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2017 Tributes

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Dakota, January 4, 2005 - 05/28/17

Growing up I always wanted a dog, and particularly a Dachshund. I had no idea what I was getting in to for my first dog, and I had no idea how smart dachshund's are! I was originally planning to get a female dog, but when I saw you with the crooked tail...I knew that you had to be my dog.  Just like me, not exactly perfect.  I named you Dakota and while that is a big name, your bark certainly lived up to that big did your personality.  You were with me through so many changes in my life, the good ones, the bad ones...always wagging your crooked tail when I came home.

I know you loved the times at Fort Funston and I loved watching you chase the sea gulls, even though it gave me so much anxiety because I was so worried that you would run too far ahead, or get swept up in a wave. I'm so thankful that we got to go on a camping trip together last Labor Day weekend. I was so proud of you! I thought we would have so many issues, but you were so well-behaved and the image of you laying in a chair near the fire will always be in my memories.

It's hard to believe you left us so suddenly. We had so many more adventures ahead, but I know you are in a better place.  We miss you so much and your sister Sammy does, too! Thank you for bringing so much joy in to my life.

Dantecat, March 23, 2012

I found him as a stray.  Feeding him all winter long hoping he wouldn't freeze to death.  Finally he got to trust me and so he moved in with us and 2 dogs.  He walked in for the first time like he had lived here all his life. I will never have a cat like this one.  He wasn't a lap cat and he loved to chase the dogs and they would chase him back.  When I adopted him, he was skin and bones.  Also a big bump on his lower spine.  I sent him to the vet as soon as I adopted him to check on this bump.  It was cancer.  We have a great vet and so she operated and they got it all!  So I named him Dante which means eternal life.  He lived with us for six years before the cancer came back.  He would stand over my pillow at night and touch my face lightly here and there with his paw.  When we went for nice country walks well he followed right along. He was part of our pack (though I was careful where I walked so he would not have to cross the road)  He was amazing and beautiful.  He would just sit and stare into my eyes and I stop and sit and gaze back.  Somewhere, somehow we touched.  I think he knew I saved him.  I knew he loved me and our home.  Suddenly, without warning he was sick, deathly ill. The cancer came back.  Our wonderful vet tried so hard to save him. Not to be.  We lost our beautiful black and white boy in March 2012 and I still look for him on our walks.
Lord knows how much I loved that cat.  He touched me.  Rest Dante.

Doodle, 2016/10/23

My beautiful little black panther. You came into our lives when we needed it most. You were a rambunctious, full of the devil  but oh so loving and gentle little boy. And such a chatterbox too ! Age and illness took it s toll and I know you fought till the very end. Thank you for those 16 years my darling. I love you Doodle;  I love you forever...and one day more. Mommy Johanne xoxoxo

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