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2012 Tributes

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2K, 03/07/1998 - 04/04/2012

2K , My Baby, My Shadow, you will forever hold a piece of my heart. I will miss you peeking out the window waiting for me to come home, then greeting me at the door. .I’ll miss the cute little noise you made playing with your mousey balley and cuddling up next to me while we watch TV or sleep. You were my fuzzy alarm clock and always reminded me when it was time to eat. I look at your favorite spots: the dining room chair, the bookcase in the bedroom, the back of the chair in the Florida room, under the blanket on the bed, in the suitcase, or in plain site, but you’re not there, only in spirit.. The only comforting things of you leaving me are that you’re with Daddy and PC and that you are no longer in pain. You were such a trooper taking your meds and fluids religiously for 4 years. We thought we were going to lose you so many times but you always pulled through. I guess it’s true that a cat has 9 lives, I only wish you had an infinite amount. I will always Love you and Miss you dearly - Mommy Dor

T-bone, August 2003 - May 25, 2012

I cry for him every day. I know I shouldn't, but I still do. I miss him so much. Even though all he did was sleep on the couch, we loved him for that, being the sleepy soul he was. I miss him every day. From the moment his eyes last closed, to the moment I am now typing this. And so, I wrote a poem for him:

Distant and warm
He was always sleepy, and always slow,
But little would he had imagined, or ever even known
That without him, our house would be bare,
Without him sleeping on the couch over there.
We had him for years, and enjoyed him every day,
But until recently, he was starting to age.
He would get slower, more tired too,
But we assumed, that's what all dogs do.

But he got slower with each passing hour,
His spirit was dwindling, being age-devoured.
And then one night came, when he was so weak,
He couldn't stand up, not even to drink.
We would go to the vet tomorrow,
While we all feared, while we all sorrowed.
We were uncertain what would become of our loved soul,
Will he be able to live, or pay the biggest toll.

We later figured out, that his life was not meant to be,
He would die soon, and he would start his eternal sleep.
We were all miserable, as we drove him to his end,
We watch him close his eyes for the final time, and then…
There was much heartbreak, so much more misery
Our time with him now, is now past history.
But through all of the melancholy, and all the hearts torn.
He naps peacefully on a cloud, so distant and warm.

T-Bone, April 11, 1996 - February 13, 2012

Sitting outside looking at the sky. Brilliant hues of blue and orange

split the horizon separating night from day.

A calmness falls like a favorite blanket,

draping my emotions of the day.

There is a choir of crickets chirping in the distance,

lulling God's creatures to sleep.

I see a star so near, yet far and think of you.

I wish upon that star tonight that you, my friend

are laying by the feet of God.

The last of daylight turns to night and my heart

feels heavy once again. As I climb the stairs to fall

in bed, I'll hear the absence of your breath once more.

No heartbeat felt in the palm of my hand, where I used to

hold you as you slept.

I see a star so near, yet far and think of you.

I wish upon that star tonight that you, my friend

are laying by the feet of God.

As I close my eyes I hope to dream of you,

my young sweet pup, playing in the garden

of my mind. Chasing the tennis ball that I once

threw as you tiredlessly brought it back to my side.

I see a star so near, yet far and think of you.

I wish upon that star tonight that you and I, my friend

will be laying by the feet of God.

Written by Ginny Pospisil


Tabbytha, August 1, 2012

Tabbytha I will miss you greatly.
Thank you for the love and joy you gave me for almost 17 years.
Rest in peace my friend, until we meet again someday.

Love, Stevie

Tammy Paul, 02/14/04 - 11/08/2012

To my dear Tammy it brings tears to my eyes to compose this:  i got you when you were just a handful you were so calm and gentle and not at all fussy.  Over the years you grew on everyone you came into contact with there was no one that didnt love you at first sight.  You always gave the best hugs and knew just what to do when i was sad.  I miss you greeting me at the door and rolling over so i could rub your belly, i miss you laying your head on my shoulder when i asked for hugs i miss you scratching the side of my bed to let my know you wanted to come up. i miss you hoarding all your babies as if they were real and not letting anyone near.  You accepted every pet i rescued from the Humane Society big and small cat or dog.  Your love was so unconditional i cant even replace you because love like that cant be.  I still come home looking and calling out for you hoping your passing was just a dream...i miss my baby girl we all do...hope to see you in heaven...

Tardy Peebucket, March 1, 2008 - April 25, 2012

The Passing of my Little Hero

When Tardy Peebucket was born fourteen years ago, he didn't know he was different, he didn't know he was special, he didn't know he was going to change my life, and he sure didn't know he would help save the lives of thousands of other kitties like him all over the world.

Tardy was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, a birth defect that makes a wobbley kitty. There is no cure, but they don't get worse.Indeed, they learn to compensate for their disability and can live long healthy lives. Fourteen years ago, a lot of vets were telling people to euthanize these kittens. There was very little on the internet about CH, so people didn't know enough to question the vets.

