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2012 Tributes

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Kacie Marie, 1/12/1989 - 1/16/2012

My precious Kacie
Thank you for the 14 years of your love and precious time spent with you!My life will never be the same without you.My heart is broken to pieces since your passing.I have always dreaded the day you would leave this life, I knew I would'nt be able to handle it very well because I love you soo much.
It hurt me soo bad when you were sick because I was'nt able to help you.I know the meds were helping alittle bit but I wanted to help you more. My precious Kacie,I miss you soo much it hurts! I have been praying everyday that God would let you come into my dreams to let me know that you are with Phil and all of our other pets that has passed on but I hav'nt had any dreams. I NEED to know that you are happy and are with them.
You were soo funny! especially when you would try to bite the patio glass door! that always made me laugh! or when you would try to howl like the big dogs! even if you were just a 12 pound Shiztu! You always took care of me! everytime I was sick you would be right by my side or when I would cry you would come running to kliss my tears away! But now there's know one! You were my baby, my precious sweetie,my angel! I soo want you to give me a sign that you are still with me,that you are happy and that you still love me! PLEASE Kacie Please come to me! My beautiful Kacie! my heart is hurting soo bad!
Nobody understands how I can be greiving soo much! that just hav'nt had a pet that gave them soo much joy and companionship.(their loss)
Thank you Kacie for being in my life! I can't wait to be with you again for ever! I love you my little babydoll.
Love Mommy

Kacy, September 20, 2003 - February 21, 2012

Kacy, My Sweet Girl,  
For a few weeks short of five years you were our" Sweet Girl". You have enriched our lives. You were best! From the day we adopted you we loved you with all our hearts. Your funny smile, your silly things you did just brightened our day. You were true to your Greyhound breed. I can't beleive you left us this morning. No problems just laid in your favorite spot and you just just fell asleep. You were never sick so knowing you never had to suffer from any illness helps a bit but it still hurts. Rest Sweet Girl and we will see you at the Bridge.  
Love You Always  
Mom and Dad

Kali Baba, Feb of 2002 - 9th of April, 2012

Our beloved Kali passed away on April 9th, 2012 as a result of kidney failure. She was 10 yrs old, an age at which many dogs suffer from CRF (chronic renal failure) according to the vet we took her to 
Kali was an extraordinary dog. Although of mixed breed, she was very intelligent and obedient. She was protective of our family and was a confident & a happy dog. She was also a very good mother to her son Jaggu. We sort of adopted Kali around seven years ago when her previous owner (our landlady who lived on the floor above us) stopped looking after her. Kali had started to spend more time with us, and that is probably why our landlady did not care much for the pooch.  
In Feb of 2009 when we moved to a house we'd bought some years earlier, we took Kali and her six-month old pup Jaggu with us. We installed a doghouse for them in the back where they lived till her death. Jaggu now stays on the terrace on top of the house with another dog named Brandy. I am sure he misses his mother very much, but it could have been worse had Brandy not been around. Both Brandy and Jaggu have adapted to each other very well. 
All of us miss our darling Kali very much. She will forever remain in our hearts and minds. The joy and love she brought to our lives over her lifespan is beyond measure and much appreciated. May she rest in peace.

Your loving family,
Mama, Daddy, Sudikshya, Sudip and Sunita

Karma, 2001 - 2012

You left us on 11/23/2012, a day I will never forget. Nor will I forget how you touched our lives and was always the star of our home. You will always be remembered and loved in our hearts, our sweet little girl! Nothing can ever take your place! We love and miss you so very much!

Mommy and Daddy 

Karma Rose Walker, 5/1/2001 - 5/23/2012

To my Beloved Loving Karma, Daddy and Mommy, Sterling, Ella miss you and love you so much, much more than we could imagine!! We know you are free from cancer. No more suffering! We are honored to have you for 11 beautiful years. You were the Angel sent from God in a furry coat. We will always cherish our years together. I bet, I will see you one day running up to me in heaven. Goodbye for now, my Love. We really really truly miss you.

