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2009 Tributes

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Zac, 05/16/09

Zac was a wonderful friend who listened quietly when I needed someone to talk to.
He smiled at me with his eyes as we took our daily walks.
He gave me comfort when I patted his head after an especially stressful day.
He relaxed with me in the sun and "chilled out" in his crate whenever he needed alone time.
But most importantly, we loved each other unconditionally.
He will be missed by all who knew him.


Zac, 04/02/05-02/17/09

Zac and me (Zac, my German Shepherd dog, my loved one)

Losing a dog have been the most painful moments in one's life. My wife and I brought Judah (a German Shepherd dog) to our Palam Vihar home from Vasant Enclave from a kennel managed by Col.Akkara . We had the joy of having Judah over 8 years in our home. I remember the days he was made to run long distances in vacant land (now Sector 22 and 23 of Gurgaon, opposite to Carterpuri). Judah is no more with us. Every time I see his large picture hanging on the hall in the first floor, I stay for a moment and start remembering his days with us.
Judah (Born: 13th September 1989; Died: 28th January 1998)

Next one was Max( another German Shepherd dog) and was Judah's offspring and our dear one. He has always been enthusiastic and had a hairy body, one of his ears always bending down. He used to sleep holding Judah's hair on the leg. Funny to look at. When he died after a brief illness in our home, we buried him in the same place (our home garden) where Judah was laid to rest. I remember I controlled all my feelings till he was buried and burst into emotions when I entered the bathroom for a shower.
Max (Born: 14th May 1992; Died: 13th June 2004)

Dennis, the menace is a Daschund dog(Born:6th April 1998) and is like a "Stuart Little"¯ at home. He loves us so much and alarms everyone as soon as I arrive home, comes and climbs my legs and requests for a pat. He always is beside us on the bed. He understands Tamil language well. Whenever we talk of him, he waves his tail even if we don't mention his name.

Zac and Me
Zac (the German Shepherd dog) was brought to our home on 29th May 2005. He has always been an unusual dog. He behaved like an intelligent human being. He was very very naughty , reminding us of "Marley and Me"¯. When I approach home every day I used to ring up Vanaja while on way and ask her to leave him out so as to enable me shower my affection on arrival. I loved talking to him after parking the vehicle. He will lift his legs put them on the gate, peek out through gate and smile with fullest enthusiasm in his eyes. He always looks into our eyes with utmost curiosity. He has always been a terror to outsiders and an affectionate child for our family. Hayley and Don loved him very much; we started calling him Zac, the name suggested by Hayley.

On the morning of 17th Feb 2009 I got up at 5-00 AM as usual, took him for walk till the Defence Officer's club as usual, groomed him as usual.. he barked at cyclists, stray dogs as usual.. pulled me hard as usual everything as usual.. I bid him farewell as usual before leaving for work
I got a call from Vanaja while I was in office at 11-00 AM. She was crying "Zac, Zac" to arouse him, I hear over phone. She said "Zac has died".
I immediately drove back home. Vanaja said he barked at the garbage collecting boy from inside the house. Vanaja went out with Dennis, the daschund, came back in, heard Zac giving an unusual howling sound three times thereafer..She went to him Zac was no more..No breathing..That's when she called me sitting beside him.
Veterinary doctor said there must have been a cardiac arrest after ascertaining that there was no poisoning after I checked his tongue and told him. We buried him in our garden beside Judah and Max. We wont be knowing forever the reason for his death.
Zac, we were not angry with you when you bit Dennis' ears. We loved you so much.
We were not angry with you when you bit a studentâ's answer sheet.
Everyone said you are extraordinary ¦show breed handsome very intelligent.
We love to see you again opening doors by the knob like humans do.
We love to see you again handling door bolts like humans do to open to get in or to close when someone in
We love to see again your charming eyes looking direct into our eyes.
We love to hear again your thundering barking sound reverberating around.
We love to see you again tricking us when we try to show you your place when people visit us.
We love to see again teasing Dennis all the time.
We love to see you again running upstairs as soon as any one of us intends to go to terrace.
You were like a teenager at home.
You left your mark throughout our home
Zac: Born:2nd April, 2005; Died:17th February 2009


Zach, 12/15/95-03/13/09

What an amazing dog you have been from the day we adopted you from Lab Rescue.
You will be missed dearly.

Lev Family

Zacharia, 12/06/06-01/25/09

Today we mourn the loss of our dear friend Zack. He was dealt a cruel card by being inflicted with epilepsy. We tried so hard to control this dreadful desease and for some time we enjoyed some respite from the fits. But finally we could no longer watch our beautiful boy suffering any longer as the fits took hold and we decided to end his suffering.
We will always remember and love you Zacky, even though we only had almost 3 short years to relish your company.
Our hearts are heavy and in pain due to your loss.
One day, we will meet again on the Rainbow bridge.

Shane Crozier and Tom Van Der Leelie

Zachary, 07/10/98-06/23/09

My very special and dear friend.
I can barely stand the thought of life without Zachary.
He was my buddy.
For 10 short years he was by my side.
There are no words to describe my pain in loosing my friend.
I pray to God that he will be waiting for me in heaven.

Kim Schwab

Zachary, 04/15/09

Zachary you were my best friend and will be sorely missed. For over 10 years you brought absolute joy to our family. From the first day we adopted you from the SPCA in Stratham, NH, in August of 1998, you provided us with unconditional love. Had it not been for Erin, who was an active volunteer at the SPCA, we never would have experienced the joy we shared with you. You were always there through the good and bad times experienced by our family. You are missed by many people, including the US Coast Guard members, who treated you as their mascot. We will visit this site often to remind us of the joy you brought our family. We look forward to the day when we can be reunited with. WE LOVE YOU.

Chris Schoppmeyer

Zachary, 06/24/96-03/26/09

I will miss him terribly.
He will always be in my heart.

Wendy Labrum

Zachary Joseph, 01/01/09

To my Zachaboo,

The house feels so empty without you!!! Nah-night time isn't the same and nor is nummy time. Even when I came home today I began to say "mommy's home" until I realized you are in a new home free of any pain and suffering. We love you so much and miss you terribly. Thank you for your many cherished memories. Love mommy, Holly,Tyler,Kylie and Baby Figaro

Zachary Peter, 05/15/91-03/12/09

Zach was a wonderful dog.
My little sister and I were 7 and 10 when we brought him home, we are now 27 and 24 and just last night we had to have Zach put down.
It was a long, painful decision, but it was time.
Zach lived a long, amazing life.
He watched my sister and I grow up into the adults we are today.
He never had health problems and he was loyal and determined all the way to the end.
He was two months shy of his 18th birthday which is almost unheard of for a dog his size...
I will always cherish the past 17 years that we all had together.
Zach was truly the best dog anyone could ask for and I will miss him terribly...

