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2012 Tributes

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Panda, 01/05/99 - 08/12/11

You will always be part of my life. I will never ever forget you Pandita.

Pandora, 04/15/93 - 02/17/12

Pandi girl, you goofy, adorable cat who shared our bed and fought me for my pillow for 18 years, I miss you so much! Who would have thought that you, who were thrown from a car into a major intersection, would miraculously find us and outlive all our other cats. You comforted me when I was sad, and made me laugh at your plastic and ribbon cravings. Alas, I won't have to hide the Xmas presents anymore, but I'd rather have you back with all your wonderful idiosyncrasies. You inspired us with you can-do spirit. You were so brave, thank you for allowing us to do sub-cu fluids on you every night for seven years! You never gave us any trouble. Although you were in pain, you soldiered on, up and down the stairs. I am grateful that you only had about one really bad week before it was time. I hope you will forgive us, sweetheart, we wanted to spare you further suffering because you weren't going to get better. Your daddy and I will love you forever. There is a huge hole in our hearts, and the house is so empty without you here. Nobody will ever take your place, and I hope to God we will be reunited one beautiful day at the Rainbow Bridge. Please wait for us baby, and kiss Widgie, Harley, Romeo, Spyder, Dickens, Skipper and Peaches for us, and tell them how much we miss and love them all.  
All our love forever,  
Mommy & Daddy

Papas, 06/16/2012

Papas you are missed more then you can possibly realize. I know that you are looking down from heaven and watching over me,Isiah,Milus, and Snickers. We all miss your purring your playfulness and the unconditional love that you showed us all. You were in my life for a little over 12 years, and you gave me the strength and courage to make it through every day. The day I had to euthanize you was honestly the hardest most saddest of my life. Till this day I still cry for you cause my heart is still broken. I know I did what was best because the last thing I wanted to do is let you be in physical pain any longer then you had too. I will always remember when we used to sit out on the stoop together and how you would just love to smell the fresh air. I remember when Snickers used to lick you and after a few minutes you would hiss, which was so cute when you did that. I remember when you would play with Milus,Isiah, and all the cat toys and you all would have such a good time. Papas I want to thank you for everything! You gave love,protection,a listening ear,and an acceptance for everyone that I will never forget. I know when any of my family is in heaven that you will be waiting at the pearly gates for them. I love you and always will. Please keep looking down on us cause we will be looking up at you. Me, Milus, Isiah, will love you forever and always.

Pasha, 02/08/2012

You were with me for only 4 of your 10 years, but you were one of the most loyal friends I ever had. I never thought it would end so quickly, and I miss you desperately.


Patches, 2-20-2000 - 9-5-2012

Patches aka “The Little One” aka “Little Shitski”
2-20-2000 to 9-5-2012

When we first brought Patches home, her eyes seemed bigger than her head, but that didn’t last. She sat in Terry’s arms, as she was already bigger than the kennel we had brought to take her home in and she continued to grow at a fast pace for a Cavalier.
    Patches had many health issues during her 12 years of life, but she was always such a happy girl, as long as she got to take lots of car rides and was “treated” often! She went to work with Patty every day, thanks to a caring boss. She loved to travel so much that she could ride in the car all day long, get out to go potty, eat supper, drink some water; then if we needed to, she was always ready to jump right back in the car and go again. During the summer she would swim and fetch sticks, and in the winter, she would jump in the snow bank and dig out many a snowball. When we were in the Black Hills, she loved Jeep rides. We had her harnessed and belted in, and she would go from side to side, smiling, ears blowing in the breeze. She could smell the water when we got close to a lake, excited to fetch sticks.
    Patches loved to steal things! When we would work in the garden, she would watch for Terry to cut asparagus. She would wait until he wasn’t watching, and then run and steal the biggest and best pieces. When we were fishing, she stole minnows out of the bucket, getting her whole head wet. One time, Terry wanted to save ½ of his breakfast burrito for later. He left it in the cubbyhole in the car and when he got back it was gone and the paper was licked clean! She never forgot and we would find her in the front seat after that, just in case he did that again.
    I didn’t mind cleaning up after a meal, because Patches always helped. She would wait patiently until I was finished, unless I took too long. Then there would be a low moan. A baby carrot or piece of venison and licking the plates was her reward for being patient.
    She loved her squeaky toys and playing keep away with us. She loved our many walks, taking a different route each day.
    After supper, she loved to snuggle on the couch and then onto the bed, usually pushing us to the edge by morning, “long dogging” it.
    Thank you, Patches, for 12 ½ years of happy memories!!
Terry and Patty Harmel
     “There's something missing in my home, I feel it day and night. I know it will take time and strength before things feel quite right. But just for now, I need to mourn. My heart -- it needs to mend. Though some may say, "It's just a pet," I know I've lost a friend. You've brought such laughter to my home, and richness to my days. A constant friend through joy or loss with gentle, loving ways. Companion, friend, and confidante, I never will forget. You'll live forever in my heart, my sweet, forever pet.”    By Susanne Taylor