Tardy knew that was wrong! So first we started a community of fellow CH parents from all around the world, we had a group and we all discussed the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of living with a CH kitty. Still very active after all these years.

Next we started a website, and Tardy became the CH kitty club poster boy. Many many people wander though the CH Kitty Club, and many join and post their CH kitty's story and picture. The website has evolved a lot since the start.

In October of 2010 we started the CH Kitty Club newsletter, which is when Tardy Peebucket became the president of the CH Kitty Club (and the Universe). The newsletter solidified our CH community and has really brought our members together.

A few months ago we started a CH Kitty Club Youtube channel. It's fun seeing everyones CH kitty in motion : )

Tardy Peebucket is a hero in my mind, and the love I have for him is so special.

Yesterday I went into his room and he was sitting by the door and I knew right away something was not right. I took him to the vet and they did some bloodwork and started him on an IV drip. He stayed the night. By morning he was in an oxygen tank and breathing badly. He died at nine A.M., April 25, 2012.

He saved so many, but I couldn't save him. My heart is broken on so many levels it's almost unbearable.

So, although he didn't know he was different, he didn't know he was special, he didn't know he was going to change my life, and he sure didn't know he would help save the lives of thousands of other kitties like him all over the world, he DID know he was loved every second of his life.

Good night my little prince, save me a spot up there.

Taylor Mahoney, March 2000 - November 29,2012

My Beautiful Taylor, i remember when I first got you,you were in a cage with about 20 other kittens all the others were black and gray you were the only orange and white and everytime you tried to climb the cage they would constantly pull you back down,you were 6 weeks old when we met,you finally got up the cage and we starred into each others eyes it was love at first sight and we were together 12 years after that,you were diagnosed with diabetes in 2009 and I almost lost you then but you pulled through for us and me never leaving your side i believe prayer and so much love we had for each other helped get you well,or love was like electricity and it still is,early this year you developed asthma and seemed to be doing ok ,after a while i noticed that you still were weezing even after you had your medicine,on November 29,2012 our day started as normal you ate good,you drank water ,i gave you your insulin,and your asthma medicine,you were fine,about 15 mins later you had this violent seizure and you never came out of it,we rushed you to the hospital and you were to stay all night ,but when i checked on you your status hadn't changed and for some reason they doctor's didn't know why the seizure happened,it was then i found out you had a mass near your lungs so they thought the seizure was a neurological issue and you just couldn't bring yourself out of it and you were suffering,the doctors said you just weren't responding ,when they placed you in my arms and you pawed at my face ten times was the last bit of energy you had, and starred into my eyes just like you did when we first met,i knew and you knew that we had to say goodbye for now,it broke my heart to make the decision that i had to makebut i would never let you suffer,you were there for me and i you for the entire 12 years you were my birthday present to myself ,and we loved each other so very very much,i know you loved me,it was love i had never felt before,you taught me so much,you soften me up,you will always be the apple of my eye forever,you leaving me came out of left feild i didn't see it coming that's why it hurts so bad,but i wouldn't have it any other way,i wouldn't be able to forgive myself had i not gone back up to the hospital that night the nurse told me to wait until tomorrow to see how u do they were waiting for u to bring yourslfe out of it ,they felt you were still going through something and was suffering,so we then started discussing other things to be done,i told them I'm on my way ,so our entire family came with me and I saw for myself that you would never be the same and you were suffering you kept going in and out,I don't believe in my heart you would have made it through the night and wouldn't have forgiven myself if i wasn't there,I felt a calm come over you when you got in my arms and started pawing my faces as we starred into each other eyes it was if you were waiting for me to come there and i know you knew I was coming we just had that electricity between us,when i felt that clm come over you I knew you were ready,so i continued to sing to you and kiss you all over your face until you took your last breath and was at peace i was the first face you saw when we met and the last face you saw before we said see you soon,you were there for me when i got injured working for the police department,you were right by my side,You know and i know what we neant to each other,i thank god for allowing you to come into my life you got me through some hard times ty my precious baby boy,I owe you so much !!!Rest in peace my beauty until we meet again my heart,MoM.

Taz, 09/12/03 - 02/19/12

Tazzy, you stole my heart that very first night. A scared little stray kitten we captured from the subzero outdoors. Daddy talked me into trying to catch you even though I said I didn't want a kitty. We caught you in the live trap and you were so terrified. You were such a little kitten!! We gave you a warm bath in the ice cream pail, lathering you up with Johnson's Baby shampoo. You were our baby girl from that moment on. I knew the moment you looked into my eyes that we would be forever friends. My once in a lifetime kitty.

Your unconditional love, your devotion to us, always making sure you shared your love; you taught me how to be a better person, sweetheart. I miss you so much baby! We only had you for eight, short years. You were taken away much too soon. I am grateful for the time we did have together, but I wish that it had been longer. A part of me died with you that day. My life will never be the same.

