-11/29/02 Andrew Morkunas
Alex Whippet 26/04/04-11/01/05 Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen
Alex White Cat 16 years 07/28/06 Sherry Steely
Alex White Poodle 07/11/86-08/15/02 The Browning family, Lynda Browning
Alex Yellow Lab 05/28/89-12/26/03 Lorie Chrzanowski
Alex Yellow Lab 10/11/94-08/19/02 Victoria
Alex Yellow Lab 11/02/08 Kerry Watterson
Alex Yellow Lab 11/12/96-05/12/11 Lee Ann
Alex Yellow Lab 12/21/89-02/10/00 Cindy Jones
Alex Yellow Lab 8 years 01/11/04 Dencie, Cam, Court, Cody, Blakely, Ashford, and Coco, Goldie, Callie, Dudley
Alex Yellow Lab Mix 7 years 07/05/99 Mary Anne/Alaska
Alex Yellow Labrador 07/22/92-05/02/04 Amy Copeland
Alex Yellow Labrador Retriever 06/29/00-01/24/05 Ileana Georgerscu
Alex Yellow Labrador Retriever 06/29/00-01/24/05 Ileana, Raluca, Dan si Crisan Georgescu
Alex Yorkie 01/28/95-08/22/08 David and Jean Holmes
Alex Yorkie 04/19/92-07/26/05 Kim Coffin
Alex Yorkie 07/08/86-03/31/02 Natalie and David
Alex Yorkie 08/27/00-01/21/12 Rikki Waldren
Alex Yorkie 1 1/2 years 04/21/93 Suzan Beck
Alex Yorkshire Terrier 01/01/96-05/12/11 Stephanie Glassburn
Alex Yorkshire Terrier 02/96-10/15/10 Chris Torre
Alex Yorkshire Terrier 18 years 04/29/04 Joanne Hale
Alex Zovko Maine Coon Cat 8 years 10 days 01/11/08 Chuck & Jamie Zovko
Alex, aka Mr. Bugle Beagle 05/23/89-06/20/05 Chuck & Jan Gameros
Alex, Lena, Minx Yorkies 8, 13, 12 years 1998 Bob and Ann Gustin
Alex, my little buddy Ferret 01/2005-07/27/11 Wendy
Alex/Alexandra Malamute/Cocker Mix 09/90-08/01/05 Don & Shannon Vanderworken
Alexa Cat 07/2002-02/28/03 The Wadsworth Family
Alexa Dalmation, Border Collie Puppy 06/11/00-11/19/02 Rachelle
Alexa Dog 17 years 10/04/99 Leora
Alexa Himalayan Cat 09/13/95-06/17/05 Yvonne M. Spencer
Alexa Persian Chincilla 11/23/90-08/25/00 Jeff
Alexa Pomeranian 02/13/04-05/24/12 Jenna
Alexa Poodle 02/07/07 Rebecca
Alexa Prissila Lab/Aussie/Chow 12/25/01-07/30/16 Janie and Anna
Alexa Rae Lexi Snoodle 03/20/86-10/16/05 Nancy
Alexa Rottweiler 06/30/95-04/18/08 Dianne
Alexa Scottish Terrier 12/28/73-08/02/88 Marsha W. Campbell
Alexa Snowball Maltese 07/04/91-06/12/06 Jane
Alexa Yorkshire Terrier 14 1/2 years 11/24/09 Dick and Patty Krebs
Alexander - My Love Cat 2000 Carol
Alexander (Alex) Cat 08/30/90-07/10/00 Donna Webb
Alexander (Alex) Cockatiel 20 years + 11/14/06 Nancy Mendoza
Alexander (Alex) Nathaniel Miniature Schnauzer 06/18/95-06/04/07 Steve, Karen, Kristen and Kaden Borggraefe, The Lanini's, The Morgan's and The Werner's
Alexander (Alex) Shaw English Springer Spaniel 09/22/96-06/26/09 Janet Shaw
Alexander (Alex) Tabby 15 1/2 years 10/14/96 Cindy Thomas
Alexander Abby/Bengal Cross Cat 11 years 04/23/07 Karen Hoth
Alexander Addario Persian Cat 9 years 12/31/05 Inge Addario
Alexander American Shorthair Cat 14 years 06/01/04 Parker Childers
Alexander Andame Dalmation 04/09/91-12/12/02 Chuck Wilson
Alexander Baron Von Woods aka Alex German Shepherd 11/15/99-06/18/04 Cindi and Alisha Anttila
Alexander Bear Golden Retriever 07/22/96-01/20/07 Marge Grybel
Alexander Black American Shorthair Cat 03/1990-04/07/00 Leda
Alexander Budgie 05/02/97-05/11/04 Kristi Duncan
Alexander Bunny 08/21/05 Jen
Alexander Cairn Terrier 10/16/92-08/06/05 Jennifer E
Alexander Caseys Curiousity Yellow Lab 08/10/92-02/25/06 Scott & Beth Frank
Alexander Cat 06/20/87-10/09/00 Julie Lassiter
Alexander Cat 11/22/09 Mary Righos
Alexander Cat 12 years 01/18/05 Barbara and Michell
Alexander Cat 12 years 02/96 Meredith Culp
Alexander Cat 15 years 04/17/97 Susan Hoff
Alexander Cat 1994-07/13/09 Steve & Barbie Goodman
Alexander Cat 2 years 07/25/08 Adriana Lortia, Judith Chambers, Christpher Chambers
Alexander Cat 5 years 03/24/97 G. Sykes
Alexander Cat 5 years 1969 Barbara Pietrowiak
Alexander Cat 8 years 11/12/08 Flo Aiken
Alexander Cat Cousino
Alexander Cat Marian
Alexander Charlemagne Abyssinian the Great Abyssinian Cat 09/30/08 Katherine Malmquist
Alexander Chewalot Cocker Spaniel 14 years 10/20/01 Cindy & Bill Noyes
Alexander Christmas Cocker Spaniel 10/19/03-04/12/08 Dorene Conway
Alexander Cocker Spaniel 12/04/97-01/12/02 Barbara Fortin
Alexander Davis Dandie Miniature Schnauzer 12/13/95-04/26/11 Gayle Frevert
Alexander Dog 12 years 07/14/99 Anjeal
Alexander Domestic Cat 18 years 11/01/06 Jamie Vokes
Alexander Domestic Short Hair Cat 09/21/99-04/25/16 Joe and Patty Evitts
Alexander English Springer Spaniel 10/07/96-07/25/07 Leigh Ann Rassler
Alexander Flame Point Himalayan Cat 07/11/88-01/19/09 Patricia McNally
Alexander Ginger Tabby Cat 12 years 01/26/99 Allison
Alexander Graham Labrador 11/13/07-03/17/08 Joan Bennett
Alexander Graham Pusswinkle Maine Coon Cat 04/25/92 12/27/02 Carolyn van Heerden
Alexander Grey & White DSH Cat Spring 1976-Summer 1988 Paula & Ron Courchaine
Alexander Himalayan Cat 09/20/96 Tricia
Alexander Himalayan Cat 10/10/90-03/24/99 Adam Langhorne
Alexander Jackson Beauregard Dachshund 11 years 06/10/09 Todd Owens
Alexander Jay Boxer 12/28/90-04/19/99 Denise Phillips
Alexander Leuin Lab 04/20/95-03/08/08 Jennifer Leuin
Alexander Lhasa Apso 08/08/88-09/07/01 Peggy Blake
Alexander Lhasa Apso 08/30/85-10/27/99 Jack and Karen Spicer
Alexander Long Hair Cat 06/20/94-07/08/10 Mo Cowan
Alexander Long-haired Gray 03/83-06/11/96 Elizabeth Brown
Alexander Louis George Standard Poodle 04/14/97-11/21/03 Sharl Alexandria Elise St. John
Alexander Louis George Standard Poodle 04/14/97-11/21/03 Sharl St.John
Alexander Macduff Damascus Keeshound 14 years 05/27/99 Kristin Szilagyi-Little
Alexander MacKenzie Goldfish Scruffy and his family
Alexander Maine Coon Cat 09/26/93-05/14/13 Mary
Alexander Maltese 03/25/94-08/07/09 Rebecca Truden
Alexander Maxwell V English Cocker 05/24/92-04/07/06 Connie and Bob
Alexander Mini- Dachshund (Black & Tan) 06/20/92-01/16/08 Jeff Smith
Alexander Mixed Breed Persian Cat 12/02/90-12/07/98 Gary & Vicki Kertz
Alexander Persian Cat 03/29/89-04/05/03 Tracie Coole
Alexander Persian Cat 04/11/95-04/09/99 Lori
Alexander Pookie (Alex) Bichon Frise 10/27/85-06/08/00 Darlene Taylor
Alexander Scottish Terrier 08/30/90-12/05/02 Lynn, Alan, Melanie & Jenn
Alexander Sebastian Balzac Border Terrier 04/28/84-02/01/97 Tom Chalko
Alexander Sebastian Maine Coon Cat 10/30/79-08/15/83 Ramona Breen
Alexander Shih Tzu 11 years 11/20/01 Tonya & Bob Demirjian
Alexander Siamese - Maine Coon Mix Cat 03/01/02-12/19/12 Lisa
Alexander Siamese white Jersey Wooly Rabbit 2 years 3 months 04/17/98 Michele and Tony
Alexander Stewart Cat Persian Cat 20 years 03/20/08 Joan Potter
Alexander the Great aka Alex Westie 12/94-05/2008 Vickie
Alexander The Great Cat 04/2000 Rachel
Alexander The Great Finn West Highland White Terrier 10 years 02/16/04 Kelly
Alexander The Great Kundima Lubka Cornish Rex Cat 07/15/97-08/23/09 Dawn Beth Katrina Lubka
Alexander the Great Maine Coon Cat 18 years 10/27/10 A.C
Alexander The Great Samoyed 09/26/07 Bates Family
Alexander The Great Von Kern Rottweiler 02/09/97-10/29/07 Megan Bradley
Alexander Tonkinese Cat 12 years 08/27/14 Sarah E. Smallwood
Alexander Tuxedo Cat 12/07/11 Nancy Rifkin-Maggio
Alexander Valentine Shih-Tzu 14 years 08/26/04 Arnie and Sue
Alexander Walsh Labrador Retriever 02/97-02/12/10 Jane Walsh
Alexander White Himalayan Cat 12 years 11/26/02 Lora Hayes
Alexander Willison Flame-Point Cat 15 years 05/17/05 Craig, Laurel, Bree, Brittany, and Matt
Alexander Yorkshire Terrier 02/01/94-03/27/10 Dana Martin
Alexander Yorkshire Terrier 02/16/96-01/08/09 Diane Jaquay
Alexander, aka Big Kitty Domestic Long-Haired Tabby Cat 02/01/93-06/05/07 Valerie Fuller
Alexanders Chocolate Moose Lab 5 years 06/07/95 Susan Bob
Alexandra - Alex Domestic Long Haired Cat 06/21/01 Bridget Dupont
Alexandra (A.K.A. Missy Alex) Harlequin Calico DSH Cat 05/85-04/10/02 Shirley Jones
Alexandra (Alex) Butterscotch Golden Retriever 13 years 10/19/04 Morey, Kathy, Karen & Laura
Alexandra (Alex) Guinea Pig 05/00-10/29/01 Sandra, Denis, Ryan and Jaime
Alexandra (Allie) English Cocker Spaniel 11/04/93-07/25/05 Janet Cull
Alexandra (Allie) Scottish Terrier 11/01/03-12/02/13 Sandra, Sandra, Chris, Cassidy and Ozzie
Alexandra Alexis aka Bubby Dog 14 years and 11 months 08/01/05 Shannon and Donald
Alexandra Bichon Frise 08/11/01-04/28/07 BJ and Hank
Alexandra Calico Cat 07/25/85-03/24/02 Jane
Alexandra Calico Cat 10/15/90-04/21/03 Matt and Beth Dubin
Alexandra Calico Cat 12/26/03 The Miller Family
Alexandra Calico Cat 14 years 05/28/05 Sunny Anderson
Alexandra Cat 1 1/2 years 05/17/11 Ragnheiður Gunnarsdóttir
Alexandra Cat 10/14/88-05/02/08 Ann
Alexandra Domestic Short Hair Cat 14 years 03/21/05 Valerie Kellers
Alexandra Elizabeth Ann Sable Burmese Cat 17 years 02/19/99 J Fount
Alexandra Grey Tabby Cat 04/10/86-04/08/05 L.R. Blakely
Alexandra Grey Tabby Cat Mary Johnson
Alexandra Hairless Rat 2+ years Evie Fieseler
Alexandra Himalayan Cat 07/28/03 Diane V
Alexandra Isabella Grace Neal - Ali Rottweiler 10/06/06-12/13/17 Jeff & Leesa Neal
Alexandra Long-Haired Black Cat 01/05/85-01/23/01 Chris Carbone
Alexandra Mein Leibschen Vizsla 5 years Bob Nagel
Alexandra Mixed Cat 1972-1982 Ramona & Cecil Turner & Lyssa Turner
Alexandra Mutt 08/86-08/98 Mark A. Safron
Alexandra Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 11/17/11 Krissy
Alexandra Rottweiler 01/22/90-06/06/02 John & Kathy Trotta
Alexandra Russian Blue Cat 13 years 11/12/03 Teresa
Alexandra Siberian Husky 04/03/01-12/25/10 Mary Ellen Forrest
Alexandra Siberian Husky 10/25/94-03/24/01 Ellen Schafer
Alexandra Snyder German Shepherd 04/27/96-01/21/06 Judy Snyder
Alexandra Spotsalot (Alex) Dalmation 03/01/07 Robin
Alexandra Standard Poodle 02/29/96-02/07/10 Judith Guertin
Alexandra Tortice Cat 16 years 09/30/09 George & Angie
Alexandra Tuxedo Cat 10/02/93-11/17/09 Jennifer & Daniel
Alexandra's Baby Russian Blue Kidden 05/97 Tricia
Alexandria (Alex - Fat Cat) Cat 19 years 04/23/05 Sara & David
Alexandria (Alex) Sheltie 05/17/96-04/28/12 Linda Cooper
Alexandria (Alex) Siberian Husky 06/89-03/20/04 Faith Yampolsky & John Renzulli
Alexandria (Alex) Vana Lambert Shar-Pei 13 years 04/13/04 Daniel S. Vana
Alexandria Basset Hound 8 years 06/07/06 Debi Blankenship
Alexandria Blue Sealpoint Cat 8 years 00/05/83 Lew Ross
Alexandria Cat 2 years 05/09/00 Lou Kurdziel
Alexandria Constance (Lexy) Cat 22.3.98, Vickie, Augie, Siani, Chia, Meghie, Toby, and Candi Cleaver
Alexandria E. Pandora Jace - aka Eeyore Rottie 11/07/96-10/26/05 Colleen
Alexandria Eugenia (Ms. Lexi) Bichon Frise 01/08/93-08/14/09 Barb Carmellini
Alexandria Midnight Blue Labrador Retriever 08/16/95-10/27/02 Mike, Jennifer and Abigail Halbfoerster
Alexandria Morgan Zoe Miller Pembroke Corgi 05/24/01-04/14/08 Jen Miller
Alexandria Persian Cat 06/05/94-05/26/10 Kathleen Luciano
Alexandria Pupperoni Bengal Cat 06/16/00-09/06/04 Lisa, Alyssa, & Chantalle Eytzen
Alexandria Ruggirello Domestic Cat 04/15/93-08/20/04 Connie & Steve
Alexandria Siberian Husky 11/31/02-08/26/12 Mike and Erica Robbins
Alexei (Alex) Black and White Cat 03/93-02/2006 Carolyn and Mary Ann
Alexei Eric Goodson Norfolk Terrier 06/22/95-10/20/10 Ruth Elizabeth Goodson
Alexei Shorthair Cat 11/07/08 Debbie
Alexei Thor Moonglow Harris Angora and Redpoint Siamese Mix Cat 04/01/98-03/24/06 Leslie Law Harris
Alexi (Keek) Gray and White Longhair Cat 1985-12/01 Judy Livings
Alexi Black and White Shorhair Cat 06/13/99-09/09/06 Laurie Maxwell
Alexi Dvorakovsky Green Iguana 02/20/96-02/22/07 Lana Dvorakovsky
Alexi German Shepherd 10/09/98-04/28/08 Pat Rigas
Alexi Himalayan Cat 6 years 03/24/95 Mel Rusakoff
Alexi Miniature Schnauzer 11/11/90-06/25/05 Charles Easterday
Alexia Cat about 1 year 04/29/06 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary/Joni
Alexia Catahoula Leopard/Pit Mix 05/15/03-04/22/10 Marcia and Amanda
Alexia Chesapeake Bay Retriever 08/07/93-03/14/07 Jay & Susan
Alexia Manx Cat 1979-05/19/99 Shana
Alexia Rottweiler 11/03/96-24/09/07 Susan & James Wilson
Alexie Brittany 15 years 10/21/09 Sandy
Alexie Cheagle 1 year 11/01/09 Jamie
Alexie Chocolate Lab 06/01/07 Mary Ferrell
Alexis (a.k.a. Tinkers) Cat 09/01/92-11/18/02 Rodd and Diane Wilt
Alexis (aka Lexie) Kenny Black American Shorthair Cat 7 years 08/21/08 Gail, Mike & Michael Kenny
Alexis (Alley-Cat) Beagle Mix 15 years 06/13/07 Nick, Tami & Jenna
Alexis (Big AL) Great Pyrenees 01/27/91-09/17/02 Vicki
Alexis (nickname Alex) Collie Mix 10/02/97-12/14/09 Karen Alexander
Alexis Akita 09/15/95-12/27/07 Evelyn Calgut
Alexis American Shorthair Cat 10/22/91-07/21/04 Mary Pat Conley
Alexis Ann Sheltie 10/12/97-12/20/05 George Eachus
Alexis Blue Heeler/Lab 06/87-03/27/06 Ron
Alexis Border Collie/Shepherd Mix 01/20/03 Carol Trainor
Alexis Calico Cat 04/11/94-01/26/10 Pat Blackstone
Alexis Carrington Colby Arato Salters White American Shorthair Cat 17 years 06/2003 Annie Arato/Artie Salters, Tyger, and Logan Salters
Alexis Cat 01/85-09/14/04 Denise
Alexis Cat 03/01/86-07/16/99 Susan Carroll
Alexis Cat 06/15/94-12/97 Jenny Sanchez
Alexis Cat 10/05/98 Nance
Alexis Cat 15 years 07/12/12 Cassie
Alexis Cat 17 years 06/15/15 Katie Williams
Alexis Chow Chow 15 years 03/03/07 Bruce Anderson
Alexis Cocker Spaniel 04/09/00-12/07/11 Jody
Alexis Cocker Spaniel 10 years 05/18/10 April Lessard
Alexis Dalmatian 05/31/95-05/08/08 Jane and EJ Marines
Alexis Doberman 12/09/80-10/12/92 Neil Webster
Alexis Dog 01/25/11 Jozette Alfeche
Alexis Dog 9 years 07/06/06 Linda
Alexis Domestic Med Hair Cat 05/14/84-07/14/98 Patrick Bonones
Alexis Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/97-09/04/09 A. N. Centaurus
Alexis Fernandez American Bull Terrier 06/15/87-10/16/00 Evie and Alex
Alexis German Shepherd 02/12/94-07/23/08 Betty and Joe Herold
Alexis German Shepherd 9 years 03/17/97 Nancy
Alexis Golden 01/30/97-11/12/06 Linnea
Alexis Himalayan Cat 06/26/90-07/13/09 Terrie Currie
Alexis Himalayan Cat 07/03/92-12/19/09 Lanni McCall
Alexis Hunter Angora Cat 1983-1998 Maria Hunter
Alexis Ivanovich Romanov Ragdoll Cat 03/16/88-12/20/04 Michael T. & Carmen Victoria Hamerly
Alexis Joan Domestic Short Hair Cat 08/04/92-02/18/08 Jen
Alexis King Doberman 06/15/03-02/08/07 Michael D. King
Alexis Lexy D'Avila Sheltie 01/21/96-04/15/09 Theresa D'Avila
Alexis Lion Head Dwarf Rabbit 01/09/08-07/10/15 Christine
Alexis Long Haired Cat 16 years 2 months 07/24/03 Dennis Segura
Alexis Marie Yearington Min Pin Mix 10/01/89-09/13/08 Kristyn Yearington
Alexis Michelle Italian Greyhound 9 years 10/19/00 Reginald and Claudia Barras
Alexis Molly Balicki Shep Collie Mix 03/17/00-10/29/11 Kathe Thomas
Alexis Morgan-Vernon Poogle 03/09/12 Laurie Morgan
Alexis Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 8 years 07/10/15 Christine
Alexis Nickname: Alex Schnauzer 10/18/92-06/30/03 Jenny Taylor
Alexis Noel Watson Lhasa Apso 04/01/93-01/09/07 Erin
Alexis Orange and White Short Hair Cat 10/05/98 Nance
Alexis Pekepoo 11/01/86-01/02/04 Pam
Alexis Pekingese 11/26/85-02/08/00 Linda LaPradd
Alexis Persian Cat 13 years 01/31/06 Stacy
Alexis Poodle 10 years 12/26/95 Tom & Judi
Alexis Queen Sheba Cat 16 years 03/2008 Jon and Tara Baklund
Alexis Rat Terrier 01/98-02/23/07 Heidi & Greg Fulcher
Alexis Rotteiler 13 years 08/24/99 Cheryl Tucker
Alexis Rottweiler 11/21/93-10/08/06 Michael Uslander
Alexis Sheltie Mix 11 years 07/30/01 Christine
Alexis Shep Collie Mix 11 years 09/29/11 Kathe Thomas
Alexis Shiba Inu 1997-08/19/13 Jennifer Miller
Alexis Siamese Cat 01/05/00-04/14/07 Mary Francissen
Alexis Siamese Cat 05/97-05/12/07 Elizabeth
Alexis Uslander Rottweiler 11/21/93-10/08/06 Michael Uslander
Alexis Westie 06/18/97-10/22/10 Richard Pierson
Alexis Whippet 03/17/95-12/30/08 Johannah Layson Hutchens Gage
Alexis White Angora Cat 17 years 1998 Maria Hunter
Alexis Wolf Husky Hybrid 03/10/04-07/19/07 Craig Allen
Alexis Woods Lab/Shep 10/28/96-12/16/10 Ron & Joan
Alexsis Black Persian Cat 04/18/93-01/07/05 Jennifer Wende
Alexsis Lynx Point Siamese Cat 21 years 11/15/03 Beverly Dymek
Alexus Labrador Retriever 12/06/98-05/08/11 Ellen Van Orden
Alexus Wilkes Boxer 8 years 11/01/07 Wendy Wilkes
Alexx Cocker Spaniel 04/16/97-02/10/08 Suzanne Pittsley
Alexzander Montgomery Muffin Fuff Cat 20 years 12/62/17 Anne McDonell
Alf (aka Bunny Love) Corgi 04/05/87-01/24/03 Jamie Robinson
Alf Airedale 02/07/02-06/18/07 Sam and Debra Corpora
Alf Beagle 12 years 01/17/01 Mike and Peggy Kearns
Alf Beagle 4 years 08/18/03 Tom & Judy Buffington
Alf Cocker Spainel 12/06/86-01/05/98 Tracey
Alf Collie, Cocker Spaniel & German Shepherd 07/27/87-11/18/01 Bob & Sandy May, and daughters Peggy & Melissa
Alf Darnell Sheltie 07/04/88-06/03/04 Cindy
Alf DeLelles Yorkie 08/10/15 Carol DeLelles
Alf German Shepherd 01/12/97-10/06/00 Gillian, Denis & Gemma Tripp
Alf Grot Italian Greyhound 02/15/95-07/03/04 Brad
Alf Guinea Pig 04/29/95 Vi Potter
Alf Irish Wolfhound 06/08/89-01/08/99 Tina & Antonio
Alf Robinson (aka Bunny Love) Corgi 04/05/87-01/24/03 Rick and Jamie
Alf Shi-Tzu 01/16/90-10/16/03 David Ward
Alf Spaniel 02/10/05-11/26/07 Julia, Mark & Leo
Alf Westie 02/23/89-12/17/04 James & Lisa Crevier
Alf Wire-Haired Terrier 05/97-12/11/03 Jimmy Browne
Alfa DSH Cat 04/30/01-11/21/06 Dell Harbin
Alfalfa a.k.a Alfie Brindle Skinny Pig / Cavy 2004-06/21/07 Heather M. Bird
Alfalfa Cat 15 years 04/24/95 Phil Nicola
Alfalfa Cockateil 10 years 12/16/02 Pasquale J Severino
Alfalfa Longhaired Chihuahua 12/14/93-11/10/01 DCA
Alfalfa Minilop Bunny 08/10/01 Suzanne Cole
Alf-Cat Calico Cat 20 years 08/25/08 Linda Deegan
Alff Cat 15 years 04/18/01 Joe Hufford
Alfi Doberman 2004-01/03/08 Artana
Alfie (aka Alf, Alfredo, Alfred Chester, My Little Simba) Orange & White Cat 3 1/2 years 02/10/07 Amy, Melissa, Skeeter, Kitty, & Theo
Alfie (aka Mushy) Cat 08/02/09-11/22/10 Simon
Alfie (My Golden Bear) Terrier Mix 07/04/93-04/02/08 Deborah Labruzzo
Alfie (My Love Muffin) Italian Greyhound 10/16/91-04/01/02 Lisa & Jeff Winstead
Alfie African Grey Parrot 28/06/03-30/12/03 Claire Pankhurst
Alfie Akita 05/14/95-03/29/07 Wally Carr
Alfie American Long Hair Cat 12/01/95-08/07/06 Jeanne & Ken
Alfie Australian Terrier 04/96-09/24/01 Jodi Luskin
Alfie Bender Toy Poodle 15 years 09/01/04 Nicole Bender
Alfie Bengal Cat 02/10/11-10/01/11 Yvette
Alfie Blue Merle X Collie 1 year 12/25/08 Sarah, Louise, Harry, Freya
Alfie Boxer 10 years 11/11/97 John Cormick
Alfie Bulldog 8 years 11/07/07 Toni Gibbs
Alfie Calico Cat 1987-05/09/02 Pat English
Alfie Cat 01/22/08 Glynis
Alfie Cat 02/02/03-14/03/06 Driekie & Deon
Alfie Cat 02/16/06 Carolyn Towers
Alfie Cat 04/01/11-12/15/11 Helena
Alfie Cat 08/13/03-02/10/07 Amy G
Alfie Cat 08/13/10-08/18/11 Emily Leggett
Alfie Cat 10/27/17-09/21/18 Amy Thompson
Alfie Cat 13 years 02/16/10 Emma Massey
Alfie Cat 1985-07/24/03 Tracy Fulton
Alfie Cat 21/03/09-17/06/10 Shirley Spalding
Alfie Cat 4 years 04/15/06 Dan & Staci
Alfie Cat 5 years Senecal Family
Alfie Cat 8 years 14/2012 Matthew
Alfie Cat Cat 04/2007-08/09/08 Kate Faver
Alfie Cockapoo 14 years 12/19/02 Diane and Bill Siegel
Alfie Cocker Spaniel 12/13/07-05/30/14 Veronica Halliwell
Alfie Corgi Mix 14 years 08/12/08 Bill and Heidi Coffey
Alfie Dachshund 12/20/04-06/20/18 Kaye Downing
Alfie Dog 02/13/07 Ruth
Alfie Dog 10/02/97-04/12/05 Sylvia Adamson
Alfie Dog Debra H. Brewer
Alfie Domestic Shorthair Cat 12/05/07-02/09/08 Karen
Alfie Double Yellow Headed Parrot 05/18/87-12/18/01 Lisa
Alfie DSH Cat 12/13/06 Ana Haget
Alfie Dwarf Lop Rabbit 05/15/98-09/30/98 Rosalind Spence
Alfie English Bull Terrier 06/07/03-03/03/08 Kathryn Shaw
Alfie Eugene Black & White DSH Cat 02/07/94-05/04/14 Stacy
Alfie Evans Mixed Chow & Setter 03/15/12 Janet
Alfie Fester Golden Retriever 10/05/04 Kaen Fester
Alfie Finn Rabbit 09/13/97-07/23/01 Paula
Alfie Gallus Afghan Hound 13 years 09/10/07 Jenny Gallus
Alfie German Shepherd/Cocker 3 years 07/11/11 Sarah Saunders
Alfie Germen Shepherd 11 years 07/27/09 Evanna
Alfie Godjas Cat 04/11/04-07/30/10 Steve and Gill Godjas
Alfie Grant German Shepherd 8 years 08/24/11 Sandra and Ritchie
Alfie Greyhound 15 years 11/16/06 Sue
Alfie Griffon Bruxellois 18.02.04-22.05.12 Jane
Alfie Johnson Jack Russell Cross Border Terrier 07/18/09 Mandy Johnson
Alfie Labrador 03/09/15 Karen Mollahan
Alfie Labrador 7 years 08/19/95 Liz Deligiannis
Alfie Lee Dilger Blue Capped Velveteen Rat 05/20/11-10/27/13 Jessie & Johnny Dilger
Alfie LH Tortie Cat 25 years 10/23/02 Kaiti
Alfie Lhaso Apso 14/02/12-04/02/15 Alfie
Alfie Lurcher 12 years 10/20/12 Sharon
Alfie Maltese 15 years 04/01/02 Jeanne Helms
Alfie Miniature Schnauzer 04/15/06 Robert Prylinski
Alfie Mix Dog 13 years 11/26/83 AJ
Alfie Mongrel 01/01/90-09/16/04 Allison
Alfie Moon Moggie Cat 16/09/03-01/11/12 Amber
Alfie Orange Tabby Cat 04/12/96-01/27/04 Mommy, Mike and Anara
Alfie P. Tiny Woofer Miniature Schnauzer 02/01/68-11/01/82 Carolyn Eisenhardt
Alfie Poo-Dach 6 years 05/12/86 Roger & Trecia
Alfie Poodle 03/07/68-10/27/81 Henry Dicarlo
Alfie Poodle 14 years 1984 Fern Weinbaum
Alfie Punter Boxer 03/01/08-02/22/17 Laraine Alun and Brian Punter
Alfie Rae Maine Coon Cat 02/01/98-03/09/07 Madeline Backes
Alfie Schnauzer 12/22/11 Julie
Alfie Scottish Terrier 04/05/94-02/26/05 Linda Jordan
Alfie Shih Tzu 08/22/91-05/02/06 Diane & Clarence Huesman
Alfie Shih-Tzu 12/26/88-02/27/02 Joni Carlson
Alfie Shitzu 16 years 05/28/02 Junemarie
Alfie Siamese Cat 16 years 06/01/03 Barbara Avella
Alfie Siberian Husky 01/17/74-09/11/86 Tony and Linda
Alfie Staffy 11/24/05-09/25/07 Kerry & Michael
Alfie Standard Poodle 5 years 09/05/14 Paul Johnson
Alfie Teacup Poodle 11/2002-08/20/10 Jordynn, Brittany & Kim
Alfie Terrier Mix 01/01/92-08/08/00 Karin & Stuart Graves
Alfie Terrier Mix 17 years 07/79-08/10/96 Debra Esnaola
Alfie the Wonder Dog Gryffon Nivernaise 10/01/02 Geddes, Paula and Vita
Alfie Tiger Cat Patty Southworth
Alfie Tortie Cat 05/01/96-10/16/01 Pat and Harvey Senecal
Alfie Tortie Cat 10 years 03/30/97 Cory
Alfie Westie 05/07/03-04/20/05 Rachel
Alfie Yellow Labrador 09/85-07/03/98 Alvina Mathews
Alfie Yorkie 10/30/87-02/21/09 Patty & Lenny
Alfie Yorkie 13 years 10/18/05 Edgar B Sisson Jr
Alfie Yorkie 2001 Cynthia Gregg
Alfiebear Cat 1 year 24/05/10 Nyra Woods
Alfito Beagle 12 years 12/24/09 Diana and Roberto Del Valle
Alfonsin Grey Short Hair Cat 04/23/83-12/18/02 Frank Colley
Alfonso (Fonz) Cat 17 years 01/22/01 Bonnie
Alfonzo aka Fonzibird Cockatiel 21 years 02/11/10 Tanya Boone
Alford (Alfie) Scottish Terrier10 years 07/18/97 Scotti Statham
Alfre Basset Hound 03/09/07-07/28/07 Molly and Mia
Alfred (Alf) Lop Rabbit 3 years 11/13/03 Steph Greene
Alfred Black Labrador Retriever 09/19/87-02/21/02 Craig Stewart
Alfred Blk/Tan Lab/Shepherd/Dalmation Mix 15 years 1996 Lillian
Alfred Buddie Maltese 16 Years Debbie Maiurro
Alfred Bulldog 12 years 07/13/00 Elisabeth Karlin
Alfred Cat 07/13/94-11/11/07 Lennart Linde
Alfred Chihuahua-Shitzu-Maltese 06/01/11-01/06/19 Veronica
Alfred Hairless Rat 2 years 02/11/00 Lisa Marsh
Alfred Lab 09/13/13 Shelly
Alfred Old English Sheepdog 06/17/89-03/28/03 Elisabeth Davis
Alfred Pug 05/20/04-05/23/16 Ann-Marie
Alfred Sheltie/Cocker Mix 11/01/84-11/17/00 Sue Wilson
Alfredo American Cocker Spaniel 06/12/10 Bernal Ch
Alfusha Field Spaniel 02/10/05-11/26/07 Julia, Mark, Leo
Alfy Cat 10/07/05 Patrick Maxwell
Alfy Cocker Spaniel 02/21/92-11/04/07 Nanci Esper
Alfy Dog 13 years 26/09/15 Sujata
Alfy Moonpig Rottweiler 05/31/03-02/12/11 Laura McKeown
Alfy Rat Liz, Michael, amd Kristen
Alfy Standard Poodle 08/2001-12/06/11 Laura
Algae Parakeet 11/01/06-08/20/11 Torrance Bartholomew
Alganon Gray Cat 04/15/77-04/03/99 Susan
Algar German Shepherd 11 years 07/03/05 Shirley Gottschalk
Algebra Cat 04/26/00 Melissa Webb
Algenon Golden Retriever/St. Bernard 03/19/88-04/10/03 Joseph M Nowosielski
Algernon American Cocker Spaniel 05/21/86-04/17/98 Ann M. Cowan
Algernon Cat 07/84-01/06/01 Nadia
Algernon Cat 10 years 08/24/00 Jeannette Gustavus
Algernon Cocker 11+ years Ann Cowan
Algernon DSH Cat 03/31/00-05/20/18 Catherine Palma
Algernon Rat 04/01/08-11/10/09 Yasmin
Algernon Whippet 07/22/97-05/07/12 Melissa Sanchez
Algren Boxer-Bulldog 02/28/01-07/22/11 Linda and John Chase
Ali (Ali Oops; Oopsie Boy, Ali Cat)) Persian Mix Cat 19 years 10/09/01 Samantha Russo
Ali (baby-girl) Golden Retriever 11/09/98-10/17/09 Nancy & Chris Brewer
Ali 17 years 02/22/94 Debra Crain
Ali Alsatian/Collie 11 years 23/05/11 Jody Baxter
Ali American Eskimo Dog 05/30/95-09/26/04 Stefanie Weiner
Ali Ann Grand Shitzu 11/10/91-10/02/03 Alice Wade
Ali Arabian Horse 05/29/99-08/29/00 Kilee and John
Ali Baa Baa Sheep Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Ali Baba and the Shorty Thieves (Miss Al) Black Cat w/ a Tiny White Patch on her Chest 12/13/04-01/06/17 Bethany Irene and Joshua Perry
Ali Bailey Standard Poodle 7 years 80/05/06 Judy, Mil, Miles, Tyler Servant
Ali Bakken Boxer 05/01/96-11/23/04 Jeanne & Kyle
Ali Bias Yellow Lab 03/26/07 Erica Bias
Ali Black and White Tuxedo Cat 06/19/91-08/15/01 Lana
Ali Boomer Siamese Cat 9 years 04/13/10 Theresa Boomer
Ali Boxer 06/09/01-08/03/10 Laura Flores
Ali Boxer 07/14/95-04/16/98 Maryann D. Malinoski
Ali Boxer 08/23/92-10/29/97 Stacy Stafford
Ali Boxer 09/09/02-02/23/09 Jackie Crook and Scott Ferguson
Ali Boxer 10 years 12/14/13 Meghin Pullin
Ali Boxer 10/08/10 Lorrie
Ali Boxer 12/07/01-02/09/10 Bob & Kathy Pastor
Ali Boxer Mix 3 years 03/23/00 Stacy Jones
Ali Boyd English Bulldog 07/21/04-12/05/11 Jeremie Boyd
Ali Bull-Boxer Mix 14 years 11/09/07 Marilyn Van Horn
Ali Calico Cat 10 years 07/10/06 Diane Smallwood
Ali Cat 05/20/09 Carey Deyton
Ali Cat 07/04/97-11/04/97 Jen
Ali Cat 13 years 07/07/06 Penny DeFreese
Ali Cat 13 years 09/30/98 Tony Hertz
Ali Cat 13 years 11/08/05 Holly Ocasio Rizzo
Ali Cat 15 years 10/16/96 Steve and Nicole Bratton
Ali Cat 6 years 08/13/98 Michele & Gary Schwartz & The Palmisano Family
Ali Cat 8 years 01/14/07 A Kopp
Ali Chocolate Lab 08/25/94-09/08/09 Crystal
Ali Cockapoo 11/06/91-03/25/05 Jennifer Bohan
Ali Coonhound 8 years 10/25/11 Mary Birmingham
Ali Crayton Long Hair Chihuahua 16 years 04/29/17 Ayani Good and Kim Crayton
Ali Dog 03/15/84-12/16/99 Linda Sorrentino
Ali Dog 03/15/99-04/10/09 Christina
Ali DSH Cat 15 years 10/23/02 Wendy
Ali English Springer Spaniel 15 years 05/25/09 Linda Rich
Ali Flores Boxer 06/09/01-08/03/10 Laura Flores
Ali Gator Rottweiler 02/15/96-09/07/05 Christina
Ali Gator Westie 10/04/97-08/03/09 Mary
Ali Gavagan Beagle 06/30/13 Jamie Gavagan
Ali German Shepherd 17 August 1997-7 August 2005 Linda Aldridge
Ali German Shepherd 17/08/97-07/08/05 Linda Aldridge
Ali German Shepherd 7 years 7th August 2005 Linda Aldridge
Ali Golden Retriever 01/10/90-01/26/04 Louise Tirrell
Ali Golden Retriever 01/20/90-01/26/04 Louise Tirrell
Ali Golden Retriever 02/23/93-12/14/04 Cathy Davis
Ali Golden Retriever 03/03/04-11/12/14 Fenna Kieken
Ali Grant Cat 1995-08/12/01 Brid
Ali Hagerty Yorkie-Poo 04/14/86-10/09/02 Debra
Ali Haines Domestic Shorthair Black Cat 12 1/2 years 01/03/09 Silvia Haines
Ali Hickman Golden Retriever 3 years 12/26/08 Morrie & Sandy Hickman
Ali Holmes American Staffordshire Terrier 05/01/02-08/01/12 Melanie Holmes
Ali Kitten 5 weeks 06/15/06 Anne
Ali Lab 11/17/00-03/10/09 William LaHue
Ali Lab and Saint Bernard 10/31/94-02/08/07 Nathalie and Shayne
Ali Maltipoo 18 years 12/13/03 Pat & Harvey Hittner
Ali Mini Pincher 08/04/06-10/04/07 Catherine Digno
Ali Miniature Dachshund 07/17/95-31/03/06 Karen Griffith
Ali Miniature Schnauzer 04/15/85-04/15/00 Tom and Joy Julkowski
Ali Miniature Schnauzer 06/28/87-12/17/98 The Wilcox Family
Ali Miniature Schnauzer 12 years 08/11/13 Ed & Bonnie Mays
Ali Mistique Mihalopulos-Belk Boxer 07/23/02-09/16/06 Jennifer Mihalopulos-Belk & Gregory Belk
Ali Mixed Dog 09/08/00-03/08/03 Kevin Cox
Ali Norwegian Elkhound Mix 03/17/93-10/21/06 Mary Beth Williams
Ali Pasha Leopardus Weidii Margay 12/84-10/24/09 Sharon & Alex Contreras
Ali Persian Cat 15 years 05/01/02 J. C. Hodge
Ali Pomeranian 12/08/83-04/06/00 Kay and Don Callander
Ali Rae Yale Fawn Great Dane 07/25/95-10/22/04 Anna, Gino & Gionna Rae
Ali Rae Yale Fawn Great Dane 07/25/95-10/22/04 Gino, Anna & Gionna Rae
Ali Rottweiler 05/18/92-09/03/03 Straughter Family
Ali Sent From Above Boxer 02/27/02-11/05/10 Maxine
Ali Shah Boxer 04/26/97-03/29/11 Tej & Shanon Shah
Ali Shar-Pei 04/21/91-03/28/98 Erin O'Leary
Ali Shih Tzu 13 years 09/04/00 Shana Gaines
Ali Staffi 05/30/04-10/11/05 Nathan Hodge
Ali Standard Poodle 08/09/94-08/12/08 Irene & Vangelis, Athens Greece
Ali Tabby Cat 05/21/95-07/10/06 Caren Bullock
Ali Terrier Mix 13 years 02/13/13 Donna
Ali Turkish Angora Cat 7 years 05/17/97 Karen K. Block
Ali White Cat 11/21/02 Nancy F.
Ali Wiggins Short Hair Calico Cat 03/14/87-07/02/02 Patrice
Ali Yerukhimov Domestic Short Hair Cat 14 years 07/14/08 Maria Yerukhimova
Ali Yorkshire Terrier 1993-05/17/07 Tori
Alia Baby Chihuahua, Fox Terrier 05/21/07-04/02/11 Cherrie, Paul and Darius
Alia Domestic Shorthair Cat 13 years 09/24/05 Sandy Pintaric
Alia Rat 2 years 01/07/98 Johanna
Aliandh Beagle 07/19/11 Jaclyn Spencer
Alias Beagle Mix 16 years 11/22/05 Linda
Alias Cat 12/28/13 Pete Oliveri and family
Alias Cat 19 years 05/09/11 Todd
Alias Cat 2004-05/19/09 Ellen
Ali-Bell Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 04/19/02-03/06/03 Keri Brown-Schember
Alibi Calico Domestic Short Hair Cat 2007-08/01/18 Daniel Clay
Alibi Pug 10 years 12/27/13 Mariangela Mancuso
Alicat American Shorthair Cat 01/06/95-02/26/02 Cathleen Yenchik
Alice Abyssinian Guinea Pig 12/13/09-12/31/12 Daniel F
Alice Angel Akita/Shepherd Mix 07/25/03-02/18/11 Tammy and Richard Rucigay
Alice Ann Persian Mix Cat 15 years 05/2008 Janet Hawn
Alice Beagle 02/03/96-08/09/11 Nancy & Greg Olsen
Alice Beagle 02/06/06-07/01/09 Lori & Debbie
Alice Beagle 12/16/04 Ann
Alice Blue Heeler and German Shepherd 03/01/90-09/22/03 Teena Webster
Alice Bocuse American Long Hair White/Coal Color Cat 07/04/82-11/08/98 Sue Hale-Hayes
Alice Boxer 13 years 04/14/09 Kathy Boote
Alice Bulldog 8 years 21/08/99 Bruce and Brenda
Alice Bunny 04/07/10 Mariam Makatsaria
Alice Calico Cat 04/18/04-03/05/16 Jim and Robin
Alice Calico Cat 09/29/11 Chris McAndrew
Alice Calico Cat 12 years 09/19/00 Niki Sakelaris
Alice Carpenter Gray Short Haired Tiger Cat 03/15/04-05/16/09 Valerie Carpenter
Alice Cat 02/03/14 Sue
Alice Cat 02/19/15 Kristy
Alice Cat 03/13/86-04/14/00 Virginia Summerell
Alice Cat 03/25/95-12/10/07 Laura Steinke
Alice Cat 04/02/91-03/27/01 Andi von Sternberg
Alice Cat 04/30/04 Christy
Alice Cat 04/98-10/26/02 Cindy Weber
Alice Cat 06/10/05-01/09/16 Stephanie
Alice Cat 07/15/99-11/23/16 EKH
Alice Cat 08/01/10-11/27/10 Alexis
Alice Cat 11/20/95 Eileen
Alice Cat 1990-02/10/01 Todd
Alice Cat 2008-21/05/12 Jemma
Alice Cat 8 years 12/02/09 Rob Nease
Alice Cavalier King Charles 06/26/10 Ali
Alice Chocolate Lab 11 years 07/28/00 The Reilly Family and Trixie
Alice Chow Mix 1991-09/30/08 James Miller
Alice Cockapoo 12 years 09/22/03 The Sullivan's
Alice Cooper Beck White Cat 11/22/90-07/09/01 Lissa & Chris
Alice Cooper Cat 12 years 07/19/04 Doty Family
Alice DLH Cat 16 years 04/12/14 Dave and Mitchn
Alice DLH/Maine Coon(?) Cat 4 1/2 years 06/20/04 Phil Setzer
Alice Dog 11 years 04/97 Richard Emens
Alice Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Alice Domestic/Siamese Mix 1975-12/05/88 MJ O'Neill
Alice Dorf Chinese Hamster 2 1/2 years 04/23/11 Kaitlyn Holland
Alice DSH Cat 03/16/98 08/04/98 Janet Greenwood
Alice DSH Cat 19 years 12/06/03 Emily Fragos
Alice Emma Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/2010-12/26/10 Rachel Tingler
Alice English Setter 9 years and 4 months 4th September 2000 Dianne Surrey
Alice English Springer Spaniel 15 years 04/13/02 Peggy and Duncan
Alice Ferret 4 years 11/23/07 Carol Wall
Alice Golden Retriever 12 years 10/27/13 Linda Braxton
Alice Greyhound 02/25/93-01/14/07 Pamela and Fernand
Alice Greyhound 03/07/92-12/12/03 Janet Benard
Alice Guinea Pig 03/26/10-07/17/11 Cassidy
Alice Jack Russell Terrier 1 years 2007 Hailey Freytag
Alice Jack Russell X Yorkshire Terrier 12 years 02/24/04 David Gregg
Alice Jack Russell/Yorkshire Terrier 31/10/94-24/02/04 David Gregg
Alice Kitty 1992-05/13/03 Linda Shoemaker
Alice Lite Out Fast Greyhound 08/21/97-06/11/10 Walter and Sally
Alice Louise Amato Bichon 03/25/99-12/24/14 Al & Ro Amato
Alice Louise Amato Bichon 03/25/99-12/24/14 Albert & Rosemary Amato
Alice Mae Chihuahua 06/18/08 Barbara Jo Hernandez
Alice Mc Chow 10/09/99-08/23/11 Linda Smith
Alice Mini Dachshund 02/18/10-11/14/12 Rachel
Alice Miniature Dachshund 04/92-02/2007 Eddie & Maureen
Alice Mix Dog 03/03-03/11/05 Jenny
Alice Mixed Dog 17 years 02/28/11 Mary Ehle
Alice Mixed Guinea Pig 2 years 1998 Hannah Taheny
Alice Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 5 years 06/12/00 Philippa
Alice Newman Boston Terrier 07/20/01-06/25/11 Kim, George and Stan Newman
Alice Ohlson German Shepherd 03/87-12/03/00 David
Alice Persian Cat 10/16/93-09/25/04 Rich & Jen Sibley
Alice Pug 03/18/97-01/20/98 Kim and Chris
Alice Puggle 01/04/19 Amy Adams
Alice Rat 03/09/10 DeVier family
Alice Retriever Mix 14 years 08/08/08 Julia Garcia
Alice Ridgeback/GSD 9 years 02/27/04 Paul Anthony Harris
Alice Rottweiler 08/08/02-23/10/06 Judith Spooner
Alice Roy Rabbit 09/18/11 Stacey Roy
Alice Ruby Tortie Cat 11/13/13 Cynthia
Alice Schnauzer 03/31/91-12/19/04 Ryan Knipfel
Alice Short Hair Calico Cat 11 1/2 years 06/19/04 Jake and Ellen
Alice Smooth Haired Fox Terrier 15 1/2 years 11/31/13 Barbara and Clare
Alice Springer Spaniel 12/06/02-03/05/15 Pete
Alice Tabby Cat 03/02/07 Kent, Marlinda and Julie
Alice Tabby Cat 11/23/99-02/06/00 Vikki Pollitt
Alice Terrier Mix 07/04/02-12/04/06 Caroline Benton
Alice The Keekee Tabby Cat 19 years 08/21/12 Karen Watson
Alice Tortoiseshell Cat 04/82-06/01/01 Rich Hurley
Alice Velliquette Dachshund 06/13/95-04/11/02 Rick Velliquette
Alice Weimaraner 18/24/88-05/14/04 Jasmine Hopkins
Alice White German Shepherd 02/18/17 Karl
Alice Wolf/Collie/Aussie Mix 16 years 05/04/09 Debra Sievers
Alicia Beth Wright Long Haired Cat 10/87-02/20/08 Mary Jo Wright
Alicia Dog May 1996 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Alicia Domestic Short Hair Calico Cat 04/2006-11/30/11 MaryAnne Carew, Dermot, Deirdre & Liam
Alicia English Budgie 3 years 10/04/03 Bryan Russell
Alicia Moggy Cat 19/10/02-07/11/03 Meg Crawford
Alicia St. Bernard 06/04/89-09/20/00 Val & Glenn Newell
Alicia's Chocolate Valentine Labrador 07/31/02-11/19/08 Katie
Alicinha Poodle 07/15/98-02/23/15 Fabiola
Alicks Scottish Fold Mix Cat 04/25/94-01/22/04 Rhonda Magnotti
Alidas' Mare late 20s 06/2007 Alida
Ali-Dog American Eskimo Dog 08/14/89-01/14/03 Catherine Cole
Alie Reynolds Maine Coon Mix Cat 16 years 06/26/16 Cheryl Reynolds
Alien Baby Mixed Cat 13 years 10/18/13 Laura Turner
Alien Cat 02/09/07 Jac Smith
Alien Cat 08/01/98-05/01/03 Tammy Norrish
Alien Ruddy Tabby Cat 10 years 01/30/03 Sue
Alien Tabby Cat 14 years 10/20/09 Boo Fox
Aliester Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/10/02 Lori & Frank Del Nero
Alife Toy Rat Terrier 04/10/05-06/28/08 Alison
Alijuh Blue Siamese Bluepoint Cat 07/89-11/21/06 Sue & Bill
Ali-Katz Seal Point Siamese Cat 05/25/89-01/31/01 Patrica Fitzsimmons
Alindecaro's Kazam Bouvier Des Flandres service Dog 11/19/80-11/12/92 Rita Hemmings
Alio Chocolate Point Siamese Cat 11/27/94-02/18/12 Judye Daley-Johnson
Ali-Oliver Mister Silkie Snuggles Butts American Pit Bull Terrier 09/11/01-09/07/12 Kel
Alisa (Lisa) German Shepherd 03/05/97-07/01/06 Shannon Hullet (Reuter)
Alisha Belgain Sheepdog 11/24/86-11/12/02 Julie & Lorilyn Bellfy
Alisha Golden Retriever 13 years 1998 Jeff
Alishka Rottweiler 06/25/00-12/19/04 Rhonie
Alison Bassett Hound 05/14/96-02/01/09 Marion & Luisa
Alison Siamese Mix Cat 20 years 08/04/11 Eva and Dan
Alissa DSH Cat 09/05/03-07/11/11 Asifa
Alistair (Ally) Burmese Cat 11/01/00-04/05/14 Heyns du Bruyn
Alistair Irish Wolfhound 08/20/05-01/05/12 Darryl Reilly
Alistair Rabbit 1997-06/26/01 Jennifer Bennett
Alistair Somali Cat 07/02/08-09/22/12 Cat Needham
Alistair Tabby Cat 13 years 07/05/97 Jean Collier
Alistaire Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 1990-05/14/01 Noelle Gresham
Alister Cat 05/01/92-10/01/05 Esther Trozzi
Alister Husky and Lab Mixed 02/28/98-12/31/12 Valerie
Ali-Sun Cat 11 years 06/22/08 Linda Kirby
Alivia Miler Ferret 10/23/05-12/24/12 Orlana Miller
Alix Cat 02/18/87-06/08/02 Heather Aston
Alix Cat Karen Kastler
Alix da Airedale 02/17/88-04/17/99 Katherine
Alix English Springer Spaniel 11/17/03 Mindy
Alix German Shepherd Dog 08/28/82-06/03/97 Sheila Wills
Alix German Shepherd/Coyote Mix 04/05/89-07/12/99 Davena Amick-Elder
Alix Golden Retriever 08/14/94-05/12/04 John and Lori
Alix ODonnell Yorkshire Terrier 04/90-03/22/07 Sheila and Ed Odonnell
Alix Silver Beagle Mix 02/06/86-08/26/02 Lisa
Alix Weicht Tabby Cat 04/09/00-07/18/07 Tim and Pamela Weicht
Alix-Anne Cole Holland-Lop Bunny 10/15/94-02/12/99 Carolyn Marceniuk
Aliyah Pit/Chow Mix 11 years 05/10/10 Michelle and Barry Seymour
Aliyah's Darby O'Gill Australian Shepherd 03/13/99-12/16/07 Laurie & Andrew
Aliyah's Darby O'Gill Australian Shepherd 03/13/99-12/16/07 Laurie Drury
Alize Boxer/Pitt Bull 01/01/98-07/21/06 Lia
Alizé Domestic Short Hair Tabby Cat 07/01/01-04/27/05 Wendy Dressler
Alizé Domestic Shorthair Tortoiseshell Tabby Cat 07/01/01-04/27/05 Wendy L. Dressler
Alize Freitas APBT 08/22/00-01/02/11 Sara
Alize Lab Mix 08/97-08/02/10 The Halter Family
Alize 'Moodgie' Baeza Pit Mix 11 years 06/15/11 Michell Baeza
Alize Rottweiler 11 years 05/01/10 Kathleen Mellen
Alkaia Miniature Australian Shepherd 14 years 09/22/06 Rebecca Lopez
Alki Tennessee Walker Horse 10 years 12/05/08 Lori Keplinger
All Birman X Cat 05/30/09-08/02/10 Shannon Smith
All Horses That Died In Meadowbrook Stables Due To Fire Horses 03/06/05 Michele Gannon
All Many 04/28/01 Patty and Joe
All My Babies Cat, Dog, etc 62-82 Jim Arthur
All My Friends Throughout My Life Dog's and Cat's and Other Critters John
All My Furbabys Dogs, Cats, Horse, Cow 07/05/08 Margie Lea
All My Hermit Crabs Annie
All My Pets Dog, Cat, Birds, Bunnies and More Gabriele
All My Rats Rats 1997-2010 Lotti
All of Mummy Cats and Captains Kittens Mixed Cat 1990's Arathi
All our babies Mix 12/10/17 and prior Joy, Cindy, Lisa, Kelly, Jen, Michelle, Maria
All Our Duck Babies Ducks 09/01/02 The Gailey Family
All Our Loved Ones 2000-2007 Chris and Mark
All Star K (Hambone) Standardbred Horse 04/05/95-02/25/98 Tracy R. Kent-WInter
All That Jazz (Jazzy) Shih-Tzu 12 1/2 years 08/01/98 Stephaie, Lee & Ginny Lee Ruck
All That Jazz Black Lab 08/11/05 Virginia Lambert
All that Jazz is mine Lab 11/23/02-04/23/15 Harriet Frantz
All That Jazz VI Shih Tzu 05/24/90-12/27/04 John & Susan Robinson
All the Animals from CountrySide Shelter Cats Dogs Rabbits 08/99 Rebecca Hargens
All the Distemper infected Shelter Cats Kittens and Cats Aug/Spt 2005 Jamie M
All the Finches Rebecca Pataky
All The Georges Dog 10/13/94 Marie Troy
Alladdin Boston Terrier 12/15/94-01/18/04 Pat Henry
Alladin Black Lab 06/01/93-06/21/07 Greg
Alladin Borzoi 08/30/97-10/16/98 Michelle
Alladin Cat Best Friends Animal Sancturary
Alladin Doberman 10/16/92-01/15/02 Bryan Loucks.
Alladin DSH Orange Cat 10/01/92-01/01/98 Vickie Barnes
Allah Blue Balinese Cat 19 1/2 years 09/29/97 Lisa Redmond
Allan GSD/Former Military Dog 12 years 08/05/07 Mary
Allareff (Ali) Arab Gelding 1968-1995 27 years Sharon
Alle Bichon Frise 02/26/99-06/01/06 Missy
Alle Bichon Frise 02/26/99-06/01/06 Rita Nartowicz
Alle Long Haired Cross Breed Cat 16 years 29/07/07 Saul
Allegra German Shorthaired Pointer 15 years 06/14/91 Orlyn, Heath and Elysia
Allegra Melina Standard Poodle 01/03/89-10/10/01 Nancy Grillo
Allegra Snowshoe Cat 06/30/06 The Buss Family
Allegre American short hair Cat 12 years 02/07/96 Wendy Wincote Schweikert
Allegria (Ali) means bringer of joy Pomeranian 02/15/07-01/06/08 Karen, Glen, Jaymes, Jansina and Aro
Allegro Orange Tiger (Morris) Cat 16 years 09/22/09 Kari
Allegro Sharpei 2002-08/11/07 Barb, Ray, Zack, and Chelsea Zaremba
Alley (Fanfare's Fortunate One) Pembroke Welsch Corgi 07/22/92-04/27/03 Gary Schopp & Family
Alley Alley Cat 6 years 11/23/03 Glenda Scarborough
Alley Beagle 10 years 05/24/12 Arlene
Alley Black Lab 06/04/94-06/21/05 Julianne Eich
Alley Boxer 12 years 2009 David A
Alley Bug Tuxedo Cat 12/01/02-11/04/06 Brett Sandusky and Jonell Gillaspie
Alley Calico Cat 22 years 04/02/03 Maria
Alley Cat 01/01/94-04/20/11 Michele
Alley Cat 03/09/92-04/04/11 Michele & Mark Spiden
Alley Cat 05/03-12/11/06 Tammy
Alley Cat 06/14/98-07/14/99 Anna
Alley Cat 06/15/89-03/15/07 Pat Hulsey
Alley Cat 11 years 05/03/07 Kimberly Leyden
Alley Cat 11 years 10/10/07 Jill Torrence
Alley Cat 12/25/08 Laura, and Kim
Alley Cat 14 years 04/30/09 Carolyn, John, Richard, Chris and Matthew
Alley Cat 14 years 2010 Dale Paxson
Alley Cat 15 years 05/19/00 Shelley Terrill
Alley Cat 18 years (approx) 10/20/09 Anthony
Alley Cat 18 years 24.08.99 Jeane Underwood
Alley Cat 8 years 12/09/06 Paula Schuler
Alley Cat Abyssinian Tabby Mix Cat 01/27/93-02/29/08 Jill Rucker
Alley Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Alley Cat Cat 06/02/10 Sarah Charlton
Alley Cat Cat 07/22/03 Carol
Alley Cat Cole Devon Rex Cat 10/22/13-11/07/15 Gary
Alley Cat Compher Cat 12/19/02 Staci
Alley Cat Persian Cat 13 years 05/2011 Mary Earley
Alley Cat Tabby Cat 06/15/96-02/25/08 Emily Johnson
Alley Dachshund 9 years 09/27/01 Carole Morris
Alley Domestic Shorthair/Previously Feral Cat 10/16/99-10/16/09 Rhonda Magnotti
Alley G Tabby Cat 10/30/97-04/23/09 Elizabeth, John and Petunia
Alley German Shepherd Dog 03/17/92-02/08/03 The Gerlachs
Alley German Shepherd/Corgi Mix 6 years 09/12/02 Mom, Dad, Joey
Alley Golden Retriever X 11 years 12/17/06 Charlotte Shilling
Alley Gray Long Hair Cat 01/15/91-11/20/08 Allison
Alley Gray Tabby Cat 16 years 01/22/05 Bob and Lori Smeby
Alley Grey/Black Tabby Cat 12/27/02 Crystal
Alley Jack Russell 08/29/03-12/25/04 Heather and Jerry
Alley Lynn Rat Terrier 04/16/99-05/16/14 Tamara
Alley Mae Russian Blue Cat 19 years 03/14/18 Julie
Alley Maine Coon Cat 10 years 10/21/05 Janet Howard
Alley Malibu/AM Bengal Style Tabby Cat 15 years 02/14/16 Leah S.
Alley Mixed Dog 2 years 07/09/08 Teresa Graham
Alley or Kitty Tabby Cat 04/11/11 Robin
Alley Orange and White Tabby Cat 16 1/2 years 09/28/10 Justina Simon
Alley Raymond Cat 09/23/05 Scott and Caroline
Alley Shepherd/Husky Mix 1995-02/20/09 Kristal McCready & Bob Demski
Alley Tabby Cat 01/11/16 Terri
Alley Tabby Cat 15 1/2 years 11/03/03 Christine and Daniel Jollimore
Alley Turkish Van Mix Cat 08/10/94-03/22/12 Elli
Alleya Guinea Pig 07/01/01-10/25/01 Jennifer Emerson
AlleyCat Lojek Kitten 09/05/01-02/02/02 Dave, Debbie, Missy, Heather, Ashley and Mama Snivey Sunflower
Alli (cin-bal-cinna) Dalmatian 07/15/97-06/04/99 Dawn Barrett
Alli Babba Cocker Spaniel 19 years 03/22/09 Jules Davis
Alli Black Oriental Domestic Shorthair Cat 11 years 04/30/07 Cathy Sellers
Alli Cat Cat 01/91-05/03/05 Charlene
Alli Dalmatian 07/10/90-04/11/03 Lisa McKeown
Alli Domestic Short Hair Cat 11 years 07/10/06 Leslye Kahn
Alli Great Dane-Harlequin 05/21/86-04/30/06 Peggi Lucas
Alli Hamner Labrador 01/21/99-05/11/10 Elgin Hamner
Alli Lab Mix 01/21/91-10/18/05 Joanne
Alli Labrador Retriever 06/23/98-05/02/11 Jenifer Bement
Alli Layton Cocker Spaniel 09/05/92-06/13/08 Lisa Layton
Alli Maltese 04/15/94-09/28/04 Shelley
Alli Persian/Himalayan Cat 16 years 05/03/08 Anita Ladd
Allianara Bengal Cat 02/06/04-03/07/11 Pamela Gutman
Alliboshnik Cat 1998 Janie G
Allicat Calico Cat 13 years 11/28/02 Laurie & Billy
Allie (aka Miss Marple) Golden Retriever 07/01/92-05/11/07 Bob Keating
Allie (Little Al) Miniature American Eskimo Dog 02/18/02-03/03/12 Anne Hoerning
Allie (Poo-Bear) Chici Puppy 06/21/98-04/01/99 Dovie
Allie and Aja Cats 16 1/2 years 04/22/09 Frances
Allie Australian Shepherd 04/30/98-02/17/09 Silvia
Allie Baba Mixed Dog 10/13/05 Tammi Walton
Allie Baumgartner Pekingese 10/26/93-08/20/06 Gwyn Baumgartner
Allie Beagle 10/14/95-06/15/06 Alesia
Allie Beagle Mix 12/29/98-10/25/10 Bob and Ricki Porter
Allie Bear Australian Cattle Dog Mix 01/30/18 Tyler Redenbaugh
Allie Belle Great Dane Mix 09/23/97-02/22/05 Sarah
Allie Bibler Yorkie 3 years 11/28/09 Lynn Bibler
Allie Black Cat 14 years 11/13/03 Karin Seritis
Allie Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 13 years 10/10/17 Pat Gibson
Allie Black Lab 04/03/95-07/23/98 Lacrista Bagley
Allie Border Collie Mix 10 years 08/05/07 Ginny Williamson
Allie Boxer 4 years 08/30/06 Colleen
Allie Budgie 03/17/01-09/12/01 Frank Pezzo
Allie Calico Cat 06/01/99-08/23/03 Gail Kaleta
Allie Calico Cat 12 years 06/16/09 Judy
Allie Calico Cat 17 years 03/07/08 Elizabeth Durkee
Allie Calico Cat 1992-05/31/10 The Ragsdale Family
Allie Calico Cat 20 years 06/18/10 Grant
Allie Cat 05/01/96-10/24/98 The Tronstad Family
Allie Cat 07/25/97-03/03/15 Joyce Pendleton
Allie Cat 08/15/99-08/12/03 Vicki and Kristen
Allie Cat 10 years 07/27/98 Pat Casey
Allie Cat 17 years 04/25/11 Donna Ayers
Allie Cat 19 years 01/06/09 Rita E
Allie Cat 1987-09/19/01 Nicola Rossi
Allie Cat 5 1/2 years 11/08/98 Gail Nadeau
Allie Cat 5 years 10/17/05 Linda Leach
Allie Cat American Short Tail Cat 05/01/07 Traci
Allie Cat Domestic Medium Hair Cat 15 years 08/18/16 Fran and Marie
Allie Cat Gray Tabby Cat 06/02/04-10/21/05 Kathy Hoover
Allie Cat Grey Tiger Cat 10/16/00-02/06/04 David & Sara
Allie Cat Orange Cat 04/24/99-03/21/00 Amanda
Allie Cat Tabby Cat 1983-05/13/00 Michael Rodriguez
Allie Chicken 08/05/06-09/20/07 Lynn Terzich
Allie Chinchilla 6 years 02/10/08 Hunt Family
Allie Choc Lab 11/06/08-04/20/13 Rhonda Eubanks
Allie Chocolate Labrador 12/26/96-07/01/10 Diana Lampron
Allie Chow/Keeshond 09/14/02-11/23/09 Kristine
Allie Chow-Chow 06/11/92-01/20/06 Pamela
Allie Cocker Spaniel 11/21/92-05/31/07 Stephanie Sprankle
Allie Collie 12/15/98-11/27/09 Eric Shake
Allie Dalmatian 12 years 02/2005 Christy Marcrum
Allie Dalmatian 14 years 03/21/05 Stacey
Allie David Chihuahua Mix 13 years 09/11/10 Dinah David
Allie Decina Golden Retriever 08/08/95-05/16/09 Carolyn Decina
Allie DLH Cat 05/92-04/2008 Albert Schepis
Allie Dog 04/01/99 Peter and Erin Beck
Allie Dog Paula
Allie Domestic Short Hair Black & White Cat 16 years Laura
Allie Domestic Short Hair Cat 11/89-01/09/12 Muriel Setters
Allie Domestic Short Hair Cat 17 years 06/10/09 Michelle
Allie Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/01/18 Nancy Brown Champagne
Allie Domestic Shorthair Cat 12 years 06/10/18 Sandra Smith
Allie DSH - Torti Cat 8 years 02/03/05 Kelly Keniston
Allie DSH-Silver Tabby Cat 08/01/95-06/05/08 Lisa and Kevin Vincent
Allie Dwarf Hamster 07/02/12 Madison
Allie Forest Grump Fletcher Calico Cat 19 years 04/24/10 Linda Fletcher
Allie German Shepherd 09/12/99-06/15/05 Deborah McAvoy
Allie German Shepherd 14 years 04/11/01 Lori, Deanna and Emily Pluta
Allie German Shepherd Lab 11 years 12/24/11 Cindy Witherspoon
Allie Gold Retriever 10 1/2 years 08/20/16 Dave S
Allie Golden 13 years 04/17/06 Margie and Bill
Allie Golden Retriever 03/28/97-12/07/07 Debra Norris
Allie Golden Retriever 12 years 05/07/00 Wallis family
Allie Golden Retriever 12/13/06 Robert, Kim
Allie Gray & Black Tabby Cat 19 years 04/13/04 Kim
Allie Gray Chinchilla 6 years 02/10/08 Meghan
Allie Gray Dachshund Mix 03/01/89-10/21/04 Annette
Allie Gray Domestic Shorthair Kitten, with mix of Russian Blue/Korat 06/06/02-03/31/03 Lia
Allie Great Dane 05/28/01-05/27/08 Jacqueline M. Koerner
Allie Great Dane 11/07/08 Ed Wrobel
Allie Grey Tabby Cat 08/18/95-11/12/05 April O'Neal
Allie Groen Vizsla 07/19/08 Jody Groen
Allie Guinea Pig 02/01/01-11/09/02 Marsico Family
Allie Harlequin Great Dane 02/18/88-12/01/96 Charlie and Gail Davis
Allie Hayes Lab Mix 07/08/01-12/08/11 Joni Hayes
Allie Heritage Vincent Dachshund 11/22/95-08/18/06 Beth Vincent
Allie Horse 20 years 03/13/07 Judy Barker
Allie Horse 9 years 05/19/00 Kelsey
Allie Hutchinson Siberian Husky 12 years 09/21/08 Rachael Hutchinson
Allie Jack Russell/Whippet Mix 06/15/08-03/30/11 Deborah Klinger
Allie Jo Golden Retriever Mix 05/27/89-05/26/00 Shelli Nornes
Allie Kristi Hanson
Allie Lab Mix 5 years 08/15/00 Maria
Allie Labrador Retriever 09/01/93-02/27/06 Cathi Dunn
Allie Labrador T. 09/05/00-10/31/08 Linda Hapgood
Allie Lab-Shepherd Mix Puppy 12/21/04 Brian, Michelle, Austin Shute
Allie Leete Terrier Mix 15 years 07/15/11 Annabelle, Kathryn, Steve, William
Allie Lhasa Poodle Mix 10/10/85-04/09/98 Sue Johnson
Allie Lou Mini Schnauzer 11/12/86-02/27/07 Missy Link
Allie Ludwick Gray Tiger Cat 1 year 3 months 09/02/04 Mikki
Allie Maine Coon Cat 06/19/01 Elvis, Munchie, Winston & Family
Allie Marie Johnson Part Golden Retriever Part Labrador 05/13/07-07/04/15 Linda Johnson
Allie Mason Chihuahua 07/04/04-03/07/19 Patricia Mason
Allie McBeagle Beagle 9 years 10/02/01 Laurie Collins
Allie Mikai Black & Tan Mini Dachshund 9 years 11/23/06 Pam & Becky
Allie Mini Dachshund 08/09/91-01/24/06 Cheryl Postlewaite
Allie Mini Pinscher 11/27/06-12/16/10 Laura
Allie Mitchell Shepherd Husky Cross 1997-06/01/07 Amanda, Jeff, Beth and Caitlin Mitchell
Allie Mix Dog 08/04/02-02/18/13 Karen
Allie Mixed Breed Cat 06/01/99-07/18/09 Linda
Allie Mixed Breed Dog 14-15 years 06/19/98 Nancy Dunlap
Allie Mixed Dog 10 1/2 years 04/24/04 Mike & Christine Smith
Allie Mixed Dog 13 years 05/24/06 Carol Lambias
Allie Mixed Mutt 12 years 08/11/08 Julie Houck
Allie Mixed Shepherd 12/89-03/18/06 Lindy and Bruce
Allie Mixed Spaniel 09/06/91-12/22/00 Roger and Christine Evans
Allie Old English Mastiff 07/13/00-01/17/08 Beth M
Allie Outlaw Dog 01/12/09-04/27/10 Donna Kneer
Allie Pit Bull Terrier 03/2007 Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter
Allie Pitbull 13 years 04/11/11 Cathy
Allie Pitbull Mix 17 years 08/24/12 Brian, Colleen, and Brian John Twohig
Allie Poodle 12 years 09/11/11 Caron Hill
Allie Poodle Mix 10/10/98-05/29/06 Brian & Renee Jensen
Allie Priddy Australian Shepherd 01/01/96-07/04/10 Bryan Priddy
Allie Ragdoll/Tabby Cat 10 years 05/13/06 Ken and Cindy Widdall
Allie Rottweiler 02/18/06-07/26/10 Sherrie Tracy
Allie Rottweiler 04/95-02/09/05 Lynn & Tim
Allie Rottweiler 11/12/89-06/16/03 George Prebula
Allie Rottweiler 11/90-06/2003 George Prebula
Allie Rottweiler/German Shepherd Mix 04/24/98-12/15/11 Elizabeth A Capps
Allie Russian Blue Cat 19 years 05/22/06 Anne Connors
Allie Samoyed 04/13/02-10/03/11 Bob McGee
Allie Schnauzer 06/18/87-04/29/02 Jeannine & Ray
Allie Sheltie 8 years 02/07/05 The Laskowski Family
Allie Shep/Husky/Wolf 11/87-05/12/93 Peggy Price
Allie Shep/Lab Mix 11/16/89-06/01/02 Alison
Allie Shepherd Mix 12/25/96-12/27/98 Jama Hardern
Allie Shepherd/Lab 05/13/99-11/04/09 Linda, Kirk, Devon
Allie Shih Tzu 12/02/89-11/21/07 Kelly Randolph
Allie Shih Tzu 16 years 04/15/06 Sheri
Allie Shih Tzu 4 years 01/01/08 Miranda Eastham and Sherry Reeder
Allie Siamese Cat 07/05/85-12/17/00 Elaine McIntyre
Allie Springer 05/99-10/21/06 Mark and Diane Odell
Allie St. Bernard/Boxer Mix 11/91-07/09/02 Kate Graybeal
Allie Suzuki Cat 08/09/86-05/29/06 Charlene Suzuki
Allie Tabby Cat 03/01/91-03/12/10 Beth Scalzo
Allie Tabby Cat 10 years 10/02/05 Teddie & Gunnar
Allie Tabby Cat 12 years 10/20/12 Courtenay
Allie Tortoise Shell Himalayan Cat 09/99-01/12/08 Cheri Waltz
Allie Tortoise Shell Tabby Cat 15 1/2 years 04/12/05 Sheila Agan
Allie Turkish Angora Cat 05/12/94-12/07/04 Stan Dombrowski
Allie Welsh Terrier 12/12/99-10/26/11 Julie
Allie Williams German Shepherd Dog 08/05/05-02/16/12 Charis Williams
Allie Wurn Golden Retriever 10/10/96-06/11/06 Belinda Wurn
Allie Yellow Lab 10/01/93-06/02/08 Emma & Cheryl Kinkle
Allie Yellow Labrador 08/19/96-03/09/11 Tracy Cohen
Allie Yorkshire Terrier 01/10/99-03/02/99 Kristen and Rusty
Allie Yorkshire Terrier 09/04/08-09/20/09 Anna Harkins
Allie, Cookie, Fudgie Sable Ferrets 7 weeks, 5 years, 5 years - 15, 10 and 5 years ago Sharon Lywitzki
Allie-Jo Akita X Retriever 04/01/94-04/12/08 Catherine Glaser
Alliemay German Shepherd 12/27/15-03/03/17 Joyce
Allie-May Scottish Terrier 10/21/11 Amanda Wempe
Alligator Tabby Cat 7 years 10/05/06 Shannon
Allikaddo Long-Haired Gray-Stripped Tabby Cat 10/2003-09/17/04 Kim, Kathy and Dennis
Allison Acres Rudy Eeyore (Rudy) Newfoundland 03/20/97-05/17/10 Kiley Family
Allison aka Allie aka Allie Skakes~ Oriental Shorthair Black Cat 17 years 02/12/07 Stephanie Maglietta
Allison Al Ally Black and White Tuxedo Cat 15+ years 09/08/09 Ann
Allison American Domestic Shorthair Cat 19 years 06/09/10 Kimberly Thompson
Allison Bearded Collie 12 years 09/24/01 Stephanie Ladd
Allison Black Lab 12 years 01/30/06 Thomas Caddell
Allison Black Lab 12/18/93-01/30/06 Thomas Caddell
Allison Cat 3 years 07/20/00 Sue, SVHS
Allison Dachshund 11/02/01-01/07/12 Mary
Allison Dog 06/15/95-12/28/02 Rick and Kathi Courtney
Allison Fowler Silver Tabby Cat 03/01/88-10/01/04 Donnie & Sandie
Allison German Shepherd 07/16/95-02/13/05 Anita Mason
Allison In Wonderland, aka Allie Wheaten Terrier 04/11/95-05/04/04 Suzanne and Larry Dobrin
Allison Lowe Shug (Shitzhu/Pug) 16 years 01/17/09 Doug & Goldie Lowe
Allison Miniature Schnauzer 08/25/86-06/23/98 Merrilee Cichy
Allison Mixed Tabby Cat 07/04/85-03/05/06 Gray Family
Allison Shi-Tsu 12/12/84-05/13/96 Susan Moore & Bev Daniels
Allison Smallison Anwar White Long Hair Cat 6 years 08/97 Andrea
Allison Sugar Glider 3 years 02/17/06 Shawna Grupe
Allison Tabby Cat 02/15/00-03/18/09 Briana Dawn/ James Michael
Allisonann Maltese/Shih-Tzu 1994-02/13/10 Heather Heiss
Allison's Sunrise (Promise) Golden Retriever 02/16/85-04/05/97 Janice Vierke
Allistair 05/97-10/10/98 Lindsay Crosby and Michael Castaneda
Allister Cat 08/90-10/93 Sharon Krawczyk
Allister Cat 10/92-07/09/09 Jill McAfee, Stephen Haller, and Dharma Haller
Allspice Tabby Cat Mix 05/15/96-05/01/06 Soraya
Allura Budgie 03/03/18 Lilly
Ally - Pookie Cat 17 years 12/13/12 Karen Nam
Ally (aka Babylove) (aka BooBoo) Cocker Spaniel 13 years 12/14/12 BK
Ally (Ally Girl, Miss Ally) Greyhound 01/05/97-09/29/10 Lynette & Cliff Sharp
Ally (Babygirl) McAdam Maltese 01/15/99-02/14/12 Judy McAdam
Ally (Gator) Min Pin 05/01/98-12/16/02 Karen Stone-Howerton
Ally Abysinnian Guinea Pig 1998-06/13/00 Ashlee Florkowski
Ally aka Alzer/Popo Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/15/99-11/15/13 Michele Jackson
Ally Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog 06/28/03-06/21/06 Sharren Bishop
Ally Aussie 10 years 06/12/10 Ralph
Ally Beagle 08/17/01-11/01/16 Lymari
Ally Biggs Cat 6 years 09/03/05 Barbara Biggs
Ally Boxer 01/07/07 Kathy & John Lemire
Ally Boxer 8 years 05/09/11 Sheila
Ally Brittany Mix 10/20/93-07/03/06 Allyson Hester
Ally Brown Tabby Cat 12 years 09/09/08 Lori
Ally Burgess Teacup Poodle 05/93-03/11/07 Karen and Jon Burgess
Ally Cat 03/14/00 Anna Lockwood
Ally Cat 03/28/13 Karen
Ally Cat 05/16/95-05/05/08 Jim & Jane
Ally Cat 06/11/99-04/29/10 Lisa
Ally Cat 10 months 01/12/12 Sam
Ally Cat 5 years 02/27/98 Debbie Little
Ally Childs Cocker Spaniel 12/15/98-08/13/11 KC Childs
Ally Chocolate Lab 10 years 11/19/04 Kristi Wagner
Ally Cross Terrier/Border Collie 10/16/91-06/22/06 Janna Campbell
Ally Dilute Calico Cat 17 years 04/29/18 Mallory
Ally Dog 04/01/96-01/07/09 Pamela Bickett
Ally Domestic Longhair Cat 10/04/98-10/23/08 Amy Portera
Ally Domestic Longhair Cat 16 years 09/11/14 Pam Behrman
Ally Domestic Longhair Cat 16 years 09/11/14 Pamela Behrman
Ally Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/97-03/14/05 Kathy Phillips
Ally Drae Long-Haired Dachshund 06/14/03-10/12/08 Eric, Valerie, Kaylie & Hannah Armstrong
Ally Ferret 7 years 05/11/00 Krystal Langley
Ally German Shepherd 02/15/07-03/30/08 Janet & Patrick
Ally German Shepherd 06/16/97-12/05/07 Michelle
Ally Golden Lab 11 years 12/05/05 Beverley Sinclair
Ally Golden Retriever Mix 06/06/96-07/31/09 Maggie
Ally Grey & White Cow Kitty Cat 08/25/85-01/26/02 Victoria & Ben
Ally Greyhound 07/27/97-07/11/09 Debbie
Ally Keeshond 11/08/01-09/08/08 Liz Morris
Ally Law Miniature Schnauzer 01/05/98-02/13/11 Shelly Law
Ally Maltese 4 years 04/17/04 Colleen Debarge
Ally Maltese 7 1/2 years 03/13/11 Melody Strom
Ally McBeagle Beagle 08/24/00-10/02/11 Allison H
Ally McBeal Shorthair Cat 12/31/16 David Perkey & Felicia Perkey
Ally Miniature Schnauzer 10/16/02-08/17/11 Laura
Ally Moggy Kitten 10 months 06/19/12 Calli Micho
Ally Norwegian Forest Cat 04/10/04-06/27/16 Sabine HeusserBruno
Ally Rat Terrier 11/16/00-05/17/11 Audrey
Ally Richardson Short Hair Cat 02/11/13 Keith & Deanna, Raegan, Terry and Marissa Richardson
Ally Rottweiler 10/10/96-04/23/07 Ciara and David (Mammy and Daddy)
Ally Sheprador Puppy 05/15/01-07/18/01 Bob Brettell & Carol Saunders
Ally Shih Tzu 10/29/02-11/19/03 Brenda Brianna Matthew McKenna & Jim
Ally Shih Tzu 13 1/2 years 03/05/14 Liz Corey
Ally Spaniel/Golden Retriever Mix 09/01/98-03/01/02 Freda, Andre, & Caleb
Ally Spiney-tailed Iguana 8 years 11/03/96 S.
