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2017 Tributes

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Nash, Feb 2006 - March 11, 2017

My beautiful Nash, I loved you from the day we adopted you! Remember that day?, you were so excited! you jumped in the car, with your feet on the back seat and your front paws on the cubbie you looked out the front window, full of life and vigor, happy beyond belief that you were no longer in a cage!! I kissed you on your snout and said we have to go to PetSmart and get you a boy collar because that pink rhinestone collar has to go!! lol
My dear boy you have given me so much love, comfort and laughter over the years, my heart is at a loss right now, I know you are with me and you will never leave my side, but I miss you baby dog, I miss your wagging tail, sloppy kisses and cold nose. I am forever in your debt for the unconditional love you provided  I glad I got one last time to snuggle with you in the bed and hug you tight and kiss you.
Mama love you
Give Tyler my love!  

Natalee, Izzy  James Trimm, May 7,1999 - April May

My Dear Kitties!!!
Another year has passed and I MISSED all of you on our birthday!!
I will never forget all that we went through .. I would do it all again!! Your Mom and Dad were wild kitties, but knew enough to have all of you at the back door on the porch!!  They were great parents
I was Lucky to have all of you in my life...I LOVE and MISS ALL OF YOU!!  It was great seeing all of you that day at the Rainbow Bridge..
you all looked great!!!
I will never forget you... you all were my family and Dad and I miss you and all the wonderful times we shared...
Til Then...  HUGS   XXXOOO   MOM and DAD

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