I miss having you wait for me on the back of the couch in the window. I still look for you every night when I come home. I want so badly to be able to ask again through the door "Are there any pretty kitties in there?" and have you "Meow" in response. The house is so empty without you. I look for you and see you everywhere. The house just isn't home anymore without you here.

I miss you kneading my neck, waking me up at all hours of the night to get under the covers, having to go downstairs 25-30 times a day and night to "have a snack", just hanging out with you, snuggled on the couch with me. I miss the way you would look me in the eyes. You had such beautiful, clear, green eyes. I always said you were the most beautiful kitty in the whole, wide world and I meant it. Many people agreed. When they saw you, they always commented about how beautiful you were. And soft. You were very soft. One of the emergency care vets said you were "bunny soft" and for the last year and a half of your life you were "Our bunny soft kitty".

I miss camping with you. Those were our best times together. You on your harness exploring. Trying to catch butterflies, grasshoppers and dragonflies. Waiting under the bird feeder, watching the birds. Giving me that sassy look when I would hold the leash tight when you'd try to catch one of the birds, as if to say "I coulda had that one if you'd only let me." I put a dragonfly solar light next to your rock. It's to mark it so that you can see it from Rainbow Bridge or from heaven, wherever it is that you are right now. I know that you have made it to some place where you have been restored to your happy, healthy and pain-free self. For that I am grateful.

My heart belongs to you, baby girl. Always and forever. Many people have asked me if I will get another kitty. I do not know. But if I do, that kitty will never occupy the space in my heart that you do and always will. Someday I hope that we will be reunited in heaven and spend the rest of eternity together. You were taken from me way too soon.

I am sorry I could not save you, Sweetpea. I hope that you know that I did everything I could to try to make you better. I do not know what happened in the end. I have relived the last months and days over and over. I wish I could go back in time. But I can't and I have to live the rest of my life without you. I know Sidney's Snowden was there to greet you at Rainbow Bridge and that he is your friend now. I cannot wait until we can be together again. I will smother you with kitty kisses baby girl!

I am eternally grateful for your love, my Tazzy girl. You were my best friend and my life will never be the same now that you are gone. Until we are together again, run, be free and watch for me because I will come for you. I will dedicate the rest of my life to making sure I am worthy of meeting you at Rainbow Bridge and taking you to heaven to spend eternity with me. Until that day, my beautiful Tazzy, I send all my love and kitty kisses to you.  
Love, Mommy

Teddy (Theodore Bear), Dec 1999 - May 16, 2012

You climbed my leg with those baby claws and sat in the middle of my keyboard, how could I turn you away? My best friend, you let me use you as giant furry tissue for almost a full year after my mom died, you never complained. You spent everyday at my side, head resting on my lap every time I would sit down, my big fat shitty kitty, my big old purr pot, you never asking for any thing but an belly rub. YOU were supposed to be with me till I died. I was not supposed to lose you this soon...we should have had another 10 years together. My heart is aching, I couldn't let the cancer make you suffer, could you feel me rubbing your belly as you took your last breath? Did I do the right thing?  
I'll love you forever my sweet Teddy Bear.

Teddy, 04/30/01 - 06/06/12

Teddy, you gave us many years of companionship and love. Such a wonderful leader you always were.  You trained Jake! You even trained me! You will be greatly missed my sweet Teddy. Now, go chase some squirrels with Bob.

Teddy Theodore Hudyn AKA Teddybear, Aug 29th 2004 - July 23 rd, 2012

Our Little Teddy-bear

Teddy was the tiniest little bit of fur that fit right into the palm of my hand. Always eager, energized and loving. We shared so much in his short eight years on earth. For all his 3.7 kg he had a personality that commanded attention....a right little general. He is missed by his human parents Hooty and Sherry. His little brother Riley is so lost with out him. Everywhere we look we can still picture him in his favorite spots. Our arms long too hold him close and get kisses from him. To nuzzle into his neck and whisper I love you's into his little ears. His Doggy brother Riley misses all the fun of playing together and tug of war. The walks are just not the same with out our Teddy-bear. Daddy misses the snuggles and the belly perching you use to do, that was your special time with Daddy. My sweet baby I held you close and kissed you as you left this earth and my heart aches so badly for having to let you go. We are all missing you, our pain so fresh. Everyone was shocked to hear you had gone, I still can't believe it's true. I still look for you! I wish for you my little one is for you to be happy, healthy and play with others until we meet again and are a family once more. Until I can hold you again and feel your kisses on my neck and cheek I can only dream of times we had until we see each other once again! Be happy Little One, Our Teddy-bear! 

Tee Mix, 4/15/78 - 1/3/12

Tee you were the love of my life. My best friend, someone I could always count on. You gave me so many great years of riding and I hope you enjoyed the years I gave you in retirement. Even though you were a stallion you were the most gentle soul. You never did anything in meaness, you were always understanding and kind.