Ally Tabby Cat 10 years 04/30/07 Cristina Quinn
Ally Tabby Cat 1994-12/07/08 Michael & Jennifer Kidonakis
Ally Taylor Labrador 16 years 03/18/12 David Argiro
Ally Tophonors of Belwood Lab 11/15/98-05/17/12 Donna M. Bilby
Allybear Cat 4 years 11/04/10 Miriam & DJ
Allye American Shorthair Cat 03/05/89-01/16/08 Danielle DeNoble
Allye Black Poodle 03/05/86-08/25/03 Shelley Thomas
Allykat Calico Cat 02/27/01 Debra
Allyssa Mae Calico Cat 11 years 05/31/00 Karen Snook
Alma Blue Russian and Tabby Cat 02/14/96-03/07/09 Patty Mastandrea
Alma Cat 19 years 2 months 04/05/15 Scott
Alma Lou Tri-Color Collie 12/19/90-12/15/02 Celeste and Al
Alma Tabby Cat 1995-03/01/01 Sean & Paul
Almighty Tim Maine Coon Cat 01/01/85-04/20/01 Dr. Ed Markin, Heidi, Schatzi, Corkie and Minnie
Almo German Shepherd/White Lab 12/02/93-11/23/02 Tim Hirsch
Almond Beagle 09/19/14-12/12/15 Thea
Almond Cocker Spaniel 04/25/88-04/05/02 Pat Palmer
Almond Cream and White Cat 08/26/13 Mindy
Almond Joy Beagle/Chihuahua Mix 08/08/84-03/31/98 Angie Lassdom
Almond Joy Cat 09/07/00-08/27/04 Donna M. Cisneros
Almond Mix Dog 04/01/17-12/22/17 Lisa Jones
Almond Mixed Dog 04/01/01-12/22/17 Lisa
Almond Orange Tabby Cat 15 years Cheryl McMann
Almond Tabby Cat 09/93-04/2008 Denise
Almonzo DeLaere Norwegian Forest Cat 11/03/93-07/05/06 Elizabeth, Dwayne, Kelsey & Lorelei DeLaere
Almost Dead Phred Black DSH Cat 04/28/92-01/10/01 Lauren and Dale Kramer
Alnond Orange Tabby Cat Cheryl McMann
Alobar Cat 16 years 04/15/03 Lulu Berndt
Aloe Lab/Retriever/Husky 4-5 months 05/26/13 Star Ivester, Michael Jewell, Mary Lou Hauser
Aloewishes Cat 16 years 03/01/12 Kimberly Bradley
Alofa Orange and White Long Haired Cat 03/81-11/14/99 Sarah
Aloha Dog 05/28/11 MC
Aloha Yellow Lab 9 years 12/07/12 Barb and Doug
Alohaisle Jomakai Thunder Boston Terrier 04/10/90-05/01/96 Joe & Carolyn Killebrew
Alohaisle Swe-Thon Honeydoll (Dolly) Boston Terrier 04/14/88-10/25/95 Joe & Carolyn Killebrew
Alois Great Dane 08/31/88-11/09/99 Larry Edwards
Aloise Great Dane 11 years Laura Peterson
Alonzo Astor Elkhound 15 years 06/12/15 Stanley & Heidi H
Alonzo Boxer 03/16/95-09/16/06 Kyle Quarcini
Alonzo Boxer 03/16/95-09/26/05 K Quarcini
Alonzo Gray Cat 16 years Tracy Shields
Alonzo Pumpernickel Templeton Albino Lab Rat 09/01/06-01/30/08 Kim
Alouette Airedale Terrier 12/22/81-19/11/94 Barbara O'Dea
Alouette Mixed Cat 17 1/2 years 05/20/17 Paula
Aloyisus Tabby Cat 18 years 09/23/09 Matt
Aloysius Doberman/Black Lab 10/31/86-01/03/02 Natalie Kilpatrick
Aloysius Maltese 02/95-30 January 2007 Irene
Alpha 13 years 09/03/02 Karen Walker
Alpha and Charlie Brown Tabby Littermates Cats 04/15/96-08/01/10 Lance and Jennifer and Max and Abraham
Alpha Beta Fish 06/21/07 Paula B and Wes
Alpha Boxer 08/25/95-09/24/04 Daniela
Alpha Cat 09/28/92-04/04/11 Sandy, John and Family
Alpha Doppy Min Pin 08/16/09-01/02/10 Ashley
Alpha Long-Haired Persian Type Cat 14 years 09/28/09 Mary
Alpha Pitbull/Mix 4 months 4 months Laura
Alpha Ralph Bristol American Shorthair Cat 01/24/12 Elizabeth Bristol
Alpha Romeo Wolf Sheprador 12/27/97-05/18/10 Rachel Wolf
Alphalfa Sparks Poodle 15 years 10/02/06 Lana Sparks
Alphie Black Cat 05/91-06/17/96 Beth Delahanty
Alphie Golden Lab Mix 10 years 02/13/02 Peggie and Scott
Alphie Gonzo Hooded Rat 3 years 09/98 Molly
Alphie Lahasa Apso Mix 1998-03/13/10 Linda Christoffersen
Alphie Pomeranian 01/20/96-08/19/01 Colleen and Rob Yaatenen and Kids
Alphie Poodle Mix 13 years 08/22/05 Lyn
Alphie Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix 07/04/95-12/02/05 Randy and Loretta Stribling
Alphie Samoyed 14 years 03/30/97 Carol Davenport
Alphie Yorkshire Terrier 17 years 01/30/02 Pat & Kathy Overfield
Alphonse aka Big Al Great Dane 05/90-08/10/96 Georgia Fuoto
Alphonse Legros Montpellier Orange Tabby Cat 15 years 11/24/09 Roch & Russell Legros
Alphonse Shetland Sheepdog 14 years 09/09/96 Leslie Glaves
Alphonse Siamese-Himalayan Mix Cat 07/89-03/30/98 Dave Russo and Lila Forro
Alphonso Buttercup Hamster 1997-06/12/99 Peake Family
Alphy Australian Shepherd/Coyote 6 1/2 years 11/27/05 Kevin Jones
Alpie Domestic Long Hair Cat 03/12/88-12/09/04 Chris Costello and Pam Wise
Alpine American Eskimo Dog 08/18/88-06/17/02 Aimee
Alpine American Eskimo Dog 08/20/92-08/27/07 Heather Taylor
Alpine American Short Hair Cat 04/17/05-09/07/05 Anita & Kara
Alpine Cat 1994-08/15/13 Lynn
Alpine Dancer Bernese Mountain Dog 06/19/09 Deb
Alpine Dog 1995-04/04/07 Raney
Alpine Domestic Longhair White Cat 03/86-02/28/04 Dayna & Doug
Alpine Maine Coon Domestic Longhair Cat 02/06/04 Jera Coan
Alta American Eskimo Dog 02/15/87-01/13/01 Cindy
Alta Golden Retriever 10/06/89-03/31/02 Julie, Brian, Sadie & Luc Louther
Alta Jane Siberian Husky 07/19/95 Karen and John Mathews
Alta Lab 03/01/99-10/01/99 Dave
Alta Mutt 14 years 11/19/12 Elly
Alta's Ultimate Mogul Dog 03/89-03/24/99 Eve and Joe Berman
Altéza Rat 2006 Jean-François Hogan
Althea (Jokers Doll Althea) Appaloosa Horse 1978-09/22/98 Candi Cowan
Althea Chocolate Lab 10 years 05/06/10 Terry
Althea Doberman 14 years 09/22/06 Michael, Marie, Kaitlynn, & Patrick
Althea Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/98-02/17/99 Alyssa Miller
Althea GSD 03/20/99-02/08/09 Corinne and Andy Angelilli
Althea Husky/Chow/Beagle 08/25/98-04/30/10 Sue
Althea Rose Jones Mackerel Cat 02/01/85-04/19/00 Cathy
Althea Sheltie 02/06/90-04/07/06 Lynn Sicard
Althea Tortie Cat 5 years 08/31/06 Diane Ham
Al'Thor Collie Shepherd Cross 11/04/04-03/07/05 Jim Tolliver
Alto Back Greyhound 08/20/99-12/29/07 Charles Back
Alto Cat 12 years 03/14/11 Denise
Alto Kitten Marg
Alton Grey Tabby Cat 1983-1993 Nancy Streeter
Alucard Al Domestic Short Hair Cat 16 years 05/04/08 Joel and Rosena Nickels
Alucard Fancy Hooded Rat 08/16/09 Kelsey
Alura Dog 13 years 09/14/14 Sarah Arthur
Alustriel Domestic Long Hair Cat 08/31/01-02/12/09 Joan Holycross
Alvin Basset Hound 07/02/98-05/04/11 Pat Oxford and Bob Desjardins
Alvin Beagle 04/29/99-08/18/11 The Cloughs
Alvin Canary 2007-2011 Torrance Bartholomew
Alvin Cat 1 year 08/31/98 Sean McCarthy
Alvin DLH Cat 12? years 08/17/05 Marina & Chuck Cauley
Alvin Fawn Pug 04/11/89-06/09/00 Karen M. Sheridan
Alvin Golden Retriever 05/30/89-04/19/03 Pamela, Frank, DD, YuYu, Harold & Maude Madigan
Alvin Golden Retriever 11/21/02-03/26/12 Tara McCarville
Alvin Greyhound 06/04/04-12/15/10 Carol
Alvin Griffon Trentham Griffon 10 years 06/01/06 Janet Trentham
Alvin Houdini Syrian Hamster Adopted 02/22/97-10/28/98 Banks family
Alvin Long Hair Tabby Cat 1995-04/21/00 Ramona Honan
Alvin Lop Eared Bunny 8 years 07/07/03 Brian & Lisa Barry
Alvin Robert Valder Toy Poodle 08/13/92-01/16/08 Joyce and Roger Valder
Alvin Scottish Fold Cat 09/07/95-07/30/05 Wayne, Suzanne, and Gavin Sell
Alvin Springer Spaniel/Husky 14 years 01/11/10 Allison, Paul, Joseph and Lucas
Alvin Tabby Cat 15 years 04/01/00 Rick Buchli and Family
Alvin Yorkshire Terrier 14 years 08/15/09 Krista
Alvin, Jr Tabby Cat 05/01/00-01/18/11 Richard Buchli
Aly Black Labrador Hannah
Alydar Lhasa Apso 06/26/81-11/11/96 Pamela
Alydia Melissa Hocus Pocus (Babygirl) Sheltie 11/04/94-06/11/07 Gary, Jane and Sara Hardin--Jamie Earls & Lisa Hall
Alyssa Kitten 09/08/05 Debbie
Alyssa Pomeranian 02/26/02-12/01/11 Tammy Rubenstein
Alyssa, Alina, Andrea, Eva, Lenny, and Nolan. Kittens 02/26/98 MaryAW, Cara, and WCHS shelter staff
Alystar Persian Cat 07/14/71-02/11/87 Stephen & Judith Ahles
Alyue Johnsen Pit Bull 02/01/91-08/11/05 Lainie Johnsen
Alyx Persian Cat 2007-01/28/14 John Baker
Alyxandra Samantha Mikula Beagle 01/17/94-09/22/99 Deb (Mikula) Riley
Alzado Rottie 07/21/92-06/20/95 Mark
Ama Rottie 01/13/93-02/08/05 Lisa and Family
Amadahi (a.k.a. Fluffy) Leopard Gecko 02/2002-02/16/03 Wendy Wise
Amadeaus Great Dane 6 years 12/29/55 Lauren
Amadeus American Bobtail Cat 17 years 04/14/09 Ted Mizerski
Amadeus Black Domestic Longhair Cat 2 years 03/23/02 Anthony R. Butcher
Amadeus Bombay Cat 04/07/02-11/10/09 Randall A. Robinson
Amadeus Cat 10/10/99 T.
Amadeus Cat 16 years 06/14/03 Judy Livings
Amadeus Cat 7 years 12/23/05 Jennifer Moffitt
Amadeus Cocker Spaniel 12/17/02 Summer
Amadeus Doberman 6 years 03/2000 Pamela, Steven & Sarah
Amadeus Mendiola Cat 08/27/13 Maryel Mendiola
Amadeus Persian Cat 12/30/88-01/31/07 Cindy
Amadeus Ragdoll Cat 07/10/90-01/16/99 Betty Elaine Walker
Amadeus Rottie 12-13 years 04/15/08 Dona Ceballos & Roy Scheffner
Amadeus Siamese Cat 02/12/91-04/06/07 Steven Dooley
Amadeus Siamese Cross Cat 4 years 12/10/98 Mic Henderson
Amadeus Siamese Mix Cat 06/30/95-05/25/08 Beth Cartee
Amae Ryukin Goldfish 9 years 05/10/11 Lori
Amala Min Pin (Miniature Doberman Pinscher) Toy Breed 08/13/98-04/25/09 Angela Miller
Amalfi Pomeranian 01/06/07-07/20/07 Michael & Melissa Oesterreich
Amalgam Maine Coon Mix Cat 07/25/86-04/30/08 Dawn, Jeff & Chuck
Amalia (Molly) Rose Toy Fox Terrier 11/29/99-07/28/02 Kimberly and Marc Rose
Amalie Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/04/99-06/08/08 Jennifer Gamble
Amana British Labrador 09/07/97-02/27/03 Armi Mulholland
Amana Miniature Schnauzer 11/22/97-02/26/08 Kathy Worley
Amanda (aka - Mandy) Doberman Minscher 08/93-06/21/02 The Widerberg's
Amanda (Mandy) 10/10/88-12/30/02 Barbara Ciccanti
Amanda (Mandy) aka Manda Panda Bear Cocker Spaniel 09/06/90-02/11/01 Connie Anast and Family
Amanda (Mandy) Jane Rainson Settles Urda Black Lab-Beagle Mix 17 years 03/17/05 Ellen
Amanda (Moopy) Tabby Cat 20 years 02/11/06 Julie Solell and Eric Mensing
Amanda (Pannie) Orange Tabby Cat 14 years 06/26/97 Jolene
Amanda aka Mandy Blue Heeler / Australian Shepherd 04/21/99-09/28/99 Alesha
Amanda Bassett 10 years 1991 The Halls
Amanda Black Lab 04/93-06/15/08 Laurita Bainbridge & Chris Allison
Amanda Black Short Hair Cat 04/11/91-12/15/08 Robin Hampton
Amanda Border Collie 09/23/88-04/01/02 Patti and Larry Stewart
Amanda Border Collie 10 years 11/17/10 Donna
Amanda Boxer 13 years 12/09/04 The Crismon Family
Amanda Calico Cat 06/24/94-08/13/08 Kelly George
Amanda Calico Cat Robin Boney
Amanda Calico Domestic Shorthair Calico Cat 06/08/79-09/11/00 Carol Hutton
Amanda Cat 04/29/97 Darlene
Amanda Cat 05/77-05/90 Susan L. Carlucci
Amanda Cat 06/22/61-02/14/10 Patricia Ward
Amanda Cat 15 years 05/12/10 Bill
Amanda Cat 15 years 06/22/99 Vic & Kelly Lombardi
Amanda Cat 16 years Judy & Family
Amanda Cat 17 years 02/02/12 Mary Williams
Amanda Cat 18 years 09/04/02 Rosemary Bradkowski
Amanda Cat 1991-12/27/99 Elizabeth Ricker
Amanda Chiapom 08/07/98-01/10/10 Paul and Martha
Amanda Cocker Spaniel 08/22/93-12/18/06 Sheila
Amanda Crayola Calico Cat 1983-01/22/02 Robin Boney
Amanda Dachshund 12 years 07/20/02 M Peterson
Amanda Dachshund 18 years 10/03/05 Deedee and Rolande Purcell
Amanda Destiny Maldonado Tabby Cat 03/30/09 Tamara Maldonado
Amanda Dilute Calico Cat 03/14/90-03/23/09 Terri Windt
Amanda Dog 10/01/98-05/11/10 Jessie Grossman
Amanda Domestic Long Hair Cat 06/02/82-12/23/01 Patty Verdone
Amanda DSH Cat 15 years 12/16/06 Deborrah Jansen
Amanda DSH Cat 16 years 12/16/06 Deborrah Jansen
Amanda Elizabeth Lhasa Apso 02/22/93-03/06/06 Marshall and Brenda
Amanda Golden retriever 05/21/85-06/92 Joy
Amanda Golden Retriever 05/28/01-12/06/03 Alice and Jason
Amanda Greyhound 02/01/96-02/04/08 Susan
Amanda Greyhound 11 years 10/15/99 Jane
Amanda Hall Calico Cat 09/21/87-10/16/04 Kim Hall & Kendall Hedges
Amanda Hester Karst Dog 14 years 5 months 07/07/10 Debbie Karst
Amanda Himalayan 01/05/97-01/28/99 Diane Sanfilippo
Amanda Husky/Collie 14 years 05/01/99 Lucy & Danny
Amanda J (Mandy) Blue Heeler/Shepherd Cross 05/12/87-11/26/98 Karla
Amanda Jane Lab/Chow Mix 12 years 01/30/07 Mary LoBianco
Amanda Joy Tabby Cat 05/20/99 Mom, Dad and Pete
Amanda Kate (Mandy) Boston Terrier 02/06/90-02/20/04 Jacquie & Cassi
Amanda Kathryn Silvestri Cat 01/01/98-10/04/06 Mary Kathryn Silvestri
Amanda Kaye Cocker Spaniel 07/06/90-03/06/99 Jackie Grant
Amanda Lab 11/17/09 Brent & Brian
Amanda Landau Tabby Cat 14 years 07/19/09 Jennifer Landau
Amanda Leigh Dreiling Toy Poodle 01/24/04-05/21/18 Mary Dreiling
Amanda Lil'Black&White Calico Cat 19 years 08/16/04 George Spence
Amanda Lyn Campbell Timber Wolf 01/13/93-02/10/07 Annie
Amanda Lynn a.k.a. Mandy Irish Setter/Golden Retriever 03/15/82-10/19/01 Christy, Ryan, Rick & Linda Ostler and Christopher Rhodes
Amanda Lynn Gibson Myers Dachshund 04/15/00-08/25/11 Michael and Elizabeth Gibson Myers
Amanda Mae Tortoise Shell Persian Cat 19 years 09/27/05 Jeanne Ireland
Amanda Maine Coon Cat 06/87-04/19/05 Rik & Becky Rexroad
Amanda Marie Dixon Toy Poodle 11/17/94-01/31/10 Stephen M. and Patricia M. Dixon
Amanda Michelle DSH Cat 11/14/94-01/03/04 Cathy Descoteaux
Amanda Panda Bear Tri-Color Collie 07/18/96 Jane Shaw
Amanda Peanut Cat 06/87-08/10/00 Kellus Stone
Amanda Pekingese/Lhasa Apso Mix 07/28/93-12/11/08 Cheryl & Francis
Amanda Poodle 05/10/83-05/01/99 Marissa
Amanda Poodle 2 years 03/28/01 Mandy
Amanda Rose Golden Retriever 04/19/91-07/19/04 P.M. Mfemfe
Amanda Ruth-Marie Miniature Schnauzer 08/04/98-03/26/07 Brenda L. Masters
Amanda Sheltie 07/15/89-12/04/00 Elizabeth Tallent
Amanda Siamese Cat 09/13/82-07/26/00 Vicki Harrison
Amanda Sue Daschund 07/07/83-10/07/98 Lynda Pope
Amanda Sunshine Surprise Maltese 09/08/86-01/24/00 Sue Byington
Amanda Tabby Cat 04/05/91-07/02/07 Trudy Sparks
Amanda Tabby Cat 15 years 02/19/01 S Davis
Amanda Tabby/Siamese Mix 6 years MaraKay R.
Amanda Tortoise Shell Tabby Cat 05/18/88-01/27/06 Sandi Rezner
Amanda Toy Arthur F Sintef II
Amanda Wishnoff Domestic Short Hair Cat 15 years 10/11/08 Alvina Kaufman
Amanda, Manda, Manders DSH Black Cat 20 years 07/05/13 Stephanie Maglietta
Amanda/Mandi Golden 8 1/2 years 01/14/19 Christine
Amanda's Anne Airedale 02/07/90-01/25/04 Richard Riggins
Amanda's Moon Shadow, Shadow Sheltie 04/06/88-09/17/04 Cheryl Engel
Amani Alaskan Husky 11 years 06/16/04 Eddie and Lynn Mundy
Amani B Tortoise Cat 08/98-08/09/05 Sabra
Amanita Border Collie 14 years 03/11/94 Pat Moore-Sauvageot
Amanji Dalmatian 03/23/93-07/06/06 Haydee Lopez
Amaranth Tonkanese Cat 05/85-11/30/95 John & Kate A
Amaretta Cat Marianna Piccarelli
Amaretto Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/07/89-07/05/07 Polly Yeager
Amaretto Long Hair Cat 9 years 02/14/06 Tami
Amaretto Orange DSH Cat 14 1/2 months 11/13/99 Mark and Marti
Amarhetto Am. Long-hair Cat 06/10/85-11/12/99 Debbi
Amarhetto Domestic Long Hair Cat 06/10/85-11/11/99 Jeff & Debbi Dixon
Amaya Fancy Rat 02/05/12-04/24/14 Deidra B
Amaya Rottweiler 7 years 01/20/15 Justin and Stephanie
Amazing aka Mazy May Rat Terrier 09/16/99-09/23/05 Darcy Lloyd
Amazing Aldo Cat 04/01/96-06/07/11 Linda Moore
Amazing Dog 11 years 04/04/06 Julie Bell
Amazing Grace (Grace) Greyhound 05/1993-08/05/03 Stacie Lee & Joe Romack
Amazing Grace Helm Yorkie 04/24/05-08/19/15 Jim Helm
Amazing Grace Kelly Yellow Lab 03/30/94 10/09/96 Linda
Amazing Grace Springer Spaniel 12/07/04-30/06/17 Liz C
Amazing Gracie Toy Poodle 05/24/01-02/13/03 Colleen and Joe Subin
Amazing MerrilyMay Bloodhound 12/21/89-01/06/98 Houndmom Hether
Amazon (Amie) Gray Tabby Cat 07/12/14-02/13/16 Shayna Stein
Amazon Mix 04/14/93 Florida shelter fire
Amazon Parakeet/Budgie 05/01 Megan
Amazon The Sorceress - Amy Doberman 10 years 04/12/91 Colene White
Ambacromby Dalmation 1990-10/18/01 Wilma and Rachel
Ambe Jean Campbell Terrier Mix 16 years 12/20/09 Janet Campbell
Amber (Ambear) Yellow Lab 12/03/93-10/30/05 Becca, Lauren, Miriam, Peter, Faye
Amber (Bammie) Poodle 07/24/98-06/13/11 Carol & Gerry Sinsigalli
Amber (Flynn's Amber Casey) 02/14/95-01/23/99 Beckie
Amber (Lady Nantucket Amber) Papillon 08/16/89-02/19/00 RCS
Amber (Lady Nantucket Amber) Papillon 08/16/89-02/19/00 Robin
Amber (Little Amber) Persion Cat 07/22/85-07/27/98 Lori
Amber (Moose) Golden Retriever 07/86-03/19/96 Lou Boyles
Amber (Scooter) Cat 10/98-05/27/99 Tracy Steen
Amber 06/07/01 Bev Doyle
Amber 7 years 02/01/95 Cheryl Poole
Amber Abyssinian Cat 09/94-07/23/03 Aileen Kwon
Amber Adair Yellow Lab 01/18/95-12/07/07 Bobbi & Garry Adair
Amber African Serval Cat 10/30/12-03/07/13 Leona Maddux
Amber Airedale Terrier 10 years 06/23/04 Gail & Vance
Amber aka Baby Girl Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/01/97-08/09/05 Arlina
Amber aka Ber Ber Rabbit Rat Terrier 12/23/96-01/11/19 Amanda A Bruce
Amber Alaskan Husky 09/22/90-09/11/06 Joan Kaczmarczyk
Amber Alksninis Golden Retriever 07/05/98-08/28/07 Beverly & Tom Alksninis
Amber Alsatian 12/28/95 Amanda
Amber Ancient Hound Dog 02/26/98 Nicole
Amber and Daisy Orange Cat sisters 6 1/2 years 10/16/17 Arlyn Williams
Amber and Jasper Golden Retrievers 9 years 4 months 12/05/05 Jenny Dunderdale
Amber and Sam Rottweilers 04/17/97 Andrea
Amber Ann Cat 10 year 12/52/09 Pam Poull
Amber Australian Cattle Dog 12 years 07/08/14 Greg
Amber Australian Cattle Dog 8 years 02/08/07 Mark & Martha Sweet
Amber Australian Shepherd 02/14/08-05/27/18 Barbara
Amber Australian Shepherd Mix 07/23/12 Cassay
Amber 'Bam Bam' Beagle Mix 14 years 11/07/08 Mike and Amanda Challman
Amber Bamber Jones All White Cat Fall 2000-08/11/08 Stephanie K Jones
Amber Beagle 07/16/12 Susan Wilder
Amber Beagle 09/21/90-08/15/00 Lisa
Amber Beagle 13 years 11/29/11 Doreen Monahan
Amber Beagle 31/72/15 Jon Walton
Amber Beagle Mix 13 years 01/19/09 Caryll
Amber Beagle Mix 15 years 03/25/04 Margaret
Amber Beauty Rose Chocolate Snowshoe Siamese Cat 03/13/96-08/05/99 Beth & Carolyn Clark
Amber Bengal Cat 6 years 07/15/08 Carol E Clarke
Amber Bichpoo 25/06/92-06/11/05 Ann Clark
Amber Biescz Doberman 07/11/82-03/17/91 Clare & Paul
Amber Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 06/15/87-02/20/97 Beth Mitchell
Amber Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 10+ years 11/23/03 Cookie
Amber Black Labrador Retriever 01/17/93-01/21/06 Jennifer & Steve Tindall
Amber Blue Fox Trot McCann Shetland Sheepdog 12/14/91-03/01/06 Dan, Bridget, Kelly and Erin McCann
Amber Borzoi 8 years 10/98 Nadine
Amber Boxer 12/12/93-05/17/05 Benny India/susan
Amber Boxer Puppy Pascal
Amber British Shorthair Cat 13/05/10-24/03/15 Melissa Van Ostaeyen
Amber Brittany Australian Shepherd 01/04/87-07/25/98 Dave, Sue & Jessica Wilcox
Amber Browder Poodle 16 1/2 years 09/21/14 Loretta Browder
Amber Brown Tabby Cat 06/15/92-12/04/99 Terry Deslaurier
Amber Brown Tabby DSH Cat 1 May 1988-22 August 2007 Dr. Jane Dusek
Amber Buddy Cat 01/05/00-07/09/04 Meredith
Amber Buksas Border Terrier 09/14/94 Kimberli
Amber Cairn Terrier 08/01/01-10/02/17 Mike
Amber Calico Cat 12 years 08/10/96 Nancy
Amber Calico Cat 3 years 03/19/04 Jess and Vali
Amber Calico Short Hair Cat 19 years 02/11/19 Rex Tegio and Patty Kelly
Amber Canary 2007-2011 Torrance Bartholomew
Amber Cat 01/05/01-07/09/04 Meredith
Amber Cat 01/95-03/24/00 Joseph and Diana Kees
Amber Cat 02/11/00 Cynthia
Amber Cat 05/10/98-10/24/06 Sandy Morter
Amber Cat 05/28/01-07/27/05 Kelly & Pete
Amber Cat 05/88-10/22/98 Sheila Eckstein
Amber Cat 05/93 Jeanette
Amber Cat 06/80-06/10/98 Sharon Hester
Amber Cat 09/2002 Barbara
Amber Cat 11 years 03/18/06 Claudeen
Amber Cat 12 years 05/04/04 Claire
Amber Cat 15 years 02/11/00 Cindy
Amber Cat 16 years 05/03/01 Ann M
Amber Cat 17 years 02/01/08 Aimee
Amber Cat 17 years 11/22/99 Kathy
Amber Cat 17 years 18/08/01 Clare
Amber Cat 1986-07/05/05 Amanda and Des Brandenburg
Amber Cat 1996-04/24/11 Cheska Walter
Amber Cat 2 years 08/15/03 Debbie & Jim Hiett
Amber Cat 3 years 09/16/04 Suzi
Amber Cat 9 years 05/29/00 Thelma Oberholtzer and Pauline Groh
Amber Catahoula Cur 04/98-02/03/11 Jennifer Odom
Amber Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 02/10/95-01/05/11 Kathy
Amber Chesapeake Bay Retriever 12+ years 12/23/94 Mary Ann, Howard, Kevin and Sean Smith
Amber Chihuaha 02/13/94-11/20/98 Cindy
Amber Chihuahua 15 years 05/12/11 Anthony Cheverez
Amber Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix 14 years 01/06/06 Barbara Van Heuvel
Amber Chocolate Burmese Cat 02/08/98-08/05/01 Jude
Amber Chocolate Lab 02/25/02-04/05/12 Jackie Teale
Amber Chocolate Lab 07/84-04/00 David, Julie, Russ, Jason & Samantha Gore
Amber Chow Chow 13 years 11/05/00 Pam Gordon
Amber Chow Mix 13 years 03/26/10 Shawn
Amber ChowChow 10/16/89-6 years Jack and Gail Brennan
Amber Cocker Spainel 15 years 01/03/94 Nita Sullivan
Amber Cocker Spaniel 02/24/02-02/15/11 Karen & Jeff
Amber Cocker Spaniel 02/89-10/01 Lisa Campbell
Amber Cocker Spaniel 04/14/10 Gloria
Amber Cocker Spaniel 04/21/12 Bobbi
Amber Cocker Spaniel 08/11/16 Linda Thomson
Amber Cocker Spaniel 10/84-06/21/00 Jayme Jones
Amber Cocker Spaniel 12/20/86-06/12/02 Bill & Sharon Evans
Amber Collie 7 years 08/23/00 Sandy
Amber Collie Cross 02/04/95-09/13/05 Maureen
Amber Collie Mix 05/15/85-01/26/01 Nancy Brown
Amber Collie/Huskie 13 years 02/25/04 Anita, Michael, Alyssa and Michael Kortas
Amber Cortese Greyhound 01/08/97-10/09/08 Jeffrey J. Cortese
Amber Cream Persian Cat 11/06/00 Jill & Will Drake
Amber Crowell Chinese Sharpei 2 years 01/19/07 Dianne
Amber Dachshund 17 years 08/13/01 Kim
Amber Dachshund 18 years 12/19/07 Elaine Lowry
Amber Dawn Keeshound 08/23/88-07/02/99 Bobbie Bates
Amber Dextrous Tortie Cat 02/08/89-18/10/06 Pamela
Amber DLH Cat 16 years 06/26/00 Maryann Potter
Amber Doberman 07/21/91-09/15/98 Lauren & Danny Johnson
Amber Doberman 10 years 03/30/02 Mike Jones
Amber Doberman 11/11/91-03/03/02 Mary & Jasper Johnston
Amber Doberman Bill McMullen
Amber Dog 04/01/89-07/28/03 Chi Ly
Amber Dog 05/23/90-08/30/00 Si Lane
Amber Dog 08/15/12 Debbie and Steve and Family
Amber Dog 08/24/06 Neil
Amber Dog 12/03/90-11/11/02 Laura
Amber Dog 12/20/07 the Brady family
Amber Dog 14 years 11/05/17 Donna Packard
Amber Dog 15 years 01/06/01 Gary and Sharon
Amber Dog 16 years 07/15/08 Abbie
Amber Domestic Long Hair Cat 04/17/96-06/01/04 Kristin
Amber Domestic Long Hair Cat 13 years 07/01/11 Mary Ellen Candra
Amber Domestic Short Hair Cat 9 years 06/29/02 Barb Burgess
Amber Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/25/00-10/06/09 Janeen Miklowski
Amber Domestic Shorthair Cat 09/01/90-04/11/06 Dot Fitzgerald
Amber English Setter 02/26/04 Kassi
Amber English Setter 06/02/92-09/29/05 Janine
Amber Evensong Domestic Shorthair Calico Cat 08/88-09/29/00 Cyndi Nelson
Amber Fluffhead Tortoiseshell DLH Cat 04/17/96-06/01/04 Kristin
Amber Forever Amber of Bon Air Yellow Lab 1973-1987 Liz Taylor Bagley
Amber Fox Mahon Shiba Inu 09/02/02-09/01/07 Delilah Anne Loyd Mahon
Amber Gander Salamander Orange Tabby Cat 10/01/88-03/14/04 Diane Lawson
Amber Gaynor Mini Dachshund 05/04/97-02/03/06 Beth Gaynor
Amber German Shepherd 01/02/98-05/07/10 Marnie Azadian
Amber German Shepherd 01/16/95-10/19/06 Lavaine Cates
Amber German Shepherd 05/07/89-07/10/89 Alison M. DeMaio
Amber German Shepherd 06/17/92-08/25/03 Aliceann & Ben Corn
Amber German Shepherd 10/10/03-04/22/17 Barbara Farrow
Amber German Shepherd 11 years 03/05/06 Mom, Dad, Emily, & Johanna
Amber German Shepherd 13 years 10 months 08/13/03 Alyson
Amber German Shepherd 19/03/04-11/01/16 Jackie
Amber German Shepherd Mix 06/18/01-04/01/05 Mary, Jack, John & Jodie
Amber Golden Lab Cross 12 years
Amber Golden Ret Mix 10 years 02/16/08 Nadisha Perera
Amber Golden Retriever 01/07/98-04/08/08 Laura Reynolds
Amber Golden Retriever 01/20/87-02/11/01 Kevin Paronto
Amber Golden Retriever 02/04/07 Marj
Amber Golden Retriever 02/10/98-12/09/09 Craig Varn
Amber Golden Retriever 03/01/92-06/26/03 Lori & Bill Sinclair
Amber Golden Retriever 03/03/88-09/05/97 Lucy
Amber Golden Retriever 03/04/01-04/18/08 Dan Freeman
Amber Golden Retriever 03/05/89-01/02/02 Gloria S. Dittmann
Amber Golden Retriever 03/10/88-02/20/01 Alisa Farrington
Amber Golden Retriever 03/26/98-12/17/07 Kathy
Amber Golden Retriever 04/09/99-11/06/11 Stanley Bloch
Amber Golden Retriever 04/28/02-11/15/06 Linda Cooper
Amber Golden Retriever 05/11/89-07/29/03 Annie
Amber Golden Retriever 05/15/96-03/15/04 Kathy, Bobby & Rich
Amber Golden Retriever 06/22/91-05/08/01 Sarah and Pat McGowan
Amber Golden Retriever 07/24/91-10/19/00 Linda Derck
Amber Golden Retriever 08/18/95-06/28/96 Sandy
Amber Golden Retriever 08/21/88-01/10/07 Barbara & Walter Greenwood
Amber Golden Retriever 08/27/91 Leigh
Amber Golden Retriever 09/02/92-12/30/05 Bruce
Amber Golden Retriever 09/2002-11/05/12 Rose Flaherty
Amber Golden Retriever 09/28/94-05/02/05 Kathy Stevens
Amber Golden Retriever 11 years 2012 Sydney & Isabel
Amber Golden Retriever 11/09/92-04/21/04 Carissa, Courtney, Sherri and Bruce Drouin
Amber Golden Retriever 11/26/89-09/21/98 Judy Y.
Amber Golden Retriever 12 years 01/20/09 Lisa Penha
Amber Golden Retriever 12 years 03/13/99 Marti DeLong
Amber Golden Retriever 12 years 05/04/06 Molly Newlon
Amber Golden Retriever 12 years 08/15/05 Laurie
Amber Golden Retriever 12 years 12/12/07 Ken Walker
Amber Golden Retriever 12/05/88-09/08/02 Wendy Scruton
Amber Golden Retriever 13 years 06/01/12 Monica Canosa
Amber Golden Retriever 13 years Mary Linda and Ana
Amber Golden Retriever 14 ish 10/04/03 Patti
Amber Golden Retriever 14 years 06/11/97 Jim Phillips
Amber Golden Retriever 15 1/2 years 04/12/13 Donna
Amber Golden Retriever 15 years 08/08/09 Susan
Amber Golden Retriever 24/09/01-22/01/05 Marilyn and Brian Clarke
Amber Golden Retriever 5 years 03/21/00 Tanya & Paul Glickler
Amber Golden Retriever 5 years 10/01/03 Jenny
Amber Golden Retriever 8 ish 04/03/12 Elaine Ball
Amber Golden Retriever 9 years 08/16/96 Katie
Amber Golden Retriever Mix 02/15/08 Lilamani
Amber Golden Retriever Mix 07/19/10 Mari
Amber Goodyear Pharaoh Hound 05/03/07 Lynn Kearns
Amber Gray & White Cat 06/18/02 Jan Stein
Amber Gray Tabby Cat 05/14/97-11/25/12 Deborah More
Amber Gray Tortie Cat 12 years 07/29/02 Ryan Robbins
Amber Great Dane 05/19/00-02/01/01 Tilley Family
Amber Guerriero Mixed Tan & Blk Shepherd 03/31/91-09/02/02 Christine Elmendorf
Amber Half Persian Cat 10/10/95-09/29/03 Marko Duran
Amber Heinz57 Dog 04/15/02 Laura Thorpe
Amber Hirsch Boxer 05/29/97-03/30/09 Lynn & Ray Hirsch
Amber Howard Dog 02/95-01/11/10 Kristen
Amber Hungarian Vizsla 12/21/97-12/19/12 Beverley Dinnigan
Amber Husky Mix 14 years 02/08/04 Gordon Mc Lennan
Amber Irish Setter 01.04.86-30.09.00 Anne
Amber Irish Setter/Lab Mix 15 years 10/25/02 Joe Long & Janey Collier-Long
Amber Jack Golden Retriever 08/06/89-07/31/02 Michelle, Julie, Angela and Adam
Amber Jack Russell 01/17/01 S. D.
Amber Jasmine Lab/German Shepherd 02/14/96-02/14/08 Celia, Lauren, Meghan
Amber Jessica Labrador Retriever 05/14/86-02/04/00 Greg Nanni
Amber Jo Golden Retriever 04/12/97-06/01/09 Nancy Lotrionte
Amber Jo Mare 11/2008 The Lyons Family
Amber Josette, Baby Jean, Zeus Poodle, Mastiff, Rott-Mastiff Dogs 18, 1, and 5 months 2006 and 2007 Kare Waterhawk
Amber Joy Yellow Lab 11 years 11/28/10 Liz Sweet
Amber Kaufmann Miniature Poodle 10/31/11-08/31/18 Rene and Peter Kaufmann, Stacey and Orly
Amber Kay Mastiff 03/31/98-01/17/04 Lisa Williams
Amber Kitten 01/2004 Erik
Amber Kitten 09/08/05 Debbie
Amber Lab 03/02/01-02/27/13 Donna Zenero
Amber Lab 06/06/12 Marlene (Mommy) Michael (Daddy) and Erica
Amber Lab Mix 05/15/85-06/10/00 Annette Lynch
Amber Labrador 04/09/96-04/24/09 Nicky Clay
Amber Labrador 14 years 07/14/11 Diane, Danny, Dani and Abi
Amber Labrador 7 years 08/11/08 Randy and Kristi
Amber Labrador Retriever 11 years 11/28/10 Elizabeth Sweet
Amber Labrador Retriever 14 years 09/21/09 Jo
Amber Labrador Retriever 9 years 07/08/05 Stephanie Dickinson (Posted For Sarah)
Amber Lager Border Collie/Golden Retriever/Labrador/German Shepherd 04/10/91-02/11/05 Christine Anderson
Amber Laura's Sweetie Cocker Spaniel 06/28/91-10/2003 Amber-Laura Fraser
Amber Lee Cat 4 years 10/21/08 Barb Grills
Amber Lee Dog 06/08/88-08/05/98 Karen & Paul Mahan
Amber Lee Flame Min. Poodle 03/13/87-06/01/01 Maureen Gaughan
Amber Lee Lackey Black German Shepherd 10/17/05-06/23/11 Stephanie Lackey
Amber Lhasa Apso 01/02/91-06/06/05 Debra Mrozek
Amber Lhasa Apso 11/21/93-10/31/09 Dina Kassler
Amber Little Tabby Girl Cat 8 years 03/28/03 George and Tracy
Amber Loeffert Black Labrador Retriever 09/17/97-12/09/05 Janice and Gary Loeffert
Amber Long Hair Cat 03/29/06 Helene Van Doninck
Amber Loves Kisses Cocker Spaniel 08/17/93-09/18/03 Steven & Linda
Amber Lyn Persian Cat 09/07/91-08/31/07 Dawn
Amber Lynn Australian Shepherd 3 years 03/14/11 Cammy
Amber Lynn Bradley Strauss Toy Poodle 07/14/99-08/21/11 Brad
Amber Lynn Cockapoo 12/08/85-11/04/98 Anne
Amber Lynn DSH Cat 16 years 08/06/13 Karen Kenney
Amber Lynn German Shepherd 12/20/95-03/27/05 Rick, Terri, Rikkilynn
Amber Lynn Lhasa Apso 07/11/92-08/27/04 Marion Iacobellis
Amber Lynn Shih Tzu 6 years 07/20/09 Barbara
Amber Lynn Valder Toy Poodle 08/13/92-05/26/07 Joyce and Roger Valder
Amber Mac Combo Bloodhound/Husky/Lab 08/28/03-12/21/11 Katie, Stephen, Melissa and Matthew
Amber Maltese 8 years Heather Nydik
Amber Maltipoo 16 years 12/24/05 Susan Baczynski
Amber Marie Sheldon Water Spaniel 10 1/2 years 05/27/00 Keith
Amber Michelle Anders Dalmatian 08/15/93-10/20/04 Debbie Anders and Henry Doyle
Amber Mix Dog 04/05/09 Kelly Abdellatif
Amber Mix Dog 12/96-02/2010 Sherry Walz-Eisenhardt and Family
Amber Mixed Breed Dog 15 years 03/06/01 Neil & Andrea
Amber Mixed Breed Dog 17 years 06/08/96 Bob
Amber Mixed Cat 6 years 12/17/06 Gloria Ann Plyser
Amber Mixed Dog 05/01/90-11/01/06 Chris & Fred
Amber Mixed Golden Lab 1990-04/09/01 Joann and Bill Pierce
Amber Murray Dog 03/25/06 Scott, Jim, Rummy, Tommy, Gator
Amber Mutt 02/87-02/96 Ron Ruis
Amber Myers Brown Tabby Cat 07/97-11/11/02 Sherrie & Gary
Amber Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 6 months 05/14/05 Jennifer Davies
Amber Orange Kitten 04/01-07/04/01 Lisa Chabot
Amber Orange Tabby Cat 03/17/12-06/16/16 Doreen Manley
Amber Orange Tabby Cat 06/18/92-04/16/05 Marcia Blair
Amber Orange Tabby Cat 08/14/90-03/27/01 Peg
Amber Orange Tabby Cat 8 years 06/19/08 Laura Gault
Amber Overlook Mitchell Golden Retriever 11/30/90-11/10/01 The Mitchell and Trice Family
Amber Papillon 08/16/89-02/17/00 W Who
Amber Part Bred Arab Horse 03/04/81-01/11/06 Janne Bennewith
Amber Pasbrig American Cocker Spaniel 11/12/92-03/06/06 Carol Pasbrig
Amber Persian Cat 03/31/00-09/21/06 Amanda
Amber Persian Cat 08/24/01 Sue
Amber Persian Cat 1992-06/03/04 Nikki Lewis
Amber Pointer X Lab 13 years 09/19/05 Dawn Owen
Amber Pomeranian 05/20/98-06/05/07 Patti Fige
Amber Pomeranian 11/02/89-03/16/00 Maureen Calcaterra
Amber Poodle 13 years 09/03/04 Janet & Lyle Frishmna
Amber Pursell Yorkshire Terrier 12/14/10-08/24/11 Amber Pursell
Amber Ray Golden Retriever 03/03/88-09/05/97 Lucy, Chris, Cherie, Jill, Larry
Amber Red Rat Snake 01/21/09 Wendy Moore
Amber Reid Tortoiseshell Cat 14 years 08/21/06 Denise Reid
Amber Reid Tortoiseshell Cat 14 years 21/06/06 Denise Reid
Amber Reid Tortoiseshell Cat 21/08/06 Denis Reid
Amber Rose (Sanchez) Yellow Lab 13 years 01/16/09 Rachel Sanchez
Amber Rose Australian Shepherd 06/16/91-07/04/04 Rick
Amber Rose Domestic Shorthair Cat 16 years 08/15/07 Karin & Ambrose
Amber Rose Lynn Tortoise Shell Tabby Cat 11 years 04/09/09 Georgeann O'Connell
Amber Rott 07/24/89-02/11/98 Susan Kistler
Amber Rottweiler 16/06/93-21/03/05 Tracey
Amber Rottweiller/Dobie 12 1/2 years 12/27/04 Guy and Noelle Johnson
Amber Rough Collie 16th April 1998-17th October 2010 Brenda
Amber Russell Toy Poodle 17 years 04/24/07 Madeleine Alan and Alana
Amber Sable Collie 14 years Anita
Amber Sable Ford Pembroke Welsh Corgi 03/12/91-04/05/05 Leslie
Amber Seal Point Siamese Cat 03/10/82 -04/11/97 Carla B.
Amber Shambhala Lee Himalayan/Siamese Cat 06/11/02-11/09/12 Jennifer Lee
Amber Sheila Siberian Husky 18 years 12/31/02 Bobbie Collins
Amber Sheltie 01/21/97-07/12/08 Kathleen Davis
Amber Sheltie 02/03/88-07/21/01 Larry and Tirzah Blackman
Amber Sheltie 02/06/93-08/10/07 Ken Cosco
Amber Sheltie 03/03/99-01/06/12 Sharon Taylor
Amber Sheltie 05/31/89-08/03/03 Patti Horton
Amber Sheltie 07/19/88-04/16/01 Patti White
Amber Sheltie 09/15/05 Margaret
Amber Sheltie 10/21/99-12/26/08 George Eachus
Amber Sheltie 11/02/93-08/12/05 Suzanne Strutt
Amber Sheltie 12/07/95-05/23/08 Jan Phelps
Amber Sheltie 13 years 08/19/01 Amber
Amber Sheltie 14 years 04/26/99 Bhyss
Amber Sheltie Mix 01/01/97-06/22/07 Hailey
Amber Sheltie Mix 06/22/07 Hailey
Amber Shepherd Mix 07/90-01/20/02 Laura
Amber Shep-Mix 11/23/02-11/18/06 Allison
Amber Shetland Sheepdog 10/02/98-06/21/02 Chris Smith
Amber Shih Tzu 06/02/03 Linda Hoffma
Amber Shih Tzu 4 years 11/11/05 Kim and Brad
Amber Shi-Tzu 07/88-08/29/05 Kristine
Amber Siberian Husky 11/23/93-08/29/98 Debbie Meindl
Amber Snowflake Horton Lab/Beagle Mix 08/25/95-04/19/09 Jeff Horton
Amber Standard Poodle 08/16/91-10/23/04 Marlee
Amber Strubb Maltese/Pekinese 02/20/93-09/28/05 Cheryl Strubb
Amber Sue Foster Dog 08/27/11 Brian and Mike
Amber Tabby Cat 01/01/03-02/08/05 Erik P
Amber Tabby Cat 09/01/02-09/27/04 B. Lamere
Amber Tabby Cat 10/14/85-03/28/05 Kathryn Hamilton
Amber Tabby Cat 16 years 01/07/09 Amy
Amber Tabby Cat 19 years 11/02/10 Linda Walis
Amber Tabby Cat 20 years 10/21/05 Beth
Amber Tabby Cat 7 years 08/05/04 Annie Cable
Amber Tabby Ginger Cat 16 1/2 years 16th April 2006 Lynne Patrick
Amber Tabby/Torty Cat 1985-10/29/98 Jackie Pearce
Amber Terrier Mix 16 years 10/23/98 Glenn and Margie Driver
Amber Thorngren Patched Tabby Cat 14 years 06/11/07 Richard H Thorngren
Amber Tortishell Tuxedo Cat 8 years 08/07/04 Barbara Guerriero
Amber Tortoiseshell Calico Cat 18 years 02/28/16 Judy
Amber Torty Cat 17 years 01/05/07 Jim McKee
Amber Tucci Rottweiler 9 years 09/12/05 Michele Tucci
Amber Vaughan Sheltie 02/05/09 Gillian Vaughan
Amber Weimaraner 05/06/05 John & Joy Ricke
Amber Weimeraner 16/01/95-22/02/08 Jane
Amber Welsh Corgi Mix 6 years 03/30/97 Sandi Simoneaux, DVM
Amber West Highland White Terrier 18 August 1995-04 March 2010 Sue Atkin
Amber White German Shepherd 11 years Valery
Amber Witzigmann Husky 04/95-05/17/09 Robert and Lori Witzigmann
Amber Wohlstadter Belgian Malinois 04/14/94-04/17/11 Bob Wohlstadter
Amber Yellow Lab 01/04/06-02/22/07 Javier Fonseca
Amber Yellow Lab 05/19/94-04/19/07 Cat & Larry Hitt
Amber Yellow Lab 09/19/03 Jennifer Binger
Amber Yellow Lab 11/17/97-02/13/08 Phyllis McQuarrie
Amber Yellow Lab 12/01/96-11/30/08 Trish Breen
Amber Yellow Lab Mix 01/01/92-08/24/04 Missy, Pete, Kate and Kevin
Amber Yellow Labrador 11 years Sheila
Amber Yellow Labrador Retriever 02/05/00-09/06/10 Susan Wetmore
Amber Yellow Labrador Retriever 12 years 02/23/99 Shebee
Amber Yorkie 15 years 09/24/12 Jim & Felicia Evans
Amber Yorkie 21/08/11 Alison + Colin
Amber Yorkie Mix 09/29/01-06/27/18 Susan Grassel
Amber Yorkshire Terrier 02/21/05-08/18/11 Michelle Gregoire
Amber, Sweetie Weimaraner 08/04/05 Adrienne & Jimmy
Amberboch Golden Retriever 7 years 12/21/04 Tracy Hungerford
Ambercrombie Golden Retriever 06/30/93-03/13/05 Missy
Amberine O' Lee American Saddlebred Horse 01/09/76-07/01/04 Dorann Laperch
Amber-Lee Golden Retriever 03/20/80-09/26/95 Suzan
Amberleigh Greyhound Sally
Amberleigh Sheltie 04/21/93-01/19/99 Susan Lynch
AmberMaze Belgian Mare 11/17/99 WWF
Ambers My Mercedes Great Dane 9 years 09/01/97 Lynne
Amber's Precious Gem (Gem) Dalmatian 13 years 06/28/10 Rod, Jo Ann, KC, Amber, Nathan Kinney & Kaylee Whatley
Amberson Orange and White Tabby Cat 10/31/98-09/12/16 Elin Carlson
AmberWallace Toy poodle 10/18/87-09/14/02 Dolores
Amberwoods Peking Duck (Beep) Golden retr. Robin Donahey
Ambi Calico Cat 10 months 10/14/07 Margarita Politte
Ambi Tabby - Black and White Cat 08/13/82-01/06/99 Beryl D. Robinson
Ambre Poodle 11 years 10/31/99 Collette Barragan
Ambrose 04/21/00 Pam
Ambrose Cat 11 years 04/21/00 Pam Norman
Ambrose Doxen 12 years 02/29/08 Andrea Hitz
Ambrose DSH Cat 07/94-07/29/06 Melissa Brandau
Ambrose Jacob (Theo) Bengal Mix Kitten 03/13/02-08/04/02 Ken and Elyn Macek
Ambrose Orange Tabby Cat 14 years 09/15/10 Joyce Hanlon
Ambrose Pitbull 07/03/01-10/23/12 Heather Uitts
Ambrose Scottish Terrier 04/24/93-06/23/97 The Amaya Family
Ambrosia Cat 19 years 06/02/15 Melisa
Ambrosia Golden Retriever 08/88-12/09/96 Mike Ramberg
Ambur Golden Retriever 04/25/86-05/05/00 Kristin
Ambush Cat 1981-12/25/98 Stevie Clasen
Ambush Maltese 03/14/85-10/13/99 Betsy E. Lister
Ambush Siamese Cat 12/25/84-08/31/00 Bob Neilan
Ame Sheltie 02/04/96-05/27/06 Stephanie D'Angelo
Amealia American Short Hair Cat 12/19/84-10/15/04 Jay Lechner
Amel Cat 22 years 08/2008 Keith & Darla Sharp
Amel Cat 22 years 08/23/09 Keith & Darla Sharp
Amelia (Milly) Siamese/Tabby Mix Cat 09/12/99 Caren
Amelia 14 years 01/2002 Laura
Amelia Aircat aka Mimi Cat 8 years 05/01/13 Kathryn & Mark
Amelia Airedale 9 years 1993 Joy Anderson
Amelia aka (Meillie) Tabby Cat 09/10/06-05/06/19 Ingrid
Amelia Anderson Newfoundland 04/17/92-09/22/04 Sara
Amelia Bedelia Cat 7 years 12/17/05 Elle Melissa McKay
Amelia Bidelia Cat 06/20/95-09/06/08 Sandy Hellstern
Amelia Black English Cocker Spaniel 25/03/92-02/04/07 Kerry & Vicki Moulds
Amelia Brown Shih Tzu 9 years 06/01/05 Ron and Maria Regalado
Amelia Cat 03/2004 Donna
Amelia Cat 04/01/82-04/19/00 Colin
Amelia Cat 10 years 09/03/99 Sue
Amelia Cat 11/01/89-06/13/05 Kelly Roberts
Amelia Cat 12/14/98-12/28/98 Daniel and Missy
Amelia Cat 17 years 03/26/09 Suzanne
Amelia Cat 1981-07/09/99 Lori Wright
Amelia Cat 7 years 09/09/02 Lee Clayton
Amelia Dog 1997-07/15/07 Ines Lauva For Lynne Snead
Amelia Domestic Tabby Cat 06/03/02-03/17/17 Kristin Thomas
Amelia DSH Cat 09/01/11-01/09/12 Megan
Amelia DSH White and Black Kitten 4 months 08/2011 Teresa (Angels With Paws Volunteer)
Amelia German Shepherd 11 years 05/05/08 Doc Holliday
Amelia German Shepherd Dog 01/14/97-08/23/11 Joyce Durdin
Amelia Great Dane 11/01/94-12/08/06 Mary Wehrle
Amelia Hooded Rat 12/28/08-07/13/11 Grace Jones
Amelia Hovawart Dog 04/03/09 Stacey M
Amelia Kitten 6 months 12/30/99 Sue, SVHS
Amelia Lab Mix 01/96-11/15/04 Karen
Amelia Maine Coon Cat 14 years 09/22/08 Michele Falcone
Amelia Mixed Cat 05/13/01 Mark and Terri Morilak
Amelia Peabody Mixed Cat 19 years 09/11/08 Phyllis Dawkins
Amelia Poodle 07/08/94-05/22/09 Gloria
Amelia Rose Cat 01/01/06 Hillary
Amelia Spitz/West Highland White 05/15/89-01/12/02 Laura Freely
Amelia Springer Spaniel 06/14/00 Kathy Klein
Amelia Tortishell Cat 06/87-03/99 Dlwnv
Amelia Wang-Griffin Cat 8 months 04/20/05 Natasha Wang
Amelia White Rat with Black Spots 07/01/04-01/05/07 Yohann, Beata
Amelie Cat 08/10/95-05/07/02 Andy, Angel, Jordan, Brooke, Alexander, and Leslie
Amelie Haas Bichon 07/23/02-11/07/12 Karen Haas
Amen Cat 08/25/99-12/17/00 Bruce & Sharon Kettelle
Amerglo Galan (Little Man) English Toy Spaniel 04/21/87-12/01/99 Pat and Janet
American Curl 1 year 8 months 07/2000 R Strickly
American Dream American Shorthair Cat 02/27/87-09/15/02 Lori Luther
Amers Jo Calico American Shorthair Cat 1978-1980 Amey J
Amgus Blackmoore, Lord Rumblefuzz Labrador Retriever 09/20/04-05/23/18 Kari Blackmoore
Ami Beagle 02/28/93-05/03/04 Betty
Ami Bichon Frise 08/12/90-11/08/00 Katri Seppa
Ami Border Collie Mix 05/12/08 Agata Doroszuk
Ami Boston Terrier 9 years 11/12/12 Carol, William, Bill, and Lynette
Ami Cat 08/26/05 Lisa
Ami Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/89-06/04/07 Lea
Ami Labrador 13 years 11/04/06 Rachael and Matt
Ami Miniature Pinscher 05/29/88-12/23/03 Hamadas
Ami Sue Sharpei 12 years 02/2002 Karen and Victor Stevens
Amica Lowry Maltese 04/18/94-06/28/04 Sharon
Amica Rhodesian Ridgeback 11/27/94-06/21/05 Regina Rizk-Smith
Ami-Cat Cat 20 years 08/09/07 Marlene D'Aoust
Amichi Gray Tabby Cat 11 years 04/09/14 Bobby & Sharon
Amichia Shih tzu 05/28/81-05/23/94 Errol Friedman
Amico Beauceron 29/11/98-01/09/08 Helen
Amie and Chance German Shorthair and Dalmatian/Blue Heeler Dogs 3 years and 1 year 02/16/07 Melaina Frederick
Amie Australian Cattle Dog 15 years 09/08/09 Nell Schwartz
Amie Cat 06/01/87-09/18/04 Gary Sanginario
Amie Dachshund 07/31/06 Stanley Massey
Amie Dog 05/20/91-07/29/04 Janet
Amie DSH Cat 11 or 13 years 01/19/99 Robin Figlin
Amie Jack Russell Terrier 10/98-12/15/14 M.J. Epright
Amie Keeshond 09/04/04-07/27/17 Katy
Amie Poodle 03/08/06 Joy Wolf
Amiee Dog 12 years 11/10/00 Liz Pelonzi
Amiego Cat 04/22/04-01/11/10 Jeanette Askenase
Amiela Nichols DiSimoni German Shepherd 02/11/94-05/29/07 Jessica DiSimoni
Amiga Arabian Horse 22 years 03/08/11 Cindy
Amigo Chihuahua 07/22/06-05/03/11 Ron Richardson
Amigo Chihuahua 12/19/99-08/05/11 Carrie Horn
Amigo Duvall Chihuahua Mix 04/15/10-06/03/12 Anita Duvall
Amigo German Shepherd 12/01/89-01/06/04 Kim Kehoe
Amigo Giant Schnauzer 31/08/99-18/04/12 Jessika
Amigo Maine Coon Cat 07/94-08/05/99 Angel
Amigo Mixed Chihuahua 07/04/86-06/30/03 Thomas H. Honaker
Amigo Mixed Dog 7 years 06/17/04 Aly Peaster
Amigo Ralph Golden Retriever 16 years 06/04/12 Dave & Kristy Sohns
Amigo Shorthair Cat 03/08/93-10/04/05 Brian Galloway
Amigo Turkish + Maine Coon Cat 11 years 01/15/12 Mark & Lauren
Amigo Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot 40+ years 02/01/00 Cate Guyan
Amik Snowshoe Cat 04/11/97-04/04/14 Sylvia Popovic-Deonier
Amily Cat 02/13/10 Bill Schmidt
Amina Mixed Domestic Cat 20 years 02/08/10 Jared Gavin Sutherland
Aminal Gray Tabby Cat 05/06/90-07/15/93 Monica J. Ballew
Amir Frog 1 year 03/18/01 Lauren
Amira Boxer 8 years 02/09/12 Nina
Amish Black Long-Haired Cat 4 years 10/13/00 Anne Gatica
Amisha Cat 14 years 12/14/12 Kris Betker
Amistad Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Amitee Rachelle Gilley French Poodle 08/31/03-06/29/10 Peggy
Amity Perry O'Brien Tortoise Shell Calico Cat 04/10/92-01/31/07 Danielle R. O'Brien
Amity Rottweiler 09/12/95 Amber
Amjo's Mika The Hot Shot German Shepherd 06/06/86-03/10/95 Joyce L Schafer
Amleto-Tim Shar Pei 08/29/00-07/06/01 Sandra & Family
Ammi Silver Tabby Cat 08/30/90-08/23/02 April Gates
Ammo Greyhound 06/01/93-02/24/04 Peter Northcott
Ammy Siamese Cat 09/07/02 Jules
Amnesty Cat 07/07/98-03/29/99 Jackie Hoffman
Amo (Ah'-Moe) Samoyed 14 years 06/04/99 Teresa, Jack, Nicole and Allie
Amoco Yellow Tiger Cat 09/10/97-10/03/00 Colleen Taylor
Amoko Tess Dunsford-Conway Rough Tri-Color Collie 14 years 06/02/09 Ann Mary Dunsford
Amon Dog 04/17/02-08/29/06 Lajla
Amon von Katz Black Cat 02/01/95-08/17/11 Jacqueline
Amor (Momo) Fancy Rat 02/20/09-03/04/12 Mallory
Amor Lima Pocket Poodle 15 years 12/03/04 Rita
Amore Kitten 6 months 01/18/01 Linda DiMaggio
Amore Lab X 6 months 05/17/10 Isabel L. Valuja
Amore’ Tuxedo Cat 08/06/14 Katherine Wright
Amos (Aime Louie Or Famous Amos) Black and Tan Hound 06/91-02/23/00 Gretchen
Amos (Amostopholes) DSH Cat 02/14/84-02/18/98 Herb Bogart
Amos (Famous) Dalmatian 09/26/84-11/05/99 Al Mittiga
Amos (Mousie) Black Domestic Longhair Cat 18 years Holly Slota
Amos 1976 John Shaefer
Amos American Housecat 18 years 12/03/03 Joye Chizek
Amos Amish Black Cat 1 year 12/19/99 Peggy Lillmars
Amos and Andy-Andy Maine Coon Cats 16 and 17 years to 08/21/16 and 07/22/16 Kathleen O'Rourke
Amos Anthony Rogers-Smith Poodle 02/06/91-12/29/08 Susan Rogers/John Smith, III
Amos Australian Shepherd 09/06/08 Stanley and Wanda
Amos Bassett 15 years 05/94 Gail Malec
Amos Black Lab 11/24/09-07/15/09 Tim & Mary Belter
Amos Bombay Cat 12 years 05/22/02 Tammy Parker
Amos Border Collie 16 years RHG
Amos Border Collie/Lab. 04/08/90-10/18/99 Betsey and Abe
Amos Brown Mastiff 4 years 10/11/11 Brad Henderson
Amos Bubba Holmes English Bulldog 08/09/01-08/15/09 Clydene Holmes
Amos Calico Cat 04/86-05/14/05 David Strassel
Amos Cat 01/01/84-04/19/01 Bob Goodykoontz
Amos Cat 08/04/90-04/09/07 Elizabeth
Amos Cat 09/29/08 Ted Stanich
Amos Cat 12 years 06/26/03 Lori Wilson
Amos Cat 13 years C Conway
Amos Cat 14 years 02/18/98 Herb
Amos Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Amos Davis Poodle - Black 01/06/94-03/10/08 Debbie Elam
Amos Dog 03/99-11/24/09 Sandra Collins
Amos Dog 12 years 05/01/12 Stacey
Amos Dog 13 years 19/01/08 Angela Astley
Amos Domestic Longhaired Cat 03/13/00-04/07/12 Marnie and Ben Carvalho
Amos Ellis Shih-Tzu 01/07/89-03/26/03 Carol and Chuck Ellis, Bandit, Jake and Bubba
Amos Eudy Dachshund 01/2004-02/01/17 Mandi Eudy
Amos German Shepherd 09/25/95-08/02/05 Barb & Dutch Bowen
Amos German Shepherd 11 years 02/13/09 Sue, Morgan and Evette
Amos Golden Retriever/Belgian and German Shepherd Mix 10/22/87-06/06/01 Pamela Mendoza
Amos Grey Tiger Cat 13 years 07/26/06 Randi Camirand
Amos Greyhound 07/01/97-02/01/07 Natalie Cornell
Amos Hickok DSH Cat 08/16/97-11/03/06 Penny Hickok
Amos James English Shepherd Mix 6 years 09/12/03 Pam Morgan
Amos Kinked Tail Cat 08/04/85-12/21/03 Rich Lewin
Amos Lab Mix 05/29/02-12/03/11 James Ray
Amos Labrador Retriever 06/10/98-09/08/09 Teri
Amos Manx Cat 09/95-05/02/05 Penny
Amos Miniature Schnauzer 11/11/91-11/10/00 Joe and Tamra Deavers
Amos Mixed Breed 12? years John C.Cox
Amos Mixed Dog 13 years 03/04/07 Dalene
Amos Mongrel 13 years 19/01/08 Angela
Amos Moses (Big A, Pretty A) English Bulldog 7 years 12/01/03 Ryan Burge
Amos Moses Cockapoo 04/19/88-09/05/03 Jane Ramsey
Amos Moses Minature Dachshund 10/25/81-03/04/98 Leslie Edwards Whiting
Amos Moses Rottweiler 06/25/94-02/2002 Jan Wilson
Amos Orange Tabby Cat 09/17/89-12/06/02 Lynn and Chris
Amos Pembroke Welsh Corgi 04/11/92-08/18/05 Lou, Debbiemercier, Deserezkrentz
Amos Persian Cat 12 years 10/18/04 Evelyn Pimplaskar
Amos Persian Himalayan Cat 1996-11/22/10 Jleigh
Amos Pit Bull 14 years 01/16/95 Cynde Morse
Amos Pitbull 7 years 02/23/09 Shanda, Calysta, Caity, Kyle and Elias
Amos Poodle Mix 13 years 02/20/06 Mary Gruber
Amos Price Dachshund 03/27/86-06/16/08 Jim Price
Amos Red Throat Conure 14 years 10/15/07 Inta and David Stillwell
Amos Rottweiler 01/18/95-09/02/02 Carl, Melissa, Carl V and Megan
Amos Rottweiler 03/15/97-07/07/06 Ginger
Amos Shih Tzu 12 years 11/18/07 Bill & Carole Murphy
Amos Thoroughbred Horse 26 years 11/22/05 Amelia
Amos Westie 01/08/78-01/02/91 Terry Russo
Amos Wire Fox Terrier 01/1991-07/09/03 Russell Pfost
Amos Yellow Lab 5 years 02/22/13 Wendy, Jack and Devin Smith
Amos Yorkie Mix 14 years 04/17/18 Jeffrey and Marissa Moreno
Amour Champagne PEW Rat 07/14/06-05/27/08 Tracey, Jay and Erin
Ampersand 'Ampy' Dachshund 16 years 02/05/05 Scott Klein
Ampersand Golden Retriever 10/11/01-03/13/07 Susan Corey (Suzy)
Ampersand Kaceem Affinity O'Connor Whippet 01/27/00-06/28/12 Maria and Jack O'Connor
Amra Cat 03/2008 Kim McKone
Amra Malamute 12 years 04/25/97 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Amsburg's Inspector Holmes Pembroke Welsh Corgi 09/06/99-01/15/01 Maggie Parker
Amstel Ball Python 11/13/99-02/01/04 Molli
Amstel Chow Chow 06/04/95-06/09/08 Lee Harper
Amstel Dalmation 03/01/01-02/20/03 Bruce Bailey
Amstel Golden Retriever 05/30/04-10/03/05 Dave & Nikki Kersey
Amstel Pooh Bear Chow Chow 06/04/95-06/09/08 Lee Kehaulani Harper
Amstel Thorne Johnson Rottweiler 08/07/96-06/25/05 Russ, Susanne & Susanne Johnson
Amsterdam Cat 05/13/11 Mary Young
Amtrack Hahns Macaw 03/24/12 Angie Mokritsky
Amun Ra (Mama's Boy) Siamese Cat 06/07/89-06/04/97 Beth
Amy (Cream In Your Coffee) Wirehaired Dachshund 04/26/97-07/14/11 Cathy Burt
Amy (feline) Whitaker American Shorthair Cat 09/09/99-12/20/14 Leathan Pam Andy Whitaker
Amy (racing name Humming Along) Greyhound 07/01/95-08/07/09 Candace, Milton, Ange
Amy aka La Pia Blanca Amirrilla, Amy Noodle, Sweeter Bug Golden Retriever 06/15/01-11/17/08 Terry
Amy American Short Hair Cat 4 1/2 years Marcy
Amy American Shorthair Cat 05/15/85-12/22/02 Nancy Hunt
Amy American Shorthair Cat 05/95-08/24/11 Kathie Fahey
Amy 'Ames' Domestic Short Hair Cat 12/25/00-10/11/14 Jim Woerner
Amy and Shelby Hodges Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Dogs 11 and 13 1/2 years 06/24/10 and 12/16/08 Judi and Dennis Hodges
Amy Bassett Hound 05/19/77-08/27/93 Paula Brock
Amy Bay Bee Yellow Lab 12 years 05/2006 Jerry Castro and Kristi Lahaye
Amy Beagle 06/15/96-05/27/11 Carol Rodi
Amy Beagle Mix 01/23/95-04/04/09 Babette & Mark Langeneckert
Amy Bichon 16 years 09/27/05 Kathy Pease
Amy Black and White Tuxedo Cat With Double Paws 18 years 10/29/09 Margaret Wadsworth
Amy Black Curly-Coated Retriever 09/20/88-05/06/01 Dimitri and Kathi K.
