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2012 Tributes

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Callie, 1998 - 2012

Callie I love you and miss you. We had lots of happy, adventureous years together that I will always cherish in my heart. You were a one person dog and I am happy that it was me God selected to take care of you. Rest in peace my beloved best friend.

CALLIE, 01/22/06 - 04/10/2012

Callie I miss you so much. I am so sorry I was not there for you when you got sick, but I rushed home and I hope you felt me there when the Vet let you fly off to Rainbow Bridge.

You brought joy to every person that met you. You were the bravest yet timid little yorkie. Your furr baby brothers Cody and Pops and your sisters Bella and Bailey miss you and look for you..they dont understand where you have gone.

You were our tiny little bundle of
love. My heart aches in sadness and
secret tears still flow, what it
meant to lose you no one will know.

Till I see you soon well sweetie. I will light a candle for you and I hope you see it way over in Rainbow Bridge.
RIP little girl.

Mom and Dad

Calvin, 06/26/1999 - 04/30/2012

Calvin I still remember the day that you found me. I picked you up out of that box of kittens and you never let me go. I fell in love with instantly. Its been one week since you passed and I still cannot believe you're gone. R.I.P my beautiful little man. I miss and love you so much, Mom.

Candie Gauthier, 1/15/2003 - 05/21/2012


You were my little angel. I can remember when you came into my life as a tiny puppy that was all eyes. I never had to train you, you settled into my life like you had always been there. You were my daughter, friend, companion and love. I have never met a dog with a sweeter disposition. I don't think you would even hurt a fly. I can still see you sunning yourself out on the balcony and barking at people passing by. I guess it is comforting to know that you didn't suffer long but it is still hard since i had no idea that you would pass away within a day of me returning from vacation. i was not ready to say goodbye to you. it broke my heart when we were driving to the vets the way you looked at me, almost like giving me permission. I think you were telling me it was time but i didn't want to see it. Don't worry Candie, I'll take care of your big sister who is 14 now. I hope you are jumping, playing and running with Dixie, Penney, and Heidi over the rainbow bridge.

Candy Apetz, April 8 2012

Candy I can vividly remember the day we picked you up from the shelter. You were so full of life. You were also full of something else, something that you let loose all over the back seat of Wendy's car before we even got out of the parking lot. You were such a doll, beauty and brains the whole package. I still can't believe you're gone but It was god's will so all that loved you will have to let you go for now. But we will meet again! Go and find Hunter I have already prayed to him and let him know you are coming. I told him to take good care of you and Hunter usually does what he is told. Goodbye sweetheart..... With eternal love from you're family. Wendy, Chris, Toby, Jack, Gypsy, Woody, and Kaia.

Candy G., 1996 - 8/30/2012

In loving memory of our sweetheart cat Candy.  She was the sweetest, kindest cat we have ever known and we will never forget her.  She did nothing but give us her love and affection in the short time that we had  her.  We wish that everyone could have the privilege of having a pet companion like her.  She truly was a gift from God and we look forward to crossing the Rainbow Bridge with her to heaven when we are all together again.  May she rest in peace.  

Love always and forever,
Fred, Irene, and Comet

Good night Candy girl, you suffer no more.  You are a good girl.

Carlie Ann, 2006 - 3/3/2012

Oh my sweet baby girl Carlie...It's been a week today, and I miss you soooo much. I want to thank you for the endless joy you brought to our home and me and my daughter's life. You were always sweet and kind and loving, with your tail constantly wagging, never asking for much in return. I remember when the breeder dropped you off to our home, you were so skinny and frail, the runt of the litter and the pup no one wanted. Well I wanted you, and I still do. You were so sick when I got you, but I was there by your side and helped you get better. After that you were healthy as can be for 5 years. Your favorite thing to do was eating, you could never seem to get enough, such a stinker the way you would spin around and jump and bark when food was about to come. We used to complain about you snoring so loud that we couldn't hear the tv! Makes me laugh now and I'd give anything to hear you snore again. This January you got sick with liver infection, I thought I was going to loose you and after a month of treatment, and more bonding - you got better! But on Saturday 3/3, the wind was ferocious. I realized you and your best dog buddy Brody had been outside for too long...(we have a dog door). When I went to find you, I saw the fence had blown down. Brody was in the neighbors yard, but you weren't. I couldn't find you and I suddenly realized you might be under the fence. When I looked and found you there, I panicked. I couldn't lift the fence by myself, so I had to run and get neighbors help. When I pulled you out I thought for sure you would just be hurt or scared. Never ever did I imagine you would be gone. Oh the pain in that moment is still so fresh. So traumatic and unbelievable. I'm soooo sorry you were hurt, I'm so sorry I wasn't there in time. I love you so much and miss you daily. Brody is lost without you, he is sad and quiet, but I know he will be ok. My daughter misses you greeting her when she comes home. My sweet Carlie Ann. You will be forever remembered and I know you are with me now, even though I can't see you. Well pumpky pie...You can roll in the grasses of heaven now, and eat whatever you want! I will see you there someday. All my love, Mom.

Casey (Our Puddy Puss), 11/30/2001 - 6/29/2012


I miss you so much each and every day. To come home at night and not have you here-talking to me like you always did-(and we know that talking was for a bone because you were good all day)is a big hole in my heart.

You were a special Golden Retriever-never a problem-and always a good girl.  I want you to know we did everything possible to help you-but in the end the cancer was too much for you.  

Rusty and Jetta miss you as does Daddy Sam and Scott.

Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge-just remember you will never be forgotten-We love you!

Daddy Dave

Casey, 1998 - June 9, 2012

My Dear Sweet Casey!
From day one that I found you in front of my apartment building on April 17, 1998 you instantly became a very special being in my life. You couldn't have been more than 3-4 mos old and the very first thing you did when I brought you upstairs was climb up my leg then all the way up to my face and start rubbing your little head against my cheek. Having you in my life was sheer bliss. You made my apartment a home and gave me a reason to look forward to coming home. I only said goodbye 2 days ago and I still feel like I should look over to my bed and see you cuddled up on "your" pillow which was next to mine. These past two mornings waking up without you next to me has been sooo difficult. I only take consolation in the fact that I know you're in a better place and please know that I did everything in my power to keep you with me until it became too selfish of me to do so because it was clear that you were no longer happy. I hope that you understand what I had to do. You left this earth very peacefully and I did it for you my sweet baby. I love you today and always and I will miss you until the day I can be reunited with you again my sweet angel. I love you Casey...RIP!!!

Casey Lipsitt, 03/15/03 - 07/19/12

Casey, my nine year old beagle passed away in the early morning hours of July 19, 2012 and following emergency surgery. He showed no signs of illness until Tuesday when he was atypically sleepy. I pulled into my garage at 6:00 PM and as always, Casey, Molly and Woody were waiting at the door. They then went back to his or her chair or couch while I caught up with emails. I was getting ready for a... flight that next morning for a 5-day writing retreat in Colorado.