Patches, October 1995 - January 15, 2012

Patches, my baby girl, you were the most important thing in my life. Through every loss, every hard time I had in my life, you were always there to be my support. Having you greet me every day for 16 years is something that I'll never forget, and something I'll greatly miss. Nothing will ever be the same without you. I can't even go into the kitchen without thinking about you. You'll receive a proper monument, and I hope you notice the candles I light for you. I hope they'll guide you on your way. You'll be in good company before the Rainbow Bridge, including your old friend Jack. Be good to him. I love you so much, baby, more than I could ever express. I greatly look forward to the day I finally will be reunited with you. It can't come soon enough. Love always, baby.


Patrick Dante Bear, 03/13/2006 - 01/01/2012

My precious little boy, even though you were ill for a long time your stay on earth was far too short. I know that you are with Daddy and your brother Tommy now, and you are no longer in pain. You don't have to take your awful medicines anymore, because you have been restored to perfect health in your new body. You were playful and undemanding, and a silent but steady and solid presence in our lives. You are missed very much, even by people who knew you only briefly. Your absence can never be filled, and it is very lonely here without you. Your little brother still looks for you, but I believe in his own way he can still see you.  
Until we meet again,  
With love always, Mommy

Pauly, January 25, 1995 - April 7, 2012

It is with a very heavy heart that I had to bid farewell to my little boy Pauly. Saturday April 7, 2012 at 8:30am Pauly gave me his last kiss.  
He was my very first dog, and I love him so much.  
He brought a lot of joy into my life and he kept me going through the hard times.  
I know he is not alone, he will be playing with Russell and chasing each other like they used to do. Snuggling next to each other to sleep and enjoying a game of tug.

I love you  

Peachy Zamek Hersh, June 10,1997 - July 30,2012

This is my tribute to the cutest, baddest, dog ever born with the cutest face you ever saw.The best dancer you ever saw. My best friend and constant companion. My bunny who I think of every day and stare at the spots she used to be. I talk to you every day and hope you hear me. You were the best birthday present my mother ever gave me and the longest lasting but it is never long enough. You were my "Bunny" and I was so happy and proud to be your mother. I do not know what to do without you by my side.
You will be forever missed and always loved. I hope Sylvia is walking you in heaven.

Peanut, July 2012 - 12/26/12

Our Precious Little Peanut,

What joy you gave us for the few short months of your life! Our hearts were broken when we lost you today. You were the cutest, sweetest little kitty.  We won't forget how you looked like a "Baby Garfield" when you climbed and hung on the screen door!  For such a little thing, you were so brave. I'm sure Emily and Shyla were happy to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge and that you are all running, jumping, and playing around, pain free.

We will always remember you with lots of love!!

Sherry and Carol

Peanut, 06/29/2000 - 12/14/2012

Peanut will always be my special little Angel.  Everyone who met him was touched by him forever.  He was the best little boy i every could have dreamed of and he will be deeply missed everyday.