Amy Black Lab 02/02/82-11/10/92 Julie Grudzinskas
Amy Black Lab 04/21/92-11/03/03 Jeff Richards
Amy Black Lab Mix 12/31/87-03/04/02 Annie Fletcher
Amy Black Tan Cavalier Spaniel 09/13/85-12/13/97 Debi Nige Wakefield the rest of the girls
Amy Black Toy Poodle 02/03/98-04/06/05 Linda K
Amy Blue Rat 02/14/99-11/19/00 Garth & Meghan Honhart
Amy Border Collie 08/2003-03/20/05 Jane and Jim Gorton
Amy Border Collie 12 years 21/12/06 Geoff Templeton
Amy Border Collie Mix 9 years 7 months 09/23/11 Amy Balot
Amy Boston Terrier 06/15/95-09/20/06 Dan, Shannon, Chris, Alex, and Evan
Amy Boxer 8 years 01/29/10 Kim + Todd Lambert
Amy Bugs American Eskie 10 years 11/20/02 Donna Lucas
Amy Cairn Terrier Wirehaired Mix 11/07/01 Danielle
Amy Calico Cat 17 years 08/08/06 Carolyn
Amy Calico Cat 18 years 05/03/05 Eric King
Amy Cat 06/20/96 Lynne & Janice
Amy Cat 07/02/03-09/04/08 Stacey Vermette
Amy Cat 07/19/03 Greg & Louisa
Amy Cat 12 years Greg Marshall
Amy Cat 15 years 01/31/09 Julie
Amy Cat 19 years 03/06/00 Beth
Amy Cat 4 years 11/05/07 Carolyn Brown
Amy Chihuahua 08/09/90-01/31/07 Jack and Sheryl Kabler
Amy Chihuahua X Pom 7 years 01/11/10 Alana
Amy Chow/Shepherd Mix 14 years 04/30/09 Gail & Johnnie and Sammy & Molly
Amy Cock-a-Poo 1987-10/05/00 Betty
Amy Cocker Spaniel 0/701/01-04/08/12 Christine Austin
Amy Cocker Spaniel 16 years 07/28/11 Michael & Colleen
Amy Cocker Spaniel 17.01.2001-15.11.2013 Marie Greenhalgh
Amy Collie/Husky 12 years 09/24/01 Donna Marie Pietrzyk
Amy Collie/Husky Donna
Amy Collie/Shepherd 16 years 04/14/09 Judy
Amy Cream Burmese Cat 7 years 6 months 02/16/11 Maureen Ball
Amy Dachshund 08/01/02-11/17/10 Karen Vidrine
Amy Dachshund 11 years 05/23/09 Peggy Silva
Amy Dachshund 11 years 07/04/10 Kimberly
Amy Dog 03/84-01/05/96 L. C. Adams
Amy Dog 12 years Doc Martin
Amy Dog 17 years Magdalen Eckhoff
Amy Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
AMY Domestic Cat 3 years 09/05/99 Lan and Lisa
Amy Domestic Medium-Hair Cat 10/26/00-10/28/02 Burdette, Alan, Alex and Adie Wilson
Amy Domestic Short Hair B&W Tuxedo Cat 12/25/00-10/11/14 James Woerner
Amy Domestic White Rat 03/17/06-01/22/07 Lisa, Nick and Connor Ladouceur
Amy English Setter 05/15/88-08/08/98 Ann Marie Reed
Amy Fancy Mouse 02/22/08 Teresa Goodnough
Amy Furbaby 16 years 04/14/05 Linda & Denton
Amy García Poodle Toy 11/05/99-02/06/13 Rocío García
Amy German Shepherd 04/11/08 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sullivan
Amy Girl Cat 2 - 3 years 08/08/07 Floyd, Jo Ann & John
Amy Golden Retriever 03/29/96-11/11/04 Cori Hamilton
Amy Golden Retriever 04/02/85-07/19/00 Timothy Alger
Amy Golden Retriever 10 years 12/15/09 Christine
Amy Greyhound 06/07/06 Brian Clark
Amy Hedgehog 09/05/07-08/05/08 Sun Ye, Mike, Kaitlyn and Paige
Amy Jack Russell/Chihuahua 03/01/02-03/11/06 Roco Family (Ernesto, Pam, Brian)
Amy K. Dog 15 years 12/99 Sheryl
Amy Keeshond 14 years 04/26/99 Peg Bird
Amy Lab Mix 07/99-03/29/13 Lisa
Amy Lab Mix 1989-1999 Steve & Angie Kelley
Amy Lee Samoyed 11/01/98-06/21/10 Kayleen Young
Amy Lee Yorkshire Terrier 04/03/04-06/25/10 Doris Stevens
Amy Long Hair Calico Cat 06/01-10/2003 Linda & Zachary Gaines
Amy Lou Timmons Golden Retriever 11/16/00-10/22/09 George and Vicki
Amy Lynn Bi-Color Longhair Cat 04/20/88-01/06/08 The Lawton Family
Amy Lynne Lab 06/23/05 Tracy & Cadey Fuhrman
Amy Maltese 15 years 06/10/05 John Tewelis
Amy Marie Baars Pitt/Rott Mix 9 years 02/15/08 Katherine Baars
Amy Metzger Silky Dom 07/94-06/30/10 Margaret Metzger
Amy Miniature Poodle 10/01/00-10/13/12 Jill H
Amy Mix Chocolate Lab/Pitbull 17 years 07/25/08 Sandy Sparling
Amy Mixed - Long Hair Cat 10 years 11/05/09 Steve Robinson
Amy Mixed Breed Dog adopted 05/83-06/03/02 Betty Ann Stewart-Jones
Amy Mixed Dog 01/28/95-01/03/11 Haz Family
Amy Moore Black and White Spots Cat 09/15/05-07/17/09 Stacy J. Moore
Amy Old English Sheepdog 7 years 02/09/05 Joyce Marto
Amy Osterberg Domestic Shorthair Kitten 11/14/14-05/26/15 Gayle & Matt Osterberg
Amy Parakeet 03/24/91-10/08/98 Jenn
Amy Pointer Mix 1 year 06/22/00 The Hendley Family
Amy Poodle 08/28/92-10/28/06 Linda L
Amy Rat 4 years 02/22/04 Shirley Anderson
Amy Rat Terrier 7 years 09/13/99 Kellie
Amy Ray Cat 10 years 01/20/11 Sandy B
Amy Rose Tabby Calico Cat 11 years 04/22/04 Mary Bennett and Jerry Batchelder
Amy Rott/Shepherd 04/97-01/15/01 Amy & Blake
Amy Rotti 14 years 02/29/04 Vivian
Amy Samoyed 15/08/91-19/05/03 Bette Stalford
Amy Schones Chihuahua 15 years 04/29/10 Ashley Schones
Amy Scottish Terrier 09/12/01-12/25/01 Matt
Amy Sheltie 10 years 09/18/08 Phyllis Parks
Amy Silver-Gray Cat 17 1/2 years 12/03/97 Sherie Miller
Amy Sue Lhasa/Shi-Zuh Mix 15 years 07/02/03 Kelly, Patty, Jim
Amy T. Chihuahua 06/05/89-04/01/99 Pearl Reese and Peter Grimm
Amy Tabby Cat 09/05/99-09/29/12 Kate Severson
Amy The Boy Kitten 09/07/07-07/28/08 Doris Doyle
Amy Toy Poodle 04/06/98 Rachael, Robbie, Max & Randy
Amy Verbicky Mixed Sable 13 years 07/15/13 N & K Verbicky
Amy West Highland/Terrier Mix 06/06/03 Kim Hill
Amy Westie 04/12/90-19/06/06 Jill Clark
Amy White Syrian Red Eyes Hamster 4 years 25/06/05 Stephanie Scott
Amy White Toy Poodle 06/17/95-01/17/11 Larry and Tenny Parks
Amy White Toy Poodle 09/13/84-01/22/00 Mary Ann & Ron Polom
Amy Wire-Haired Mini-Doxie 1998 Lyn Tab
Amy Yellow Labrador Retriever 01/03/00-01/27/05 Melinda Cline
Amy Yorkie 14 years 11/11/02 Evelyn Libby
Amy, Liza, Minnelli & Maddie Shelties 1972, 1976, 1988, 1993 to 1976, 1988, 1992, 2006 Donna Anderson
Amygdala (Amy) Birman Cat 11/13/04 Sandy
Amygirl Gutierrez aka Amers aka Aim aka Oothee aka Oot aka Ooters White Terrier Mix 15 years 02/21/11 Alicia Gutierrez
Amylou Rough Jack Russell 07/01/85-05/20/00 Judy
Amyrose Golden Retriever 07/29/93-08/28/06 Donna
Amysue Pug 11/04/01-11/11/02 Vona McDougal
An Unnamed little wild bird 09/14/10 Ameera
Ana aka Ana Baby Abyssinian Cat 02/01/91-09/30/06 Anne McClouc
Ana Banana aka Anastasia DMH Black Cat 02/01/04-01/10/18 Stephanie Maglietta
Ana Cairn Terrier 16/03/92-11/2005 Peltokangas
Ana Castalano Miniature Schnauzer 08/06/93-01/14/08 Jennifer Castalano
Ana Cocker Spaniel 06/09/92-03/12/05 Nicole and Michael Morrison
Ana Laborador 02/27/88-01/02/04 Janet and Brian Walters
Ana Pearson Border Collie 08/09/07-06/09/08 Emily Pearson
Ana Platt German Shepherd 07/18/97-10/12/08 Your Familily, Hershey, Mom & Dad
Ana Rosenthal Bichon/PickaPoo 02/17/98-11/09/10 Ena Rosenthal
Ana Ruddy Abyssinian Cat 04/12/89-03/11/06 Mary
Ana Shepherd/Pitbull 06/96-01/11/04 Bill Dorgan
Ana Siamese/Balinese Cat 11/26/99 sgbbsmk23
Ana Tortoiseshell Cat 03/20/93-03/12/12 Susan
Anabara Samoyed 12 1/2 years 08/09/02 Janice L. Sloan
Anabel Domestic Long Hair Cat 18 years 03/07/15 Darrell and Robin
Anabel Old English Sheepdog 03/03/88-03/03/98 JJ
Anabella Dilute Tortie Cat 03/31/04 Carol Mendolia
Anabelle Australian Shepherd 13 years 01/15/07 Tracey Acree
Anabelle DSH Cat 12/02/06 Merle Feeser
Anabelle Ferret 08/10/05-10/18/06 April
Anabelle Ferret 1 years 10/15/06 April Williams
Anabelle Great Dane 04/06/02-01/18/12 Susie Farren
Anabelle Mutt 11/17/11 Renee Lloyd
Anabelle Turkish Angora Cat 15 years 10/25/08 Karen
Anais Calico Cat 07/96-01/02/09 Allison Anais Brunner
Anais Golden Retriever 01/03/93-15/10/01 Christine
Anais MacTavish Scottish Terrier 1 yr 1996 Karen Krogulski
Anais Sharpei 01/25/97-09/03/04 Bob and Sharon Blake
Anaki Cat 06/01/18 Michele Fried
Anakin aka Skitty aka Grey Cat Mish Mosh Cat 05/01/03-11/06/08 Sable
Anakin Cat 04/05/99-07/26/00 Lara Pearce
Anakin Cat 07/29/04 Kristi Hibschman
Anakin Cat 11 months 11/24/10 Heather Micaela J
Anakin German Shepherd 04/25/09 Shawn
Anakin Hooded Rat 2 years 7 months 09/04/17 Sue and Morgan
Anakin Red Calico Cat 10/97-08/15/09 Kristine Morton
Anakin Rottweiler 02/07/08-05/16/16 Yolanda
Anakin Sargent Chihuahua 06/12/06-10/19/08 Robert Sargent
Anakin Skywalker American Domestic Cat 02/07/13 Victoria
Anakin Skywalker Watson Ferret 03/07/05-03/06/12 Tomomi Watson
Anakin White and Sand DSH Cat 10/31/00-01/11/11 Cathy Karas
Ananda Bull Terrier 06/06/08-07/16/09 Jim Tandy
Ananda Long Black Fur Cat 11 years 04/04/11 Ruth and Beth Quisenberry
Ananda Long Haired Black Cat 04/04/11 Ruth and Beth Quisenberry
Anasazi Black DSH Cat 06/06/99-12/30/14 Ellen Buhl
Anastacia Bubu Maltese/Yipsu 14 years 03/12/10 Eduardo Duenas
Anastasha Luna White American Shorthair 12 years 06/30/89 Carol Marshall
Anastasia (Annie) Blue Tabby Cat 07/29/87-10/03/06 Tammy Parker
Anastasia (Princess) Russian Blue Cat 07/11/05 Debbie Hammond
Anastasia aka Asia Calico Cat 11 years 03/22/07 Becky
Anastasia Black and White Cat 06/24/99-05/01/01 Ruby
Anastasia Briard 08/11/05-01/04/14 Yolanda Garcia Lorea
Anastasia Cat 05/11/91-05/27/08 Scott Blum
Anastasia Cat 11/01/96-11/05/11 Jay Varga
Anastasia Cat 12 years 10/13/02 Ari
Anastasia Cat 14 years 12/14/09 Katie and Trebel
Anastasia Cat 17 years 12/16/17 Cory Moshman
Anastasia Cat 2003-03/10/11 Darl Young
Anastasia Cocker Spaniel 11/18/90-01/12/04 Paula Rossi
Anastasia Dachshund 03/18/98-03/14/12 Melissa Gillispie
Anastasia DMH Cat 13 years 07/17/10 Mia Delie
Anastasia DSH Cat 04/12/13 Dory Spain
Anastasia DSH Cat 18 years 09/25/06 Malyssa G
Anastasia Empress of Moscow Blue-Point Siamese Cat 11/13/89-04/23/09 John Stock and Dominic Yeung
Anastasia Goldfish 10/97-08/2003 Kathryn
Anastasia Himalayan Cat 12/07/98 Jim & Marilyn Mckinley
Anastasia Hound Mix 01/07/01-05/18/01 Nancy
Anastasia Maltese 08/01/90-10/10/05 Brooke Clark
Anastasia maltese 09/06/86-07/01/94 Kerri and Dale Campbell
Anastasia Marie Clarke Chow/Shepherd Mix 11/18/97-11/21/06 Ginnie Clarke
Anastasia Persian 22 years Kathy
Anastasia Persian Cat 03/01/92-09/09/11 Kathleen Luciano
Anastasia Schnauzer 11/06/99-20/09/10 Leticia
Anastasia Tabby Cat 08/16/96-05/31/07 Ross & Rick
Anastasia Teles-O'Donoghue Cat 03/20/08-11/20/08 AJ Teles-O'Donoghue
Anastasia Thoroughbred Horse 10 years 09/09/02 Pauline
Anastasia/Annie/L'il Kitty DSH Gray Tabby Cat 08/10/99-01/30/14 Ev Leindecker
Anatasia Domestic Torti Tabby Cat 11/28/79-02/10/00 Joy Wolf
Anatevka Snow Tiger Siamese Cat 6 years 01/29/07 Sarah, Peter, Olivia, Lauren, John, Grandma, Gigi, Katie, and Smaegol
Anatoli Siberian Husky 10/13/04-06/12/07 Lisa Boring
Anatoly Domestic Short Hair Cat 03/09/03-05/26/11 Melissa Herbacz
Anca Rottie 01/09/08-08/04/12 Shawn and Charlie
Ancer Renae Abercrombie Rottweiler 01/26/04-05/06/12 Michael Sherri Ashton Trace AJ
Anchie German Shepherd Dog 03/07/88-06/29/01 Anna Orjuela
Anchor Golden Retriever 8 years 08/03/09 Jill & Doug Henderson
Anchovio Tabby/Persian Mix Cat 11/20/00-01/19/09 JJ
Anchovy Agouti Hooded Rat 19 months 29/09/08 Olwen Fisher
Andacat (Anda) 12-13 years 05/27/08 Nac
Ande American Shorthair Cat 12/01/94-12/12/01 Debra Mallak
Ande Beagle 06/01/91-08/26/03 Scartozzi Family
Ande Cocker Spaniel 10/20/95-06/10/11 Scott Pollard and Rob Ingle
Andee Elizabeth Grey TabbyCat 06/28/86-05/23/00 Barbara L. Hayes
Andee Panda Toy Poodle 09/04/99-01/19/13 Kay Almquist
Andee Poodle/Terrier Cross 07/04/81-07/14/98 Lisa Boury
Andee Short Hair Domestic Cat 1 Aug 1986 to 14 Mar 2002 Paul DeVillier
Andee Tabby Cat 08/11/00-30/09/04 Belinda Turvey
Andele Greyhound 07/21/00-09/27/10 Lori
Anders Cruiser Dachshund 05/18/04-02/18/09 Rebecca Anderson
Andi Black Domestic Shorthari Cat 05/25/92-04/28/03 Kristen Ness
Andi Chaudoin-Sipult Calico Cat 04/28/12 Brandi Chaudoin
Andi Golden Retriever 01/10/94-04/15/02 Todd & Leah Severson & Family
Andi Maltese 07/04/92-08/23/04 Linda Tommasulo
Andi Mixed Dog 07/05/90-02/28/05 Julie Price
Andi Sheltie 12 years 11/27/06 Mimi
Andi Shetland Sheepdog 06/87-07/20/01 Barbra Black
Andi Siamese Cat 6 years 2000 Carol & Mark
Andi Weinmaraner 05/06/83-10/25/97 Dalene
Andi Woo Blond Pekingese 07/l/81-11/25/95 Bricker
Andi Yorkshire Terrier 1995-11/2006 Janice Tomko
Andie Allan Beagle 4 years 11/22/09 Kim
Andie Beagle 8 years 06/01/01 MJ Isles
Andie Belle Mixed Dog 07/15/94-07/26/07 Cathy Cunningham
Andie Cocker Spaniel 8 years 11/30/11 Tammy McWherter
Andie Daschund Mix 16 years 03/31/03 Mollie L
Andie DSH Cat 05/06/95-01/16/06 Renie Symanski
Andie French Brittany Spaniel 10 years 10/21/05 Galen, Carrie, Gates, Dax, & Flannery
Andie Golden Retriever 13 year 05/30/09 Cara
Andie Mae West Highlands White Terrier 12/16/05-04/16/05 Kendra
Andie Panda Aussie X 10 years 03/26/01 George and Elaine
Andie Tabby Cat 1 1/2 years 09/02/03 Amanda and Jason Dix
Ando German Shepherd 09/25/04-12/04/16 Virginia
Andor Doberman 4 years 06/06/00 Ronald Burger
Andorra Kathryn Great Pyrenees 04/11/92-07/07/07 Cynthia Knowlton
Andover Hanoverian Stallion Dressage Horse 5 years 02/05/04 Anthony McDonie
Andra von Sentinel Rottie 12/16/92-11/19/97 Mark
Andre aka WeeWee Yorkshire Terrier Mix 12 years 04/23/08 Laura J Smyser
Andre Akita 10 years 11/26/06 Barbara, Bruce and Heather
Andre Alley Cat 05/01/99-10/24/02 Wayne Barnett Ross
Andre American Shorthair Cat 09/11/91-12/04/00 Mary Jane
Andre Bichon 06/12/97-10/02/10 Jean
Andre Bichon 06/20/97-10/02/10 Jeannie, Dave, & Jordan
Andre Black Labrador Retriever 07/11/04-11/10/05 Gabriella
Andre Buff Tabby Cat 08/08/12-09/19/13 Jacob
Andre Buff Tabby Cat 08/12/12-09/19/13 Shaun
Andre Cat 07/01/84-02/08/01 Julie and Ann
Andre Chihuahua Mix 10/30/11 Carol Senko
Andre Cockapoo 07/88-12/99 M. Allen
Andre Dachshund 11/12/01-07/03/10 Ana-Liza
Andre DSH Cat 3 years 08/19/06 Gina
Andre DSH Tabby Cat 13 years 11/2008 Jennifer and Matt Welte
Andre' Great White Pyranese 7-9 years 12/29/01 Danice
Andre Long Haired Black and White Cat 07/84-02/08/01 Julie & Ann
Andre Mini Schnauzer 15 years 07/25/10 Wesley and Allison Risseeuw
Andre Miniature Poodle 02/03/94-08/29/09 Edy Levey
Andre Muncy Poodle 05/01/04-10/09/10 Valerie Muncy
Andre nick name Little Man Saint Bernard 10/97-04/09/09 Kasia & Luigi Bonura
Andre' Siamese Cat 03/10/18 Stacey Orillion
Andre Toy Poodle 01/28/12 Victoria Campton
Andre Toy Poodle 11 years 07/10/74 Ronald & Claire Clutter
Andre Tuxedo Kitten 6 months 11/13/01 Melanie and Jason Drew, Orange Julius, Bumpy and Big Bud
Andre von Justis Rottweiler 05/21/96-11/20/01 Kandi Garrison
Andre West Highland Terrier 05/17/95-05/31/06 Fran Blum
Andre Whippet 04/21/92-05/20/04 Debrah
Andrea (Andie) Tabby Cat 05/01/89-12/11/03 Gisele Kingsley
Andrea DSH Grey Tabby Kitten 5 weeks 06/20/05 Michele Picard
Andrea German Shepherd 13 years 06/14/04 Ron Gipp
Andrea Mixed Dog 14 1/4 years 10/09/12 Ana Haget
Andrea Siamese Cat 14 years 11/01/03 Kate and Olivia Singleton
Andreas Blue Point Siamese Cat 17 years 08/15/05 Julie Lewis
Andrea's Shelby Belle Dachshund 05/03/97-07/26/09 Nancie Wessel
Andreia (Andi) German Shepherd 11/01/87-04/05/98 Sue Tillman
Andres Kitten 3 months 01/18/13 Joseph
Andrew (Fat Cat) Domestic Short Hair Black Cat 03/01/92-06/11/01 Jessica & Don Boring
Andrew (Poopie) Gamble Mixed Dog 13 years 09/24/08 Ronnie Gamble
Andrew American Staffordshire Terrier almost 4 years 05/01/00 Tina Hildebrand
Andrew Beagle 15 years 09/19/94 Audrey Johnson
Andrew Black Shorthair Cat 1989-09/11/04 Karen & Bob
Andrew Carnegie Scottish Fold Cat 01/04/94-07/13/04 Alex Peabody
Andrew D. Dogg Cockapoo 17 years 01/25/97 Sue & Roy Starrin
Andrew Dandie Dinmont Terrier 09/23/94-08/31/98 Patty O'Carroll
Andrew Diggity Stambaugh Beagle 07/11/87-12/04/01 Carolyn and Dewey
Andrew Dog 02/15/98-01/15/10 Carl
Andrew Droid Weber (Droid) Hemingway Cat 07/15/85-12/26/00 Mark Herzing
Andrew Goat 02/10/99 Jill
Andrew Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua 13 years 11/01/11 Alexandria (Momma)
Andrew Kay Dog Lhasa Apso 18 years 1985 Sherry
Andrew Lester Cocker/Lab Mix 10/24/88-09/17/04 Tammy Gourley
Andrew Lincoln Solid Black Scottish Terrier 06/03/91-04/02/04 Scott & Ana Panozzo
Andrew MacPherson Collie 9 years 03/20/12 Laurel Tryforos
Andrew Micheal Miller Corgi 03/20/08 Charles & Deborah Miller
Andrew Old English Sheepdog 01/26/90-08/02/99 Stephanie Gifford
Andrew Orange Tabby Cat 08/24/11 Kathleen M
Andrew Philippe LH Black & White Cat 07/04/86-01/18/03 Ellen Kavanaugh
Andrew Piaget Ivey Toy Poodle 05/23/92-09/24/05 Dick and Barb
Andrew Russian Blue Cat 1993-12/29/09 Sal
Andrew Sheltie 05/13/82-02/10/89 Cheryl Howerton
Andrew Sheltie 11 years 12/07/93 Kim Salyer
Andrew Sheltie 16 years 07/24/06 The Liddles
Andrew Siamese Mix 09/01/92-09/15/06 Brad and Marion
Andrew Siberian Husky 12 years 1989 John & Luberta White
Andrew Spiny Mouse 2 years 08/97 Sheri
Andrew Westie 16 years 11/16/05 Tom, Cheryl, Jacob and Chris Bullington
Andrew Whippet 05/26/86-05/31/97 Anne Taylor
Andrew Wilson Becka Maltese 11/12/91-08/07/05 Susan Wilson Becka
Andrew Winston English Springer Spaniel 08/06/90-11/13/04 Bob and Marcia McNeese
Andrew Yorkie 8 years 03/01/05 Sloan Zsiros
Andrew, Andy Miniature Schnauzer 09/23/94-11/30/03 A. Collins
Andromeda Guinea Pig 03/03/01-03/13/04 Pam Bowyer, Jason White
Andromeda Leigh, aka Ande Poof Persian Cat 9 years 11/22/04 Laura Holloway
Andromeda Rabbit 02/20/03-05/17/05 Mike Fahlikman
Andromeda Siamese Cat 18 years 01/15/00 Cole Jarboe
Andromeda Siamese-Mix Cat 18 years 06/14/81 Shawna
Andy - aka Andy P. Dandy, Andy Pandy Dorkie (Yorkie and Dachshund) 10/01/96-07/06/10 Dana Gray and Lauren Robertson
Andy (Chubby) Domestic Long Hair Cat 01/01/96-01/06/02 Vanessa & Jo Ella
Andy (Drew) Tabby Cat 20 years 11/13/05 Linda
Andy (Jessie's Little Andy) Maltese 06/06/97-01/04/98 Jessie
Andy (Sir Andrew of Lista) Cocker 01/02/84-12/07/98 Mark and Joan (Buster,Gracie,Oskar)
Andy 08/02/81-06/29/98 Anna-Marie
Andy 17 years 07/29/98 Wendy W.
Andy Alena Jazz Charley Lhasa Apsos 10/26/08 Julia
Andy American Eskimo Dog 06/10/89-05/07/04 Nancy Ferrara
Andy Australian Ridgeback 8 months Donna Popp
Andy Basset/Beagle 12/08/92-10/08/08 Rebecca Campbell
Andy Beagle 7 1/2 years 12/03/99 Mary L Vigil
Andy Bear Lhasa Apso 05/86-11/17/98 Judy Lynne Scheiber-Sandberg
Andy Bear Poodle 14 years 08/31/04 Mickey Wile
Andy Bedrock Blansett Yorkie 02/06/06-12/23/07 Sulee and Brian Blansett
Andy Black and Tan Dachshund 8 years 01/29/08 Tammye - The Oates Family
Andy Black and White Domestic Shorthair Cat 7 1/2 years 01/01/07 Michele and Jim Wilson
Andy Black Lab Mix 10/01/90-12/22/04 Tom Miller
Andy Border Collie Mix 12/24/00-08/07/12 Crissy Anderson
Andy Borzoi 6 years 08/02/04 Di & Jim Ryde
Andy Boy West Highland White Terrier 12/01/85-07/23/98 Rick Braun
Andy Brown Tabby Cat 16 years 09/29/11 Mary Ash
Andy Cat 02/05/99 Cathy Babb
Andy Cat 03/28/07 Yvette
Andy Cat 06/01/99-01/06/05 CJ & Kieah
Andy Cat 06/12/06 Darlene and Stan
Andy Cat 14 years 12/04/06 Mary
Andy Cat 18 years 1996 Jody Ives
Andy Cat 18+ years Sarah
Andy Cat 19 years 07/24/09 Jo Anne Kikel
Andy Cat 1970-08/23/86 Donna Nowacki
Andy Cat 1989-04/24/98 Cindy Leinbach
Andy Cat about 16 years 06/02/08 Bea
Andy Chihuahua 30/08/07-13/01/19 Kerry
Andy Chihuahua/Terrier 10 years 11/22/98 C. A.
Andy Chipperfield Dog 13/01/04 Belinda Healey
Andy Cock a poo 01/01/83-02/26/98 Pati
Andy Cockapoo 12/10/01-02/20/06 Roy and Jean
Andy Cockatiel 04/11/11 Claudia
Andy Cockatiel Stuart, Sharon, Laurel & Erika Mills
Andy Cocker Spaniel 01/02/84-12/07/98 Joan
Andy Cocker Spaniel 01/26/96-09/20/04 Terri Rounds
Andy Cocker Spaniel 02/18/81-07/05/96 Nancy Robinson
Andy Cocker Spaniel 03/04/90-03/07/98 James & Jackie D. & Family
Andy Cocker Spaniel 08/23/93-03/06/04 Teresa M. Barnes
Andy Cocker Spaniel 16 years 12/2006 Susan K. Reese
Andy Collie 04/22/01-08/15/14 Sandy Jones
Andy Collie 12/20/01-05/19/14 Jennifer Moore
Andy Collie/Terrier 03/01/96-21/01/09 Toby James
Andy Cream-Orange Domestic Shorthair Cat 07/28/08 R. St. George
Andy Dachshund 03/13/86-11/14/03 Neil & Dana & Ashley Hartwell
Andy Dachshund 06/03/11 Becky Jednorski
Andy Dachshund 08/15/84-05/05/97 Ann Miller
Andy Dachshund 09/2003-01/18/09 Pam
Andy Dachshund 11 years 10/06 Leona Mills
Andy DeCiccio DLH Cat 05/01/01-05/06/03 Sarah
Andy Doberman/ Rottweiler Mix 06/31/01-09/18/02 Becky & David Huss
Andy Dog 02/14/98-09/24/11 Jill
Andy Dog 07/19/96-12/31/10 Antoinette Guastella
Andy Dog 11 years 1994 Linda Laurendeau
Andy Dog 11/99 Kalul
Andy Domestic Long Hair Cat 1/01/80-12/24/97 Glenn Cooke
Andy Domestic Short Hair - Tabby Cat 16 years 12/18/06 Annmarie
Andy Domestic Short Hair Cat 13 years 05/28/05 Sunny Anderson
Andy Domestic Short Hair Cat 15 years 02/03/14 Kim, Tom, Joe, Josh, Howard and Daisy
Andy Domestic Short Hair Tuxedo Cat 12 years 12/02/11 Christine Nosser
Andy Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/15/93-01/24/05 Dee
Andy Domestic Tabby Cat 1 1/2 years 12/04/06 Rick and Linda Dice
Andy Dove Pearl Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster 01/2005-04/2005 Jillian Angelica
Andy DSH Cat 01/02/00-01/30~31/16 Dayna & Doug
Andy DSH Cat 07/04/95-11/26/03 Lynn Chesebrough
Andy DSH Cat 11/08/97-11/06/08 Christine
Andy DSH Tuxedo Cat 08/16/97-06/22/07 Penny Hickok
Andy Duke Dalmatian 03/15/96-01/15/10 Kent and Sue Landsberg
Andy English Cocker Spaniel 08/06/82-01/99 Sue Tremont
Andy Ferret 07/2003-05/22/10 Susan Bryan
Andy Ferret 12/25/96-10/25/02 Tom Knouf
Andy Flame-Point Himalayan Cat 09/27/87-01/30/99 Robin Joan Gelb
Andy Flanagan Beagle 10/31/99-08/23/15 William & Mary Flanagan
Andy German Shepherd 13 years 10/25/05 Eric D
Andy German Shepherd Mix Kathy & Ron
Andy Golden Retriever 01/22/97-05/12/06 Jill Johnson
Andy Golden Retriever 02/24/06-05/06/10 Onkar
Andy Golden Retriever 05/26/97-08/04/08 Brenda Phillips
Andy Golden Retriever 14 years 06/26/03 Lori Wilson
Andy Gray Cat 09/28/94-05/11/04 Terry Milon
Andy Gray Tabby Cat 19 years 07/24/09 Jo Anne Kikel
Andy Grey Tabby Cat 08/05/95-05/17/04 Ann Lechner
Andy Greyhound/Huskie Mix 01/05/93-11/24/08 Michael Martin
Andy Gump Mixed Dog 12 years 06/05/87 Julie Renfrow
Andy Harmon Dachshund 14 years 07/15/00 Sandy
Andy Hiltz Heinz57 Dog 05/04/05 Zach
Andy Holtz Terrier/Poodle 03/07/83-07/26/97 Joyce Holtz
Andy Hound/Lab Mix 7 years Annie White Schmal
Andy Jack Russell Terrier 06/02/01-07/12/09 Linda Williams
Andy Jackson Cat 07/01/94-07/18/11 Joshua Jackson
Andy Jo Hamill Half Bassett/Half Cocker 09/12/93-07/23/07 Lin Hamill
Andy Kirchner White Cat 18 08/15/96 S&D Kirchner
Andy Kitten Several weeks 12/18/00 Marilyn Dunn
Andy Lab 11/29/00-08/19/11 Mary
Andy Labradore 12/01/90-07/01/03 Gerry and Joe Armstrong
Andy Maltipoo 8 years 07/18/15 Elizabeth
Andy Man Beagle 04/12/96-07/23/08 Randi and Christian Sharp
Andy Marmoreo-Steffens Tabby Cat 7 years 05/25/01 Lynda Steffens
Andy Medium Hair Black Cat 08/95-09/13/00 Alannah Davis-O'Dell
Andy Mikula Beagle/German Shepherd 07/17/89-08/18/02 Marie
Andy Miniature Poodle 10/29/91-07/16/07 Chanele and Alex Muntean
Andy Mix Breed Dog 07/25/85-11/02/00 Robert Raymond Gaudet
Andy Mixed Breed Dog 12 1/2 years 11/17/13 Mary Lynn
Andy Mixed Breed Dog 18 years 08/18/05 Barbara
Andy Mixed Cat 04/05/98-07/04/05 Jake and Annette McLeroy
Andy Mixed Dachshund0 08/20/83-07/04/01 Jim and Jan McArthur
Andy Mutt 02/17/94-07/16/07 Kirsty Deason
Andy Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 09/13/04-03/23/09 Leslie
Andy Nigerian Dwarf Goat 1999-01/04/06 Gus & Carolyn Fuson & Andrew Cecere
Andy Nunez Lamboy Tabby Cat 10 years 10/18/12 Tara Lamboy
Andy Orange Tabby Cat 06/90-03/07/99 Jill Grey
Andy O'Toole Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/02/97-07/23/08 Carol & Marty O'Toole
Andy Panda Kotteb DSH Cat 01/02/00-01/31/16 Dayna & Doug
Andy Pandy Cocker Spaniel 7 years 11/22/09 Jimmy and Tanya Moss
Andy Pembroke Welsh Corgi 10/01/94-02/09/01 Allison, Joe and Catie
Andy Pigmie Goat 09/18/72-02/01/05 Heidi Baker
Andy Pintarich Lab Mix 7 years 07/30/07 Janice I. Pintarich
Andy Pointer 01/25/00-10/16/08 Tim and Jamie Brennan
Andy Pomeranian 03/13/94-04/19/09 Alice and Rodney Ord
Andy Pomeranian 03/89-02/01/05 Susan Taffar
Andy Pomeranian 9 years 01/22/14 Heidi Leonard
Andy Poodle 02/97 Kelley, Rob, Mom & Dad
Andy Poodle 08/14/06 Ellen Webb
Andy Poodle 10 years 07/09/11 Marian, Judy, Patti Sage
Andy Pug 12/14/06-05/20/15 Steve Anson
Andy Puggle (Pug Mix) 09/21/05-03/04/19 Kyle Bundy
Andy Puppy 8 weeks 08/10/98 Mommy, Alicia, Justine, and Braxton
Andy Ragdoll Cat 04/04/94-11/17/03 Rob & Elizabeth Looby
Andy Rescue Rottweiler 09/03/96 Barbara Thomas
Andy Rhodesian Ridgeback 16 years 04/18/10 Jeanne and Robin
Andy Roo Cocker Spaniel 8 years 03/19/03 Mary Boisjolie
Andy Roo Simpson Great Pyrenees/Springer Spaniel Mix 02/02/03-02/04/15 Pat and Dene Simpson
Andy Rottweiler 09/14/88-12/08/98 Carol Purdy
Andy Russian Blue Cat 05/05/85-02/15/06 Nancy
Andy Russian Blue Cat 11+ years 03/09/05 Jerry Plak
Andy Scottish Terrier 7 years 02/11/13 Phoebe Scott
Andy Sheepdog Mix 1982-1990's Kathleen and Jack
Andy Sheltie 02/11/05 Julie and Bob
Andy Sheltie 05/25/89-11/28/01 Maureen Trotter
Andy Sheltie 08/10/05-06/12/09 Claudia
Andy Sheltie Mix 17 years 03/96 Carol Osborn
Andy Sheltie Mix 17 years 04/03/96 Libby and Jerry Sparrow
Andy Shepherd Mix 03/30/11-06/20/12 Kathryn
Andy Shetland Sheepdog 12/03/03 Mark King
Andy Shi Tsu 11/18/92-02/24/04 Sheila & Christy
Andy Shih Tzu Mix 01/10/96-10/06/02 Susan and Tom
Andy Shih-Tzu 01/20/93-07/18/07 Rick Murphy
Andy Shitzu 13 years 05/10/05 Beverly and Vic
Andy Shmandy Black Cat 02/14/01-07/19/03 John and Kristen Dettleff
Andy Siberian Husky 12/25/89-09/01/04 Kristine, John, Laura and Jack
Andy Spaniel 12 years 02/17/14 Linda Williams
Andy Srikhirisawan Guinea Pig 6 years 07/17/08 Ella Srikhirisawan
Andy Steward Lab Mix 16 years 12/13/13 R. Y. Steward
Andy Sun Conure 13 years 03/11/03 Diane
Andy Tabby Cat 06/12/06 Mary Campanelli
Andy Terrier Mix 8 years 07/31/06 Christi, Jeremy and Callista
Andy Thrift Silky Terrier 03/30/05-03/06/17 John Thrift
Andy Tobin Poodle 13 years 09/01/04 Judy
Andy Toy Poodle 02/01/85-06/06/97 Sue and Willard Nichols
Andy Tuxedo Cat 09/27/99-12/07/11 Mark MacDonald
Andy Welsh Corgi 12 years 07/31/11 Rhonda
Andy West Highland White Terrier 08/13/86-01/30/03 Randi and Steve Warrington
Andy Westie 01/17/12-05/23/12 Joyce Collins
Andy Wiggles Shih Tzu/Bichon 3 years 09/12/09 Marny & Ray
Andy Wire Fox Terrier 01/19/92-09/19/07 Debbie Starzec
Andy Yorkie 05/03/85-05/27/98 Diane
Andy Yorkie 18th May 1985 - 23rd September 1997 Kelly Hodgson
Andy Yorkie Poo 05/17/98-09/11/10 Paul & Martha Kiepert
Andy Yorkshire Terrier 05/10/82-12/17/99 Bob, Nadine,Robbie, and Toby
Andy Yorkshire Terrier 08/28/02-03/23/11 Hope Nygren
Andy, Judy Garland Parakeets 01/97 Merle Feaser and David Snyder
Andy_Bee Laso 12/25/01 Annie n Terry
AndyDrew, Andrew, Bad Andy, Bubby, Lil Man Chihuahua/Jack Russell 11/01/11 Ally (Mommy) and Seth (Daddy)
AndyMan Dog 15 years 10/28/06 Linda Hatfield
AndyNathan English Cocker Spaniel 02/17/03-04/25/15 Roberta Limoli
Andy's Scottish Lace - aka Chatty Boston Terrier 13 years 8 months 12/05/07 Judy and Phil Riner
Aneita Chow 11 years 02/05/09 Amy, Matt, Mom, Dad
Aneka Dog 02/14/01 Debbie
Angar Husky-Shepherd Mix 01/30/99-10/10/10 Kakali Hillol and Priyanka Kargupta
Angar Husky-Shepherd Mix 11 1/2 years 10/10/10 Kakali & Pika
Ange Alaskan Malamute 04/08/02-06/04/11 Carrie Palmer
Ange Cat 06/28/14 Kylie
Angek Mixed Cat 9 years 06/19/11 Sandy
Angel - the Little Beana Boo Tabby Cat 11 years 01/07/11 Mike, Theresa, April & Heather Van Gilder
Angel & Heaven Beige Rat Terrier Mix Puppies 12 weeks 03/05/01 Glenda Jackson
Angel (aka Big Girl) Golden Retriever 8 years 03/15/05 Greg and Nancy Vernon
Angel (aka Fishey Face) Retriever X 06/01/96-07/07/11 Jo Ann Tennison
Angel (angelgirl to her mommy) Cat 10 years 11/11/09 Michelle A. Lawler
Angel (Angelina) Long Haired Chihuahua 15 years 01/10/10 Lydia Cole
Angel (Angelina) Red Persian Cat 07/71/91-08/12/07 George & Kathe Bermudez
Angel (Angelous) Domestic Short Hair (Tuxedo) Cat 8 years Gina Scarborough
Angel (Baby Girl) Parson Jack Russell Terrier 02/14/98-09/03/09 Christi Christofferson
Angel (Bunny) Cocker Spaniel X 7 years 07/19/11 Chuck, Shari, Rachel, Kevin, Reese, Lady and Bird
Angel (Candlochen's Victory Angel) Sheltie 06/01/98-06/01/98 MissyEcho
Angel (Granma) Guinea Pig 04/99-01/01/06 Linda
Angel (Kuro-Ki's Ain't no Angel) 1995 Tina Kuroda
Angel (Lady Angelica) Poodle 12/14/879/26/03 Karen Welker
Angel (Melanie) Pomeranian 11/05/88-09/16/04 Melanie Stewart
Angel (Mew) Himalayan Cat 08/08/98-12/11/09 Paula Felker
Angel (Shelley's Golden Angel) Golden Retriever 10/10/92-03/01/01 Julie Shelley
Angel 03/93 Pam Hamerski
Angel 06/12/94-07/22/02 John P Joyce
Angel 10 years 05/01/04 Alyse
Angel a.k.a 'Pookie' Black Persian Mix Cat 12/24/87-08/28/06 Karen & Larry O'Leary
Angel Adams Shaded Persian Cat 7 years 04/15/10 Harriette Cone Adams
Angel Adcox Guinea Pig 08/01/07-11/18/07 Diane Adcox
Angel Adorable American Shorthair Cat 11&1/2 years 11/28/09 Bess Barker
Angel aka Cop Cop Yorkie 10/95-09/13/12 Rebecca Murphy
Angel aka Lil Momma Pomeranian/Yorkie 03/08/10 Jessica Cross
Angel aka Our Angelic Blessing Yorkshire Terrier 05/13/99-10/06/07 Jeana Evrard
Angel Akita 12 weeks Diana
Angel Akita/Australian Cattle Dog 12/01/00-08/18/11 Tom & Marsha Curtiss
Angel Albino Ferret 12/31/02-05/02/07 Karen and John
Angel Alexandra Robedeaux
Angel Ali Edwards Cairn Terrier-Poodle 05/15/88-08/31/04 Lynda & John
Angel Alice Yellow Lab 06/19/05-10/19/12 her family Ron, Yvonne & Christopher Walker
Angel All American 5 years 06/03/02 Lorena Yohn
Angel All White Cat 13 years 11/01/10 Jeanne Palko
Angel All White medium hair, part Siamese Cat with pink ears and nose and green eyes 02/14/99-01/11/06 Jan & Laura
Angel American Bull Dog Mix 14 years 09/20/13 Ethan
Angel American Bulldog Mix 03/28/04-05/27/04 Devorah
Angel American Eskimo Dog 13 years 06/13/04 Wendi Fleming
Angel American Eskimo Dog 16 years 02/10/93 Debbie
Angel American Eskimo Dog 3 years 10/28/00 Dan and Kara Mitchell
Angel American Fuzzy Lop Bunny 10/27/01-03/10/05 Christine Phelan
Angel American Short Hair Cat 04/01/86-05/10/04 Jamie, Ken, and Frankie Caroland
Angel American Short Hair Cat 20 years 10/23/04 Donna Allen
Angel American Tabby Cat 2 years 07/23/02 Jane Gorton
Angel Amstaff Mix 05/15/05-04/12/12 Melanie K
Angel and Abbey German Shepherd Dogs 1977 Sue
Angel and Blue Cockatiel and Parakeet 01/62/06 Tammy Giovannini
Angel and Dawn Maine Coon Cats 9 and 14 to 4/2/13 and 9/13/18 Violetta
Angel and Duffy 11/96 Meredyth
Angel and Rommel German Shepherd Dogs 01/03/95 and 12/16/95 to 07/05/03 Desiree Bell
Angel and Serena a Britney Mix and a Shepherd Mix 9 and 7 years August and October Donita Mason
Angel and Spunky Cats 2 years 11/02/00 Barbara
Angel and Sugar Daddy Boxers 04/15/05 Kimm Doddato
Angel Angora & Persian Cat 09/08/81-12/29?/85 Aurora Marla
Angel Angora Mix Cat 14 years 12/13/05 Jan Duffy
Angel Anjellica Mixed Border Collie Minature 12/19/96-04/20/03 Dorothy C. Mitchell
Angel- Ann Key Dachshund 04/99-06/24/01 Darlene Key
Angel AQHA Horse 04/19/79-12/04/04 Mary M. Stone
Angel Arygrou Cavapoo 05/17/12-05/20/13 Gina Argyrou
Angel Australian Shepherd 17 years 11/16/15 Tyler
Angel Babe Tuxedo Cat 11/19/96-05/19/17 Carole Davenport
Angel Baby American Shorthair Cat a few weeks old - 1980 Elaine Heim
Angel Baby Black Kitten 08/26/99 Jeannette Rood
Angel Baby Black Tabby Kitten 07/06/08 Lori Graham
Angel Baby Calico Cat 04/11/02-11/23/03 Bethany
Angel Baby Calico Cat 08/16/03-03/26/05 Marijanne Visser
Angel Baby Caraway Toy Poodle 05/05/01-12/06/15 Carrie Caraway
Angel Baby Cat 12/28/97-04/27/02 Karen Roberts
Angel Baby Chihuahua Spring 2007 Jamie
Angel Baby Chu/Doxie 2001-08/21/07 Loretta Mullens
Angel Baby Dachshund 03/14/01-12/08/10 Marisa Futch
Angel Baby Domestic Long Hair Cat 07/01/99-08/31/06 April Kemp
Angel Baby Goat 01/23/99-01/25/99 Robin Branham
Angel Baby Himalayan Cat 14 years 03/12/01 Sarah Yelton
Angel Baby Kitten 07/01/00-07/15/00 Sylvia Scott
Angel Baby Maltese 09/01/95-01/31/08 Jennifer Oster
Angel Baby Manx/Siamese Cat 01/01/06 K & K Scott
Angel Baby Mix Breed Rabbit 03/2005-10/03/09 Denise Ly
Angel Baby Poodle 02/02/92-10/05/05 Ginny Mahoney
Angel Baby Rose Haupt Maltese 08/19/02-08/05/15 Doris R. Haupt
Angel Baby Ulrich Shepherd Mix 1997-2007 Dorothy, Randy, Amanda & Michael Ulrich
Angel Baby Yorkie 12/11/01-05/26/06 Pauline Martino
Angel Babycakes Lhasa Apso 05/28/03 Debbie Foray
Angel Bacio aka Angel Mixed Dog 06/14/03-08/06/16 Lois
Angel Baglino Calico Mix Cat 01/01/98-01/01/06 Lisa Ann Baglino
Angel Baikie Dog 05/12/85-06/13/03 Stan, Vanessa, Lisa, Leonia, Leon, and Trix
Angel Balinese, Lilac Point Cat 9 years 01/01/07 Gail French, Randy Boaze
Angel Baquita Black and White Cat 17 years 01/07/12 Maria RosaRuiz
Angel Barry Greyhound 11/08/90-12/18/02 Marilynn
Angel Basset Hound 11/27/03-04/17/04 Tara Gardner
Angel Bassett Hound 09/91-12/06/06 Jack
Angel Beagle - Bassett 9 years 03/01/06 Jenifer Morey
Angel Beagle 02/14/88-10/29/01 Donna
Angel Beagle 02/14/89-10/29/01 Donna
Angel Beagle 02/22/04-07/27/04 Ken Keim
Angel Beagle 04/12/01-10/24/01 Sara
Angel Beagle 04/12/01-10/24/01 Sara, Amy, Erin
Angel Beagle 04/30/00-02/18/12 Aggie Gallagher
Angel Beagle 06/04/01-07/18/09 James, Erica, Chris and Nate
Angel Beagle 10/13/96-05/08/10 David Doulder
Angel Beagle 11 months 04/07
Angel Beagle 12 years 06/12/07 Dave Dibart
Angel Beagle 13 years 07/25/10 George
Angel Beagle 14 years 10/12/09 Kellie Brown
Angel Beagle Mix 04/2002-08/30/14 Gail Von Olnhausen
Angel Beagle Mix 14 years 03/24/07 Holli
Angel Beagle Mix Puppy 07/31/01-10/15/01 Jennifer Shamblin
Angel Beagle/Bassett Mix 03/15/01-07/28/12 Terri Robertson, Everett Gibson
Angel Beagle/Sheltic 04/24/99-07/09/01 Megan & Jason Homeniuk
Angel Beagle/Sheltie 03/24/99-07/09/01 Megan & Jason Homeniuk
Angel Beagle/Spaniel 10/08/87-01/05/99 Carol Olges
Angel Beal Labrador/Border Collie Puppy 06/10/00-05/15/01 Debra
Angel Bear Beagle Mix 11/01/96-11/27/06 Bev Burris
Angel Bear Black Lab 04/17/01-08/24/12 Treasa & Steve Dunn
Angel Bear Pomeranian 04/81-12/95 Brad Bowman
Angel Beaudet Shitzu 05/09/03-07/21/10 Kathleen Beaudet
Angel Belle Aussie/Shepherd Mix Puppy 02/08/01 Jim, Elaine & Amanda Parhamovich
Angel Bengal Cat 04/21/85-05/22/00 Linda Lou Perry
Angel Bernese Mountain Dog 05/31/89-03/24/99 Jahmerican
Angel Betta Fish 01/10/05-04/23/07 Lisa Eichholzer-Walker
Angel Bichon 08/06/05-10/09/13 Sheila, John Kalafsky
Angel Bichon 2002-09/10/09 Sharon/Rich & Shannon
Angel Bichon Frise 02/19/96-12/21/09 Gabrielle Gyori and Marc Chulak
Angel Bichon Frise 04/16/06-04/22/07 Miriam, Paul, Jelani and Paris
Angel Bichon Frise 07/21/01-10/09/07 Jennifer and Kayla
Angel Bichon Frise 11/19/98-11/06/08 Lynda and Ron Stuckey
Angel Bird (Parakeet) 3 years 05/05/04 Sally
Angel Black & White Cat 05/01/09-05/11/11 Jerry Greene
Angel Black and Gray Cat Mix 10 years 04/07/07 Mary Jane Johnston
Angel Black and White Cat 17 years 03/05/03 Misty Letts
Angel Black and White Long Hair Domestic Cat 03/01/83-08/10/01 Darla and Doyle Calvert
Angel Black and White Shorthair Cat 09/28/01-11/03/15 Carole Oliver
Angel Black Cat 02/06/12 Dottie
Angel Black Domestic Rabbit 8 1/2 years 07/14/06 Maggie & Ken Warford
Angel Black Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/08/12 Joe and Linda Morrison
Angel Black Lab 09/14/99-02/19/13 Jennifer Musgrove
Angel Black Lab Mix 09/98-12/31/01 Muriel Barranco
Angel Black Lab Mix 1 years 07/2003 Sue Francois
Angel Black Lab Mix 13 years 07/25/01 Nancy, Jamie, Ben, Mollie, & Oliver
Angel Black Lab Mix 9 years 06/05/02 Missie Clark
Angel Black Lab/Border Collie Mix 11/19/99-05/29/15 Florence
Angel Black Lab/Shepherd Mix 14 years 01/31/13 Susan
Angel Black Labrador Retriever/Springer Spaniel Mix 10/31/00-09/09/04 Janet Mary Casper
Angel Black Pug 12/09/04-06/03/11 Eddie, Kathleen, Chelsea and Devin James
Angel Black Short Hair Cat with White Splotch on her Tummy 07/30/12 Gina K
Angel Blaze Mix Dog 10/09/03-12/15/03 Ashley Grantham
Angel Blue and White Parakeet 2 years 08/14/98 J.P. Kiewlicz
Angel Blue Heeler 2000-11/05/06 Corey Smiley
Angel Blue Merle Great Dane 06/29/92-07/07/07 Sean, Christine & Alex Kerby
Angel Blue Merle Sheltie 04/04/01-08/24/12 Nancy Hamel & Judy Berman
Angel Blue Nose Dog 10/22/11-07/20/15 Christopher
Angel Blue-Cream Persian Cat 15 years 03/06/98 Mary Ellen Clark
Angel Border Collie 01/24/97-03/06/11 Heather Hoff
Angel Border Collie 10 years 10/15/10 Cindy Dales
Angel Border Collie 7 years 03/10/11 Bob, Elaine, Janet and Roberta
Angel Border Collie adopted 09/24/99-06/27/09 Sandy Butkus
Angel Border Collie Mix 08/25/92-03/27/98 Mary Salvail
Angel Border Collie Mix 10/23/82-12/31/97 Sandy Orr
Angel Boston Terrier 08/90-04/12/02 Ed Tarbell
Angel Boxer 02/04/96-04/08/06 Roxanne
Angel Boxer 08/13/01-09/13/09 Morgan Bristow
Angel Boxer Mix 03/02/09-01/18/12 Katie Shoop
Angel Boxer/Lab 03/99-02/25/07 Melanie Barrier
Angel Boy Maine Coon Cat 1998-06/13/08 Trish Nugent
Angel Brandy Black Lab 02/28/95-03/06/08 Amy Ritchie
Angel Brown and White Piebald Mouse 2 years 09/04/04 Vanessa
Angel Brown Tabby Cat 01/10/02 Rhonda Magnotti
Angel Brown Tabby Cat 02/16/95-08/10/13 Lynn Flowers
Angel Brown Tiger Cat 9 years 07/14/12 Tammy Belliveau, Jocelyn Corbeil
Angel Bubbles Chihuahua 08/15/97-06/23/08 Janet Khalil
Angel Bull Mastiff 12/25/03-03/02/12 Drew Smith
Angel Bull Terrier 11/17/91-03/19/00 Lisa Gamble
Angel Bulldog 08/17/94-09/10/03 Susan
Angel Bulldog 11 years 10/2015 Bill Harper
Angel Bunny (aka Angel B) Cat 10/25/93-03/13/03 Deborah Perkalis
Angel Bunny 05/14/11 Sommer L'Hoste
Angel Bunny 3 years Bethany
Angel Bunny 4 years 12/24/03 Kate and Rob
Angel Bunny Angora Rabbit 11/21/95-04/22/04 Jan
Angel Bunny Black Lab 07/03/01-11/09/10 Brittany and Pamela and Jay Jolicoeur
Angel Bunny Dutch Rabbit 02/01/97-01/01/05 Danielle Murray
Angel Cairn 05/10/99-03/05/09 Laura Maki
Angel Calico Cat 05/28/91-03/20/03 Sandy Defrancesco
Angel Calico Cat 15 1/2 years 07/30/03 Mary Murray
Angel Campbell Husky X 08/06/02-12/13/04 Alex & Finola
Angel Campos Boston Terrier 09/14/01-08/12/11 Ashley Campos
Angel Cat 02/02/11 Cynthia Campo
Angel Cat 02/06/96-01/21/08 Maureen Dumas
Angel Cat 02/06/98 Hope Candee
Angel Cat 02/12/12 Lorrie Lungstrum
Angel Cat 02/14/88-09/26/99 Kathleen Donegan
Angel Cat 02/23/06 Kelly
Angel Cat 02/23/99-09/10/08 Amanda
Angel Cat 03/07/11 Raymond B Byers Sr
Angel Cat 04/07/94-04/23/00 Samantha Gore
Angel Cat 04/12/98-04/29/17 Jill P
Angel Cat 05/02-31 Oct 2002 Lawrence Morpeth
Angel Cat 05/04/00-03/30/11 Theodora
Angel Cat 05/15/87-12/23/02 Debbie Thomas
Angel Cat 05/21/96-01/21/00 Michael & Angeline Zemba Jr. and Karli.
Angel Cat 05/23/08 Kyle and April
Angel Cat 06/04/09 Kathleen Abazia
Angel Cat 06/08/09 Kathleen
Angel Cat 07/04/96-02/03/16 Melanie Tighe
Angel Cat 07/11/99 Kindflower
Angel Cat 08/06/04 Keith Rogers
Angel Cat 08/10/09 Hugh & Connie
Angel Cat 08/13/00 Barbara, Kimberly and Love
Angel Cat 08/20/03 Doris
Angel Cat 08/2008-02/02/09 Matt Gipson
Angel Cat 09/11/10 Jay and Terri Honeycutt
Angel Cat 09/15/08-02/03/09 Amanda Gipson
Angel Cat 09/18/10 Dottie
Angel Cat 1 year 12/03/03 Dawn Lowman
Angel Cat 10 1/2 years 07/19/02 Susan Johnson
Angel Cat 10 years 03/94 Polly & Jaime
Angel Cat 10/26/14 Erika
Angel Cat 10/31/09 Sherry Verhagen
Angel Cat 11 years 09/27/14 Alice
Angel Cat 11/15/95-01/05/04 Elaine Gagnon, Noelle and Ziggy
Angel Cat 11/18/16 Jennifer Apigo
Angel Cat 12 1/2 years 09/05/08 Amy
Angel Cat 12 years 04/99 Jill Becker
Angel Cat 12 years 10/15/07 Jan
Angel Cat 12 years 11/18/10 Jodi
Angel Cat 12/06/98 Michele
Angel Cat 12/20/10 Joan
Angel Cat 12/27/12 Joe
Angel Cat 13 years 11/01/05 Rana Jean
Angel Cat 14 years 06/01/06 Capri
Angel Cat 16 years 01/08/05 Brent and Connie
Angel Cat 17 years 02/21/00 Hal
Angel Cat 17 years 11/09/99 Sharon Bruchac
Angel Cat 18 years 07/25/03 Colleen
Angel Cat 19 years 07/94 John and Pat Gill
Angel Cat 1981-11/02/98 Liz
Angel Cat 1985-11/15/01 Maria
Angel Cat 1985-11/30/00 Elaine
Angel Cat 2 years 08/02/08 Brittany
Angel Cat 20 years 05/24/11 Shirley
Angel Cat 21 years 9 months 01/22/07 Linda
Angel Cat 22 months 11/02/04 Moyra
Angel Cat 5 years 06/19/02 The Cottrell family
Angel Cat 5 years 07/18/12 Desirae Campbell
Angel Cat 6 years 09/29/06 Robynn Roman & Family
Angel Cat 8 years 07/21/98 CT Garcia
Angel Cat 9 years 03/21/05 Amy & Dave Gallaway
Angel Cat 9 years 10/05/07 Melanie and Andy Estes
Angel Cat Bartontree
Angel Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Angel Cat Lori
Angel Cat Marilyn
Angel Cat Mary
Angel Cat Spring of 95 to 05/05/01 Lee R.