When my husband Eric arrived home he quietly took me into our bedroom and said that he was worried about Casey. He had just thrown up water and his abdomen looked bloated. We called the 24-hour veterinary hospital one-mile away and were told to bring him in. Little did I know that I would never again pull into the garage with Casey, Molly and Woody waiting at the door. When we arrived at the veterinary hospital the veterinarian took Casey into another room to be examined. He came back and wanted to get x-rays. He was fairly certain that Casey had a growth on his spleen. Thirty minutes went by and the doctor came in with the x-ray results that confirmed a mass and internal bleeding. Casey needed emergency surgery and would not have lasted the night. He also told us that the growth was most likely to be a malignant sarcoma. Casey had a 33% chance of having a benign tumor. I could not contain my emotions and broke down sobbing. Casey was only 9 years old. We had many more years with him, or so we thought.

We rescued Casey (pudding Pop was the name on his file but he left the MI Humane Society as Casey) from the MI Humane Society. And all because the Birmingham Public Schools would not assign a paraprofessional to accompany Andrew on the 8th grade end-of-year trip to the Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio. The district wouldn't allow me or my husband to go on the trip, nor would they allow Andrew. His teacher had concerns about keeping an eye on him and keeping him safe. So Plan B was a trip to the MI Humane Society, but only to look.

Yeah, right! Look and not adopt? Who were we kidding:).

So off Andrew and I went to the Humane Society, and we couldn't help ourselves. We saw this adorable 10-week old beagle that had been found wandering in Detroit. He was ours. It was that simple. I felt as if something magical has sprinkled magic doggy dust on me. That was that. We adopted Casey and he was ours.

Casey brought nothing but love, laughter, joy and comfort. He loved to sleep not only on my bed but burrowed beneath the sheets. He made every day that he was with us a better day. Nine years was not long enough. I feel robbed of the years I had expected to spend with Casey. I am overwhelmed with pain. We are a family in mourning. Going imto my house without my "Casela" to jump up and greet me and Andrew is unthinkable. Sunday morning drives to Starbucks without Casey is beyond bearing. Sunday lunch at my mother-in-law's will never again be the same. My mother-in-law loved Casey. She was my co-conspirator when I called her about adopting Casey. "You adopt Casey. Dad and I will take care of Eric.". Thruth be told there was little pushback from Eric. Andrew had been lobbying for a second dog fairly relentlessly for almost two years. And Eric loves his dogs. He grew up with dogs and has always appreciated them for the unconditional love and joy that they bring.

I know that I am not alone in my pain. There are many of you out there that have lived through the pain of losing a cherished companion. And for those that think I am silly for mourning the loss of Casey...well, you just don't understand the bond that develops with a beloved pet or the human characteristics that they take on.

When the surgeon walked into the waiting room I knew the news was terrible. It was the worst possible outcome. Casey would not be one of the lucky ones. He had cancer all over his spleen and liver. I have heard veterinarians refer to this type of cancer as a silent killer. The tumors thankfully do not cause pain. There are no signs of illness until the dog grows weak and lethargic and develops a distended abdomen. Those are the signs of the internal bleeding but this cancer is aggressive to the point of explosive.

We arrived at the veterinary hospital first believing that whatever Casey had was not serious and that we would bring him home. Then with the news of the emergency surgery we were assured by the young and greener-than-green veterinarian that while Casey would require two days in the hospital to recuperate fron the surgery, we would be able to bring him home and determine the course of treatment for the sarcoma. When Casey was taken into the surgical prep area and we said our goodbyes it was only goodbye for now and most definitely not forever.

That all changed the moment the surgeon walked through the door to give us the devastating news. Casey was not going to pull through, not even for 3-6 months. The cancer was everywhere and he never woke up from the anesthesia. My Casela was gone. We waited for the surgeon to stitch him closed and then he was brought to us on a gurney and covered with a blanket. "Open your eyes Casey, please just open your eyes. I couldn't stand it. My Casey was silent. He was gone from my life nd our family. I have decided that nothing in life is more curious than "time.". I think about this often. What is time? Where does it come from? How is it that yesterday's memories that are not yesterday's, they may be nine or fifteen or twenty, thirty, forty, even fifty years of memories that feel like yesterday. I will admit that time frightens me. There is nothing more powerful or formidable than time. At present I am angry with time and its power. I want my Casey back and time won't let me have him. I will love Casey forever, as I do Jessie my beautiful golden retriever now in heaven wherever that my be. If there is such a place then Jessie is with Casey and they are at peace but know that they are missed and will never be forgotten.

I love you Casey Lipsitt. I can't hold back the tears. I can't contain the pain of your loss. If you can hear me somewhere in a mystical or magical way, Eric, Andrew and I will love you forever. You own a permanent piece of our hearts and you are a paw print on my heart.

I adopted you on June 17, 2002. You became one of the best days of my life. Almost nine years and one month to the day I adopted you, you have been taken away from me, and from Eric, Andrew and your canine sibling sister Molly and brother Woody. We are heartbroken and we miss you desperately.

Casper, 06/20/1997 - 04/08/2012

Not a day goes by we don't miss you, our "little man".

We still see you, hear you, smell you everywhere. Daddy and I laid on the floor the other night right near your bed just to smell your sweet smell.

Shelby is having a hard time coming home from college without you here to greet her and give her kisses. She lays on the floor in every room of the house waiting for you to come pounce on her.......

We thought the house was empty when Shelby went off to college, boy, were we wrong.... now it echoes with emptiness....

We know you are whole again and running wide open as you did when you were a puppy. (just like the first time we saw you when you came running out from behind the sofa - our little Roscoe R. Coltrain!)Yep, that name had to be changed! lol We know you are happy but missing us too. It gives us comfort to know you are healthy again and we know you have already found a little girlfriend.

We will all rejoice one day when we are all together again, but for now sleep well, run hard and enjoy the sunshine. We know you have found your sunny spot and are napping the days away! We love you! xoxoxo

Cassidy, 08/14/98 - 12/29/12

To my dearest Cassidy,
No words can be said to describe how I feel now that you are no longer with me on earth. When I picked you out, you had all this crazy fur that was different lengths. You were so soft and so full of energy. And, you hopped when you ran. So, we named you Cassidy after Hop Along Cassidy.

You were my comfort and my joy through everything in life. We seemed to always be moving somewhere. From North Dakota we went to Iowa, then Colorado, then Wisconsin, then two places in New York. After that it was back to the midwest to live in Minneapolis then Fargo. And, we spent our last months here in Las Vegas.

I loved waking up with you next to me. You slept next to me almost every single night we were together over the last 14 years. I even remember waking up one morning and you were laying on my pillow like a little human with your head perched there. We were staring right at each other.