Many will say the 33 years I had with you should have been enough but it wasnt. I know that is very old but I (and everyone) expected you to live forever. The vet always called you bullet proof because of your will to live. Like the time 3 years ago you choked on hay and should not have pulled through (vets gave you a 2-4% chance), but you did. I am glad I listened to you and your eyes and treated you then because we had 3 extra years together. Last week though I looked into your eyes and you told me it was time, so you left and I miss you so much. I cry everyday and just want to hold everything of yours close to me.

I know you are running free and in a meadow with a stream running through it and all the horse and animal buddies you could ever want. You are free of pain and sound again. I can just see you bucking in sheer joy. I will see you again someday my dear buddy and we will walk side by side in the meadows.

I love you so much Tee, remember that forever my baby boy.

Telemicus, 8/1/2001 - 12/5/2012

My beautiful Telly... my heart hurts so much. I can't imagine a night without you purring next to me, soft and warm. You hold such a special place in my heart, because you were a special, wonderful, sweet amazing cat... like none other. You were beautiful, loving, gentle, funny, and mischievous, trusting. A perfect friend, a loving companion.

I don't know why you left this world so suddenly. The questions swirl through my head. Why? What happened that you turned so suddenly?  The guilt of could I have seen it, done something... mistakes I made. Did I cause this?  It doesn't really matter now. You are gone.

I hurts to know how much I will miss you.
I will miss you greeting me as I come in with your vocal hello.
I will miss you reminding me its dinner time.
I will miss you lying in the hallway ready to attack passersby, both human and canine (but never Grace!).
I will miss your annoying habit of stealthily approaching me at my desk and scratching your claws on my leg.
I will miss you purring and kneading your perfect spot in Ollie's dog bed.
I will miss you drinking out of the bathtub faucet.
I will miss you bounding across the yard when I call you to come in.
I will miss you waking me up with your paw batting my face to get my attention.
I will miss you following me around the yard as I walk the dogs.
I will miss you lounging in the location of your choice flat on your back, legs splayed.
I will miss watching in amusement while you and the dogs play in the hallway.
I will miss seeing your face in the window when I pull in the drive.

I will miss you most as you approach the bed at night, scratching your claws on the dust ruffle. That annoyed daddy so much... but I knew what came next. After a good loud scratch, you would jump up on the bed and curl up right next to my heart, purring, so I could put my arm around you as we slept.

That is what I will miss most my sweet boy.  The bed was big, but with your puppy brothers Rocco and Ollie, and sister Chloe, and your kitty sister Grace, all on the bed with daddy and me... it didn't leave much room. Everyone managed to find a spot. But you Telly... you found the spot closest to my heart.

From day one you found that spot, and never left. And you shall remain there forever.

Run free at the Rainbow Bridge. Look for Rory and Shadow, they will be waiting for you.
Hold me close in your heart, as you will be in mine always.

I love you so much my sweet Telly.  

Melanie Michon

Tessa, March, 1997 - January 12, 2012

Tessa - you came to us and were so afraid. You learned to love us and became the matriarch of the family. NO ONE could make us laugh like you did. You loved to eat, you loved to purr and you loved your lap time. I know this past year has been rough on you - the kidney failure took so much out of you. We know you are not in pain anymore and can run and play with Christy and Taffy at the Bridge. Fly high, baby girl! We'll miss you!

Thor, 01/23/2012

Dear Thor,  
When Ken (my husband, your best friend) passed away in Nov. 2010, I didn't know what to do. I was lost. It was only because of you I got up each day. You were very demanding about your morning walks. I know how much you missed Ken, but you were so giving to me; you became my best friend. I don't know how I would have made it without you. Now you have gone. I know you are now with Ken and you will both be waiting for me when my time comes.  
I will miss you every day. I pray I was as good to you as you were to me.  
I love you always....

Tia, April 1996 - July 11 2012

You were everything to me Tia.  I love you and will miss you forever

Tia, 30/11/95 - 23/06/12

My dear Tia passed yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny day. She died peacefully in my arms and I held her for what seemed forever. In death she looked incredibly peaceful and youthful again. She has been my constant companion for 17 years. She greeted me at the door every day and woke me every morning. She came to comfort me when I was ill or sad. She always knew when I needed her. She was the light of my life. I buried her in the woods with all her favourite toys and in her favourite bed. I planted a tree near her grave. She was surrounded by friends. I came home and by habit called her name. I looked for her in all her spots. Just maybe it was a bad dream. But she is gone. I keep expecting to see her beautiful black face come peeking around the corner. I keep thinking she is just in bed, soaking up the sun. But the bed is empty. I laid awake in bed listening for the 3 a.m. cries. But there were none. I filled up her water dish today, I am not really sure why. I am lost without my baby girl. I have nothing to come home to anymore. No one is expecting me anymore. She is my best friend, the love of my life. She never let me down. I know she has crossed over and is strong and youthful again. Chasing dragonflies, soaking up the sun, eating grass and having the adventures she so loved in her youth. I am happy that she is with all your loved ones. I know they will take care of her until we can be together again. Peace and love to all.