PEBBLES, June 23, 1997 - March 22, 2012

Pebbles, you were the most perfect little girl right to the very end. Your heart was not able to go on anymore and I knew you were struggling. When I held you this day, I asked you to please go in my arms here at home instead of having to make the decision. In less than hour and just 10 minutes before we would leave for the Vets, you did, one last time, just what I asked. I know you could see me and hear me as your heart took it's last beat. Both Daddy and I were with you. I want you to know how much I miss you and love you, and my heart hurts without you. You will forever be in my heart and on my mind. You were truly my best friend and my perfect angel. I will wait for the day when I can hold you again, and until then I will talk to you by looking at the brightest star, for you were always my bright star. I love you Pebbles.  
All our Love to Mommy and Daddy's baby girl forever. xox

Pekoe, Oct 1996 - Oct 5 2012

To my little Pekoe. Oct 1996- Oct 2012. Thank you for being my loyal friend. You will always be in my heart...goodbye my friend...Margaret
(posted by the Bakers on behalf of Margaret)

Penni, 02/10/12

From the beginning you were my "Lucky Little Penni." For almost 14 years you've been my best friend. Always with me whenever you could be. When you were just a puppy I would say "you wanna go for a ride?" And you would wag your tail so excited and ready to go. You would jump in and find your seat in the passengers seat and we would just drive through town. As we both got older and I wasn't around as much, those rides got to be fewer and fewer. I introduced you to the man I was going to marry. A few years later he and I would buy a house and have a baby boy. We then were able to bring you to our house. You were always so good with the boys and always right there with me whenever I was outside. Summer won't be the same without you to share a drink from the hose. And when I open the door to the garage I miss having you come up to see me and get a treat. You used to love to go swimming I have the pond and to go for walks. I could see it in your eyes how sad you were that you couldn't do those things anymore. And it broke my heart this summer when I said "you wanna go for a ride?" And after I helped you in the vehicle and you tried to sit up in your normal spot you just couldn't physically do it. I miss you so much Penni. I hope you aren't in anymore pain and I can't hardly wait to see you again when we meet in heaven. I love and miss you and you will always have a special place in my heart.