I wish I could take away your pain. I wish I could heal you. But I cannot.

I love you such a ridiculous amount. And I will miss you and our little talks forever.

I love you, my little man!

Cassie (Cassady), Unknown/1992 - 3/15/2012

My Dearest Cassie,

You were my little sweetheart for almost 21 years. From the moment i saw you i knew how much of a sweet good girl you were. You blessed my life a thousand fold for being in it. We had many years of hugs kisses and snuggles and i'm forever grateful you stayed by my side for so long....ever loving and faithful. My best little girl.
You taught me how to love unselfishly, how to forgive, how to enjoy a bit of sun on my face and hindquarters, how to smile over nothing in particular. You taught me to strive to be every bit as good as my dog thinks i am, and i hope i never let you down.
We miss you terribly, dear one, but we understand you had to go. We will remember you fondly in our hearts until we can meet again at the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace my darling. I love you.

With All Our love,
Lonni, Alan, Michael, Addy and Bean

Cedric, Pebbles, Ketzel, Pedro and all my animals

When I was young....I sometimes neglected my pets....when I was older I always made a conscience effort to take care of my animals and teach my children the same.... still had some tragic losses....My dog Pebbles ran away never to be seen again during the 4th of July because of last lost was my dog Cedric...I loved him dearly but I was so afraid of being classified as an animal hoarder...and the humane society told us we could only have 4 dogs....I rehomed him....I never thought he would not be happy at his new home and run away but he did....on breaks my heart daily.....I just know God knows I never wanted to see my dog hurt....I pray daily he found a new home....I continue to search Cedric but still nothing....I love you Cedric and pray you are happy and healthy......I have to forgive my self now Cedric since I know Jesus will take care of you....I have to stop feeling guilty since I only wanted you to have the best.....please know I love you and wish I could hug you one more time....I did hug you and kiss you the day you left and I hope you always feel loved. Now I give you to Jesus and I know he will take care of you always!!!

ChaCha, 4 1/2 years old - October 27, 2012

Dearest ChaCha,

I am so sorry for that awful day.  I blame myself completely for not leashing you.  I know you didn't like to be leashed so I just wanted you to be free.  On that Saturday morning at 10am I lost you because of my negligence.  You got hit by a bus while I was shopping at a dumb garage sale on Strong Ave.  I saw you under the table last, called your name but you did not come.  You were focused on something across the street which I didn't realize until it was too late.  You died alone because I thought you went back to my car so I put my stuff in the trunk and drove to the front.  I got out of my car with a pit in my stomach because I couldn't find you.  I called your name out, I thought someone dog napped you.  Then I turned around and there was your lifeless body across the street, almost severed in half.  I picked you up and held you by the sidewalk begging you to still be alive.  Your eyes were open and tongue was out.  I took my hoodie off and wrapped you, I could not look at your maimed body.  Why didn't I pick you up when I saw you under the table?  Why did I go back to my car before finding you?  Why wasn't I paying closer attention to you?  Why couldn't I save you when you saved me in so many ways?  You died alone and I'll never forgive myself.  You must've been so scared.  I just hope you did not suffer at all.  I wish it was me, you did not deserve that.  I only had you for short 4 1/2 months and you were my best friend, my daughter, my sister and love of my life.  I miss you everyday, my heart is broken.  I will never ever forget you and I will never forgive myself.  I hope you are in a better place having the time of your life.  Everyone loves you and misses you everyday.  My family, my friends, my co-workers, my neighbors, your previous family and people you met even just once remember you and all agreed that you were something special.  I have no faith right now as I don't see how God can pair us together for such a short time and you had to die in such a tragic way.  You were the best thing in my life.  I never loved anyone as much as I loved you and never felt so loved.  I suffer from anxiety and when we were together I felt completely fine.  Although I told you that I loved you everyday, I feel that I took you for granted by being so careless with your life.  You depended on me and although I spoiled you, I should have NEVER not leashed you.  You had a few close calls before and I did leash you for a while but I saw how much you didn't like it so I wanted you to be happy but if I knew this would be the outcome then you would've been leashed even in your sleep.  On 10/11 I bought a shih tzu on Craigslist that does everything like you, her name is Pandee.  Since the moment she got in my car, I realized that I don't want her.  I know that sounds mean and we are taking good care of her until she goes to a good home which maybe with a friend of mine.  I realized that there was only one dog for me.. That was you ChaCha and will always be you.  I don't ever want another dog again.  You were it for me ChaCha.  We went everywhere together, even to work.. We were hardly ever seperated but if we were both of us would reunite with lots of kisses.  I miss that most, how your little body would quiver when I left and came back.  Then I would pick you up and you would lick my face and I would drowned you in kisses.  I miss you sleeping next to me and waking up to your sweet face and cuddling with you before I got up to get ready.  You gave me so much motivation and you gave me a life and a love I never knew existed.  I miss rubbing your belly, you loved that.  I hate walking but when I walked with you, I loved it.  I miss our walks, I miss seeing you chase squirrels, you didn't bark much but when you did it was adorable.. miss your barks.  Miss your scent, the way those big beautiful eyes and the funny things you did.  My family and I were never dog people but you changed that.  I'm so sorry ChaCha, my mistake cost you your life and I hope you know that I never wanted to put you in harms way.  Your previous family talk good care of you.. the fact that the were able to keep you safe for 4 years and I couldn't for 4 months kills me, it kills me.. In a way, I wish I never took you because then you would probably still be alive.  I miss our trips to the pet stores and feeding you your favorite snacks.. pickles, bananas, apples and basically whatever I ate.  Everyday of my life, I wish I could do that day over or at the least I wish the bus hit me and not you.  What upsets me even more is that you made it across the street but because the bus has wider wheels it hit you.  The road was kind of busy, I should've never kept you loose.  The man at the garage sale picked you up earlier cause he got nervous and I told him to put you down because you don't go near busy roads, which you never did because it scared you especially when trucks & buses would pass by.  Why didn't I ask him to hold you until I was done.  Why didn't I leave you home or in the car?  So many signs that day and I ignored all of them from the moment I left home and my mother told me to leave you home.  But you loved coming with me, you loved car rides and sticking your head out of the window.  I couldn't say no or leave you behind.. but that day, I wish I did.  Thank you for everything you gave me and my family ChaCha.  Thank you for saving my life in so many ways ChaCha!  I am sooooooo sorry I couldn't do the same when you needed me most.  I'm sorry I was so negligent and careless with your life when you depended on me to take care of you.  Just know, though you are gone.. You will never ever be forgotten!  I can only hope and wish that we see eachother again when I die and hope that when that day comes that you will forgive my for my stupidity.  I will never let you go again.  We ALL miss you and love you so much ChaCha!  I loved you so much and will love you always and forever.  My heart is broken and will be until the day I die.  I'm not going to say bye ChaCha because I think about you every second of every day and you are buried in the backyard.  I hope that's what you wanted.. Your pictures are all over and I always ask for signs.  I am upset that I haven't seen you in a dream yet but hopefully I will.  I will never say bye ChaCha, I will say see you later and thinking of you always my love.  I miss you and love you ChaCha more than anything or anyone I've ever loved. <3  xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox  </3  