Angel Cat Summer 2009 Mary Macdonald (Project Bay Cat)
Angel Chi 02/20/05-05/10/05 Linda Fletcher
Angel Chihuahua !/20/2002-07/24/13 Lynn Burke
Angel Chihuahua 01/06/10-01/12/10 Robert Mitchell
Angel Chihuahua 07/23/00 Tina Meadows
Angel Chihuahua 1/20/95-02/10/97 Virginia Elliott
Angel Chihuahua 11/30/05-12/28/12 Michelle Hines
Angel Chihuahua 12 years 03/22/09 Denise
Angel Chihuahua 12/20/07-11/16/09 Anita Donato
Angel Chihuahua 6 years 04/06/09 Clara
Angel Chihuahua 8 years 10/17/13 Maryann Luper
Angel Chihuahua/Pom Mix 7 years 10/13/16 Sarah Dechert
Angel Chinese Crested 08/18/03 Teresa Ross
Angel Chi-Pom Yorkie Stillborn Pup 02/19/10-02/19/10 Stephanie Drewa
Angel Chiweenie 12 years 12/05/11 Roxie & Gary Koch
Angel Chocolate Lab 8 years 03/12/09 Sue
Angel Chocolate Labrador Ret 10/19/89-07/10/00 Kaye Ladd
Angel Chow Chow 05/08/86-06/23/01 Donna
Angel Chow Chow 12/01/91-05/17/05 Don, Pat, Donny & Christina
Angel Chow Mix 12 1/2 years 02/18/10 Cassie
Angel Chow/Husky 12/29/89-02/06/01 Jim & Pam McCollister
Angel Cockapoo 07/13/98-04/28/12 Jennifer Brazil
Angel Cockapoo 10/07/93-09/08/03 Carol Sandstrom
Angel Cockapoo 10/13/96-09/28/08 Patricia James
Angel Cockapoo 10/25/98-07/27/13 Cheryl
Angel Cockapoo 10/28/97-09/15/06 Elizabeth Opland
Angel Cockapoo 10/31/97-09/18/06 Elizabeth
Angel Cocker 08/16/94-09/10/09 Sandy
Angel Cocker 10 years 01/03/95 Steve Boelhouwer
Angel Cocker Spanial 12/16/13 Todd
Angel Cocker Spaniel 05/05/91-11/14/95 Kathy McNulty
Angel Cocker Spaniel 06/01/04-05/20/17 Sandy Epley
Angel Cocker Spaniel 09/23/99-07/23/14 Lisa Dovey
Angel Cocker Spaniel 11/14/97-02/13/12 Daddy, Mama & Nicholas
Angel Cocker Spaniel 15 years 02/01/06 Sylvia and Tony
Angel Cocker Spaniel 15 years 09/10/09 Sandy
Angel Cocker Spaniel 5 years 09/24/94 Jill Stohs
Angel Collie - Lab Mix 9 years 05/13/11 Nora
Angel Collie - Smooth 03/29/97-05/13/10 Cynthia Heyman
Angel Collie 10/31/89-10/13/02 Candice Tyburski
Angel Collie 12/08/06 Jack and Brenda Seiler
Angel Collie Mix 04/08/95-03/05/04 Mike Wesner
Angel Collie/Lab 08/88-05/30/00 Lilly
Angel Conner Gray Tabby Cat 04/14/01-09/22/17 Valerie and Chase
Angel Corba Boxer 02/04/96-04/08/06 Roxanne Corba
Angel Coyote/German Shepherd 04/15/85-01/13/00 John, Bobbi & Bethany Adams
Angel Cross Mix Dog 12/27/96-12/28/09 Charles Cross
Angel Cross Staffordshire and Queensland Heeler 1999-10/24/10 Edwin Flynn
Angel Crumb Cakes Sasha Lucero Yorkie 08/11/02-01/07/08 Roxanne
Angel Cub Westhighland Terrier 10/02/88-09/26/01 Barry Goodman
Angel Dachshund 01/13/99-06/27/07 Darlita Nieuwendorp
Angel Dachshund 02/22/04-06/21/11 Jarod
Angel Dachshund 08/16/10 Greg Eubanks
Angel Dachshund 10/31/08-04/20/09 Linda W
Angel Dachshund 13 years 01/21/12 Lynn Homeier
Angel Dachshund Mix 14 years 05/22/10 Dawn M. Ramirez
Angel Dalmatian 01/06/97-11/04/11 Rob Dahl
Angel Dalmatian 07/15/04-09/21/05 Sue DeBiasio and Rob Grimes
Angel Dalmatian 07/27/96-06/28/98 Ron McCarthy
Angel Dalmatian/Brittany Spaniel Mix 01/30/95-03/10/11 Phil Zeller, Jr. [Angel's Dad]
Angel Day Border Collie 11/24/97-04/12/11 Diana Day and James Parriman
Angel Dear Rat Terrier 02/15/01-06/27/03 Debbie Earnest
Angel Delphia Kitten adopted 09/16/10-12/04/10 Debbie Sutton
Angel Demucchi Cat 1978-06/04/00 Conni
Angel DLH Cat 1989-04/13/00 Kathy
Angel DLH Tortie Cat 8 years 09/03/05 Karen R. Meth
Angel Doberman 01/20/92-11/30/02 Mark & Debbie
Angel Doberman 02/17/03 Karen
Angel Doberman 05/29/99-08/18/08 Peter
Angel Doberman 09/16/99 Jill Zeller
Angel Dobermann Puppy 17/03/03-02/04/03 Alison
Angel Dobie/Shepherd 11/11/92-04/03/07 Jason
Angel Dodmation 12 years 08/08/04 Carmen Miller
Angel Dog 02/2008 The Lodges Judy Lew
Angel Dog 04/02/12 Diane Falconi
Angel Dog 04/12/03 Linda Sobel
Angel Dog 04/15/99-03/09/11 Steve and Brenda
Angel Dog 04/26/97-09/25/07 Cindy and Gavin
Angel Dog 05/04/08 Karen
Angel Dog 06/15/97 Mary D'Andrea
Angel Dog 07/25/92-10/16/06 Peggy
Angel Dog 08/21/00-06/14/13 Chuck Goodspeed
Angel Dog 09/12/98 Lori Messer & Family
Angel Dog 09/18/04 Amy Lentz
Angel Dog 10 years Sam Fudg
Angel Dog 10/15/83-08/07/98 Chas Rizzo
Angel Dog 12/17/99 Jeff
Angel Dog 14 years 07/01/08 Robin Stevens
Angel Dog 4 years 03/14/96 Susan Boone
Angel Dog 4 years 05/24/08 Bhagyashree
Angel Dog June 1995 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Angel Domestic Cat 06/19/99-06/15/06 Andy
Angel Domestic Grey Cat 09/06/07 Ashley
Angel Domestic Long Hair Cat 12 years 12/09/04 Patty Toone
Angel Domestic Long Hair Cat 14 years 07/14/01 Timi Glaser
Angel Domestic Short Hair - Tuxedo Cat 11 years 10 months 04/21/10 Jane Bruns
Angel Domestic Short Hair Black and Orange Torbie Cat 10/2000-04/30/17 Chris
Angel Domestic Short Hair Calico Cat 04/20/00-04/26/13 Sandra V
Angel Domestic Short Hair Cat 05/10/13 Margaret
Angel Domestic Short Hair Cat 05/18/94-04/17/04 Sandy
Angel Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/12/84-05/22/06 Kathy Myers
Angel Domestic Short Hair Cat 10/31/92-03/11/05 Lisa Milan
Angel Domestic Short Hair Cat 14 years 04/04/12 Paulette
Angel Domestic Short Hair Cat 15 years 04/07/08 Nancy
Angel Domestic Short Hair Cat 15 years 07/13/10 Virginia Suchecki
Angel Domestic Short Hair Tabby Cat 11 years 07/01/98 Rochelle
Angel Domestic Short Hair Tuxedo Cat 09/99-04/21/15 Lysia Arruda
Angel Domestic Short Haired Cat 05/10/89-09/08/07 Vicki Maynard
Angel Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/16/96-06/29/07 Leslie Evans
Angel Domestic Shorthair Cat 16 years 06/22/11 Namon and Jessica Brothers
Angel Domestic Shorthair Yellow Eyed Black Cat 06/25/89-11/03/08 Tina Barnhill
Angel Dottie Rodriguez Dachshund 04/30/00-07/07/06 Denise Rodriguez
Angel Dove 15 years 04/05/08 Alan Babcock
Angel DSH Black and White Tuxedo Cat 08/20/97-11/30/11 The Neely Family
Angel DSH Cat 04/21/96-08/28/06 Leslie Rowe
Angel DSH Cat 05/01/16 Donna Varner
Angel DSH Cat 05/01/94-05/05/11 Kathy Buehler
Angel DSH Cat 08/15/98-12/17/12 Cristina
Angel DSH Cat 9 December 2003-9 July 2009 Denise Trocio
Angel DSH Tabby Cat 04/17/01 Amy Maher
Angel DSH Tuxedo Cat 1973-1992 Tricia and Nan
Angel Duffy Doberman Pinscher 03/07/03-06/11/12 Marie, Joe
Angel Dunning Doberman Pinscher 08/21/94-09/16/04 Suzanne
Angel Dutch - Chocolate and White Rabbit 01/07/02-06/05/05 Frank and Dawn Routledge
Angel Eggebrecht Cat 02/25/95-05/25/11 Eggebrecht Family
Angel English Bulldog 10 years 3 months 02/19/05 Andrea White
Angel European Shorthair/Mix Cat 08/84-01/04/00 Cindy and Shannon
Angel Eye's 'Angel' German Shepherd 01/24/06-03/11/09 Kevin and Genny Nabors
Angel Eyes Cat 5 1/2 years 06/29/06 Jean & Peter Cohen
Angel Eyes Dog 2 months 10/22/09 Chitralekha Deopersad
Angel Eyes Weimaraner 07/29/01-06/21/02 Julie, Dan, and Carolynn McLaney
Angel Eyes Wolf Hybrid/Shepherd 11/24/94-02/09/06 Melinda Mike Hafeman
Angel Face Cat October 1995 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Angel Face CockaPoo 5 years 05/05/88-08/31/93 Sandy Wentzel
Angel Face Somali Cat 10/14/98-09/09/04 Anna
Angel Ferret 01/08/06-05/06/12 Dawn
Angel Ferret 04/10/06-02/14/11 Maciah
Angel Ferret 06/10/95-09/13/02 Francine Youngblood
Angel Ferret 10/10/10 Diane
Angel Ferret 8 years 05/29/04 John & Carolyn Woodward
Angel Fire American Eskimo Dog 10/28/99-09/06/16 Kathy Winch
Angel Fire Silver Mitt Ferret 10/21/00-09/23/05 Chris & Sherilyn Jamison
Angel Flamepoint Himalayan Persian Cat 01/10/90-01/17/07 Cheryl Castillo
Angel Flemish Giant Rabbit 16 months 04/14/08 Bridget
Angel Fortis Kalitzakis Linardos Golden Retriever 08/22/12 William Fortis
Angel Garcia-Watson Lhasa Apso 12/12/87-03/31/03 Lisa Garcia-Watson and Bob Watson
Angel German Shepherd 01/27/97-06/21/10 Camille, Malinda & Richard
Angel German Shepherd 03/04/97-11/25/08 Teresa
Angel German Shepherd 06/23/00-05/15/12 Suzanne
Angel German Shepherd 06/31/10-12/15/10 Anna Prokusheva
Angel German Shepherd 07/12/99-06/06/09 Arleen Larkin
Angel German Shepherd 08/04/03-07/01/18 Denyse Toelkes
Angel German Shepherd 08/08/00 Myra Strandberg
Angel German Shepherd 11 years 04/13/12 Cheryl Soule
Angel German Shepherd 11 years 07/28/09 Diane C. Landauer
Angel German Shepherd 11/09/89-02/21/01 Debbie
Angel German Shepherd 11/19/97-12/18/03 Gayle Lamountain
Angel German Shepherd 12/20/99-09/30/03 The Farmer Family
Angel German Shepherd 9 1/2 years 06/27/07 Donald and Sharon
Angel German Shepherd/Greyhound 11/03/04-09/11/05 Mary
Angel German Shepherd/Huntaway/Great Dane Cross 9 years 05/17/08 Frances Quirk
Angel German Shepherd/Pitbull 02/20/99-06/20/11 Nita Thongchai
Angel German Shorthaired Pointer 01/03/01-09/30/06 Marion
Angel Giant Schnauzer 12/17/08 Karen
Angel Girl Black Lab 02/19/08 Bonnie Galluccio
Angel Girl Cat 1997-11/08/11 Erin and Family
Angel Girl German Shepherd 11/09/89-02/21/01 Paul, Debbie, Paulie, Ashton
Angel Girl Husky 06/01/07 Mark and Jana
Angel Girl Poodle 07/04/07-03/05/08 Roy & Peggy
Angel Golden Hamster 1 1/2 years 01/09/03 Renee VanderMaas
Angel Golden Lab Mix 05/02/88-05/12/97 Brandi and Ashlee
Angel Golden Retriever 05/05/05-01/01/13 Sarah
Angel Golden Retriever 06/02/03-01/21/15 Bettyjean Viecelli
Angel Golden Retriever 09/06/01-01/30/13 Cathy B
Angel Golden Retriever 09/10/01-09/01/10 Bonnie
Angel Golden Retriever 09/10/98 Brian Nahodil
Angel Golden Retriever 10 years 03/17/07 The Epps Family
Angel Golden Retriever 11/14/95-02/18/97 The Anderson Family
Angel Golden Retriever 11/28/98-06/04/01 Sandi and Mark Schultz
Angel Golden Retriever 12 years 01/02/12 Don and Sheila Peterson
Angel Golden Retriever 12 years 04/25/07 Debbie, Frank, Shawn, Chris and Toby
Angel Golden Retriever 12 years 05/27/09 Luana Vaeth
Angel Golden Retriever 12 years 07/03/04 Stan & Barbara Dailey
Angel Golden Retriever 12 years 12/26/07 Andrea & Amy
Angel Golden Retriever 13 years 03/29/14 Molly
Angel Golden Retriever 14 years 05/19/05 Agnes Mulholland
Angel Golden Retriever 14/05/09-31/05/09 Kirsti Bergli
Angel Golden Retriever Mix 06/10/94-08/08/07 Wendy
Angel Golden Retriever Mix 14 years 08/30/14 Rebecca
Angel Golden Retriever/Chow Mix 15 years 08/17/07 Pam Schobelock
Angel Goodman Boxer 12 years 04/24/10 Dawn Goodman
Angel Gray and White Tabby Cat 09/07/89-10/28/04 Fran Gambino
Angel Gray Tabby Cat 06/01/01-11/14/08 Kathy Lach
Angel Gray/White Cat 1 1/2 years 09/23/99 Rebecca
Angel Great Dane 01/10/01-11/04/10 Jo Radford and Linn Holt
Angel Great Dane 11 years 01/12/08 Craig, Karen, Steven, Jaquie, Stacey, Chelsea, Tim, Elahh, Hanaah, Aaron Peterson
Angel Great Dane Mix 08/17/04-01/10/11 Phil Krzyzaniak
Angel Great Pyrenees 02/14/17 Pam Morse
Angel Great Pyrenees 10/10/97-07/03/08 Dominic & Lisa Maga
Angel Greckle DJ and Cheech Kittens 11/23/07 and 11/24/07 Cheryl
Angel Grey/White Tabby Cat 6 mos 03/15/00 Maureen
Angel Greyhound 03/16/00 Joann and Shawn Connors
Angel Greyhound 05/14/99-02/13/14 Kathy Kirby
Angel Greyhound 06/25/00-02/04/11 Pat Pellegrini
Angel Greyhound 10/15/95-03/31/07 Eddie Montague and Mary Allen
Angel Greyhound 11 1/2 years 05/05/02 Cole
Angel Gross Deibert Border Terrier 09/20/98-09/25/14 Marsha Deibert
Angel GSD 09/31/92-12/16/00 Patty
Angel Guinea Pig 05/04/12-05/07/12 Jen
Angel Guinea Pig 5 years 06/19/09 Carol Fish
Angel Hamster 07/25/04 Aimee
Angel Hamster 12/2003-05/2004 Francesca
Angel Harper Dog 12/09/09 Michael, Brett, Kerri
Angel Harpold Rat Terrier Mix 13 years 09/13/07 Angela Harpold
Angel Head Shorthair Domestic Cat 11 years 04/21/10 Renolda and Barry Head
Angel Heart Dog 10/10/07 The Moss Family
Angel Heinz 57 Dog 01/01/97-01/31/01 Buffy Moravetz
Angel Herb Japanese Chin 16 years 07/04/16 Brenda L. Herb
Angel Hilliard Golden Retriever 08/05/02-02/22/13 S Hilliard
Angel Himalayan Cat 06/14/81-07/01/00 Susan
Angel Himalayan Cat 15 months 12/19/97 Karen
Angel Himalayan Persian Cat 04/06/88-05/10/04 Patricia, Barry, Brittany & Cassandra Thomas
Angel Himalayan Seal Point Cat 13 years 12/21/11 Cindi Fidago
Angel Himmie mix 13 years 1991-12/26/2004 Kathleen
Angel Holland Cocker Spaniel 08/17/07-02/04/18 Barbara and Dale Holland
Angel Hooded Rat 03/11/12-03/31/12 Rissa
Angel Hound Dog 03/16/08 Pat and Neil
Angel Howe Lab 04/22/01-07/21/14 John and Brenda Howe
Angel Huskita 2005-03/18/16 Cindy Franz
Angel Husky 12/22/08 Michele
Angel Husky 6 years Gibson Family
Angel Husky/Border Collie 06/05/97-06/18/07 Little Family
Angel Husky/Shepherd 15 years 08/18/07 Paula
Angel Irish Chihuahua 10/15/96-01/16/10 Becky Irish
Angel Italian Greyhound 02/07/11 Shirley Devane Your
Angel Italian Greyhound 03/16/07 Tracie
Angel Jack Russel Terrier 22/04/01-30/03/02 Ben Cross
Angel Jack Russell Terrier 02/28/99-07/18/13 Gina Marie
Angel Jack Russell Terrier 5 years 11/26/06 P Corcoran
Angel James aka AJ, Panther, Bungholio Cat 10 years 04/10/06 Erin Brooks and Elizabeth
Angel Japanese Chin 01/28/06-02/08/06 Kim Pomo
Angel Javanese Cat 4 years 01/27/98 Kimberly Clark
Angel Jewel Tuxedo Cat 04/24/11 Marie Gulayets
Angel Johnson Min. Schnauzer 10/83-11/30/97 Beth Johnson
Angel Jones Border Collie 07/95-03/17/08 Patty Jones
Angel Juel Dachshund 08/06/97-12/14/08 Donna K. Seely
Angel Kaks Domestic Short Hair Cat 05/15/02-09/27/10 Charlene Boicourt
Angel Keenor Black Domestic Cat 8 years 15 October 2010 Jane Keenor Cornwall England
Angel Keeshond 03/22/92-12/17/01 Leanne
Angel Kitten 03/24/07-03/02/08 Emma and Lauryea
Angel Kitten 04/15/08-04/18/08 Karolina
Angel Kitten 07/00-09/25/00 Beatrice Welles
Angel Kitten 09/01/01-11/29/01 Mary A Stewart
Angel Kitten 1 week 1976 Andrea
Angel Kitten 3 weeks 08/02/99 Robin Lundgren
Angel Kitten 6 months 04/18/04 Donna
Angel Kitty Black & White Cat 02/19/06 Stephanie
Angel Kitty Cat 05/23/07 Ian & Sarah Dennison
Angel Kitty Kitten 09/2009 Kimberly
Angel Kitty Mixed Cat 11 years 07/10/08 Dottie Balin
Angel Kitty Snowshoe Siamese Cat 05/2001-04/18/05 Aerin
Angel Kitty White With Black Mixed Cat 11 years 07/10/08 Dottie Balin
Angel Kittygirl Calico Cat 2 1/2 years 09/03/03 Raven
Angel Lab & Rott Mix 1996-01/10/12 Kimberly & Michael
Angel Lab 10/16/14 Bill & Kathy
Angel Lab 12 years 10/11/10 Cecilia Jack and Ted
Angel Lab 14 years 11/2006 Cathy
Angel Lab Mix 04/02/05 Bob & Tina Lebrun
Angel Lab Rottweiler Cross 01/01/01-10/27/14 Margaret Axworthy & David Brost
Angel Lab, Australian Shepherd 09/99-09/27/12 Gene & Emily Archdale
Angel Lab/Chow 12/27/00-05/22/04 Graham Family
Angel Lab/Shepherd 01/02/90-07/23/99 Noella Martin
Angel Lab/Spaniel Mix 06/10/02-08/14/12 Hunter Linton
Angel Labrador 05/26/03-02/27/12 Karen Schubert
Angel Labrador Cross 11/2005 Kylie and Kellie
Angel Labrador Retriever 04/01/96-01/20/07 Steve and Trish
Angel Labrador Retriever 08/08/04-08/06/11 Tim, Barb, Nate, Ben, Matt Gough
Angel Labrador Retriever 11/19/94-07/25/05 Marlene Dixon
Angel Labrador/Shepherd 02/01/88-04/12/04 Laura Winters
Angel Lady Gouldian Finch 3 years 04/13/00 Robin Schindler
Angel Lady Poodle 11/12/89-11/09/07 Bettie L. Spicher
Angel Lambert Doberman 01/20/92-11/30/02 Debbie & Mark
Angel Lapsa Alpa 10/01/99-03/02/05 Ann Goodwin
Angel Lasa Apso 10 years 12/23/06 Tammie
Angel Latrecchia Maltese 02/14/00-05/10/10 Paulette Latrecchia
Angel Lee Crandall Black & White Short Hair Cat 08/22/92-09/19/05 Kerry Crandall
Angel Lee Dye Grey Cat 1978-05/94 Dawn Sutton Christopher
Angel Leigh King Golden Retriever 15 years 06/02/09 Kaleb King
Angel Leigh Maine Coon Cat 12/18/02 Debbie Thomas
Angel Leigh Pit Bull 08/23/11 Jamie, Ian, Hannah, Jennifer, Debra
Angel Lhasa 08/04/08 Donna Hoggard
Angel Lhasa Apso 01/08/92-10/11/06 Teresa Revis
Angel Lhasa Apso 06/10/98-08/12/12 Ecaterina
Angel Lhasa Apso 11/19/02-12/02/06 Gen Wright
Angel Lhasa Apso 12/12/96-09/07/12 Debra Mrozek
Angel Lhasa Apso Mix 10 1/2 years 03/28/06 Brian Manahan
Angel Lhaso Apso 04/17/97-06/06/03 Kathleen
Angel Lhaso Apso 05/06/05-03/07/09 McKenzie
Angel Lisa Smith Guinea Pig 03/15/04-07/24/10 Josee Smith
Angel Locicero Cat 08/07/09 Mario Locicero
Angel Long Hair Chihuahua 06/16/12 Yara
Angel Long Hair Chihuahua 13ish-02/01/07 Derek Price
Angel Long Haired Tabby Cat 04/01/98-03/30/09 Denise Metcalf
Angel Longhair Pure White Cat 08/10/79-03/08/00 Sandy & Kevin
Angel Long-Haired Chihuahua 01/02/01-03/12/08 Sonia V
Angel Long-Haired Tort Cat 06/12/69-10/01/74 Linda Guthrie
Angel Lop Ear Bunny 3 years 07/15/04 Gordon and Sally Perry
Angel Lop Eared Dwarf Rabbit 02/27/99-06/29/06 Jill
Angel Lop Rabbit 8 years 10/09/00 Mom, Dad, Tracey, and Pat
Angel Lou Minature White Schnauzer 5 years 01/16/03 Andrea
Angel Lucas Miller Mixed Breed Dog 02/26/01-12/18/15 Christine Miller
Angel Lucy Boston Terrier 10/15/82-10/28/97 Terry
Angel Lynady Beagle Mix 04/18/04 Donna Lynady
Angel Lynn Bijon 1986-10/02/99 Cliff and Wanda Wikoff
Angel Lynn Black Lab. 07/07/05-06/26/13 Mike Zimmerman
Angel Lynx Point Siamese Cat 02/22/97-05/13/09 Lisa T
Angel Lynx Point Snowshoe Cat 7 1/2 years 05/16/04 Linda Kloran
Angel M.P. Love Short Haired Domestic Cat 05/19/97-08/22/09 Vita
Angel Mae Cat 06/82-07/11/98 Chris
Angel Mae Hines Maltese/Westie Mix 7 years 05/16/06 Mary Lobianco
Angel Maine Coon Cat 07/01/77-11/23/98 Sandra
Angel Maine Coon Cat 10/12/00-01/30/12 Carlos Canales
Angel Maine Coon Cat 11/05/95-01/03/14 Lucy
Angel Maine Coon Cat 12 1/2 years 09/29/10 Kathy Kreger
Angel Maine Coon Cat 12/13/02 Debbie and Gordie
Angel Maltese 01/18/80-06/18/94 Ruth A. Ross
Angel maltese 04/28/82-04/30/96 Kerri and Dale Campbell
Angel Maltese 07/16/96-07/20/00 JoMarie Grinkiewicz
Angel Maltese 09/02/04-01/13/18 Jeri-Lynn
Angel Maltese 09/25/00-10/11/09 Jeff Benedict
Angel Maltese 10 years 07/28/09 Penny, Sandy & Dodie
Angel Maltese 10/18/98-03/15/14 Ashley Davies
Angel Maltese 10/28/95-12/07/06 Kristen
Angel Maltese 14 years 01/02/11 Yvette Bryars
Angel Maltese 1984-1996 Patsy Fernandez
Angel Maltese 1996-02/07/11 Maggie Poon
Angel Maltese 1997 Patricia Fernandez
Angel Maltese Dog 05/10/96-09/27/08 Rose Marie Green
Angel Maltese Mixed 06/10/03-07/10/17 Lolly
Angel Maltese Poodle 14 years 06/22/11 Pam
Angel Maltese/Pom 09/15/73-06/15/88 Conni McGuirk
Angel Maltipoo 01/07/98-03/19/10 D J
Angel Marie American Short Hair/Calico Cat 20 years 03/04/04 Faith
Angel Marie Chamberlin Pug 10/17/98-06/15/12 Patricia Wayne and Nicole
Angel Marie Chihuahua 07/17/03-09/17/09 Jill C
Angel Marie Figueredo Rottweiler 03/17/93-05/17/05 Bert and Kathy
Angel Marie Henricksen Bichon 07/28/89-06/23/06 Mackenzie, Gwen, Terry Henricksen
Angel Marie Lab/ Husky 12 years 9 months 08/14/15 Brandi
Angel Marie Maine Coon Cat 03/15/93-04/07/08 Lois & Joe Gauvin
Angel Marie Melendez Mix Chow & Black Labrador 11 years 03/20/10 Maria and Edwin Melendez
Angel Marie Peekapo 06/14/87 -04/13/99 Julie Lockwood
Angel Marie Pitbull 12/25/98-11/26/00 Elissa Fineman
Angel Marie Pitbull Terrier 1 1/2 years 08/19/08 The Braselton Family
Angel Marie White Hair, Blue Eye Cat 18 years 01/16/06 Russ and Pat Stover
Angel Matlock Rottweiler 07/07/89-12/04/02 Rose
Angel Mattern Shui Tsu 05/2000-12/11/11 Barbara Mattern
Angel Mayer Mini Schnauzer 07/01/94-08/21/04 Margaret
Angel McCollough DMH Cat 06/20/02-09/04/10 Cindy McCollough
Angel McDowell Short Hair Cat 11/01/98-01/02/09 Kay McDowell
Angel Medium Hair White Cat 11 months 07/03/05 Jeff Kehr
Angel Mills Toy Poodle 08/13/97-04/26/10 Loretta Mills
Angel Mills Toy Poodle 13 years 05/15/97 Loretta Mills
Angel Min Pin 06/07/97-10/28/11 Tammy
Angel Min. Schnauzer 02/28/97-09/12/05 Sheryl & Ron Martinson
Angel Mini Dachshund 10/01/95-06/27/10 Jennifer
Angel Mini Lop Rabbit 04/04/96-04/19/02 Joe & Lily
Angel Mini Poodle 12 years 05/2004 Dr. Martin Goldstone
Angel Mini Schnauzer 12/25/04-02/28/16 Patti & James
Angel Miniature Pinscher 07/16/09 Stefani
Angel Miniature Poodle 17 years 01/28/08 Rob Fischer
Angel Miniature Sharpei 2 years 02/2000 Lindsay
Angel Mini-Doxi 05/11/99-07/28/17 Mary Beth Crowley and Doug Sandvos
Angel Min-Pin 06/30/02-11/12/02 Bonnie Costigan
Angel Miracle Neilson Cat 12/11/12 Harry M Neilson Sr
Angel Mix Cat 13 years 01/26/09 Katherine Powell
Angel Mix Dog 11 years 05/21/10 Mary
Angel Mix Dog 1997-2001 Buffy Moravetz
Angel Mix Guinea Pig 05/10/06-05/10/06 Kim Vernon
Angel Mix Kitten 06/09/09-07/13/09 Marguerite Brunk
Angel Mixed - Beagle, Shepherd 05/30/09 Susan
Angel Mixed Austrian Shepherd & Border Collie 01/02/96-12/15/07 Nancy Kolosso
Angel Mixed Breed Dog 03/04/97-10/20/00 Susan Zapolski
Angel Mixed Cat 01/26/16 Joyce
Angel Mixed Cat 06/14/97-05/19/04 Jennifer Higgins
Angel Mixed Cat 14 years 02/26/15 Michael Swiader
Angel Mixed Dog 01/01/98-08/26/13 Evelyn Brown
Angel Mixed Dog 06/07/84-07/11/89 Gary Klinger
Angel Mixed Dog 07/07/18 Rose
Angel Mixed Dog 07/27/09 Becky George
Angel Mixed Dog 07/28/11 Brad and Debbie Burrows
Angel Mixed Dog 09/05/04-03/11/06 Joni
Angel Mixed Dog 10/20/12 William and Cathy Tracy
Angel Mixed Dog 11/29/95-11/26/05 Ann
Angel Mixed Dog 12 years 07/27/04 Gloria
Angel Mixed Dog 12/10/96-11/20/07 Julie
Angel Mixed Dog 13 years 05/02/09 Rosalie
Angel Mixed Shepherd 15 years 05/22/14 Joan
Angel Mixed Terrier 16 years 12/28/10 Beaubib
Angel Morales Border Collie/Canaan 09/05/95-12/26/08 Lauren Morales
Angel Moriah Pug 04/24/95-07/28/06 Debbie Cipolla
Angel Mountain Fiest Dog 12/15/07-11/13/11 Margo Marie
Angel Munchkin Cat 07/18/02-01/17/08 Darci and Chase
Angel Murphy Golden Retriever 09/06/98-10/23/09 Carol Murphy
Angel Nadler Calico Cat 16 years 12/05/18 Mary Nadler
Angel Nelson Shepherd Mix 10/25/00-04/17/13 Karen Nelson
Angel Newfoundland 06/11/97-02/07/04 Jeff & Debbie
Angel Nicole Neel Schnauzer 15 years 11/24/14 Nancy and Anson Neel
Angel Nita Utterback Black Pug 06/13/98-01/23/13 Darlene Utterback
Angel Noah Sunday Nova Scotia Duck Toller 05/10/02-12/30/16 Aleka Sunday
Angel Noir Chow Mix 07/15/99-06/25/01 Robin & Larry Johnson
Angel Norwegian Forest Cat 08/27/96-05/03/14 Amanda
Angel of Music Oriental Longhair Ebony Kitten 10/29/99-12/09/99 Cyndy
Angel of Weston White German Shepherd 07/07/01-06/20/12 Barbara Ruff
Angel Ohio Alley Maltese 11/01/93-01/10/07 Sandra
Angel Olde English Bulldog 01/23/12 Dianne & Juan
Angel or Angel Baby Basset Hound 02/14/05 Sara
Angel Orange Tabby Cat 02/20/03-02/07/14 Janet
Angel Orange Tabby Cat 07/31/95-05/08/14 Marie
Angel Orange Tabby Cat 9 years 01/22/07 Tom Cochran
Angel Orange Tabby Kitten 06/27/01-07/09/01 Linda E. Newman
Angel Ortega Chihuahua 02/06/01-12/11/09 Robert & Cj Ortega
Angel Palomino Horse 05/12/11 Cynthia Karidis
Angel Papillion 17 years 05/03/05 Terri Rizzo
Angel Parakeet 1/01/91-09/12/98 Rob & Nancy Carr
Angel Parakeet Budgie 5 months 03/08/15 Daniela
Angel Part Siamese Cat 02/07/79-12/08/98 Becky
Angel Pekinese 12/25/92-07/13/05 Mark, Michele, Lauryn Roehnelt
Angel Pekingese Mix 14 years 02/2005 Sheila Mason
Angel Pekingese/Lhasa Mix 10/01/93-07/05/08 Diane Coakley
Angel Pembroke Welsh Corgi 09/24/00-10/05/11 Katie
Angel Perna Maltese 04/15/01-08/23/08 An Pernana Marie
Angel Persian Cat 06/01/99-01/24/13 Sandi DePolis
Angel Persian Cat 06/90-01/10/09 Melissa
Angel Persian Cat 3 years 06/23/02 Sandi Hull
Angel Persian Crossbreed Cat 10/31/99-02/08/08 Keren Howell
Angel Persian Kitten 10/02/00-01/01/01 Bob & Marsha Ruddell
Angel Persian Tabby Cat 03/11/09 Dianne McCullough
Angel Philippine Domestic Cat 1 1/2 months 08/25/17 Patrick Berkenkotter
Angel Pie Yorkshire Terrier 06/19/96-01/09/01 Dorothy & Larry Knoedler
Angel Pit Bull 10/00-11/27/12 Rehbein Family
Angel Pit Bull 10/25/04-11/21/17 Toni Lipscomb
Angel Pit Bull 7 years 02/28/18 Sandi Mathis
Angel Pit Bull approximately 2 years 10/29/10 Jamey
Angel Pitbull 1 year 6 months 05/04/01 Liza Steen
Angel Pitt Bull 11/26/04-03/14/05 Nikki and Justin
Angel Pitt/Doberman Mix 6 years 10/27/06 The Gates Family
Angel Point Lynx Siamese Cat 04/10/96-11/19/11 Mia
Angel Pom Mix 07/05/94-01/21/11 Julia
Angel Pomeranian 03/28/88-12/12/00 Theresa Pallone
Angel Pomeranian 04/99-12/17/07 Jamie
Angel Pomeranian 06/26/00-08/12/12 Sherry Hansen
Angel Pomeranian 08/11/18 Patti Ranshaw
Angel Pomeranian 08/31/95-03/10/11 Rachel
Angel Pomeranian 09/23/07 Laura
Angel Pomeranian 11 years 01/31/14 Kim Moore
Angel Pomeranian 12/12/00-03/28/87 Theresa Pallone
Angel Pomeranian 15 years 09/14/02 Hsiu Shen Lin
Angel Pomy X 09/01/95-10/11/03 Laura Fisher
Angel Poodle 01/30/03-02/14/13 Vanessa West
Angel Poodle 05/15/93-02/21/09 The Evans Family
Angel Poodle 07/24/06 Justin Lozar
Angel Poodle 07/24/99-10/24/05 David & Dennise Dunn
Angel Poodle 10/15/95-11/11/08 Janice
Angel Poodle 10/17/85-06/21/01 Nancy Poovey
Angel Poodle 12 years 04/03/09 Lee Anne
Angel Poodle 13 years 03/91 Betsy Worden
Angel Poodle 13 years 04/15/10 Loretta Mills
Angel Poodle 15 1/2 years 12/02/10 Joyce Nagel
Angel Poodle 1999-02/2012 Melissa Newkirk
Angel Poodle 4 years 12/05/07 Dawn
Angel Poodle Bichon Mix 04/04/12 Jackie Gilley
Angel Poodle Mix 06/13/02-07/15/15 Michelle
Angel Poodle Mix 12 1/2 years 11/06/08 Jo-Ann M. Pochinski
Angel Poodle Mix 13 years 06/14/10 Flo
Angel Poodle Mix 14 years 06/14/10 Grace
Angel Poodle Mix 16 years 04/11/16 Jerry and Tina Walker
Angel Poodle Mix 8-9 years 11/01/07 Kara Overson
Angel Poodle/ Shih-Tzu 08/05/04-08/09/05 Randy, Claudie, Brittany, Riley, Colt
Angel Poodleface Poodle 12/05/90-09/03/07 Diane Schwartz
Angel Poppins White Short Hair Cat 08/30/99-05/28/05 Helin Smith
Angel Pound Puppy 18 years 04/19/97 Linda
Angel Precious Peck Miniature Sheltie 11/05/95-01/18/07 Kendra, Kassie, Tyler, Joe, Donna, Charlie, and Chloe
Angel Pudge Dog 14 years 04/96 Sue and Mike J.
Angel Pug 02/12/04-12/28/04 Kim Brown
Angel Pug 02/21/03 Karen Rogers
Angel Pug 03/10/02-01/16/07 Leola
Angel Pug 03/29/97-01/29/10 David and Phil
Angel Pug 06/16/96-04/14/07 Debbie and Tom Dahringer
Angel Pug 07/98-12/03/98 Bill, Mary and Paul
Angel Pug 12/21/10-12/21/10 Kelli Alimenti
Angel Pug 3 years Feb. 95 Robyn Beeler-nichols
Angel Pug 9 years 11/12/99 Linda & Jack Craig
Angel Pup French Bulldog/Mix Puppy 1 year 03/24/11 Cappi Duncan
Angel Puppy 7 days 03/13/11 Nestle
Angel Puppy Coleen
Angel Rabbit 10/04/08 Alyssa
Angel Rabbit and Dorothy Bunn Hotot and Mini Rex Rabbit 11 years 11/19/08 Cherie
Angel Ragdoll/Japanese Bobtail Cat 04/29/96-07/10/06 Jerilyn Childs
Angel Rapczak Black & White Terrier/Sheepdog Mix 08/17/90-12/17/02 Kim
Angel Rat Terrier 08/31/94-08/13/07 Dawn
Angel Rat Terrier 08/31/94-08/13/07 Dawn Ferch
Angel Red Heeler Mix 1 year 04/30/09 Sherwell and Joyce Short
Angel Red Rose Orange Tabby Cat 07/97-10/19/15 Susan Bortz
Angel Ree Border Collie 04/10/96-04/11/14 Debbie Ree
Angel Reilly Pekingese 05/17/96-02/26/12 Jean Reilly
Angel Renee Beagle Mix 04/2009-02/18/08 Rose W
Angel Rio Spears Boston Terrier 10 years 06/06/08 Amy
Angel Ritz Golden 04/15/02-08/16/11 Cory Ritz
Angel Rose and Beau Parrish Chihuahua and Sharpei/Lab 04/23/00-05/2011 Clair Parrish
Angel Rose Chihuahua 04/23/00-05/06/11 Clair Parrish
Angel Rottie/Shepherd 13 years 12/02/10 Howard and Joanne Abrams
Angel Rottweiler 01/29/07-01/08/11 Lorraine
Angel Rottweiler 03/10/99-02/02/07 Scott Hasson
Angel Rottweiler 04/06/07-28/10/12 Rob
Angel Rottweiler 05/01/00-11/21/07 Becky, Don and Family
Angel Rottweiler 07/2003-05/23/07 Sherry
Angel Rottweiler 08/15/00-22/12/05 Nancy Gagné and Alain Chartand
Angel Rottweiler 12/25/97-01/18/00 Anna Biebl
Angel Rottweiler 13 years 04/26/11 Bethany
Angel Rottweiler 3 1/2 years 02/26/08 Martin
Angel Rottweiler Donna
Angel Rottweiler/Labrador 12 years 02/23/12 Sue & Maurice Robinson
Angel Rottweiller 5 years 03/16/00 Leona
Angel Rotwieler 04/12/90-01/26/98 Debbie Lawson
Angel Russian Blue Cat 03/01/97-07/28/11 Tom Garrison
Angel Russian Dwarf Hamster 03/19/05 Sabrina
Angel Russian Hamster 06/2001-01/2003 Caroline
Angel Rytky Cat 2 years 08/03/08 Angie, Sani, Amber, and Charlie
Angel Samoyed 09/25/89-11/05/98 Carole & Bud Mayo
Angel Samoyed 11/08/86-01/31/99 Jim, Jane & Misty
Angel Samoyed 12 years 04/07/08 Laura Skaggs
Angel Sargent Cocker Spaniel 12/15/95-09/19/10 Mike Sargent
Angel Saurman Shepherd Collie Mix 09/28/91-06/06/06 Karly & Nicole Saurman
Angel Schnauzer-Terrier Mix 02/14/94-05/03/02 Candice Chenoweth
Angel Schnoodle (Schnauzer and Poodle) 16 years 10/31/10 Janet, Greg, Caitlin and Evan Johnson
Angel Scott Domestic Short Hair Cat 11 years 10/01/13 Valerie Scott
Angel Scotty 13 years Lou & Jack
Angel Seal Point Siamese Hanks
Angel Shadow Milford Short Hair Cat 10 years 12/25/10 Milford
Angel Shar Pei 01/06/96-10/16/06 Nora Williams
Angel Shar-Pei/Lab 01/03/94-05/01/06 Renae Balla
Angel Sheitzu 07/01/93-01/19/07 Bette Bitter
Angel Sheltie 06/02/99-10/11/06 Janice
Angel Sheltie 10/07/94-08/18/10 Linda Barker
Angel Sheltie 12/22/81-02/28/95 Mary Couzens
Angel Sheltie Mix 12/20/01 Barbara Steffek
Angel Sheltie/Beagle 03/24/99-07/09/01 Megan & Jason Homeniuk
Angel Shepherd Mix 04/04/04-01/03/15 Mindy Reed
Angel Shepherd Mix 04/05/05-09/21/05 Cyndy Marlein
Angel Shepherd Mix 06/14/02 Kim
Angel Shepherd Mix 08/23/00-08/08/11 Monica
Angel Shepherd Mix 10/06/08 John Hoover
Angel Shepherd Mix 12 years 10/07/10 Brigit
Angel Shepherd/Beagle Mix 03/01/03 Britni Walker
Angel Shepherd/Chow Mix 9 years, 01/24/11 Janet Robinson
Angel Shetland Sheep Dog (Sheltie) 07/01/93-09/23/04 Caitlin
Angel Shetland Sheepdog 01/31/00-05/05/05 Teresa and John
Angel Shi Tzu 02/05/97-06/07/11 Barbara Duncan
Angel Shia Poo 05/27/02-11/30/02 The Applon Family
Angel Shia-Poo 05/27/02-11/30/02 Michael, Amanda, Derrick & Pheobe Applon
Angel Shiba Inu 10/05/00-01/29/04 Diane & Tom Wake
Angel Shiba Inu 12/17/97-08/21/12 Kevin Mannara
Angel Shih Tzu 06/04/98-01/22/03 Rick & Andrea Hall
Angel Shih Tzu 10/31/92-04/13/07 David and Barbara Laduke
Angel Shih Tzu 15 years 05/05/10 Cheri Van Nest & Michaela Mann
Angel Shih-Tzu 13 years 01/20/13 Jessica
Angel Shiitzu 1O years 08/28/11 Don
Angel Shira Prestige Usher Chocolate Labrador Retriever 02/17/96-03/09/06 Hedy Usher
Angel Shitzu 02/02/88-08/28/03 Angie
Angel Shi-Tzu 9 years 04/29/03 Lisa and Dana.
Angel Short Hair Cat 03/25/00-04/14/02 Susan & Ken Lapenta
Angel Short Hair Cat 07/04/89-02/06/05 Bob Gilbert
Angel Short Hair Domestic White Cat 06/01/92-09/20/00 Timothy Flannery
Angel Short Haired Domestic Cat 04/09/00 Terri
Angel Shorthair Black Cat with White Markings 09/28/01-11/03/15 Carole Oliver
Angel Shorthair Tortoiseshell Cat 10/01/89-09/26/07 Bob, Trish, Tad, and David
Angel Siamese Cat 05/15/12 Linda Luck
Angel Siamese Cat 09/23/93-04/22/09 Pauline Corcoran
Angel Siamese Cat 12/16/92-04/05/06 Linda Wright, Marc Knapp
Angel Siamese Mix Cat 03/2014-03/16/16 Donna Callahan
Angel Siamese Mix, Flame Point Cat 2006-02/15/12 Deb Krook
Angel Siamese-Tabby Mix Cat 06/22/96-08/12/10 Beth & Clarke Miranda
Angel Siberian Hamster 6 months 06/25/02 Caitlyn
Angel Siberian Husky 02/10/00-12/24/08 Brandon Degele
Angel Siberian Husky 05/22/00-07/18/08 Rick and Naomi
Angel Siberian Husky 12/13/02-02/01/14 Jacki Wieberdink
Angel Siberian Husky Mix 9 years 04/24/09 Robert & Misty Solberg
Angel Silver Persian Cat 01/09/04-06/05/04 Chris & Kevin Gedinsky
Angel Silver Tabby Cat 1991-07/21/98 Carleane Coltrane
Angel Simba Llasa Apso Mix 14 years 07/31/07 Leti, Reagan, Robert
Angel Skwyra Doberman 9 years 08/19/08 Pete Skwyra & Stephanie Skwyra
Angel Skye American Eskimo Dog 11/09/11 Patrice and Anthony
Angel Snowshoe Siamese Cat 07/98-05/06/05 Keli Watts
Angel Sphinx Cat 04/2004-03/16/10 Pamela Rodriguez
Angel Springer Spaniel 09/20/00 Chris and Aimee Brunson
Angel Springer Spaniel 11/10/91-04/04/06 Kari
Angel Staffordshire Bull Terrier 07/04/00-05/31/09 Livia
Angel Staffordshire Terrier 05/05/14-03/18/19 Jenny Martin
Angel Standard Poodle 17 years 2007/12/20 Inez Neville
Angel Star Spaniel Mix 14 years 08/13/99 Robyn Broadbent
Angel Stillborn Doe Goat 07/06/08 Candi
Angel Sue Cat 18 years 2002 Deana Cox
Angel Sue Collie/Lab Mix 10/14/94-12/17/03 Alma
Angel Sun Conure 05/15/07 Lisa, Lenore & Robby French
Angel Sun Conure 09/15/98-11/19/06 Annette Zach Lew and Courtney & Auggie
Angel Sweetie Pie Black Lab Mix 4 years 11/12/07 Karen and Jack
Angel Swlinski Cat 13 years 03/23/16 David
Angel Syrian Hamster 07/25/04 Amy
Angel Syrian Hamster 2 years 6 months 05/08/17 Shirley and Kevin Sams
Angel Tabby Cat 01/26/06 Fantasia Parfait
Angel Tabby Cat 04/01/92-08/15/05 Joann
Angel Tabby Cat 04/06/01-06/01/12 Vicki Marcus
Angel Tabby Cat 04/21/86-03/29/05 Poly
Angel Tabby Cat 05/01/99-11/17/13 Lucille Speziale
Angel Tabby Cat 05/05/00-10/11/00 Cindy Smith
Angel Tabby Cat 05/15/02-09/27/10 C, Boicourt
Angel Tabby Cat 06/18/95-11/14/09 Patricia Pinto
Angel Tabby Cat 06/99-04/18/12 Lucia Castellanos
Angel Tabby Cat 08/11/98-06/12/08 Pat Kopilak
Angel Tabby Cat 09/95-07/00 Michele Ventricelli
Angel Tabby Cat 1 year 07/31/99 Sandy Hudson
Angel Tabby Cat 10/23/12 Laura Paige
Angel Tabby Cat 1993-02/16/08 Megan
Angel Tabby Cat 2011 Torrance Bartholomew
Angel Tabby Cat 9 years 09/22/09 Kimberly Ross
Angel Tabby DSH Cat 12/01/02-02/18/03 Sarah J. Van Bibber
Angel Tabby/Part Bobcat Cat 05/96-08/27/08 Janelle Simpson
Angel Tamura Poodle Maltese 08/15/96-11/27/09 Jennifer Tamura
Angel TeeCup Poodle 11/21/86-03/20/97 Danny & Sandy Cali
Angel Terrier Mix (a Toto Dog) 14 1/2 years 10/90 Bill, Charmaine, Jesse & Jamie
Angel Terrier Mix 11/02/93-03/14/07 Sharon Woodley
Angel Terrier Mix 8 months 14 July 2003 Dolores & Mabel
Angel Tibetan Terrier 13 years 01/28/12 Ciara
Angel Tortie Cat 20 years 08/30/04 Donna
Angel Tortoise Shell Cat 18 years 06/29/11 Patrice
Angel Toy Poodle 01/69-05/84 The Bower Family
Angel Toy Poodle 06/29/83-11/28/96 Scott, Susan, Brittany & Bobby
Angel Toy Poodle 09/09/98-11/14/06 Evelyn Respass
Angel Toy Poodle 10/21/74-06/18/90 Linda Grubbs
Angel Toy Poodle 11/21/92-05/21/07 Jewel Little
Angel Toy Poodle 12 years 05/03/04 Marsha Nolan
Angel Toy Poodle 12/27/96-11/11/08 Gladys M. Sanchez
Angel Toy Poodle 14 years 01/17/10 Sherri
Angel Toy Poodle and Papillon Mix 06/08/08-06/01/18 Darlene A. Ross
Angel Trimboli Car 02/15/05-04/01/17 Sue Trimboli
Angel Troy Golden 01/26/99-03/22/12 Terry
Angel Turkish Angora Mix 16 1/2 years 02/13/96 John and Janet Humble
Angel Turpening Chow Chow 09/31/89-08/06/03 Julie Hill
Angel Tuxedo Cat 03/89-05/28/05 Kathryn Griffin
Angel Tuxedo Cat 04/10/02-08/24/15 Judy Jensen
Angel Tuxedo Cat 08/23/87-07/01/06 Laurie Lalonde
Angel Wagner Maine Coon Cat 12/23/99-12/26/13 Tammy Wagner
Angel Waymack Yorkie 09/15/96-06/21/11 Mike Waymack
Angel Welsh Corgi 12 years 08/31/12 Kathy & Keith Serzen
Angel West Highland Terrier 09/01/90-10/29/05 Paula Bruce
Angel West Highland White Terrier 08/04/98-05/17/11 Barb & Bill Pearce
Angel Westie 10/08/90-11/19/04 Elizabeth F. Beach
Angel Westie 22 years 05/08/03 Cynthia Pollard
Angel Westie 6 years Peg, Glenn and Jeff Eckl
Angel Wetzell Cat 2002-04/27/10 Kirstin Brianne Wetzell
Angel Wheaten Terrier 12 years 9 months 06/15/16 Paul Turner
Angel Whippet 9+ years 01/02/13 Laurie
Angel Whippet X 10 years 12/26/05 Ann Marie Williams
Angel White Albino Rabbit 9 months 09/21/05 Jane Merritt
Angel White Cat 07/22/06 Patty Schaaf
Angel White Cat 19 1/2 years 06/09/05 Amy and Adam Feingold
Angel white Ger. mixed Shorthair Cat 08/79-10/03/94 Deanna Dean
Angel White German Shepherd 04/22/05-04/23/12 The Rome Family
Angel White German Shepherd 14 years 07/17/08 Marie Sorenson
Angel White Husky/Shepherd Mix 10 years 02/15/07 Ronnie and Vickie White
Angel White Labrador 12 years 06/30/08 Chris and Kelli
Angel White Lhasa Apso 12/12/96-09/07/12 Debra Mrozek
Angel White Persian Cat 04/06/07-18/12/13 Maria Poole
Angel White Persian Cat 11/28/13 Tracey Sellers
Angel White Shepherd 08/28/96-08/08/06 Julie Mark & Colton Shipticki
Angel White Shorthair Cat 1995-09/28/09 Barbara Nichols
Angel White Tabby Mix Cat 12 years 10/13/12 Amanda Birt
Angel White Teddy Bear Hamster 02/05/01 Lisa S. & Ashley
Angel White, Short Hair Domestic Cat 06/96-06/31/03 Sheri Marty
Angel Whited Spitz/Cocker Spaniel 09/94-03/06/11 Michelle Whited
Angel Wiener Dog 05/05/93-02/10/06 Beverly & Scott Gilstrap
Angel Willis Mixed (Siamese and Birman) Cat 10 years 03/21/05 Mary
Angel Wink Chihuahua 07/21/98-04/25/07 Darlene Wink
Angel Witty Wilson-Mintz Flame Tip Himalayan Cat 05/13/98-09/27/11 Rhoda Wilson-Mintz
Angel Woish Cocker Spaniel 11/11/01-11/26/12 Jacqueline Woish
Angel Wunn White Cat 6 1/2 years 01/02/06 Dennis Wunn
Angel Yellow Lab 05/17/00-12/19/07 Christina
Angel Yellow Lab 08/23/13-06/14/13 Charles H Goodspeed
Angel Yellow Lab 11 years 06/03/13 Sharon
Angel Yorkie 01/20/07-12/10/13 Donna Parker
Angel Yorkie 05/27/93-03/24/07 Amber
Angel Yorkie 05/28/01-03/11/10 Jana Roose
Angel Yorkie 11/02/00 Bill, Laurie, Brooke, Billy
Angel Yorkie 13 years 03/13/05 Nancy Ferrer
Angel Yorkshire Terrier 01/05/01-04/06/01 Jodie Mannering
Angel Yorkshire Terrier 04/96-01/12/10 Carl
Angel Yorkshire Terrier 06/30/98-04/09/12 Linda Johnson
Angel Yorkshire Terrier 08/05/01-16/08/01 Jodie
Angel Yorkshire Terrier 08/05/01-28/05/01 Jodie
Angel Yorkshire Terrier 08/25/99-08/06/01 Pina and David Lobraco
Angel Young Kittling Rescue 08/14/96 Nancy
Angel Zickus American Bull 02/01/96-10/12/04 Chuck Zickus DVM
Angel(Cake) British Bulldog 03/02/04-09/23/06 Mummy Sadie & Daddy Steven
Angel, Angelito, Angelo & Angelita Mixed Newborn Kittens 08/14/04-08/14/04 Ashley
Angel, our sweet furbaby Cat 03/10/03-11/20/16 Karen and Rick Case
Angel/Annie Golden Retriever 13 years 09/24/07 Mickey Goad
Angela Abbatiello Toy Poodle 01/23/73-02/15/85 Angela
Angela Border Collie Mix 02/03/09 Yolanda Brown
Angela Calico Cat 08/01/83-02/27/94 Kim
Angela Cat 15 years 02/04/97 Chandra Forsythe
Angela Chuang Chinchilla Cat 11 years 10/15/10 Gloria Chuang
Angela Cream Coloured Persian Cat 10/31/93-02/14/07 Danielle
Angela Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Angela DSH Cat 03/30/09 Deeann
Angela Gaunt Black Lab (Small Breed) 07/19/92-02/21/05 Cathy & Doug
Angela German Shepherd Mix 04/01/86-03/11/99 Marycharmain Belcastro
Angela Lee Boxer 12/14/02-10/31/09 Tracey Hill
Angela Marie Poodle 11/15/90-06/12/06 Richard & Sue Kolste
Angela Pug 07/98 Mattie
Angela Toy Poodle 04/14/70-01/26/73 Angela
Angela Toy Poodle 10 years 09/02 Kathy
Angela Yorkie 03/06/07 June Coughlin
Angelbaby Baby Blue Parakeet With White Wings and Tail 03/17/87-05/12/97 Debbie Aguilar
Angelbaby Domestic Long Hair Cat 05/16/03-10/25/08 Sherri Breece
AngelBaby Dragon Pekingese Puppy 03/02/06-03/20/07 Wilma Murray
AngelBaby Pekingese Puppy 03/02/06-03/20/07 Wilma L. & Terry R. Murray
Angel-Beth Rottweiler Shepherd Mix 09/14/13 Diana Cashman
Angelbird Bird 18 years 05/31/07 Birdie Dempsey
Angelboy Rusty Dog 07/25/08 Melissa
Angelcakes Persian/Siamese Mix Cat 04/15/01-09/30/06 Cynthia Tinsey
Angel-Dog Layla Sable German Shepherd 07/16/94-03/17/05 Laura & Bruce
Angelena Perry Rottweiler 01/03/00 Jennelle Perry
Angelfire Silver Mitt Ferret 10/21/00-09/24/05 Chris & Sherilyn Jamison
Angelfish Fish 20 March 2008 Sean
Angelfish Goldfish 1 1/2 years 10/22/00 Amanda
Angel-Girl Black Lab 02/21/03-09/2005 John Bozes
Angelia Boxer 08/02/01-07/26/14 Donna Robinson
Angelica (FleeFlee) Teacup Yorkie 05/31/98-04/26/07 Lee & Dagmar Merritt
Angelica (Jellie) Siberian Huskey 05/19/98-08/24/99 Linda B. Allen
Angelica Allen Jack Russell Terrier 09/30/06-11/14/06 Courtney and Jimmy Allen
Angelica American Dark Eyed White Guinea Pig 05/00 Dawn, Johnathan
Angelica Brittany 01/20/10 Cathy Schadel
Angelica Chihuahua 06/06/95-06/24/10 Tera
Angelica Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/01/09 Barbara
Angelica Gabrielle (Angel) Bichon Frise 16.2 years 04/17/10 Tonie & Dan Mixer
Angelica Great Dane 6 years 05/05/04 Mark & Page Gioielli
Angelica Holland Lop Rabbit 12/01/98-10/31/03 Lanetta Rollison
Angelica Mix Cat 13 years 12/13/13 Bridgid Kolakowski
Angelica Orange Tabby Cat 04/10/89-09/08/04 Cathy
Angelica Poodle 03/21/96-03/02/09 The Bianchi Family
Angelica Siamese Mix Cat 06/2009 Ron and Linda Wiley
Angelica Star (Jelly Belly) Boxer 09/05/99-05/09/00 Lisa A. Petillo
Angelica Tabraue Britney Spaniel 11/21/99-06/05/11 Mari Lopez Tabraue
Angelica Tiger Striped Short Hair Maine Coon Cat 05/14/93-05/29/95 Todd Canton
Angelica Tonkinese Cat 12 years 06/03/00 Wayne Carr
Angelie Whippet 09/18/03 Laurel
Angelika Long Haired White Domestic Cat 10/01/83-10/00 Velda
Angelina Bird 4 years 06/14/11 Mayra G. Gonzalez
Angelina Black DSH Cat 8 years 09/05/13 Barbara Roberts
Angelina Cocker Spaniel 13 years 08/16/03 Mike and Mary Shore
Angelina Domestic Cat 1 year 12/02/09 Linda
Angelina Jack Russell Terrier 07/07/05-07/07/05 Joy D. Wolf & Jenette C. Messman
Angelina LaTrina Tuxedo Cat 9 or 10 years 05/01/09 Marsha Hague
Angelina Maltipoo 19+ years 05/17/10 Dania and Dave
Angelina Pit Bull 09/16/00-08/11/15 Carolyn Hellier & Roberta Tapley
Angelina Pomeranian 03/03/95-02/27/06 Catherine Ramsey
Angelina Poodle 10/16/87-08/29/04 Debi & John Kelley
Angelina Rat 05/03/09 Lisa Engen
Angelina Rat 1 1/2 years 16/08/07 Pierre Ammiche
Angelina Rat 11/14/99-07/04/01 Sue
Angelina Siberian Dwarf Hamster 1 1/2 years 05/27/07 Noah Austin
Angelina Spaniel Mix 16 years 01/23/09 Patrice Hanson
Angelina Tortie Cat 14 years 02/06/17 Anne O'Shea
Angelina 'whirly' 'meowy paws' Ballerina Domestic Shorthaired Tabby Cat 01/26/88-05/06/06 Ruth Oettle
Angeline German Shepherd Mix 05/99-01/05/12 Janet Hawn
Angelipoo Toy Poodle 12/96-11/11/08 Mariah
Angelique and Babbles Cats 6/29/09 and 10/3/11 Tess
Angelique Calico Cat 06/29/10 Theresa
Angelique Colorpoint Siberian Cat 2002-07/30/13 Linda
Angelique Cream Point Himalayan Persian Cat 07/29/99-11/02 Cynthia Sinclair
Angelique Domestic Longhair Cat 03/20/96-05/30/07 Charlotte
Angelique Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 13 1/2 years 03/05/05 Raymonde and Gail Holt
Angelique Persian Cat 12/10/90-06/20/06 Melissa Rios
Angelito Kitten 11/20/05 Eduardo
Angelkiss Reed Cat 02/27/07 Robert, Kelly, Kelsey, Kody and Kaylee Red
Angella Jelly Bean Shih Tzu 5 years 07/09/06 Chris
Angelle Collie 9 years 11/26/07 Colleen
Angelle Golden Retriever 01/25/00-06/18/02 B Celephant
Angelle Toy Poole 05/20/81-01/28/88 Donna Callahan
Angelo A La Primo Dalmatian 06/21/95-08/02/07 Stavros and Joan Mihail
Angelo Black and White Cat 18 years 07/25/03 Colleen and Betsy McKenna
Angelo Butterscotch Tabby Cat 12 years 03/07/11 Jaime
Angelo Cat 06/03/04 Nancy
Angelo Chameleon 2003-04/30/05 C. Lyon
Angelo Dante Cane Corso Mastiff 03/10/99-07/28/99 Ron and Kathy Hemker
Angelo Domestic Cat 15 years 11/19/12 Lisa
Angelo Domestic Medium Hair Cat 6 years 12,/1707 Diane Parisien
Angelo Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/10/97-01/10/11 Jessica
Angelo Dumbo Rat 3 years 4 1/2 months 05/24/05 Sue and Dan
Angelo Ferret 03/22/04 Amber & Mike
Angelo Ferret 03/22/04 Elizabeth
Angelo German Shepherd/Husky Mix 13 years 12/01/03 Monica & Claire Ingram
Angelo Gray Tabby With Tuxedo, Mittens & Boots Cat 8 years 01/01/04 Joanna Cali
Angelo Persian Cat 10/14/95-05/30/11 Darci DeLain
Angelo Picasso Love Bird 01/01/03-04/23/03 KJ
Angelo Rabbit 07/17/06-08/23/06 Monika Ortega
Angelo Shih Tzu 10/04/85-01/31/95 Georgene Fisher
Angel's 9 puppies 2003 Sue Berg & Maurice Robinson
Angel's Beautiful Melody - Melly Italian Greyhound 11/11/94-10/21/09 Angella Rome
Angel's Delight Yorkie 04/11/87-12/14/98 Patty & Don Lester
Angel's Precious Bear English Springer Spaniel 04/24/86-09/16/01 Angela Perret
Angelstew Kitten 07/10/00-07/28/00 Sarah Walker
Angelus (Angel) Russian Blue Cat 20 years 08/20/18 Jeff & Bill
Angelus (Angelpie) Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/20/02-08/18/14 Maxine
Angelus Abyssinian Guinea Pig 11/2004-11/29/07 Gayl for your Mommy and Daddy
Angelus DSH Cat 04/20/03-07/12/09 Kelli & Kevin
Angenehem Cat 12/28/95 Linda Kloran
Angerl Golden Retriever 09/28/88-07/24/98 Lauri & Steve
Angharad Pembroke Welsh Corgi 01/01/89-10/01/91 Dianne and Alan
Angi Boar 01/07/76-12/19/05 Mike
Angi Guinea Pig 7 months 02/06/06 Gracie and Julia
Angie (Angelica Devlin) Manx Cat 10/30/91 Mike Kuroyama
Angie (Angelina) Med Short-Hair Terrier Mix, White W/Black Patches/Spots, Stub Tail 1997-04/28/03 Genevieve
Angie (Baby Girl) Black Domestic Cat 1990-12/22/00 Carolyn, Marvin, Tyla and Izzy Frame
Angie (Fayr Wynds Dream Walking) Sheltie 07/14/88/09/27/01 Darla Duffy
Angie (Fayr Wynds Dream Walking) Sheltie 07/14/88-09/27/01 Darla Duffey
Angie (Peepot) Golden Retriever 6 years 12/14/00 Diane K.
Angie (Short For Angel) Spitz 04/18/01 Connie
Angie 10/97 Michelle
Angie aka Triunes Angel in the Outfield Golden Retriever 02/15/88-08/15/13 Alice Trainor
Angie Alaskan Husky 01/15/91-09/01/06 Joan Kaczmarczyk
Angie American Bobtail Cat 10/23/11 Paul Angelone
Angie Babe Bibe Scottie 12/19/91-04/30/00 John & Barb Mylin
Angie Basengi 05/97-11/05/01 Tom and Jennifer
Angie Bean Mini Schnauzer 5 years 08/25/07 Laurie & Brendan
Angie Begle/Terrier 14 years 10/20/00 Chris Kocher
Angie Black Lab 12/20/00 Sara Clasemann
Angie Border Collie 03/15/90-05/26/05 Marc Kadetz
Angie Brindle Cattle Dog Mix 7 years 08/06/18 Liz, Gary and 'Jimmy'
Angie Cairn 12 years 04/22/02 Dee
Angie Cat 02/17/01 Roy & Darlene Reese
Angie Cat 03/05/87-08/23/03 Michelle
Angie Cat 11 years 03/02/04 Kathy Yoder-Legrand
Angie Cat 18 years 09/19/04 Holly Guzman
Angie Cat Early 1988-01/07/04 Leigh Anne Chorzempa
Angie Chihuahua 07/15/90-11/21/99 Debbie Doherty/Leo Peltier
Angie Cocker 16 years 11/99 Doralee Murray
Angie Colleen Black Labrador 01/19/87-03/23/00 Mom and Bob
Angie Dalmatian 11/17/95-09/19/08 Erica Herrington
Angie Dalmatian 1993-03/31/07 Betty Chaple
Angie Dog 06/10/89-12/24/00 Steve & Jeanne
Angie Dog 09/15/83-03/26/99 Kathy Baker
Angie Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Angie DSH Diluted Tortie Cat 03/08/00-10/21/11 Cindy and Mike
Angie English Setter 14 years 2002 Nigel
Angie English Springer Spaniel 14 years 04/08/01 Diane Albrecht
Angie Frances Pomeranian 12/2005-05/21/10 Tony & Gloria Frances
Angie German Shepherd 9 years 05/22/02 G. Cavanaugh
Angie Golden Ret/Newfoundland 02/12/04-10/13/07 Faye Daniel
Angie Golden Retriever 03/16/95-04/11/09 B Beauregard
Angie Irish Wolfhound 5 years Oct. 1994 Mary Toundas
Angie Jack Russell Terrier / Chihuahua 12 years 12/04/00 Tom, Stephen & Steve
Angie Jones Border Collie 11/22/05-02/01/12 Robin & Wendy Jones
Angie Kanniainen Yellow Lab 02/07/00-02/07/14 Colleen Kanniainen
Angie Long Hair Cat 07/85-03/31/05 Karen Lilja
Angie Mixed Dog 04/05/16 Cindy T. Nelson
Angie Mixed Dog 1996-01/24/12 Barbra Joan Araneo
Angie Mixed Terrier 10/94-05/21/00 Barbara Goodmote
Angie Mixed Terrier? 16 years 01/24/12 Barbra Joan Araneo
Angie Nichole Megyesy Min Pin 12 years 08/13/12 Charlene Megyesy
Angie Papillion?/Spaniel Mix 12/20/94-08/03/05 Kathy Miles
Angie Poodle 05/09/84-10/27/98 Teresa Cheek
Angie Ragamuffin Cat 05/10/95-03/14/12 Amanda
Angie Rat 1 years 01/01/12 Laurine
Angie Red Dachshund 17 years 06/10/08 Jeanie
Angie Rottweiler 13 years December 26 Courtney C
Angie Sheltie 04/19/00 Sandra,Elizabeth, Joe, Andrew Hubenak
Angie Short Hair Part Siamese Cat 13 years 01/10/14 Rosa
Angie Shorthair Cat 03/26/12 Jay and Cheryl Peaslee
Angie Shorthair Cat 1984-2000 Lee Johns
Angie Siamese Cat 07/01/85-02/21/00 Rene'
Angie Susanne Descoteaux DSH Cat 11/14/94-12/11/08 Cathy Descoteaux
Angie Tuxedo Domestic Short Hair Cat 13 years 09/16/07 Colleen
Angie Westie 11/27/84-12/21/99 Bill & Helen Smeltzer
Angie Westie 11/27/84-12/21/99 Bill and Helen Smeltzer
Angie Yaksich Pregnant 'Potcake' Dog and her unborn puppies 11/25/08 Brita Yaksich
Angiela Grace V. Sanqui Domestic Cat 05/02/09-11/17/16 Deejay Cromwell V. Sanqui
Angie-scirocco's Anjin Whippet 07/04/94 Suzy Neff
Angle Landsheer Newfoundland 11 years 08/14/10 Mommy & Daddy - Barney -Simon-Sneakers
Angleek Catwitch White Cat 03/25/98 Michele Farrell
Angora Anatolian Shepherd Cat 10 years 09/16/02 Tom Ronell
Angud McTavish Scottish Terrier 09/04/00-09/01/13 Lori Bitney
Angus & Gisbon Dog 02/2002 Osawatomie Pet Clinic
Angus (formerly known as Butterfly) Gray and White Tuxedo Cat 18 years 08/24/10 Ingrid and Paul Gordon
Angus (Merkus Cattus Maximus) Russian Blue Cat 08/15/83-07/24/00 Les & Anne-Marie
Angus (The Moose) Kitten 04/03/01-01/18/02 Karen Panzanaro & Scott Hollis
Angus (Westie Terrier) 12/30/88-11/10/94 Paul Weisenberger
Angus Airedale 09/19/97-10/23/10 Bruce Murray
Angus aka Caringorm's Mac Gyver Cairn Terrier 14 years 11/07/04 Jeannette, Randy and Claire and The Grastar Gang
Angus aka The Woglett West Highland White Terrier 19/05/97-04/05/10 Pam Dickson & John Willox
Angus Akita 2 years 06/04/95 Kelly and Joe Hernandez
Angus Allen Aussie 15 years 09/02/10 Lorie Allen (& Michele Mekel)
Angus American Bulldog 06/22/99-07/03/10 Heather
Angus and Holstein Cats 05/17/00 Erin
Angus and Molly Orange Tabby Cat and Beagle Mix 11 years and 16 years 09/2008 Dennis Nock
Angus Arnott McTavish Scottie 04/01/00-05/26/12 Wendy Sibley
Angus ASH Cat 07/29/94-02/2003 Danielle K
Angus Australian Shepherd 10 years 12/22/08 Mom
Angus Beagle 10/09/89-05/14/04 Joe Terry Mandy & Austin
Angus Bearded Collie 01/19/87-04/30/03 Mat Despard
Angus Bearded Collie 6 1/2 years 12/16/93 Cathy & Jon Martin
Angus Behrhorst Airedale 12/06/03-12/10/12 Shelley Behrhorst
Angus Black Chow 05/01/07-02/25/14 Karen Baker
Angus Black Lab 03/22/05 Lori and Chris Sams
Angus Black Lab 10/05/95-05/17/03 Sandy Herr
Angus Black Lab 11/03/01-01/01/12 Randy & Nora Teodoro
Angus Black Lab/Chow Mix 5 years 12/27/97 Jo Anne & Martin Jones
Angus Black Lab/Rott Mix 09/18/00-01/30/12 Iris Vandersloot
Angus Black Labrador Retriever 04/13/99-11/30/01 The Brown Family
Angus Black Labrador Retriever 11/22/01-07/29/13 Fiona Ferguson
Angus Black Short Hair Cat 08/01/05-12/13/07 Leslie Meyer
Angus Boerbul 09/01/04-07/29/09 Lisa Belding
Angus Border Collie 02/21/94-08/22/08 Karen Bordonaro
Angus Border Collie 06/10/90-03/28/01 Paul and Tina and Malcolm
Angus Border Collie 8 1/2 years 03/31/95 Dani Cadzow
Angus Boston Terrier 05/08/02-06/17/05 Nick, Lisa & Ryne McNeil
Angus Boston Terrier 7 years 12/10/07 Mike & DeeDee Baysinger
Angus Boxer 04/15/97-01/20/10 Ann Smith
Angus Boxer 05/01/02-07/13/05 Audrey
Angus Boxer 05/10/01-05/23/10 Susan Caldwell
Angus Boxer 06/03/96-01/17/05 The Bangert Family
Angus Boxer 11/13/03-08/09/12 Patty & Stacy
Angus Boxer 9 years 02/05/03 Brenda Skelton
Angus Brewster McGee (James) Chocolate Lab 12/23/94-03/01/04 Ellen & Jeff
Angus Buck Rogers Doberman Pinscher 07/04/95-01/08/03 Paul Dunham
Angus Bulldog 08/01/03-12/12/13 Lisa & John
Angus Bullmastiff 12/11/07-02/05/11 Todd Cornish
Angus Cairn Terrier 06/25/99-05/14/05 Stephanie Brigham
Angus Cairn Terrier 08/08/92-05/21/06 Greg Addison
Angus Cairn Terrier 14 years 11/07/04 Jeannette, Randy, Claire and All The Grastar Crew
Angus Cairn Terror 14 years 12/06/01 Kristine Elliott
Angus Campbell MacDuff Scottish Terrier 16 years 07/11/98 Ouida Brady
Angus Cat 02/19/16 Lynn Bouler
Angus Cat 04/22/93-05/26/08 Marcella Clashman
Angus Cat 07/01/00-03/23/09 Betty Bremner
Angus Cat 09/01/02-01/18/12 Whitney
Angus Cat 13 years 08/03/10 Rob
Angus Cat 18 years 01/26/18 Melinda & Drew
Angus Cat 3 years 10/08/01 Eleanor Banacowski
Angus Cat 4 years 09/17/06 Ricky Watson
Angus Cat Elbanz
Angus Chinese Dwarf Hamster 07/23/09 Shannon
Angus Chocolate Labrador 09/08/96-03/10/09 Barbara Ann Bernard
Angus Chow/Retriever 05/17/92-07/21/00 Alicia & Scott Colgan
Angus Cockatiel 11/11/96-01/29/99 Mairi & Erchie
Angus Cocker Spaniel 02/14/95-07/08/09 Fiona
Angus Cocker Spaniel Mix 14 years 11/17/11 Dorothy Mezzina
Angus Cockerpoo 02/19/86-05/23/00 Jennifer Brown
Angus Collie/Afghan 06/25/92-08/18/05 Carol & David Rathbun, Chris Crawford
Angus Dachshund 08/30/96-06/15/10 Steve
Angus Dachshund-Sheltie Cross 06/18/96-07/72/11 Judith Elliot
Angus Dalmatian 07/05/92-06/23/07 Marsha Allen
Angus Dalmatian 14 years 02/23/02 D.H.F.D.
Angus Doberman 04/26/00-11/24/06 John Roberts
Angus Doberman 05/2003-03/22/06 Larry, Karen, Zach
Angus Dog 11/29/89-08/19/06 Shawna Leu
Angus D'Og Malamute/German Shepherd/Rottweiler 12 years 08/10/09 Jane & Kenton
Angus DSH Cat 06/13/11-03/01/14 Katlyn
Angus Eamon Labrador 04/05/04-08/27/07 T.K. & Bill
Angus English Mastiff 05/25/98-12/28/04 Merrily Stevenson
Angus English Springer Spaniel 01/19/03-11/09/15 Meredith and Douglas Harrington
Angus English Yellow Labrador Retriever 08/11/93-07/30/05 Trevor and Jennifer Mullen
Angus German Shepherd 09/14/89-04/16/03 Patty Hess
Angus German Shepherd 8 years 04/18/09 Holly Oglesbee
Angus German Shepherd 9 years 10/16/99 Kathy
Angus German Shorthaired Pointer 06/02/02-12/20/10 Claudia Didona
Angus Golden Retriever 04/12/93-05/06/03 Debbie and Dan Williams
Angus Golden Retriever 06/25/02-12/17/12 Cindy, Jim, Nathan and Jacob
Angus Golden Retriever 08/28/90-26/02/04 The Bremer Family
Angus Golden Retriever 12/23/92-26/05/07 Mel Grouse
Angus Goodrich Brindle Boxer 12/23/98-09/04/09 Angus' Family - The Goodriches
Angus Gray/White Tabbie Cat 10/04/81-12/01/99 Larry Pair
Angus Great Dane 07/01/94-06/12/03 Byron and Dardalee Farquer DVM
Angus Grey Russian Blue/Siamese Mix Cat 02/13/98-11/05/03 Shahn Douglas
Angus Guinea Pig 01/17/99 Jocasta Fearn
Angus Guinea Pig 06/01/05-08/11/05 Penny + Tony O'Callaghan
Angus Heeler 8 years 09/09/09 Bobby Humphrey
Angus Henry Rollins Terrier 5 years 1997 Tracey Newman
Angus Herbert McTavish Min Pin 07/20/02-02/04/07 Debbie Racz
Angus Husky-Rottie Cross 11/13/08 Bob Kaups
Angus Irish Wolfhound 09/17/96-03/09/05 D Evans
Angus James Doberman 10/07/92-01/26/02 Brent, Ann, Brayton & Ethan
Angus Jimmy Legg Pug 07/04/00-11/05/11 Kimberly McCarthy
Angus Kelpie 17 years 18/02/05 Joanne Callaway
Angus Lab X Pointer 9 years 07/22/06 Chase & Brett
Angus Lab/Husky 08/23/91-06/04/04 Tabitha Jenkins
Angus Labrador Mix 07/01/05 Julia Rees
Angus Labrador Retriever 08/24/95-05/12/08 Zareena Garrison
Angus Leddy Chocolate Lab 02/09/01-09/21/11 James & Rita Leddy
Angus Lutino Cockatiel 11/11/96-01/29/99 Mairi Morrison
Angus Mackenzie Brookfield West Highland Terrier 08/31/86-02/25/00 Margaret Charles
Angus MacOgg Flame Point Siamese Cat 02/15/93-05/03/04 Ginger Czubiak
Angus MacPherson Dundee Shelty 03/07/90-03/08/02 B. Scharfenberg
Angus Maine Coon 18 months 01/98 Steve New
Angus McDuff Scottish Terrier 05/22/87-03/22/99 Melody and Ira
Angus McTavish McDougall McFee Norwich Terrier 05/18/95-01/10/08 Lisa
Angus McTavish McDougall McFee Norwich Terrier 05/18/95-01/10/08 Lisa Shawn Beasley
Angus McTavish Roach Scottish Terrier 01/30/09-07/10/18 Andrea Roach
Angus McTavish Rottie 01/09/88-08/28/94 Carolyn Estlkerots
Angus Medlin Scottie 08/86-11/2000 Susan & Phillip
Angus Mix Cat 15 years 10/26/04 The Lopez Family
Angus Mixed Cat 13 years 04/17/01 James Chapman
Angus Morgan Cooper Lab/Shepherd 06/01/00-04/07/08 Renee, Larry, Justin, Daisy
Angus Nava Boxer Mix 12/13/94-02/12/05 Susan Nava and Grandma
Angus Newfoundland/Lab Mix 10/99-09/30/99 Amy Johnson
Angus Nutt Caleri Cocker Spaniel 05/06/93-12/01/07 Joe C
Angus Orange Tabby, American Shorthair Cat 12 years 03/09/09 Gayle M
Angus Pangus Boxer 02/07/00-06/05/11 Linda & Lydia Sanders
Angus Persian Cat 03/24/99-03/06/10 Margaret Farrar
Angus Persian Cat 08/16/93-05/01/09 Debbie Krupa
Angus Pomeranian (Red) 06/09/01-07/09/14 Melissa K
Angus Rogers Cairn Terrier 01/01/04-04/18/18 Barbara Rogers
Angus Rottweiler 03/17/00-06/18/05 Matt
Angus Rottweiler 9 years 04/26/05 Jean and Eric Greis
Angus Rottweiller 7 1/2 years 10/07/99 The Christner Family
Angus S. MacGillicuddy Scottish Terrier 08/08/97-03/06/09 Robbin Aesque
Angus Schipperke 02/10/11 Diane Campbell
Angus Scottie 07/26/87-08/28/00 Jan
Angus Scottie 12/17/90-10/27/97 Doug and Rae Nickell
Angus Scottie 8 years 02/22/08 Shana Squyres
Angus Scottish Terrier 01/05/91-03/14/05 Kitty, Ginny, David & Leland Campbell
Angus Scottish Terrier 01/16/97-09/05/07 Diane & Ed Wetzel
Angus Scottish Terrier 01/22/96-12/27/07 Rick & Cheri Biggs
Angus Scottish Terrier 04/22/94-04/23/05 Sandy Maddux
Angus Scottish Terrier 05/17/97-03/14/06 Vicki & Shelby Smith
Angus Scottish Terrier 06/25/88-03/26/99 Butch & Marilyn Noordam
Angus Scottish Terrier 07/90-07/24/97 Eric and Patricia Silverman
Angus Scottish Terrier 08/05/96-08/05/08 Gary, Pam, & John McParland
Angus Scottish Terrier 08/27/95-10/28/07 Martha Wilborn
Angus Scottish Terrier 11 years 03/20/06 John and Aimee Inama
Angus Scottish Terrier 13 years 01/12/98 Eleanor and John Lamont
Angus Scottish Terrier 13 years 03/15/97 Cindy Mau
Angus Scottish Terrier 14 1/2 years 1998 Dina
Angus Scottish Terrier 17 years 08/29/97 Sandy Hopkins
Angus Sheltie 04/26/04-08/15/15 Victoria Lindsey
Angus Sheltie 1986-12/21/98 Jim Henzler
Angus Shepherd Mix 15 years 08/12/08 Spence Meighan
Angus Shetland Sheepdog 04/26/04-08/15/15 Victoria
Angus Siamese Cat 12 1/2 years 04/03/08 Joanna Brooks
Angus Siamese Mix Cat 15 years 10/26/04 Heather and Richard
Angus Springer Spaniel Cross Collie 1990-2006 Ivor Uren
Angus Stewart McTavish Scottish Terrier 02/20/00-05/07/13 Deborah Sbranti
Angus Sweetheart Blue Eyed Himalayan Cross Cat 5 years 05/27/05 Fiona Barnes
Angus Tabby Cat 12/27/09 Katie McArdle
Angus Valentine Thomas Beagle 10.12.10-24.06.14 Lynne Thomas
Angus West Highland Terrier 10/23/89-08/13/04 Jennifer
Angus West Highland Terrier 3 years 09/30/99 MCLepley
Angus West Highland White Terrier 02/10/91-09/16/96 Earle and Lilian Fleming
Angus West Highland White Terrier 05/14/90-05/20/04 Margaret Hirst
Angus West Highland White Terrier 07/01/00-09/10/12 Kathleen and Carl Appellof
Angus West Highland White Terrier 07/09/91-06/28/05 Joelyn Emelo
Angus West Highland White Terrier 13 years 02/01/17 Julie Nicholson
Angus Westie 07/20/98-11/04/00 Mark Smolkin
Angus Westie 10/01/96-09/11/10 Marc & Marianne Dufort
Angus Xavier Bink Bean Jack Russell 10/25/95-11/12/08 Kay Beckett
Angus Yorkie 05/23/96-05/03/10 Jana
Angus Yorkie 12/07/98-05/29/03 Jude
Angy Fox Terrier 13 years 06/18/18 Maria Halasz
Angy Mini Fox Terrier 13 years 07/19/18 Maria Halasz
Anheuser Long Haired Cat 05/20/92-05/04/09 Janie Britton
Anheuser Shitzu 05/10/90-08/16/06 Travis, Teresa, and Dalton
Ani Chihuahua 02/01/04-08/20/05 Elaine & John
Ani Dog 12/25/89-10/25/02 Karen McCulloch
Ani Goat 2008 Josephine
Ani King Brittany 03/13/97-12/06/10 Kathleen King
Anieko Chinese Shar-Pei 09/13/96-03/02/04 Tammy Miller
Anij Andrews Doberman 10 years 01/27/12 Patricia Andrews
Anika Akita 01/17/93-07/23/07 Dennis Parsley
Anika Alaskan Malamute 2 1/2 years 05/11/98 The Abrams
Anika Rhodesian Ridgeback 02/01/95-04/11/07 Tatel Family
Anika Siberian Husky 01/30/92-05/19/05 Heather Barbaro
Anikan Shih Tzu 05/24/03-02/14/13 Carolanne
Anikin Cat 5 years 08/22/02 Pat Carroll
Aniko Marshall Maltese/Shih Tzu 13 years 08/24/18 Andie Marshall
Animal Cat 09/03/80-09/09/99 Leslie & Anthony Michaels
Animal Cockatiel 01/01/94-12/13/00 Margaret Suh
Animal Family Little Baby Mousey Gerbil, Fishies, All the parakeets, All the reptiles and everybody else Evangeline and Kevin Liquori
Animals (19) Ducks, Geese, Peacocks, Donkeys, Parrots, Goats etc. of a petting zoo 01/10/02 Heidi
Animals (24) Died in a fire at the Poquoson Veterinary Hospital Alan
Animals lost in barn fire (27) 01/99 Farm Sanctuary
Animals lost in Gainesville tornado 03/98 Seabreeze Rags Cattery
Animals lost to fire in a pet shop in Rhode Island 03/01/00 Kimberly Sanders
Animoush NimkII Rotti/Shepherd/Dane 01/17/96-07/12/04 Paola Demaria
Anisa Beagle 11 years 01/14/03 Sandra
Anisa Beagle 12 years 01/17/03 Sandra
Anise Cotitta Dachshund 16 years 02/13/08 Jeff /Jane Cotitta
Anise Lab Retriever 5 1/2 years 04/14/13 Adriana & Felipe
Anise Standard Poodle 21/02/00-04/07/10 Gillian Normandin
Anistasia Monique Vonmeijer (aka Asia) Rottweiler 10/94-08/05/04 Julie Hoffman
Anita (aka Honeymar's Code Blue) English Cocker Spaniel 10/15/91-02/04/03 Marsha Wallace and Reno
Anita Cat 01/12/03-05/20/09 Leslie & Nicholas Tubbs
Anita Cockatiel 9 years 04/09/10 Alexa
Anita's Kitty Black & white Kitten 1994 Anita Reisdorfer
Anja Belgian Sheepdog 10 years 1992 The Vanzo Family
Anja German Shepherd 05/13/01-01/23/15 Susan Morris and Robert Sperling
Anja German Shepherd 12/17/04 Natalie
Anja Miniature Long Haired Dachshund 04/22/96-08/02/99 Heidi Korn
Anja Vom Rosenblatt Persian Long Hair Cat 18 years 02/11/99 Robert Thornton
Anja Von Barlin Rottie 03/28/88-10/31/97 Cathy
Anjalique Story Yorkie 07/04/97-06/11/08 Wanda Story
Anjameister Rottweiler 10/10/92-05/16/02 Wendy
Anji Longhair Cat 06/76-02/10/89 Dayna & Doug
Anjin Japanese Chin 12/12/03-10/03/16 Terri Weller
Anjing Black Lab 12 years 02/24/10 Todd & Kim Sullivan
Anjisan Siamese Cat 10/09/80-08/01/97 Taryn
Anjo Bichon 07/22/02-07/04/13 Sharon
Anjo Shih Tzu 09/03/00-02/27/12 Ozzy
Anjon Saints Little Wizard Spanky Min Pin 1992 Tom C. Ambrosia
Anjou Golden Retriever 03/08/04-12/10/11 Aixa Ortiz
Anka Collie 1974-1986 Keith & Christl Mommy & Daddy
Anka German Shepherd 08/13/12 Cathy Malone
Anka Peppers Rottweiler 09/22/94-06/13/06 Bill/linda Peppers
Anka Rottweiler 03/23/95-10/14/04 Kim Kussrow
Ankara Turkey August 1996 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Anke Tabby Cat 3 years 03/30/27 Rhonda Lazarus
Ankha Cat 07/05/93-02/28/11 Ian & Christine
Anmut Rottie 7 years Renice
Ann Belle and 3 puppies Afghanistan 07/20/11 Puppy Rescue Mission, Us Soldiers Afghanistan, and Karen
Ann Cat 02/20/88-04/01/99 Gregory P.
