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2009 Tributes

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Xander Ozog, 03/01/99-01/25/09

Thank you Xander for loving me always as I loved you.
Momma will always love you.
You are the best dog anyone could have had. So handsome, so left with so much dignity. I am proud to be your momma.

Carla Ozog

Xena, 05/01/98-09/13/07

To my long lost furbaby girl-This past May 1st was what should have been your 11th birthday, but spleenic hemangiosarcoma took you away. Now you're at Rainbow Bridge where you will play, until we meet again someday. Your mate Shiloh hasn't been the same since Rosh Hoshanah of 2007, when you went to pet heaven. I miss you so much baby girl, as does Shiloh, the twins, Beto and Grandma-Love you and miss you terribly-mommy

Xena, 05/20/97-03/26/09

Xena was a very loving and kind dog.
she will be greatley missed and never be forgotten.
We love you.


Xero, 05/18/96-11/30/08

Xero who lived and traveled all over the country From Washington state to Colorado to Ohio and back and hiked and went somewhere everyday of his life. Loved to ride in the car or just sit in one. He lived his life to the fullest was spoiled rotten. To the best friend a person could ever have and the best dog I have ever known in this world. Xero we love you, now you are at peace. Sheree and Brandon

Brandon and Sheree

Xubie, 05/05/09

Xubie was my sparkly little alto saxophonist, and it hurt me deeply to watch him decline.
At least now he's playing his instrument happily for the other animals!

Chrysanne Fife

Xuxa, 07/04/09

xuxa was my brothers dog and he loved her so much. she was a great companion and loved to eat!

she liked dinnertime better than anytime. her companion was another dalmation named bandit. he is missing her too.

she is no doubt without pain now and running in the fields and flowers on the other side waiting for her family over the rainbow bridge. she will be missed.

Kim Carter

Xylan, 06/15/96-04/28/09

Xylan was the most awsome pet anyone could have ever had, and very spoiled, I feel that a piece of my heart has been torn out, He will live on in my Heart for the rest of my Life.We were so Tight.What a Wonderful Friend he was, and I miss him Awful.

Terry Kennedy

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