Love Always,
Your broken hearted best friend Tina

Chance, 4/29/1995 - 2/07/2012

My dear sweet Chance, you came into our lives and brought laughter and new love for us, and filled a void for the loss of our 3 yr old dog Lucky. You broke my leg and my husband’s nose, ate all the fudge that Grandpa John made, removed most of the tile off our old kitchen floor, busted through a window to greet the mailman, didn’t mind when we stretched your cheek skin which made you look like a frill-necked lizard, you had so much loose skin when you were laying down it would slide off your back on the floor if we pet you. You were well known for being the best sneakiest food thief, no unwatched food was safe. You could also sneak your 60 lbs up onto our bed without a jiggle, squeeze between us, spread out, lay your head on our pillow, and leave us with only the side edges to sleep on. You stayed with us for almost 17 years giving companionship and joy, always by my side, mirroring my movements, giving unconditional love. You were so gentle and shared your love with our children, family and friends. You touched my heart, my life and many others for so long, you will never be forgotten. Everywhere I look I see you and feel you and memories of your presence are everywhere. I’m missing you, but I know in my heart you were tired and ready to leave and now you are free of your worn out body. I will miss caressing your silky soft ears and looking into those beautiful warm eyes filled with so much love and devotion for me. Abbie misses you; she was by your side for 14 years and now wanders around looking for you and it seems in her eyes she wonders where you have gone. We know she will be joining you in awhile as she is getting old and tired too. Then you will be together again. You were a blessing to all of us, our beloved friend. We will all miss you for always and will forever be in our hearts.

Charlie, 12/7/12

Dear Charlie, Wonderful things were to be said about you. Your kisses were the best, even though they were a little slobbery. You had a great smile, too. I'd say you were good looking. Your heart was good and I am proud of your progress. I'm not proud about your last actions but overall you were a good guy in my heart.
Dear Charlie, I loved you in the time you spent with this family. Sweet and smart and overall nice. I'm going to miss you a lot. If I were 18 and living on my own I would of taken you in a heartbeat. Others might of not thought you were good looking but I did! Your eyes were the best and your coat had gotten better. Don't worry, you left with at least one person loving you.
Dear Charlie, I'm not mad at you because I know you had an amazing heart. You always whined because you wanted love from another person. I understand that you didn't want to be left alone, because you didn't want to lose anyone else. I honestly didn't want to lose you. Your actions won't change my view on how caring you really were. What happened to make you feel this way? You were a good dog Charlie!

Charlie, May 28,2005 - December 26,2011

Charlie was a nine pound Pomeranian with a wonderful personality who was loved by all who knew him. He thought he was a person and everyone in the neighborhood was his friend. Although he lived only six and a half years, his passing broke the hearts of many people. He was a loyal and faithful companion beyond imagination. Four month after he suffered a stroke, it is impossible to believe he has left us for the Rainbow Bridge so soon. We are thankful for his short time with us, and miss him greatly. We can only say,thank you forever Charlie and R.I.P. my friend. Love you you buddy and see you someday. Dave and Karen Hill.

Charlie Boy Danielewicz, July 2, 2009 - March 2, 2012

I begin to write this the first time talking about my babys illness but I think it needs to be about the joy and love that a 14.2 lb lil man brought to a family. Charlie was born 7/2/09 we adopted him on 12/4/10. I didnt want a dog but my husband did. Guess who won...Thank god my husband. Charlie from the time i seen the pictures the lady (brianna) sent me I wanted him. But when we got there( next day 2+ hours drive after our first bad snowfall)I knew I was in love!! Brianna had been taking care of Charlie while his original owners were over seas but when they got back they didnt want my lil man (THANK GOD AGAIN)Brianna had 2 other dogs and couldnt keep Charlie. Charlie came home that night with us and from the start this lil man had such CHARACTER!! He would bounce around the snow like he was king of the hill. He did this crazy booty pooping thing...his hind legs would jump. Instead of barking to wake me up he'd sneeze over and over while he'd booty pop! This lil man soon became "dat mommas boy" when he got sick the 1st time he would go up to my parents when i worked so he wouldnt be alone...guess who else fell in love with him?!?! yep my mom and dad (they renamed him chuckie lol)My lil guy was on deaths door a cpl times but kept fighting till the end. Even when he was at the end he waited for me to be there. I made the hardest desicion of my life but know it was to end his pain. My lil man died looking at his momma in the eyes with me telling him to run for the rainbow bridge. My daughters think god took him because of his personality, whatever the reason i believe that my lil man is waiting for me in the meadows by the rainbow just like he did everynight in the window when i'd come home!! Momma loves you Charlie. I miss you so much. But I'll see you soon baby!!!!!!

Charlie Jack, August 2009 - June 9, 2012

“Charlie Jack” thank you for all the wonderful memories that you gave Alicia, Joey, Shannon and I. I am sorry your time was short here on earth and you will forever live in all of our lives. It has been really hard since you have been gone and your buddy “Lucy Lu” misses you also. However, I know you are at peace and you are not in pain anymore.

You will forever be our “Cha Cha” and we will be together someday.
Hugs, kisses, and sweet memories are precious dog.
Rest in peace,

Kathleen, Alicia, Joey, Shannon and “Lucy Lu”

