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2009 Tributes

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YaKone, 06/14/09

We love you Baby Angel! You'll be forever missed, Rainbow Bridge! Till then my baby....

The Quinn Family

Yami Sawn, 08/25/05-02/14/06

Such a loving kitten, full of energy and life. And though it has been almost two years since her tragic and sudden passing, I still look at her picture and mourn her loss. She'll
be forever remembered in our hearts.

Alexis and Thomas Sawn

Yang, 03/05/09

Yang was a feral stray who had to be put to sleep after a long battle with injuries from a dog attack.
He was so beautiful and good and it is comforting to know that death will bring him a spot on the bridge where he will finally have all that he needs and where he will truly learn how much he was loved.

Heather Owens

Yapou (aka Mr Boy), 12/21/91-12/29/08

His formal name is Zabania Yapou. He was sent to me, along with his sister, by a breeder in Montreal when he was a year and a half old. At the airport, he was the first to call out to me - like an old friend just met. His formal name never caught on with me - for most of his life, I called him Mr Boy! He was a powerful cat in his prime. The leaps he could do were legendary. Mr Boy was a real character, always interested in what you were eating - practically taking it out of your mouth! He used to be fascinated by water droplets running down a sink and he would get your attention by clawing at your back! In the end, CRF and anemia caused him to waste away. He left this world while in the company of his sister and me. A friend for 15 years, I will never forget him.

Dave Faige

Yasha, 09/21/08-04/05/09

To Yasha, the most beautiful, kind, and loving kitten who holds a piece of my heart and soul ... forever and always. We pray to God for you to come back soon. We miss you a lot !

Love You Always!
Yana, Mama Lena, Grandma Masha

Yazhi, 02/22/09

Yazhi was and always will be my little girl and best friend.
I miss her smile everyday that passes and hope that one day we will be together again.

Julie Elrod

Yeager Charles Kobrehel, 08/2006-06/22/09

We miss our Bubba!
Yeager came tous Jan 08, after a difficult start with someone who didn't know how to care for a ferret.
He had almost died from his neglect.
We brought Yeager in, and once he met our girls, it was instant bond.
He chattered and dooked, and loved the fun he had with us.
He loved to go out on the deck and "go farming" in our container garden.
He enjoyed helping the girls get dressed in skirts or dresses by sticking his cold wet nose on the bared leg, and hopped around at our response.
He loved to steal shoes, and often tried to do so even while feet were still in them.
(Heelies were especially fun, with that wheel he couldn't quite figure out how to get...)
He loved to get sneak drinks of sweet tea...He was so much bigger than the girls, he earned the name Bubba, and he was a sweet hearted little guy.
He liked to get under Tommy's tail, and pretend he too, was a cool cat. Often, we would find Bubba, and at least one, if not both girls snuggled up together for a nap.
He finally figured out how to get up onto the bed, and from there, would leap up onto the nightstand or the dresser.
He has now leaped into the arms of God, where he is safe and well.
We only found out recently how sick he was.
We tried to help get him well, and to feel better, but it was not meant to be.
Bubba passed on the morning of June 22, and he was buried at sunset that day.
He now rests next to his sister, Gertie, by the oak tree on the hill.

Bubba loved everyone he met, and we are thankful for our short time with him.
We loved him very much, and will never be far from our hearts.
Night, night Bubba, til we see you again.

The Kobrehel Family

Yellow Foot, 11/08

A few years ago, 3 chicks appeared in our suburban neighborhood.
The neighbor responsible for the chickens had lost interest so they roamed freely around the neighborhood.
My husband and I fed them and so they spent a lot of time in our yard.
We named them and I became quite attached to one of them.
Short story, she was the last of the hens remaining in our neighborhood and I fed her regularly.
I also learned a bit about the range of chicken communications and sometimes would "talk" to her when she was roaming the neighborhood. Last fall I was away for a week and noticed when I returned that she wasn't around.
I later learned that one of the neighborhood dogs had attacked and killed her while the dog's owner watched.

Yellow foot, I am sorry that I wasn't there to protect you.
I think of you a lot, miss you and your everyday antics: sitting on the front porch with me, running to me when I arrived home from work, and our "chats".
It was through you that I truly understood how much personality a chicken could have.
Thank you for being part of my life.

Louise Murphy

Yip, 05/14/93-03/23/09

Missing you so bad but glad you are at peace

Carol Robertson

Yoda, April 8, 2008 - November 21, 2009

We will miss our sweet, precious Yoda who was killed this morning by our neighbor's dogs. He was curious, fun-loving and affectionate. Just last evening he was laying on our bed and playing with our daughter. He loved being outside, and we made the mistake of letting him out one too many times. He thought all animals were his friends and didn't think twice about purring up against the legs of our dogs and any other dog he found. He found out that not all dogs are your friends or have your best intentions ar heart. He died, but he died because he was trusting, loving and adventurous. Rest in peace, Yoda.

Yoda, 12/27/08

my sweet angel Yoda, I miss you so much my love!you know I loved you more than one can expect!all my heart and days were for you and to take care of you!I hoped so hard your illness vanished after medical treatment, so long treatment my poor brave cat!and after being treated with so much great love!!!!you are special my baby, you meant everything to me, real love and happiness
You know I was fighting with you till the end and I cried so much over your so nice black fur after you passed.I hope you are happy and magical as you were and that you please visit me here..I feel so lonely without you my angel

Yoda, 06/17/02-06/04/08

The best companion anyone could have ever had.
Brillant, playful, loving, protective, and obedient - he was the perfect friend.
He loved his walks and licked away my tears when I was sad.
I thank the Lord that he passed quickly and I know he is up there with Briggs, Lily, Chloe, Maggie, and Bear-Bear watching over us still.
He will forever be remeberd by those who knew him.