Kaman, 12 years old 01/31/2012

Kam, you were more than my dog. You were my friend. You were my family. You were my sidekick. You were my buddy. You were my little boy. You were my dog and I was your dad. You were handsome and you were goofy and you were amusing and you were devoted. You moved into my home then moved into my heart. You were important to me.

You could be the most stubborn thing. I'll miss the way you would just sit down in water up to (but never above!) your neck and lap mouthfuls with your big, goofy smile all while I'm yelling at you to come out of there. I'll miss the way you would scoop fresh fallen snow into your mouth as you ran full tilt. I'll miss watching you in the rearview mirror sticking your nose out the car window, no matter how fast we were going or how cold it was outside, your lips flapping, your nose greasy against the window, taking big, deep breaths. I always figured you were imagining being able to run that fast. I'll miss how you would get soooo excited for every single walk. For 12 years, every walk was just as exciting as the first with you runnnning back and forth in circles then bouncing on your back legs like Tigger the Tiger. I'm going to miss being welcomed home from hard days and being forced to join you for a walk in sub-zero weather. I'll miss our walks along the river, you sniffing and peeing on every single piece of foliage. But what I'll miss most is knowing that you would be there.

The house is big and empty and lifeless now and I don't like being there without my companion. I miss you, Kaman, profoundly and I await that day when I see you racing to me on the other side of that rainbow bridge. - John Febel

'I think God will have prepared everything for our perfect happiness. If it takes my dog being there [in Heaven], I believe he'll be there.' - Rev. Billy Graham

Kasey, 02/06/2012

My boo, I want to thank you for all the love you gave me and all of us. You were sooo special. I don't know how I'm going to be able to go on without you now. My heart is totally broken. I walk around the house and all I want to be able to do is see you, hug and kiss you again but I know that's not possible anymore. But you know my love is with you always no matter where you are and I know without a doubt you are in Heaven now. Give Stephanie and Thumper a kiss for me and someday I will be with you all again. I love you Kasey more than you will ever know. But we we're sooo connected that I'm sure you did know. I pray you will send me a sign and let me know you're okay. Thank you for giving me 13 1/2 years of your love and loyalty. You are and always will be the best!

Forever in my heart,  

Kasey Dalley, June 26/12

The day my eyes came in contact with Kasey’s at the Toronto Humane Society I knew that she would be my “Baby Girl” for life.

The night we brought her home she was so sick & scared. I can still see it in my mind after 11 yrs but she became better in a couple of days.

Kasey loved her walks, food, & treats. Kasey loved pancakes on Sunday mornings. When ever we ate supper Kasey got her share too. She always got the last bite of what ever I was eating. She would always eat our food before eating hers. Kasey loved chasing squirrels & she almost caught one!

Kasey loved sleeping in our bed. She was very jealous, every night she tried to push my wife out of bed … LOL. But Kasey never liked getting a bath. She hated fireworks & loud noises.

We always gave Kasey the very best of care.  The Vet bills were large at times but I did not care.

Though Kasey was never perfect she was loved unconditionally.

Kasey brought me 11 yrs of joy. Everyday when I arrived home from work she greeted me at the door. Now she is not there to do that anymore.

Our heart broke the day we had to say “GOODBYE”. We will never forget that day. It will never be the same again. Our house is so empty with out her.

But I know, all Dogs go to Heaven & she will be greeting me again one sweet day. May God bless you Kasey!

Kasey, you were my best friend, you will be always loved & dearly missed.


Daddy, Momma & Sissy  

Kasper, 1st February 2011 - 11th January 2012

You where a wild card, but you where my best-friend I will love you forever and the love you gave will always stay in my heart forever. I will miss you every day but I know I will see you again one day. Sleep now my little Moonshkin. God bless xxxx

KC, 1990 - 10/10/08

You were always the "boss", the alpha female but sweet and friendly too. Maddie is with you now. Oscar and I will be one day too.