Tiger, April 2, 1996 - February 7, 2012

Tiger Told Me To
by Ifrit

Dedicated to Rear Admiral Raizo "Tiger" Tanaka
April 2, 1996 - February 7, 2012
(translated from Cat by Rich Sartore)

I was just a tiny kitten when your home I came to share
and got to know the cats you loved and loved you in return.
Twice the passing of four seasons, was all your Tiger had to spare
to be my friend, to romp and play and help with all I had to learn.

"I've loved this home with all my heart" big Tiger said just then,
"I'll soon be off to Rainbow Bridge, they're waiting for me there.
And when it's time for you to leave, that's where we'll meet again.
But now it's time for you to listen to all I have to share."

"Pay heed to all I tell you, there's much you'll have to do
when I'm no longer with you and lay sleeping on the dune.
I'll be with Kitty Hawk and Admiral and our mom Tasha, too,
and all my feline family, they know I'll be there soon."

The day you brought your Tiger home, I heard you softly cry.
And then I knew the time had come for you and he to part.
Now Tiger's gone, there's just one cat with many ways to try
to fill the spot that Tiger held so deep within your heart.

In the early morning darkness, I'll be your kitchen troll
who cries and purrs for breakfast and nibbles at your heel.
I'll wander purring under foot until you fill my bowl,
and look at you with thankful eyes before I start my meal.

I'll take your seat when you get up and snuggle in the warm
then refuse to let you sit back down whenever you return.
Then one of many daily tasks I'll help you to perform
is tying up your shoelaces, just as soon as I can learn.

I'll prowl the yard and stroll the dune each morning after dawn
and chatter at the birds and squirrels as they go tree to tree.
I'll stalk the bugs and critters and chase butterflies off the lawn,
then sit in stately majesty and watch them as they flee.

I'll take some time each afternoon and find some sunny spots
to snooze a bit and warm my fur and dream for just a while.
And when I'm done I'll stretch and yawn with many happy thoughts,
then greet you every evening with a purr and kitty smile.

And when my growling tummy says the time is nearly five,
I'll lead you to the kitchen and bemoan the empty dish.
I'll purr and fuss and force, in every way I can contrive,
so you'll relent and serve to me that lonely can of fish.

Then I'll help you sort your papers, rub the corners of your chair,
and sprawl across your desktop leaving precious little room,
and send all the stuff that's in my way sailing through the air.
Then I'll listen to you patiently while you fuss and fume.

And late at night when you're asleep and cozy in your bed,
I'll snuggle close and slowly wash the dune sand from my fur.
And when you stir and pat my head I'll stop and then instead
just let you know that I'm content with an ever softer purr.

It's difficult to fill big paws, but I told him that I would.
So I will try with all my might, 'cause Tiger said I should.
I hope I can remember, with so many things to do,
I'll try real hard to get them right 'cause Tiger told me to.

Tiger Tillman-Smith, 12/25/2012 - 07/10/2012

Today I had to put down my Tiger. He was such a special cat with a unique personality; used to walk on a leash, would play fetch, followed me around like a puppy dog, knew his name and came when called, wanted to be a part of everything, greeted me at the front door every day, slept with me every single night, loved people, being touched for hours, was very talkative and demanding, enjoyed spinning around on the office chair getting dizzy, was bilingual (English/Spanish), enjoyed popcorn, being the center of attention and conversation, loved to sit on paper and board games, and never bit or harmed a soul his entire life. He was ALL LOVE! He was my greatest joy in life; my heart, my best friend, my child, my most loyal companion, my unconditional love and my fatty fat snuggle bunny. I hope Tiger and my dear friend Jorge Maldonado are already loving on each other in the after life...I know they loved each other very much. I miss you!
His Life A Beautiful Memory
His Absence A Silent Grief
Tiger Tillman-Smith
Sadly Missed but Never Forgotten
25 December 1995 – 10 July 2012
Peace Perfect Peace

Tigger, 2000 - October,6.2012 at 3:14pm

   Tigger, my golden kitty.  I miss you so much. The way you would always wait for me at the door when I got home. How you managed to always find everybody in one room because you hated to be alone.
   It's an unimaginable thing to think of how much pain you were in having UTI. Then once you had that fixed, we found out you had kidney failure.  We knew there was no getting better from it. You would have just suffered and we couldn't do that to you because, Tigger, you deserved better.
   We will always remember all your funny little quirks with smiles on our faces. From licking plastic bags, nipping our hair in affection, even playing hide and seek with us. It's amazing how you could perform somersaults, especially to show you were sorry for something you did.  We'll miss the way you ate yogurt right from the container, the way you waited by the bathroom door and let us know you were there by the white tipped paws that swiped under the door, and the way you loved to watch the tub being filled.  We'll miss the sound of your water bowl being moved across the kitchen floor.
   You were a part of our family and when you passed on, a part of us feels incomplete.  You will always be forever in our hearts and we know that Buddy was waiting for you up in Heaven.
   We love you and we miss you very much.  Be happy and painfree our golden kitty. 
   Love The Williams Family