Yogi, 06/01/92-02/14/09

In loving memory of Yogi - "my million dollar baby" and a precious part of my life for 16 1/2 years.

Marian Connaughton

Yogi, 02/14/09

In loving memory of my beloved little black cat, Yogi.
He was a cancer survivor at age 4 and had a long, happy life. But he couldn't survive an ordinary URI at not-quite 17 years.
How I miss him.
We'll always be partners - Mariyogi

Yogi, 05/08/09

Yesterday my best friend past. I had held this dog from the time she could fit in my hand till the time she could eat my hand. She never asked for much, just a little love everyday and to be able to run free. I never had a single problem with her and she will always be held deep in my heart.


Yogi, 01/01/96-02/26/09

In loving memory of my Chuchumomo

Michelle Dailey

Yogi Bear, 11/18/96-04/08/09

You will always be my "Little Me" and "Meestie Man".
I hope you meet my Mom at the Rainbow Bridge, Yogi Bear.
But wait there for me.
I promise I will meet you there when the time comes.

Tera and Alex Evans

Yogi Ferri, 04/15/91-05/24/09

To our best girl,
you will be fore ever loved and fore ever missed. You touched so many lives with your charm, warmth and love. We will be fore ever grateful to God for sharing our lives with the most beautiful girl in the world. Mwah!! One million kisses we love you!!!

Claudia & Casey Ferri

Yogi Gonzalez, 07/04/09


David Gonzalez

Yogibear, 03/25/00-04/04/09

Yogibear was very, very special. When we lived in Alaska, he had his picture taken by people from all over the world, because they wanted a picture of a bear. He had people come to visit him and meet him. He was larger than life and the biggest teddy bear ever. He will be missed by a lot of people.
I love and miss you YOGIBEAR!

Margie Woolf

Yogie Bear, 06/02/09

He died of a heredetry diesease live failier he was skinny for a few days but it happened soo fast :( i miss him soo much and i love him he is and will always be my beary Boy <33 Love you yogie sleep tight :'( I cant beleive that you are gone forever iant you back i wish we had noticed sooner sorry, i cant stop crying ;'( LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!

Mia Conroy

Yogie Evanish, 11/26/00-06/22/09

Mommy misses you baby girl.
I'm just so sad.
Find Chewie and Sunny.
I WILL see you again...wait for me.
I LOVE you all the way up to God!

Corinna Evanish

YoGuy, 07/29/95-06/11/09

Guy, We miss you so much, no one will ever take your place Mom Magic Syd

Mom Jean, Magic, Syd

Yoko Miyamoto, 09/01/00-06/01/09

Thank you for leaving us with important and precious lessons that we were supposed to be aware of.
You healed our hearts whenever we were down. I think we relied on you too much for that. Now you had a weight lifted off your shoulders, and I hope your happy to play around with Shachi, Nikki, Gon, Mamio and all the pets I was previously friends with.
We are not crying anymore because we know that you are happy over the rainbow bridge.

Please wait for us until the time has come.
We can't wait for that day to come.

From Katie and Nicole

Yossarian, 31/05/96-17/12/07

To the most beautiful and lovely baby one could ever have..will be always missed and loved. you live in my heart


Yuki, 12/28/93-05/30/09

Yuki was the bestest little Yorkie (or nuggerit, as we called her) that ever lived.
She was the perfect combination of sweet, stubborn, and impish lil terrier (or lil terror).
Loyal and brave, we love our bun-bun, and always will.
We hope that she will be a good rat until we meet again, and to share her toys with all the dogs up there, but we're pretty sure she won't.
Bear & Pony send all of their eternal love and will miss her every day.

Bene & Mike Ling

Yuki, 04/19/89-03/21/05

For the 4th anniversary of sweet Yuki crossing the rainbow bridge.

You are missed and loved as much as the day you crossed the bridge.

Love you

Debi Mishoe

Yuki San, 07/04/09

My Darling Yuki San, My Yurtle the Turtle. Thank you for your devotion and love. You will always be my funny New Zealnd baby boy and I will love you forever.


Yukiko Thompson, 10/10/08-01/19/09

To my beloved Yuki:

You were here with me such a short time, and yet, you touched my heart in immeasurable ways.
Your short life as a special needs baby was so full of hard times, but you were always so happy and loving.
I will carry you in my heart always.



Yukon, 04/15/96-03/09/09

To my best friend ever, Thank you for all the happiness and love that you brought into my life and all those lucky enough to have met and loved you. You are now romping gleefully through the open fields in the sky. I will see you on the otherside my Dear Yukon.

Pam O'Brien

Yukon, 12/26/96-03/11/09

You will always be in our hearts and will always be with us. You were a wonderful and faithful companion. Yukon, we will cherish your memory and the wonderful times we shared. Run and play baby boy until we see you again at Heavens Gate.

Love Mom,Dad and Yomiko

Yukon, 11/04/08

We rescued you form the Human Society five years ago and I stillremember how you kept you chin upon my shoulder on the way to you new home, for you it was your third home. You were ever so loving to us, Remy, Chumley and Shadow. We even changed your name and you didn't mind.It was as you were so grateful to finally call a place home and home you were. We will never forget you!

Keith and Susan Moranz

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