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2017 Tributes

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Maggie, November 11, 2013 - April 4, 2017

My dear sweet Maggie girl your time with me was so short. My heart hurts each day so much I can barely breathe. From the day I saw you and brought you home such a tiny thing; we instantly bonded. You were my everywhere baby. Lightly scratching my leg to hold you, sitting in my chair each night to snuggle, prayer time well you knew where that was going to be too, flower beds you loved to watch me work in them, and while I cooked you were underfoot always  loving to eat...and taking walks....
until the fatal day your back and legs started to hurt. Who knew you would undergo surgery, seem to recover and two short months later be paralyzed requiring another spinal surgery. You just could not get back what you lost.

We worked hard and I loved caring for you every minute. You were never a burden!!! You are my dearest friend. I'll love and miss you always!

Moms Maggie girl rest well now and run like you always loved to do. Sit with your face in the sun and rest.

Malik Cobb, 07/1999 - 02/14/2014

Dear Malik,
Today, Valentine's Day marks the three year anniversary of your transition to heaven from this earth.  I tell my friends my heart left me on Valentine's Day.  I really miss you my friend, my heart.  I hope that you know I gave the best I could to you.  I wished that I could do more.  You know I talk about you all the time! I miss our long walks, late nights, and your presence in the house.  You were and are my protector! Even though you are physically gone, your spirit is always with me.  You are my prayer angel.  YOU are always in my HEART!

Mei Lin Stroud, 11/29/2003 - 5/13/2016

Sweet, Sweet Kitty Girl - Oh Mei you struggled for so long and were so patient and loving, even while struggling to breathe.  You were the most loving, friendliest Siamese we've ever had.  I don't know how Eddie adjusted after you were gone - it has been difficult for all of us.  You were there for me when Elizabeth had cancer - through all her treatments and surgeries, through mom's passing away and kids moving out.  I miss you terribly to this day.  We are so grateful that you lived with us.  I look forward to the day we will all be together again.   We love you - Carolyn and Dave Stroud

Merlin, 05/24/2002 - 02/17/2017

To my love, my soul mate. We had a connection like no other. You were my first Yorkie and my first Champion.  I was privileged that you chose me to be your Mommy.  The Breeder said you were stand offish and would bite if approached.  You came across the bed to me and started licking me and it was love at first sight. I did all I could for you, but God decided it was your time. You join so many others of the Emerald Yorkie clan.  You won't be alone. I will cherish those last kisses you gave me. I held you close, petted you and kissed you and said I love you a thousand times before you left me. I even held you for at least a half hour after you were gone. I just couldn't let you go. I miss you baby boy. You will not be forgotten, always missed, always loved and you took a big chunk of my heart with you  It will not be mended until we meet again. I loved/love all my furbabies, but you were special in every way. Rest In Peace my love. Hugs and Kisses from Mommy.

Mickey, 9/2/2004 - 3/30/2017

My dear Mickey:

You came into my life like a whirlwind, and helped my heart to heal from the loss of your brother, Gibby.  I hope you have met Gibby, Gumby, Pokey and Cody by now, and you are all playing together, and waiting for me to join you again and we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together.  I miss you so much, and I want to thank you for all of the love and support you gave to me whenever I needed it.  You were my buddy, my chubby guy, my Mr. Love, my reason to smile and laugh so many times.  You gave me so much joy on so many days.  I am so sorry that the diabetes finally took its toll on your 2 back legs, and we had to say goodbye for now.  One of the hardest things I had to do was say goodbye to you, and I know you really did not want to leave us.  You know how much we loved you, and we loved you back with all of our hearts.  Sam, Keith and I will all see you again, even though I don't know when, that is up to God.  Please play and be happy and wait for that day patiently.  You are happy and healthy again and now you always will be that way forever.  I love you you so very much.  Kisses, kisses, and love to you forever, my wonderful Mickey. 

Missy, July 2000 - April 22 2017

I will miss you so much my crochet buddy. You were a big part of our lives for 17 years, lots of moves and the kids growing up and moving out. You loved to greet everyone at the door, you always were more like a dog than a cat!  A cat that played fetch! Say hi to Fluffy for me, know you missed her when she was gone. Love you and will see you the other side of the Rainbow Bridge

Mr Tibbs aka Tibbys, 01/22/02 - 03/17/17

Had to say goodbye to you my very good friend, Tibbys... the hardest thing was saying goodbye and letting you go... I know you had a hard time letting us go too... but I did it, we did it... sad, but we are coping, life moves on... we had an amazing journey together and I am forever grateful for the time we spent together... an outstanding 15.2 years... I reminisce about you now... how life is already so different and how I have embraced the changes with dignity and decorum just as you did my little prince right to the very end...   your scent still lingers on my clothes, oh yes, and your dog hair too... but I don't care... I hung the black sweater I held you last on the bedroom door to look everyday at and will not wear it for now... Tato found a clump of hair on the carpet, and those made him cry and miss you deeply... Gizmo is quite and mopey and missing you so... I, we must all be strong for you, for us, cause I know Tibbys that is what you would want... we can see you are happy... and with Chico, Sylvester and Munchkin too... playing, running, and having a grand old time together... the time won't be long, before we are all together again... and we can ride off into the sunset for eternity... God bless you my precious Tibbs, you will always be with us every day in our heart and soul... Love Always, Mama, Tato and Gizmo xo

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