Penny, 01/31/2012

Dear Penny,
Before we met, my intentions were to take home another dog I had admired on the shelter's website. However, this was not a good match. I walked up and down the row of cages that housed your fellow canines, each one shivering, fearful and sad. How I wished I could have taken them all home. I must have walked by your cage two, maybe three times and then I saw you.
When we met, you were dirty, your claws were like talons, your fur was matted and you were in dire need of a grooming. You were so calm, quiet, obediant, and friendly. With your long hair I could barely see your eyes, but when our eyes did meet you looked at me as if to say "Please take me home".
When we met, they couldn't tell me how long you were a stray, why you were abandoned, whether or not you ever had puppies, what your disposition was, how old you were or even what your name was. I did not hesitate to take you home with me. How happy you were to leave your prison and you once again looked at me as if to say "Thank you". Truth be told, it was I that should have thanked you for you enriched my life in ways you would never have imagined.
When we arrived home, we cut your nails, shaved off your matted fur, and bathed you. All the while you sat there so patient and obediant. I proudly showed you off to my family, friends and co-workers. I was asked by more then one person why I would adopt such an "old and ugly dog" and I responded with anger, defending your honor. How dare they? You were a member of the family now and a big piece of my heart. It didn't matter if you were old, overweight and pigeon toed, you were beautiful to me inside and out.
You always put a smile on my face when I attempted to walk you or even take you out to do your business. You hated having to get out of your cozy bed next to the heater and would look at me as if to say, "Really? Are you seriously asking me to get up and go outside when I am so comfortable and relaxed" I have to admit, you were probably the laziest dog I ever encountered, but it made you who you were. You certainly did not have a problem getting up to eat, that was your favorite part of the day. I enjoyed watching you consume every morsal of your meal which you so deserved.
When we met, I never imagined how much I would love you and how excited I would be to come home from work and see you lying on your bed waiting for me. You always looked at me with such love and loyalty. It didn't matter how I looked or felt, your love was unconditional. Just looking at your sad eyes, how you waddled when you walked, how you made every effort to be near me, always,always put a smile on my face. I am ashamed to say, I was favoring you over Murphy and Lily, but I couldn't help it, there was just something about you.
When we met, I would never have imagined the short amount of time we would have together. Three short months. My God, it just didn't seem fair.
When we met, never would I have thought that the small cut you sustained during an altercation with the other dogs, would had led to your demise. It seemed you became ill immediately afterwards. How could this have happened? How could you have been okay on that Friday and pass away early Tuesday morning.
When we met, never did I think that I would be nursing you for days, praying to St. Francis that you would be okay, and hoping beyond any and all other hope, that the vet would make you better.
When we met, never did I think I would be carrying you home from the vet awaiting the results of your blood test and once again clinging to the hope that you would hang on for one more day until the vet could determine what was causing your pain and suffering. I was fooling myself that you would miraculously recover and life would resume as normal. Me loving you and you loving me. But this was not to be.
When we met, never could I have imagined that you would wake up from from a restless sleep, attempt to walk over to your water bowl but instead collapse to the floor.
When we met, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that the last breath you would take would be in my kitchen. All evening you kept getting up from your bed and going into the corner of the kitchen, standing there in the dark. I now realize you were attempting to isolate yourself from the family because you knew you were dying.
When we met, never would I have imagined the pain, guilt, and extreme sorrow I would experience after your death. Never would I have imagined how many tears I would cry for your loss.
Penny, I want you to know that I blame myself everyday for your death. If only I would have taken you to the vet earlier, maybe you would have survived. Maybe they would have been able to address the bacterial infection that was shutting down each one of your organs in such a slow, unforgiving manner. How I hate myself for my procrastination, for my idiotic and childish fantasy that you could "shake it off" and once again be happy and content.
When we met, I had no idea that you would be leaving me so quickly. I think of you on a daily basis. I go to work everyday and am able to keep busy which lessens the pain of your loss. It's when I come home that my heart aches and yearns for your presence. I look at where your bed used to be, your empty bowl and the pink collar that you once adorned. I have put them all out of site for the pain is too great to bear.
When we met, never would I have thought that you would be buried under a small tree in my backyard. That I would be visiting your grave and telling you how much you are missed.
Penny, I will always love you and never forget the happiness you brought into my life. I miss you my sweet angel. They say animals do not have a soul, that once an animal dies they go no where but just die. I challenge that belief for I truly believe that God would never have created such a loving and kind creature as yourself, and not have such a wonderful place for them to rest in peace. With that said my chunky baby, I know the day I pass on, we will reunite in His kingdom never to be apart again. Thank you for sharing your last days with me. You will never be forgotten and will live on forever in my heart. Until we meet again my baby girl.

Penny Donofrio, 06/01/1997 - 08/04/2012

Miss Penny

You were the light of my life and the best thing that ever happened to  me.  You brought so much joy to me, Papa, and many others. I think about you every day and miss your loving little face. You were  my best friend and it was so sad to watch you struggle and get sicker and sicker.  But you were a real trouper and I thank you for staying with me as long as you could.

I will never forget you Miss Penny and will love you forever.  I know you are with Papa now and have met Nana too. I'll see you again sweet girl and until then, I will hold you in my heart.


