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2017 Tributes

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Eddie "Special Ed" Stroud, 2/17/2004 - 2/17/2017

Sweet, Sweet Eddie Kitty Boy - you will be so missed, but I know that you are with Mei Lin and she's taking such good care of you.  What a terrible birthday you had.  You have been a true friend, and helped us through kids, graduations, cancer treatments and surgeries, and deaths -and have always been such a loving, happy kitty.  I know I'll be reunited with you again - but until we are together again, you are in our hearts.  We were so blessed to have you share your life with us!

Ender, November 15, 2005 - March 10, 2017

Today I lost the best buddy that I have had. In my 60s, I've had many dogs, but this loss was the toughest yet. My Ender was by my side every day since the end of 2005. He slept on our beds. He was the most peaceful, friendly animal ever to grace our home.  Everyone who met him loved him.  He was a mixed breed that turned out great. He had the handsome face and head of his German Shepherd ancestry, and the sleek and lightning fast body of his Husky mother. Into his 12th year of life, he had never had a health issue, but within 8 weeks, he failed rapidly.  Many Thanks to the wonderful doctors and staff at Twin Oaks Veterinary Hospital, for trying so hard to heal and save him, and to Dr. Tompkins, for being there at the end.  She came to our home to help him end his suffering.  He passed, in the company of his doctor and me and with his Malamute brother and sister at his side.  He now has no more pain and suffering, and peace has descended upon his life. Ender will be missed by our entire family, especially by my son, who found the puppy at a friend's home, back in his high school years. Thank you Ender for gracing this home with your 11+ years, spending time with your people, your cats, and your Malamute siblings.  Run free and fast, sweet Ender, and I will see you at the Bridge.
Tom Maxwell

Ethan, 11/11/1999 - 7/6/2017

November 11, 1999 - July 6, 2017. A most welcomed and grateful blessing in my life. A sentient being could not have been more loved. My heart is broken; but there is comfort in knowing Ethan is free to run and play.

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