For security reasons, AOL Dialup users are blocked from the Chat Room

It is unfortunate but because the IP# structure used by AOL makes it easy for determined Trolls, (pornographers, troublemakers & very nasty people), to bypass banning I am forced to completely block AOL dialup users. This block may also effect some AOL Broadband users.

This ONLY effects the Chat Room. It has NO effect on the Message Board or any other part of

This was a difficult decision but after having the Grief Support Room users continually attacked by heartless people using AOL Dialup, I was forced to take this action to protect hurting hearts in the room from further harm.

If your AOL assigned IP# begins with 172., you are in the category that is blocked from the Chat.

If you are currently on AOL Dialup and wish to use the Chat Room, here are some links to help you find a free or low-cost alternative.

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