Reagan Rome

Zachary Taylor Des Lauriers Marinich, 09/16/89-05/18/09

Zach was my first 'baby', first responsibility as an adult.
He was a faithful friend.
Quiet, loving and loyal. Two years ago, his health started to decline.
He could not metabolize his pottassium and so started a daily ritual of pills, vitamins and subq fluids every 3 days.
He was a trooper thru it all and was still able to get around.
The last few weeks he started missing the litter box and wanting to sleep all the time.
His last 2 days he could no longer walk...I fed him, gave him water and took him to the litter box.
He looked at me longingly as if he was pleading for me to help him.
I told him it was okay to leave me.

Jill Marinich

Zack, 03/28/98-07/11/09

My angel, I'll never forget the lessons about life you taught to me and I'll never forget you as long as I live.
You're my one and only angel and my heart is breaking since you slipped away from me.
It's not "goodbye," it's "see you later" my angel.

Love Mommy

Zack, 06/01/00-06/20/09

Zack was rescued from a puppy mill where he spent his first 5 years.
When I saw him, I knew egzacktly that he was mine and that is how he got his name ZACK.
We loved him and cherished him for 4 short years.
His remainder of his life with us was good and I will never forget him - my tiny man.
That puppy mill took his eyesight, gave him eye infections, starved him, had an enlarged heart, water on his lungs and epilepsy.
We tried to save you and when we could do no more, we had to say good bye for now.
I miss you so much.
See you on Rainbow bridge.I can't stop crying and missing you - MY VERY BRAVE AND TINY MAN-
Love you,
Mommy and daddy

Zack, 06/97-06/30/09

Zack you were truly one of a kind!!
You are such a gentle soul. You were taken from us way to soon.
I don't know how to make it through the day without you.
When I wake up I look for your sparkling eyes and wagging tail.
Wait to get your first treat of the day.
You were always there for us through all of our lows and highs.
You never wavered.
Please know that we love you so much and will never forget you!!!
Love Always

Joanne and Raymond Scally

Zack, 06/01/00-06/20/09

For my tiny man - the rescue from a puppy mill and did not deserve that neglect and who I can't forget.
You have a piece of my heart.
Will love you forever

Diane Gallant

Zack (aka Zackaroni), 06/15/09

God Bless you Zack.
We miss you.
Have fun at Rainbow Bridge!

Trish, Matt, Megan and Logan

Zack, 05/09/09

One of a kind

Martin Spieldock

Zack, 06/11/95-03/18/09



Zack aka Mr. Boogs, Mister, BooBoo , 03/91-04/25/09

Zack will be missed for his charming way of screaming hello every morning to greet me and when I came home from work.
He loved playing fetch with a wadded up paper ball, and always managed to set it within a foot of me so it could be tossed again.
When he was younger, he used to hide down the hallway around the corner and jump out and scream as if to surprise me.
His tail was held high almost to the end.
He was my bed buddy, snuggle monster, official home greeter, and lap warmer.
He will be missed.

Candice Zahora

Zack, 08/02/96-04/15/09

Beautiful Zack was a bi blue sheltie-a gentlemen with a heart of gold.
A certified pet therapy dog who also earned the good citizen award.
Zack-Your sheltie sister Wendy and I love you forever and we miss you very much.
I sprinkled you with holy water and said a rosary before your colon surgery.
Today I return you to God's love and perpetual care.

Virginia M. Hagan

Zack, 05/26/99-03/21/09

I lost my baby boy at 12:30 this morning from a devastating disease called immune mediated hemolytic anemia.
He was fine on Wednesday, diagnosed on Thursday and died Saturday morning.
I have never seen anything so deadly.
He is the joy and light of my life and without him my world is so empty.
I will love him forever.

Deborah Evans

Zack Deason, April 24, 1997 - July 31, 2009

To our beloved Zack: you danced for your supper, played the "what have I got" game, demanded your share of your dad's dinner, garaged saled with mom, fought and killed the vacuum cleaner and wiped your beard everywhere. But more than that, you created a space in our hearts that was and is yours alone. What a brave, proud Scot you were. A verra, verra fine representative of your breed. We loved you so very much, it was hard to let you go. Rest and play well now, dear little one. And wait for us at the bridge with your uncles Doc and Reggie, your aunt Kelly, your mom Tika, your grandmother Holly and your sister Muffy. Until we see you again, remember we love you, baby Zack.

Zafar Zulu of Ridgemont, 09/01/01-03/15/08

My most beautiful Zafar.
I hope you felt no fear, no pain, no regrets.
I will meet you again someday. You and I and all my beloved pets and family will roam in those beautiful grassy gardens above.


Zak, 02/19/09

I'm writing this tribute on behalf of an older lady (my dog sitter) who just lost her beloved Zak, the Basset Hound.
Being a single woman all her life, all her dogs (even her client's dogs) ar truly her fur-children indeed and she has an extra special heart of gold.
I love her and I know Zak is free of his Cushing's disease now and happily cavorting with all of our dearly departed fur babies.
Darling Zak, play, bark and greet all the new spirits constantly coming your way as you did so well on this side of the Bridge.

Beverly Harlow

Zak, 01/22/09

You were the best doggie ever, always a gentlemen, friend and protector. You will be missed, and always loved.


Zane, 09/15/08


Zaneathen Brownbritches, 08/01/00-01/15/09

Zane your passing will leave a dark patch in my sky but I know you will shine on brightly in your next life.
You are loved my dear friend ... Thank You ... for your greatest gift was your ability to create smiles.

Julie Marie

Zap (aka Fat Boy), 10/08-28/03/09

My beautiful baby boy Zap passed away on Saturday. He was one of two babies I rescued together. He was so beautiful, cheeky,
full of life, the boss of me and kept me company while I was working by sitting on my keyboard and kissing me every day. I am glad that I found him in our garden otherwise i would have spent every waking hour looking for him. I wrapped him in his favourite blue blanket and kissed him goodbye, but I'm so sad that he passed alone. I can visit him every day and cry if I want to.
But I miss him so much.

Harai Clark

Zappa, 18/05/09

It's now 4 weeks. You are still with me and hopefully always will be. I need you to know the decision I made for you was the hardest decision ever in my
48yrs of life. I hope you are now breathing easily and running and enjoying your life as you should...with all the incredible energy you had before this horrible illness upset you. I am so sorry I was not able to stop it or make you better. I am lost without your cheeky face and your constant support in every room, every emotion and just every day really Zaps. Love Mummy

Zeb, 1998-03/02/09

Zebbie was a one-of-a-kind dog. He was our family, the best friend anyone could ask for. So smart, obedient, loyal, loving, cuddly, alert and he made us smile and laugh. He was our child and we spoiled him sooooo much!!! He was'nt alone when it happened, I was with him and it was quick. But my husband and I were blessed to have him an extra month from the time we got the bad news from the vet in January. Our hearts hurt and he will always live with us.