Ann Cindy and Gavin
Ann Domestic Shorthair Cat 14 years 09/20/05 Patty
Ann E Truitt Tabby Cat 09/91-04/20/07 Cheryl J Truitt
Ann Marie Cat 07/31/13-01/22/16 Kimberly Haley
Anna (Annabel) Husky 03/21/03-01/15/09 Sarah and Doug
Anna 80% Timber Wolf 20% Husky 17 years 07/07/08 Anne Evans
Anna aka Ms Beautiful Dalmatian 06/17/04 Angel Strader
Anna American Shorthair Cat 6 years 10/19/09 Catherine Ehlers
Anna Banana Bullmastiff 06/30/03-09/27/11 Ralph and Jennifer Gonzalez
Anna Banana German Shepherd 12 years 3 months 12/13/06 Elena Seabrook
Anna Banana Golden Retriever & Great Pyrenees 4 years 04/15/11 Maggie and Brandon Yant
Anna Bella Brown Tabby Cat 12/26/09-03/19/13 Michele Pasquale
Anna Bella Sweet Pea Short Hair Cat 9 years 12/31/10 Brenda Nett
Anna Belle Fowler Bluetick Coonhound 6 months 10/20/08 Jody Fowler
Anna Belle Great Pyrenees 4 years 03/01/08 Jamie Heath
Anna Black Miniature Schnauzer 08/16/87-09/01/00 Penny Keeler
Anna Blonde Golden Retriever 01/10/04-06/01/10 Jim & Angie Ward
Anna Cat 08/09/89-06/26/09 CJ and Kieah
Anna Chihuahua 10/09/06 Chris
Anna Chow German Shepherd Mix 13 years 11/17/14 Beth Miller
Anna Cocker Spaniel 6 years May 1994 Dan Jenkins
Anna Collie 13 years 07/26/07 Lisa Hilvers
Anna Dalmatian & The Poodle Isabel Gordon
Anna Dippolito Domestic Long Hair Cat 10/24/05-01/17/07 Dominic and Ann Dippolito
Anna Dog 04/06/97-07/11/08 Tanya
Anna Dog 3 1/2 years 05/20/98 Alex
Anna Domestic Longhair Cat 08/13/93-04/08/04 Simone Kroeger
Anna Drury Lagotto 19/11/17-21/02/19 Tish, Ross and Luci Drury
Anna DSH Cat 09/2001-07/18/05 Kayoko
Anna Duffey Golden Retriever 04/01/00-07/02/11 Patti Duffey
Anna Dutch Mix Rabbit 2 years 04/10/18 Gianna
Anna German Shepherd 10 years 05/23/11 Elizabeth Milne
Anna German Shorthaired Pointer 02/17/93-01/05/06 Autumn and Dave
Anna Girl Cat 1993-01/03 Stephanie Lesch
Anna Golden Retriever 06/06/99-12/23/13 Sabrina Marvin
Anna Greyhound 05/22/99-06/26/11 Suzanne
Anna Howard Johnson Choc. Lab. 15 years 05/23/07 James Howard
Anna Italian Greyhound/ Sheltie 6 years 06/97 Don & Kay Wadsworth
Anna Kitty Fredrick Seal Point Grey/White Cat 1989-01/02/03 Kimberly
Anna Lab/Husky/Wolf 09/23/03 Britni Walker
Anna Labrador 09/05/04-18/01/13 Iris Hutchinson
Anna Longhaired Persian Cat 21 years 07/26/08 Samantha
Anna Lovebird 05/15/00 Chiara
Anna Mae Beagle 05/21/05 Natalie Matina
Anna Maezie Moo Chinese Pug and Dachshund Mix 02/17/84-04/23/12 Sandi and Doug Bright
Anna Maria Gibaldi (Nannie) Boston Terrier 08/29/97-12/29/05 Jerron Gibaldi
Anna Maria Shepherd/Huskie Mix 06/09/86-07/05/01 Sam, Stacey, Lianna, Yasmin, & Huck Louie
Anna Marie Boston Terrier 09/17/99-01/26/13 Steven Caruso
Anna Mary and Mellon Great Pyrenees and Orange Tabby Dog and Cat 02/21/98 and July 1992-06/10/05 Susan
Anna Mini Dachshund 04/92-05/15/07 Cindi Luten
Anna Miniature Poodle 16 years 2002 Rachel
Anna Mix - Black Lab & Norwegian Elkhound 12 years 08/06/14 Chasity Spencer
Anna Mixed Cat 14 years 09/06/07 Paul, Karen, Michelle, Ashley(Cat), Ladyhawke(Cat)
Anna Neapolitan Mastiff 12/17/04-03/18/12 Jim and Sue
Anna Pajama Dacha-Poo 23 years 12/09/03 Catherine Guiguet
Anna Parakeet Eliza
Anna Queensland 1995-12/07/08 James Strutton
Anna Rae aka Sweet-One, Hammie, Stamper, One-Of-the-girls Siberian Huskie 07/8ths 01/13/88-03/28/04 Dona
Anna Rose Vandervest Papillion 09/15/05-12/31/05 Darlene Vandervest
Anna Rottweiler 03/17/95-01/06/03 Amy
Anna rotweiller 6 1/2 years 03/18/00 Loretta & Gerald Stegner
Anna Russian Blue Cat 07/16/04-07/15/18 Deb Harvey
Anna Schipperke 09/15/94-04/21/08 Cheryl and Bob Lambert
Anna Schnauzer 10/93-04/05/01 Friedrich Siebeneicher
Anna Sheltie-Poodle Mix 14 years 04/27/98 Claire Ives
Anna Shepherd Sarah Atlas
Anna Shih Tze 09/01/92-11/15/02 Lim Siew Tin
Anna Siamese Cat 07/01/00-03/10/07 Pat E
Anna Siamese Cat 17 years 07/05/14 Gloria
Anna Siamese Cat 8 years 11/01/05 Lori Meredith
Anna Siamese Mix Cat 04/16/90-06/05/09 Scott, Charlotte, and Mandi
Anna Siamese/Balinese Cat 11/26/99 Kira Rose
Anna Tapade Chocolate Labrador 10/06/93-01/27/95 Linda
Anna The Wiener Dog Dachshund 11/ 27/90-06/18/04 Cynthia Johnson
Anna Tiger Cat 08/09/89-06/26/09 C.J. Burnett
Anna Toy Yorkie 10 years 24/07/11 Shona Milliken
Anna White Domestic Shorthair Siamese Mix Cat Alan & Pamela Burkholder
Anna Yellow Lab 10 years 02/04/11 Berti Evans
Anna Yorkie 30/12/07 Sally
Anna Yorkshire/Silky Terrier 01/22/01 John, Deanie and Jessie Busch
Anna Young Little Anna Banana Red Nose Pitt and Rottweiler Mix 02/01/10-09/14/11 Tammy Koehler Young
Annabel (Nana) Cat 12/09/99 Joan Teevan
Annabel Cocker Spaniel 1997-08/07/10 Kathleen MacIsaac
Annabel Lee Cummins Chow Chow/Red Heeler Mix 10/15/91-01/14/05 Ann & Charles Cummins
Annabel Lee Persian Cat 13 years 05/09/17 Kelly Williamson
Annabel Maltese 02/03/14-03/21/18 Nelda Sparks
Annabel Mixed Cat 01/01/01-15/09/03 Monica Brawley
Annabel Peepers Cat 17 years 06/23/99 Laura
Annabel Sheltie 07/12/95-04/01/04 Kate
Annabel Tabby Cat 25 years 05/06/11 Tracey
Annabel Yorkshire Terrier 4 years 02/19/00 Linda Gann Barker
Annabell aka Annie Lhasa Apso 16 years 08/27/10 Susan and Ronald Allen
Annabell American Guinea Pig 07/01/14-12/01/15 Tiffanie Rodriguez
Annabell Cat 17 years 11/02/12 Marcia Mueller
Annabell Cat Arlene Osborne
Annabell Chihuahua 02/14/15-02/14/15 Oscar
Annabell Dachshund 01/26/03-11/01/06 Ginger
Annabell Dog 08/22/02 D Noble family
Annabell Golden Lab 10 years 09/26/11 Savannah Vela
Annabell Mix Cat 15 years 11/18/14 Renee Lundeen
Annabell Rottweiler 07/25/01-02/14/11 Pat Klein
Annabell Shitzu Mix 11/30/18 Tiffany LaPenna
Annabell Terrier 5 months 04/02/07 Crystal House
Annabell Yellow Lab 08/21/97-02/16/12 Jessica
Annabell Yellow Lab 08/21/98-02/16/12 Jessica
Annabella Blanca Miler Siamese Tortie Point Cat 07/27/90-08/24/08 Kari
Annabella Cat 07/01/90-05/03/04 Stacey Livingstone
Annabelle (Anna) Craft Chihuahua 06/10/06-02/23/12 Tonya Craft
Annabelle (Annie) Domestic Med Hair Cat 12/12/09 Tom Harding
Annabelle (Annie) Flat Coated Retriever 09/10/00-02/01/03 Cindy and Robert James
Annabelle Alexander Orange Persian Cat 1991-02/26/11 J Alexander
Annabelle Anne aka Littlebit Golden Retriever 03/04/94-02/07/04 The Sparks Family
Annabelle Australian Shepherd 06/05/83-06/05/95 Ann Humbertson
Annabelle Beagle 12 years 06/22/17 Andrea
Annabelle Beagle Mix 10 years 08/10/11 Mary
Annabelle Beagle/Basset 09/25/11 Kathy and Jason
Annabelle -Bella- Bachman Tortoishell Persian Cat 06/27/93-06/04/09 Collette, Ray, Rachael, Anya
Annabelle Bernese Mountain Dog 7 1/2 years 03/19/12 Abigail Sullivan
Annabelle Bichon Frise 06/09/87-06/28/01 Tamara & Coby Relis
Annabelle Black Lab 08/25/97-10/09/05 Nicole & Patrick Regne & Family
Annabelle Cairn Terrier 01/05/05-09/08/16 Roz Birnbaum
Annabelle Cairn Terrier 09/18/13 Gerri, Doug, Tyler, Aidan
Annabelle Calico Cat 03/01/03-02/19/10 Laura & Chris
Annabelle Calico Mixed Cat 11/15/06 Rachelle and David Alkalay
Annabelle Cat 03/30/94-09/27/12 Joan Walker-Ratliff
Annabelle Cat 04/95-06/21/99 Liane Williams
Annabelle Cat 05/10/17-07/21/17 Meghan Osler
Annabelle Cat 07/83-06/10/00 Amy
Annabelle Cat 1 years 2014 Laura
Annabelle Cat 10/16/07 Roy & Darlene Reese
Annabelle Cat 11/2004-02/2006 Bobbie
Annabelle Cat 12/19/99 Jennifer Goldring
Annabelle Cat 14 years 05/26/04 Kate
Annabelle Cat 3 years 03/17/01 Paul Schumaker
Annabelle Cat 4 years 11/21/12 Mike
Annabelle Cat 5 years 12/04/00 Geraldine and Andrea Noe
Annabelle Cat 6 years 06/03/08 Marsha and Peter
Annabelle Chihuahua/Corgi/Dachshund 04/18/00-10/10/07 Scott McGraw
Annabelle Chocolate Lab Mix 04/01/97-01/06/99 Amy Fletcher
Annabelle Clune Longhaired Dachshund 12/15/97-12/18/06 Jennifer Clune
Annabelle Cocker 14 years 09/23/02 Beth & Virginia
Annabelle Cocker Spaniel 03/16/89-04/07/05 Tom and Joanne
Annabelle Cocker Spaniel 12/20/02-09/11/06 Lisa Kruschke
Annabelle Collie 12/18/93-12/27/03 Doug and Julie Smith
AnnaBelle Dog 08/10/09 Grace
Annabelle Dog 1 yr 1995 Jennifer
Annabelle Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Annabelle Domestic Long Hair Cat 03/11/98 Dixie Speare
Annabelle Domestic Longhair Cat 04/01/01-11/01/12 Ruth Ann
Annabelle Domestic Shorthair Cat 01/01/83-03/25/00 Mary
Annabelle Domestic Shorthair Cat 12/24/06-01/27/07 Leigh Heska
Annabelle DSH Cat 01/01/91-06/20/07 Bernice
Annabelle Elizabeth Baker Golden Retriever 9 years 11/13/06 Jacque Baker
Annabelle German Shepherd 11 years 12/13/05 Susan Colston
Annabelle Golden Retriever 03/06/92-09/01/04 Marti Livinghouse
Annabelle Golden Retriever 03/06/92-09/01/04 The Livinghouse Family
Annabelle Golden Retriever 09/01/99-09/30/10 Kirbys
Annabelle Gray Shorthair Cat 16 years 06/25/03 Lori Ann
Annabelle Great Dane 03/01/01-03/24/12 Sandra
Annabelle Harpole Bassett Hound 02/04/02-04/15/10 Debbie and Randy Harpole
Annabelle Horse 09/16/06 Sydney
Annabelle Hound/Shepherd Mix 5 years 01/27/08 Karen
Annabelle Jack Russell Terrier 10/25/97-03/21/12 Sharlene Jackson
Annabelle Labrador Retriever 05/13/93-08/05/05 Ashley/Cynthia/Ronnie Walkup
Annabelle Lee Cat 18 years 07/21/07 Eloise
Annabelle Lee Dalmation 07/90-12/20/99 Ted & Gail Norman
Annabelle Lee Seal Point Siamese Cat 07/14/15 Reta LeBlanc
Annabelle Lee White Long Hair Cat 05/20/89-03/18/02 Kathleen
Annabelle Leigh aka Annie Black and Tan Dachshund 04/26/96-09/27/08 Betsy
Annabelle Linde English Bulldog 03/06/08-10/08/14 Shannon Linde
Annabelle Maine Coon Cat 05/97-09/22/06 Melissa
Annabelle Maltese 05/2001-04/25/15 Holly
Annabelle Marie Dog 06/03/88-11/10/01 Kathy Donzelli
Annabelle Marie Smith Pomeranian 10/19/04-03/04/11 Richard & Charlene Smith
Annabelle Markings of an African wildcat 01/01/08 Stephanie David Dhanielle
Annabelle May Samoyed 06/18/91-02/25/98 Cindy and Mark Vogel
Annabelle McLachlen Cat 2001-10/12/11 Alexandra McLachlen
Annabelle Mixed Dog 03/20/14 Marion W Chiles
Annabelle Mixed Dog 07/04/96-11/14/08 Al and Lynn Corwin
Annabelle Mixed Dog 09/01/00-07/23/09 Joanne and Paul Myrland
Annabelle Modic Black Long-Haired Cat 11/01/12 Ruth Ann Modic
Annabelle Mouse 08/2006-11/26/08 Jamie Drilling
Annabelle My Baby Girl Harris Ferret 02/04/97-06/01/03 Roger D.Harris, Jr.
Annabelle O'Brien Yorkshire Terrier 10 years 07/28/13 Gail
Annabelle Papillion 11/23/01-05/06/14 Debbie Matulis
Annabelle Parakeet 08/06/03 Karen
Annabelle Pekingese 13 years 06/03/06 Dana Hood
Annabelle Pigwe Pitbull 4 years 03/06/12 Terri Zierman
Annabelle Poodle Mix 04/2000-07/12/06 Loretta
Annabelle Poodle Mix 04/22/00-07/12/06 Sharon Ellison
Annabelle Rabbit 01/24/10 Megahn
Annabelle Rottweiler 08/29/95-04/01/06 Karen Piazza
Annabelle Samantha Rough Collie 07/20/84-04/15/93 Elisabeth Natasha Roeysland
Annabelle Scott Shihtzu 12 years 02/04/09 Lisa Scott
Annabelle Sheltie 07/11/89-07/27/02 M.
Annabelle Shepherd/Akita 11 months 08/08/07 Erica, Cocoa, Ralphie & Savannah
Annabelle Shihtzu 12/23/04-01/11/08 Cindy Birnbaum
Annabelle Siamese/Tabby Mix Cat 5 years 02/05/12 Linda
Annabelle Springer/Black Lab 09/02/88-07/28/03 Scott Monson
Annabelle St. Bernard 12/05/03-04/14/06 Debi & Marwood Jariett
Annabelle Standard Poodle 05/10/92-05/07/05 Shelia
Annabelle Tabby Cat 16 years 09/15/10 Mary Jo Raulerson
Annabelle Tortie Cat 05/18/02-05/22/09 Mary Anne Rhodes
Annabelle Toy Poodle 01/03/93-05/08/05 Lauren
Annabelle Westie 02/11/89-03/11/05 Jim & Mary Ann Minick
Annabelle Wheaten Terrier 03/25/01-02/04/13 Teresa & Robert Simmons
Annabelle Yellow Lab 02/02/99-08/15/11 Nancy
Annabelle Yorkie 09/28/94-12/04/04 Linda
Annabelle Yorkie 10 years 02/27/09 Betty Curtis
Annabelle Young Calico Cat 03/21/00-06/05/18 Shawn Young
Annalee Mini Schnauzer & Cocker 03/08/99-04/30/12 Elizabeth
Annaliesse Staffordshire Terrier 07/11/02-05/11/15 Tracy Marshall-Fox
Annalise Hamster 09/05/04 Kiera G.
Annaliz, Liz, Lizard Cat 11/20/05-02/22/06 Kristin M. Blake-Croswell
Annamae Tabby Cat 03/20/02-11/13/12 Dixie Speare
Annamarie Rolin Miniature Schnauzer 04/27/06-10/13/12 Diane & Dean Rolin
Annapurna (Anna) Mastiff X 04/01/00-05/11/02 Angela Kindred, Mark Morse
Annapurna Cat 20 years 04/20/02 Tim Miles
Annapurna Siamese Cat 09/01/09 Eloise, Allison & Holly
Annaric The Gypsy Joker Rottweiler 07/25/02 Ann & Phil Howie
Annastasia Sheltie/Corgi 04/24/11 Samantha
Anna-Teresa Siberian Husky 07/15/98-05/21/12 Maria-Catharina Mura
Anne Anderson Chocolate Lab 10 years 08/11/06 Emily Young
Anne Black Lab ?/07/13/07-07/13/07 Phyllis and Walt
Anne Dalmatian 07/29/02-01/15/04 Jon and Alison Macquarrie (and Connor, Maurice and Tigger)
Anne German Shepherd 03/27/88-09/28/01 Denise Haws
Anne Mix Dog 02/24-10/07/04 Jen
Anne The Cat aka Princess Petal Grey 04/01/90-11/29/07 Christopher Randall & Michael Meyer
Annee Yorkie 07/04/92-08/31/09 John Harrington
Annei Sheltie 04/21/99-08/09/09 Tom Turner
AnneMette Ragdoll Cat 04/17/09-03/09/17 Claudia Goovaerts
Anners Cat 15 years 1998 Julie Pietrak
Anners Llapso Mix 2000-2010 Debbie Graves
Annette Abyssinian 11 years 08/02/96 Tammy Wietbrock
Annette Bingham Yorkie 12/03/91-03/01/06 Annette Bingham
Annette Domestic Shorthair Cat 5 years 06/25/06 Bob Wakefield
Annette K Z Cat 10/2007 Best Friends Pahrump Staff and Volunteers
Anni Australian Shepherd 07/02/97-02/24/10 Carlos
Anni Basset 10 1/2 years 01/01/01 Cheryl & Bob Lehl
Anni Hill 12/21/92-07/08/00 Melissa
Anni Joy Darden Poodle 11/24/12-10/28/13 John and Jane Darden
Anni Long Haired Gray Cat 12 years 08/01/02 Anne and Otis Wilson
Anni Maltese Cross Shitsu 12/06/00-06/13/12 Dan & Rita
Anni Maltese X Shitsu 11 years 12/06/12 Dan Cole
Annie & Angus Border Terrier Dogs 08/02/13 Susan
Annie (aka Nanners, Pooper Scooper, Nannie, Lumpy, Pretty Girl, Baby Girl, Ann) Golden Retriever 11/26/99-02/03/12 Sara B
Annie (Girly Girl) Mini Schnauzer 07/19/99-02/22/12 Bill & Deb
Annie (Lil Peeps) Arcoleo Border Collie 05/24/10 Tom and Mari Arcoleo
Annie (My Princess Annie) Cat 01/27/02-03/21/07 Melissa Wafer
Annie (My Wiggle Bum) Minpin 03/13/03 Hannah Sawyer
Annie (Sadona Canterbury Belle) Labrador Retriever 03/12/90-07/10/02 Anne Lindsay Carpenter
Annie (Tarawinds Grand Illusion) Basenji 12/96 Alcedo
Annie (Wee Annie Bit-o-Honey O'Toon) Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) 10/13/98-10/24/10 Pam
Annie (Woeful Asherwood Annie) Bloodhound 14 months 04/18/97 Jinny
Annie 05/20/95 Jay Wootten
Annie 5 years 08/30/98 Olive M. Malm
Annie aka Annabelle Lily Dachshund 07/03/08 Christy Brokaw
Annie aka The Baby Rottweiler 10/25/96-12/12/03 Kim & Brent Miller
Annie aka Tweenie German Shepherd 06/04/06-07/29/17 Ken Keim
Annie Amer. Shorthair/Brown Tabby Cat 02/11/04 Diane Smith
Annie American Pit Bull Terrier 09/01/06-08/15/10 Jessica & David
Annie American short hair Cat 07/14/87-03/01/96 Jack Lin
Annie American Short Hair Cat 1999-02/24/15 Betty
Annie and Chloe Dog and Cat 03/15/96 and 03/01/96 to 02/06/09 and 09/01/08 Gretchen
Annie and Chloe Shepherd Mix and Domestic Cat 13 and 4 years 09/2011 and 01/2011 Marcy
Annie and Lisa Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel 05/28/80 & ?-1993 Nancy Kraemer
Annie Angora Mix Cat 21 years 1996 Joyce Lee
Annie Armstrong Golden Retriever 07/91-05/03/06 Kristy Armstrong
Annie Arnold Toy Poodle 04/15/94-03/26/09 Barbara Arnold
Annie Aussie Shepherd 04/22/87-03/05/09 Tara Doyle
Annie Aussie/Lab Mix 12 years 04/09/02 Joyce & Ed Bush
Annie Australian Shepherd 07/10/97-04/19/01 Barbara
Annie Australian Shepherd 10 years 03/30/10 K & G Osowski
Annie Australian Shepherd 11 years 04/10/06 Marcia
Annie Australian Shepherd Mix 03/26/90-03/31/04 Donna Collins
Annie Banana Henry Miniature Schnauzer 12 years 08/24/08 Sandy Henry
Annie Banani Cat 09/15/99-03/17/18 Kelly Peckham
Annie Bananie White Turkish Angora Cat 07/11/06 Marina and Joe Isaac
Annie Basset Hound 14 1/2 years 07/17/99 Steve Harrington
Annie Basset/Terrier Mix 05/01/95-03/03/09 Sarah
Annie Bassett/Beagle 03/15/99-11/22/09 Sara Blaha
Annie Bassette Hound 01/31/89-04/22/00 Lori and Dalton Lusk
Annie Bea Jean Boxer 09/06/98-02/27/09 Stephanie
Annie Beagle 03/28/98-03/26/10 Kathleen and Scooter Harris
Annie Beagle 04/05/86-10/16/00 Joseph
Annie Beagle 05/23/01-08/07/11 Sara
Annie Beagle 05/28/01-08/08/11 Cindy Miller
Annie Beagle 06/01/96-01/19/11 Ruth Holt
Annie Beagle 07/14/92-11/14/06 Rebecca Campbell
Annie Beagle 15 years 01/14/10 Clausen Family
Annie Beagle 1995-11/17/08 April Adams
Annie Beagle Mix 06/06/95-01/04/12 Lori and Kevin Tomb
Annie Beagle Mix 08/25/86-01/30/03 Joe, Kess, Jimmy and Nancy Garrett
Annie Beagle Mix 12/91-08/27/02 Margo Davitt
Annie Bearded Collie 5 years 08/30/98 Olive M. Malm
Annie Bell Too Cat 06/01/91-05/20/97 Jim, Kathy, Mindy, Daisy Mae & Tuffy
Annie Belle Boston Terrier 11 years 04/06/95 Cox
Annie Belle Carney Miniature Dachshund 4 years 07/07/08 Mickey and Debbie Carney
Annie Belle Cavashell 05/13/16 Matthew Burr
Annie Belle Gregorius Yellow Lab 09/16/01-11/22/08 Christine Gregorius
Annie Belle Ragdoll Cat 02/16/03-10/18/18 Lee Roberts
Annie Bennett Dog 20 years Sunday and Rusty
Annie Bernese Mountain Dog 02/01/96-03/29/04 Dawn and Jerry Flaherty
Annie Beswick Cat 04/21/09-04/06/15 Linda Beswick
Annie Bichon Mix 01/04/97-09/15/06 Marilyn Rock
Annie Bittner Fox Red Labrador Retriever 03/29/04-08/30/17 Lee and Cathy Bittner
Annie Black & White Calico Cat 07/82/10 Rick & Suan Leer
Annie Black & White Longhair Cat 03/07/95-04/07/06 Rhonda & Jon
Annie Black and Tan Coon Hound 08/11/12 Allan
Annie Black and White Cat 14 years 03/09/10 Natalia Nicholson
Annie Black and White Tuxedo Cat 02/14/93-02/04/03 Lisa Donnarumma
Annie Black Cat 06/16/97-03/10/06 Dawn
Annie Black Cocker Spaniel 16 years 07/09/01 Danny and Charlene Roberts
Annie Black Cocker Spaniel 8 years 10/28/98 Amy and Mack Skaggs and Toby
Annie Black Lab 10/31/00-07/12/16 Karen Gold
Annie Black Lab 14 years 01/08/19 Cherie and Jeff
Annie Black Lab Spaniel Mix 23 months 06/21/04 Pamela Clark
Annie Black Lab/Boxer Mix 13 years 08/31/10 Brenda, Patti & Greg
Annie Blonde Cocker Spaniel 05/04/88-12/23/02 Cari McCann
Annie Blonde Tabby American Shorthair Cat 18 1/2 years 03/03/09 Carol Frye
Annie Blue Domestic Shorthair Cat 20 years 12/08/02 Evelyn Tyre
Annie Bo Bannie Granny Girl Golden Retriever 10/28/87-04/03/00 Melissa Wilburn
Annie Bo Mixed Dog 9 years 07/23/04 Desiree
Annie Boarder Collie 14 years 12/17/15 Karen Kinney
Annie Bobtailed Cat 2 1/2 years 11/25/02 Joanne Powers
Annie Border Collie 10 years 06/18/97 Victor Robertson
Annie Border Collie 10/11/82-12/24/99 Michelle
Annie Border Collie 14 years 03/07/11 Melody Leach
Annie Border Collie Mix 01/01/84-07/18/00 Bill & Sandy
Annie Border Collie Mix 13 years 08/26/08 Trevy
Annie Border Collie/Airedale Mix 03/27/05-03/09/11 Randy & Becky Russell
Annie Bosskitty Blue/Cream Domestic Shorthair Cat 1994-2004 Meg Britton
Annie Boston Terrier 07/29/05 Kristen Giammusso
Annie Boston Terrier 10 years 02/22/07 Peggy Johnson, Patty Johnson
Annie Boxer 03/05/99-03/22/08 Bette Jo Nunn
Annie Boxer 06/03/93-04/21/06 Rebecca and Michael
Annie Boxer 09/09/90-08/09/01 Shirley Withey
Annie Boxer 14 years 10/09/05 Sandy
Annie Boxer 6 months Donna Popp
Annie Boxer Mix 06/88-09/20/01 C. Katz
Annie Breeze Cocker Spaniel 08/12/95-01/30/10 Jacqueline Rosales
Annie Brindle Greyhound 04/23/87-02/26/03 Eva Thompson
Annie Brittany 03/18/05-04/29/05 J Amrhein
Annie Brittany Spaniel 7 years Tom Van Sweringen
Annie Brown Mixed Cat 07/14/94-04/05/07 Suzy Brown
Annie Brown Scottie 10 years 12/22/08 Sandra and Arthur Brown
Annie Brown Tabby Cat 03/17/82-10/23/99 Linda Dixon
Annie Brown Tabby Cat 12 years 12/05 Nancy A
Annie Buff Colored Cocker Spaniel 13 years 03/17/01 Terri Bonebrake
Annie Bullboxer 09/19/06-09/25/08 Timmy & Kelli Jackson
Annie Cairn Terrier...mix 01/31/92-05/12/07 Cheryl Thomas
Annie Calico Cat 03/21/03-09/23/07 Donnie & Jessica
Annie Calico Cat 09/25/04-01/05/09 Judith
Annie Calico Cat 13 years 01/18/10 Steve and Tracy Schulte
Annie Calico Domestic Short Hair Cat 14 years 04/03/11 Lynn Herron
Annie Calvert-Wilson Pomeranian 08/27/90-03/22/07 Larry Wilson
Annie Cat 01/01/99 Val Paxton
Annie Cat 02/08/02 Mike F
Annie Cat 02/12/08 Bev Shanahan
Annie Cat 03/06/88-03/14/05 Lynne
Annie Cat 03/12/00 Joyce Cotton
Annie Cat 03/90-02/22/04 Jennifer Burton
Annie Cat 04/02/97-03/19/11 Bob and Nancy Lton
Annie Cat 04/20/04-08/10/08 Marie Wallace
Annie Cat 05/01/00-10/30/00 Amber and David Gates
Annie Cat 05/05/98-03/01/08 Carol and Wayne Savluk
Annie Cat 05/23/01 Susan Star
Annie Cat 05/24/01-11/20/01 Jane Hammen
Annie Cat 05/29/93-12/19/11 Brianna
Annie Cat 07/15/83 12/26/98 Stephanie Staker
Annie Cat 07/81 11/03/99 Linda Berris
Annie Cat 09/85-03/10/00 Dave & Arlene Green
Annie Cat 10 years 06/14/02 Donna & David
Annie Cat 10 years 10/20/98 Donna M.
Annie Cat 10/06/14 Kayla Suverkrubbe
Annie Cat 10/07/09 John J Lach
Annie Cat 11/02/81-11/10/00 Sandy & Chris
Annie Cat 12 years 07/27/99 Linda Langdon
Annie Cat 12/13/09 Sally Saw
Annie Cat 14 years Russ
Annie Cat 15 years 01/23/99 Randy Donahue
Annie Cat 15 years 02/13/06 Carol
Annie Cat 15 years 08/03/07 McNichols Family
Annie Cat 16 years 01/28/02 Jody
Annie Cat 16 years 06/12/08 Babs
Annie Cat 17 years 01/07/08 Deb and Kerry
Annie Cat 17 years 05/24/02 Janet
Annie Cat 17 years 12/24/97 Julie Anderson
Annie Cat 18 months 11/15/99 Allison
Annie Cat 1996-09/06/03 Nikki Paulus-Postero
Annie Cat 20 years 10/23/09 Annie
Annie Cat 3 years 01/28/09 Erica Nuttall
Annie Cat 7 years 06/13/96 Julie Hansen
Annie Cat 7 years 10/08/08 Cathy
Annie Cat 9 years 08/25/01 Howard & Patty Bennett
Annie Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Annie Cat Orange Tabby 6 months 02/06/02 Wendi Lazzaro
Annie Cattle Dog 05/21/98-12/29/14 Karrol and Brad Smith
Annie Chihuahua 08/13/85 -04/13/99 Kimberly
Annie Chihuahua 13 years 02/02/00 Irene Wikel
Annie Chihuahua/It. Greyhound Mix 16 years 02/25/07 Jenny Holland
Annie Chinese Shar Pei 11/03/95-06/17/08 Melissa
Annie Chocolate Lab 12/25/98-06/17/09 Sharon Brown
Annie Chocolate Lab 18 years 11/06/04 Lydia Beavers
Annie Chow Chow 03/97-04/02/01 Tammy
Annie Chow Chow 06/01/10-03/29/13 Annmarie Courtemanche
Annie Chow Mix 02/12/14 Beth
Annie Clonts German Shepherd 03/20/17 Jerry Clonts
Annie Cockapoo 02/28/87-04/11/00 Maureen & Tony Alongi
Annie Cocker (Black) 11/04/99-10/07/09 Cathy & Labon Richardson
Annie Cocker Spaniel 03/30/83-05/27/96 Debbie
Annie Cocker Spaniel 07/13/91-02/2008 Nancy
Annie Cocker Spaniel 07/13/91-04/13/08 N J S
Annie Cocker Spaniel 08/12/98-02/26/11 Vicki Little
Annie Cocker Spaniel 09/08/03-08/12/06 Kim
Annie Cocker Spaniel 11/04/89-02/19/05 Maureen Kostuik
Annie Cocker Spaniel 17 years 04/11/09 Marlene and Ramon Fuentevilla
Annie Cocker Spaniel 8 years 07/09/07 Amy Benson
Annie Cocker Spaniel Easter 95-09/19/08 Tom Huffman
Annie Collie 10/13/98-10/24/10 Pamela Bates
Annie Collie 12/20/05 Lara Farley
Annie Collie 13 years 08/04/10 Jenn Faaland
Annie Collie/Lab 08/01/92-02/08/01 Chris Malik
Annie Collie-Shepherd 16 years 11/14/97 Marilyn D.
Annie Cominsky Golden 04/25/08 Claudia, Joe and Joey Cominsky
Annie Cooley Dog 04/04/15 Cheryl
Annie Corgi/Border Collie Mix 04/88-02/05/04 Barbara Edwards
Annie Cotón de Tulear 14 years 10/20/18 Mary Radter
Annie Dachshund 14 years 09/18/05 John Rubio
Annie Dalmatian 11/24/04-12/16/04 Lynn Weston
Annie Dalmatian 16 1/2 years 08/29/10 Charles and Robin
Annie Dietz Chow 10 years 12/29/06 John, Mary, Matt, Zach and Jenny Dietz
Annie Doberman 13 years 05/20/96 Shirley B
Annie Dog 01/01/95-05/13/04 Bill & Sherrie Keith
Annie Dog 02/12/02-04/24/12 Marcelo Corsini Afonso
Annie Dog 03/11/98-05/15/98 Meg
Annie Dog 04/01/88-08/05/07 Melody
Annie Dog 04/05/01 Sandy
Annie Dog 09/01/01-10/22/11 Jeff, Brenda, Jenna, Aimee, Brett, Justin
Annie Dog 10 years 02/21/03 Peter
Annie Dog 10 years 09/15/97 Tom and Kathy Stilwell
Annie Dog 10/13/94-02/22/08 Laura, Todd, Nathan and Danielle
Annie Dog 10/19/95-05/25/07 Kathie
Annie Dog 10/20/93-10/27/08 William F. Dawson
Annie Dog 11 years 09/08/07 Suzanne
Annie Dog 11/05/16 Barry Himes
Annie Dog 12 years 06/11/00 Karen
Annie Dog 12/04/91-05/09/07 Jen, Rob, Ronnie and Grace
Annie Dog 12/30/06 Patty Marchand
Annie Dog 14 years 03/03/09 Bill Strawn
Annie Dog 15 years 01/28/08 Jim & Ellen Quine
Annie Dog 16 years 05/16/99 Ginger O'Connell
Annie Dog 16 years 05/25/17 Beth Koblitz
Annie Dog 16 years 07/24/16 Sara Hunter
Annie Dog 16 years 12/18/03 Cindy Roth, Bob and Juanita Roth
Annie Dog 19 years 1995 Terri
Annie Dog 1997-09/15/06 Bruce Marilyn and Callie
Annie Dog 7 years 09/07/10 Sandy Steve
Annie Dog 9 years 10/23/07 Mary Jo Spooner
Annie Dog Mix 09/18/01 Joe and Linda
Annie Domestic Cat 17 years 01/26/04 Jessie Tipton
Annie Domestic Long Hair Cat 07/15/96-10/15/08 Noelle
Annie Domestic Longhair Cat 05/01/95-12/26/08 Alicia Ide
Annie Domestic Short Hair Cat 15 years 01/11/14 Arlene
Annie Domestic Short Hair Cat 1989-08/16/04 Sandy Cowles
Annie Domestic Shorthair Cat 16 years 09/07/11 Jan
Annie Domestic Tabby Cat 15 years 6 months 09/11/09 Leanora and Zac Yelton
Annie Donaldson Dalmatian 14 years 07/22/05 Cindy Donaldson
Annie Doss Cocker Spaniel 10 years 04/15/14 Judy and Gary
Annie DSH - Red Cat 04/01/04-03/12/05 Heather Gill
Annie DSH Cat 02/10/06-02/17/06 Kristin Denault
Annie DSH Cat 04/93-02/11/12 Dan and Kathi
Annie DSH Cat 07/26/03 Diane Marshall
Annie DSH Cat 16 years 09/07/11 Jan
Annie DSH Cat 17 years 08/01/06 John & Deborah Stewart
Annie DSH Cat 1997-04/24/12 Suzanne Whitt
Annie DSH Tabby Cat 2 years 02/20/04 William & Sheila Ford
Annie Eiermann Australian Cattle Dog - Queensland Blue Heeler 14 years 01/28/09 Tammy Eiermann
Annie Elton German Shepherd 20/09/96-20/08/05 Jane Elton
Annie Em Basset Hound 10 years 09/28/10 Kahpthy
Annie Emm Stewart Siamese Cat 16 years 05/08/02 Angela
Annie English Mastiff 6 years 02/21/09 Chrissie Smith
Annie English Setter 13 years 05/07/17 Ginny Ray
Annie English Setter 13 years 06/2010 Mary Romeyn
Annie English Setter 15 years 02/27/04 Sally Grammer Mayes
Annie English Sheepdog 07/27/92-05/07/03 Glenda and Bob Hatcher
Annie English Springer Spaniel 03/08/93-11/26/02 Mary Schmidt and Dawn Casler
Annie English Springer Spaniel 13 years 11/20/00 Deanne
Annie Faded Calico Cat 10/2004 Kristin
Annie fat fanny Peck Mini Dachshund 10 years 05/25/08 Jessica Peck
Annie Fiest Dog 1 1/2 years 09/03/02 Amanda
Annie Fluff Cockapoo 13 years 08/04/97 Mary Hanson
Annie Fox Terrier 05/11/84-04/22/97 Dwight Morrison
Annie Frannie Yorkie 07/12/86-06/18/99 John and Lynn Molinaro
Annie French Bulldog 4 years 06/04/94 Harriette Cameron
Annie German Shepherd 01/01/86-09/01/00 D & N Wozniak
Annie German Shepherd 04/16/96-10/06/07 Joe & Jen Vacca
Annie German Shepherd 17 years 2009 Shere Barabasz
Annie German Shepherd/Husky Mix 13 years 04/17/03 Eric and Gail Thornton
Annie German Shepherd/Husky Mix 1996-05/30/13 Kyra
Annie Girl Chihuahua 11 years 10/16/05 Tammy Shampo
Annie Girl Cocker Spaniel 06/01/89-11/24/01 Sandra Grimes
Annie Girl Maltese 12/14/99-03/15/07 Jan Eddy
Annie Girl Mixed Cocker 01/11/86-07/03/03 Gene & Betty Wise
Annie Girl Terrier Mix 15 years 07/24/03 Sue Michael
Annie Golden 07/04/00-02/06/09 Larry Lundin
Annie Golden 11 years 10/16/06 Pat and Carl
Annie Golden Retriever 01/01/92-12/29/01 Susan, Jerry, Kelly Michals
Annie Golden Retriever 02/03/91-06/09/00 Linda Pujdak
Annie Golden Retriever 02/09/98-10/15/11 Veronica G
Annie Golden Retriever 04/07/94-03/07/08 Alice Richards
Annie Golden Retriever 10 years 05/29/10 Regina Gustin
Annie Golden Retriever 10/07/91-08/15/02 Toby and Bill Hinson
Annie Golden Retriever 10/15/91-03/06/06 Sharon Plourde
Annie Golden Retriever 11 years 08/06/11 Eileen Powers
Annie Golden Retriever 11/04/00-08/04/10 Judy and Duane Thompson
Annie Golden Retriever 11/04/86-08/04/99 V.
Annie Golden Retriever 11/24/99-12/08/08 Jean and Don
Annie Golden Retriever 14 1/2 years 02/04/09 Sally Campbell
Annie Golden Retriever 2.1/2 years 07/21/98 Judi
Annie Golden Retriever 2004-05/11/17 W Hodgins
Annie Golden Retriever Mix 13 years 12/25/09 Mike, Janet, Michelle
Annie Gordon Setter 11/16/94-08/02/08 Buford and Linda Cates
Annie Grace Beagle 06/06/94-05/11/07 Jack & Linda Hanneman
Annie Gray Tabby Cat 19 years 01/07/08 Lee Ann H
Annie Gray Tabby Cat 1994-08/18/14 Guy Austin
Annie Grey and White Cat 6 years Mary-Cathryn Wagner
Annie Grey Blue Cat 1987-10/18/99 Steve & Susan
Annie Grey Cat 12 years 01/27/00 Robin Spheeris
Annie Grey Shorthair Cat 12 years 01/27/00 Pat and Family
Annie Grey Tabby Cat 12/01/95-06/22/01 Jennifer Glasener
Annie Grey/White Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/15/97-01/12/04 Megan Hunter
Annie Greyhound 03/02/96-07/04/03 Frankie
Annie Greyhound 05/24/96-02/01/10 Lisa Heller
Annie Greyhound 06/07/97-09/18/04 Melissa Lincoln
Annie Greyhound 10/31/90-02/17/98 Duane Buck
Annie Greyhound 12 years 25/04/05 Carol Coates
Annie Greyhound 12/15/96-01/20/04 Jane Accardo
Annie Greyhound 13 years Jen Greene and family
Annie Guanaco Llama 4 days 08/30/98 Abby
Annie Hagy Beagle 3 years 08/05/09 Pat Hagy
Annie Hall Tabbie Cat 26 years 12/31/04 Alice
Annie Hall Tabby Cat 17 years 04/23/14 Susan and David Hall
Annie Hall Tabby/Tortoise Cat 1977-11/29/97 Bev and John Allen
Annie Hamster 12/02/96-09/03/97 Lee
Annie Harrison Ballou Corgi 03/17/05-03/20/16 Rob Ballou
Annie Hell's Petite Black Lab 11/26/01-02/20/12 Vicky Bridson
Annie Hemmendinger Yellow Labrador Retriever 10/04/99-12/07/07 Joan & Al Hemmendinger
Annie Hope Watson Pomeranian 14 years 11/19/11 Bill and Deana Watson
Annie Horner Domestic Black Short Hair Cat 06/01/93-09/25/10 Deborah Horner
Annie Hound Mix 17 years 03/06/19 Tammy and Mike
Annie Ingram Border Collie/Dachshund 07/04/05-06/06/06 Daniel & Shanna Ingram
Annie Irish Setter 05/99-10/11/04 Sam & George Graubner
Annie Italian Greyhound 8 years 11/12/05 Don & Kay Wadsworth
Annie Jack Russell 14 years 02/16/11 Sheila McWade
Annie Jameson Boston Terrier 11/22/94-11/30/07 Wynette Jameson
Annie Jo Beagle 15 years 12/31/03 Beth Bloom
Annie Joy Jack Russell Terrier 06/21/03-07/23/05 Ellen Epstein
Annie Kitten 03/15/09-08/08/09 Kevin Black
Annie Kitten 10 months 02/09/12 Margot
Annie Kitten 5 weeks 04/14/98 Joan & Larry Wernli
Annie Klimt Yorkie 07/25/92-02/25/06 Marge & Keith Klimt
Annie Korat Cat 07/10/07 Randy Taylor
Annie Lab 03/12/98-09/07/09 Cindy
Annie Lab 07/06/97-06/09/11 Matt, Jen, Lucas & Blake Schmitt
Annie Lab Mix 01/01/96-02/02/07 Pegge Tennant
Annie Lab Mix 1 1/2 years 01/09/09 Barbara Nash & Paul Rosal
Annie Lab Mix 16 years 04/18/98 Nina P.
Annie Lab Mix 16+ years 12/29/08 Marianne Aman
Annie Lab Mix 5 years 04/07/06 Peggy and Michelle
Annie Lab Mix 7 years 07/29/97 Wendy Bryan & Nate Valdivia
Annie Lab/Rottie 15 years 06/11/15 Deb
Annie Labradoodle 12/27/05-01/07/08 Irene
Annie Labrador 02/19/05-12/27/13 Cynthia Miller
Annie Labrador 06/17/96-03/20/06 Susan Quay
Annie Labrador 10/07/99-12/07/07 Alfred and Joan Hemmendinger
Annie Labrador 10/29/99-01/04/09 Marian Boden
Annie Labrador Retriever 11/05/05-10/19/06 Nancy Akin
Annie Lakeland Terrier 16 years 08/06/05 Michelle Talley
Annie Langeslay Dog 03/11/14 Sharon Cardinal
Annie Laurie Stratton Border Terrier X 11/23/93-06/14/07 Angela Gardner
Annie Leclair Cat 12/28/11 Jennifer
Annie Lee Golden Retriever 06/18/09-12/28/14 Lena Flagel
Annie Lieberman Dog 09/25/11 Neal Lieberman
Annie Logan English Shepherd 10/04/11-12/18/17 Warren & Joan Logan
Annie Lohonen Dog 16 years 363 days 02/27/06 Marci Elliott
Annie Long Cat 2 years 05/13/99 Terrie
Annie Long-Haired Brown Tabby Cat 02/16/11 Kim
Annie Loretta Sue Sheehan Mixed Breed Dog 9 years 11/11/04 Anne Sheehan
Annie Lou Shetland Sheepdog 07/15/08-03/22/05 Sandra Jones
Annie Lou Shetland Sheepdog 07/15/97-03/22/05 Sandy and David Jones
Annie Louise Bulloch Golden Retriever 01/15/94-02/02/05 Sharon Bulloch
Annie Lowrey Cockapoo 06/16/92-04/27/07 Aunt Debbie
Annie Lynn English Cocker Spaniel 01/18/91-10/27/03 Debbie
Annie Macpherson Bichon Frise 10/28/12 Scott / Sara Pace
Annie Mae Chihuahua 05/23/96-12/12/11 Cat Dallara
Annie Mae Hunter Golden Retriever 5 years 07/22/11 Deborah Hunter
Annie Mae Jones Labrador/Chesapeake Bay 04/01/95-04/21/04 Cathy
Annie Mae Parsons Jack Russell Terrier 12/04/01-08/16/14 Marion, Frank, and Charles
Annie Mae Pug 02/19/99-06/08/11 Victoria Papp
Annie Mae Quarter Horse 32 years 1998 Rita
Annie Mae Terripoo appx 2 years 10/08/10 Terry Hays
Annie Magdalena Dog Doris Quiles
Annie Maine Coon Cat 06/05/88-05/09/00 Marcia Fosse
Annie Maine Coon Cat 16 years 04/02/08 Judy Sacknoff
Annie Maine Coon Mix Cat 14 years 11/05/99 Diane Tyler
Annie Maltese 04/20/09-12/26/09 Linda Tommasulo
Annie Maltese 9 years 01/11/08 Cary Galbraith
Annie Maltese Terrier 11 1/2 years 18th September Teena
Annie Marie 07/06/82-11/01/99 Carol
Annie Marie Beagle Beagle 10 years 02/26/04 Kristen Kazlauskas
Annie Marie Hale Lhasa-Apso 06/15/94-06/25/00 Christopher Scott Hale
Annie Marie-MeMee (Our Pretty LiL Kitty & our Furry LiL Friend) Cat 04/04/97-02/22/12 Jenny & Sheree
Annie Martinez Cat 10/30/10-03/22/13 Katherine Martinez
Annie May Raider Quarter Horse 32 years Rita Forshee
Annie Mini Dachshund 06/25/07-11/24/18 Linda Davis
Annie Mini Pekingese 8 years 03/25/10 Karen Vincent
Annie Mini Schnauzer 11/14/97-11/10/06 Nancy Fitch
Annie Mini Schnauzer 17 years 07/08/14 Heidi Miller
Annie Miniature Dachshund 03/05/95-09/07/03 Peggy Woods
Annie Miniature Dachshund 04/26/96-09/22/08 Betsy Cox
Annie Miniature Dachshund 09/01/99-12/18/14 Alan and Colleen Croft
Annie Miniature Dachshund 09/11/92-10/18/07 Marcy Jones
Annie Miniature Dog 13 years 07/12/07 Carmen
Annie Miniature Pinscher 03/13/03 Hannah Sawyer
Annie Miniature Schnauzer 04/15/85-10/06/01 Tom and Joy Julkowski
Annie Miniature Schnauzer 08/31/05-05/23/14 Camille Green
Annie Miniature Schnauzer 12/04/98-04/16/12 Joan Guciardo
Annie Mis 15 years 06/03/02 Tammy May
Annie Mix 04/01/83-04/01/03 Sahm & Larry
Annie Mix Cat 04/17/03-04/15/08 Amisadai Bautista
Annie Mix Dog 10 years 02/15/10 Ashley
Annie Mix Dog 16 years 1993 Patricia Male
Annie Mixed Breed Cat 10/01/01-12/22/03 George & Mary Baumgardner
Annie Mixed Breed Dog 10 years 09/02/03 Denise Tarr
Annie Mixed Breed Dog 2012-09/15/17 Lynda Lacono and the McCombs Family
Annie Mixed Cat 07/20/95-07/24/09 Lory Vargas
Annie Mixed Cat 17 years 01/11/05 L Cone
Annie Mixed Dog 08/23/98-09/07/11 Traci, Brittany, Drew, Chris, & Kerry McLaughlin
Annie Mixed Dog 12 years 01/2004 Lorie
Annie Mixed Dog 12/17/08 Brenda and Skip Waltermire
Annie Mixed Dog 14 years 04/18/08 Cheryl Reynolds
Annie Mixed Dog 8 years 10/08/06 Amy R Smith
Annie Mixed Shepherd, Collie 05/29/12 Eleanor and Richard
Annie Mixed Terrier 10/01/97-08/09/12 Ron Donney
Annie Moon Abyssinian Cat 12/17/94-04/10/08 Barbara Debes
Annie Mountain Feist Dog 12/15/01-02/05/16 Mary Pruitt
Annie Mutt 07/03/08 Lisa
Annie Mutt 11 years 10/14/09 Vicki
Annie Newborn Kitten 08/10/97 Jeri Dopp
Annie Newfoundland 81/2 years 06/19/13 Gloria
Annie Nibble Sawdust Hamster 06/10/99-02/07/00 Yan Rong
Annie Oakley Cockatiel 09/30/08 Amy Johnson
Annie Oakley Lab 06/13/07-03/29/16 Cindy & Carl Lindesmith
Annie Oakley Welsh Corgi 05/01/02-06/24/15 Courtney & Christian
Annie Oldenburg Horse 12 years 12/23/14 Marisa
Annie Orange Tabby Cat 08/30/01-02/06/02 Wendi
Annie Orange Tabby Cat 16 years 12/18/09 Cay Appling
Annie Orange Tabby Cat 17 years 09/15/11 Mona
Annie Oxford English Pointer 11/01/94-08/16/08 Greg/Diana Oxford
Annie Pandie Boobsie Estremadura Lhasa Ahpso 05/03/83-06/30/98 Anders Sjöland
Annie Pants Marie Corgi/Dachshund Mix 11/27/04-09/13/06 Alex & Charlene Rowe
Annie Part Great Dane 13-14 years 04/30/02 Catherine Arntzen
Annie Pekingese 08/30/92-06/05/02 Suzanne
Annie Pembroke Welsh Corgi 10/12/99-02/26/06 The Wise Family
Annie PePe Sheltie 10/07/03-04/28/08 Karen Bordonaro
Annie Persian Cat Liz Shea
Annie Pie Yellow Lab 8 years 09/30/97 Tc, Sherry, Megan, and Roscoe Lane
Annie Pinder Deer Chi 10/13/97-09/15/12 Linda G. Pinder
Annie Pit Bull 03/2001-08/2011 Liz and Dan Rohloff
Annie Pit Bull 04/25/98-01/25/07 Cherie and Larry
Annie Pit Bull Mix 10/13/08-11/20/11 Jamie Franklin
Annie Pitbull Mix 05/01/99-01/07/12 Amanda Tucker
Annie Pomeranian 15 years 03/22/13Marti and Jim
Annie Pomeranian Mix 08/06/93-04/30/10 Rose Taylor
Annie Poodle 02/23/97-04/08/13 Barbara
Annie Poodle 06/28/02-06/17/12 Catherine Carlson
Annie Poodle 07/06/96-11/14/11 Michael, Kimberly, Judy
Annie Poodle 10/07/80-08/18/97 Sue Obrist
Annie Poodle 10/23/90-11/11/98 Mike Park
Annie Portuguese Water Dog 14 1/2 years 08/21/06 Lynne Langmaid
Annie Pound Puppy 03/98-06/22/98 Joanne Kellmann
Annie Pug 04/15/04-11/18/04 Mark and Deborah Wojnarek
Annie Queensland Heeler 11/12/87-02/02/01 Steve & Mary Ann Robinson
Annie Queensland Mix 07/27/96-10/28/07 Ninette and George Johnstone
Annie Rabelos Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/01/97-11/21/07 Kari Rabelos
Annie Ragamuffin Ragdoll Cat 11/20/94-04/15/98 Joann
Annie Ragdoll/Siamese Mix Cat 09/01/10-07/22/12 Rhonda Magnotti
Annie Rat 1 1/2 years 08/04/97 Alex Jennings
Annie Rat Terrier 07/16/89-06/05/08 David & Victoria Andersen
Annie Rebant Poodle Mix 01/17/98-01/04/10 Suzette and Chris Rebant
Annie Redman Shepherd Rottweiler Mix 06/01/99-06/04/07 Tom and Jodi Redman
Annie Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab 11/22/97-12/05/03 Rita Sinclair
Annie Rooney Cockapoo 06/01/92-09/14/05 Don & Stephanie
Annie Rose Bearded Collie 2002-02/26/13 Todd & Kim
Annie Rose Jennie Innes Wheaton Scottish Terrier 04/05/05 Mary and Bruce Innes
Annie Rose Walker Hound 11/30/92-05/16/00 Brighid Murphy
Annie Rott Mix 10+ years 02/24/09 Jennie Reed
Annie Rotti/Lab 03/31/04 Allison Woods
Annie Rottie 02/26/07 Christopher Bell
Annie Rottweiler 09/12/97-12/15/04 Howard- Tami Applegarth
Annie Rottweiler 11/09/88-02/03/98 Florence and Martin Thomson
Annie Rottweiler 7 years 04/11/08 Yvette
Annie Rottweiler/Chow 10 years 09/03/06 Jimmy Fox
Annie Rottweiler/Lab 11/14/95-03/31/04 Allison
Annie Russian Blue Cat 02/93-10/05/09 Vickie Carmichael
Annie Santamaria Airedale Terrier 01/15/01-03/30/06 Frank, Annette, Lindsey, Matthew, Mark
Annie Schnauzer 07/06/79-07/03/95 Keith Dugas
Annie Schnauzer 07/12/79-07/06/95 Keith Dugas
Annie Schnauzer 13 1/2 years 05/01/03 R Wilkinson
Annie Schnauzer 16 years 07/06/95 Keith Dugas
Annie Seal Point Siamese/ Long Hair Himalyan 12 years 12/01/96 Pete M.
Annie Setter X 15-17 years Sallye
Annie Shar Pei Lab Mix 8 years 09/28/07 Carrie Christofferson
Annie Shar Pei Mix 13 1/2 years 07/31/11 Anna Mumaw
Annie Shaver Brittney Spaniel 05/03/99-04/12/09 Tom & Nancy Shaver
Annie Sheltie 01/06/95-03/18/06 Donna M. Smith
Annie Sheltie 04/19/97-05/23/09 Cheryl Brydges
Annie Sheltie 05/12/91-10/02/06 Susan Blakley
Annie Sheltie 08/14/97-06/11/07 G. Thorpe & Rita Henning
Annie Sheltie 10/10/98-02/04/13 Heidi
Annie Sheltie 10/23/98-07/29/09 Katie Killian
Annie Sheltie 11/13/97 Edith Channell
Annie Sheltie 13 years 08/25/07 Linda Boydstun
Annie Sheltie 2005-2010 Carole Ivey
Annie Shepherd Mix 1994-03/12/06 Pat Huettner
Annie Shepherd Mix 2000-08/24/07 Ellie Riggs
Annie Shiba Inu 04/22/03-08/06/13 Germaine
Annie Shields Siberian Husky 04/12/01-12/25/09 Walter Shields
Annie Shih Tzu 08/09/09 Tiffany and John
Annie Shih Tzu 7 years 12/20/18 Richard Kimball
Annie Siamese Cat 02/09/96-02/06/04 Andrea
Annie Siamese Cat 18 years 09/19/09 Dorothy
Annie Siberian Cat 10/02/02-10/10/06 Lois
Annie Silver Tabby Cat 04/12/06-03/07/19 Kara Schardt
Annie Singapura Cat 09/05/06 Jennifer Adams
Annie Speagleador (Black Lab, Beagle, Springer Mix) 06/10/04-04/29/10 Luke, Carol, and Ben
Annie Springer Spaniel 01/01/95-12/17/05 Bob
Annie Springer Spaniel 02/18/93-04/14/03 Robin, Kevin, Pat, Kevin, Jr.
Annie Springer Spaniel 07/18/98 Sherry
Annie Springer Spaniel 07/20/86-08/25/99 Sara
Annie Springer Spaniel 08/01/87-09/10/98 Donna Spilman
Annie Springer Spaniel 11/11/07 Brenda
Annie Staffordshire Terrier Mix 05/29/00-12/07/13 Cindy
Annie Standard Poodle 01/31/92-07/01/03 Rick and Marie Jaggi
Annie Sue Golden Retriever Mix 13 1/2 years 04/30/04 Quincy Household
Annie Sue Mixed Breed Dog 10/01/90-04/30/04 Quincy Household
Annie Sue Mixed Dog 14 years 06/07/04 Karen Miller
Annie Sunshine Domestic Shorthair Cat 2009 Brenda Higinson
Annie Sweetface Longhair Calico Cat 05/15/01-02/27/05 Linda & Larry Procunier
Annie Tabby Cat 05/01/97-04/16/07 Gloria Lansin/Patricia Parsons
Annie Tabby Cat 05/15/87 -04/10/95 Pat
Annie Tabby Cat 07/01/95-01/16/04 Ellen
Annie Tabby Cat 11/31/94-10/2003 Erica
Annie Terrier 10 years 05/04/17 Sue Sattrwhite
Annie Terrier Mix 11 years 03/30/13 Maryann Mueller
Annie Terrier Mix 12/01/86-12/01/98 Barbara, Kelly, Sean, Bob, Jennifer & Mike
Annie Terrier Mix 15 years 06/19/99 Gen Schofield
Annie Terrier Mixed 02/16/09-06/24/15 Katie
Annie the Acrobat Yorkie 07/01/94-08/01/98 Janet Lawhorn
Annie Torby Cat 04/2001-11/15/15 J Resch
Annie Tortie Cat 04/20/13 Dwayne, Belinda & Abby Wood
Annie Tortie Cat 12 weeks 10/23/00 Charlene Vandiver
Annie Tortie Cat 17 years 09/08/08 Dianne Smalligan
Annie Tortoiseshell Cat 14 years 09/16/13 Brigitte Sabinash
Annie Toy Poodle 13/12/99-01/21/03 Cathy Ray
Annie Traditional Siamese Cat 05/13/00 Robert Derouen
Annie Tri Colored Collie/Shepherd 5 years 12/25/06 Elaine Strauch
Annie Tuxedo Cat 06/06/92-08/28/08 Nancy and Randy
Annie Valentine Labrador Mix 01/05/95-09/21/07 Lucie Gannuch
Annie Water Dragon 6 months 07/16/08 Sarah
Annie Weimaraner 06/23/06 Sharon and Dick
Annie West Highland Terrier 05/31/96-12/10/11 Sabine
Annie West Highland White Terrier 03/20/96-12/25/02 Lisa Mesa
Annie Westie 02/12/98-11/28/11 Mary Branca
Annie Westie 08/01/00-04/06/13 Karen Brassel
Annie Westie 08/07/92-07/16/06 Dolores and Robert Kurtzer
Annie Westie 11 months 02/08/97 Lisa & Dan Fallon & Heidi
Annie Wheaten Terrier 9 1/2 years 06/12/06 Carol & Harvey Sloan
Annie Wheaton Terrier 8 years 02/19/07 Jenn
Annie Whippet 01/26/00 Maggie
Annie White Longhair Cat 04/88-12/15/96 Julie and Ashley Lewis
Annie White Toy Poodle 04/28/75-07/16/91 Cliff & Sharon Harris
Annie Wilson Mix Dog 14 years 03/05/10 Amanda Wilson
Annie Yarts Mixed Dog 03/05/03 Joe and Johnnie Tipton
Annie Yellow Lab 08/27/91-05/03/04 Leah Anderson
Annie Yellow Lab 10/17/98-10/28/06 Dan Kocher
Annie Yellow Lab 11 years 8 months 02/22/11 Marc & Kass
Annie Yellow Lab 11/2001-01/21/15 Gary
Annie Yellow Lab 2 years 02/04/04 Lisa and Tim
Annie Yellow Lab-Beagle Mix 13 years 10/03/05 Schuyler & April Northstrom
Annie Yellow Labrador 08/05/88-08/17/01 June Beconcini
Annie Yorkie 07/94-10/20/03 Kathy Kroeger
Annie Yorkie 08/07/00-02/07/09 Gina, John, Nick
Annie Yorkie about 12 years 08/25/03 Lorna Fromknecht
Annie Yorkie Mix 18 years 08/03/00 Marsha Madsen
Annie Yorkshire Terrier 12/11/00-06/08/09 Janie Johnson
Annie Yorkshire Terrier 14 years 07/21/09 Paula Harris
Annie Yorkshire Terrier Mix 02/06/85-08/17/00 Randy, Debi, Kaila and Sam
Annie/Anniemation Heinz 57 Cat 01/2012-12/02/17 Lauri and Dennis Schlafke
Anniebell & Aisis Chow Mix Dogs 14 & 12 years 10/14/10 Isabella Plumley
Annie-Bell Newton Boxer 03/25/14 Maxine Newton
Anniebelle Jack Russell Mix 17 years 10/24/07 David Hartman
Annie-Fwoggy Domestic Shorthair Cat 10/88-08/23/04 Joe & Bev Iorio
Anniegirl Akita 09/25/00-09/28/06 Margaret
Anniemae Bichon Frise 13 years 03/27/07 Debbie Appelwick
Annie-Orphan Annie Short Hair Domestic Cat 08/06/07 David & Diane Hobson
Annie's Angel III (Annie) Shetland Sheepdog 10/28/96-11/11/04 Vern Mullett
AnnieSarah Berger White Mixed Breed Dog 14.75 years 10/17/04 Dawn & Joel
Anniesarah Dog 12/01/89-10/17/04 Dawn Berger
Annika Pembroke Welsh Corgi 10 years 05/23/10 Courtney
Annika Rose Bichon Frise 08/26/96-08/10/11 Ken & Harriet Mobley, Valerie Gallo-Pompa
Annika Rose Mobley Bichon Frise 08/26/96-08/10/11 Ken and Harriett Mobley, Valerie and Michael Pompa
Annika Siberian Husky 10/17/01-08/18/10 Anthony Torrez
Annika Slate Gerbil 12/07/02-11/12/05 Kylee Dickey
Anniversary (Annie) Australian Shepherd Mix 09/17/81-09/18/98 The Randall Family
Anniw Yorkie 10/18/09-12/11/10 Mariel Lozano
Annlines Well Done Son, Mickey Pembroke Welsh Corgi 03/29/00-07/26/05 Virginia Wilson
AnnubII Bunny 06/06/11 Farah
Anny Bichon Frise 03/24/83-10/15/95 Eileen Kirkbride
Anny Foxy-Poo 08/11/01-02/02/04 Kristy Skirvin
Annye Dearlove Maine Coon Cat 11/19/04 Linda
Ano Bengal Cat 02/24/04-12/08/09 Wendy
Ano Blue Heeler 08/22/97-02/02/11 Tracy
Anonymity Calico Cat 16 years 07/14/13 Jenn Dossenko
Anonymous Cat 03/19/09 Maryse
Anouk (Nooky) Samoyed 9 years 01/10/07 Arlene
Anouk Dog 1978 Sylvie Bourgon
Anouk German Shepherd 10 years 10/08/10 Susan
Anoushka Rottweiler 27/08/94-17/08/05 Martin
Ansel Brown Tabby Cat 4 years 12/04/99 Blair Williams
Ansel Dalmatian 06/04/98-03/15/99 Jeanette and Randy
Ansel Dalmatian 06/04/98-03/15/99 Randy and Jeanette
Ansel Martinez Australian Terrier 06/06/93-05/18/10 Melinda Martinez
Ansel Newfoundland 8 years 05/28/04 Leslie, Brian and James
Ansel Reichardt Black Lab & Whippet Mix 06/08/97-06/21/09 Andrea & Chris Reichardt
Ansel Tabby Cat 1 year 05/11/00 Sue, SVHS
Anselm The Second Fish 1 year 05/23/16 Leo
Ansley Louise Shorthair Cat 17 years 09/02/11 Lonnie & Tammy Harris
Answer DSH Cat 12/06/84-03/04/03 Dana Packard
Ansy Mix Dog 12 years 04/04/00 Christine
Antaeus Grey/White Tabby Cat W/Aqua Eyes 1987-Spring 2000 Julix Foster
Antar Cat Bengali 15 years 06/27/00 Tony Saba
Antar German Shepherd 11 years 07/26/09 Anna Maria Tsikhlakis
Antar Rottweiler 12/28/93-07/25/05 Lynn
Antares Blue Point Siamese Cat 1976-05/21/99 Todoe
Antares Toy Poodle 12 1/2 years 02/20/08 Faye
Anteros Domestic Shorthair Cat 11/12-06/02/07 Joy Bowley
Anthony Black DSH Cat 03/82-08/2002 Paula & Ron Courchaine
Anthony Black Siamese Cat 03/02/82-08/26/02 Paula Courchaine
Anthony Calico Cat 10 years 06/08/11 Mary Susan
Anthony Cat 09/10/98 Jamie Larson
Anthony Cat 17 years 03/01/99 Dan & Maryann Knieter
Anthony Gero Bunny 9 years 05/08/02 Kim & Wayne
Anthony Lynch Half Siamese Cat 3 years 09/29/08 Amber Lynch
Anthony Lynx Point Siamese Cat 18 years 03/29/07 Sharon Brendle
Anthony Manx Cat 12 years 08/11/06 Jim Perkins
Anthony Neapolitan Mastiff 04/97-10/31/03 Mike & Rhonda Elvin
Anthony Persian Cat 08/28/92-11/2003 Rgiuffre
Anthony Prevete French Bulldog 01/18/04-06/24/08 Kathy Prevete
Anthony Tabby Cat 07/04/01-04/16/06 Emily
Anthony Whoodle 6 1/2 years 04/04/12 Debra Wanderer
Anthony Yorkshire Terrier 12/30/98-04/27/07 Patrick & Rosina Puhak
Antic Cat 02/25/06 Chris
Antigone Birman Cat 10/06/98 David
Antigone Cat 20 years 06/20/07 Kathleen and Risk
Antigone Cat 9 years 06/23/06 Erin Barrie
Antioch Casey Blues Cat Kitty Goodwin
Antoine B. Terrier pup Donna Sapp
Antoine Ragdoll Cat 08/06/07-06/27/08 Daisy & Eric
Antoinette Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Antoinette Part Siamese Cat 4 years 07/30/12 Mary Horman
Antoinette Siamese Mix Cat 04/01/08-07/30/12 Mary Horman
Anton Albino Angora Guinea Pig 08/08/95-02/11/01 Dawn M Lauckner
Anton Blue Grey Abby Cat 15 years 03/07/00 Lori Rhea
Anton German Shepherd 1965-1982 Peppi
Anton R vom Schutzhaus Rottie 02/05/88-05/06/00 Laura & Frank
Anton Saint Bernard 26/12/00 Larry Shaak
Antonea Black Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/14/88-07/29/01 JoAnn Woolwine
Antonel Guinea Pig 5 years 04.25.2014 Gabriela
Antonia (Toni) Long Hair Calico Kitten 6 weeks-06/14/16 Carlos Danaan
Antonia Muted Calico Cat 09/19/95-05/30/15 Miriam K
Antonio (Anton) Calico Cat 08/30/99-10/24/00 Erika
Antonio Beige Shorthair Cat 08/30/99-10/24/00 Erika
Antonio Brown/white Fancy Rat adopted 12/01/07-08/29/08 Carrie L.Davis
Antonio Calico Cat 1 years 11/24/03 Erika
Antonio Cat 08/30/00-10/04/01 Erika
Antonio Cat 10/10/09-05/21/10 Shirley Pattinson
Antonio Cat 9 1/2 years 05/30/04 Ruthy & Tom
Antonio Domestic Cat 1 years 10/24/01 Erika
Antonio Domestic Kitten 08/31/99-12/11/00 Erika
Antonio Greyhound 01/23/05 Alan & Peggy Jordano
Antonio Kitten 12/26/95 Katherine Brown
Antonio Orange Tabby Cat Aproximatley 4 years 09/21/10 Ashleigh Carter
Antonio Standard Poodle 04/01/97-12/22/05 John Caprise
Antonio Yorkie Mix 2 years 01/19/08 Saira Qazi and Greg Simon
Antony 'Toes' Barczynski Domestic Short Hair Hemingway Cat 11/04/07-05/16/10 Rae Stone
Antoshka Poodle 03/08/90-04/26/01 Julia
Antren's Critics Choice Rottie 9 1/2 years Lori
Anu Boxer 08/03/09-12/06/13 Connie Lepack
Anubis Arab Horse 09/16/04-01/15/10 Jacinta
Anubis Bombay Cat 11 years 01/23/06 Abby Smiddy
Anubis Doberman 03/22/06-04/15/12 Jessica & Namon Brothers
Anubis Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/01/12-02/24/13 Linda and Joe
Anubis DSH Brown Tabby Cat 16 1/2 years 05/06/16 Lori, Josh, and Jazmine
Anubis Gigy Lhasa Apso 08/02/02-07/18/09 Marisol Arribas
Anubis Goobers Smith-Roaque Apple Head Chihuahua 07/29/01-01/30/18 Martin and Michelle Roaque
Anubis Inman Dachshund 6 years 11/24/11 Nancy, Steve and Kolten Inman
Anubis Pink Bellied Swift Lizard 1 1/2 years 03/17/09 Nura and Tina
Anubis Short Hair Hamster 2 years 12/11/07 Amy
Anubis Sierra Domestic Medium Hair Cat 06/22/05-07/22/13 Maria Sierra
Anubiu Betta Fish 09/11/16 Kasey
Anubus Chihuahua 06/30/95-11/06/07 Linde Smith
Anushka Rottweiler 26/03/94-08/2007 Marin
Anvil Airedale Terrier 7 years 04/27/09 Liz
Anwyn Rhodesian Mix 12 years 08/18/12 Sherree Moore
Anya Angel Rex Rabbit 04/05/98-09/05/00 Julie, Susan, Bea, and Jim Jakubek
Anya Boxer 05/31/99-12/28/09 Shawn Billingsley
Anya Bunny 10/2008 Doreen P.
Anya Cat 04/04/99-06/23/09 Michelle Church
Anya Cat 07/20/00-12/06/12 Bobbi
Anya Cat 7 years 10 months 25/03/11 Paul Askins
Anya Dark Eyed White Rat 10/18/08-05/14/11 Kathy & Derek MacElwain
Anya Domestic Short Hair (Calico) Cat 15 years 11/11/13 Lynn C
Anya DSH Cat 18 months Linda Kloran
Anya 'Honey Babe' Cat 06/08/11 Danica Walter
Anya Long-Haired Miniature Dachshund 6 years 09/01/13 Angel & Mario Campbell
Anya Part Californian Part New Zealand Bunny 11/20/08-08/27/08 Doreen Payne
Anya Pom/Fox Terrier 02/27/02-04/04/10 Bev
Anya Precious Pup Sheila, Richard, Nicole & Deborah Bridgmond
Anya Siberian Husky Mix 10 months 11/09/02 Michelle Beall
Anyak Alaskan Malamute 01/15/94-12/30/03 Sylvia & Robert
Anyanka Lop Rabbit 1 year 05/31/08 Erica and Sean
Aodhan Manx Cat 17 years 01/14/01 Lorrie Allen-Smith
Aoife Cat 12 years 07/13/08 Bobbi
Aoife Cross Bred Horse 05/02/10 Kelly Lown
AOK Black Betty Greyhound 04/01/93-07/26/07 Jean
Aoki von Tem Rottie 1989-1997 Karen & Joe
Aoleon Cat 1996-03/30/08 Lin A. For Michael I.