Your Mom

Penny Marvel, 3/11/1995 - 6/01/2012

Penny Pye,
I will never forget the day you came in my life. June of 1995. You were all of 3 pounds and 3 months old. I fell in love with you immediately. Who would have know how much I would become to need you? You were there through the years of trying for a baby unsuccessfully, so ready to kiss my face when the tears came, and allowing me to rock you so patiently. You quickly became the "Baby" that I was meant to have annd I felt so lucky. You made me laugh every day and you quickly became my life. In 2010, at the age of 15, you lost your eyesight. I held you every chance I could and your tail still wagged. January of 2012 you were tired. I know now that you were trying to tell me this, but I was just so scared of a life without you Baby. June 1st after a bout with diarrhea, I listened to you, and I kissed your perfect face as you left for rainbow bridge. Now this big house seems so empty and I miss you more then words can say. Thank you my precious Pye, for the most unbelievable happy 17 years of my life. You are my heart.
Mommy <3

Penelope, 02/06/1996 - 12/04/2012

Our Penelope passed on very early this morning, she was the most sweet little girl dog we could have. She was always up for a ride, be it to the store,in our canoe, or a cross country road trip. She loved to be out and about. She was a pretty clever dog, she used to steal food away from our other Schipperke by running to the door and barking, Our boy dog would run to the door barking to see what was up, then she would scamper to his food dish and eat his food. Our boy dog would come back and see an empty food dish and wondered what happened to the food he left before running to the door. It took him a while to figure that one out.
Penelope would "dance" when she was excited to see you or wanted a snack. she was extremely affectionate with us, and guarded with strangers until she gave them her approval. She did tolerate the grand kids when they were small and put up with their attempts to " the doggie..". We would take her out snow-shoeing with us and when the snow was too deep, she would bound out of the deeper snow into a more manageable depth. She always enjoyed fresh snow and would run out to plow the new snow with her nose and then bound about in our yard in the new fallen snow.
About a year ago she got really sick , to the point we were talking about euthanasia. then she got well and was her old self,about a few days after her lowest point. At the time one of the vets at the clinic said to "Put her down", another suggested we give it a little time. We are glad we gave her the "Little More Time" back then.
Now it is about a year later she got really sick, really fast and now she has passed on.
Our hearts are broken. We are so grateful for all the time we had with her, and the unconditional love she gave. and that her end was swift. We will miss her for the rest of our lives.

Pepper, Adopted April 24, 2006 - October 5, 2012

In memory of our beloved miniature Poodle, Pepper, after a 4 month battle with atypical Cushings disease and diabetes. Pepper was our "Prince" and "Little Guy". We were so fortunate to have shared his life for almost 6-1/2 memorable years. He was a fiesty little fellow but was loyal and loving to the bitter end. He loved his homemade turkey treats, wild salmon jerky and his Denta Sitcks.
He also loved his walks around the farm with Dutchess and after her passing, he enjoyed walks with his "little sister" Bella.
There will always be a void in our life without you, but we know that you are romping around in Doggie Heaven with Pierre, Charlie and Dutchess.
We will never forget you sweet little Pepper and will see you again soon.

All our Love Forever,
Momma, Poppa and Bella

Pepper, 07/26/2012

Our Pepperoni-dog and his "dad" for New Year's 2012, doing just one of the things he loved... hanging out in the desert with us when we went camping. Ever since we adopted him from the last chance program in 1999, Pepper has been one of our best friends ever, going camping, fishing, wheeling and to the dunes, shredding toys, chasing tennis balls, chewing water bottles, sleeping in bed with us, you name it.  

We miss you Pep-Pep.  Always in our hearts.  

Peyton, May 21, 2004 - June 20, 2011

Dear Peyton,  
Happy Birthday to our best friend. Momma and Da miss you very much. The joy and happiness you brough into our lives can never be measured. From your famous cat dancing to the Adventures of Big and Silent Meow, you were a constant source of love and happiness. The house hasn't been the same since you left. We will think about our partial puff until we see you again on the Rainbow Bridge.  
All our love,  
Momma and Da