Jeff and Lisa Hall

Zeb, 11/14/08-02/04/09

Zeb was the perfect pup, We loved him with all of our hearts! We tried so hard to help him get better!! We didn't know that when we adopted him he had distemper. That nasty illness took our sweet baby. He wasn't given his shoots in a timely manor at the shelter. He fought so hard, he wanted to live!! So so sad..... He will be in our hearts forever!!

The Harvey's


To find out just this past Thursday that Zebbie was diagnosed with a tumor in his stomach. We have just bawled the last 2 days. The pain in our hearts is indescriable. He is the best companion anyone could ever wish to have. He has had a very, very great life and has been spoiled everyday!!!We have never lost a pet before, and when God decides to take him, the pain for us will just be beyond words. We LOVE him SOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly much.

Jeff and Lisa Hall

Zed, 01/89-02/17/09

Dear Zed,
How I loved came to me at such a special time in my life.
You saved me...from myself.
For twenty years we slept nose to nose.
Be happy, and please wait for me when I come to heaven.

Elaine W

Zeeba Punkin Duggan, 06/06/86-05/29/09









Zeek, 03/01/01-03/17/09

Zeek-The Greatest Pet Ever!

Is there any word that can encompass all of the following qualities? Loving, devoted, playful, pleasing, fun, accepting, warm, uplifting, full of it, funny, forgiving, oh and of course an endless fighter.

Zeek was the best patient anyone could have imagined, whatever you asked him to do he did, as always his main goal was to please us and that he always did. Zeek fought so hard for so long, is there any great quality he did not have? Well I don't think there is and with Zeek you got all of that and then some. Anyone who met or knew Zeek fell in love with him and him with them. He had the look in his eyes that said lets be friends play and pet me please. The tail wagged and you knew he liked you as much as you liked him.

There are many pets we all have in a lifetime but there are few that have an impact that is so infinite and immeasurable that you can not begin to measure it or comprehend what it is but you know its there. Zeek was that pet.

As time goes on we will accept and the hurt won't be as bad but time will never diminish the fun and love we had for such a great pet and friend. We love you Zeek and thanks for all of the laughs and happiness you brought us. We will never forget you and will miss you beyond any kind of description. Thanks Bud!


Zeke, 12/28/94-05/29/09

A wonderful companion who will be forever missed.

Peter Cortese

Zelda, 2-01-1995 - 11-04-2009

My Zelda



Female Jack Russell Mix


You were loved with a love beyond all feeling and are missed with a grief beyond all tears.

I walked into the humane society days after my husband had to put our first pet to sleep, thinking I would like a lap dog. I actually thought I could replace the first one. This creature taught me quickly and she taught me well. I started to leave, not seeing any “cute little lap dog.” I had been recently laid off and I thought this would be a good time to train a dog. Wrong again, SHE trained me, rescued ME. So I spotted this darling sitting on the shoulder of an employee. I was smitten. I learned she had been abandoned, weighed 3 pounds at age 3 months. You know the drill. I actually had to hand feed her. The vet giving her first injection actually couldn’t find a site, she was that emaciated. She was a cute tiny puppy. She was also frightened, smart, active and a bundle of energy.

She was house trained in a matter of days. In almost 15 years I could count the number of times she had an accident. Even her last day and night, not one accident, even after I prepared a steak which she consumed readily. I rarely fed her people food. She did enjoy a taste of what I would eat. The last few months she would vomit after she ate anything other than her food, which she ate less and less of. I took her to obedience class and the instructor said she was the most improved because she learned to sit on command. She jumped several feet in the air to catch Frisbee, roll in you know what, always at the most inopportune time, like minutes before I had to leave for work. She never minded a bath. Five years later we rescued her brother, a daschund. Well, she wanted no parts of him. She took his toys that she never bothered with and sat under the table guarding them so HE couldn’t play with them. She would curl up under a blanket because that was what HE did. She was My dog, my first and last. I lost my husband shortly after we had to put her brother to sleep. We were inseparable. She became the baby I never could have. Pictures with the Easter bunny, Santa, I know I gave her a good life. But she gave me more. She taught me unconditional love and more than I can put into words. When I would have to leave her overnight, which was rare, she wouldn’t eat or drink until I returned. The first and last time I had to kennel her she cowered in the corner the whole time. She became deaf and blind but certainly not dumb. She had her last check up in Sept. She was fine. Two weeks later she went downhill rapidly. I had to make the heart wrenching decision and as timing would have it; my birthday was the next day. Thank goodness I had a vet who made all her visits at my home. In my arms she had the injection, and last thing she did was lick my hand not once but twice. The ONLY good thing is that I had arranged to move before she got so sick. Now she won’t have to adjust to a new place. The vet said she was just at the edge, where she had a few good moments but was ready to decline to the point of becoming critical, in pain and really suffer. I chose to end her discomfort before it became unbearable for both of us. I hope she forgives me. I think she did by thanking me with her final gesture. It is never easy, always too soon, but I have realized that she was so miserable, couldn’t get comfortable, and would just stare at me, practically asking me to help her. I pray that I did what was best for her. This 3 pound baby grew into the best, smartest, loudest dog. She will never be replaced and I will not adopt again. I won’t bring an animal into my life because I can’t bear the thought of leaving an animal behind. I am 65, live alone, and will not have one more abandoned animal on this earth. I may volunteer, but she was my first and last love.

Zelda, 05/08/09

You were our baby girl and we loved you with all our hearts. We promise to never forget you, your spirit will live on forever.....until we meet again our love

Mama & Papa

Zelda, 02/02/09

Of all the souls I've known, none had more love, patience or loyalty.
Without her, there is a empty place just her size.

Erika and Jeremy Paulson

Zena, 04/14/96-04/03/09

You're my first do and i love you


Zena Belle, 03/04/04-06/06/09


Peggy Sue

Zephyr, 1989? - August 14, 2009

Zephyr we had to let you go because we knew you were not well. We petted you and you purred and went to sleep with a smile on your face. We will miss you. Lynn, Mike and Scott

Zephyr, 05/04/01-05/02/09

Zephyr was with us since he was 6 wks old.
His brother Zane, daddy, and I will miss his beautiful eyes, silly "piggy noggies" and his most awsome presence in our lives. It will take a very long time to grieve.
His brother Zane is having a very difficult time.... cries, won't eat, and is very clingy to us now.
Please pray for our family....