Chase (Bubba & Chasey Boy), 03/31/1996 - 10/10/12

My darling Chase,
You have been the most loyal boy to me for almost 16 years.  I remember when you were a puppy and I came home from work and you were hiding behind dad's head on the couch and it was the loveliest surprise to see such a cute and sweet little puppy... from that moment on we forged a beautiful bond that will last forever.  You were there for me when I needed you the most, you showed so much loyalty and love from then until the end my darling, You were a naughty little puppy, i remember you used to get the tissues out of the bins and chew them and they would be all over the place and still you wanted to chew a tissue a day before you passed, we used to go for long walks at the beach front and I would take you off your lead and you would chase after the birds and you would run so fast! then you would plonk yourself into the water and swim to get whatever I threw for you to fetch, you loved going for drives in the car and would go banana's when you knew we were stopping because you knew it was somewhere exciting! I would take you to a big park where other dogs would go and we saw a dog running and climbing up a tree and within a few weeks you could do it too! You were such a clever dog, You loved catching balls and you would play happily on your own with a soccer ball, you used to always jump up on top of the brick BBQ in the back yard to get a good view of everyone and everything and you used to sleep there in the sun, you used to literally jump the tall fence and we would not see you for the longest time was 2 days and we would look for you everywhere! But you were having a wonderful time wherever you went and it was to the cow paddocks at the back of our estate as you would come home covered in cow poo! But you always knew where home was and where we were.  I remember we had driven up the back road a few times with you beside the car and we clocked you at your fastest doing 60km per hour! So fast and you were such a determined dog.  You didn't like puppy training either but in time you didn't need it as you were perfect just the way you were.  I remember when you were a puppy and I was playing tugowar with you and a rope and all of a sudden your baby teeth fell out and I felt so bad! But the vet said it was fine..Every Summer we would get you a hair cut because it would be quite hot for you and you looked so handsome with your long tail and spots which you couldn't see when your hair was long, and your floppy ear was so endearing.  I remember when you would sit on my bed and snore, I remember when you tore up the new bed covers I got but I couldn't get mad because of your sweet little face, bath times when you would be lovely and clean and then run out and rub yourself all over the grass! You loved your roast chicken and raw chicken and any thing else that was not dog food! You loved a bikkie dipped in a cup of tea too! We shared such tender moments, you had such a lovely face, the kindest beautiful brown eyes and the loveliest paws and black beauty spot, I loved our pats and cuddles, you loved your belly and ears being rubbed and you would put your paw up if you wanted me to keep going, you loved being brushed too and we would get bags of hair off you! I loved your little licks of love when patting you and the way you would put my hand in your mouth but not to bite, its as if it were a comfort thing for you and you used to love licking toes and the insides of all of our shoes to the point where we couldn't wear them anymore lol... Chase my darling dog you do not know how much I will miss your presence and your lovely little face and companionship, you have been a light in my life and I have cherished every moment I have had with you.  Thankyou for holding on so long my darling, I tried to keep you with the best medication and care but in the end I just couldn't let you suffer anymore and I hope that you are in a better place now and in no pain, I know you were unhappy and I just wanted to make it go away for you so you could rest and be at peace and not have to endure it anymore, you couldn't talk but geez I wished you could to tell me I did the right thing, deep down I know I did but I feel such sorrow for your loss I cant quite cope with that decision I had to make right now, but I want you to know I am going to miss you so very much my bubba, my chasey boy... You were the greatest dog to me and I hope you rest easy and I hope that you are sitting up there with nanny and she is giving you lots of wonderful pats, its so hard to say goodbye to you Chase but please know that I did this for you to not be in pain and to help you as I didn't want to see you suffering.  Please know that I love you with all of my heart and that I will never forget you my beautiful dog, you mean the world to me and you will forever be in my heart.  Love always, Jodie (ur mum) and the family - Jnr, Emily, Tina & Noel xxxxxx

Cheekie, 9/26/2002 - 12/29/12

Cheekie, my sweet, sweet angel... I love you more then words can ever explain. You are the one and only thing in my life that made me whole. You taught  me what love was... You made me who I am today and loved me unconditionally...I only knew how to live with you and beside you, because your the only thing in my life that was worth truly living for. I miss you so much. All I ever want is for you to be happy because that made me happy. Every person you met in your lifetime has fell in love with you. And every person you meet in heaven will too.  Your the love of my life and always will be my one true, true love...we will be together again and I will hold very tight and kiss your little nose...and you won't even have to ask me to rub your belly because I won't ever stop... Thank you god for letting me have such a precious angel sent from heaven, your back where you came from...xoxo...

Chester, rescued August 26, 2008 - 06/02/2012

It is with sadness and heartbreak that we inform you that our beloved Chester suddenly crossed the rainbow bridge today.
Chester came to us as a foster child on August 26, 2008. His future mom got to know him when she transported him for Northern California Bulldog Rescue, a wonderful organization helping many needing bulldogs. Chester was a peanut size of a boy who sweet-talked his future momma into fostering him. Of course he had other plans…
His parents brought him home to a household with an already established diva in it. Her name was Lily and she became Chester’s big sister after future parents failed in fostering effort.
Chester was adopted in December that same year and officially became the mascot of the Slater family. Always goofy, willing to give the best French kisses on this planet, best friend in everything, he only wanted to be loved and with you at all times. He even charmed his very demanding and fussy older sister Lily, who was delighted to have an annoying companion during her daily naps.
Chester loved his new home. He loved it so much that he never cared for leaving it, always standing with his hind feet well grounded on the inside of the doorway. He was a super protector, surprising visitors with a deep bark that belonged to a 100 pounds dog.
Chester took everything in stride, loved going on rides, hanging out on the sofa, was a perfect work companion for his momma and always willing to participate in dining activities. His favorite was weekly trips to ocean town of Half Moon Bay where his parents secured a “bay window” dining—ordered “Chester friendly” food to go to be enjoyed in a car parked at the ocean side.
Chester loved his naps and he loved going to sleep at night. He used to bark in the evening to let everyone know that he was ready and, of course, we would oblige. He preferred to fall asleep with the lights out and the “white noise” machine on and snuggled either to his mom or dad. His loud snoring was the most beautiful sound in the world, perhaps only bulldog people can understand….
Chester had his share of health issues, but despite of the challenges he never skipped a bit, always full of faith, love and understanding, as long as his mom and dad were there for him.
Last week he became sick and was treated by wonderful staff at Adobe Hospital in Los Altos. They did everything to bring our boy back to health but unfortunately today at noon he took turn for the worse and crashed. We were visiting him at that time. We were there with him, kissed and loved him after all efforts to help him failed.
We are heartbroken and stunned as this was all so sudden and way too soon. Chester joined his sister Lily at the Rainbow Bridge and I am sure they are now partying together.
He will be always missed but will forever be in our hearts.

Chewbacca, October 21, 1997 - December 3, 2012

My sweet Chewbacca was all snug in his favorite blankie it was black and white like he was - he got it one Christmas...oh how he always loved Christmas.  We took a walk outside so he could see the clouds and the sunshine...I held him so tight as though I thought he couldn't leave me if I didn't let go...he just kept kissing my face over and over and over like he knew this was to be our last goodbye. SAGE let us spend as much time with him as we wanted and of course, I could have sat there holding him for an eternity as he quietly drifted off to heaven. My ♥ just hurts. . .I will miss you always, my Chewbacca Baby. . .sleep now in the arms of the angels.  I know we will meet again one day.  I love you so dearly.

Your Mommy

Chino and Sugar, 07/04/1993 and 01/15/1992 to 05/2007 and 06/2008

I've been loved unconditionally. Until we meet again good-bye my loves.

Chloe, 1996 - 11/06/12

To Our Beloved Chloe,

Daddy and I claim you were the "most mature person" in our house. Your gentle, loving, and beautiful face will forever be in our memory. Your gorgeous and expressive eyes will light up our eyes. Your wise ways and caring heart for your brothers and sister will never be forgotten (you were the A cat, but never fussed or fought- you were just IT). Even when I adopted you 15 years ago- as a youngster- you were mature and wise. How you always found a way to land on my stomach while I was watching tv  - and there I was petting and loving you- not even remembering when you climbed up there. Your love of the outdoor smells, sounds, and birdlife. Your special places on the patio.  Now you own a special place in our hearts- never to be replaced.  Be at peace- wonderful girl. We love you!