Phil "The Wonder Dog", 6/97 - 3/2012

Phil "The Wonder Dog"  
My buddy Phil, known as "The Wonder Dog" went on to doggy heaven today. Phil came to me through Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue out of Phoenix, AZ. on August 3, 2002. Phil was rumored to be about 5 at the time but was to vain to admit it. Phil was nicknamed the "Wonder Dog" by my dear friend Catherine Gilmore. I began referring to him that way when I wondered what I did with all my time before he came into my life and wondered what I'll do without him in it. Some of the sting is taken away by the presence of his live in girlfriend Sally, also from DLRR, commonly referred to by me as the "Anti-Christ". She is no longer referred to that way but that's how she came into Phil and my life. Phil was as good a buddy on 4 legs to me as anyone on 2 legs that I've come to know. I've been blessed with a circle of friends, the 2 legged variety, that I've known for well over 30 years and they've put up with me through thick and thin over the years. Phil has put up with me for 10 and I know for sure that my life would be a lot more empty without having these great friends in my life and that certainly includes Phil. We tend to embrace our pets as part of our family and its true, so I feel as much an empty feeling with the loss of Phil as I would with a member of my "human" family and that includes all my close friends and they know who they are. Phil gave me 10 years of his life and that's a gift I know that no matter what I could've done I could never repay. Unconditional love for 10 years, comforting me when I was down and sharing with me his joy when I was happy. Waking up to a chocolate nose in my face most mornings to let me know it was time to get up and feed him was pretty much the perfect way to wake up. He even gave my an additional 5 min. if I needed it, he was that kind of friend. Someone asked me, how much money would you spend to keep your dog healthy and I replied, there is no number that I can think of to prevent me from taking care of Phil. Unfortunately no amount of money would have been able to prolong my friends life. To try would have been doing a disservice to him as it would be for anyone who's time had come. My vet said, you'll know when it's time, Phil will let you know when it's time. Last night when I got home from work, my friends Charlie and Patty Peters didn't have to tell me, one look at Phil's face and the look in his eyes told me. This morning when I awoke, Phil reaffirmed that to me and I called my vet. I thought I was holding up pretty well considering the circumstances and the fact that I had been preparing myself for this for some time, but truth be told, when I told my vet it was time, I can say unashamed that the tears flowed like a river, as much as if a member of my human family had died. Phil did leave me with something though, a loophole. A loophole you ask. In order to understand that I should relate a story about the great comedian W.C. Fields. When Fields was on his death bed, one of his drinking cronies visited him and saw him reading a bible. When asked what he was doing reading the holy book, Fields replied, "Looking for loopholes". Phil has provided me with one and that is, as you know, ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVAN. When I get Phil's remains back, in the form of ashes, I'm going to save them and when I go to me my maker I'm going to have my ashes co-mingled with his and I'll make it into heaven on his tail so to speak. See, our pets keep on giving even after they're gone. Until we meet again Phil, thank you for being a true Wonder Dog and for making me a much better person for having known you.

Phoebe Bevan, November 11th 2000 - 28th May 2012

Goodbye to the best friend I have ever had. My darling Phoebe I love you with lll of my heart and I feel so much pain without you. I will love you for the rest of my life and never forget the joy, friendship and loyalty we shared.  
Sleep well my little one.

Pierre, 01/01/1997 - 06/28/2012

My sweetie pie - I love you and miss you so much!  You have a luxury suite forever in my heart!

Piglet, 7 August 2012

Sleep peacefully, little Piglet.
Reunited with your brother, Hamlet.
We love you both.
Mum and Jonathan. xxx