Michele Creasey

Zephyr May, 03/12/09

Dearest Zephyr,
You were so brave at the last.
Your usual fear of going to the vet was gone this final time. Guess you were ready to go after struggling so long with your giant sized malignant tumor. We held you as you passed and will never ever forget the feeling of loss at that moment, but you went very peacefully.
You have been our buddy, companion, confidant and best friend for 15 years.
We will miss your pawing at the door to let you in and your ability to open your own door on occasion. You were 100 pounds of joy and pride. We are confident that you have transitioned to Rainbow Bridge by now and have been reunited with your best girl Sindy who passed last year. We know how much you missed her as we all did too. We think of both of you running through the meadow like you did in the old days and enjoying life! Until we all meet again at the Bridge, remember always how much we loved you.
Mom and Dad

Zephyr Newcomb, 12/13/95-02/18/09

My darling Zephyr, I miss you and I love you.
I will always miss you and I will always love you.
I miss your velvet ears and your thumping tail.
I miss your, "dinner dance" and backward jumps to the door.
I miss the garbage strewn around the house to communicate your displeasure when I was late.
I miss the sound of your paw on the door telling me you had decided to come inside.
I miss everything about you, especially your presence by my side.
xxxxooooo, Mom

Zero Etta Johnson, 06/20/96-02/09/09

Zero was a beautiful tuxedo cat.
She and her sister Kiwi came to live with me in 1996.
She was a loving and sweet girl. Her adopted brother Babalouie loved her with all his heart.
I had no idea how sick my baby was until it was too late.
Zero, you are terribly missed and loved more than you probably could have even thought possible.
I will meet you at the bridge, baby girl.

Tiffany Johnson

Zeus, August 29, 2006 - November 6, 2009

Zeus is a very very special guy. He loved to be with me and he loved to go places with me. He was a doberman who had cancer on the day he died we going to get chemo for him but he passed away in the car right beside me. God I miss him so very much I loved him so much he was little buddy and he was always so happy to see me whenever I came through the door. His little tail would wiggle and he we give me kisses and had to be with me when I went to any part of the house. I miss him so very much. I wish I can be with him he slept with me every night and had to get right up against me when we slept at night. He loved sleeping in late and I would always honor his wish every chance I got. We did everything together he loved riding in the car always sitting up in the front seat right beside me. I miss him so very much he was so young to pass away. I can't bear him being gone. He loved everybody he met people and other dogs as well. He was a very loving guy who will always be in my heart forever until we are together again.

Zeus, 3/19/1998 - 10/12/2009

There was no better companion!!!

Zeus, 1996 - 08/27/09

It was a cool journey we had, you know?
Yes, you do know!
From the minute you chose me at the shelter until today.
For the last ten years, you have been the shadow of my shadow.
Today, my shadow is lost without you.
I knew from the beginning that, after bringing so much joy in my life, one day, you will break my heart.
That day as now a date: August 27, 2009.
One day, I know, deep in my heart, that I will see you again.


Zeus, 08/14/01-07/18/09

You were the best dog that any family could ever ask for.
You gave us so much love.
We will miss you face and you kind gentle eyes forever.
We love you dearly R.I.P.

Dawn & Nick DiFalco

Zeus, 07/16/06-07/16/09

My "baby boy" was only here for 3 years. I'll never forget the look in your eyes, the trust we shared,and all the love you gave me. I made a promise to you, that you were my last....I just can't go through this pain again. You will forever live in my heart.
Your loving, " Maam"

Zeus, 06/98-05/26/09

a loyal loving companion. died too young of lymphoma. he was my warming pillow and quietly gave me peace. his bark and whine were legendary among my friends and family especially when i was on the phone. he is now free of pain and with Sindy and Flip.

Aline Nachtigall

Zeus, 08/17/95-05/27/09

Zeus was incredibly lovable and loving and so much fun to have around.
We rescued him from the shelter at 16mos of age - we were his 3rd owners!
He was a handful for a while, but with a little patience and training, he turned out to be a great family member. We miss him so much.

Susan Proch

Zeus, 12/21/97-05/01/09

My beloved baby boy. May you find your youth and happiness at the Rainbow Bridge.
I'll be meeting you there--see you later!

Nancy, Jim, & James Breadmore

Zeus, 04/25/09-04/11/09

To my beloved Zeus. You are a true ambassador of the Pit Bull breed. You were the inspiration behind American Pit Bull Terrier Rescue. It is because of you that over 250 pit bulls have been saved from certain death and rehomed to safe and loving homes. Everyone who met you loved you....most couldn't beleive the could love a "pit bull". Thank you for your unconditional love. You are missed dearly by many.

Tammy Davis

Zeus, 02/14/99-02/11/09

I love you Zeus, you were the best thing that ever happened to me. I will always love you and you will live in Heaven and in my heart forever. Thank you for making me a better person and showing the world how much love there is to give. I love you, my sweet, sweet baby boy.

Heidi Goehring and Michael Wessner

Zeus, 07/00-02/09/09

Letter to a Dying Cat

February 9, 2009
Dear Zeus:

Mr. Zeus, what am I going to do without you?
You crawled up on my shoulder and clung to me the first time I saw you:
a kitten too old for others to want.
You knew you were finally rescued.
Now, who will greet me at the door?
Who will climb my shoulder to purr, stretch his fingers, and fluff his tail?
Who will bring toys for me to throw?
Who will jump to catch toy mice?
Who will put toy mice in the food bowls so the others will have something to eat?
Who will help me read the paper in the morning? (OK, I know you can't read; you were only waiting until I finished my cereal so you could get some milk).
Who will play peek-a-boo and gurgle when he sees me?
Who will reach out and smack me with his paw (or both if it is really important) when I walk by?
Who will help us fold the laundry (there is nothing like a warm pile of laundry just out of the drier) or help put fresh sheets on the bed (another way to play hide and seek)?
I guess I will be able to pack my suitcase and not try to hide that I am going away for a trip.
Who will nip my leg if I ignore his pleas to be picked up?
Who will pop the other cats (gently) if they are out of line and have done something he knows I wouldn't like?
Who will help me on the computer?
The other cats can't type well and manage to hit all of the wrong keys.
Who will crawl under the covers on a cold morning to keep me warm?
I hope you have taught the other cats how to do these important things.
I promise you will not be alone when your time comes and that I will hold you until you are gone.
Zeus, you were the best thing to come from Pet-Smart.
I will never understand why you were ever unwanted and came to be there.
Will humans ever understand?

With love from,

Your Dad

Zeus, 01/04/09

Zeus, I knew it would be difficult losing you. But the intense grief I still feel over the loss of my soulmate has only deepened in the past month. I love you so much and I miss you so much. I wish you were sitting here with me by my side so I could put may face into your scruffy mane and tell you how much you mean to me. My life is incomplete without you. Brain and I brought home another puppy two days ago, and then took it back the next day. We just weren't ready Zeus.We just want you back. I pray that you are safe and happy and released from this world and have moved on. I pray that you are safe, and well taken care of. I love you so much. Have a good life, Zeus, where ever you are.