Chloe, 12/27/2011

In loving memory of our dear sweet Chloe.

We feel so blessed that you shared your life with us and miss you deeply. You were sent from the heavens and now you return.
You touched the hearts of all who crossed your path...wherever you went you were loved. Your loyatly, faithfulness and unconditional love can never be replaced. Our hearts ache, but we know you are still with us and will fill our hearts forever.

"From Bliss all creatures are born
By Bliss they are sustained, and
Into Bliss they again return". .

Until we meet again, Sweet Petite!

All love,
Mom and Dad

Chopper, 05/01/1996 - 10/05/2012

We are thankful for having Chopper for 16 happy years!. Chopper was not only a dog but a member of my entire family who waited tirelessly everyday for us to come home and make us happy. My baby taught us how to be compassionate, patient and to love and not judge anyone.

I miss your eyes and holding you, I miss your beautiful scent!  I love you with all my heart! You were  a companion to some people, a friend to others but for me you were my baby. You will live in my heart forever.


Poulyana and Waseem Srouji, Vanya, Galieh and Ashoor Pazand

Chopper, August 10, 1998 - March 4, 2012

My Dearest Chopper AKA Hairy Buddha,

You are my one and only, my forever dog. The special bond that we had will never be duplicated or replaced. I love you so much and my life is not complete without you. You touched my life and changed it to the core.

Every day I think of you and cry tears of sadness that you are no longer here and I cry tears of joy that I had you in my life. Thank you for being my best friend.

And. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge… Goodbye my love. You are in my heart and mind always. I miss you so very much!

Cinnamon, 7/13/02 - 3/17/12

Our precious little Cinnamon, We adopted you on 9/27/07, and since that day you have brought such happiness and joy into our lives- mere words cannot describe it. How you loved to go camping with us in the summer, play with Taz and Chyna, follow Mommy around, wait your turn for a treat from the "magic closet", and simply lay next to any one of us. When your eyes and ears began to fail you, we prayed that you would adjust (which you did- with our help); but when the CCD set in, and then the CHF, we knew that our time with you was limited. Dr. Curt did all he could to help us. Letting you go was painful beyond words for us. We all loved you so much and were with you. Now, there is no more pain and confusion , no darkness, and you can once again hear. We know that you are in a special place and waiting for us all. That knowing , is what will get us through not having you here with us now. We love you and miss you so much. Until we meet again, rest peacefully our precious little Cinnamon.  
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Ian, Taz & Chyna

Cinnamon Precious Costa, 1/9/1999 - 6/4/2012

To our courageous, beautiful and loving Cookie,

This is our first Christmas without your earthbound self, Cinnie, and as we anticipated and have talked to you about on Rainbow Bridge each week for the last month or so, today will be unlike any we celebrated and shared with you.  The happiness and laughter, and of course the love, shared so freely while we enjoyed your unwrapping presents, or digging into your gift bag and stocking, are missing. They are and will remain in our memories and hearts forever, Pookie, but we still find it hard to believe, or accept, that you won't be in your chair, or one of your beds, or one of our laps, many times during the course of our annual Christmas adventure.  But you will be always in our hearts and thoughts throughout this day, your first Rainbow Bridge Christmas.  

We will be putting together that special Christmas stocking we told you about, filled with love, but the exact contents are a surprise.  I hope you like it!  We'll talk about it later . . . let me know what you think, OK? . . . but know that it comes from the bottom of our collective hearts.

We remain forever proud, humbled, inspired by and in your debt for the unconditional love you bestowed on us throughout your life, and for battling so hard, at times without concern for yourself, to remain a part of your family when the horrible disease that is cancer became a part of your life.  We never doubted the size of your heart or how much you loved us, but you inspired us beyond words as you battled your disease.  Never has a divine spirit shown more courage than you or a greater capacity for caring about and protecting your family . . . we are forever in your debt, and in awe of your spirit.

Merry Christmas, Cinnamon Precious Costa, the prettiest girl in the whole wide world, whose forever home will always be found at 401 East Rodgers Street, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania.  Look for the candles we share with you each night, and the roses every week, and the beautiful rose bushes that we will nurture and tend in your honor, forever and a day.  Play joyfully and tenderly, with sincerity and compassion, with your wonderful Bridge pals, and enjoy their unconditional support and love.  

Just as yours is the face, and voice, and touch we long for and think about every day, your loving eyes, velvet fur, sweet kisses and beautiful loving soul are the things we look forward to when we come to meet you at Rainbow Bridge.  When we are all together again we can't wait to hear a heavenly version of 'Hot Dog Girl' with our beautiful Cookie, Mommy Melanie and Mommy Gee Gee.  Merry Christmas, sweetest Cinnamon. Hugs and kisses forever and ever.             

Love, Melanie, Georgette, Bruce and Chuck

Cinnamon Angel Costa, 1/9/1999 - 6/4/2012

Cookie, Missing you beyond words 19 wks after you left us at CARES. We love & miss you so, the holiday season is impossible to imagine w/out our sweet girl to share it with.  And your 14th birthday is less than 3 mos. away. You still & will forever take my breath away, Cinnie.  Kisses forever! 

Cinnamon Precious Costa, 01/09/1999 - 06/04/2012

To our courageous, beautiful and loving Cookie,
Today marks 6 months from the day your family, because that’s what we all are, had to let you move on to Rainbow Bridge, sweetest girl.  I want to add a permanent memorial for you on one of the beautiful sites made for people like us, and the amazing and wonderful ‘kids’ such as you, but I can’t yet put into words just how much you are missed, and loved, and how much we treasure and hold dear every minute of every day and night spent in your company.
Mommy Melanie didn’t bring you home until you were 12 weeks old, which again reminds me of just how lucky we were.  We wound up with the prettiest, sweetest, most loving, toughest and bravest girl arriving at our home Easter weekend in 1999 in spite of the fact others had come to visit you and your littermates. Thank you again for picking your Mom out, the first of many blessings you bestowed on your family simply by being you.  Our combined lives changed forever, and forever for the better, on that day, Cinnie, for the exuberance and athleticism you demonstrated as a puppy and young girl, gave way to perseverance and determination to fight your way through recovery from back surgery on two separate occasions.  Physical therapy . . . the therapist wrote a paper and did a video about you, Wonder Girl . . . including swimming sessions in a tank, dressed in your own life jacket . . . allowed you to keep on keeping on and enjoy a full, wonderful life.