Pixie Ardianto, May 1998 - June 9, 2012

My Beloved Pixie,
Goodbye my best friend, my best buddy, my first dog, the dog that started it all. It's all because of you that I am a total wreck right now. Pixie left us Saturday morning, June 9th at 1:30 AM in the comfort of our home laying on her favourite sofa, we cuddled her, petted her,told her how much she was loved and thanked her for 14 wonderful years until she fell asleep peacefully in my arms. We love you Pix, you fought a good fight for we are not sure how long - you told all of us in your way where to go, you amazed all of us with your will to live, you had True Grit.
Because of Pixie, I have an obsession with all things dog - I do not like to fail, and it was not an option to give up on her. She is the reason I love dogs. If I can do what I've done with Pix - anything is possible, you just have to want it bad enough. She is the reason I have this love for Jack Russell, she is the reason I have a nice garden, she is the reason I like to stay home with her, she is also the reason I have white sheets on my bed and an obsession in getting rid of those damn little white dog hair in the car, sofa, pants, sweaters etc.
She is a small Jack Russell but “It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.” - Mark Twain
I would never have thought that carrying you home from the vet after he told us to come back the following day to get an X-Ray to determine the real cause of the water in your lungs would be your last trip. I thought you would hang on for one more day or even for another year, but you left us that early morning just 7 hours after visiting the Vet. So many questions in my mind after you left us, was it my fault ?  I blame myself everyday for your death. If only I would take you to the vet earlier, maybe you would have survived. I have put all your toys and belongings out of sight for the pain is too great to bear.   

Thank you Pix for being with us all these years, helping everybody coping with their stresses and sadness and loving us unconditionally. Sorry for ignoring you sometimes but remember I love you more than I can say. Our home hasn't been the same since you left, there is something missing. I still talk to you and your urn is in the family room, I put fresh flowers everyday and your pictures are everywhere Baby!  The little red sofa where my Princess slept (when you are downstairs waiting for me to go up) and passed away is still in the living room and when I miss you, I touch and look at it with mix feelings. Pix, there is something that always bothers me, I know that you still want to be with us but why didn't you fight hard enough ? Again, is it my fault ? I am so sorry I hope that you can forgive me.
Thank you to our family for all your support, she knew she was loved. Our beloved Pixie,May, 1998 – June 9, 2012

Precious, 02/02/1994 - 01/13/2012

Precious girl, we are so happy that you choose us for you parents. It was a two way street you needed Love & we wanted to give you Love. You were generous with your love to not only us but to 2 other kitties that needed love to. Bubba & Biscotti & your Daddy & me will miss you always and Love you forever. Love mommy

Princess, April 1999 - 7/28/2012

Princess, a Great Pyrenees, was abandoned in the country when she was just a pup. Her "owner" moved and rather than taking her with him, he just left her there.  I guess he thought she would wander off and find another home...he was an idiot. More likely she would have starved or been hurt and possibly killed by coyotes. When I heard about this I decided to go look for her.  I really had no hope that she would still be there as several days had passed but when I drove up, there she was, sitting on the porch waiting for her "owners" to come home. She came down to greet me and stayed with my family for the next 13 years.  

Princess was our protector.  Not a night went by when she wasn't laying outside of our bedroom door making sure that we were safe.  She was welcome to come inside the bedroom but she chose to sleep where she could keep an eye on things.  Through many years of foster dogs and puppies she was always patient. Princess was a leader and made sure that all the dogs in the house toed the line, quite a feat as dogs and puppies were coming and going for many years. Even during her last days, when getting around was so difficult for her she still insisted on making her frequent rounds around the backyard to check on things.  She also insisted on following me wherever I went. She could hardly get up and I would ask her to just stay put but she wanted to be where I was. I will miss feeling her rubbing her face affectionately against me and the feel of her calming paw on my arm. Princess will be missed by all of us, the dogs, my husband and especially me.  God speed beautiful girl.  I know that you will have the others rounded up and waiting the next time we meet and we will have a wonderful reunion.

Princess, may 2, 1012

In memory of Princess,the sweetest rat terrier in the world.We rescued you from the spca and you gave us a wonderful 7 years of your life.I miss your kisses when I get home from work and you laying in my lap putting your head on my chest and falling asleep.There will never be another quite like you and I will never forget you baby girl.I built you a headstone and planted flowers around you and I visit you every day.It broke my heart to lose you-but some day it will heal,with god's help.I know he is taking care of you until I can get there.I'm sorry,but for now I have to let you go,although I don't want to.I have to live on so that some day I can carry you acros that bridge.Until then,rest in god's peace Princess,I love you.

