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2017 Tributes

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Baby, 05-22-2008 - 03-17-2017

Baby you were a great companion and made every day a joy.  Though you are gone from this earthly realm you will be remembered by many forever.  Rest in Peace

Bailey Kestner, 03/13/02 - 02/02/17

Bug you will be missed so bad by your mommy and daddy. We love you fatboy.Prissy and Hannah miss that fatboy too.

Bambolino, 7/4/2011 - 11/20/2016

A life cut short chasing a car. I had the pleasure of being his mom for 5 wonderful years. I will always love you my beautiful baby boy.Until we meet again.

Bean, 10/7/2006 - 3/6/2017

Our Dearest Sweet Bean,

Our Little Potamus.You brought so much joy into our lives.We were blessed to have been your mommy and daddy.Your wealth of Love and sweet spirit will remain in our hearts forever.A big part of our lives are missing with you not here.We knew from the start what a beautiful soul you were.Each day knowing you was a pleasure.Always making sure that we were ok and quick with a hug and a kiss...just because.Enjoy the sun and play bally until we come to meet you in our time.Thank you for being our sweet little boy.

With All Or Love,
Alan, Lonni and Michael

Bear, 2004 - 04/10/2017

Bear Bear,
Mama loves you and she misses you every day.  Nobody understands the bond we had, but we do, donít we?  Itís been 11 days since I lost you, and I am still in shock.  My heart is hurting and I cry every day.  When I last saw you and told you that I loved you, I hope you understood me.  Because I always have loved you, as much as if you were my own child.  My life will never be the same, ever again, without my boy here with me. I am sorry that I left you alone at the vet that evening.  I sincerely thought he was going to help us out and you would be okay.  I donít know what happened, but I feel guilty for leaving you behind.  I canít eat and I canít sleep.  I miss you and I am sorry I left you that day.  I honestly would give my own life to have you back and happy again. I miss our walks in the evening. I miss your smiles and your silliness. And you begging for belly rubs and attention.  I miss your big paw on my leg, letting me know ĎIím still here -and donít stop rubbing my headí. You were always ready to take a walk with me and always enjoyed exploring.  You were always ready to spend time with me, and I feel like if I could get you back, I would spend more time with you -and I didnít spend nearly enough.

You liked your picture taken.  You were a ham for the camera and very photogenic.  I am thankful for that, as I do have many photos of you that I cherish.   You were scared of bad weather and always cooned up on the back porch by the screen door when there was thunder and lightning.  You didnít like loud noises at all.

You hated baths. You liked the attention, but once you were clean, you always found something stinky to roll around in and then you heard me say you Ďstinky stinkí.  But I loved you so much I didnít mind if you were a little stinky; you were and will always be my beautiful golden boy. 

You were my FAMILY. I love you till the day I die, and for ever after.  I miss you forever but you are in my heart ALWAYS.  You are my baby boy, my companion, and my best friend forever.   I love you 4ever my bear bear.

Bear Bear, 2005 - 12/26/16

My heart, my Bubba Bear, from the moment I first saw you I knew you were somethin' else.  You know I love you with my entire heart, and I will only love you more as time goes on.  I swear you were from outer space, and without a doubt the love of my life.  I know if you had a choice you would still be here, but I see you took my heart with you and left yours with me, so we're gonna have to meet up again eventually.  Silly Bear Bear.  But until then, just know that I am so incredibly sad because my love for you was bigger than this whole world.  I miss you buddy, and I always will.  I never knew what a best friend was until you came along, and I hope that I made your time here worth while.  The never ending tears I cry are a reflection of how happy you made me.  But I know that the day I cry my last tear for you, we will be together again.  And that makes me happy.  I've said it a million times before, and I'll say it a million more.  I love you Bubba.  See you soon.

Black & White Stormy Chicchi, May 2008 - Jan. 12, 2017

Black and White Stormy Chicchi (Stormy/Stormy Cat)

You were the best friend and companion.  A handsome tuxedo! Thank you for 9 years of being my buddy.  You are loved and greatly missed.

Bubba Maria, 09/17/2006 - 04/22/2017

Baby Bubba was my best friend and an amazing and wonderful dog. I'm finding it very difficult to describe my baby girl, as she was one of the best souls that has ever lived.
She was always happy and willing to play and kiss everybody. She was Kind and loving. She will be missed forever.
I'm glad that I was blessed with our last moments together and that I was able to hold you and kiss you and told you how much I loved you my baby girl.
My heart is broken and aching so badly but I know that we will meet again some day!
Love you my sweet little angel <3

Buck and Bobbie, 1/22/16  11/22/16

My best friends. I love you and miss you both so much. I think about you everyday. I find comfort knowing your together. I love you.

Buddy, 05/02/2017 - 01/30/2017

My buddy was sent to the rainbow bridge by a speeding car. He was such a joy and slept with me every night he died in my arms..I know he is up above in heaven with all the other angels and our loved ones. One day Buddy i will see you..For now im here missing your bark, your pooping on my carpet..peeing every where.. I miss cleaning after you.. MY Baby Buddy..I love you so much..Robert.

Butterball, 4/23 - 5/6/17

Butterball was a true Diva! Her smile infectious. However she could be down right stubborn when she wanted to be. She was on tv and loved it! She never shied away from a camera. She gave the best hugs. And couldn't stand it when I sang her her theme song,"SugarBear." You will be so missed, Baby! You were my first Dog Baby! I don't know what you're Sister is going to do with out you?  Enjoy the treats that you hon the other side of the rainbow, for we will meet him again soon. Love you Butterball aka SugarBear

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