From celebrating the millennial New Years Eve in the Big Apple to trips across the country and up and down the East coast, you were always part of our plans, sweetheart, first in your Sherpa, and later on in your stroller.  We never doubted the size of your heart or how much you loved us, but you inspired us beyond words as you battled your disease earlier this year.  Never has a divine spirit shown more courage than you or a greater capacity for caring about and protecting your family . . . we are forever in your debt, and in awe of your spirit.  We continue and will forever miss everything about you, from your wake up barks, to the sloppy kisses, to strolling around the neighborhood, to car rides, to our cuddling sessions, everything.  As I said in the tear-stained letter I wrote and read to you during your last earthbound weekend with the family, Cinnie, losing you at any time, no matter how many years we got to share life with you, will always have been too short by a lifetime.  Kisses forever, Cookie, hugs and kisses forever and ever.

Love, Melanie, Georgette, Bruce and Chuck

Cinnamon Precious Costa, 01/09/1999 - 07/23/2012

My Cinnamon Baby Girl - I Miss you very much!  Not a day goes by that I do not want you by my side.  I know you will always be in my heart, but I wish you could be in my arms again sharing those wonderful hugs and licks.  Please know that you will ALWAYS be a very special part of me and that the unconditional Love we shared WILL LAST FOREVER.

Love Hugs and Licks Forever and Ever and Many Many Many More!!

Mommy Melanie

CJ, 07/25/2000 - 04/03/2004

I miss you 'Ole Man....

Claudia, 2000 - 3/28/12

My little five pound bundle of joy with a sweet soul and the happiest cat you've ever seen. Who would have ever guessed that such a small cat would leave such a big impression in my life. She will be greatly missed and always remembered fondly. Sending love and hope that I will see her again someday at the Bridge.

Cleo, May 28, 2001 - November 1, 2011

Golden Eyes

In Loving Memory.

When golden eyes no longer glow,
and we both know it's time to go,
Don't look at me with eyes so sad,
but think of better times we had,

When sunlight did upon us shine,
and happy days were yours and mine,
And through the grass we both did run,
and on our backs we felt the sun,

Think not of this dark final hour,
think not of when our lives turned sour,
Think not of hopelessness and pain,
but think of joy and laugh again,

For in that final act of love,
you released me to heaven above,
Where finally from pain I'm free,
where one day you will join with me,

Where together again we will rejoice,
and you and I as with one voice,
Will in perfect harmony sing,
of the joy and pain that love can bring,

And remember me just as I will,
always think of you until,
At last again I see your face,
grieve not, I am in a better place.

By Carol Walker

Coco Chanel XVI Mini Choc Poodle, Novemebr 27, 1996 - August 17, 2011

Dearest Baby Coco Chanel,

I had a very sad, sad day since you are so very far away.
Where did the fifteen years that we shared together go?  
I watched the clouds move by and saw your picture in the sky.
Yearning for you to lick my face and feel your paws reach to me.
I cried and remember how sweet you were to us your people family.
Your daddy and I think of you today and each and every day and
Cherish you and all the love you gave to us in every way.
Knowing one day, we will be together again and remember all the fun.
Thanks for years of happiness that you created here for everyone!

We love to look at all the Xmas photos with you unwrapping your gifts and grabbing ours ..thinking they all were yours!

Holding eternal love in our hearts for you our little girl,
Mommy & Daddy

Cody, 03/03/2003 - 02/19/2012

Our sweet little Cody we miss you so much! There isn't a day that we don't think of you. Your buddy Marsh is so lonely without his pal. Be watching for us...someday we'll all be together again. Hope you're playing with Gypsy....:)  
Mom, Dad and Marsh

CODY CASTELLANOS, February 14, 2004 - February 23, 2012 @ 11:09 pm

Wrote this 1032 pm on Saturday, February 25, 2012.

My tribute to Cody, 8 yr old dog, my little baby boy and best friend, February 14, 2004 - February 23, 2012 :  
Cody, I cannot begin to tell you just how much I miss you. It's been nearly 48 hours (Thursday night at 11:09 pm) since you left us and I am beyond heartbroken. A piece of me went with you on Thursday night as I said goodbye to you at the hospital. It was the 45 minutes that I spent with you that I will cherish for the rest of my life…. It was praying and saying goodbye to you. Over these past two months with all your health issues, I greatly feared the day that I would say goodbye. I would be there with you when the time came. It would be my decision or you would make it for us. But I am so glad you made it for us because I don't know if I wanted to make that for you or it would have tore my heart out if I did. We love you so much for that. What I did not think about is this total emptiness that I have inside me has since you passed. I did not prepare myself for that, although I am not sure I could have. You were a chapter in our lives that has sadly and suddenly come to an end and we are all heartbroken. I would give anything to hold you one more time or to know you are ok. I love you more than anything. You taught me what all animals teach us- pure and unconditional love in the deepest form. If any dog that was almost human it would be you, Cody. You loved everyone you met you were outgoing, friendly and wouldn't hurt a flea. You loved walks, drives and you lived to play ball or fetch the bone, eat and make us happy. Cody, we will never ever forget you, but you know that. You know we will see each other again. You are happy with GOD and all the animals now. You gave us so much unconditional love and joy. You were that little baby boy that I never had. You were my best friend I ever had….but you know that. I wish I could talk to you some more and hug you some more-I miss that. You were one of a kind. I will never replace you, as you are irreplaceable. As I walk thru the house, see all the places where you would lay and it breaks my heart. I will miss you waiting for me at the front window at 6:30 pm each day as I drive up the driveway as I come home from work as I would hear you barking for me with excitement in your own way of saying: "HELLO DADDY'S HOME !!!". This is going to take a long long time but by writing this it's a beginning of healing. I know you don't want us sad but this is the human part of us. We both know that you are no longer in pain as you were on that day. You completed me Cody. Today I washed your red bowl and it was the hardest thing for me to do. Mommy and I also reviewed old photos of you, Cari, Caylee and all of us. We will all tell Nate stories about you on how much of a good boy you were to all us. We talked about you and how you probably stopped by the house on your way to heaven to say goodbye to Mommy, Cari and Caylee. You thanked Mommy for the great life we provided you and for that you loved us so much for it. You told both Cari and Caylee to watch and guard over Nate as you always did. You told Cari that she is in charge of protecting us now and to continue to giving us the unconditional love and joy that you had given us if not more. To Caylee to watch over Cari and continue to be the playful kitten that she always been. We will be reunited and you can once again kiss my cheek and I can squeeze you and smell your neck (I loved to do that). Wait for me, I will be there someday with you. Till we see each other again, Cody, go play ball, fetch a bone and run with all the dogs in heaven sweetie! Huggies & Kissies, love mommy, daddy, Lacy, Jaron, Jaedon, little Nate, Cari and Caylee.