Princess, Spring, 2009 - November 6, 2011

Princess was born outside to a feral colony. A predator killed one of her siblings and grabbed her too, but by some miracle she was unscathed. Her mother was Baby Grey and she was a wonderful mother but it wasn't safe outside so she was moved into the Primrose Palace with her brother Charlie. For hours and days on end they would sit perfectly quiet in a cozy box in the closet, paws around each other.

Then she met her step sister Tina and she was so happy to spend time with her. If Tina was sitting on a chair, Princess needed to be right next to her. If Tina she was in a box she would push her way into the box too. Tina would also groom her on occasion. Princess loved Temptations and if you didn't dispense them fast enough she would hit them from your hand.

She would sometimes not come home at night, But when she saw us outside she would leap from the fence and run to us. She also played tricks on the other outside cats, some of whom were mean to her. She would often leap around the fence in play, and run up the trees and bushes going higher and faster than anyone.

When she disappeared, it was if she didn't want to leave. A massive wind storm immediately followed, toppling trees and wreaking havoc.

We miss you so much, Princess. God speed, dear one.

Whisked from the jaws of death she relished every living breath, fearless, dancing with nature, across grass fields and tree tops, attacked from all sides but ever happy, with all odds against her, she found love, food, comfort, and people who loved her in this harsh world...if even for a short time.

Princess Haley, January 2001 - August 18, 2012

Today we said goodbye to our beloved Boston Terrier Princess. I knew from the very first time I met her she was a special little dog. The day I went to visit her at the breeder's house she climbed up onto my lap and flopped over for me to give her a belly rub. Today just hours before her passing she was still raking at my hand for me to give her one more belly rub. I didn't know this would be my last day with her, so I'm very thankful I gave her 11 yrs worth of belly rubs and today was no exception. May she once again find the energy to chase a laser pointer across the clouds, snore to her heart's content with no one complaining, bark her little choo choo train bark without being hushed and eat all the cheese she can hold. She was a loyal companion and friend to the end. I will miss her everyday! See you on the rainbow bridge little girl and I'll have plenty of Princekisses stored up for you. We love you Princess !

Pugsley. 3/1/1999 - 2/12/2012

This page is a tribute to our sweet Pug Man, Pugsley. We loved him so much and will always remember the wonderful times we had with him. Snuggling in bed with us, rubbing his fat belly, laughing as he licked EVERYTHING, and how wonderful he was to accept Cooper as his little brother. I know he is running in green fields in heaven playing with all the other dogs that have gone before him, and I know that one day we will meet again, but until then I will love him forever, and never forget the great times and the love he had for us.

I love you Pugsley  
- Mommy

Pumpkin, April 1994 - December 17, 2011

Pumpkin was a small little kitten that I happened to see as I walked into a pet shop one day. He was the last of his litter waiting to be adopted. He had a heart murmur and people were afraid to adopt him because he was not healthy. I adopted him that day for that reason. I wanted him to have someone care about him and love him. I will never reqret that decision. He was my best friend and baby for 17 years. Not bad for a kitten with a heart murmur and was considered unhealthy. He had a big personality and made me smile everyday.

Pumpkin it has been almost a month since I had to put you to sleep. It hurts as much now as it did that day. My life is not the same without you. I feel so empty and alone without you. You were the best part of my life and now you are gone. You were like my child and will never be replaced. You fought through many medical problems such as a heart murmur, thyroid disease and kidney disease. You were there for me for the past 17 years and are missed so much. I hope you are at peace now and remember how much you will always be loved. I miss you and I love you. I will never forget you.

PupPup, 1998 - 19/5/2012

Our beloved PupPup,

Let our hearts be your resting place and we look forward to be reunited with you at the rainbow bridge.

We have not stopped crying since you were gone and just we thought no one could possibly understand our pains, we found this site where we can pay your a permanent tribute.


Daddy and Bobo xoxoxoxox

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