Bonnie Gaulke

Zeus, 10/15/06-02/01/09

I can't explain the loss I feel with you not being around.
I hear your little feet following me as I walk down the hall.
I miss the way you always made me feel special to you.
You were taken too early in life but you were and always will be loved greatly.


Zeus, 01/10/09

We will miss you big guy-but we know that you are out of pain now. You touched many peoples hearts-everyone that knew you loved you so much. Now go find Rio and King and all your other relatives who have crossed the bridge and run and play!

Zeus-blue and rust Doberman

Found as a starving abused stray on March 4.2002 in Prince George,Va.

Lived the good life on earth with Jenny and Tammi and the pups until January 10,2009 when he became an angel.

Jenny and Tammi

Zeus Apollo, 02/03/09

Only 4 yrs of joy, taken so quickly. Never will a day pass without remembering.

Jeff & Megan & Your Brother Bubba

Zeuz, 08/15/96-04/26/08


Peggy Sue

Zia, ZP, ZPZ Yard Shark, 12/01/96-02/06/09

My Zia Sun, you have left a space that is vast. You gave me life more than once and companionship always. We miss your voice so much! You are forever ours,sweet girl. Beyond love, Mom, Dad, Jack, Grandma, and Grandpa.

Ziggy, 05/09/09

My love, my buddy, in my heart forever.

Jessica Johanson

Ziggy, 05/24/06-02/2009

Ziggy or 3 1/2 yr old female boxer was one of a kind, her loyalty and unconditional love to both myself and my husband was amazing. To come home and get bombarded by hugs and kisses brought warmth to our hearts. Her good friend the tenis ball which we have found many of since she has passed is something she had always loved.
On March 13, 2009 our beloved ziggys life was taken tragically. She left behind her little sister faith whcih misses her dearly and still runs under the bed to this day waiting for ziggy to come find her and her 2 crazy loving parents myself and my husband which were so inlove with and considered her our first child.

Ziggy you were our first dog and our first love, we will miss you always and forever. We love you. I hope you are enjoying yourself up there and keeping and eye on little miss faith and her new buddy boomer.


Ziggy aka Godito, 03/15/95-04/23/09

My beautiful baby boy, I just want you to know that you still are the most precious "little thing" in my life. Even before I held you in my arms for the first time, I already knew how much I loved you.

I want you to know that I will never, ever forget you, and that one day we will be together, and that when you see me, you know mommy is finally home (just don't scream at me, like you used to do, when I would come home a little late)

You are and will be always be loved, and yes honey your diagnosis was an enlarged heart, but know that you had a big heart from all the love we had and still have for you.

We all miss so much baby, we love you so so very very much!!
Kissy kissy honey.
My beautiful baby "sad eyed" boy, that made you even more beautiful to me.

Love you always and forever,
Mommy, Grandma and your entire family.

Ziggy, 03/12/09

Ziggy was the sweetest cat one could hope for in 10 life times.
He was healthy and happy and suddenly, got sick and died within 12 hours.

His time with me was spent healing me as I have been off work with back problems and he was my light.

Ziggy learned how to communicate with me and was truly a remarkable pet in so many ways.

We miss him and love him so much, my heart aches and I wake up in tears every morning.

May he rest in peace and always have a place in our hearts.

Maxine Pearlman

Ziggy, 05/14/07-03/12/09

May sweet and sassy Ziggy be a guardian to all suffering dogs.

Gina Mk

Ziggy, 02/20/09

Ziggy has crossed over to join his brothers.
He was truly our furry child and we will miss him greatly.

Jan Pope

Ziggy Bob, 12/01/05

My little dog has been gone for over three years now. My heart hurts as bad today as it did the day he had to leave. I still have his dog treats in my coat pocket. This may sound incredibly pathetic, but it's the way I feel. I will meet up with him again. First stop, the Rainbow Bridge.


Ziggy Buddy Buddy, 04/24/94-05/62/09

Always our buddy and boy dog

Joe and Barb Driver

Ziggy Garcia, 07/06/09

You will be so missed in my life and of many others.
You were the best dog I could have ever had. I will love you always Zig.

Stephanie Garcia

Ziggy Merrick, 02/14/09

Ziggy you were with us what seemed such a very short time.
Your little bandit face stole our hearts and you know we loved you so!
We were so sad when you got sick and knew that you needed help to cross the rainbow bridge.
Play to your heart's content Ziggy - in pain no more. One day we will be together again!

Dad, Mom and Kris

Zima, 05/31/95-05/26/09

Zima, I miss you more than words can say. It has been 2 weeks today that i had to let you go.
I couldnt let you suffer. That was the promise that we made to you. That through it all, we wouldnt let you be in pain. You are and always will be in my heart and soul. I love you so much and think about you every moment of every day. I hope you are playing and relaxing in the sun...that was your favorite thing to do, lay in the sun and feel the warmth on your beautiful black coat. Keep a watchful eye over our boys. Please dont be mad at me for what we had to decide to do, it was in your best interest..i swear. If it was up to me i would of kept trying anything to keep you but we couldnt let you suffer. I will always remember you as the best cat that anyone could ever loving, playful, and loyal. I love you!
Miss u and Love u forever! Eileen Marri

Zipper, 05/06/09

I'm so glad that I found you. You were the sweetest kitty anyone could ever had. I will miss you so much.

Debbie Davis

Zipper, 08/03/99-05/09/09

Zip came to us on April 3rd 2000 from the Naperville Humane Society and has been a great companion and friend....he will be missed by his whole family....RIP Zipper

The Press Family

Zippy, 01/05/08

Zippy was rescued from the shelter with hearworm. He graced us with his presence for 11 years. A special gift from God.


Zoe, 12/22/95-07/06/09

Rest well my ever loving, faithful, beautiful friend.
I will miss you terribly and love you forever.

Megan Sisinni

Zoe, 06/24/09

Goodbye my Grand Beauty.
I love you dearly.

Melinda and David

Zoe, 02/25/97-06/25/09

Zoe was our faithful, loving pet and child for almost 12 and 1/2 years. We reached the point where we were not going to let her suffer and put her to sleep. We miss her very much and know that she will be in our hearts forever.

Lroshell and Lon Resnick

Zoe, 04/17/97-06/28/09

I still love you so much, I miss you terribly. Please wait for me at Rainbow Bridge, and play and have fun while you are there. We will be together again.

Robin Daniel

Zoe, 05/01/97-06/19/09

My darling Zoe....
I can not tell you how much the past 12 years have meant to me.
Getting you at 5 months old
you wanted very little to do with snuggling and cuddling but as time grew you learned to love it and demanded bedtime so you could snuggle.
How will I go to sleep without you on my chest purring me to dream land?
I know you fought that cancer the best you could and that gave us almost another year together and was it one of the BEST.
You taught me so much about life and I only hope that I can continue to live life as you did.
Thank you.