Tiggs, April 2011 - 05/01/2012

My sweet little Tiggs I can't believe you are gone. Our time together was too short I thought we would have many many years together. I thought that by keeping you an indoor cat I could keep you safe but that wasn't to be. I feel so heartbroken, you felt like a child to me. Some people might think thats an over the top feeling for a 9 month old kitty but we had a bond. I feel that no-one understands how much I'm going to miss you.I remember the day that we collected you and you picked your own name from the back of the jeep! You were such a live wire and a character, the king of the house! I will miss all our games, play fighting and playing hide and seek - you pouncing from doorways and from under the bed at me and me hiding on you and jumping out at you - you loved it! Playing with mr frog and mr slug! I'll miss your little inquistive ways and you supervising when I was cleaning out your litter tray! I'll miss you kissing me with your nose especially in bed at night and waking us up by putting your furry little paws each side of our faces and licking our chins. How you were the boss of the house and used to slap us with your paw when you didn't like what we were doing and puffing your chest out! but you still loved getting kisses all over your face! I can't believe I can only see your little furry grey face in photos now. I hope you know how much you are loved my little boy, my little love. You filled my life with love and joy and now I feel the joy is gone from my life. Love you forever my little boy xxx

Tilly, January 30, 2012

When I met 12 year-old Tilly at a local shelter, I heard the word “unsalvageable” used to describe her. Something in her eyes told me she didn’t feel the same way, and I brought her home. Tilly was shy and quiet, but barked in protest if anyone (visitors included), tried to leave the house. Although she loved a lap and taking walks, she enjoyed prepping her special blanket into the perfect “cave,” or finding her favorite spot on the grass to soak up the sunshine. For 3 years, she taught me that a senior pet can bring a special kind of joy and unconditional love into one’s heart and home. She was a very brave little girl who never once complained. Tilly, I will always love you and miss you, but we’ll meet again someday. Wear your wings proudly, fly over the Rainbow Bridge and run free.

Tinka, 20/4/03 - 10/7/12

Tinka you was one of a kind never to be found again, we were both devastated when you died, my drling we did not know the pain you were in but we are so glad we brought you home and so glad we had the 4 months of travel together before you did leave us. A big hole opened up in our house when you left us. Beng misses you and non more than dad.  We have got a new girl called Lottie, she will never replace you but fills the holes in our hearts you left us with. You left us long before we thought but the nine years you were with us gave us many funny times and lots of good memories which will never fade. We only hope you are well and having fun at Rainbow Bridge with Beng 1 Tinka 1, Tyna, Boa and Pebbles. We will come for you when it is time then we will collect you all. We love nad miss you our darling Tinka xxxxx

Tiny Tim, 11/8/2011 - 1/6/2012

In loving memory of Tiny Tim.

You were a beautiful baby canary. You will be sorely missed, but you are flying in Heaven now with God's Angels.

God Bless and keep you in his tender care until we meet again!

Matthew 10:29 Can you not buy two sparrows for a penny? And yet not one falls to the ground without your Father knowing.

Regina & Eric

Tita (Coquette), 1994 - February 10, 2012

Well my "Little Girl" you are now with Terminator (See tribute June 2010) I told him I would take good care of you and I did.

You have been the most amazing cat and friend for 17 & 1/2 years. You were my soul mate. Your intense presence has comforted me so deeply. You sat on my chest and stood watch on my bed when I had migraines or was sick. You never left my side. I loved the way you loved to play and your very creative ways in doing so. You were so skiddish (Skitty) and fearful, but yet so close. The vacum was not your friend. You LOVED your treats thrown to you as I left the apartment each time. You looked in cubbords on your hind feet, like a human. You were a sickly cat, but always managed to survive. You took care of Terminator and stayed by his side till he went over the rainbow bridge. I just thank God he gave me an extra year and eight months after he left. They said you only had seven months left.

I had to give you the gift of letting you go and not suffering anymore, I didnt want to and I could tell you did not want to leave me all the way to the end.

I now sit in an empty apartment for the first time I have ever been alone for 17 & 1/2 years. Never alone. It is hard and your presence is everywhere. I hope the grief will end soon, I can barely take it. But yet I know you would want me to be happy and well, so I will try to do so.

God had mercy and grace giving you to me. My pastor told me today that out of all the pets God gave me you. And you my dear will always be in my heart, a reminder of God's love for me.