Colby, February 10 2000 - April 9,2012

Colby, I will miss you always. You were my friend,my protector,the one I told all my secrets too. You were my baby girl, I think of the times you played football with the neighborhood kids, I don't really know who had the most fun. You, the kids, or me watching you. You never bit a soul yet your size was enough to make people to take notice of you. I remember the time you were watching me on the roof, you knew I was nervous,when the other dogs were barking, I thought you took off. You were always loyal to me, when I peered over the roof, you were looking back at me. The one thing I loved about you the most was how smart you were. I've always been amazed at the amount of words you knew. I hurt so bad to watch you be so sick. I didn't mind being your eyes or cleaning up after you.I knew you were suffering and I just couldn't put you through any longer what I wouldn't want to go through myself. Little Didi's ears still perk up when I say your name. Didi looked for you for a long time after you left us. We both will always keep you in our hearts.        LOVE, mommy & Didi

Coltrane, June 10, 2012

CJ was the best thing that ever happened to me. I will miss him more that anything. I have known him since I was 2 years old. He loved his older bro who always played with him. He enjoyed catnip and hiding under my bed. He was always nearby during good times and bad times. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH and he will be so missed. See you at the Bridge.

Cooper "Coopy" Metzker, 12/10/95 - 12/14/12

Cooper was a 17 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix dog.  He had a kind heart and a strong spirit, and Mike (his Dad) said he never saw a dog with such willpower. Mike adopted Cooper when he was 4 years old from someone who was using him as a guard dog and was giving him up. If it wasn't for Mike adopting him, Cooper's fate may have ended up differently. His life with us was full of lots of love, lots of hikes and walks, good food (and begging for good food), a warm house, toys to destroy and pretty much anything else life gave him.  I first met Cooper in Colorado a few months after Mike adopted him. I was putting on my hiking boots getting ready for a group hike when Cooper came around my car with Mike to check me out. Mike and I were not together then, so I always said Cooper was picking out his Mom,  since a few months later Mike and I did start dating. A year later we lived together as a family with Cooper's new sister cat, Whitney. It didn't take long for Cooper to "train" us, although Whitney trained him her way. Before we moved to Oregon, Copper and Mike got to spend some guy time living in a single wide trailer in California until Mike got his job transferred to Oregon. Cooper loved this adventure but pretty much loved anything as long as his Dad Mike was there. Cooper idolized his human Dad and was loyal to the end.

Over the past year, Cooper began to age much more quickly. Before this, he had struggled with arthritis in his back  however he was still able to go on his walks. As joint problems spread to other parts of his body, Cooper relied on us to get him up and his walks got shorter and shorter. Old age creeped upon him in other ways and medication only helped some. His spirit and willpower never lessened, which made it hard to know when it was time to let him go. That time came and we had to say goodbye to our buddy. We hope he meets his sister Whitney in heaven and she can introduce him to all of his other human and animal families. We will miss him very much. We will always remember what a wonderful dog he was and he will be in our hearts forever.

Copper (My Princess), 11/11/02 - 04/23/12

Oh My Princess you were the best girl. I will never forget all the times I went up to Massachusetts arrived at your house and how you came down those stairs when I called your name and greeted me at the car and how I loved that. I will also remember those nights you and I on the coach (which your Momma and I had to hurry up to open it up so I could get on it) how I loved you being with me. I also will always remember sneaking goodies, people food to you. You will always be in my heart and thoughts as always. I will see you again as I will see Max which I wish you both had met but you will. If I could have got you on a plane and not got caught I would have no doubt in my mind. My Princess I will always miss you as your family will.  
I will still get you things for Christmas and have a special place for them. I will never say GOOD-BYE since we will be together again.

Janet Microulis

COPPER aka PUNKIN, 02/20/2005 - 04/04/2012




Cosmo, May 27, 1995 - September 18, 2012

We love you and miss you so much, thank you for being a wonderful family pet, best friend and childhood dog! Thank you for licking our tears, making us laugh and getting into trouble with us. We will never forget that day you walked into Petsmart waiting for us to take you home, from that day forward you stole all of our tissues, let me dress you up while you posed for pictures, played hide and seek, ate our popcorn, drove our parents crazy, pooped in the house and slept in our beds...but most of all you stole our hearts. My wish for you is that right now you are playing with other animals without any pain or suffering, you aren't scared or lonely, that you have all the tissues and icecream you could ever want and that you know one day you'll see us again! We will think about you every day and hope that thoughts of you eventually bring a smile without anymore tears.

See you soon Mo Mo and love you lots!

Cosmo Burtris Stahl, February 02, 2000 - April 16, 2012

We got Cosmo as a puppy, he was a big part of our family. Not only did our three daughters love him, but also our son-in-laws and five grandchildren. Cosmo was liked by our neighbors and friends and relatives. Cosmo never hurt anyone in his life. The only thing he wanted was to be petted and talked too. His health was starting to go down hill and he was on pain pills for the last six months. Cosmo also loved to drink beer with me. Cosmo was the sweetest pet any person would of loved to have. My wife and I will miss our baby alot. Now our home is quiet and lonely. We love you Cosmo. but we know that he is in a better place now and up above with his parents and one of his sisters.  
Good bye Cos, one of these days in the far future, we will be together again, but until then we will have your ashes on the mantle over our fire place.  
Love Cosmo's Grandfather

Cujo, November 25,1997 - May 5, 2012

Dear Cujo: God saw you were getting tired, and a cure was not to be, so he put His arms around you and whispered, "come with Me" With tearful eyes we watched you fade away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, your tired little body laid to rest, God broke our hearts to prove to us YOUR place with Him was best. So, When you're alone with Jesus And He sweetly smiles on thee, Will you gently whisper to Him,.. A little prayer for me? And when I'm alone with Jesus And all else is hid from view, I'll gently drop into His heart A little prayer for you.

Cujo Flores, 9 yrs old. 2-7-2012

Cujo Flores was our little baby boy, he will be in our hearts forever and ever..... He was also known as EL PROWLER because he would sneak out and surprise you where ever you were. He was a sneaky little chihuahua.He was absolutely perfect.He was fun, caring, hyper, but most of all loved and adored by everyone who knew him. Our hearts are forever broken and he will NEVER be replaced. We would be selfish to wish he was still here because in the end he suffered a great deal. He was strong and fought til the very end.My daughter loved him dearly they were always together and for some reason they had a special bond that only they could understand..Whenever he heard her voice he would jump up with joy and start barking and looking for her trying to get out of the room :) He was always waiting for her after school. Left to cherish his memory are his owners Milo, Erika, & Bibis also his mother Mimis, Father Scrappy, his brother Twinkie and 2 sisters Foxie & Bambi... Cujo Flores may you rest in peace, love always Milo, Erika, & Bibis.....Scrappy & Twinkie.

I Only Wanted You Cujo Flores

They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.
A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly,
in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

We Miss You boy

CutiePie, 2/15/2012

A very cute cat - belonging to my neighbor, a mixture of grey and white. It was a shy, but playful cat. I will miss her.

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