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2017 Tributes

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Jack Sparrow, December 2003 - February 2 2017

I spent 14 amazing years with my baby boy Jack.We went through so much together he and I.He always loved me even in the worst of times when he was hurting in the end he still tried to comfort me.He lost his leg to cancer at 13 years old and he tried so hard to be strong and follow me everywhere I went.I look to the sky every night and I call out his name in hopes that he hears me.I tell him I miss him and I love him.The hardest part was bringing him to the vet and being told I needed to let him go because he was suffering.I didn't even get one last day to do something special.I brought my baby boy in alive and whole and I brought him home in a little box with his name.A box of ashes.I just want to hold him but he's gone.He will forever be in my heart and he taught me what true love is.I love you Jack and if my love could have saved you,you would still be here.

Jackson Crowder, 03/14/15 - 03/22/17

My Jackson was everything.  He was kind, loving, and loyal. I will never forget the way he snuggled up to my face. The look he gave me when he wanted to sit in my lap. He was such a great friend and I will love him until I die. Jackson, I love you so much and I will see you soon!

JJ, 01/03/2003 - 05/21/2017

I love you more than you could ever know. Mommy and Hannah miss you every single day that you aren't here. I miss hearing you snore in the middle of the night. I miss being able to snuggle with you or just have you sleep next to me. You made my life so much better than I could have imagined. I hope and pray I did right by you Bubby and I hope and pray you are pain free and happy. I love you JJ and I always will.

Josie Ann Schardt, 10/12/2010 - 1/29/17

Our beautiful, sweet girl.  I pray you knew how much we love you.  I know I was often impatient with you, with your boundless energy, with your silly barking but we loved you from the moment we took you into the car, so scared.  We drove 14 hours with you in the car, and you didn't even move except to go potty.  You were an amazing friend to Molly, who, even though sick, felt years younger with your 1 year old self with her.  Truth be told, we got you for Lukie, because he was so close to Molly, and we knew he would be devastated when Molly passed and we hoped that your presence would help him past that.  You were a silly, loving little smart, so full of life, so hyper that we took you to doggie day care for years so that you could play out some of your energy.  You had more toys, lots of treats, you loved sleeping on the bed with us, staying in bed in the were the most beautiful of them all, you protected your home and us even though you were really scared.  Your loss was so sudden that we are left shocked.  You were just barking at Red outside, eating popcorn and begging, eating your afternoon food...and then you had what must have been a heart attack, although we had no idea what was wrong.  6 years and 4 months...only 5 years and 3 months of that with us.  We just thought we had years more with you, sweet girl.  You were so brave and rallied in the car, and like the trouper you have always been, you actually walked into the emergency clinic on a leash with me.  You went into cardiac arrest again and CPR didn't work, so we were shocked when they said you didn't make it.  We console ourselves with the thought that you didn't suffer for long, that you didn't know fear or sickness until the very end.  

But I don't want this to be about your passing.  I want this to be about the silly, lovely, loyal, loving girl you always were.  You made us laugh every day we knew you.  You made me feel safe by myself every day...I KNEW no one was ever coming in the door without you.  I liked hearing your fee shuffling in to be taken out to potty at night.  I love your heavy head when you rested it on us.  We will miss you more with more loss than the world can hold...we love you, sweet Jos...say hello to baby Lola and Molly.  I know we will meet again.  Love you more than life, good girl. 

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