Keeta, 12/4/92 - 2/8/2008

My Beloved Keeta: It has been four years today that you passed on. I still miss you so very much. You were such a special dog, friend,and protector over the the 15 years that we were together. We went thru so very much together and you were always there for me. I have another little boy now that is in my life. He cannot take your place, but the heart is always large enough to add more love. I will see you again one of these days. With so much love for you. Mommy

Kentucky, 12/16/06 - 9/19/12

Although you left this world and my life way too soon, you earned a permanent place in my heart. Baby Girl, I'm glad you're out of pain but I miss cuddles and brushes and, well everything we did in the eight and a half months I was lucky enough to be your mommy.
 I know you're in heaven because you're too sweet and loving to be anywhere else and that someone's taking care of you until we can be together again. Be happy, my Fuzzy Angel, and know that I will always love you.

I'd like to thank the staffs at All Animals Hospital and the Nob Hill Cat Clinic, both of San Francisco, for the outstanding care they gave my Tucky and the compassion they showed me. Continued success in your respective practices.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my family, co-workers, neighbors, and the occassional stranger for letting me both literally and figuratively cry on their shoulders. Your kindness is instrumental in helping me get through this.

Farewell, Precious Paws. Love, Mommy

Kenzie, 2010 - May 12, 2012

Kenzie, dear Kenzie, we neither know why you escaped nor why you ran in front of that car. You were probably having a good outing in the sunshine.

Even though the vet said you did not know what hit you, we know what has hit us and that is loss. Loss of a dog that was so very special to us.

Our comfort is that we know that you are on the other side of the rainbow bridge with our other animals. We will see you one day... but not for a long time.

Kiah, 08-18-08 - 10-24-11

To Kiah, my beautiful Akita, that loved me more than anything else in the entire world. She also loved our family so very much, and was our protector and guardian of our home. She gave us so much love every day, and now, its so very hard to live without her. She behaved perfectly inside our home, but her agression became so bad with other animals, we had to make a decision, which was the hardest decision I ever had to make. I could not let her ever hurt or kill another dog, or animal. Please forgive me for having to make the choice I did. You were so beautiful, and loving to us, but had issues and problems outside of our home. I have had other dogs, but, your love was so strong, just like every emotion you had,you carried the good and bad to extremes, which eventually made us realize, heaven would be better for you than here on earth. I would of done anything possible to keep you if there would of been some way. Every morning, you woke me up like clockwork, waited for your walk in the park, and then we would come home and you would stay by my side all day, and night. Yes, we miss you, even our little English Bulldog that you protected, just like the rest of us, "your pack" so to speak. I just wish I could hug you once more. I tried so hard to change the panic attacks you would get in the car, and the issues you had with people you did not know. You were afraid,even though I tried so hard to socialize you and make you more comfortable with the outside world, it just would'nt work. My dear Kiah, I just hope now you have found a place where you have many friends, and have no more fear of so many things I could not control. I will never forget how you sounded every time I came home from being away. You would be so happy, and greet me with sounds that only an Akita could make. Someday again, I will be with you. I love you today and forever.

Your Mom, and the rest of your family that loved you.

Kiki, 06/09/00 - 05/05/12

How my heart aches for you, Kiki. I have so many wonderful memories of you from the very moment I saw you, til the very end. How sad that you had to suffer so much. How sad that your illness was not detected sooner. I believe you would've had a longer and happier life if it was. Still, I cherish every moment of the 12 years I had with you. You made every moment so special. What a wonderful little girl you were, so well behaved even with that terrible disease you had, there were never any accidents and you slept all night and ate well. I can only hope God has a special place in heaven for you, my love. You certainly deserve it. I also can only hope and pray that we will be together again, forever. Layla is sad you are gone and I'm praying for her healing. She is helping me cope with your loss and I thank God for her. I honestly don't know what I would do without her here. You came into my life at a time when I really needed you. It was love at first sight for me and I loved you with all my heart, but what I got from you was sooooo much more. You truly were perfect in everyway and I am so thankful that God brought me to you. I pray for your peaceful, eternal rest, my sweet angel. I pray that you are running and playing with all the other sweet pets who have passed on. I can barely come to grips with the fact that you aren't here anymore. I pray we will be together again, in good health, with peace, joy and happiness forever. We all love you and miss you so much, sweet girl. God bless you and keep you. Love, your mom and Layla.