I love you Tita My Little Girl

To a Nameless Doggie, 9 June 2012

I do not know your name, your age, your home, or anything about you, but in the space of two minutes you touched my life -- and broke my heart.  We saw you running loose along the road on our way home from an ice cream run, and I swung the car around the block, telling my husband and kids "We need to get that dog out of danger -- he has a collar and tags, we'll find his owner and take him home, I'm sure he's jumped a fence or broken a rope, he looks well cared for."  We went around the block, saw you heading our way, and I got out of the car.  You started to come to me -- dogs usually like me -- and I said "Hi, little doggie, come here..." but you backed, turned, ran down the sidewalk -- and right out into the traffic, where you were instantly crushed by a passing car that couldn't stop, though it tried.  I screamed, I cried, I wept, but it was too late.  My husband shoved me in the passenger's seat, got behind the wheel and pulled away while I wept, as other people came together to gather you up and take you home to your family, whoever they are, who will be devastated.  I couldn't bear to look at you.  I don't even know your name, but I pray God took you instantly to the Rainbow Bridge, little one, for you were sweet and perky and looked to be much-loved.  I hope God will comfort your family.  I'm sorry I wasn't able to take you home to them.  I tried.  I'm so terribly, terribly sorry.

Toby, June 2001 - January 7 2012

Today, Saturday January 7th 2012 @ 1:30 PM, I had to relinquish my beloved Toby's Soul to the "Crossing of the Rainbow Bridge". He was nothing but the best, most loved, dearest "FURY FACED COMPANION" in and of my life. I was fortunate to have him in my life for almost 11 years. He was the kindest, most loving, sincere, and by far the most incredible dog I have ever had! He always did everything asked of him and more, even without asking! He loved going for boat trips, and wading along the waters edge. Riding in the truck with his window down, on excursions with his humans and other furry faced family companions. He was just a happy, kind soul, from puppy hood to his last second. For the last 2 months he was such a TROOPER! NEVER A WHIMPER, with pokes, prods, medications, acupuncture, ultrasound, a blood transfusion, numerous emergency vet apts. and overnight stays. He was and still will be the beacon of my travels and journey through life! His last 24 hours went by peacefully, and I knew he wasn't suffering....only just his questioning eyes...wondering when I WOULD LET GO!  
He was and will be "THE TOBY MAN" forever in my heart! Your Soul Toby, has touched many and will stay within my Soul FOREVER! Peace, happiness and well being to you, and all your other buddies that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge! Your forever human companion, Dawn

Tony, August 2002 - April 12, 2012

My Dear Sweet Tony,  
You were my handsome baby boy and you brought me so much joy. I’ll never forget your first night home. You were so sweet and tiny. You and Littleman became best of friends and I hope you have found each other again. I know how much you missed him when he passed. Having to say goodbye to you so unexpectedly, I’m not sure how I will carry on. I love you so much and will miss you forever. Please watch over me from the rainbow bridge and help me someday to help another kitty.  
Your Mommy

Too Many Cookies, April 18, 1984 - October 19 2011

Miss Cookies, you beautiful palamino overo mare, I miss you so much. There is not a day goes by that I don't think of you and the 23 years we spent together. I could feel you leave as I held your pretty head and said goodbye. I know you were ready to go. Go find the rest of the family and I'll see you again one day.

Toolie, 9/1/2000 - 5/21/2012

My Toolie My Puppy. Our hearts are broken into a trillion pieces but when we think of you all the love that you have given us will help to mend it back to new.
We will love you way beyond the moon. We will carry your love to eternity when we will again be with you.
All Our Love are baby pup Our Big Dinosaur people fear you like you are people fear you like you are you are big you are grey your our big gray dinosaur.
We will never ever forget our Baby Pup.
We Love you beyond words.Nanny & Pap Pop.

Tootsie, 06 01 2000 - 14 5 2012

so sorry toots but you were in to much pain and it was kindest thing and hardest thing to do love and miss you very also pepsi and toddie who passed away within 3weeks of each other ny two cats both brother and sister also within 2months of each other we love and miss them very much i want them to no that we will be there at raibowbridge wait for them all and that there brothers and sisters will not be long in joining them as they are all getting on in years pepsi my sweetheart your dad said you and toddie will now have beautiful coats and toddie will no longer have cushions and toots will have her eyesight back enjoy yourselves at rainbowbridge and watch for us coming love to all our pets and see you all soon all our love mum dad joanne and baby jack who keeps saying when are they coming back love and miss you lots night night god bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Travis, 08/19/00 - 07/23/12

To my dearest friend Travis,

I love you so much you were my only true support and i know you were holding on until my life was easier.  And i thank you so much.  I just cant stop wandering if there was more we could of done?  Im so sorry you had to go in such a horrible undignified way it was so unfitting for the love you showed us. Please forgive me, I am so sorry. For nearly 12 years you were my companion and soul mate, i feel so at a lose without you.  Travis you were an extra special friend and if you can show me a sign that you are alright now.  The fact that only 3 people have called me im finding very hard, as if you were my child they would be sending cards and yet you were my child/friend/love of my life.  RIP Travis YOu are the best!!!  Thank you so much for gracing our lives I am in debt to  you forever and hope i get to hold you again. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Trebor, 30th June 2008 - 24th January 2012

We love you and miss you so much, "Boba" :'(

Lots and lots and lots of love

Your feline cohorts and your three human "pets" (John, Janet and Anthony)



Trix, 10-18-1995 - 8-3-2012

I celebrate the life of my most beloved companion Trix.  