Aoun Peruvian Cavy 05/2003-5 July 2004 Sonthakit Leelahanon
AP Indian Cat 07/13/07 Shandar
Apache Akita-Lab Mix 10/01/99-06/03/12 Gerri Thrasher
Apache American Pit Bull Terrier 10/04/94-10/05/01 Dolores & Lisa Enriquez
Apache American Pitbull Terrier 06/99-04/2007 Kristi
Apache American Staffordshire Terrier 10/19/99-12/27/08 Jennifer
Apache and Chincherinchee Japanese Fire-Bellied Newts 09/2002-11/22/02 Ames
Apache Australian Shepherd 14 years 04/09/15 Barbara Wickhem
Apache Australian Shepherd 14 years 11/18/12 Brian & Jackie
Apache Baer Argentine Dogo 11/15/02-11/08/10 Renee & Bruce
Apache Bandit Hollywood Siberian Husky 07/09/94-05/05/07 Karen Lopez
Apache Blue Doberman 10/05/05-12/02/06 Debbie, Bob, Katie
Apache Boxer 05/20/02-05/06/10 Nancy Frioud
Apache Boxer 08/13/92-01/07/04 The O'Tooles
Apache Brittany 08/31/86-08/20/00 Helen Marie Capps
Apache Cat 03/17/97-11/03/01 Wendy Diggs
Apache Cat 12 years 09/15/10 Camille
Apache Citron Cockatoo 07/28/11 Wendy Wyman
Apache Cockatiel-Hen 01/10/99-11/10/13 Denese
Apache Cocker Spaniel 04/06/03 Caroline
Apache Dancing Shadow Cocker Spaniel 03/19/92-03/19/05 Diane R
Apache Ferret 5 years 06/2009 Michele Maurer
Apache Gardner/Jones Red Dobbie 13 years 03/05/11 Lynn Gardner
Apache German Shepherd 02/01/93-03/07/05 Elsis Scott
Apache German Shepherd 03/22/98-11/09/06 Marian
Apache German Shepherd 04/13/94-04/20/07 Daurene Palma
Apache German Shepherd 04/23/97-04/15/08 Deb Kornbau
Apache Great Dane 11 years 29/08/04 Shantelle
Apache Greyhound 01/05-12/22/07 Tim, Kathy, Kristin, & Kyle Reed
Apache Horse Best Friends Animal Sancturary
Apache James McKenna Border Collie/Husky 07/11/95-07/15/03 Jackie
Apache Marie Brittany 04/08/01-03/04/14 Randy & Elaine Fisher
Apache Maurici Mixed Dog 03/31/95-12/05/11 Jodi
Apache Mustang Horse 07/86-08/09/10 Susan Browning
Apache Papillon 01/09/83-05/21/94 Beth Hughes
Apache Police Horse - Birmingham, Alabama 09/15/98 Officer M. Binion
Apache Pomeranian 07/05/98-03/31/01 Brenda Young
Apache Print 1/2 Arabian Paint Horse 22 years 08/29/08 Sue Law
Apache Rottweiler 04/98-11/25/08 Billy & Jami Murphy
Apache Rottweiler 11/01/92-11/01/01 Kathy
Apache Selkirk Rex Cat 7 years 09/16/08 Joanne Boyd
Apache Shepherd Mix 03/23/11 Chuck Kelly
Apache Shetland Sheepdog 05/07/96-05/17/09 Katrina Trent
Apache Shorthair Calico Cat 04/15/97-04/14/08 Christine Camp
Apache Siberian Husky 04/17/17-09/27/13 Karen Lopez
Apache Spaniel Mix 06/18/94-12/24/08 Traci
Apache, Dusty 1 & 2, Skipper, Pepper Sheltie, Cocker Spaniel, Mixed Dog Dogs 11, 5, 11, 10, and 5 months 1952 - 2000 Mario & Connie DeSantis
Apache, Patch or Pooh Dog Mixed Sheepdog/Birddog 12/29/90-02/25/06 Stevie & Mary Kay LeCates
Apache, Runt-Runt, Moose, Lil' Black Boy, and Mama's Big Black Woman Miniature Schnauzers 12/01/07 Clayton & Whitney Florane
Apatchie Princess Calico Cat 15 years 03/19/05 Glenn Stewart
Apgar's Minnie Protector Miniature Yorkshire Terrier 13 years 03/09/04 Michael, Pamela & Michelle Apgar
Apgar's Toto Doodle Dandy (Toto) Yorkshire Terrier 09/04/88-07/08/02 Pam, Mike, Michelle, Trish, Jagster, Minnie
Aphrodite Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Aphrodite Chihuahua/Min Pin Mix 05/15/06-03/19/09 Kristina and Jeb Haverkamp
Aphrodite Domestic Shorthair Cat 2000-08/19/11 Vicki and Matt Schaeffer
Aphrodite Harlequin Rabbit 03/25/10-07/09/11 Lizzy
Aphrodite Maltese 09/15/05-12/25/05 Samantha Hunt
Aphrodite Siamese Cat 18 years 01/17/99 Cole Jarboe
Aphrodite Spitz Mix 03/05/99-07/20/99 Nichole and Rod and Isis
Aphroditey aka The Pig Blk Lab Mix 02/02/98-10/29/09 Angela & Patrick Rockne
Aphro's Tyche Blond Cocker Spaniel 01/86-23/11/98 Shirley Myall
Api English Bullterrier 11/07/05-18/05/11 Vicki Obrien
Apice Cat 14 years 12/02/14 Don
Apio Rabbit 05/01/01-14/10/09 Gabriela Gonzalez
Apollo (Bubby) Doberman Pinscher 04/23/88-11/20/95 Ronna
Apollo aka Attilla The Honey Striped Tabby Cat 09/15/02 Anne Katz
Apollo aka Pollie Rottweiler 01/24/07-10/06/16 Lynette and Phil Z
Apollo American Staffordshire Terrier 06/30/03-02/15/14 Vinko Rosa
Apollo Arabian Horse 13 years 07/13/98 Gloria
Apollo Australian Kelpie 08/15/99-02/27/15 Karen
Apollo Balboa Creed Boxer 11/14/97-03/02/04 Ginnie Leffler
Apollo Beagle 03/12/07 Bill & Peggy Little
Apollo Belgian Tervure/Shepherd 15 years 07/13/96 Chrys Olson
Apollo Bichon Frise 08/16/96-10/24/10 Elaine Polemenakos
Apollo- Birdy-Boo Parakeet 10 years 01/08/05 Theresa Plakos
Apollo Black Lab 9 years 03/07/07 Renee
Apollo Blue Bully 08/19/16 Melis and Jim
Apollo Blue Point Siamese Mix Cat 10/31/81-07/12/98 D'bert
Apollo Blue Spotted Tabby Cat 05/24/04-12/30/04 Janet & Paul
Apollo Bombay Cat 05/01/03-12/28/09 Et
Apollo Bourbonnais Pointer 06/04/94-02/22/07 Dorothy Andrich
Apollo Boxer 04/02/09-02/12/13 Eva Horton
Apollo Boxer 05/89-05/14/01 Celena McNairn
Apollo Boxer 10/25/03-12/29/08 Cheryl Lucena
Apollo Boxer/Shepherd 13 years 04/18/08 Amanda Forrest
Apollo Bullmastiff 8 years 02/03/04 Shane & Adrienne Dubose
Apollo Cat 02/05/83 -04/22/96 Karin
Apollo Cat 04/06/07 Jake & Eva
Apollo Cat 04/06/09-07/02/11 Rachel
Apollo Cat 04/30/01-05/14/17 Chad R
Apollo Cat 06/25/99-01/22/11 John Hancock
Apollo Cat 1 year 05/20/06 Deborah
Apollo Cat 1 year 06/06/96 Maureen
Apollo Cat 11 years 09/95 Donna Duminski
Apollo Cat 12 years 06/11/08 Jamie
Apollo Corgi Welsh/Skippkee 12 years 05/13/04 Julie & Tom Spaeder
Apollo Creed of Kokush Bull Terrier 02/11/88-12/11/99 Sharon & Bob Hoel
Apollo Creed Wolfgang Thor German Shepherd 09/11/05-09/18/15 Kristina Thor
Apollo Dachshund 05/08/07-06/25/13 David & Cindy Claunch
Apollo Dachshund 10/12/98-09/09/12 Sonja
Apollo Dalmatian 09/09/87-07/07/99 Laurie
Apollo Dalmatian 13 1/2 years 08/28/09 Heidi Lake
Apollo Decker Dog 5 years 09/02/14 Rick and Laurie Decker
Apollo DiDomenico Jackson DSH Cat 02/03/16 Phyllis Jackson
Apollo Dobbie/Lab Mix 10 years 12/21/01 AJ
Apollo Doberman 07/22/94-12/17/99 Louise
Apollo Doberman 12/07/97-12/23/06 Tofari Family
Apollo Doberman 8 years 10/05/04 Aunt Lisa
Apollo Doberman Pinscher 1 year 11/25/11 Daryll Clark
Apollo Dog 03/09/85-03/02/00 Linda Hamilton
Apollo Dog 05/28/92-09/30/05 Carla Martinho
Apollo Dog 07/07/08 Erin & Frank
Apollo Dog 11/07/14 Meg H.
Apollo Dog 12/28/11 Mary Anne as a friend of ICARE Animal Rescue
Apollo Dog 14 years 02/20/10 Penny, Gary, Tim, Mindy and John
Apollo Dog 15 years 08/97 Leora
Apollo Dog 2 years Cathy C.
Apollo Domestic Long Hair Cat 12 years 07/19/10 Maria
Apollo Domestic Short Hair Cat 8 years 01/27/06 Andrea and Van
Apollo Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/30/01-10/16/17 Colleen Gleason-Baicher
Apollo DSH Cat 07/05/12-11/06/16 Christina Guynes
Apollo English Labrador 03/17/01-10/03/09 Robert Denis Don
Apollo Gardner Dog 10/31/06-03/01/19 Ashley and Ben Gardner
Apollo German Chow Mix 11/15/02-11/11/16 Peyton Fynn Autumn Blake
Apollo German Shepherd 02/02/08-10/11/12 Debbie
Apollo German Shepherd 04/04/04-08/11/14 Vickie and Collin
Apollo German Shepherd 05/17/00-02/05/05 Irene
Apollo German Shepherd 07/13/02-04/24/04 Kelly Taggerty
Apollo German Shepherd 2004 Sarah Hopper
Apollo Ginger Tiger Cat 5 years 08/11/06 Jen, V, D, Mum, Eek Eek and Diego
Apollo Golden Retriever 06/01/95-01/23/08 Fred & Lori
Apollo Golden Retriever 10/31/00-04/25/05 Kate and Eric Dollin
Apollo Goldie 1985-07/29/93 Dennis & Susan Owen
Apollo Gonzales Great Dane 4 years 12/06/07 Rick and Connie Gonzales
Apollo Gray and White Short Haired Tabby Cat 02/90-04/11/03 Joanna Duffney
Apollo Great Pyrenees 07/26/96-09/01/05 Ilene Cullman
Apollo Great Pyrenees 10 years 04/04/07 Linda Putt
Apollo Grey & Brown Cat 4 years 08/98 Susan Burgess
Apollo Grey and White Bi-Colored Tabby Cat 16 years 11/30/04 Marie P
Apollo Grey and White DSH Cat 17 years 08/10/12 Jodell Josserand
Apollo Hemming Cat 04/98-09/10/99 Karin, Larry, Karl and Rembrandt
Apollo Husky/Sheltie Mix 04/08/94-06/22/11 Carol Ebersole
Apollo Jack Russell 08/01/96-08/28/10 Richard Cassano
Apollo Jack Russell Terrier 06/08/15 Michael and Lisa Niepert
Apollo James Eisenberg Pitbull/Boxer Mix 11/25/99-05/02/05 Beth Eisenberg
Apollo Jerdine Turner Rot 11/15/99-05/14/09 Melvia Turner
Apollo Keeshond 04/25/86-01/14/00 Diane
Apollo King German Shepherd 11 weeks 01/25/11 Wendie Hoenke
Apollo Kitten 09/08/05 Debbie
Apollo Lab/Malamute 12/92-07/02/03 Lorraine Daspit
Apollo Leonberger 07/29/07-01/25/12 Lee Sigler
Apollo Lhasa Apsos 09/28/96-07/10/09 Ann Gammon
Apollo Lilac Pt. Siamese Cat 06/06/82-02/22/96 Andrea Fera
Apollo Long-hair German Shepherd 9 1/2 years 05/07/98 Stacey Dunton
Apollo McAskill Boxer 03/15/03-06/03/11 Chad, Cindy, and Mr. Charlie McAskill
Apollo MiniFoxTerrier Puppy 5 months 14/07/06 Yvonne, Nero & Phoenix
Apollo Mix Dog 8 months 01/27/05 Jenna T
Apollo Mixed Breed 1980-1995 Madge Matteo & Karen
Apollo Mixed Breed Black Dog 15 years 07/28/96 Patty
Apollo Norwegian Elkhound 12/02/89-03/29/01 G. Kabakoff
Apollo Orange Tabby Short Hair Cat 04/15/00-09/17/08 Angela
Apollo Pacwood Bengal Cat 03/17/01-04/07/14 George, Ashton, Brandon and Elaine Packwood
Apollo Peach Faced Bird 12/25/96-04/22/00 Emily T
Apollo Persian Cat 19 years 05/01/06 Ron Nagy/Michelle Klinger
Apollo Phillips Boxer 10/31/95-08/01/02 Andy and Amy
Apollo Pitbull 8 years 10/01/04 Tony & Kathy
Apollo Pitbull Mix 7 years 06/01/05 Delvis and Roxsana
Apollo Poodle 8 years 1997 Kim
Apollo Pug 02/06/83-09/09/91 Dawn K. Moss
Apollo Puggle 10/28/03-10/02/07 Sari Reynolds
Apollo Rotti 05/24/93-07/20/98 Dena O'Brien
Apollo Rottie 03/29/99-04/03/10 Elaine
Apollo Rottie 09/24/00-02/16/10 Miriam Montes De OCa
Apollo Rottweiler 03/24/95-05/04/04 Barbara Robbins
Apollo Rottweiler 05/15/95-07/19/03 Dee and Gary Salmi
Apollo Rottweiler 06/09/04-11/26/12 James and Amy Martin
Apollo Rottweiler 10 years 09/99 Barry McCombs
Apollo Rottweiler 11/16/88-09/04/01 Machelle Wells
Apollo Rottweiler 12/23/96-07/10/07 Brandon Morley
Apollo Rottweiler 13 years 10/2009 Diane Larrieu
Apollo Sealpoint Siamese Cat 08/22/89-08/24/05 Jenn and Brian S
Apollo Semper Fi Rottie 1990-2000 Angie
Apollo Shadow German Shepherd 11/15/00-03/20/11 Jeri Smith
Apollo Shadow German Shepherd 11/17/00-03/20/11 Jeri
Apollo Shar Pei Mix 08/11/03-04/21/10 Jenna & Brandon
Apollo Sheltie Mix 14 1/2 years 04/03/07 Sheri, Quinton 3, Eric, Quinton 4th
Apollo Shepherd 13 years 12/26/02 Jack and Nancy Felicita
Apollo Shih-Tzu 04/14/94-06/30/09 Soonmi, Lidia, Wan, Maggie
Apollo Siamese Cat 03/23/05-01/13/16 Suzette Cowan
Apollo Siberian Husky 08/09/13 Trish Kuper
Apollo Silver Sun Keeshond 05/02/82-09/30/89 D
Apollo Spotted Tabby Cat 7 months 12/30/04 Janet & Paul
Apollo Standard Poodle 01/17/08-01/07/13 Jennifer
Apollo Stone Domestic Long Hair Cat 08/01/97-04/12/12 Diane and Jeff Stone
Apollo Tarquin Cat 12 years 09/12/11 Jeff & Wendy
Apollo Tennessee Walker Horse 02/12/04 Anna
Apollo Terrier Mix 02/15/83-08/11/02 Debbie Foisy
Apollo Tricolor Collie 11/23/88-12/11/02 Wendy
Apollo Vom Licher-Stadtturm German Shepherd 02/28/92-04/10/05 Andy
Apollo Yellow Lab 09/08/95-12/11/07 Art Rinaman
Apollo Yellow Lab 10/85-01/28/01 Patricia Monsees
Apollo Yorkshire Terrier 14 years 07/21/10 Michael and Janet Brugger
Apollo, Amber, Bodacious English Mastiffs Throughout The Years Peggy Kolk
Apollonas Lionhead Bunny 1 1/2 years 04/30/15 Aphrodite
Apollu Cu Afghan Hound 07/05/02 Jim, John, KC-Bacchus & Jumpin Jaxx Orion
Apolo DiNozzo Ohno Cinnamon Tabby Cat 08/11/08-08/14/12 Toni Hicks / aka Mama Cat
Apolo Short Hair Gray and White Cat 03/1986-09/20/02 Rebeca P. Brittenham
Apophis My Boy Short Hair Black Cat 04/01/01-03/06/03 Roland Capuchino
Appachee Burmese Cat 16 years 11/01/05 Susanne Jones
Appallo Creed Greyhound 08/21/88-08/17/02 Sallyjean
Appaloosa (aka Butter Bean/Apple/Butters) White & Blue Parakeet W. Black Speckles, Butter Yellow Face 05/01/97-04/06/99 Ms. K. J. Kroha
Appi Maltese 05/11/92-02/25/08 Tony & Chris Scalzi
Appiffany Cat 08/01-03/28/03 Alicia Choo
Apple Abyssinian Cat 10/01/99-07/07/04 Barb Rogie and Pam Mutik
Apple Bichon 08/25/11-05/07/12 Azucena Gonzalez
Apple Blossom Tortie Shell Cat 04/19/07-02/13/19 Jeremy W Templer
Apple Chihuahua 02/28/95-03/09/10 Chris Quek
Apple Dog 06/06/84-06/30/00 June
Apple Great Dane 12/05/90-11/15/00 Elena
Apple Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua 6 years 10/17/10 Erin Tucker
Apple Jack Dog Maggie
Apple Jack Joe Chilean Llama 04/27/91-12/29/99 Denise
Apple Jacks Black Labrador Retriever 6 years 04/11/06 Michelle, Tim, Christian, Cameron, Livvy
Apple Kang Maltese 06/30/12-09/12/16 Albert and Yoonju Kang
Apple Long-Haired Calico Cat 16 years 02/12/03 Nancy Dallaire
Apple Mackerel Tabby Cat 16 years 04/26/99 Nora Martinez
Apple Maltese Cross 04/21/09 Jodie Rochetich
Apple Poodle 04/10/93-10/27/05 Jennifer
Apple Royal Python Snake 01/01/07-04/12/14 Mark and Wendy Bavin
Apple Teong Japanese Spitz 01/03/06-08/17/08 Judy Teong
AppleBlossoms Whyatt Earp Labrador 06/94-07/19/06 Julie Nelson
Applegates Bobbie McGee Beagle 03/19/97-05/02/08 Scott Kuykendall
Applehead Bluepoint Siamese Cat 02/86-05/86 Lisa Ramaci
Applejack Jack Russell Terrier 11/16/00-03/25/06 Ashley Fisgus
Applejack Miniature Horse 04/08/86-04/01/99 Chris & Alice
Applejack Quarterhorse 23 years 08/14/09 Melonnie Marchak
Apples Border Collie 02/01/95-07/28/09 Melissa
Apples English Bulldog 10 years 09/09/06 Arty Siderio
Apples Hamster 12/24/01-07/08/03 The Parker Family
Apples Mixed Dog 12/06/94-10/21/10 Nadine
Applesauce Chicken 06/16/12 Alissa Babcock
Applesauce Penelope Adler Dhs Cat 06/20/10-10/03/10 Melissa and Michael
Applesauce Sheltie 17 1/2 years 07/03/05 Rosemary Hurley
Appo Papillon 10/18/93-25/07/03 Annelie
Appollo German Shepherd 07/16/99-09/17/09 Joanne Solch
Appollo Leon Rottweiler 8 years 05/01/02 Tracey Hughey
Appollo Teddybear Hamster 11/01/03-02/01/04 Jeffrey D. Vogland
Appollo Zeda Duke (aka Duke) German Shepherd 12/07/90-07/12/02 Robera Keith, Keithie,Kalvin & Lauren
Approximately 50 Dogs and Cats 11/22/15 Amy G. & Lori S.
Appu Holland Lop Rabbit 5 years 12/07/07 Jeya Bala
Apricot Brandy Himalayan Cat 09/23/91-02/07/01 Heather Anderson
Apricot Cat 11/15/92-06/10/08 Jennifer Gervens
Apricot Dog 09/30/94-01/24/01 Debbie and Alex Kemp and sister Tara
Apricot Mini Poodle 10/26/01 Barbara Acacia
Apricot Orange Tabby Cat 10-12 years 12/15/94 Betsy Ley and Ed Williams
April (aka, Pookie) Miniature Poodle 02/13/96-06/08/07 Meebok Lee & Vernon Greenwood
April (Fooled Bayou) Irish Thoroughbred Horse 04/01/89-09/24/01 Bree Anderson
April (Shmapril) GSD 12/15/99-12/16/13 Roena Bergman
April aka Baby Girl Lab 04/2000-09/06/13 Sherry Canter
April American Bulldog 02/16/99-05/26/06 Gary & Cynthia Messina
April American Eskimo Dog 01/10/98-08/12/10 Bob
April Ann Cock-a-Poo 03/08/98-12/31/98 Susan K. J. Goodwin
April Ann Dalmatian 01/22/00-02/18/03 Barbara Brinkman
April Anniversary Thoroughbred Horse 04/23/71-11/04/00 Sara Forish
April ASH Cat 02/14/81-01/25/97 Linda A. Fedor
April Ayres Toy Poodle 04/01/08-02/08/09 Trish McKeen
April Balck and Brown Cat 07/21/98-11/25/98 Antonietta L Restivo
April Beagle 05/01/14 Lea Owens
April Black Cat 14 years 11/24/09 April
April Black Lab 11 years 04/12/04 Doug
April Blonde Gerbil 1998-2000 Julia Stevens
April Border Collie Mix 17 years Kathy
April Bunny 01/08/96-08/15/01 Frank & Jeannie
April Calico Cat 04/15/90-02/03/01 Diane Aymar and Brian Applegate and Precious
April Calico Cat 04/90-04/2006 Maria Pfirman
April Calico Cat 11/01/95-11/12/15 Nancy
April Calico Cat 11/92-01/22/02 Becky
April Calico Cat 11/92-01/22/02 The Bell Family
April Cat 02/81-06/19/01 Christine Lowe & Mary Bloemker
April Cat 12 years 05/14/11 Ann
April Cat 14 years 03/31/04 Diana
April Cat 16 years 04/27/06 Donna
April Cat 16 years 04/27/06 Maria Pfirman
April Cat Candi
April Cat Linda Jones Karen Conroy and Mary Ellen
April Cattle Dog Mix 14 years 06/20/16 Ralph
April Chaos Beagle 12/04/93-08/09/07 Noreen & Russell Van Wetering
April Chinchila Cat 05/01/02-05/28/03 Iris Melendez
April Chu 04/25/95-12/18/08 Cathy Knight
April Cocker Spaniel 02/05/86-02/25/98 LisApril1
April Cocker Spaniel 02/15/89-07/21/01 Joanie Coffen
April Cocker Spaniel 03/13/12 Francie
April Cocker-Poo 17 years 06/18/04 Sherry & Wayne Rhyne
April Collie 01/17/87-12/27/97 Bob
April Danielle Yorkie Mutt 12/05/85-05/23/99 Wanda Williams Ballard
April Dog 04/18/91-05/25/00 Dawn Hublar
April Dog 05/02/02 Joyce
April Dog 18 years 09/07/10 Melinda
April DSH Cat 06/02/80-01/09/98 Scott and Barbara
April DSH Cat 12/22/03 Diane N
April DSH Cat 13 years 06/21/13 Dee Costello
April DSH Cat 19 years 10/06/05 Traci
April Ferret 1989-01/03/94 Ann and Vinny Danese
April German Shepherd Mix 15 years 03/25/08 Pat & Jack Howes
April Girl DSH Polydactyl Cat 04/26/95-07/03/08 Suzanne DeCory
April Golden Retriever 02/04/76-07/20/88 Sharon Harms
April Golden Retriever 02/09/99-10/12/11 Bonnie and Dave Goergen
April Golden Retriever 02/09/99-10/12/11 Dave and Bonnie
April Golden Retriever 02/21/11 Alice Trainor
April Golden Retriever 03/05/91-03/17/06 Steve Schwertfeger
April golden retriever 03/15/95-01/21/00 H
April Golden Retriever 04/24/90-06/13/02 Kathy Lerche
April Gonzales Tabby Cat 02/07/01-02/20/07 Michelle Gonzales
April Grey Tabby Cat 02/29/00-05/02/15 Denise Dodd
April GSD 04/03/85-12/19/97 Lynn Gallo
April Guinea Pig 02/14/00-12/14/03 Rachel, Hannah, Zachary, Shelley and Craig
April Hamlin Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 10/04/99-01/03/06 Angela
April Himalayan Rabbit 7 years 02/02/05 Sharpless Family
April Hooded Rat 04/01/05-02/12/07 Merlyn
April Hutto Boston Terrier 03/01/99-08/03/12 Gina
April Jack Russell Mix 13 years 08/09/06 Irene
April Jack Russell/Mix. 12 years 2007 Catherine Reid
April Keeshund 03/89-03/11/01 Walt Wegrzynowski
April -King- DSH Cat 12/14/13 Mike
April Lab and Border Collie Mix 12/01/94-02/24/09 Susan Wiedemer
April Lee Pom 04/01/99-11/04/02 Cindy Howell
April LeFevre American Shorthair Tabby Cat 18 years 02/03/05 Kathryn
April Lhasa Apso 01/06/92-04/20/07 Betsey
April Luv Large Apricot Toy Poodle 08/16/65-08/14/00 Paula Mello
April Lynn Valder Toy Poodle 08/13/92-09/10/07 Joyce and Roger Valder
April Maltese 02/05/08-06/09/15 Perrie
April Maltese Pomeranian 04/08/03-09/04/17 Dawn and Mike
April Maltese Puppy 02/24/01-08/01/02 Robin Balliro
April Marie Linn Moravec Teacup Poodle 07/97-06/29/10 Katherine J. Moravec (Kathy)
April Marie Tortie Point Siamese Cat 04/16/90-07/26/04 Krystal and Brian
April Marie Welsh Corgi 1992-10/27/07 Brandon
April May Cocker Spaniel 03/02/86-04/22/04 Ellen Daniel
April May Hester Boston Terrier 04/04/97-08/10/08 Billie Hester
April May June Greyhound 06/2003-02/07/10 Janice Gillies
April Mexican Red Head Amazon Parrot 04/28/80-10/07/13 Rose Mary
April Mini Dachshund 04/00 Tiffany
April Mini Lop Rabbit 12/27/08 Vickie
April Mini Schnauzer 04/03/01-07/03/14 Denise Kowalski
April Miniature Schnauzer 04/27/04-06/29/12 Robbie, Angela, Ashton & Aiden Pugh
April Mix Breed Dog 04/01/86-11/03/01 Steve Soares
April Mixed Cat 17 1/2 years 11/27/06 Anna Arnal
April Mixed Golden Retriever 15 years 09/06/11 Jay, Lori, Chris, and Lauren
April Morgan Horse Mare 13 years 08/22/97 Beth McCallum
April Normal Gray Cockatiel 11/01/14 Rachel Perault
April Orange Tabby Cat 07/03/03-01/09/09 Dawn
April Persian Mix 04/79-06/95 Linda Mykietyn
April Pit Bull 12/16/96-12/02/00 Lou Aldrich
April Pomeranian 02/01/08 Sarah
April Pomeranian 9 years Joe & Eva Herald
April Poodle 04/26/99-01/27/08 Millie Gateley
April Potbellied Pig 08/23/95-08/21/96 Pam Russo
April Rose Alpaca 03/30/10-06/23/10 Kathleen
April Rose Cocker Spaniel 15 years 05/07/03 Donna
April Sammut Short Haired Domestic Cat 04/92-01/21 Lindsey & John Sammut
April Sheltie 04/01/94-11/09/04 Kim Osborn
April Shepherd Mix 04/97-12/12/11 Alan Battista
April Showers (aka what a Goof) Mixed/Calico Cat 01/14/95-05/28/12 Diane
April Showers Arappaloosa Horse 04/12/93-04/22/06 Sabrina
April Showers English Springer Spaniel 14 years 07/19/02 Lorie Torres
April Siamese Cat 22 years 03/02/98 Ginny
April Siamese Seal Point Cat 08/91-08/16/05 Kathryn H
April Spaniel Mix 04/18/91-05/25/00 Dawn Hublar
April Terrier Mix 04/14/95-01/17/08 Kim
April Terry-Poo 15 years 12/22/98 Magdalen
April Theotikos Domestic Short Hair - Gray & White Cat 11/91-05/2001 Jodie Theotikos
April Toy Poodle 16 years 03/24/08 Kerri
April Welsh Springer Spaniel 04/01/93-03/06/05 Joan
April West Highland Terrier 04/16/93-08/18/07 Liz
April Westhighland Terrier 6 years 06/14/02 Joe Fran and Christen
April Williams Rottweiler 04/14/03-06/19/14 Theresa Williams
April Yellow Lab 03/15/99-12/19/03 Leslie
April Young Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/95-03/12/11 Earle, Tina, Ryan, Kevin Young
April-Aprie Manx Cat 04/16/87-10/21/02 Ann F
Aprille Blue Doberman 3 years 07/27/00 Sue, SVHS
April's Little Red Tennessee Walker Horse 1990-2008 Beverly Christisn
April's Little 'Secret' Domestic Cat 09/04-04/13/07 Marilyn Priest
April's Little Secret Domestic Cat 09/2005-04/13/07 Marilyn Priest
April-Violet Rabbit 01/04/00-29/01/02 Diane and Geoff
Apush Orange Tabby Cat 7 years 2 months 09/09/10 Putri Ili
Aqsaq's One Tu Watch Over Me (Shellby) Alaskan Malamute 06/27/96-03/02/02 Stephanie & Brandi Callaway
Aqua Budgerigar 15/11/00-30/11/02 Lara Arnott
Aquarious Domestic Long Hair Cat Carolyn Crossgrove
Aquarius Mix Cat 02/10/89-04/04/05 Kate Grimley
Aquila Dark Eyed White Ferret 6?-06/10/03 Bonnie
Aquila DSH Cat 9 years 03/19/13 Grace Knoof
Aquilles Red Dachshund 07/2000-01/14/13 Kristina
Ara Dog 11 years 29/09/08 Vitaliy
Ara Gray/White/Golden Tabby Cat 20 years 05/17/99 Susan and Craig Hebrlee
Ara Rottie 9 1/2 years Renice
Arabella Jack Russell Terrier 03/19/96-07/28/10 Suzy Strayhorn
Arabella Poodle Mix 11/95-10/05/11 Debra Mikolajczyk
Arabella Ragdoll Cat 30/08/09 Carol
Arabella Rat 12/23/17-02/18/18 Sabrina
Arabella Saint Bernard 02/01/06-01/28/09 Anne Clark
Arabia Chocolate Lab 01/14/93-12/07/03 Maria, Mark and Jack
Arabia Scottie/Dachshund Mix 04/05/03-05/26/14 Kip Fagan
Arabia Shepherd Mix 14 + years 05/03/11 Andrew & Victoria Housley
Arabia, Star of The Desert Sky Chocolate Lab 01/14/93-12/07/03 Maria Mirti and Mark Fielding
Arabian Colt Kim W
Arabian Horse Lysa
Aragon, Arwin, Esmeralda and Quasimodo Degus Rodent 11/11/05 Calium Beauregard
Aragorn Burley Boxer 05/15/04-02/05/15 Bill Burley
Arahi Shirley Arabian Horse Natasha Guest
Arai Maltese 08/22/04-12/09/05 Kristal Jones
Araminta DSH Tabby Cat 1973-1992 Tricia and Nan
Aramis Abbysinian Guinea Pig 5 months 12/31/00 Tracy Allen
Aramis and Amos Cats 1982 The Larson Family
Aramis Black and Tan Doberman 13 1/2 years 01/15/98 Christiana Miller
Aramis Doberman 13 1/2 years01/15/98 Christiana Miller
Aramis Leonberger 06/14/06-07/15/11 Veronica
Aramis Norwegian Forest Cat 03/04-09/13/07 Sergey Fedosov
Aramis Siberian Husky 01/16/08 Rick and Jamie
Aramis Yorkie 11/20/82-08/28/99 Dorothy Jackson
Aran Girl Yorkie Poo 13 years 03/22/13 Sheila Cothern
Arashi Siberian Husky 12/01/99-12/03/11 Sc B. McKinney
Araya Chow/Shep Mix 05/15/94-02/03/03 John, Jenifer, and Damien Cooper
Arazi Vizsla 13 years 06/13/05 Charlene Anderson
Arbie Alvarez Toy Poodle 03/13/94-10/31/07 Rene Alvarez
Arbie Dachshund 09/15/92-10/05/05 Vickie
Arbie White Cat 11/26/96 Billy
Arbor Cockapoo 06/15/95-04/05/06 Nicole & Todd
Arbor Weaver Labrador/Shepherd 14 years 04/03/11 Deborah Weaver
Arby Blotched Blue-Tongue Lizard 07/24/10 Jacinta Porter
Arby Domestic Cat 13 years 09/17/04 Kristie Kloss
Arby Domestic Long Hair Cat 05/12/85-04/07/02 Susan Fraley
Arby Lab Mix 14 years 03/18/02 Kelly Fisher
Arby Lab/Collie Mix 10/14/97-03/07/02 Gina and Jim Evans
Arby Ragdoll Cat 11/05/06 Stephen Jew
Arc Dachshund 07/18/09-01/01/12 Daniela Nosenzo
Arca Weimaraner 09/28/98-11/06/10 Rich Steel
Arcade Cario Cat 19 years 05/06/10 Beth Cario
Arcadius Horse 8 years 05/12/12 Lori
Arcey Siberian Husky 12/25/01-03/17/14 Luis and Steffi Galindo
Archer Bichon Frise 15 1/2 years 07/03/12 Lou & Alan Crabtree
Archer Cat 09/11/09 Kim D
Archer Cat 09/2004-09/02/05 Sylvia Holder
Archer Cat 11 years 09/05/10 Karen Thieryung
Archey Beagle 07/23/06 Rebecca
Archi Hanoverian Horse 17 years 04/20/03 Kaley Pratt
Archi Labrador 12/19/00-08/21/12 Claire
Archi Mendoza American Short Hair Cat 4 months 10/01/16 Miguel Mendoza
Archibald Hulst Cat 14 years Brett
Archibald Katimus DSH Cat 04/28/03 Laurie and Dave Lessig
Archie - Me Old Boy Domestic Short Hair - Black Cat 20 years 11/02/06 Elizabeth M. Ginn
Archie (Parchie Peaman) Scruff 11 years 20/03/06 Lisa Corkerry
Archie Ambery Bullmastiff Mix 05/05/97-06/06/11 Linda & Bob Ambery
Archie B Alaskan Husky 09/16/97 Jackie, Leroy, Jim, JayLee
Archie Ball Brown Cocker Spaniel 09/04/98-02/15/12 Linda McCallister
Archie Beagle 08/26/04-12/15/06 Sarah & Brandon
Archie Beagle 16 years 03/28/11 Linda and Allen
Archie Bear German Shorthaired Pointer 7 years 20/02/12 Corrie
Archie Black and Tan Coonhound 12/26/10-07/16/12 Mark and Donna Franczak
Archie Black Cat 09/25/93 Anna Tishkovets
Archie Black Cat 09/25/93-05/24/10 Anna Tishkovets
Archie Bo MacLeod Border Collie 06/01/98-01/25/13 Therese
Archie Boxer 01/21/11 Lacy Merrill
Archie Boxer 10 years 05/07/13 Russ and Julie Wood
Archie Bremsner Jack Russell Terrier 06/14/89-11/11/06 Susan Bremsner
Archie Brown Tabby Cat 8 months 05/20/00 Geri
Archie Cairn 12 years 01/01/11 Sylvie Rimmer
Archie Cat 04/01/90-12/27/02 Sylvia
Archie Cat 07/22/18 Bobby Mahoney
Archie Cat 08/97-10/04/97 Brett Voss
Archie Cat 09/04/12-09/24/14 Catherine
Archie Cat 10/31/94 Margaret Pigue
Archie Cat 2002-07/07/15 Charlotte Feld
Archie Chihuahua 07/01/00-01/21/15 Leslie Taylor
Archie Chocolate Labrador 11 years 01/11/99 Katie & mum
Archie Chocolate Labrador Retriever 02/27/96-07/23/09 Maureen Henning
Archie Cockapoo 11 years 09/23/08 Scott and Tracy
Archie Cockatiel 06/15/08-10/13/13 Erin
Archie Cocker Spaniel 04/15/01-08/27/09 David Peay
Archie Cocker Spaniel 12/2013 Ellie, Locky, Kevin, Julie
Archie Coonhound 12/26/10-07/16/12 Donna Franczak
Archie Dachshund Corgi Mix 05/25/12-02/10/14 Kathy and Bob Simpson
Archie Dog 2 months 11/19/04 Shobha
Archie Dog 8 1/2 weeks 04/26/09 Julie Hoffman
Archie Domestic Long Haired Tabby Cat 18 Feb 2003-3 April 2009 Hinia
Archie Domestic Short Hair Cat 01/14/88-06/19/02 Penni Phillips
Archie Domestic Short Hair, Black and Gray Tabby Cat 11/15/84-08/21/00 Gloria Roubal
Archie Dorman Welsh Corgi 01/06/00-12/11/07 Amy, Sharon and Bill Dorman
Archie DSH Cat 04/15/98-04/12/10 Christi Saltonstall
Archie DSH Cat 06/21/88-04/20/02 Janet Poore
Archie DSH Cat 10 years 08/15/06 Bridget Bohnet
Archie Flame Point Himalayan Cat 05/29/94-07/24/09 Elaine
Archie German Shepherd 12/28/92-04/09/02 Andrew
Archie German Shepherd/Golden Retriever 07/92/09/24/02 Michelle Cole
Archie Golden Retriever 1/20/88-01/07/99 Christopher Nilo
Archie Golden Retriever 10 years 12/17/01 The Hilbelink Family
Archie Gray and White Domestic Short Hair Cat 15 1/2 years 05/91 Nikki
Archie Hall Yorkshire Terrier 05/17/13 Carol and Ed Hall
Archie Italian Greyhound 09/13/99-09/18/00 Kim Ortiz
Archie Italian Spinone 29/02/00-10/01/08 Jacqui & Matt Whitworth
Archie Jack Russell Terrier 11 years 11/04/11 Keith, Lisa, and Owen Smith
Archie Jenday Parrot 06/15/97-08/01/98 Marcia and Fredric
Archie Lab Beagle Mix 05/01/95-08/14/09 Jeannette St. Aubin
Archie Lab/Shepherd 13 years 01/30/04 Jill McIllwraith
Archie Longshaw Boxer 01/02/05-26/05/13 Debbie Longshaw
Archie Martin Aussie Shepherd Mix 10/01/89-07/28/06 Kathie Martin
Archie Mini Dachshund X Jack Russell 16 months 11/23/08 Michelle & Michelle
Archie of Maine Siamese Cat 10/2007 Liz Thorunn
Archie Orange Tabby Cat 08/95-01/01/15 Michelle
Archie Orange Tabby Cat 10 years 05/23/09 Shani
Archie Papillion 01/30/13 Tom, Gerri and John Skordas
Archie Peifley White/Grey Cat 16 years 03/01/06 Patti
Archie Pembroke Welsh Corgi 09/23/90-06/16/99 Jeff & Deb Peterson
Archie Persian Cat 10/29/00-12/13/10 Kim Rice
Archie Poodle 04/21/77 J. I. Kelso
Archie Pug 2 1/2 years 07/13/03 carrie and eddy
Archie Rat 08/15/05-01/03/08 Jayne Taylor
Archie Rubin Dog 02/10/08 The Rubin Family and Friends
Archie Schnauzer 12 years 03/30/01 Richard
Archie Scottish Terrier 03/64 Elizabeth Bartz
Archie Scottish Terrier 12/10/98-04/14/10 Melanie
Archie Shetland Sheepdog 04/26/93-05/20/07 Linda and Jonathan Sisson
Archie Shih Tzu 09/15/00-08/18/13 Patricia Danco
Archie Shih-Tzu 03/16/95-08/17/11 H. Ford
Archie Siberian Husky 01/23/98-01/23/09 Kirk and Dawn
Archie St. Bernard 02/03/06-07/04/07 Kelly Mayhew
Archie Staffie 13 years 15/09/11 Taylor
Archie Staffordshire Bull Terrier 13 years 15/09/11 D Taylor
Archie Tabby Cat 08/19/86-09/10/04 Katy, Sammy, Danny & Mike
Archie Tiger Kitten 08/28/07-12/23/07 Phil
Archie Toy Poodle 02/04/06-12/20/13 Annette Thomson
Archie Toy Poodle 3 years 08/10/07 Dave Christine, Ellie Kugel
Archie Watson Lhasa Apso 04/01/98-05/06/05 Chris & Graham Watson
Archie West Highland White Terrier 08/17/95-05/05/09 Duncan Forster
Archie WestHighland Terrier 10/25/96-10/17/05 Rod and Suzi Streib
Archie Yellow Lab 09/06/04-10/03/17 Gary
Archie Yorkie 06/27/78-09/24/95 Inez and Otts Dotterweich
Archie Yorkie Mix 05/1996-06/30/10 Carla
Archie Yorkshire Terrier 05/04/04-10/28/09 Sapna Maloor
Archie Yorkshire Terrier 09/01/94-09/22/06 Mary Jo Raulerson
Archiebear Australian Terrier 06/14/90-08/10/04 Judi Pennington
Archimedes Ferret 12/11/09-02/18/15 Katie, Mitchel and Kitten
Archmaire's Another Chance (Trevor) Shetland Sheepdog 02/23/89-06/24/99 Susan Bailey
Archy Cat 10 March 1994-25 July 2007 Janet Wright
Archy Parakeet 5 years 08/06/07 Amanda Kruse
Archy. Ferret 1 1/2 years 09/28/06 Jen
Arco Ashes Batty Gray Longhaired Cat 04/17/13 Alana Batty
Arctic Star (Puppydog) Malamute 04/12/91-11/27/99 Christopher P. Kupris
Ardan CuCarliam Greyhound 01/22/00-12/30/09 Bill Marshall
Ardeth Siamese Cat 23/09/04-28/04/06 Joanne
Ardie Boston Bull/Yorkie 09/02/02 Kerri
Ardie Bull/Yorkie 09/02/02 Kerri
Ardie Ginger Cat 17 years David Kathy Nick and Sarah
Arena Puerto Rican Golden 02/14/89-03/05/04 Linda and Susan
Arenray's Reminisce (Marty) Shetland Sheepdog 6 years 03/17/00 Karen
Ares Cardigan Welsh Corgi 09/25/06-01/27/12 Carla C
Ares Cat 10/19/92-05/10/08 Christa and Stephen
Ares Domestic Shor Hair Cat 07/04/99-11/09/01 Wendie
Ares DSH Tiger Cat 13 years 03/29/12 Andy and Beckie
Ares Ferret 02/07/98-08/30/03 Angela Warner
Ares German Shepherd - Chow 07/02/08 Norman Shibley
Ares German Shepherd 01/02/92-02/22/05 Linda & Piotr
Ares German Shepherd 02/27/10-10/23/11 Edward and Melissa Hicks
Ares German Shepherd 05/11/95-06/24/07 Bob and Sheila Maxson
Ares German Shepherd 05/13/94-10/19/00 Barbara Dal Cin
Ares Golden Retriever 03/01/09-09/24/18 Pamela Eneix
Ares Neufeld Red Heeler 4 years 11/26/18 Vic Beth Neufeld
Ares Tuxedo Cat 11/05/85-11/12/06 Michelle
Ares von Steele Rottie 09/09/90-10/21/99 Debbie
Aretha Lab Mix 11/21/02 Connie Hill
Aretha Norman Dog almost 16 years 07/20/02 Bart
Arf Labrador 11/13/12-01/03/14 Jesika Ashwin Archana
Arfee Yorkshire Terrier 02/13/83-08/31/99 Teri Frosto
Arfer Murri Golden Retriever 03/17/84-01/09/98 Karen D. Tweet Laufer
Argent Cat 16 years Sonja
Argis Cat 08/07/06 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary/Joni
Argo Chinese Shar Pei 03/30/02-06/02/13 Gina Daguanno
Argo Doberman Pinscher 10/04/94-11/17/99 Lisa
Argo German Shepherd K9 Officer 9 years 10/02/98 Cathy
Argo Ragdoll Cat 05/15/96-09/30/06 Lorne Hill
Argos Alaskan Malamute 02/07/03-03/29/12 Keri Carbert
Argos Bernese Mountain Dog 09/15/93-11/05/04 Ellen Kippel and Kenyon Donohew
Argos Brahma Boxer 02/10/02-08/30/10 Juno
Argos Fidel Barahona Doberman 03/21/12-06/06/18 Ghislaine Barahona
Argos German Shepherd 13 years 3rd May 2010 Bernice McNeil
Argos Greyhound 9 years 11/27/04 Rebecca & Jason
Argos Rottweiler 10 years 09/95 Nancy Reed
Argus (Lord Argus of Balnamore CD JH) 03/91-10/17/93 Marge Benham-Hutchins
Argus Boston Terrier 05/28/00-09/19/13 Rod and Gabi Farmer
Argus Bouvier 13 years 07/26/99 Shirley Foster
Argus Cat 06/15/01-09/24/01 Roger
Argus Cocker Mix 10/31/90-12/21/07 Anne Reed
Argus DSH Cat 6 years 06/17/11 Matt & Lisa
Argus German Shepherd 9+ years 06/26/06 Dan Dupert
Argus McGee Red Doberman 01/16/94-10/21/00 Lori Williams
Argus White Shepherd Mix 11/11/88-07/21/03 Felicia Allen
Arguswebbs Second Chance (Dillon) Rottweiler 12/97-12/21/03 Lesley
Argyle Coye Scottish Terrier 03/29/06-07/15/07 Lynn and William Coye
Argyle Dachshund 08/04/97-10/04/12 Gene and Nancy
Ari - Pinc Pinch 2006-03/31/17 Marko
Ari American Pitt Bull Terrier 02/14/99-06/23/07 Emily Beverage
Ari Ben Giles, Pumpkin and Charlotte Marie Cats 12, 12 and 16 years 2002, 2003 and 2008 Margaret Ann Giles
Ari Bengal Cat 05/14/07-01/24/14 Kristin Kitterman
Ari Bernese Mountain Dog 07/10/93-11/30/04 Brenda Sanders
Ari Boy Doberman 03/84-03/86 Joe & Carolyn Killebrew
Ari Budgie 4 1/2 years 08/31/98 Jenny and Doug
Ari Cream Tabby Cat 12/04/86-05/24/03 Lisa Hadler
Ari Dutch Shepherd 2002-10/26/11 Valerie Marsh
Ari German Shepherd 03/06/89-01/24/99 Anna Orjuela
Ari German Shepherd 11/09/93-03/25/01 Maureen Gamma
Ari Golden Retriever 11/21/03-05/17/05 Nicole
Ari Green Cheek Conure 2 years 03/10/98 Meg Still
Ari Grey Cat 17 years 10/03/97 Kathleen Kelley
Ari Jack Russell 01/01/07-02/23/16 Jaramy
Ari Yorkshire Terrier 14 years 10/31/86 Evangeline Liquori
Aria Black Lab 05/04/04-10/17/08 Pam Nelson
Aria British Shorthair Cat 1 year 05/21/17 Hannah Taylor
Aria Cat 10/20/96 J. Cherer
Aria German Shepherd Puppy 5 months 10/07/07 Heather and Nate
Aria Maltese 06/23/95-02/16/00 Mary Miner, Afton and Almitra
Aria Morgan Yorkie Poo 05/01/15-08/19/15 Abdur-Rahman, Theresa, Gabriel and Lillian Morgan
Aria Old English Sheepdog 02/07/01-02/06/03 Carolyn Preston and family
Aria Z Tortoiseshell Cat 19 years 07/26/07 Kathleen Bishop
Ariadne Chinchilla 02/14/88-03/07/03 Sarah
Arial Budgie 01/08/07-01/04/08 Justin
Arial Cat 01/05/09 Stephanie
Arial Dalmatian 04/16/95-06/19/07 Kim and Keith Tokonitz
Arial Part Maine Coon/Tabby Cat 7 years? 10/09/04 Marilyn Trubey
Arian (Sawatao Ariannaid Glas) Korat Cat 05/29/85-12/20/02 Helen
Arianna Cat 02/11/04-08/16/18 Gabriela y Valeria Verges
Arianna Tortiepoint Himalayan Persian Cat 04/03/10-11/03/11 Meredith Fallow
Aribeth Siamese Cat 16 months 2005 Joanne
Arie Dog 13 years 05/27/18 Ryan, Erika and Jake
Ariel & Jake Dogs 1998 Barbara & Ronald
Ariel 04/93 Carmen Curtis
Ariel American Eskimo Dog 12/28/99-09/25/11 Oscar Garcia
Ariel American Eskimo Dog 14 years 04/28/05 Debra & Sara Zimmerman
Ariel American Shorthair Cat 17 years 06/09/07 Robin Hair
Ariel and Henry Dog and Cat 9 and 4 years 2004 Vicki and Kristen Sharer
Ariel Arroyo Persian Cat 7 years 06/12/17 Dolly Arroyo
Ariel Black Lab 11/09/90-2005 Kevin, Vicki, Allison, & Alicia Sharp
Ariel Border Collie 09/26/98-08/10/08 Linda Carson
Ariel Boxer 2 1/2 years 06/23/07 Kristin Corbi
Ariel Boxer Mix 02/15/93-09/21/06 Nancy Cancilla & Trevor Church
Ariel Boxer Mix 02/15/93-09/21/06 Nancy Cancilla and Trevor Church
Ariel Brindley Moggie Cat 09/97-11/04/14 Fiona Brindley
Ariel Budgie 4 years 07/98 Karen
Ariel Calico Cat 05/08/90-02/01/00 Linda S. Hartman
Ariel Calico Cat 06/01/91-08/17/05 Marty, Sue, & Jake
Ariel Calico Cat 16 1/2 years 03/22/06 Sarah Macht
Ariel Cat 03/15/89-04/24/03 John Radtke
Ariel Cat 08/17/07 Jeffrey Huff
Ariel Cat 09/87-09/22/97 Karen C. Kastler
Ariel Cat 10 years 12/04/05 Hazel Stock
Ariel Cat 10/10/89-07/28/03 Lisa
Ariel Cat 12 years 01/27/07 Patty Oates
Ariel Cat 12/06/09 Jay & Melissa
Ariel Cat 13 years 05/24/10 Karen & Kaitlyn Holihan
Ariel Cat 14 1/2 years 01/05/98 Priscilla
Ariel Cat 19 years 11/20/06 Kate Seago
Ariel Cat 7 years 10 months 11/30/12 Tammy Fredrickson
Ariel Cat 9 years 01/21/01 April
Ariel Chihuahua 01/19/94-07/17/02 Ferry, Mitzy, Minnie, Belle and Daisy
Ariel Chihuahua 7 years 12/27/15 Nicki Murphy
Ariel Chihuahua 9 years 11/26/09 AllenD
Ariel Chinchilla Persian Cat 04/20/03 Julie Rios
Ariel Chow/Shepherd Mix 01/10/98-08/09/04 Tammy
Ariel Clutter Rottweiler 10 years 02/09/11 Matthew Clutter
Ariel Connelly Siamese Mix Cat 5 years 09/25/06 Stefanie Connelly
Ariel Dachshund 10/16/95-12/01/10 Linda
Ariel Dalmatian 16 years 07/16/10 Stefanie
Ariel Davis Husky/Shepherd 01/19/91-03/06/05 Susan and Stuart
Ariel Dog 10/01/09 Kevin
Ariel Dom. Short Hair Cat 14 years 07/03/07 Krista Peterson
Ariel Domestic Cat 09/10/06 Kelly Bender
Ariel Domestic Longhair Cat 1999?-04/04/08 Laurah L
Ariel Domestic Short Brown Tabby/Mix Cat 02/04/01-10/24/07 Nancy Rogers
Ariel Domestic Shorthair/Calico Cat 04/14/95-07/12/12 Lisa Wall
Ariel DSH Brown Tiger Cat 08/10/06 Stephanie Maglietta
Ariel DSH Cat 05/15/99-03/13/08 Lori Hanson
Ariel DSH Cat 10/01/92-03/01/11 Vickie Barnes
Ariel Eclectus Bird 12/09/04 Sam
Ariel Elise Australian Shepherd 03/18/04-08/19/08 Myra Sorrell
Ariel Ferret 6 years 12/08/09 Matt Woods
Ariel G Sheltie 07/21/10-11/2010 Kelli G
Ariel German Shepherd 13 years 11/12/02 Pat and Steve Bates
Ariel Golden Retriever 04/18/05-09/23/13 Dorothy Cramer
Ariel Golden Retriever 08/08/89-08/21/01 John and Victoria Kramer
Ariel Golden Retriever week of 09/13-22/02 Vicki Dick and Ewan
Ariel Graham Siamese Cat 01/12/92-05/12/05 Alana Graham
Ariel Great Dane 09/08/98-02/13/01 Jennifer
Ariel Hartman Poodle 10/14/93-02/23/04 Mick and Shannon Wilson
Ariel Heather Gray Longhair Cat 9 years 10/01/97 Emily Herrick
Ariel Horse 03/26/04 Alexandra
Ariel Husky/Beagle 5 years 11/97 Lisa Venezia
Ariel Joyce Pekingese 12/01/05-08/27/17 Natalie Whitcroft
Ariel Kelchner Black Lab 02/13/06 Ariel
Ariel Khoo Dwarf Mix / Domestic Rabbit 03/02/05-02/12/13 C.P. Khoo
Ariel Lake Boxer 08/13/02-12/13/05 Patricia Lake
Ariel Liles German Shepherd 10 years 12/21/16 Liz & Charles Liles
Ariel Maine Coon Cat 08/01/90-11/01/06 Monique Koller
Ariel Maine Coon Cat 10 years 12/16/99 Jan and Randy
Ariel Maine Coon Mix Cat 12/31/01 Gita Devi
Ariel Mexican Hairless 6 months 1991 Annette
Ariel Mini Dachshund 01/15/90-05/22/05 Pat & Tom
Ariel Mixed Dog 11/25/88-09/26/97 Jaclyn Willis
Ariel Moon Boxer 06/27/09 Frank, Teri, Stef, Lindsey & Baxter
Ariel Mutt 14 years 11/08/04 Barb
Ariel Norwegian Elkhound 10/09/96-10/22/12 Caroline
Ariel Orange and White Tabby Cat 19 1/2 years 02/20/02 Tammy Waite
Ariel Pit Bull Mix 06/01/01-12/03/12 Roseann Salazar
Ariel Pitbull 02/21/12 Chrisitna Taitague
Ariel Poodle 03/13/90-08/23/04 Joy Quirk
Ariel Rat 10/97-10/18/99 Halle Amick
Ariel Rottweiler 6 years 08/31/01 Monica, Rich, Kelsey, and Kayla
Ariel Rough Collie 07/05/91-06/28/04 Ted & Lynda
Ariel Sheltie 04/19/91-07/02/07 Susan Hughes
Ariel Sheltie 05/29/94 Karen Munster
Ariel Sheltie 08/05/98-02/04/08 Billie Jo Eckert
Ariel Sheltie Mix 15 years 10/21/14 Kurt Meehan
Ariel Shorthair Cat 16 years 05/08/12 Alora Eovaldi
Ariel Siamese Cat 15 years 12/14/95 Cameron Carpino
Ariel Siamese Cat Summer 1996-07/10/09 Sandra Seda
Ariel Siberian Husky 03/17/05-05/28/06 Devon and Shawn
Ariel St Bernard 01/97-07/14/08 Kim Bongartz
Ariel Tabby Cat 15 years 09/07/05 The Dobbs Family
Ariel Teacup Poodle 12 years 09/10/04 Beverly Palmer
Ariel Topaz Rat 03/13/09-12/22/10 Justine Brown
Ariel Tuxedo Domestic Short Hair Cat 16 years 06/30/06 Sandy Cannon & Mary Spencer
Ariel Yorkie 01/11/96-07/24/11 Sharon Edmondson
Ariel Yorkie 14 years 11/15/05 Betty Kryszewski
Ariel, Pawnee Horses 03/26/04 William, Alex & Friends Members
Ariella Cat 06/17/07 Glenn Long
Arielle American Eskimo Dog 07/20/91-07/03/05 Jenifer Weigand
Arielle Bird 08/05/00 Renee
Arielle Cat 06/14/07 Lisa Higgs
Arielle Cat 10/10/89-07/28/03 Lisa
Arielle Cat 10/10/90-07/28/03 Lisa
Arielle Dalmatian 09/94-05/28/06 Christine Aakjar
Arielle Maine Coon Cat 05/15/95-09/02/98 Emilie Young
Arielle Rat 3 years 03/26/09 Lauren & Matt
Arielle Siamese Cat 07/01/88-05/12/07 Elizabeth
Aries Black Cat 6 years 08/20/99 Bob Quigley
Aries Black Labrador 12 years 04/24/03 Allisong
Aries Border Collie/Husky 03/16/95 11/22/99 Lee & Mike Wyszynski
Aries Boxer 06/06/04-02/28/11 Alyssa Anderson
Aries Cat Looked like a tiger: Black and dark brown stripes 31/10/98-08/10/11 N.K
Aries Doby/Rot 8 1/2 years 12/14/10 The Viano Family
Aries Domestic Shorthair Cat 18 months 11/08/11 Michelle
Aries DSH Cat 11 years 05/05/12 Mel Briggs
Aries Ferret 2 1/2 years 08/13/08 Beth Couch & Ray Preszler
Aries German Shepherd 03/08/89-02/19/05 Kris Pellizzari
Aries German Shepherd 05/07/92-10/05/02 Tracey Berrios
Aries German Shorthair Pointer 08/02/00-02/13/12 Rob & Joanna Fleskes
Aries Pitbull 05/31/11 Eve Daniel
Aries Samoyed 9 years 05/2002 Rita
Aries Sheltie 01/17/94-10/25/02 Linda-Anne Kahn
Aries Wilder Black Long Hair Cat 08/08/05-12/13/09 Colleen Wilder
Aries, Angel & Hamsters Hamsters Nov 05, Dec 05 & Jan 06 Katherine Tan
Aris Dog 03/14/02-12/27/06 Efi P
Aris Rottweiler 09/22/90-09/17/01 Karyn Janulis
Arista Collie 11 years 08/10/91 Kim Carnahan
Arista Dog 14 years 08/18/06 Susan
Arista German Shepherd 05/11/87-02/09/00 Ingrid
Aristead Cat 7 years 03/04/05 Judyann Furth
Aristi Shatz Standard Poodle 04/12/94-10/31/00 Traci Martin
Aristotle Bulldog 11 years 11/28/05 Deborah
Aristotle Cat 04/91-03/11/01 M. Pipik and G. Hritz
Aristotle Chocolate Lab 07/04/02-07/26/11 Deatra, Wayne, Juanita, and Jessica
Aristotle Doberman 11/07/00-04/09/10 Heather J. Sobko
Aristotle Domestic Short Hair Cat 08/17/01-08/06/10 Priscilla
Aristotle DSH Cat 14 years 11/11/16 Aislinn
Aristotle Parakeet 9 months 09/06/18 Emma Cain
Aristotle Pekinese Mix 03/25/97-08/04/97 Kristi Craig and JoLynnia Luttrell
Aristotle Petrulakis Scottish Terrier 08/01/93-03/04/06 Elaine Petrulakis
Aristotle Tree Frog 08/30/04 Victor E Sumney
Arisu Mouse 12/01/12 Diadra Lynn
Arizona American Bulldog 01/12/07 Raquel & Ray
Arizona Beagle 05/03/94-05/29/01 Jamie and Jim Disterhaupt
Arizona Cat 2000 Trish Klemm
Arizona Chow Mix 17 years 05/05/11 Gil Hodges
Arizona DLH Cat 9 years 07/23/97 Stephanie Campbell
Arizona German Shepherd 11/22/00-01/26/09 Mark, Kathleen and Miranda Swineford
Arizona Golden Retriever 06/17/09 Sue Boppel
Arizona Golden Retriever 08/01/94-02/06/07 Sharon McBride
Arizona Jack Russell 12/23/96-08/29/11 Lisa Prestia
Arizona Kitten 06/98 Deb
Arizona Maple Norlin Calico Cat 01/01/99-12/08/14 Katie
Arizona Red Long Hair Dachshund Mix 14 years 11/11/10 Jeanne
Arizona Seal Point Siamese Cat 07/02/97-03/11/00 Sandy Newfield
Arizona Siamese Kitten 6 weeks 07/21/98 Joellen
Arizona Tabby and White Cat 1987-11/15/06 Fredda
Arizona Tuxedo Cat 08/13/09 Carol Mitchell
Ark Choc. Lab/ Pitbull 10 years 08/15/13 Patrick Coons
Ark Sheltie/spaniel 01/31/92-11/25/03 Josh, Jordan, Mary, Jim Griffith
Arkadash Tabby Cat 09/03/87-12/22/02 Lorraine Russell
Arkansas Diamond Duke Beller Brittany 04/26/96-01/12/11 Bill Beller and Karen Beller
Arko GSRNE #62 German Shepherd 12/08/03 Anka and Richard
Arkouda Ferret 04/16/04-09/24/10 Robin L
Arky Lankford Orange & White Cat 05/93-05/26/05 Joanne and Scott Lankford
Arky Wire Haired Fox Terrier 12/28/87-09/21/00 Howard and Margaret
Arlan Greyhound 08/24/96-01/21/08 Tracy
Arlee Cat 10/02/05 Scott Berger
Arlen Miniature Schnauzer 05/29/97-10/06/11 Teresa
Arlen Shitzu 09/19/08 Linda Folley
Arlene Cat 02/05/09-05/20/14 Rob
Arlene Domestic Shorthair Cat 11/01/89-12/19/07 Tuba Gokcek
Arlene Moggy Cat 12/12/02 Julie
Arlene Russian Blue Cat 20 years 08/20/04 Anna Marie Tsikhlakis
Arlene Tuxedo Cat 17 1/2 years 01/12/11 Kathy & Tim Lawrence
Arletta Pom 11/25/98-10/19/09 Ellen and Rickie
Arlette Long Hair Chi 1999-11/15/16 Lee & Jean Louis
Arley Yellow Lab Mix 03/88-03/24/99 Janet
Arlie American Eskimo Dog Dog 08/10/88-02/16/02 Jeni Junius
Arlie Cocker Spaniel Mix 09/20/87-02/09/05 Lynda Janson
Arlie Queensland Heeler 08/91-04/23/02 John
Arlington (Arly) Alpaca 11/17/91-09/27/06 Randay & Karen
Arlinton's Patent Pending (Patti) Siberian Husky 03/07/02 Amanda Quintero
Arliss Black Long-Haired Cat 07/08/90-08/22/98 Mikki and John Marchewitz
Arliss Dog 05/16/05 Sabrina Pinnock
Arlo Appaloosa Horse 1989-09/06/08 Cindie Willoughby
Arlo Bernese Mountain Dog 04/04/97-05/31/98 Anna
Arlo Black Lab 04/16/90-04/30/96 Gloria
Arlo Bond Maltese 06/25/96-02/09/05 Cindy
Arlo Bull Terrier 08/04/94-07/23/01 Kari, Marty & Winky Dailey
Arlo Cat 03/01/91-09/20/03 Jennifer Grundy
Arlo Cat 12 years 03/07/16 Dolores Benton
Arlo Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 08/14/00-01/13/06 Ray Bepko
Arlo Cocker spaniel 06/03/92-05/06/01 Sandie & Gerry
Arlo Collie/Mixed 05/09/98 Dave Soos
Arlo Collie/Shep Mix 6 years 08/03/96 Joanna Turpin
Arlo Dachshund Rottweiler Cross 06/04/01-06/28/11 Bill
Arlo Dog 01/01/79-04/14/97 Susan and Martin Rhoad
Arlo Finnegan Irish Setter 02/06/96-02/22/04 Jennifer & Mark
Arlo Great Pyrenees 7 years 06/19/08 Susan Shorter
Arlo Guthrie Moore Goldfish 10/01/12 Siobhan Leeway-Moore
Arlo Kemper Rottweiler 7 years 09/26/06 Lori and Kris Kemper
Arlo Maine Coon Cat 19 years 10/29/11 Sandy & Dicky Hayes
Arlo Mixed Breed Dog 1970-1984 Rachel
Arlo Mixed Calico Cat 04/21/86-11/22/04 Denise, Jeff, and Tiffany Marshall
Arlo Orange Tabby Cat 02/14/95-02/23/09 Amy
Arlo Parlo Tabby Cat 3 years 10/15/06 Doris Whittaker
Arlo Patterdale Cross 1989-28/01/14 Josie
Arlo Portuguese Water Dog/Tibetan Terrier Mix 04/15/99-04/03/10 Ellen
Arlo Pug 11/26/03-04/28/05 Katie Jurgensen and Ben O'Neall
Arlo Siamese 06/74-08/96 Caryn & Jerry Williams
Arlo Standard Poodle 03/28/93-12/26/04 Laurie
Arlo Wagoner Harlequin Great Dane 8 1/2 years 09/11/12 Judy Wagoner
Arlo White Cat 06/93-09/08/05 Terri & Pat Thrapp
Arly Yellow Tabby Cat 10/16/11 Maria
Armadaius Dada Mozart Scott Pomeranian 04/03/08-10/20/15 April Riley and John Scott
Armadillo Seal-Point Himalayan Cat 01/87-05/07/00 Tracy Zetko-White
Armand Black Cat 10 years 10/25/09 Shannon and Dan
Armand Cuneo Turkish Angora Cat 12 years 11/14/09 Scott and Caroline
Armand Mini Dachshund 07/11/11 Ava Karen Roman
Armand Whippet/Shepherd Mix 1986-05/17/02 Mindy
Armando Doberman 8 months 02/03/98 C.J. Ortega
Armani Burch Maltese with Golden Eyes 04/28/99-03/21/03 DeeDee
Armani Chihuahua 12 years 07/31/12 Lynnette Favrin
Armani German Shorthair Pointer 01/19/04 Tammy Corbeau
Armani Golden Retriever 08/04/11-09/20/16 Marisa
Armani Tuxedo Cat 01/07/05-11/07/06 Nan Sprester
Armani Yorkie 03/06/08-04/13/11 Victor Rodriguez
Armidaus (Army) Husky Mix 02/05/97-06/20/02 Tiffany Manowski
Armis Cat 8 years 11/10/06 Jessica Coughlin
Armistead 14 years 08/01/02 Michael Heaton
Armistead Basset Hound 02/13/04 Diane
Armold John Harris Cat 1996 10/98 Sheila & Alan
Armscrest Shamrocks Lusty Lady Golden Retriever 11/21/86 -04/09/95 Elaine Cochrane
Armstrong (Army) Old English Mastiff 07/21/02 Randy
Armstrong Airedale 01/96-03/28/06 Joy Austin
Armstrong Dog 13 years 12/13/13 Dianna Engler
Armstrong Long Haired Dachshund 04/29/95-02/27/11 Taylor and Joy
Armstrong Mixed Dog 14 years 12/07/09 Bill
Armstrong Von Schmidt (aka Armstrong) Rottweiler 02/26/93-08/31/98 Julie Hoffman
Arna Mixed Cat 10/30/05 E.C. & Sandra Walker
Arnaki (little lamb in Greek) MaltiPoo 07/04/95-11/17/10 Mariakay Chakos
Arni Border Collie 5 months Anita Reisdorfer
Arnie (Arnold Swarzenegger) Ginger Cat 12/30/05 Colebourn Family
Arnie (The Dish) Cross Breed Dog 17 years 25/03/06 V. Tracey
Arnie and Kita Beagle/King Charles & Mix Cat 6 years / 8 months 04/11/01 & 05/21/01 Angela Schulze
Arnie Appenzeller/Border Collie 09/15/05-04/16/06 Melinda Channing
Arnie Barnie Lurcher/German Shepherd 1 year 5th September 2002 Liz Williams
Arnie Bird 12/22/97-12/22/98 Lisa Bird
Arnie Boston 06/04/99-06/13/10 Ellen Breslin
Arnie Cat 07/01/97-02/26/10 Jackie
Arnie Cat 10 years 10/17/02 Dennis
Arnie Cat 13 years 02/28/02 Irene Marks
Arnie Cocker 13 years 06/08/07 Steve Tuttle
Arnie Cocker 17 years 03/31/05 Jon, Connie, Rachel, & Brian
Arnie Cocker Spaniel 17 years 03/31/05 Connie Grafton
Arnie Coker Spaniel 11/09/93-12/05/09 Chris, Janine, Callie and Wesley Davis
Arnie Cream & White Persian Cat 01/15/89-11/24/01 Mike & Kim
Arnie Doberman Pinscher 13 years 02/19/96 Jennifer Schuyler
Arnie Domestic Long Hair Cat 06/01/01-08/29/08 Christine, Scott, and Brandon Lee
Arnie Ferret 09/21/07-02/17/11 Rebecca Adkins
Arnie German Shepherd Mix 11 years 05/16/02 Bibeau/mcMullen Family
Arnie Golden Hamster 2 years 01/30/02 Jo and Phil
Arnie Halloween Black Cat 15 years 09/17/04 The Logans
Arnie Mixed Dog 14 years 10/25/04 Pam, Ken, April and Amber
Arnie Pitbull/Boxer Mix 9 years 03/02/12 Ryann Morley
Arnie Shepherd Mix 12 1/2 years 10/19/07 Valerie Parker
Arnie Whiskers Cat 14 years 09/06/09 Debbie Carter
Arno German Shepherd 11/13/05-07/12/13 Shonda
Arnold American Pit Bull Terrier 08/09/95-06/24/05 Christine Knierim
Arnold Basset Hound 05/03/91-11/18/03 Jill Ruderman
Arnold Beagle 04/20/02-03/27/06 Heather
Arnold Boxer 05/93-03/25/02 Margaret Peek
Arnold Cat 05/08/93-03/27/10 Faith
Arnold Chocolate Lab 05/20/04-07/11/08 Ty & Vera
Arnold Collie & Golden Retriever Mix 17 years Spring, 2005 Vickie Eddleman
Arnold Collie 06/06/14 Sue V
Arnold Doberman 04/06/97-05/06/07 Mr Nick & Mrs. Kim Talbot
Arnold Dog 07/01/01-01/02/16 Doug
Arnold Dog 10/28/88-08/13/99 Melissa
Arnold Ferret 08/31/07 Laurie Sayan
Arnold Foster Black Cat 21 years 07/10/04 Erin
Arnold German Shepherd 12 years 05/18/05 Jill Becker
Arnold Grey/White Cat 13 1/2 years 01/15/10 Sabrina
Arnold Greyhound 13 1/2 years 09/13/11 Larry Ringer
Arnold Hound Mix 17 years 07/2005 Jude Carole
Arnold Lab 1990-2007 Jack/Leslie Plecque
Arnold Long-Haired Marmalade Cat 2014-11/30/15 Torrance Bartholomew
Arnold Mini Schnauzer 03/31/04-04/21/09 Fredrik Wallinder
Arnold Orange Tabby DSH Cat 1994-2004 Barbara
Arnold Overman Cat 8 years 10/14/15 Charity Overman
Arnold Potbellied Pig 08/94-07/14/98 Doreen
Arnold Potbellied Pig 10 years 11/05/03 Bob Newhall
Arnold Pug 03/2007-01/11/16 Tara
Arnold Schipperke 1992-05/15/98 Juli S. Thorson
Arnold Schwartzenpuppy Mini Dachshund 14 years 10/28/04 Witalu Horne
Arnold Schwarzendogger Chihuahua 01/90-12/03/02 Sharon Manus
Arnold Shar-Pei 04/27/87-03/31/00 Joe and Jeanne Levrault
Arnold Shih Tzu 12/18/92-01/28/08 Julie
Arnold Terry Springer Spaniel 11/01/95-09/11/07 Marisabel Terry
Arnold the Moose Greyhound 08/90-03/31/00 George and Cat McChristian
Arnold The Terminator Kitty Atlas Black and White Cat 09/01/88-10/25/05 Kelly Atlas
Aron Black Lab 13 years 07.03.2011 Aron
Aron German Shepherd K-9 Officer died 05/15/98 while defending Officer Terry Burnett, Nashville P.D.
Aron Toy Poodle 16+ years 06/20/04 Cathy Bullock
Arpege DSH Brown Tabby Cat 10/23/02 Maureen Maher
Arpege Grey Poodle (Nain) 18 years 1972 Helene and Grandma
Arpel Pomeranian 03/27/82-10/29/94 Ray, Doyle & Betty Gallagher
Arrabella DSH Calico Cat 12 years 02/22/13 Leslie Leavitt
Arran Golden Retriever/Labrador 05/28/94-12/20/96 Ruth Bell
Arras Rottweiler 04/05/95-06/06/02 Bridgett
Arreau Golden 03/05/98-08/29/12 Anne Labombard & Lizzie Jones
Arri Dachshund 07/20/90-02/05/97 Lotta Asp Andersson
Arrianna Estrella Arabian Horse 11/10/01 Marty Osborne
Arric Wolf Hybrid 7 years 06/06/03 Kathi Schneider
Arri's Fezzic Von Der Hexenburg Rottweiler 01/30/97-11/25/97 Amy
Arrow (Dinky) Black Lab/Dalmatian 08/08/87-02/19/01 Shirley Anderson
Arrow (Moser's Old Mountain Arrow) Norwegian Elkhound 09/93-12/26/07 Dennis Moser
Arrow Airedale 05/01/95-07/12/05 Barb Storey
Arrow Beagle 01/05/92-10/21/01 Robert Townsend
Arrow Beagle 1969 Vera K
Arrow Beagle 3 years 05/15/97 Barbara Crump
Arrow Black Lab 18 years 11/99 William and Shannon
Arrow Boxer 12 years 11/03/07 Bob and Clorinda Cormier
Arrow Chocolate Lab 07/05/96-12/27/10 Judy
Arrow Collie 06/18/97-06/17/12 Gail Wolff
Arrow Doberman 01/01/00-10/03/07 Daphne Mitchell and John Cunningham
Arrow Dog 08/07/02 L
Arrow Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Arrow Golden Retriever 03/28/88-06/25/00 Norm S
Arrow Golden Retriever 10/28/96-10/07/10 Shari Hultberg
Arrow Greyhound 09/00 Julia
Arrow Guinea Pig DR Stanczyk
Arrow Horse 1/95 Kimberly S.
Arrow Larsen Orange and White Longhair Kitten 2 months 10/10/05 Julie Larsen
Arrow Propp Chow Chow 13 years Rick Gregg
Arrow Quarter Horse 33 years 05/27/00 Lisa
Arrow Sable Collie 9 months 04/18/98 Cheryl Martel
Arrow Sheltie 17 years 12/23/08 Rick, Maryann, Renelle and Laurel
Arrow, PeeDee, Helen, & Frankie Dogs Trish
Arrowe Fancy Hamster 17/11/98-29/10/00 Katie G
Arrowhead Mix Breed Dog 04/16/98-01/01/01 Amanda Blackburn
Arrowhead Rat 10/12/08 Grace Fogle
Arsenio American Shorthair Cat 10 years 04/15/99 Tiffany Haney
Arson Poteat Boxer 01/01/02-08/28/12 Jamie Poteat
Arson Smokie Blaze Dalmatian 11/16/08-12/01/08 Carol Garrison
Art Cat 08/89-06/08/09 Kate Layman
Art Long Haired Gray Cat 1979-09/25/96 Sue Wilcox
Art Roborovski Dwarf Hamster 12/11/09 Cameron & Kathy King
Arte Andalusian Cross Horse 22 years 03/01/11 Melanie Taylor
Arte Beagle 04/15/94-10/26/06 Pat, Kathy, and Patrick Keane
Artemis (Arti) Cat 11/01/83-02/22/01 Margaret Carney
Artemis (Artie) LeChat Orange Tabby Cat 08/15/06-10/04/11 Eric Pellerin
Artemis (Artie) Puli 02/10/86-06/30/99 Julie Apostolu
Artemis (Arty) Mixed Shorthair Cat 03/27/08 Debbie, Kelsey & Lyndsey Golden
Artemis American Domestic Medium-Hair Pastel Calico Tortie Cat 3 year 06/13/99 Bob Weber
Artemis Blue Neopolitan Mastiff 3 years John Bereza
Artemis Cat 07/10/99-06/23/14 Suzanne Bernardin
Artemis Colleen Cat 12 years 02/27/99 JoAnn Amerson
Artemis Dog 15 years Diane, Laine, Ben, Molly and Jed
Artemis Domestic Medium Hair Pastel Calico Cat 3 years 06/13/99 Bob
Artemis Husky Shepherd Mix 12/07/90-11/11/05 Tamara, Cindy, Bob
Artemis Jennifer Kat Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 13 years 07/11/06 Renee Gillis
Artemis Norwegian Elkhound 01/26/96-10/30/09 Jill Grafton
Artemis Siamese Cat 06/02/03-03/19/13 Rachael Swalley
Artemis Siamese Mix Cat 15 years 01/06/09 Beth Weeks
Artemis Stone Domestic Short Hair Cat 08/01/97-05/11/10 Diane and Jeff Stone
Artemis Tabby Cat 16 years 03/10/06 John and Michael
Artemus Hoover Persian Cat 12/09/00-04/22/17 Stephen and Karen Hoover
Artemus Tabby Cat 04/01/94-12/31/05 Margaret Walsh
Artey Boxer 12/26/03-08/22/13 Kellie Jordan
Arther Orange Tabby Cat 1992-08/29/07 Debbie Mac Donald
Arthur American Short Hair Cat 17 years 05/04/04 Steve Bayer
Arthur and Dudley Dalmatians 02/2002 Ann Downie
Arthur and Morgan Mixed Bunnies 09/28/04 Pamela Packman
Arthur 'Artie' Hubbard Cat 06/06/04 Robin Hubbard
Arthur Artie Tuxedo Cat 11 years 05/14/11 Grace Knoof
Arthur Basset Hound 02/14/01-04/12/11 Erica
Arthur Basset Hound 08/23/01 Ron and Hylene
Arthur Beagle 01/01/92-03/22/07 Carole Scordino
Arthur Bird Budgie 09/20/05 Marie Colacchio
Arthur Black and White Shorthair Cat 1979-09/01/92 Sol
Arthur Black Cat ?/2006-07/21/08 Jennifer
Arthur Black Cat 01/19/85-07/09/01 Susie
Arthur Black Cat 15 years 20/05/04 Janet/steve
Arthur Black Cat 18 years 01/07/00 Karen Wise
Arthur Black Dachshund 07/08/94-01/08/07 Ruby and Doug
Arthur Boxer 07/27/01-01/09/08 Christina Brossé
Arthur British Shorthair Cat 7 years 10/23/99 Julie Prendergast
Arthur Brown Tabby Persian Cat 01/07/96-01/09/09 Tina Marsh
Arthur Cairn Terrier 02/25/97-03/05/13 Carla, Jay and Michaela
Arthur Cat 04/27/86-09/13/02 Sandy
Arthur Cat 05/08/04 Greg and Dianne
Arthur Cat 05/20/02-05/24/07 Tom Olive
Arthur Cat 08/18/14 Jordan Clark
Arthur Cat 1 year 22/03/09 Millie
Arthur Cat 11/06/01 Julie
Arthur Cat 12/06/04 Jodey Castricano
Arthur Cat 13 years 06/11/02 Leslie
Arthur Cat 17 years 01/06/11 Alan Burgess
Arthur Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Arthur Cavacos Cat 05/25/05-04/24/06 Dean Cavacos and Jannette Barger
Arthur Chocolate Cocker Spaniel 11 years 12/10/99 Terrill Woosley
Arthur Cocker Spaniel 06/25/83-09/09/99 Norm & Sue
Arthur Dachshund 15 years 03/27/04 Jenny & Steve Prince
Arthur Dalmatian 10/01/98-08/19/09 Michelle Sartain
Arthur DLH Cat 07/12/99-10/13/99 Linda O'Connor
Arthur Dog 03/28/06 Ann Ferguson
Arthur Dog 11 years Erika Strine
Arthur Dog 2 months 02/27/98 Patricia Kolb
Arthur Domestic Cat 2 1/2 years 01/27/14 Michele Abell
Arthur DSH Cat 07/14/87-07/15/00 Karen & Robert Russo
Arthur DSH Cat 12 years 02/08/99 Paula & John
Arthur Dutch Guinea Pig 01/01/95-07/21/97 Amanda
Arthur English Mastiff X Shepherd 10/2000-10/09/11 Beverley Perrey
Arthur Farquar Black Shorthais Cat 15 years 8th November 2002 Sarah Cochrane
Arthur Ferret 10/28/97-09/06/03 Gary, Robin and Oso Meyering
Arthur Ferret 2004-04/05/07 Amy Akers
Arthur Ferret 4 1/2 years 01/20/06 Jeremy V
Arthur 'Fonzi' Fonzarelli M-L Siberian Husky 06/21/98-01/01/16 Kim & Fred
Arthur Fulmer Black Labrador 09/01/96-06/15/09 Sandra Weir
Arthur German Shepherd 5 years 07/28/09 Pam Lynn
Arthur Gilroy Aubert Cat 05/30/03-07/01/06 Don Gilroy
Arthur Golden Retriever 09/30/99-04/24/12 Helen Bathgate
Arthur Gray Tabby Cat 20 years 11/06/10 Valerie, Mark, Jacqueline & David Boyd
Arthur Grey Cat 04/01/81-05/04/02 Bonnie Cheak
Arthur Guinea Pig 1997 R. P.