Kiki, April 16, 2012

I had waited soooo long to adopt a lil female kitten...Her bright little eyes insured love at first sight! Her favorite toys were golf ball sized aluminum foil balls. From every where I am in my home...I can just see her waiting for me to throw the ball and watching her little backside scamper after it. She would bring it right back to me to throw again. Soon she added a new twist...not bringing it all the way back forcing me to use my cane handle to bring it so I could pick it up again. She was fascinated by my cane. I am still finding her little foil balls all around. I noticed labored breathing on a Sunday, took her to her vet Monday morning and was diagnosed with FIP. One of her little lungs was already filled with fluid. It is a fatal disease. My husband rushed from his office to be with 'us' at the final few moments. I have had cats all my life, but was not prepared to have so little time with her. She was cremated the very day we had to let her go. It may sound crazy, but I have slept with her little box of remains. She is sooooooo missed!! I will always love her...part of my heart died with her...

Killie, April 23/98 - Jan 22/12

My beautiful Killie,  
I don't know how to say goodbye to you. From the minute that I saw you...I fell in love. You captured my heart, made me laugh, cuddled with me when I was sad or sick but, most importantly, you made me feel so important. I am a better person because you were in my life. You were so selfless even up to the last moments of your life. I know how much you were hurting and you still wagged your tail (best that you could) and gave kisses. It breaks my heart that you are gone! I wish that we could spend one more day together. Know that you will be with me where ever I go and I will never stop thinking about you. I can not thank you enough for giving me and my family the BEST 13 1/2 years. I love you!!! Laura

KILTY, 2000 - Feb 10, 2011

My Dear Son Kilty

Mommy LOVES you forever, and bless you forever. You are my first cat and my MOW BO BUI MOW BO BUI.

I wish you all the best no matter who are you and where you are, always happy forever.

LOVE, MOMMY Feb 11, 2012

King Jake Hefner, 11/24/2002 - 02/23/2012

Our precious King, You have gone to Rainbow Bridge now where we know you are playing with Jake and Snickers, too. We miss you so much. I smell your blankets and lay on your side of the bed just so I can be near you. Dad looks for you and calls you all the time, and he loves you so much. King, our hearts are breaking, but we know that you are no longer sick. We were honored to be able to be with you at your homegoing. It was so peaceful and, though you left us fast, we have a lifetime of memories to share about you. You are at rest now, and you are no longer sick, and you can drink water and eat now and run and play with your friends. You have a good time. Shadow and Krypto miss you, but they know you feel better in Heaven. We miss you so very much, and we would give anything to have a big old wet slobbery kiss again, We miss you, King, but like I always told you, "Forever and ever and always, you and me." Play with your friends, and wait for us at Rainbow Bridge. I will be so glad to see you, and so will Daddy and Shadow and Krypto. Bradly loves you and misses you, too, and so does Everette, Jr. and Casey. Remember ALWAYS, we love you more than anything except Jesus, and remember He has to come first. We love you, King. You will always be our baby, our heart, and our best buddy.

Love Mommy and Daddy

Kira, May 2000 - May 21, 2012


My beloved baby girl. I am so sorry that I went to work that day and was not here for you in your time of need. Your passing has left a hole in me that is beyond measurable.

You were the best dog ever, my soul dog. So stoic but with intense feelings and love.

Please GOD let me reunite with Kira and the others when I leave this earth. This pain is unfathomable.

I miss you waiting at the gate for me to come back into the house.
I miss your roaring bark.
I miss your smell.
I miss you rolling your eyes when I try to take your picture.
I miss scratching your ears.
I miss wiping your eyes.
I miss you playing with your food.
I miss you begging for food.
I miss you lifting your paw so I can scratch your chest.
I miss you clumsily playing chase.
I MISS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU and my only relief is that when I pass I will be with you again.