Trix was an adorable male tuxedo with a sort of white strip down his forehead that continued under his mouth and down under his chin.

I got Trix when he was about four weeks old.  When he was about 8 months old, a rare heart defect nearly brought him down, but an operation saved his life and we shared the next 16 years together with so much love and so much cuddling.  He is the most affectionate cat I have ever known and although I knew it come come any time, it doesn't make it easier now that he is gone.

As my 13 year old niece wrote, "...tears are being shed over a beautiful life of an amazing cat."

His sister and I miss him very much but we know we will see him again some day.

Love you forever, Trix!

Karen and Ashley

Tuxedo (aka Tux), September 2002 - February 5, 2012

My dear sweet Tux was my first pet. He comforted me, gave me many laughs, snuggles, purrs both morning noon and night. He crawled in my lap or slept on my chest. He was my constant companion and sidekick for 9 1/2 years. He never met a stranger - always coming up to visitors wanting a chin or belly rub. He loved to be around people and right in the middle of all the action. Tux mysteriously came down with FIP and in a matter of days he passed away. It was so painful to lose him so suddenly.

Tux, you gave me so much love - more than you ever could know. Thank you for being there for me in good times and bad. You are in my heart forever! Love you, my sweet bay-beee!

Tweetie Layne McCluen, 1993 - March 20, 2012 @ 11:45 AM

Tweety was such a faithful loving friend through many years and some dark valleys. She was there to help us through. She had a wonderful life. Her beautiful calico fur, solid white underneath her chin was like soft rabbit fur. She had bright emerald eyes that always looked at us so lovingly on Friday the 16 of March the vet said she had a stroke. He advised to maybe put her down, but as Tweety gazed at me I knew she wanted to go home. Tweety gave us 4 more beautiful days and she even rallied back, but on the 5th day she was not the same and I knew it was time to let her go. I'm glad the Lord recieved Tweety in that beautiful place I call Heaven. I know she is waiting for us and those beautiful emerald green eyes will be sparkling like never before when she runs to greet us. We Love you friend and it's not goodbye just see you later!

Twix, 08/25/2007 - 01/27/2012

My sweet baby girl I am missing you already. You knew you were my baby. I should have had many years with you, but I only got 4.5. You were so full of life. This took us completely by surprise. You got sick on Mon and by Fri morning your kidney completely failed. I watch you labor to breath and meow at the hospital. It broke my heart. You were my baby. You would come running to me if you heard me upset. You use to stretch up on my leg to get attention. I taught you how to "setz, Plotz, drop the ball on command when we played fetch. I know you are happy up there playing with Samson and Denver. I hope Mommy's first kitty Patches that I had when I was little met you at the gates. I am hurting so much, I really feel like my heart broke. How can you be gone? We had so much more playing to do. Please come back and visit me in my dreams. I don't want to let you go. I know that Grandma (my mom) is holding you tight until the sadness goes away and you can see that I am going to ok in time. I love you my Sweet Baby Twix I remember the first time I saw you. You were on a ledge in a little cage and the shelter. You kept falling off of it cause you were trying to get our attention. You loved your pookie bear and you ellie the elephant. There will never be another Kitty like you. You were one of kind, because you were mine.  
RIP My Little Princess Twix. Keep playing until I can be with you again.  
I love you and miss you so much, Mommy

Twm, 11/01/1997 - 02/07/2012

For our little Twm. My best friend. My little gentle sweetie. You saw me through all the bad times over the last 14 years, especially in the last year and you were my angel. We also had all those lovely times together and I am heartbroken that you left so rapidly but sleep tight my sweet and Roo and I will miss you loads our 'Tedcat'. xx

Tyler, 05/01/92 - 09/27/96

I love you Tyler and you were never given a tribute nor do I have your ashes because my dear vet wanted to find out why you died so suddenly. So I am giving you this tribute because Bailey and Gina and Otis are here. You were so gentle and loyal. I was your person. I loved you so much in the short time we had. I gave you the home you didn't have because you were a breeder reject. Well, you were number one with me. You just happily fit in. I shall never forget your loyalty and gentleness and love. I will always remember you. And the spirits of you and Bailey always appear to me in the garden and I smile because you two are poking fun at me. I miss you. And I will be looking for you at the Bridge. Love you Tyler guy. Don't forget me. Your spirit lives on in my heart. I love you.

Tyson, 5/29/2011 - 12/24/2012

Tyson-You were my life, my love, my sweet baby boy, and I don't know how I'm going to make it without you.  I love you so much, and miss you so much.  It was so hard to let you go, but I know you are no longer in pain, and I find so much comfort that you died peacefully in my arms on Christmas Eve....I know at that moment (8:59pm) all around the world people were singing "Silent Night", and in my heart, it was to help you pass, and sleep in heavenly peace.  I love you forever and ever, and am so thankful to have had you in my life for over 11 years. YOU made me a better person, and I'm eternally grateful. I love and miss you my sweet Tyson baby.


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