What to do if someone is deliberately causing a problem in the Chat Room:

Very Important... Do NOT RESPOND to them. Even if you think you can "straighten them out" or "drive them away" DO NOT RESPOND to them at all.

How to let me know about a problem person:

If the incident happened earlier in the chat & the person(s) involved have left the room you should Email me describing what happened. Be sure to include the date and approximate time & the screen names involved. Click on the envelope to send email:Click to Email

If the problem/abuse is happening right now please call my cell phone: 1 914 689 1686 & let it ring until you get the voicemail response. Be sure to include your real name, chat name, the chat name(s) of the person(s) involved & a description of what is going on in the room.
If at all possible I will immediately enter the chat room to resolve it. If I do not respond within 5 minutes then please send an email.

You can phone me at any time 24/7 but ONLY to report an abusive person that is in the Chat Room at the time you make the call. (I will NOT respond to any other calls.)