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2017 Tributes

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Fifi, 10/2003 - 12/29/2016

Fifi - Being with you was always the happiest moment of my day.  Though you were a tiny black kitty, you left a very big hole in our hearts.  I miss you so much, every moment of every day.  I miss the 3:00 am demands for love, the tiny toys scattered all over the house, the comforting weight and warmth of you sleeping on me at night.  We miss you growling at the mailman, charging up the stairs, and pretending to hide when we came home.  We miss playing "Where's Fifi?" when you were lying on your black pillow.  I miss your tiny paws, and your sharp claws, so useful for shredding furniture, your little pink tongue, tiny black nose, and your little crooked black tail.  And your big green eyes looking up at me.  You made our house a true home.

We lost Fifi to lymphoma 6 weeks after her diagnosis.  We were able to have one last happy Christmas with Fifi, and we were there with her as she passed away.

She was the most wonderful, funny, loving, perfect kitty that I have ever known, and I am so grateful that we had 12 years with her.

We will always love you and never forget you.

Jill, Dharma, Steve, Simon, Bridget, and Isabella

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