Arthur Guy deHarpseal Maltese 05/16/94-08/18/98 Angel & Dottie Starr
Arthur Hamster 05/01/07-04/15/09 Maddalena Sinatti
Arthur Hound Mix 01/05/18 Margaret
Arthur Irish Wolfhound 04/02/95-04/26/97 Jackie Gerhardi
Arthur Irish Wolfhound/English Sheepdog 11 years 10/10/13 Deborah Johnson
Arthur J Harman Cat 05/15/95-07/14/06 Ginger, O.J. & Andrew Harman
Arthur Lab 13 years 02/01/95 Wendy Paul
Arthur Lab Mix 14 years 07/26/07 Cyndie Schudel
Arthur Labrador Mix 12/24/83-03/23/01 Madonna Depalo
Arthur Maine Coon Cat 11/03/05-06/08/08 Ann
Arthur Manx Cat 02/93-08/14/09 Kathy Valentine
Arthur Marvin Persian Cat 04/01/01-06/10/10 Mark Marvin
Arthur Mini-Schnauzer 2 years 03/28/06 Melissa
Arthur Old English Sheepdog 06/06/88-12/23/98 Stephanie Gifford
Arthur Orange Shorthair Tabby 13 years 01/22/95 Rufus Harrer
Arthur Orange Tabby Cat 09/94-11/98 Roblynn and Chris
Arthur Oriental Shorthair Cat 10/25/93-08/08/00 Stacy Baker
Arthur Pendragon Dog 1985 Leslie Coombs
Arthur Poodle/Malt 28/06/10 Bronwyn Becker
Arthur Pug 10/31/92-02/13/01 James and Mary Oliphant
Arthur Rat Terrier 04/04/00-05/03/17 Andrew S Roman
Arthur Retriever Mix 11 years (?) 12/01/03 Mark Angelides
Arthur Scottish Terrier 12/31/97-04/10/08 Jennifer Mc Laughlin
Arthur Shar Pei 11/01/89-11/05/99 Patrick Earhart
Arthur Sheltie 15 1/2 years 09/15/03 Debbie and Joey
Arthur Sheltie Mix 14 years 08/2003 Gregg Casey
Arthur Short Hair - Black Cat 15 1/2 years 10/29/06 Elizabeth
Arthur Short Hair Black Cat 09/92-03/20/09 Margaret
Arthur Siamese Cat 6 years 11/27/08 Amy
Arthur Silver Tabby Cat 13 years 11/10/97 Sandie Kappa
Arthur Toy Poodle 02/12/99-02/20/09 Anna
Arthur Vrla Dachshund 5 years 10/08/09 Vrla Family
Arthur White & Tabby Cat 13 years 06/17/99 Kiersten Barnes
Arthur White Short Haired Cat 13 years 08/27/05 Sal
Arthur, Priscilla and Pumpkin Cats 5, 5 1/2 and 2 years 12/18/97 Nancy
Arthur's Rex German Shepherd 02/16/91-08/06/03 Frank & Judy Arthur
Arti Burmese Mix Cat 09/01/85-06/19/04 Julie Brassfield
Arti Hackl Shi Tzu 11 years 03/22/07 Kim & Craig Hackl
Artic Champion Trakehner Horse 19 years 03/11/02 Samantha Scott
Artic Osbourne (Ozzy) Alaskan Malamute 06/23/96 12/17/99 Bill & Dianne Wiltshire
Articsand Bravy Cody Siberian Husky 12 years 05/15/07 Kylie Smith
Artie (Nonsuch Neartic) Borzoi 12 years 08/08/97 Karen & Kalen
Artie Cat 12/12/18-03/07/19 Rachael
Artie Cat 13 years 06/04/02 Marilyn Sintes
Artie Goldendoodle Puppy 06/28/03-09/08/03 Kelly
Artie Gray Tabby Cat 12 years 05/08/11 Kelly G
Artie Greyhound 03/15/94-05/13/05 Leandra McLean
Artie Greyhound 07/19/96-02/24/09 Gary Dunkel
Artie Lab/Collie 8 years 02/23/06 Joanne Zupanc
Artie Long-Haired Tuxedo Cat 05/23/02-03/23/10 Anne Berbling
Artie Ragdoll Cat 07/22/09 Kelly Alice Robinson
Artie Retriever/Shepherd Mix 08/24/01-07/14/12 Rachel Ruffing
Artie Tabby Cat 08/20/06-01/16/09 Adriana Gomez
Artie Tabby Cat 6 weeks-05/25/13 Robin and Emily Hartman
Artie White Long Haired Stray Cat 07/01/03 Rhonda Bartlett
Artie Wire Haired Fox Terrier 12 years 01/13/01 Kneers
Artiemus Black Persian Cat 12/09/00-04/29/17 Karen and Steve Hoover
Artimas Grant Cat 1997-02/14/12 Merrie Grant
Artis Chewbacca Bulldog 03/25/98-10/16/07 Pamela
Arturo Bunny 11 years 10/22/13 Anna (Italy)
Arty (Arturo Burrows Furrows) Cat 14 years 11/21/07 Lara
Arty Cat 07/20/08-05/26/09 Chris Heath, Fiona Heath and Jamie Heath
Arty Long-Hair Domestic Cat 11/11/94-07/28/07 Valerie and Jeremy
Artykmoon Siberians Siberian Huskies Dogs 03/11/79-03/10/01 Tami Bagby
Aruba Sharpei/Golden Retriever 04/12/94-01/23/07 Beth Kaufenberg/Tim Nelson
Arun Grey/Brown DSH Polydactyl Cat 10 years 01/03/98 Kristi Forsman
Arvie Theodore Siamese Mix Cat 06/88-04/23/02 Kristi Lorsung
Arwen American Short Hair Cat 5 years 06/06/05 Beth Brownell
Arwen Brown Tabby Cat 04/21/02-06/08/04 Gwen Waller
Arwen Coverdale Dog 04/28/00 Mark and Tiffany Coverdale
Arwen Doberman Pinscher 02/12/04-01/29/07 Bryn & Dylan Taylor, Sarah & Emily Shields
Arwen Evenstar Rottweiler 12/19/91 Emmy Miller
Arwen Malamute/Shepherd 01/15/83-07/14/97 The Payne Family
Arwen Morningstar Domestic Shorthair Solid Silver Cat 03/90-04/00 Cyndi Nelson
Arwen Roborovski Hamster 04/06/03-07/21/04 Caroline
Arwen Springer Mix 09/18/81-09/10/93 Jeanne Wielgus-Marlatt & Jim Marlatt
Arwen White/Grey DSH Cat 10 years 09/10/13 Carla Benedict Vandeusen
Ary Labrador Retriever 03/12/89-09/12/98 Diane
Aryan Rottweiler 06/96-10/26/06 Melissa-Cathy
Aryana Pitbull / Labrador 10/30/93-08/02/07 Gigi
Arye Collie 7 years 11/21/05 Judy
Asa (Sweet Boy) Shepherd Mix 05/13/00-12/30/14 Ann/Debra/David Stevens
Asa (The Healer) Gray Cat 5 years 07/26/06 Monique L'Italien
Asa Arabian Horse 12/03/99 Peggy
Asa Black Cat 10/17/91-12/03/01 Anne Howard
Asa Cat 03/15/99-04/21/08 Andrea
Asa Dauschound Janet Rickard
Asa Dog 1/99 Reaise
Asa Lab/Dobie Mix 8 1/2 years 10/27/01 Joe
Asa Miniature Poodle 11/91-01/27/98 Marci
Asalon Lab-Black 02/96-05/11/09 Marcy
Asasion Fish 1 year 03/04/02 Crystal
Asassy Cute As A Button Cocker Spaniel 12/08/04-12/03/07 Laurie & Bob Butt
Asassy Freckled Valentine Cocker Spaniel 11/05/89-11/17/04 Laurie & Bob Butt
Asbury Hall SH Cat 08/22/74-04/22/79 Jim & Diane Hall
Asbury Siberian Husky 04/21/86-05/25/01 David Hamlett
Ascan vom Ingolstadter Tor Rottie 03/21/94-06/18/99 Liz
Asche Domestic Long Hair Cat 05/85-06/26/01 Lori
AscII Scotty Mix 6 years 02/16/93 Deb Chadbourne
Ascot Allegro (Maverick) Standard Poodle 05/29/00-11/15/08 Pete and Diane Porotko
Ascot Stone Ridge Alexandra (Sandy) Airedale Terrier 05/04/85-01/16/97 Elizabeth & Al Morrill
Ascot Tabby Cat 2005-05/13/15 Torrance Bartholomew
Ash Birman Cat 06/06/97-04/24/09 Crystal Gregory
Ash Black Labrador 01/10/94-22/03/00 Victoria
Ash Cat 03/14/02-02/25/09 Mandey Helman
Ash Cat 04/14/02-02/25/09 Mandey & Susan
Ash Cat 09/01/98-06/13/15 Sebrenia Rangel
Ash Cat 11/01/07 Misty Jones
Ash Cat 12/06/13-04/25/14 Rob
Ash Cat 17 years 09/13/07 Sara Reading
Ash Cat 2002-2012 Misty
Ash Cornish Rex Cat 30/07/05 Jade
Ash Dalmatian 11/17/01-12/27/08 Cheryl Houseal
Ash DLH Cat 5 years 08/25/10 Kate Smith
Ash Domestic Medium Hair Cat 09/06/16 Dakota
Ash Dwarf Hamster 6 months 01/13/04 Maddie Graham
Ash Gerbil 09/27/04 Michael Haverty
Ash German Shepherd 12 1/2 years 12/10/03 Debra Clarke
Ash Gray Tabby Cat 10/18/02-11/03/11 Rob
Ash Horse 09/14/98 Joan
Ash Kitten 04/26/18 Ximena Patlan
Ash Mamaril Maine Coon Cat 10/2005-02/15/06 Donna Mamaril and Aaron Fishman
Ash Mut Cat 08/08/89-06/01/00 Jan
Ash Rabbit 9 years 08/30003 Nick & Kerry
Ash Retriever 13 years 05/03/94 Jack Felicita/nancy Mitchell
Ash Russian Blue Cat 06/12/99-03/03/17 Jenn W
Ash Russian Blue Cat 08/11/05-08/26/07 Renee Savannah Carlee Bear Tim & Jamie
Ash Russian Blue Cat 10 years 10/20/04 Annette Taylor
Ash Russian Blue Cat 9 months 01/14/06 Kristen Hanshaw
Ash Shepherd Mix 12 years 1995 Ava Kwong
Ash Siamese Cat 01/17/07-01/08/08 Elizabeth
Ash Whiskers’ Syndicate Cat 04/25/15 Josie
Asha Cat 07/09/00-12/19/07 Stephanie
Asha Large Munsterlander 7 years 08/14/97 Kerry Whitelegg
Asha Persian Cat 05/06/92-12/05/06 Clare
Asha Rottweiler 02/23/00-08/15/05 Eva Burris
Ashah Cat Emma
Ashanti 'Ashes' Long Hair Muted Tortoise Shell Cat 04/01/80-09/10/00 Holly
Ashanti Black Cat 7 months 02/25/07 Ansunette Swanepoel
Ashanti Blue Point Siamese Cat 04/01/99-03/06/03 Laura Garner
Asha-Taiyo Akita 9 years 10/2007 Sandra P
Ashbey Cocker Spaniel 05/01/90-02/17/00 Konnie
Ashbury Grey Tiger Maine Coon Cat 05/16/76-06/10/94 Andrew Buc
Ashby Chessie 01/18/95-08/16/99 Donna
Ashby Pomeranian 02/28/99-12/30/11 Crystal Pearson
Ashby Sheltie 15 years 12/07/03 Gene Manson
Ashby Yorkie 5 1/2 years 09/29/12 Joan
Ashby-Vino Black Lab 01/04/94-05/02/02 Joan Mc Gurrin
Ashe Dalmatian 07/14/95-08/30/08 Mary and Michael Wolney
Ashe Tabby Cat 02/14/10-05/03/11 Chelsea Beebe
Ashely Portuguese Water Dog 04/08/90-03/04/00 Tom and Lyn Shook
Asher Black Short Hair Cat 10 years 10/30/06 Rachel
Asher Border Collie 08/17/09-11/22/11 Sandy Tracy
Asher Cat 04/13/19 Liana Walker
Asher Chow Chow 01/29/99-12/23/10 Evelyn Carter
Asher Grey Smith Cat 03/05/11-07/24/13 Jessica Smith
Asher my beautiful baby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 09/17/01-06/20/12 Jo Turner
Asher Siberian Husky 01/19/96-12/04/07 Brandi Blaisdell
Asher Terri-oodle 12+ years 07/12/07 Ben
Asher West Highland White 3rd June 1993-20th October 2008 Deni
Asher's Airegin of Abyroad Abyssinian Cat 10/17/90-08/25/92 S. Dentico
Asher's Butch Cassidy of Twin Branch (Chester) Saint Bernard 03/22/96-12/07/02 Carey Family
Ashes (a.k.a. Queenie) Grey Cat 1980-03/02/00 Jude and Bill
Ashes (aka Buddy) Cat 04/84-01/16/02 Chris Picariello
Ashes (aka Handsome, Schatzi ) Fry Longhaired Grey Cat around 15 years 10/02/11 Gabriele
Ashes 12 years 07/82-05/95 Maryanne Dell
Ashes aka P-Cat Tortoiseshell Tabby Cat 2006-2007 Rob, Leah & Kymmy
Ashes Black and White Cat 09/04/07 Debbie Lacey
Ashes Black Cat 14 years 02/06/05 Adriana Martinez
Ashes Black Hamster 3 months 04/07/05 Taylor Johnson
Ashes Black Lab Mix 12/20/92-03/10/05 Janice Becker
Ashes Bunny Clark Rabbit 1993-08/15/96 Laura
Ashes Cairn Terrier 02/09/09 Gerard Schafhautle
Ashes Cairn Terrier 02/18/09 Gerard Schafhautle
Ashes Cat 02/88 Jerry and Kay Townsend
Ashes Cat 03/22/04-06/08/06 Danielle
Ashes Cat 06/01/98-04/20/12 Laura
Ashes Cat 06/10/95 Debby Fortin
Ashes Cat 07/04/83-01/05/00 Jennifer Williams
Ashes Cat 10 years 01/08/97 Tina
Ashes Cat 11/14/12 Kevin & Candi Fields
Ashes Cat 15 years 3 months 07/28/09 Jason Burkhart
Ashes Cat 17 years 12/16/12 The Copeland Family
Ashes Cat 1997-10/26/13 Jessica
Ashe's Cat 8 years 10/26/02 Bob Dean
Ashes Chihuahua/Pug 10/07/92-09/11/05 Chuck Meier
Ashes Dalmatian 01/07/92-10/16/06 Teresa I
Ashes Dingo Blue Heeler 02/14/94-04/11/07 Melissa, Rob & Av
Ashes DLH Cat 05/17/92-07/01/00 Audra Fallacara
Ashes Dog 08/02/93-07/17/04 Gina Cuomo
Ashes Domestic Longhair Cat 03/25/85-02/18/00 Denise Blalock
Ashes Domestic Short Hair - Maine Coon Mix Cat 18 years 08/27/00 Colleen Watts & Maria Scamardo
Ashes Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/04/85-03/18/04 Monica
Ashes Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/25/09 Carla V
Ashes DSH Cat 07/13/86-07/04/02 Anne and James
Ashes DSH Cat 7-8 years 02/27/06 Chanii
Ashes French Lop Rabbit 4 years 05/21/05 Mary Ellen Crawford/Stephen Monroe TomcZak
Ashes Gray W/Black Stripes Cat 10 years 07/09/98 Terri Schembre
Ashes Grey Maine Coon/Manx 11 years 02/07/98 Ashley Kuehl
Ashes Kitty 06/96 Charlene Douglas
Ashes Martin Cat 11/24/09 Bethanee, Michael, Zachary & Benjamin Martin
Ashes Miller Cat 18 years 04/18/09 Kristi Miller
Ashes Miniature Schnauzer 05/25/95-01/05/09 June Hollis
Ashes Mix Cat 05/13/92-05/06/05 Adriana
Ashes Mixed Dog 12 years 08/08/04 Diane Campbell
Ashes Mixed Dog 15 years 01/19/09 Jenny
Ashes Mixed Shepherd 11/96-09/07/06 Margrit Simkins
Ashes Part Coon Cat 16 years 04/06/00 Colby Fraser
Ashes Rottweiler 09/25/04-07/29/06 Josh
Ashes Russian Blue Look Alike Cat 04/04/93-11/15/03 Cindy Ashmore
Ashes Schnauzer 11 years 04/12/98 David Michel
Ashes Siamese Cat 04/95-03/19/08 Stephanie
Ashes Staffordshire Bull Terrier 28/07/05-22/03/14 Helen Brindley
Ashes Tabby Cat 06/01/92-03/23/07 Scotty
Ashes Tabby Cat 11 years 05/04/17 John and Julie
Ashey Lulu Cat 09/15/11 Tara and Mike
Ashey Taina Holstein I Cocker Spaniel 07/19/86-05/03/04 Lizette Reyes & Ken Marvin
Ashford Yellow Tabby Cat 05/01/08-05/08/13 Emily Held
Ashington's Lady Bailey Golden Retriever 11/10/99-09/28/07 Kristi Snapp
Ashira Domestic Shorthair Cat 16 years 08/05/13 Brenda
Ashland Dog 03/14/06 Erica
Ashland Grey Tabby Cat 3 years 08/10/08 Barry, Marriah, & Zara
Ashlands Ausha Mishi Mia aka- Mishi Girl Yellow Lab 09/26/01-06/07/04 Tim Johnson
Ashlar DSH Cat 17 1/2 years 11/10/11 Janet Gallo
Ashlea Cocker Spaniel 14 years 11/20/06 Donna
Ashlee (Angel Pup) Shepherd Mix 17 years 09/07/02 Suzanne Condren
Ashlee American Shorthair Cat 03/20/00-04/16/07 Deborah Dorsey
Ashlee Dog 14 years 09/13/98 Doug
Ashlee Domestic Short Hair Cat 09/91-02/07/09 Patrik and Kezie, Mom and Dad
Ashlee Lab Mix 05/14/87 Andi Metz
Ashlee Red Doberman 11 years 01/19/06 Susan Habel
Ashlee Siamese Cat 04/01/93-06/21/10 Teresa and Mark Baxter
Ashlee Toy Poodle 09/14/06 Charles Pankowski
Ashlee Zene Dorsey American Shorthair Cat 03/20/00-04/16/07 Deborah Dorsey
Ashlee-Girl Golden Sheltie/Collie 03/19/99-05/17/06 Rob & Leanne Ledoux
Ashlei Ann Pekinese 12/18/91-04/16/01 Kerry Knight
Ashleigh 14 years Pat
Ashleigh Ann, aka Fassa, Fassy Persian Cat 3 years 10/17/05 Lori N
Ashleigh Blair Aschenbrand Shih Tzu 05/15/93-11/18/06 Judy and Lenny Aschenbrand
Ashleigh Cat 04/22/92-03/21/08 Kathy Goodsell
Ashleigh Cinnamon/Grey Cockatiel 21 years 10/17/04 Susan L. B.
Ashleigh Domestic Shorthair Tabby Cat 07/21/04-11/23/04 Dan Goss
Ashleigh Dougan Cat 13 or 14 years 04/06/08 Isolde Novakovic
Ashleigh Pembroke Welsh Corgi 08/06/95-04/09/09 Diane Tideman
Ashleigh Suzette Cocker Spaniel 9 years 09/13/01 Laura DemcHak
Ashleigh Tay Tay Puddin Head Domestic Shorthair Cat 15 years 06/05/15 Mary Vath
Ashleigh Thompson Border Collie/ Blue Heeler Cross 10/13/00-11/14/11 Amanda Thompson
Ashleigh-Moon Cat 03/10/14 Tina Holmes
Ashleigh's Beautiful Red Rose Golden Retriever 05/01/92-09/21/02 Maria and Daniel De La O, Ashleigh Cortright
Ashlena Gray Long Hair Cat 03/04/95-10/29/08 Carin Warner
Ashley (a.k.a - Keeter) Cat 06/15/04-10/18/04 John Sourbeer
Ashley (aka Poodie) Beagle 11/09/97-04/04/06 Glenn & Mary
Ashley (aka Pooh) White DMH Cat 10/01/99-02/24/02 Wendy Bailey
Ashley (aka: Ash-My-Ley & Miss Thing) Black Persian Cat 10/92-06/19/04 Shannon, Scott, Chad & Cris Pate
Ashley (Ashie-Pashie) Silver-Grey Tabby Cat 18 years 04/25/03 Joy D Wolf
Ashley (Tiny Dancer) Ferret 06/30/09 James O'Donnell
Ashley (Wooser) Cat 11/84-10/12/01 Barb & Jim Brown
Ashley 08/20/82-07/15/99 Sharon
Ashley African Grey Parrot 04/22/96-03/08/00 Patty
Ashley Ahrens Calico Cat 09/07/11 Kathy Ahrens
Ashley Airedale Terrier 01/21/90-03/19/05 Mike, Alicia, and Lauren Linde
Ashley aka (Kitty Baby) 08/09/91-04/19/99 Ron & Mocha
Ashley Akita 05/24/92-05/07/05 Nancy and Trixie
Ashley Akita 2000 TG
Ashley American Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/15/88-03/02/07 Patty Deane
Ashley American Short Hair Cat 05/20/94-04/20/11 Carla DeVito
Ashley American Short Hair Cat 17 years 01/04/04 Cheryl
Ashley American Shorthair Cat 05/01/00-01/09/16 Judy and Mark Goodman
Ashley American Shorthair Cat 15 years 06/19/06 Sherri Dillavou
Ashley American Staffordshire Terrier 09/20/05-04/16/14 Laneta G
Ashley Angel Tabby/Mixed Breed Cat 15 years 07/05/03 Jodi R. Serwitz
Ashley Ashers Miniature Schnauzer 14 years 02/02/01 Marlene
Ashley Aussie Mix 13 years 03/23/10 Tanya Blom
Ashley Australian Cattle Dog Mix 09/12/16 Karen Werner
Ashley Australian Shepherd 12/06/03 Cindi Reaka (For Gerri Reaka)
Ashley Australian Shepherd 3 years 04/16/02 Joanne Kuchinski For Tonia Durham
Ashley Beilman English Springer Spaniel 08/24/91-11/01/04 Karen
Ashley Beth Dalmatian 04/09/95-04/21/06 Cheryl Hartzog
Ashley Bichon Frise 6 1/2 years 05/14/96 Sue
Ashley Bichon Frise-Maltese 06/10/92-04/06/02 Amy
Ashley Black Cat 4 years 08/09/96 Nina Clark
Ashley Black DSH Cat 11/04/87-10/04/99 Alice Kwiecinski
Ashley Black Lab-Mix 11/01/90-04/27/05 Russ, Terri, Lauren, and Jon Wenner
Ashley Black Rabbit 4+ years 01/02/01 Mat, Claire, Dad, Neil, Liz, Charles
Ashley Bleazard Grey Burmese Cat 11 years 12/11/10 Norah Bleazard
Ashley Blue Merle Sheltie 02/05/90-09/08/99 Sherri Malone
Ashley Blue Persian Cat 07/29/88-12/17/02 Cheryl Sievers
Ashley BooBoola Tuxedo Cat 04/88-08/17/06 Deveron Jolie
Ashley Border Collie 02/16-02/27/08 David Lewis
Ashley Border Collie 12 years 10/27/04 Colleen
Ashley Border Collie-Huskey 01/01/85-05/26/98 Mary Anne and Joe
Ashley Boxer/Sharpei 4 years 09/96 Joan & Harold Wagner
Ashley Brooke Dalmatian 03/07/89-06/27/01 Brian Antonoff
Ashley Cadiz Dachshund 11/01/94-10/13/09 Marilyn Cadiz
Ashley Calico Cat 03/23/93-01/06/07 Sheron Davis
Ashley Calico Cat 05/25/09 Susan
Ashley Calico Cat 13 years 07/31/99 Tory
Ashley Calico Cat 7 years 02/26/07 Monica
Ashley Caroline Cocker and Terrier Mix 02/03/87-04/08/04 Marianne, Cornel, and Lisa Oltean
Ashley Cat 01/01/95-04/13/00 Melissa Hanson
Ashley Cat 03/11/04 Chris & Amber
Ashley Cat 04/09/98-11/06/11 Susan Eastman
Ashley Cat 06/17/87-10/10/02 Sylvie DiPaolo
Ashley Cat 07/01/93-06/15/07 Keith & Tara Allan
Ashley Cat 07/15/96-06/27/00 Lori
Ashley Cat 09/88-08/2004 Charise Pastorik
Ashley Cat 10 years 02/08/95 Karen Blakeslee
Ashley Cat 10/05/96 LeAnn Koontz
Ashley Cat 10/07/99 Sally
Ashley Cat 13 years 09/13/05 Duane and Laurie Schiller
Ashley Cat 16 years 02/29/08 Paul and Toby Rothman
Ashley Cat 16 years 05/27/96 Shirley & Jim Neill
Ashley Cat 17 years 10/25/08 Kylee
Ashley Cat 1984-02/03/98 Marta
Ashley Cat 9 years 12/16/03 Graham, Karin, and Madison
Ashley Cattle Dog Mix 12 years 09/12/16 Karen Werner
Ashley Chesapeake Bay/Chocolate Lab Mix 17 years and 3 months 06/25/07 Patti Harrill
Ashley Chihuahua 01/01/92-28/01/06 Brett
Ashley Chow 12/09/85-11/29/00 Edward Mark Smith
Ashley Chow/Shepherd Mix 06/25/12 Michael, Karla, Buck & Martha Bowen
Ashley Cocker Spaniel 07/04/02-08/06/04 Lauri Schiebel
Ashley Cocker Spaniel 07/04/92-08/06/04 Lauri & Mark
Ashley Cocker Spaniel 07/25/88-08/04/03 Dawne Bliss
Ashley Cocker Spaniel 09/03/83-07/04/99 Ruse-Krivanek Family
Ashley Cocker Spaniel 10/17/94-07/14/01 Dori Pereyra
Ashley Cocker Spaniel 16 1/2 years 06/09/09 Nancy & Precious
Ashley Cocker Spaniel 16 years 02/04/05 Arnette Schultz
Ashley Collie 09/13/89-01/23/03 John Woodward
Ashley Crown Lab Mix 08/01/95-01/02/03 Sarah C.
Ashley D.S.H Kitten 11/01/99-01/09/00 Katherine Cook
Ashley Dalmatian 14 years 12/01/08 Fathom Tucker
Ashley Devon Rex Kitten 05/11/94-09/22/94 Robin & Allen Hastings
Ashley DLH Cat 05/10/88-03/18/06 Kathryn Haught
Ashley DLH Cat 08/21/92-06/19/98 Valerie and John
Ashley DLH Cat 13 years Nancy and Alan
Ashley Dog 03/13/88-01/22/04 Erin
Ashley Dog 08/30/90-11/30/99 Vicki and Stephen
Ashley Dog 12 or 13 years 10/01 02 Bill Sutherland
Ashley Dog 12/28/03-03/12/04 Vicki Stalnaker
Ashley Dog 14 years 10/18/99 Joe, Ladawn, Melanie & Nicole
Ashley Domestic Cat 16 years 12/27/03 Teresa/Patrick Brown
Ashley Domestic Cat 19 years 10/10/14 Kathy
Ashley Domestic Cat 8 years 09/30/07 Maryann & Nicole
Ashley Domestic Long Hair Cat 12 years 09/08/11 Roger Smith
Ashley Domestic Longhair Cat 14 1/2 years 10/19/10 Beverly
Ashley Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/24/90-05/24/08 Tammy Carson
Ashley Domestic Shorthair Cat 12 years 12/10/05 Michele Libor
Ashley DSH Cat 11/04/87-10/04/99 Guillerm
Ashley DSH Cat 16 years 07/02/01 Jane Webb and Jim McDaniel
Ashley DSH Cat 16 years 07/16/9 Jan H.
Ashley Dwarf Bunny 03/97-06/25/05 Maribel
Ashley Elizabeth Pembroke Welsh Corgi 04/89-07/94 Kimberly Corbin
Ashley English Springer Spaniel 01/13/88-08/21/00 Susan, Jim, Elizabeth, Sarah, Kelsey and Abby
Ashley English Springer Spaniel 04/20/84-12/15/98 Fran Taylor
Ashley English Springer Spaniel 05/24/90-12/08/03 Clare Keiser
Ashley English Springer Spaniel 12/18/89-06/27/04 Peggi Hager
Ashley Erin Phillips Yellow Lab Mix 02/25/00-06/10/10 Rob and Terri Phillips
Ashley Fernstrom German Shepherd Dog 02/05/94-04/14/08 Abigail
Ashley Ferret 07/04/96-08/26/01 Chris
Ashley Ferret 7 years 10/10/98 Deborah J Martin
Ashley Ferret Nov. 1993 Jeanne Stadmill
Ashley Flat-Coated Retriever 14 years 3 months 05/04/12 Linda Albert
Ashley Gadberry Cat 06/01/97-09/15/11 Kathryn Gadberry
Ashley Gehl Grey Tabby Cat 20 years 10/12/12 Nikki Gehl
Ashley German Shepherd 04/23/93-06/29/05 Kathy
Ashley German Shepherd Dog 11/08/90-07/19/00 Audra Hudson
Ashley German Shepherd/Collie 04/30/86-02/09/99 Fran Sherman
Ashley German Shepherd/Lab 01/01/89-09/13/03 Jacquie
Ashley Golden Mix 01/20/88-06/15/01 Lyn Bramley
Ashley Golden Retriever 01/21/92-03/31/03 Gordie & Sue Richardson
Ashley Golden Retriever 01/29/93-05/03/04 Jackie, Pat, Alisa & Sydney
Ashley Golden Retriever 03/17/93-09/22/98 Gail and Amy
Ashley Golden Retriever 03/17/93-09/22/98 Gail Ramee
Ashley Golden Retriever 03/18/93-09/24/98 Gail and Amy
Ashley Golden Retriever 05/05/01-06/27/11 Jeff Chester
Ashley Golden Retriever 07/28/92-06/12/08 Maureen Harmonay
Ashley Golden Retriever 07/97-11/11/05 Mary Ann & Kay Townsend
Ashley Golden Retriever 08/19/04-08/20/12 James & Carla Keller
Ashley Grace Kubinek Weimie Mix 08/08/02-03/29/13 Scott Kubinek
Ashley Gray DLH Cat 10 years 02/04/95 Amanda
Ashley Gray Long Hair Cat 03/04/95-10/29/08 Carin Lalor
Ashley Gray Tabby Cat 04/82-11/10/96 Linda Thorstein
Ashley Grey and Black Longhair Cat 11/01/84-11/24/97 Val
Ashley Grey and White Domestic Long Hair Cat 10/85-08/19/00 Corinne and Ted
Ashley Grey Cat 11 years 03/2009 Suzan Riddell
Ashley Grey DSH Cat 05/06/00-01/16/11 Lisa Robinson
Ashley Grey Tabby Cat 06/10/84-01/12/02 Cyndi
Ashley Greyhound 9 years 10/22/06 Mary Solomons
Ashley Haightbury Woofstock Golden Retriever 02/11/91-04/11/02 Mike
Ashley Hayden English Setter 05/90-06/26/04 Gillian, Neil, Liam, Jay and Kate
Ashley Himalayan Cat 12/06/83-09/25/97 Blubur
Ashley Himalayan Cat 16 years 12/20/11 Anya Hogan
Ashley Horse 18 years 11/27/02 Susan
Ashley Husky 12/01/87-09/29/02 Karen and Dan Yaeger
Ashley Japanese Chin 04/23/93-07/01/06 Sharon Persing
Ashley Jo Maine Coon Cat 01/18/94-05/24/97 Suzie Meierdierks
Ashley Joy Allred Mixed Cat 10/31/93-11/21/08 Pam and Dwight Allred
Ashley Keeshond 02/19/91-07/14/03 Carol
Ashley Keeshond 13 years 01/13/98 Rita and Kyle
Ashley Kiah Bichon Frise 02/25/96-10/01/10 Cheryl & Joel Margot
Ashley Kunstman DSH Cat 7 years 12/05/05 Tina Cavaco
Ashley Lab, Black 2003-05/2005 Taylor & Darianne
Ashley Lab/ Chow Chow 1992-04/28/06 Mary
Ashley Lab/Cocker 15 years 09/14/06 Sherrie, Rich and Zachary
Ashley Labrador 07/28/90-06/04/02 Greg Sipes
Ashley Lahpsa-Poo 01/01/89-05/11/09 Gwynne Biuso
Ashley Laura Basset Hound 02/13/86-10/12/03 Denise
Ashley LH Seal Tortie Point Munchkin Cat 07/10/99 -04/08/01 Susan Peterson
Ashley Lhasa Apso 03/01/01 Sue Seaton
Ashley Lhasa Apso 05/01/92-11/21/06 J Hoover
Ashley Lhasa Apso 06/26/96 Lynn
Ashley Lhasa Apso 09/24/94-08/25/09 Randy & Nora Teodoro
Ashley Lhasa Apso 10/17/06 Patti
Ashley Lhaso Apso 04/14/93-11/30/00 Steve Mullins
Ashley Long Hair Cat 14 years 10/03/08 Janice Mullis
Ashley Long Hair Persian Cat 08/79-03/12/99 David & Rebecca A. Collins
Ashley Long Haired Cat 05/85-02/28/01 Maureen Fiscus
Ashley Longhair Domestic Cat 05/20/08-07/23/18 Lori
Ashley Long-haired Peruvian Guinea Pig 10/94-07/20/99 Donna and Bruce
Ashley Louise Gray Long Hair Kitten 9 Weeks Roxanne & Michael
Ashley Maine Coon Cat 02/14/00-04/17/06 Gail
Ashley Maine Coon Cat 03/14/09 Randy Taylor
Ashley Maine Coon Cat 03/15/91-05/13/04 Maggie and Jeff Sturm
Ashley Maine Coon Cat 11/18/10 Robert Slamon
Ashley Maltese 10/23/91-01/30/01 Deanna Theroux
Ashley Maltese 15 1/2 years 04/15/08 Alton and Dian
Ashley Manx Cat 09/01/90-01/05/02 Kim K
Ashley Marie Basenji X 12 years 11/05/02 Bill Farrell
Ashley Marie Dennis Shiz Tzu 05/23/93-06/10/06 Kevin Dennis
Ashley Marie Domestic Cat 14 years 01/11/04 Sherrie
Ashley Marie Maine Coon Cat 15 years 11/28/05 Kay and Holger
Ashley Marie Wheeler Pomeranian 04/15/99-12/02/05 Lisa Wheeler
Ashley Marie Yorkie 12 years 12/17/11 Ashley Marie English
Ashley Martin Barnhart American Eskimo Dog 08/14/88-12/09/04 Michelle Martin and David
Ashley McFadden Papillion 02/04/92-05/11/07 Pat McFadden
Ashley Min Schnauzer 06/24/94-04/16/08 Linda and Larry Ritchie
Ashley Miniature Poodle 05/03/84-06/04/98 Pam
Ashley Miniature Schnauzer 06/13/92-06/06/02 Iris
Ashley Miss Grey Kitty-Kins Ashie Pashie Silver Gray Short Hair Domestic Cat 16 years 04/16/06 Joy D Wolf
Ashley Mix Cat 04/29/87-02/10/04 Annette & John Hicks
Ashley Mixed Cat 12 years 03/20/09 Patricia Hermes
Ashley Mixed Cat 12/05/09 Sandra Bradley
Ashley Moca Cat 05/01/85-12/29/01 Diane
Ashley Montague Smith Cizewski Black and White Tuxedo All American Mix Cat 05/25/83-04/03/00 Pat
Ashley Morgan Eisenrod Black and White Cat 03/21/88-10/21/08 JoAnn Spiegel
Ashley Morgan Eisenrod Cat 03/21/88-10/21/08 Joann Spiegel
Ashley Nicole aka Nikki Flame Point Himalayan Cat 06/29/89-05/27/04 Kathy & Erin Bowen
Ashley Nicole Lhasa Apso 04/16/93-02/16/09 Karen Harr
Ashley Noel Spinelli Weiland Manx Cat 10/31/88-12/23/06 Fred Weiland
Ashley Old English Sheepdog 09/10/04-01/28/05 Paulette & Harrison
Ashley Pacenti White West Highland Terrier 01/10/90-01/23/05 Bob, Joann, Bob, Steven Pacenti
Ashley Papillion 02/04/92-05/11/07 Pat McFadden
Ashley Peek-A-Poo 03/20/85 Sue
Ashley Peek-A-Poo 03/20/85-06/20/97 Rick, Sue, Amy and Laura
Ashley Pembroke Welsh Corgi 7 years 06/25/00 Charles Boyd
Ashley Persian Cat 02/09/15 Karen Roff
Ashley Persian Cat 12 years 12/23/05 Scott Dickerson
Ashley Persian Cat 2004 Brian and Colleen Twohig
Ashley Persian Mix Cat 17 years 04/11/05 Susan
Ashley Peruvian Guinea Pig 10/94-07/99 Donna and Bruce
Ashley Pomeranian 13 years 02/10/01 Susan Whiteman
Ashley Poodle 01/15/89-05/03/05 Diane Welch
Ashley Poodle 14 1/2 years 10/03/03 Adrienne
Ashley Poodle Mix 09/19/83-06/18/99 Kim, Don & Keely
Ashley Poodle Mix 15 years + 04/26/06 James & Debbie Weber
Ashley Pooh Shih Tzu 10/28/89-11/03/99 Patty
Ashley Ragamuffin Cat 10/24/07 Michael Edelson
Ashley Rat 2 1/2 years 02/02/04 Hannah Freeman
Ashley Rose Bluepoint Siamese Cat 05/02/93-02/09/10 Mary Arnold
Ashley Rose Gray and White Domestic Cat 09/95-08/25/98 Judy & Jim Espaillat
Ashley Rottie 11 years 03/14/08 Sue Kittredge
Ashley Rottie 11 years 03/14/08 Walt & Sue
Ashley Rottie 11 years 03/14/08 Walt & Sue Kittredge
Ashley Rottweiler 05/94-02/22/02 Sharla Unruh
Ashley Rottweiler 06/07/95-08/19/06 April and Jeff Fiedler
Ashley Russian Blue Cat 03/14/98-11/24/01 Roman Wydra
Ashley Russian Blue Cat 04/13/05 Marty & Ann Vanduzer
Ashley Russian Blue Cat 10/30/16 Vesna Grandja
Ashley Russian Blue Cat 18 years 03/20/07 John L. Quel
Ashley Russian Blue/Cream Tabby Cat 1986-08/23/99 Pamela Schwartz
Ashley Russian Blue/Siamese Cat 04/02/87-03/21/06 Michele Fournier
Ashley Ryan McCray Beagle 16 years 02/11/11 Pam and Mike McCray
Ashley Sable Ferret 5 years 07/21/02 Keri Furuta
Ashley Samoyed 13 years 12/10/03 Rose Hope
Ashley Schnauzer 16 years 07/20/09 Cally Lazich
Ashley Schnoodle 08/10/93-02/25/06 Alice, Rick & Emily
Ashley Sheltie 05/15/92 -04/06/02 Sharon and Jennifer Bartlett
Ashley Sheltie 13 1/2 years 04/22/04 Florence Martin
Ashley Sheltie Mix 12 years 02/14/95 Chris Ziem
Ashley Shepherd Mix 12/08/92-01/26/09 Carol, Bruce and Scottie Carlson
Ashley Shepherd/Wolf Mix 11 years 3 weeks 07/26/00 Gael Holt
Ashley Shetland Sheep Dog 01/24/97-03/29/09 Cathy L. Muller
Ashley Shetland Sheepdog 10/25/98-10/01/09 Deborah Tsoi
Ashley Shih Tzu 09/81/91-03/82/05 Roxanne Bucknavage
Ashley Shih Tzu 11/23/95-07/03/09 Marilyn
Ashley Shih Tzu 16 years 06/12/06 Joyce Bane
Ashley Shitz Zu 14 years 05/03/05 Becky O Brien
Ashley Shiztzu 05/25/91-02/22/07 Edee
Ashley Short-Hair Cat 21 years 03/22/06 Donna Adelglass
Ashley Siamese Cat 02/12/91-10/30/08 Steven Dooley
Ashley Siamese Cat 13 years 11/19/00 Susan Bordeaux
Ashley Siamese Mix Cat 07/04/87-11/19/00 Susan Bordeaux
Ashley Silver Classic Tabby & White Cat 05/11/93-02/14/06 Barbara & Jim Young
Ashley Silver Shaded Persian Cat 06/01/88-08/13/03 Susan Nieto
Ashley Silversprite Maine Coon Cat 03/05/88-05/23/06 Cheryl
Ashley Smokey Grey Cat 13 years 11/22/95 Sandi Williams
Ashley Spahn Miniature Schnauzer 07/29/07-12/11/18 Renee
Ashley Springer Spaniel/Chocolate Lab Mix 05/15/86-10/24/98 G. Carey
Ashley 'Sweetie' Cat 07/97-11/04/16 Erv and Brenda Dombrowski
Ashley Tabby Cat 08/22/95-01/12/07 Sean, Kristen, Lilly-May, & Chester
Ashley Tabby Cat 15 years 08/28/07 Katelyn
Ashley Tabby Cat 9 years 03/08/05 Margo Crabbe
Ashley Teddy Bear Hamster 3 1/2 years 03/19/07 Patricia & Nicholas Murphy
Ashley Terrier 4 years 01/14/97 John and Sue Wade and Family
Ashley Terrier and Poodle 12/98 Gregg Meddaygh
Ashley Tortoiseshell Cat 04/19/92-03/21/98 Sandy Stanton
Ashley Whiite Long Haired Domestic Cat 05/85-02/28/01 Patti Engle
Ashley Wolf/Shepherd Mix 07/04/89-07/26/00 Gael Holt
Ashley Yellow Lab 06/98-12/18/07 Patti Helsel
Ashley Yorkshire Terrier 16 years 08/00 Judy & Paul Wilson
Ashley, aka Miss A Siamese Cat 04/06/93-12/25/06 Shelby and Dale Beccue
Ashleyann Basset Hound 11/11/95-04/29/08 Lynn Rot
Ashley's Kids Cat 05/01/03-04/22/03 Paul and Jenn
Ashley'sown Carolyn's BayLee Choc American Cocker Spaniel 08/18/01-04/18/10 Carolyn
Ashleysown Carolyn's BayLee Chocolate American Cocker Spaniel 08/18/01-04/18/10 Carolyn Linnett
Ashli Ann Marie Gray Tabby Cat 04/01/87-05/2001 Monica
Ashli Gray Tabby Cat 19 years 08/14/06 Carol
Ashli Snowflake and Sam Collie-American Eskimo-Collie 12/25/10 Donna Yankowski
Ashlie (a.k.a. Wow) Russian Blue/Siamese 06/88-07/19/05 The Calabro Family
Ashlie Dog 06/05/10 Candi
Ashlie Moofasa Glover American Pit Bull Terrier 05/13/92-02/14/04 Pamela & Bubba Glover
Ashlly Mixed Breed Cat 09/06/96-12/09/11 Camille May
Ashly Dog 07/10/98 Jan
Ashly English Springer Spaniel 02/11/95-07/12/10 Jennifer Zappone
Ashly German Shepherd/Greyhound/Whippet Mix 04/21/99-06/09/10 Nicole
Ashly Silver Tabby Cat 05/12/90-01/19/01 Karan Boczkay
Ashly Tabby Cat 16 years 12/18/04 Eleanor Sydlo
Ashly Yorkshire Terrier 03/06/89-07/18/02 Randy, Debi, Kaila and Sam
Ashmael Wilson Brown Tabby Cat 6 years 5th July 1998 Emma Tempest-Mogg
Ashok Ferret 09/01/07 Jessica
Ashokan Neapolitan Mastiff 2 years 01/02/10 Vendy and Chris
Ashou Labrador 02/14/10-02/26/11 Mykee Panaligan
Ashtar Calico Cat 21 years 11/20/08 Nikolai Guliaeff
Ashtar Springer 05/31/95 Susan Gregg
Ashtar Tortoise Shell Cat approximately 22 years 11/15/08 Nikolai
Ashton Bengal Cat 09/15/03-04/28/15 Glen & Christina
Ashton Bichon Frise 08/11/92-02/25/09 Phil and Deanna
Ashton Black Lab. 03/10/98-09/13/03 Deb Zuercher
Ashton Cat 17 years 12/97 Kay
Ashton Charbonneau Russian Blue Cat 04/89-04/2006 Tobi & Michael Charbonneau
Ashton Collie 09/17/93-09/21/98 Ashlee
Ashton Domestic Cat 15 years 01/20/10 Shannon
Ashton Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/24/09-06/29/11 Lisa Robinson
Ashton Great Dane 01/14/10 Louie Korbisch
Ashton Great Dane 15 years 1989 Amy
Ashton Harrison Long Hair Grey Cat 07/18/90-10/02/05 Gina Maddox
Ashton Long Hair Gray Cat 01/14/98-01/21/16 Deidre
Ashton Long Haired Grey Tabby Cat 09/20/90-03/22/03 Tammy Belmore
Ashton Marie Siberian Husky 08/09/85-02/25/02 Cay and Don Thiesing
Ashton Mini Lop Rabbit 06/09/14 Katie
Ashton Persian Mix Cat 09/87-01/25/00 Kari Jenovai
Ashton Shih-Tzu/Cocker 8 years 06/13/12 Debra Paul Mitch Matthew
Ashton Siberian Husky 13 years 04/03/12 Betty Agin
Ashton Toy Poodle 08/98 Carrie James
Ashton Yorkie 12/17/93-05/29/09 Suzanne Scott
Ashton Yorkie 18 years 09/27/06 Steve and Kristin Kreiner
Ashurst Walker Ferris Whippet 15 years 02/14/13 Sally
Ashy and Bear Pitt Bull and Chow and Collie Mix 6 months and 8 months 04/04/00 and 04/06/00 Sara
Asia - Sha Sha Holland Lop Bunny 12/03/03-09/24/04 Nicole Couturier
Asia Akita 1995 Alfie
Asia American Staffordshire Terrier 20.04.2004-12.10.2017 Asia
Asia AmStaff 16-17 years 06/22/09 Shannon & Eric Thompson
Asia Annabelle Abeda Bengal Cat 07/27/01-07/04/05 Cynthia Abeda
Asia Baby Boxer 05/24/90-02/29/04 Diana
Asia Black Cat 17 years 05/13/06 E. Garven
Asia Blue Golden Retriever 05/10/00-01/14/11 Debbie Peterson
Asia Border Collie Cross 9 months 03/04/08 Susan Amanda Branden and Kyle
Asia Boston Terrier 4 years 09/30/09 Jessica Ferley
Asia Bradley Shar Pei 12 years 08/01/10 Mackenzie & Jamie Bradley
Asia Cat 06/01/04-09/03/10 K & A M
Asia Cat 08/01/05-06/22/12 Donna
Asia Cat 11/01/88-02/12/07 Robert & Miranda Griffin
Asia Cat 7 years 06/22/12 Donna
Asia Cat 7 years 06/22/12 Donna Russo
Asia Doberman 1984-1996 Michelle and Diana
Asia Dog 01/20/08 The Balli Family
Asia Dog 04/2003 Melinda, NIkki, Walt & Shi-Shi
Asia Dog 2 1/2 years Christina
Asia Domestic Short Hair Cat 01/01/90-02/21/00 P. ONeal
Asia French Bulldog 12/28/08-03/18/17 Bonnie Black & Joey Guila
Asia Himalayan Cat 07/97-08/2009 Samantha Jones
Asia Husky 13 years 06/18/07 Barbara
Asia Indian Ringneck Parakeet 03/14/05-10/14/05 Lynne Watts
Asia Kitten 7 months 02/28/05 Robin Nurse
Asia Kitty 1/28/96 Darcie
Asia Lab Mix 09/20/85-07/24/00 Joan
Asia Lilac Point Siamese Cross Cat 21 years 02/13/01 Whitnei Leigh Dewey
Asia Lynx Point Siamese Cat 15 years 04/29/03 Diana and Roger Perenick
Asia Maltese 03/14/98-1994 Barbie
Asia Maltese 04/30/04-01/21/18 Angela Park
Asia Miniature American Eskimo Dog 15 years 09/13/96 Irene Cyburt
Asia Miniature Pinscher 04/14/17 Gene Bolles
Asia Mixed Dog 11/01/02-07/24/09 Amy Nippa
Asia Mixed Lab/Sharpei/Pit Bull 01/01/00-07/21/08 Brian Lewis
Asia Pekinese 06/99-02/05/11 Carolina Bass
Asia Persian Cat 12 years 01/19/04 Madelyn
Asia Pit Bull 8 years 09/12/07 Emma Westbrook
Asia Pitbull 08/2010-12/03/16 Veronica Adams
Asia Pug 09/13/98-02/15/08 Gina
Asia Renee Dog 12/18/10 Traci L Sellers and Stephen P
Asia Robertson Cat 12 years 08/02/11 Todd Robertson
Asia Rottweiler 01/03/95-10/20/01 Lorri Tiernan
Asia Rottweiler 10 years 03/03/11 Jennifer Draper
Asia Rottweiler 11/24/99-01/20/08 Desirae, Joseph & Momilani
Asia Rottweiler 9 years 03/29/05 Michelle Smith
Asia Samoyed/Husky Mix 02/13/09 Michael Morrill
Asia Shamrock (aka; Peanut,aka: Tweeter) Teacup Poodle 03/08/04-12/30/13 Kellyann Shamrock
Asia Shar-Pei 03/02/92-02/15/02 Michael
Asia Shihtzu 03/29/97-03/28/06 Karen
Asia Siamese Cat 04/08/98-05/14/16 Sharon Bouchard
Asia Siamese Cat 11/22/17 Heather
Asia Siamese Cat 13 years 10/06/02 Tammy
Asia Sky Scott Boston Terrier 5 years 12/15/12 Michael and Leticia Scott
Asia Staffordshire Terrier 09/18/08 Juliana Nailor
Asia Tabby Cat 17 years 04/05/05 KL Walters
Asia Von Der Konigsheide 11/22/96-06/29/97 Ed and Terri McClanahan
Asia Weimaraner 07/21/01-01/16/17 Jenni
Asia White German Shepherd 01/15/79-11/10/97 Kim Crary
Asialea Cat 3 years 09/15/04 Mel Lundrigan
Asiana Lee Rottweiler 07/29/00-03/22/10 Danitra
Asija Domestic Cat 12 years 09/23/06 Jacqueline Ivy
Asil Tabby Cat 10/01/94-02/12/09 Lisa Wright
Asja Pekingese 02/25/98-01/18/14 Natasa Velenik
Aska French Poodle 09/15/00-04/09/09 Lily & Caro Caballero
Ask'Em Black Lab 07/09/96-03/08/10 Lynda M. Knauf Harrington
Askem Budgie 7 years 10/24/01 Cassandra
Askem Sheltie 08/15/99-04/20/08 Nicky Rajotte
Askher Cat 14 years Sept 26th Leah Cook
Askhim Shepherd/Wolf 11 years 04/05/10 Ken & Lonna
Askia German Shepherd 08/04/98-12/14/99 Kim
Askim Husky/Collie Mix 11/20/92-12/22/10 Susan Aldridge
Askim Orange Tabby Cat 01/01/11 Van
Asko vom Remmark Rottie 09/14/89-08/26/97 Eve
Askum Boston Terrier 13 years 03/27/02 Barb
Aslan Black Short Haired Cat sometime in Autumn, 1992-11/01/12 Robin Hansen
Aslan Butters Orange Tabby Puss N Boots Like Cat 06/13/05-07/12/07 Jennifer and Timothy Gardner
Aslan Cat 04/23/98 Helene Duncan
Aslan Cat 06/15/98-02/15/10 Alana Levine
Aslan Cat 6 years 01/12/03 Howard King
Aslan Champagne Half-Mitt Ferret 08/01/02-09/23/03 Adriana
Aslan Domestic Black Short Haired Cat 11/03/99-11/03/12 Robin Hansen
Aslan Domestic Short Hair Cat 08/2009-01/27/10 The Duenas Family
Aslan Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/07/04 Richard & Kelli Kersell
Aslan Fagan Domestic Short Hair Cat 19 years 02/23/10 Erin Fagan
Aslan Ginger Tabby Cat 04/17/87-02/21/02 Anne and Pat Brennan
Aslan Ginger Tabby Cat 04/21/93-06/01/01 Matthew
Aslan Golden Retriever 5 years 01/13/12 Jimmy
Aslan Iller/ferret 07/20/00-03/05/05 Christel Berglund
Aslan Maine Coon Cat 2 years 07/19/08 Jessica Simpson
Aslan Shitzhu Terrier Cross 15 1/2 years 03/14/12 Jan
Aslan Wiitala Lab/Retriver 01/06/83-01/03/96 Pamm Hoskin
Asland Cat 1 year 05/30/08 Pat and Marguerite years Amelia
Aslema Cat 02/23/12 Barbara Brady
Aslyn Cat 20 years 04/18/94 Joye Lepeschkin
Asmodean (Asmo) Domestic Short Hair Cat 10 years 01/24/11 Stacey
Aspbackarnas High Fidelity aka Pocahontas Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 11/12/10 Carina
Aspen (Boo Boo) Gibson Cocker Spaniel 04/21/00-11/08/12 Vickie Gibson
Aspen (Camelot's climb that Mt high) Italian Greyhound 10/24/93-05/03/99 Autumn M. Leahy
Aspen Alaskan Klee Kai 05/11/06-08/13/15 Tara Finley
Aspen Alaskan Malamute 10/16/96-08/15/08 Diana
Aspen American Eskimo Dog 01/2002-03/29/14 Scollo Family
Aspen American Eskimo Dog 09/01/90-04/22/05 Leigh Ann and Alyssa
Aspen American Eskimo Dog 12/26/04 J Bickle
Aspen Australian Shepherd 10/14/92-12/10/03 Frank & Barbara Haring
Aspen Beagle 11/04/93-08/30/05 Janis, Jason, Erin & Caroline
Aspen Bearton Golden Retriever 01/15/90-03/17/05 David Fuerst/Greg May
Aspen Bird 01/19/10 Karen
Aspen Black Lab 12/07/92-06/07/04 Michele
Aspen Black Lab 1989-12/28/00 Eddie Prendergast
Aspen Cat 01/20/00-09/16/12 Chu/Harrell/Doit
Aspen Cat 04/15/79-10/15/99 Linda Rich
Aspen Cat 05/09/86 -04/08/96 Nanci
Aspen Cat 05/20/96-05/08/00 Rebecca and Tom, Li'l Rio, Oskar, Bonnie and Annie
Aspen Cat 14/06/09 Anthony, Magan and Kaitlin
Aspen Cat 19 1/2 years 03/2007 Chantal Drapeau
Aspen Cat Jill
Aspen Chocolate Lab 12/01/02-09/19/04 Kirk, Peggy and TJ
Aspen Cocker Spaniel 03/06/87-02/25/00 Cathy Carlson
Aspen Collie 11/12/92-07/24/05 Brian & Leah Peters
Aspen Columbine Doodle Dog Golden Retriever 12/23/97-07/09/11 Rick, Sandy, Susan, and Tracy
Aspen Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/91-08/30/07 Elissa & Alan Fritz
Aspen Downing Labrador 12/15/97-09/25/10 Jennifer Downing
Aspen DSH Cat 10 years 11/03/09 Amanda & William
Aspen Ferret 03/99-06/11/05 Jeremy V. & Stacy K.
Aspen German Shepherd 5 years 11/11/03 Liz
Aspen German Shepherd Dog 15 1/2 years 08/06/15 Lisa Marie
Aspen German-Shepherd Beagle 13 years 11/03/06 Anne Varberg
Aspen Golden Retriever 13 years 04/97 Jan Williams
Aspen Golden Retriever 2002-05/23/17 Bill & Carolyn Kutz
Aspen Golden Retriever 9 years 12/13/97 Jason Old
Aspen Gray and White Long Hair Cat 18 years 02/06/08 Adam Knight
Aspen Gray Long Hair Cat 18 years 2009 Ian and Laura McHugh
Aspen Husky 10/28/07-09/30/10 Ashley
Aspen Keeshond 05/30/95-06/15/10 Kimberly
Aspen Keeshond 16 years 01/07/10 Jennifer O'Connor
Aspen Kitten 07/01/06-04/03/07 Megan Szymanski
Aspen Kreuzenstein Parti Colored American Cocker Spaniel 02/12/07-08/07/10 Kaitlin Kreuzenstein
Aspen Lab 11/23/00-07/08/09 Jamie
Aspen Lab 9 years 10/27/14 Karen & Bob
Aspen Lab/Hound 10/02/98-08/09/10 John Huck
Aspen Labrador 12/23/91-09/12/05 Lori Schisler
Aspen Lilac Point Birman Cat 6 years 09/12/07 Kerryn
Aspen Long Hair Siamese Cat 10/13/97-23/09/11 Linda Bainbridge
Aspen Lynn Melber German Shepherd/Yellow Lab Mix 10/23/93-06/23/06 Allison M Sauber
Aspen Miniature Schnauzer 06/04/01-01/04/11 Debbie and Gary, Michael, Alli and Cooper
Aspen Olson Italian Greyhound 04/20/96-08/01/11 Ginger Olson
Aspen Paddler Golden Retriever 04/17/98-10/10/11 Lori McDonald
Aspen Pom 11 years 09/14/04 Cheri
Aspen Quaker Parrot 05/26/96-09/14/98 Valeen Haslam
Aspen Rottie 04/09/93-03/08/02 Wynde Miller
Aspen Samoyed 11 years 09/10/00 Robyn & Todd
Aspen Sheltie 06/11/90-08/14/00 Cheryl
Aspen Sheltie Mix 16 years 10/05/07 Jolene and Mike
Aspen Shetland Sheepdog 09/09/09 Kathleen Thorney
Aspen Shih Tzu 03/26/90-10/27/06 Kathy Roberts
Aspen Siamese/Tabby Mix Cat 03/10/90-06/06 Jeff
Aspen Solomon Island Eclectus 04/10/04-06/16/05 Kristen and Fred Williams
Aspen Spitz/mix 4 years 01/25/95 Scott Stein
Aspen Tortoise Shell Siamese Cat 8 years 03/01/05 April
Aspen Victoria Domestic Medium Hair Cat 05/19/93-12/23/03 Lisa
Aspen Weimaraner 10/11/98-04/02/03 Reggie & Dina
Aspen Westie 10/16/94-08/01/09 Chris
Aspen White American Pitt Bull 09/05/02 Jesse Hendrix
Aspen White German Shepherd 12/26/97-09/08/09 Sandy Rollins
Aspen Yellow Lab 04/12/95-01/15/08 Suzette Cramer
Aspen Yellow Lab Mix 07/04/96-07/05/11 Dee
Aspen Yellow Labrador Retriever 04/91-01/03/04 Mary, Charlie, Melissa & Mindy
Aspenn Lab Mix 05/02/94-07/23/10 Jen
Aspens Pampered Prince Golden Retriever 05/21/96-11/26/05 Judy & Jerry Romero
Asphalt Domestic Long Hair Kitten 4 months 10/26/03 Victoria & Randall Daugherty
Aspirin Saint Bernard 13 years 02/16/96 Tom White
Asproolee Toy Poodle 12/10/94-02/21/08 Tina & Ray Hale
Aspy Kavanaugh Dog 16 years 07/04/16 Brie K
Assadi German Shepherd 5 years 09/2003 Anna Marie Tsikhlakis and Patricia Eifert and Jackye Tsikhlakis
Assassin Swiss Albino Mouse 1 year 03/29/14 Jen
Assateaque Siberian Husky Puppy 06/26/03-06/14/04 Sami, Marc, McKensay, and Brianna
Assi von Den Steinlandern GSD 10/93 Mother of Grimmy Pipe
Assisi Boston Terrier 01/17/01-11/12/09 Linda Tedder
Assisi Cocker Spaniel 07/10/07 Richard Walters
Assisi Cocker Spaniel 13 year 02/2007 Richard Walters
Assy Black Afghan 9 years 12/11/94 Brigitte & Lyle Jaeger
Asta Chinese Sharpei 08/25/93-12/07/00 Betty Jean and Donnie Smith
Asta Dog 01/25/83-02/28/99 Debra Masters
Asta DSH Cat 02/23/94-07/27/12 Melanie
Asta German Shepherd 12/24/92-05/04/99 Robert
Asta Kwon Blond Cocker Spaniel 12 years 09/01/96 Gerri
Asta Mixed Cocker Spaniel 11 years Judy and Gerri
Asta S. Husky 04/16/91-07/30/04 Dawn Malacinski & Nicholas
Asta Scottish Terrier 10/02/04 Grant, Cheryl & Bond Bishop
Asta Terrier 1993-12/29/04 Rena Petrescu
Asta Wire Fox Terrier 10/13/92-08/31/05 Trish Neill
Asta Wire Hair Fox Terrier 14 years 1974 The Hansen Family
Asta wire hair fox Terrier 8 years 12/01/94 Terry Saenz
Asta Wire-Haired Fox Terrier 12/01/81-02/04/98 Teresa
Astaroth African Grey Parrot 07/18/04 Lisa
Aster Black and White Cat 08/02/98 Ronnie
Aster Calico Cat 17 years 04/25/97 Helene Maliko
Aster Golden Guernsey Goat 03/03/03 Julianne Bonner
Aster Marie Uy Shih Tzu 05/20/89-09/29/05 Cristina Uy
Aster Pug 11 years 05/31/11 TJ
Asteracea Cat 08/07/97-08/20/03 Lisa Pumphrey
Asthma Ed Goat 08/16/02 Glenda Mosner
Asti (Reese's Asti Spumanti) Llasa Apso 06/10/82-11/17/01 Ann Scherschel
Asti (Spu) Dalmation 12/16/90-07/07/03 Craig & Debbie Rouse
Asti American Cocker Spaniel 07/18/92-08/05/05 Diane & Steven Klarkowski
Asti Black Poly Domestic Shorthair Cat 12/01/87-12/24/03 Colleen Moceri
Asti Cat 08/15/89-02/14/04 Ellen
Asti Cat 11/01/92-10/15/08 Kyle Johnson
Asti Chihuahua 08/31/95-04/19/10 Denise Seek
Asti Collie 07/13/98-03/28/08 John Woodward
Asti English Springer Spaniel 09/30/83-05/26/98 Lee Vail
Asti Golden 06/21/03-08/21/13 Diane Mahonski
Asti Golden Retriever 12 years Marybeth Scaturro
Asti Golden Retriever/Chow Chow Mix 12/12/91-05/31/07 Christine Mueller
Asti Maltese 05/15/05-08/31/08 Debi
Asti Peugh-Mueller Chow/Golden Retriever Mix 12/12/91-05/31/07 Christine Mueller
Asti Siamese Cat 06/20/98 Dot
Asti Siamese Mix Cat 03/20/86-07/10/09 Cathy
Asti Siberian Husky 05/83-09/96 Selina Topete
Asti Spumanti Poodle Bobbye and Wally
Asti Spumanti Shih-Tzu 03/02/94-02/05/09 Mary Cottingham
Asti Tabby Cat 04/20/91-01/08/10 Joyce Nieuwesteeg
Asti Wirefox Terrier 1999-12/06/06 Debbie Adams
Asti Yorkie 12/03/88-01/12/07 Debbie Debiak
Astin Spitz 04/21/88-06/18/05 Donna M
Astin West Highland White 02/11/84-10/26/98 Randy Bash
Astis Yorkshire Terrier 04/11/94-11/11/02 Sharon Jernigan
Aston German Shepherd 01/06/07-06/04/11 Vinicius Castro Lima de Oliveira Silva
Astor Dog 08/02/93-23/02/07 Maja Vujanic
Astor German Shepherd 08/05/06 Anita Cernak
Astor German Shepherd Desert Storm
Astoria Cats Tabby Cats 1992-2005 Pat
Astra 12 years 08/20/99 Denise
Astra Beagle 04/05/03-12/05/03 John and Valerie Vischschraper
Astra Cat 8 years 09/06/04 Lina Eklof
Astra Cockapoo 05/09/84-05/08/01 Perry, Susan, and Alyssa
Astra English Cocker Spaniel 6 months 1984 Magda Prosniewska
Astra Gabrille Lovelace White Tiny Toy Poodle 08/02/90-07/23/02 Lori
Astra Lynn Dachshund 09/07/01-08/19/12 Deb Rekos
Astra Miniature Schnauzer 05/31/87-03/25/00 The Wises
Astra Normal Gray Cockatiel 12/29/99-08/05/00 Tom & Brandy Coffey
Astra Standard Poodle 04/12/99-12/04/11 Maureen & Callie
Astree American Eskimo Dog 03/03/87-03/16/01 Vivian, Dalia, Grandma, & John
Astree American Eskimo Dog 03/16/01 Vivian Vega
Astrid (Sharny) Brindle and White Boxer 09/13/96 Daniela Rosenstreich
Astrid Cat 3 years 04/17/07 Valerie
Astrid Siamese Cat 8 years 05/23/99 Connie Goller
Astrid Starr Trezhar (Astrid, My Little Sunshine)) Red Doberman Pinscher 02/24/96-02/20/03 Kellee Davis
Astrid Weimaraner 03/26/04 Jon and Joanne Ryan and Family
Astrid-Hillary Dilute Calico Cat 2005-11/22/06 Torrance Bartholomew
Astro (Stroze) Doxie Mix 13 years 02/04/99 Donn
Astro A.K.A. Punk A.k.a Bonkers Dog 2001 Grace Seeno and Family
Astro American Eskimo Dog 07/21/87-06/12/02 Nita Sweeney
Astro American Pit Bull Terrier 12 years 12/31/09 Julie Marie
Astro Beagle Mix 02/10/13 Chris and Mike Zottola
Astro Beagle Mix 02/10/13 Stephanie, Nick, Alex, and Chris Ricci
Astro Belgian Malinois K-9 officer 6 years 11/01/06 Detective Robert Connors
Astro Black Lab 09/18/95-01/23/07 Gerard
Astro Black Shepherd 04/14/90-06/12/01 Lisa Rispoli
Astro Border Collie Mix 5 years 07/06/12 Amy & Mark White, Thomas Stites
Astro Boxer Labrador 03/19/97-04/25/07 Richard
Astro Boy Wonder Schipperke 03/25/92-02/02/03 Stacy Santarone
Astro Carroll Cocker 12/25/92-08/05/04 Debi
Astro Cat 10/96 Karen Tate Harrison
Astro Cat 13 years 10/02/10 Samantha Lewis
Astro Chow-Chow 07/04/93-06/15/00 Alexis, Adel, Leticia
Astro Collie 11 years 08/09/04 Brandon and Heather Evans
Astro Dachshund 2008 The Vizena Family
Astro Dalmatian 07/05/99-03/25/05 Michelle Pietrzak
Astro Dalmatian 12/31/98-02/19/10 Sue
Astro Dog 11 years 05/20/00 Shannon
Astro Dog 14 years 08/02/11 Kerri Mercer
Astro German Shepherd 01/06/96-07/21/06 Crawford Family
Astro German Shepherd 03/31/00-03/13/10 Shelley Redstone
Astro German Shepherd 06/96-12/15/07 Carol Bollar
Astro Godfrey Great Dane 10 years 03/05/09 Terri & Terry Godfrey
Astro Golden Retriever 03/13/05-05/30/10 John Esparza
Astro Golden Retriever 04/08/94-02/06/06 Barbara Cohen
Astro Golden/Lab Mix 05/12/96-07/18/07 Janice & Jon
Astro Grey Tabby Cat 10 1/2 years 03/01/04 John Ryan
Astro Horton Wright Rottweiler 9 years 06/28/02 Laurette Wright,Cedric Horton, Rose Wright, Carla Wright, Sterling Jukes, Cameron Jukes
Astro Jack Russell Terrier 15 years 08/06/09 Lora Lindsay & Jim Waits
Astro Kitten 10 weeks the Nichols family
Astro Lab Mix 01/01/97-02/18/09 Steve
Astro Lab Mix 09/06/09-12/18/17 Grace Jakubowski
Astro Lab Mix 13 or 14 years 05/10/11 Per and Beth Nilsson
Astro 'Lady Tro' Border Collie/Lab 16 years 05/06/08 Marge Chapman
Astro LaMancha Goat 21 Days-05/29/10 Shari Hultberg
Astro Lee Calico Cat 05/05/89-08/12/00 Michelle
Astro Medium Black Dog 12 years 07/2002 Twyla Power
Astro Meisty Golden Retriever 05/28/91-10/24/00 Jeanie & Scott Sappenfield
Astro Miniature Schnauzer 05/25/88-07/07/97 Da & Jean Scott
Astro Mixed Collie/Lab 4 years 05/13/08 Mallory Leblanc & Joe Basile
Astro Red Heeler 02/25/90-04/05/07 Louise Patterson
Astro Rottweiler 10/18/95-03/13/10 William Riddle
Astro Rottweiler Mix 02/10/00-06/04/10 Dena
Astro Russian Blue Cat 20 years 10/03/08 Steve/Dean/Fred
Astro Samoyed 05/10/98-08/17/07 Elyssa Korman
Astro Schubert Ramos American Eskimo Dog 12 years 09/06/09 Anna Ramos
Astro Shane Barone Irish Setter 06/21/88-09/27/00 Lisa Hoffman
Astro Tabby Cat 4 years 03/02/08 Jen
Astro The Great Robinson Shetland Sheepdog 04/03/98-05/23/05 Teresa Robinson
Astro-Cornelius Red Bellied Slider Turtle 12/23/90-01/23/08 Tom Sharon and Alyson
Asty Tabby Cat 01/03/85-08/08/01 Helen Green
Asylum Pit Bull 03/2004-07/20/07 Amanda Rene Howard James
Atair's DeJa'Vue He's A Dream Ibizan Hound 03/10/85-06/27/98 Rose Bednarski
Atara Cat 14 years 07/08/02 Linda M. Goodman
Atari 04/24/92 Denise Page
Atari Siamese Cat 03/05/92-03/12/11 Sharon L. Myles
Ateesha Lhasa Apso 08/21/86-12/10/01 Nan Clements
Athaena Solomon Rottweiler 06/21/92-05/27/05 Mark Solomon
Athas St. Philip Maine Coon Cat 8 years 07/98 Diana
Athena (Theenie) Walters Lab Mix 04/30/91-06/18/07 John, Millie & Ryan Walters
Athena (Thingy) Brown Tabby Cat 04/06/05-09/13/06 Yvonne
Athena Akita/Husky 17 years and 9 months 07/21/07 Brad & Robin Redman
Athena American Bulldog 01/24/05-02/11/12 Kate Belus
Athena American Long Hair Cat 5 1/2 years 06/09/02 Brenda Payne
Athena American Shorthair Cat 04/20/00-11/04/11 Lynn Lauder
Athena and Cybil Torres Black Tuxedo & Muted Calico Cats 16 & 22 years to 06/25/00 & 10/10/03 MJ Torres & Anton Rupprecht
Athena and Sylvia Cats 14 years 03/12/05 Beth
Athena Arctic Wolf/Timber Wolf/Husky/Alaskan Malamute Mix 09/01/98-08/09/00 Randy Donahue
Athena Beagle 12/24/00-03/05/06 Candace Cain
Athena Beagle Husky Mix 11 years 05/20/07 Valerie, Michael, Vanessa and Shane Lipstein
Athena Bichon 16 years 5 months 11/24/06 Henry Dicarlo
Athena Black Lab 04/30/98-02/11/99 Carol Alvero
Athena Black Lab/Rottweiler 08/01/98-09/03/10 Marilyn Mintel
Athena Blond Cocker Spaniel 12/01/88-11/17/01 A. Edery
Athena Blue Point Siamese Cat 11 years 04/05/02 Lois Scudamore
Athena Border Collie/Lab/Shepherd 01/07/95-12/28/09 Greg Horner
Athena Boxer Mix 11 years 01/05/19 John, Noel, Brandi, Mike, Jessi, and Chanelle
Athena British Shorthair Cat 04/04/02-01/31/04 Marie Pivaral
Athena Brittany Rottweiler 8 years 06/16/06 Karen Selesky
Athena Burke Pug 05/05/02-05/22/12 Toni DeCuicies
Athena Calico Cat 07/04/91-11/28/00 Anne Burton
Athena Calico Cat 12/06/77-12/11/96 Michael and Maria
Athena Cat 03/05/95-09/25/07 Maria
Athena Cat 05/23/88-06/24/06 Tim Daniel
Athena Cat 07/14/00-08/27/10 Mitch Rosen
Athena Cat 15 or 16 years 01/07/99 Paula & Don Whitcomb
Athena Cat 17 years 07/09/13 Nicole Freeeland
Athena Chihuahua 09/15/03-06/25/05 Kimberly Rushing
Athena Chihuahua 11/20/11-02/19/13 Rita Cole
Athena Chihuahua 6 1/2 years 11/22/08 Angie Brown-Burnheimer
Athena Chocolate Lab 11/24/97-02/22/05 Sarah
Athena Clydesdale/Quarter Horse 27 years 10/22/13 Betsi Haack
Athena Daley Cattle Dog /Shepherd/? 3 years 01/30/07 Lindsay and Justin and Jeremiah Daley
Athena Doberman 08/15/92-08/15/03 Angela Mazzocco
Athena Domestic Shorthair Cat 11/04/11 Heidi Lynn
Athena Elkhound X 04/29/96-02/12/09 Kristen McKenna
Athena Ferret 10/15/96-02/05/03 Mary Adams
Athena German Shepherd 09/04/11-04/26/13 Dawn Doss
Athena German Shepherd Puppy 08/20/11 Jenny
Athena German Shepherd Puppy 12 weeks 02/22/09 Angel Pennington
Athena German Shepherd/ Labrador 10/15/16-01/15/17 Karina Fraga
Athena German/Aussie Shepherd Mix 15 years 12/17/10 Julie Schliebner and Bill Bassham
Athena Goddess of War Pittbull 07/04/01-08/01/08 Charla Norris
Athena Gray Tabby Cat 2 1/2 years 02/02/01 Beth Gustas
Athena Gray Tabby Cat 9 years 06/19/01 Tamerajean Mead
Athena Great Dane / Doberman 04/01/86-05/07/99 Lisa Gonnelli
Athena Great Dane 02/07/01-10/13/10 Katherine Jade Katz
Athena Great Dane 10 years 01/04/10 Jennifer Sheppard
Athena Husky Mix Puppy 02/2011-07/28/11 Km
Athena Long Hair Domestic Cat 04/01/88-04/21/05 Cynthia Cline
Athena Maltese 01/21/85-12/02/97 Geri
Athena Marie Domestic Short Hair Cat 08/03/04-08/30/04 John M. Kulcsar
Athena Miniature Collie & Greyhound 16 years 08/08/91 Nancy Rehbein
Athena Miniature Schnauzer 10/05/05-10/16/16 Abril Montes
Athena Mix Cat 10 months 12/27/03 Robin Pereira
Athena Mixed Breed Cat 08/98-02/02/01 Chris Wallbruch
Athena Mixed Cat 05/01/91-10/12/01 Sandy Defrancesco
Athena Mixed Long Haired Cat 6 years 07/08/06 Jessica and Dustin Olma
Athena Pitbull/Lab Mix 04/22/01-03/06/07 Lindsey
Athena Poodle 16 years 03/22/10 Carol Reed
Athena Pug 10 months 01/16/10 Ed, Terri, Justus, Liberty Downard
Athena Rott 11/30/07-06/23/16 Marlene Lund
Athena Rotti/Doberman 06/08/96-08/05/07 Mike D'Andraia
Athena Rottweiler 03/11/00-11/07/12 Marc Cimadevilla
Athena Ruby-Eyed White Gerbil 2 years 1 month 02/21/00 Jill S.