I LOVE YOU and am thankful and blessed to have shared your love.
Pookie forever in my heart and soul.

Kira girl, 06/19/00 - 03/14/12

My sweet Kira girl I miss you and love you so very much... I'll see you in my dreams baby xxx

KIRBY, 1998 - 12/12/12

Dear Sweet Kirby:  We lost you today and I am so sad.  I know all of us who loved you are all so sad. You were one of the most angelic cats I have ever known, so I know you will make a wonderful angel in Heaven.  We discovered you in 1998 at Mamaw's house in Pleasant View. Although you didn't know anyone, you let Vanessa who was very small carry you around in her arms all day.  You were so gentle and had such a sweet spirit that we knew we had to keep you.  You lived with us for fourteen years, and always kept that sweet and gentle spirit. You even put up with Kittyman, also now gone, who gapped your ears but was your friend. You were very special and we will always miss you.  You deserve to be in a special place in Heaven and I pray that you will greet me (and all of us) one day.  Rest in Peace.

We love you,

Peggy, Justin, Chris,
Barbara, Vanessa,
and Mamaw

Kismet, 10/1/2000 - 1/12/12

My dearest angel girl Kissy, I miss you more than you'll ever know. You were my soul-puppy, my friend, my listener. Your woos and kisses will forever stay in my heart and your wild-girl ways will never be forgotten. Rest peacefully, my baby, and one day we will be together forever.

Kitty aka Fluffy Bear, 5/2/2012

Kitty frequented our front porch for quite a while before we found out who he belonged to. Turns out he belonged to a neighbor who had two German Shepherds, another cat and two kids under 5. Kitty (or Fluffy Bear, as they called him) got shoved outside because he had scratched one of the kids. When I saw how matted his fur was, I asked the neighbor if we could adopt him. She seemed glad that he had a good home to go to and realized she couldn't care for him.
Kitty was a long haired beauty - vet said part Maine Coon.
We had our ups and downs - but he was, all in all, a wonderful cat. When we brought home a new dog, the cat and dog got along well (as long as the dog didn't run in the house!) He put the dog in his place quite a few times.
As Kitty got older, he had a few health issues, that as it turns out, were related to feline lymphoma. Wish we'd caught it earlier and put all the clues together sooner.
Being such a large cat, he was never comfortable being a lap cat. As he got sick, he sought out my lap every time I sat down.
Kitty - you were well loved and we miss you so terribly.
Thank you for all you brought to us. With love, your family.

Kitty aka Moo Moo, September 2005 - February 22, 2012

There are not enough word to describe how incredibly special kitty was. Although she had her medical challenges, she always overcame them with her sweet personality. Her passing was shocking and I wished that I had persisted more but I just didn't realize how sick she was. I regret not being home with her when she passed and I just hope that it was peaceful.I will miss the heck out of my little friend and I know that I will one day meet up with her again. Until we meet again my fur baby. Mommy loves you.

Kiwi, 10/23/2006 - 11/05/2012

My baby girl, I miss you so much. My heart and body ache, and I can't stop the tears. I know you weren't feeling well, but I regret saying goodbye to you. Maybe I should have waited longer, to see if you would stand again. To see if happiness would return to your tired little face. You wouldn't eat or drink on your own, and that day you wouldn't let me feed you. I didn't want you to be in pain.
I love you so much! You were everything to me, and now nothing matters. You looked into my eyes, curled up, shaking, asking for my help. And I couldn't do anything. I'm so sorry.
You made me so happy, and now my life is empty, the house is empty, your bed is empty, your toys untouched. Your bowls are empty. I wanted you, not memories!
You are no longer by my side, my beautiful baby, and it hurts so much!
They say time makes it easier, but time won't help me. It ll only take me away from you.
I miss you, miss you, miss you. I should have waited longer! I'm so sorry!
I love you my baby girl!
Your mom. 

