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2017 Tributes

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Salem, 1/8/2017

Say say,

Mommy misses and loves you! I wish we had more time together than 5 months. I promised you with every stroke and kiss that you would never know the cold, hunger, fear, loneliness and everything else that came with living outdoors again. I miss your little ever so soft meows and chirps you would make, how you dropped your little self on the floor letting me know you wanted me give you love. I remember the days when you first came in the house and every time I would leave you swatted at my foot. You would run straight to the basement and hide, then you warmed up and became part of the family and stayed around more. You're such a little lover!! Nala, Dee Doo, and Rocky miss you too. Nala misses her boy!

Play with Tigger, Mitzie, Scooby, Emma, find Spike Sueming, Boots, Rufus, Lady, Gen. Lee, Katie and all the other babies. Mommy will see you, it will be a bit so be patient. I love and miss you dearly!!

Love, kisses, and cuddles


Sasha Beck, 26/04/2002 - 16/02/17

Truly the best little friend I've ever had. I will love you forever baby girl. Mummy will come for you and we will be together again, never to be parted.  My heart is shattered without you. Sending cuddles and nose kisses. Sleep well my darling girl. Mummys princess forever xx

ShyAnn, 6/14/2009 - 6/29/14

Shy Ann (our Shy Annie) had been an abused dog for over 4 years before she became a part of our family. With lots of love she came to love her Mom and Dad!
She was afraid of a lot of things except us. She was a circus dog. She did circles when she wanted to get fed. We love and miss her.
Mom and Dad
Dennis and Jane Ramsden

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