My heart aches for you and this home seems so quiet now.
Hunter misses you too!
I am not sure if he has figured it out that you are at the bridge but I will be there for him.
I have never seen two cats with such affection for each other.
We miss you!!

I know you are watching over me I feel the love!
Thank you for being you and sharing your love with me.

Jane Althans

Zoe, 05/23/09

Oh how Zoe is missed.
She used to greet us as we walked along the path to get to her yard.
Chester, my dog, looks over every day, wondering, I am sure where Zoe is.
"Go see Zoe?" I would ask and he would get all excited to go see his friend.
Zoe was young in years but strong in spirit that will comfort her human for a very very long time.
Thanks Zoe for being our friend, we miss you.

Big hugs from barbara and chester

Zoe, 05/25/06

The sweetest and purest heart and so trusting.
Full of love and playfulness.
Beloved of Spit who passed away today.
After Zoe dies, Spit lost his zest for living.
We are still mourning her loss, and probably will until we are all reunited.

Jeff Jean

Zoe, 09/01/90-04/06/09

in loving memory of Zoe. she was a great feline friend and member of our family for many years. Zoe lived a long life and lived in New Orleans, NYC, Chicago,and Austin. She watched me grow from a young girl into a woman with children. I am grateful to have shared a large part of my life with her.

Kettye Voltz

Zoe, 03/23/01-04/03/09

I feel like I let you down, Zoe, and you were always there for me.
I'm sorry that someone was careless and didn't realize you had gotten out.
I'm sorry that you likely spent the night outside lost, alone and scared.
And I'm sorry that you got struck by a car and ended up alongside the road dying by yourself until Steve found you.
You were my baby.
You were more than a pet, you were a best friend.
I could count on you more than I could count on anyone else to lift my spirits and comfort me.
I'm sorry I couldn't comfort you when you needed it.
I will forever remember and cherish your memory.
You will be missed as long as I'm on the earth.
I am absolutely heartbroken.
I miss you Zoe.
I miss you so much. I'm sorry.

Susan Damm

Zoe, 05/27/96-03/27/09

We love you and miss you already so much!

Shelby & Jason

Zoe, 03/02/09

missing you will see you someday

Paul Haldane

Zoe, 06/14/03-03/09/09

Zoe was a ray of sunshine each day we were together.
She passed on exactly 7 weeks after her dog died.
I was lucky to be her human and will miss her deeply.
She was an amazing hunter and left her indelible mark on the tree in my front yard....she considered it her own scratching post.
Zoe is missed and love forever and always by all who knew her. She always ran up to greet me when I got home...flashing white feet running across green grass...that memory I shall hang on to always.

Debra Wogman

Zoe, 09/13/04-03/06/09

A Dog's Prayer

Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me.

Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I should lick your hand between the blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do.

Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear.

When it is cold and wet, please take me inside... for I am now a domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements... and I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth... though had you no home, I would rather follow you through ice and snow than rest upon the softest pillow in the warmest home in all the land... for you are my god... and I am your devoted worshiper.

Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for although I should not reproach you were it dry, I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst. Feed me clean food, that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk by your side, and stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life, should your life be in danger.

And, beloved master, should the Great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest...and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands.

--Beth Norman Harris


Zoe, 05/05/96-02/25/09

To my Zoe Girl, my baby girl,
You were the best thing that ever happened to me. You taught me unconditional love.
You made me smile and filled my heart with joy.
You were so much fun.
I miss you more than any words can ever express.
I'm so glad you came home from the hospital and gave us one last night together. I felt so helpless when you passed away in my arms but I wouldn't have it any other way. Like I always told you, "you are the most beautiful kitty in the whole world, and smart, and funny, and fresh" I miss you mama and I love you so much.

Vanessa A. Patterson

Zoe, 04/01/96-03/01/09

Zoe lost her fight with cancer yesterday. She was such a special girl and we will miss her dearly.

Linda and Rick Bell

Zoe, 05/01/99-02/22/09

We all miss Zoe so much.
Her only want in life was to be constantly held, and that's what we miss the most!


Zoe, 04/23/04-02/23/09

Zoe is our baby cat that we have had in our lives for almost 5 years.
She was the sweetest little thing I have every known. She was diagnosised with kidney failure and was on aggressive IV treatment for 4 days.
The treatment did not help as expected and we had to make the hardest decission of our lives and let her go.
Zo-Zo your Mommy, Daddy, Cealee and Tebah love and miss you so much.
I promise you my sweet angel we will all be together again one day.
Until then I hold you in my heart forever.


Zoe, 01/15/98-02/06/09

Dear Zoe,For the past few weeks you have become so sick.Your tummy got big and then you just quit eating.We tried so hard to save you but the test was cancer on your liver.Through all your suffering you trusted me completely.With a broken heart,there was nothing else we could do, so I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge and hold you again. My little baby boy siamese cat.I love and miss you so.You gave our family 11 years of happiness.Thank you Zoe..Jerry

Zoe, 01/31/09

You have brought untold joy to my life Zoe. You have traveled with me and shared chapters & journeys in this life. When human companions were complicated & painful; you were always there in your unconditional love, non-judgemental, simple & all encompassing. God Bless you darlin'. Thank you for being the best pet I could ever hope for.

Susan Baldori

Zoe, 01/15/09

Since I brought you home at 8 weeks Zoe, just 10 short years ago you were my shadow, never leaving my heel.
You were kidnapped and rescued, with the help of good friends and so glad to be home again.
You had a special place in my heart as you were my very last Yorkie after almost 40 years.
How you loved when we cut the grass - you followed me every step of the way.
You were really too young to die and it was the most difficult decision I ever made to put you to sleep when you could not see anymore.
You loved life so much it was just not fair when you went blind and the absolute frustration you felt when walking into things, really broke my heart. You have left such a gap in my heart - always missed and loved

Zoe, 02/95-01/08/09

Zoe loved like only a dog can. I miss her terribly. Please hug your dog today - for people who no longer can.

Amy Flowers

Zoe, 12/30/08

Zoe was surrendered in Mesa AZ, described and labled as agressive (no physical evidence provided). He had people from coast to coast trying to fight for him to bring him to the right family. In the end, the courts would not allow us to help and ended his life. This was just a useless and senseless act. Even the shelter and animal control agreed to turn him over to a rescue group, but they were overruled by a judge and the judgement acted out before anyone could have the opportunity to fight more for him and appeal. He was judged and convicted without justice. We want him remembered so many we can save at least one more life from going through was Zoe did. "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
Mohandas Gandhi


Zoe Dubois, 01/08/05-05/23/09

Zoe was my first dog.
I fell in love the moment I saw her taking a walk with her owners and her brothers & sisters.
Thank goodness she was for sale and then she was mine.
We were great buddies and went everywhere together.
Zoe loved chasing the ball and could find it no matter where it was thrown, even days after we left it in the bush.
She was killed on the same road I first saw her.
I know she is in heaven waiting for someone to throw her the ball. I will never forget her, my baby, my friend, my Zoe.

