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2017 Tributes

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Lacy, 25 June 2001 - 2 June 2017

I had Lacy Girl for 16 wonderful years. She filled that special place, showing me what true friendship, devotion, loyalty and unconditional love was and meant. She was the best friend I ever had. June 2, 2017, 4:34 PM she crossed over to rainbow bridge laying by my side. A horrifying decision I had to face was euthanizing my girl, I couldn't be selfish anymore by seeing her slowly deteriorate in front of me. I had to say goodbye to the most loving friend I ever had in this world. She had difficulty hearing, partially blind, and her hips were gone, struggling each time to get up.  Then there was that disgusted look through those eyes each time when you tried to help; she was a proud lady.  She was on 4 medications a day, she hated mornings.  Never once did I fool her by burying in a treat; defiance at its best.  With all of her aches, she never cried, but I knew she was in pain.

We walked down the drive each day to get the paper, and then she met me at the door every night for almost sixteen years, and I canít believe he is really gone. She was so strong and tough but on Friday I knew that she was ready to go. I think she was too tired to fight anymore. I know I did the right thing for her but I miss her so much and I know my life will never be the same.

The only thing I can look forward to now is reuniting with her and her sisters that are waiting for me in heaven so we will be together again but this time for eternity. Until then, I love you Lacy and miss you beyond words.

Lillie our little girl devine, 01/05/11 - 03/21/17

Lillie was rescued at six months old. She lived with her mom and dad and cat Frankie till she passed away from a brain tumor just a little bit past the age of six
She loved life string beans her favorite ball fetch all her toys and walks she loved the beach too
When she died we were devastated and still are so unfair so young we spoiled her and loved her and gave her a beautiful life she loved car rides too great girl.
Rip honey see you at the bridge.

Little Man and Princess, 2012 and 2013

Tomorrow it will be three years since my son, Dave Cernugel, who was the most wonderful person and who was so heartbroken when his Little Man passed on 5/7/2012.  They were inseparable.  Then on 1/19/2013 we had to say goodbye to our little Princess.  She became my cat and was my best buddy.  Then the most heartbreaking of all was having to say goodbye to their wonderful pal and their lifetime buddy their master had to leave us.  Now you are all running around together and we, left behind, are bearing such great sadness...

Lola-boy, 02/14/02 - 06/05/17

pain won't leave me, but I'm very happy that your pain has.
Thank you for coming into my life because your unconditional love has been a joy of my life. Mama loves you shmoo.

Louie, March 2002 - 3/03/2017

My Louie Lou,

Life is so empty without you now.  You were the best dog I ever had.  Part of me is gone now because you so filled my life with joy and comfort.  One day we will meet again, but until then I will so miss you.  Goodbye my sweet Louie Lou.  I will never forget you and always love you.


LUTHER, 03/03/2004 - 02/21/2017

My Luther,

I thank you for making my house a home and for the honor and privilege of being your Dad.

I love you, my beautiful boy and my Forever Friend...


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