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2017 Tributes

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Khloe, 4/12/2002 - 8/3/2016- 8:57 a.m.

 To my sweet, sweet girl; I miss you every moment of every day. I know that you can hear me when I sing to you, and you can hear me when I speak to you. Thank You for giving me Lucey just 6 days after you left me. I know that she came from you because we spoke of if anything should ever happen to you, what I wanted the kitten to look like. Khloe she looks exactly like we talked about; 6toes and marble tabby. She will never replace you,but hopefully in time she will love me as much as you did. I know you are with your beloved Kosmo dog,and your sister Luna. I know you are at peace, but it still hurts, so much. I LOVE YOU MY SWEET ANGEL. LOOK DOWN UPON MY NOW AND THEN, MY LOVE.    Love your Momma.

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