Colette Dubois

Zoe Elizabeth, 01/13/09

I love you & miss best friend.


Zoe Noel, 09/25/98-06/17/09

A part of me died when my Zoe left us...
How I miss her presence in the house.
I want to hug her and kiss her and tug on her ears again...maybe give her tail a tug or two.
To hold her gentle face in my hands and smother her with love again...


Zoee Kuypers, 06/06/09

Zoee was the best dog we've ever had.
She was so devoted.
Even when she was deaf and blind, she would sense when we left the room and get up and walk out behind us.
I loved her so much.
She didn't smile for about the last year of her life.
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction made her confused, panting and pacing all the time.
It was heartbreaking to lose our Zoee this way.
We made the decision to have her euthanized yesterday.
There will never be another Zoee.
I hope she is happy, playing and jumping, and loving life again as a spirit.
Zoee you will be in my heart always. We will be together again.
I love you.

Zoey, 04/24/06-07/07/09

Zoey was one georgeous Blue Point Siamese. Everyone, even if they saw her regularly, commented about the intensity of her blue eyes- like sapphires shining - such a deep blue. Zoey came to me a few weeks after I lost my 19 year old Tonkinese and was one handfull of energy. She has been the light of my life for three years and a best friend to her cousin Sophie who also came into our household. Alas, Zoey left us all too soon after a short period of renal failure related to Amyloidosis. There's a place missing in our home and our heart without you. I'll always miss you Zoey and hope that one day we will be together again. My love to you always...Daddy John

Zoey, 09/24/94-07/07/09

Rest in Peace my sweet Zoey. You were the best

Buddy, Buddy kind of a Dog in the world. We had each other for almost 15 years. You were truly a Tender Heart, filled with love and Dignity.

We laughed and we played and we shared our lives and I will miss you forever. Although we can't do that anymore be sure you will live on in my Heart and I will miss you forever. I love you my little girl Zoey...Mommy

Zoey, 05/24/09

Thank you Zoey
Thank you for your visits that always came with a smile & a kiss
Thank you for always being loving & free
Thank you for the smile you always brought to me
Thank you Zoey

Michael Auger & Karen Potter

Zoey, 05/28/09

Miss Zoey was our little Princess who was the strength in our home. She made sure all dogs were kept in line. It didn't matter if it was a Doberman, German Shepherd, other miniature Schnauzers. She was the boss and you better listen or else. She loved to eat treats and she loved to sit at chair side while meals were eaten. She waited patiently for her bites. She loved to go for rides in the car with her buddies Morgan and Moses.
Grandma misses you Sweetheart. I'm sure by now you found Grandpa up in Heaven.

I Love you,

Zoey, 05/31/09

zoey i love you so muck and i will really miss you but i cant wait to see you at rainbow bridge someday


Zoey, 05/19/09

Zoey was a wonderful dog who was a pleasure to spend time with.
was easy to train and very well behaved.
She never begged for food- although she was always waiting nearby for someone to drop a crumb or two! We started everyday together, spent every afternoon together, and went to sleep at the same time.
She loved her daily walks and couldn't wait to get pet by as many neighbors as possible.
Each weekend she would look forward to getting a dog treat at Tim Horton's- she would ham it up to ensure that the cashier would not forget!
The littlest things made her happy-doggie smores, attention from family and friends, playing with her brother.
She just went on her first vacation and she had so much fun- we were looking forward to many more.
She was so cute and fluffy and I loved to bury my head in her fur! She will always be a part of me.
She was my best friend and a part of my family and she will be sorely missed.
Words cannot explain how much I miss her or what a great dog she was!


Zoey, 12/92-05/20/09

Zoey was the best friend anyone could ever have. She got old with us and outlived her friend Buster, who I know she is playing with now. He other brother Bruster is having a hard time. Mom & Dad and Ben and Jen will miss you forever and we will see you again on the last day. Say hi to Buster for us.

Ken McGill

Zoey, 04/26/09

A tribute to my baby girl.
You will always be my little girl and I look forward to seeing you in heaven and feeling your soft fur against my skin. I love you.


Zoey, 11/30/00-03/12/09

Zoey was a beautiful, intelligent and special girl. For eight and a half years, she was a dear friend, companion and protector.
She was sweet, playful and happy throughout her life.
Even at the end, when cancer overtook her body, her spirit remained true and loving. She is now free to join her half-brother Zack, who looked after her in life. Zoey is missed and well loved by her two people, Stan and Susan.

Zoey, 01/26/09

To Zoey - even though we only had you a short time we loved you dearly. A tragoc accident took you from us. May you meet Tiffany on your journey over the bridge.


Zoey Gipson, 03/25/07-01/24/09

In a very short life, you lived each day to the fullest. I wish that things could have been different and I wouldn't had to make the decision to let you go. You are missed quite greatly, not only by me and your daddy, but by your brothercats and sistercats and your Grandma cat.
Tater misses you more than you will ever know. The house is too quite since you left us. I miss hearing you call out for me and running through my legs trying to trip me. You are a cat that the vets told me that wouldn't probably make it from your terrible experience in the beginning. But I had Faith that you would and you did.
Little did I know that something else would have took you from me.
I will never have another cat like you, Zoey.
You were one of a kind.
I hope you realize that I did what I thought was best for you, even though it hurts me greatly to have done it. I love you so much and probably more than you knew. But this I do know for sure.
You have a few other friends waiting for you in Heaven and I know that they will take care of you up there too. But I will always keep you and the others in my heart and we will all be together one day. And I can only imagine how happy you and I will be when we see each other again. If you ever get lonely, stay with Callie, she will do you just like Tater did. As for Tubby and Roxie, they will protect you from anything.
And tell them all that I miss them too and love them. I love you so much and miss you more than anything. I will miss your mad face, you rolling around in the floor, climbing the cat tree, jumping in the food before its ready to eat, you rolling up in the blankets and hiding, your meow and talking.
Most of all I will miss your big eyes and round head rubbing up against my hands.
I will miss you. We love you Zoey and again, I had to stop your stuffering before it got any worse. And I am very sorry that it had to end this way. But I do LOVE YOU with ALl MY HEART. Think of me and the others often and I will of you everyday.