Athena Russian Blue Cat 19 years 05/02/09 Chuck/Mike
Athena Samoyed 07/07/91-00/12/08 Robin Data
Athena Sheltie 11/22/92-08/30/06 Tracy
Athena Shih-Tzu 06/22/93-03/13/06 Tina Labar
Athena Short-Hair Black Domestic Cat 19 years 07/30/00 Sherry Walker
Athena Sullivan German Shepherd Mix 14 years 08/29/10 Sherry Sullivan
Athena Terrier Min Pin Mix 10/30/11-04/27/12 Corey Harris
Athena Tortie Cat 02/14/98-06/11/08 Pam Zangardi
Athena Tuxedo Cat 13 years MJ & Anton Rupprecht
Athena Tuxedo Cat 14 years 06/25/00 Mj & Anton
Athena Von Stackhouse German Shepherd 01/10/93-12/02/04 Cindy Marsh
Athena White Cat 16 years 07/05/02 Chris & Photis Nicolaou
Athena Winter White Dwarf Hamster 08/27/15 Kate & Shawn
Athena, little Squeaker & litter Hedgehogs Pam
Athens Monroe Kulcsar Norwegian Forrest Cat 08/17/94-02/25/10 John Michael and Athens Monroe Kulcsar
Athens Orange and White Domestic Shorthair Cat 06/25/06-11/11/08 Betty Beck
Athila Neopolitan Mastiff 11/05/16 Mandy
Athos Boxer 03/31/99-02/13/02 Regan & Tatiana Schraeder
Athos Cat 06/07/07-04/11/08 Karla Sieling
Athos Cat 06/2002-12/23/09 Evanthia Savva
Athos Cat 07/13/02-12/21/09 Evanthia Savva
Athos Dlh Kitten 07/07/00-05/22/01 Jan
Athos Labrador Retriever 06/10/05-08/26/18 Gabriela Macedo
Athos Shepherd/Chow Mix 12/06/02-06/23/13 Michelle Lutrzykowski
Athos Smith Shihtzu 11/28/99-02/05/16 Wesley Smith
Atila Boxer Beatriz Brito
Atila German Shepherd 05/23/10-07/09/19 Salvador Torralbas
Atila German Shepherd 10/09/05-23/02/15 Vanessa
Atilla 08/94-06/95 Keating Family
Atilla Cat 2 years 10/24/04 Linda
Atilla The Dumb-Dumb Russian Dwarf Hamster 2 months 05/24/00 Laura S
Atilla the Hun (TT) Lhasa Apso 12 years 01/09/95 Holly Phipps CurRotto
Atis Mixed (Lab, Mastiff, St. Bernard) 14 years 01/21/12 Steve White
Atlanta Border Collie 15 years 07/01/10 Jan, Laura, and Mike
Atlanta Georgette Basset Hound 13 1/2 years 01/19/09 Mary Ann and Billie Jo
Atlanta Puppy 5 months Fall 2006 Bogiedew
Atlanta Teddybear Hamster 10/26/03-07/06/06 Anthony and Reyna
Atlantean Gerbil 01/03-04/10/06 Faith
Atlantic Hanoverian Horse 04/23/74-06/20/06 Rick & Janet Gregg
Atlantis Mystic Dragonheart- Sean Pomeranian 03/09/07-08/07/11 Amy Parker
Atlas American Pit Bull Terrier 04/07/85-04/13/01 Shelagh
Atlas Bullmastiff 6 years 05/42/18 Ellen
Atlas Doxie Mix 05/15/04-07/04/13 Joann M. Pochinski
Atlas Golden Retriever 10/02/95-09/10/05 Kelly and Jessica Lange
Atlas Great Dane 11/22/97-12/11/06 Mary Toland
Atlas Pit Bull 8 1/2 years 04/24/11 Awilda M. Rivera
Atlas Rat 08/21/03-07/21/05 Flea
Atlas Sheltie 07/08/08 Emmett Martin and Steve White
Atlas Tabby Cat 1996-01/30/10 Dee
Atlas Weimaraner 06/30/98-01/10/01 Mark & Tanya Welch
Atlee Perry Chocolate Lab 07/97-01/07/10 Lindy
Atmo Parti Poodle 02/17/96-06/07/11 Perry Galang
Atom Part Lab and Part Setter 14 years 03/17/05 Maria & Glenn Greenwood
Atom Yellow Labrador Retriever 10/23/91-11/15/97 Thea Weiss Tarbet
Atomas Cat 05/01/82-04/28/02 Gilles
Atome Rat 2 years 02/27/13 Laurine
Atomic Cat 6 months 05/02/05 Amanda Brown & Ali Martin
Atos Wolf/ Husky 15 years 03/15/96 Czeslawa Domianczyk
Atreides Maine Coon Cat 09/01/86-12/24/04 Debbie Goodrich
Atreyu Bearded Dragon 10/20/13 Caitlin D'Angelo
Atreyu House Cat Appx 3 1/2 years 07/14/09 Jennifer Cousino
Atreyu Lab/German Shepherd 8 months 01/27/04 Lacie
Atria Mixed Breed Dog 10 years 04/24/99 Fernando Abruna
Atrix Beagle Mix 10/23/98-09/26/13 Vlad
Attadoll American Saddlebred Mare 06/22/83-03/27/00 Stephanie, Laura, and John Allison
Attela, Tilly Bullmastiff 09/17/99-01/27/04 Sandra Topic
Atti Dog 12 years 06/06/09 Terrie and Bob Frenson
Atti Farr Cat 05/01/96-08/07/07 Katrina Farr
Attica American Stafforshire Terrier 13 years 06/12/01 D Tyler
Atticus Black Lab 03/27/89-08/13/02 Mindy Younker-Davis
Atticus Black Lab/Hound Cross 04/2011-10/2011 Barbara Lensing
Atticus Boxer 07/28/04-01/21/13 Kevin Poindexter and Katie Weeks
Atticus Boxer Rescued 11/18/06-01/20/07 Kim Ivora
Atticus Boxer/Shepherd Mix 4 months 09/21/12 Tammy Haug
Atticus Bullmastiif 10/13/10-12/30/11 Martin Zelaya
Atticus Campbell Cat 05/17/98-06/20/01 Jenn, Jasper, Munchie & Gus
Atticus Cat 09/17/05-03/31/08 Lisa
Atticus Cat 16 years 04/24/13 Laura Smith
Atticus Cat 2 years 01/05/00 Virginia
Atticus Catticus Maximus McElroy Maine Coon Cat 2004-03/06/16 Colleen McElroy
Atticus Clay Williamson Yellow Labrador 03/91-05/09/03 Williamson Family
Atticus Collie/Shepherd Mix 08/18/99-02/10/08 Jennifer Tyson
Atticus Dachshund 02/22/07-02/11/16 Jennifer
Atticus Dachshund 08/09/91-01/24/07 Paul Hahn and Kim Radcliffe
Atticus Dog 11 years 07/2 Mary
Atticus DSH White Cat With Tabby Spots and a Raccoon Tail 07/01-07/01/08 Pat
Atticus English Bulldog Puppy 04/17/00-12/29/00 Jessica James
Atticus Henry Almarker Tabby Cat 3 years 23/11/04 Tara and Ola Almarker
Atticus Hooded Rat 1 1/2-2 years 10/17/07 Jessica LeBlanc
Atticus James Kitten 6 weeks-06/10/13 Julia James
Atticus Jones Beagle/Hound Mix 5 years 06/21/06 Sarah
Atticus Lab Mix 09/15/95-10/05/04 Rachel
Atticus Lab/Pit 7 years 04/15/16 Terri O
Atticus Maine Coon Cat 05/15/89-01/09/02 Rod
Atticus Martel Rosemund Rottweiler 09/19/99-09/26/11 Maree Rosemund
Atticus Mixed Dog 3 years 01/29/09 Barbara and Lynne Gathany
Atticus Old English Sheep Dog 08/28/12 Marsha Lee Cole
Atticus Orange Tabby Cat 19 years 02/06/04 Dawn Haney
Atticus Pomeranian 10 years 07/28/13 Tonya Schafer
Atticus Pug 12/16/90 Jessica
Atticus Pug 4 years 12/14/08 Jessica Bond
Atticus Ragdoll Cat 09/28/06-01/08/08 Sandra Ellis
Atticus Rottweiler 02/04/00-04/09/07 Ian and Davina
Atticus Siamese Cat 1986-11/10/00 Joe Lipman
Atticus White American Short Hair Cat 08/09/12 Donna Gates
Atticus Yorkie 13 years 01/23/08 Rebecca
Attie American Pitbull 05/08/95-02/09/09 Amy
Attie Cat 06/01/04-10/31/05 Karen Mullen
Attie Domestic Long Hair Cat 09/27/99-08/14/10 Karen
Attie Van Der Schuyt Rottweiler 05/08/92-11/30/98 William Boblett
Attila American Bulldog 06/21/02-07/08/17 Rodney M
Attila Cat 12 years 07/03/95 Marie Schatz
Attila Dog 13 years 05/16/16 Marcie
Attila Domestic B/W Longhair Cat 06/18/92-06/02/03 Susan and Kerry Nock
Attila Rottweiler 03/08/95-08/26/06 Lori Fitzpatrick
Attila Selle-Francais Horse 04/10/66-1991 Sabine
Attila Shepherd Mix 13 years 05/18/99 Sandra Givens
Attila Shetland Sheepdog 07/28/94-05/24/05 N. Johnson
Attila The Bun Rabbit 05/22/03 Diane
Attila Tri Color Domestic Shorthair Cat 1989-09/07/07 Aaron McClure
Attis European Short Hair (Greek) Cat 06/2003-07/10/05 Diana Hartig
Attitash Black Lab 04/01/98-01/15/12 Ann Chapman
Atuk American Eskimo Dog 11/11/82-01/14/00 Steven Novak
Au Lani Lani Siberian Husky Mix 11/92-08/28/10 MeKila
Au Nugget lll Golden Retriever 05/26/03-07/16/08 Nancy
Aubie 07/14/84-02/05/95 Bryan & Paige Cowen
Aubie Beagle 13 years 06/09/10 Tom and Susan Stringfellow
Aubie Cocker Spaniel/Beagle 09/18/87-03/15/06 Mary Sue Newton
Aubie Early Dachshund 02/14/03-07/31/07 Tonya Early
Aubie Greenwing Macaw 1 1/2 years 01/13/10 Dana Cannon
Aubie Miller Yorkie 01/13/98-09/19/06 Lisa Miller
Aubrey Black Lab 11/09/91-04/24/04 Sue, Jerry, Tricia, Mike Nadeau
Aubrey Blue Rat 05/01/09 Cheyanne
Aubrey Cat 09/01/95-08/14/09 David
Aubrey Chow-Retriever Mix 01/01/01-11/09/13 Melody
Aubrey Golden Retriever 08/13/99-09/12/12 Gary, Lori, Cole and Corey Clarke
Aubrey Golden Retriever/Collie 14 years 05/2002 Elizabeth
Aubrey Himalayan Cat 16 years 06/21/05 Wnedell & Nancy Deer With Horns
Aubrey Hoyt Miniature Poodle 01/85/87-17 February 2001 Mary Miceli
Aubrey Mixed Tabby Cat 17 years 06/19/12 L, F, N & M
Aubrey Newton Lab/Hound Mix 12 years 07/15/12 Nancy Newton
Aubrey Ragdoll Cat 3 years 04/13/08 Harriet
Aubrey Renee Santoyo Miniature Dachshund 09/23/92-07/02/08 Dorian D Collodi-Santoyo, Amanda Conley-Santoyo, Tom M. Dyer
Aubrey Tabby Orange and White Cat 02/14/98-09/24/06 Trent & Emily
Auburn Dutch Guinea Pig 02/01/06-10/13/06 Jake Costello
Auburn Golden Retriever 04/15/91-08/15/99 Lois Middleton
Audi Ellefson Golden Retriever Mix 03/13/93-07/26/10 Van Ellefson
Audi Luckette Husky Lab Mix 06/06/96-10/05/10 Kimberly Luckette
Audi Puggle 4 years 08/07/13 Angela Mahan-Lindeman
Audie 05/15/83-01/06/99 Malu
Audie Cat Tortoiseshell Cat 10 years 03/19/10 Zaea Raithe
Audie German Shepherd 04/27/10-07/25/11 Kevin Redmond
Audie Mini-Rex Rabbit 03/2006-02/15/08 Charla Lee
Audie Orange Tabby Cat 13 years 09/07/11 Mary Jo Raulerson
Audio Ginger and White Shorthair Cat 17 years 11/05/15 Kimberly Cobb
Audi's Dream Spinner O Shannon(Chin Chin) 01/31/86-06/29/95 Rosa Yokopenic
Audit Shih Tzu 04/15/98-10/19/12 Milton & Teresa
Audley Border Collie 9 years 12/23/98 Peter and Cindy
Audrey Australian Shepherd 15 years 04/18/09 Karen Bordonaro
Audrey Basset Hound 13 years 09/17/01 Samantha Flynn
Audrey Beagle 7 years 10/11/12 Kathryn
Audrey Bichon Frise 7 years 11/30/09 Tom Scarpone
Audrey Bird 9 wks 11/24/97 Vanessa
Audrey Bischon X Poodle 02/06/14-07/21/16 Ariel, Tina, Abbie and Allie Araza
Audrey Black Lab 05/15/89-04/19/04 Brenda and Eric
Audrey Black Mutt 13 years 10/20/07 Cathy Carr
Audrey Bluepoint Himalayan Cat 08/17/87-08/05/97 Helen Lakatos
Audrey Calico Cat 6 years 09/07/05 Stephanie
Audrey Cat 17 years 03/29/04 Vicki, Antonio, Thomas, David and Jesse Rivera
Audrey Cat 19 years 03/03/08 Pat
Audrey Cat 20 years 03/03/08 Best Friends Animal Society Staff and Members
Audrey Cavalier King Charles 07/01/12 Jessica Zoccali
Audrey Chihuahua 03/05/01-09/12/11 Janet
Audrey Chinese Shar Pei 06/29/95-08/17/98 Cindy Rivard
Audrey Cocker Spaniel 10/26/04-03/10/05 Pubali Bardhan
Audrey Dachshund 12 years 01/21/12 Carolyn Peskowitz
Audrey Doberman Pinscher 07/11/97-02/18/10 Kay and Bob Levine
Audrey Dog 16 years 12/08/00 Rich and Alison Upton
Audrey Domestic Short Hair Cat 01/13/89-10/10/01 Jack
Audrey Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/30/93-01/22/03 Jennifer Stairs
Audrey Domestic Tortoiseshell Cat 08/97-09/99 Debbie
Audrey English Setter 02/28/93-08/10/05 Jean
Audrey Golden Retriever 01/23/98-11/18/10 Sally and Alice Thompson
Audrey Hepburn Domestic Shorthair, Orange Tabby Cat 02/14/82-06/20/03 Margaret A. Bjerklie
Audrey Hepburn Golden Ret/Chow 11 1/2 years 06/08/07 Janie, Vanessa, Henry Barajas
Audrey Hepburn Hill DSH Cat 02/13/13 Grace K
Audrey Hepburn Mini Poodle 14 years 01/30/09 Angie Wingard
Audrey Louise Dorsey Black Lab, German Shepherd 07/12/07-12/24/08 Kristin & Kevin Dorsey
Audrey Red Fox Gerbil 06/01/02-08/13/05 Kylee Dickey
Audrey Riley Jack Russell Terrier 06/18/98-09/30/14 Janice Riley
Audrey Scottish Fold (straight eared), Dilute Calico Cat 02/18/94-09/29/98 Jill Selkowitz
Audrey Shepherd/Springer Spaniel 10/31/88-05/08/04 Margaret C
Audrey Siamese/Himalayan Cat 09/09/82-06/25/01 Jeanne and Will Windham
Audrey Vaught Dachshund 12/08/03-01/09/17 Randall Vaught
Audrey White Shorthair Cat 13 years 08/05/07 Diane Gorton
Audrey-Rose Poodle-Pomeranian Cross 02/27/95-11/27/05 Kathy Groendal
Audrina Domestic Medium Hair Tabby Kitten 10/18/08-03/12/09 Teresa
Auer's Little Heidi-Jean Miniature Pinscher 06/04/00-01/31/05 Sharon and Peter Auer
Aufruf German Shepherd Mix 14 1/2 years 02/16/02 Josh Riesenbach
Auggi Border Collie Mix 04/01/75-08/14/92 Kathy Hook
Auggie (Augustus Freeloader) Cat 09/02/15 Karen and Inkie
Auggie (Augustus, Barger, Gus Gus) Black & White DSH Cat 11/12/06-10/29/07 Mary Jo & Paul
Auggie (Victor Augustus) Gorgeous Springer Spaniel 02/20/94-06/29/02 Lissa and Greg
Auggie 07/15/01-01/06/03 The Dickson family
Auggie Australian Shepherd 10 years 01/06/07 Jan Empsall
Auggie Beagle 03/07/89-02/26/05 Diane Lanteri
Auggie Bernese Mountain Dog 8 years 09/15/05 Emilee
Auggie Bichon 12/19/98-10/15/08 Sue Tribbe
Auggie Black Lab approximately 13 years 08/18/08 Audrey
Auggie Black Labrador Mix 16 years 3 months 01/14/07 Gregory T. Boone
Auggie Chihuahua 12 years 11/05/02 Heidi Hamlin
Auggie Chocolate Labrador 13 years 02/25/10 The Hamilton Family
Auggie Dog 06/04/07 Jacquie Knapp
Auggie Dog 09/16/02-04/24/10 Kathy Tenbrink
Auggie Dog 8 years 07/23/98 SuSea
Auggie Dog 9 years 01/22/11 Andrea and Jake
Auggie Dog Juanita
Auggie Doggie Lab/Shepherd 15 1/2 years 10/01/02 Sheri Ledars
Auggie Doggie Shepherd Mix 06/10/07-05/16/09 Ashley & Troy Cox
Auggie German Shepherd 06/20/99-06/16/06 Lauren Caruso & Randy Miles
Auggie Golden Retriever 8 years 10/16/94 Tena Kinsel
Auggie Great Pyrenese 10 years 05/00 Whitney
Auggie Homan Dog 03/93-03/28/06 Brenda Homan
Auggie Hound Mix 11 years 10/01/13 Marcella Richter
Auggie Jack Russell Terrier 09/23/08 Grant Epstein
Auggie Lab/Shepherd Mix 03/17/94-08/16/05 Colleen Halley
Auggie Labradoodle 05/24/08-08/03/18 Kathleen Haft
Auggie Mix Dog 11/99-09/11/11 Kelly O'Keefe and Robert Thompson
Auggie Mixed Shaggy Dog 01/01/86-04/31/00 Holly Apel
Auggie Morkie 03/23/09-04/09/11 Jackie Swenson
Auggie Pumphret Shih Tzu 01/2018-05/08/18 Robby Pumphret
Auggie Rugen Miniature Schnauzer 1981-1994 Sharon
Auggie Sandy Tabby at 03/10/94-07/02/98 Rod and Suzanne Holland
Auggie Sheltie 13 1/2 years 12/26/99 Kerri Williams
Auggie Shepherd/Lab 9 years 01/23/99 Debi and Rebecca
Auggie The Doggy! Lhasa Apso 11 years 02/19/02 Genevieve A Emidy
Auggie Wolf 05/07/00-03/11/03 Alisa Danielle Scates
AuggieDoggie Min Schnauzer 12/29/99-11/02/12 Kim Guerino
Augie (August) Fawn Boxer 07/02/90-08/02/99 Brad Wilson
Augie (Brownie) Dog 05/07/88-11/01/01 Judy Kelly
Augie Abyssinian Guinea Pig 2008-04/27/14 Jody
Augie Australian Terrier 01/25/90-11/22/99 Kathy
Augie Bassett Hound 13 years 08/18/00 Sue
Augie Beagle 12/12/95-03/07/10 The McLeroy Family Rob, Lol, Ally, and Danny
Augie Bear Hedgehog 05/27/09 Christine Matarese
Augie Black Lab 06/07/12-10/13/12 McKenna
Augie Black Lab Border Collie Mix Dob 14 years 9 months 05/06/13 Ron and Deborah
Augie Border Collie Mix 17 years 04/11/01 Richard Landstom
Augie Border Collie/ Bernese Mountain Dog 07/07/89-01/14/02 Gilbert McCraw
Augie Cairn Terrier 05/13/89-02/17/04 Diane Krueger
Augie Canaan Dog 11/28/13 R C Dolph
Augie Cat 17 years 03/05/09 Ann, Don, Dawn, Scott
Augie Chihuahua 07/21/51-05/19/06 Jean Hanauer
Augie Chocolate Lab 06/19/96-09/13/04 Marge Friedrich
Augie Chocolate Labrador Retriever 05/07/88-11/01/01 Judy Kelly
Augie Collie Doggie 05/01/90-03/27/02 Lacey and Dave
Augie Dachshund 13 years 03/20/98 Paul and Diane Carlson
Augie Dalmatian 02/11/86-12/20/87 Linda
Augie Dog 08/15/98 Kendall
Augie Dog 10/16/01-09/30/17 Brian
Augie Dog 13 years 09/26/98 Cindi
Augie Doggie Border Collie/Black Lab Mix 04/95-07/22/11 Jill & Paul Freimann
Augie Doggie Dachshund 05/03/91-02/18/06 Alexis Hamilton
Augie Doggie Dachshund 16 years 03/16/95 Patricia Gaffney
Augie Dogie Dachshund 02/19/92-02/16/06 Ann Hamilton
Augie DSH Cat 06/05/01-04/01/19 Julie Musselman
Augie Golden/Shepherd Mix 08/23/00-10/14/11 Nancy
Augie Jack Russell Terrier 12 years 05/01/06 John, Lou, Daren, Brent, Pam Lacher
Augie Kiley Black Lab/Greyhound 08/11/94-11/12/09 Joe Kiley Rita Hance
Augie Lab 04/01/01-11/14/06 Paul, Courtney, Cameron and Noah
Augie Lab 08/85-02/16/00 Aggie
Augie Mixed Dog 06/11/94-04/11/07 Bill & Melissa Parkhurst
Augie Mixed Dog 08/14/84-02/01/00 Deb
Augie Mixed Dog 12 years 07/10/06 Ginny
Augie Mixed Terrier 08/06/76-01/25/95 Jodie
Augie Orange Tabby Cat 05/09/95-12/01/08 Ann Shamleffer
Augie Papillion 14 years 11/20/13 Larry Fugel & Bea Stricker
Augie Papillon 08/22/90-11/13/02 Judy Douglas
Augie Peek-A-Poo 06/17/85-09/14/02 Pat
Augie Pointer Mix 15 years 09/02/00 Karen and Jeff Sievers
Augie Poodle 06/29/89-10/08/05 Linda August and Mike
Augie Poodle 19 years 08/9 Maryanne
Augie Poodle BaDoodle 10/08/91-01/05/06 Risa
Augie Ragdoll Cat 02/06/07 Maryann B
Augie Rottweiler/Golden Retriever Mix 12 years 10/16/07 Chris & Berni Cope
Augie Shih Tzu 11/03/92-10/02/07 Denise
Augie Siamese Cat 15 years 05/18/04 Linda Kloran
Augie Silky Terrier 03/01/95-03/15/11 Ken and Marianne Hailey
Augie Skye Terrier 05/22/95-05/02/99 Judy & Ed Woods
Augie Tiger Cat 14 years 12/05/05 Esther Glickman
Augie Toy Poodle 14 + years 08/21/07 Deana Reed
Augie Westie 07/08/94-03/11/10 Carol
Augie White Bull Terrier 08/08/84-12/08/98 The Family of Don & Judy Hamby
Augie Yorkie 15 years 10/28/05 Len & Phyllis Begy
Augie Yorkshire Terrier 04/09/86-09/25/99 Betty
Augie Yorkshire Terrier 06/97-09/07/07 Michelle Sharp
Augie-Doggie Chihuahua 02/14/99-01/09/00 Teresa
August Auggie Boston Terrier 08/01/98-05/18/11 Patty Smith
August Auggie Boston Terrier 08/01/98-05/19/11 Patricia Smith
August Black Cat 2 years 07/27/09 Lestari Hairul
August Gosling 6 months 08/04/17 Brenda
August Gray and White Tabby Cat 08/10/98-03/31/05 Glenn Juskiewicz & Julia Hartung
August Johnson Jack Russell Terrier 15 years 04/23/09 Brad and Masako Johnson
August Labrador Retriever 13 years 02/27/02 Kym Reaume
August Pit Bull Terrier 07/11/80-08/19/96 Lois C. Johnson
August Rae Boxer 06/06/04-06/05/11 Kerri Rae
August Rat 3 years 05/21/03 Jacy Riedmann
August Rush Greenhow Orange Tabby Cat 09/07/09-06/18/16 Cheryl Greenhow
August Sheltie 08/08/96-10/22/06 Norrine
Augusta Cat 12/19/05 Andrea
Augustina Domestic Cat 07/2001-06/28/08 A.M. Siciliano
Augustine Goombungie Pussy Cat 20 months 05/24/02 Eve & Terri
Augustine Sawyer (Gus) Bengal Mix Marbled Coat Kitten 03/13/02-08/01/02 Ken and Elyn Macek
Augusto Scottish Terrier 07/09/96-01/13/03 Claudia Zitelli
Augustus (Gus) Ribbens Brown Tabby Coon Cat 11/84-10/03/03 Cindy
Augustus (Gus) Wos Von Traverse City German Shorthaired Pointer 06/15/96-06/07/09 Lee Wos
Augustus aka Gusty Half Maine Coon, Half Mutt Long Hair Cat 04/17/98-07/27/06 Deborah Knight
Augustus aka Mr. Puss Siamese Cat 11 years 06/09/10 Tudor
Augustus Caesar Border Collie/Husky 01/01/96-04/30/08 Beth Kons
Augustus Cat 03/15/10 Janet
Augustus Cat 5 years 05/21/95 Laurence Finestone Family
Augustus Cocker Spaniel 12/09/99-03/18/12 Sara
Augustus Dog 05/01/91-06/02/04 Fran and Paul Sullivan
Augustus 'Jaco' V. Tuefulhunden German Shepherd 05/16/01-07/16/10 Jocelyn
Augustus Maximus a.k.a. Gus Cocker Spaniel 08/01/94-12/11/04 Gaute & Erin Syversen
Augustus McCrea Tonkinese Cat 11/30/99-07/04/05 Kay Klopf
Augustus McGreggor Fairchild Scottie 02/08/04-12/22/10 Ron Fairchild
Augustus McRae Russell Weimaraner 08/13/04-08/20/08 Louis and Marilyn Russell
Augustus Persian Cat 08/26/96-09/22/10 Dan D. Brooks and Terry L. Cline
Augustus Rottweiler 05/03/06-01/03/11 The Stenson family
Augustus Siamese Cat 09/17/64-10/23/84 Ellen Thorp
Augustus Vin Diesel aka Augie Abyssinian Cat 2003-06/19/04 Vince and Paula Bath
Aun Aun Wong Miniature Schnauzer 01/82/06 Wong Guan
Auna Great Dane 11 years 04/09/06 Celena Ellis
Aunt Clara Short Haired Domestic Tabby Cat 20-21 years 03/14/04 Jack Tippett
Aunt Clara Tortoishell Cat 04/96-08/01/11 Lotus Grable
Aunt Jeff Corgi Wannabe 01/01/88-08/04/01 Melissa Barth
Aunt Jemima Dog Carol
Aunt Molly Cat Barbara Ruppel
Auntie Argyle Cockatiel 01/99-06/24/09 Betty Bremner
Aunty Sham Dog 10 years 12/17/10 Nicki Dainty
Aura Black and White British Shorthair Cat 20/06/14-15/06/17 Emma
Aura Cat 05/01/10 Keren
Aura Chinchilla Cross Cat 04/30/82-07/15/00 Dion & Lisa
Aura Dog 06/26/09 Brian
Aura Golden Retriever 06/22/02-08/22/11 Udy
Aura Shaw German Shepherd 01/23/92-05/11/05 Samantha Shaw
Aurélie-Belle Tabby Cat 08/07/92-06/02/07 Chantal Charbonnier
Aureus Golden Retriever 03/15/04-03/08/08 Sonya Morgan
Aurich Golden Retriever 07/18/91-12/23/04 Kathy Hayes
Auriga Guinea Pig 3 years 1 day 02/04/06 Pam Bowyer
Auron Foster Olde English Bulldog 04/2002-01/2013 Emily Foster
Aurora Bell Haupt Maltese 09/12/04-12/01/12 Dorothea H. Haupt
Aurora Beluga whale 18 Mystic Aquarium, Connecticut
Aurora Borealis (Rory) Maine Coon Cat 1/21/88-07/26/98 The Kane Family
Aurora Borealis (Rory) Yellow Labrador Retriever 10/02/00-07/29/10 Lisa Paige Zielinski & David Noble
Aurora Borealis Cat 03/04/04-09/16/06 The Riehl Family
Aurora Cat 04/01/05-12/01/18 David and Deletha Hardin
Aurora Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Aurora Dog 08/10/02-13/12/08 Luna
Aurora Domestic Short Hair Cat 10/01/02-07/22/11 Laurie
Aurora DSH Cat 05/02/08-09/10/18 The DeTolla Family
Aurora DSH Cat 10/12/05 Margo Verikas
Aurora Fancy Mouse 03/23/16 Teodora Gojovic
Aurora Frog 2 years 07/29/10 Emily Boyd
Aurora German Shepherd 6 years 06/10/11 Tanya
Aurora Golden Retriever 08/18/91-06/24/04 Buddy, Cathy, Brandon, & Cabu Dean
Aurora Great Dane 11/30/99-06/27/06 John & Lisa Schoenherr
Aurora Guinea Pig 01/02/00-11/12/02 Pam Bowyer and Jason White
Aurora Hamster 19 months 11/11/03 Zambrano Family
Aurora Hillary aka Tippy DSH Black and White Cat with a White Tip on Her Tail 08/96-05/11/08 Stephanie Maglietta
Aurora Lab Mix 9 years 05/20/11 Gina Thornton
Aurora Labrador Retriever 11/03/08 Chuck, Rachel, Greta & Kena
Aurora Lop Rabbit 2003-06/28 Sarah
Aurora Mix Dog 04/10/91-02/11/06 Sandy Fendrick
Aurora Pink Eyed Champagne Rat 08/11/06-09/12/07 Tracey, Alex and Erin
Aurora Pitbull 02/16/02-12/22/11 Ashley Frascello
Aurora Polly Borealis Agouti Mongolian Gerbil approx. 08/02/00-06/04/02 Cristelle Tardy
Aurora Rat 1 yr. 10 months 05/08/98 Josh Laux
Aurora Rose Alvarez Tortie Cat 04/10/04-07/16/17 Monica L Alvarez
Aurora Samoyed 05/23/90-01/20/03 Robin Cline
Aurora Siamese Cat 7 years 01/19/12 Valoree & Michael
Aurora Siberian Husky 05/2008 Darcy
Aurora Staffordshire Terrier Mix 07/22/13-09/10/15 Christy Kellems
Aurora Tabby Cat 2 years 09/20/06 Kathe
Auroralites Court Jester aka Courtney Abyssinian Cat 04/01/03-09/21/05 Bryan & Cindi Juranek
Aurthur (Artie Boy) Tuxedo Cat 11ish 05/14/11 Jill
Aurthur Morrigan (King Aurthur Taliesin) Shepherd X 03/29/00-03/13/10 Brighit Morrigan, Vienna Hauser, Jzero Hauser
Aushu Samoyed 10/31/97-04/21/10 Cynthia Golden
Aussi Beagle 10/23/95-12/22/09 Jennifer O
Aussi Beagle 10/23/95-12/22/09 Jennifer Odrobinak
Aussie Australian Blue Heeler 03/31/86-04/07/03 Sharon
Aussie Australian Cattle Dog 07/12/02-09/18/14 Glenda
Aussie Australian Cattle Dog 11 years 12/05/05 Dawn & Steve
Aussie Australian Shepherd 03/95-03/24/04 Sean and Rick
Aussie Australian Shepherd 09/12/02-01/24/13 Jennifer
Aussie Australian Shepherd 11/27/04 Bonnie, Paul, Brad & Brett Stevens
Aussie Australian Shepherd 16 years 08/15/02 Mike Bonin
Aussie Australian Shepherd 9 years 08/28/07 Ari and Natalie
Aussie Australian Shepherd Mix 17 years 07/01/18 Kathy Levyn
Aussie Australian Shepherd-Labrador Mix 07/30/95-01/12/10 Glenn & Pat Anderson
Aussie Australian Short Hair 15 years 07/31/00 Renada
Aussie Blue Australian Shepherd 13 years 02/25/07 Cathy Cressy
Aussie Cat 1990 David & Kathy Littmans
Aussie Chihuahua 10/01/06-03/23/07 La Dawn
Aussie Dog 13 years 10/21/16 Maureen Howe
Aussie Miniature Australian Shepherd 13 years 02/16/11 Jacquelyn Kauffman
Aussie Mixed Breed Dog 14 years 03/14/02 Shannon
Aussie Saint Bernard Shepherd Cross 01/01/00-07/21/13 Colleen Christensen
Aussie Yellow Lab 12/24/98-12/02/11 Cecilia Carpenter
Austen Basset Hound 12 years 01/24/11 Caron Vanslyke
Austen Calico Cat 07/04/99-07/08/09 Elizabeth (By Robyn)
Austi German Shepherd 05/10/96-08/25/03 Brenda C. Alvarez
Austi German Shepherd 13 years 11/25/98 Debbie
Austie Logan Mixed Breed Collie/ Golden Retriever 11/24/01-09/26/11 Warren Logan
Austie Mix Collie 01/27/91-12/04/03 Lynda Kinney
Austin (Digger) Golden Retriever 08/09/94-11/12/07 Kathy, Josh and Graham
Austin (Mr. Floppy) Scottish Terrier 10/27/99-09/10/03 Gregg & Lonnie
Austin Abyssinian Guinea Pig 03/11/97-10/28/97 Sheree Neal
Austin Ahrens Boxer 07/17/05 Missy Ahrens
Austin Akita 9 years 06/26/10 Lenore Bautista
Austin Australian Shepherd 12/15/89-11/07/03 Mike, Carol and Whitney
Austin Balinese Cat 07/11/86-02/21/00 Lisa Fuson
Austin Bassett 7 years 06/20/13 Glenn Fernandes
Austin Beagle/Port Waterdog Mix 15 years 06/17/13 Neftaly
Austin Black Pug 08/02/90-11/18/00 Thalia Marino
Austin Boxer 05/25/05 Harry Marnius
Austin Boxer 10 1/2 years 11/07/08 Christina Ortega
Austin Brittany 07/09/93-11/23/07 Nancy
Austin Brown Tabby Cat 2 years 09/21/03 Julie Lewis
Austin Bug Australian Shepherd - Mini 11/17/03-09/08/10 Marina Anderson
Austin Cat 1 1/2 years 04/09/10 Rachel Kuper
Austin Cat 12 years 08/30/02 Pat Carroll
Austin Cat 12/29/09-05/17/16 David Maxwell
Austin Cat 1990-01/22/07 Carl and Maria
Austin Cat 2000-2001 Julie Fleet
Austin Cat 9 years 23/09/09 Alice Pearson
Austin Catalini Dog 02/26/99-02/12/09 Catalini Family
Austin Chihuahua 10 years 08/18/14 Cynthia McGreevy
Austin Cocker 06/02/04 Bob, Cindy, Charlie & Travis
Austin Collie 09/06/05 Barbara Dixon
Austin Corporal Texas German Shepherd/ Texas Black Phase Wolf 12/25/91-03/29/07 Aleczandra Kulig
Austin Cowboy Mini Aussie 09/13/05-11/25/05 Brenda Evans
Austin Dalmatian 09/10/85-10/21/96 Mary K.
Austin Dalmation 8 1/2 years 05/10/02 Susan Tracey
Austin Doberman 07/26/91-04/17/09 Carol Lapitsky
Austin Dog 10/99 Sheila
Austin Dog 13 years 10/15/07 Curtis and Michelle
Austin Domestic Longhair Cat 09/84-02/22/98 Rebecca Price & Paul Jagodzinski
Austin Doxie 03/13/98-09/20/12 Ryan
Austin English Bulldog 05/19/00-10/08/10 Donald & Glenda Rees
Austin English Springer Spaniel 10/31/99-07/03/08 Heather
Austin Forman Ragdoll Cat 2001-2009 Elizabeth, Joe, and Caroline Forman
Austin French Bulldog 7 1/2 years 05/18/18 Ted Munro
Austin German Shepherd 02/14/99-04/02/12 Carrie Alden
Austin German Shepherd 12 years 05/27/03 Dawn & Jeff
Austin Getson Dog 01/22/10 Denni
Austin Getson Dog 01/23/11 The Weiners
Austin Golden Retriever 03/20/11 Romisa Rangel
Austin Great Dane 04/30/97-01/29/01 Teri Williams
Austin Great Dane 10/12/98-01/21/00 Joseph J. Piazza
Austin Healey Sheltie 07/97-02/10/12 Amanda, Courtney, and Charli
Austin Irish Water Spaniel 06/09/99-09/28/09 Kim Fitzsimmons
Austin Jack Russell 10/01/98-05/28/03 Tony Peters
Austin Kitty Korat Cat 05/11/90-02/11/04 Sue
Austin Labrador 10/31/98-08/15/10 This Fisher Family
Austin Labrador Retriever 05/02/96-08/11/07 Mark & Elaine Massis
Austin Labrador Retriever 12 years 03/04/05 Mara
Austin Long Haired Dachshund 01/04/98-11/18/04 Natalie Dunn
Austin Maine Coon Cat 17/10/04 Karen Moseley
Austin Milliron Dachshund (Miniature) 04/26/99-09/10/10 Sabrina Milliron
Austin Minime Cheesequake (BooBoo) Labrador Retriever 11/02/00-02/28/14 Darlene
Austin Mitchell Rottie 05/09/93-06/21/05 Cathy Mitchell
Austin Mr. Buddy Poodle 09/28/91-09/23/04 Sue Ohnheiser
Austin Mul-Howard Keeshond 03/25/06 Cat Martin
Austin Newfie Mix 12/01/89-07/28/04 Linda B
Austin Newfie/Golden 9 years 12/08/09 Kahly, Jaiden & Brandon Dahlke
Austin Powers Golden Retriever 08/06/09 Eddie and Beth
Austin Powers Grey Long Haired Tabby Cat 01/20/97-04/27/09 Joseph Edens Kuhns
Austin Pug 7 years 03/26/05 Stephanie Vanfleet
Austin Rottie 2 years 12/31/98 Jan, Sue, Elizabeth Reynolds
Austin Scottish Fold Cat 02/16/95-12/04/01 Kimberly
Austin Scottish Fold Cat 02/16/95-12/04/01 Kimberly Olewiler
Austin Shar-Pei 03/92-08/09/00 Brian
Austin Sheltie 05/10/98-08/31/09 Eddie Atkinson
Austin Shep-Chow-aDor 06/01/02-03/05/12 Lisa Colon
Austin Shetland Sheepdog-Sheltie 10 years 05/08/07 Christine
Austin Shih Tzu 05/30/98-05/02/12 Kelly Maziarz
Austin Shih Tzu 30/05/01-24/02/02 Kelly Norman
Austin Shihtzu 14.7 years 05/01/06 Marti & Brian
Austin Shihtzu Mix 01/01/03-03/01/03 Wendy & Tonia
Austin Shiloh Shepherd Dog 12/28/97-02/13/98 Toni Wolpert
Austin Siberian Husky 04/11/98-09/04/04 Christy Wainright
Austin Simmons Lab and Cocker Spaniel Mix Lindsey Simmons
Austin Skunk 04/2003-12/2003 Pam and Larry Raines
Austin St. Bernard 11/16/97-01/24/04 Jenny Spencer
Austin Tabby Cat 01/28/91-12/25/03 Helen
Austin Terrier Mix 02/11/01-07/07/05 Codey
Austin Terrier/Wheaten Cross 04/01/00-07/04/12 Martin LaRosa
Austin Tuxedo Cat 02/19/99-03/04/08 Katie, Gus, Eddie, Dallas and Kaia
Austin Vladimir Chewbacca Mcduff Scots Collie 12/22/97-06/04/04 Susan Rainey
Austin Yellow Lab/Golden Mix 11/24/97-11/25/08 Carol Miron
Austin Yellow Labrador Retriever 12 years 12/28/10 Bea & Bruce Ladley
Autie Calico Cat 03/08/98-01/31/05 Kerri Mercer
Autry Coton De Tulear 03/03/03-09/09/10 Karen Gladstone
Autum Mixed Breed Dog 17 years 06/25/99 Sharon
Autumn (Kittygirl) Tortoiseshell Calico Cat 06/01/02-11/20/02 Sunny
Autumn (Ms. Beans) Orange Cat 08/25/97-10/16/02 Tammy and Ryan
Autumn 3 months 10/23/08 Aimee
Autumn American Guinea Pig 3-4 years 07/13/09 Rebecca Semon
Autumn and Pumpkin Cats 1990-1992 Shari Tischio Ferrara
Autumn Angora Calico Cat 13 years 05/08/05 Renee
Autumn Baby Miniature Poodle 07/09/95-10/31/09 Greg Bommelman, Judie Hansen
Autumn Batta Chocolate Lab 03/11/96-11/11/07 Heather Batta
Autumn Beagle 07/21/94-05/10/08 Lorie
Autumn Beagle Puppy 10/19/07 Mable and Pets Alive Staff and Volunteers
Autumn Belle Carr Calico Tabby Cat 09/96-04/12/07 Terri Carr
Autumn Bottom Weismann Maine Coon Cat 11/96-11/17/07 Carrie
Autumn Breeze Saba Golden Retriever 02/02/89-08/13/97 Jude, Gene & Casey
Autumn British Inuit 07/09/06-27/10/11 Sandra
Autumn Brown Tabby Mix Cat 10+ years 08/17/08 Lisa Howard
Autumn Calico Cat 09/01/96-08/28/11 Jennifer
Autumn Calico Kitten 04/2005-11/2005 Lorene Black
Autumn Calico Shorthair Cat Fall 1990-09/09/04 D. Corbett
Autumn Carolina Dog 06/06/02-04/01/15 Maria DiFulvio
Autumn Cat 08/00 Pat
Autumn Cat 08/25/90-03/21/09 Michele
Autumn Cat 16 years 03/17/04 Paula
Autumn Cat Lisa Crawford
Autumn Charm TB Horse 03/15/98 Cheri Moats (for Jenn Hoffman)
Autumn Chesapeake Bay Retriever 11/22/98-11/20/10 Nadine Hatch, Ishpeming Michigan
Autumn Chorkie-Pom Puppy 09/07/08-10/27/08 Stephanie
Autumn Ciara LiLi Cat, aka Lady Pussy Calico with a tad of Persian 1999-03/21/11 Linette S. (LS)
Autumn Cocker Spaniel 13 years 10/31/05 Luc & Brenda Bergeron
Autumn Collie Mix 16 years 03/09/13 Adrienne and Family
Autumn Collie/Shepherd Mix 08/08/94-02/18/06 Debby and Joe
Autumn DMH Calico Cat 09/11/96-03/12/01 Nancy Rogers
Autumn Dog 12/26/17 Rachel Knauss
Autumn Dog 14 years 01/19/02 Brett, Barbara, & Renee
Autumn Dog 3 years 07/13/00 Sue, SVHS
Autumn Domestic Cat 08/23/93-01/12/10 Diane
Autumn Domestic Short Hair Calico Cat 15 years 11/20/07 Donald
Autumn Domestic Shorthair Cat 01/01/96-12/05/08 Roselle Hurley
Autumn Domestic Shorthair Tortie/White Harlequin Cat 4 years 10/20/04 Helen Chris and Ben
Autumn DSH Calico Cat 05/01/07-09/12/07 Laura
Autumn DSH Cat 08/21/92-05/22/97 Valerie
Autumn DSH Cat 12 years 11/10/02 Anna Been
Autumn DSH Cat 16 1/2 years 10/26/07 Amy Lacharite
Autumn Dutch Rabbit 8 years 08/06/18 Erica W
Autumn Featherfall Springer Spaniel 15 1/2 years 10/07/11 Aimee
Autumn German Shepherd Dog 02/14/90-02/25/02 The DeHavens
Autumn Golden Retriever 01/20/97-07/12/07 Jared Halter
Autumn Golden Retriever 03/27/00-10/12/10 Marilyn Duke
Autumn Golden Retriever 10/10/01-03/16/11 Jill Indelicato
Autumn Golden Retriever 12/29/97-07/10/09 Denise Cordero
Autumn Guinea Pig 6 1/2 years 03/10/04 Dottie Mitchell
Autumn Horse Mary
Autumn Husky 15 1/2 years 07/19/07 Janet and Sam Trout
Autumn Isadora Augustine Persian Cat 10/20/01-09/29/11 Deb Kramer
Autumn Katt DSH Tortie Cat 03/99-03/26/10 Michelle Deese Bain
Autumn Keyleigh Tortoiseshell Mix Cat 04/15/02-03/26/17 Jen Farrer
Autumn Kitten 09/2011-11/13/11 Kari Holmgren
Autumn Kitten 11/06/96 Steve & Sabine
Autumn Kitten 5 weeks 11/08/00 Sue Koren
Autumn Lab Mix 8 years 01/02/10 Robin
Autumn Labrador Retriever 09/15/95-06/06/08 Sherry Taylor
Autumn Large English Springer Spaniel 08/28/97-05/10/11 Bernard Lee Large, Jr
Autumn Leaves Calico Cat 10 years 01/26/05 Renay
Autumn Lhasa Apso 09/27/06 Lynn Scott
Autumn Lynn (Cupcake) Puggle 09/12/08-02/03/18 Bridget Cowher
Autumn Magic Horse 35 years 03/16/99 Rosemary McEwin
Autumn Maple English Guinea Pig 09/2000-07/01/05 Christine Lasiewicki
Autumn Marie (Baby Girl) Pit Bull 13 years 09/14/09 The Tomasino Family (Barbara, Joey, Donna and Joe)
Autumn Marie Golden Retriever 09/14/06 Amy Pemberton
Autumn Marie Higgs Mix Dog 07/01/00-03/14/14 Kristin Higgs
Autumn Marie Shih Tzu 14 years 11/04/13 Billie Caudill
Autumn Miniature Dachshund 12/01/90-04/01/06 Bridget
Autumn Mix Cat 11 years 07/27/09 Tim Hyatt and Ricky Pendergrass
Autumn Orange Tabby Cat 5 months 11/02/00 Sue, SVHS
Autumn Papillion 17 1/2 years 01/05/09 MJ Meherg
Autumn Part Turkish Van Cat 08/2007-03/16/12 Jessica Utley
Autumn Persian Cat 03/26/09 Pam Savoie
Autumn Petite Tortoiseshell Cat 17 years 10/24/10 Esta Lewin
Autumn Pointer 7 years 05/13/94 Kristen Clay
Autumn Poodle 08/20/00-08/19/13 Donna Couto John Couto
Autumn Pug 03/15/01-04/04/12 Paul R. Koerner
Autumn Rae Rhoads Shar-Pei 07/30/97-04/09/13 Mary Alice Rhoads
Autumn Rain Tortie Kitten 04/2005-11/2005 Lorene
Autumn Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix 02/99-05/18/10 K. Switzer
Autumn Rottweiler 10 years 06/07/05 Sherry Culbertson
Autumn Rough Collie 09/22/95-08/09/07 Garry McGonigal
Autumn Sato 11 years 03/28/11 Candy
Autumn Sato 11 years 04/28/11 Holly and Vincent Geraghty
Autumn Short Hair Calico Cat 11 years 07/12/13 Michael, Brenda, Ethan, Mystic & Ginger Berry
Autumn Skye Zimmerman Shih Tzu 07/19/03-11/28/09 Cherie Zimmerman
Autumn Spirit 1999 Dave; Nora Walsh
Autumn Stephen Stock Cur Hound 09/24/00-05/26/12 Lisa
Autumn Sunday Poodle 1988-05/08/07 Sophia Patrick
Autumn Sunshine Dog 6 years 06/27/02 Auttie
Autumn Tabby Cat 05/24/94-08/24/07 Patti Cooper
Autumn Tortie Cat 1 1/2 years 01/12/09 Laurie Fullmer
Autumn Vega Rott/Shepherd Mix 6 years 04/20/10 Enos and Lynette Vega
Autumn White German Shepherd 07/18/94-03/27/02 Sharon & Mark DeMato
Autumn Wright Manx Cat 16 years 03/26/15 Joni Wright
Autumn Yellow Lab 02/20/06 Cher Marie
Autumn-Marie Siberian Husky 4 years 08/19/07 Diana Cashman
Autumns Flight of Fancy Belgian Tervuren 11/19/96-05/09/07 Louis Jedwabny
Autumns Oak Leaf (Oakley) Chocolate Lab 08/09/96-04/10/01 Patty Vernon
Autumn's Scarlet Alexis Yellow Lab 11/19/94-11/30/01 Chris & Frederick
Autumn-Surprise Polish Arabian Horse 11/01/90-09/13/02 Ada
Autunm Ember Burns Golden 13 years 01/22/05 Rob
Auzzie Austrailian Shepherd 12 years 12/06/01 Cher (aka Sarah)
Auzzie Australian Shepherd 09/23/05-02/20/18 Sue Kaitukoff
Auzzie Bichon Frise 08/99-04/13/10 Sue McKinley
Auzzie Pomeranian Mix 03/18/03-04/11/18 Lina Berlingieri
Auzzy Australian Shepherd Mix 1 years 10/02/07 S Miles
Ava (The Boss) Arledge Maine Coon Cat 14-15 years 10/11/01 Ben
Ava Burmese Cat 1 year 01/ 07/06 Helena Windberg
Ava Cat 05/14/95-05/14/10 Erin H
Ava Cat 07/05/14 Kristy
Ava Cat 12/14/18 Gae
Ava Chihuahua 09/12/08-01/15/10 Debi T
Ava Farthing Dachshund 13 years 07/19/12 Angel Farthing
Ava Golden Retriever 02/15/94-03/26/10 Rhonda Rocker
Ava Great Dane 07/04/00-07/17/04 Lisset Gutierrez
Ava Greyhound 02/2009-05/30/09 Edie Hopper
Ava Hoisington Pomeranian/Griffon Puppy 11/20/12-04/19/14 Pam, Ken, Ashley, Brandon, Justin
Ava Jean Lab and Rottweiller 002098 Bonnie Beban
Ava Kayla Chi Mix Puppy 09/15/09-09/20/09 Crystal Wilson
Ava Miniature Schnauzer 11 years 06/20/11 Emily, Rae, Ed, Rosie, Fly
Ava Puppy 7 days 03/13/11 Nestle
Ava Rex Rabbit 9 years 06/18/09 Dianne
Ava Rott/Lab 12/31/03-09/16/14 Melissa and Danny Crawford
Ava Savoy Miniature Schnauzer 06/09/02-08/13/09 Jennifer & Chris Mobley
Ava Shiba Inu Mix 11 years 08/16/15 Alicia G
Ava Shorkie 04/20/18-07/08/18 Mike and Susan Mundwiller
Ava Siamese Cat 05/11/07 Kristin Heiberg
Ava Small Shepherd Mix 12/26/07 Lynn Allard
Ava Yellow Lab 06/07/04-08/28/10 Steve and Nancy Tarini
Ava Yorkshire Terrier 07/13/05-06/13/17 Mitzi Westover and Tony Bradley
Avalanch Artic White, Husky Wolf Hybrid 06/22/05-09/22/12 Rowan Whitewolf
Avalanche English Bulldog Puppy 06/18/03-02/10/04 Patty Smith
Avalanche Great Pyrenees 02/20/04-12/02/11 Dawn Stowell
Avalanche Huskie Rat Terrier Mix 3 months 01/08/13 Jeremiah, Rachel, Willa, RaeAnne, and Judith Jackson
Avalanche LaFond Siberian Husky 07/01/81-08/03/15 Denice
Avalanche Short Haired Hamster Nikki
Avalanche Siberian Husky 07/24/01-06/09/09 Julie
Avalon American Short Hair Tabby Cat 2001-10/23/04 Jeanette Thompson
Avalon Golden Retriever 07/04/89-02/20/04 Anna Ellendman
Avalon Italian Greyhound 12 years 09/28/09 Samantha Silva
Avani Cat 02/05/12-08/13/14 Tracy Ayers
Avante' Magic Kitsans Jewel Pomeranian 05/24/93-04/04/06 Thomas Sandage & Deanna Sandage
Avanti Afghan 04/83-02/20/96 Sue Klar
Avarie Pitbull/Boxer Cross 01/08/05-01/03/07 Christine & Melissa
Avatar Cat 05/15/01 Sissy Beachrae
Avatar Cat 10/07/97 Carol & Dave DiFiori
Avatar DSH Part Maine Coon Cat 01/13/91-02/27/02 Michael M. P. Ginter
Avatar Tycho MagickCatte Lynxpoint Siamese Cat 1980 10/07/97 Carol and David DiFiori
Avdat 07/89-07/14/03 Bruce Barbara and Nathan Hicken
Avelardo (Malo) Domestic Shorthair Cat 18 years T. Zieba
Aven Dog 11/03/10-11/12/11 Devin & Gram
Averett McCrey Hamlett Scottish Terrier 07/25/07-07/30/08 Byron and Courtney Hamlett
Avery Abysinnian Cat 14 months 08/13/01 Erica & Dave Nichols
Avery Bichon Frise 04/09/97-02/06/11 Michele A
Avery Brown American Eskimo/Cocker Spaniel 11/01/94-08/13/09 The Fellows Family
Avery Brussels Griffon 01/12/02-02/23/10 Anna-Leigh Copeland
Avery Bullmastiff 07/06/03-04/02/12 Wendy & Harley Hecht
Avery Cat 12/92-03/29/02 Stacy Brooking
Avery Chocolate Lab 10 years 09/15/04 Erin & Diarmaid
Avery Cockatiel 14 years 03/30/09 Stacey
Avery Cocker Spaniel 06/05/93-07/28/05 Jamie Wooley
Avery Cockerspaniel 15 years 03/17/05 Brenda Smith & Leslie Cline
Avery German Shepherd Mix 11 years 10/23/08 Debbie R
Avery Greyhound 05/93-03/23/99 Megan Vandergrift & Ben Howard
Avery Huneke Birman Cat 07/01/93-05/18/09 Christopher & Karen
Avery Siamese/Longhair Cat 2 years 05/12/07 Cathleen Koken
Avery West Highland White Terrier 07/05/92-01/14/09 Chip and Pam
Avery Winchester Ali Abu Abobwa Cocker Spaniel 01/06/94-04/22/06 Eugene Breedlove and Ronald Hynes
Avi Boxer 04/27/07 Debbie
Avila (Ava) Ann Labrador Retriever 04/12/05-04/12/08 Kimberly
Avila American Guinea Pig 02/18/10-08/16/12 Sheri
Avis Lane Jack Russell - Bischon 12 1/2 years 06/24/18 Donna Pottorff & Patty Anderton
Aviva Llasa Apso 05/07/86-04/09/02 Nancy & David Kirsh, and Kevin Lutsky
Avonrose Legend O'Slepe Hollow (Legend) Golden Retriever Puppy 02/28/97-11/29/97 Catharine & Grant Gross/mary Jane & Bernie Larose
Avvie West Highland Terrier 06/28/01-03/18/09 Sara Henry
Aw Chuk Cat 09/20/92-09/20/10 Brian Myers
AW West Highland White Terrier 07/25/87-07/25/04 Stephen Di Giulian
Awesome Andrew Papillion 15 years 03/08/14 Sharon Johnson
Awesome Boxer 03/16/07-04/30/08 Judy
Awesome Golden Retriever 02/08/80-03/20/95 Carol Dorfman/Sutphin
Awgie Dawgie Dogue De Bordeaux (French Mastiff) 05/28/96-02/01/08 Wm. & Kat Wilmet
Awmee Collie 06/14/95-11/17/08 Kristen Corrigan
AWOL Beagle 09/27/90-05/18/02 David and Jennifer James
AWOL Boxer 07/14/96-01/19/07 Cindy
AWOL Keeshond 08/08/80-03/28/95 Sue Riegel
AWP Teresa DLH Cat 9 years 09/24/10 AWP Teresa
Awsha Siamese Cat 06/20/00-11/25/15 Tara
Axe Golden Doodle Puppy 09/11/17-11/09/17 Julia DeMott
Axe Greyhound 10 years To Sun Sebe
Axe Mongolian Gerbil 01/15/10-04/16/10 Victor Lane
Axe Rottweiler 12/13/90-05/21/99 Becky Brown
Axel (Vom Avensis) Sonneborn Rottweiler 09/11/05-03/25/12 Sarah Sonneborn
Axel Akita/Rottweiler 1986-1996 Aleta
Axel Alexander Rottweiler 14 years 06/01/06 Robie & Andrea & Cato
Axel Bean Johnson Great Dane & Shepherd 01/11/87-08/22/01 Adelle Johnson
Axel Black Lab 08/01/01-10/31/11 Cheryl
Axel Black Lab 10 years 06/09/07 Annie Wanzyk
Axel Cat 13 years 04/18/01 Linda
Axel Cat Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Axel Cocker Spaniel 07/08/90-10/22/02 Judy Perry
Axel Cross Breed Dog 9 years 01/09/09 Trevor Moore
Axel Doberman 13 years 2004 Tiff
Axel Dobie/Lab 01/90-12/31/99 Courtney
Axel Dog 11/07/07-09/23/11 Debbie
Axel Domestic Shorthair Cat 17 years 04/28/04 Gary
Axel Dwarf Lop Cross Rabbit 11/18/05-01/19/10 Cori
Axel English Springer Spaniel 01/24/94-05/11/06 Linda Rasmussen
Axel German Boxer 10/20/97-05/26/07 Marion Rosa
Axel German Shepherd 04/15/07-12/14/11 Gary
Axel German Shepherd 08/17/06-02/04/12 Erica
Axel German Shepherd 11/07/97-02/27/09 Brian Watts
Axel German Shepherd Dog 11 1/2 years 07/26/00 Wendy Harris
Axel Jack Russell 07/20/15 Bob
Axel Jack Russell 12/20/02-09/13/03 Eric Tobias
Axel Jackson Greyhound 01/13/06-10/24/16 Lorraine Jackson
Axel Mix Cat 10/08-06/08/09 Jessica Duke
Axel Mixed Dog 15 years 08/21/09 Kay
Axel Phillips Aussie/Rott Mix 05/99-02/19/05 Norm + Linda
Axel Rat 2003 Jennifer
Axel Rose Boxer 1997-03/13/11 Lomax
Axel Rose German Shepherd 04/10/00 Debra Kuryloski
Axel Rottweiler 04/04/91-12/15/97 Monica L. Schott
Axel Rottweiler 11/29/06-05/14/16 Dan and Kathi Wilson
Axel Rotweiler 05/08/88-08/13/96 Nancy & Richard McKinley
Axel Weimaraner 12/21/01-01/28/10 Diana Crawford
Axel Weimaraner 13 years 01/27/10 Tammy Lagasse
Axel Yellow Labrador 03/29/89-05/30/02 Bob & Sue Kozielski
Axel Yorkie 06/30/06 Nikki
Axil Dog 14+ years 03/30/05 Fabiana & Scott Burkhardt
Axl American Staffordshire 07/02/97-06/09/09 Denise Shanabarger
Axl Bear Grylls Husky 12/27/13-02/07/14 Catrina Dodson
Axl Black & Silver Miniature Schnauzer 11/18/01-07/31/05 Jacqueline
Axl Border Collie 16 years 10/08/06 Macy Bradley
Axl Boxer 9 years 11/24/98 Susan Fowler
Axl Dauber Cat 16 years 05/02/08 Jackie
AXL Dog 01/05/07-03/01/13 Vanessa Gallegos
Axl Domestic Long Hair Cat 04/15/88-07/19/07 Michelle Wissink
Axl Domestic Medium Hair, Solid Grey Cat 08/05/92-10/15/99 Joy Sampson
Axl DSH Cat 12/19/01 Chuck Yochim
Axl German Shepherd 01/29/91-01/10/04 Karen
Axl Hamster 14 months 03/14/93 Pam
Axl Maine Coon Mix Cat 05/92-05/29/07 Angela Garcia
Axl Orange Tabby Cat 20 years 03/12/06 Robin
Axl Pitbull/Dachshund Mix 07/04/90-05/28/04 Barry Pritchard
Axl Poodle 07/11/91-07/02/03 Leon, Wilma, and Leon II Stroup
Axl Rose Black Lab 10/05/88-09/03/03 Linda Casale
Axl Rose Doberman 09/11/01-03/27/10 David Bass
Axl Rose Hairless Chinese Crested Dog 05/07/98-04/28/99 Loreen Evans
Axl Rose Yorkie 07/29/05-06/18/07 Silvia Duckworth
Axl Rottweiler 01/11/93-08/28/04 Karrie, Duane, Kevin and Darian
Axl Rottweiler 04/15/95-12/15/06 Joan Frost
Axl Shepherd/Lab Mix 01/08/93-01/30/05 Kathy & Joe Reitter & Family
Axl Steiger Golden Retriever 12/12/05 Vanessa
Axle Airedale/German Shepherd 12/20/09 George Hudson
Axle American Bull Dog 05/25/11 Rivard Animal Hospital
Axle and Bonnie Staffordshire Bull Terrier 9 years 19/12/04 Kristy
Axle Black Smoke Persian Cat 06/06/92-05/05/03 Henry McCaslin, Jr.
Axle Border Collie 9 years 08/05/10 Arlin Powers
Axle Cat 03/31/11 Rhonda
Axle Chihuahua Mix 02/23/12 Jessica
Axle Feliciano Dollfaced Persian Cat 11/27/08-03/12/11 Angel Ann Feliciano, Ryan Paul Marbella
Axle Golden Retriever 05/25/88-12/16/97 Shelle Greene
Axle Joyce Maine Coon Cat 10/09/01 Wayne R Laferrie
Axle Labrador Retriever 03/95-01/26/05 Kevin Oneill
Axle Millen Pomeranian 10/15/06-04/26/07 Pressley Carter and Rhys Millen
Axle Murray Cat 19 years 09/26/08 Mary Murray
Axle Rottweiler 7 years 08/26/05 Tammi Smith
Aya Cat 18 years 01/31/02 Donny and Heidi
Ayame Pug 12/28/10-01/06/12 Amanda Gomez
Aybee Rat 02/11/00-10/04/02 Kerri
Ayden DSH Cat 02/14/11 Kim Apgar
Ayden Thomas Rainbow Lory 02/04/99-01/04/01 Amy
Ayesha Black Lab 17 years 04/19/08 Bonnie McClory
Ayesha Labrador 01/21/98-11/10/11 Billy, Barbara, Yanni, Katerina
Ayesha Persian Cat 2 years 08/12/97 Susan Aldridge
Ayesha Siamese Kitten 01/11/05-03/10/05 Bria and Trish
Ayka Dog 05/31/99-12/12/11 Nicole & Damian
Ayla Australian Cattle Dog Mix 6 years 11/04/08 Liz Trasciatti
Ayla Black Domestic Longhair Cat 07/88-12/09/04 Mark and Kim Fraley
Ayla Black Lab 12/30/02 A. M. Gilmore
Ayla Black Labrador Retriever 03/17/95-01/26/09 Rosemary, Jim, James and Emily Holt
Ayla Burmese Cat 09/01/87-09/21/04 Melody Prentice Couch
Ayla Cat 06/14/92-03/13/06 Jasja Den Heijer
Ayla Cat 19 years 06/07/07 Veda Levin
Ayla Cat 7 years 08/27/99 Karen L. Thomason
Ayla Domestic Longhair Cat 07/27/88-12/09/04 Mark and Kim Fraley
Ayla DSH Cat 07/17/83-03/28/97 Wendy Lochner
Ayla DSH Cat 15 years 06/04/96 Donna L. Hutchinson
Ayla Fitzgerald Mix Dog 02/14/97-02/24/10 Iris Fitzgerald
Ayla German Shepherd 11 1/2 years 09/02/09 Bruce Wirkkala
Ayla Golden Retriever 07/23/86-03/09/99 Dave & Theresa Dooley
Ayla Golden retriever 08/29/87-10/11/03 Diana Sparling
Ayla Golden Retriever 11/12/00-12/01/13 Alicia Beatriz Brito
Ayla Malamute 04/10/96-03/04/10 Karen Deatherage
Ayla Persian Cat 5 years 01/04/09 Andi Sweeney
Ayla Rottweiler 12/19/04-08/28/11 Danielle Viana
Ayla Samoyed 08/25/92-11/11/05 Joyce Leonard
Ayla Shetland Sheepdog 04/22/92-02/26/08 Carolyn Buckley
Ayla Shetland Sheepdog 11/20/94-05/21/01 Suzanne Garber
Ayla Siberian Husky 09/17/01-12/23/11 James Richard Markham
Ayla vom Wolfsteinblut Rottweiler 05/25/94-04/19/97 Michaela I. Densmore
Ayla Wiatt Black Chow-Chow 01/27/85-04/01/99 Carri Willis
Aylee Mixed Terrier 10 years 05/30/07 Carol
Aynsley Bearded Collie 06/01/93-08/19/08 Alayne and Allan Ferley
Aynsley Old English Sheepdog 04/26/96-05/17/09 Maryellen Bernaiche, James, Ian, Kelly, and Devon
Ayre Cairn 15 years 08/11/99 John
Ayr's Quiet Maxwell, Udx Labrador Retriever 07/15/89-01/31/04 Fran Seserko
Ayrton Schnauzer Gigante 23/03/94-17/08/98 Martin Ceci Fran
Aysa Collie/Irish Setter, Bernese Mountain Dog Mix 05/10/96-08/27/08 Giulietta
Aysha Buff American Cocker 11/22/84-11/24/99 Melinda, Ralph and Jessica
Aysha Labrador Guide Dog 06/93-04/11/08 Arkley + Izzard
Aysia Shih-Tzu 09/19/99-08/12/14 Cindie Gonzales
Ayui Siames Cat 09/29/92-12/04/02 Silvana Dall Anese
Ayva Tortoise Shell Cat 06/15/07-12/27/08 Steve
AZ Cat 04/07/00-22/01/01 Mary Burns
Az Turner Loose, aka Elvira, aka Savannah Greyhound 03/14/99-11/30/10 Cheryl Stone
Aza Tibetan Mastiff 01/05/01-07/02/11 Glenda Chavez
Azabache Dog 10/01/96-07/17/10 Marilya
Azalea Dachshund 07/11/13 Mary O
Azalea Dog Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Azaria Sue Dog 09/23/89-08/23/01 Tammie and Kraig
Azh Naborr Arabian Horse 03/30/74-06/22/07 Dorann LaPerch
Azial-(From God) Rottweiler 1 year 01/19/04 Serena Munro
Azimuth Black Cat 09/2004-01/31/05 Geoffrey Daniel
Azlan Cat 05/22/14 Bibi
Azor Cocker, Pekinese, American Eskimo, Maltese 11/94-07/06/04 Judy & Ray
Azor German Shepherd 12 1/2 years 01/11/17 Klara
Azrael Betta Fish 12/23/01-01/26/02 Martha
Azrael Cat 08/04/12 Merryiad
Azrael Cat 12/01/96-06/16/12 Brian & Teresia
Azrael Cat 16 1/2 years 01/22/00 Crystal and Tony
Azrael Domestic Longhaired Cat 07/25/99-08/11/08 Mandy Friedl
Azrael Siamese Mix Cat 05/05/88-02/13/06 Misty Probst
Azrael Silver Mitt Ferret 6 years 07/14/08 Kim and Michelle
Azrael Tortoiseshell Cat 3-7 years 06/20/09 Megan Harris
Azrael/ Kee Girl Tabby Cat 7 years 11/18/11 Michelle & Chris
Azrakenez aka Rocky Arabian Horse 03/19/73-01/12/05 Dorann Laperch
Azreal (Azzie aka Angel) American Cocker Spaniel 10/24/89-02/14/07 Rose Brennan
Azreal Cat 02/25/88-07/16/99 Jill
Azreal Mixed Black Long Hair Cat 1999 Darlene
Azreal Siamese Cat 15 years 06/16/03 Nina Pinter
Azreal Z Cat 17 years 02/03/12 Mary Ann & Joel Andersen
Azrial Cat 07/11/09 Cristina
Azriel Black Domestic Shorthair Cat 1997-02/18/08 Katie Dino
Azriel Bombay Cat 10/31/87-12/11/02 Angela and James Potter
Azriel Cat 2 years 06/30/08 Becky, Tony and Timmy
Azriel Cat 8 years 05/16/08 Mirasol
Azriel Orange Tabby Cat 06/01/96-08/10/00 Megan DeWitt
Azriel Ximenez Siamese Cat 2000-01/29/08 Maria Ximenez
Azrielle Cat 03/13/04 Anat, Abby, Karen, & Hannah
Azta Bouvier Dieske Sjouke
Aztaco Belle Keadle Chihuahua 05/27/11 The Keadles-Brucw, Pat, Dianne, Brian, Hobo
Aztec Black Lab & Bull Terrier 05/15/96-04/09/09 Sarge
Aztec Cat 04/15/06-01/17/08 Tina St. Onge
Aztec Cat 09/18/04 Sharon Tucker
Aztec Chihuahua 01/20/02-02/17/17 Angie
Aztec DSH Cat 15 years 05/26/05 Robert
Aztec Golden Retriever 10/30/91-05/27/04 Wayne and Aimee
Aztec Maine Coon Cat 15 years 08/01/07 Mary Brayman
Aztec Sphinx Cat 07/26/08 Mary Pronkin
Aztec Sphynx Cat 08/27/02-07/26/08 Barbara Muzychka
Aztec Tonkinese Cat 1991-09/08/03 Sandy
Azul Shepherd Mix 12/20/01-09/15/05 Candice Kearns
Azula The Fish Betta Fish 11/12/09 Tomasina & Michael
Azuma Siamese Cat 05/22/89-12/12/02 Luann, Tom and Taryn Moore
Azur Blu Domestic Longhair Cat 08/15/90-10/15/04 Donna
Azura & Dillion Azure =Husky Mix Dillion = Pitbull 1 1/2 & 7 months 06/30/05 Angela Osborn-Gray
Azure Oz Nixon Siberian Husky 08/10/00-01/09/10 Linda & David and Bentley Nixon
Azzi Boxer 8 years 04/02 Barb, Tim, Bret, & Adam Cegvaske
Azzi Cat 7 years May 2000 Tiffany Strauss
Azzie American Cocker Spaniel 10/04/89-02/14/07 Rose
Azzie Ball Python 09/23/98 LaurieLea Drury
Azzie Cooper Cat 04/24/95-10/16/11 Carrie Cooper
Azzie Maine Coon Cat 04/18/ 97-12/19/00 Cindy Taylor
Azzriel Black DSH Cat 04/99-12/2000 Cathy Karas
Azzurro (Azzi) Himalayan Cat 03/19/99-02/03/04 Phyllis Ann, Thomas, Anthony James and Micio
Azzy Short Hair Cat 13 years 01/27/04 Dawn Laffredi