Kona, October 28, 2008 - February 13, 2012

Kona, you were a friend like no other. You were loyal, and true to your Standard Poodle breed. Always busy, always wanting attention, and loving everyone you saw. How you loved to run and jump. Running laps around the yard as fast as you could, and even slipping in the rain wouldn't stop you. You were always there for me making me laugh when I was sad.

I know you only wanted to play with that dog across the street and did not know the danger of cars coming down the road. You were an inside dog whose only experience with moving cars was ours when we went to the farm or to Tim Horton's for a Timbit. When you were hit, I ran to you and carried you to the car and the vet. You died in my arms on the way. We were together and our love and concern was never felt more even when you were suffering. May God bless you always.

I'll miss you my precious clown and friend. You were so special.

I'll see you in Heaven someday with open arms.

Kota, 10/25/12

Dear Sweet Faithful Kota,
I still cry daily for you.
I'm so sorry.
I miss you.

Kota, 2/16/12


I miss you so much babygirl. I loved and love you so much! Even now, I cry as I write this. We spent so much time playing, wrestling, snuggling, running around outside over the fields and through the woods. I remember chasing you, trying to catch you and knowing I never could because you were way too fast for me! Occasionaly, I'd get a hold of you, but I think you were just being nice by letting me do it.

We'd play in the house with the boys. I remember the kids and me would pretend we were in a spaceship and when we landed on the planet, you were the ALIEN DOG! Then there was the rap song I wrote for you! "All you lil fleas, get off mees!"

Kota, I've been so sad without you. It all happened so suddenly. You were only four years old. One day you were here and the next you were gone. It's like I had part of my heart ripped away. I had no time to prepare, although that wouldn't have made it any easier. I feel so bad about the past few months. You used to be in the house with us, but with each new child that was born, you were a little farther in the background and slowly you moved from inside the house to outside. I hope you understood but also forgive me.

I fought hard to keep you with me as long as I could, but I knew we'd have to find you a home. I held off as long as I could so you could move in with my brother. That way, I could see you still.

I want you to know that I really regret those last few months. I wish I had made more time for you. But between work and the kids, I was so drained. Whenever we played outside, you were always with us, but being in the middle of winter, we didn't play outside much.

I hope you know that I love you. Those times I stood at the door and looked at you through the glass and you looked at me, what I was trying to say was that I love you and I'm sorry you were out there. I hoped you understand and that as soon as summer hit, we were all going to play outside everyday.

But summer never came and now, I miss seeing you meet me at my car door after work. I miss seeing you jump for joy when I got home.

I miss hearing your bark at the wild turkeys and the deer. I miss watching you run around, chasing the chickens. The other day, I found your paw print in the mud. You've left an imprint on my heart as well and I will hold onto that forever. I'm trying really hard to remember all of the good times, because we had so many good times together!

I love you so much and I hope you'll be waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. But until I get there, please think of me. Make sure you find Brocklee, Pebbles and Kai too. They will keep you company. I love you Kota! I miss you...

Kotyonok, June 1987 - July 1987

Dear Kotyonok, you were just a stray little baby kitten who died in the hands of a heartless person... I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you... But you should know that in all these years you never left my heart - I still love you and care for you deeply... Till we meet on the Bridge, my little furbaby! Your mom, Julia. XXXXXXXXXXX

Kozmo, 04/15/00 - 09/04/12

Mommy's boy. My sweet baby boy. I miss you so much. My heart hurts for you my son. I treasure every second I got to spend with you while I am here on this earth. My life with out  you is very hard. I'm finding it so hard to deal with loosing you. I'm so sad...
Kozmo, I love you so much. I will never get used to you not being here. Thank you for the best 12 and a half years of my life. Before you, I couldn't even keep a plant alive. You were my very best friend. When I had nothing and no one I had you and you loved me no matter what. You were the only constant in my life for a long time. Thank you for loving me. I miss you so much Kozmo.  Mommy loves you...

Krieg Brass Von Pellberg, 03/20/2000 - 05/23/2012

My best friend I ever had...

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