Angela Gipson

Zoey Lachowicz, 06/21/09

Zoey, You were always my cat.
When we moved to Florida and I knew no one, you came to our door when I needed a friend.
You were mine from the start.
With you beautiful green eyes I loved you the minute I saw you.
When I was sick you were there for me.
These past few weeks, I knew you were hurt, but we thought you had somehow broken your jaw.
When we found out you had cancer, I had to make the hardest decision of my life.
It had spread and there was no hope.
It has been almost a week and I can't stop crying or thinking of you.
I love you.
I miss you.
I know I will see you on the other side.
Love, Mommy

Zoidberg, 06/01/04-01/03/09

Today we mourn the loss of a very delightful, loving, stubborn and independent feline, Zoidberg. No words can describe how hard the decision was to lay him to rest. May he forever be in our hearts. We have been fortunate to spend four memorable years with him, and he with us. Godspeed little buddy.


Zoie, 02/01/09

We love you forever!

Charlie & Kristen Worm

Zoie, 01/11/97-03/06/09

I knew losing you would be painful but I had no idea how heartbreaking this would be. I miss you so much little girl. I hope you are in an amazing place, meeting amazing people and animals. I hope you find someone to rub your belly and scratch your ears!

Thank you for the years of unconditional love, especially the times I did not deserve it! I love you more than I could ever tell you.

I love and miss you so much!! Kisses to you!


Zoie Miller, 07/11/09

We love you Zoie and will see you up in Heaven!

Davy, Stacy, Braeden & Jacob Miller

Zoki, 11/13/00-05/01/09

Today is the first day without a living Zoki in my life!
I appreciate all the prayers (felt them) and all the concern.
Zoki died with her head on my lap, surrounded by love, toys, singing (You are my Sunshine) and lots of petting.
She was given a sedative first, which really acted fast.
She was so mellow and peaceful, and then 10 minutes later another shot that stops the brain and heart.
The vet told me all the things that "could"¯ happen, but she just stopped breathing, still peaceful.

How nice everyone was to me.
The vet took her out to my truck and she looked like she was sleeping under her blanket.
The testing lab people took one look at me, ran around got me on a bench, box of tissues, patted my shoulders.
I paid and drove around to the back; the lab tech was so wonderful.
She asked me for happy memories (favorite memory).
I held Zoki in my arms one last time, still warm, soft and peaceful.
The tech was wonderful as we talked she wouldn't let a fly land on Zoki and petted her as I let go.
She told me to go see any movie, that it would give me a few hours of distraction.
I want to see X-Men Wolverine.
It did distract me (must admit the naked backside of Hugh was worth it).

The distraction was good, so from there I went to Red Lobster. Then went to book store, got a paranormal romance and read it there until 9pm (finished book) and decided I couldn't put off going home anymore.

I now understand the profound loss people feel when their special "soul touched" pet dies.
I hope knowing what killed her will make it less painful, but still this journey with such a special dog has taught me more of devine love than 25 years of church!
I felt her love in a million ways, so she got it back dying in my arms.


Zolty, 12/15/08

Always by my side.
Forever in my heart.

Margaret Bender

Zooey Arick, June 2005 - July 29, 2008

My baby girl,
I miss you so much - you were my dog-soul-mate, and I'll never find another like you. I was so lucky to be your mom for your short life. Your joy was contagious, you trusted everybody, and expected the world to be good always. But now you are never hungry (damn that prednisone) and hopefully chasing cats eternally.

I love you, zo-zo.


Zorro, 07/13/94-06/22/09

Zorro was, and still remains in our hearts, the greatest cat in the world.
With his charming face, elegant manners, and a big heart, he touched so many human lives in the past 15 years.
We all miss him so so much.
I know Zorro will wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge and we will be together again forever.


Zorro, 05/22/09

We miss you so much and will always remember you.
We are so sorry that you were taken from us so soon, but you were and will always be loved and will remain in our hearts forever.
You always made me happy, no matter what was going on around me, you brought joy and happiness into my heart.
I pray that I will join you when it is my time, and I can cuddle your fluff n' stuff again.
I love you and I miss you.

Brad, April, Devin, Alayna, Kayley

Zorro Don Diego, 03/25/99-07/25/07

My sweet, sweet baby boy. How I miss you. I see you in Yonder and now in Storm. I miss your mushy little face licking mine. Time has healed some of the pain. Im glad your not in any more pain. Was so hard seeing you lifeless in the cage at work. But with the relief on your face that you had passed in your sleep was very comforting. I held your head in my hands for a hour singing to you, kissing your, loving you. May you rest in peace til I see your loving face again. Kiss Shelby for me and the cats. Play with the wind in your face, its me kissing you. Love you baby boy. Your my love and my joy, your my sweet baby boy!

Andie and Walter MacDonald

Zorro Mills, 04/12/99-04/26/09

My Zorro, you are my best friend; my moonlight in the night.
You haven't even been gone 24 hours and I miss you so much it hurts.
You will always be in my heart and you have been such a blessing over these last, wonderful 10 years.
Thank you for being in my life and always being by my side.
I would have been lost without you.

Love Always, Casey

P.S. Cody, Mom, Dad, Danny and White Fang send their love.

P.P.S. I will meet you at the bridge.

ZORRO RIZZUTO, NOV 25/2001 - NOV 17/2009





Zoya, 2006

Zoya I love you. Why did you leave me. Tania and I miss you a lot. you are always my palangeh chemsh ghashangeh. you remember it? it is your song. Solmaz is with you and yeldiz dont bite their muzzles . I love you . you were the light in my life the love in my heart . You are in my heart . i miss holding you so tight.take care of eachother up there.
See you in heaven .


Zsa Zsa, 06/19/09

My love my soul mate rest sweet girl rest.


Zubby, 06/03/09

Parvo took my precious puppies from me. No dog deserves to die this way

Bleeker died first s day after diagnosis. Zubby died that night.
I watched as the horrible effects played out. Earlier thst same
Day zubby weakly walked up to me and looked at me with saddneas in his eyes
And I held him. If only I had held him longer. Twinkie died
The next day. My regret is not being by her side. I love you al so very much
And I wish I could just hold you once more. I love you.

Erica Clark

Zues Deon, 01/18/09

Appollo, Sheeba and Zues are now all together on the bridge. Mommy will forever love you

Tracey Hughey

Zuni, 04/10/09

Zuni was the best friend of me and my son TJ.
He brought, smiles, love and happiness to our home and friend's lives.
He is greatly missed and felt daily in our surroundings.
I often run the trails that we once ran together and feel his company alongside me.
The tears we continue to shed offer understanding of how much we loved him and how much he loved us. We will always love you, Zuni.

Jenna Gilman, TJ Nilsen and Terry Nilsen

Zzyzx, 05/08/09

zzyzx the cat said her final farewell peacefully, pain-free, in my arms.
She rescued me at the Humane Society 17 years ago next month. The house is so quiet now. I'm not sure what will happen now that she won't be here to yell at me every day.

Sue Laughton

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