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2017 Tributes

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Malik Cobb, 07/1999 - 02/14/2014

Dear Malik,
Today, Valentine's Day marks the three year anniversary of your transition to heaven from this earth.  I tell my friends my heart left me on Valentine's Day.  I really miss you my friend, my heart.  I hope that you know I gave the best I could to you.  I wished that I could do more.  You know I talk about you all the time! I miss our long walks, late nights, and your presence in the house.  You were and are my protector! Even though you are physically gone, your spirit is always with me.  You are my prayer angel.  YOU are always in my HEART!

Mei Lin Stroud, 11/29/2003 - 5/13/2016

Sweet, Sweet Kitty Girl - Oh Mei you struggled for so long and were so patient and loving, even while struggling to breathe.  You were the most loving, friendliest Siamese we've ever had.  I don't know how Eddie adjusted after you were gone - it has been difficult for all of us.  You were there for me when Elizabeth had cancer - through all her treatments and surgeries, through mom's passing away and kids moving out.  I miss you terribly to this day.  We are so grateful that you lived with us.  I look forward to the day we will all be together again.   We love you - Carolyn and Dave Stroud

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